Anglo Baby Names With Meaning

A Name is a simple a word which used to identify rest of the life of child so this is the first gift from the parents or relatives to the baby.therefore it needed a great care when we put their baby name which should be listen to good and beautiful meaning.To Keep all of that things in Mind we have great and nice collection range of baby names with meaning where your search will be finished for the suitable baby names. here is great range of Anglo Baby names with meaning where you choose your favourite Anglo Baby Names.
Anglo Baby Names
Name Gender Meaning
Aart boy Like an eagle Favourite Aart names
Abeodan boy Blind. Favourite Abeodan names
Ablendan boy Storm. Favourite Ablendan names
Abrecan boy Unity. Favourite Abrecan names
Acca acca girl From Acca. Favourite Acca names
Ace boy Unity Favourite Ace names
Acennan boy Unity. Favourite Acennan names
Acey boy Unity Favourite Acey names
Acton boy Town by the oak tree Favourite Acton names
Acwel boy Kills. Favourite Acwel names
Acwellen boy Kills Favourite Acwellen names
Adamnan boy Name of several kings. Favourite Adamnan names
Aedre aedre girl Stream. Favourite Aedre names
Aefentid aefentid girl Evening. Favourite Aefentid names
Aefre aefre girl Forever. Favourite Aefre names
Aelle boy A king of Mercia. Favourite Aelle names
Aerlene aerlene girl Elfin. Favourite Aerlene names
Aethelbald boy Name of a king. Favourite Aethelbald names
Aethelbert boy Name of a king. Favourite Aethelbert names
Aethelflaed aethelflaed girl Sister of King Edward. Favourite Aethelflaed names
Aethelfrith boy Name of a king. Favourite Aethelfrith names
Aethelhere boy Name of a king. Favourite Aethelhere names
Aethelred boy Name of a king. Favourite Aethelred names
Aethelstan boy Name of a king. Favourite Aethelstan names
Aethelthryth aethelthryth girl Wife of King Ecgfrith. Favourite Aethelthryth names
Aethelwulf boy Gives. Favourite Aethelwulf names
Agiefan boy Name of a bishop. Favourite Agiefan names
Agilberht boy Fighter. Favourite Agilberht names
Aglaeca boy Gives. Favourite Aglaeca names
Agyfen boy Cuts down. Favourite Agyfen names
Aheawan boy Wages war. Favourite Aheawan names
Ahebban boy Rescues. Favourite Ahebban names
Ahreddan boy Name of a saint. Favourite Ahreddan names
Aidan boy Little fiery one Favourite Aidan names
Aiken boy Name of an abbot. Favourite Aiken names
Aisley aisley girl Dwells at the ash t... Favourite Aisley names
Aisly aisly girl Dwells at the ash t... Favourite Aisly names
Alban boy Town on the white hill Favourite Alban names
Albinus boy Defender. Favourite Albinus names
Alden boy Name of a king. Favourite Alden names
Aldfrith boy Name of a bishop. Favourite Aldfrith names
Aldhelm boy Defender. Favourite Aldhelm names
Aldin boy Old advisor. Favourite Aldin names
Aldred boy Defender. Favourite Aldred names
Aldwyn boy Name of a king. Favourite Aldwyn names
Alfred boy Noble spearman. Favourite Alfred names
Algar boy Noble spearman. Favourite Algar names
Alger boy Defender of the tem... Favourite Alger names
Almund boy All ruler. Favourite Almund names
Alodia alodia girl Rich. Favourite Alodia names
Alodie alodie girl Rich. Favourite Alodie names
Alton boy From the old town Favourite Alton names
Alwalda boy Defender. Favourite Alwalda names
Alwin boy God of agriculture. Favourite Alwin names
Amaethon boy Patient. Favourite Amaethon names
Anbidian boy Only child. Favourite Anbidian names
Ancenned boy Confesses. Favourite Ancenned names
Andettan boy Enemy. Favourite Andettan names
Andsaca boy Answers. Favourite Andsaca names
Andsware andsware girl Answer. Favourite Andsware names
Andswarian boy Answers. Favourite Andswarian names
Andswaru andswaru girl Answer. Favourite Andswaru names
Andweard boy Present. Favourite Andweard names
Andwearde boy Present. Favourite Andwearde names
Andwyrdan boy Graceful. Favourite Andwyrdan names
Ane boy Simple. Favourite Ane names
Anfeald boy Solitary. Favourite Anfeald names
Anhaga boy Graceful. Favourite Anhaga names
Anlicnes anlicnes girl Image. Favourite Anlicnes names
Anlienisse anlienisse girl Image. Favourite Anlienisse names
Ann boy Name of a king. Favourite Ann names
Annis annis girl Unity. Favourite Annis names
Anson boy Ruler. Favourite Anson names
Anwealda boy Sacred. Favourite Anwealda names
Ar ar girl Mercy. Favourite Ar names
Archard boy Sacred. Favourite Archard names
Archerd boy Bold. Favourite Archerd names
Archibald boy Spares. Favourite Archibald names
Ardith ardith girl Good war. Favourite Ardith names
Arian boy Honorable. Favourite Arian names
Arianrod arianrod girl Silver wheel. Favourite Arianrod names
Arlice boy Honorable. Favourite Arlice names
Arlys boy Honorable. Favourite Arlys names
Arlyss boy Like an eagle. Favourite Arlyss names
Artair boy Like an eagle. Favourite Artair names
Arth boy Like an eagle. Favourite Arth names
Arthw boy Honorable. Favourite Arthw names
Arwyroe boy Remove. Favourite Arwyroe names
Ashley ashley girl Dwells at the ash t... Favourite Ashley names
Aston boy Eastern settlement Favourite Aston names
Astyrian boy Horrible. Favourite Astyrian names
Atelic boy Name of a king. Favourite Atelic names
Athelstan boy Hateful. Favourite Athelstan names
Atol boy Venom. Favourite Atol names
Ator boy Venom. Favourite Ator names
Attor boy Entice. Favourite Attor names
Atyhtan boy From the old meadow. Favourite Atyhtan names
Audley boy Born in April. Favourite Audley names
Audrey audrey girl Noble strength. Favourite Audrey names
Averil boy Born in April. Favourite Averil names
Averill boy Rules the elves. Favourite Averill names
Avery boy Cursed. Favourite Avery names
Awiergan boy Baker. Favourite Awiergan names
Baecere boy Bold. Favourite Baecere names
Baldlice boy Slayer. Favourite Baldlice names
Bana boy Slayer. Favourite Bana names
Banan boy One who reads the b... Favourite Banan names
Banning boy Boar. Favourite Banning names
Bar boy From the birch meadow. Favourite Bar names
Barclay boy Bold friend. Favourite Barclay names
Barney boy Son of comfort Favourite Barney names
Barrett boy Commerce Favourite Barrett names
Barton boy From the barley settlement Favourite Barton names
Basil boy Kingly Favourite Basil names
Bawdewyn boy Bold friend. Favourite Bawdewyn names
Bawdewyne boy From Ban. Favourite Bawdewyne names
Baxter boy Baker Favourite Baxter names
Bayen boy Warrior. Favourite Bayen names
Beadurinc boy Bold in war. Favourite Beadurinc names
Beadwof boy Enemy. Favourite Beadwof names
Bealohydig boy Son. Favourite Bealohydig names
Bearn boy Commands. Favourite Bearn names
Bearrocscir bearrocscir girl From Berkshire. Favourite Bearrocscir names
Bebeodan boy Name of a historian. Favourite Bebeodan names
Bede boy Name of a king. Favourite Bede names
Bellinus boy From Ban. Favourite Bellinus names
Bemia bemia girl Battle maid. Favourite Bemia names
Benoic boy From Ban. Favourite Benoic names
Benwick boy Warrior. Favourite Benwick names
Beomia beomia girl Battle maid. Favourite Beomia names
Beorn boy Name of a king. Favourite Beorn names
Beornwulf boy Intelligent wolf. Favourite Beornwulf names
Beowulf boy From the birch meadow. Favourite Beowulf names
Berkeley boy Stands beside. Favourite Berkeley names
Bernard boy Brave as a bear Favourite Bernard names
Bertram boy Bright raven Favourite Bertram names
Bestandan boy Ensnares. Favourite Bestandan names
Besyrwan boy Splendid. Favourite Besyrwan names
Betlic boy From Birdoswald. Favourite Betlic names
Birdoswald boy Happy. Favourite Birdoswald names
Bisgu bisgu girl Cares. Favourite Bisgu names
Blerung blerung girl Blessing. Favourite Blerung names
Bliss bliss girl Happy. Favourite Bliss names
Blythe blythe girl Happy. Favourite Blythe names
Boadicea boadicea girl A queen of the Icen... Favourite Boadicea names
Boden boy Name of a saint. Favourite Boden names
Bodiccea bodiccea girl A queen of the Icen... Favourite Bodiccea names
Bodicea bodicea girl A queen of the Icen... Favourite Bodicea names
Bodicia bodicia girl A queen of the Icen... Favourite Bodicia names
Boniface boy From the boar valley. Favourite Boniface names
Bordan boy From the boar valley. Favourite Bordan names
Borden boy Messenger. Favourite Borden names
Boudicea boudicea girl A queen of the Icen... Favourite Boudicea names
Bowden boy Messenger. Favourite Bowden names
Bowdyn boy Messenger. Favourite Bowdyn names
Boyden boy Name of a king. Favourite Boyden names
Brant boy Proud Favourite Brant names
Brecc boy Son of a nobleman. Favourite Brecc names
Brice boy Terror. Favourite Brice names
Brigantia brigantia girl Yorkshire goddess. Favourite Brigantia names
Brigham boy Dwells at the bridge Favourite Brigham names
Brimlad brimlad girl Seaway. Favourite Brimlad names
Broga boy Terror. Favourite Broga names
Brogan boy Brown or dark. Favourite Brogan names
Bron boy Son of the dark man. Favourite Bron names
Bronson boy Brown or dark. Favourite Bronson names
Brun boy Son of a nobleman. Favourite Brun names
Bryce boy Warrior. Favourite Bryce names
Burgess boy Town dweller Favourite Burgess names
Burton boy From the fortified town Favourite Burton names
Byron boy At the cowshed Favourite Byron names
Bysen bysen girl Unique. Favourite Bysen names
Cadman boy Name of a king. Favourite Cadman names
Cadwallon boy Poet. Favourite Cadwallon names
Caedmon boy Name of a king. Favourite Caedmon names
Caedwalla boy Brave. Favourite Caedwalla names
Caflice boy From the winding va... Favourite Caflice names
Camden boy From the winding va... Favourite Camden names
Camdene boy From the winding valley Favourite Camdene names
Cartimandua cartimandua girl Name of a queen of ... Favourite Cartimandua names
Cary boy Descendant of the dark one Favourite Cary names
Cate cate girl Innocent. Favourite Cate names
Catherine catherine girl Innocent. Favourite Catherine names
Catheryn catheryn girl Innocent. Favourite Catheryn names
Cathryn cathryn girl Innocent. Favourite Cathryn names
Cearo cearo girl Sorrow. Favourite Cearo names
Ceawlin boy Name of a bishop. Favourite Ceawlin names
Cecil boy Dim sighted or blind Favourite Cecil names
Cedd boy Name of a king. Favourite Cedd names
Cenwalh boy Name of an abbot. Favourite Cenwalh names
Ceolfrith boy Name of a king. Favourite Ceolfrith names
Ceolwulf boy Name of a king. Favourite Ceolwulf names
Cerdic boy Name of a saint. Favourite Cerdic names
Chad boy Merchant. Favourite Chad names
Chapman boy Name of a king. Favourite Chapman names
Chelsea chelsea girl Port. Favourite Chelsea names
Chester boy Rocky fortress Favourite Chester names
Claennis claennis girl Purity. Favourite Claennis names
Clifford boy Ford near the cliff Favourite Clifford names
Clive boy Cliff by the river Favourite Clive names
Clover clover girl Clover. Favourite Clover names
Cnut boy From the dark village. Favourite Cnut names
Colby boy Chosen. Favourite Colby names
Corey boy Dweller by the dark... Favourite Corey names
Cosmo boy Order or harmony Favourite Cosmo names
Courtland boy Dweller by the dark... Favourite Courtland names
Courtnay boy Dweller by the dark... Favourite Courtnay names
Courtney boy Dweller by the dark... Favourite Courtney names
Coventina coventina girl Name of a nymph. Favourite Coventina names
Creighton boy Dweller by the rocks Favourite Creighton names
Cwen cwen girl Queen. Favourite Cwen names
Cwene cwene girl Queen. Favourite Cwene names
Cyril boy Master or Lord Favourite Cyril names
Cyst cyst girl Best. Favourite Cyst names
Daedbot daedbot girl Penance. Favourite Daedbot names
Dalston boy Judge. Favourite Dalston names
Darel darel girl Tenderly loved. Favourite Darel names
Darelene darelene girl Tenderly loved. Favourite Darelene names
Darelle darelle girl Tenderly loved. Favourite Darelle names
Darlene darlene girl Tenderly loved. Favourite Darlene names
Darline darline girl Tenderly loved. Favourite Darline names
Daryl daryl girl Tenderly loved. Favourite Daryl names
Dawn dawn girl Awakening. Favourite Dawn names
Delbert boy Bright as day Favourite Delbert names
Dell boy Hollow or valley Favourite Dell names
Deman boy From the Danish set... Favourite Deman names
Denby boy Danish. Favourite Denby names
Denisc boy Secret. Favourite Denisc names
Denton boy Settlement in the valley Favourite Denton names
Derian boy Gracious defender. Favourite Derian names
Desmond boy From Devon. Favourite Desmond names
Devon boy From Devon. Favourite Devon names
Devona devona girl Protector. Favourite Devona names
Devyn boy Dweller by the dark... Favourite Devyn names
Diera diera girl From Diera. Favourite Diera names
Dohtor dohtor girl Daughter. Favourite Dohtor names
Don don girl Mother goddess. Favourite Don names
Dougal boy Dweller by the dark... Favourite Dougal names
Douglas boy Trouble. Favourite Douglas names
Drefan boy Warrior. Favourite Drefan names
Dreng boy Suffers. Favourite Dreng names
Dreogan boy Wise. Favourite Dreogan names
Drew boy Son of Drew. Favourite Drew names
Druce boy Dear friend. Favourite Druce names
Duke boy Leader Favourite Duke names
Durwin boy Dear friend. Favourite Durwin names
Durwyn boy Name of a king. Favourite Durwyn names
Eacnung eacnung girl Bears children. Favourite Eacnung names
Eadbert boy Lucky spearman. Favourite Eadbert names
Eadgard boy Blessed. Favourite Eadgard names
Eadgyth eadgyth girl Wife of Edward the ... Favourite Eadgyth names
Eadig boy Wealthy friend. Favourite Eadig names
Eadignes eadignes girl Bliss. Favourite Eadignes names
Eadlin eadlin girl Princess. Favourite Eadlin names
Eadlyn boy Guardian. Favourite Eadlyn names
Eadward boy Valued. Favourite Eadward names
Eadwyn boy Live long. Favourite Eadwyn names
Ealdian boy Wealthy defender. Favourite Ealdian names
Eamon boy Coward. Favourite Eamon names
Earh boy Chief. Favourite Earh names
Earl boy Chief. Favourite Earl names
Earle boy Wretched. Favourite Earle names
Earm boy Name of a king. Favourite Earm names
Easter easter girl Goddess of the dawn. Favourite Easter names
Eda eda girl Wealthy. Favourite Eda names
Eddison boy Lucky spearman. Favourite Eddison names
Edgar boy Lucky spearman. Favourite Edgar names
Edgard boy Wealthy friend. Favourite Edgard names
Edina edina girl Wealthy. Favourite Edina names
Edit edit girl Joyous. Favourite Edit names
Edita edita girl Joyous. Favourite Edita names
Edith edith girl Joyous. Favourite Edith names
Editha editha girl Joyous. Favourite Editha names
Edla edla girl Princess. Favourite Edla names
Edlin edlin girl Princess. Favourite Edlin names
Edlyn edlyn girl Princess. Favourite Edlyn names
Edlynn edlynn girl Princess. Favourite Edlynn names
Edlynne edlynne girl Princess. Favourite Edlynne names
Edmee edmee girl Wealthy defender. Favourite Edmee names
Edmond boy Wealthy defender. Favourite Edmond names
Edmonda edmonda girl Wealthy defender. Favourite Edmonda names
Edmund boy Name of a king. Favourite Edmund names
Edmunda edmunda girl Wealthy defender. Favourite Edmunda names
Edred boy Wealthy ruler. Favourite Edred names
Edris edris girl Wealthy ruler. Favourite Edris names
Edrys edrys girl Wealthy ruler. Favourite Edrys names
Edson boy Guardian. Favourite Edson names
Edward boy Valued. Favourite Edward names
Edwin boy Name of a king. Favourite Edwin names
Edwy boy Valued. Favourite Edwy names
Edwyn boy Name of a king. Favourite Edwyn names
Edyt edyt girl Joyous. Favourite Edyt names
Edyth edyth girl Joyous. Favourite Edyth names
Egbert boy Terror. Favourite Egbert names
Egesa boy Terror. Favourite Egesa names
Egeslic boy Wise advisor. Favourite Egeslic names
Elda elda girl Wise or prudent adv... Favourite Elda names
Eldon boy Foreign hill Favourite Eldon names
Eldred boy Wise advisor. Favourite Eldred names
Eldrid boy Wise advisor. Favourite Eldrid names
Eldrida eldrida girl Wise or prudent adv... Favourite Eldrida names
Eldride eldride girl Wise or prudent adv... Favourite Eldride names
Eldwin boy Wise advisor. Favourite Eldwin names
Eldwyn boy Courage. Favourite Eldwyn names
Elene elene girl Name of a poem. Favourite Elene names
Elga elga girl Elfs spear. Favourite Elga names
Ellen boy Noble. Favourite Ellen names
Ellenweorc ellenweorc girl Famous courage. Favourite Ellenweorc names
Ellette ellette girl Little elf. Favourite Ellette names
Elmer boy Courage. Favourite Elmer names
Elne boy Chief. Favourite Elne names
Elswyth elswyth girl Elf from the willow... Favourite Elswyth names
Elva elva girl Elf. Favourite Elva names
Elvia elvia girl Elf. Favourite Elvia names
Elvina elvina girl Friend of the elves. Favourite Elvina names
Elwine elwine girl Friend of the elves. Favourite Elwine names
Elwyna elwyna girl Friend of the elves. Favourite Elwyna names
Emmet boy Industrious Favourite Emmet names
Engel engel girl Angel. Favourite Engel names
Eorl boy Name of a king. Favourite Eorl names
Eostre eostre girl Goddess of the dawn. Favourite Eostre names
Ereonberht boy Ploughs. Favourite Ereonberht names
Erian boy Name of a king. Favourite Erian names
Erlene erlene girl Elfin. Favourite Erlene names
Erlina erlina girl Elfin. Favourite Erlina names
Erline erline girl Elfin. Favourite Erline names
Erol boy Courageous Favourite Erol names
Errol boy Wanderer Favourite Errol names
Esma esma girl Kind defender. Favourite Esma names
Esme esme girl Kind defender. Favourite Esme names
Esmond boy Wealthy protector Favourite Esmond names
Ethelbald boy Name of a king. Favourite Ethelbald names
Ethelbert boy Name of a king. Favourite Ethelbert names
Ethelred boy Name of a king. Favourite Ethelred names
Ethelwulf boy Blond. Favourite Ethelwulf names
Etheswitha etheswitha girl Name of a princess. Favourite Etheswitha names
Fairfax boy Advances. Favourite Fairfax names
Faran boy Traveler. Favourite Faran names
Farmon boy Name of a saint. Favourite Farmon names
Felix boy Advances. Favourite Felix names
Fenton boy Marshland farm Favourite Fenton names
Feran boy Name of a bishop. Favourite Feran names
Finan boy Traveler. Favourite Finan names
Firman boy From Flanders. Favourite Firman names
Fleming boy Name of a king. Favourite Fleming names
Fletcher boy Arrow maker Favourite Fletcher names
Floyd boy Gray or white haired Favourite Floyd names
Ford boy Dweller near the ford Favourite Ford names
Fraomar boy Free man. Favourite Fraomar names
Freeman boy Bird. Favourite Freeman names
Freya freya girl Queen of the gods. Favourite Freya names
Fugol boy Wicked. Favourite Fugol names
Fyren boy Gathers. Favourite Fyren names
Gaderian boy Sings. Favourite Gaderian names
Galan boy Spear. Favourite Galan names
Gar boy Spear bearer. Favourite Gar names
Garberend boy Strong spear. Favourite Garberend names
Gareth boy Spear. Favourite Gareth names
Garmangahis garmangahis girl A goddess worshippe... Favourite Garmangahis names
Garr boy Strong spear. Favourite Garr names
Garrett boy Peaceful gift. Favourite Garrett names
Garvin boy Friend in battle Favourite Garvin names
Geoff boy Peaceful gift. Favourite Geoff names
Geoffrey boy Name of a king. Favourite Geoffrey names
Geraint boy Greedy. Favourite Geraint names
Gerard boy Brave with a spear Favourite Gerard names
Gervaise boy Honorable Favourite Gervaise names
Gifre boy Name of a historian. Favourite Gifre names
Gildas boy Gem. Favourite Gildas names
Giles boy Shield bearer Favourite Giles names
Gimm boy Rules with God. Favourite Gimm names
Godric boy Friend of God. Favourite Godric names
Godwine boy From the cornered h... Favourite Godwine names
Gordie boy From the cornered h... Favourite Gordie names
Gordon boy From the cornered h... Favourite Gordon names
Gordy boy Hill near the meadow Favourite Gordy names
Govannon boy Warring. Favourite Govannon names
Graeme boy Grand home Favourite Graeme names
Graham boy Warring. Favourite Graham names
Grahem boy Warring. Favourite Grahem names
Gram boy Grand home Favourite Gram names
Gremian boy Legend name. Favourite Gremian names
Grendel boy Fierce bold. Favourite Grendel names
Grimbold boy Fierce. Favourite Grimbold names
Grimm boy Fierce. Favourite Grimm names
Grimme boy Fierce Favourite Grimme names
Grindan boy Sharp Favourite Grindan names
Halig boy Lonely. Favourite Halig names
Hall boy That which is covered Favourite Hall names
Halwende boy Home. Favourite Halwende names
Ham boy Hot Favourite Ham names
Hamia hamia girl A Syrian goddess. Favourite Hamia names
Harimilla harimilla girl A Tungrian goddess. Favourite Harimilla names
Hengist boy Darkness. Favourite Hengist names
Heolstor boy Deer. Favourite Heolstor names
Heorot boy Hero. Favourite Heorot names
Hererinc boy Commander. Favourite Hererinc names
Heretoga boy Warrior. Favourite Heretoga names
Hild hild girl War. Favourite Hild names
Hilda hilda girl War. Favourite Hilda names
Hilderinc boy Master. Favourite Hilderinc names
Hlaford boy Fame. Favourite Hlaford names
Hlisa boy Wood. Favourite Hlisa names
Holt boy Forest Favourite Holt names
Hrothgar boy The shouter. Favourite Hrothgar names
Hrypa boy Name of a king. Favourite Hrypa names
Hugh boy Bright mind Favourite Hugh names
Ida boy Wealthy. Favourite Ida names
Iden boy Name of a king. Favourite Iden names
Ine boy Iron bend. Favourite Ine names
Ingram boy Angel Favourite Ingram names
Irenbend boy Sea lover. Favourite Irenbend names
Irwin boy Sea lover. Favourite Irwin names
Irwyn boy Iron. Favourite Irwyn names
Isen boy Friend. Favourite Isen names
Iuwine boy Peaceful gift. Favourite Iuwine names
Jarvis boy Servant with a spear Favourite Jarvis names
Jeffrey boy Fearless leader. Favourite Jeffrey names
Judd boy Praised Favourite Judd names
Juliana juliana girl Name of a poem. Favourite Juliana names
Kendra kendra girl Prophetess. Favourite Kendra names
Kendrick boy Fearless leader. Favourite Kendrick names
Kendryek boy Fearless leader. Favourite Kendryek names
Kenric boy White. Favourite Kenric names
Kent boy Brave in war. Favourite Kent names
Kenton boy The royal settlement Favourite Kenton names
Kenway boy Noble or brave. Favourite Kenway names
Kim boy Noble or brave. Favourite Kim names
Kimball boy Ruler. Favourite Kimball names
King boy Monarch Favourite King names
Kipp boy From the pointed hill Favourite Kipp names
Landry boy Long. Favourite Landry names
Lang boy Long. Favourite Lang names
Lange boy Teaches. Favourite Lange names
Lar boy Counsel. Favourite Lar names
Larcwide boy Reward. Favourite Larcwide names
Leanian boy Salmon. Favourite Leanian names
Leax boy Long. Favourite Leax names
Leighton boy From the meadow farm Favourite Leighton names
Leland boy From the meadow land Favourite Leland names
Leng boy Beloved. Favourite Leng names
Leof boy Sailor. Favourite Leof names
Lex boy Defender of mankind Favourite Lex names
Lidmann boy Dwells by the torrent. Favourite Lidmann names
Lin boy Dwells by the torrent. Favourite Lin names
Linette linette girl Bird. Favourite Linette names
Linn linn girl A cascade. Favourite Linn names
List boy Joins. Favourite List names
Lister boy Dyer Favourite Lister names
Lloyd boy Grey haired Favourite Lloyd names
Lora lora girl Small sage one. Favourite Lora names
Loretta loretta girl Small sage one. Favourite Loretta names
Lucan boy Love. Favourite Lucan names
Lufian boy From London. Favourite Lufian names
Lunden boy Dwells by the torrent. Favourite Lunden names
Lyn lyn girl A cascade. Favourite Lyn names
Lyndon boy Lives by the linden tree hill Favourite Lyndon names
Lynet lynet girl Bird. Favourite Lynet names
Lynette lynette girl Bird. Favourite Lynette names
Lynn lynn girl A cascade. Favourite Lynn names
Lynna lynna girl A cascade. Favourite Lynna names
Lynne lynne girl A cascade. Favourite Lynne names
Mae mae girl Kinswomen. Favourite Mae names
Magan boy Vassal. Favourite Magan names
Maida maida girl Maiden. Favourite Maida names
Mannix boy Monk Favourite Mannix names
Maponus boy God worshipped at B... Favourite Maponus names
Maxwell boy Son of Gus. Favourite Maxwell names
May may girl Kinswomen. Favourite May names
Mayda mayda girl Maiden. Favourite Mayda names
Meccus boy From the farm by th... Favourite Meccus names
Megan megan girl Strong and capable. Favourite Megan names
Meghan meghan girl Strong and capable. Favourite Meghan names
Mercia mercia girl From Mercia. Favourite Mercia names
Merlin boy Sea hill Favourite Merlin names
Merton boy Brave. Favourite Merton names
Mildred mildred girl Gentle advisor. Favourite Mildred names
Modig boy Name of a king. Favourite Modig names
Moira moira girl Bitter. Favourite Moira names
Moire moire girl Bitter. Favourite Moire names
Morton boy Town by thr moor Favourite Morton names
Nechten boy Protects. Favourite Nechten names
Ned boy Wealthy guardian Favourite Ned names
Nelda nelda girl From the Alder trees. Favourite Nelda names
Nerian boy From the new estate. Favourite Nerian names
Nerthus nerthus girl Name of a goddess. Favourite Nerthus names
Neville boy New town Favourite Neville names
Newton boy A British god. Favourite Newton names
Nodens boy A British god. Favourite Nodens names
Nodin boy Wind Favourite Nodin names
Nodons boy From the north farm. Favourite Nodons names
Norman boy Norseman Favourite Norman names
Norris boy Northerner Favourite Norris names
Norton boy From the north state. Favourite Norton names
Norvel boy From the north state. Favourite Norvel names
Norville boy Desire. Favourite Norville names
Nyle boy A son of Hengist. Favourite Nyle names
Octe boy A son of Hengist. Favourite Octe names
Octha boy Wealthy. Favourite Octha names
Odel boy Wealthy. Favourite Odel names
Odelia odelia girl Little wealthy one. Favourite Odelia names
Odelina odelina girl Little wealthy one. Favourite Odelina names
Odelinda odelinda girl Little wealthy one. Favourite Odelinda names
Odell boy Wealthy defender. Favourite Odell names
Odella odella girl Little wealthy one. Favourite Odella names
Odelyn odelyn girl Little wealthy one. Favourite Odelyn names
Odelyna odelyna girl Little wealthy one. Favourite Odelyna names
Odette odette girl Little wealthy one. Favourite Odette names
Odi boy Wealthy defender. Favourite Odi names
Odilia odilia girl Little wealthy one. Favourite Odilia names
Odin boy Wealthy defender. Favourite Odin names
Odon boy Wealthy defender. Favourite Odon names
Ody boy Name of a king. Favourite Ody names
Offa boy Spear. Favourite Offa names
Ora ora girl Money. Favourite Ora names
Ord boy Warrior armed with ... Favourite Ord names
Orde boy Beginning Favourite Orde names
Ordway boy Battle strife. Favourite Ordway names
Orlege boy Sad. Favourite Orlege names
Ormod boy Brave friend. Favourite Ormod names
Orson boy Bear like Favourite Orson names
Orva orva girl Brave friend. Favourite Orva names
Orville boy Golden village Favourite Orville names
Orvin boy Brave friend. Favourite Orvin names
Orvyn boy Divine ruler. Favourite Orvyn names
Osberga osberga girl Name of a queen. Favourite Osberga names
Osburga osburga girl Name of a queen. Favourite Osburga names
Osmond boy Divine protection Favourite Osmond names
Osric boy Name of a king. Favourite Osric names
Oswald boy Name of a king. Favourite Oswald names
Oswin boy Divine friend Favourite Oswin names
Oswine boy Name of a king. Favourite Oswine names
Oswiu boy Name of a king. Favourite Oswiu names
Oswy boy Ox. Favourite Oswy names
Otha otha girl Little wealthy one. Favourite Otha names
Othili othili girl Little wealthy one. Favourite Othili names
Ottilie ottilie girl Little wealthy one. Favourite Ottilie names
Oxa boy Page. Favourite Oxa names
Page boy Page. Favourite Page names
Paige boy Name of a prince. Favourite Paige names
Pax boy Peaceful Favourite Pax names
Paxton boy Peaceful town Favourite Paxton names
Payne boy Man from the country Favourite Payne names
Peada boy Rock. Favourite Peada names
Pearce boy Name of a king. Favourite Pearce names
Pearson boy Son of Peter Favourite Pearson names
Pendragon boy From Penrith. Favourite Pendragon names
Penrith boy Pear tree. Favourite Penrith names
Perry boy Rock. Favourite Perry names
Pierce boy Rock. Favourite Pierce names
Piers boy Danger. Favourite Piers names
Pleoh boy Name of a king. Favourite Pleoh names
Prasutagus boy Dwells by the pond. Favourite Prasutagus names
Putnam boy Advises. Favourite Putnam names
Raedan boy Advises. Favourite Raedan names
Raedbora boy Name of a king. Favourite Raedbora names
Raedwald boy Ram. Favourite Raedwald names
Ramm boy Wolf shield. Varia... Favourite Ramm names
Rand boy Son of Rolfe. Favourite Rand names
Randolf boy Wolf shield Favourite Randolf names
Rawlins boy Quick. Favourite Rawlins names
Ray boy Dear brook Favourite Ray names
Recene boy Guardian of the house. Favourite Recene names
Renweard boy From Rheged. Favourite Renweard names
Rheda rheda girl A goddess. Favourite Rheda names
Rheged boy Powerful. Favourite Rheged names
Rice boy Rain. Favourite Rice names
Rinan boy Warrior. Favourite Rinan names
Ripley boy Red haired. Favourite Ripley names
Ro boy Sky. Favourite Ro names
Roan boy Tree with red berries Favourite Roan names
Rodor boy Red haired. Favourite Rodor names
Roe boy Red haired. Favourite Roe names
Row boy Red haired. Favourite Row names
Rowan boy Tree with red berries Favourite Rowan names
Rowena rowena girl White haired. Favourite Rowena names
Ruadson boy Fox. Favourite Ruadson names
Russell boy Powerful. Favourite Russell names
Ryce boy Plunders. Favourite Ryce names
Rypan boy Pain. Favourite Rypan names
Sar boy Pain. Favourite Sar names
Sarlic boy Disgrace. Favourite Sarlic names
Scand boy Shade. Favourite Scand names
Scead boy Shade. Favourite Scead names
Sceadu boy Archer. Favourite Sceadu names
Sceotend boy Shoemaker. Favourite Sceotend names
Scowyrhta boy Clothes. Favourite Scowyrhta names
Scrydan boy Storm. Favourite Scrydan names
Scur boy Tailor. Favourite Scur names
Seaton boy Fierce stronghold. Favourite Seaton names
Seaver boy Friend at court. Favourite Seaver names
Selwin boy Friend at court. Favourite Selwin names
Selwyn boy Fierce stronghold. Favourite Selwyn names
Sener boy Fierce stronghold. Favourite Sener names
Sever boy Sea guardian; guard... Favourite Sever names
Seward boy From the hill on th... Favourite Seward names
Sheldon boy From the ledge meadow. Favourite Sheldon names
Shelley shelley girl From the ledge meadow. Favourite Shelley names
Shelly shelly girl From the ledge meadow. Favourite Shelly names
Shelny boy Shepherd. Favourite Shelny names
Shepard boy Shepherd. Favourite Shepard names
Shephard boy From the sheep meadow. Favourite Shephard names
Sheply boy Of glorious valor. Favourite Sheply names
Sherard boy Quick as the wind. Favourite Sherard names
Sherwin boy Quick as the wind. Favourite Sherwin names
Sherwyn boy Name of a king. Favourite Sherwyn names
Sibley sibley girl Fiendly. Favourite Sibley names
Sigenert boy Name of a king. Favourite Sigenert names
Sihtric boy Friendly. Favourite Sihtric names
Silver silver girl White. Favourite Silver names
Sinley boy Strikes. Favourite Sinley names
Slean boy Hammer. Favourite Slean names
Slecg boy Nold. Favourite Slecg names
Snell boy Dwells at the farm. Favourite Snell names
Steadman boy Severe. Favourite Steadman names
Stearc boy Dwells at the farm. Favourite Stearc names
Stedman boy Stem. Favourite Stedman names
Stefn boy Exalts. Favourite Stefn names
Stepan boy Steward. Favourite Stepan names
Stewart boy Steward. Favourite Stewart names
Stewert boy Gentle. Favourite Stewert names
Stillman boy From the tranquil s... Favourite Stillman names
Stilwell boy Storm. Favourite Stilwell names
Storm boy Strong. Favourite Storm names
Strang boy Steward. Favourite Strang names
Stuart boy Swift. Favourite Stuart names
Sunn sunn girl Gift of the sun. Favourite Sunn names
Sunniva sunniva girl Gift of the sun. Favourite Sunniva names
Sutton boy Southern town Favourite Sutton names
Swift boy Name of a saint. Favourite Swift names
Swithun boy Sin. Favourite Swithun names
Synne synne girl Gift of the sun. Favourite Synne names
Synnove synnove girl Gift of the sun. Favourite Synnove names
Tait tait girl Pleasant and bright. Favourite Tait names
Taite taite girl Pleasant and bright. Favourite Taite names
Tamar boy Wealthy defender. Favourite Tamar names
Tate tate girl Pleasant and bright. Favourite Tate names
Tayte tayte girl Pleasant and bright. Favourite Tayte names
Tedman boy Wealthy defender. Favourite Tedman names
Tedmund boy Considers. Favourite Tedmund names
Tellan boy Tame. Favourite Tellan names
Teller boy Storyteller Favourite Teller names
Temman boy Harms. Favourite Temman names
Teon boy Wealthy defender. Favourite Teon names
Theomund boy Strives. Favourite Theomund names
Tilian boy Destroys. Favourite Tilian names
Tobrecan boy Crushes. Favourite Tobrecan names
Tobrytan boy From the taxed land. Favourite Tobrytan names
Tolan boy From the taxed land Favourite Tolan names
Toland boy Destroys. Favourite Toland names
Tolucan boy Bright. Favourite Tolucan names
Torht boy Bright. Favourite Torht names
Torhte boy Tower. Favourite Torhte names
Torr boy Brave. Favourite Torr names
Trace boy Brave. Favourite Trace names
Tracey boy Brave. Favourite Tracey names
Tracy boy Tramples. Favourite Tracy names
Tredan boy Leaves. Favourite Tredan names
Treddian boy Encourages. Favourite Treddian names
Trymian boy Strengthens. Favourite Trymian names
Trymman boy From the high town. Favourite Trymman names
Udela udela girl Wealthy. Favourite Udela names
Udele udele girl Wealthy. Favourite Udele names
Upton boy Owns four acres of ... Favourite Upton names
Verge boy Staff bearer Favourite Verge names
Vernon boy Youthful or springlike Favourite Vernon names
Viradecthis viradecthis girl A Tungrian goddess. Favourite Viradecthis names
Virgil boy Staff bearer Favourite Virgil names
Wacian boy Moving. Favourite Wacian names
Wade boy Stranger. Favourite Wade names
Wallace boy Stranger. Favourite Wallace names
Wallis boy Dark. Favourite Wallis names
Ward boy Watchman Favourite Ward names
Ware boy Attend. Favourite Ware names
Warian boy From the wealthy es... Favourite Warian names
Wellington boy Defends. Favourite Wellington names
Werian boy From the white island. Favourite Werian names
Whitney whitney girl From the white island. Favourite Whitney names
Wilbur boy Name of a saint. Favourite Wilbur names
Wilda wilda girl Wild. Favourite Wilda names
Wilfrid boy Wishes. Favourite Wilfrid names
Willa willa girl Desired. Favourite Willa names
Willsn boy Drawer of water. Favourite Willsn names
Wilona wilona girl Hoped for. Favourite Wilona names
Wilone wilone girl Hoped for. Favourite Wilone names
Winchell boy Friend. Favourite Winchell names
Wine boy Year. Favourite Wine names
Winston boy Friendly town Favourite Winston names
Winter boy Worthy. Favourite Winter names
Wirt boy Guide. Favourite Wirt names
Wissian boy King of the gods. Favourite Wissian names
Woodrow boy Dweller by the wood Favourite Woodrow names
Worthington boy Accuses. Favourite Worthington names
Wregan boy Tradesman. Favourite Wregan names
Wright boy Wolf of slaughter. Favourite Wright names
Wselfwulf boy Wolf. Favourite Wselfwulf names
Wulf boy Wolf spear. Favourite Wulf names
Wulfgar boy Name of a king. Favourite Wulfgar names
Wulfhere boy Worthy. Favourite Wulfhere names
Wurt boy Enchanting. Favourite Wurt names
Wylie boy Fighter. Favourite Wylie names
Wyman boy Drawer of water. Favourite Wyman names
Wynchell boy Friend. Favourite Wynchell names
Wyne boy Anger. Favourite Wyne names