Armenian Baby Names With Meaning

A Name is a simple a word which used to identify rest of the life of child so this is the first gift from the parents or relatives to the baby.therefore it needed a great care when we put their baby name which should be listen to good and beautiful meaning.To Keep all of that things in Mind we have great and nice collection range of baby names with meaning where your search will be finished for the suitable baby names. here is great range of Armenian Baby names with meaning where you choose your favourite Armenian Baby Names.
Armenian Baby Names
Name Gender Meaning
Acho acho girl Right, right-sided Favourite Acho names
Adrig adrig girl From Hadria Favourite Adrig names
Adrine adrine girl From Hadria Favourite Adrine names
Aghavni aghavni girl Dove Favourite Aghavni names
Aghavnig aghavnig girl Dove Favourite Aghavnig names
Aghounig aghounig girl Dove Favourite Aghounig names
Aghpiur aghpiur girl Source Favourite Aghpiur names
Aghpourig aghpourig girl Source Favourite Aghpourig names
Aghvor aghvor girl Beautiful Favourite Aghvor names
Agner agner girl Diamonds Favourite Agner names
Agnesa agnesa girl Chaste Favourite Agnesa names
Agourig agourig girl Little axe Favourite Agourig names
Aidzemnig aidzemnig girl Young deer Favourite Aidzemnig names
Aidziam aidziam girl Young deer Favourite Aidziam names
Aidzig aidzig girl Young deer Favourite Aidzig names
Aik aik girl Dawn Favourite Aik names
Aiki aiki girl Vineyard Favourite Aiki names
Aikoun aikoun girl Dawn Favourite Aikoun names
Aknes aknes girl Chaste Favourite Aknes names
Aleena aleena girl Noble Favourite Aleena names
Alenoush alenoush girl Sweet white wave Favourite Alenoush names
Alidz alidz girl Gentle Favourite Alidz names
Alik alik girl Defender Favourite Alik names
Alin alin girl Soothe; to soothe Favourite Alin names
Alina alina girl Noble Favourite Alina names
Alis alis girl Of noble kind Favourite Alis names
Alisa alisa girl Of noble kind Favourite Alisa names
Alisia alisia girl Gentle Favourite Alisia names
Alvart alvart girl Red rose Favourite Alvart names
Anahid anahid girl Goddess of the Moon Favourite Anahid names
Anayis anayis girl The immaculate Favourite Anayis names
Ani ani girl Grace; favour Favourite Ani names
Ankine ankine girl Valuable Favourite Ankine names
Annuman annuman girl Unequalled Favourite Annuman names
Ano ano girl Awe, reverence Favourite Ano names
Anoush anoush girl Sweet Favourite Anoush names
Anoushig anoushig girl Sweet; sweetness Favourite Anoushig names
Antaram antaram girl Eternal flower Favourite Antaram names
Antsrev antsrev girl Rain Favourite Antsrev names
Antsrevig antsrevig girl Rain Favourite Antsrevig names
Araxie araxie girl River said to inspire Favourite Araxie names
Arda arda girl Unkown Favourite Arda names
Ardouyd ardouyd girl Skylark Favourite Ardouyd names
Ardzvi ardzvi girl Eagle Favourite Ardzvi names
Ardzvig ardzvig girl Eagle Favourite Ardzvig names
Arek arek girl Of Arcadia Favourite Arek names
Areknaz areknaz girl Sun + caprice Favourite Areknaz names
Areknazan areknazan girl Sun + caprice Favourite Areknazan names
Arev arev girl Sun Favourite Arev names
Arevhad arevhad girl Sun + grain Favourite Arevhad names
Arevig arevig girl Like the sun Favourite Arevig names
Armani armani girl Freeman Favourite Armani names
Armanoush armanoush girl Daughter of Armen Favourite Armanoush names
Armaveni armaveni girl Tree Favourite Armaveni names
Armen boy Armenian Favourite Armen names
Arpeni arpeni girl Sun Favourite Arpeni names
Arpi arpi girl Sun Favourite Arpi names
Arpiar boy Sunny Favourite Arpiar names
Arpig arpig girl Sun Favourite Arpig names
Arpine arpine girl Sun Favourite Arpine names
Arshalouys arshalouys girl Dawn Favourite Arshalouys names
Arshig arshig girl Dawn Favourite Arshig names
Arsho arsho girl Dawn Favourite Arsho names
Asdghig asdghig girl Little star Favourite Asdghig names
Asdig asdig girl Little star Favourite Asdig names
Asghig asghig girl Little star Favourite Asghig names
Ashken ashken girl Mistress; azure Favourite Ashken names
Ashoun ashoun girl Autumn, fall Favourite Ashoun names
Asmin asmin girl Jasmine Favourite Asmin names
Carine carine girl Friend Favourite Carine names
Caroun caroun girl Spring Favourite Caroun names
Darlita darlita girl Young girl Favourite Darlita names
Dikranouhi dikranouhi girl Queen Favourite Dikranouhi names
Ditsuhi ditsuhi girl Divinity; the de Favourite Ditsuhi names
Dzovik dzovik girl The sea Favourite Dzovik names
Elmas elmas girl A diamond. Favourite Elmas names
Gadar gadar girl Perfection. Favourite Gadar names
Geghanush geghanush girl Sweet and nice Favourite Geghanush names
Geghush geghush girl Sweet and nice Favourite Geghush names
Hasmig hasmig girl Jasmine Favourite Hasmig names
Kakav kakav girl Partridge Favourite Kakav names
Kamy kamy girl Godly Favourite Kamy names
Karayan karayan girl The dark one Favourite Karayan names
Karyan karyan girl The dark one Favourite Karyan names
Katar katar girl Top; peak Favourite Katar names
Lala lala girl Tulip Favourite Lala names
Lous lous girl Fame and war Favourite Lous names
Lucine lucine girl Light Favourite Lucine names
Manush manush girl Violet; the viol Favourite Manush names
Manushak manushak girl Violet; the viol Favourite Manushak names
Marine marine girl From the god Mar Favourite Marine names
Nadalia nadalia girl Born on christmas Favourite Nadalia names
Nairi nairi girl Land of canyons Favourite Nairi names
Nishan boy Sign Favourite Nishan names
Ohanna ohanna girl God's gracious gift Favourite Ohanna names
Perouze perouze girl Turquoise. Favourite Perouze names
Rehan rehan girl Flower Favourite Rehan names
Sarkis boy Royality , Sak Favourite Sarkis names
Saten saten girl Amber Favourite Saten names
Satenik satenik girl Amber Favourite Satenik names
Satin satin girl Amber Favourite Satin names
Seda seda girl Forest voices Favourite Seda names
Serik serik girl Love Favourite Serik names
Shoushan shoushan girl Lily Favourite Shoushan names
Siran siran girl Alluring. Favourite Siran names
Siroun siroun girl Lovely Favourite Siroun names
Sirvat sirvat girl Rose Favourite Sirvat names
Taleen taleen girl Tal, Taline, Talyn Favourite Taleen names
Taline taline girl Monestary Favourite Taline names
Vahe boy Victor Favourite Vahe names
Vartan boy A rose. Favourite Vartan names
Vartouhi vartouhi girl Beautiful as a rose Favourite Vartouhi names
Yeghnik yeghnik girl Armenian Favourite Yeghnik names
Yeran yeran girl Lucky Favourite Yeran names
Yeranuhi yeranuhi girl Lucky Favourite Yeranuhi names
Yervant boy An Armenian king Favourite Yervant names
Zada zada girl Good fortune Favourite Zada names
Zagir zagir girl A flower. Favourite Zagir names
Zagiri zagiri girl Flower Favourite Zagiri names
Zeroun boy A sage. Favourite Zeroun names
Ziazan ziazan girl Rainbow Favourite Ziazan names