Baby Bathing

There are also times where things won't go as smoothly as you expect. Bath time should be Enjoyable for everyone and can be helpful for Mom, Dad and baby.

Collect your Supplies First

  • Baby bath tub
  • Baby lotion
  • Plastic Mug or cup
  • Cotton balls
  • Clean and fresh diaper
  • Fresh clean clothes
  • Body wash with shampoo

Additional Supplies

  • Brush and comb
  • Baby skin care
  • Bath toys

Water Temperature

Make sure water warm but not hot.Baby water temperature should be well tested and not so hot and not so cold. Mix the water around with your clean hands or a clean cup. Avoid giving your baby a bath immediately after he's eaten. Newborns are more likely to spit up post-meal, and you don't want him to need a second bath before he's even out of the first. Avoid giving your child bubble baths.

baby bathing Tips

  • Gently support your baby at all times while he's having a bath.
  • Support your baby's head and torso with your arm and hand to wash the front of baby's body.
  • Hold baby securely to help him or her feel comfortable, and to stay safe while in the tub.
  • Then move to the chest and neck. Continue to use only water unless the baby is particularly dirty for some reason. Do the same for the arms, legs and back.
  • Shampoo his hair Using water and a tiny bit of shampoo, lather your baby's scalp. Fill the cup with water and gently pour it over your baby's head.
  • Wrap your baby in a hooded towel, pat her dry immediately then put her nappy on. Wrap her in a dry towel or blanket again, and give her a cosy cuddle for 10 minutes or so to keep her warm
  • If your baby's skin is dry, or if she has nappy rash, you might want to apply a mild lotion such as white soft paraffin, or zinc and castor oil. Paw paw cream might also be helpful.
  • Dress your baby, putting his nappy on first.
  • Place your baby in a safe place, such as a bassinette.
  • Empty the bath water.
  • Finally, get him dressed, give him a cuddle and feed him. Chances are he'll soon drift off to sleep.