Bed wetting

Bed-wetting, called "enuresis", It is extremely common among young kids but can last into the teen Although bedwetting is hardly dangerous in terms of physical health, it is very embarrassing and some baby will find it hard to deal with. years. Bedwetting often runs in families many kids who wet the bed have a relative who did.

Causes of bedwetting

  • Not all of the causes of bedwetting are known. Sometimes their bladder is smaller or irritable and holds less urine. Some of the reasons include genetics meaning it may actually be a hereditary trait.
  • Helpful activities
  • Always sympathy and support with baby.
  • Never punish your child
  • Developing a reward system to encourage your child, such as stickers for dry nights
  • Bedwetting alarms are another method that can be used along with reward systems. The alarms are small and readily available without a prescription at many stores.
  • Constipation can irritate the bladder at night and cause bedwetting. If your child drinks enough fluid and eats enough fibre, that will help to stop them getting constipated.
  • The alarm wakes the baby or parent when the baby starts to urinate, so the parent can get up and use the bathroom Protect the mattress with a good waterproof protective cover.