Bengali Boy Names starting with R

A Name is a simple a word which used to identify rest of the life of child so this is the first gift from the parents or relatives to the baby.therefore it needed a great care when we put their baby name which should be listen to good and beautiful meaning.To Keep all of that things in Mind we have great and nice collection range of baby names with meaning where your search will be finished for the suitable baby names. here is great range of Bengali Boy names with meaning where you choose your favourite Bengali Boy Names.
10 Bengali Boy Names Starting with R
Name Meaning
Raghav boy Lord Rama Favourite Raghav names
Raja boy King Favourite Raja names
Rajit boy Decorated Favourite Rajit names
Rajiv boy Lotus Favourite Rajiv names
Ramesh boy Ruler of Rama; Lord Vishnu Favourite Ramesh names
Ranajit boy Warwinner Favourite Ranajit names
Rangan boy Flower Favourite Rangan names
Ravi boy Sun Favourite Ravi names
Rohan boy Spiritual Favourite Rohan names
Roshan boy Splendid One who emanates light Favourite Roshan names