Buddhist Baby Names With Meaning

A Name is a simple a word which used to identify rest of the life of child so this is the first gift from the parents or relatives to the baby.therefore it needed a great care when we put their baby name which should be listen to good and beautiful meaning.To Keep all of that things in Mind we have great and nice collection range of baby names with meaning where your search will be finished for the suitable baby names. here is great range of Buddhist Baby names with meaning where you choose your favourite Buddhist Baby Names.
Buddhist Baby Names
Name Gender Meaning
Abhaya boy Fearless Favourite Abhaya names
An boy Peace; Peace of Being At Home; Peaceful Favourite An names
Anzan boy Quiet Mountain Favourite Anzan names
Ashwaghosh boy Name of Buddhist philosopher Favourite Ashwaghosh names
Baika boy Plum Blossom Favourite Baika names
Bankei boy Ten Thousand Blessings Favourite Bankei names
Banko boy Everlasting Favourite Banko names
Banzan boy Indestructible Mountain Favourite Banzan names
Basho boy Banana Plant Favourite Basho names
Bassui boy High Above Average Favourite Bassui names
Bensen boy Be Diligent Favourite Bensen names
Bodhidharma boy All-Pervading Enlightened Mind; Enlightenment Teaching Favourite Bodhidharma names
Buddha boy Awakened; Lord Buddha Favourite Buddha names
Buddhamitra boy Friend of Buddha Favourite Buddhamitra names
Bupposo boy Buddha-Dharma-Sangha Favourite Bupposo names
Butsugen boy Buddha Eye Favourite Butsugen names
Butsuju boy Buddha-Life; Buddha-Age Favourite Butsuju names
Chandaka boy Moonlight Favourite Chandaka names
Chiko boy Light of Wisdom Favourite Chiko names
Chimon boy Wisdom Gate Favourite Chimon names
Chinshu boy Calm Prefecture; Calm Place Favourite Chinshu names
Chorei boy Transparent Spirituality Favourite Chorei names
Chosui boy Purifying Water Favourite Chosui names
Chozen boy Clear/Transparent Meditation Practice Favourite Chozen names
Chugai boy Transcending Universe Favourite Chugai names
Da Shin boy Peaceful Heart Favourite Da Shin names
Daeshim boy Great Mind Favourite Daeshim names
Daibai boy Big Plum Favourite Daibai names
Daiden boy Great Transmission Favourite Daiden names
Daido boy Great Way Favourite Daido names
Daiji boy Great Compassion Favourite Daiji names
Daikaku boy Great Enlightenment Favourite Daikaku names
Daikan boy Great Contemplation Favourite Daikan names
Daiko boy Great Light Favourite Daiko names
Dainin boy Great Patience; Great Endurance Favourite Dainin names
Daishin boy Great Truth; Boundless Reality Favourite Daishin names
Danan boy Giving Favourite Danan names
Dawa dawa girl Born on a Monday Favourite Dawa names
Dechen boy Health and happiness Favourite Dechen names
Denkatsu boy Activity Like Lightning Favourite Denkatsu names
Diki diki girl Healthy and wealthy Favourite Diki names
Dohna dohna girl A female deity Favourite Dohna names
Dojin boy Path of Love Favourite Dojin names
Dokai boy Way Formality; Way Steps Favourite Dokai names
Dolkar dolkar girl The name of a Buddhist Goddess Favourite Dolkar names
Doryu boy Way of the Dragon Favourite Doryu names
Doyu boy Morality Preserver Favourite Doyu names
Eido boy Illuminating Way Favourite Eido names
Ekai Jinko boy Ocean of Wisdom; Wide Virtue Favourite Ekai Jinko names
Enmei boy Bright Circle; Life Sustaining Favourite Enmei names
Eshin boy Understanding Mind; Wisdom Mind Favourite Eshin names
Etsudo boy Joyful Way Favourite Etsudo names
Gautam boy The wisest Favourite Gautam names
Genjin boy Reveal True Humanity Favourite Genjin names
Genjo boy Original Silence Favourite Genjo names
Genkai boy Source Ocean Favourite Genkai names
Genkaku boy Original Understanding; Original Realization Favourite Genkaku names
Genki boy Subtle Function; Mysterious Function Favourite Genki names
Genko boy Original Light Favourite Genko names
Genno boy Respond to the Mystery; Esoteric Dharma; Glorious King Favourite Genno names
Genpo boy Original Law; Esoteric Dharma Favourite Genpo names
Gensho boy Original Blessings Favourite Gensho names
Getsuren boy Moon Lotus Favourite Getsuren names
Hakaku boy White Crane Favourite Hakaku names
Hakue boy Pure Blessing Favourite Hakue names
Hiten boy Buddhist Angel Favourite Hiten names
Hodo boy Dharma Way Favourite Hodo names
Hosho boy Voice of the Dharma Favourite Hosho names
Hyma hyma girl Goddess Parvathi Favourite Hyma names
Indivar boy Blue lotus Favourite Indivar names
Issan boy One Mountain Favourite Issan names
Jasodhara jasodhara girl Mother of Lord Buddha Favourite Jasodhara names
Jiho boy The Aroma of Compassion Favourite Jiho names
Jikai boy Ocean of Compassion; Compassionate Sea Favourite Jikai names
Jiyu boy Compassionate Friend Favourite Jiyu names
Kanshin boy Open Heart/Mind Favourite Kanshin names
Karma karma girl A star Favourite Karma names
Keisho boy Promoter of Wisdom Favourite Keisho names
Khajit boy Lord Buddha Favourite Khajit names
Khalid boy Immortal Favourite Khalid names
Kobutsu boy Ancient Buddha Favourite Kobutsu names
Koge boy Fragrant Flower Favourite Koge names
Koju boy Universal Principle Favourite Koju names
Kokan boy Ancient Reflection Favourite Kokan names
Lhamu lhamu girl A goddess Favourite Lhamu names
Munish Buddhist Lord Buddha Favourite Munish names
Nima nima girl Sun Favourite Nima names
Oren boy Ash Tree Favourite Oren names
Padmayani Buddhist Lord Brahama; Buddha Favourite Padmayani names
Partha boy Son of the earth Favourite Partha names
Pasang pasang girl Born on a Friday Favourite Pasang names
Patakin boy Holder of a banner Favourite Patakin names
Pema pema girl A lotus Favourite Pema names
Pilar boy Pillar, fountain base Favourite Pilar names
Rinzen rinzen girl The holder of intellect Favourite Rinzen names
Sandeepe boy A sage Favourite Sandeepe names
Sangmu sangmu girl The kind-hearted one Favourite Sangmu names
Sankalpa boy Resolve Favourite Sankalpa names
Sarasija sarasija girl Lotus Favourite Sarasija names
Shakyasinha boy Lord Buddha Favourite Shakyasinha names
Siddhartha boy One who has accomplished his aim Favourite Siddhartha names
Sonam sonam girl The fortunate one; Beautiful Favourite Sonam names
Tashi tashi girl Prosperity Favourite Tashi names
Tathagat Buddhist Title Of The Buddha Favourite Tathagat names
Tathagata boy The Buddha Favourite Tathagata names
Tatharaj Buddhist Buddha Favourite Tatharaj names
Teesta teesta girl A river Favourite Teesta names
Tenzin; Tenzing tenzin;xxtenzing girl Protector of Dharma Favourite Tenzin; Tenzing names
Trigya Buddhist Lord Buddha Favourite Trigya names
Trikay Buddhist Lord Buddha Favourite Trikay names
Upagupta boy Name of a Buddish nonk Favourite Upagupta names
Uttiya uttiya girl A name in Buddhist literature Favourite Uttiya names
Vipaschit Buddhist Lord Buddha Favourite Vipaschit names
Yangchen yangchen girl The sacred one Favourite Yangchen names