Christian Boy Names With Meaning

A Name is a simple a word which used to identify rest of the life of child so this is the first gift from the parents or relatives to the baby.therefore it needed a great care when we put their baby name which should be listen to good and beautiful meaning.To Keep all of that things in Mind we have great and nice collection range of baby names with meaning where your search will be finished for the suitable baby names. here is great range of Christian Boy names with meaning where you choose your favourite Christian Boy Names.
Christian Boy Names
Name Gender Meaning
Baby boy Baby Favourite Baby names
Badrick boy Axe Ruler Favourite Badrick names
Bail boy A Form Of Vail Favourite Bail names
Bailey boy Bailiff Favourite Bailey names
Baker boy Baker Favourite Baker names
Balthasar boy One of the three wise men Favourite Balthasar names
Bancroft boy Bean Frield Favourite Bancroft names
Banner boy Flag Bearer Favourite Banner names
Barabas boy Barabba Favourite Barabas names
Barak boy Thunder, or in vain Favourite Barak names
Barclay boy Place Where Birches Grow. Favourite Barclay names
Barden boy Barley Valley Favourite Barden names
Barker boy Lumberjack; Advertiser At A Carnival Favourite Barker names
Barlow boy Bare Hillside Favourite Barlow names
Barnabas boy Barnaby Son of Prophecy Favourite Barnabas names
Barnaby boy A Form Of Barnabas Favourite Barnaby names
Barnes boy Bear; Son Of Barnett Favourite Barnes names
Barney boy Race Car Driver Favourite Barney names
Baron boy Nobleman, Baron Favourite Baron names
Barrett boy Bear-brave Favourite Barrett names
Barric boy Grain Farm Favourite Barric names
Barrington boy Fenced Town Favourite Barrington names
Barron boy A Form Of Baron Favourite Barron names
Barry boy Spear Favourite Barry names
Bart boy Son of Talmai Favourite Bart names
Barth boy Son of Tolmai Favourite Barth names
Bartholemew boy Hill, Furrow Favourite Bartholemew names
Bartholomew boy A son that suspends the waters Favourite Bartholomew names
Bartlet boy A Form Of Bartholomew Favourite Bartlet names
Bartley boy Barley Meadow Favourite Bartley names
Bartram boy A Form Of Bertram Favourite Bartram names
Baruch boy Blessed Basil,grand Favourite Baruch names
Bassett boy Little Person Favourite Bassett names
Bat boy A Short Form Of Bartholomew Favourite Bat names
Baxter boy An Alternate Form Of Baker Favourite Baxter names
Bay boy Howler Favourite Bay names
Bayard boy Reddish Brown Hair Favourite Bayard names
Bayron boy A Form Of Baron Favourite Bayron names
Beacher boy Beech Trees Favourite Beacher names
Beaman boy Beekeeper Favourite Beaman names
Beamer boy Trumpet Player Favourite Beamer names
Beasley boy Field Of Peas Favourite Beasley names
Beau boy Handsome Favourite Beau names
Beaver boy Beaver Favourite Beaver names
Beck boy Brook Favourite Beck names
Beckett boy Bee cottage Favourite Beckett names
Bede boy Prayer. Favourite Bede names
Bell boy Bell Ringer Favourite Bell names
Ben boy Son of Favourite Ben names
Benaiah boy Son of the Lord Favourite Benaiah names
Benedict boy Blessed Favourite Benedict names
Benito boy Blessed Favourite Benito names
Benjamen boy Son of my right Favourite Benjamen names
Benjamin boy Son of Right Hand Benjy,Son of My Right Hand Favourite Benjamin names
Bennett boy Blessed Favourite Bennett names
Bennie boy Son of my right Favourite Bennie names
Benny boy Son of My Right Hand Favourite Benny names
Bentley boy Moor; Coarse Grass Meadow Favourite Bentley names
Ber boy Boundary Favourite Ber names
Berkeley boy A Form Of Barclay Favourite Berkeley names
Bernard boy Brave As A Bear. Favourite Bernard names
Berry boy Berry; Grape Favourite Berry names
Bertie boy A Familiar Form Of Bert Favourite Bertie names
Berton boy Bright Settlement; Fortified Town Favourite Berton names
Bertram boy Bright Raven. Favourite Bertram names
Berwick boy Barley Farm Favourite Berwick names
Beryl boy Dazzling jewel Favourite Beryl names
Beval boy Like The Wind Favourite Beval names
bhu boy BIBLE MEANGING Favourite bhu names
bibin boy The only one Favourite bibin names
Bildad boy Old friendship Favourite Bildad names
Binky boy A Familiar Form Of Bancroft, Vincent Favourite Binky names
Birch boy White; Shining; Birch Tree Favourite Birch names
Birkey boy Island With Birch Trees Favourite Birkey names
Birkitt boy Birch-tree Coast Favourite Birkitt names
Birley boy Meadow With The Cow Barn Favourite Birley names
Birney boy Island With A Brook Favourite Birney names
Birtle boy Hill With Birds Favourite Birtle names
Bishop boy Bishop Favourite Bishop names
Blade boy Knife, Sword Favourite Blade names
Blain boy A Form Of Blaine Favourite Blain names
Blaine boy River Source Favourite Blaine names
Blake boy Signifies Dark. Favourite Blake names
Blayke boy A Form Of Blake Favourite Blayke names
Blaze boy Flame; Trail Mark Made On A Tree Favourite Blaze names
Bo boy A Form Of Beau Favourite Bo names
Boaz boy Swift, Strong Favourite Boaz names
Bob boy A Short Form Of Robert Favourite Bob names
Bobby boy A Familiar Form Of Bob, Robert Favourite Bobby names
Bolton boy From The Manor Farm Favourite Bolton names
Bond boy Tiller Of The Soil Favourite Bond names
Booker boy Bookmaker; Book Lover; Bible Lover Favourite Booker names
Booth boy Hut Favourite Booth names
Bosley boy Grove Of Trees Favourite Bosley names
Boston boy A Form Of Bosley Favourite Boston names
Boswell boy Boar Enclosure By The Stream Favourite Boswell names
Bourne boy Brook, Stream Favourite Bourne names
Brad boy A Short Form Of Bradford Or Bradley Favourite Brad names
Bradburn boy Broad Stream Favourite Bradburn names
Braden boy Broad Valley Favourite Braden names
Bradey boy A Form Of Brady Favourite Bradey names
Bradford boy Broad River Ford. Favourite Bradford names
Bradlee boy A Form Of Bradley Favourite Bradlee names
Bradley boy Broad Meadow. Favourite Bradley names
Bradly boy A Form Of Bradley Favourite Bradly names
Bradon boy Broad Hill Favourite Bradon names
Bradshaw boy Broad Forest Favourite Bradshaw names
Brady boy Broad Island Favourite Brady names
Bradyn boy A Form Of Braden Favourite Bradyn names
Braedan boy A Form Of Braden Favourite Braedan names
Braeden boy A Form Of Braden Favourite Braeden names
Braedon boy A Form Of Bradon Favourite Braedon names
Braedyn boy A Form Of Braden Favourite Braedyn names
Braiden boy A Form Of Braden Favourite Braiden names
Braidon boy A Form Of Bradon Favourite Braidon names
Brainard boy Bold Raven; Prince Favourite Brainard names
Bramwell boy Bramble Spring Favourite Bramwell names
Brand boy Firebrand; Sword Favourite Brand names
Brandan boy A Form Of Brandon Favourite Brandan names
Branden boy Beacon Valley Favourite Branden names
Brandin boy A Form Of Branden Favourite Brandin names
Brando boy A Form Of Brand Favourite Brando names
Brandon boy Beacon Hill Favourite Brandon names
Brandt boy A Form Of Brant Favourite Brandt names
Brandyn boy A Form Of Brandon Favourite Brandyn names
Bransen boy A Form Of Branson Favourite Bransen names
Branson boy Son Of Brandon Favourite Branson names
Brant boy Proud Favourite Brant names
Brantley boy A Form Of Brant Favourite Brantley names
Brantly boy A Form Of Brant Favourite Brantly names
Brayden boy A Form Of Braden Favourite Brayden names
Braydon boy A Form Of Bradon Favourite Braydon names
Brayton boy A Form Of Brighton Favourite Brayton names
Brendan boy Sword Favourite Brendan names
Brendon boy A Form Of Brandon Favourite Brendon names
Brendyn boy A Form Of Brendan Favourite Brendyn names
Brenen boy A Form Of Brendan Favourite Brenen names
Brennan boy A Form Of Brendan Favourite Brennan names
Brennen boy A Form Of Brendan Favourite Brennen names
Brenner boy A Form Of Brendan Favourite Brenner names
Brennon boy A Form Of Brendan Favourite Brennon names
Brent boy A Short Form Of Brenton. Favourite Brent names
Brenten boy A Form Of Brenton Favourite Brenten names
Brentley boy A Form Of Brantley Favourite Brentley names
Brenton boy Steep Hill Favourite Brenton names
Brewster boy Brewer Favourite Brewster names
Brice boy Son Of Rice Favourite Brice names
Brick boy Bridge Favourite Brick names
Bridgely boy Meadow Near A Bridge Favourite Bridgely names
Bridger boy Bridge Builder Favourite Bridger names
Brigham boy Village By The Covered Bridge. Favourite Brigham names
Brighton boy The one who is loved Favourite Brighton names
Brinley boy Tawny Favourite Brinley names
Britt boy The helpful one Favourite Britt names
Broc boy A Form Of Brock Favourite Broc names
Brock boy Badger Favourite Brock names
Brockton boy A Form Of Brock Favourite Brockton names
Brod boy A Short Form Of Broderick Favourite Brod names
Broderick boy Broad Ridge Favourite Broderick names
Brodrick boy A Form Of Broderick Favourite Brodrick names
Bromley boy Brushwood Meadow Favourite Bromley names
Bronson boy Son Of Brown Favourite Bronson names
Brooks boy Son Of Brook Favourite Brooks names
Brown boy Brown; Bear Favourite Brown names
Bryden boy A Form Of Braden Favourite Bryden names
Brydon boy A Form Of Braden Favourite Brydon names
Bryon boy Bear Favourite Bryon names
Bryton boy A Form Of Brighton Favourite Bryton names
Buck boy Male Deer Favourite Buck names
Buckley boy Deer Meadow Favourite Buckley names
Buckmister boy Preacher Favourite Buckmister names
Bud boy Herald, Messenger Favourite Bud names
Buell boy Bull Favourite Buell names
Buford boy Ford Near The Castle Favourite Buford names
Bundy boy Free Favourite Bundy names
Burbank boy From The Castle On A Slope Favourite Burbank names
Burdan boy Birch Valley Favourite Burdan names
Burford boy Birch Ford Favourite Burford names
Burgess boy Town Dweller Or Shopkeeper. Favourite Burgess names
Burl boy Cup Bearer; Wine Servant; Knot In A Tree Favourite Burl names
Burleigh boy Meadow With Knotted Tree Trunks Favourite Burleigh names
Burne boy Brook Favourite Burne names
Burnett boy Burned Nettle Favourite Burnett names
Burney boy Island With A Brook Favourite Burney names
Burr boy Prickly Plant Favourite Burr names
Burris boy Town Dweller Favourite Burris names
Burt boy A Form Of Bert Favourite Burt names
Burton boy Fortified Town. Favourite Burton names
Butcher boy Butcher Favourite Butcher names
Byford boy By The Ford Favourite Byford names
Byram boy Cattle Yard Favourite Byram names
Byran boy A Form Of Byron Favourite Byran names
Byrd boy Birdlike Favourite Byrd names
Byrne boy A Form Of Burne Favourite Byrne names
Byron boy Barn Favourite Byron names
Cable boy Rope Maker Favourite Cable names
Cain boy Craftsman Favourite Cain names
Calder boy Brook, Stream Favourite Calder names
Caldwell boy Cold Well Favourite Caldwell names
Cale boy Form of Caleb Favourite Cale names
Caleb boy Bold Callahan Favourite Caleb names
Callum boy Dove Favourite Callum names
Calum boy Dove Favourite Calum names
Calvert boy Calf Herder Favourite Calvert names
Calvin boy Bald Favourite Calvin names
Camden boy Uncertain, perhaps winding valley Favourite Camden names
Cameron boy Crooked nose Favourite Cameron names
Camille boy Altar server Favourite Camille names
Campbell boy Crooked mouth Favourite Campbell names
Camren boy Crooked nose Favourite Camren names
Camron boy Crooked nose Favourite Camron names
Carl boy A Short Form Of Carlton Favourite Carl names
Carleton boy A Form Of Carlton Favourite Carleton names
Carlyle boy A Form Of Carlisle Favourite Carlyle names
Carnell boy Defender Of The Castle Favourite Carnell names
Carsen boy A Form Of Carson Favourite Carsen names
Carson boy Son Of Carr Favourite Carson names
Carter boy Cart Driver Favourite Carter names
Cartwright boy Cart Builder Favourite Cartwright names
Carvell boy Village On The Marsh Favourite Carvell names
Carver boy Wood-carver; Sculptor Favourite Carver names
Cater boy Caterer Favourite Cater names
Cawley boy Cow Meadow Favourite Cawley names
Cederic boy A Form Of Cedric Favourite Cederic names
Cedric boy An Alternative Form Of Kedrick Favourite Cedric names
Cedrick boy A Form Of Cedric Favourite Cedrick names
Cedrik boy A Form Of Cedric Favourite Cedrik names
Cephas boy Pebbles Favourite Cephas names
Chad boy From The Celtic Meaning Warrior Favourite Chad names
Chadd boy A Form Of Chad Favourite Chadd names
Chaika boy Life Chaim Favourite Chaika names
Chance boy A Short Form Of Chancellor Favourite Chance names
Chancellor boy Record Keeper Favourite Chancellor names
Chancelor boy A Form Of Chancellor Favourite Chancelor names
Chandler boy Candle Maker Favourite Chandler names
Chanse boy A Form Of Chance Favourite Chanse names
Chapman boy Merchant Favourite Chapman names
Charles boy Strong And Manly Favourite Charles names
Charleston boy A Form Of Carlton Favourite Charleston names
Charlie boy A Familiar Form Of Charles Favourite Charlie names
Charlton boy A Form Of Carlton Favourite Charlton names
Chas boy A Familiar Form Of Charles Favourite Chas names
Chauncey boy Chancellor; Church Official Favourite Chauncey names
Chauncy boy A Form Of Chauncey Favourite Chauncy names
Chaz boy A Familiar Form Of Charles Favourite Chaz names
Chazz boy A Familiar Form Of Charles Favourite Chazz names
Chester boy A Short Form Of Rochester Favourite Chester names
Cheston boy A Form Of Chester Favourite Cheston names
Chet boy A Short Form Of Chester Favourite Chet names
Chick boy A Familiar Form Of Charles Favourite Chick names
Chilton boy Farm By The Spring Favourite Chilton names
Chip boy A Familiar Form Of Charles Favourite Chip names
Chipper boy A Form Of Chip Favourite Chipper names
Christian boy A Follower of Christ Favourite Christian names
Churchill boy Church On The Hill. Favourite Churchill names
Claudius boy Lame Favourite Claudius names
Clay boy Clay Pit Favourite Clay names
Clayborne boy Brook Near The Clay Pit Favourite Clayborne names
Clayton boy Town Built On Clay Favourite Clayton names
Cleavon boy Cliff Favourite Cleavon names
Cleve boy A Short Form Of Cleveland Favourite Cleve names
Cleveland boy Land Of Cliffs Favourite Cleveland names
Cliff boy A Short Form Of Clifford Favourite Cliff names
Clifford boy Cliff At The River Crossing Favourite Clifford names
Clifton boy Literally, Cliff Town Favourite Clifton names
Clint boy A Short Form Of Clinton Favourite Clint names
Clinton boy Hillside Town. Favourite Clinton names
Clive boy A Steep Bank. Favourite Clive names
Coady boy A Form Of Cody Favourite Coady names
Coburn boy Meeting Of Streams Favourite Coburn names
Codey boy A Form Of Cody Favourite Codey names
Codie boy A Form Of Cody Favourite Codie names
Cody boy Cushion. Favourite Cody names
Colbert boy Famous Seafarer Favourite Colbert names
Colbey boy A Form Of Colby Favourite Colbey names
Colby boy Dark; Dark Haired Favourite Colby names
Cole boy A Short Form Of Colbert, Coleman Favourite Cole names
Coleman boy Coal Miner Favourite Coleman names
Coley boy A Familiar Form Of Cole Favourite Coley names
Colley boy Black Haired; Swarthy Favourite Colley names
Collier boy Miner Favourite Collier names
Colman boy A Form Of Coleman Favourite Colman names
Colson boy Son Of Nicholas Favourite Colson names
Colt boy Young Horse; Frisky Favourite Colt names
Coltan boy A Form Of Colton Favourite Coltan names
Colten boy A Form Of Colton Favourite Colten names
Colter boy Herd Of Colts Favourite Colter names
Coltin boy A Form Of Colton Favourite Coltin names
Colton boy Coal Town Favourite Colton names
Coltyn boy A Form Of Colton Favourite Coltyn names
Connie boy Among The Famous People Favourite Connie names
Cook boy Cook Favourite Cook names
Cooper boy Barrel Maker Favourite Cooper names
Corliss boy Cheerful; Goodhearted Favourite Corliss names
Cornelius boy Of a horn Favourite Cornelius names
Cornwallis boy From Cornwall Favourite Cornwallis names
Cortland boy A Form Of Courtland Favourite Cortland names
Coulter boy A Form Of Colter Favourite Coulter names
Coy boy Woods Favourite Coy names
Cramer boy Full Favourite Cramer names
Crane boy Crane Favourite Crane names
Crawford boy Town Near The Rock Favourite Crawford names
Creighton boy Rocky Spot. Favourite Creighton names
Cromwell boy Crooked Spring, Winding Spring Favourite Cromwell names
Crosley boy Meadow Of The Cross Favourite Crosley names
Crowther boy Fiddler Favourite Crowther names
Culver boy Dove Favourite Culver names
Cuthbert boy Brilliant Favourite Cuthbert names
Cutler boy Knife Maker Favourite Cutler names
Cutter boy Tailor Favourite Cutter names
Daegel boy From Daegel, England Favourite Daegel names
Daelen boy A Form Of Dale Favourite Daelen names
Dagan boy Grain or corn Favourite Dagan names
Dagwood boy Shining Forest Favourite Dagwood names
Dakota boy The allies Favourite Dakota names
Dalan boy A Form Of Dale Favourite Dalan names
Dalbert boy Bright, Shining Favourite Dalbert names
Dale boy Valley Favourite Dale names
Dalen boy A Form Of Dale Favourite Dalen names
Daley boy A Familiar Form Of Dale Favourite Daley names
Dalin boy A Form Of Dallin Favourite Dalin names
Dalit boy Draw Water Favourite Dalit names
Dallan boy A Form Of Dalan, Dallin Favourite Dallan names
Dallen boy A Form Of Dalan, Dallin Favourite Dallen names
Dallon boy A Form Of Dallan Favourite Dallon names
Dalon boy A Form Of Dale Favourite Dalon names
Dalton boy Town In The Valley Favourite Dalton names
Dalvin boy A Form Of Delvin Favourite Dalvin names
Dalyn boy A Form Of Dale Favourite Dalyn names
Dan boy From the name DANIEL Daniel Favourite Dan names
Dane boy From Denmark. Favourite Dane names
Danforth boy A Form Of Daniel Favourite Danforth names
Danie boy Judgment of God,God my judge Favourite Danie names
Danish boy From Denmark Favourite Danish names
Dannon boy From Daniel Favourite Dannon names
Danyl boy From the name Daniel Favourite Danyl names
Darell boy A Form Of Darrell Favourite Darell names
Daren boy A Form Of Darren Favourite Daren names
Dareon boy A Form Of Darren Favourite Dareon names
Darkon boy Dark Favourite Darkon names
Darnel boy A Form Of Darnell Favourite Darnel names
Darnell boy Hidden Place Favourite Darnell names
Darnelle boy A Form Of Darnell Favourite Darnelle names
Daron boy A Form Of Darren Favourite Daron names
Darrel boy A Form Of Darrell Favourite Darrel names
Darren boy Small; Rocky Hill Favourite Darren names
Darton boy Deer Town Favourite Darton names
Darvell boy Eagle Town Favourite Darvell names
Darvin boy A Form Of Darwin Favourite Darvin names
Darwin boy Dear Friend. Favourite Darwin names
Daulton boy A Form Of Dalton Favourite Daulton names
Dave boy From the name DAVID David Favourite Dave names
David boy Well-beloved, dear Favourite David names
Dawson boy Son Of David Favourite Dawson names
Dax boy Water Favourite Dax names
Day boy A Form Of Daniel Favourite Day names
Dayton boy Day Town; Bright, Sunny Town Favourite Dayton names
Deaborn boy Deer Brook Favourite Deaborn names
Dean boy Valley Favourite Dean names
Deems boy Judge;s Child Favourite Deems names
Del boy A Short Form Of Delbert Favourite Del names
Delbert boy A Name That Means Bright As Day. Favourite Delbert names
Dell boy Small Valley. Favourite Dell names
Delton boy A Form Of Dalton Favourite Delton names
Delvin boy Proud Friend; Friend From The Valley Favourite Delvin names
Delvon boy A Form Of Delvin Favourite Delvon names
Delwin boy A Form Of Delvin Favourite Delwin names
Demetrius boy Belonging to corn, or to Ceres Favourite Demetrius names
Dempster boy One Who Judges Favourite Dempster names
Denham boy Village In The Valley Favourite Denham names
Denley boy Meadow; Valley Favourite Denley names
Denman boy Man From The Valley Favourite Denman names
Dennison boy Son Of Dennis Favourite Dennison names
Denton boy A Name That Means Settlement Favourite Denton names
Denver boy Green Valley Favourite Denver names
Dermot boy Free Favourite Dermot names
Derward boy Deer Keeper Favourite Derward names
Derwin boy A Form Of Darwin Favourite Derwin names
Deverell boy Riverbank Favourite Deverell names
Dexter boy Fabric Dyer Favourite Dexter names
Diamond boy Brilliant Gem; Bright Guardian Favourite Diamond names
Dickson boy Son Of Dick Favourite Dickson names
Dixon boy Son Of Dick Favourite Dixon names
Doane boy Low, Rolling Hills Favourite Doane names
Dob boy A Familiar Form Of Robert Favourite Dob names
Dominic boy Belonging to God Favourite Dominic names
Doron boy Gift Favourite Doron names
Dov boy Bear Favourite Dov names
Drake boy Dragon Favourite Drake names
Draper boy Fabric Maker Favourite Draper names
Drew boy A Short Form Of Andrew Favourite Drew names
Dru boy A Form Of Drew Favourite Dru names
Drue boy A Form Of Drew Favourite Drue names
Dryden boy Dry Valley Favourite Dryden names
Dubric boy Dark Ruler Favourite Dubric names
Dudd boy A Short Form Of Dudley Favourite Dudd names
Dudley boy Common Field. Favourite Dudley names
Dunley boy Hilly Meadow Favourite Dunley names
Dunstan boy Brownstone Fortress Favourite Dunstan names
Dunstano boy A Form Of Dunstan Favourite Dunstano names
Dunton boy Hill Town Favourite Dunton names
Dur boy A Short Form Of Durwin Favourite Dur names
Durward boy Gatekeeper Favourite Durward names
Durwin boy A Form Of Darwin Favourite Durwin names
Dustin boy Strong-hearted Leader. Favourite Dustin names
Dusty boy A Familiar Form Of Dustin Favourite Dusty names
Dwight boy A Form Of DeWitt Favourite Dwight names
Dyer boy Fabric Dyer Favourite Dyer names
Dyke boy Dike; Ditch Favourite Dyke names
Dyson boy A Short Form Of Dennison Favourite Dyson names
Ean boy A Form Of Ian Favourite Ean names
Earl boy Nobleman Favourite Earl names
Earnest boy Ernest Favourite Earnest names
Easton boy Eastern Town Favourite Easton names
Eaton boy Estate On The River Favourite Eaton names
Eban boy Stone Favourite Eban names
Ebenezer boy Rock of Help Favourite Ebenezer names
Ebner boy A Form Of Abner Favourite Ebner names
Ed boy A Short Form Of Edgar, Edward Favourite Ed names
Edbert boy Wealthy; Bright Favourite Edbert names
Eddie boy A Familiar Form Of Edgar, Edward Favourite Eddie names
Eddy boy A Familiar Form Of Edgar, Edward Favourite Eddy names
Edgar boy Wealthy Spearman. Favourite Edgar names
Edgard boy A Form Of Edgar Favourite Edgard names
Edison boy Son Of Edward Favourite Edison names
Edmond boy A Form Of Edmund Favourite Edmond names
Edmund boy Which Means Prosperous Protector Favourite Edmund names
Edric boy Prosperous Ruler Favourite Edric names
Edson boy A Short Form Of Edison Favourite Edson names
Edward boy Prosperous Guardian. Favourite Edward names
Edwin boy Prosperous Friend. Favourite Edwin names
Efrat boy Honored, Distinguished Favourite Efrat names
Efrem boy From the name EPHRAIM Favourite Efrem names
Egbert boy Bright Sword Favourite Egbert names
Eisig boy He who laughs Favourite Eisig names
Eitan boy Strong and staunch Favourite Eitan names
Elah boy An oak,a curse,perjury Favourite Elah names
Elbert boy A Form Of Albert Favourite Elbert names
Elden boy A Form Of Alden, Aldous Favourite Elden names
Elder boy Dweller Near The Elder Trees Favourite Elder names
Eldon boy Sacred Hill. Favourite Eldon names
Eldred boy A Form Of Aldred Favourite Eldred names
Eldridge boy A Form Of Aldrich Favourite Eldridge names
Eldwin boy A Form Of Aldwin Favourite Eldwin names
Eleazar boy God has helped Eli,elevation Favourite Eleazar names
Elgin boy Noble; White Favourite Elgin names
Eli boy The offering or lifting up Favourite Eli names
Elian boy A Form Of Elijah Favourite Elian names
Elias boy Jehovah is God Favourite Elias names
Elihu boy He is my God himself Favourite Elihu names
Elijah boy God the Lord, the strong Lord Favourite Elijah names
Elijha boy A Form Of Elijah Favourite Elijha names
Elio boy A Form Of Elliot Favourite Elio names
Eliot boy A Form Of Elliot Favourite Eliot names
Eliphaz boy The endeavor of God Favourite Eliphaz names
Elisha boy A successor to Elijah Favourite Elisha names
Eljah boy Form of ELIJAH Favourite Eljah names
Elkanah boy God the zealous,the zeal of God Favourite Elkanah names
Elliot boy Crime Fighter Favourite Elliot names
Elliott boy A Form Of Elijah Favourite Elliott names
Ellis boy A Form Of Elias Favourite Ellis names
Elmer boy Noble Or Famous. Favourite Elmer names
Elmore boy Moor Where The Elm Trees Grow Favourite Elmore names
Elnathan boy God hath given,the gift of God Favourite Elnathan names
Elton boy Old Town Favourite Elton names
Elvin boy A Form Of Alvin Favourite Elvin names
Elvy boy Elfin Warrior Favourite Elvy names
Elwell boy Old Well Favourite Elwell names
Elwood boy Old Forest Favourite Elwood names
Ely boy Form of ELI Favourite Ely names
Emanuel boy God is with us Favourite Emanuel names
Emmanuel boy God with us Favourite Emmanuel names
Enoch boy Dedicated or Consecrated Ephraim,Doubly Fruitful Favourite Enoch names
Ephraim boy Fruitful,increasing Favourite Ephraim names
Eric boy Brave Ruler Favourite Eric names
Erick boy A Form Of Eric Favourite Erick names
Erickson boy Son Of Eric Favourite Erickson names
Ernest boy Earnest Or Sincere. Favourite Ernest names
Ernie boy A Familiar Form Of Ernest Favourite Ernie names
Eron boy Peace, Enlightened Favourite Eron names
Errick boy A Form Of Eric Favourite Errick names
Errol boy From The Latin Erroneus Favourite Errol names
Erskine boy From Ireland Favourite Erskine names
Ervin boy Sea Friend Favourite Ervin names
Ervine boy A Form Of Irving Favourite Ervine names
Erwin boy Sea Friend Favourite Erwin names
Esau boy He that acts or finishes Favourite Esau names
Esav boy Coarse Favourite Esav names
Esmond boy Protected By Grace. Favourite Esmond names
Etan boy Steady Favourite Etan names
Ethan boy Loyal Favourite Ethan names
Ethel boy Noble Favourite Ethel names
Evan boy A Form Of John Favourite Evan names
Ever boy Boar Favourite Ever names
Everett boy A Form Of Eberhard. Favourite Everett names
Everette boy A Form Of Eberhard Favourite Everette names
Everley boy Everley Favourite Everley names
Everton boy Boar Town Favourite Everton names
Ewald boy Powerful Lawman Favourite Ewald names
Ewert boy Ewe Herder, Shepherd Favourite Ewert names
Ewing boy Friend Of The Law Favourite Ewing names
Eyal boy Strength Favourite Eyal names
Ezekial boy God Make Me Stronger Favourite Ezekial names
Ezekiel boy The strength of God Favourite Ezekiel names
Ezio boy Friend, lover Favourite Ezio names
Ezra boy Helper, salvation Favourite Ezra names
Fairfax boy Blond Favourite Fairfax names
Falito boy A Familiar Form Of Rafael Favourite Falito names
Falkner boy Trainer Of Falcons. See Also Falco Favourite Falkner names
Fane boy Joyful, Glad Favourite Fane names
Farlane boy Far Lane Favourite Farlane names
Farley boy Bull Meadow; Sheep Meadow. Favourite Farley names
Farnell boy Fern-covered Hill Favourite Farnell names
Farnham boy Field Of Ferns Favourite Farnham names
Farnley boy Fern Meadow Favourite Farnley names
Farold boy Mighty Traveler Favourite Farold names
Faron boy A Form Of Faren Favourite Faron names
Farr boy Traveler Favourite Farr names
Farrar boy Blacksmith Favourite Farrar names
Farrow boy Piglet Favourite Farrow names
Feivel boy God Assists Favourite Feivel names
Felix boy Cheerful Favourite Felix names
Felton boy Field Town Favourite Felton names
Fenton boy Marshland Farm. Favourite Fenton names
Field boy A Short Form Of Fielding Favourite Field names
Fielding boy Field;field Worker Favourite Fielding names
Filbert boy Brilliant.See Also Bert,Philbert Favourite Filbert names
Filmore boy Famous Favourite Filmore names
Firth boy Woodland Favourite Firth names
Fischer boy A Form Of Fisher Favourite Fischer names
Fisher boy Fisherman Favourite Fisher names
Fiske boy Fisherman Favourite Fiske names
Fitch boy Weasel, Ermine Favourite Fitch names
Fitxpatrick boy Son Of Patrick Favourite Fitxpatrick names
Fitz boy Son Favourite Fitz names
Fitzgerald boy Son Of Gerald Favourite Fitzgerald names
Fitzhugh boy Son Of Hugh Favourite Fitzhugh names
Fleming boy From Denmark; From Flanders Favourite Fleming names
Fletcher boy From The Old French, Meaning Arrow Feat Favourite Fletcher names
Flint boy Stream; Flint Stone Favourite Flint names
Floyd boy A Form Of Lloyd. Favourite Floyd names
Flurry boy Flourishing, Blooming Favourite Flurry names
Ford boy River Crossing Favourite Ford names
Forester boy Forest Guardian Favourite Forester names
Fowler boy Trapper Of Wildfowl Favourite Fowler names
Francesco boy From France Favourite Francesco names
Francis boy Belonging to France Favourite Francis names
Francisco boy From France Favourite Francisco names
Franco boy From France Favourite Franco names
Frank boy Javelin Favourite Frank names
Frankie boy N/A Favourite Frankie names
Franklin boy Free man Favourite Franklin names
Franklyn boy A Form Of Franklin Favourite Franklyn names
Franky boy From France Favourite Franky names
Fraser boy Uncertain, perhaps Favourite Fraser names
Frayne boy Stranger Favourite Frayne names
Fred boy Peaceful ruler,peace Favourite Fred names
Freddie boy Peaceful ruler,peace Favourite Freddie names
Freddy boy Peaceful ruler,peace Favourite Freddy names
Frederick boy Peaceful ruler,peace Favourite Frederick names
Fredrick boy Peaceful ruler,peace Favourite Fredrick names
Freeborn boy Child Of Freedom Favourite Freeborn names
Freeman boy Free Favourite Freeman names
Frewin boy Free; Noble Friend Favourite Frewin names
Frey boy Lord Favourite Frey names
Frick boy Bold Favourite Frick names
Fridolf boy Peaceful Wolf Favourite Fridolf names
Fulton boy Field Near Town Favourite Fulton names
Fynn boy Fair Favourite Fynn names
Gabai boy Delight, adornment Favourite Gabai names
Gabe boy From the name GABRIEL Favourite Gabe names
Gabriel boy Devoted to God Favourite Gabriel names
Gaery boy Variable, Changeable Favourite Gaery names
Gage boy Measurer Favourite Gage names
Gaige boy Measurer Favourite Gaige names
Gail boy Father in rejoice Favourite Gail names
Galen boy Calm Favourite Galen names
Galton boy Owner Of A Rented Estate Favourite Galton names
Ganit boy Defender Favourite Ganit names
Gannon boy White, fair-haired Favourite Gannon names
Gar boy A Short Form Of Gareth Favourite Gar names
Gardner boy Gardener Favourite Gardner names
Garen boy A Form Of Garry Favourite Garen names
Garfield boy Field Of Spears; Battlefield. Favourite Garfield names
Garin boy A Form Of Garry Favourite Garin names
Garion boy A Form Of Garry Favourite Garion names
Garland boy Land Of Spears; Battleground Favourite Garland names
Garman boy Spearman Favourite Garman names
Garnet boy A Form Of Garnett Favourite Garnet names
Garnett boy Armed With A Spear Favourite Garnett names
Garrad boy A Form Of Garrett, Gerald Favourite Garrad names
Garren boy A Form Of Garry Favourite Garren names
Garrick boy Spear Favourite Garrick names
Garrin boy A Form Of Garry Favourite Garrin names
Garrison boy Strong Favourite Garrison names
Garroway boy Spear Fighter Favourite Garroway names
Garry boy N/A Favourite Garry names
Garson boy Son Of Gar Favourite Garson names
Garth boy Enclosed garden Favourite Garth names
Garvin boy Comrade In Battle Favourite Garvin names
Garwood boy Evergreen Forest Favourite Garwood names
Gary boy N/A Favourite Gary names
Gauge boy Measurer Favourite Gauge names
Gavriel boy Man of God Favourite Gavriel names
Gayle boy From the name GAIL Favourite Gayle names
Geffrey boy A Form Of Geoffrey Favourite Geffrey names
Gene boy Well born Favourite Gene names
Gent boy Gentleman Favourite Gent names
Genty boy Snow Favourite Genty names
Geoff boy A Short Form Of Geoffrey Favourite Geoff names
Geoffery boy A Form Of Geoffrey Favourite Geoffery names
Geoffrey boy A Form Of Jeffrey Favourite Geoffrey names
Gerard boy Brave Spearman Favourite Gerard names
Geremy boy A Form Of Jeremy Favourite Geremy names
Geriant boy Old Favourite Geriant names
Germain boy Sprout, Bud Favourite Germain names
Gerome boy A Form Of Jerome Favourite Gerome names
Gerrod boy A Form Of Garrad Favourite Gerrod names
Gerry boy A Familiar Form Of Gerald Favourite Gerry names
Gersham boy Exiled Favourite Gersham names
Gershon boy His banishment,the change of pilgrimage Favourite Gershon names
Gerson boy Son Of Gar Favourite Gerson names
Gib boy A Short Form Of Gilbert Favourite Gib names
Gibson boy Son Of Gilbert Favourite Gibson names
Gideon boy Woodcutter Gilead Favourite Gideon names
Gifford boy Bold Giver Favourite Gifford names
Gig boy Horse-drawn Carriage Favourite Gig names
Gil boy A Short Form Of Gilbert Favourite Gil names
Gilbert boy Brilliant Pledge; Tristworthy Favourite Gilbert names
Gilmer boy Famous Hostage Favourite Gilmer names
Gilon boy Circle Favourite Gilon names
Gipsy boy Wanderer Favourite Gipsy names
Giuseppe boy Form of JOSEPH Favourite Giuseppe names
Gladville boy Village With Oak Trees Favourite Gladville names
Gladwin boy Cheerful Favourite Gladwin names
Godwin boy Friend Of God Favourite Godwin names
Golden boy A Form Of Goldwin Favourite Golden names
Goldwin boy Golden Friend Favourite Goldwin names
Gomer boy Famous Battle Favourite Gomer names
Gordon boy Triangular-shaped Hill Favourite Gordon names
Gordy boy A Familiar Form Of Gordon Favourite Gordy names
Gore boy Triangular-shaped Land Favourite Gore names
Graham boy Grand Home Favourite Graham names
Grant boy A Short Form Of Grantland Favourite Grant names
Grantley boy Great Meadow Favourite Grantley names
Gray boy Gray Haired Favourite Gray names
Grayden boy Gray Haired Favourite Grayden names
Graydon boy Gray Hill Favourite Graydon names
Greeley boy Gray Meadow Favourite Greeley names
Greenwood boy Green Forest Favourite Greenwood names
Gresham boy Village In The Pasture Favourite Gresham names
Grey boy A Form Of Gray Favourite Grey names
Greyson boy A Form Of Grayson Favourite Greyson names
Grimshaw boy Dark Woods Favourite Grimshaw names
Grover boy Grove Favourite Grover names
Guifford boy Chubby Cheeks Favourite Guifford names
Gunner boy Soldier With A Gun Favourite Gunner names
Gur boy Baby Lion Favourite Gur names
Habakkuk boy He that embraces,a wrestler Favourite Habakkuk names
Hadden boy Heather-covered Hill Favourite Hadden names
Haden boy Valley with hay Favourite Haden names
Hadwin boy Frind In A Time Of War Favourite Hadwin names
Haggai boy Feast,solemnity Favourite Haggai names
Hagley boy Enclosed Meadow Favourite Hagley names
Haiden boy A Form Of Hayden Favourite Haiden names
Haig boy Enclosed With Hedges Favourite Haig names
Haines boy From The Vine-covered Cottage Favourite Haines names
Hal boy A Short Form Of Harold, Halden Favourite Hal names
Halbert boy Shining Hero Favourite Halbert names
Hale boy A Short Form Of Haley Favourite Hale names
Halford boy Valley Ford Favourite Halford names
Hali boy Necklace, place name Hannah,Graceful Favourite Hali names
Hall boy Manor Hall Favourite Hall names
Hallam boy Valley Favourite Hallam names
Hallan boy Dweller At The Hall Favourite Hallan names
Halle boy Home rule Favourite Halle names
Halley boy Hall, enclosure Favourite Halley names
Halliwell boy Holy Well Favourite Halliwell names
Hallward boy Hall Guard Favourite Hallward names
Halstead boy Manor Grounds Favourite Halstead names
Halton boy Estate On The Hill Favourite Halton names
Ham boy Hot Favourite Ham names
Hamill boy Scarred Favourite Hamill names
Hamilton boy Proud Estate Favourite Hamilton names
Hamish boy Supplanter Favourite Hamish names
Hammet boy Village Favourite Hammet names
Hammond boy Village Favourite Hammond names
Hampton boy Geography:a Town In England Favourite Hampton names
Hamza boy Strong, steadfast Favourite Hamza names
Handel boy A Form Of John Favourite Handel names
Hanford boy Higt Ford Favourite Hanford names
Hank boy God is gracious Favourite Hank names
Hanley boy High Meadow Favourite Hanley names
Hannibal boy Baal has favored Favourite Hannibal names
Harden boy Valley Of The Hares Favourite Harden names
Harding boy Brave;hardy Favourite Harding names
Hardwin boy Brave Friend Favourite Hardwin names
Harford boy Ford Of The Hares Favourite Harford names
Hargrove boy Grove Of The Hares Favourite Hargrove names
Haris boy A Form Of Harris Favourite Haris names
Harlan boy Land with hares Favourite Harlan names
Harland boy A Form Of Harlan Favourite Harland names
Harley boy Hare clearing,heap of rocks Favourite Harley names
Harman boy Man in the army Favourite Harman names
Harmon boy Forms Of Herman Favourite Harmon names
Harold boy Leader of an army Favourite Harold names
Harper boy A player on the harp Favourite Harper names
Harris boy Home ruler Favourite Harris names
Harrison boy Son of Harris Favourite Harrison names
Harry boy A Familiar Form Of Harold,Henry. Favourite Harry names
Hart boy A Short Form Of Hartley Favourite Hart names
Hartley boy Deer Meadow Favourite Hartley names
Hartwell boy Deer Well Favourite Hartwell names
Hartwood boy Deer Forest Favourite Hartwood names
Haslett boy Hazel-tree Land Favourite Haslett names
Hawk boy Hawk Favourite Hawk names
Hawley boy Hedged Meadow Favourite Hawley names
Hawthorne boy Hawthorn Tree Favourite Hawthorne names
Hayden boy Hedged Valley Favourite Hayden names
Haydn boy A Form Of Hayden Favourite Haydn names
Haydon boy A Form Of Hayden Favourite Haydon names
Hayes boy Hedged Valley Favourite Hayes names
Hayward boy Guardian Of The Hedged Area Favourite Hayward names
Haywood boy Hedged Forest Favourite Haywood names
Heath boy Heath Favourite Heath names
Heathcliff boy Cliff Near The Heath Favourite Heathcliff names
Heaton boy High Place Favourite Heaton names
Hedley boy Heather-filled Meadow Favourite Hedley names
Henley boy High Meadow Favourite Henley names
Henry boy Lord Favourite Henry names
Herschel boy Deer Hiram Favourite Herschel names
Hewson boy Son Of Hugh Favourite Hewson names
Hilton boy Town On A Hill Favourite Hilton names
Hobson boy Son Of Robert Favourite Hobson names
Hodgson boy Son Of Roger Favourite Hodgson names
Holbrook boy Brook In The Hollow Favourite Holbrook names
Holden boy Hollow In The Valley Favourite Holden names
Holmes boy River Islands Favourite Holmes names
Holt boy Forest Favourite Holt names
Horton boy Garden Estate Favourite Horton names
Hosea boy Redemption Favourite Hosea names
Houghton boy Settlement On The Headland Favourite Houghton names
Houston boy Hill Town. Geography: A City In Texas Favourite Houston names
Howard boy Which Means Watchman. Favourite Howard names
Howie boy A Familiar Form Of Howard, Howland Favourite Howie names
Howland boy Hilly Land Favourite Howland names
Hryday boy Heart Favourite Hryday names
Hubie boy A Familiar Form Of Hubert Favourite Hubie names
Hudson boy Son Of Hud Favourite Hudson names
Huey boy A Familiar Form Of Hugh Favourite Huey names
Hugh boy A Short Form Of Hubert. Favourite Hugh names
Hunt boy A Short Form Of Beginning With Hunt Favourite Hunt names
Hunter boy Hunter Favourite Hunter names
Huntington boy Hunting Estate Favourite Huntington names
Hur boy Liberty,whiteness,hole Favourite Hur names
Hurst boy A Form Of Horst Favourite Hurst names
Hushai boy Their haste,their sensuality,their silence Favourite Hushai names
Huston boy A Form Of Houston Favourite Huston names
Hutchinson boy Son Of The Hutch Dweller Favourite Hutchinson names
Hutton boy House On The Jutting Ledge Favourite Hutton names
Hyatt boy High Gate Favourite Hyatt names
Hyde boy Cache; Measure Of Land Equal To 120 Acre Favourite Hyde names
Hyder boy Tanner Favourite Hyder names
Hyman boy Life Favourite Hyman names
I.Ryan Mathew boy Given a reward Favourite I.Ryan Mathew names
Ichabod boy Departed Glory Favourite Ichabod names
Iden boy Pasture In The Wood Favourite Iden names
Ike boy From the name ISAAC Favourite Ike names
Imanol boy God is with us Favourite Imanol names
Imari boy N/A Favourite Imari names
Immanuel boy God is with us Favourite Immanuel names
Indiana boy Land of Indians Favourite Indiana names
Infant boy Baby Favourite Infant names
Ingram boy Angel Favourite Ingram names
Inoday boy Sunrise Favourite Inoday names
Ira boy Watchful Favourite Ira names
Iraj boy Lord Hanuman Favourite Iraj names
Iram boy Shining Isaac Favourite Iram names
Iravan boy King of ocean Favourite Iravan names
Iridian boy Related to the eye Favourite Iridian names
Irma boy Universal Favourite Irma names
Irvin boy Green water Favourite Irvin names
Irving boy Green water Favourite Irving names
Irwin boy Boar friend Favourite Irwin names
Isaac boy He will laugh Favourite Isaac names
Isaak boy He will laugh Favourite Isaak names
Isaiah boy Salvation of the Lord Favourite Isaiah names
Isham boy Home Of The Iron One Favourite Isham names
Ishmael boy God Will Hear Israel,Wrestle with God Favourite Ishmael names
Ismael boy God will listen Favourite Ismael names
Israel boy God wrestler Favourite Israel names
Issac boy He laughs Favourite Issac names
Issachar boy Reward,recompense Favourite Issachar names
Ithamar boy Island of the palm-tree Favourite Ithamar names
Itzak boy Laughter Favourite Itzak names
Ives boy Young Archer Favourite Ives names
Ivrit boy The Hebrew Language Favourite Ivrit names
Izaiah boy God is my salvation Favourite Izaiah names
Izzy boy He will Laugh Favourite Izzy names
Jabez boy Sorrow,trouble Favourite Jabez names
Jackson boy Literally Meaning Son Of Jack. Favourite Jackson names
Jacob boy Held by the heel Favourite Jacob names
Jacobson boy Son Of Jacob Favourite Jacobson names
Jadon boy God Has Heard Favourite Jadon names
Jagger boy Carter Favourite Jagger names
Jago boy A Form Of Jacob Favourite Jago names
Jair boy My light,who diffuses light Favourite Jair names
Jairus boy My light,who diffuses light Favourite Jairus names
Jake boy From the name JACOB Favourite Jake names
Jamel boy Handsome Favourite Jamel names
James boy An Apostle Favourite James names
Jameson boy Supplanter Favourite Jameson names
Jamieson boy A Form Of Jamison Favourite Jamieson names
Jamison boy Son Of James Favourite Jamison names
Japheth boy He Expands Favourite Japheth names
Jared boy One who rules Favourite Jared names
Jaret boy A Form Of Jarrett Favourite Jaret names
Jarett boy A Form Of Jarrett Favourite Jarett names
Jariath boy Tributary Lord Favourite Jariath names
Jarlath boy A tributary lord Favourite Jarlath names
Jaron boy To cry out, singing Favourite Jaron names
Jarrell boy A Form Of Gerald Favourite Jarrell names
Jarret boy A Form Of Jarrett Favourite Jarret names
Jarrett boy From the name JARED Favourite Jarrett names
Jas boy A Familiar Form Of James Favourite Jas names
Jason boy Healer Favourite Jason names
Javan boy Deceiver,one who makes sad Favourite Javan names
Javaris boy A Form Of Javar Favourite Javaris names
Javen boy Son of Japheth Favourite Javen names
Jax boy A Short Form Of Jackson Favourite Jax names
Jaxon boy A Form Of Jackson Favourite Jaxon names
Jaxson boy A Form Of Jackson Favourite Jaxson names
Jay boy Jay bird Favourite Jay names
Jaya boy Victory;Victory,victorious Favourite Jaya names
Jayce boy Healer Favourite Jayce names
Jaycee boy Healer Favourite Jaycee names
Jayda boy English: Precious green stone, Hebrew: He knew Favourite Jayda names
Jayme boy A Form Of Jamey Favourite Jayme names
Jaymes boy A Form Of James Favourite Jaymes names
Jaymz boy A Form Of James Favourite Jaymz names
Jeb boy Beloved Friend Favourite Jeb names
Jebediah boy Beloved Friend Favourite Jebediah names
Jedidiah boy Beloved of the Lord Favourite Jedidiah names
Jeff boy A Short Form Of Jefferson Favourite Jeff names
Jefferey boy A Form Of Jeffrey Favourite Jefferey names
Jefferson boy Son Of Jeff. Favourite Jefferson names
Jeffery boy A Form Of Jeffrey Favourite Jeffery names
Jefford boy Jeff;s Ford Favourite Jefford names
Jeffrey boy Divinely Peaceful. Favourite Jeffrey names
Jeffry boy A Form Of Jeffrey Favourite Jeffry names
Jem boy A Short Form Of James Favourite Jem names
Jens boy God is Gracious Jered,From JARED Favourite Jens names
Jerald boy A Form Of Gerald Favourite Jerald names
Jerall boy A Form Of Gerald Favourite Jerall names
Jerel boy A Form Of Gerald Favourite Jerel names
Jerell boy A Form Of Gerald Favourite Jerell names
Jereme boy A Form Of Jeremy Favourite Jereme names
Jeremey boy A Form Of Jeremy Favourite Jeremey names
Jeremi boy A Form Of Jeremy Favourite Jeremi names
Jeremiah boy A prominent prophet Favourite Jeremiah names
Jeremie boy A Form Of Jeremy Favourite Jeremie names
Jeremy boy Appointed by God Favourite Jeremy names
Jermey boy A Form Of Jeremy Favourite Jermey names
Jerold boy A Form Of Gerald Favourite Jerold names
Jerome boy From The Greek For Sacred Name. Favourite Jerome names
Jeron boy A Form Of Jerome Favourite Jeron names
Jerrell boy A Form Of Gerald Favourite Jerrell names
Jerrick boy FROM JERICHO Favourite Jerrick names
Jerrin boy A Form Of Jerome Favourite Jerrin names
Jerrod boy Down to Earth Favourite Jerrod names
Jerrold boy A Form Of Gerald Favourite Jerrold names
Jerron boy A Form Of Jerome Favourite Jerron names
Jerry boy A Familiar Form Of Gerald Favourite Jerry names
Jervis boy A Form Of Jarvis Favourite Jervis names
Jesse boy Wealthy Favourite Jesse names
Jesus boy God will help Favourite Jesus names
Jethro boy Outstanding, Excellent Favourite Jethro names
Jett boy Hard, Black Mineral Favourite Jett names
Jim boy From the name JAMES Favourite Jim names
Jimi boy A Form Of Jimmy Favourite Jimi names
Jimmie boy A Form Of Jimmy Favourite Jimmie names
Jimmy boy Name in the Bible Favourite Jimmy names
Joab boy Paternity,voluntary Favourite Joab names
Joakim boy The Lord will judge Favourite Joakim names
Joash boy Who despairs or burns Favourite Joash names
Job boy The Persecuted Favourite Job names
Joe boy From the name JOSEPH Favourite Joe names
Joel boy God is willing Favourite Joel names
Joey boy From the name JOSEPH Favourite Joey names
John boy God is Gracious Favourite John names
Johnson boy Son Of John Favourite Johnson names
Jon boy God is Gracious Favourite Jon names
Jonah boy A dove Favourite Jonah names
Jonas boy Dove Favourite Jonas names
Jonathan boy God gives Favourite Jonathan names
Jordan boy To descend, to flow Favourite Jordan names
Jorgen boy Farmer Favourite Jorgen names
Joseph boy Joey, Joe God Multiplies Favourite Joseph names
Joses boy Raised,who pardons Favourite Joses names
Josh boy God Saves Favourite Josh names
Joshua boy God is My Salvation Favourite Joshua names
Josiah boy Fire of the Lord Favourite Josiah names
Josias boy The Lord burns,the fire of the Lord Favourite Josias names
Jotham boy The perfection of the Lord Favourite Jotham names
Jubal boy Ram Favourite Jubal names
Jud boy Praised Favourite Jud names
Judah boy Praised Favourite Judah names
Judas boy The praise of the Lord,confession Favourite Judas names
Judd boy Praised Favourite Judd names
Jude boy Praise Favourite Jude names
Judson boy Son Of Judd Favourite Judson names
Julius boy Down-bearded youth Favourite Julius names
Junior boy Younger Favourite Junior names
Justen boy Righteous Favourite Justen names
Justice boy Righteous Favourite Justice names
Justin boy Just, TRUE Favourite Justin names
Juston boy Righteous, justify Favourite Juston names
Justus boy Righteous, justify Favourite Justus names
Justyn boy Righteous Favourite Justyn names
Juwan boy N/A Favourite Juwan names
Jye boy Jay bird Favourite Jye names
Kabos boy Swindler Favourite Kabos names
Kael boy Uncertain Favourite Kael names
Kaelan boy Slender Favourite Kaelan names
Kaelen boy Slender Favourite Kaelen names
Kahlil boy Honorable comrade Favourite Kahlil names
Kai boy Rejoice Favourite Kai names
Kaiden boy N/A Favourite Kaiden names
Kailyn boy Slender Favourite Kailyn names
Kaine boy A spear Favourite Kaine names
Kaleb boy From Caleb Favourite Kaleb names
Kaltan boy A Form Of Colton Favourite Kaltan names
Karl boy Free man Favourite Karl names
Karlton boy A Form Of Carlton Favourite Karlton names
Karol boy Free man Favourite Karol names
Karson boy A Form Of Carson Favourite Karson names
Kasey boy From Cayce Favourite Kasey names
Kassidy boy Curly Favourite Kassidy names
Keaton boy Where Hawks Fly Favourite Keaton names
Kedem boy Old, Ancient Favourite Kedem names
Kedric boy A Form Of Cedric Favourite Kedric names
Kedrick boy A Form Of Cedric Favourite Kedrick names
Keene boy Smart Favourite Keene names
Keldon boy A Form Of Kelton Favourite Keldon names
Kelson boy A Form Of Kelton Favourite Kelson names
Kelton boy Keel Town; Port Favourite Kelton names
Kelwin boy Friend From The Ridge Favourite Kelwin names
Kemp boy Fighter; Champion Favourite Kemp names
Kempton boy Millitary Town Favourite Kempton names
Kenan boy Possession Kenaz,Bright Favourite Kenan names
Kendale boy A Form Of Kendall Favourite Kendale names
Kendrell boy A Form Of Kendall Favourite Kendrell names
Kenneth boy Royal Oath Favourite Kenneth names
Kenric boy A Form Of Kenrick Favourite Kenric names
Kenrick boy Bold Ruler; Royal Ruler Favourite Kenrick names
Kenton boy Literally Signifies From Kent, England Favourite Kenton names
Kenward boy Brave; Royal Guardian Favourite Kenward names
Kervin boy A Form Of Kerwin Favourite Kervin names
Kerwin boy Friend Of The Marshlands Favourite Kerwin names
Kester boy A Form Of Christopher Favourite Kester names
Kestrel boy Falcon Favourite Kestrel names
Key boy Key; Protected Favourite Key names
Keyton boy A Form Of Keaton Favourite Keyton names
Kidd boy Child; Young Goat Favourite Kidd names
Kimball boy Warrior Chief Favourite Kimball names
King boy Supreme Ruler Favourite King names
Kipp boy Pointed Hill Favourite Kipp names
Kirby boy Cottage By The Water Favourite Kirby names
Kirkland boy Church Land Favourite Kirkland names
Kirkley boy Church Meadow Favourite Kirkley names
Kirklin boy A Form Of Kirkland Favourite Kirklin names
Kirkwell boy Church Well; Church Spring Favourite Kirkwell names
Kirkwood boy Church Forest Favourite Kirkwood names
Kirton boy Church Town Favourite Kirton names
Klay boy A Form Of Clay Favourite Klay names
Klayton boy A Form Of Clayton Favourite Klayton names
Knight boy Armored Knight Favourite Knight names
Knowles boy Grassy Slope Favourite Knowles names
Knox boy Hill Favourite Knox names
Kobe boy Supplanter Favourite Kobe names
Kodey boy A Form Of Cody Favourite Kodey names
Kodi boy A Form Of Cody Favourite Kodi names
Kodie boy A Form Of Cody Favourite Kodie names
Kody boy A Form Of Cody Favourite Kody names
Kohl boy A Form Of Cole Favourite Kohl names
Kolby boy A Form Of Colby Favourite Kolby names
Kole boy A Form Of Cole Favourite Kole names
Koleman boy A Form Of Coleman Favourite Koleman names
Kolin boy A Form Of Colin Favourite Kolin names
Kollin boy A Form Of Colin Favourite Kollin names
Kolt boy A Short Form Of Koltan Favourite Kolt names
Kolten boy A Form Of Colton Favourite Kolten names
Koltin boy A Form Of Colton Favourite Koltin names
Kolton boy A Form Of Colton Favourite Kolton names
Koltyn boy A Form Of Colton Favourite Koltyn names
Korbin boy A Form Of Corbin Favourite Korbin names
Kordell boy A Form Of Cordell Favourite Kordell names
Koty boy A Form Of Cody Favourite Koty names
Kourtland boy A Form Of Courtland Favourite Kourtland names
Kramer boy A Form Of Cramer Favourite Kramer names
Kuper boy Copper Favourite Kuper names
Kylar boy A Form Of Kyle Favourite Kylar names
Kyle boy A Narrow Piece Of Land. Favourite Kyle names
Kyler boy A Form Of Kyle Favourite Kyler names
Kylor boy A Form Of Kyle Favourite Kylor names
Laban boy White,shining,gentle,brittle Favourite Laban names
Ladd boy Attendant Favourite Ladd names
Laidley boy Path Along The Marshy Meadow Favourite Laidley names
Lain boy A Form Of Lane Favourite Lain names
Lake boy Lake Favourite Lake names
Landan boy A Form Of Landon Favourite Landan names
Landen boy A Form Of Landon Favourite Landen names
Landin boy A Form Of Landon Favourite Landin names
Landon boy Open, Grassy Meadow Favourite Landon names
Landry boy Ruler Favourite Landry names
Lane boy Narrow Road Favourite Lane names
Langdon boy Long Hill Favourite Langdon names
Langford boy Long Ford Favourite Langford names
Langston boy Long, Narrow Town Favourite Langston names
Larry boy ManfromLaurentum Favourite Larry names
Lars boy ManfromLaurentum Favourite Lars names
Lashawn boy Godisgracious Favourite Lashawn names
Lathrop boy Barn, Farmstead Favourite Lathrop names
Latimer boy Interpreter Favourite Latimer names
Laurence boy WomanfromLaurentum Favourite Laurence names
Laurie boy Laurel Favourite Laurie names
Lawford boy Ford On The Hill Favourite Lawford names
Lawley boy Low Meadow On A Hill Favourite Lawley names
Lawrence boy Crownedwithlaurel Favourite Lawrence names
Lawry boy A Familiar Form Of Lawrence Favourite Lawry names
Lawson boy Son Of Lawrence Favourite Lawson names
Lawton boy Town On The Hill Favourite Lawton names
Layne boy A Form Of Lane Favourite Layne names
Layton boy A Form Of Leighton Favourite Layton names
Lazaro boy Godismyhelp Favourite Lazaro names
Lazarus boy AssistanceofGod Favourite Lazarus names
Leandro boy Lionman Favourite Leandro names
Lee boy A Short Form Of Farley. Favourite Lee names
Leighton boy Meadow Farm Favourite Leighton names
Leland boy Signifies Meadow-land. Favourite Leland names
Lemuel boy Godwiththem,orhim Favourite Lemuel names
Leonel boy Little Lion Favourite Leonel names
Levi boy Associatedwithhim Favourite Levi names
Lew boy A Short Form Of Lewis Favourite Lew names
Lewin boy A Form Of Louis Favourite Lewin names
Lex boy A Short Form Of Alexander Favourite Lex names
Linc boy A Short Form Of Lincoln Favourite Linc names
Lincoln boy Signifies Settlement By The Pool. Favourite Lincoln names
Lindell boy Valley Of The Linden Favourite Lindell names
Linden boy A Form Of Lyndon Favourite Linden names
Lindley boy Linden Field Favourite Lindley names
Lindon boy A Form Of Lyndon Favourite Lindon names
Linford boy Linden Ford Favourite Linford names
Linton boy Flax Town Favourite Linton names
Linwood boy Flax Wood Favourite Linwood names
Lister boy Dyer Favourite Lister names
Litton boy Town On The Hill Favourite Litton names
Lleyton boy A Form Of Leighton Favourite Lleyton names
Locke boy Forest Favourite Locke names
London boy Fortress Of The Moon. Favourite London names
Lord boy Noble Title Favourite Lord names
Lorry boy A Form Of Laurie Favourite Lorry names
Lot boy Wraptup,hidden,covered,myrrh,rosin Favourite Lot names
Lovell boy A Form Of Lowell Favourite Lovell names
Lowell boy Beloved Favourite Lowell names
Loyal boy Faithful, Loyal Favourite Loyal names
Lucas boy Luminous,white Favourite Lucas names
Luke boy Luminous,white Favourite Luke names
Lyman boy Meadow Favourite Lyman names
Lyndal boy Valley Of Lime Trees Favourite Lyndal names
Lynden boy A Form Of Lyndon Favourite Lynden names
Lyndon boy Suggests Linden Tree Hill. Favourite Lyndon names
Mafarlane boy Son Of Farlane Favourite Mafarlane names
Maitland boy Meadowland Favourite Maitland names
Malachi boy My messenger,my angel Favourite Malachi names
Malden boy Meeting Place In A Pasture Favourite Malden names
Malin boy Strong, Little Warrior Favourite Malin names
Manasseh boy Forgetfulness,he that is forgotten Favourite Manasseh names
Manford boy Manford Favourite Manford names
Manning boy Son Of The Hero Favourite Manning names
Mansel boy Manse; House Occupied By A Clergyman Favourite Mansel names
Mara boy Sorrowful Maree,From MARY or MARIE Favourite Mara names
Marc boy From the god Mars Favourite Marc names
Marcel boy Little Marcus Favourite Marcel names
Marcelino boy From the god Mars Favourite Marcelino names
Marcello boy Little Marcus Favourite Marcello names
Marcellus boy Little Marcus Favourite Marcellus names
Marcelo boy Little Marcus Favourite Marcelo names
March boy Dweller By A Boundary Favourite March names
Marco boy From the god Mars Favourite Marco names
Marcos boy From the god Mars Favourite Marcos names
Marcus boy From the god Mars Favourite Marcus names
Marden boy Valley With A Pool Favourite Marden names
Marian boy Uncertain, maybe bitter,Pet form of Marie Favourite Marian names
Mark boy Polite,shining Favourite Mark names
Markham boy Homestead On The Boundary Favourite Markham names
Marland boy Lake Land Favourite Marland names
Marley boy Lake Meadow Favourite Marley names
Marlin boy Deep-sea Fish Favourite Marlin names
Marlo boy A Form Of Marlow Favourite Marlo names
Marlow boy Hill By The Lake Favourite Marlow names
Marsden boy Marsh Valley Favourite Marsden names
Marsh boy Swamp Land Favourite Marsh names
Marston boy Town By The Marsh Favourite Marston names
Martel boy A Form Of Martell Favourite Martel names
Martell boy Hammerer Favourite Martell names
Marv boy A Short Form Of Marvin Favourite Marv names
Marvin boy Lover Of The Sea Favourite Marvin names
Marwood boy Forest Pond Favourite Marwood names
Massey boy Twin Favourite Massey names
Mather boy Powerful Army Favourite Mather names
Matthew boy Given,a reward Favourite Matthew names
Matthias boy The gift of the Lord Favourite Matthias names
Maxwell boy Great Well. Favourite Maxwell names
Maxy boy A Familiar Form Of Max, Maxwell Favourite Maxy names
Mayes boy Field Favourite Mayes names
Mayhew boy A Form Of Matthew Favourite Mayhew names
Maynard boy Powerful, Brave. Favourite Maynard names
Maynor boy A Form Of Maynard Favourite Maynor names
Mead boy Meadow Favourite Mead names
Medric boy Flourishing Meadow Favourite Medric names
Mel boy A Familiar Form Of Melvin Favourite Mel names
Melbourne boy Mill Stream Favourite Melbourne names
Melchizedek boy King of justice Favourite Melchizedek names
Meldon boy Mill Hill Favourite Meldon names
Meldrick boy Strong Mill Favourite Meldrick names
Melvin boy Mill Friend; Council Friend Favourite Melvin names
Mendel boy Repairman Favourite Mendel names
Mercer boy Storekeeper Favourite Mercer names
Merivale boy Pleasant Valley Favourite Merivale names
Merlin boy Falcon. Favourite Merlin names
Micah boy Poor,humble Favourite Micah names
Micaiah boy Who is like to God Favourite Micaiah names
Michael boy Poor,humble Favourite Michael names
Mickel boy A Form Of Michael Favourite Mickel names
Milborough boy Middle Borough Favourite Milborough names
Milburn boy Stream By The Mill Favourite Milburn names
Milford boy Mill By The Ford Favourite Milford names
Miller boy Miller; Grain Grinder Favourite Miller names
Mills boy Mills Favourite Mills names
Milt boy A Short Form Of Milton Favourite Milt names
Milton boy Mill Town. Favourite Milton names
Miner boy Miner Favourite Miner names
Mishael boy Who is asked for or lent Favourite Mishael names
Mister boy Mister Favourite Mister names
Mitchel boy A Form Of Mitchell Favourite Mitchel names
Mitchell boy A Form Of Michael Favourite Mitchell names
Mith boy A Short Form Of Mitchell Favourite Mith names
Moe boy A Short Form Of Moses Favourite Moe names
Monty boy A Familiar Form Of Montgomery Favourite Monty names
Mordecai boy Contrition,bitter,bruising Favourite Mordecai names
Moreland boy Moor; Marshland Favourite Moreland names
Morley boy Meadow By The Moor Favourite Morley names
Morse boy Son Of Maurice Favourite Morse names
Morton boy Literally Town Near The Moor. Favourite Morton names
Moses boy Taken out,drawn forth Favourite Moses names
Myer boy A Form Of Meir Favourite Myer names
Nachmanke boy Compassionate one Favourite Nachmanke names
Nadab boy Free and voluntary gift,prince Favourite Nadab names
Nadav boy Nobel, a generous one Favourite Nadav names
Nahum boy Comforter,penitent Favourite Nahum names
Naphtali boy That struggles or fights Favourite Naphtali names
Nash boy At the ash tree boy Favourite Nash names
Nasir boy Protector; helper Favourite Nasir names
Nat boy A Short Form Of Nathan Favourite Nat names
Nate boy Gift of God Favourite Nate names
Nathan boy A short form of Nathaniel Nathaniel,Nathan Gift of God Favourite Nathan names
Nathanael boy Gift of god Favourite Nathanael names
Nathanial boy Gift of god Favourite Nathanial names
Nathaniel boy Gift of god Favourite Nathaniel names
Nathen boy He (God) has given Favourite Nathen names
Nayland boy Island Dweller Favourite Nayland names
Neal boy N/A Favourite Neal names
Ned boy A Familiar Form Of Edward Favourite Ned names
Nehemiah boy Affection of Jehovah Favourite Nehemiah names
Neil boy N/A Favourite Neil names
Nekoda boy Painted,inconstant Favourite Nekoda names
Nelson boy Son of Neal Favourite Nelson names
Neo boy New Favourite Neo names
Nesbit boy Nose-sharped Bend In A River Favourite Nesbit names
Nestor boy Return Favourite Nestor names
Nevada boy Snow-covered Favourite Nevada names
Nevin boy Middle; Herb Favourite Nevin names
Newbold boy New Tree Favourite Newbold names
Newell boy New Hall Favourite Newell names
Newland boy New Land Favourite Newland names
Newman boy Newcomer Favourite Newman names
Newton boy New Town Favourite Newton names
Nicholes boy Son Of Nicholas Favourite Nicholes names
Nichols boy Son Of Nicholas Favourite Nichols names
Nicholson boy Son Of Nicholas Favourite Nicholson names
Nick boy A Short Form Of Dominic, Nicholas Favourite Nick names
Nicodemus boy Victory of the people Favourite Nicodemus names
Nilax boy A name of Lord Shiv Favourite Nilax names
Nimrod boy Bowman Favourite Nimrod names
Nixon boy Son Of Nick Favourite Nixon names
Noadiah boy God assembles Favourite Noadiah names
Noah boy Peaceful, Restful Favourite Noah names
Noam boy Pleasant Friend Favourite Noam names
Norris boy Northener Favourite Norris names
Northcliff boy Nothern Cliff Favourite Northcliff names
Northrop boy North Farm Favourite Northrop names
Norton boy Nothern Town Favourite Norton names
Norvin boy Nothern Friend Favourite Norvin names
Norward boy Protector Oh The North Favourite Norward names
Norwood boy Nothern Woods Favourite Norwood names
Nowles boy A Short Form Of Knowles Favourite Nowles names
Nyle boy Island Favourite Nyle names
Oachim boy God Will Establish Favourite Oachim names
Oakes boy Oak Trees Favourite Oakes names
Oakley boy Oak-tree Field Favourite Oakley names
Obadiah boy Servant of God Favourite Obadiah names
Oded boy Strong Omar,first son, disciple Favourite Oded names
Ogden boy Oak Valley. Favourite Ogden names
Ola boy Ancestor Favourite Ola names
Olaf boy Ancestor Favourite Olaf names
Ole boy Ancestor Favourite Ole names
Olin boy Holly Favourite Olin names
Oliver boy Elf army Favourite Oliver names
Olley boy Elf army Favourite Olley names
Ollie boy A Familiar Form Of Oliver Favourite Ollie names
Olliver boy Elf army Favourite Olliver names
Olsen boy Son of Ole Favourite Olsen names
Olson boy Son of Ole Favourite Olson names
Ophir boy Honest Favourite Ophir names
Oran boy Pale one; pine Ornice,Cedar Tree Favourite Oran names
Oren boy Pine tree Favourite Oren names
Orin boy Little green one Favourite Orin names
Orion boy N/A Favourite Orion names
Orland boy Famous country Favourite Orland names
Orlando boy Famous country Favourite Orlando names
Orlondo boy Famous country Favourite Orlondo names
Ormond boy Bear Mountain; Spear Protector Favourite Ormond names
Orrick boy Old Oak Tree Favourite Orrick names
Orrin boy River Favourite Orrin names
Orton boy Shore Town Favourite Orton names
Orval boy A Form Of Orville Favourite Orval names
Orville boy Gold town Favourite Orville names
Orvin boy Spear Friend Favourite Orvin names
Osaze boy Favoured by God Favourite Osaze names
Osbert boy Divine; Bright Favourite Osbert names
Osborn boy Warrior Of God Favourite Osborn names
Osborne boy Soldier of God Favourite Osborne names
Osgood boy Divinely Good Favourite Osgood names
Osmar boy Divine; Wonderful Favourite Osmar names
Osmond boy Divine Protector. Favourite Osmond names
Osric boy Divine Ruler Favourite Osric names
Oswin boy Divine Friend. Favourite Oswin names
Otis boy One who hears well Favourite Otis names
Otto boy Wealth Favourite Otto names
Overton boy High Town Favourite Overton names
Oxford boy Place Where Oxen Cross The River Favourite Oxford names
Oxley boy Ox Meadow Favourite Oxley names
Oxton boy Ox Town Favourite Oxton names
Oz boy Strength Favourite Oz names
Ozzie boy A Familiar Form Of Osborn Favourite Ozzie names
Ozzy boy A Familiar Form Of Osborn Favourite Ozzy names
Paaril boy Earth Favourite Paaril names
Pablo boy Small,humble Favourite Pablo names
Pace boy A Form Of Pascal Favourite Pace names
Pacey boy A Form Of Pace Favourite Pacey names
Paden boy A Form Of Patton Favourite Paden names
Padget boy A Form Of Page Favourite Padget names
Paige boy Page Favourite Paige names
Palmer boy Palm-bearing Pilgrim Favourite Palmer names
Palti boy My escape Favourite Palti names
Paris boy N/A Favourite Paris names
Parish boy A Form Of Parrish Favourite Parish names
Parker boy Of a park Favourite Parker names
Parkin boy Little Peter Favourite Parkin names
Parr boy Cattle Enclosure, Barn Favourite Parr names
Parrish boy Church District Favourite Parrish names
Pat boy Patrician Favourite Pat names
Patrice boy A patrician Favourite Patrice names
Patrick boy Nobleman Paul Favourite Patrick names
Paul boy Small,humble Favourite Paul names
Pavel boy Small,humble Favourite Pavel names
Paxton boy Settlement of Poecc Favourite Paxton names
Payden boy A Form Of Payton Favourite Payden names
Payton boy Settlement of PÅ“ga Favourite Payton names
Pearce boy A Form Of Pierce Favourite Pearce names
Pearson boy Son Of Peter Favourite Pearson names
Pedro boy Stone Favourite Pedro names
Peers boy A Form Of Peter Favourite Peers names
Peirce boy A Form Of Peter Favourite Peirce names
Pelham boy Tannery Town Favourite Pelham names
Pell boy Parchment Favourite Pell names
Pelton boy Town By A Pool Favourite Pelton names
Pendle boy Hill Favourite Pendle names
Penley boy Enclosed Meadow Favourite Penley names
Percy boy Pierce valley Favourite Percy names
Perkin boy Little Peter Favourite Perkin names
Perry boy Foreigner, stranger Favourite Perry names
Petar boy Stone Favourite Petar names
Pete boy Stone Favourite Pete names
Peter boy Small rock Philip Favourite Peter names
Peterson boy Son Of Peter Favourite Peterson names
Petey boy Stone Favourite Petey names
Peton boy A Form Of Patton Favourite Peton names
Peyton boy Settlement of Favourite Peyton names
Phelps boy Son Of Phillip Favourite Phelps names
Phil boy Lover of horses Favourite Phil names
Philbert boy A Form Of Filbert Favourite Philbert names
Philip boy Lover of horses Favourite Philip names
Phillip boy Lover of horses Favourite Phillip names
Phineas boy A Form Of Pinchas Favourite Phineas names
Phoenix boy Phoenix,deep red Favourite Phoenix names
Pickford boy Ford At The Peak Favourite Pickford names
Pierce boy Stone Favourite Pierce names
Pierre boy Stone Favourite Pierre names
Piers boy A Form Of Peter Favourite Piers names
Pierson boy Son Of Peter Favourite Pierson names
Piper boy A pipe player Favourite Piper names
Pitney boy Island Of The Strong-willed Man Favourite Pitney names
Pitt boy Pit, Ditch Favourite Pitt names
Pollock boy A Form Of Pollux Favourite Pollock names
Powell boy Alert Favourite Powell names
Prentice boy Apprentice Favourite Prentice names
Presley boy Priest clearing Favourite Presley names
Preston boy Priest settlement Favourite Preston names
Priest boy Holy Man Favourite Priest names
Prince boy Royal son Favourite Prince names
Princeton boy Princely Town Favourite Princeton names
Putnam boy Dweller By The Pond Favourite Putnam names
Quentin boy Fifth Favourite Quentin names
Quill boy Descendant of Coll Favourite Quill names
Quillan boy Descendant of Coll Favourite Quillan names
Quincy boy Fifth Favourite Quincy names
Quinlan boy Gently-shaped fellow,Perfection of form Favourite Quinlan names
Quinn boy Descendent of Cuinn Favourite Quinn names
Quint boy Fifth Favourite Quint names
Quinten boy Fifth Favourite Quinten names
Quintin boy Fifth Favourite Quintin names
Quinton boy Fifth Favourite Quinton names
Quintus boy Fifth Favourite Quintus names
Raanan boy Fresh, New Favourite Raanan names
Race boy Race Favourite Race names
Rad boy Advisor Favourite Rad names
Radbert boy Brilliant Advisor Favourite Radbert names
Radburn boy Red Brook; Brook With Reeds Favourite Radburn names
Radcliff boy Red Cliff Favourite Radcliff names
Radford boy Red Ford; Ford With Reeds Favourite Radford names
Radley boy Red Meadow; Meadow Of Reeds Favourite Radley names
Radnor boy Red Shore; Shore With Reeds Favourite Radnor names
Radwan boy Delight Favourite Radwan names
Raekwon boy N/A Favourite Raekwon names
Rafael boy God has healed Favourite Rafael names
Rafe boy A Form Of Ralph Favourite Rafe names
Raine boy Lord Or Wise Counsel. Favourite Raine names
Ralph boy Wolf Counselor. Favourite Ralph names
Ralphie boy A Familiar Form Of Ralph Favourite Ralphie names
Ramsden boy Valley Of Rams Favourite Ramsden names
Rand boy Shield; Warrior Favourite Rand names
Randal boy A Form Of Randolph Favourite Randal names
Randall boy Protected. Favourite Randall names
Randell boy A Form Of Randolph Favourite Randell names
Randolph boy Shield Wolf Favourite Randolph names
Randy boy A Familiar Form Of Rand Favourite Randy names
Ranen boy Joyous Raphael Favourite Ranen names
Rankin boy Small Shield Favourite Rankin names
Ransom boy Son Of The Shield Favourite Ransom names
Ravenel boy Raven Favourite Ravenel names
Ravid boy Wander Favourite Ravid names
Ravon boy A Form Of Raven Favourite Ravon names
Rawdon boy Rough Hill Favourite Rawdon names
Rawleigh boy Deer Meadow Favourite Rawleigh names
Ray boy A Short Form Of Raymond Favourite Ray names
Rayburn boy Deer Brook Favourite Rayburn names
Rayce boy A Form Of Race Favourite Rayce names
Rayfield boy Stream In The Field Favourite Rayfield names
Rayford boy Stream Ford Favourite Rayford names
Raymon boy A Form Of Raymond Favourite Raymon names
Raymond boy Wise Protector. Favourite Raymond names
Read boy A Form Of Reed, Reid Favourite Read names
Reading boy Son Of The Red Wanderer Favourite Reading names
Redfort boy Red River Crossing Favourite Redfort names
Redley boy Red Meadow; Meadow With Reeds Favourite Redley names
Redpath boy Red Path Favourite Redpath names
Reece boy Enthusiasm Favourite Reece names
Reed boy Red,reeds Favourite Reed names
Reegan boy N/A Favourite Reegan names
Reese boy Enthusiasm Favourite Reese names
Reeve boy Steward Favourite Reeve names
Reg boy A Short Form Of Reginald Favourite Reg names
Regan boy N/A Favourite Regan names
Reggie boy Ruler with counsel Favourite Reggie names
Reginal boy A Form Of Reginald Favourite Reginal names
Reginald boy Ruler with counsel Favourite Reginald names
Reid boy Red Favourite Reid names
Reinaldo boy Ruler with counsel Favourite Reinaldo names
Reinhold boy A Form Of Reynold Favourite Reinhold names
Remington boy Raven Estate Favourite Remington names
Renfred boy Lasting Peace Favourite Renfred names
Renshaw boy Raven Woods Favourite Renshaw names
Renton boy Settlement Of The Roe Deer Favourite Renton names
Reuben boy Behold, a son Favourite Reuben names
Reuel boy Friend of God Richard Favourite Reuel names
Reyes boy A Form Of Reece Favourite Reyes names
Reymond boy A Form Of Raymond Favourite Reymond names
Rice boy Rich, Noble Favourite Rice names
Rich boy A Short Form Of Richard Favourite Rich names
Richard boy Means A Rich And Powerful Ruler Favourite Richard names
Rick boy A Short Form Of Frederick, Richard Favourite Rick names
Ricker boy Powerful Army Favourite Ricker names
Rickey boy A Familiar Form Of Richard, Rick Favourite Rickey names
Rickie boy A Familiar Form Of Rick Favourite Rickie names
Rickward boy Mighty Guardian Favourite Rickward names
Ricky boy A Familiar Form Of Richard, Rick Favourite Ricky names
Rider boy Horseman Favourite Rider names
Ridge boy Ridge Of A Cliff Favourite Ridge names
Ridgeley boy Meadow Near The Ridge Favourite Ridgeley names
Ridgeway boy Path Along The Ridge Favourite Ridgeway names
Ridley boy Meadow Of Reeds Favourite Ridley names
Rigg boy Ridge Favourite Rigg names
Ring boy Ring Favourite Ring names
Ringo boy A Familiar Form Of Ring Favourite Ringo names
Ripley boy Meadow Near The River Favourite Ripley names
Rishon boy First Favourite Rishon names
Risley boy Meadow With Shrubs Favourite Risley names
Riston boy Settlement Near The Shrubs Favourite Riston names
Ritchard boy A Form Of Richard Favourite Ritchard names
Ritchie boy A Form Of Richie Favourite Ritchie names
River boy River Favourite River names
Roan boy Little red one Favourite Roan names
Rob boy A Short Form Of Robert Favourite Rob names
Robbie boy Bright fame Favourite Robbie names
Robby boy Bright fame Favourite Robby names
Robert boy Bright fame Favourite Robert names
Roberto boy Bright fame Favourite Roberto names
Roberts boy Son Of Robert Favourite Roberts names
Robertson boy Son Of Robert Favourite Robertson names
Robin boy Bright fame Favourite Robin names
Robinson boy Son Of Robert Favourite Robinson names
Rocco boy Battle cry,rest Favourite Rocco names
Rochester boy Rocky Fortress Favourite Rochester names
Rocio boy Covered in dew Favourite Rocio names
Rock boy A Form Of Rock Favourite Rock names
Rockford boy Rosky Ford Favourite Rockford names
Rockland boy Rocky Land Favourite Rockland names
Rockledge boy Rocky Ledge Favourite Rockledge names
Rockley boy Rocky Field Favourite Rockley names
Rockwell boy Rocky Spring Favourite Rockwell names
Rocky boy Battle cry,rest Favourite Rocky names
Rod boy A Short Form Of Penrod Favourite Rod names
Roddy boy A Familiar Form Of Roderick Favourite Roddy names
Roden boy Red Valley Favourite Roden names
Roderick boy Famous ruler Favourite Roderick names
Rodger boy Famous spear Favourite Rodger names
Rodney boy Renown island Favourite Rodney names
Roe boy Roe Deer Favourite Roe names
Rollie boy A Familiar Form Of Roland Favourite Rollie names
Rollin boy A Form Of Roland Favourite Rollin names
Rollo boy A Familiar Form Of Roland Favourite Rollo names
Romeo boy Pilgrim to Rome Favourite Romeo names
Ron boy Ruler with counsel Favourite Ron names
Ronald boy Ruler with counsel Favourite Ronald names
Ronaldo boy Ruler with counsel Favourite Ronaldo names
Roni boy Shout for joy, my song of joy Favourite Roni names
Roper boy Rope Maker Favourite Roper names
Rosswell boy Springtime Of Roses Favourite Rosswell names
Roswald boy Field Of Roses Favourite Roswald names
Rover boy Traveler Favourite Rover names
Rowan boy Tree With Red Berries Favourite Rowan names
Rowell boy Roe-deer Well Favourite Rowell names
Rowland boy Rough Land Favourite Rowland names
Rowley boy Rough Meadow Favourite Rowley names
Rowson boy Son Of The Redhead Favourite Rowson names
Royce boy Son Of Roy Favourite Royce names
Royden boy Rye Hill Favourite Royden names
Ruben boy Beholf of a son Favourite Ruben names
Rudd boy A Short Form Of Rudyard Favourite Rudd names
Rudy boy A Familiar Form Of Rudolph Favourite Rudy names
Rudyard boy Red Enclosure Favourite Rudyard names
Ruford boy Red Ford Favourite Ruford names
Rugby boy Rook Fortress Favourite Rugby names
Rumford boy Wide River Crossing Favourite Rumford names
Rushford boy Ford With Rushes Favourite Rushford names
Rutherford boy Cattle Ford Favourite Rutherford names
Rutledge boy Red Ledge Favourite Rutledge names
Rutley boy Red Meadow Favourite Rutley names
Rycroft boy Rye Field Favourite Rycroft names
Ryder boy A Form Of Rider Favourite Ryder names
Rye boy A Grain Used In Cereal And Whiskey Favourite Rye names
Ryerson boy Son Of Rider Favourite Ryerson names
Ryese boy A Form Of Reece Favourite Ryese names
Rylan boy Land Where Rye Is Grown Favourite Rylan names
Ryland boy A Form Of Rylan Favourite Ryland names
Ryle boy Rye Hill Favourite Ryle names
Ryman boy Rye Seller Favourite Ryman names
Sabastian boy Man from Sebaste Favourite Sabastian names
Sable boy Sable (black) Favourite Sable names
Sachiel boy Angel of water Favourite Sachiel names
Sadler boy Saddle Maker Favourite Sadler names
Safford boy Willow River Crossing Favourite Safford names
Sage boy Wise Favourite Sage names
Sagiv boy Mighty, with strength Favourite Sagiv names
Salisbury boy Fort At The Willow Pool Favourite Salisbury names
Saloman boy Peaceful Favourite Saloman names
Salton boy Manor Town; Willow Town Favourite Salton names
Sam boy To hear Favourite Sam names
Sameer boy Entertaining companion Favourite Sameer names
Samir boy Companion in the evening Favourite Samir names
Sammi boy His name is God Favourite Sammi names
Sammie boy He is called god Favourite Sammie names
Sammy boy His name is God Favourite Sammy names
Sampson boy Child of the Sun Samuel Favourite Sampson names
Samson boy Sun Favourite Samson names
Samuel boy His name is God Favourite Samuel names
Sanborn boy Sandy Brook Favourite Sanborn names
Sander boy A Short Form Of Alexander Favourite Sander names
Sanders boy Son Of Sander Favourite Sanders names
Sanford boy Sandy River Crossing Favourite Sanford names
Santon boy Sandy Town Favourite Santon names
Saul boy Asked for Favourite Saul names
Sawyer boy Wood Worker Favourite Sawyer names
Sax boy A Short Form Of Saxon Favourite Sax names
Saxon boy Swordsman Favourite Saxon names
Saxton boy Saxon Town Favourite Saxton names
Scot boy A Form Of Scott Favourite Scot names
Scott boy From Scotland Favourite Scott names
Scottie boy A Familiar Form Of Scott Favourite Scottie names
Scotty boy A Familiar Form Of Scott Favourite Scotty names
Seabert boy Shining Sea Favourite Seabert names
Seabrook boy Brook Near The Sea Favourite Seabrook names
Searle boy Armor Favourite Searle names
Seaton boy Town Near The Sea Favourite Seaton names
Sedgely boy Sword Meadow Favourite Sedgely names
Sedgwick boy Sword Grass Favourite Sedgwick names
Seeley boy Blessed Favourite Seeley names
Seff boy A wolf Favourite Seff names
Sefton boy Village Of Rushes Favourite Sefton names
Seger boy Sea Spear; Sea Warrior Favourite Seger names
Seibert boy Bright Sea Favourite Seibert names
Selby boy Village By The Manison Favourite Selby names
Seldon boy Willow Tree Valley Favourite Seldon names
Selwyn boy Friend From The Palace Favourite Selwyn names
Senthil boy Lord Murugan Favourite Senthil names
Seraphim boy Burning ones Favourite Seraphim names
Seth boy Appointed one Favourite Seth names
Severn boy Boundary Favourite Severn names
Seward boy Sea Guardian Favourite Seward names
Sewell boy Sea Wall Favourite Sewell names
Sexton boy Church Official; Sexton Favourite Sexton names
Shade boy Shade Favourite Shade names
Shadow boy Shadow Favourite Shadow names
Shadwell boy Shed By A Well Favourite Shadwell names
Shamir boy Precious stone Shlomo Favourite Shamir names
Shandy boy Rambunctions Favourite Shandy names
Shap boy A Form Of Shep Favourite Shap names
Shattuck boy Little Shad Fish Favourite Shattuck names
Shaw boy Grove Favourite Shaw names
Sheffield boy Crooked Field Favourite Sheffield names
Shel boy A Short Form Of Shelby, Sheldon Favourite Shel names
Sheldon boy Farm On The Ledge Favourite Sheldon names
Shelton boy Town On A Ledge Favourite Shelton names
Shep boy A Short Form Of Shepherd Favourite Shep names
Shepherd boy Shepherd Favourite Shepherd names
Shepley boy Sheep Meadow Favourite Shepley names
Sherborn boy Clear Brook Favourite Sherborn names
Sherill boy Shire On A Hill Favourite Sherill names
Sherlock boy Light Haired Favourite Sherlock names
Sherman boy Sheep Shearer Favourite Sherman names
Sherrod boy Clearer Of The Land Favourite Sherrod names
Sherwin boy Swift Runner, One Who Cuts The Wind Favourite Sherwin names
Sherwood boy Bright Forest Favourite Sherwood names
Shipley boy Sheep Meadow Favourite Shipley names
Shipton boy Sheep Village; Ship Village Favourite Shipton names
Shulamith boy Peaceful Favourite Shulamith names
Siddel boy Wide Valley Favourite Siddel names
Sidwell boy Wide Stream Favourite Sidwell names
Silburn boy Blessed Favourite Silburn names
Simon boy He who hears Favourite Simon names
Sincere boy Sincere Favourite Sincere names
Sinjon boy Saint, Holy Man Favourite Sinjon names
Sir boy Sir, Sire Favourite Sir names
Sivan boy The ninth month Favourite Sivan names
Skeeter boy Swift Favourite Skeeter names
Skipton boy Sheep Town Favourite Skipton names
Slade boy A Short Form Of Sladen Favourite Slade names
Sladen boy Child Of The Valley Favourite Sladen names
Slater boy Roof Slater Favourite Slater names
Smedley boy Flat Meadow Favourite Smedley names
Smit boy Smile Favourite Smit names
Smith boy Smile Favourite Smith names
Snowden boy Snowy Hill Favourite Snowden names
Solomon boy Peaceful Favourite Solomon names
Somerset boy Place Of The Summer Settlers Favourite Somerset names
Somerton boy Summer Town Favourite Somerton names
Somerville boy Summer Village Favourite Somerville names
Son boy Son, Boy Favourite Son names
Sonny boy A Familiar Form Of Grayson Favourite Sonny names
Southwell boy South Well Favourite Southwell names
Spalding boy Divided Field Favourite Spalding names
Spark boy Happy Favourite Spark names
Spear boy Spear Carrier Favourite Spear names
Speedy boy Quick; Successful Favourite Speedy names
Spence boy A Short Form Of Spencer Favourite Spence names
Spencer boy Dispenser Of Provisions Favourite Spencer names
Spenser boy A Form Of Spencer Favourite Spenser names
Spike boy Ear Of Grain; Long Nail Favourite Spike names
Spoor boy Spur Maker Favourite Spoor names
Spreckley boy Twigs Favourite Spreckley names
Springsteen boy Stream By The Rocks Favourite Springsteen names
Sproule boy Energetic Favourite Sproule names
Spurgeon boy Shrub Favourite Spurgeon names
Stafford boy From aristocratic english surname Favourite Stafford names
Stamford boy A Form Of Stanford Favourite Stamford names
Stan boy A Short Form Of Stanley Favourite Stan names
Stanbuck boy Challenger Of Fate Favourite Stanbuck names
Stanbury boy Stone Fortification Favourite Stanbury names
Stancil boy Beam Favourite Stancil names
Stancliff boy Stony Cliff Favourite Stancliff names
Standish boy Stony Parkland Favourite Standish names
Stanfield boy Stony Field Favourite Stanfield names
Stanley boy Stony Meadow Favourite Stanley names
Stanmore boy Stony Lake Favourite Stanmore names
Stannard boy Hard As Stone Favourite Stannard names
Stanton boy Stony Farm Favourite Stanton names
Stanway boy Stony Road Favourite Stanway names
Stanwick boy Stony Village Favourite Stanwick names
Stanwood boy Stony Woods Favourite Stanwood names
Stavya boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Stavya names
Steadman boy Owner Of A Farmstead Favourite Steadman names
Stedman boy A Form Of Steadman Favourite Stedman names
Steel boy Like Steel Favourite Steel names
Steele boy A Form Of Steel Favourite Steele names
Steph boy A Short Form Of Stephen Favourite Steph names
Stephan boy Crown Favourite Stephan names
Stephen boy Protected Favourite Stephen names
Stephenson boy Son Of Stephen Favourite Stephenson names
Stephon boy Crown Favourite Stephon names
Sterlin boy A Form Of Sterling Favourite Sterlin names
Sterling boy Valuable; Silver Penny Favourite Sterling names
Sterne boy Austere Favourite Sterne names
Stetson boy Son of Stephen Favourite Stetson names
Steve boy Crown Favourite Steve names
Steven boy Crown Favourite Steven names
Stevens boy Son Of Steven Favourite Stevens names
Stevie boy Crown Favourite Stevie names
Stewart boy Guardian of the house Favourite Stewart names
Sthavir boy Lord Brahma Favourite Sthavir names
Stillman boy Quiet Favourite Stillman names
Stimit boy Astonishing Favourite Stimit names
Sting boy Spike Of Grain Favourite Sting names
Stirling boy A Form Of Sterling Favourite Stirling names
Stockley boy Tree-stump Meadow Favourite Stockley names
Stockman boy Tree-stump Remover Favourite Stockman names
Stockton boy Tree-stump Town Favourite Stockton names
Stockwell boy Tree-stump Well Favourite Stockwell names
Stoddard boy Horse Keeper Favourite Stoddard names
Stoker boy Furnace Tender Favourite Stoker names
Stone boy Stone Favourite Stone names
Stoney boy A Form Of Stone Favourite Stoney names
Storm boy Violent weather Favourite Storm names
Stormy boy Violent weather Favourite Stormy names
Stotra boy Praise glory fame Favourite Stotra names
Stotri boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Stotri names
Stover boy Stove Tender Favourite Stover names
Stowe boy Hidden; Packed Away Favourite Stowe names
Stratford boy Bridge Over The River Favourite Stratford names
Strong boy Powerful Favourite Strong names
Stroud boy Thicket Favourite Stroud names
Stu boy A Short Form Of Stewart, Stuart Favourite Stu names
Stuart boy Guardian of the house Favourite Stuart names
Studs boy Rounded Nail Heads; Shirt Ornaments Favourite Studs names
Styles boy Stairs Put Over A Wall To Help Cross It Favourite Styles names
Suffield boy Southern Field Favourite Suffield names
Sugden boy Valley Of Sows Favourite Sugden names
Sully boy South Meadow Favourite Sully names
Sumeet boy A Form Of Summit Favourite Sumeet names
Sumit boy A Form Of Summit Favourite Sumit names
Summit boy Peak, Top Favourite Summit names
Sumner boy Church Officer Favourite Sumner names
Sutcliff boy Southern Cliff Favourite Sutcliff names
Sutton boy Southern Town Favourite Sutton names
Swaggart boy One Who Sways And Staggers Favourite Swaggart names
Swaley boy Winding Stream Favourite Swaley names
Swannee boy Swan Favourite Swannee names
Swinbourne boy Stream Used By Swine Favourite Swinbourne names
Swindel boy Valley Of The Swine Favourite Swindel names
Swithbert boy Strong And Bright Favourite Swithbert names
Sylvester boy A forest Favourite Sylvester names
Syon boy Gentle Favourite Syon names
Tab boy A Short Form Of Tabner Favourite Tab names
Tabner boy Drummer Favourite Tabner names
Tadleigh boy Poet From A Meadow Favourite Tadleigh names
Taft boy River Favourite Taft names
Talcott boy Cottage Near The Lake Favourite Talcott names
Talen boy A Form Of Talon Favourite Talen names
Talia boy Dew from heaven Favourite Talia names
Tallon boy A Form Of Talon Favourite Tallon names
Talmadge boy Lake Between Two Towns Favourite Talmadge names
Talon boy A claw Favourite Talon names
Tandie boy Team Favourite Tandie names
Taner boy A Form Of Tanner Favourite Taner names
Tanner boy Tanner Favourite Tanner names
Tannin boy Tan Colored; Dark Favourite Tannin names
Tanny boy A Familiar Form Of Tanner Favourite Tanny names
Tanton boy Town By The Still River Favourite Tanton names
Taran boy Heaven,raft Favourite Taran names
Tareton boy A Form Of Tarleton Favourite Tareton names
Tarver boy Tower; Hill; Leader Favourite Tarver names
Tayler boy A tailor Favourite Tayler names
Taylor boy A tailor Favourite Taylor names
Teale boy Small Freshwater Duck Favourite Teale names
Tearle boy Stern, Severe Favourite Tearle names
Teasdale boy River Dweller Favourite Teasdale names
Ted boy A Short Form Of Theodore Favourite Ted names
Teddy boy A Familiar Form Of Theodore Favourite Teddy names
Tedmund boy Protector Of The Land Favourite Tedmund names
Teller boy Storyteller Favourite Teller names
Telmo boy Tiller, Cultivator Favourite Telmo names
Templeton boy Town Near The Temple Favourite Templeton names
Tennant boy Tenant, Renter Favourite Tennant names
Tennyson boy A Form Of Dennison Favourite Tennyson names
Teo boy A Form Of Tom Favourite Teo names
Terry boy A Familiar Form Of Terrence Favourite Terry names
Thane boy Attendant Warrior Favourite Thane names
Thatcher boy Roof Thatcher Favourite Thatcher names
Thaw boy Melting Ice Favourite Thaw names
Thel boy Upper Story Favourite Thel names
Theo boy A Short Form Of Theodore Favourite Theo names
Theodore boy American Novelist Theodore Dreiser Favourite Theodore names
Theron boy Hunter Favourite Theron names
Thom boy A Short Form Of Thomas Favourite Thom names
Thomas boy Twin Favourite Thomas names
Thompson boy Son Of Thomas Favourite Thompson names
Thorgood boy Thor If Good Favourite Thorgood names
Thorndike boy Thorny Embankment Favourite Thorndike names
Thorne boy A Short Form Of Names Beginning With Thor Favourite Thorne names
Thornley boy Thorny Meadow Favourite Thornley names
Thornton boy Thorny Town Favourite Thornton names
Thorpe boy Village Favourite Thorpe names
Thunder boy Thunder Favourite Thunder names
Thurmond boy Defended By Thor Favourite Thurmond names
Tieler boy A Form Of Tyler Favourite Tieler names
Tige boy A Short Form Of Tiger Favourite Tige names
Tighe boy A Short Form Of Tiger Favourite Tighe names
Tim boy To honor God, to fear God Favourite Tim names
Timmothy boy To honor God, to fear God Favourite Timmothy names
Timmy boy To honor God, to fear God Favourite Timmy names
Timothy boy To honor God, to fear God Favourite Timothy names
Titus boy N/A Favourite Titus names
Tod boy A Form Of Todd Favourite Tod names
Todd boy Fox. Favourite Todd names
Toft boy Small Farm Favourite Toft names
Toland boy Owner Of Taxed Land Favourite Toland names
Tolbert boy Bright Tax Collector Favourite Tolbert names
Toller boy Tax Collector Favourite Toller names
Tolman boy Tax Man Favourite Tolman names
Tom boy A Short Form Of Thomas, Tomas Favourite Tom names
Tomkin boy Little Tom Favourite Tomkin names
Toney boy A Form Of Tony Favourite Toney names
Toni boy A Form Of Tony Favourite Toni names
Tonny boy A Form Of Tony Favourite Tonny names
Tony boy N/A Favourite Tony names
Topper boy Hill Favourite Topper names
Torey boy Conqueror,victory Favourite Torey names
Torr boy Tower Favourite Torr names
Torrey boy Conqueror,victory Favourite Torrey names
Torry boy A Familiar Form Of Torr Favourite Torry names
Tory boy Conqueror,victory Favourite Tory names
Towney boy Town Meadow Favourite Towney names
Trader boy A Form Of Well-trodden Path Favourite Trader names
Trae boy A Form Of Trey Favourite Trae names
Trai boy A Form Of Trey Favourite Trai names
Travell boy Traveler Favourite Travell names
Travis boy At A Crossroad Favourite Travis names
Tray boy A Form Of Trey Favourite Tray names
Trayton boy Town Full Of Trees Favourite Trayton names
Trea boy A Form Of Trey Favourite Trea names
Tredway boy Well-worn Road Favourite Tredway names
Trevell boy A Form Of Travell Favourite Trevell names
Trevis boy A Form Of Travis Favourite Trevis names
Trey boy Three; Third Favourite Trey names
Treyton boy A Form Of Trayton Favourite Treyton names
Tri boy A Form Of Trey Favourite Tri names
Trip boy Traveler Favourite Trip names
Tripp boy Traveler Favourite Tripp names
Tristan boy Tumult Favourite Tristan names
Tristen boy Tumult Favourite Tristen names
Tristin boy Tumult Favourite Tristin names
Trot boy Trickling Stream Favourite Trot names
Trowbridge boy Bridge By The Tree Favourite Trowbridge names
Troy boy Water Favourite Troy names
Truitt boy Little And Honest Favourite Truitt names
Truman boy Honest. History Favourite Truman names
Trumble boy Strong; Bold Favourite Trumble names
Trustin boy Trustworthy Favourite Trustin names
Tucker boy Fuller, Tucker Of Cloth Favourite Tucker names
Tupper boy Ram Raiser Favourite Tupper names
Turk boy From Turkey Favourite Turk names
Twain boy Divided In Two Favourite Twain names
Twitchell boy Narrow Passage Favourite Twitchell names
Twyford boy Double River Crossing Favourite Twyford names
Ty boy A Short Form Of Tyler Favourite Ty names
Tye boy A Short Form Of Taylor Favourite Tye names
Tyger boy A Form Of Tiger Favourite Tyger names
Tylar boy A Form Of Tyler Favourite Tylar names
Tyler boy Tailor. Favourite Tyler names
Tylor boy A Form Of Tyler Favourite Tylor names
Tymothy boy A Form Of Timothy Favourite Tymothy names
Tyron boy Land of the noble Favourite Tyron names
Tyrone boy Land of the noble Favourite Tyrone names
Tyrus boy A Form Of Thor Favourite Tyrus names
Tysen boy Son of Dye Favourite Tysen names
Tyshawn boy God is gracious Favourite Tyshawn names
Tyson boy Son of Dye Favourite Tyson names
Tyus boy N/A Favourite Tyus names
Uberto boy Bright mind,intelligent Favourite Uberto names
Udeh boy Praise Favourite Udeh names
Udell boy Yew-tree Valley Favourite Udell names
Udolf boy Prosperous Wolf Favourite Udolf names
Uilliam boy Will, desire + helmet, protection Favourite Uilliam names
Ulberto boy Bright mind,intelligent Favourite Ulberto names
Ullric boy Powerful through his inheritance Favourite Ullric names
Ulmer boy Famous Wolf Favourite Ulmer names
Ulric boy Powerful through his inheritance Favourite Ulric names
Ulrich boy Powerful through his inheritance Favourite Ulrich names
Ulrick boy Powerful through his inheritance Favourite Ulrick names
Ulysses boy Walker Favourite Ulysses names
Umberto boy Famous giant Favourite Umberto names
Unique boy Only one,unparalleled Favourite Unique names
Unwin boy Nonfriend Favourite Unwin names
Upshaw boy Upper Wooded Area Favourite Upshaw names
Upton boy Upper Town Favourite Upton names
Upwood boy Upper Forest Favourite Upwood names
Urbane boy A Form Of Urban Favourite Urbane names
Uri boy Light Uriah,God is light Favourite Uri names
Uriah boy God is light Favourite Uriah names
Uriel boy Light of God Favourite Uriel names
Usher boy Usher,gate-keeper Favourite Usher names
Uzi boy My Strength Favourite Uzi names
Vail boy Valley Favourite Vail names
Vance boy Thresher Favourite Vance names
Vaschel boy Little Ash Tree Favourite Vaschel names
Vered boy Rose Victor,Winner Favourite Vered names
Vern boy Place of alders Favourite Vern names
Vernon boy Place of alders Favourite Vernon names
Veston boy Church Town Favourite Veston names
Vian boy A Short Form Of Vivian Favourite Vian names
Vic boy Victor Favourite Vic names
Vicente boy Conquering Favourite Vicente names
Vick boy Victor Favourite Vick names
Victor boy Victor Favourite Victor names
Viktor boy Victor Favourite Viktor names
Vince boy Conquering Favourite Vince names
Vincent boy To Occupy Favourite Vincent names
Vincente boy Conquering Favourite Vincente names
Vincenzo boy Conqueror Favourite Vincenzo names
Vinnie boy Conquering Favourite Vinnie names
Vinny boy Conquering Favourite Vinny names
Vinse boy Conquering Favourite Vinse names
Vinson boy Son Of Vincent Favourite Vinson names
Virgil boy N/A Favourite Virgil names
Vito boy Life Favourite Vito names
Von boy Small Favourite Von names
Wade boy Ford Or River Crossing Favourite Wade names
Wadley boy Ford Meadow Favourite Wadley names
Wadsworth boy Village Near The Ford Favourite Wadsworth names
Wael boy A Form Of Wales Favourite Wael names
Wain boy A Form Of Wayne Favourite Wain names
Wainwright boy Wagon Maker Favourite Wainwright names
Waite boy Watchman Favourite Waite names
Wake boy Awake, Alert Favourite Wake names
Wakefield boy Wet Field Favourite Wakefield names
Wakely boy Wet Meadow Favourite Wakely names
Wakeman boy Watchman Favourite Wakeman names
Walby boy House Near A Wall Favourite Walby names
Walcott boy Cottage By The Wall Favourite Walcott names
Walden boy Wooded Valley Favourite Walden names
Waldron boy Ruler Favourite Waldron names
Wales boy From Wales Favourite Wales names
Walker boy Cloth Walker; Cloth Cleaner Favourite Walker names
Wallace boy From Wales Favourite Wallace names
Waller boy Wall Maker Favourite Waller names
Wally boy A Familiar Form Of Walter Favourite Wally names
Walsh boy A Form Of Wallace Favourite Walsh names
Walt boy A Short Form Of Walter Favourite Walt names
Walter boy Woodsman Favourite Walter names
Walton boy Walled Town Favourite Walton names
Walworth boy Fenced-in Farm Favourite Walworth names
Walwyn boy Welsh Friend Favourite Walwyn names
Warburton boy Fortified Town Favourite Warburton names
Ward boy Signifies Watchman Favourite Ward names
Warden boy Valley Guardian Favourite Warden names
Ware boy Wary, Cautions Favourite Ware names
Warfield boy Field Near The Weir Of Fish Trap Favourite Warfield names
Warick boy Town Hero Favourite Warick names
Warley boy Meadow Near The Weir Or Fish Trap Favourite Warley names
Warmond boy True Guardian Favourite Warmond names
Warton boy Town Near The Weir Or Fish Trap Favourite Warton names
Warwick boy Buildings Near The Weir Or Fish Trap Favourite Warwick names
Washburn boy Overflowing River Favourite Washburn names
Washington boy Town Near Water Favourite Washington names
Watford boy Wattle Ford Favourite Watford names
Watkins boy Son Of Walter Favourite Watkins names
Watson boy Son Of Walter Favourite Watson names
Waverly boy Quaking aspen Favourite Waverly names
Wayde boy A Form Of Wade Favourite Wayde names
Wayland boy A Form Of Waylon Favourite Wayland names
Waylon boy Land By The Road Favourite Waylon names
Wayman boy Road Man; Traveler Favourite Wayman names
Wayne boy Wagon Maker Favourite Wayne names
Webb boy Weaver Favourite Webb names
Webster boy Weaver Favourite Webster names
Weddel boy Valley Near The Ford Favourite Weddel names
Welborne boy Spring-fed Stream Favourite Welborne names
Weldon boy Hill Near The Well Favourite Weldon names
Welford boy Ford Near The Well Favourite Welford names
Wells boy Springs Favourite Wells names
Welsh boy A Form Of Wallance, Walsh Favourite Welsh names
Welton boy Town Near The Well Favourite Welton names
Wenda boy Friend Favourite Wenda names
Wendel boy A Wend Favourite Wendel names
Wendell boy Good Dale, Good Valley Favourite Wendell names
Wendi boy Friend Favourite Wendi names
Wendie boy Friend Favourite Wendie names
Wendy boy Friend Favourite Wendy names
Wenford boy White Ford Favourite Wenford names
Wensley boy Clearing In A Meadow Favourite Wensley names
Werner boy A Form Of Warner Favourite Werner names
Wes boy A Short Form Of Wesley Favourite Wes names
Wesley boy Western Meadow Favourite Wesley names
Wesly boy A Form Of Wesley Favourite Wesly names
West boy West Favourite West names
Westbrook boy Western Brook Favourite Westbrook names
Westby boy Western Farmstead Favourite Westby names
Westcott boy Western Cottage Favourite Westcott names
Westin boy A Form Of Weston Favourite Westin names
Westley boy A Form Of Wesley Favourite Westley names
Weston boy Western Town Favourite Weston names
Wetherby boy Wether-sheep Farm Favourite Wetherby names
Wetherell boy Wether-sheep Corner Favourite Wetherell names
Wetherly boy Wether-sheep Meadow Favourite Wetherly names
Weylin boy A Form Of Waylon Favourite Weylin names
Whalley boy Woods Near A Hill Favourite Whalley names
Wharton boy Town On The Bank Of A Lake Favourite Wharton names
Wheatley boy Wheat Field Favourite Wheatley names
Wheaton boy Wheat Town Favourite Wheaton names
Wheeler boy Wheel Maker; Wagon Driver Favourite Wheeler names
Whistler boy Whistler, Piper Favourite Whistler names
Whit boy A Short Form Of Whitman Favourite Whit names
Whitby boy White House Favourite Whitby names
Whitcomb boy White Valley Favourite Whitcomb names
Whitelaw boy Small Hill Favourite Whitelaw names
Whitey boy White Skinned; White Haired Favourite Whitey names
Whitfield boy White Field Favourite Whitfield names
Whitford boy White Ford Favourite Whitford names
Whitley boy White wood,white clearing Favourite Whitley names
Whitlock boy White Lock Of Hair Favourite Whitlock names
Whitman boy White-haired Man Favourite Whitman names
Whitmore boy White Moor Favourite Whitmore names
Whitnee boy White island Favourite Whitnee names
Whitney boy White island Favourite Whitney names
Whittaker boy White Field Favourite Whittaker names
Wickham boy Village Meadow Favourite Wickham names
Wid boy Wide Favourite Wid names
Wil boy A Short Form Of Wilfred Favourite Wil names
Wilber boy A Form Of Wilbur Favourite Wilber names
Wilbert boy Will, desire + bright, famous Favourite Wilbert names
Wilbur boy Wall Fortification; Bright Willows Favourite Wilbur names
Wilda boy To strive Favourite Wilda names
Wilder boy Wilderness Wild Favourite Wilder names
Wildon boy Wooded Hill Favourite Wildon names
Wiley boy Willow Meadow Favourite Wiley names
Wilford boy Willow-tree Ford Favourite Wilford names
Wilfred boy A wish for peace Favourite Wilfred names
Wilfredo boy A wish for peace Favourite Wilfredo names
Wilkie boy A Familiar Form Of Wilkins Favourite Wilkie names
Wilkinson boy Son Of Little William Favourite Wilkinson names
Will boy A Short Form Of Wilfred Favourite Will names
William boy A Form Of Wilhelm Favourite William names
Willie boy Will, desire + helmet, protection Favourite Willie names
Willis boy Will, desire + helmet, protection Favourite Willis names
Willoughby boy Willow Farm Favourite Willoughby names
Wills boy Son Of Will Favourite Wills names
Wilma boy Will, desire + helmet, protection Favourite Wilma names
Wilson boy Son of William Favourite Wilson names
Wilt boy A Short Form Of Wilton Favourite Wilt names
Wilton boy Farm By The Spring Favourite Wilton names
Winchell boy Bend In The Road Favourite Winchell names
Windell boy Windy Valley Favourite Windell names
Windsor boy Riverbank With A Winch Favourite Windsor names
Winfred boy A Form Of Winfried Favourite Winfred names
Winfried boy Friend Of Peace Favourite Winfried names
Wingate boy Winding Gate Favourite Wingate names
Winn boy Friend Favourite Winn names
Winnie boy Blessed peace,fair reconciliation Favourite Winnie names
Winnifred boy Blessed peace,fair reconciliation Favourite Winnifred names
Winona boy Eldest daughter Favourite Winona names
Winthrop boy Victory At The Crossroads Favourite Winthrop names
Wit boy A Form Of Whit Favourite Wit names
Witter boy Wise Warrior Favourite Witter names
Wolcott boy Cottage In The Woods Favourite Wolcott names
Wolfe boy Wolf Favourite Wolfe names
Wood boy A Short Form Of Elwood Favourite Wood names
Woodfield boy Forest Meadow Favourite Woodfield names
Woodford boy Ford Through The Forest Favourite Woodford names
Woodley boy Wooded Meadow Favourite Woodley names
Woodrow boy Passage In The Woods Favourite Woodrow names
Woodruff boy Forest Ranger Favourite Woodruff names
Woodson boy Son Of Wood Favourite Woodson names
Woodville boy Town At The Edge Of The Woods Favourite Woodville names
Woodward boy Forest Warden Favourite Woodward names
Woolsey boy Victorious Wolf Favourite Woolsey names
Worcester boy Forest Army Camp Favourite Worcester names
Worrell boy Lives At The Manor Of The Loyal One Favourite Worrell names
Worth boy A Short Form Of Wordsworth Favourite Worth names
Worton boy Farm Town Favourite Worton names
Wright boy A Short Form Of Wainwright Favourite Wright names
Wrisley boy A Form Of Risley Favourite Wrisley names
Wriston boy A Form Of Riston Favourite Wriston names
Wybert boy Battle Bright Favourite Wybert names
Wycliff boy White Cliff; Village Near The Cliff Favourite Wycliff names
Wylie boy Charming Favourite Wylie names
Wyman boy Fighter, Warrior Favourite Wyman names
Wymer boy Famous In Battle Favourite Wymer names
Wyn boy Friend Favourite Wyn names
Wynton boy Winston Favourite Wynton names
Wythe boy Willow Tree Favourite Wythe names
Xander boy Defending men Favourite Xander names
Xaviar boy New house Favourite Xaviar names
Xavier boy Owner of the new house Favourite Xavier names
Xavior boy New house Favourite Xavior names
Xenon boy Foreigner Favourite Xenon names
Xerxes boy Chief Favourite Xerxes names
Xylon boy Woods, wooded Favourite Xylon names
Xzavier boy New house Favourite Xzavier names
Yaakov boy One who supplants Favourite Yaakov names
Yadid boy Friend, Beloved Favourite Yadid names
Yadon boy He will judge Favourite Yadon names
Yagil boy Celebrate Favourite Yagil names
Yakir boy Precious; dear Favourite Yakir names
Yakov boy The supplanter Favourite Yakov names
Yale boy Fruitful; one who lives on fertile land Favourite Yale names
Yamin boy Right Hand Yana,He Answers Favourite Yamin names
Yancey boy Of uncertain origin Favourite Yancey names
Yancy boy Of uncertain origin Favourite Yancy names
Yaphet boy Handsome Favourite Yaphet names
Yardley boy Enclosed Meadow Favourite Yardley names
Yarin boy To understand Favourite Yarin names
Yaron boy Singing Favourite Yaron names
Yashawn boy God is gracious Favourite Yashawn names
Yashon boy N/A Favourite Yashon names
Yasir boy To be rich or to be easy Favourite Yasir names
Yates boy Gates Favourite Yates names
Yehudah boy Exalt Favourite Yehudah names
Yehudi boy Praise god Yered,To come Down Favourite Yehudi names
Yeoman boy Attendant; Retainer Favourite Yeoman names
Yitro boy Plenty Favourite Yitro names
Yonah boy From the name JONAH Favourite Yonah names
Yorick boy Earth worker Favourite Yorick names
York boy Place of the boars Favourite York names
Yorke boy Place of the boars Favourite Yorke names
Yosef boy Form of JOSEPH Favourite Yosef names
Young boy Young Favourite Young names
Yousef boy Arabic form of JOSEPH Favourite Yousef names
Yudell boy A Form Of Udell Favourite Yudell names
Yule boy Born At Christmas Favourite Yule names
Yusuf boy To increase in power Favourite Yusuf names
Yuval boy Brook Favourite Yuval names
Zabulon boy To exhalt Favourite Zabulon names
Zac boy The Lord remembers Favourite Zac names
Zacarias boy The Lord remembers Favourite Zacarias names
Zacary boy The Lord remembers Favourite Zacary names
Zaccheo boy The one God remembers Favourite Zaccheo names
Zach boy Remembrance of the Lord Favourite Zach names
Zacharia boy The Lord remembers Favourite Zacharia names
Zachariah boy Remembered by the Lord Favourite Zachariah names
Zacharias boy The Lord remembers Favourite Zacharias names
Zachary boy Renowned by God Favourite Zachary names
Zachery boy The Lord remembers Favourite Zachery names
Zack boy Remembrance of the Lord Favourite Zack names
Zackary boy The Lord remembers Favourite Zackary names
Zackery boy The Lord remembers Favourite Zackery names
Zaid boy Increase Favourite Zaid names
Zain boy A Form Of Zane Favourite Zain names
Zak boy Pure; the Lord remembers Favourite Zak names
Zakai boy Innocent Favourite Zakai names
Zakary boy The Lord remembers Favourite Zakary names
Zane boy A Form Of John Favourite Zane names
Zared boy Ambush Favourite Zared names
Zavad boy Present Favourite Zavad names
Zavier boy New house Favourite Zavier names
Zayne boy A Form Of Zane Favourite Zayne names
Zazu boy Movement Favourite Zazu names
Zebadiah boy Gift Of The Lord Favourite Zebadiah names
Zebidiah boy God has given Favourite Zebidiah names
Zebulon boy Home Favourite Zebulon names
Zebulun boy To exalt; lofty house Favourite Zebulun names
Zecharia boy The Lord remembers Favourite Zecharia names
Zechariah boy The Lord remembers Favourite Zechariah names
Zed boy God is Fair Favourite Zed names
Zedekiah boy Justice of the lord Zenoa Favourite Zedekiah names
Zeke boy God will strengthen Favourite Zeke names
Zephan boy Treasured by God Favourite Zephan names
Zev boy Deer, wolf Favourite Zev names
Ziff boy Wolf Favourite Ziff names
Zion boy A sign Favourite Zion names
Ziv boy Very bright Favourite Ziv names
Zubin boy To Honor Favourite Zubin names