Greek Baby Names With Meaning

A Name is a simple a word which used to identify rest of the life of child so this is the first gift from the parents or relatives to the baby.therefore it needed a great care when we put their baby name which should be listen to good and beautiful meaning.To Keep all of that things in Mind we have great and nice collection range of baby names with meaning where your search will be finished for the suitable baby names. here is great range of Greek Baby names with meaning where you choose your favourite Greek Baby Names.
Greek Baby Names
Name Gender Meaning
Abercio boy First son Favourite Abercio names
Acacio boy Honorable Favourite Acacio names
Acario boy Without grace Favourite Acario names
Acayo boy Out of step; ill-timed Favourite Acayo names
Acesto boy One who can fix: useful Favourite Acesto names
Achilles boy WITHOUT LIPS, BROWN, DARK Favourite Achilles names
Achillios boy Unknown Favourite Achillios names
Acindino boy Out of danger, safe Favourite Acindino names
Adalbaro boy The combatant of nobility Favourite Adalbaro names
Adalgiso boy The lance of nobility Favourite Adalgiso names
Adalrico boy Noble chief of his lineage Favourite Adalrico names
Adalvino boy The lance of nobility Favourite Adalvino names
Adelardo boy The daring prince Favourite Adelardo names
Adelfo boy Male friend Favourite Adelfo names
Adelino boy The daring prince Favourite Adelino names
Adelmaro boy Distinguished because of his lineage Favourite Adelmaro names
Adelphos boy BROTHER Favourite Adelphos names
Adhelmar boy Ennobled by his battles Favourite Adhelmar names
Adon boy A short form of Adonis Favourite Adon names
Adonis boy MAN LOVED BY APHRODITE, HANDSOME Favourite Adonis names
Adrastos boy UNDAUNTED Favourite Adrastos names
Adrian boy RICH, WEALTHY, DARK ONE Favourite Adrian names
Aeneas boy WORTHY OF PRAISE Favourite Aeneas names
Aetios boy A Roman general who defeated Attila (a. .. Favourite Aetios names
Aetos boy EAGLE Favourite Aetos names
Afrodisio boy Amorous Favourite Afrodisio names
Aftonio boy One who does not have jealousy Favourite Aftonio names
Agabio boy Of much life, vigor Favourite Agabio names
Agacio boy Good Favourite Agacio names
Agamemnon boy RESOLUTE Favourite Agamemnon names
Agape boy LOVE OF THE NEXT Favourite Agape names
Agapios boy Love Favourite Agapios names
Agatodoro boy Worthy of admiration Favourite Agatodoro names
Agatone boy GOOD, KIND Favourite Agatone names
Agatopo boy Nice scenery Favourite Agatopo names
Agenor boy The strong man Favourite Agenor names
Agesislao boy Leader of villages Favourite Agesislao names
Aineias boy The mythic Trojan hero and founder of Ro.. Favourite Aineias names
Aitalas boy Eternally young Favourite Aitalas names
Ajax boy STRONG WARRIOR Favourite Ajax names
Akil boy A form of Achilles Favourite Akil names
Akili boy A form of Achilles Favourite Akili names
Alardo boy The courageous prince Favourite Alardo names
Alcander boy STRONG Favourite Alcander names
Alcandor boy Manly; strong Favourite Alcandor names
Alceo boy Man of great strenght and vigor Favourite Alceo names
Alcibiades boy Generous and violent Favourite Alcibiades names
Alcides boy Strong and vigorous Favourite Alcides names
Alec boy PROTECTOR OF MEN Favourite Alec names
Aleck boy A short form of Alexander Favourite Aleck names
Aleczander boy A form of Alexander Favourite Aleczander names
Aleixo boy Defender Favourite Aleixo names
Alejo boy He who protects and defends Favourite Alejo names
Alek boy A short form of Alexander Favourite Alek names
Alekos boy Defender of mankind Favourite Alekos names
Aleksandar boy A form of Alexander Favourite Aleksandar names
Aleksander boy A form of Alexander Favourite Aleksander names
Aleksandr boy A form of Alexander Favourite Aleksandr names
Alekzander boy A form of Alexander Favourite Alekzander names
Alex boy PROTECTOR OF MANKIND Favourite Alex names
Alexandar boy A form of Alexander Favourite Alexandar names
Alexander boy PROTECTOR OF MANKIND Favourite Alexander names
Alexandr boy A form of Alexander Favourite Alexandr names
Alexandro boy A form of Alexander Favourite Alexandro names
Alexandros boy A name that means "protector of men." Ki.. Favourite Alexandros names
Alexei boy A short form of Alexander Favourite Alexei names
Alexios boy The name of several Byzantine emperors. Favourite Alexios names
Alexis boy PROTECTOR OF MANKIND Favourite Alexis names
Alexsander boy A form of Alexander Favourite Alexsander names
Alexy boy A short form of Alexander Favourite Alexy names
Alexzander boy A form of Alexander Favourite Alexzander names
Alferio boy Saint who suffered a great disease and p.. Favourite Alferio names
Alfio boy He who has a white complexion Favourite Alfio names
Algiso boy The lance of nobility Favourite Algiso names
Alic boy A short form of Alexander Favourite Alic names
Alicio boy Truth Favourite Alicio names
Alipio boy He who suffering does not affect Favourite Alipio names
Alisander boy A form of Alexander Favourite Alisander names
Almaquio boy Foreign combatant Favourite Almaquio names
Alquimio boy Strong Favourite Alquimio names
Altair boy Star Favourite Altair names
Alterio boy Like a starry night Favourite Alterio names
Amalio boy A man who is carefree Favourite Amalio names
Amaranto boy He who does not slow down Favourite Amaranto names
Amarus boy UNFADING LOVE Favourite Amarus names
Ambrose boy IMMORTAL Favourite Ambrose names
Amfiloquio boy Distinguished sword Favourite Amfiloquio names
Amintor boy The protector Favourite Amintor names
Amnas boy Young lamb Favourite Amnas names
Ampelio boy He who makes wine from his own grapes Favourite Ampelio names
Ampelos boy A satyr and good friend of Dionysus Favourite Ampelos names
Ampodio boy Well-behaved Favourite Ampodio names
Anacario boy Not without grace Favourite Anacario names
Anacleto boy He who was called upon Favourite Anacleto names
Anas boy A short form of Anastasius Favourite Anas names
Anastario boy A form of Anastasios Favourite Anastario names
Anastasios boy A form of Anastasius Favourite Anastasios names
Anastasius boy Resurrection Favourite Anastasius names
Anatole boy FROM THE EAST Favourite Anatole names
Anatolios boy From the east Favourite Anatolios names
Andoni boy A form of Anthony Favourite Andoni names
Andonios boy A form of Anthony Favourite Andonios names
Andoquino boy Without comparison Favourite Andoquino names
Andrea boy COURAGEOUS Favourite Andrea names
Andreas boy STRONG & MANLY Favourite Andreas names
Andreo boy Manly Favourite Andreo names
Andreus boy SON OF RIVER PENEIUS Favourite Andreus names
Andrew boy MANLY, VALIANT, COURAGEOUS Favourite Andrew names
Androcles boy Man covered with glory Favourite Androcles names
Andru boy A form of Andrew Favourite Andru names
Andrue boy A form of Andrew Favourite Andrue names
Andy boy MANLY Favourite Andy names
Anecto boy Tolerable Favourite Anecto names
Anesio boy A form of Anisio Favourite Anesio names
Anfernee boy A form of Anthony Favourite Anfernee names
Angel boy ANGELIC Favourite Angel names
Angell boy MESSENGER Favourite Angell names
Angelo boy HEAVENLY MESSENGER Favourite Angelo names
Aniano boy He who is sad and upset Favourite Aniano names
Anicet boy Invincible man of great strength Favourite Anicet names
Anieli boy MANLY Favourite Anieli names
Anish boy A form of Annas Favourite Anish names
Anisio boy Reliable Favourite Anisio names
Anker boy MANLY Favourite Anker names
Annas boy Gift from God Favourite Annas names
Antares boy Giant, red star. AstronomyL the brightes.. Favourite Antares names
Antenor boy He who is a fighter Favourite Antenor names
Anteros boy God of mutual love Favourite Anteros names
Anthany boy A form of Anthony Favourite Anthany names
Anthoney boy A form of Anthony Favourite Anthoney names
Anthonie boy A form of Anthony Favourite Anthonie names
Anthony boy Flourishing Favourite Anthony names
Antidio boy One who radiates God in his actions Favourite Antidio names
Antimo boy Flourishing Favourite Antimo names
Antioco boy He who commands the chariot in the fight.. Favourite Antioco names
Antipas boy he is the enemy of all, in opposition to.. Favourite Antipas names
Anxo boy Messenger Favourite Anxo names
Apeles boy He who is in a sacred place Favourite Apeles names
Apelio boy Of clear skin Favourite Apelio names
Aperio boy Wild pig Favourite Aperio names
Apfiano boy A form of Apfias Favourite Apfiano names
Apfias boy Youthful term for father Favourite Apfias names
Apodemio boy One who travels far from his country Favourite Apodemio names
Apolinar boy A form of Apollo Favourite Apolinar names
Apollo boy GOD OF TRUTH AND LIGHT Favourite Apollo names
Apolo boy Manly Favourite Apolo names
Apolodoro boy The skill of Apollo Favourite Apolodoro names
Appollo boy GOD OF THE SUN Favourite Appollo names
Apro boy A form of Aperio Favourite Apro names
Apronio boy A form of Aperio Favourite Apronio names
Arconcio boy One who governs Favourite Arconcio names
Ares boy GOD OF WAR Favourite Ares names
Aretino boy Victorious Favourite Aretino names
Argar boy Shining; gleaming Favourite Argar names
Argenis boy He who has a great whiteness Favourite Argenis names
Argimiro boy careful, vigilant Favourite Argimiro names
Argus boy BRIGHT, WATCHFUL Favourite Argus names
Ari boy A short form of Aristotle Favourite Ari names
Arian boy A form of Arion Favourite Arian names
Ariano boy A form of Arian Favourite Ariano names
Aric boy FORM OF RICHARD OR ERIC Favourite Aric names
Arion boy MUSICIAN Favourite Arion names
Aristarco boy The best of the princes Favourite Aristarco names
Aristeo boy the outstanding one, the most significan.. Favourite Aristeo names
Aristides boy Son of the best Favourite Aristides names
Aristo boy BEST Favourite Aristo names
Aristofanes boy the best, the optimum Favourite Aristofanes names
Aristokles boy Most famous Favourite Aristokles names
Aristotelis boy Seeking the best Favourite Aristotelis names
Aristotle boy THINKER WITH A GREAT PURPOSE Favourite Aristotle names
Armelio boy Union Favourite Armelio names
Armentario boy Herder of livestock Favourite Armentario names
Arquelao boy Governor of his village Favourite Arquelao names
Arquimedes boy He who has profound thoughts Favourite Arquimedes names
Arquipo boy Horse-breaker Favourite Arquipo names
Arsen boy STRONG Favourite Arsen names
Arsenio boy MANLY, VIRILE Favourite Arsenio names
Arsenios boy Masculine Favourite Arsenios names
Artemas boy SAFE Favourite Artemas names
Artemis boy MOON Favourite Artemis names
Artemus boy OF THE MOON Favourite Artemus names
Aryan boy A form of Arion Favourite Aryan names
Aspacio boy Welcome Favourite Aspacio names
Aspasio boy Welcome Favourite Aspasio names
Aster boy A form of Asterio Favourite Aster names
Asterio boy Mythical figure that was thrown into the.. Favourite Asterio names
Astley boy Starry field Favourite Astley names
Astolfo boy He who helps with his lance Favourite Astolfo names
Astro boy OF THE STARS Favourite Astro names
Atalas boy Young; energetic Favourite Atalas names
Ataleno boy Young; energetic Favourite Ataleno names
Atalo boy YOUTHFUL Favourite Atalo names
Atanasio boy Immortal Favourite Atanasio names
Atansasio boy Immortal Favourite Atansasio names
Atenodoro boy Gift of wisdom Favourite Atenodoro names
Athan boy IMMORTAL Favourite Athan names
Athanasios boy A saint in the Greek Orthodox tradition,.. Favourite Athanasios names
Atlas boy Lifted; carried. Mythology: Atlas was fo.. Favourite Atlas names
Attis boy HANDSOME BOY Favourite Attis names
Audomaro boy Famous because of his riches Favourite Audomaro names
Augustine boy Majestic Favourite Augustine names
Aundre boy A form of Andre Favourite Aundre names
Auxano boy One who grows Favourite Auxano names
Auxencio boy A form of Auxano Favourite Auxencio names
Auxibio boy Powerful; alive Favourite Auxibio names
Avel boy BREATH Favourite Avel names
Aymil boy A form of Emil Favourite Aymil names
Babtist boy Babtised Favourite Babtist names
Baco boy He who creates disturbances Favourite Baco names
Baltazar boy A form of Balthasar Favourite Baltazar names
Balthasar boy ONE OF THE 3 KINGS Favourite Balthasar names
Baltsaros boy Prince of splendor Favourite Baltsaros names
Barnabas boy Son of the missionary. Bible: Christian .. Favourite Barnabas names
Baruch boy Blessed Favourite Baruch names
Basil boy ROYAL, BRAVE Favourite Basil names
Bastiaan boy VENERABLE Favourite Bastiaan names
Bautista boy He who baptizes Favourite Bautista names
Bedros boy STONE Favourite Bedros names
Belen boy AN ARROW Favourite Belen names
Belisario boy He who shoots arrows skillfully Favourite Belisario names
Bemus boy PLATFORM Favourite Bemus names
Benedictus boy Blessed Favourite Benedictus names
Bermo boy from Thesali, a region in Greece Favourite Bermo names
Besa boy Man of the valley Favourite Besa names
Binkentios boy A form of Vincent Favourite Binkentios names
Bishop boy Overseer Favourite Bishop names
Bo boy A form of Bogart Favourite Bo names
Boecio boy He who helps; the defender, who goes int.. Favourite Boecio names
Boreas boy The north wind Favourite Boreas names
Bryon boy Cottage Favourite Bryon names
Bubba boy A boy Favourite Bubba names
Bucolo boy Voyeur Favourite Bucolo names
Cadmus boy From the east. Mythology: a Phoenician p.. Favourite Cadmus names
Caesar boy LONG-HAIRED Favourite Caesar names
Calepodio boy He who has beautiful feet Favourite Calepodio names
Calimaco boy Excellent fighter Favourite Calimaco names
Calimerino boy A form of Calimero Favourite Calimerino names
Calimerio boy He who ushers in a beautiful day Favourite Calimerio names
Calimero boy Beautiful body Favourite Calimero names
Calinico boy He who secures a beautiful victory Favourite Calinico names
Calistenes boy Beautiful and strong Favourite Calistenes names
Calisto boy MOST BEAUTIFUL Favourite Calisto names
Calistrato boy He who cammands a great army Favourite Calistrato names
Calistro boy The best and the most beautiful Favourite Calistro names
Calix boy VERY HANDSOME Favourite Calix names
Calixtrato boy A form of Calisto Favourite Calixtrato names
Calogero boy The wise one Favourite Calogero names
Caralampio boy To shine with happiness Favourite Caralampio names
Caralipo boy Saddened heart Favourite Caralipo names
Carilao boy Grace of the community Favourite Carilao names
Carino boy Smiley; friendly Favourite Carino names
Carnelius boy A form of Cornelius Favourite Carnelius names
Carolos boy STRONG, MANLY Favourite Carolos names
Carpo boy Valuable fruit Favourite Carpo names
Carponio boy A form of Carpo Favourite Carponio names
Carsten boy A form of Karsten Favourite Carsten names
Carterio boy Solid, sensible Favourite Carterio names
Casiodoro boy Gift from a friend Favourite Casiodoro names
Casto boy pure, clean; honest Favourite Casto names
Castor boy Beaver. Atrology: one of the twins in th.. Favourite Castor names
Cataldo boy Outstanding in war Favourite Cataldo names
Ceferino boy He who caresses like the wind Favourite Ceferino names
Cerano boy Thunder Favourite Cerano names
Ceres boy GODDESS OF THE CORN Favourite Ceres names
Ceslao boy One who is with the community Favourite Ceslao names
Chris boy SHORT FOR CHRISTOPHER OR CHRISTINE Favourite Chris names
Christain boy A form of Christian Favourite Christain names
Christapher boy A form of Christopher Favourite Christapher names
Christian boy ANNOINTED, FOLLOWS CHRIST Favourite Christian names
Christiano boy Follower of Christ or anointed Favourite Christiano names
Christien boy A form of Christian Favourite Christien names
Christofer boy A form of Christopher Favourite Christofer names
Christoffer boy A form of Christopher Favourite Christoffer names
Christoper boy A form of Christopher Favourite Christoper names
Christopher boy CHRIST-BEARER Favourite Christopher names
Christophoros boy Christ bearer Favourite Christophoros names
Christos boy CHRIST Favourite Christos names
Chrysander boy Golden Favourite Chrysander names
Cicero boy THE HISTORIAN Favourite Cicero names
Cindeo boy One who escapes danger Favourite Cindeo names
Cireneo boy Native from Cyrene Favourite Cireneo names
Ciriaco boy Lord Favourite Ciriaco names
Cirineo boy Native from Cyrene Favourite Cirineo names
Clateo boy Honored Favourite Clateo names
Claudios boy Lame Favourite Claudios names
Cleandro boy Glorious man Favourite Cleandro names
Cleatus boy ILLUSTRIOUS Favourite Cleatus names
Cleofas boy He is the glory of his father Favourite Cleofas names
Cleon boy Famous Favourite Cleon names
Cleto boy He was chosen to fight Favourite Cleto names
Cletus boy Illustrious Favourite Cletus names
Clicerio boy Sweet Favourite Clicerio names
Climaco boy He who climbs the ladder Favourite Climaco names
Clitarco boy Wing of the army Favourite Clitarco names
Clorindo boy He who is like the grass Favourite Clorindo names
Cole boy A short form of Nicholas Favourite Cole names
Colen boy A form of Colin Favourite Colen names
Coley boy A familiar form of Cole Favourite Coley names
Colin boy A short form of Nicholas Favourite Colin names
Collins boy Son of Colin Favourite Collins names
Colyn boy A form of Colin Favourite Colyn names
Constantinos boy Constant or steadfast Favourite Constantinos names
Copres boy Gentile from Atenas Favourite Copres names
Corban boy A GIFT DEVOTED TO GOD Favourite Corban names
Coriander boy ROMANCE, SPICE Favourite Coriander names
Cornelius boy Cornel tree Favourite Cornelius names
Cory boy A short form of Corydon Favourite Cory names
Corydon boy LARK Favourite Corydon names
Cosino boy Name of a Greek family Favourite Cosino names
Cosme boy A form of Cosmo Favourite Cosme names
Cosmo boy ORDER, UNIVERSE Favourite Cosmo names
Costa boy A short form of Constantine Favourite Costa names
Crisanto boy Golden flower Favourite Crisanto names
Crisipo boy Golden horse Favourite Crisipo names
Crisoforo boy He who wears gold Favourite Crisoforo names
Crisologo boy He who says words that are like gold Favourite Crisologo names
Crisostomo boy Mouth of gold Favourite Crisostomo names
Cristian boy A form of Christian Favourite Cristian names
Cristo boy A form of Christopher Favourite Cristo names
Cristobal boy A form of Christopher Favourite Cristobal names
Cristofer boy A form of Christopher Favourite Cristofer names
Cristopher boy A form of Christopher Favourite Cristopher names
Cromacio boy Colored, adorned Favourite Cromacio names
Cunibaldo boy Of noble birth Favourite Cunibaldo names
Cy boy FROM THE NAME CYRI Favourite Cy names
Cyd boy A PUBLIC HILL Favourite Cyd names
Cyrano boy FROM CYRENE Favourite Cyrano names
Cyril boy LORDLY, PROUD Favourite Cyril names
Dadas boy Torch Favourite Dadas names
Dadio boy A form of Dada Favourite Dadio names
Daemon boy A form of Damian Favourite Daemon names
Daimian boy A form of Damian Favourite Daimian names
Daimon boy A form of Damon Favourite Daimon names
Damain boy A form of Damian Favourite Damain names
Daman boy A form of Damon Favourite Daman names
Damani boy A form of Damian Favourite Damani names
Damario boy Gentle Favourite Damario names
Damarius boy A form of Damario Favourite Damarius names
Damaskenos boy Of Damascus Favourite Damaskenos names
Damaskinos boy Of Damascus Favourite Damaskinos names
Damaskos boy Of Damascus Favourite Damaskos names
Damaso boy Skillful horsebreaker Favourite Damaso names
Damein boy A form of Damian Favourite Damein names
Dameion boy A form of Damian Favourite Dameion names
Damen boy TAMING Favourite Damen names
Dameon boy A form of Damian Favourite Dameon names
Dametri boy A form of Dametrius Favourite Dametri names
Dametrius boy A form of Demetrius Favourite Dametrius names
Damian boy TAMER, DIVINE POWER, FATE Favourite Damian names
Damianos boy To tame Favourite Damianos names
Damien boy SWEET AND HARMLESS Favourite Damien names
Damin boy A form of Damon Favourite Damin names
Damion boy A form of Damian. Religion: Father Dam.. Favourite Damion names
Damon boy CONSTANT, DAY Favourite Damon names
Damond boy A form of Damon Favourite Damond names
Damone boy A form of Damon Favourite Damone names
Damonta boy A form of Damon Favourite Damonta names
Damonte boy A form of Damon Favourite Damonte names
Dard boy SON OF ZEU Favourite Dard names
Dardo boy Astute and skillful Favourite Dardo names
Darious boy A form of Darius Favourite Darious names
Daris boy A short form of Darius Favourite Daris names
Darius boy Wealthy Favourite Darius names
Darrious boy A form of Darius Favourite Darrious names
Darris boy A short form of Darius Favourite Darris names
Darrius boy A form of Darius Favourite Darrius names
Daymian boy Damian Favourite Daymian names
Daymon boy A form of Damon Favourite Daymon names
Daymond boy A form of Damon Favourite Daymond names
Deacon boy SERVENT, MESSENGER Favourite Deacon names
Deion boy A form of Deon, Dion Favourite Deion names
Demetios boy Of the earth Favourite Demetios names
Demetre boy A form of Demetrius Favourite Demetre names
Demetri boy Of the earth Favourite Demetri names
Demetric boy A form of Demetrius Favourite Demetric names
Demetrice boy A form of Demetrius Favourite Demetrice names
Demetrick boy A form of Demetrius Favourite Demetrick names
Demetrio boy A form of Demetrius Favourite Demetrio names
Demetrios boy Love of the earth. In Greek mythology .. Favourite Demetrios names
Demetrious boy A form of Demetrius Favourite Demetrious names
Demetris boy A form of Demetrius Favourite Demetris names
Demetrius boy LOVER OF THE EARTH, GIVEN TO THE EARTH GODDESS Favourite Demetrius names
Demetruis boy A form of Demetrius Favourite Demetruis names
Demian boy He who emerged from the vollage Favourite Demian names
Demitri boy A short form of Demetrius Favourite Demitri names
Demitrius boy LOVER OF THE EARTH Favourite Demitrius names
Demon boy Demon Favourite Demon names
Demos boy People Favourite Demos names
Denes boy WINE, DRAMA Favourite Denes names
Denis boy A form of Dennis Favourite Denis names
Deniz boy A form of Dennis Favourite Deniz names
Dennis boy OF DIONYSUS Favourite Dennis names
Denny boy A familiar form of Dennis Favourite Denny names
Dennys boy A form of Dennis Favourite Dennys names
Denys boy God of wine Favourite Denys names
Deo boy GODLIKE Favourite Deo names
Deon boy A form of Dennis Favourite Deon names
Derius boy A form of Darius Favourite Derius names
Derrius boy A form of Darius Favourite Derrius names
Dhimitrios boy Of Demeter Favourite Dhimitrios names
Diadelfo boy Brother of Zeus Favourite Diadelfo names
Dictino boy Goddess of the ocean Favourite Dictino names
Didimo boy Twin brother Favourite Didimo names
Dimas boy Loyal comrade Favourite Dimas names
Dimitri boy A short form of Demetrius Favourite Dimitri names
Dimitrios boy A form of Demetrius Favourite Dimitrios names
Dimitrius boy A form of Demetrius Favourite Dimitrius names
Dinos boy DIM. OF CONSTANTINE Favourite Dinos names
Dioclecio boy A form of Diocles Favourite Dioclecio names
Diocles boy Glory of God Favourite Diocles names
Diogenes boy Honest. History: an ancient philosopher .. Favourite Diogenes names
Diomedes boy Thoughts of God Favourite Diomedes names
Dion boy SHORT FOR DIONYSUS Favourite Dion names
Dionysios boy God of wine Favourite Dionysios names
Dionysius boy GOD OF WINE & REVELRY Favourite Dionysius names
Dionysus boy Celebration. Mythology: the god of wine Favourite Dionysus names
Doran boy Gift Favourite Doran names
Dorian boy PLACE NAME Favourite Dorian names
Dorien boy A form of Dorian Favourite Dorien names
Dorion boy A form of Dorian Favourite Dorion names
Doroteo boy Gift of God Favourite Doroteo names
Dorrian boy A form of Dorian Favourite Dorrian names
Dunixi boy GOD OF WINE Favourite Dunixi names
Dymas boy FATHER OF HECATE Favourite Dymas names
Dyonis boy Dionicio Favourite Dyonis names
Eco boy sound, resonance Favourite Eco names
Edco boy He who blows with force Favourite Edco names
Edelio boy Person who always remains young Favourite Edelio names
Edilio boy He who is like a statue Favourite Edilio names
Edipo boy He who has swollen feet Favourite Edipo names
Egidio boy He who carries the goatskin sword in bat.. Favourite Egidio names
Eladio boy He who came from Greece Favourite Eladio names
Eleftherios boy Freedom or liberty Favourite Eleftherios names
Elenio boy He who shines like the sun Favourite Elenio names
Eleodoro boy He who comes from the sun Favourite Eleodoro names
Eleuterio boy He who enjoys liberty for being honest Favourite Eleuterio names
Eleutherios boy Freedom or liberty Favourite Eleutherios names
Elias boy A form of Elijah Favourite Elias names
Elido boy Native of Elida Favourite Elido names
Elisandro boy Liberator of men Favourite Elisandro names
Elmo boy Lovable, friendly Favourite Elmo names
Elpidio boy He who has hopes Favourite Elpidio names
Emeterio boy He who deserves affection Favourite Emeterio names
Emigdio boy He who has brown skin Favourite Emigdio names
Emila boy A form of Emilio Favourite Emila names
Emmanouel boy The name given to Christ Favourite Emmanouel names
Eneas boy A form of Aeneas Favourite Eneas names
Ennis boy Mine Favourite Ennis names
Enrikos boy A form of Henry Favourite Enrikos names
Epicuro boy He who helps Favourite Epicuro names
Epifanio boy ONE WHO GIVES LIGHT Favourite Epifanio names
Epimaco boy Easy to attack Favourite Epimaco names
Eraclio boy A form of Hercules Favourite Eraclio names
Erasmo boy A form of Erasmus Favourite Erasmo names
Erasmus boy TO LOVE Favourite Erasmus names
Erastus boy Beloved Favourite Erastus names
Erato boy kind, pleasant Favourite Erato names
Ermin boy UNIVERSAL, WHOLE Favourite Ermin names
Eros boy GOD OF LOVE Favourite Eros names
Eryx boy SON OF APHRODITE AND POSEIDON Favourite Eryx names
Esculapio boy The doctor Favourite Esculapio names
Esidore boy A form of Isidore Favourite Esidore names
Esopo boy He who brings good luck Favourite Esopo names
Espartaco boy He who plants Favourite Espartaco names
Estevo boy A form of Estevan Favourite Estevo names
Estraton boy Man of the army Favourite Estraton names
Eterio boy As clean and pure as heaven Favourite Eterio names
Eubulo boy Good counselor Favourite Eubulo names
Eucario boy gracious, generous Favourite Eucario names
Eucarpo boy He who bears good fruit Favourite Eucarpo names
Euclid boy INTELLIGENT Favourite Euclid names
Euclides boy A form of Euclid Favourite Euclides names
Eudor boy GOOD GIFT Favourite Eudor names
Eudoro boy Beautiful gift Favourite Eudoro names
Eudoxio boy He who is famous Favourite Eudoxio names
Eufemio boy He who has a good reputation Favourite Eufemio names
Eufrasio boy He who uses words well Favourite Eufrasio names
Eufronio boy Having a good mind Favourite Eufronio names
Eugen boy Well born or noble Favourite Eugen names
Eugene boy BORN LUCKY Favourite Eugene names
Eugenia boy BORN LUCKY Favourite Eugenia names
Eugenios boy Well born or noble Favourite Eugenios names
Euladio boy One who is pious Favourite Euladio names
Eulalio boy Good speaker Favourite Eulalio names
Eulises boy A form of Ulysses Favourite Eulises names
Eulogio boy He who speaks well Favourite Eulogio names
Eumenio boy opportune, favorable Favourite Eumenio names
Euno boy Intellect Favourite Euno names
Eupilo boy Warmly welcomed Favourite Eupilo names
Euprepio boy Decent; comfortable Favourite Euprepio names
Eupsiquio boy Having a good soul Favourite Eupsiquio names
Euquerio boy Sure handed Favourite Euquerio names
Eusebio boy With good feelings Favourite Eusebio names
Eusebios boy Venerable Favourite Eusebios names
Eusiquio boy A form of Eupsiquio Favourite Eusiquio names
Eustace boy FRUITFUL Favourite Eustace names
Eustacio boy Healthy and strong Favourite Eustacio names
Eustasio boy Healthy and strong Favourite Eustasio names
Eustoquio boy Good marksman Favourite Eustoquio names
Eustorgio boy Well loved Favourite Eustorgio names
Eustrato boy Good soldier Favourite Eustrato names
Eutiquio boy Fortunate Favourite Eutiquio names
Eutrapio boy changing, transforming Favourite Eutrapio names
Euxenio boy Born into nobility Favourite Euxenio names
Evander boy EARLY FOUNDER OF ROME, BENEVOLENT RULER Favourite Evander names
Evando boy Considered a good man Favourite Evando names
Evangelino boy He who brings glad tidings Favourite Evangelino names
Evangelos boy A form of Andrew Favourite Evangelos names
Evaristo boy The excellent one Favourite Evaristo names
Evodio boy He who follows a good road Favourite Evodio names
Fabian boy BEAN FARMER Favourite Fabian names
Faustus boy LUCKY Favourite Faustus names
Fedro boy The splendid man Favourite Fedro names
Felix boy Fortunate or happy Favourite Felix names
Feoras boy Smooth rock Favourite Feoras names
Fidias boy unhurried,calm Favourite Fidias names
Filadelfo boy Man who loves his brothers Favourite Filadelfo names
Filademo boy Man who loves his brothers Favourite Filademo names
Fileas boy He who lowes deeply Favourite Fileas names
Filip boy A form of Philip Favourite Filip names
Filya boy A form of Philip Favourite Filya names
Flavian boy YELLOW, BLONDE Favourite Flavian names
Focas boy Habitant of Focida Favourite Focas names
Gael boy A form of Gale Favourite Gael names
Gale boy A short form of Galen Favourite Gale names
Galen boy Healer; calm Favourite Galen names
Gaylen boy A form of Galen Favourite Gaylen names
Gaylon boy A form of Galen Favourite Gaylon names
Gelasio boy Cheerful and happy Favourite Gelasio names
Genadio boy Lineage Favourite Genadio names
Gene boy A short form of Eugene Favourite Gene names
Genesis boy beginning, origin Favourite Genesis names
Geordi boy HILL NEAR MEADOWS Favourite Geordi names
George boy FARMER, TO WORK THE EARTH Favourite George names
Georgios boy A form of George Favourite Georgios names
Georgy boy A familiar form of George Favourite Georgy names
Gerasimo boy award, recompense Favourite Gerasimo names
Geroncio boy Little old man Favourite Geroncio names
Geronimo boy A form of Jerome Favourite Geronimo names
Giannes boy God is gracious Favourite Giannes names
Gil boy Shield bearer Favourite Gil names
Giles boy BABY GOAT Favourite Giles names
Gines boy He who produces life Favourite Gines names
Gino boy Form of Eugene Favourite Gino names
Giorgos boy George Favourite Giorgos names
Goran boy A form of George Favourite Goran names
Gorgonio boy The violent one Favourite Gorgonio names
Gregg boy FROM THE NAME GREGOR Favourite Gregg names
Gregor boy Vigilant watchman Favourite Gregor names
Gregorios boy Vigilant watchman Favourite Gregorios names
Griffin boy MYTHOLOGICAL BEAST Favourite Griffin names
Gryphon boy MYTHOLOGICAL BEAST Favourite Gryphon names
Halcyon boy tranquil, peaceful; kingfisher. Mytholog.. Favourite Halcyon names
Hali boy The sea Favourite Hali names
Harmodio boy Convenient Favourite Harmodio names
Hector boy Steadfast Favourite Hector names
Hegesipo boy Horse rider Favourite Hegesipo names
Helio boy Mythology: Helios was the sun god Favourite Helio names
Heliodoro boy Gift of the sun god Favourite Heliodoro names
Hemeros boy A pledge Favourite Hemeros names
Henry boy Ruler of the household Favourite Henry names
Heracleos boy Belonging to Hercules Favourite Heracleos names
Heracles boy A form of Hercules Favourite Heracles names
Heraclio boy Belonging to Hercules Favourite Heraclio names
Heraclito boy He who is drawn to the sacred Favourite Heraclito names
Heraklees boy Divine glory Favourite Heraklees names
Herakles boy Divine glory Favourite Herakles names
Herb boy A short form of Herbert Favourite Herb names
Hercules boy GLORIOUS GIFT Favourite Hercules names
Hermagoras boy Desciple of Hermes Favourite Hermagoras names
Hermes boy Messenger. Mythology: the divine herald .. Favourite Hermes names
Hermilo boy Little Hermes Favourite Hermilo names
Hermolao boy Messenger of God Favourite Hermolao names
Hero boy BRAVE DEFENDER Favourite Hero names
Herodes boy The fire dragon Favourite Herodes names
Herodoto boy The sacred talent Favourite Herodoto names
Hesiquio boy Tranquil Favourite Hesiquio names
Hesperia boy One who follows the star of the first ev.. Favourite Hesperia names
Hesperos boy Evening star Favourite Hesperos names
Hieremias boy God will uplift Favourite Hieremias names
Hiero boy HOLY Favourite Hiero names
Hieronymos boy Holy name Favourite Hieronymos names
Higinio boy He who has good health Favourite Higinio names
Hildebrand boy Battle sword Favourite Hildebrand names
Hillary boy CHEERFUL Favourite Hillary names
Hippolyte boy Horseman Favourite Hippolyte names
Hippolytus boy Freer of horses Favourite Hippolytus names
Hixinio boy Vigorous Favourite Hixinio names
Homar boy A form of Homer Favourite Homar names
Homer boy PROMISE Favourite Homer names
Horangel boy The messenger from the mountain Favourite Horangel names
Iakodos boy A form of Jacob Favourite Iakodos names
Iakovos boy Supplanter Favourite Iakovos names
Iaon boy A form of John Favourite Iaon names
Ignatios boy Fiery or ardent Favourite Ignatios names
Ilias boy A form of Elijah Favourite Ilias names
Illias boy JEHOVAH IS MY GOD Favourite Illias names
Ilyas boy A form of Elijah Favourite Ilyas names
Ioannes boy God is gracious Favourite Ioannes names
Ioannis boy A form of Ioan Favourite Ioannis names
Iorgos boy Farmer Favourite Iorgos names
Ireneo boy The lover of peace Favourite Ireneo names
Irineo boy The lover of peace Favourite Irineo names
Isaakios boy Laughter Favourite Isaakios names
Isacio boy Equality Favourite Isacio names
Isadorios boy Gift of Isis Favourite Isadorios names
Isidore boy Gift of Isis Favourite Isidore names
Isidoro boy A form of Isidore Favourite Isidoro names
Isidro boy A form of Isidore Favourite Isidro names
Isocrates boy He who can do as much as the next man Favourite Isocrates names
Jaison boy A form of Jason Favourite Jaison names
Janec boy A form of Jason Favourite Janec names
Jannes boy God is gracious Favourite Jannes names
Jase boy A short form of Jason Favourite Jase names
Jasen boy A form of Jason Favourite Jasen names
Jason boy HEALER Favourite Jason names
Jasson boy A form of Jason Favourite Jasson names
Jathan boy A form of Jason Favourite Jathan names
Jaysen boy A form of Jason Favourite Jaysen names
Jayson boy A form of Jason Favourite Jayson names
Jenofonte boy He who comes from another country and is.. Favourite Jenofonte names
Jeronimo boy A form of Jerome Favourite Jeronimo names
Jerry boy HOLY Favourite Jerry names
Joacheim boy God shall establish Favourite Joacheim names
Juliun boy COLORED HAIR Favourite Juliun names
Julius boy YOUTHFUL Favourite Julius names
Jullian boy A form of Julius Favourite Jullian names
Juno boy GODDESS OF MARRIAGE & CHILDBIRTH Favourite Juno names
Karan boy PURE Favourite Karan names
Karon boy A form of Karen Favourite Karon names
Karsten boy BLESSED, ANOINTED ONE Favourite Karsten names
Karter boy Anointed Favourite Karter names
Khristian boy A form of Christian Favourite Khristian names
Khristopher boy A form of Kristopher Favourite Khristopher names
Khristos boy A form of Christos Favourite Khristos names
KIefer boy A form of Keifer Favourite KIefer names
Kieffer boy A form of Keifer Favourite Kieffer names
Kimball boy Hollow vessel Favourite Kimball names
Kiril boy LORDLY ONE Favourite Kiril names
Kirios boy The supreme being Favourite Kirios names
Kit boy THE CHRIST-BEARER Favourite Kit names
Klemenis boy Merciful Favourite Klemenis names
Konstantinos boy A form of Constantine Favourite Konstantinos names
Korudon boy Helmeted one Favourite Korudon names
Kosmo boy A form of Cosmo Favourite Kosmo names
Kostas boy A short form of Konstantin Favourite Kostas names
Kozma boy DECORATION Favourite Kozma names
Kris boy A form of Chris Favourite Kris names
Krischnan boy CHRISTIAN Favourite Krischnan names
Kristian boy A form of Christian Favourite Kristian names
Kristo boy A short form of Khistopher Favourite Kristo names
Kristoff boy A form of Kristopher Favourite Kristoff names
Kristopher boy CHRISTBEARER Favourite Kristopher names
Kristos boy The anointed Favourite Kristos names
Krystopher boy A form of Christopher Favourite Krystopher names
Kyrios boy Sir Favourite Kyrios names
Kyros boy LEADER, MASTER Favourite Kyros names
Laertes boy The rock-picker Favourite Laertes names
Laurentios boy From Laurentum Favourite Laurentios names
Lazar boy A short form of Lazarus Favourite Lazar names
Lazarus boy A form of Eleazar. Bible: Lazarus was .. Favourite Lazarus names
Leander boy LION MAN Favourite Leander names
Leandros boy Lion man or brave as a lion Favourite Leandros names
Learco boy Judge of his village Favourite Learco names
Leiandros boy Lion man or brave as a lion Favourite Leiandros names
Leon boy Brave as a Lion Favourite Leon names
Leonidas boy ONE WHO IS BOLD AS A LION Favourite Leonidas names
Leontios boy Lion Favourite Leontios names
Leuco boy The luminous one Favourite Leuco names
Lex boy A WORD Favourite Lex names
Licas boy Wolf Favourite Licas names
Licerio boy Pertaining to light Favourite Licerio names
Licurgo boy He who frightens off wolves Favourite Licurgo names
Lidio boy Ancient Favourite Lidio names
Linus boy Flaxen haired Favourite Linus names
Lisias boy Liberator Favourite Lisias names
Loukas boy Bringer of light Favourite Loukas names
Lucais boy Bringer of light Favourite Lucais names
Lucian boy Bringer of light Favourite Lucian names
Lukas boy Bringer of light Favourite Lukas names
Lukianos boy Bringer of light Favourite Lukianos names
Lukus boy A form of Luke Favourite Lukus names
Lykaios boy WOLFISH, OF A WOLF, WOLF-LIKE Favourite Lykaios names
Lyric boy MELODIC WORD Favourite Lyric names
Lysander boy LIBERATOR, EMANCIPATION Favourite Lysander names
Lysandra boy LIBERATOR, EMANCIPATION Favourite Lysandra names
Macedonio boy He who triumphs and grows in stature Favourite Macedonio names
Macharios boy Blessed Favourite Macharios names
Macrobio boy He who enjoys a long life Favourite Macrobio names
Mahail boy Who is like God Favourite Mahail names
Maichail boy Who is like God Favourite Maichail names
Makarios boy Happy; blessed Favourite Makarios names
Makis boy A form of Michael Favourite Makis names
Marinos boy Of the sea or sailor Favourite Marinos names
Markos boy Warlike Favourite Markos names
Marlas boy HIGH TOWER Favourite Marlas names
Martir boy He who gives a testament of faith Favourite Martir names
Mateo boy DEVOTED TO GOD Favourite Mateo names
Matthaios boy Gift from God Favourite Matthaios names
Matthias boy GOD/S GIFT Favourite Matthias names
Maximos boy GREATEST Favourite Maximos names
Maximus boy GREATEST Favourite Maximus names
Melancton boy BLACK FLOWER Favourite Melancton names
Melanio boy Having black skin Favourite Melanio names
Melanion boy COLOR Favourite Melanion names
Melecio boy Careful and attentive Favourite Melecio names
Melibeo boy He who takes care of the mentally handic.. Favourite Melibeo names
Meliso boy Bee Favourite Meliso names
Melito boy Sugary sweet; pleasant Favourite Melito names
Meliton boy From the island of Malta Favourite Meliton names
Menandro boy He who remains a man Favourite Menandro names
Menas boy Related to the months Favourite Menas names
Menelao boy He who goes to the village to fight Favourite Menelao names
Mentor boy The teacher Favourite Mentor names
Metrofanes boy He who resembles his mother Favourite Metrofanes names
Mette boy Pearl Favourite Mette names
Midas boy The fleeting and admirable business Favourite Midas names
Mihail boy A form of Mikhail Favourite Mihail names
Mikhail boy Who is like God Favourite Mikhail names
Mikhalis boy Who is like God Favourite Mikhalis names
Mikhos boy Who is like God Favourite Mikhos names
Mikolas boy A form of Nicholas Favourite Mikolas names
Miles boy Millstone Favourite Miles names
Milos boy Favor Favourite Milos names
Minervino boy A form of Minervo Favourite Minervino names
Minervo boy Power; young Favourite Minervo names
Mitsos boy A familiar form of Demetrius Favourite Mitsos names
Morey boy A familiar form of Moris Favourite Morey names
Morfeo boy He who makes you see beautiful figures Favourite Morfeo names
Moris boy Son of the dark one Favourite Moris names
Morpheus boy GOD OF DREAMS Favourite Morpheus names
Myles boy INVENTOR OF THE CORN MILL Favourite Myles names
Myron boy SWEET OIL Favourite Myron names
Nannos boy God is gracious Favourite Nannos names
Napoleon boy LION OF THE WOODS; FROM THE CITY OF NAPLES Favourite Napoleon names
Narcissus boy SELF-LOVE Favourite Narcissus names
Neandro boy Young and manly Favourite Neandro names
Nebrido boy Graceful like the fawn Favourite Nebrido names
Nectario boy He who sweetens life with nectar Favourite Nectario names
Nectarios boy Nectar Favourite Nectarios names
Nemo boy Glen Favourite Nemo names
Neo boy New Favourite Neo names
Neofito boy He who began recently Favourite Neofito names
Neon boy He who is strong Favourite Neon names
Nereo boy He who is the captain at sea Favourite Nereo names
Nerio boy Sea traveler Favourite Nerio names
Nestor boy TRAVELER, WISDOM Favourite Nestor names
Nestorio boy A form of Nestor Favourite Nestorio names
Nicandro boy He who is victorious among men Favourite Nicandro names
Nicasio boy The victorious one Favourite Nicasio names
Nicco boy A short form of Nicholas Favourite Nicco names
Nicetas boy Victorious Favourite Nicetas names
Niceto boy Victorious Favourite Niceto names
Nichalas boy A form of Nicholas Favourite Nichalas names
Nicholas boy VICTORIOUS PEOPLE Favourite Nicholas names
Nicholaus boy A form of Nicholas Favourite Nicholaus names
Nicholos boy A form of Nicholas Favourite Nicholos names
Nick boy VICTORIOUS PEOPLE Favourite Nick names
Nickalaus boy A form of Nicholas Favourite Nickalaus names
Nicklaus boy A form of Nicholas Favourite Nicklaus names
Nickolas boy A form of Nicholas Favourite Nickolas names
Nickolis boy A form of Nicholas Favourite Nickolis names
Nickolus boy A form of Nicholas Favourite Nickolus names
Nicky boy A familiar form of Nicholas Favourite Nicky names
Nico boy A short form of Nicholas Favourite Nico names
Nicodemo boy A form of Nicodemus Favourite Nicodemo names
Nicodemus boy VICTORY OF THE PEOPLE Favourite Nicodemus names
Nicomedes boy He who prepares the victories Favourite Nicomedes names
Nike boy VICTORIOUS Favourite Nike names
Nikkos boy VICTORIOUS PEOPLE Favourite Nikkos names
Nikola boy A short form of Nicholas Favourite Nikola names
Nikolaos boy Derived from the Favourite Nikolaos names
Nikolas boy A form of Nicholas Favourite Nikolas names
Nikolaus boy A form of Nicholas Favourite Nikolaus names
Nikolos boy Victory of the people Favourite Nikolos names
Nikos boy Victory of the people Favourite Nikos names
Nilos boy Victory of the people Favourite Nilos names
Nox boy GODDESS OF THE NIGHT Favourite Nox names
Obelix boy PILLAR OF STRENGTH Favourite Obelix names
Oceanus boy Mythology: a Titam who rules over the ou.. Favourite Oceanus names
Odell boy ode, melody Favourite Odell names
Odysseus boy FULL OF WRATH Favourite Odysseus names
Olimpio boy Mount Olympus Favourite Olimpio names
Olimpo boy Sky Favourite Olimpo names
Ollie boy FROM THE NAME OLIVE Favourite Ollie names
Orangel boy The messenger from the mountain Favourite Orangel names
Orencio boy Examining judge Favourite Orencio names
Oreste boy Mountain Favourite Oreste names
Orestes boy MOUNTAIN MAN Favourite Orestes names
Orfeo boy He who has a good voice Favourite Orfeo names
Orion boy Unknown Favourite Orion names
Orosco boy He who lives in the mountains Favourite Orosco names
Orpheus boy Mythology: a fabulous musician Favourite Orpheus names
Orrin boy MOUNTAIN Favourite Orrin names
Osias boy SALVATION Favourite Osias names
Othello boy PROSPEROUS Favourite Othello names
Otis boy Keen of hearing Favourite Otis names
Pacomio boy He who is robust Favourite Pacomio names
Pafnucio boy Rich in merits Favourite Pafnucio names
Pallas boy UNDERSTANDING Favourite Pallas names
Panayiotis boy A form of Peter Favourite Panayiotis names
Pancracio boy All powerful Favourite Pancracio names
Panfilo boy Friend of all Favourite Panfilo names
Panos boy A ROCK Favourite Panos names
Panteno boy He who is worthy of all ptaise Favourite Panteno names
Panthea boy OF ALL THE GODS Favourite Panthea names
Papias boy The venerable father Favourite Papias names
Paris boy Lover Favourite Paris names
Parmenio boy He who is a constant presence Favourite Parmenio names
Parodio boy He who imitates the singing Favourite Parodio names
Parrish boy NEIGHBORHOOD Favourite Parrish names
Partemio boy Having a pure and virginal appearance Favourite Partemio names
Parthenios boy Of or like a virgin Favourite Parthenios names
Pasha boy TO PASS OVER, BORN ON EASTER Favourite Pasha names
Pasicrates boy He who dominates everyone Favourite Pasicrates names
Pat boy OF NOBLE DESCENT Favourite Pat names
Paterio boy He who was born in Pateria Favourite Paterio names
Paulos boy Small Favourite Paulos names
Pausidio boy deliberate, calm man Favourite Pausidio names
Pavlos boy Small Favourite Pavlos names
Pax boy PEACE Favourite Pax names
Peder boy STONE Favourite Peder names
Pegaso boy Born next to the fountain Favourite Pegaso names
Pelagio boy Excellent sailor Favourite Pelagio names
Pelayo boy Excellent sailor Favourite Pelayo names
Pello boy STONE Favourite Pello names
Pelope boy Having a brown complexion Favourite Pelope names
Pepin boy Determined; petitioner Favourite Pepin names
Perben boy Stone Favourite Perben names
Periandro boy Worries about men Favourite Periandro names
Pericles boy A politician in Athens during its Golden.. Favourite Pericles names
Perseo boy The destroyer Favourite Perseo names
Pete boy ROCK Favourite Pete names
Peter boy Small Rock Favourite Peter names
Petros boy Rock Favourite Petros names
Phil boy LOVER OF HORSES Favourite Phil names
Philander boy LOVER OF MANKIND Favourite Philander names
Philart boy Lover of virtue Favourite Philart names
Philemon boy Kiss Favourite Philemon names
Philip boy HORSE LOVER Favourite Philip names
Philippos boy Lover of horses Favourite Philippos names
Phillip boy LOVER OF HORSES Favourite Phillip names
Phillipa boy LOVER OF HORSES Favourite Phillipa names
Phillipos boy A form of Philip Favourite Phillipos names
Philo boy Love Favourite Philo names
Phoenix boy MYSTICAL BIRD, PURPLE Favourite Phoenix names
Pinito boy Inspired; very wise Favourite Pinito names
Pirro boy RED-HAIRED Favourite Pirro names
Plato boy STRONG SHOULDERS Favourite Plato names
Platon boy BROAD-SHOULDERED Favourite Platon names
Plauto boy He who has flat feet Favourite Plauto names
Plotino boy He who has flat feet Favourite Plotino names
Plubio boy Man of the sea Favourite Plubio names
Plutarco boy Rich prince Favourite Plutarco names
Poliano boy He who suffers Favourite Poliano names
Policardo boy He who produces abundant fruit Favourite Policardo names
Policeto boy He who caused much sorrow Favourite Policeto names
Polidoro boy Having virtues Favourite Polidoro names
Poliecto boy He who is very desired Favourite Poliecto names
Polifemo boy He who is spoken about a lot Favourite Polifemo names
Pollux boy Crown. Astronomy: one of the stars in th.. Favourite Pollux names
Polo boy A short form of Apollo. History: Marco.. Favourite Polo names
Pompeo boy A form of Pompeyo Favourite Pompeo names
Pompeyo boy He who heads the procession Favourite Pompeyo names
Poncio boy Having come from the sea Favourite Poncio names
Porfirio boy Purple stone Favourite Porfirio names
Poseidon boy The owner of the waters Favourite Poseidon names
Posidio boy He who devoted to Poseidon Favourite Posidio names
Pragnacio boy He who is skillful and practical in busi.. Favourite Pragnacio names
Priamo boy The rescued one Favourite Priamo names
Procopio boy He who progresses Favourite Procopio names
Procoro boy He who prospers Favourite Procoro names
Prokopios boy Declared leader Favourite Prokopios names
Promaco boy He who prepares for battle Favourite Promaco names
Prometeo boy He who resembles God Favourite Prometeo names
Protasio boy Preferred one Favourite Protasio names
Proteo boy Lord of the waves of the sea Favourite Proteo names
Proterio boy He who precedes all the rest Favourite Proterio names
Proto boy He who precedes all the rest Favourite Proto names
Pyralis boy OF FIRE Favourite Pyralis names
Quant boy MEANS HOW MUCH Favourite Quant names
Rasmus boy A form of Erasmus Favourite Rasmus names
Remo boy The strong one Favourite Remo names
Rhodes boy Where roses frow Favourite Rhodes names
Rode boy Pink Favourite Rode names
Romanos boy A Roman Favourite Romanos names
Rouvin boy Behold a son Favourite Rouvin names
Sabastian boy A form of Sebastian Favourite Sabastian names
Salus boy GODDESS OF HEALTH Favourite Salus names
Samouel boy His name is God Favourite Samouel names
Sanders boy HELPER OF MANKIND Favourite Sanders names
Santos boy SAINT Favourite Santos names
Saulo boy He who is tender and delicate Favourite Saulo names
Sebastian boy Venerable Favourite Sebastian names
Sebastion boy A form of Sebastian Favourite Sebastion names
Semaj boy A form of Simon Favourite Semaj names
Semon boy A form of Simon Favourite Semon names
Seraphim boy To burn Favourite Seraphim names
Sergio boy Attendant Favourite Sergio names
Silas boy Asked for Favourite Silas names
Silvanos boy Forest dweller Favourite Silvanos names
Sinesio boy The intelligent one Favourite Sinesio names
Sinforoso boy He who is full of misfortune Favourite Sinforoso names
Sirius boy SPARKLING, SCORCHING Favourite Sirius names
Sixto boy The courteous one Favourite Sixto names
Socrates boy ANCIENT PHILOSOPHER Favourite Socrates names
Sofanor boy The wise man Favourite Sofanor names
Sofronio boy SELF-CONTROLLED Favourite Sofronio names
Solaris boy OF THE SUN Favourite Solaris names
Solon boy Wise. History: a noted ancient Athenian .. Favourite Solon names
Soterios boy SAVIOUR Favourite Soterios names
Spiridon boy A round basket Favourite Spiridon names
Spiro boy SPIRAL Favourite Spiro names
Spyridon boy ROUND BASKET Favourite Spyridon names
Spyros boy A form of Spiro Favourite Spyros names
Stamos boy A form of Stephen Favourite Stamos names
Stanislaus boy Stand of glory Favourite Stanislaus names
Stavros boy CROWNED WITH WREATH Favourite Stavros names
Steeve boy A short form of Steeven Favourite Steeve names
Steeven boy A form of Steven Favourite Steeven names
Stefanos boy A form of Stephen Favourite Stefanos names
Stephan boy CROWNED ONE Favourite Stephan names
Stephaun boy A form of Stephen Favourite Stephaun names
Stephen boy CROWN Favourite Stephen names
Stephenos boy Garland that surrounds Favourite Stephenos names
Stephon boy A form of Stephen Favourite Stephon names
Steve boy FROM THE NAME STEVE Favourite Steve names
Steven boy CROWNED ONE Favourite Steven names
Stevin boy A form of Stephen Favourite Stevin names
Stevon boy A form of Stephen Favourite Stevon names
Strephon boy One who turns Favourite Strephon names
Strom boy bed, mattress Favourite Strom names
Symeon boy Heard Favourite Symeon names
Symon boy A form of Simon Favourite Symon names
Taddeus boy A form of Thaddeus Favourite Taddeus names
Takis boy A familiar form of Peter Favourite Takis names
Talos boy GIANT PROTECTOR OF MINOS ISLAND Favourite Talos names
Tanek boy Immortal Favourite Tanek names
Tannis boy HIDE TANNER Favourite Tannis names
Tarasios boy OF TARENTUM Favourite Tarasios names
Tassos boy HARVESTER Favourite Tassos names
Telemachus boy DISTANT FIGHTER Favourite Telemachus names
Telesforo boy Man from the country side Favourite Telesforo names
Telly boy WISE, BEST Favourite Telly names
Teodosio boy A form of Theodore Favourite Teodosio names
Teon boy A form of Teona Favourite Teon names
Tercio boy The third child Favourite Tercio names
Terez boy A form of Teresa Favourite Terez names
Tertius boy THE THIRD Favourite Tertius names
Tertulio boy The third child Favourite Tertulio names
Teseo boy The founder Favourite Teseo names
Thad boy PRAISE Favourite Thad names
Thaddeus boy PRAISE Favourite Thaddeus names
Thadeus boy FORM OF THADDEU Favourite Thadeus names
Thady boy PRAISE Favourite Thady names
Thalmus boy Flowering Favourite Thalmus names
Thanasis boy Immortal Favourite Thanasis names
Thanos boy NOBLE Favourite Thanos names
Theo boy DIVINE GIFT Favourite Theo names
Theodore boy GIFT OF GOD Favourite Theodore names
Theodosios boy Gift of God Favourite Theodosios names
Theophilus boy BELOVED OF GOD Favourite Theophilus names
Theron boy HUNTER Favourite Theron names
Theros boy Summer Favourite Theros names
Thom boy A TWIN Favourite Thom names
Thomas boy TWIN Favourite Thomas names
Tibalt boy PEOPLE/S PRINCE Favourite Tibalt names
Tim boy TO HONOR GOD Favourite Tim names
Timeus boy PERFECT Favourite Timeus names
Timmie boy A familiar form of Timothy Favourite Timmie names
Timmothy boy A form of Timothy Favourite Timmothy names
Timmy boy A familiar form of Timothy Favourite Timmy names
Timoleon boy I HONOR WHAT I SAY Favourite Timoleon names
Timon boy WORTHY Favourite Timon names
Timoteu boy A form of Timothy Favourite Timoteu names
Timothe boy A form of Timothy Favourite Timothe names
Timothee boy A form of Timothy Favourite Timothee names
Timotheos boy One who honors God Favourite Timotheos names
Timothy boy HONORING GOD Favourite Timothy names
Tirrell boy A form of Terrell Favourite Tirrell names
Tirso boy Crowned with fig leaves Favourite Tirso names
Titos boy To honor Favourite Titos names
Titus boy OF THE GIANTS Favourite Titus names
Tolomeo boy Powerful in battle Favourite Tolomeo names
Tom boy A TWIN Favourite Tom names
Toni boy A form of Tony Favourite Toni names
Tony boy Flourishing Favourite Tony names
Topher boy A short form of Christopher Favourite Topher names
Toribio boy He who makes bows Favourite Toribio names
Tymon boy HONORING GOD Favourite Tymon names
Tyrone boy KING Favourite Tyrone names
Urian boy FROM HEAVEN Favourite Urian names
Urias boy Light of the Lord Favourite Urias names
Vasileios boy King Favourite Vasileios names
Vasilios boy WITH ROYAL BLOOD, REGAL Favourite Vasilios names
Vasilis boy KINGLY Favourite Vasilis names
Venedictos boy A form of Benedict Favourite Venedictos names
Vernados boy COURAGE OF A BEAR Favourite Vernados names
Vernandos boy Strong as a bear Favourite Vernandos names
Verniamin boy Son of the right hand Favourite Verniamin names
Vitalis boy LIFE Favourite Vitalis names
Xacinto boy The hyacinth flower Favourite Xacinto names
Xan boy A short form of Alexander Favourite Xan names
Xander boy FROM ALEXANDE Favourite Xander names
Xanthus boy YELLOW Favourite Xanthus names
Xanto boy BLOND HAIRED Favourite Xanto names
Xenon boy STRANGER Favourite Xenon names
Xenophon boy STRANGE VOICE Favourite Xenophon names
Xenos boy STRANGER Favourite Xenos names
Xenxo boy Protector of the family Favourite Xenxo names
Xerome boy Saintly name Favourite Xerome names
Xes boy Saintly name Favourite Xes names
Xil boy Young goat Favourite Xil names
Xorxe boy Tiller of the soil Favourite Xorxe names
Xurxo boy Tiller of the soil Favourite Xurxo names
Xylon boy FOREST Favourite Xylon names
Yanni boy FORM OF JOHN Favourite Yanni names
Yoni boy A form of Yanni Favourite Yoni names
Yorgos boy A form of George Favourite Yorgos names
Ysidro boy A short form of Isidore Favourite Ysidro names
Zaccheus boy INNOCENT Favourite Zaccheus names
Zachaios boy Remember the Lord Favourite Zachaios names
Zacheus boy Remember the Lord Favourite Zacheus names
Zale boy SEA-STRENGTH Favourite Zale names
Zander boy FROM ALEXANDE Favourite Zander names
Zarek boy MAY GOD PROTECT THE KING Favourite Zarek names
Zefirino boy WIND OF SPRING Favourite Zefirino names
Zenas boy GENEROUS Favourite Zenas names
Zeno boy OF ZEUS Favourite Zeno names
Zenobio boy STRENGTH OF JUPITER Favourite Zenobio names
Zenon boy He who lives Favourite Zenon names
Zenos boy GIFT OF ZEUS Favourite Zenos names
Zephyr boy WIND Favourite Zephyr names
Zero boy SEEDS Favourite Zero names
Zeth boy INVESTIGATOR, RESEARCHER Favourite Zeth names
Zeus boy POWERFUL ONE Favourite Zeus names
Zoello boy SON OF ZOE Favourite Zoello names
Zoilo boy LIVELY Favourite Zoilo names
Zorba boy LIVE EACH DAY Favourite Zorba names
Zosimo boy LIVELY Favourite Zosimo names
Zosimus boy Full of life Favourite Zosimus names
Zotico boy LIVELY Favourite Zotico names
Zotikos boy saintly, hole Favourite Zotikos names