Gujrati Baby Names With Meaning

A Name is a simple a word which used to identify rest of the life of child so this is the first gift from the parents or relatives to the baby.therefore it needed a great care when we put their baby name which should be listen to good and beautiful meaning.To Keep all of that things in Mind we have great and nice collection range of baby names with meaning where your search will be finished for the suitable baby names. here is great range of Gujrati Baby names with meaning where you choose your favourite Gujrati Baby Names.
Gujrati Baby Names
Name Gender Meaning
Aabha aabha girl Glow; Shine; Lustrous Beauty Favourite Aabha names
Aabheer boy A Cow Herd Favourite Aabheer names
Aachman boy Intake Of A Sip Of Water Before A Yagya Or Puja Favourite Aachman names
Aadarsh boy Ideal Favourite Aadarsh names
Aadarshini aadarshini girl Idealistic Favourite Aadarshini names
Aadesh boy Message; Order; Command Favourite Aadesh names
Aadhira boy Moon Favourite Aadhira names
Aadi boy Important; First Favourite Aadi names
Aadidev boy The First God Favourite Aadidev names
Aadinath boy The First God Favourite Aadinath names
Aadit boy Peak Favourite Aadit names
Aaditeya boy Son Of Aditi Favourite Aaditeya names
Aaditya boy The Sun Favourite Aaditya names
Aagam boy Coming, Arrival Favourite Aagam names
Aagney boy Son Of Fire Favourite Aagney names
Aahan boy One who is of the nature of time itself Favourite Aahan names
Aahlaad boy Delight Favourite Aahlaad names
Aahva boy Beloved Favourite Aahva names
Aakar boy Shape Favourite Aakar names
Aakarshan boy Attraction Favourite Aakarshan names
Aakash boy The sky; Vast like the sky Favourite Aakash names
Aalap boy Musical Favourite Aalap names
Aalok boy Light Favourite Aalok names
Aamani aamani girl Spring Season; Vasant Ritu Favourite Aamani names
Aamod boy Pleasure Favourite Aamod names
Aanand boy Joy Favourite Aanand names
Aanandswarup boy Full Of Joy Favourite Aanandswarup names
Aanchal aanchal girl Protective Shelter; The decorative end of a Sari Favourite Aanchal names
Aandaleeb boy The Bulbul Bird Favourite Aandaleeb names
Aanjaneya boy Son Of Anjani Favourite Aanjaneya names
Aapt boy Trustworthy Favourite Aapt names
Aaradhak boy Worshipper Favourite Aaradhak names
Aarav boy Peaceful Favourite Aarav names
Aarti aarti girl Towards the highest love for god; Form of worship; Divine fire in ritual Favourite Aarti names
Aarush boy Rays Of Sun Favourite Aarush names
Aarya aarya girl Goddess Parvati; Goddess Durga Favourite Aarya names
Aaryan boy Illustrious; Noble; Spiritual Favourite Aaryan names
Aarzoo aarzoo girl Wish Favourite Aarzoo names
Aashish boy Blessing Favourite Aashish names
Aashman boy Son of the sun Favourite Aashman names
Aastha aastha girl Faith; trust Favourite Aastha names
Aatish boy Name Of Ganesh Favourite Aatish names
Aatreya boy Name Of A Sage Favourite Aatreya names
Aayu boy Span Of Life Favourite Aayu names
Aayush boy Love Favourite Aayush names
Aayushman boy With Long Life Favourite Aayushman names
Aberassithan boy Unbeatable ; God Favourite Aberassithan names
Abhay boy Fearless Favourite Abhay names
Abhayananda boy Delighting In Fearless Favourite Abhayananda names
Abhayaprada boy Bestower Of Safety, Another Name For Vishnu Favourite Abhayaprada names
Abheek boy Fearless Favourite Abheek names
Abhi boy Fearless Favourite Abhi names
Abhibhava boy Overpowering, Powerful, Victorious Favourite Abhibhava names
Abhicandra boy With A Moon Like Face, One Of The Seven Manus Of The Svetambara Jain Sect Favourite Abhicandra names
Abhidharm boy Highest Dharma Favourite Abhidharm names
Abhidi boy Radiant Favourite Abhidi names
Abhigyaan boy Source Of Knowledge Favourite Abhigyaan names
Abhihita boy Expression, Word, Name Favourite Abhihita names
Abhijat boy Noble, Wise Favourite Abhijat names
Abhijay boy Victorious Favourite Abhijay names
Abhijeet boy Victorious; One who has been/has conquered Favourite Abhijeet names
Abhijvala boy Blazing Forth Favourite Abhijvala names
Abhik boy Beloved Favourite Abhik names
Abhilash boy Wish; Desire Favourite Abhilash names
Abhilasha abhilasha girl Wish; desire Favourite Abhilasha names
Abhimand boy Gladdening Favourite Abhimand names
Abhimani boy Full Of Pride, Another Name For Agni As The Eldest Son Of Brahma Favourite Abhimani names
Abhimanyusuta boy Son Or Abhimanyu Favourite Abhimanyusuta names
Abhimoda boy Joy, Delight Favourite Abhimoda names
Abhinabhas boy Renowned, Famous Favourite Abhinabhas names
Abhinanda boy To Rejoice, To Celebrate, To Praise, To Bless, Delight Favourite Abhinanda names
Abhinandan boy Congratulation Favourite Abhinandan names
Abhinandana boy Felicitous, Delighting, Welcoming Favourite Abhinandana names
Abhinatha boy Lord Of Desires, Another Name For Kama Favourite Abhinatha names
Abhinav boy An act; Quite New; Brand New Favourite Abhinav names
Abhinava boy New, Young, Fresh, Modern, A Sakta Notable For His Great Leaning And Spiritual Attainment Favourite Abhinava names
Abhinivesh boy Desire Favourite Abhinivesh names
Abhiraj boy Fearless King Favourite Abhiraj names
Abhiram boy Pleasing Favourite Abhiram names
Abhirath boy Great Charioteer Favourite Abhirath names
Abhirup boy Pleasing Favourite Abhirup names
Abhisar boy Companion Favourite Abhisar names
Abhishek boy Ritual; An auspicious bath for a deity Favourite Abhishek names
Abhisoka boy Passionate, Loving Favourite Abhisoka names
Abhisumat boy Radiant, Another Name Of Sun Favourite Abhisumat names
Abhisyanta boy Splendid, A Son Of Kuru And Vahini Favourite Abhisyanta names
Abhivadan boy Greeting Favourite Abhivadan names
Abhivanth boy Royal Salute Favourite Abhivanth names
Abhivira boy Surrounded By Heroes, A Commander Favourite Abhivira names
Abhra boy Cloud Favourite Abhra names
Abhrakasin boy With Clouds For Shelter, An Ascetic Favourite Abhrakasin names
Abhyagni boy Towards The Fire, A Son Of Aitasa Favourite Abhyagni names
Abhyudaya boy Sunrise, Elevation, Increase, Prosperity Favourite Abhyudaya names
Abhyudita boy Elevated, Risen, Prosperous Favourite Abhyudita names
Abimanyu boy The son of Arjuna Favourite Abimanyu names
Abjayoni boy Born Of The Lotus, Another Name For Brahma Favourite Abjayoni names
Abjit boy Conquering Water Favourite Abjit names
Acalapati boy Lord Of The Immovable, Lord Of Mountain Favourite Acalapati names
Acalendra boy Lord Of The Immovable, The Himalayas Favourite Acalendra names
Acalesvara boy God Of The Immovable, Another Name For Shiva Favourite Acalesvara names
Acanda boy Not Of The Hot Temper, Without Anger, Gentle Favourite Acanda names
Acarya boy Teacher, Another Name For Drona, Asvaghosa And Krpa Favourite Acarya names
Acaryanandana boy Son Of The Teacher, Another Name For Asvatthaman Favourite Acaryanandana names
Acaryasuta boy Son Of The Teacher, Another Name For Asvatthaman Favourite Acaryasuta names
Acaryatanaya boy Son Of The Teacher, Another Name For Asvatthaman Favourite Acaryatanaya names
Acchindra boy Flawless, Uninterrupted, Perfect Favourite Acchindra names
Achal boy Constant Favourite Achal names
Achalendra boy The Himalayas Favourite Achalendra names
Achalraj boy Himalayan Mountain Favourite Achalraj names
Achintya boy Beyond Comprehension Favourite Achintya names
Achyut boy Imperishable; A Name Of Vishnu Favourite Achyut names
Achyuta boy Indestructible Favourite Achyuta names
Achyuthan boy Indestructible Favourite Achyuthan names
Acintya boy Surpassing Thought, Incogitable Favourite Acintya names
Acyutaraya boy Worshipper Of The Infallible, A Devotee Of Vishnu Favourite Acyutaraya names
Adalarasu boy King Of Dance Favourite Adalarasu names
Adarsh boy Ideal Favourite Adarsh names
Adeep boy The Light Of Vishnu Favourite Adeep names
Adesh boy Command Favourite Adesh names
Adheer boy Restless Favourite Adheer names
Adheesh boy King Favourite Adheesh names
Adhik boy Greater Favourite Adhik names
Adhikara boy Principal, Controller Favourite Adhikara names
Adhip boy King Favourite Adhip names
Adhipa boy King, Ruler Favourite Adhipa names
Adhiraj boy King Favourite Adhiraj names
Adhita boy A Scholar Favourite Adhita names
Adi boy Ornament; Adornment Favourite Adi names
Adikavi boy First Poet Favourite Adikavi names
Adinath boy The First Lord; Lord Vishnu Favourite Adinath names
Adipurush boy Primordial Being. Favourite Adipurush names
Adisesh boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Adisesh names
Adit boy From The Beginning Favourite Adit names
Aditeya boy Another Name For The Sun Favourite Aditeya names
Aditi aditi girl Mother of the Gods Favourite Aditi names
Aditya boy Sun Favourite Aditya names
Adityanandana boy Son Of The Sun Favourite Adityanandana names
Adityavardhana boy Augmented By Glory Favourite Adityavardhana names
Adripathi boy Master Of The Mountains Favourite Adripathi names
Advait boy Unique Favourite Advait names
Advay boy Unique Favourite Advay names
Advaya boy One; United Favourite Advaya names
Advik boy Unique Favourite Advik names
Adwaita boy Non Duality Favourite Adwaita names
Adway boy One; United Favourite Adway names
Adwaya boy Unique Favourite Adwaya names
Adya adya girl First; unparalleled Favourite Adya names
Agamiya boy The Karma We Perform In This Birth Favourite Agamiya names
Agasti boy Name Of A Sage Favourite Agasti names
Agastya boy Name Of A Sage Favourite Agastya names
Agendra boy King Of Mountains Favourite Agendra names
Agha boy Pre Eminent Favourite Agha names
Agharna boy The Moon Favourite Agharna names
Aghat boy Destroyer Of Sin Favourite Aghat names
Aghosh boy Quiet, Soundless Favourite Aghosh names
Agneya boy Son Of Agni Favourite Agneya names
Agnikumara boy Son Of Agni Favourite Agnikumara names
Agnimitra boy Friend Of Fire Favourite Agnimitra names
Agniprava boy Bright As The Fire Favourite Agniprava names
Agnivesh boy Bright As The Fire Favourite Agnivesh names
Agraj boy Leader, Senior Favourite Agraj names
Agrim boy Leader; First Favourite Agrim names
Agriya boy First Best Favourite Agriya names
Agyeya boy Unknown Favourite Agyeya names
Ahan boy One who is of the nature of time itself Favourite Ahan names
Ahijit boy Conquerer Of The Serpent Favourite Ahijit names
Ahilan boy Knowledgeable, Commanding Favourite Ahilan names
Ahsan boy Mercy Favourite Ahsan names
Aiesha aiesha girl Alive Favourite Aiesha names
Aijaz boy Favour Favourite Aijaz names
Aiman boy Fearless Favourite Aiman names
Airawat boy The Celestial White Elephant Favourite Airawat names
Aishwarya aishwarya girl Wealth; Prosperity Favourite Aishwarya names
Aiswarya aiswarya girl Wealth; Prosperity Favourite Aiswarya names
Aiyappan boy Of Vishnu and Shiva, Ayya meaning Vishnu and Appa meaning Shiva Favourite Aiyappan names
Ajamil boy A Mythological King Favourite Ajamil names
Ajat boy Unborn Favourite Ajat names
Ajatashatru boy Without Enemies Favourite Ajatashatru names
Ajatshatru boy Who Has No Enemies Favourite Ajatshatru names
Ajay boy Unconquered; Invincible Favourite Ajay names
Ajinkya boy Invincible Favourite Ajinkya names
Ajit boy Victorious; Invincible; Unconquerable Favourite Ajit names
Ajit; Ajeet boy Victorious; Invincible; Unconquerable Favourite Ajit; Ajeet names
Ajitabh boy One Who Has Conquered The Sky Favourite Ajitabh names
Ajitesh boy Vishnu Favourite Ajitesh names
Ajmal boy Pious Favourite Ajmal names
Ajoy boy Joyful Favourite Ajoy names
Akalmash boy Stainless Favourite Akalmash names
Akalpa boy Ornament Favourite Akalpa names
Akand boy Calm Favourite Akand names
Akarsh boy Attractive Favourite Akarsh names
Akash boy Sky Favourite Akash names
Akhil boy Complete; Entire; Earth; World Favourite Akhil names
Akhila akhila girl Total; Complete Favourite Akhila names
Akhilesh boy Lord & Master; Lord of the universe; Indestructible; Immortal Favourite Akhilesh names
Akhileshwar boy Supreme Being Favourite Akhileshwar names
Akhurath boy One who has Mouse as His Charioteer Favourite Akhurath names
Akil boy The wanderer; Intelligent; Thoughtful; One who uses reason Favourite Akil names
Akroor boy Kind Favourite Akroor names
Akshahantrey boy Slayer of Aksha Favourite Akshahantrey names
Akshaj boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Akshaj names
Akshan boy Eye Favourite Akshan names
Akshansh boy Universe Favourite Akshansh names
Akshar boy Imperishable Favourite Akshar names
Akshara akshara girl Letter Favourite Akshara names
Akshat boy Uninjurable Favourite Akshat names
Akshath boy Indestructible Favourite Akshath names
Akshay boy Immortal; Everlasting; Indestructible Favourite Akshay names
Akshayaguna boy Of Limitless Attributes. A Name For Lord Shiva Favourite Akshayaguna names
Akshaykeerti boy Eternal Fame Favourite Akshaykeerti names
Akshit boy Permanent Favourite Akshit names
Akshobhya boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Akshobhya names
Akshya boy Lmmortal; God Favourite Akshya names
Akul boy A Name Of Lord Shiva Favourite Akul names
Alagan boy Handsome Favourite Alagan names
Alagarasu boy Handsome King, King Of Beauty Favourite Alagarasu names
Alaka alaka girl Lock of curly hair; a girl with a lovely hair Favourite Alaka names
Alamgir boy The Lord Of The Whole World Favourite Alamgir names
Alampata boy Ever Eternal Lord Favourite Alampata names
Alankar boy Gold, Ornament Favourite Alankar names
Alhad boy Joy Favourite Alhad names
Alisha alisha girl Protected by God Favourite Alisha names
Alka alka girl Lock of curly hair; A girl with a lovely hair; Beauty Favourite Alka names
Alok boy Brightness; Light; Cry of victory; A man with lovely hair Favourite Alok names
Aloke boy Light Favourite Aloke names
Aloki aloki girl Brightness; Lustrous Favourite Aloki names
Alop boy That Which Does Not Disappear Favourite Alop names
Alpa alpa girl Little; Small Favourite Alpa names
Alpana alpana girl A decorative design; Beautiful Favourite Alpana names
Alpesh boy Tiny Favourite Alpesh names
Amalendu boy The Unblemished Moon Favourite Amalendu names
Amalesh boy The Pure One Favourite Amalesh names
Aman boy Peace; The one who is peaceful Favourite Aman names
Amanath boy Treasure Favourite Amanath names
Amanda boy Active Favourite Amanda names
Amar boy Immortal; Everlasting Favourite Amar names
Amardeep boy Eternal Light Favourite Amardeep names
Amaresh boy Name Of Indra Favourite Amaresh names
Amaris boy Child Of The Moon Favourite Amaris names
Amarnath boy Immortal God Favourite Amarnath names
Amartya boy Immortal, Amber Of The Sky Favourite Amartya names
Amba amba girl Goddess Durga Favourite Amba names
Ambar boy Sky Favourite Ambar names
Ambarish boy Lord Shiva; Vishnu; The King of the sky Favourite Ambarish names
Ambika ambika girl Goddess Durga; Goddess Parvati Favourite Ambika names
Ambikapathi boy Lord Of Siva Favourite Ambikapathi names
Ambud boy Cloud Favourite Ambud names
Ambuj boy Lotus Favourite Ambuj names
Ameya boy Boundless, Magnanimous Favourite Ameya names
Ameyatma boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Ameyatma names
Amil boy Invaluable Favourite Amil names
Amir boy Rich Favourite Amir names
Amish boy Pure; Honest Favourite Amish names
Amisha amisha girl Beautiful Favourite Amisha names
Amishi amishi girl Pure Favourite Amishi names
Amit boy Limitless; Endless Favourite Amit names
Amitabh boy Unlimited; One with boundless splendour; Boundless lustre Favourite Amitabh names
Amitav boy Limitless Lustre; Name Of Lord Buddha Favourite Amitav names
Amitava boy Same As Amitabh Favourite Amitava names
Amitbikram boy Limitless Prowess Favourite Amitbikram names
Amitesh boy Infinite God Favourite Amitesh names
Amithi amithi girl Immeasurable; Unique Favourite Amithi names
Amitiyoti boy Limitless Brightness Favourite Amitiyoti names
Amitrasudan boy Destroyer Of Enemies Favourite Amitrasudan names
Amlan boy Unfading; Everbright Favourite Amlan names
Amlankusum boy Unfading Flower Favourite Amlankusum names
Amod boy Pleasure Favourite Amod names
Amogh boy Unerring Favourite Amogh names
Amoha boy Clear, Straight Favourite Amoha names
Amol boy Priceless Favourite Amol names
Amolak boy Priceless Favourite Amolak names
Amolik boy Priceless Favourite Amolik names
Amolika amolika girl Priceless Favourite Amolika names
Amoorta boy Formless Favourite Amoorta names
Amresh boy Lord Indra Favourite Amresh names
Amrik boy Nectar Favourite Amrik names
Amrish boy Lord Indra Favourite Amrish names
Amrit boy Nectar Favourite Amrit names
Amrita amrita girl Full of Nectar; Spiritual holy water; Immortality Favourite Amrita names
Amritambu boy Moon Favourite Amritambu names
Amritaya boy The Immortal. Lord Vishnu Favourite Amritaya names
Amshu boy Atom Favourite Amshu names
Amshul boy Bright Favourite Amshul names
Amul boy Priceless Favourite Amul names
Anadi boy Without Beginning Favourite Anadi names
Anagh boy Sinless Favourite Anagh names
Anagha anagha girl Sinless; Without any fault Favourite Anagha names
Anamitra boy The Usn Favourite Anamitra names
Anand boy Joy; Happiness Favourite Anand names
Anang boy Name Of Cupid Or Kamadeva Favourite Anang names
Ananmaya boy One Who Cannot Be Broken Favourite Ananmaya names
Anant boy Infinite Favourite Anant names
Anantachidrupamayam boy Infinite and Consciousness Personified Favourite Anantachidrupamayam names
Anantajeet boy The Victor Of Infinity. Lord Vishnu Favourite Anantajeet names
Ananti ananti girl Gift Favourite Ananti names
Anantram boy Eternal God Favourite Anantram names
Ananyo boy Sole, Peerless Favourite Ananyo names
Anbarasu boy King Of Love Favourite Anbarasu names
Anbu boy Love, Kindness Favourite Anbu names
Anbuchelvan boy Kind, King Of Love Favourite Anbuchelvan names
Anbumadi boy Kind And Intelligent Favourite Anbumadi names
Anek boy Many Favourite Anek names
Angad boy An Ornament Favourite Angad names
Angada boy Bracelet, Brother Of Wali And Sugreev Favourite Angada names
Angaj boy Son Favourite Angaj names
Angak boy Son Favourite Angak names
Angamuthu boy Made Of Pearls Favourite Angamuthu names
Angarika angarika girl Flame coloured flower; Palash or flame of the forest Favourite Angarika names
Angith boy Nil Favourite Angith names
Aniij boy Charming Favourite Aniij names
Anik boy Soldier Favourite Anik names
Anika anika girl Sweet Favourite Anika names
Anikait boy Lord Of The World Favourite Anikait names
Aniket boy Homeless; Lord Shiva Favourite Aniket names
Anil boy God of Wind Favourite Anil names
Anila anila girl Wind Favourite Anila names
Anilabh boy Spirit Of The Wind Favourite Anilabh names
Animesh boy With Big eyes Favourite Animesh names
Anirudh boy Boundless Favourite Anirudh names
Anirudha boy Grandson of Lord krishan Favourite Anirudha names
Anirudhha boy Cooperative Favourite Anirudhha names
Anirvan boy Undying Favourite Anirvan names
Anisa boy Supreme Favourite Anisa names
Anish boy Supreme Favourite Anish names
Anisha anisha girl Uninterrupted; Continuous; One who is supreme Favourite Anisha names
Anit boy Joyful Unending Favourite Anit names
Anita anita girl Grace Favourite Anita names
Aniteja boy Immeasurable Splendour Favourite Aniteja names
Anjal boy Hollow Formed By Joining Two Hands Favourite Anjal names
Anjan boy Eye Liner Favourite Anjan names
Anjana anjana girl Mother of Hanuman Favourite Anjana names
Anjaneya boy Hanuman Favourite Anjaneya names
Anjas boy Fortright Favourite Anjas names
Anjasa boy Guileless, Deceitless Favourite Anjasa names
Anjika anjika girl Blessed Favourite Anjika names
Anjor boy Bright Favourite Anjor names
Anjuli anjuli girl One who lives in heart Favourite Anjuli names
Anjum boy A Token Favourite Anjum names
Anjuman boy A Token; A Symbol Favourite Anjuman names
Ankal boy Whole Favourite Ankal names
Ankit boy Conquered Favourite Ankit names
Ankita ankita girl Distinguished; Marked by the Lord; Dedicate Favourite Ankita names
Ankur boy Sprout Favourite Ankur names
Ankush boy Check; An Instrument Used For Guiding Elephants Favourite Ankush names
Anmol boy Priceless Favourite Anmol names
Anna anna girl Graceful Favourite Anna names
Annapoorna annapoorna girl Goddess Parvati; Generous with food Favourite Annapoorna names
Annie annie girl Grace Favourite Annie names
Annu annu girl A prefix; Atom Favourite Annu names
Annuabhuj boy Lord Shiva Favourite Annuabhuj names
Anokhi anokhi girl Unique; Different Favourite Anokhi names
Anoop boy Incomparable, The Best Favourite Anoop names
Anram boy Continuous Favourite Anram names
Ansh boy Portion Favourite Ansh names
Anshu boy The Sun Favourite Anshu names
Anshuk boy Radiant Favourite Anshuk names
Anshul boy Sunny Favourite Anshul names
Anshula anshula girl Sunny Favourite Anshula names
Anshuman boy The Sun Favourite Anshuman names
Anshumat boy Luminous Favourite Anshumat names
Antara antara girl The second note in Hindustani classical music; Beauty Favourite Antara names
Antariksh boy Space Favourite Antariksh names
Antim boy Last Favourite Antim names
Anu boy An Atom Favourite Anu names
Anugya boy Authority Favourite Anugya names
Anuha boy Satisfied Favourite Anuha names
Anuj boy Younger Brother; good in everything Favourite Anuj names
Anunay boy Supplication; Consolation Favourite Anunay names
Anup boy Without Comparison Favourite Anup names
Anupam boy Unique,Uncomparable Favourite Anupam names
Anupama anupama girl Without any comparison; Peerless Favourite Anupama names
Anuradha anuradha girl Goddess of good luck; Name of a star Favourite Anuradha names
Anurag boy Attachment, Devotion, Love Favourite Anurag names
Anusha anusha girl Beautiful morning, a star Favourite Anusha names
Anushka anushka girl A term of endearment Favourite Anushka names
Anushri anushri girl Pretty; Goddess Laxmi Favourite Anushri names
Anuttam boy Unsurpassed Favourite Anuttam names
Anya anya girl Inexhaustible; Gracious Favourite Anya names
Apoorva boy Quite New Favourite Apoorva names
Apparajito boy Undefeated Favourite Apparajito names
Aprameya boy A Name Of Lord Krishna Favourite Aprameya names
Aradhana aradhana girl Worship; prayer Favourite Aradhana names
Aranab boy Ocean Favourite Aranab names
Arav boy Peaceful Favourite Arav names
Aravali boy Righteous Favourite Aravali names
Aravan boy Righteous Favourite Aravan names
Archana archana girl Worship Favourite Archana names
Archit boy Worshipped Favourite Archit names
Ardhendu boy Half Moon Favourite Ardhendu names
Areehah boy Destroyer Of Enemies Favourite Areehah names
Arghya boy Offering To The Lord Favourite Arghya names
Arha boy Lord Shiva Favourite Arha names
Arham boy The Word Is Just Like Om For Jain Community Favourite Arham names
Arhant boy Destroyer Of Enemies Favourite Arhant names
Arhat boy Respectable Favourite Arhat names
Arihan boy Killing Enemies Favourite Arihan names
Arihant boy One Who Has Killed His Enemies Favourite Arihant names
Arijit boy Conquering Enemies, Son Of Krishna And Subhadra Favourite Arijit names
Arindam boy Destroyer Of Enemies Favourite Arindam names
Ariv boy King of wisdom Favourite Ariv names
Arivalagan boy Intelligent And Handsome Favourite Arivalagan names
Arivali boy Smart, Intelligent Favourite Arivali names
Arivarasu boy King Of Wisdom Favourite Arivarasu names
Arivoli boy Glowing With Intelligence Favourite Arivoli names
Arivuchelvan boy One Whose Wealth Is His Wisdom Favourite Arivuchelvan names
Arivumadhi boy Intelligent Favourite Arivumadhi names
Arivumani boy Intelligent Jem Favourite Arivumani names
Arivunambi boy Confident And Intelligent Favourite Arivunambi names
Arjav boy Straightforward Person By Heart, Speech And Act Favourite Arjav names
Arjit boy Earned Favourite Arjit names
Arjun boy Lord Krishna Favourite Arjun names
Arka boy The Sun Favourite Arka names
Arman boy Wish Favourite Arman names
Arnav boy The sea Favourite Arnav names
Arnesh boy Lord Of The Sea Favourite Arnesh names
Arokya boy Very Pious Favourite Arokya names
Arpan boy Gift, To surrender Favourite Arpan names
Arpana arpana girl Surrendered; Offering Favourite Arpana names
Arpit boy To surrender Favourite Arpit names
Arpita arpita girl Dedicated Favourite Arpita names
Arshia arshia girl Heavenly; Divine Favourite Arshia names
Artagnan boy The Knower Of All Meanings Favourite Artagnan names
Arth boy Meaning Favourite Arth names
Arthin boy Ramadhutha Favourite Arthin names
Arul boy Gods Grace, Gods Blessing Favourite Arul names
Arulchelvan boy Blessed Favourite Arulchelvan names
Arumugan boy Lord Murugan Favourite Arumugan names
Arun boy Sun Favourite Arun names
Aruna aruna girl Dawn; Sunrise Favourite Aruna names
Arunachaleshwara boy Lord Of The Hills Of Sun Favourite Arunachaleshwara names
Arush boy First Ray Of Sun Favourite Arush names
Arushi arushi girl Dawn, Red sky in the early morning Favourite Arushi names
Arvind boy Lotus Favourite Arvind names
Arvinda boy Lotus Favourite Arvinda names
Arya boy Honoured, Noble Favourite Arya names
Aryaman boy The Sun Favourite Aryaman names
Aryan boy Illustrious; Noble; Spiritual Favourite Aryan names
Asav boy Essence Favourite Asav names
Asawaree asawaree girl Raga in hindustani classical music Favourite Asawaree names
Aseem boy Limitlessashank Favourite Aseem names
Asgar boy Devotee Favourite Asgar names
Asha asha girl Hope; Aspiration Favourite Asha names
Ashcharya boy Surprise Favourite Ashcharya names
Asheem boy Boundless Favourite Asheem names
Ashesh boy Benediction Favourite Ashesh names
Ashi ashi girl Smile Favourite Ashi names
Ashika ashika girl Person without sorrow Favourite Ashika names
Ashini ashini girl Lightning Favourite Ashini names
Ashirvad boy Blessing Favourite Ashirvad names
Ashis boy Benediction Favourite Ashis names
Ashish boy Blessings Favourite Ashish names
Ashit boy The Planet Favourite Ashit names
Ashlesh boy To Embrace Favourite Ashlesh names
Ashman boy Son Of The Sun Favourite Ashman names
Ashna ashna girl Friend Favourite Ashna names
Asho boy Head Of Sun And Head Of Pittal Pani Favourite Asho names
Ashok boy Without Sorrow Favourite Ashok names
Ashray boy Shelter Favourite Ashray names
Ashu boy Quick Favourite Ashu names
Ashutosh boy A name of Shiva Favourite Ashutosh names
Ashvath boy Strong Favourite Ashvath names
Ashvin boy A Cavalier Favourite Ashvin names
Ashwaghosh boy Name Of Buddhist Philosopher Favourite Ashwaghosh names
Ashwatthama boy Fiery Tempered Favourite Ashwatthama names
Ashwin boy A star Favourite Ashwin names
Ashwina ashwina girl Child of the Star Favourite Ashwina names
Asit boy Black, Bad, A King Favourite Asit names
Asitvaran boy Dark Complexioned Favourite Asitvaran names
Aslesh boy Embrance Favourite Aslesh names
Asmita asmita girl Pride Favourite Asmita names
Asokan boy Name Of A King Favourite Asokan names
Astha astha girl Faith; trust Favourite Astha names
Astik boy Who Has Faith In God Favourite Astik names
Asuman boy Lord Of Vital Breaths Favourite Asuman names
Asvin boy A Hindu Month Favourite Asvin names
Atal boy Immoveable Favourite Atal names
Atambhu boy The Holy Trinity Favourite Atambhu names
Atanu boy Cupid Favourite Atanu names
Ateet boy Past Favourite Ateet names
Atharv boy Lord Ganesha Favourite Atharv names
Atharva boy The First Vedas Favourite Atharva names
Atharvan boy Knower Of The Arthara Vedas Favourite Atharvan names
Atiksh boy Wise Favourite Atiksh names
Atish boy Explosive,A Dynamic Person Favourite Atish names
Atishay boy Successful & Bright Favourite Atishay names
Atithi boy Guest Favourite Atithi names
Atiya boy To Surpass Favourite Atiya names
Atma boy Soul Favourite Atma names
Atmaj boy Son Favourite Atmaj names
Atmajyoti boy Light Of Soul Favourite Atmajyoti names
Atman boy The Self Favourite Atman names
Atmananda boy Bliss Of Soul Favourite Atmananda names
Atraiu boy Great Warrior Favourite Atraiu names
Atralarasu boy Skilled King Favourite Atralarasu names
Atreya boy Receptacle Of Glory Favourite Atreya names
Atul boy Uncomparable Favourite Atul names
Atulya boy Unweighable, Incomparable Favourite Atulya names
Avadh boy One who never been killed Favourite Avadh names
Avadhesh boy King Dasaratha Favourite Avadhesh names
Avalok boy Who Beholds Favourite Avalok names
Avaneesh boy Lord Ganesha Favourite Avaneesh names
Avanindra boy King Of The Earth Favourite Avanindra names
Avanish boy God Of The Earth Favourite Avanish names
Avanti avanti girl Ancient city of Ujjain; Modest Favourite Avanti names
Avantika avantika girl Queen; Princess of Ujjain Favourite Avantika names
Avashesh boy Remainder Favourite Avashesh names
Avasyu boy Lord Indra Favourite Avasyu names
Avatar boy Incarnation Favourite Avatar names
Avdhut boy God Dutta Favourite Avdhut names
Avi boy The Sun And Air Favourite Avi names
Avichal boy Unmovable Favourite Avichal names
Avighna boy Remover of Obstacles Favourite Avighna names
Avijit boy Invincible Favourite Avijit names
Avikam boy Diamond Favourite Avikam names
Avikshit boy Not See Before Favourite Avikshit names
Avilash boy Faithful Favourite Avilash names
Avinash boy Indestructible Favourite Avinash names
Avinashi avinashi girl Indestructible Favourite Avinashi names
Avirat boy Continuous Favourite Avirat names
Avkash boy Limitless Space Avatar Incarnation Favourite Avkash names
Avneesh boy God Of The Earth.another Name For God Lord Ganesh Favourite Avneesh names
Avtar boy Holy Incarnation Favourite Avtar names
Avyukta boy Crystal Clear Favourite Avyukta names
Ayaan boy God Gift Favourite Ayaan names
Ayanna ayanna girl Innocent Favourite Ayanna names
Ayati ayati girl Royal Favourite Ayati names
Ayesha ayesha girl Doll; Daughter of the Prophet Favourite Ayesha names
Ayog boy Institution Favourite Ayog names
Ayush boy Long Lived Favourite Ayush names
Ayushi ayushi girl Long Life Favourite Ayushi names
Ayushman boy Blessed With Long Life Favourite Ayushman names
Ayyapan boy Ever Youthful Favourite Ayyapan names
Ayyappa boy Lord Ayyappa Favourite Ayyappa names
Baba boy Sweet Baby; Born on Thursday Favourite Baba names
Babala boy Above Favourite Babala names
Babita babita girl Little Girl Favourite Babita names
Babul boy A Tree; Lord Shiva Favourite Babul names
Badri boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Badri names
Badrinath boy Lord Of Mt.badri Favourite Badrinath names
Badriprasad boy Goft Of Badri Favourite Badriprasad names
Badshah boy King Favourite Badshah names
Bageshri bageshri girl Name Of A Raaga Favourite Bageshri names
Bahubali boy A Jain Tirthakar Favourite Bahubali names
Bahugandha bahugandha girl One With Lot Of Scent Favourite Bahugandha names
Bahula bahula girl Cow, Kritika Nakshatra Favourite Bahula names
Bahuleya boy Lord Kartikeya Favourite Bahuleya names
Bahumanya boy Honoured By Many Favourite Bahumanya names
Bahurai boy With Great Riches Favourite Bahurai names
Baijanti / Vaijanti baijantixx/xxvaijanti girl Name Of Flower Favourite Baijanti / Vaijanti names
Bairavi bairavi girl Goddess Durga; Music Favourite Bairavi names
Bajarang boy A name of Lord Hanumaan Favourite Bajarang names
Bajrang boy A Name Of Lord Hanuman Favourite Bajrang names
Bajrangbali boy With strength of diamod Favourite Bajrangbali names
Baka baka girl Crane Favourite Baka names
Bakhtawar boy One Who Brings Good Luck Favourite Bakhtawar names
Bakool boy Flower Favourite Bakool names
Bakul boy Flower Name Favourite Bakul names
Bakula bakula girl Nagakeshar Flower Favourite Bakula names
Bala bala girl A young girl Favourite Bala names
Balaark boy The Rising Sun Favourite Balaark names
Balachandra boy Young Moon Favourite Balachandra names
Balachandrav boy The Crescent Moon Favourite Balachandrav names
Baladhi boy Deep Insight Favourite Baladhi names
Baladhitya boy The Newly Risen Sun Favourite Baladhitya names
Baladitya boy Young Sun Favourite Baladitya names
Balaganapati boy Beloved and Lovable Child Favourite Balaganapati names
Balagopal boy Infant Krishna Favourite Balagopal names
Balagovind boy Baby Krishna Favourite Balagovind names
Balaji boy A Name Of Vishnu Favourite Balaji names
Balakrishna boy Young Krishna Favourite Balakrishna names
Balakumar boy Youthful Favourite Balakumar names
Balamani boy Young Jewel Favourite Balamani names
Balamohan boy One Who Is Attractive Favourite Balamohan names
Balamurugan boy Young Lord Murugan Favourite Balamurugan names
Balan boy Youthful Favourite Balan names
Balanath boy Lord Of Strength Favourite Balanath names
Balaraj boy Strong Favourite Balaraj names
Balaram boy The Brother Of Lord Krishna Favourite Balaram names
Balaravi boy The Morning Sun Favourite Balaravi names
Balashankar boy Young Lord Shiva Favourite Balashankar names
Balavan boy Powerful Favourite Balavan names
Balavikarnika balavikarnika girl Durga Favourite Balavikarnika names
Balbhadra boy Brother Of Krishna Favourite Balbhadra names
Balbir boy Strong; Couragious Favourite Balbir names
Balchandra boy Young Moon Favourite Balchandra names
Baldev boy Godlike In Power Favourite Baldev names
Balendra boy Lord Krishna Favourite Balendra names
Balendu boy Young Moon Favourite Balendu names
Balgopal boy The Hindu God Krishna as a baby; Baby Krishna Favourite Balgopal names
Bali boy Powerful; Brave; Elder Brother of Sugriva in Ramayan Favourite Bali names
Balinder boy Lord Krishna Favourite Balinder names
Balkrishan boy Young Krishna Favourite Balkrishan names
Balmohan boy One who is attractive Favourite Balmohan names
Balraj boy Elder brother of Sri Krishna; Strong; Mighty King Favourite Balraj names
Balram boy The elder brother of Lord Krishna Favourite Balram names
Balvant boy Of Immense Strength Favourite Balvant names
Balwant boy Powerful; Strong; Full of might Favourite Balwant names
Banaj boy Lotus Favourite Banaj names
Banbhatt boy Name Of An Ancient Poet Favourite Banbhatt names
Banbihari boy Lord Krishna Favourite Banbihari names
Bandhu boy Friend Favourite Bandhu names
Bandhul boy Pleasing Favourite Bandhul names
Bandhula boy Charming Favourite Bandhula names
Bandhura bandhura girl Pretty Favourite Bandhura names
Baneet boy Polite Favourite Baneet names
Banhi banhi girl Fire Favourite Banhi names
Bani bani girl Saraswati Favourite Bani names
Banke boy Lord Krishna Favourite Banke names
Banke Bihari boy Name Of Krishna Favourite Banke Bihari names
Bankebihari boy Lord Krishna Favourite Bankebihari names
Bankim boy Curved Favourite Bankim names
Bankimchandra boy Crescent Moon Favourite Bankimchandra names
Banmala banmala girl A Garland Of 5 Types Of Flowers Favourite Banmala names
Banni banni girl Maiden Favourite Banni names
Bansari bansari girl Flute Favourite Bansari names
Banshi boy Flute Favourite Banshi names
Banshidhar boy Krishna Favourite Banshidhar names
Bansi boy Flute Favourite Bansi names
Bansidhar boy Lord Krishna Favourite Bansidhar names
Bansilal boy Lord Krishna; The First Lord; Lord Vishnu Favourite Bansilal names
Banwari boy Lord Krishna Favourite Banwari names
Barid boy Cloud Favourite Barid names
Baridbaran boy Colour Of The Cloud Favourite Baridbaran names
Barkha barkha girl Rain Favourite Barkha names
Barsat boy Welcome Rain Favourite Barsat names
Barsha barsha girl Rain Favourite Barsha names
Barun boy Lord of the Sea Favourite Barun names
Baruni baruni girl Goddess Durga Favourite Baruni names
Basabi basabi girl Wife Of Lord Indra Favourite Basabi names
Basant boy Season Of Spring Favourite Basant names
Basanta boy Spring Favourite Basanta names
Basanti basanti girl Spring Favourite Basanti names
Basavaraj boy Lord Of Bulls Favourite Basavaraj names
Basistha boy A Sage Favourite Basistha names
Basudev boy Fire Favourite Basudev names
Basudha boy Earth Favourite Basudha names
Batnasiddhikara boy Granter of Strength Favourite Batnasiddhikara names
Batuk boy Boy Favourite Batuk names
Bavishya bavishya girl Future Favourite Bavishya names
Beena beena girl A musical instrument Favourite Beena names
Bel bel girl Sacred Wood Apple Tree Favourite Bel names
Bela bela girl Time; Creeper; Jasmine Flower Favourite Bela names
Belli belli girl Silver, A Companion Favourite Belli names
Bhaanu bhaanu girl Sun Favourite Bhaanu names
Bhadra bhadra girl Gentle; Blessed; Prosperous; Fortunate Favourite Bhadra names
Bhadrak boy Handsome Favourite Bhadrak names
Bhadrakapil boy Lord Shiva Favourite Bhadrakapil names
Bhadraksh boy One With Beautiful Eyes Favourite Bhadraksh names
Bhadrang boy Beautiful Body Favourite Bhadrang names
Bhadranidhi boy Treasure Of Goodness Favourite Bhadranidhi names
Bhadrashree boy Sandalwood Tree Favourite Bhadrashree names
Bhadresh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Bhadresh names
Bhadrik boy Shankar Favourite Bhadrik names
Bhagaditya boy The Sun Which Bestows Wealth Favourite Bhagaditya names
Bhagat boy Devotee of God Favourite Bhagat names
Bhagavan boy The Lord Favourite Bhagavan names
Bhagavati bhagavati girl Goddess Durga Favourite Bhagavati names
Bhagesh boy Lord Of Richness Favourite Bhagesh names
Bhagirat boy With Glorious Chariot Favourite Bhagirat names
Bhagirath boy One Who Brought Ganga On Earth Favourite Bhagirath names
Bhagirathi bhagirathi girl The Ganges Favourite Bhagirathi names
Bhagwant boy Fortunate Favourite Bhagwant names
Bhagwanti bhagwanti girl Lucky Favourite Bhagwanti names
Bhagwati bhagwati girl Lucky; Goddess Durga Favourite Bhagwati names
Bhagyalakshmi bhagyalakshmi girl Goddess Of Wealth Favourite Bhagyalakshmi names
Bhagyanandana boy Controller Of Destiny Favourite Bhagyanandana names
Bhagyaraj boy Lord Of Luck Favourite Bhagyaraj names
Bhagyashri bhagyashri girl Fortunate; Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Bhagyashri names
Bhagyawati bhagyawati girl Lucky Favourite Bhagyawati names
Bhairav boy Lord Shiva Favourite Bhairav names
Bhairavi bhairavi girl Goddess Durga; a raga Favourite Bhairavi names
Bhajan boy Adoration Favourite Bhajan names
Bhakthavatsala boy Protector of Devotees Favourite Bhakthavatsala names
Bhakti bhakti girl Devotion; prayer Favourite Bhakti names
Bhalchandra boy Moon-Crested Lord Favourite Bhalchandra names
Bhalendra boy Lord Of Light Favourite Bhalendra names
Bhanu boy Sun Favourite Bhanu names
Bhanudas boy A Devotee Of The Sun Favourite Bhanudas names
Bhanuja bhanuja girl River Yamuna Favourite Bhanuja names
Bhanumati bhanumati girl Famous Favourite Bhanumati names
Bhanumitra boy Friend Of Sun / Planet Mercury Favourite Bhanumitra names
Bhanuni bhanuni girl Charming Woman Favourite Bhanuni names
Bhanuprakash boy Sun Light Favourite Bhanuprakash names
Bhanuprasad boy Gift Of Sun Favourite Bhanuprasad names
Bhanupriya bhanupriya girl Beloved of the sun Favourite Bhanupriya names
Bhanusri bhanusri girl Rays Of Laxmidevi Favourite Bhanusri names
Bharadwaj boy A Lucky Bird Favourite Bharadwaj names
Bharat boy India, Universal Monarch Favourite Bharat names
Bharati bharati girl Saraswati Favourite Bharati names
Bharavi bharavi girl Radiant Sun Favourite Bharavi names
Bhargav boy Lord Shiva Favourite Bhargav names
Bhargava boy Lord Shiva Favourite Bhargava names
Bhargyaraj boy Lord Of Luck Favourite Bhargyaraj names
Bhartesh boy King Of Bharat Favourite Bhartesh names
Bharti bharti girl Goddess Saraswati Favourite Bharti names
Bhartihari boy Name Of A Poet Favourite Bhartihari names
Bhasha bhasha girl Language Favourite Bhasha names
Bhaskar boy Sun Favourite Bhaskar names
Bhasvan boy Bright Favourite Bhasvan names
Bhaswar boy Shining Favourite Bhaswar names
Bhaumi bhaumi girl Goddess Sita Favourite Bhaumi names
Bhaumik boy Attached To The Earth Favourite Bhaumik names
Bhautik boy Lord Shiva Favourite Bhautik names
Bhav boy Lord Shiva Favourite Bhav names
Bhav-Bhooti boy The Universe Favourite Bhav-Bhooti names
Bhavamanyu boy Creator Of Universe Favourite Bhavamanyu names
Bhavan boy Palace Favourite Bhavan names
Bhavana bhavana girl Good Feelings; Emotions; Meditation Favourite Bhavana names
Bhavani bhavani girl Goddess Parvati; Goddess Durga Favourite Bhavani names
Bhavesh boy Lord of the world Favourite Bhavesh names
Bhavi bhavi girl Current; Emotional Favourite Bhavi names
Bhavik boy God Favourite Bhavik names
Bhavika bhavika girl Well-meaning; righteous; cheerful expression Favourite Bhavika names
Bhavin boy Winner Favourite Bhavin names
Bhavina bhavina girl Winner Favourite Bhavina names
Bhavini bhavini girl Goddess Parvati; Emotional Favourite Bhavini names
Bhavna bhavna girl Good Feelings; Emotions Favourite Bhavna names
Bhavya bhavya girl Grand, Splendid Favourite Bhavya names
Bhawanidas boy Devotee Of Durga Favourite Bhawanidas names
Bhawna bhawna girl Feelings Favourite Bhawna names
Bheema bheema girl Goddess Durga Favourite Bheema names
Bheru boy Friend Favourite Bheru names
Bhim boy Fearful Favourite Bhim names
Bhimsen boy Sons Of Brave Man Favourite Bhimsen names
Bhini bhini girl Humid Favourite Bhini names
Bhisham boy Strong Favourite Bhisham names
Bhishma boy One Who Has Taken A Terrible Vow Favourite Bhishma names
Bhoj boy Name Of A Poet King, Meal Favourite Bhoj names
Bhojaraja boy Lord Of Generosity Favourite Bhojaraja names
Bholanath boy Lord Shiva Favourite Bholanath names
Bhoolokanathan boy Ruler of the Earth Favourite Bhoolokanathan names
Bhooma bhooma girl Earth Favourite Bhooma names
Bhoomi bhoomi girl Earth Favourite Bhoomi names
Bhoomika bhoomika girl Base Favourite Bhoomika names
Bhoopat boy Lord Of The Earth Favourite Bhoopat names
Bhoopendra boy King Of The Earth Favourite Bhoopendra names
Bhooshan boy Decoration Favourite Bhooshan names
Bhooshit boy Decorated Favourite Bhooshit names
Bhoothanathan boy Ruler of the Earth Favourite Bhoothanathan names
Bhoumik boy Land Owner Favourite Bhoumik names
Bhramar boy Black Bee Favourite Bhramar names
Bhrigu boy Name Of A Saint Favourite Bhrigu names
Bhrithi bhrithi girl Strengthened; Nourished; Cherished Favourite Bhrithi names
Bhudev boy Lord Of The Earth Favourite Bhudev names
Bhudhav boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Bhudhav names
Bhuman boy Earth Favourite Bhuman names
Bhumi bhumi girl Earth Favourite Bhumi names
Bhumika bhumika girl The earth; Role Favourite Bhumika names
Bhupad boy Firm Favourite Bhupad names
Bhupal boy King Favourite Bhupal names
Bhupali bhupali girl A Raagini In Indian Music Favourite Bhupali names
Bhupathi boy Lord Of The Earth Favourite Bhupathi names
Bhupati boy King Favourite Bhupati names
Bhupen boy King Favourite Bhupen names
Bhupendra boy King of Kings; Emperor; King of the earth Favourite Bhupendra names
Bhupesh boy King Favourite Bhupesh names
Bhushan boy Ornament; Lord vishnu Favourite Bhushan names
Bhushit boy Decorated Favourite Bhushit names
Bhuvan boy World Favourite Bhuvan names
Bhuvana bhuvana girl The Earth Favourite Bhuvana names
Bhuvanesh boy Lord Of The Worlds Favourite Bhuvanesh names
Bhuvaneshwar boy Lord Of The World Favourite Bhuvaneshwar names
Bhuvaneswari bhuvaneswari girl Goddess Of Earth Favourite Bhuvaneswari names
Bhuvanpati boy God of the Gods Favourite Bhuvanpati names
Bhuvi bhuvi girl Heaven Favourite Bhuvi names
Bhuvneshwar boy Abode Of God Favourite Bhuvneshwar names
Bibek boy Conscience Favourite Bibek names
Bibhas boy A Raga Favourite Bibhas names
Bibhavasu boy The Sun; Fire Favourite Bibhavasu names
Bijal bijal girl Lightening Favourite Bijal names
Bijali bijali girl Lightening Favourite Bijali names
Bijli bijli girl Bright; Electricity; Current Favourite Bijli names
Bijoy boy Victory Favourite Bijoy names
Biju boy Strange Favourite Biju names
Bikram boy Prowess Favourite Bikram names
Bilva boy A Sacred Leaf Favourite Bilva names
Bimal boy Pure Favourite Bimal names
Bimala bimala girl Pure Favourite Bimala names
Bimb boy Halo Favourite Bimb names
Bimbi bimbi girl Glorious Favourite Bimbi names
Bimbisar boy King Of The Gupta Dynasty Favourite Bimbisar names
Bimla bimla girl Pure Favourite Bimla names
Bina bina girl A Musical Instrument Favourite Bina names
Binal binal girl Princess Favourite Binal names
Bindhiya bindhiya girl Dew Drop Favourite Bindhiya names
Bindiya bindiya girl A forehead decoration - often a red dot Favourite Bindiya names
Bindu bindu girl A drop; point Favourite Bindu names
Bindurekha bindurekha girl A line of dots Favourite Bindurekha names
Bindusar boy An Excellent Pearl Favourite Bindusar names
Binita binita girl Modest; Humble Favourite Binita names
Binod boy Laughter, Spiritual Happiness Favourite Binod names
Bipasha bipasha girl A River Favourite Bipasha names
Bipin boy Forest (vipin) Favourite Bipin names
Bir boy Courageous Favourite Bir names
Birbal boy Brave Heart Favourite Birbal names
Biren boy Lord Of Warriors Favourite Biren names
Birendra boy King Of Warriors Favourite Birendra names
Birju boy Nice Singer Favourite Birju names
Bisaj boy Lotus Favourite Bisaj names
Bishakha bishakha girl A star Favourite Bishakha names
Bitasok boy One Who Does Not Mourn Favourite Bitasok names
Bodhan boy Kindling Favourite Bodhan names
Bodhi bodhi girl Enlightenment Favourite Bodhi names
Boudhayan boy The Name Of A Sage Favourite Boudhayan names
Brahma boy Creater Of The Universe Favourite Brahma names
Brahmabrata boy Ascetic Favourite Brahmabrata names
Brahmadutt boy Dedicated To Lord Brahma Favourite Brahmadutt names
Brahmanand boy Supreme Joy Favourite Brahmanand names
Braj boy Place Of Lord Krishna Favourite Braj names
Brajamohan boy Name Of Lord Krishna Favourite Brajamohan names
Brajendra boy Lord Of Braj Land Favourite Brajendra names
Brajesh boy Lord of Braj Land Favourite Brajesh names
Brajraj boy King Of Braj Land Favourite Brajraj names
Bramhaghosh boy Chanting Of Vedas Favourite Bramhaghosh names
Bramhanand boy Happiness For Knowledge Favourite Bramhanand names
Bratindra boy Devoted To Right Deeds Favourite Bratindra names
Brent boy Hill Top Favourite Brent names
Brij boy Lord Krishna Favourite Brij names
Brijabala brijabala girl Daughter Of Nature Favourite Brijabala names
Brijesh boy God Of The Land Of Brij Favourite Brijesh names
Brijkishor boy Lord Krishna Favourite Brijkishor names
Brijmohan boy Krishna Favourite Brijmohan names
Brijnandan boy Lord Krishna Favourite Brijnandan names
Brijraj boy The One Who Rules The Nature Favourite Brijraj names
Brinda brinda girl Tulasi Favourite Brinda names
Brirar boy Without Pain Favourite Brirar names
Briti briti girl Strength Favourite Briti names
Buddha boy Awakened, Lord Buddha Favourite Buddha names
Buddhadev boy Wise Person Favourite Buddhadev names
Buddhadeva boy Gautama Buddha Favourite Buddhadeva names
Buddhapriya boy One Liked By Buddha Favourite Buddhapriya names
Buddhinath boy God of Wisdom Favourite Buddhinath names
Buddhipriya boy Knowledge Favourite Buddhipriya names
Buddhividhata boy God of Knowledge Favourite Buddhividhata names
Budhil boy Learned Favourite Budhil names
Bukka boy Heart, Loving, Sincere Favourite Bukka names
Bulbul bulbul girl A Songbird; Nightingale Favourite Bulbul names
Cauvery cauvery girl Same As Cavery Name Of A River Favourite Cauvery names
Ceyone boy Rising Sun Favourite Ceyone names
Chaaya chaaya girl Shadow Favourite Chaaya names
Chadna chadna girl Love Favourite Chadna names
Chahana chahana girl Desire, Affection Favourite Chahana names
Chahat boy Love Favourite Chahat names
Chahel boy Good Cheer Favourite Chahel names
Chahna chahna girl Love Favourite Chahna names
Chain boy Peace Favourite Chain names
Chairavali chairavali girl Full Moon Of Chaitra Month Favourite Chairavali names
Chaitali chaitali girl Born in the Chaitra month Favourite Chaitali names
Chaitaly chaitaly girl Name Of An Ancient City Favourite Chaitaly names
Chaitan boy Consciousness Favourite Chaitan names
Chaitanya boy Famous Sage Favourite Chaitanya names
Chaitra chaitra girl Aries Sign Favourite Chaitra names
Chakor boy A Bird Enamoured Of The Moon Favourite Chakor names
Chakori chakori girl Alert; A bird enamoured of the moon Favourite Chakori names
Chakradev boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Chakradev names
Chakradhar boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Chakradhar names
Chakrapani boy Name Of Lord Vishnu Favourite Chakrapani names
Chakravartee boy A Sovereign King Favourite Chakravartee names
Chakresh boy Name Of Lord Vishnu Favourite Chakresh names
Chakrika chakrika girl Lakshmi Favourite Chakrika names
Chakshu boy Eye Favourite Chakshu names
Chalama chalama girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Chalama names
Chaman boy Garden Favourite Chaman names
Chamanlal boy Garden Favourite Chamanlal names
Chameli chameli girl Jasmine Flower Favourite Chameli names
Champa champa girl A type of flower Favourite Champa names
Champabati champabati girl The Capital Favourite Champabati names
Champak boy A Flower Favourite Champak names
Champakali champakali girl A Bud Of Champa Favourite Champakali names
Champakavathi champakavathi girl Owner Of Champak Trees Favourite Champakavathi names
Champakmala champakmala girl Garland Of Champa Flowers Favourite Champakmala names
Champamalini champamalini girl Garland Of Champa Flower Favourite Champamalini names
Champika champika girl Little Champa Flower Favourite Champika names
Chanak boy Father Of Chaanakya Favourite Chanak names
Chanakya boy Name of Kautilya - the great scholar; Bright Favourite Chanakya names
Chanasya chanasya girl Delighting Favourite Chanasya names
Chanchal chanchal girl Active; Lively; playful Favourite Chanchal names
Chanchala chanchala girl Restless Favourite Chanchala names
Chanchareek boy Bee Favourite Chanchareek names
Chanchari chanchari girl Bird, Vortex Of Water, Favourite Chanchari names
Chanda chanda girl Moon Favourite Chanda names
Chandak boy The Moon Favourite Chandak names
Chandalini chandalini girl Glorious Favourite Chandalini names
Chandan boy Sandalwood Favourite Chandan names
Chandana chandana girl Sandal Wood Favourite Chandana names
Chandani chandani girl A River Favourite Chandani names
Chandanika chandanika girl Diminutive Favourite Chandanika names
Chandar boy Moon Favourite Chandar names
Chandavarman boy An Old King Favourite Chandavarman names
Chander boy Moon Favourite Chander names
Chandi chandi girl Great Goddess; Angry name of goddess sakti; Silver Favourite Chandi names
Chandidas boy Name Of A Saint Favourite Chandidas names
Chandika chandika girl Diminutive Of Chandana Favourite Chandika names
Chandini chandini girl Star Favourite Chandini names
Chandni chandni girl Moonlit Favourite Chandni names
Chandni; Chandini; Chandani chandni;xxchandini;xxchandani girl Moon light; A river Favourite Chandni; Chandini; Chandani names
Chandra boy Moon Favourite Chandra names
Chandra; Chandira chandra;xxchandira girl Moon Favourite Chandra; Chandira names
Chandrabali chandrabali girl Krishna;s Girl Friend Favourite Chandrabali names
Chandrabha boy Lusture Of Moon Light Favourite Chandrabha names
Chandrabhaga chandrabhaga girl River Chenab Favourite Chandrabhaga names
Chandrabhan boy The Moon Favourite Chandrabhan names
Chandrabindu chandrabindu girl Crescent Moon Favourite Chandrabindu names
Chandrachur boy Lord Shiva Favourite Chandrachur names
Chandradev boy Moon God; A King Favourite Chandradev names
Chandraditya boy Name Of A King Favourite Chandraditya names
Chandragupt boy Name Of Ancient King Favourite Chandragupt names
Chandrahaas boy Smiling Like A Moon Favourite Chandrahaas names
Chandrahas boy Bow Of Shiva Favourite Chandrahas names
Chandraja chandraja girl Daughter Of The Moon Favourite Chandraja names
Chandrajyoti chandrajyoti girl Moon Light Favourite Chandrajyoti names
Chandrak boy Peacock Feather Favourite Chandrak names
Chandrakala chandrakala girl Moonbeams Favourite Chandrakala names
Chandrakali chandrakali girl 1/16th Of The Moon Favourite Chandrakali names
Chandrakant boy Beloved By The Moon Favourite Chandrakant names
Chandrakanta boy The Moon Favourite Chandrakanta names
Chandrakanti chandrakanti girl Moon Light Favourite Chandrakanti names
Chandraketu boy Moon Banner Favourite Chandraketu names
Chandraki chandraki girl Peacock Favourite Chandraki names
Chandrakin chandrakin girl A Peacock Favourite Chandrakin names
Chandrakiran boy Moonbeam Favourite Chandrakiran names
Chandrakirthi boy As Famous As The Moon Favourite Chandrakirthi names
Chandrakishore boy The Moon Favourite Chandrakishore names
Chandrakumar boy The Moon Favourite Chandrakumar names
Chandralekha chandralekha girl Ray Of Moon Favourite Chandralekha names
Chandraleksha chandraleksha girl A Ray Of The Moon Favourite Chandraleksha names
Chandramadhav boy Sweet Favourite Chandramadhav names
Chandramathi chandramathi girl As Beautiful As The Moon Favourite Chandramathi names
Chandramauli boy Lord Shiva Favourite Chandramauli names
Chandramohan boy Attractive Like The Moon Favourite Chandramohan names
Chandramukhi chandramukhi girl As Beautiful As The Moon Favourite Chandramukhi names
Chandran boy Moon Favourite Chandran names
Chandranan boy Moon Like Face Favourite Chandranan names
Chandranath boy The Moon Favourite Chandranath names
Chandrani chandrani girl Wife Of The Moon Favourite Chandrani names
Chandraprabha chandraprabha girl Star, Moon Light Favourite Chandraprabha names
Chandraprakash boy Moon Light Favourite Chandraprakash names
Chandrapushpa chandrapushpa girl Star Favourite Chandrapushpa names
Chandraraj boy Moonbeam Favourite Chandraraj names
Chandrashekar boy Lord Shiva Favourite Chandrashekar names
Chandrashekhar boy One Who Holds Moon In His Hair Knot (shiva) Favourite Chandrashekhar names
Chandratara chandratara girl The Moon And The Stars Conjoined Favourite Chandratara names
Chandratha boy Nectar Of The Moon Favourite Chandratha names
Chandravadan boy Moon Like Face Favourite Chandravadan names
Chandravathi chandravathi girl Lit By The Moon Favourite Chandravathi names
Chandrayan boy The Moon Favourite Chandrayan names
Chandresh boy Lord Shiva; King of the moon Favourite Chandresh names
Chandrika chandrika girl Moonlight Favourite Chandrika names
Chandrima chandrima girl The Moon Favourite Chandrima names
Chandrodaya boy Moonrise Favourite Chandrodaya names
Chandrpeed boy Name Of Shiva Favourite Chandrpeed names
Chandu boy Moon Favourite Chandu names
Chane boy Name Of A God, Dependability Favourite Chane names
Changuna changuna girl A Good Woman Favourite Changuna names
Chanky boy Healthy; Strong Favourite Chanky names
Chanyana boy Moon Favourite Chanyana names
Chapal boy Quick Favourite Chapal names
Chapala chapala girl Restless; Lighting Favourite Chapala names
Chara chara girl Quiet And Frisky Favourite Chara names
Charak boy An Ancient Physician Favourite Charak names
Charan boy Feet Favourite Charan names
Charanjeet boy One Who Has Won Over The Lord (charanjeet) Favourite Charanjeet names
Charanjit boy One Who Has Won Over The Lord (charanjeet) Favourite Charanjit names
Charita charita girl Good Favourite Charita names
Charitra charitra girl History Favourite Charitra names
Charitrya charitrya girl History Favourite Charitrya names
Charmy charmy girl Charming Favourite Charmy names
Charu charu girl Beautiful; attractive Favourite Charu names
Charuchandra boy Beautilful Moon Favourite Charuchandra names
Charudatt boy Born Of Beauty Favourite Charudatt names
Charudatta boy Born With Beauty Favourite Charudatta names
Charudutta boy Born Of Beauty Favourite Charudutta names
Charuhas boy With Beautiful Smile Favourite Charuhas names
Charulata charulata girl Beautiful Favourite Charulata names
Charulekha charulekha girl Beautiful Picture Favourite Charulekha names
Charumati charumati girl Beautiful Favourite Charumati names
Charunetra charunetra girl One With Beautiful Eyes Favourite Charunetra names
Charuprabha charuprabha girl Beautiful Favourite Charuprabha names
Charusheel boy Of Good Character Favourite Charusheel names
Charusheela charusheela girl A jewel Favourite Charusheela names
Charusila charusila girl Beautiful Jewel Favourite Charusila names
Charuvardhana boy One Who Enhances Beauty Favourite Charuvardhana names
Charuvindha boy Striving For Beauty Favourite Charuvindha names
Charuvrat boy Of Good Character Favourite Charuvrat names
Charvi charvi girl A Beautiful Woman Favourite Charvi names
Chatresh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Chatresh names
Chatur boy Clever Favourite Chatur names
Chatura chatura girl Clever Favourite Chatura names
Chaturanan boy With Four Faces Favourite Chaturanan names
Chaturbahu boy Four Armed Favourite Chaturbahu names
Chaturbhuj boy Four Armed Favourite Chaturbhuj names
Chaunta chaunta girl One Who Outshines The Stars Favourite Chaunta names
Chayana chayana girl Moon Favourite Chayana names
Cheliyan boy Rich, Resourceful, Prosperous Favourite Cheliyan names
Chellam chellam girl Pampered Favourite Chellam names
Chellamani boy Precious Gem Favourite Chellamani names
Chellamuthu boy Precious Pearl Favourite Chellamuthu names
Chellapan boy Precious Favourite Chellapan names
Chemmal boy Premier, Best Favourite Chemmal names
Cheran boy The Chera King; From the Chera (currently Kerala) country Favourite Cheran names
Chetan boy Perceptive; Consciousness; Life; Excellent Intelligence Favourite Chetan names
Chetana chetana girl Perceptive, Consciousness Favourite Chetana names
Chetananand boy Supreme Joy Favourite Chetananand names
Chetna chetna girl Power Of Intellect; Alert Favourite Chetna names
Chevatkodiyon boy Lord Murugan Favourite Chevatkodiyon names
Chhabi chhabi girl Picture Favourite Chhabi names
Chhandak boy The Charioteer Of Lord Buddha Favourite Chhandak names
Chhatrabhuj boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Chhatrabhuj names
Chhavi chhavi girl Image; reflection Favourite Chhavi names
Chhavvi chhavvi girl Image, Radiance Favourite Chhavvi names
Chhaya chhaya girl Shadow Favourite Chhaya names
Chhaya; Chaaya chhaya;xxchaaya girl Shadow Favourite Chhaya; Chaaya names
Chhayank boy Moon Favourite Chhayank names
Chidakash boy Absolute Brahma Favourite Chidakash names
Chidambar boy One Whose Heart Is As Big As The Sky Favourite Chidambar names
Chidambaram boy Home Of Lord Shiva Favourite Chidambaram names
Chidananda boy Lord Shiva Favourite Chidananda names
Chidatma boy Supreme Spirit Favourite Chidatma names
Chidhatma boy Big Soul Favourite Chidhatma names
Chiman boy Curious Favourite Chiman names
Chimayi chimayi girl Blissful Favourite Chimayi names
Chinar boy Name Of A Beautiful Tree Favourite Chinar names
Chinmay boy Supreme consciousness; Name of Lord Ganesha; Knowledgable Favourite Chinmay names
Chinmaya boy With joy; God Favourite Chinmaya names
Chinmayananda boy Blissful, Supreme Consciousness Favourite Chinmayananda names
Chinmayi chinmayi girl Blissful Favourite Chinmayi names
Chinmayu boy Supreme Consciousness Favourite Chinmayu names
Chinnadurai boy Prince Favourite Chinnadurai names
Chintak boy Thinker Favourite Chintak names
Chintan boy Thought; Meditation Favourite Chintan names
Chintana chintana girl Meditation Favourite Chintana names
Chintanika chintanika girl Meditation Favourite Chintanika names
Chinthanaichelvan boy Intelligent, Thoughtful Favourite Chinthanaichelvan names
Chintu boy Sun Favourite Chintu names
Chintya boy Worthy Of Thought Favourite Chintya names
Chiradeep boy Eternal Lamp Favourite Chiradeep names
Chirag boy Lamp; Deepak Favourite Chirag names
Chiranjeev boy Lord Vishnu; Immortal Favourite Chiranjeev names
Chiranjeevi boy Without death, Eternal Being Favourite Chiranjeevi names
Chiranjiv boy Immortal; Longlived Favourite Chiranjiv names
Chirantan boy Lmmortal; Ancient Favourite Chirantan names
Chirayu boy Of Long life Favourite Chirayu names
Chirtrang boy With Multicolored Body Favourite Chirtrang names
Chit chit girl Heart Favourite Chit names
Chitesh boy Lord Of The Soul Favourite Chitesh names
Chithayu boy Born Of Intellect Favourite Chithayu names
Chiti chiti girl Love Favourite Chiti names
Chitkala chitkala girl Knowledge Favourite Chitkala names
Chitra chitra girl Picture; Drawing; A nakshatra; Name of a river Favourite Chitra names
Chitrabahu boy With Beautiful Hands Favourite Chitrabahu names
Chitrabhanu boy Fire Favourite Chitrabhanu names
Chitragandha chitragandha girl A Fragrant Material Favourite Chitragandha names
Chitragupt boy God Of Destiny Favourite Chitragupt names
Chitragupta boy Secret Picture Favourite Chitragupta names
Chitraketu boy With Beautiful Banner Favourite Chitraketu names
Chitraksh boy Beautiful Eyed Favourite Chitraksh names
Chitrakshi chitrakshi girl Colourful Eyes Favourite Chitrakshi names
Chitral boy Of variegated colour Favourite Chitral names
Chitralekha chitralekha girl As Beautiful As A Picture Favourite Chitralekha names
Chitrali chitrali girl A Row Of Pictures Favourite Chitrali names
Chitramala chitramala girl Series Of Pictures Favourite Chitramala names
Chitramaya chitramaya girl Worldly Illusion Favourite Chitramaya names
Chitrani chitrani girl River Ganga Favourite Chitrani names
Chitrarath boy The Sun Favourite Chitrarath names
Chitrarathi chitrarathi girl With A Bright Chariot Favourite Chitrarathi names
Chitrarekha chitrarekha girl Picture Favourite Chitrarekha names
Chitrasen boy A King Of Gandharvas Favourite Chitrasen names
Chitrathi chitrathi girl A Bright Chariot Favourite Chitrathi names
Chitresh boy As beautiful as moon; Lord of the heart Favourite Chitresh names
Chitrita chitrita girl Picturesque Favourite Chitrita names
Chitt boy Heart Favourite Chitt names
Chitta boy Mind Favourite Chitta names
Chittaprasad boy Happiness Favourite Chittaprasad names
Chittaranjan boy One Who Pleases The Mind Favourite Chittaranjan names
Chittaswarup boy The Supreme Spirit Favourite Chittaswarup names
Chittesh boy Lord Of The Soul Favourite Chittesh names
Chittranjan boy Inner Joy; Happiness from the heart; one who has joyful heart Favourite Chittranjan names
Cholan boy A South Indian Dynasty Favourite Cholan names
Chudamani boy Crest Jewel Favourite Chudamani names
Chumban chumban girl Kiss Favourite Chumban names
Chunky boy Strong; Healthy Favourite Chunky names
Chunmay boy Supreme Consciousness Favourite Chunmay names
Chunni chunni girl A Star Favourite Chunni names
Chyavan boy Name Of A Saint Favourite Chyavan names
Cyrus boy The name of the founder of the Persian empire Favourite Cyrus names
Dabeet boy Warrior Favourite Dabeet names
Dadhija dadhija girl Daughter Of Milk Favourite Dadhija names
Daha boy Blazing, Very Bright Favourite Daha names
Dahak boy Powerfull Favourite Dahak names
Dahana boy A Rudra Favourite Dahana names
Daitya boy A Non Aryan. Favourite Daitya names
Daivya boy Divine Favourite Daivya names
Daiwik boy By the grace of God Favourite Daiwik names
Daksh boy A son of Brahma; Precious Son; Capable Favourite Daksh names
Daksha daksha girl The Earth; Sati, Wife Of Shiva Favourite Daksha names
Dakshakanya dakshakanya girl Able Daughter Favourite Dakshakanya names
Dakshata dakshata girl Skill Favourite Dakshata names
Dakshayani dakshayani girl Goddess Durga Favourite Dakshayani names
Dakshesh boy Shiva Favourite Dakshesh names
Dakshi boy The Glorious Favourite Dakshi names
Dakshina dakshina girl A Donation To God Or Priest Favourite Dakshina names
Dakshinayan boy Some Movement Of The Sun Favourite Dakshinayan names
Dalaja dalaja girl Produced From Petals Favourite Dalaja names
Dalajit boy Winning Over A Group Favourite Dalajit names
Dalapathi boy Leader Of A Group Favourite Dalapathi names
Dalbhya boy Belonging To Wheels Favourite Dalbhya names
Dalpati boy Commander Of Group Favourite Dalpati names
Daman boy Controller; One who controls Favourite Daman names
Damian boy Tamer Favourite Damian names
Damini damini girl Lightning Favourite Damini names
Damodar boy A Name Of Krishna Favourite Damodar names
Damyanti damyanti girl Beautiful Favourite Damyanti names
Dandak boy A Forest Favourite Dandak names
Dandapani boy An Epithet For Yama Favourite Dandapani names
Danielle danielle girl Judged only by GOD; Feminine of Daniel Favourite Danielle names
Danila boy God Is The Judge Favourite Danila names
Danta boy Calm. A Name For Lord Hanuman Favourite Danta names
Danuj boy Born Of Danu, A Danava Favourite Danuj names
Danvir boy Charitable Favourite Danvir names
Darahaas boy Smile Favourite Darahaas names
Darika darika girl Maiden Favourite Darika names
Darpad boy Lord Shiva Favourite Darpad names
Darpak boy Kamdev, God Of Love Favourite Darpak names
Darpan boy A Mirror Favourite Darpan names
Darpana darpana girl A Mirror Favourite Darpana names
Darpanika darpanika girl A Small Mirror Favourite Darpanika names
Darsh boy Lord Krishna Favourite Darsh names
Darsha darsha girl To See, To Perceive, To Have Vision Favourite Darsha names
Darshak boy Spectator Favourite Darshak names
Darshan boy Paying Respect, Religious Text Favourite Darshan names
Darshana darshana girl Seeing; Sight Favourite Darshana names
Darsheel boy Something That Looks Good And Sober Favourite Darsheel names
Darshini darshini girl The One Who Blesses Favourite Darshini names
Darshni darshni girl The one who blesses Favourite Darshni names
Daruk boy Charioteer Of Krishna, Tree Favourite Daruk names
Daruka boy Deodar Tree Favourite Daruka names
Darun boy Hard Male Hindu Favourite Darun names
Das boy Servant Favourite Das names
Dashabahu boy Ten armed Favourite Dashabahu names
Dasharath boy The Father Of Lord Rama Favourite Dasharath names
Dasharathi boy Lord Rama Favourite Dasharathi names
Dasmaya boy Beautiful Favourite Dasmaya names
Datta boy One Who Is Given Favourite Datta names
Dattatreya boy A Son Of Atri, A God Favourite Dattatreya names
Dattey boy Lord Indra Favourite Dattey names
Daveena boy Beuaty Favourite Daveena names
Daya boy Kindness Favourite Daya names
Dayada boy Son, Inheritor Favourite Dayada names
Dayakar boy Merciful Lord Shiva Favourite Dayakar names
Dayakara boy Compassionate Favourite Dayakara names
Dayal boy Kind Hearted Favourite Dayal names
Dayamay boy Full Of Mercy Favourite Dayamay names
Dayamayee dayamayee girl Kind Favourite Dayamayee names
Dayamayi dayamayi girl Merciful Favourite Dayamayi names
Dayanand boy One Who Likes Being Merciful Favourite Dayanand names
Dayanidhi boy Treasure House Of Mercy Favourite Dayanidhi names
Dayanita dayanita girl Tender Favourite Dayanita names
Dayaram boy Merciful Favourite Dayaram names
Dayasagar boy Extremely Kind, Sea Of Mercy Favourite Dayasagar names
Dayasagara boy Ocean Of Compassionate Favourite Dayasagara names
Dayashankar boy Merciful Lord Shiva Favourite Dayashankar names
Dayaswarup boy Merciful Favourite Dayaswarup names
Dayita dayita girl Beloved Favourite Dayita names
Debanshi debanshi girl Deva Ansh Favourite Debanshi names
Debashis boy Benediction Of God Favourite Debashis names
Debashish boy Pleased By Gods Favourite Debashish names
Debjit boy One Who Has Conquered Gods Favourite Debjit names
Deborah deborah girl Queen Bee Favourite Deborah names
Deeba deeba girl Silk Favourite Deeba names
Deen boy Poor Favourite Deen names
Deenabandhav boy Protector of the downtrodden Favourite Deenabandhav names
Deenabandhu boy Friend Of The Poor Favourite Deenabandhu names
Deenanath boy Lord Of The Poor Favourite Deenanath names
Deenanath; Dinanath boy Protector of poor; Lord of the poor Favourite Deenanath; Dinanath names
Deenath boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Deenath names
Deendaya boy Friend of poor; Humble and merciful Favourite Deendaya names
Deendayal; Deenadayaal; Dindayal boy Friend of poor; Humble and merciful Favourite Deendayal; Deenadayaal; Dindayal names
Deep boy Light; The lamp of light Favourite Deep names
Deepa deepa girl Lamp; Light Favourite Deepa names
Deepabali deepabali girl Row Of Lamps Favourite Deepabali names
Deepak boy Lamp; Light Favourite Deepak names
Deepakala deepakala girl Evening Time Favourite Deepakala names
Deepal deepal girl Light Favourite Deepal names
Deepali deepali girl Row of lamps; Collection of lamps Favourite Deepali names
Deepamala deepamala girl Row Of Lamps Favourite Deepamala names
Deepan boy Lighting Up Favourite Deepan names
Deepana deepana girl Illuminating Favourite Deepana names
Deepanjali deepanjali girl Offering by lighting lamps in worship Favourite Deepanjali names
Deepankar boy One Who Lights Lamps Favourite Deepankar names
Deepanwita deepanwita girl Diwali Favourite Deepanwita names
Deepaprabha deepaprabha girl Fully Lighted Favourite Deepaprabha names
Deepashikha deepashikha girl Flame Favourite Deepashikha names
Deepavati deepavati girl A Raagini Which Is A Hybrid Of Deepak Favourite Deepavati names
Deependra boy Lord Of Light Favourite Deependra names
Deependu boy Bright Moon Favourite Deependu names
Deepesh boy Lord Of Light Favourite Deepesh names
Deepika deepika girl A Lamp Favourite Deepika names
Deepit boy Lighted Favourite Deepit names
Deepitha deepitha girl Illuminated Favourite Deepitha names
Deepshika deepshika girl Lamp Favourite Deepshika names
Deepta deepta girl Shining Favourite Deepta names
Deeptanshu boy The Sun Favourite Deeptanshu names
Deeptendu boy Bright Moon Favourite Deeptendu names
Deepti deepti girl Flame; Lustre Favourite Deepti names
Deeptikana deeptikana girl A Beam Of Light Favourite Deeptikana names
Deeptiman boy Lustrous Favourite Deeptiman names
Deeptimoy boy Lustrous Favourite Deeptimoy names
Deeptimoyee deeptimoyee girl Lustrous Favourite Deeptimoyee names
Deeta deeta girl A Name For Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Deeta names
Deetya deetya girl Answer Of Prayers Favourite Deetya names
Dehabhuj boy Another Name For Lord Shiva Favourite Dehabhuj names
Deleena deleena girl Good Looking Favourite Deleena names
Delisha delisha girl Happy & make others happy Favourite Delisha names
Demira demira girl Devotee Of Lord Krishna Favourite Demira names
Denadayal boy Humble And Merciful Favourite Denadayal names
Depen boy Master of Deepaks Favourite Depen names
Des des girl Country Favourite Des names
Deshika deshika girl Guru Favourite Deshika names
Deshna deshna girl Gift Favourite Deshna names
Desna desna girl Offering Favourite Desna names
Dev boy God, King Favourite Dev names
Dev Kumar boy Son Of Gods Favourite Dev Kumar names
Dev; Deb boy Divinity; God Favourite Dev; Deb names
Deva boy God Favourite Deva names
Devabrata boy A Name Of Bhisma Favourite Devabrata names
Devachandra boy Moon Among The Gods Favourite Devachandra names
Devadarshan boy Familiar With Gods Favourite Devadarshan names
Devadarshini devadarshini girl Goddess Favourite Devadarshini names
Devadas boy Follower Of God Favourite Devadas names
Devadatt boy Gift Of The God Favourite Devadatt names
Devadatta boy God Given Favourite Devadatta names
Devadeva boy Lord Of All Lords Favourite Devadeva names
Devadhipa boy Lord Of The Gods Favourite Devadhipa names
Devadutt boy Gift Of God Favourite Devadutt names
Devadyumna boy Glory Of The Gods Favourite Devadyumna names
Devagya boy With Knowledge Of God Favourite Devagya names
Devahuti devahuti girl Daughter Of Manu Favourite Devahuti names
Devaj boy From God Favourite Devaj names
Devajuta boy The One With The Good Favourite Devajuta names
Devajyoti boy Brightness Of The Lord Favourite Devajyoti names
Devakali devakali girl Name Of A Indian Music Raagini Favourite Devakali names
Devakantha boy Beloved Of The Gods Favourite Devakantha names
Devakanya devakanya girl Celestial Maiden Favourite Devakanya names
Devaki devaki girl Divine Favourite Devaki names
Devakinandan boy Name Of Lord Krishna Favourite Devakinandan names
Devakiri devakiri girl Name Of A Raagini Favourite Devakiri names
Devakumar boy Son Of A God Favourite Devakumar names
Deval boy Sage Narada; Temple Favourite Deval names
Devalatha devalatha girl Divine Wine Favourite Devalatha names
Devalekha devalekha girl Celestial Beauty Favourite Devalekha names
Devamadana boy Gladdening The Gods Favourite Devamadana names
Devamati devamati girl Godly Minded, Virtuous Favourite Devamati names
Devamayi devamayi girl Devine Illuision Favourite Devamayi names
Devan boy Like a God Favourite Devan names
Devanand boy Joy Of God Favourite Devanand names
Devanandan boy Sonofgod Favourite Devanandan names
Devang boy From God Favourite Devang names
Devangana devangana girl Celestial Maiden Favourite Devangana names
Devangi devangi girl Like a goddess Favourite Devangi names
Devank boy Godly Favourite Devank names
Devansh boy Part Of God Favourite Devansh names
Devanshi devanshi girl Divine Favourite Devanshi names
Devantakanashakarin boy Destroyer of Evils and Asuras Favourite Devantakanashakarin names
Devapi boy An Ancient King Favourite Devapi names
Devappa boy Father Of King Favourite Devappa names
Devapriya devapriya girl Dear To The Gods Favourite Devapriya names
Devaraj boy King Of The Gods Favourite Devaraj names
Devarpana boy Offerings To The Gods Favourite Devarpana names
Devarshi boy Teacher Of The God Favourite Devarshi names
Devarsi boy Sage Of The Devas Favourite Devarsi names
Devarya boy Divine Belief Favourite Devarya names
Devashish boy Blessing Of God Favourite Devashish names
Devashree devashree girl Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Devashree names
Devasmitha devasmitha girl With A Devine Smile Favourite Devasmitha names
Devasree devasree girl Divine Beauty Favourite Devasree names
Devavrata boy One who accepts all Penances Favourite Devavrata names
Devbrata boy Bhishma Favourite Devbrata names
Devdarsh boy Worshipper Of God Favourite Devdarsh names
Devdas boy Servant Of God Favourite Devdas names
Devdatta boy Given By God Favourite Devdatta names
Devdutta boy King Favourite Devdutta names
Deveesh boy Supreme God Favourite Deveesh names
Deven boy Like a God Favourite Deven names
Devendra boy King Of Gods Favourite Devendra names
Devendranath boy Lord Of The King Of Gods Favourite Devendranath names
Devendrashika boy Protector of All Gods Favourite Devendrashika names
Devesh boy God Of Gods Favourite Devesh names
Deveshi deveshi girl Goddess Durga Favourite Deveshi names
Deveshwar boy Lord Shiva Favourite Deveshwar names
Devguru boy Teacher Of Gods ( Brihaspati ) Favourite Devguru names
Devi devi girl Goddess Favourite Devi names
Devi; Daevi devi;xxdaevi girl Goddess; The Diety Favourite Devi; Daevi names
Devidas boy Servant (devotee) Of Godess Favourite Devidas names
Devika devika girl Minor deity; Goddess Favourite Devika names
Devilal boy Son Of Godess Favourite Devilal names
Devin boy Resembling A God Favourite Devin names
Devina devina girl Resembling A Goddess Favourite Devina names
Deviprasad boy Gift Of Godess Favourite Deviprasad names
Devishi devishi girl Chief Of The Goddesses Favourite Devishi names
Devkanya devkanya girl Divine Damsel Favourite Devkanya names
Devkinandan boy Son Of Devki;(lord Krishna) Favourite Devkinandan names
Devkumar boy Son Of Gods Favourite Devkumar names
Devmani devmani girl Divine Gift Favourite Devmani names
Devna devna girl Godly Favourite Devna names
Devnarayan boy King Favourite Devnarayan names
Devnath boy King Of Gods Favourite Devnath names
Devpad boy Divine Feet Favourite Devpad names
Devraj boy King Among Gods, Name Of Indra Favourite Devraj names
Devraj; Devraaj boy Lord lndra; King of Devas; King of gods Favourite Devraj; Devraaj names
Devrat boy Spiritual Favourite Devrat names
Devsena boy Army Of Gods Favourite Devsena names
Devvrat boy Bhishma Favourite Devvrat names
Devvrata boy Name Of An Ancient King Favourite Devvrata names
Devyani devyani girl Like a Goddess; Daughter of Shukraacharya Favourite Devyani names
Dewanshi dewanshi girl Divine Favourite Dewanshi names
Dewesh boy Lord Of The Gods Favourite Dewesh names
Dhairya boy Patience Favourite Dhairya names
Dhan boy Wealth Favourite Dhan names
Dhanajit boy Wealth Favourite Dhanajit names
Dhanalakshmi dhanalakshmi girl Goddess Of Wealth Favourite Dhanalakshmi names
Dhananad boy Pleasure Of Having Wealth Favourite Dhananad names
Dhananjay boy One Who Wins Wealth Favourite Dhananjay names
Dhanapati boy Lord Of Wealth Favourite Dhanapati names
Dhanapriya dhanapriya girl Loved By Wealth Favourite Dhanapriya names
Dhanashri dhanashri girl A Raga Favourite Dhanashri names
Dhanesh boy Lord Of Wealth Favourite Dhanesh names
Dhanishta dhanishta girl A Star Favourite Dhanishta names
Dhanpal boy Preserver Of Wealth Favourite Dhanpal names
Dhanraj boy Lord Kuber Favourite Dhanraj names
Dhanshree boy Laxmi Favourite Dhanshree names
Dhansukh boy Wealthy; Happy Favourite Dhansukh names
Dhanu boy Name Of A Hindu Rashi (sagittarius) Favourite Dhanu names
Dhanush boy The Bow Favourite Dhanush names
Dhanvant boy Wealthy Favourite Dhanvant names
Dhanvantari boy Doctor Of Gods Favourite Dhanvantari names
Dhanvanti dhanvanti girl Holding Wealth Favourite Dhanvanti names
Dhanvi dhanvi girl Money Favourite Dhanvi names
Dhanvin boy Lord Shiva Favourite Dhanvin names
Dhanvine boy A Name For Lord Rama Favourite Dhanvine names
Dhanya dhanya girl Great; Lucky Favourite Dhanya names
Dhanyata dhanyata girl Success, Fulfilment Favourite Dhanyata names
Dhara dhara girl Constant flow; the earth Favourite Dhara names
Dharamnishth boy One Who Has Faith In Religion Favourite Dharamnishth names
Dharani dharani girl The Earth Favourite Dharani names
Dharanidhar boy Shesh The Cosmic Serpent Favourite Dharanidhar names
Dharendra boy King Of The Earth Favourite Dharendra names
Dharesh boy Lord Of Land Favourite Dharesh names
Dharini dharini girl Earth Favourite Dharini names
Dharitree boy The Earth Favourite Dharitree names
Dharitri dharitri girl The Earth Favourite Dharitri names
Dharm-Mitra boy Friend Of Religion Favourite Dharm-Mitra names
Dharma boy Law (religious) Favourite Dharma names
Dharmachandra boy Moon Of Dharma Favourite Dharmachandra names
Dharmadas boy One Who Serves His Religion Favourite Dharmadas names
Dharmadev boy Lord Of Law Favourite Dharmadev names
Dharmaditya boy Son Of Dharma Favourite Dharmaditya names
Dharmaketu boy Who Upholds The Right Way Favourite Dharmaketu names
Dharmakirti boy Fame Of Religion Favourite Dharmakirti names
Dharmanand boy One Who Takes Pleasure In His Religion Favourite Dharmanand names
Dharmaraj boy King Of Religion Favourite Dharmaraj names
Dharmasastha boy Protector of dharma Favourite Dharmasastha names
Dharmaveer boy Protector Of Religion Favourite Dharmaveer names
Dharmendra boy King Of Religion Favourite Dharmendra names
Dharmendu boy Light Of Religion Favourite Dharmendu names
Dharmesh boy Lord of righteousness; Master of Religion; Lord of religion Favourite Dharmesh names
Dharmi boy Religious Favourite Dharmi names
Dharmik boy A Name For Lord Ganesha Favourite Dharmik names
Dharmini dharmini girl Religious Favourite Dharmini names
Dharmishta dharmishta girl Lord in dharma Favourite Dharmishta names
Dharmpal boy Protector Of Religion Favourite Dharmpal names
Dharmveer boy Religious Favourite Dharmveer names
Dharnitha dharnitha girl Earth Favourite Dharnitha names
Dharti dharti girl The earth Favourite Dharti names
Dharuna dharuna girl Supporting Favourite Dharuna names
Dhatri dhatri girl Earth Favourite Dhatri names
Dhaval boy A fair one Favourite Dhaval names
Dhavalachandra boy White Moon Favourite Dhavalachandra names
Dhavni dhavni girl Noise Favourite Dhavni names
Dhawal boy White Favourite Dhawal names
Dheeman boy Intelligent Favourite Dheeman names
Dheemant boy Wise; Intelligent Favourite Dheemant names
Dheeptha dheeptha girl Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Dheeptha names
Dheer boy Gentle Favourite Dheer names
Dheera dheera girl Courageous Favourite Dheera names
Dheeran boy Achiever Favourite Dheeran names
Dheerandra boy God Of Courage Favourite Dheerandra names
Dheerendra boy God Of Courage Favourite Dheerendra names
Dheivamani boy Blessed Gem Favourite Dheivamani names
Dhevan boy Godly Favourite Dhevan names
Dhevaneyan boy Pious Favourite Dhevaneyan names
Dhikshit boy Initiated Favourite Dhikshit names
Dhilan boy Son Of The Waves Favourite Dhilan names
Dhimahi dhimahi girl Wisdom Favourite Dhimahi names
Dhimant boy Intelligent Favourite Dhimant names
Dhinakar boy The Sun Favourite Dhinakar names
Dhinanta boy Evening Favourite Dhinanta names
Dhipin boy Exciting Favourite Dhipin names
Dhir boy Wise Favourite Dhir names
Dhiraj boy Patience, Consolation Favourite Dhiraj names
Dhiraj; Dheeraj boy Patience; Consolation Favourite Dhiraj; Dheeraj names
Dhiren boy Strength; Strong Favourite Dhiren names
Dhirendra boy Lord Of The Brave Favourite Dhirendra names
Dhitha dhitha girl Daughter Favourite Dhitha names
Dhithi dhithi girl Thought, Idea Favourite Dhithi names
Dhivakar boy Sun Favourite Dhivakar names
Dhlriti dhlriti girl Courage, Morale Favourite Dhlriti names
Dhoomravarna boy Smoke-Hued Lord Favourite Dhoomravarna names
Dhriti dhriti girl Courage, Morale Favourite Dhriti names
Dhritiman boy Patient Favourite Dhritiman names
Dhriya dhriya girl Patience Favourite Dhriya names
Dhruddavrat boy Strong Willed meditator Favourite Dhruddavrat names
Dhrupad boy Lord Krishna Favourite Dhrupad names
Dhruti dhruti girl Motion Favourite Dhruti names
Dhruv boy Pole Star Favourite Dhruv names
Dhruva dhruva girl Star Favourite Dhruva names
Dhruvangi dhruvangi girl Star Favourite Dhruvangi names
Dhruvi dhruvi girl Firmly fixed Favourite Dhruvi names
Dhruvika dhruvika girl Firmly Fixed Favourite Dhruvika names
Dhruvita dhruvita girl Firmly fixed Favourite Dhruvita names
Dhruvpad boy The Oldest Style Of North Indian Classical Favourite Dhruvpad names
Dhun dhun girl Tune Favourite Dhun names
Dhuthi dhuthi girl Spleandour, Lustre Favourite Dhuthi names
Dhvanil boy The Sound From Heaven Favourite Dhvanil names
Dhvanya boy Suggested Meaning Favourite Dhvanya names
Dhwani dhwani girl Sound; Melody Favourite Dhwani names
Dhyan boy Conces Favourite Dhyan names
Dhyana boy Meditation Favourite Dhyana names
Dhyanesh boy Meditative Favourite Dhyanesh names
Dhyaneshwar boy Lord Of Meditation Favourite Dhyaneshwar names
Dhyani boy One Who Does Contemplation Favourite Dhyani names
Dhyey boy Aim Favourite Dhyey names
Didar boy Vision Favourite Didar names
Digambar boy Unencumbered Favourite Digambar names
Digambari digambari girl Goddess Durga Favourite Digambari names
Digamber boy Nacked Favourite Digamber names
Digant boy Horizon Favourite Digant names
Digesh boy Master of Directions Favourite Digesh names
Digvastra boy Sky Clad Favourite Digvastra names
Digvijay boy Who Is Victorious Over Everyone Favourite Digvijay names
Diksha diksha girl Initiation Favourite Diksha names
Dikshan boy Initiation Favourite Dikshan names
Dikshit boy One who attain Deeksha Favourite Dikshit names
Dilawar boy Brave Favourite Dilawar names
Dilber dilber girl Lover Favourite Dilber names
Dilip boy King Of The Solar Race Favourite Dilip names
Dilshad dilshad girl Happy Favourite Dilshad names
Dinakar boy The Sun Favourite Dinakar names
Dinanath boy Protector Favourite Dinanath names
Dinapati boy The Sun Favourite Dinapati names
Dinar boy Gold Coin Favourite Dinar names
Dindayal boy Kindto The Poor Favourite Dindayal names
Dinendra boy Lord Of The Day, The Sun Favourite Dinendra names
Dinesh boy Sun, God Of The Day Favourite Dinesh names
Dinkar boy Sun Favourite Dinkar names
Dinpal boy Sun Favourite Dinpal names
Dipak boy Lamp Favourite Dipak names
Dipali dipali girl Lamps Favourite Dipali names
Dipashri dipashri girl Lamp Favourite Dipashri names
Dipen boy Lord Of The Lamp Favourite Dipen names
Dipendu boy Moon Favourite Dipendu names
Dipesh boy Lord of light Favourite Dipesh names
Dipika dipika girl Lamp; a little light Favourite Dipika names
Diptanshu boy Sun Favourite Diptanshu names
Dipti dipti girl Brightness Favourite Dipti names
Dipu boy Flame; Light; Shinning Favourite Dipu names
Disha disha girl Direction; Side Favourite Disha names
Dishi dishi girl Direction Favourite Dishi names
Dishita dishita girl Focus Favourite Dishita names
Diti diti girl Wife Of The Sage Kashyap Favourite Diti names
Divakar boy The Sun Favourite Divakar names
Divamani boy Ornament of Day Favourite Divamani names
Divena divena girl Blessing Favourite Divena names
Divesh boy Master of Directions Favourite Divesh names
Divija divija girl Born In Heaven Favourite Divija names
Divinanthan boy Lord Muruga Name Favourite Divinanthan names
Divit boy Immortal Favourite Divit names
Divnesh boy Sun Favourite Divnesh names
Divya divya girl Divine; Divine Lustre; Heavenly; Brilliant Favourite Divya names
Divyana divyana girl Divine Favourite Divyana names
Divyanga boy Divine Body Favourite Divyanga names
Divyansh boy Part Of Go, Part Of The Divine Light, Gods Own Divine Favourite Divyansh names
Divyanshi divyanshi girl Part Of A Divine Power Favourite Divyanshi names
Divyanshu boy Parts of Dev Favourite Divyanshu names
Divyendu boy Bright Moon Favourite Divyendu names
Divyesh boy Full of Divinity Favourite Divyesh names
Diya diya girl Lamp; Light Favourite Diya names
Dnyandeep boy A Lamp Of Knowledge Favourite Dnyandeep names
Doyel doyel girl A Songbrid Favourite Doyel names
Drashti drashti girl Eyesight Favourite Drashti names
Draupadi draupadi girl Wife Of The Pandavas Favourite Draupadi names
Drisana drisana girl Daughter Of The Sun Favourite Drisana names
Drishit boy Signs Favourite Drishit names
Drishti drishti girl Sight Favourite Drishti names
Drishya drishya girl Sight Favourite Drishya names
Dristi dristi girl Eyesight Favourite Dristi names
Dron boy Prominent Mahabharata Character Favourite Dron names
Drooti drooti girl Softened Favourite Drooti names
Drupad boy A King, Father Of Draupadi Favourite Drupad names
Druthi druthi girl Softened Favourite Druthi names
Druti druti girl Softened Favourite Druti names
Dulal boy Dear One Favourite Dulal names
Dulari dulari girl Dear Favourite Dulari names
Duraimurugan boy Lord Murugan Favourite Duraimurugan names
Duranjaya boy A Heroic Son Favourite Duranjaya names
Durga durga girl Goddess Durga; Parvati; Devi Favourite Durga names
Durgadas boy Servant ( A Devotee ) Of Godess Durga Favourite Durgadas names
Durgadutt boy Gift From Godess Durga Favourite Durgadutt names
Durgesh boy Protector of Fort; Lord of forts Favourite Durgesh names
Durijesh boy Moon Favourite Durijesh names
Durja boy The Invincible Favourite Durja names
Durjaya boy Difficult To Conquer Favourite Durjaya names
Durmada boy The False Pride Favourite Durmada names
Durva durva girl Sacred grass Favourite Durva names
Durvish boy Who Cannot Be Affected By Poison Favourite Durvish names
Dushyant boy Destroyer of evil Favourite Dushyant names
Dushyanta boy A King From The Epic Mahabharata Favourite Dushyanta names
Dvaimatura boy One who has two Mothers Favourite Dvaimatura names
Dvimidha boy One Who Knows Present As Well As Future Favourite Dvimidha names
Dwaipayan boy The Sage Vyasa Favourite Dwaipayan names
Dwani dwani girl Voice Favourite Dwani names
Dwaraka-Das boy Servant Of Dwaarakaa Favourite Dwaraka-Das names
Dwaraka-Nath boy Lord Of Dwarakaa Favourite Dwaraka-Nath names
Dwijaraj boy King Of Brahmins; The Moon Favourite Dwijaraj names
Dwijendra boy King Of Brahmins; The Moon Favourite Dwijendra names
Dwijesh boy River Favourite Dwijesh names
Dwipavati dwipavati girl River Favourite Dwipavati names
Dyumani boy Lord Shiva Favourite Dyumani names
Dyumna dyumna girl Glorious Favourite Dyumna names
Dyuthi dyuthi girl Sun Shine Favourite Dyuthi names
Dyuti dyuti girl Light Favourite Dyuti names
Dyutit boy Illuminated Favourite Dyutit names
Eashan boy Shiva Favourite Eashan names
Eashita eashita girl One who desires Favourite Eashita names
Eashwar boy God Favourite Eashwar names
Eashwari eashwari girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Eashwari names
Ecchumati ecchumati girl A River Favourite Ecchumati names
Edha edha girl Sacred Favourite Edha names
Edhas boy Happiness Favourite Edhas names
Edhitha edhitha girl Progressed, Increased Favourite Edhitha names
Edi boy Herb Favourite Edi names
Ednit boy Evolved Favourite Ednit names
Edom boy Red; Red Earth Favourite Edom names
Eedha eedha girl Sacred Favourite Eedha names
Eesha eesha girl Goddess Parvati;purity Favourite Eesha names
Eeshan boy Lord Shiva Favourite Eeshan names
Eeshani eeshani girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Eeshani names
Eeshwar boy God Favourite Eeshwar names
Egaiarasu boy King Of Charity Favourite Egaiarasu names
Eha boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Eha names
Ehimay boy All Pervasive Favourite Ehimay names
Ehimaya ehimaya girl An All Pervading Intellect Favourite Ehimaya names
Eila eila girl The Earth Favourite Eila names
Eiravati eiravati girl Lightening, Ravi River Favourite Eiravati names
Eka eka girl Matchless, Alone, Unique Favourite Eka names
Ekaa ekaa girl Goddess Durga Favourite Ekaa names
Ekaakshara boy He of the Single Syllable Favourite Ekaakshara names
Ekachakra boy Son Of Kashyapa Favourite Ekachakra names
Ekachandra boy The Only Moon Favourite Ekachandra names
Ekachith boy With One Mind Favourite Ekachith names
Ekadant boy Lord Ganesh Favourite Ekadant names
Ekadanta boy Single-Tusked Lord Favourite Ekadanta names
Ekadhana ekadhana girl A Portion Of Wealth Favourite Ekadhana names
Ekadrishta boy Single-Tusked Lord Favourite Ekadrishta names
Ekagrah boy Focused Favourite Ekagrah names
Ekaja ekaja girl The Only Child Favourite Ekaja names
Ekaksh boy One Eyed, Shiva Favourite Ekaksh names
Ekaksha boy Lord Shiva Favourite Ekaksha names
Ekakshara boy A Name For Lord Ganesha Favourite Ekakshara names
Ekalavya boy Renowned For His Devotion To His Guru Favourite Ekalavya names
Ekaling boy Name Of Lord Shiva Favourite Ekaling names
Ekalinga boy . Shiva Favourite Ekalinga names
Ekambar boy Sky Favourite Ekambar names
Ekana boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Ekana names
Ekanath boy King Favourite Ekanath names
Ekanga boy . Bogyguard Favourite Ekanga names
Ekani ekani girl One Favourite Ekani names
Ekansh boy Whole Favourite Ekansh names
Ekant boy Soliltary Favourite Ekant names
Ekanta ekanta girl Devoted Girl Favourite Ekanta names
Ekantha ekantha girl Lovely Favourite Ekantha names
Ekanthika ekanthika girl Devoted To One Aim Favourite Ekanthika names
Ekantika ekantika girl Singly Focussed Favourite Ekantika names
Ekapad boy Lord Shiva Favourite Ekapad names
Ekaparana ekaparana girl Wife Of Himalaya Favourite Ekaparana names
Ekaparnika ekaparnika girl Goddess Durga Favourite Ekaparnika names
Ekaraj boy Emperor Favourite Ekaraj names
Ekatan boy Closely Attentive Favourite Ekatan names
Ekatma boy Oneself, Alone Favourite Ekatma names
Ekavali ekavali girl Single String Favourite Ekavali names
Ekavir boy Bravest of the brave Favourite Ekavir names
Ekayavan boy The Wise One Favourite Ekayavan names
Ekbal boy Dignity Favourite Ekbal names
Ekisha ekisha girl One Goddess Favourite Ekisha names
Eklavya boy Bowman; Student who learned bow by watching Favourite Eklavya names
Eknath boy . Poet, Saint Favourite Eknath names
Ekodar boy Brother Favourite Ekodar names
Ekram boy Honour Favourite Ekram names
Ekta ekta girl Unity Favourite Ekta names
Ela ela girl The earth Favourite Ela names
Elampirai elampirai girl Young Crescent Favourite Elampirai names
Elango boy Prince,Author Of Tamil Masterpiece Silappadhikaram Favourite Elango names
Elavarasi elavarasi girl Youthful, Princess Favourite Elavarasi names
Elil boy Handsome Favourite Elil names
Elilarasan boy Handsome, King Of Beauty Favourite Elilarasan names
Elilarasu boy Handsome, King Of Beauty Favourite Elilarasu names
Elili elili girl Beautiful Favourite Elili names
Elilvendan boy Handsome, King Of Beauty Favourite Elilvendan names
Elina elina girl Pure, Intelligent Favourite Elina names
Elisa elisa girl Dedicated to God Favourite Elisa names
Ellu boy Sesame Seed Considered Sacred Favourite Ellu names
Elumalai boy Lord Venkateshwara, Lord Of Seven Hills Favourite Elumalai names
Enakshi enakshi girl Dear Eyed Favourite Enakshi names
Erumelivasan boy One who lives in Erumeli Favourite Erumelivasan names
Esh boy God Favourite Esh names
Esha esha girl Goddess Parvati; Purity; Desire Favourite Esha names
Eshan boy Desiring And Wishing Favourite Eshan names
Eshana eshana girl Search Favourite Eshana names
Eshanika eshanika girl Fulfilling Desire Favourite Eshanika names
Eshanka eshanka girl Parvati-Wife Of Shiva Favourite Eshanka names
Eshanya eshanya girl East Favourite Eshanya names
Eshika eshika girl An Arrow, Dart Favourite Eshika names
Eshita eshita girl One Who Desires Favourite Eshita names
Eshwar boy Lord Shiva Favourite Eshwar names
Eshwardutt boy Gift Of God Favourite Eshwardutt names
Eta eta girl Luminous Favourite Eta names
Etash boy Luminous Favourite Etash names
Ettan boy Breath Favourite Ettan names
Evyavan boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Evyavan names
Faina faina girl Crown or garland Favourite Faina names
Falak falak girl Star Favourite Falak names
Falgu boy Lovely Favourite Falgu names
Falgun boy A month in the Hindu calendar; Born in Falgun - a Hindu month Favourite Falgun names
Falguni falguni girl Born In Falgun, A Hindu Month Favourite Falguni names
Falguni; Phalguni falguni;xxphalguni girl Born in Falgun - a Hindu month; Beautiful Favourite Falguni; Phalguni names
Fanibhusan boy Lord Shiva Favourite Fanibhusan names
Fanibhushan boy Lord Shiva Favourite Fanibhushan names
Fanindra boy The Cosmic Serpent Shesh Favourite Fanindra names
Fanish boy The Cosmic Serpent Shesh Favourite Fanish names
Fanishwar boy Lord Of Serpents, Vasuki Favourite Fanishwar names
Fateh boy Victory Favourite Fateh names
Fatik boy Crystal Favourite Fatik names
Fenil boy Which Meaning Is Name Favourite Fenil names
Foolan foolan girl Flowering Favourite Foolan names
Foolwati foolwati girl Delicate As A Flower Favourite Foolwati names
Forum forum girl Fragarance Favourite Forum names
Fravash boy Guardian Angel Favourite Fravash names
Freya freya girl Goddess Of Love Favourite Freya names
Fulki fulki girl Spark Favourite Fulki names
Fullan fullan girl Blooming Favourite Fullan names
Fullara fullara girl Wife Of Kalketu Favourite Fullara names
Fulmala fulmala girl Garland Favourite Fulmala names
Gadadhara boy One who has The Mace as His Weapon Favourite Gadadhara names
Gadhadhar boy Name Of Lord Vishnu Favourite Gadhadhar names
Gadin boy Lord Krishna Favourite Gadin names
Gagan boy Sky Favourite Gagan names
Gagana gagana girl The Sky Favourite Gagana names
Gaganadipika gaganadipika girl The Lamp Of The Sky Favourite Gaganadipika names
Gaganasindhu gaganasindhu girl Ocean Of The Sky Favourite Gaganasindhu names
Gaganvihari boy One Who Stays In Heaven Favourite Gaganvihari names
Gagnesh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Gagnesh names
Gajaanan boy One with elephant face; Lord Ganesh Favourite Gajaanan names
Gajadhar boy Who Can Command An Elephant Favourite Gajadhar names
Gajakarna boy One who has Eyes like an Elephant Favourite Gajakarna names
Gajalakshmi gajalakshmi girl Lakshmi As Graceful As An Elephant Favourite Gajalakshmi names
Gajanan boy One With Elephant Face Favourite Gajanan names
Gajanana boy Elephant-Faced Lord Favourite Gajanana names
Gajanand boy Lord Ganesh Favourite Gajanand names
Gajananeti boy Elephant-Faced Lord Favourite Gajananeti names
Gajavakra boy Trunk of The Elephant Favourite Gajavakra names
Gajavaktra boy One who has Mouth like an Elephant Favourite Gajavaktra names
Gajbahu boy Who Has Strength Of An Elephant Favourite Gajbahu names
Gajdant boy Elephant Teeth, Ganesha Favourite Gajdant names
Gajendra boy Elephant King Favourite Gajendra names
Gajendranath boy Owner Of Gajendra Favourite Gajendranath names
Gajkaran boy Like Ears Of Elephant Favourite Gajkaran names
Gajpati boy Master Of Elephant, Ganesha Favourite Gajpati names
Gajra gajra girl Garland Of Flowers Favourite Gajra names
Gajrup boy Lord Ganesh Favourite Gajrup names
Gajvadan boy Name Of Lord Ganesha Favourite Gajvadan names
Gambhir boy Deep, Serious Favourite Gambhir names
Ganadhakshya boy Lord of All Ganas (Gods) Favourite Ganadhakshya names
Ganadhyakshina boy Leader of All The Celestial Bodies Favourite Ganadhyakshina names
Ganak boy An Astrologer Favourite Ganak names
Ganaka boy One Who Calculates Favourite Ganaka names
Ganapathi boy Lord Ganesh Favourite Ganapathi names
Ganapati boy Lord Ganesh Favourite Ganapati names
Ganaraj boy Lord Of The Clan Favourite Ganaraj names
Ganda ganda girl Knot Favourite Ganda names
Gandesha boy Lord Of Fragrance Favourite Gandesha names
Gandha gandha girl Fragrant Favourite Gandha names
Gandhali gandhali girl Fragrance of flowers; Sweet scent Favourite Gandhali names
Gandhar boy Fragrance Favourite Gandhar names
Gandhara gandhara girl Fragrance Favourite Gandhara names
Gandharaj boy King Of Fragrance Favourite Gandharaj names
Gandhari gandhari girl From Gandhara Favourite Gandhari names
Gandharika gandharika girl Preparing Perfume Favourite Gandharika names
Gandharv boy Celestial musician; Master in music Favourite Gandharv names
Gandharva boy Celestial Musician Favourite Gandharva names
Gandhik boy Fragant Favourite Gandhik names
Gandhini gandhini girl Fragrant Favourite Gandhini names
Gandira boy Hero Favourite Gandira names
Gandiva boy The Bow Of Arjuna Favourite Gandiva names
Ganendra boy Lord Of A Troop Favourite Ganendra names
Ganesa ganesa girl Good Luck Favourite Ganesa names
Ganesh boy Lord Ganesha; Son of Lord Shiva and Parvati Favourite Ganesh names
Ganga ganga girl The Holy Indian River Favourite Ganga names
Gangadatt boy Gift Of The Ganges Favourite Gangadatt names
Gangadhar boy Holding The Ganga, Lord Shiva Favourite Gangadhar names
Gangadutt boy Gift Of Ganga Favourite Gangadutt names
Gangesh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Gangesh names
Gangesha boy Lord Of Ganga. Favourite Gangesha names
Gangeya boy Of The Ganga Favourite Gangeya names
Gangi gangi girl Goddess Durga Favourite Gangi names
Gangika gangika girl River Ganga Favourite Gangika names
Gangol boy A Precious Favourite Gangol names
Gangotri gangotri girl Sacred River Of India Favourite Gangotri names
Ganika ganika girl Flower Favourite Ganika names
Ganitha ganitha girl Regarded Favourite Ganitha names
Ganjan boy Surpassing Favourite Ganjan names
Gannath boy An Epithet Of Shiva Favourite Gannath names
Gannon boy The God Of Silence Favourite Gannon names
Ganpati boy Ganpati Favourite Ganpati names
Garati garati girl Virtuous Woman Favourite Garati names
Garg boy Name Of A Saint Favourite Garg names
Gargi gargi girl An ancient scholar; Wise woman; Durga Favourite Gargi names
Garima garima girl Warmth Favourite Garima names
Garisht boy Heaviest Favourite Garisht names
Garjan boy Thunder Favourite Garjan names
Garud boy The King Of Birds, Falcon Favourite Garud names
Gathika gathika girl Song Favourite Gathika names
Gatik boy Fast, Progressive Favourite Gatik names
Gatita gatita girl A River Favourite Gatita names
Gauhar gauhar girl A Pearl Favourite Gauhar names
Gaura gaura girl A Fair Woman Favourite Gaura names
Gaurang boy A fair one; Husband of Gauri (Parvati); Lord Shiva Favourite Gaurang names
Gaurav boy Honour; Pride; Respect; Glory; Dignity Favourite Gaurav names
Gauresh boy A Name Of Lord Shiva. Favourite Gauresh names
Gauri gauri girl A Fair Woman; Parvati Favourite Gauri names
Gaurika gaurika girl A Young Girl Favourite Gaurika names
Gaurikant boy Husband Of Gauri ( Lord Shiva) Favourite Gaurikant names
Gaurinandan boy Son Of Gauri (lord Ganesh) Favourite Gaurinandan names
Gaurinath boy Lord Shiva Favourite Gaurinath names
Gaurish boy Lord Shiva Favourite Gaurish names
Gaurishankar boy Peak Of The Himalayas Favourite Gaurishankar names
Gaurisuta boy Son Of Gauri. Lord Ganesha Favourite Gaurisuta names
Gautam boy Lord Buddha Favourite Gautam names
Gautami gautami girl River Godavari Favourite Gautami names
Gaveshan boy Search Favourite Gaveshan names
Gavisht boy Abode Of Light Favourite Gavisht names
Gayak boy Singer Favourite Gayak names
Gayan boy Sky Favourite Gayan names
Gayana gayana girl Singing Favourite Gayana names
Gayanthika gayanthika girl Singing Favourite Gayanthika names
Gayatri gayatri girl Mother Of The Vedas, A Goddess Favourite Gayatri names
Gazala gazala girl A Deer Favourite Gazala names
Geena geena girl Silvery Favourite Geena names
Geet geet girl Song; Melody Favourite Geet names
Geeta geeta girl The holy book of the Hindus Favourite Geeta names
Geeti geeti girl A Song Favourite Geeti names
Geetika geetika girl A Little Song Favourite Geetika names
Geshna geshna girl Singer Favourite Geshna names
Ghaena ghaena girl Ornament Favourite Ghaena names
Ghananand boy Happy Like Cloud Favourite Ghananand names
Ghanashyam boy Lord Krishna Favourite Ghanashyam names
Ghanendra boy Lord Of Clouds (lord Indra ) Favourite Ghanendra names
Ghanshyam boy Lord Krishna; Black clouds resembling a beautiful upcoming evening Favourite Ghanshyam names
Ghomti; Gomti ghomti;xxgomti girl Name of a river Favourite Ghomti; Gomti names
Gina gina girl Silvery Favourite Gina names
Ginni ginni girl Precious Gold Coin Favourite Ginni names
Gira gira girl Language Favourite Gira names
Girdhari boy Lord Krishna Favourite Girdhari names
Giri boy Mountain Favourite Giri names
Giribala giribala girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Giribala names
Girichandra boy Moon Detector Favourite Girichandra names
Giridari boy Lord Krishna Favourite Giridari names
Giridhar boy One Who Holds Mountain (krishna) Favourite Giridhar names
Girija girija girl Born Of A Mountain; Goddess Parvati Favourite Girija names
Girijanandan boy Son Of Girija (lord Ganesh) Favourite Girijanandan names
Girik boy Lord Shiva Favourite Girik names
Girika girika girl Summit Of A Mountain Favourite Girika names
Girilal boy Son Of Mountain Favourite Girilal names
Girindra boy Lord Shiva Favourite Girindra names
Giriraj boy Lord Of Mountain Favourite Giriraj names
Girish boy Lord of Mountains; Shiv; Mahadev Favourite Girish names
Girisha girisha girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Girisha names
Girivar boy Lord Krishna Favourite Girivar names
Girvan boy Language Of God Favourite Girvan names
Gita gita girl Song Favourite Gita names
Gitali gitali girl Lover Of Song Favourite Gitali names
Gitanjali gitanjali girl An offering of songs; Melodious tribute Favourite Gitanjali names
Gitashri gitashri girl The Bhagvat Gita Favourite Gitashri names
Gitika gitika girl A Small Song Favourite Gitika names
Giva giva girl Hill Favourite Giva names
Gobhil boy A Sanskrit Scholar Favourite Gobhil names
Godavari godavari girl River Godavari Favourite Godavari names
Godavri godavri girl A River Favourite Godavri names
Gogula boy Lord Krishna Favourite Gogula names
Gokul boy A Place Where Lord Krishna Was Brought Up Favourite Gokul names
Gomati gomati girl Name Of A River Favourite Gomati names
Gomti gomti girl A River Favourite Gomti names
Gool gool girl A Flower Favourite Gool names
Gopal boy Lord Krishna; Cowherd; Protector of cows Favourite Gopal names
Gopan boy Protection Favourite Gopan names
Gopesh boy Lord Krishna Favourite Gopesh names
Gopi boy A cowherd; Protector of cows Favourite Gopi names
Gopichand boy Name Of A King Favourite Gopichand names
Gopika gopika girl A Cowherd; Cowherd Woman Favourite Gopika names
Gorakh boy Cowherd Favourite Gorakh names
Gorakh-Nath boy Saint Of Gorakh Community Favourite Gorakh-Nath names
Goral boy Lovable Favourite Goral names
Gorma gorma girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Gorma names
Gorochana gorochana girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Gorochana names
Goswamee boy Master Of Cows Favourite Goswamee names
Gourangi gourangi girl Fair Complexioned Favourite Gourangi names
Gourishankar boy Mt. Everest Favourite Gourishankar names
Govardhan boy A hill located near the town of Vrindavan; Name of a mountain in Gokul Favourite Govardhan names
Govind boy Another name of Lord Krishna; Cowherd Favourite Govind names
Govinda boy Lord Krishna Favourite Govinda names
Govindi govindi girl A Devotee Of Lord Krishna Favourite Govindi names
Gowri gowri girl Goddess Parvati; Bright Favourite Gowri names
Gowshik boy The Perfect, Freedom, Happiness Life Of Journey Favourite Gowshik names
Grahish boy Lord Of The Planets Favourite Grahish names
Granthik boy Astrologer, Narrator Favourite Granthik names
Greeshma greeshma girl Kind Of Season Favourite Greeshma names
Grhalakshmi grhalakshmi girl Lakshmi Of The House Favourite Grhalakshmi names
Grhitha grhitha girl Understood And Accepted Favourite Grhitha names
Grihith boy Understood, Accepted Favourite Grihith names
Grishm boy Heat Favourite Grishm names
Grishma grishma girl Warmth Favourite Grishma names
Grishma; Greeshma grishma;xxgreeshma girl Summer season Favourite Grishma; Greeshma names
Gudakesha boy The Archer Arjuna Favourite Gudakesha names
Gudiya gudiya girl Doll Favourite Gudiya names
Guhan boy Name Of Lord Muruga Favourite Guhan names
Gul gul girl Flower Favourite Gul names
Gulab gulab girl Rose Favourite Gulab names
Gulal boy Colour Red Favourite Gulal names
Gulika gulika girl Ball; a pearl Favourite Gulika names
Gulsan boy A flower garden Favourite Gulsan names
Gulshan boy Garden Of Flowers Favourite Gulshan names
Gulzar boy A garden with flowers; Rose Garden; An inhabited town Favourite Gulzar names
Gulzarilal boy Name Of Lord Krishna Favourite Gulzarilal names
Guna boy Bestowed With Qualities Favourite Guna names
Gunagya boy Knower Of Virtues Favourite Gunagya names
Gunaja boy Virtuous Maiden Favourite Gunaja names
Gunakar boy An Ancient King Favourite Gunakar names
Gunalan boy Filled With Virtue Favourite Gunalan names
Gunamay boy Virtuous Favourite Gunamay names
Gunaratna boy Jewel Of Virtue Favourite Gunaratna names
Gunasekaran boy Virtuous Favourite Gunasekaran names
Gunasundari gunasundari girl Made Beautiful By Virtues Favourite Gunasundari names
Gunavati gunavati girl Virtuous Favourite Gunavati names
Gunayukth boy Endowed With Virtue Favourite Gunayukth names
Guneet boy Knower Of Virtues Favourite Guneet names
Gunin boy Virtuous Favourite Gunin names
Gunina boy Lord Of All Virtues. Lord Ganesh Favourite Gunina names
Gunita gunita girl Virtuous Favourite Gunita names
Gunith boy Virtuous Favourite Gunith names
Gunitha gunitha girl Proficient Favourite Gunitha names
Gunjan boy Music; Buzzing of a bee Favourite Gunjan names
Gunjana gunjana girl Buzzing Of A Bee Favourite Gunjana names
Gunjika gunjika girl Humming Favourite Gunjika names
Gunjita gunjita girl Humming Of Bee Favourite Gunjita names
Gunnika gunnika girl Garland Favourite Gunnika names
Gunvant boy Virtuous Favourite Gunvant names
Gunwant boy Virtuous Favourite Gunwant names
Gunwanti gunwanti girl Virtuous Favourite Gunwanti names
Gupil boy A Secret Favourite Gupil names
Gurbachan boy Promise Of The Guru Favourite Gurbachan names
Gurcharan boy Feet Of The Guru Favourite Gurcharan names
Gurdayal boy Compassionate Guru Favourite Gurdayal names
Gurdeep boy Lamp Of The Guru Favourite Gurdeep names
Gurjari gurjari girl A Raga Favourite Gurjari names
Gurjas boy Fame Of Lord Favourite Gurjas names
Gurman boy Heart Of Guru Favourite Gurman names
Gurmeet boy Friend Of The Guru Favourite Gurmeet names
Gurmukh boy Pious Man Favourite Gurmukh names
Gurnam boy Name Of The Guru Favourite Gurnam names
Gursharan boy Refuge At The Guru Favourite Gursharan names
Guru boy Teacher; Master; Priest Favourite Guru names
Gurubachan boy The Voice Of The Guru Favourite Gurubachan names
Gurucharan boy The Feet Of The Guru Favourite Gurucharan names
Gurudas boy Servant of the Guru Favourite Gurudas names
Gurudatt boy Bestowed By A Guru Favourite Gurudatt names
Gurudeva boy God Of Guru Favourite Gurudeva names
Gurudutt boy Bestowed by a Guru/Teacher Favourite Gurudutt names
Gurugovind boy Teacher of Sikhs Favourite Gurugovind names
Gurusharan boy Refuge At The Guru Favourite Gurusharan names
Guruttam boy The Greatest Teacher Favourite Guruttam names
Gyan boy Knowl Favourite Gyan names
Gyanada gyanada girl Goddess Saraswati Favourite Gyanada names
Gyandeep boy Lamp Of Knowledge Favourite Gyandeep names
Gyandev boy Lord Of Knowledge Favourite Gyandev names
Gyani gyani girl Full of knowledge; intelligent Favourite Gyani names
Haimi haimi girl Golden Favourite Haimi names
Hakesh boy Lord Of Sound Favourite Hakesh names
Hamesha hamesha girl Ever; always Favourite Hamesha names
Hamir boy A Raga Favourite Hamir names
Hamish boy Variant of Jacob; Supplanter Favourite Hamish names
Hamsa hamsa girl Swan Favourite Hamsa names
Hamsini hamsini girl Who rides a swan; Goddess Saraswati Favourite Hamsini names
Hanima hanima girl A Wave Favourite Hanima names
Hans boy Swan Favourite Hans names
Hansa hansa girl Swan Favourite Hansa names
Hansamala hansamala girl A Line Or Row Of Swans Favourite Hansamala names
Hansanandini hansanandini girl Daughter Of A Swan Favourite Hansanandini names
Hansaraj boy King Of A Swan Favourite Hansaraj names
Hansaveni hansaveni girl Another Name For Saraswathi Favourite Hansaveni names
Hansdhwani hansdhwani girl Vocal Sound Of Swan Favourite Hansdhwani names
Hansh boy Swan Favourite Hansh names
Hanshal boy Swan Like Favourite Hanshal names
Hansika hansika girl Swan Favourite Hansika names
Hansin boy The Universal Soul Favourite Hansin names
Hansini hansini girl Swan Favourite Hansini names
Hansraj boy King Of Swans Favourite Hansraj names
Hanu hanu girl Hanuman Favourite Hanu names
Hanuman boy The Monkey God Of Ramayana Favourite Hanuman names
Hanumant boy The Monkey God Of Ramayana Favourite Hanumant names
Hanumanta boy Puffy Cheeks Favourite Hanumanta names
Happy boy Happy Favourite Happy names
Har boy Name Of Shiva Favourite Har names
Hara boy The Remover Of Sins Favourite Hara names
Haranadh boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Haranadh names
Hardik boy Full of Love Favourite Hardik names
Hareendra boy Lord Shiva Favourite Hareendra names
Harekrishna boy Lord Krishha Favourite Harekrishna names
Harendra boy Lord Shiva Favourite Harendra names
Haresh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Haresh names
Hari boy God Vishnu; God Narayanan; Lord Krishna; The one belonging to God; He who removes Favourite Hari names
Hariaksa boy Lord Shiva Favourite Hariaksa names
Haribala haribala girl Daughter Of Lord Vishnu Favourite Haribala names
Haricharan boy Feet Of The Lord Favourite Haricharan names
Haridas boy Servant Of Krishna Favourite Haridas names
Haridra boy One who is Golden Coloured Favourite Haridra names
Haridwar boy Gateway To God Favourite Haridwar names
Hariganga hariganga girl Ganga Of Vishnu Favourite Hariganga names
Harigopal boy Lord Krishna Favourite Harigopal names
Harihar boy Lord Krishna Favourite Harihar names
Hariharaatmaja boy Son of Hari (Vishnu) and Hara (Shiva) Favourite Hariharaatmaja names
Hariharan boy Born out of Hari (Vishnu) and Hara (Shiva) Favourite Hariharan names
Hariharaputra boy Son of Hari (Vishnu) and Hara (Shiva) Favourite Hariharaputra names
Hariharasuthan boy Son of Hari (Vishnu) and Hara (Shiva) Favourite Hariharasuthan names
Harij boy The horizon Favourite Harij names
Harijatha harijatha girl Fair Haired Favourite Harijatha names
Harikanth boy Dear To Indra Favourite Harikanth names
Harikrishna boy Another Name Lord Krishna Favourite Harikrishna names
Harilal boy Son Of Hari Favourite Harilal names
Harimanti harimanti girl Born In The Season Of Hemanta Favourite Harimanti names
Harinaksh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Harinaksh names
Harinakshi harinakshi girl Doe Eyed Favourite Harinakshi names
Harinarayan boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Harinarayan names
Harindra boy A Tree Favourite Harindra names
Harindranath boy Lord Of Hari Favourite Harindranath names
Harini harini girl Deer Favourite Harini names
Hariom boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Hariom names
Hariprasad boy Blessed By Lord Krishna Favourite Hariprasad names
Haripreet boy Beloved of God Favourite Haripreet names
Haripriya haripriya girl Consort Of Lord Vishnu; Lakshmi Favourite Haripriya names
Hariraj boy King Of Lions Favourite Hariraj names
Hariram boy Lord Rama Favourite Hariram names
Harish boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Harish names
Harishankar boy Lord Shiva Favourite Harishankar names
Harishchandra boy King Of Surya Dynasty, Charitable Favourite Harishchandra names
Harit boy Green Favourite Harit names
Harita harita girl Green Favourite Harita names
Haritbaran boy Green Favourite Haritbaran names
Harith boy Lion Favourite Harith names
Harithi harithi girl Green Favourite Harithi names
Hariti hariti girl Name Of The Goddess Favourite Hariti names
Harivansh boy Belonging To The Family Of Hari Favourite Harivansh names
Harivilas boy The Abode Of Hari Favourite Harivilas names
Harjeet boy Victorious Favourite Harjeet names
Harjeevan boy One Who Lives God Oriented Life Favourite Harjeevan names
Harkrishna boy Lord Krishna Favourite Harkrishna names
Harley harley girl Lanky Cow Favourite Harley names
Harmendra boy The Moon Favourite Harmendra names
Harmya harmya girl Palace Favourite Harmya names
Harsh boy Joy; Delight Favourite Harsh names
Harshad boy Happy; One who gives pleasure Favourite Harshad names
Harshada harshada girl Giver Of Joy Favourite Harshada names
Harshal boy Lover Favourite Harshal names
Harshaman boy Full Of Joy Favourite Harshaman names
Harshashri harshashri girl Happiness Favourite Harshashri names
Harshavardhan boy Creator Of Joy Favourite Harshavardhan names
Harshi harshi girl Joyous Favourite Harshi names
Harshil boy Joyful Favourite Harshil names
Harshini harshini girl Full of happiness; Cheerful Favourite Harshini names
Harshit boy Joyful Favourite Harshit names
Harshita harshita girl Happy Favourite Harshita names
Harshitha harshitha girl Full Of Joy Favourite Harshitha names
Harshul boy Deer Favourite Harshul names
Harshvardhan boy One Who Increases Joy Favourite Harshvardhan names
Harsika harsika girl Laugh Favourite Harsika names
Harteij boy Radiance Of Lord Favourite Harteij names
Harusha harusha girl Happy Favourite Harusha names
Hasan boy Handsome; Good; Laughter Favourite Hasan names
Hasanthi hasanthi girl One That Delights Favourite Hasanthi names
Hasika hasika girl Smiling Favourite Hasika names
Hasina hasina girl Beautiful; attractive lady Favourite Hasina names
Hasit boy Happy Favourite Hasit names
Hasita hasita girl Happy; full of laughter Favourite Hasita names
Hasmukh boy Cheerful Favourite Hasmukh names
Hastin boy Elephant Favourite Hastin names
Hasumati hasumati girl Happy Favourite Hasumati names
Hatisha hatisha girl With No Desire Favourite Hatisha names
Havih boy Oblation Or Offerings. Favourite Havih names
Havisa havisa girl Lakshmi Favourite Havisa names
Havish boy Lord Shiva Favourite Havish names
Heema heema girl Gold Favourite Heema names
Heena heena girl A flowering plan; Generally used for temporary skin decoration for special occasions; A shrub Favourite Heena names
Heer heer girl Generous and understanding Favourite Heer names
Heerkani heerkani girl Small Diamond Favourite Heerkani names
Hem boy Gold Favourite Hem names
Hema hema girl Golden Favourite Hema names
Hemachandra boy Golden Moon Favourite Hemachandra names
Hemadri hemadri girl Golden hills Favourite Hemadri names
Hemakesh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Hemakesh names
Hemakshi hemakshi girl Golden eyed Favourite Hemakshi names
Hemal hemal girl Golden Favourite Hemal names
Hemalata hemalata girl Golden Creeper Favourite Hemalata names
Hemali hemali girl To bring wealth; Gold Favourite Hemali names
Hemamdar boy Golden Creeper Favourite Hemamdar names
Heman boy Golden Yellow, Made Of Gold Favourite Heman names
Hemang boy One with shining body; Golden Bodied Favourite Hemang names
Hemanga boy Goldenbodied Favourite Hemanga names
Hemangani hemangani girl Golden bodied Favourite Hemangani names
Hemangi hemangi girl Golden Body Favourite Hemangi names
Hemangini hemangini girl Golden bodied Favourite Hemangini names
Hemani hemani girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Hemani names
Hemant boy One of the six season; Gold Favourite Hemant names
Hemanth boy Gold Favourite Hemanth names
Hemanti hemanti girl Early Winter Favourite Hemanti names
Hemanya hemanya girl Golden Bodied Favourite Hemanya names
Hemaprabha hemaprabha girl Golden Light Favourite Hemaprabha names
Hemaprakash boy Golden Light Favourite Hemaprakash names
Hemaraj boy King Of Gold Favourite Hemaraj names
Hemashri hemashri girl One With Golden Body Favourite Hemashri names
Hemavati hemavati girl Golden Parvati Favourite Hemavati names
Hemavatinandan boy Son Of Goddess Parvati Favourite Hemavatinandan names
Hemchander boy Golden Moon Favourite Hemchander names
Hemdev boy Lord Of Wealth Favourite Hemdev names
Hemen boy The King Of Gold Favourite Hemen names
Hemendra boy Lord of Gold Favourite Hemendra names
Hemendu boy Golden Moon Favourite Hemendu names
Hemish boy Lord Of The Earth Favourite Hemish names
Hemkanta hemkanta girl Golden Girl Favourite Hemkanta names
Hemlata hemlata girl Golden Creeper Favourite Hemlata names
Hemraj boy King of Gold Favourite Hemraj names
Hena hena girl A Flower Favourite Hena names
Henna henna girl Mehndi Favourite Henna names
Hera hera girl Queen Of Gods Favourite Hera names
Heramb boy An Erudite, Respected And Calm Person. Favourite Heramb names
Heramba boy Boastful, Name Of Ganapati Favourite Heramba names
Het boy Love Favourite Het names
Hetal boy Friendly Favourite Hetal names
Hilla hilla girl Timid Favourite Hilla names
Hima hima girl Snow Favourite Hima names
Himachal boy The Himalayas Favourite Himachal names
Himadri himadri girl Peak of snow; The Himalaya mountain Favourite Himadri names
Himaghna boy The Sun Favourite Himaghna names
Himagouri himagouri girl Parvati Favourite Himagouri names
Himaja himaja girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Himaja names
Himaksh boy Him Aksh ( Loard Shiva ) Favourite Himaksh names
Himani himani girl Glacier; Goddess Parvati Favourite Himani names
Himanish boy Lord Shiva Favourite Himanish names
Himank boy Diamond Favourite Himank names
Himanshu boy Another Name of Chandra Favourite Himanshu names
Himesh boy The snow king Favourite Himesh names
Himmat boy Courage Favourite Himmat names
Himnish boy Lord Shiva Favourite Himnish names
Hina hina girl A flowering plan; generally used for temporary skin decoration for special occasions; A shrub Favourite Hina names
Hinda hinda girl Female Deer Favourite Hinda names
Hindola hindola girl A Raga Favourite Hindola names
Hira hira girl Diamond; another name for Lakshmi Favourite Hira names
Hiral hiral girl Lustrous Favourite Hiral names
Hiranmay boy Golden Favourite Hiranmay names
Hiranmaya boy Made Of Gold Favourite Hiranmaya names
Hiranmayi hiranmayi girl Golden Favourite Hiranmayi names
Hiranya hiranya girl Golden, Wealth Favourite Hiranya names
Hiranyadha hiranyadha girl Giving Gold Favourite Hiranyadha names
Hiranyak boy Name Of A Maharishi Favourite Hiranyak names
Hiren boy Lord Of The Diamonds Favourite Hiren names
Hirendra boy Lord Of Diamonds Favourite Hirendra names
Hiresh boy King Of Gems Favourite Hiresh names
Hirkani hirkani girl Small Diamond Favourite Hirkani names
Hita hita girl Lovable Favourite Hita names
Hitaishi hitaishi girl Well Wisher Favourite Hitaishi names
Hitanshu boy Well Wisher Favourite Hitanshu names
Hitendra boy Well-wisher Favourite Hitendra names
Hitesh boy Good Person; Lord of goodness Favourite Hitesh names
Hiya hiya girl Heart Favourite Hiya names
Holika holika girl Lighting Of Ceremonial Fire Favourite Holika names
Hoor hoor girl A Celestial Favourite Hoor names
Hradha hradha girl Lake Favourite Hradha names
Hradini hradini girl Lightening Favourite Hradini names
Hriday boy Heart Favourite Hriday names
Hridayanand boy Joy Of The Heart Favourite Hridayanand names
Hridayanath boy Lord Of The Heart Favourite Hridayanath names
Hridayesh boy King Of Heart Favourite Hridayesh names
Hridaynath boy Beloved Favourite Hridaynath names
Hridesh boy Heart Favourite Hridesh names
Hridik boy Lord Of The Heart, Beloved Favourite Hridik names
Hridya hridya girl Heart Favourite Hridya names
Hridyanshu boy Light From Heart, Moon Favourite Hridyanshu names
Hriman boy Wealthy Favourite Hriman names
Hrishab boy Morality Favourite Hrishab names
Hrishi boy Pleasure Favourite Hrishi names
Hrishikesh boy One Who Controls Senses Favourite Hrishikesh names
Hrithik boy Name of a Sage; Intelligent Person; From the Heart Favourite Hrithik names
Hritish boy Lord Of Heart Favourite Hritish names
Humaila humaila girl Golden Necklace Favourite Humaila names
Hurditya boy Joyous Favourite Hurditya names
Husna husna girl Beautiful Favourite Husna names
Hyma hyma girl Godess Parvathi Favourite Hyma names
Ibha ibha girl Elephant Favourite Ibha names
Ibhanan boy Elephant Faced Favourite Ibhanan names
Ibhya boy Possessor Of Many Attendants Favourite Ibhya names
Ichaa boy Desire Favourite Ichaa names
Ichha ichha girl Desire Favourite Ichha names
Idaspati boy God Of Rain (vishnu) Favourite Idaspati names
Idha idha girl Insight Favourite Idha names
Idhant boy Luminous Favourite Idhant names
Idhika idhika girl Another Name For Parvathi Favourite Idhika names
Idhitri idhitri girl One Who Praises Favourite Idhitri names
Idika idika girl The Earth Favourite Idika names
Iditri iditri girl One who praises; Complimentary Favourite Iditri names
Idris boy Fiery Lord Favourite Idris names
Iha iha girl The Earth Favourite Iha names
Iham boy Expected Favourite Iham names
Ihina ihina girl Enthusiasm Favourite Ihina names
Ihit boy Prize; Honour Favourite Ihit names
Ihita ihita girl Desire Favourite Ihita names
Ihitha ihitha girl Desired Favourite Ihitha names
Ijay boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Ijay names
Ijaya ijaya girl Sacrifice Favourite Ijaya names
Iksha iksha girl Sight Favourite Iksha names
Ikshan boy Sight Favourite Ikshan names
Ikshana ikshana girl Sight Favourite Ikshana names
Ikshita ikshita girl Visible Favourite Ikshita names
Ikshitha ikshitha girl Visible Favourite Ikshitha names
Ikshu ikshu girl Sugarcane Favourite Ikshu names
Ikshula ikshula girl Holy River Favourite Ikshula names
Iksura iksura girl Fragrant Grass Favourite Iksura names
Ila ila girl Earth, Daughter Of Manu Favourite Ila names
Ilaa ilaa girl The earth; Daughter of Manu Favourite Ilaa names
Ilaiyavan boy Youthful Favourite Ilaiyavan names
Ilampirai ilampirai girl Young Crescent Favourite Ilampirai names
Ilamporai boy Prince Favourite Ilamporai names
Ilamurugu boy Young Lord Murugan Favourite Ilamurugu names
Ilancheliyan boy Full Of Youthful Potential Favourite Ilancheliyan names
Ilandevan boy Young Master Favourite Ilandevan names
Ilango boy Chera Prince Who Wrote Tamil Masterpiece Silappadhikaram Favourite Ilango names
Ilanthirayan boy Young Man Whose Influence Extends Beyond The Seas Favourite Ilanthirayan names
Ilashpasti boy Lord Of The Earth Favourite Ilashpasti names
Ilavalagan boy Young And Handsome Favourite Ilavalagan names
Ilavalagi ilavalagi girl Young And Beautiful Favourite Ilavalagi names
Ilavarasan boy Prince Favourite Ilavarasan names
Ilavenil ilavenil girl Spring, Youthful Favourite Ilavenil names
Ilesh boy Lord Of Earth Favourite Ilesh names
Ilisa boy King Of The Earth Favourite Ilisa names
Ilisha ilisha girl Queen Of The Earth Favourite Ilisha names
Imani imani girl Trustworthy Favourite Imani names
Ina ina girl Mother Favourite Ina names
Inakanta boy Beloved Of Sun Favourite Inakanta names
Inayat inayat girl Kindness Favourite Inayat names
Inbanathan boy Happy Favourite Inbanathan names
Inchara inchara girl Sweet Voice Favourite Inchara names
Indali indali girl Powerful Favourite Indali names
Indeevar boy Blue Lotus Favourite Indeevar names
Indeever boy Blue Lotus Favourite Indeever names
Inder boy The god of weather and war; Lord of the devas Favourite Inder names
Inder; Indra boy The god of weather and war; Lord of the devas Favourite Inder; Indra names
Indira indira girl The Goddess Lakshmi; Wife of the god Vishnu Favourite Indira names
Indivar boy Blue Lotus Favourite Indivar names
Indiya indiya girl Knowledgeable Favourite Indiya names
Indra boy Leader of the gods; The God of the atmosphere and sky Favourite Indra names
Indradatt boy Gift Of Indra Favourite Indradatt names