Indonesian Baby Names With Meaning

A Name is a simple a word which used to identify rest of the life of child so this is the first gift from the parents or relatives to the baby.therefore it needed a great care when we put their baby name which should be listen to good and beautiful meaning.To Keep all of that things in Mind we have great and nice collection range of baby names with meaning where your search will be finished for the suitable baby names. here is great range of Indonesian Baby names with meaning where you choose your favourite Indonesian Baby Names.
Indonesian Baby Names
Name Gender Meaning
Agustina agustina girl Born on August Favourite Agustina names
Aini aini girl The eye Favourite Aini names
Arti arti girl Meaningful Favourite Arti names
Arum arum girl Smells good Favourite Arum names
Ati ati girl The heart Favourite Ati names
Ayu ayu girl Beautiful Favourite Ayu names
Bethari bethari girl Goddess Favourite Bethari names
Budiwati budiwati girl The wise one Favourite Budiwati names
Bunga bunga girl Flower Favourite Bunga names
Cahaya cahaya girl Light Favourite Cahaya names
Cinta cinta girl Love Favourite Cinta names
Citra citra girl Image Favourite Citra names
Dewi dewi girl Goddess Favourite Dewi names
Diah diah girl Teenage girl Favourite Diah names
Dian dian girl Oil lamp Favourite Dian names
Dwi dwi girl The second kid Favourite Dwi names
Eka eka girl The first kid Favourite Eka names
Elok elok girl Beautiful Favourite Elok names
Endah endah girl Beautiful Favourite Endah names
Guritno guritno girl Poet, Poetic Favourite Guritno names
Harum harum girl Smells good Favourite Harum names
Ika ika girl One Favourite Ika names
Indah indah girl Beautiful Favourite Indah names
Intan intan girl Diamond Favourite Intan names
Inten inten girl Diamond Favourite Inten names
Kamboja kamboja girl Fragipani Favourite Kamboja names
Kartika kartika girl The Great Favourite Kartika names
Kemala kemala girl Magic stone Favourite Kemala names
Kemuning kemuning girl Yellow flower Favourite Kemuning names
Kristina kristina girl Christian woman Favourite Kristina names
Kristiyana kristiyana girl Christian woman Favourite Kristiyana names
Kristiyani kristiyani girl Christian woman Favourite Kristiyani names
Kunthi kunthi girl Motherly Favourite Kunthi names
Legi legi girl Sweet Favourite Legi names
Lestari lestari girl Everlasting Favourite Lestari names
Marshanda marshanda girl Brave girl Favourite Marshanda names
Mawar mawar girl Rose Favourite Mawar names
Mega mega girl Clouds Favourite Mega names
Melati melati girl Jasmine Favourite Melati names
Mlathi mlathi girl Jasmine Favourite Mlathi names
Murni murni girl Pure Favourite Murni names
Nada nada girl Melody Favourite Nada names
Natalia natalia girl Born on Christmas Day Favourite Natalia names
Ndari ndari girl Full moon Favourite Ndari names
Niken niken girl Village girl Favourite Niken names
Ningrum ningrum girl Inside the soul Favourite Ningrum names
Ningsih ningsih girl With love Favourite Ningsih names
Nini nini girl Old woman Favourite Nini names
Nirmala nirmala girl Clear, pure Favourite Nirmala names
Nur nur girl Light Favourite Nur names
Nuri nuri girl Colorful bird Favourite Nuri names
Peni peni girl Pretty Favourite Peni names
Pertiwi pertiwi girl The earth Favourite Pertiwi names
Puspita puspita girl Flower Favourite Puspita names
Putri putri girl Princess Favourite Putri names