Italian Baby Names With Meaning

A Name is a simple a word which used to identify rest of the life of child so this is the first gift from the parents or relatives to the baby.therefore it needed a great care when we put their baby name which should be listen to good and beautiful meaning.To Keep all of that things in Mind we have great and nice collection range of baby names with meaning where your search will be finished for the suitable baby names. here is great range of Italian Baby names with meaning where you choose your favourite Italian Baby Names.
Italian Baby Names
Name Gender Meaning
Abramo boy Father of a multitude Favourite Abramo names
Abriana abriana girl A form of Abra Favourite Abriana names
Abrianna abrianna girl A form of Abra Favourite Abrianna names
Adalberto boy A form of Alberto Favourite Adalberto names
Addolorata addolorata girl A form of Dolores Favourite Addolorata names
Adelaisa adelaisa girl A form of Adelaida Favourite Adelaisa names
Adolfo boy WOLF Favourite Adolfo names
Adriana adriana girl Dark Favourite Adriana names
Adrianna adrianna girl A form of Adrienne Favourite Adrianna names
Adriano boy A form of Adrian Favourite Adriano names
Adrienna adrienna girl A form of Adrienne Favourite Adrienna names
Adrina adrina girl HAPPINESS Favourite Adrina names
Agnese agnese girl Gentle Favourite Agnese names
Agostino boy RESPECTABLE Favourite Agostino names
Agosto boy Venerable, the exalted one. Favourite Agosto names
Aida aida girl Happy Favourite Aida names
Alberto boy See Albert in French names. Favourite Alberto names
Albina albina girl WHITE-SKINNED Favourite Albina names
Aldabella aldabella girl Beautiful. From Leda and Bell. Favourite Aldabella names
Aldo boy Old, elder Favourite Aldo names
Alesio boy A form of Alejo Favourite Alesio names
Alessandra alessandra girl Defender of mankind Favourite Alessandra names
Alessandro boy A form of Alexander Favourite Alessandro names
Alfonso boy EAGER, NOBLE Favourite Alfonso names
Alisa alisa girl The wise counsellor, or the truthful one. Also see Alicia and Alison. Favourite Alisa names
Allegra allegra girl Happy Favourite Allegra names
Allighiero boy A noble spear. Favourite Allighiero names
Alphonso boy A form of Alphonse Favourite Alphonso names
Amadeo boy A form of Amadeus Favourite Amadeo names
Amadora amadora girl The gift of love. Favourite Amadora names
Amata amata girl Beloved. Form of Amy. Favourite Amata names
Andria andria girl LOVE,JOY Favourite Andria names
Angelina angelina girl LITTLEANGE Favourite Angelina names
Angelo boy An angel or saintly messenger. Favourite Angelo names
Aniela aniela girl A heavenly messenger, an angel. Form of Angela. Favourite Aniela names
Anna anna girl A version of the Hebrew name Hannah Favourite Anna names
Annah annah girl A form of Anna Favourite Annah names
Annata annata girl Grace, or favoured by God. Form of Anne. Favourite Annata names
Annunziata annunziata girl The bearer of news. Favourite Annunziata names
Anselmo boy A form of Anselm Favourite Anselmo names
Antonino boy A form of Anthony Favourite Antonino names
Antonio boy Priceless Favourite Antonio names
Antonios boy A form of Anthony Favourite Antonios names
Antonius boy A form of Anthony Favourite Antonius names
Antonyo boy A form of Antonio Favourite Antonyo names
Anzia anzia girl One-armed Favourite Anzia names
Arabela arabela girl BEAUTIFUL ALTAR Favourite Arabela names
Arabella arabella girl BEAUTIFUL ALTAR Favourite Arabella names
Arietta arietta girl shot aria, melody Favourite Arietta names
Armando boy Of the army. Favourite Armando names
Armanno boy Warrior Favourite Armanno names
Armino boy Warrior Favourite Armino names
Aronne boy Exalted. Favourite Aronne names
Arrighetto boy Ruler of an enclosure Favourite Arrighetto names
Arrigo boy A variation of the name Harry Favourite Arrigo names
Artur boy A form of Arthur Favourite Artur names
Arturo boy A variation of the name Arthur Favourite Arturo names
Aryana aryana girl A form of Ariana Favourite Aryana names
Aryanna aryanna girl A form of Ariana Favourite Aryanna names
Assunta assunta girl From the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Favourite Assunta names
Baldasarre boy BRAVE ONE Favourite Baldasarre names
Bambalina bambalina girl Little girl. Favourite Bambalina names
Bambi bambi girl CHILD Favourite Bambi names
Basilio boy Kingly Favourite Basilio names
Belinda belinda girl Beautiful. Favourite Belinda names
Belladonna belladonna girl Beautiful woman. Favourite Belladonna names
Bellini bellini girl FROM THE NAME BELL Favourite Bellini names
Belvender boy Beautiful Favourite Belvender names
Benedetto boy Blessed. Favourite Benedetto names
Benito boy A form of Benedict. Favourite Benito names
Beppe boy A form of Joseph Favourite Beppe names
Berta berta girl Bright or illustrious Favourite Berta names
Bertoldi boy A form of Berthold Favourite Bertoldi names
Bianca bianca girl WHITE Favourite Bianca names
Bianka bianka girl A form of Bianca Favourite Bianka names
Bionca bionca girl A form of Bianca Favourite Bionca names
Bolonia bolonia girl Geography: a form of Bologna, an Favourite Bolonia names
Bonaro boy Friend Favourite Bonaro names
Bonaventure boy Good luck Favourite Bonaventure names
Bonfila bonfila girl Good daughter Favourite Bonfila names
Bonfilia bonfilia girl Good daughter Favourite Bonfilia names
Bonifacia bonifacia girl Benefactor Favourite Bonifacia names
Braulio boy A form of Brawley Favourite Braulio names
Brunela brunela girl A form of Brunhilda Favourite Brunela names
Brunella brunella girl Brown haired. Also See Bruna. Favourite Brunella names
Bruno boy Brown-haired Favourite Bruno names
Camelia camelia girl Botany Favourite Camelia names
Camellia camellia girl Botany Favourite Camellia names
Cameo cameo girl An engraved gem. Favourite Cameo names
Camila camila girl ATTENDANT Favourite Camila names
Camilla camilla girl YOUNG,VIRGINAL Favourite Camilla names
Capri capri girl A short form of Caprice Favourite Capri names
Caprice caprice girl FANCIFUL,UNPREDICTABLE Favourite Caprice names
Cara cara girl The beloved one. Favourite Cara names
Caren caren girl A form of Carina Favourite Caren names
Carin carin girl The beloved one. Favourite Carin names
Carina carina girl Beloved or dear Favourite Carina names
Carine carine girl A form of Carina Favourite Carine names
Carlina carlina girl A free person. Favourite Carlina names
Carlino boy Manly Favourite Carlino names
Carlita carlita girl A form of Carlotta Favourite Carlita names
Carlo boy A free man. Favourite Carlo names
Carlotta carlotta girl Little and womanly Favourite Carlotta names
Carmela carmela girl A garden or orchard. Favourite Carmela names
Carmelina carmelina girl Garden or vineyard Favourite Carmelina names
Carmine boy SONG Favourite Carmine names
Carolena carolena girl LITTLEANDWOMANLY Favourite Carolena names
Carolina carolina girl Little and womanly Favourite Carolina names
Caryn caryn girl The beloved one. Favourite Caryn names
Cascata cascata girl WATERFALL Favourite Cascata names
Caterina caterina girl Pure. From the name Catherine or Katherine. Also used as an independent name. Favourite Caterina names
Ceanna ceanna girl A form of Ciana Favourite Ceanna names
Ceasario boy A form of Caesar Favourite Ceasario names
Cecilio boy Dim sighted or blind Favourite Cecilio names
Celso boy Celso Favourite Celso names
Cencio boy A form of Vicente Favourite Cencio names
Chiara chiara girl Bright or clear Favourite Chiara names
Chudamani boy Jewel adorned by the gods Favourite Chudamani names
Cianna cianna girl GOD IS GRACIOUS Favourite Cianna names
Cienna cienna girl A form of Ciana Favourite Cienna names
Cipriana cipriana girl From the island of Cyprus Favourite Cipriana names
Cira cira girl SUN Favourite Cira names
Cirilo boy A form of Cyril Favourite Cirilo names
Ciro boy A form of Cyril Favourite Ciro names
Cirocco boy ANCIENT EGYPTIAN WIND Favourite Cirocco names
Cirrillo boy A form of Cyril Favourite Cirrillo names
Clarice clarice girl Bright or clear Favourite Clarice names
Clarissa clarissa girl Bright or clear Favourite Clarissa names
Clarisse clarisse girl A form of Clara Favourite Clarisse names
Claudino boy A form of Claudio Favourite Claudino names
Claudio boy A form of Claude Favourite Claudio names
Clemencio boy A form of Clemence Favourite Clemencio names
Cola boy a familiar form of Nicholas, Nicola Favourite Cola names
Concetta concetta girl Pure Favourite Concetta names
Conchetta conchetta girl Immaculate conception Favourite Conchetta names
Constanza constanza girl Contsant or steadfast Favourite Constanza names
Corradeo boy Bold Favourite Corradeo names
Corrado boy A form of Conrad Favourite Corrado names
Cosimus boy A form of Cosme Favourite Cosimus names
Crista crista girl A form of Christa Favourite Crista names
Cristiano boy A follower of Christ. A Christian. Favourite Cristiano names
Cristina cristina girl Christian Favourite Cristina names
Cristoforo boy Follower of Christ or anointed Favourite Cristoforo names
Crysta crysta girl A form of Christa Favourite Crysta names
Dalmazio boy A form of Dalmacio Favourite Dalmazio names
Damarco boy A form of Demarco Favourite Damarco names
Dang boy A short form of Deangelo Favourite Dang names
Dangelo boy A form of Deangelo Favourite Dangelo names
Daniela daniela girl A form of Danielle Favourite Daniela names
Daniele boy A variation upon the Hebrew name Da.. Favourite Daniele names
Dante boy LASTING Favourite Dante names
Deangela deangela girl A combination of the prefix De + Angela Favourite Deangela names
Deangelo boy A combination of the prefix De + Angelo.. Favourite Deangelo names
Deanthony boy A combination of the prefix De + Anthon.. Favourite Deanthony names
Delanna delanna girl Soft as wool. Favourite Delanna names
Demarco boy A combination of the prefix De + Marco Favourite Demarco names
Demarea boy A form of Demario Favourite Demarea names
Demarion boy A form of Demario Favourite Demarion names
Demarious boy A form of Demario Favourite Demarious names
Demarko boy A form of Demarco Favourite Demarko names
Demarkus boy A form of Demarco Favourite Demarkus names
Dianora dianora girl A form of Diana Favourite Dianora names
Dino boy LITTLE SWORD Favourite Dino names
Domani boy TOMORROW Favourite Domani names
Domencio boy A form of Dominic Favourite Domencio names
Dominico boy Belonging to the Lord Favourite Dominico names
Dona dona girl A form of Donna Favourite Dona names
Donata donata girl GIFT FROM GOD Favourite Donata names
Donatella donatella girl BEAUTIFUL GIFT Favourite Donatella names
Donato boy A GIFT Favourite Donato names
Donia donia girl A form of Donna Favourite Donia names
Donna donna girl LADY Favourite Donna names
Donya donya girl A form of Donna Favourite Donya names
Dorotea dorotea girl Gift of God Favourite Dorotea names
Draco boy DRAGON Favourite Draco names
Drago boy DRAGON Favourite Drago names
Eabrizio boy Artisan Favourite Eabrizio names
Eabroni boy Blacksmith Favourite Eabroni names
Edmondo boy Prosperous protector Favourite Edmondo names
Edoardo boy A form of Edward Favourite Edoardo names
Ehno boy A protector. Favourite Ehno names
Elda elda girl A battle maiden. Favourite Elda names
Elena elena girl A form of Helen Favourite Elena names
Elenora elenora girl Light Favourite Elenora names
Eleonora eleonora girl Light Favourite Eleonora names
Eligia eligia girl Chosen one Favourite Eligia names
Elina elina girl A form of Elena Favourite Elina names
Elisa elisa girl A short form of Elizabeth Favourite Elisa names
Elisabetta elisabetta girl God is my oath Favourite Elisabetta names
Ellena ellena girl A form of Elena Favourite Ellena names
Ellisa ellisa girl A short form of Elizabeth Favourite Ellisa names
Elmo boy Guardian Favourite Elmo names
Elysa elysa girl A form of Elisa Favourite Elysa names
Emilia emilia girl a form of Amelia, Emily Favourite Emilia names
Emiliano boy A form of Emil Favourite Emiliano names
Emilio boy Industrious. The masculine form of Emily. Favourite Emilio names
Enea boy Ninth born Favourite Enea names
Enrica enrica girl The ruler of the home. Favourite Enrica names
Enrico boy RULER OF THE HOUSEHOLD Favourite Enrico names
Enzo boy A form of Enrico Favourite Enzo names
Ercole boy From the exceptionally strong mythological hero (Hercules). Favourite Ercole names
Eriberto boy A form of Herbert Favourite Eriberto names
Ermanno boy A form of Herman Favourite Ermanno names
Esta esta girl From the east. Favourite Esta names
Este boy East Favourite Este names
Ettore boy "steadfast." The name Ettore was popular.. Favourite Ettore names
Eva eva girl Life Favourite Eva names
Fabiana fabiana girl Bean grower Favourite Fabiana names
Fabiano boy BEAN FARMER Favourite Fabiano names
Fabio boy A short form of Fabiano Favourite Fabio names
Fabiola fabiola girl Bean grower Favourite Fabiola names
Fabrice boy A form of Fabrizio Favourite Fabrice names
Fabrizia fabrizia girl Crafts woman Favourite Fabrizia names
Fabrizio boy "artisan." Favourite Fabrizio names
Falito boy A familiar form of Rafael Favourite Falito names
Farfalla farfalla girl BUTTERFLY Favourite Farfalla names
Fausta fausta girl FORTUNATE Favourite Fausta names
Faustine faustine girl LUCKY Favourite Faustine names
Faustino boy A form of Faust Favourite Faustino names
Fausto boy Fortunate or lucky Favourite Fausto names
Fazio boy Good worker Favourite Fazio names
Fedele boy Faithful. Favourite Fedele names
Federico boy A peaceful ruler. Favourite Federico names
Federigo boy Peaceful ruler Favourite Federigo names
Feleti boy PEACE Favourite Feleti names
Felice felice girl Fortunate, happy. Favourite Felice names
Feliciana feliciana girl A form of Felicia Favourite Feliciana names
Feliciano boy A form of Felix Favourite Feliciano names
Felicitas felicitas girl A form of Felicia Favourite Felicitas names
Felipo boy A form of Philip Favourite Felipo names
Ferdinando boy A form of Ferdinand Favourite Ferdinando names
Fico boy A FIG Favourite Fico names
Fidelio boy FAITHFUL Favourite Fidelio names
Filippa filippa girl A form of Philippa Favourite Filippa names
Filippo boy A lover of horses. Favourite Filippo names
Filomena filomena girl Loved one Favourite Filomena names
Fiorela fiorela girl A form of Flora Favourite Fiorela names
Fiorella fiorella girl Little flower Favourite Fiorella names
Fiorello boy LITTLE FLOEWR Favourite Fiorello names
Fiorenza fiorenza girl FLOWER Favourite Fiorenza names
Flaviana flaviana girl A form of Flavia Favourite Flaviana names
Flavio boy Blond Favourite Flavio names
Florencio boy A form of Florent Favourite Florencio names
Florentino boy A form of Florent Favourite Florentino names
Fortino boy fortunate, lucky Favourite Fortino names
Francesca francesca girl Free or from France Favourite Francesca names
Francesco boy Free or from France Favourite Francesco names
Franceska franceska girl A form of Frances Favourite Franceska names
Franchesca franchesca girl A form of Francesca Favourite Franchesca names
Francheska francheska girl A form of Francesca Favourite Francheska names
Francisca francisca girl A form of Frances Favourite Francisca names
Frederico boy A form of Frederick Favourite Frederico names
Gabriela gabriela girl God is my strength Favourite Gabriela names
Gabriele boy From the Hebrew name Gabriel Favourite Gabriele names
Gabriella gabriella girl A form of Gabriela Favourite Gabriella names
Gabrielli boy A form of Gabriel Favourite Gabrielli names
Gaetan boy FROM GAETA, ITALY Favourite Gaetan names
Gaetana gaetana girl From Gaeta Favourite Gaetana names
Gaetano boy REGION IN ITALY Favourite Gaetano names
Gavino boy A form of Gavin Favourite Gavino names
Geanna geanna girl A form of Giana Favourite Geanna names
Gema gema girl jewel, precious stone Favourite Gema names
Gemma gemma girl Jewel Favourite Gemma names
Genevra genevra girl Juniper Favourite Genevra names
Geno boy A form of John Favourite Geno names
Genovese boy from Genoa, Italy Favourite Genovese names
Georgio boy A form of George Favourite Georgio names
Geovani boy A form of Giovanni Favourite Geovani names
Geovanna geovanna girl A form of Giovanna Favourite Geovanna names
Geovanni boy A form of Giovanni Favourite Geovanni names
Geovanny boy A form of Giovanni Favourite Geovanny names
Geovany boy A form of Giovanni Favourite Geovany names
Geremiah boy A form of Jeremiah Favourite Geremiah names
Gerodi boy HERO OR HILL Favourite Gerodi names
Geronimo boy A sacred or holy name. Favourite Geronimo names
Gessica gessica girl A form of Jessica Favourite Gessica names
Ghita ghita girl Pearly Favourite Ghita names
Giacinta giacinta girl HYACINTH Favourite Giacinta names
Giacobbe boy Italian form of Jacob. Held by the heel. Favourite Giacobbe names
Giacomo boy THE SUPPLANTER Favourite Giacomo names
Gian boy God is gracious Favourite Gian names
Giana giana girl A short form of Giovanna Favourite Giana names
Giancarlo boy GRACIOUS AND POWERFUL Favourite Giancarlo names
Gianfranco boy A combination of Gian + Franco Favourite Gianfranco names
Gianina gianina girl GODISGRACIOUS Favourite Gianina names
Gianluca boy A combination of Gian + Luca Favourite Gianluca names
Gianmarco boy A combination of Gian + Marco Favourite Gianmarco names
Gianna gianna girl God is gracious Favourite Gianna names
Gianni boy A variation of the name Gian Favourite Gianni names
Gianpaolo boy A combination of Gian + Paolo Favourite Gianpaolo names
Gina gina girl Well born Favourite Gina names
Ginata ginata girl FLOWER Favourite Ginata names
Ginevra ginevra girl A woman of the people. Favourite Ginevra names
Gino boy BORN NOBLE Favourite Gino names
Giolla giolla girl SERVANT Favourite Giolla names
Giona boy A DOVE Favourite Giona names
Giordana giordana girl A form of Jordana Favourite Giordana names
Giordano boy A form of Jordan Favourite Giordano names
Giorgetta giorgetta girl A girl from the farm. The feminine form of George. Favourite Giorgetta names
Giorgio boy FROM THE NAME GEORG Favourite Giorgio names
Giosia boy A form of Joshua Favourite Giosia names
Giotto boy Geoffrey Favourite Giotto names
Giovani boy Giovanni Favourite Giovani names
Giovanna giovanna girl GODISGRACIOUS Favourite Giovanna names
Giovanni boy GOD IS GRACIOUS Favourite Giovanni names
Giovanny boy Giovanni Favourite Giovanny names
Giovany boy Giovanni Favourite Giovany names
Giraldo boy A spear warrior. Also see Garrett and Gerard. Favourite Giraldo names
Gitano boy GYPSY Favourite Gitano names
Giuditta giuditta girl Praised Favourite Giuditta names
Giulana giulana girl A form of Guilia Favourite Giulana names
Giulia giulia girl YOUTHFUL Favourite Giulia names
Giuliano boy A form of Julius Favourite Giuliano names
Giulietta giulietta girl From a Roman, possibly meaning youthful. Favourite Giulietta names
Giulio boy YOUTHFUL Favourite Giulio names
Giuseppe boy Italian form of Joseph. God shall add. Favourite Giuseppe names
Giuseppina giuseppina girl God will add Favourite Giuseppina names
Giustina giustina girl A form of Justine Favourite Giustina names
Giustino boy A form of Justin Favourite Giustino names
Giusto boy Lawful or just Favourite Giusto names
Gratia gratia girl GRACE Favourite Gratia names
Gratiana gratiana girl GRACE Favourite Gratiana names
Grazia grazia girl Graceful Favourite Grazia names
Graziella graziella girl A form of Grace Favourite Graziella names
Gregorio boy A form of the Latin Gregory Favourite Gregorio names
Gualtier boy FROM THE NAME WALTE Favourite Gualtier names
Gualtiero boy A form of Walter Favourite Gualtiero names
Gugliehno boy A strong and resolute protector. Favourite Gugliehno names
Guglielmo boy Resolute protector Favourite Guglielmo names
Guido boy FOREST GUIDE Favourite Guido names
Guillelmina guillelmina girl Resolute protector Favourite Guillelmina names
Gulielma gulielma girl Resolute protector Favourite Gulielma names
Gustavo boy STAFF OF THE GODS Favourite Gustavo names
Humiliana humiliana girl A form of Himilia Favourite Humiliana names
Ignacio boy A form of Ignatius Favourite Ignacio names
Ignazio boy Fire Favourite Ignazio names
Ilario boy CHEERFUL Favourite Ilario names
Imelda imelda girl A floret. Favourite Imelda names
Immacolata immacolata girl The immaculate conception. Favourite Immacolata names
Innocenzio boy Innocent Favourite Innocenzio names
Isabela isabela girl A form of Isabel Favourite Isabela names
Isabella isabella girl Consecrated to God Favourite Isabella names
Ita ita girl THIRSTY Favourite Ita names
Italia italia girl ITALY Favourite Italia names
Italina italina girl A form of Italia Favourite Italina names
Jacobella jacobella girl A form of Jacobi Favourite Jacobella names
Jeovanni boy A form of Giovanni Favourite Jeovanni names
Jianna jianna girl A form of Giana Favourite Jianna names
Jina jina girl A form of Gina Favourite Jina names
Jiovanni boy A form of Giovanni Favourite Jiovanni names
Jolanda jolanda girl A violet flower. Also see Violet and Iolanthe. Favourite Jolanda names
Jovanna jovanna girl A form of Giovanna Favourite Jovanna names
Jovannie jovannie girl A familiar form of Jovanna Favourite Jovannie names
Justina justina girl A form of Justine Favourite Justina names
Justyna justyna girl A form of Justine Favourite Justyna names
Kamelia kamelia girl A form of Camelia Favourite Kamelia names
Kami kami girl a short form of Kamila, Kamilah Favourite Kami names
Kamie kamie girl A form of Kami Favourite Kamie names
Karah karah girl A form of Cara Favourite Karah names
Karrah karrah girl A form of Karah Favourite Karrah names
Klarissa klarissa girl A form of Clarissa Favourite Klarissa names
Lacole lacole girl A form of Nicole Favourite Lacole names
Lacrecia lacrecia girl A form of Lucretia Favourite Lacrecia names
Lanz boy A form of Lance Favourite Lanz names
Lanza lanza girl NOBLE AND EAGER Favourite Lanza names
Larenz boy A short form of Larenzo Favourite Larenz names
Larenzo boy A form of Lorenzo Favourite Larenzo names
Laura laura girl Crown of laurels. Favourite Laura names
Laure laure girl A form of Laura Favourite Laure names
Laurenza laurenza girl From Laurentum Favourite Laurenza names
Lave boy BURNING ROCK Favourite Lave names
Lazzaro boy GOD WILL HELP Favourite Lazzaro names
Leo boy A LION Favourite Leo names
Leobardo boy A form of Leonard Favourite Leobardo names
Leonardo boy LIKE A LION Favourite Leonardo names
Leone boy LION Favourite Leone names
Leopoldo boy A form of Leopold Favourite Leopoldo names
Letizia letizia girl Joyful happy or glad Favourite Letizia names
Lia lia girl Dependent Favourite Lia names
Lina lina girl Bringer of good news Favourite Lina names
Liona liona girl LIONESS Favourite Liona names
Lorenzo boy Derived from the Latin name Lawrence Favourite Lorenzo names
Loretta loretta girl A laurel wreath or a tree. Favourite Loretta names
Loretto boy A form of Lawrence Favourite Loretto names
Lothario boy A famous warrior. Favourite Lothario names
Luca luca girl Bringer of light Favourite Luca names
Lucetta lucetta girl Light. The feminine form of Lucius and Luke. Favourite Lucetta names
Lucia lucia girl LIGHT Favourite Lucia names
Luciana luciana girl ILLUMINATION;LIGHT Favourite Luciana names
Luciano boy Light Favourite Luciano names
Lucio boy BRINGER OF LIGHT Favourite Lucio names
Lucrezia lucrezia girl A form of Lucretia. Favourite Lucrezia names
Luigi boy WARRIOR Favourite Luigi names
Luisa luisa girl A famous warrior maiden. The feminine form of Louis. Favourite Luisa names
Luka boy A form of Luke Favourite Luka names
Luzio boy Light. Also see Luke. Favourite Luzio names
Madonna madonna girl My lady. From a title of the Virgin Mary. Favourite Madonna names
Magenta magenta girl A colour name, after a town in Italy. Favourite Magenta names
Majella majella girl From the name of an Italian saint. Favourite Majella names
Marcelino boy A form of Marcellus Favourite Marcelino names
Marcello boy From Marcus, which relates to Mars, the God of war. Also see Marius and Martin. Favourite Marcello names
Marcelo boy Marcellus Favourite Marcelo names
Marciano boy A form of Martin Favourite Marciano names
Marco boy FROM THE NAME MAR Favourite Marco names
Marcoantonio boy A combination of Marco + Antonio Favourite Marcoantonio names
Marea marea girl Bitter or sea of bitterness Favourite Marea names
Margherita margherita girl Pearl Favourite Margherita names
Maria maria girl Bitterness Favourite Maria names
Mariabella mariabella girl MY BEAUTIFUL MARY Favourite Mariabella names
Mariaelena mariaelena girl A combination of Maria + Elena Favourite Mariaelena names
Mariano boy A form of Mark Favourite Mariano names
Marica marica girl A form of Marice Favourite Marica names
Marice marice girl A form of Mary Favourite Marice names
Marietta marietta girl A familiar form of Marie Favourite Marietta names
Mariha mariha girl A form of Maria Favourite Mariha names
Marija marija girl A form of Maria Favourite Marija names
Marino boy A form of Marin Favourite Marino names
Mario boy Possibly derived from the Greek god Mars.. Favourite Mario names
Mario, Marius boy FORM OF MARIUS Favourite Mario, Marius names
Mariola mariola girl A form of Maria Favourite Mariola names
Mariya mariya girl A form of Maria Favourite Mariya names
Mariyah mariyah girl A form of Maria Favourite Mariyah names
Mark Anthony boy A combination of Mark + Anthony Favourite Mark Anthony names
Markanthony boy A combination of Mark + Anthony Favourite Markanthony names
Marsala marsala girl a form of from Marceilles, France Favourite Marsala names
Marsalis boy A form of Marcellus Favourite Marsalis names
Marta marta girl A lady. Favourite Marta names
Martino boy A form of Martin, meaning "warlike." Favourite Martino names
Masaccio boy Twin Favourite Masaccio names
Massima massima girl Greatest Favourite Massima names
Massimo boy GREATEST Favourite Massimo names
Matteo boy FROM MATTHE Favourite Matteo names
Maurilio boy MOOR Favourite Maurilio names
Maurizio boy MOOR, DARK HAIRED Favourite Maurizio names
Maximiliano boy A form of Maximilian Favourite Maximiliano names
Maximino boy A form of Maximilian Favourite Maximino names
Mea mea girl MINE Favourite Mea names
Melita melita girl FORM OF MELISS Favourite Melita names
Mesalina mesalina girl History: Messalina was a Roman empress Favourite Mesalina names
Mia mia girl Mine. Favourite Mia names
Miah miah girl A form of Mia Favourite Miah names
Michela michela girl A form of Michele Favourite Michela names
Michelangelo boy From Hebrew: Michael the angel. The first name of the famous artist Michelangelo Buonarroti. Favourite Michelangelo names
Michelina michelina girl A form of Michaela Favourite Michelina names
Micheline micheline girl A form of Michelina Favourite Micheline names
Michell michell girl A form of Michelle Favourite Michell names
Mila mila girl a short form of Camila, Ludmilla Favourite Mila names
Milana milana girl from Milan, Italy Favourite Milana names
Mimi mimi girl Bitter, as in a bitterly wanted child. Also The star of the sea. Favourite Mimi names
Modesta modesta girl A form of Modesty Favourite Modesta names
Mya mya girl A form of Mia Favourite Mya names
Myah myah girl A form of Mya Favourite Myah names
Myia myia girl Mya Favourite Myia names
Napoleon boy Lion of the woods; from the city of Naples. Favourite Napoleon names
Neroli boy ORANGE BLOSSOM Favourite Neroli names
Nico boy VICTORIOUS PEOPLE Favourite Nico names
Nino boy GOD IS GRACIOUS Favourite Nino names
Nuncio boy A messenger. Favourite Nuncio names
Nunzia nunzia girl Messenger Favourite Nunzia names
Nunzio boy Messenger Favourite Nunzio names
Orazia orazia girl Keeper of time Favourite Orazia names
Orazio boy From a Roman family name. Favourite Orazio names
Orfelina orfelina girl Orphan Favourite Orfelina names
Orfeo boy A name from ancient mythology. Favourite Orfeo names
Oriana oriana girl The east; sunrise. Favourite Oriana names
Orlando boy Italian form of Roland. Famed throughout the land. Favourite Orlando names
Ornella ornella girl A flowering Ash tree. Favourite Ornella names
Orquidea orquidea girl Beautiful as a flower Favourite Orquidea names
Ortense ortense girl The garden lover. Favourite Ortense names
Ortensia ortensia girl Garden Favourite Ortensia names
Otavia otavia girl A form of Octavia Favourite Otavia names
Otello boy Italian forms of Otto. Rich, prosperous. Favourite Otello names
Othello boy Prosperous. Favourite Othello names
Ottavia ottavia girl The eighth. Favourite Ottavia names
Ottavio boy The eighth born. Favourite Ottavio names
Pancrazio boy SUPREME RULER, ALL POWERFUL Favourite Pancrazio names
Paola paola girl A feminine form of the name Paul Favourite Paola names
Paolo boy SMALL Favourite Paolo names
Pasquale boy Born on Easter Favourite Pasquale names
Patrizia patrizia girl Noble. Favourite Patrizia names
Perla perla girl A little sphere. Favourite Perla names
Perlita perlita girl Pearl Favourite Perlita names
Pero boy Rock Favourite Pero names
Phebe phebe girl Radiant, bright. The name of a Greek deity. Favourite Phebe names
Pia pia girl Devout Favourite Pia names
Piero boy A stone or rock. Also see Ferris, Parkin and Pierson. Favourite Piero names
Pietro boy A stone or rock. Also see Ferris, Parkin and Pierson. Favourite Pietro names
Pila pila girl A form of Pilar Favourite Pila names
Pino boy A lover of horses. From the name names such as Filippo. Favourite Pino names
Piscina piscina girl Water Favourite Piscina names
Poeta poeta girl Poetry Favourite Poeta names
Prima prima girl First one. Favourite Prima names
Primo boy FIRST ONE Favourite Primo names
Quorra quorra girl Heart. Favourite Quorra names
Raffaele boy God heals, or healed by God. Favourite Raffaele names
Raffaello boy BASIS FOR NAME RAPHAE Favourite Raffaello names
Raimondo boy Mighty protector Favourite Raimondo names
Rainieri boy A form of Rainer Favourite Rainieri names
Ranieri boy A form of Ragnar Favourite Ranieri names
Raul boy The counsel of the wolf. A fearless adviser. Also see Rolf and Rudolph. Favourite Raul names
Renardo boy A form of Reynard Favourite Renardo names
Renata renata girl Reborn Favourite Renata names
Renato boy "reborn." Renato Dulbecco won the Nobel Favourite Renato names
Renzo boy A short form of Lorenzo Favourite Renzo names
Reperto boy A form of Rupert Favourite Reperto names
Ricadonna ricadonna girl A combination of Ricarda + Donna Favourite Ricadonna names
Ricciardo boy Brave ruler Favourite Ricciardo names
Ricco boy A form of Enrico Favourite Ricco names
Rico boy A form of Enrico Favourite Rico names
Rigo boy A form of Rigg Favourite Rigo names
Rinaldo boy A form of Reynold Favourite Rinaldo names
Rocco boy REST Favourite Rocco names
Rocio boy DEWDROPS Favourite Rocio names
Roderigo boy A renowned ruler. Favourite Roderigo names
Rodolfo boy A famous wolf. Also see Ralph and Rolf. Favourite Rodolfo names
Rodrigo boy A renowned ruler. Favourite Rodrigo names
Rogero boy Famous with a spear Favourite Rogero names
Romana romana girl From Rome. Favourite Romana names
Romano boy Roman, Romano Prodi, economist Favourite Romano names
Romario boy A form of Romeo Favourite Romario names
Romello boy A form of Romel Favourite Romello names
Romelo boy A form of Romel Favourite Romelo names
Romeo boy PILGRIM TO ROME Favourite Romeo names
Romy boy A familiar form of Roman Favourite Romy names
Roque boy A form of Rocco Favourite Roque names
Rosa rosa girl A form of the name Rose. Favourite Rosa names
Rosalba rosalba girl Rose Favourite Rosalba names
Rosalia rosalia girl A combination of Rose and Lily. Favourite Rosalia names
Rosana rosana girl Rose Favourite Rosana names
Roseta roseta girl Rose Favourite Roseta names
Rosetta rosetta girl A form of Rose Favourite Rosetta names
Rosina rosina girl Rose Favourite Rosina names
Rudolpho boy A form of Rudolph Favourite Rudolpho names
Ruggerio boy A form of Roger Favourite Ruggerio names
Ruggero boy Famous warrior Favourite Ruggero names
Ruggiero boy FAMOUS WARRIOR Favourite Ruggiero names
Sabin boy FROM THE SABINES Favourite Sabin names
Sal boy FROM THE NAME SALVADO Favourite Sal names
Salvatora salvatora girl A form of Salvadora Favourite Salvatora names
Salvatore boy SAVIOR Favourite Salvatore names
Samuele boy A form of Samuel Favourite Samuele names
Sandro boy FROM ALEXANDE Favourite Sandro names
Sansone boy Of the sun, or a strong man. Favourite Sansone names
Santo boy A SAINT Favourite Santo names
Saverio boy A form of Xavier Favourite Saverio names
Saviero boy Of the new house. Favourite Saviero names
Sebastiano boy A form of Sebastian Favourite Sebastiano names
Serafina serafina girl Seraph Favourite Serafina names
Serafino boy From Hebrew. The ardent one. The masculine form of Seraphina. Favourite Serafino names
Serge boy Servant. Favourite Serge names
Sergio boy Attendant. Favourite Sergio names
Serjio boy A form of Serge Favourite Serjio names
Severiano boy Severe Favourite Severiano names
Severina severina girl Severe Favourite Severina names
Severino boy Severe. Favourite Severino names
Sidonia sidonia girl From Sidonia. Favourite Sidonia names
Siena siena girl A city in Tuscany. Favourite Siena names
Sienna sienna girl Reddish brown. Favourite Sienna names
Siffredo boy A form of Siegfried Favourite Siffredo names
Sigismonda sigismonda girl Conquering protector Favourite Sigismonda names
Sigismondo boy Conquering protector Favourite Sigismondo names
Sigismundo boy A form of Sigmund Favourite Sigismundo names
Silvana silvana girl From the forest. Also see Silvestra. Favourite Silvana names
Silvano boy A form of Silvan Favourite Silvano names
Silvestro boy Wild or from the forest Favourite Silvestro names
Silvia silvia girl Derived from the Latin Favourite Silvia names
Silvino boy A form of Silvan Favourite Silvino names
Silvio boy From the forest Favourite Silvio names
Speranza speranza girl Hope or confidence Favourite Speranza names
Spiridone boy A form of Spiro Favourite Spiridone names
Stefano boy An alternative form of Stephen, which me.. Favourite Stefano names
Stephano boy A crown or garland. Also see Stevenson and Stinson. Favourite Stephano names
Susanna susanna girl A Lily. From the name Susan. Favourite Susanna names
Suzetta suzetta girl Little lily Favourite Suzetta names
Taddeo boy COURAGEOUS, ONE WHO PRAISES Favourite Taddeo names
Tancredo boy OF THOUGHTFUL COUNSEL Favourite Tancredo names
Tazio boy A form of Tatius Favourite Tazio names
Teodora teodora girl Gift of God Favourite Teodora names
Teresina teresina girl A form of Teresa Favourite Teresina names
Tessa tessa girl Countess Favourite Tessa names
Tiberia tiberia girl Of the Tiber river Favourite Tiberia names
Tiberio boy From the Tiber River region Favourite Tiberio names
Timoteo boy A form of Timothy Favourite Timoteo names
Tino boy SMALL Favourite Tino names
Tito boy A form of the Greek name Titus Favourite Tito names
Tomasso boy A form of Thomas Favourite Tomasso names
Tonio boy A short form of Antonio Favourite Tonio names
Traviata traviata girl Straying Favourite Traviata names
Tristano boy A form of Tristan Favourite Tristano names
Tulio boy Lively Favourite Tulio names
Ubaldo boy A form of Ubaldus Favourite Ubaldo names
Uberto boy FORM OF HUBERT Favourite Uberto names
Ucello boy Bird Favourite Ucello names
Ugo boy BRIGHT IN MIND AND SPIRIT Favourite Ugo names
Ullivieri boy Olive tree Favourite Ullivieri names
Umberto boy COLOR OF EARTH Favourite Umberto names
Urbano boy A form of Urban Favourite Urbano names
Valente boy A form of Valentin Favourite Valente names
Valentia valentia girl A form of Valentina Favourite Valentia names
Valentina valentina girl Brave Favourite Valentina names
Valentino boy Strong, healthy. Favourite Valentino names
Valerio boy Strong or valorous Favourite Valerio names
Vani vani girl A form of Ann Favourite Vani names
Vanni vanni girl Grace, or favoured by God. Form of Anne. Favourite Vanni names
Varanese varanese girl A city in Italy. Favourite Varanese names
Vasilios boy A form of Vasilis Favourite Vasilios names
Vedette vedette girl Sentry; scout Favourite Vedette names
Vencentio boy Conqueror, victor. Favourite Vencentio names
Venetia venetia girl A form of Venecia Favourite Venetia names
Venezia venezia girl A form of Venecia Favourite Venezia names
Venice venice girl from Venice, Italy Favourite Venice names
Venitia venitia girl Mercy Favourite Venitia names
Vicenzo boy A form of Vincent Favourite Vicenzo names
Vincentio boy Conqueror, victor. Favourite Vincentio names
Vincenzio boy Conqueror Favourite Vincenzio names
Vincenzo boy A form of the Latin name Vincent Favourite Vincenzo names
Vinci boy A form of Vincent Favourite Vinci names
Violetta violetta girl Violet Favourite Violetta names
Vitale boy Vital orliving. Favourite Vitale names
Vito boy Alive Favourite Vito names
Vittore boy The conqueror. Also see Vincent. Favourite Vittore names
Vittoria vittoria girl Victory, the victorious one. Favourite Vittoria names
Vittorio boy CONQUEROR Favourite Vittorio names
Viviana viviana girl Lovely. Favourite Viviana names
Yoconda yoconda girl Happy and jovial Favourite Yoconda names
Zan boy Clown Favourite Zan names
Zanebono boy THE GOOD ONE Favourite Zanebono names
Zanipolo boy LITTLE GIFT OF GOD Favourite Zanipolo names
Zenzo boy A form of Lorenzo Favourite Zenzo names
Zinerva zinerva girl fair, light-haired Favourite Zinerva names
Zita zita girl The name of a 13th century Tuscan saint. Also a diminutive of Rosita (See Rosa). Favourite Zita names
Zoila zoila girl A form of Zola Favourite Zoila names
Zola zola girl Piece of earth Favourite Zola names