Jain Boy Names With Meaning

A Name is a simple a word which used to identify rest of the life of child so this is the first gift from the parents or relatives to the baby.therefore it needed a great care when we put their baby name which should be listen to good and beautiful meaning.To Keep all of that things in Mind we have great and nice collection range of baby names with meaning where your search will be finished for the suitable baby names. here is great range of Jain Boy names with meaning where you choose your favourite Jain Boy Names.
Jain Boy Names
Name Gender Meaning
Aadhira boy Moon Favourite Aadhira names
Aadi boy First;most important Favourite Aadi names
Aadidev boy The First God Favourite Aadidev names
Aadit boy Peak Favourite Aadit names
Aaditya boy The sun Favourite Aaditya names
Aagney boy Son of Fire Favourite Aagney names
Aahlaad boy Delight Favourite Aahlaad names
Aalap boy Prelude to a raga Favourite Aalap names
Aandaleeb boy The Bulbul Bird Favourite Aandaleeb names
Aaraadhak boy Worshipper Favourite Aaraadhak names
Aaradhak boy Worshipper Favourite Aaradhak names
Aarush boy Rays Of Sun Favourite Aarush names
Aashish boy Blessings Favourite Aashish names
Aashutosh boy One who fulfills wishes instantly Favourite Aashutosh names
Aatish boy Explosive,a dynamic person Favourite Aatish names
Aatreya boy Name Of A Sage Favourite Aatreya names
Abeer boy Fragrance Favourite Abeer names
Abhijat boy Noble, Wise Favourite Abhijat names
Abhijit boy One who is victorious (Abhijeet) Favourite Abhijit names
Abhik boy Beloved Favourite Abhik names
Abhinav boy Quite New Favourite Abhinav names
Abhiraam boy Pleasing Favourite Abhiraam names
Abhiraj boy Fearless King Favourite Abhiraj names
Abhivanth boy Royal Salute Favourite Abhivanth names
Abhra boy Cloud Favourite Abhra names
Abhyagni boy Towards The Fire, A Son Of Aitasa Favourite Abhyagni names
Abimanyu boy The son of Arjuna Favourite Abimanyu names
Acaryanandana boy Son Of The Teacher, Another Name For Asvatthaman Favourite Acaryanandana names
Achalendra boy The Himalayas Favourite Achalendra names
Achalraj boy Himalayan mountain Favourite Achalraj names
Achintya boy Lord Shiva; Inconceivable; Beyond comprehension Favourite Achintya names
Achyut boy Imperishable; a name of Vishnu Favourite Achyut names
Achyuthan boy Indestructible Favourite Achyuthan names
Adalarasu boy King Of Dance Favourite Adalarasu names
Adhip boy King Favourite Adhip names
Adil boy Sincere; just Favourite Adil names
Adipurush boy Primordial Being. Favourite Adipurush names
Adit boy From The Beginning Favourite Adit names
Adityanandana boy Son Of The Sun Favourite Adityanandana names
Advik boy Unique Favourite Advik names
Adwaita boy Non Duality Favourite Adwaita names
Aghosh boy Quiet, Soundless Favourite Aghosh names
Agneya boy Son Of Agni Favourite Agneya names
Agraj boy leader, senior Favourite Agraj names
Agrata boy Leadership Favourite Agrata names
Ahan boy One who is of the nature of time itself Favourite Ahan names
Ahilan boy Knowledgeable, Commanding Favourite Ahilan names
Airaawat boy The celestial white elephant Favourite Airaawat names
Ajamil boy A Mythological King Favourite Ajamil names
Ajay boy Unconquerable, Invincible Favourite Ajay names
Ajit boy Unconquerable Favourite Ajit names
Ajitesh boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Ajitesh names
Ajoy boy Joyful Favourite Ajoy names
Akalpa boy Ornament Favourite Akalpa names
Akand boy Calm Favourite Akand names
Akhil boy Entire Favourite Akhil names
Akshahantrey boy Slayer of Aksha Favourite Akshahantrey names
Akshar boy Imperishable Favourite Akshar names
Akshat boy uninjurable, one who cannot be harmed Favourite Akshat names
Akshit boy Permanent Favourite Akshit names
Akul boy A Name Of Lord Shiva Favourite Akul names
Alankar boy Gold, Ornament Favourite Alankar names
Alhad boy Joy Favourite Alhad names
Alok boy Brightness; Light; Cry of victory; A man with lovely hair Favourite Alok names
Amalendu boy Full moon Favourite Amalendu names
Amalesh boy The Pure One Favourite Amalesh names
Aman boy Peace Favourite Aman names
Amartya boy Immortal Favourite Amartya names
Ambikapathi boy Lord Of Siva Favourite Ambikapathi names
Ambud boy Cloud Favourite Ambud names
Amitaabh boy Unlimited; One with boundless splendour; Boundless lustre Favourite Amitaabh names
Amitava boy Same as Amitabh Favourite Amitava names
Amitrasudan boy Destroyer Of Enemies Favourite Amitrasudan names
Amrik boy Nectar Favourite Amrik names
Amrit boy Nectar Favourite Amrit names
Anadi boy Without Beginning Favourite Anadi names
Ananmaya boy One Who Cannot Be Broken Favourite Ananmaya names
Anant boy Infinite Favourite Anant names
Anantachidrupamayam boy Infinite and Consciousness Personified Favourite Anantachidrupamayam names
Angak boy Son Favourite Angak names
Angamuthu boy Made Of Pearls Favourite Angamuthu names
Anik boy Soldier Favourite Anik names
Anil boy God of Wind Favourite Anil names
Anisa boy Supreme Favourite Anisa names
Ankal boy Whole Favourite Ankal names
Ankush boy Control Favourite Ankush names
Anshul boy Sunny Favourite Anshul names
Anshuman boy The sun Favourite Anshuman names
Anshumat boy Luminous Favourite Anshumat names
Anuha boy Satisfied Favourite Anuha names
Anup boy Without comparison Favourite Anup names
Apurba boy Very good Favourite Apurba names
Aranab boy Ocean Favourite Aranab names
Arav boy Peaceful Favourite Arav names
Aravali boy Righteous Favourite Aravali names
Ardhendu boy Half Moon Favourite Ardhendu names
Arivalagan boy Intelligent And Handsome Favourite Arivalagan names
Arivoli boy Glowing With Intelligence Favourite Arivoli names
Arivumadhi boy Intelligent Favourite Arivumadhi names
Arka boy The Sun Favourite Arka names
Arnesh boy Lord Of The Sea Favourite Arnesh names
Arokya boy Very pious Favourite Arokya names
Arpan boy Offering Favourite Arpan names
Arpit boy To surrender Favourite Arpit names
Artagnan boy The Knower Of All Meanings Favourite Artagnan names
Arumugan boy Lord Murugan Favourite Arumugan names
Aruni boy Name of a devoted pupil Favourite Aruni names
Arya boy Honoured, Noble Favourite Arya names
Ashank boy Faith Favourite Ashank names
Ashit boy The Planet Favourite Ashit names
Ashray boy Shelter Favourite Ashray names
Ashwin boy A Hindu Month Favourite Ashwin names
Asis boy Blessing Favourite Asis names
Asit boy Black, Bad, A King Favourite Asit names
Asitvaran boy Dark complexioned Favourite Asitvaran names
Aswinikumar boy Healer of angels(Devas) Favourite Aswinikumar names
Atharv boy Lord Ganesha Favourite Atharv names
Atithi boy Guest Favourite Atithi names
Atmananda boy Blissful soul Favourite Atmananda names
Avanish boy God of the earth Favourite Avanish names
Avijit boy Invincible Favourite Avijit names
Avinash boy Indestructible Favourite Avinash names
Avirat boy Continuous Favourite Avirat names
Avkash boy Limitless Space Avatar Incarnation Favourite Avkash names
Avyukta boy Crystal Clear Favourite Avyukta names
Baalkrishan boy Young Krishna Favourite Baalkrishan names
Babak boy Little father. Honest. Straight. Strong rules and regulations. Faithful. Turquoise stone. Pupil of the eye. Children. Babakan Belonging to or connected with Babak. Favourite Babak names
Babala boy Above Favourite Babala names
Babil boy Gate of God. Babylon,Renowned for wine and magic. Planet Jupiter. East. Favourite Babil names
Babul boy A Tree; Lord Shiva Favourite Babul names
Badaat boy Wonderful. Surprising. Outstripping in courage and learning. Beginning. Start. First step. First instance Favourite Badaat names
Badgar boy Whirlwind. Favourite Badgar names
Badi boy Discoverer. Inventor. Creator. Incomparable. Original. Wonderful. Surprising. Rare. Marvellous. Astonishing. Eminent man. Bottle in which honey is preserved. One of the 99 excellent names of God. Begi Favourite Badi names
Badil boy Generous. Brave. Favourite Badil names
Badir boy Shining. Badri Cloud. Lord Vishnu. Badrinarayan Diety at the piligrimage centre "Badari" in Himalayas. Favourite Badir names
Badri boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Badri names
Badrinath boy Lord Of Mt.badri Favourite Badrinath names
Badriprasad boy Goft of Badri Favourite Badriprasad names
Bahubali boy A Jain tirthankar Favourite Bahubali names
Bahuleya boy Lord Kartikeya Favourite Bahuleya names
Bahumanya boy Honoured By Many Favourite Bahumanya names
Bahurai boy With Great Riches Favourite Bahurai names
Bainbridge boy Bridge over bright water. Baird Ballad singer. Favourite Bainbridge names
Bajarang boy A name of Lord Hanumaan Favourite Bajarang names
Bajrangbali boy With strength of diamod Favourite Bajrangbali names
Bakul boy Flower Name Favourite Bakul names
Balachandrav boy The Crescent Moon Favourite Balachandrav names
Baladhitya boy The Newly Risen Sun Favourite Baladhitya names
Balagovind boy Baby Krishna Favourite Balagovind names
Balaji boy God Venkatan Favourite Balaji names
Balakumar boy Youthful Favourite Balakumar names
Balamani boy Young jewel Favourite Balamani names
Balanath boy Lord Of Strength Favourite Balanath names
Baland boy Supreme.Excellent. Balaraj Powerful. Favourite Baland names
Balaraj boy Strong Favourite Balaraj names
Balaram boy The brother of Lord Krishna Favourite Balaram names
Balavan boy Powerful Favourite Balavan names
Balbhadra boy Brother Of Krishna Favourite Balbhadra names
Balbir boy Strong Favourite Balbir names
Balchandra boy Young Moon Favourite Balchandra names
Balendu boy Young moon Favourite Balendu names
Balgopal boy The Hindu God Krishna as a baby; Baby Krishna Favourite Balgopal names
Balram boy Brother of Lord Krishna Favourite Balram names
Balthasar boy One of the 3 wise men who brought gifts to the Christ child. Favourite Balthasar names
Balwant boy Powerful; Strong; Full of might Favourite Balwant names
Banaj boy Lotus Favourite Banaj names
Banbhatt boy Name Of An Ancient Poet Favourite Banbhatt names
Banbihari boy Lord Krishna Favourite Banbihari names
Bancroft boy Of the bean field. Favourite Bancroft names
Bandhula boy Charming Favourite Bandhula names
Banke boy Lord Krishna Favourite Banke names
Bankim boy Curved Favourite Bankim names
Banshi boy Flute Favourite Banshi names
Banshidhar boy Krishna Favourite Banshidhar names
Bansi boy Flute Favourite Bansi names
Bansidhar boy Lord Krishna Favourite Bansidhar names
Bansilal boy Lord Krishna; The First Lord; Lord Vishnu Favourite Bansilal names
Banwari boy Lord Krishna Favourite Banwari names
Barid boy Cloud Favourite Barid names
Baridbaran boy Colour Of The Cloud Favourite Baridbaran names
Barun boy Lord of the sea Favourite Barun names
Basavaraj boy Lord Of Bulls Favourite Basavaraj names
Basavesh boy Founder of shaiva philosophy. Basaveshwara Founder of shaiva philosophy. Bashir Harbinger of good things. Favourite Basavesh names
Basudha boy Earth Favourite Basudha names
Batuk boy Boy Favourite Batuk names
Bellamy boy Fair friend. Favourite Bellamy names
Bennet boy Benedict.Blessed. Favourite Bennet names
Benoy boy Polite Favourite Benoy names
Bhadrakapil boy Lord Shiva Favourite Bhadrakapil names
Bhadraksh boy One with beautiful eyes Favourite Bhadraksh names
Bhadrang boy Beautiful Body Favourite Bhadrang names
Bhadresh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Bhadresh names
Bhagaditya boy The sun which bestows wealth Favourite Bhagaditya names
Bhagavan boy The Lord Favourite Bhagavan names
Bhageerath boy A King of Suryavamsha who brought river Ganga from Heavens to Earth. Bhagirath An ancient king of the solar race who brought the celestial Ganga from the heaven. Favourite Bhageerath names
Bhagesh boy Lord of richness Favourite Bhagesh names
Bhagyanandana boy Controller Of Destiny Favourite Bhagyanandana names
Bhagyaraj boy Almghty. Favourite Bhagyaraj names
Bhairav boy one with frightening voice, Lord Shiva Favourite Bhairav names
Bhajan boy Adoration Favourite Bhajan names
Bhalendra boy Lord Of Light Favourite Bhalendra names
Bhanumik boy Landlord. Favourite Bhanumik names
Bhanumitra boy Friend Of Sun / Planet Mercury Favourite Bhanumitra names
Bhanuprasad boy Gift of sun Favourite Bhanuprasad names
Bharavi boy A sanskrit scholar. Favourite Bharavi names
Bhargav boy Lord Shiva Favourite Bhargav names
Bhartesh boy King of bharat Favourite Bhartesh names
Bhaskar boy Sun Favourite Bhaskar names
Bhasvan boy Bright Favourite Bhasvan names
Bhaumik boy Attached to the earth Favourite Bhaumik names
Bhav boy Lord Shiva Favourite Bhav names
Bhavamanyu boy Creator Of Universe Favourite Bhavamanyu names
Bhavanand boy Happy emotions. Favourite Bhavanand names
Bhavesh boy Lord of the world, Lord Shiva Favourite Bhavesh names
Bhavin boy Living; Existing Favourite Bhavin names
Bhawanidas boy Devotee Of Durga Favourite Bhawanidas names
Bheemsen boy Sons of brave man Favourite Bheemsen names
Bhim boy Fearful Favourite Bhim names
Bhimsen boy Sons Of Brave Man Favourite Bhimsen names
Bhishak boy Vishnu.The healer,who cures the disease of birth and death cycles. Favourite Bhishak names
Bhishma boy One Who Has Taken A Terrible Vow Favourite Bhishma names
Bhoj boy Name Of A Poet King, Meal Favourite Bhoj names
Bhola boy Innocent; Polite Favourite Bhola names
Bhoopat boy Lord of the earth Favourite Bhoopat names
Bhoopendra boy King of Kings; Emperor; King of the earth Favourite Bhoopendra names
Bhooshit boy Decorated Favourite Bhooshit names
Bhoumik boy Land Owner Favourite Bhoumik names
Bhrajith boy Bright. Favourite Bhrajith names
Bhubaneswar boy God; Lord of the world Favourite Bhubaneswar names
Bhudev boy Lord of the earth Favourite Bhudev names
Bhudhar boy Lord Visnu. Favourite Bhudhar names
Bhuman boy Earth Favourite Bhuman names
Bhumi boy Earth Favourite Bhumi names
Bhupad boy Firm Favourite Bhupad names
Bhupal boy King Favourite Bhupal names
Bhupati boy King Favourite Bhupati names
Bhupendra boy King of Kings; Emperor; King of the earth Favourite Bhupendra names
Bhupinder boy King of Kings; Emperor; King of the earth Favourite Bhupinder names
Bhushit boy Decorated Favourite Bhushit names
Bhutalingam boy Shiva. Favourite Bhutalingam names
Bhuvanesh boy Lord of the Earth ( Bhuvaneshwar ) Favourite Bhuvanesh names
Bhuvanpati boy God of the Gods Favourite Bhuvanpati names
Bhuvneshwar boy Abode Of God Favourite Bhuvneshwar names
Bibek boy Conscience Favourite Bibek names
Bibhas boy Decoration;light Favourite Bibhas names
Biharilal boy Child Krishna Favourite Biharilal names
Bijal boy Lightning Favourite Bijal names
Bijoy boy Victory Favourite Bijoy names
Biju boy Strange Favourite Biju names
Bimal boy Pure Favourite Bimal names
Bimbisar boy King Of The Gupta Dynasty Favourite Bimbisar names
Bindusar boy An excellent pearl Favourite Bindusar names
Bipin boy Forest (Vipin) Favourite Bipin names
Birbal boy Brave heart Favourite Birbal names
Biren boy Lord of Warriors Favourite Biren names
Birendra; Virendra boy King of Warriors Favourite Birendra; Virendra names
Birju boy Nice Singer Favourite Birju names
Bishnu boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Bishnu names
Bitasok boy One Who Does Not Mourn Favourite Bitasok names
Brahmaanand boy Supreme joy Favourite Brahmaanand names
Brahmabrata boy Ascetic Favourite Brahmabrata names
Brahmadutt boy Dedicated to Lord Brahma Favourite Brahmadutt names
Brahmanand boy Supreme Joy Favourite Brahmanand names
Braj boy Place Of Lord Krishna Favourite Braj names
Brajraaj boy King of Braj land Favourite Brajraaj names
Brajraj boy King Of Braj Land Favourite Brajraj names
Brent boy Hill Top Favourite Brent names
Brijkishor boy Lord Krishna Favourite Brijkishor names
Brijmohan boy Krishna Favourite Brijmohan names
Brijnandan boy Lord Krishna Favourite Brijnandan names
Brijraj boy The One Who Rules The Nature Favourite Brijraj names
Brirar boy Without Pain Favourite Brirar names
Buddhadev boy Wise Person Favourite Buddhadev names
Buddhinath boy God of Wisdom Favourite Buddhinath names
Buddhipriya boy Knowledge Favourite Buddhipriya names
Budhil boy Learned Favourite Budhil names
Bukka boy Heart, loving, sincere Favourite Bukka names
Chaarudatt boy Born of beauty Favourite Chaarudatt names
Chahel boy Good Cheer Favourite Chahel names
Chaitanya boy Consciousness Favourite Chaitanya names
Chakradhar boy One who carries Chakra (Krishna, Vishnu) Favourite Chakradhar names
Chakrapani boy Name Of Lord Vishnu Favourite Chakrapani names
Chakravartee boy A Sovereign King Favourite Chakravartee names
Chakresh boy Name Of Lord Vishnu Favourite Chakresh names
Chakshu boy Eye Favourite Chakshu names
Chaman boy Flowering garden Favourite Chaman names
Champak boy A flower Favourite Champak names
Chanakya boy Name Of Kautilya, The Great Scholar Favourite Chanakya names
Chandan boy Of the Sandalwood tree; Scented Wood; Sandalwood Favourite Chandan names
Chandar boy Moon Favourite Chandar names
Chandarmouli boy Lord Shiva Favourite Chandarmouli names
Chandavarman boy An old King Favourite Chandavarman names
Chander boy Moon Favourite Chander names
Chandidas boy Name Of A Saint Favourite Chandidas names
Chandrabhan boy The moon Favourite Chandrabhan names
Chandraditya boy Name Of A King Favourite Chandraditya names
Chandragupt boy Name of ancient king Favourite Chandragupt names
Chandrahaas boy Smiling like a moon Favourite Chandrahaas names
Chandrahas boy Bow of Lord Shiva Favourite Chandrahas names
Chandrakant boy Beloved By The Moon Favourite Chandrakant names
Chandrakanta boy The Moon Favourite Chandrakanta names
Chandrakirthi boy As famous as the moon Favourite Chandrakirthi names
Chandrakishore boy The moon Favourite Chandrakishore names
Chandrakumar boy The moon Favourite Chandrakumar names
Chandramohan boy Attractive Like The Moon Favourite Chandramohan names
Chandranath boy The moon; King of the moon Favourite Chandranath names
Chandraprakaash boy Moon light Favourite Chandraprakaash names
Chandraraj boy Moonbeam Favourite Chandraraj names
Chandrashekar boy Lord Shiva Favourite Chandrashekar names
Chandresh boy Lord Shiva; King of the moon Favourite Chandresh names
Chandrodaya boy Moonrise Favourite Chandrodaya names
Chandrpeed boy Name Of Shiva Favourite Chandrpeed names
Chane boy Name of a god, dependability Favourite Chane names
Chanky boy Healthy; Strong Favourite Chanky names
Chanyana boy Moon Favourite Chanyana names
Chapal boy Quick Favourite Chapal names
Charak boy An Ancient Physician Favourite Charak names
Charan boy Feet Favourite Charan names
Charanjeet boy One Who Has Won Over The Lord (charanjeet) Favourite Charanjeet names
Charanjit boy One who has won over the Lord ( Charanjeet ) Favourite Charanjit names
Charudutta boy Born of beauty Favourite Charudutta names
Charusheel boy Of Good Character Favourite Charusheel names
Charuvrat boy Of Good Character Favourite Charuvrat names
Chaturbhuj boy Strong, broad shouldered Favourite Chaturbhuj names
ChellaKani boy Precious Favourite ChellaKani names
Chellamani boy Precious Gem Favourite Chellamani names
Chemmal boy Premier, Best Favourite Chemmal names
Chemmoli boy Precious Words Favourite Chemmoli names
Cheran boy The Chera King; From the Chera (currently Kerala) country Favourite Cheran names
Chetan boy Life Favourite Chetan names
Chhailbehari boy Lord Krishna Favourite Chhailbehari names
Chhatrabhuj boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Chhatrabhuj names
Chhayank boy Moon Favourite Chhayank names
Chidaakaash boy Absolute Brahma Favourite Chidaakaash names
Chidakash boy Absolute Brahma Favourite Chidakash names
Chidambar boy One whose heart is as big as the sky Favourite Chidambar names
Chidambaram boy Home of Lord Shiva Favourite Chidambaram names
Chidhatma boy Big Soul Favourite Chidhatma names
Chinar boy Name Of A Beautiful Tree Favourite Chinar names
Chinmay boy The supreme being Favourite Chinmay names
Chinmaya boy With joy; God Favourite Chinmaya names
Chintan boy Thought; Meditation Favourite Chintan names
Chinthanaichelvan boy Intelligent, thoughtful Favourite Chinthanaichelvan names
Chirag boy Lamp Favourite Chirag names
Chiranjeev boy Longlived Favourite Chiranjeev names
Chirantan boy Immortal Favourite Chirantan names
Chirayu boy Of Long life Favourite Chirayu names
Chirtrang boy With multicolored body Favourite Chirtrang names
Chitesh boy Lord Of The Soul Favourite Chitesh names
Chithayu boy Born of intellect Favourite Chithayu names
Chitrabahu boy With Beautiful Hands Favourite Chitrabahu names
Chitrabhanu boy Fire Favourite Chitrabhanu names
Chitraksh boy Beautiful eyed Favourite Chitraksh names
Chitral boy Of multiple colou, painting Favourite Chitral names
Chitranjan boy Inner Joy; Happiness from the heart; one who has joyful heart Favourite Chitranjan names
Chitrasen boy A King Of Gandharvas Favourite Chitrasen names
Chitresh boy Moon, wonderful lord Favourite Chitresh names
Chittaprasad boy Happiness Favourite Chittaprasad names
Chittaranjan boy Joy of inner mind Favourite Chittaranjan names
Chittaswarup boy The Supreme Spirit Favourite Chittaswarup names
Chittesh boy Lord of the soul Favourite Chittesh names
Chittranjan boy Inner Joy; Happiness from the heart; one who has joyful heart Favourite Chittranjan names
Chokkan boy God Sivan Favourite Chokkan names
Cholan boy A South Indian Dynasty Favourite Cholan names
Chudamani boy Crest jewel Favourite Chudamani names
Dabeet boy Warrior Favourite Dabeet names
Daksh boy A son of Brahma; Precious Son; Capable Favourite Daksh names
Daksha boy Able, talented Favourite Daksha names
Dalbhya boy Belonging To Wheels Favourite Dalbhya names
Dalim boy Onetypeoffruit Favourite Dalim names
Danta boy Calm. A Name For Lord Hanuman Favourite Danta names
Darpak boy Kamdev, god of love Favourite Darpak names
Das boy Servant Favourite Das names
Dashabahu boy Ten armed Favourite Dashabahu names
Dasharathi boy Lord Rama Favourite Dasharathi names
Dayaal boy Kind hearted Favourite Dayaal names
Dayakar boy Merciful Lord Shiva Favourite Dayakar names
Dayal boy Kind Hearted Favourite Dayal names
Dayanidhi boy Kind person Favourite Dayanidhi names
Dayaram boy Merciful Favourite Dayaram names
Dayashankar boy Merciful Lord Shiva Favourite Dayashankar names
Debashish boy Pleased By Gods Favourite Debashish names
Deenabandhu boy Friend of the poor Favourite Deenabandhu names
Deenanath boy Lord of the poor Favourite Deenanath names
Deenath boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Deenath names
Deepak boy Lamp, Kindle Favourite Deepak names
Deepesh boy Lord of light Favourite Deepesh names
Deepit boy Lighted Favourite Deepit names
Deeptanshu boy The sun Favourite Deeptanshu names
Deeptendu boy Bright moon Favourite Deeptendu names
Deeptimoy boy Lustrous Favourite Deeptimoy names
Depen boy Master of Deepaks Favourite Depen names
Dev; Deb boy Divinity; God Favourite Dev; Deb names
Devadhipa boy Lord of the gods Favourite Devadhipa names
Devadyumna boy Glory Of The Gods Favourite Devadyumna names
Devaj boy From God Favourite Devaj names
Devappa boy Father Of King Favourite Devappa names
Devarshi boy Teacher Of The God Favourite Devarshi names
Devarsi boy Sage of Devas Favourite Devarsi names
Devashish boy Blessing of God Favourite Devashish names
Devdas boy Servant of god Favourite Devdas names
Deveesh boy Supreme God Favourite Deveesh names
Deven boy Like a God Favourite Deven names
Devguru boy Teacher of Gods ( Brihaspati ) Favourite Devguru names
Devkinandan boy Son of Devki - (Lord Krishna) Favourite Devkinandan names
Devpad boy Divine Feet Favourite Devpad names
Dhairya boy Patience Favourite Dhairya names
Dhananjay boy One Who Wins Wealth Favourite Dhananjay names
Dhanvantari boy Doctor Of Gods Favourite Dhanvantari names
Dhanvin boy Lord Shiva Favourite Dhanvin names
Dharm-mitra boy Friend of religion Favourite Dharm-mitra names
Dharmanand boy Takes pleasure religion Favourite Dharmanand names
Dharmveer boy Religious Favourite Dharmveer names
Dhawal boy White Favourite Dhawal names
Dheeman boy Intelligent Favourite Dheeman names
Dheemant boy Wise; intelligent Favourite Dheemant names
Dheerendra boy God Of Courage Favourite Dheerendra names
Dheivamani boy Blessed Gem Favourite Dheivamani names
Dhilan boy Son Of The Waves Favourite Dhilan names
Dhimant boy Intelligent Favourite Dhimant names
Dhipin boy Exciting Favourite Dhipin names
Dhiren boy one who is strong, powerful Favourite Dhiren names
Dhirendra boy Lord Of The Brave Favourite Dhirendra names
Dhoomravarna boy Smoke-Hued Lord Favourite Dhoomravarna names
Dhruv boy The polar star Favourite Dhruv names
Digamber boy Nacked Favourite Digamber names
Digvastra boy Sky Clad Favourite Digvastra names
Dinanath boy Protector Favourite Dinanath names
Dinar boy Gold Coin Favourite Dinar names
Dipendu boy Moon Favourite Dipendu names
Dipesh boy Lord of light Favourite Dipesh names
Divyanshu boy Divine Light, Sun Favourite Divyanshu names
Divyendu boy Bright moon Favourite Divyendu names
Divyesh boy Sun Favourite Divyesh names
Dnyandeep boy A Lamp Of Knowledge Favourite Dnyandeep names
Duranjaya boy A heroic son Favourite Duranjaya names
Durgadas boy Servant ( A Devotee ) Of Godess Durga Favourite Durgadas names
Dushyant boy Destroyer of evil Favourite Dushyant names
Dwijesh boy River Favourite Dwijesh names
Dyumani boy Lord Shiva Favourite Dyumani names
Edhas boy Happiness Favourite Edhas names
Edi boy Herb Favourite Edi names
Edom boy Red; Red Earth Favourite Edom names
Eeshan boy Lord Shiva Favourite Eeshan names
Eeshwar boy God Favourite Eeshwar names
Ehimay boy All Pervasive Favourite Ehimay names
Ekachakra boy Son of Kashyapa Favourite Ekachakra names
Ekachandra boy The Only Moon Favourite Ekachandra names
Ekachith boy With One Mind Favourite Ekachith names
Ekadrishta boy Single-Tusked Lord Favourite Ekadrishta names
Ekagrah boy Focussed Favourite Ekagrah names
Ekakshara boy A Name For Lord Ganesha Favourite Ekakshara names
Ekambar boy Sky Favourite Ekambar names
Ekana boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Ekana names
Ekanath boy King Favourite Ekanath names
Ekanga boy Bogyguard Favourite Ekanga names
Ekant boy Soliltary Favourite Ekant names
Ekapad boy Lord Shiva Favourite Ekapad names
Ekaraj boy Emperor Favourite Ekaraj names
Ekatma boy Oneself, Alone Favourite Ekatma names
Ekavir boy Bravest of the brave Favourite Ekavir names
Ekayavan boy The Wise One Favourite Ekayavan names
Ekbal boy Dignity Favourite Ekbal names
Eklavya boy Student Who Learned Bow By Watching Favourite Eklavya names
Eknath boy . Poet, Saint Favourite Eknath names
Ekodar boy Brother Favourite Ekodar names
Elango boy Prince,Ilango,Chera Prince who authored the classic Silappadhikaram Favourite Elango names
Elilarasu boy Handsome, King Of Beauty Favourite Elilarasu names
Elilmani boy Handsome see Elil Favourite Elilmani names
Erumelivasan boy One who lives in Erumeli Favourite Erumelivasan names
Esh boy God Favourite Esh names
Eshan boy Desiring And Wishing Favourite Eshan names
Eshwar boy Lord Shiva Favourite Eshwar names
Eshwardutt boy Gift of God Favourite Eshwardutt names
Etash boy Luminous Favourite Etash names
Ettan boy Breath Favourite Ettan names
Gadhadhar boy Name Of Lord Vishnu Favourite Gadhadhar names
Gagan boy Sky, heaven Favourite Gagan names
Gaganvihari boy One Who Stays In Heaven Favourite Gaganvihari names
Gagnesh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Gagnesh names
Gajdant boy Elephant teeth, Ganesha Favourite Gajdant names
Gajendra boy Elephant King Favourite Gajendra names
Gajendranath boy Owner of the Gajendra Favourite Gajendranath names
Ganadhyakshina boy Leader of All The Celestial Bodies Favourite Ganadhyakshina names
Ganak boy An astrologer Favourite Ganak names
Gandesha boy Lord Of Fragrance Favourite Gandesha names
Gandhaa boy A sweet smelling Favourite Gandhaa names
Gandharv boy Master in musicGandhi Sun Favourite Gandharv names
Gandharva boy Celestial Musician Favourite Gandharva names
Ganesh boy Lord Ganesha; Son of Lord Shiva and Parvati Favourite Ganesh names
Gangadatt boy Gift of the Ganges Favourite Gangadatt names
Gangesh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Gangesh names
Garisht boy Heaviest Favourite Garisht names
Garjan boy Thunder Favourite Garjan names
Gauresh boy A Name Of Lord Shiva. Favourite Gauresh names
Gaurinath boy Lord Shiva Favourite Gaurinath names
Gaveshan boy Search Favourite Gaveshan names
Gavisht boy Abode Of Light Favourite Gavisht names
Ghanashyam boy Dark cloud, Lord Krishna Favourite Ghanashyam names
Ghanshyam boy Lord Krishna; Black clouds resembling a beautiful upcoming evening Favourite Ghanshyam names
Giri boy Mountain Favourite Giri names
Girik boy Lord Shiva Favourite Girik names
Girindra boy Lord Shiva Favourite Girindra names
Girish boy Lord of Mountains; Shiv; Mahadev Favourite Girish names
Girvan boy Language Of God Favourite Girvan names
Gobhil boy A Sanskrit scholar Favourite Gobhil names
Gokul boy A Place Where Lord Krishna Was Brought Up Favourite Gokul names
Gopal boy Lord Krishna; Cowherd; Protector of cows Favourite Gopal names
Gopesh boy Lord Krishna Favourite Gopesh names
Gopi boy A cowherd; Protector of cows Favourite Gopi names
Gopichand boy A king of ancient India Favourite Gopichand names
Govardhan boy Name Of A Mountain In Gokul Favourite Govardhan names
Govind boy Cowherd (Lord Krishna) Favourite Govind names
Govinda boy Lord Krishna Favourite Govinda names
Gowshik boy The Perfect, Freedom, Happiness Life Of Journey Favourite Gowshik names
Guhan boy Name Of Lord Muruga Favourite Guhan names
Gulal boy Colour Red Favourite Gulal names
Gulshan boy Garden of flowers Favourite Gulshan names
Gulzar boy A garden with flowers; Rose Garden; An inhabited town Favourite Gulzar names
Gunaja boy Virtuous Maiden Favourite Gunaja names
Gunaratna boy Jewel of virtue Favourite Gunaratna names
Gurdeep boy Lamp of the guru Favourite Gurdeep names
Gurmeet boy Friend of the guru Favourite Gurmeet names
Guru boy Master, teacher , one who shows the path Favourite Guru names
Gurudas boy Servant of the Guru Favourite Gurudas names
Gurudutt boy Bestowed by a Guru/Teacher Favourite Gurudutt names
Guruttam boy The Greatest Teacher Favourite Guruttam names
Gyan boy Knowledge Favourite Gyan names
Gyandev boy Lord of knowledge Favourite Gyandev names
Hans boy Swan Favourite Hans names
Hanuman boy a devotee of Lord Ram, son of Anjani Favourite Hanuman names
Hanumanta boy Puffy Cheeks Favourite Hanumanta names
Har boy Name of Shiva Favourite Har names
Hardik boy Full of Love Favourite Hardik names
Haresh boy Lord Krishna Favourite Haresh names
Hari boy Sun, Vishnu Favourite Hari names
Hariaksa boy Lord Shiva Favourite Hariaksa names
Haricharan boy Feet Of The Lord Favourite Haricharan names
Haridutt boy Gift of Hari Favourite Haridutt names
Harigopal boy Lord krishna Favourite Harigopal names
Harihar boy Lord Krishna Favourite Harihar names
Hariharan boy Born out of Hari (Vishnu) and Hara (Shiva) Favourite Hariharan names
Harinarayan boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Harinarayan names
Harindra boy A tree Favourite Harindra names
Harindranath boy Lord Of Hari Favourite Harindranath names
Hariprasad boy Blessed By Lord Krishna Favourite Hariprasad names
Haripreet boy Beloved Of Gods Favourite Haripreet names
Hariram boy Lord Rama Favourite Hariram names
Harish boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Harish names
Harit boy Green Favourite Harit names
Harivansh boy Belonging To The Family Of Hari Favourite Harivansh names
Harkrishna boy Lord Krishna Favourite Harkrishna names
Harsh boy Happiness Favourite Harsh names
Harshavardhan boy Creator Of Joy Favourite Harshavardhan names
Harshit boy Joyful Favourite Harshit names
Harshul boy Deer Favourite Harshul names
Harteij boy Radiance of Lord Favourite Harteij names
Hasit boy Happy Favourite Hasit names
Hemachandra boy Golden moon Favourite Hemachandra names
Hemadri boy Mountain of gold Favourite Hemadri names
Hemamdar boy Golden creeper Favourite Hemamdar names
Heman boy Golden Yellow, Made Of Gold Favourite Heman names
Hemang boy One with shining body Favourite Hemang names
Hemant boy One of the six season; Gold Favourite Hemant names
Hemavatinandan boy Son of Goddess Parvati Favourite Hemavatinandan names
Hemendra boy Lord of Gold Favourite Hemendra names
Hemraj boy King of Gold Favourite Hemraj names
Heramba boy Belonging to Lord Ganesh Favourite Heramba names
Himachal boy The Himalayas Favourite Himachal names
Himadri boy Himalaya Favourite Himadri names
Himanish boy Lord Shiva Favourite Himanish names
Hindola boy A raga Favourite Hindola names
Hiranmaya boy Made Of Gold Favourite Hiranmaya names
Hiranyak boy Name Of A Maharishi Favourite Hiranyak names
Hiresh boy King of gems Favourite Hiresh names
Hitesh boy Good Person; Lord of goodness Favourite Hitesh names
Hriday boy Heart Favourite Hriday names
Hridayesh boy King Of Heart Favourite Hridayesh names
Hridika boy Of heart Favourite Hridika names
Hridyanshu boy light from heart, moon Favourite Hridyanshu names
Hrishab boy Morality Favourite Hrishab names
Hrishitaa boy Joyful; Who brings happiness; Deep Knowledge; The best Favourite Hrishitaa names
Hrithik boy From The Heart Favourite Hrithik names
Ibhanan boy Elephant Faced Favourite Ibhanan names
Ibhya boy Possessor Of Many Attendants Favourite Ibhya names
Ichaa boy Desire Favourite Ichaa names
Idhant boy Luminous Favourite Idhant names
Ikshan boy Sight Favourite Ikshan names
Ilakkiyan boy Skilled in Literature Favourite Ilakkiyan names
Ilamporai boy Prince Favourite Ilamporai names
Ilamurugu boy Young Lord Murugan Favourite Ilamurugu names
Ilanthirayan boy Young man whose influence extends beyond the seas Favourite Ilanthirayan names
Ilavalagan boy Young And Handsome Favourite Ilavalagan names
Ilesh boy Lord Of Earth Favourite Ilesh names
Inban boy Happy Favourite Inban names
Indeever boy Blue lotus Favourite Indeever names
Indra boy king of Gods, most strong Favourite Indra names
Indradatt boy Gift Of Indra Favourite Indradatt names
Indrajit boy Conquerer of Indra Favourite Indrajit names
Indraneel boy Emerald Favourite Indraneel names
Indranil boy Another Name of Lord Shiva; Sapphire; Blue Stone Favourite Indranil names
Indrarjun boy Bright And Brave Indra Favourite Indrarjun names
Indubhushan boy The Moon Favourite Indubhushan names
Induhasan boy Like a moon Favourite Induhasan names
Indukant boy Moon Favourite Indukant names
Indukanta boy Like A Moon Favourite Indukanta names
Indumal boy Lord Shiva Favourite Indumal names
Indushekhar boy Lord Shiva Favourite Indushekhar names
Inesh boy King of kings Favourite Inesh names
Inganam boy Knowledge Favourite Inganam names
IraiAnbu boy Divine Love Favourite IraiAnbu names
Iraiyavan boy Blessed by the supreme Favourite Iraiyavan names
Iraj boy Lord Hanuman Favourite Iraj names
Iravan boy King of Ocean Favourite Iravan names
Iravat boy Rain Clouds Favourite Iravat names
Irya boy Powerful Favourite Irya names
Isar boy Eminent; Lord Shiva Favourite Isar names
Ishan boy Sun Favourite Ishan names
Ishayu boy Full of strength Favourite Ishayu names
Ishir boy Another Name For Agni Favourite Ishir names
Ishwar boy God; the Supreme Being; Another name for Shiva Favourite Ishwar names
Itish boy Such A Lord Favourite Itish names
Iyyappan boy Lord Iyyappan, Youthful Favourite Iyyappan names
Jadhav boy A Yadava Favourite Jadhav names
Jag Jeevan boy Life of the world Favourite Jag Jeevan names
Jag Jivan boy Life Of The World Favourite Jag Jivan names
Jagadayu boy Life spring of the universe Favourite Jagadayu names
Jagadeep boy Light Of The World Favourite Jagadeep names
Jagadev boy Lord of the world Favourite Jagadev names
Jagadhish boy Lord of the world Favourite Jagadhish names
Jagajeet boy Conquerer Of the world Favourite Jagajeet names
Jagajeevan boy Life Of The World Favourite Jagajeevan names
Jagan boy Universe. world Favourite Jagan names
Jagannath boy Lord of the world Favourite Jagannath names
Jagatbehari boy World Traveler ( Jagvihari ) Favourite Jagatbehari names
Jagatguru boy Preceptor Of The World Favourite Jagatguru names
Jagatkishor boy World child Favourite Jagatkishor names
Jagatpal boy Caretaker Of The World ( God ) Favourite Jagatpal names
Jagatprakash boy Light of the world Favourite Jagatprakash names
Jagatveer boy Bravest In The World ( Jagveer ) Favourite Jagatveer names
Jagdeo boy God of the World Favourite Jagdeo names
Jagdish boy God; Lord of the universe; The ruler of the world Favourite Jagdish names
Jagish boy Lord Of The Universe Favourite Jagish names
Jagjeevan boy Worldly Life Favourite Jagjeevan names
Jagmohan boy One who attracts the world Favourite Jagmohan names
Jagrav boy Awakened Favourite Jagrav names
Jai boy Conqueror Favourite Jai names
Jaidayal boy Victory Of Kindness Favourite Jaidayal names
Jaideep boy Victory to the light Favourite Jaideep names
JaiKapeesh boy Hail Monkey God Favourite JaiKapeesh names
Jaimini boy An Ancient Philosopher Favourite Jaimini names
Jainil boy Victorous God Swaminarayan, Victory Of Blue Favourite Jainil names
Jaipal boy Lord Brahma Favourite Jaipal names
Jairaj boy Lord Of Victory Favourite Jairaj names
Jairam boy Victory of Lord Rama Favourite Jairam names
Jaishankar boy Victory of Lord Shiva Favourite Jaishankar names
Jaison boy Son of victory Favourite Jaison names
Jaitra boy Leading to vitory Favourite Jaitra names
Jaivant boy Victorious Favourite Jaivant names
Jaiwant boy Victory Favourite Jaiwant names
Jalal boy Glory Favourite Jalal names
Jaldhar boy Clouds Favourite Jaldhar names
Jalil boy Revered Favourite Jalil names
James boy One who supplants; Variant of Jacob Favourite James names
Janak boy Father of Sita; Creator Favourite Janak names
Janakibhushan boy Ornament Of Janki Favourite Janakibhushan names
Janakidas boy Servant of Janaki Favourite Janakidas names
Janamejay boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Janamejay names
Janardan boy One who helps people Favourite Janardan names
Janav boy Protecting Men Favourite Janav names
Janmesh boy The King of his Kundli Favourite Janmesh names
Jap boy To Make Melodic Sounds Favourite Jap names
Japendra boy Lord Of Chants Lord Shiva Favourite Japendra names
Japesh boy Lord of chants-lord Shiva Favourite Japesh names
Jasamit boy Protected By Fame Favourite Jasamit names
Jashan boy Celebration Favourite Jashan names
Jaskaran boy Good deeds Favourite Jaskaran names
Jasmine boy Name Of A Flower Plant Favourite Jasmine names
Jaspal boy Lord Krishna Favourite Jaspal names
Jasveer boy Hero Of Fame Favourite Jasveer names
Jaswanth boy Victorious Favourite Jaswanth names
Jatan boy Nurturing Favourite Jatan names
Jatasya boy The Ocean Favourite Jatasya names
Jatayu boy A Semi Divine Bird Favourite Jatayu names
Jatin boy Lord Shiva; Pertaining to saint Favourite Jatin names
Javesh boy Related To God Favourite Javesh names
Jawahar boy Jewel Favourite Jawahar names
Jay boy Victory Favourite Jay names
Jayachand boy Ancient King Of Kannauj Favourite Jayachand names
Jayachandran boy Jaya- Victory Chandran- Moon Thejus- Brightness Favourite Jayachandran names
Jayad boy Causing Victory Favourite Jayad names
Jayadeep boy Light of victory Favourite Jayadeep names
Jayanta boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Jayanta names
Jayaprakash boy Light of victory Favourite Jayaprakash names
Jayashekhar boy Crest of victory Favourite Jayashekhar names
Jayashish boy Victory with blessing Favourite Jayashish names
Jayesh boy Victor Favourite Jayesh names
Jayin boy Conqueror Favourite Jayin names
Jayraj boy Lord of victory Favourite Jayraj names
Jaysukh boy Pleasure Of Victory Favourite Jaysukh names
Jeemutbahan boy Full Of Life Favourite Jeemutbahan names
Jeet boy Victory Favourite Jeet names
Jeeval boy Full of life Favourite Jeeval names
Jeevaraaj boy Lord of life Favourite Jeevaraaj names
Jhoomer boy Ornament Favourite Jhoomer names
Jigar boy Heart Favourite Jigar names
Jihan boy The World Favourite Jihan names
Jimit boy To Win Others Hearts Favourite Jimit names
Jina boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Jina names
Jinabhadra boy A Jain saint Favourite Jinabhadra names
Jitendra boy Lord of conquerers Favourite Jitendra names
Jival boy Full of life Favourite Jival names
Jivana boy One Of 108 Names Of The Sun God Favourite Jivana names
Jivesh boy God Favourite Jivesh names
Jivitesh boy God Favourite Jivitesh names
Jivraj boy Lord Of Life Favourite Jivraj names
Jnyandeep boy Light Of Knowledge Favourite Jnyandeep names
Jograj boy Lord Krishna Favourite Jograj names
Joy boy Happiness, Pleasure Favourite Joy names
Jwalant boy Luminous Favourite Jwalant names
Jwalaprasad boy Gift of flame Favourite Jwalaprasad names
Jwalia boy Lord Shiva Favourite Jwalia names
Jyestha boy The Eldest. Lord Vishnu Favourite Jyestha names
Jyotiranjan boy Joyous Flamae Favourite Jyotiranjan names
Jyotirmaya boy Imbued with light Favourite Jyotirmaya names
Jyotirmoy boy Lustrous Favourite Jyotirmoy names
Kabilan boy Name of a Saint Favourite Kabilan names
Kabir boy Famous sufi saint Favourite Kabir names
Kaditula boy Sword Favourite Kaditula names
Kailas boy Abode of Lord Shiva Favourite Kailas names
Kailashchandra boy Lord Shiva Favourite Kailashchandra names
Kailashnath boy Lord Shiva Favourite Kailashnath names
Kalanath boy Moon Favourite Kalanath names
Kalash boy Sacred urn Favourite Kalash names
Kalicharan boy A devotee of Goddness Kali Favourite Kalicharan names
Kalimohan boy A devotee of Goddess Kali Favourite Kalimohan names
Kaliranjan boy Devotee of Goddess Kali Favourite Kaliranjan names
Kalpesh boy Lord of perfection Favourite Kalpesh names
Kalyan boy Welfare Favourite Kalyan names
Kamalapati boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Kamalapati names
Kamalbandhu boy Brother Of Lotus ( Sun) Favourite Kamalbandhu names
Kamalnayan boy One with beautiful lotus-type eyes Favourite Kamalnayan names
Kamat boy Unrestrained Favourite Kamat names
Kamlesh boy God of lotus Favourite Kamlesh names
Kanaiya boy Lord Krishna Favourite Kanaiya names
Kandan boy Cloud Favourite Kandan names
Kandarp boy God Of Love Favourite Kandarp names
Kanj boy Lord Brahama Favourite Kanj names
Kanthamani boy Necklace jewel Favourite Kanthamani names
Kanvar boy Young prince Favourite Kanvar names
Kanwal boy Lotus Favourite Kanwal names
Kapil Dev boy Master of Kapil Favourite Kapil Dev names
Kapish boy Lord Hanuman Favourite Kapish names
Karnajeet boy Conquerer of Karna ( i.e. Arjun) Favourite Karnajeet names
Karthikeya boy Lord Muruga Favourite Karthikeya names
Kartikeya boy Elder son of Lord Shiva Favourite Kartikeya names
Kashiprasad boy Blessed By Lord Shiva Favourite Kashiprasad names
Kausar boy Lake Of Paradise Favourite Kausar names
Kaushik boy Sentiment of love Favourite Kaushik names
Kaveesha boy Lord of Poets. Lord Ganesha Favourite Kaveesha names
Kayaan boy The name of a dynasty of King Kaikobad Favourite Kayaan names
Kesavan boy Lord Venkateshwara Favourite Kesavan names
Kevalkumar boy Absolute Favourite Kevalkumar names
Kirik boy Sparkling Favourite Kirik names
Kirtinath boy Famous Person Favourite Kirtinath names
Koothan boy God Sivan; Silled in the Arts Favourite Koothan names
Kovidh boy Wise Favourite Kovidh names
Krishanu boy Fire Favourite Krishanu names
Krishnamurthy boy Lord Krishna Favourite Krishnamurthy names
Kuldeep boy Light Of Family Favourite Kuldeep names
KumaraVel boy Youthful; Another name for God Murugan Favourite KumaraVel names
Kundir boy Strong Favourite Kundir names
Kunran boy God Murugan Favourite Kunran names
Kush boy Son Of Lord Rama Favourite Kush names
Kushal boy Clever Favourite Kushal names
Kusumesh boy Lord Of Flowers Favourite Kusumesh names
Laabh boy Profit Favourite Laabh names
Lagan boy Appropriate time Favourite Lagan names
Laghun boy Quick Favourite Laghun names
Lakshan boy Aim Favourite Lakshan names
Lakshmibanta boy Fortunate Favourite Lakshmibanta names
Lakshmikanta boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Lakshmikanta names
Lakshminath boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Lakshminath names
Laksman boy Son of King Dasharatha and Sumitra; Lucky; Brother of Lord Ram Favourite Laksman names
Lalam boy Jewel Favourite Lalam names
Lalan boy Nurturing Favourite Lalan names
Lalitesh boy God of beauty, husband of a beautiful wife Favourite Lalitesh names
Lalitmohan boy Beautiful And Attractive Favourite Lalitmohan names
Lambodar boy Lord Ganesh Favourite Lambodar names
Lambodara boy The Huge Bellied Lord Favourite Lambodara names
Likhit boy Written Favourite Likhit names
Lingamoorthi boy God Sivan Favourite Lingamoorthi names
Lohitaksha boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Lohitaksha names
Lokapujya boy Worshipped By The Universe. A Name For Lord Hanuman Favourite Lokapujya names
Loknath boy Lord of all worlds Favourite Loknath names
Lokranjan boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Lokranjan names
Lomash boy A Sage Favourite Lomash names
Luv boy Son of Lord Rama Favourite Luv names
Mac boy Son of. Favourite Mac names
Madan boy Cupid, god of love Favourite Madan names
Madangopal boy Lord Krishna Favourite Madangopal names
Maderu boy Worthy of praise Favourite Maderu names
Madhavan boy Lord Shiva Favourite Madhavan names
Madhuk boy A Honeybee Favourite Madhuk names
Madhukant boy Moon Favourite Madhukant names
Madhukanta boy The moon Favourite Madhukanta names
Madhukar boy Honey Bee; Lover Favourite Madhukar names
Madhumitra boy Sweet friend. Favourite Madhumitra names
Madhusudan boy Lord Krishna Favourite Madhusudan names
Madilyn boy Tower of strength. Favourite Madilyn names
Magadh boy Son of Yadu Favourite Magadh names
Mahabahu boy Arjuna Favourite Mahabahu names
Mahadev boy Lord Shiva Favourite Mahadev names
Mahaganapati boy Omnipotent and Supreme Lord Favourite Mahaganapati names
Mahakaya boy Gigantic. Lord Hanuman Favourite Mahakaya names
Mahaketu boy Lord Shiva Favourite Mahaketu names
Mahamani boy Lord Shiva Favourite Mahamani names
Mahamati boy One With Big Brain ( Ganesh ) Favourite Mahamati names
Mahanidhi boy A Great Treasure House Favourite Mahanidhi names
Mahaniya boy Worthy of honour Favourite Mahaniya names
Mahant boy Great soul.Great man.Religious teacher. Favourite Mahant names
Maharath boy A great charioteer Favourite Maharath names
Mahasvin boy Glorious Favourite Mahasvin names
Mahatru boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Mahatru names
Mahavira boy Most Valiant Favourite Mahavira names
Maheepati boy The king Favourite Maheepati names
Mahesh boy Lord Shiva; A great ruler Favourite Mahesh names
Maheshwaram boy Lord of The Universe Favourite Maheshwaram names
Mahilan boy Cheerful; Happy Favourite Mahilan names
Mahin boy The Earth Favourite Mahin names
Mahindra boy A King Favourite Mahindra names
Mahipal boy Ruler of the earth. King. Favourite Mahipal names
Mahipati boy King Favourite Mahipati names
Mahiraj boy One who rules the world Favourite Mahiraj names
Mahish boy A King Favourite Mahish names
Mahtab boy The Moon Favourite Mahtab names
Mairland boy Of the meadows. Favourite Mairland names
Makrand boy Honey Favourite Makrand names
Makul boy A bud Favourite Makul names
Malai boy Mountain; similar to Giri Favourite Malai names
Malav boy Ansh Of Laxmi Favourite Malav names
Malay boy A mountain Favourite Malay names
Malayamarut boy Breeze from mountains. Favourite Malayamarut names
Mallesh boy Easwar. Favourite Mallesh names
Malli boy Jasmine flower. Boy as pure as jasmine flower. Favourite Malli names
Manaar boy Guiding light (lighthouse) Favourite Manaar names
Manas boy Mind Favourite Manas names
Manasyu boy Wishing, Desiring Favourite Manasyu names
Manathosh boy Happy. Favourite Manathosh names
Manav boy Human Favourite Manav names
Manava boy Gold Favourite Manava names
Manavendra boy King Among Men Favourite Manavendra names
Mandaar boy A flower Favourite Mandaar names
Mandar boy A Flower Favourite Mandar names
Manddhan boy Respectable. Favourite Manddhan names
Mandeep boy Light of the mind Favourite Mandeep names
Mandin boy Delighting Favourite Mandin names
Mandir boy Temple Favourite Mandir names
Maneendra boy Lord of gems Favourite Maneendra names
Maneesh boy Desire. Favourite Maneesh names
Maneet boy One Who Wins Heart Favourite Maneet names
Mangal boy Auspicious; Fortunate Favourite Mangal names
Mani boy A jewel Favourite Mani names
Manikantan, Manikandan boy One with a bell around his neck Favourite Manikantan, Manikandan names
Manikyam boy A gem,ruby. Favourite Manikyam names
Manimaran boy Brave Favourite Manimaran names
Maniram boy Jewel Of A Person Favourite Maniram names
Manish boy Lord Of The Mind Favourite Manish names
Manit boy Highly Respected Favourite Manit names
Manith boy Honoured Favourite Manith names
Manjuprasanna boy Snow Favourite Manjuprasanna names
Manjyoth boy Light of the mind. Favourite Manjyoth names
Manmatha boy Cupid Favourite Manmatha names
Manmohan boy Pleasing Favourite Manmohan names
Manohar boy One who wins over mind, attractive Favourite Manohar names
Manoj boy Born Of Mind Favourite Manoj names
Manojavaya boy Speed Like Wind Favourite Manojavaya names
Manomay boy Conqueror Of Ones Heart Favourite Manomay names
Manorath boy Desire Favourite Manorath names
Manoth boy Born Of The Mind Favourite Manoth names
Mansukh boy Pleasure of mind Favourite Mansukh names
Manthan boy Reflection Through Study Favourite Manthan names
Manuel boy God is with us. Short form of Emmanuel. God is with us. Favourite Manuel names
Manuraj boy Kuber Favourite Manuraj names
Manyu boy Mind Favourite Manyu names
Marai boy Scripture Favourite Marai names
Maral boy Swan Favourite Maral names
Marcel boy Little mark. Favourite Marcel names
Mardav boy Softness Favourite Mardav names
Mareechin boy The sun. Favourite Mareechin names
Marlow boy From the hill by the lake. Favourite Marlow names
Martand boy Sun Favourite Martand names
Martanda boy The Sun Favourite Martanda names
Martinus boy A form of Martin. Favourite Martinus names
Marut boy The Wind Favourite Marut names
Maruti boy Hanuman, Bhimsen Favourite Maruti names
Mason boy Stone worker. Worker in stone. Stone mason. Favourite Mason names
Mathew boy Gift from god. Favourite Mathew names
Mathi boy Moon Favourite Mathi names
Maulik boy Precious Favourite Maulik names
Maurice boy Dark skinned. Favourite Maurice names
Mayil boy Muthu Kumaran Lord Murugan decorated with Pearl and seated on a Peacock. Favourite Mayil names
Maysoon boy Of beautiful face and body Favourite Maysoon names
Mayukh boy Brilliant, Splendour Favourite Mayukh names
Mayur boy Peacock Favourite Mayur names
Medhansh boy Who Born With Intelligence Favourite Medhansh names
Meghan boy King of clouds Favourite Meghan names
Meghashyam boy Lord Krishna Favourite Meghashyam names
Meghdutt boy Gift Of Clouds Favourite Meghdutt names
Meghnad boy Thunder Favourite Meghnad names
Meghraj boy King Of Clouds Favourite Meghraj names
Mehdi boy A Flower Favourite Mehdi names
Mehith boy Always Smiling Favourite Mehith names
Mehtab boy Moon Favourite Mehtab names
Mehul boy Rain Favourite Mehul names
Melbourne boy From the mill stream. Melvin Chief. Favourite Melbourne names
Merlin boy Famous mountain in Hindu mythology, high point Favourite Merlin names
Merry boy Mirthful. Joyous. Favourite Merry names
Mihir boy Sun. Favourite Mihir names
Milan boy Joining; Meeting; Union Favourite Milan names
Miland boy Bee Favourite Miland names
Milind boy Honey Bee Favourite Milind names
Mills boy Of the mills. Favourite Mills names
Milun boy Union Favourite Milun names
Minesh boy Leader Of Fish Favourite Minesh names
Mischa boy Who is like god. Favourite Mischa names
Mitanshu boy Bordered, Friendly Element Favourite Mitanshu names
Miten boy Male Friend Favourite Miten names
Mitesh boy One with few desires Favourite Mitesh names
Mithil boy Kingdom Favourite Mithil names
Mithran boy Sun Favourite Mithran names
Mitra boy Friend. Favourite Mitra names
Mitrajit boy Friendly Favourite Mitrajit names
Mitul boy Friend, Limited Favourite Mitul names
Mohal boy Attractive Favourite Mohal names
Mohan boy Charming, Fascinating Favourite Mohan names
Mohanish boy attractive God, Krishna Favourite Mohanish names
Mohul boy Attractive Favourite Mohul names
Moksh boy Mukti Favourite Moksh names
Moni boy Precious stone Favourite Moni names
Monte boy From the pointed mountain. Favourite Monte names
Morey boy Sailor. Favourite Morey names
Morrison boy Son of Maurice. Favourite Morrison names
Mosi boy Firstborn. Favourite Mosi names
Moti boy Pearl Favourite Moti names
Motilal boy Pearl Favourite Motilal names
Moulik boy Valuable Favourite Moulik names
Mridul boy Tender, Delicate Favourite Mridul names
Mriga boy A Female Deer Favourite Mriga names
Mrigankasekhar boy Lord Shiva Favourite Mrigankasekhar names
Mrigankshekhar boy One with moon on his head (i.e.Lord Shiva) Favourite Mrigankshekhar names
Mrigendra boy Lion Favourite Mrigendra names
Mrinank boy Moon Favourite Mrinank names
Mrinendra boy Lion Favourite Mrinendra names
Mubarak boy Congratulations Favourite Mubarak names
Mudgal boy A saint Favourite Mudgal names
Mudhalvan boy Important; Prime Favourite Mudhalvan names
Mudita boy Happy Favourite Mudita names
Mukesh boy Lord Of The Dumb Favourite Mukesh names
Mukil boy Cloud Favourite Mukil names
Mukkannan boy God Sivan Favourite Mukkannan names
Muktidaya boy Bestower of Eternal Bliss Favourite Muktidaya names
Mukul boy Bud; Soul; Blossom Favourite Mukul names
Mukund boy Name Of Vishnu Favourite Mukund names
Mulkraj boy King Favourite Mulkraj names
Mundakarama boy Abode of Happiness Favourite Mundakarama names
Munish boy Lord Buddha Favourite Munish names
Murali boy Flute Favourite Murali names
Murari boy Lord Krishna Favourite Murari names
Murarilal boy Lord Krishna Favourite Murarilal names
Murgesh boy Lord Karthikeya Favourite Murgesh names
Murugan boy Tamil God Favourite Murugan names
Murugappan boy Lord Murugan Favourite Murugappan names
MurugaVel boy God Murugan Favourite MurugaVel names
Mythil boy Kingdom. Favourite Mythil names
Naag boy A big serpent Favourite Naag names
Naagpal, boy Nagpal saviour of serpents Favourite Naagpal, names
Naamdev boy Name of a saint Favourite Naamdev names
Nabarun boy Morning Sun Favourite Nabarun names
Nabendu boy New Moon Favourite Nabendu names
Nabhas boy Sky Favourite Nabhas names
Nabhi boy Centre Of Body, An Ancient King Favourite Nabhi names
Nabhith boy Fearless Favourite Nabhith names
Nachik boy A Short Form Of Nachiketa Favourite Nachik names
Nadal boy Fortunate Favourite Nadal names
Nadapratithishta boy One who Appreciates and Loves Music Favourite Nadapratithishta names
Nadeen boy Ocean Favourite Nadeen names
Nagaraj boy King of serpents. Favourite Nagaraj names
Nagarjun boy Best Among The Snakes Favourite Nagarjun names
Nagendra boy Seshnag, King Of The Serpents Favourite Nagendra names
Nagesh boy Seshnag, Cosmic Serpent Favourite Nagesh names
Nageshwaran boy Lord Snake Favourite Nageshwaran names
Naggar boy Lord Krishna Favourite Naggar names
Nahush boy Name Of An Ancient King Favourite Nahush names
Nairit boy South West Favourite Nairit names
Naksatraraja boy King Of Stars Favourite Naksatraraja names
Nakshatra boy Star Favourite Nakshatra names
Nakul boy Name of one of the Pandavas Favourite Nakul names
Nal boy An Ancient King Favourite Nal names
Nalin boy Lotus Favourite Nalin names
Nalinaksha boy Lotus Eyed Favourite Nalinaksha names
Namasthetu boy Vanquisher of All Evils & Vices & Sins Favourite Namasthetu names
Namasyu boy Bowing Favourite Namasyu names
Namdev boy Poet, Saint Favourite Namdev names
Namir boy Leopard. Favourite Namir names
Namit boy Bowed Down, Modest Favourite Namit names
Nanak boy First Sikh Guru Favourite Nanak names
Nand-Kishore boy Lord Krishna Favourite Nand-Kishore names
Nand-nandan boy Lord Krishna Favourite Nand-nandan names
Nandakumar boy Lord Krishna Favourite Nandakumar names
Nandan boy Pleasing, Son Favourite Nandan names
Nandin boy Son, Delightful Favourite Nandin names
Nandish boy Lord Shiva (nandishwar) Favourite Nandish names
Narasimha boy An incarnation of Vishnu with human body and lion head. Fourth Avatar of Dasavathars (1. Matysa, 2.Kurma, 3. Varaha, 4.Narasimha, 5. Vamana, 6. Parasurama, 7. Rama, 8. Balarama, 9. Krishna & 10. Kalk Favourite Narasimha names
Narayana boy Vishnu, Refuge Of Man Favourite Narayana names
Narendra boy King of men Favourite Narendra names
Narendra; Narinder boy King of men Favourite Narendra; Narinder names
Narinder boy The King Favourite Narinder names
Narottam boy Best Among Men Favourite Narottam names
Narsimha boy Lion Among Men Favourite Narsimha names
Naruna boy Leader Of Men Favourite Naruna names
Nateshwar boy God of drama (Lord Shiva) Favourite Nateshwar names
Natwar boy Lord Krishna Favourite Natwar names
Nauhar boy 9 Garlands Favourite Nauhar names
Naval boy Wonder Favourite Naval names
Navaneet boy Butter Favourite Navaneet names
Navarro boy Plains. Favourite Navarro names
Navendu boy The Moon A Night After Amavasya Favourite Navendu names
Navin boy New Favourite Navin names
Navinchandra boy Same As Navendu Favourite Navinchandra names
Navrang boy Colourful Favourite Navrang names
Navroz boy A Parsee Festival Favourite Navroz names
Nawar boy Flower Favourite Nawar names
Nayan boy Eye Favourite Nayan names
Nedumaran boy Tall And Handsome Favourite Nedumaran names
Neel boy Blue Favourite Neel names
Neelabh boy Object In The Sky ( Cloud, Moon) Favourite Neelabh names
Neelambuj boy Blue Lotus Favourite Neelambuj names
Neelesh boy Lord Krishna; moon Favourite Neelesh names
Neelotpal boy Blue Lotus Favourite Neelotpal names
Neeraf boy River Favourite Neeraf names
Nevada boy Snow-clad. Favourite Nevada names
Nibhish boy God Ganesh Favourite Nibhish names
Nidhish boy Lord Of Treasure Favourite Nidhish names
Nigel boy Niall. Champion. Favourite Nigel names
Niket boy Home Favourite Niket names
Niketan boy house, mansion Favourite Niketan names
Nikunj boy A Bower Favourite Nikunj names
Nilesh boy King of the Moon. Favourite Nilesh names
Nimish boy Spilt Second Favourite Nimish names
Nimit boy Destiny Favourite Nimit names
Ninad boy Sound, Gentle Sound Of Water Favourite Ninad names
Nipun boy Expert Favourite Nipun names
Nirajit boy Illuminated Favourite Nirajit names
Nirav boy Without Sound; Silent Favourite Nirav names
Nirbhay boy Fearless Favourite Nirbhay names
Nirbhik boy Fearless Favourite Nirbhik names
Nirdhar boy One Who Holds Water ( Cloud) Favourite Nirdhar names
Nirijhar boy Waterful Favourite Nirijhar names
Nirmal boy Clean, Pure Favourite Nirmal names
Nirmanyu boy Free Of Anger Favourite Nirmanyu names
Nirmay boy Pure Favourite Nirmay names
Nirmit boy Created Favourite Nirmit names
Nirmohi boy Unattached Favourite Nirmohi names
Nischal boy Calm Favourite Nischal names
Nischay boy Decided Favourite Nischay names
Nischitha boy Confidence Favourite Nischitha names
Nish boy By The Ash Tree, Or "an Adventurer". Favourite Nish names
Nishakar boy Moon (lord Of Night) Favourite Nishakar names
Nishar boy Warm Cloth Favourite Nishar names
Nishat boy A tree Favourite Nishat names
Nishesh boy Entire Favourite Nishesh names
Nishinath boy Lord Of Night (moon) ( Nishipati, Nishipal) Favourite Nishinath names
Nishit boy Midnight Favourite Nishit names
Nishkama boy Selfless Favourite Nishkama names
Nishkarsh boy Result Favourite Nishkarsh names
Nishok boy Happy Favourite Nishok names
Nissim boy Unbounded Favourite Nissim names
Nithilan boy Brilliant Like A Pearl Favourite Nithilan names
Nitin boy Master Of The Right Path Favourite Nitin names
Nitya-Sundara boy Good Looking Favourite Nitya-Sundara names
Nityanand boy Always happy Favourite Nityanand names
Nityanta boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Nityanta names
Noam boy Lightning Fired. Favourite Noam names
Nripa boy King Favourite Nripa names
Nripendra boy King Of Kings Favourite Nripendra names
Nripesh boy King Of Kings Favourite Nripesh names
Nrupadh boy Feet Of A King Favourite Nrupadh names
Nuru boy Born at night. Favourite Nuru names
Nushanth boy Horizan Favourite Nushanth names
Ohas boy Praise Favourite Ohas names
Ojas boy Bright. Might. Power. Favourite Ojas names
Ojayit boy Courageous Favourite Ojayit names
Om boy The sacred syllable Favourite Om names
Omesa boy Lord of the Om. Favourite Omesa names
Omja boy Born Of Cosmic Unity Favourite Omja names
Omkar boy A holy sound and letter. Favourite Omkar names
Ompati boy Master Of Om Favourite Ompati names
Omprakash boy Light Of Om Favourite Omprakash names
Oojam boy Enthusiasm Favourite Oojam names
Oppilan boy Peerless Gem Favourite Oppilan names
Ori boy Charitable King Favourite Ori names
Oudumber boy Vishnu Favourite Oudumber names
Ovi boy Holy Massege Of Marathi Saint Favourite Ovi names
Oviyan boy Artist Favourite Oviyan names
Paaninee boy A Sanskrit grammarian Favourite Paaninee names
Paarth boy Another name of Arjuna Favourite Paarth names
Pachai boy Youthful, resourceful Favourite Pachai names
Padm boy Lotus Favourite Padm names
Padmabandhu boy friend of lotus ( bee , sun ) Favourite Padmabandhu names
Padmaj boy Lord Brahama Favourite Padmaj names
Padmal boy Lotus Favourite Padmal names
Padmanabh boy One With Lotus In His Navel I.e. Vishnu Favourite Padmanabh names
Padmapani boy Lord Bramha Favourite Padmapani names
Padmesh boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Padmesh names
Palani boy Abode of Lord Murugan Favourite Palani names
Palanimurugan boy Another Name For Lord Murugan Favourite Palanimurugan names
Palash boy Tree Favourite Palash names
Panav boy Prince Favourite Panav names
Panchal boy Lord Shiva Favourite Panchal names
Panduranga boy One With Pale White Complexion Favourite Panduranga names
Pandya boy South Indian Dynasty Favourite Pandya names
Panini boy The Great Scholar Grammarian Favourite Panini names
Pankajalochana boy Lotus Eyed. Lord Krishna Favourite Pankajalochana names
Pankajeet boy Eagle ( Garuda ) Favourite Pankajeet names
Paraag boy pollen, sandal wood Favourite Paraag names
Param-Hans boy The Supreme Spirit Favourite Param-Hans names
Parameshwar boy Alimightly Lord Favourite Parameshwar names
Paras boy Touchstone Favourite Paras names
Parasmani boy Touchstone Favourite Parasmani names
Paravasu boy Name of a sage Favourite Paravasu names
Parighosh boy Loud Sound Favourite Parighosh names
Parijat boy A Celestial Flower Favourite Parijat names
Parikshit boy An ancient king Favourite Parikshit names
Parindra boy Lion Favourite Parindra names
Parmesh boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Parmesh names
Parnad boy A Brahmin In The Qpics Favourite Parnad names
Parth boy Name given by Lord Krishna to Arjun; The person who never misses his target Favourite Parth names
Parvatinandan boy Lord Ganesh Favourite Parvatinandan names
Pashunath boy Lord Of Animals, Lord Shiva Favourite Pashunath names
Pasupati boy Lord Shiva Favourite Pasupati names
Patanjali boy Famous Yoga philosopher Favourite Patanjali names
Pathin boy Traveller Favourite Pathin names
Pavalan boy Skilled in literature Favourite Pavalan names
Pavan boy Wind Favourite Pavan names
Pavankumar boy Bhim, Hanuman ( Son Of The Wind) Favourite Pavankumar names
Payas boy Water Favourite Payas names
Peeyush boy Nectar Favourite Peeyush names
Perumal boy Lord Venkateshwara Favourite Perumal names
Phani boy Snake Favourite Phani names
Phaninath boy Lord of serpents Favourite Phaninath names
Phanindranath boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Phanindranath names
Phanishwar boy . King Of Serpents Favourite Phanishwar names
Phoolendu boy Full Moon Favourite Phoolendu names
Pinak boy Shiv Dhanush Favourite Pinak names
Pingal boy A reputed sage Favourite Pingal names
Ponnan boy Precious Favourite Ponnan names
Poojit boy Worshipped Favourite Poojit names
Poornayu boy Full life. Favourite Poornayu names
Prabhakar boy Sun Favourite Prabhakar names
Prabhanjan boy Dust Storm Favourite Prabhanjan names
Prabhas boy Brilliance, light Favourite Prabhas names
Prabuddha boy Awakened Favourite Prabuddha names
Pradosh boy Twilight Favourite Pradosh names
Pradyun boy Radiant Favourite Pradyun names
Prajesh boy Lord Brahma Favourite Prajesh names
Prajvala boy Flame Favourite Prajvala names
Pralay boy Himalay Favourite Pralay names
Pramath boy Horse Favourite Pramath names
Pramsu boy A Scholar Favourite Pramsu names
Pran boy Life Favourite Pran names
Pranal boy Waterway Favourite Pranal names
Pranesh boy Lord Of Life Favourite Pranesh names
Pranet boy Leader Favourite Pranet names
Pranjal boy simple, straightforward Favourite Pranjal names
Prasata boy Father Of Draupad Favourite Prasata names
Prasenjit boy A king in the epics Favourite Prasenjit names
Prasiddhi boy Accomplishment, Fame Favourite Prasiddhi names
Pratap boy Dignity, Majesty Favourite Pratap names
Prateek boy Symbol Favourite Prateek names
Prateep boy Opposite Favourite Prateep names
Pratyush boy Sun Favourite Pratyush names
Pravar boy Chief Favourite Pravar names
Prayag boy Confluence Of Ganga Jamuna Saraswati Favourite Prayag names
Preethu boy God Gift Favourite Preethu names
Preetish boy God of love Favourite Preetish names
Prem boy Love Favourite Prem names
Prineet boy Content, Satisfied Favourite Prineet names
Prithviraj boy King Of The Earth Favourite Prithviraj names
Privrata boy Son of Satarupa Favourite Privrata names
Priyadarshan boy Nice To Look At, Handsome Favourite Priyadarshan names
Priyadarshi boy One Who Is Liked By All Favourite Priyadarshi names
Priyaka boy Loving, Deer Favourite Priyaka names
Priyesh boy Loved by god Favourite Priyesh names
Pugal boy Glory, Fame Favourite Pugal names
Pulin boy Sandy river bank Favourite Pulin names
Pulish boy Name Of A Sage Favourite Pulish names
Pulkit boy Happy; Thrilled; Overjoyed Favourite Pulkit names
Punit boy Pure Favourite Punit names
Punyakoti boy Name of a holy cow. Favourite Punyakoti names
Purajit boy Lord Shiva Favourite Purajit names
Puranjay boy Lord Shiva Favourite Puranjay names
Purav boy Chanting Voice From East At Sunrise Favourite Purav names
Purnendu boy Full Moon Favourite Purnendu names
Pururava boy The founder of Chandra dynasty Favourite Pururava names
Purush boy The Omnipotent Personality Favourite Purush names
Purushottam boy Best Among Men Favourite Purushottam names
Pushpaj boy Born From A Flower Favourite Pushpaj names
Pushpaka boy R the spring season (Vasant), flower season Favourite Pushpaka names
Puskara boy Blue Lotus, Fountain Favourite Puskara names
Radhak boy Liberal Favourite Radhak names
Radhakanta boy Lord Krishna Favourite Radhakanta names
Radhakrishna boy Radha And Lord Krishna Favourite Radhakrishna names
Radhavallabh boy Lord Krishna-beloved of Radha Favourite Radhavallabh names
Raghavendra boy Lord Rama Favourite Raghavendra names
Raghu boy The family of Lord Rama Favourite Raghu names
Raghubir boy Lord Rama Favourite Raghubir names
Raghukumara boy Lord Ram Favourite Raghukumara names
Raghupati boy Lord Rama Favourite Raghupati names
Raghuvir boy Lord Rama Favourite Raghuvir names
Rahas boy Secret Favourite Rahas names
Rahman boy Merciful Favourite Rahman names
Raj boy King Favourite Raj names
Raja boy King Favourite Raja names
Rajam boy Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Rajam names
Rajan boy King Favourite Rajan names
Rajanikant boy Sun, Lord Of Night Favourite Rajanikant names
Rajanikanta boy Moon Favourite Rajanikanta names
Rajdeep boy Best Of Kings Favourite Rajdeep names
Rajendrakumar boy King Favourite Rajendrakumar names
Rajesh boy God Of Kings Favourite Rajesh names
Rajevalochan boy Who Has Blue Lotus Eyes Favourite Rajevalochan names
Rajit boy Decorated Favourite Rajit names
Rajiv boy Blue Lotus Favourite Rajiv names
Rajnish boy God Of Night (moon) Favourite Rajnish names
Raju boy Prosperity Favourite Raju names
Rakesh boy Lord of the night, sun Favourite Rakesh names
Rakshan boy Protector Favourite Rakshan names
Ramadeep boy Lord Rama Favourite Ramadeep names
Ramadhuta boy Ambassador Of Rama Favourite Ramadhuta names
Ramakant boy Husband of Rama (i.e. Lord Vishnu) Favourite Ramakant names
Ramakanta boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Ramakanta names
Ramakrishna boy Rama & Krishna Favourite Ramakrishna names
Ramavatar boy Reincarnation Of Lord Rama Favourite Ramavatar names
Ramchandra boy Lord Rama Favourite Ramchandra names
Ramdas boy devotee (a servant) of Rama, Hanuman Favourite Ramdas names
Ramkishore boy Lord Rama Favourite Ramkishore names
Ramkrishna boy Lord Rama, Krishna Favourite Ramkrishna names
Rammohan boy Lord Rama Favourite Rammohan names
Ramnath boy Lord Rama Favourite Ramnath names
Ramswaroop boy Lord Rama Favourite Ramswaroop names
Ranadeva boy Lord Of Battles Favourite Ranadeva names
Ranajit boy Victorious Favourite Ranajit names
Randal boy Shield wolf. Favourite Randal names
Randhir boy Brave Favourite Randhir names
Rangan boy A Flower Favourite Rangan names
Ranganath boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Ranganath names
Ranganathan boy See Aranganathan Favourite Ranganathan names
Rangith boy Well Couloured Favourite Rangith names
Ranjiv boy Victorious Favourite Ranjiv names
Rasaraj boy Mercury Favourite Rasaraj names
Rasbihari boy Lord Krishna Favourite Rasbihari names
Rasesh boy Lord Krishna Favourite Rasesh names
Rasik boy Connoisseur Favourite Rasik names
Ratannabha boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Ratannabha names
Rathik boy One Who Rides A Chariot Favourite Rathik names
RathinaVelan boy See RathinaVel Favourite RathinaVelan names
Ratinderpal boy Advice Favourite Ratinderpal names
Ratul boy Sweet Favourite Ratul names
Ravan boy Rakshash Favourite Ravan names
Ravi boy Sun Favourite Ravi names
Ravikanth boy Sun Favourite Ravikanth names
Ravinder boy Sun Favourite Ravinder names
Ravinshu boy Kamdev ( Cupid ) Favourite Ravinshu names
Ravish boy Sun Favourite Ravish names
Ravishu boy Cupid Favourite Ravishu names
Rayirth boy Lord Brahma Favourite Rayirth names
Rehmat boy Mercy Favourite Rehmat names
Remco boy Friend. Favourite Remco names
Renaud boy Wise Power Favourite Renaud names
Renesh boy Lord of love Favourite Renesh names
Rigved boy Name Of A Veda Favourite Rigved names
Ripu boy Enemy Favourite Ripu names
Rishab boy Superior Favourite Rishab names
Rishabh boy Morality Favourite Rishabh names
Rishi boy Sage, Ray Of Light Favourite Rishi names
Rishik boy Siva Favourite Rishik names
Ritajit boy Conquerer Of Knowledge Favourite Ritajit names
Ritesh boy Lord Of Truth Favourite Ritesh names
Rithik boy Stream Favourite Rithik names
Rituraj boy King Of Seasons, Spring Favourite Rituraj names
Ritwik boy Priest Favourite Ritwik names
Rochan boy Red Lotus; Bright Favourite Rochan names
Rohanlal boy Lord Krishna Favourite Rohanlal names
Rohit boy Red Favourite Rohit names
Rolf boy Swift wolf. Favourite Rolf names
Ronak boy Embellishment Favourite Ronak names
Ronith boy To Be Charming Favourite Ronith names
Roshan boy Illumination Favourite Roshan names
Rowan boy Red. Favourite Rowan names
Ruchir boy Beautiful Favourite Ruchir names
Rudr boy Fearsome, Name Of Lord Shiva Favourite Rudr names
Rudramurthy boy Idol of Lord Shiva. Favourite Rudramurthy names
Rudraunsh boy Like Rudra I.e. Hanuman/ Shree Ganesh Favourite Rudraunsh names
Ruhan boy Spiritual Favourite Ruhan names
Rukminesh boy Lord Krishna Favourite Rukminesh names
Rupak boy Sign, feature Favourite Rupak names
Rupang boy Beautiful Favourite Rupang names
Rushabh boy Decoration Favourite Rushabh names
Rustom boy Warrior Favourite Rustom names
Rutajit boy Conquerer Of Truth Favourite Rutajit names
Rutesh boy Kind Of Seasons Favourite Rutesh names
Rutujit boy Conquerer Of Seasons Favourite Rutujit names
Saaras boy Swan Favourite Saaras names
Sachetan boy Rational Favourite Sachetan names
Sachin boy Lord Indra Favourite Sachin names
Sachit boy Consciousness Favourite Sachit names
Sadabindu boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Sadabindu names
Sadashiva boy Eternally pure Favourite Sadashiva names
Sadgun boy Virtues Favourite Sadgun names
Safal boy Succeed Favourite Safal names
Sagun boy Auspicious gift, omen Favourite Sagun names
Saharsh boy With joy Favourite Saharsh names
Sahas boy Bravery Favourite Sahas names
Sahasranam boy Thousand names. Favourite Sahasranam names
Sahasya boy Mighty, courageous Favourite Sahasya names
Sahil boy Sea-shore Favourite Sahil names
Sai Satpurusha boy Virtuous, Pious, Venerable One.Sajal moist Favourite Sai Satpurusha names
Saipraasad boy Blessing Favourite Saipraasad names
Saiprasad boy Blessing Favourite Saiprasad names
Sajal boy Moist Favourite Sajal names
Salarjung boy Beautiful Favourite Salarjung names
Salil boy Water Favourite Salil names
Samabashiv boy Lord Shiva Favourite Samabashiv names
Samarjit boy Victorious In War Favourite Samarjit names
Sameen boy Valuable Favourite Sameen names
Samgram boy Host Favourite Samgram names
Sami boy Someone dear to you Favourite Sami names
Samir boy Wind Favourite Samir names
Sammath boy Agreed Favourite Sammath names
Samskar boy Good Ethics and Moral Values Favourite Samskar names
Samudragupta boy A Famous Gupta King Favourite Samudragupta names
Samyak boy Enough Favourite Samyak names
Sanam boy Beloved Favourite Sanam names
Sanchit boy Collected Favourite Sanchit names
Sandeep boy lighted lamp, to lighten up Favourite Sandeep names
Sandeepan boy A sage Favourite Sandeepan names
Sanjivan boy making alive, giving life Favourite Sanjivan names
Sankarshan boy A Name Of Balaram, Brother Of Lord Krishna Favourite Sankarshan names
Sannath boy Accompanied by a protector Favourite Sannath names
Saral boy Straight Favourite Saral names
Sarasi boy Lake Favourite Sarasi names
Sarish boy Equal Favourite Sarish names
Sarngin boy Name of God Vishnu Favourite Sarngin names
Saroj boy Lotus Favourite Saroj names
Sarvad boy Lord Shiva Favourite Sarvad names
Sarvag boy Lord Shiva Favourite Sarvag names
Sarvapalaka boy Protector Of All. Lord Krishna Favourite Sarvapalaka names
Sarvavas boy Lord Shiva Favourite Sarvavas names
Sasi boy Moon Favourite Sasi names
Sasta boy One who rules Favourite Sasta names
Satesh boy Lord of hundreds Favourite Satesh names
Satindra boy Lord Shiva Favourite Satindra names
Satrajit boy Ever Victorious Favourite Satrajit names
Satvamohan boy Truthful Favourite Satvamohan names
Satvinder boy Lord of virtue Favourite Satvinder names
Satyajeet boy Victory of truth Favourite Satyajeet names
Satyajit boy Victory of truth Favourite Satyajit names
Satyakaam boy Believer in truth Favourite Satyakaam names
Satyankar boy True; good Favourite Satyankar names
Satyavan boy One who speaks truth Favourite Satyavan names
Satyendra boy Lord of truth (Satyen) Favourite Satyendra names
Saunak boy Boy sage Favourite Saunak names
Saurjyesh boy Kartikeya; the Lord of Valour Favourite Saurjyesh names
Savitendra boy Lord of the sun Favourite Savitendra names
Seemanta boy Parting of the hair Favourite Seemanta names
SendhilNathan boy Lord Murugan Favourite SendhilNathan names
Senmal boy The best Favourite Senmal names
Shaandilya boy Name of a saint Favourite Shaandilya names
Shaardul boy A tiger Favourite Shaardul names
Shalin boy Modest Favourite Shalin names
Shamak boy Makes peace Favourite Shamak names
Shandar boy Proud Favourite Shandar names
Shankdhar boy Lord Krishna Favourite Shankdhar names
Shankir boy Lord Shiva Favourite Shankir names
Shantanav boy Bhishma Pitamaha Favourite Shantanav names
Shantipriya boy Peace-loving Favourite Shantipriya names
Sharav boy Pure & Innocent Favourite Sharav names
Sharu boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Sharu names
Shashanka boy The Moon Favourite Shashanka names
Shashikant boy Moon stone Favourite Shashikant names
Shashimohan boy The moon Favourite Shashimohan names
Shashishekhar boy Lord Shiva Favourite Shashishekhar names
Shashmith boy Ever Smiling Favourite Shashmith names
Shataaneek boy Another name of Ganesha Favourite Shataaneek names
Shatrughna boy Victorious Favourite Shatrughna names
Shaurya boy Bravery Favourite Shaurya names
Shibhya boy Lord Shiva Favourite Shibhya names
Shikhandin boy Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu Favourite Shikhandin names
Shiromani boy Superb jewel Favourite Shiromani names
Shitikanth boy Lord Shiva Favourite Shitikanth names
Shivadev boy Lord of prosperity Favourite Shivadev names
Shiven boy Lord Shiva Favourite Shiven names
Shivesh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Shivesh names
Shlok boy Hymn, Prayer Favourite Shlok names
Shraavan, boy Shravan Name of a month. Favourite Shraavan, names
Shravana boy Name of a star Favourite Shravana names
Shreeharsh boy God of happiness Favourite Shreeharsh names
Shreenivas boy shrinivas abode of Lakshmi (vaikunth, Vishnu) Favourite Shreenivas names
Shreevallabh boy Lord of Lakshmi Favourite Shreevallabh names
Shrey boy Marevellous Favourite Shrey names
Shrihari boy Lord Krishna Favourite Shrihari names
Shrikeshav boy Lord Krishna Favourite Shrikeshav names
Shrinand boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Shrinand names
Shringesh boy Lord of pearls Favourite Shringesh names
Shrinivas boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Shrinivas names
Shriranga boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Shriranga names
Shrish boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Shrish names
Shrivatsa boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Shrivatsa names
Shrutakeerti boy renowned, reputed Favourite Shrutakeerti names
Shubh boy Fortunate Favourite Shubh names
Shubhashis boy Blessing Favourite Shubhashis names
Shubhranshu boy The moon Favourite Shubhranshu names
Shulabh boy Easy Favourite Shulabh names
Shvetavah boy Lord Indra Favourite Shvetavah names
Shyamantak boy Lord Krishna Favourite Shyamantak names
Siddha boy Lord Shiva Favourite Siddha names
Siddhesh boy Lord of the blessed Favourite Siddhesh names
Siddheshwar boy Lord Shiva Favourite Siddheshwar names
Sindhunath boy Lord of the ocean Favourite Sindhunath names
Sinha boy Hero Favourite Sinha names
Sitakanta boy Lord Rama Favourite Sitakanta names
Sivadasan boy Devotee of God Sivan Favourite Sivadasan names
Smarajit boy One who has conquered lust Favourite Smarajit names
Smyan boy Smile Favourite Smyan names
Snithik boy Master of justice Favourite Snithik names
Sohan boy Good looking Favourite Sohan names
Somashekhar boy Lord Shiva Favourite Somashekhar names
Somasindhu boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Somasindhu names
Someshwar boy Lord Shiva Favourite Someshwar names
Sonu boy Familiar with gold; Beloved Favourite Sonu names
Sopaan boy stairs, steps Favourite Sopaan names
Sopan boy Steps Favourite Sopan names
Sphatikabha boy Crystal clear Favourite Sphatikabha names
Sreeghan boy Wealthy, rich Favourite Sreeghan names
Sreevalsan boy Loved by Vishnu Favourite Sreevalsan names
Srilahari boy Wave. Favourite Srilahari names
Srivatsav boy Disciple of God Favourite Srivatsav names
Sthir boy Foccused Favourite Sthir names
Subhadr boy Gentleman Favourite Subhadr names
Subrahmanya boy Subramani Lord Murugan Favourite Subrahmanya names
Sudarshan boy Good looking Favourite Sudarshan names
Sudhamay boy Full of nectar Favourite Sudhamay names
Sudhan boy Very rich Favourite Sudhan names
Sudhanshu boy Moon Favourite Sudhanshu names
Sudhir boy Resolute; Brave Favourite Sudhir names
Sudhish boy Lord of excellent intellect Favourite Sudhish names
Sudhith boy Kind Favourite Sudhith names
Sudir boy Bright Favourite Sudir names
Suhrid boy Well-disposed Favourite Suhrid names
Suhrit boy Well-disposed Favourite Suhrit names
Sujit boy Victory Favourite Sujit names
Sukant boy Great speaker. Sweet voiced. Favourite Sukant names
Sukanta boy Handsome Favourite Sukanta names
Sukhdev boy God of happiness Favourite Sukhdev names
Sukumaran boy A Variation Of The Name Sukumaran Favourite Sukumaran names
Sulabh boy Easy to get Favourite Sulabh names
Sumangal boy Very auspicious Favourite Sumangal names
Sumanta boy Wise Favourite Sumanta names
Sumantu boy Atharva Veda was assigned to him Favourite Sumantu names
Sumed boy Wise Favourite Sumed names
Sumitra boy Good friend Favourite Sumitra names
Sumukh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Sumukh names
Sunand boy Pleasant Favourite Sunand names
Sunasi boy Lord Indra Favourite Sunasi names
Sundar boy Beautiful Favourite Sundar names
Sunirmal boy Pure Favourite Sunirmal names
Suparna boy Leafy Favourite Suparna names
Supash boy Lord Ganesh Favourite Supash names
Suphal boy Good results. Favourite Suphal names
Suraj boy Sun (Surya) Favourite Suraj names
Surajit boy God Favourite Surajit names
Surendra boy Lord Indra Favourite Surendra names
Suresh boy Sun Favourite Suresh names
Suryakant boy Loved by the sun Favourite Suryakant names
Suryanshu boy Sunbeam Favourite Suryanshu names
Sushant boy Quiet Favourite Sushant names
Sushanta boy Quiet Favourite Sushanta names
Sushobhan boy Very beautiful Favourite Sushobhan names
Sutara boy Holy star Favourite Sutara names
Suvarn boy Lord Shiva Favourite Suvarn names
Suvidh boy Kind Favourite Suvidh names
Svang boy Good looks Favourite Svang names
Svaraj boy Lord Indra Favourite Svaraj names
Swami boy Master Favourite Swami names
Swaminath boy The lord almighty Favourite Swaminath names
Swapnil boy Dream like; Seen in a dream; Dreamy Favourite Swapnil names
Swatantar boy Independent and Free Favourite Swatantar names
Swayambhu boy Self existent Favourite Swayambhu names
Syum boy A Ray Favourite Syum names
Taizeen boy Encouragement Favourite Taizeen names
Tajdar boy Corwned Favourite Tajdar names
Takshak boy A Cobra Favourite Takshak names
Taksheel boy Someone With A Strong Character Favourite Taksheel names
Talank boy Lord Shiva Favourite Talank names
Tamal boy A Tree With Very Dark Bark Favourite Tamal names
TamaraiChelvan boy Handsome Favourite TamaraiChelvan names
Tamila boy Sun Favourite Tamila names
Tamilan boy A Tamil Favourite Tamilan names
TamilKudimagan boy A Tamil Favourite TamilKudimagan names
Tamish boy God Of Darkness (moon) Favourite Tamish names
Tamonash boy Destroyer Of Ignorance Favourite Tamonash names
Tanak boy Prize Favourite Tanak names
Tanmay boy Engrossed Favourite Tanmay names
Tanush boy Ganesha Favourite Tanush names
Tapan boy Sun, Summer Favourite Tapan names
Tapasendra boy Lord Shiva Favourite Tapasendra names
Tapomay boy Full Of Moral Virtue Favourite Tapomay names
Taporaj boy Moon Favourite Taporaj names
Tarachandra boy Star & Moon Favourite Tarachandra names
Tarakesh boy Stary Hair Favourite Tarakesh names
Taraksh boy Mountain Favourite Taraksh names
Taral boy Honeybee Favourite Taral names
Taramandal boy Milky way.Galaxy. Favourite Taramandal names
Taran boy Raft, heaven Favourite Taran names
Tarendra boy Prince Of Stars Favourite Tarendra names
Taresh boy God of the stars (moon) Favourite Taresh names
Tarik boy One Who Crosses The River Of Life Favourite Tarik names
Tarpan boy Refreshing Favourite Tarpan names
Tarun boy New Favourite Tarun names
Tarusa boy Conquerer Favourite Tarusa names
Tathagata boy The Buddha Favourite Tathagata names
Tatvagyanaprad boy Granter of Wisdom Favourite Tatvagyanaprad names
Ted boy Theodore. Favourite Ted names
Teerth boy Holy place Favourite Teerth names
Teerthankar boy A Jain Saint Favourite Teerthankar names
Tejala boy Bringing light. Favourite Tejala names
Tejas boy Sharpness Favourite Tejas names
Tejeshwar boy The Sun Favourite Tejeshwar names
Tejomay boy Glorious Favourite Tejomay names
Thairiyan boy Brave; Confident Favourite Thairiyan names
Thakarshi boy Lord Krishna Favourite Thakarshi names
Thakur boy Leader; God Favourite Thakur names
ThangaMuthu boy Golden Pearl; Precious Favourite ThangaMuthu names
Thangarajan boy Golden King Favourite Thangarajan names
ThangaVel boy God Murugan Favourite ThangaVel names
Thavanesh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Thavanesh names
Thayalan boy Lord Shiva Favourite Thayalan names
TheivaMani boy Gift of God; Godly Favourite TheivaMani names
Thenappan boy Kind Favourite Thenappan names
Thevan boy Godly Favourite Thevan names
Thirumalai boy Abode of Lord Venkateshwara, holy place Favourite Thirumalai names
ThiruMurugan boy God Murugan Favourite ThiruMurugan names
ThiruValluvan boy Author of the Tamil Masterpiece ThiruKural (aka Secular Scripture) Favourite ThiruValluvan names
Thooyavan boy Pure, Flawless Favourite Thooyavan names
Tilak boy Superior.Ornament of anything. Favourite Tilak names
Timir boy Darkness Favourite Timir names
Timirbaran boy Dark Favourite Timirbaran names
Timmy boy Disaple Of Paul Favourite Timmy names
Timothy boy Name of a Saint Favourite Timothy names
Tirranand boy Lord Shiva Favourite Tirranand names
Tirumala boy Seven Hills Favourite Tirumala names
Tisyaketu boy Lord Shiva Favourite Tisyaketu names
Toru boy Bull Favourite Toru names
Trailokva boy The Three Worlds Favourite Trailokva names
Triambak boy Lord Shiva Favourite Triambak names
Triambhak boy Having three eyes.Lord Shiva. Favourite Triambhak names
Tridhatri boy Lord Ganesh Favourite Tridhatri names
Trigyesh boy Lord Buddha - Trigya With Esh As Eshwar..... Favourite Trigyesh names
Trilochan boy Three eyed Favourite Trilochan names
Trilok boy The Three Worlds (heaven, Earth, Hell) Favourite Trilok names
Trilokchand boy Moon Of The Three Worlds Favourite Trilokchand names
Trilokesh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Trilokesh names
Trinabh boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Trinabh names
Trinayan boy Lord Shiva Favourite Trinayan names
Trishar boy Pearl Necklace Favourite Trishar names
Trishulank boy Lord Shiva Favourite Trishulank names
Trivikram boy An epithet of Vishnu Favourite Trivikram names
Tuka boy Young Boy Favourite Tuka names
Tukaram boy A Poet Saint Favourite Tukaram names
Tulasidas boy Servant of Tulasi (basil plant) Favourite Tulasidas names
Tunava boy A Flute Favourite Tunava names
Tungeshwar boy Lord Of The Mountains Favourite Tungeshwar names
Tungish boy Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu Favourite Tungish names
Turvasu boy A Son Of Yayaati Favourite Turvasu names
Tushar boy Snow Favourite Tushar names
Tusya boy Lord Shiva Favourite Tusya names
Tuvidyumna boy Lord Indra Favourite Tuvidyumna names
Tuvijat boy Lord Indra Favourite Tuvijat names
Tyagraja boy A Famous Poet Favourite Tyagraja names
Tyson boy Fiery. Favourite Tyson names
Udar boy Generous Favourite Udar names
Udayan boy Up rising Favourite Udayan names
Uddhar boy Liberation Favourite Uddhar names
Uddiran boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Uddiran names
Ujagar boy Bright Favourite Ujagar names
Ujesh boy One Who Gives Light Favourite Ujesh names
Ujjala boy Bright Favourite Ujjala names
Ujjawal boy Bright; Clear; Splendorous Favourite Ujjawal names
UlagaMuthu boy Gem of the World Favourite UlagaMuthu names
Ulaganathan boy Master of the World Favourite Ulaganathan names
Ulhas boy Joy, Delight Favourite Ulhas names
Umachandra boy Uma ( Goddess Parvati) and Lord Shiva Favourite Umachandra names
Umang boy Enthusiasm Favourite Umang names
Umaprasad boy Blessing Of Goddess Parvati Favourite Umaprasad names
Umaputra boy The Son of Goddess Uma (Parvati) Favourite Umaputra names
Umesh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Umesh names
UnmaiVilambi boy Truthful Favourite UnmaiVilambi names
Unnat boy Energized Favourite Unnat names
Upal boy Stone Favourite Upal names
Upamanyu boy Name of a devoted pupil Favourite Upamanyu names
Urdahav boy Broad Mentality Favourite Urdahav names
Utkarsha boy Advancement Favourite Utkarsha names
Utsav boy Celebration Favourite Utsav names
Vachan boy Speech Favourite Vachan names
Vadin boy Known Lecturer Favourite Vadin names
Vagmine boy Spolesman Favourite Vagmine names
Vaikhan boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Vaikhan names
Vaikunth boy Vaikuntam, the abode of Lord Vishnu Favourite Vaikunth names
Vairat boy Gem Favourite Vairat names
Vajradhar boy Lord Indra Favourite Vajradhar names
Vajrakaya boy Sturdy Like Metal, Lord Hanuman Favourite Vajrakaya names
Vajrapani boy Lord Indra Favourite Vajrapani names
ValliMayilan boy Another name for God Murugan Favourite ValliMayilan names
Valmik boy The Author Of The Epic Ramayana Favourite Valmik names
vamsi boy Flute Favourite vamsi names
Van-Raj boy Ruler Of The Foreset, The Lion Favourite Van-Raj names
Vaninadh boy Husband Of Saraswati Favourite Vaninadh names
Varad boy God Of Fire Favourite Varad names
Varadaraj boy Another Name Of Vishnu Favourite Varadaraj names
Vareshvar boy Lord Shiva Favourite Vareshvar names
Varindra boy Lord Of The Ocean Favourite Varindra names
Vasu boy Wealth Favourite Vasu names
Vasumitr boy An Ancient Name Favourite Vasumitr names
Vatsyayan boy An Author Of Old Times Favourite Vatsyayan names
Vayujat boy Lord Hanuman Favourite Vayujat names
Ved-Vyas boy Name Of A Saint Favourite Ved-Vyas names
Vedamohan boy Lord Krishna Favourite Vedamohan names
Vedanga boy Part of the sacred knowledge Favourite Vedanga names
Vedaprakash boy Light Of The Knowledge Favourite Vedaprakash names
Vedavrata boy Vow Of The Vedas Favourite Vedavrata names
Vedprakash boy Light Of The Vedas Favourite Vedprakash names
Vendan boy King Favourite Vendan names
Vetri boy Successful; Victorious Favourite Vetri names
Vibhat boy Dawn Favourite Vibhat names
Vibhor boy Esctatic Favourite Vibhor names
Vibodh boy Wise Favourite Vibodh names
Vidit boy Lord Indra Favourite Vidit names
Vidyasagar boy Ocean Of Learning Favourite Vidyasagar names
Vidyut boy Lightning Favourite Vidyut names
Vighneshwar boy Lord Of Supreme Knowledge Favourite Vighneshwar names
Vijay boy Victory Favourite Vijay names
Vijayesh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Vijayesh names
Vijitendriya boy Controller of the Senses Favourite Vijitendriya names
Vikramendra boy King of prowess Favourite Vikramendra names
Vikunth boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Vikunth names
Vilok boy To See Favourite Vilok names
Vinahast boy Lord Shiva Favourite Vinahast names
Vinay boy Good Manners Favourite Vinay names
Vinesh boy Godly Favourite Vinesh names
Vipra boy A Priest Favourite Vipra names
Virabhadra boy Lord Shiva Favourite Virabhadra names
Viral boy Priceless Favourite Viral names
Vishalaksh boy Large Eyed Favourite Vishalaksh names
Vishalya boy Painless Favourite Vishalya names
Vishram boy Rest Favourite Vishram names
Vishvajit boy One Who Conquers The Universe Favourite Vishvajit names
Vishvamitra boy A sage Favourite Vishvamitra names
Vishvesh boy Lord Of The World Favourite Vishvesh names
Vishwanath boy The lord Favourite Vishwanath names
Vishweshwar boy Lord Of The Universe Favourite Vishweshwar names
Vismay boy Surprise Favourite Vismay names
Visvayu boy Brother of Amavasuand Satayu Favourite Visvayu names
Vivaan boy Lord Krishna Favourite Vivaan names
Vivatma boy Universal Soul Favourite Vivatma names
Vivek boy Conscience; Intelligence; True Knowledge; Judgement Favourite Vivek names
Vrajalal boy Lord Krishna Favourite Vrajalal names
Vrajanadan boy Lord Krishna Favourite Vrajanadan names
Vratesh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Vratesh names
Vrisag boy Lord Shiva Favourite Vrisag names
Vrisini boy Lord Shiva Favourite Vrisini names
Yadavendra boy Leader of the Yadavas Favourite Yadavendra names
Yadunandan boy Lord Krishna Favourite Yadunandan names
Yadunath boy Lord Krishna Favourite Yadunath names
Yagnesh boy Religious Leader Favourite Yagnesh names
Yagyasen boy Name Of King Drupad Favourite Yagyasen names
Yagyesh boy Lord for the sacrificial fire Favourite Yagyesh names
Yajat boy Lord Shiva Favourite Yajat names
Yajnarup boy Lord Krishna Favourite Yajnarup names
Yamajith boy Another Name For Shiva Favourite Yamajith names
Yash boy Victory, Glory Favourite Yash names
Yashaskaram boy Bestower of Fame and Fortune Favourite Yashaskaram names
Yashmit boy Famed Favourite Yashmit names
Yashodhan boy Rich In Fame Favourite Yashodhan names
Yashodhar boy Famous Favourite Yashodhar names
Yashpal boy Successful; Famous; Lord Krishna; Protector of fame Favourite Yashpal names
Yatish boy Lord Of Devotees Favourite Yatish names
Yatnesh boy God of Efforts Favourite Yatnesh names
Yogadhipa boy The Lord of Meditation Favourite Yogadhipa names
Yogesh boy God Of Yoga Favourite Yogesh names
Yogi boy Devotee Favourite Yogi names
Yogine boy Saint. A Name For Lord Hanuman Favourite Yogine names
Yudhajit boy Victor in war Favourite Yudhajit names
Yudhisthir boy Firm In Battle Favourite Yudhisthir names
Yug boy Age Favourite Yug names
Yuvaraj boy Prince. Favourite Yuvaraj names