Japanese Baby Names With Meaning

A Name is a simple a word which used to identify rest of the life of child so this is the first gift from the parents or relatives to the baby.therefore it needed a great care when we put their baby name which should be listen to good and beautiful meaning.To Keep all of that things in Mind we have great and nice collection range of baby names with meaning where your search will be finished for the suitable baby names. here is great range of Japanese Baby names with meaning where you choose your favourite Japanese Baby Names.
Japanese Baby Names
Name Gender Meaning
Ai ai girl Love Favourite Ai names
Aiko aiko girl Beloved one, little love Favourite Aiko names
Akako akako girl Red Favourite Akako names
Akemi boy Beauty of dawn Favourite Akemi names
Akeno boy In the morning; bright shining field; beautiful sunrise/dawn. Favourite Akeno names
Aki boy Autumn; bright Favourite Aki names
Akihiko boy Shining prince Favourite Akihiko names
Akihiro boy Shining abroad Favourite Akihiro names
Akihito boy Bright. Favourite Akihito names
Akiko akiko girl Iris; light and bright. Favourite Akiko names
Akina akina girl Spring flower Favourite Akina names
Akio boy Bright boy Favourite Akio names
Akira akira girl Anchor Favourite Akira names
Akiyama boy Mountain Favourite Akiyama names
Amaya amaya girl Night rain Favourite Amaya names
Ami ami girl Friend Favourite Ami names
Amida boy The name of Buddha Favourite Amida names
Anda anda girl Meet at the field. A Japanese surname. Favourite Anda names
Aneko aneko girl Older sister. Favourite Aneko names
Arata boy Fresh Favourite Arata names
Atsushi boy Cordial; industrious Favourite Atsushi names
Ayame ayame girl Iris Favourite Ayame names
Benjiro boy Peaceful; enjoy peace. Favourite Benjiro names
Bishamon boy The Japanese god of war. Favourite Bishamon names
Botan botan girl Peony Favourite Botan names
Chika chika girl Near Favourite Chika names
Chiko chiko girl Arrow;pledge. Favourite Chiko names
Chiyo chiyo girl Thousand years; eternal. Favourite Chiyo names
Cho cho girl Butterfly Favourite Cho names
Chokichi boy Long-lasting good luck Favourite Chokichi names
Dai dai girl Great Favourite Dai names
Daichi boy Great land Favourite Daichi names
Daiki boy Of great value Favourite Daiki names
Daisuke boy Great helper Favourite Daisuke names
Danno boy Field gathering. Surname. Favourite Danno names
Ebisu boy Japanese god of labour and luck. Favourite Ebisu names
Eiji boy Splendid ruler Favourite Eiji names
Eriko eriko girl Child with a collar. The suffix -ko means child. Favourite Eriko names
Etsu etsu girl Delight Favourite Etsu names
Fudo boy God of fire and wisdom Favourite Fudo names
Fujita fujita girl Field Favourite Fujita names
Fumio boy Scholarly child Favourite Fumio names
Gin gin girl Silver Favourite Gin names
Gina gina girl Silvery Favourite Gina names
Gohachiro boy Five eight male Favourite Gohachiro names
Goro boy Fifth son Favourite Goro names
Hachiro boy Eighth son Favourite Hachiro names
Hachiuma boy Eight horses Favourite Hachiuma names
Hajime boy Beginning Favourite Hajime names
Hana hana girl Flower, blossom; fowe... Favourite Hana names
Haru haru girl Born in the spring Favourite Haru names
Harue boy Born in the spring Favourite Harue names
Haruo boy Springtime man Favourite Haruo names
Haya haya girl Quick, light Favourite Haya names
Hideaki boy Shining excellence Favourite Hideaki names
Hideki boy Splendid opportunity Favourite Hideki names
Hideo boy Splendid man Favourite Hideo names
Hikaru boy Light; shining Favourite Hikaru names
Hiro boy Broad; widespread Favourite Hiro names
Hiroaki boy Widespread brightness Favourite Hiroaki names
Hirohito boy A name borne by the present emperor, His.. Favourite Hirohito names
Hiroki boy Abundant joy; strength Favourite Hiroki names
Hiromasa boy Broad-minded and just Favourite Hiromasa names
Hiromi boy Wide-seeing Favourite Hiromi names
Hiroshi hiroshi girl Generous Favourite Hiroshi names
Hiroyuki boy Widespread happiness Favourite Hiroyuki names
Hisa hisa girl Long-lasting Favourite Hisa names
Hisao boy Long-lived man Favourite Hisao names
Hisashi boy Long-lived Favourite Hisashi names
Hisoka boy Reserved, reticent Favourite Hisoka names
Hitoshi boy Even-tempered; level Favourite Hitoshi names
Hoshi hoshi girl Star. Favourite Hoshi names
Hosyu boy Conservativeness Favourite Hosyu names
Hotaka boy Step by step Favourite Hotaka names
Huyu boy Winter Favourite Huyu names
Ichiro boy First son Favourite Ichiro names
Isamu boy Courageous; warrior Favourite Isamu names
Isao boy Honor; merit Favourite Isao names
Isas boy Meritorious Favourite Isas names
Isi boy Rock Favourite Isi names
Isoroku boy Fifty-six Favourite Isoroku names
Iwao boy Stone man Favourite Iwao names
Izanagi boy Mythological deity Favourite Izanagi names
Jin jin girl Super-excellent; jewel Favourite Jin names
Jiro jiro girl Second male Favourite Jiro names
Jo boy God will increase Favourite Jo names
Joben boy Enjoy cleanness. Favourite Joben names
Joji boy Farmer Favourite Joji names
Jomei boy Spread light. Favourite Jomei names
Jun boy Obedient Favourite Jun names
Juro boy Best wishes; long life Favourite Juro names
Kaede kaede girl Maple leaf Favourite Kaede names
Kaemon boy Joyful; righthanded. Old Samurai name. Favourite Kaemon names
Kaiya kaiya girl Forgiveness Favourite Kaiya names
Kameko kameko girl Tortoise-child, symbo... Favourite Kameko names
Kami kami girl Lord. Favourite Kami names
Kamlyn boy Variant of Kami. Lord. Favourite Kamlyn names
Kammi kammi girl Variant of Kami. Lord. Favourite Kammi names
Kammie kammie girl Variant of Kami. Lord. Favourite Kammie names
Kanaye kanaye girl Zealous one Favourite Kanaye names
Kane kane girl Tribute, warrior; the doubly-accomplished, golden; man, the eastern sky; beautiful Favourite Kane names
Kanji boy Tin Favourite Kanji names
Kannon boy Form of Kuan-yin who was Chinese Buddhist deity of mercy. Favourite Kannon names
Kaori kaori girl Fragrant Beautiful Girl Favourite Kaori names
Katashi boy Firmness Favourite Katashi names
Katsu boy Victory Favourite Katsu names
Katsuo boy Victorious child Favourite Katsuo names
Katsutoshi boy To win cleverly Favourite Katsutoshi names
Kaya kaya girl Adds a place of resting. Favourite Kaya names
Kazuhiko boy First, harmonious prince Favourite Kazuhiko names
Kazuhiro boy Harmony widespread Favourite Kazuhiro names
Kazuki boy Pleasant peace, shining one Favourite Kazuki names
Kazuo boy Harmonious man Favourite Kazuo names
Kei kei girl Rapture, reverence Favourite Kei names
Keiichi boy Respectful first-born son Favourite Keiichi names
Keiji boy Respectful second-born son Favourite Keiji names
Keiko keiko girl Adored one Favourite Keiko names
Keitaro boy Blessed. Favourite Keitaro names
Ken boy The same Favourite Ken names
Kenji boy Intelligent ruler Favourite Kenji names
Kenjiro boy Second son who sees with insight. Favourite Kenjiro names
Kenshin boy Modest truth Favourite Kenshin names
Kenta boy Healthy, stout Favourite Kenta names
Kentaro boy Sharp; big boy. Favourite Kentaro names
Kichi kichi girl Fortunate Favourite Kichi names
Kichiro boy Lucky son Favourite Kichiro names
Kin kin girl Golden Favourite Kin names
Kioshi boy Quiet Favourite Kioshi names
Kira kira girl Light; sun Favourite Kira names
Kisho kisho girl One who knows his own mind Favourite Kisho names
Kita kita girl North Favourite Kita names
Kiyoshi kiyoshi girl Quiet Favourite Kiyoshi names
Kohaku boy Amber Favourite Kohaku names
Kohana kohana girl Little flower Favourite Kohana names
Koichi boy Shining prince Favourite Koichi names
Koji boy Happy second-born son Favourite Koji names
Kumakichi boy Fortunate bear Favourite Kumakichi names
Kumiko kumiko girl Companion child; drawing together. Favourite Kumiko names
Kunio boy Countryman Favourite Kunio names
Kuro boy Ninth son Favourite Kuro names
Kyo boy Approval Favourite Kyo names
Kyoko kyoko girl Mirror Favourite Kyoko names
Leiko leiko girl Arrogant Favourite Leiko names
Machi machi girl Ten thousand Favourite Machi names
Machiko machiko girl Child of Machi Favourite Machiko names
Madoka boy Tranquil Favourite Madoka names
Maeko maeko girl Truth child. Favourite Maeko names
Maemi maemi girl Smile of truth. Favourite Maemi names
Mai mai girl Brightness; coyote Favourite Mai names
Maiko maiko girl Child of Mai Favourite Maiko names
Maiya maiya girl Surname meaning rice valley. Favourite Maiya names
Makiko makiko girl Child of Maki Favourite Makiko names
Makoto boy Sincerity Favourite Makoto names
Mamiko mamiko girl Child of Mami Favourite Mamiko names
Mamoru mamoru girl Earth Favourite Mamoru names
Manabu boy Studious Favourite Manabu names
Manzo boy Ten thousand-fold-strong third son. Favourite Manzo names
Mareo boy Rare; uncommon Favourite Mareo names
Mariko mariko girl Child of Mari Favourite Mariko names
Marise boy Infinite; endless. Favourite Marise names
Maro boy Myself. Favourite Maro names
Masa boy Good son Favourite Masa names
Masaaki boy Correct brightness Favourite Masaaki names
Masahiko boy Correct prince Favourite Masahiko names
Masahiro boy Govern widely; broad-minded Favourite Masahiro names
Masakazu masakazu girl First son of Masa Favourite Masakazu names
Masaki boy Correct record; elegant tree Favourite Masaki names
Masako masako girl Child of Masa Favourite Masako names
Masanori boy Prosperous government Favourite Masanori names
Masao boy Righteous, holy Favourite Masao names
Masaru boy Intelligent; victorious Favourite Masaru names
Masashi boy Correct; splendid official Favourite Masashi names
Masato boy Elegant man; justice Favourite Masato names
Masayoshi boy Govern righteously Favourite Masayoshi names
Masayuki boy Correct happiness Favourite Masayuki names
Masuyo boy Increase the world Favourite Masuyo names
Matsuko matsuko girl Pine tree child. Favourite Matsuko names
Mayako mayako girl Child of Maya Favourite Mayako names
Mayoko mayoko girl Child of Mayo Favourite Mayoko names
Mayuko mayuko girl Child of Mayu Favourite Mayuko names
Michi michi girl Righteous Favourite Michi names
Michie michie girl Gateway; gracefully drooping flower. Favourite Michie names
Michiko michiko girl Child of Michi Favourite Michiko names
Michio boy Man with strength of three tho.. Favourite Michio names
Midori midori girl Green Favourite Midori names
Mihoko mihoko girl Child of Mihoko Favourite Mihoko names
Mika mika girl New moon Favourite Mika names
Miki miki girl Beautiful tree Favourite Miki names
Mikio boy Tree trunk man Favourite Mikio names
Minako minako girl Child of Mina Favourite Minako names
Mine mine girl A resolute protector Favourite Mine names
Minori boy Beautiful harbor Favourite Minori names
Minoru boy Ear of grain; fruitful Favourite Minoru names
Misako misako girl Child of Misa Favourite Misako names
Mitsu mitsu girl Surname meaning shine; reflect. Favourite Mitsu names
Mitsuko mitsuko girl Child of Mitsu Favourite Mitsuko names
Mitsuo boy Shining man; third-born son Favourite Mitsuo names
Mitsuru boy Full; growing Favourite Mitsuru names
Miya miya girl Three arrows; temple. Favourite Miya names
Miyoko miyoko girl Beautiful generations... Favourite Miyoko names
Momoko momoko girl Child of Momo Favourite Momoko names
Montaro boy Big boy. Favourite Montaro names
Morio boy Forest boy Favourite Morio names
Mutsuko mutsuko girl Child of Mutsu Favourite Mutsuko names
Nagataka boy Everlasting final duty Favourite Nagataka names
Nahoko nahoko girl Child of Naho Favourite Nahoko names
Nami nami girl Wave Favourite Nami names
Namiko namiko girl Child of Nami Favourite Namiko names
Nanako nanako girl Child of Nana Favourite Nanako names
Nao boy Honest Favourite Nao names
Naoki boy Honest tree Favourite Naoki names
Naoko naoko girl Child of Nao Favourite Naoko names
Naomi naomi girl Pleasent one; above a... Favourite Naomi names
Nariko nariko girl Gentle child. Favourite Nariko names
Natsuko natsuko girl Child of Natsu Favourite Natsuko names
Nayoko nayoko girl Child of Nayo Favourite Nayoko names
Nikki nikki girl Two trees. Used as surname. Favourite Nikki names
Noboru boy Ascend; climb; virtuous Favourite Noboru names
Nobu boy Faith Favourite Nobu names
Nobuo boy Faithful man Favourite Nobuo names
Nobuyuki boy Faithful happiness Favourite Nobuyuki names
Nori nori girl Doctrine Favourite Nori names
Noriko noriko girl Child of Nori Favourite Noriko names
Norio boy Man of principles Favourite Norio names
Nozomi nozomi girl Hope Favourite Nozomi names
Ogano boy Little deer field Favourite Ogano names
Osamu boy Ruler Favourite Osamu names
Ozuru boy Big stork Favourite Ozuru names
Rafu boy Net Favourite Rafu names
Rai rai girl Trust Favourite Rai names
Raiden boy Mythological god of thunder Favourite Raiden names
Raidon raidon girl Thunder God Favourite Raidon names
Rei rei girl Gratitude Favourite Rei names
Reiko reiko girl Child of Rei, gratitu... Favourite Reiko names
Reizo boy Cool; calm; well-groomed. Favourite Reizo names
Ren ren girl Water lily Favourite Ren names
Renjiro boy Clean; upright; honest. Favourite Renjiro names
Renzo boy Third link or third son Favourite Renzo names
Rieko rieko girl Child of Rie Favourite Rieko names
Rikako rikako girl Child of Rika Favourite Rikako names
Ringo ringo girl Apple, peace be with you Favourite Ringo names
Rini rini girl Little bunny Favourite Rini names
Rinji boy Peaceful forest. Favourite Rinji names
Risako risako girl Child of Risa Favourite Risako names
Ritsuko ritsuko girl Child of Ritsu Favourite Ritsuko names
Roka boy White crest of the wave. Favourite Roka names
Rokuro boy Sixth son Favourite Rokuro names
Ronin ronin girl Samurai without a master Favourite Ronin names
Rumiko rumiko girl Child of Rumi Favourite Rumiko names
Ryo boy Excellent Favourite Ryo names
Ryoichi ryoichi girl First son of Ryo Favourite Ryoichi names
Ryoko ryoko girl Child of Ryo Favourite Ryoko names
Ryota boy Stout, strong Favourite Ryota names
Ryozo ryozo girl Third son of Ryo Favourite Ryozo names
Ryuichi ryuichi girl First son of Ryu Favourite Ryuichi names
Ryuji ryuji girl Dragon Man Favourite Ryuji names
Ryuu boy Dragon Favourite Ryuu names
Saburo boy Third-born son Favourite Saburo names
Sachi sachi girl Bliss-child; wife of Indra Favourite Sachi names
Sachiko sachiko girl Bliss, child of Sachi Favourite Sachiko names
Sachio boy Fortunately born Favourite Sachio names
Sadao boy Decisive man Favourite Sadao names
Saeko saeko girl Child of Sae Favourite Saeko names
Sakiko sakiko girl Child of Saki Favourite Sakiko names
Sakuko sakuko girl Child of Saku Favourite Sakuko names
Sakura sakura girl Cherry blossoms Favourite Sakura names
Sakurako sakurako girl Child of Sakura Favourite Sakurako names
Samuru boy His name is God Favourite Samuru names
Sanako sanako girl Child of Sana Favourite Sanako names
Saniiro boy Praise; admirable. Favourite Saniiro names
Satoko satoko girl Child of Sato Favourite Satoko names
Satoru boy Enlightened Favourite Satoru names
Satoshi boy Clear-thinking; quick-witted Favourite Satoshi names
Seiichi seiichi girl First son of Sei Favourite Seiichi names
Seiji boy Correct second-born son Favourite Seiji names
Senichi boy First-born son of Sen Favourite Senichi names
Shichiro boy Seventh son Favourite Shichiro names
Shig boy Names beginning with Shig Favourite Shig names
Shigekazu shigekazu girl First son of Shige Favourite Shigekazu names
Shigeo boy Luxuriant man Favourite Shigeo names
Shigeru boy Excellent; luxuriant Favourite Shigeru names
Shika shika girl Deer Favourite Shika names
Shima boy An island dweller Favourite Shima names
Shin boy Truth Favourite Shin names
Shina shina girl Virtue, good Favourite Shina names
Shinichi shinichi girl First son of Shin Favourite Shinichi names
Shinji boy Faithful second-born son Favourite Shinji names
Shiro boy Fourth-born son Favourite Shiro names
Shoda boy Flat and level field Favourite Shoda names
Shoichi shoichi girl First son of Sho Favourite Shoichi names
Shoji boy Shining second-born son Favourite Shoji names
Shoko shoko girl Child of Sho Favourite Shoko names
Shuichi shuichi girl First son of Shu Favourite Shuichi names
Shuji boy Excellent Favourite Shuji names
Shunichi shunichi girl First son of Shun Favourite Shunichi names
Shuzo boy Third-born son Favourite Shuzo names
Sorano sorano girl Of the sky Favourite Sorano names
Suki suki girl Beloved Favourite Suki names
Suma suma girl To ask Favourite Suma names
Sumi sumi girl Clear, refined Favourite Sumi names
Susumu boy Progressing Favourite Susumu names
Suzu suzu girl Long-lived; crane. Little bell Favourite Suzu names
Tadako tadako girl Child of Tada Favourite Tadako names
Tadao boy Loyal man Favourite Tadao names
Tadashi boy Correct, righteous; loyal Favourite Tadashi names
Taizo boy Third-born son Favourite Taizo names
Taji taji girl Surname meaning silver and yellow color. Favourite Taji names
Taka taka girl Tall, honorable Favourite Taka names
Takahiro boy Widespread nobility Favourite Takahiro names
Takako takako girl Child of Taka Favourite Takako names
Takao boy Noble man Favourite Takao names
Takara takara girl Treasure, precious ob... Favourite Takara names
Takashi boy Praiseworthy Favourite Takashi names
Takayuki boy Filial happiness Favourite Takayuki names
Takehiko boy Soldier prince Favourite Takehiko names
Takeo boy Strong like bamboo. Favourite Takeo names
Takeshi boy Fierce; warrior Favourite Takeshi names
Takumi boy Artisan Favourite Takumi names
Tama boy A jewel Favourite Tama names
Tamae tamae girl Ball; bell. Favourite Tamae names
Tami tami girl Let people see benefit. Favourite Tami names
Tamika tamika girl People. Favourite Tamika names
Tamotsu boy Complete; protect Favourite Tamotsu names
Tanaka tanaka girl Dweller Favourite Tanaka names
Tani tani girl Valley; sweetheart; youth; bull that charges randomly Favourite Tani names
Tanjiro boy High-valued second son. Favourite Tanjiro names
Taree taree girl Bending branch. Favourite Taree names
Taro taro girl First-born male Favourite Taro names
Tatsuo boy Dragon man Favourite Tatsuo names
Tatsuya boy Possessing wisdom and longevity Favourite Tatsuya names
Taura taura girl Many lakes;many rivers. Favourite Taura names
Taya taya girl Valley field. Favourite Taya names
Teiji boy Righteous; well governed. Favourite Teiji names
Teiljo boy Established; regulated Favourite Teiljo names
Teruo boy Shining man Favourite Teruo names
Tetsip boy Iron man Favourite Tetsip names
Tetsuya boy Increasing your resolve Favourite Tetsuya names
Tobikuma boy Flying cloud Favourite Tobikuma names
Tokiko tokiko girl Child of Toki Favourite Tokiko names
Tokutaro boy Virtue first male Favourite Tokutaro names
Tomeo boy Cautious man Favourite Tomeo names
Tomi boy Rich, wealthy; red Favourite Tomi names
Tomiko tomiko girl Child of Tomi Favourite Tomiko names
Tomio boy Treasured man Favourite Tomio names
Tomo tomo girl A twin Favourite Tomo names
Torao boy Tiger man Favourite Torao names
Tori tori girl Bird Favourite Tori names
Toru boy Sea Favourite Toru names
Toshi toshi girl Mirror reflection. Favourite Toshi names
Toshiaki boy Alert and bright Favourite Toshiaki names
Toshihiro boy Wise Favourite Toshihiro names
Toshio boy Genius; year of the Boy Favourite Toshio names
Toshiro boy Talented; intelligent. Favourite Toshiro names
Toshiyuki boy Alert and happy Favourite Toshiyuki names
Toya toya girl Surname meaning house door, or door into the valley. Favourite Toya names
Toyo boy Plentiful Favourite Toyo names
Tsuneo boy Common man Favourite Tsuneo names
Tsutomu boy Worker Favourite Tsutomu names
Tsuyoshi boy Strong Favourite Tsuyoshi names
Uma uma girl Nation, mother, horse Favourite Uma names
Umeko umeko girl Patient Favourite Umeko names
Usagi usagi girl Moon Favourite Usagi names
Uyeda boy From the rice field Favourite Uyeda names
Yasahiro boy Peaceful calm; wise Favourite Yasahiro names
Yasu yasu girl Calm. Favourite Yasu names
Yasuhiro boy Widespread peace Favourite Yasuhiro names
Yasuo yasuo girl Peaceful one Favourite Yasuo names
Yasushi boy Honest and peaceful Favourite Yasushi names
Yayoi yayoi girl March Favourite Yayoi names
Yei yei girl Flourishing Favourite Yei names
Yemon boy Guarding the gate Favourite Yemon names
Yogi yogi girl One of the yoga practice Favourite Yogi names
Yoi yoi girl Born in the evening. Favourite Yoi names
Yoichi boy Masculine first-born son Favourite Yoichi names
Yoko yoko girl Positive Favourite Yoko names
Yori boy Dependence Favourite Yori names
Yoshi yoshi girl Better, best Favourite Yoshi names
Yoshiaki boy Righteous glory Favourite Yoshiaki names
Yoshihiro boy Widespread goodness Favourite Yoshihiro names
Yoshikazu boy Good and harmonious Favourite Yoshikazu names
Yoshiko yoshiko girl Child of Yoshi Favourite Yoshiko names
Yoshimitsu boy Good light Favourite Yoshimitsu names
Yoshinori boy Righteous principles Favourite Yoshinori names
Yoshio boy Good man Favourite Yoshio names
Yoshiro boy Good son Favourite Yoshiro names
Yoshito boy Good man; lucky man Favourite Yoshito names
Yoshiyuki boy Righteous happiness Favourite Yoshiyuki names
Yuichi boy Friendly first-born son Favourite Yuichi names
Yuji boy Courageous second son Favourite Yuji names
Yukako yukako girl Child of Yuka Favourite Yukako names
Yuki boy Happiness, or snow Favourite Yuki names
Yukiko yukiko girl Child of Yuki Favourite Yukiko names
Yukio yukio girl Gets what he wants, God will nourish Favourite Yukio names
Yuko yuko girl Gracious child. Favourite Yuko names
Yumako yumako girl Child of Yuma Favourite Yumako names
Yumiko yumiko girl Child of Yumi Favourite Yumiko names
Yuri yuri girl Lily Favourite Yuri names
Yuriko yuriko girl Child of Yuri Favourite Yuriko names
Yutaka boy Abundant; prosperous Favourite Yutaka names
Yutsuko yutsuko girl Child of Yutso Favourite Yutsuko names
Yuu boy Superior Favourite Yuu names
Yuudai boy Great hero Favourite Yuudai names
Zinan boy Second son Favourite Zinan names