Korean Baby Names With Meaning

A Name is a simple a word which used to identify rest of the life of child so this is the first gift from the parents or relatives to the baby.therefore it needed a great care when we put their baby name which should be listen to good and beautiful meaning.To Keep all of that things in Mind we have great and nice collection range of baby names with meaning where your search will be finished for the suitable baby names. here is great range of Korean Baby names with meaning where you choose your favourite Korean Baby Names.
Korean Baby Names
Name Gender Meaning
Ae-Cha ae-cha girl Loving daughter Favourite Ae-Cha names
Bae boy Inspiration. Favourite Bae names
Bo-Bae bo-bae girl Treasure, precious Favourite Bo-Bae names
Bon-Hwa boy Utmost glory, most glorious Favourite Bon-Hwa names
Bong-Cha bong-cha girl Superior daughter Favourite Bong-Cha names
Chin boy The precious one. Favourite Chin names
Chin-Hae boy Truth Favourite Chin-Hae names
Chin-Hwa boy Most prosperous Favourite Chin-Hwa names
Chin-Sun chin-sun girl Composed of characters meaning precious Favourite Chin-Sun names
Choon-Hee choon-hee girl Spring girl Favourite Choon-Hee names
Chul-Moo boy Weapon of iron Favourite Chul-Moo names
Chung-Ae chung-ae girl Righteous love Favourite Chung-Ae names
Chung-Cha chung-cha girl Righteous daughter Favourite Chung-Cha names
Chung-Hee boy Righteous Favourite Chung-Hee names
Chung-Ho boy Righteous lake Favourite Chung-Ho names
Dae dae girl Greatness. Favourite Dae names
Dae-Ho boy Great Favourite Dae-Ho names
Dong-Sun boy Goodness of the east Favourite Dong-Sun names
Dong-Yul boy Passion of the east Favourite Dong-Yul names
Duck-Hwan boy Virtue returns Favourite Duck-Hwan names
Duck-Young boy Virtue is unchanging Favourite Duck-Young names
Eun-Kyung eun-kyung girl Composed of elements meaning "silver" an.. Favourite Eun-Kyung names
Gi boy The brave one. Favourite Gi names
Ha-Neul ha-neul girl Sky Favourite Ha-Neul names
Hae-Won hae-won girl Composed of elements meaning "grace" and.. Favourite Hae-Won names
Hak-Kun boy Literate root Favourite Hak-Kun names
He-Ran he-ran girl Grace and orchid Favourite He-Ran names
Hea hea girl Grace Favourite Hea names
Hee-Young hee-young girl Pleasure, prosperity Favourite Hee-Young names
Hwa-Young hwa-young girl Composed from characters meaning "beauty.. Favourite Hwa-Young names
Hyo boy Final duty Favourite Hyo names
Hyo-Sonn hyo-sonn girl Daughterly and gentle Favourite Hyo-Sonn names
Hyun-Ae hyun-ae girl Composed of elements meaning "smart, cle.. Favourite Hyun-Ae names
Hyun-Ki boy Foundation of wisdom Favourite Hyun-Ki names
Hyun-Ok hyun-ok girl Composed from elements meaning "clever" .. Favourite Hyun-Ok names
Hyun-Shik boy Roots of wisdom Favourite Hyun-Shik names
In-Su boy Preserving wisdom Favourite In-Su names
Jae-Hwa boy Rich and prosperous Favourite Jae-Hwa names
Jin-Kyong jin-kyong girl Composed of elements meaning "jewel" and.. Favourite Jin-Kyong names
Joo-Chan boy Praise the Lord Favourite Joo-Chan names
Joo-Eun joo-eun girl Silver pearl Favourite Joo-Eun names
Jung boy Righteous Favourite Jung names
Jung-Hwa boy Righteous and rich Favourite Jung-Hwa names
Kang-Dae boy Strong and big Favourite Kang-Dae names
Kwan boy Strong. Favourite Kwan names
Kwang-Sun boy Wide goodness Favourite Kwang-Sun names
Kyon kyon girl Brightness. Favourite Kyon names
Kyubok boy Standard and blessed Favourite Kyubok names
Kyung-Soon kyung-soon girl Composed of elements meaning "honored" a.. Favourite Kyung-Soon names
Man-Shik boy Deeply rooted Favourite Man-Shik names
Man-Young boy Ten thousand years of prosperity Favourite Man-Young names
Mee-Kyong mee-kyong girl Composed of elements meaning "beauty" an.. Favourite Mee-Kyong names
Mee-Yon mee-yon girl Composed of characters meaning "beauty" .. Favourite Mee-Yon names
Mi-Cha mi-cha girl Beautiful girl Favourite Mi-Cha names
Mi-Hi mi-hi girl Beautiful joy Favourite Mi-Hi names
Mi-Ok mi-ok girl Beautiful pearl Favourite Mi-Ok names
Min min girl Cleverness Favourite Min names
Moon moon girl Letters Favourite Moon names
Mun-Hee boy Shining Favourite Mun-Hee names
Myung-Dae boy Right and great Favourite Myung-Dae names
Myung-Hee myung-hee girl Bright girl Favourite Myung-Hee names
Myung-Ok myung-ok girl Bright pearl Favourite Myung-Ok names
Seung boy Successor, winning Favourite Seung names
Shin shin girl Belief Favourite Shin names
Soo soo girl Along life. Favourite Soo names
Sook-Joo sook-joo girl Composed from characters meaning "purity.. Favourite Sook-Joo names
Soon-Bok soon-bok girl Gentle and blessed Favourite Soon-Bok names
Yon yon girl A lotus blossom. Favourite Yon names
Yong boy The brave one. Favourite Yong names