Kurdish Baby Names With Meaning

A Name is a simple a word which used to identify rest of the life of child so this is the first gift from the parents or relatives to the baby.therefore it needed a great care when we put their baby name which should be listen to good and beautiful meaning.To Keep all of that things in Mind we have great and nice collection range of baby names with meaning where your search will be finished for the suitable baby names. here is great range of Kurdish Baby names with meaning where you choose your favourite Kurdish Baby Names.
Kurdish Baby Names
Name Gender Meaning
Agrin boy Fiery Favourite Agrin names
Ako boy Lutke Favourite Ako names
Ala boy Flag Favourite Ala names
Alan boy Alan Favourite Alan names
Amanj boy Aim Favourite Amanj names
Amez boy Hug Favourite Amez names
Arman boy Hope Favourite Arman names
Artin boy Flame Favourite Artin names
Ashti ashti girl Peace Favourite Ashti names
Aske aske girl Deer Favourite Aske names
Aso boy Horizon Favourite Aso names
Awat boy Hope Favourite Awat names
Aza boy Brave Favourite Aza names
Azad boy Free Favourite Azad names
Bahoz boy Storm Favourite Bahoz names
Balent boy A Lion Favourite Balent names
Befrin befrin girl Snowy Favourite Befrin names
Behez boy Wise Favourite Behez names
Belen boy Promise Favourite Belen names
Berk boy Unkown Favourite Berk names
Betin boy Warm Favourite Betin names
Bilese boy Flame Favourite Bilese names
Bilind boy High;tall Favourite Bilind names
Birousk boy Lightning Favourite Birousk names
Birwa boy Belief Favourite Birwa names
Biryar boy Decision Favourite Biryar names
Blent boy Solid and firm Favourite Blent names
Blimet boy Genius Favourite Blimet names
Cahil boy Unkown Favourite Cahil names
Candan boy Young and inexperienc... Favourite Candan names
Carwan boy Caravan Favourite Carwan names
Cengis boy Sincerely Favourite Cengis names
Chiya boy Mountain Favourite Chiya names
Chuwan chuwan girl Beautiful Favourite Chuwan names
Daristan daristan girl Forest Favourite Daristan names
Diana diana girl Roman Princess Favourite Diana names
Dildar boy Lover Favourite Dildar names
Dilovan boy Compassionate Favourite Dilovan names
Dimen boy Scenery Favourite Dimen names
Diyako boy Deioces Favourite Diyako names
Diyari boy Gift Favourite Diyari names
Duman boy Unkown Favourite Duman names
Dylan dylan girl Swinging or having fun Favourite Dylan names
Egid boy Hero Favourite Egid names
Ejder boy Dragon Favourite Ejder names
Elend boy The first light of Sun the mornings Favourite Elend names
Erdelan boy A Royal Family name in Eastern Kurdistan Favourite Erdelan names
Estere estere girl Star Favourite Estere names
Ethel boy Smoke, or mist. Favourite Ethel names
Ewindar boy Lover Favourite Ewindar names
Ferhad boy Phraortes Favourite Ferhad names
Galip boy Strong man. Favourite Galip names
Govend boy AtypeofKurdishdance Favourite Govend names
Gurkan boy Winner Favourite Gurkan names
Halil boy Gurko Favourite Halil names
Hanar hanar girl The fruit pompegrate Favourite Hanar names
Hawin hawin girl Summer Favourite Hawin names
Hawre boy Comrade Favourite Hawre names
Hedi boy Calm Favourite Hedi names
Heja boy Knowledgeable Favourite Heja names
Hejar boy Poor Favourite Hejar names
Helmet boy Attack Favourite Helmet names
Helo boy Eagle Favourite Helo names
Hemin boy Calm Favourite Hemin names
Herme boy Pear Favourite Herme names
Hetaw hetaw girl Heat from the Sun Favourite Hetaw names
Hiwa boy Hope Favourite Hiwa names
Hogir boy Supporter Favourite Hogir names
Homer boy Homer Favourite Homer names
Hozan boy Poem Favourite Hozan names
Ibrahim boy Harvest. Favourite Ibrahim names
Jihan boy Universe Favourite Jihan names
Jir boy Wise Favourite Jir names
Jiwani boy Beauty Favourite Jiwani names
Jiyan jiyan girl Life Favourite Jiyan names
Jomerd boy Generous Favourite Jomerd names
Jwan boy Tryst Favourite Jwan names
Kajal kajal girl Flowerbud Favourite Kajal names
Karwan boy Caravan Favourite Karwan names
Karzan boy Professional Favourite Karzan names
Kejal kejal girl Gazelle Favourite Kejal names
Kerem boy Honor Favourite Kerem names
Khebat boy Struggle Favourite Khebat names
Levent boy Noble and kind Favourite Levent names
Leyla leyla girl Dark as night Favourite Leyla names
Mayar boy Blue Favourite Mayar names
Melik boy Moon Glow Favourite Melik names
Nasika nasika girl Fragil Favourite Nasika names
Nawid boy Good child. Favourite Nawid names
Nebez boy Invincible Favourite Nebez names
Nishtiman nishtiman girl Country Favourite Nishtiman names
Nishtman nishtman girl Homeland Favourite Nishtman names
Ozan boy Wealthy Favourite Ozan names
Pelin boy Unknown Favourite Pelin names
Piling boy Lion Favourite Piling names
Raber boy Wise Favourite Raber names
Raman boy Contemplat Favourite Raman names
Ramyar boy Politician Favourite Ramyar names
Ranye ranye girl A Kurdish city in Central Kurdistan Favourite Ranye names
Rebaz boy Method Favourite Rebaz names
Rihana rihana girl A Flower Favourite Rihana names
Roj roj girl Sun Favourite Roj names
Rojan rojan girl Daily Favourite Rojan names
Ronak ronak girl Bright Favourite Ronak names
Rounak rounak girl Illuminated Favourite Rounak names
Rozhin rozhin girl The begining of the day Favourite Rozhin names
Sadi boy Unknown Favourite Sadi names
Sangar boy Protection Favourite Sangar names
Sartip boy Leader Favourite Sartip names
Semih boy Peace Favourite Semih names
Shanar shanar girl Pomegranate flower Favourite Shanar names
Shepol shepol girl Wave Favourite Shepol names
Shine shine girl Breeze Favourite Shine names
Sinan boy Beloved Favourite Sinan names
Sirvan boy A River Name in Kurdistan Favourite Sirvan names
Sivan sivan girl A Mountain Name in Kurdistan Favourite Sivan names
Srousht srousht girl Nature Favourite Srousht names
Stran stran girl Song Favourite Stran names
Tablo tablo girl Painting Favourite Tablo names
Tamer boy Doctor Favourite Tamer names
Tirej boy RayofSunlight Favourite Tirej names
Tiroj tiroj girl Sunlight Favourite Tiroj names
Tishk boy RayofSunlight Favourite Tishk names
Toker boy Iron Favourite Toker names
Tolga boy Unknown Favourite Tolga names
Trifa trifa girl Moonlight Favourite Trifa names
Truong boy Unknown Favourite Truong names
Tuncer boy School, field Favourite Tuncer names
Uner boy Hope Favourite Uner names
Vahar vahar girl Spring Favourite Vahar names
Viyan viyan girl Love Favourite Viyan names
Wallat boy Country Favourite Wallat names
Wirya boy Conscious Favourite Wirya names
Yener boy Famous Favourite Yener names
Zagros boy A Mountain Range in Kurdistan Favourite Zagros names
Zanyar boy Smart, all knowing Favourite Zanyar names
Zayele zayele girl Echo Favourite Zayele names
Zeheb boy Unknown Favourite Zeheb names
Zhino boy Recarnation love special Favourite Zhino names
Ziryan boy Storm Favourite Ziryan names
Zryan boy Windy Favourite Zryan names