Marathi Baby Names With Meaning

A Name is a simple a word which used to identify rest of the life of child so this is the first gift from the parents or relatives to the baby.therefore it needed a great care when we put their baby name which should be listen to good and beautiful meaning.To Keep all of that things in Mind we have great and nice collection range of baby names with meaning where your search will be finished for the suitable baby names. here is great range of Marathi Baby names with meaning where you choose your favourite Marathi Baby Names.
Marathi Baby Names
Name Gender Meaning
Aabha aabha girl Glow; Shine; Lustrous Beauty Favourite Aabha names
Aabher boy A cow herd Favourite Aabher names
Aadhavan boy Brilliant like the Sun Favourite Aadhavan names
Aadi boy First;most important Favourite Aadi names
Aadilakshmi aadilakshmi girl Luxmi Favourite Aadilakshmi names
Aadit boy Peak Favourite Aadit names
Aagni aagni girl Order Favourite Aagni names
Aagyeyi aagyeyi girl Order Favourite Aagyeyi names
Aahna aahna girl Exist Favourite Aahna names
Aakaash boy Sky Favourite Aakaash names
Aakanksh boy Desire Favourite Aakanksh names
Aakash boy The sky; Vast like the sky Favourite Aakash names
Aakhya boy Fame Favourite Aakhya names
Aakriti aakriti girl Shape Favourite Aakriti names
Aalam boy The Whole World Favourite Aalam names
Aaliya aaliya girl High; Tall; Towering; Excellent Favourite Aaliya names
Aalok boy Brightness; Light; Cry of victory; A man with lovely hair Favourite Aalok names
Aamod boy Pleasure Favourite Aamod names
Aanjaney boy Lord Hanuman. Favourite Aanjaney names
Aaoka aaoka girl Lustrous Favourite Aaoka names
Aaquid boy Onewho promises. Aaraadhak Worshipper. Favourite Aaquid names
Aaraadhana aaraadhana girl Worship; prayer Favourite Aaraadhana names
Aaradhya aaradhya girl Worship Favourite Aaradhya names
Aarit boy One who seeks the right direction Favourite Aarit names
Aarna aarna girl Lakshmi Favourite Aarna names
Aarshati aarshati girl Holy Favourite Aarshati names
Aarth boy Meaning Favourite Aarth names
Aaruni aaruni girl Dawn Favourite Aaruni names
Aarushi aarushi girl First ray of sun Favourite Aarushi names
Aarzoo aarzoo girl Wish Favourite Aarzoo names
Aasharya aasharya girl Son of the sun Favourite Aasharya names
Aashish aashish girl Blessing Favourite Aashish names
Aashritha aashritha girl Somebody who gives shelter Favourite Aashritha names
Aatbodh aatbodh girl Son lord brahma,vishnu Favourite Aatbodh names
Aatmasharan aatmasharan girl One who cantrol his conscience Favourite Aatmasharan names
Aayush aayush girl Love Favourite Aayush names
Abdeali abdeali girl Follower Of Ali Favourite Abdeali names
Abeer boy Fragrance Favourite Abeer names
Abha abha girl Beautiful; Glow; Lustrous Beauty Favourite Abha names
Abhaas boy Awarness. Favourite Abhaas names
Abhaya abhaya girl fearless, Goddess Durga Favourite Abhaya names
Abheek boy Fearless Favourite Abheek names
Abhibhava boy Overpowering, Powerful, Victorious Favourite Abhibhava names
Abhijat abhijat girl Conquest, complete victory Favourite Abhijat names
Abhijay boy Total victory Favourite Abhijay names
Abhijin boy Eighth division of the time of the day. Abhijit Victor. Vishnu. Favourite Abhijin names
Abhik abhik girl Beloved Favourite Abhik names
Abhim abhim girl The son of Arjun in Mahabharat Favourite Abhim names
Abhimoda abhimoda girl Joy, Delight Favourite Abhimoda names
Abhinava abhinava girl New, Young, Fresh, Modern, A Sakta Notable For His Great Leaning And Spiritual Attainment Favourite Abhinava names
Abhindra boy Devendra. Indra. King of heavens. Abhineeth Serene.Loving.Forgiving. Favourite Abhindra names
Abhira abhira girl Cow Herd Favourite Abhira names
Abhiraj boy Fearless King Favourite Abhiraj names
Abhirati abhirati girl Beautiful Favourite Abhirati names
Abhiroop boy Handsome. Favourite Abhiroop names
Abhisar boy Companion Favourite Abhisar names
Abhisri abhisri girl Surrounded by glory, shining, powerful Favourite Abhisri names
Abhisumat boy Radiant, Another Name Of Sun Favourite Abhisumat names
Abhivandan boy Salute. Favourite Abhivandan names
Abhivanth(or Abivanth) boy Royal Salute Favourite Abhivanth(or Abivanth) names
Abhya abhya girl Fearless Favourite Abhya names
Ablaa ablaa girl Perfectly formed Favourite Ablaa names
Acaryatanaya boy Son Of The Teacher, Another Name For Asvatthaman Favourite Acaryatanaya names
Achal boy Stable/ soul Favourite Achal names
Achala achala girl Stable; Constant Favourite Achala names
Achalraj boy Himalayan mountain Favourite Achalraj names
Achindra boy Flawless; Uninterrupted; Perfect Favourite Achindra names
Achyutanand boy The almighty. Favourite Achyutanand names
Acira acira girl Brief, swift, fast Favourite Acira names
Ackerley boy Of the oak meadow. Favourite Ackerley names
Acyutaraya boy Worshipper Of The Infallible, A Devotee Of Vishnu Favourite Acyutaraya names
Adarsh adarsh girl Ideal Favourite Adarsh names
Adelle adelle girl Beautiful Favourite Adelle names
Adheer boy Restless Favourite Adheer names
Adhij adhij girl Master,king Favourite Adhij names
Adhikara boy Principal, Controller Favourite Adhikara names
Adhira adhira girl Lightning Favourite Adhira names
Adhiraj boy King Favourite Adhiraj names
Adhishri adhishri girl Main Favourite Adhishri names
Adhya adhya girl Cultured, polite Favourite Adhya names
Adi boy Ornament; Adornment Favourite Adi names
Adilene adilene girl Pleasant, gentle Favourite Adilene names
Adinath boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Adinath names
Adit boy From the beginning Favourite Adit names
Adityanandan boy Son of the sun Favourite Adityanandan names
Adityavardhana adityavardhana girl Augmented By Glory Favourite Adityavardhana names
Adrina adrina girl Mountain Lord Favourite Adrina names
Advait boy Unique Favourite Advait names
Advik advik girl Unique Favourite Advik names
Adwaita boy Non Duality Favourite Adwaita names
Aesha aesha girl Wish Favourite Aesha names
Aftab boy The sun Favourite Aftab names
Agam agam girl Intelligent Favourite Agam names
Agamiya boy The Karma We Perform In This Birth Favourite Agamiya names
Aganagai aganagai girl Inner Happiness Favourite Aganagai names
Agastya boy A saint in Hindu mythology Favourite Agastya names
Agendra boy Himalayan mountain Favourite Agendra names
Aghanashini aghanashini girl Destroyer Of Sins Favourite Aghanashini names
Aghat boy Destroyer of sin Favourite Aghat names
Agneya boy Son Of Agni Favourite Agneya names
Agnibhav agnibhav girl Born of Fire Favourite Agnibhav names
Agnireta agnireta girl Saffron pod Favourite Agnireta names
Agnivesh boy Bright as the fire Favourite Agnivesh names
Agraja agraja girl Main Favourite Agraja names
Agrasen agrasen girl Great Warrior of an Arma Favourite Agrasen names
Agriya boy First Best Favourite Agriya names
Ahan ahan girl One Who Is Of The Nature Of Time Itself Favourite Ahan names
Ahilya ahilya girl Maiden Favourite Ahilya names
Ahladita ahladita girl In Happy Mood Favourite Ahladita names
Ahren ahren girl Enlightened Favourite Ahren names
Ahsan boy Mercy Favourite Ahsan names
Airawat boy The Celestial White Elephant Favourite Airawat names
Airawati airawati girl Derived From Ariana Favourite Airawati names
Aishwaki aishwaki girl Prosper, Wealth, Goddess Favourite Aishwaki names
Ajaat boy Unborn Favourite Ajaat names
Ajaata ajaata girl Old caves Favourite Ajaata names
Ajamil ajamil girl Unique Favourite Ajamil names
Ajar boy One who is not old Favourite Ajar names
Ajatha ajatha girl Sathru One who has no enemies. Favourite Ajatha names
Ajeet boy Victorious; Invincible; Unconquerable Favourite Ajeet names
Ajeya ajeya girl Frientd Favourite Ajeya names
Ajit boy Victorious; Invincible; Unconquerable Favourite Ajit names
Ajmal boy Pious Favourite Ajmal names
Ajoy ajoy girl Joyful Favourite Ajoy names
Akaldeep akaldeep girl The Eternal Light, God s Light Favourite Akaldeep names
Akalpa boy Ornament Favourite Akalpa names
Akalroop akalroop girl One remembering the Eternal God Favourite Akalroop names
Akanksha akanksha girl Wish; Desire; Ambition Favourite Akanksha names
Akarsh akarsh girl All prevading, as great as sky Favourite Akarsh names
Akash boy Sky Favourite Akash names
Akhila akhila girl Total; Complete Favourite Akhila names
Akhilesh boy Lord of the universe Favourite Akhilesh names
Akram boy Most Generous; Excellent Favourite Akram names
Akshainie akshainie girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Akshainie names
Akshan boy Eye Favourite Akshan names
Akshat boy uninjurable, one who cannot be harmed Favourite Akshat names
Akshata akshata girl Rice - Offered as a sacred substance during puja (worship) Favourite Akshata names
Akshaya boy Indestructible Favourite Akshaya names
Akshi akshi girl Existence Favourite Akshi names
Alaganban boy Handsome Favourite Alaganban names
Alagarasi alagarasi girl Queen of Beauty Favourite Alagarasi names
AlagarSami boy Handsome Favourite AlagarSami names
AlaguCholan boy Handsome Cholan Favourite AlaguCholan names
Alagumuthu boy Handsome Gem Favourite Alagumuthu names
Alak boy World; beautiful tresses Favourite Alak names
Alaka alaka girl Lock of curly hair; a girl with a lovely hair Favourite Alaka names
Alavandan boy Also Alavandar Favourite Alavandan names
Alekhya alekhya girl A Picture Or A Painting Favourite Alekhya names
Alok boy Brightness; Light; Cry of victory; A man with lovely hair Favourite Alok names
Alokendra boy Victorious; Intelligent Favourite Alokendra names
Alopa alopa girl Faultless Favourite Alopa names
Alpa alpa girl Little; Small Favourite Alpa names
Alpana alpana girl A decorative design; Beautiful Favourite Alpana names
Alpesh boy Tiny Favourite Alpesh names
Amaldeepti amaldeepti girl Camphor Favourite Amaldeepti names
Amanda boy Active Favourite Amanda names
Amaresh boy Name of Indra Favourite Amaresh names
Amartya boy Immortal Favourite Amartya names
Amba amba girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Amba names
Ambar ambar girl The sky Favourite Ambar names
Ambarish boy Lord Shiva; Vishnu; The King of the sky Favourite Ambarish names
Amelia amelia girl Industrious Favourite Amelia names
Ameya ameya girl Devotion Favourite Ameya names
Ami boy Nectar Favourite Ami names
Amin boy Divine grace; Faithful; Trustworthy Favourite Amin names
Amisha amisha girl Beautiful Favourite Amisha names
Amitabh boy One with endless splendor Favourite Amitabh names
Amitbikram boy Limitless prowess Favourite Amitbikram names
Amithi amithi girl Immeasurable; Unique Favourite Amithi names
Amiya boy Nectar; Delight Favourite Amiya names
Amna amna girl Desire Favourite Amna names
Amod boy Happiness Favourite Amod names
Amoli amoli girl Precious Favourite Amoli names
Amolik boy Priceless Favourite Amolik names
Amresh boy Lord Indra Favourite Amresh names
Amrita amrita girl Full of Nectar; Spiritual holy water; Immortality Favourite Amrita names
Amritkala amritkala girl Nectarine Art Favourite Amritkala names
Amshul boy Bright Favourite Amshul names
Amulya boy Priceless Favourite Amulya names
Amvi amvi girl A Goddess Favourite Amvi names
Anadi boy Eternal Favourite Anadi names
Anaimugan boy Another Name for God Pillaiyar; Elephant-headed Favourite Anaimugan names
Analilia analilia girl Full of grace and Lily Favourite Analilia names
Anand boy Bliss Favourite Anand names
Anandamayi anandamayi girl Full of joy Favourite Anandamayi names
Anandan boy Happy boy; One who brings happiness Favourite Anandan names
Anang boy Cupid or Kamadeva Favourite Anang names
Ananka ananka girl Countless Favourite Ananka names
Ananti ananti girl Gift Favourite Ananti names
Ananyo boy Sole, Peerless Favourite Ananyo names
Anbalagi anbalagi girl Lovely and Beautiful Favourite Anbalagi names
Anbarasu boy King Of Love Favourite Anbarasu names
AnbudaiNambi boy Kind and Confident Favourite AnbudaiNambi names
Anbumoli boy Who Speaks Kind Words Favourite Anbumoli names
Anchal anchal girl The Decorative End Of A Sari Favourite Anchal names
Aneesha aneesha girl Uninterrupted; Continuous; One who is supreme Favourite Aneesha names
Angada boy A son of Lakshmana Favourite Angada names
Angamuthu boy Made Of Pearls Favourite Angamuthu names
Angee angee girl Having Good Limbs Favourite Angee names
Anika anika girl Sweet Favourite Anika names
Aniket boy Lord Shiva, wanderer Favourite Aniket names
Anila anila girl Wind Favourite Anila names
Anilabh boy Spirit Of The Wind Favourite Anilabh names
Anirudh boy Boundless Favourite Anirudh names
Anirvan boy Undying Favourite Anirvan names
Anisha anisha girl Uninterrupted; Continuous; One who is supreme Favourite Anisha names
Anita anita girl Grace Favourite Anita names
Anjal boy Hollow formed by joining two hands Favourite Anjal names
Anjali anjali girl Tribute Favourite Anjali names
Anjana anjana girl Mother of Hanuman Favourite Anjana names
Anjappan boy Courageous Favourite Anjappan names
Anjor boy Bright Favourite Anjor names
Anjuli anjuli girl One who lives in heart Favourite Anjuli names
Ankal boy Whole Favourite Ankal names
Ankita ankita girl Distinguished; Marked by the Lord; Dedicate Favourite Ankita names
Ankush boy Control Favourite Ankush names
Anmol boy Priceless Favourite Anmol names
Anna anna girl Graceful Favourite Anna names
Anokhi anokhi girl Unique Favourite Anokhi names
Anoop boy Incomparable Favourite Anoop names
Anshu boy Ray of light Favourite Anshu names
Anshula anshula girl Sunny Favourite Anshula names
Antara boy Paragraph Favourite Antara names
Anu boy An atom Favourite Anu names
Anuga anuga girl A companion Favourite Anuga names
Anuj boy later born, younger Favourite Anuj names
Anuja anuja girl Younger Sister Favourite Anuja names
Anukriti anukriti girl Photograph Favourite Anukriti names
Anumeha anumeha girl After The Rain Favourite Anumeha names
Anupriya anupriya girl Beloved Favourite Anupriya names
Anuradha anuradha girl Goddess of good luck; Name of a star Favourite Anuradha names
Anurati anurati girl Consent Favourite Anurati names
Anushri anushri girl Pretty; Goddess Laxmi Favourite Anushri names
Anuttara anuttara girl Unanswered Favourite Anuttara names
Anuva boy Knowledge Favourite Anuva names
Aparijita aparijita girl Undefeated; Name of a flower Favourite Aparijita names
Apoorva boy Exquisite Favourite Apoorva names
Aprameya boy A Name of Lord Krishna Favourite Aprameya names
Apurba apurba girl Never Seen Before Favourite Apurba names
Apurva boy Very good; Unique Favourite Apurva names
Aradhana aradhana girl Worship; prayer Favourite Aradhana names
Aradhna aradhna girl Worship Favourite Aradhna names
AramVirumbi boy Righteous Favourite AramVirumbi names
Aranam aranam girl Name of the ornament Favourite Aranam names
Araneri boy Righteous Favourite Araneri names
Aravaanan boy Righteous; Decent Favourite Aravaanan names
Archan boy Worship Favourite Archan names
Ardra ardra girl 6th nakshatra Favourite Ardra names
Arha boy Lord Shiva Favourite Arha names
Arhat boy Respectable Favourite Arhat names
Arij boy Pleasant smell Favourite Arij names
Arinan boy Intellectual Favourite Arinan names
Arivaali boy Intelligent; Smart Favourite Arivaali names
Arivan boy Intelligent; Smart Favourite Arivan names
Arivoli boy Glowing with intelligence Favourite Arivoli names
Arivuchelvan boy One whose wealth is his wisdom Favourite Arivuchelvan names
Arivumani boy Intelligent jem Favourite Arivumani names
Arja arja girl Divine Favourite Arja names
Arjav boy Straightforward Person By Heart, Speech And Act Favourite Arjav names
Arka boy Sun Favourite Arka names
Arnav boy Ocean, sea Favourite Arnav names
Arpan boy Offering Favourite Arpan names
Arpita arpita girl Dedicated Favourite Arpita names
Artagnan boy The Knower of All Meanings Favourite Artagnan names
Arulchelvan boy Blessed Favourite Arulchelvan names
Arulmani arulmani girl Blessed Gem Favourite Arulmani names
Aruloli boy Radiance Favourite Aruloli names
ArumaiChelvam boy Precious Favourite ArumaiChelvam names
Arumugamani boy God Murugan Favourite Arumugamani names
ArumugaVadivel boy God Murugan Favourite ArumugaVadivel names
Aruni aruni girl Dawn Favourite Aruni names
Arush boy First Ray Of Sun Favourite Arush names
Arvinda boy Lotus Favourite Arvinda names
Arwa arwa girl Female mountain goat Favourite Arwa names
Asavari asavari girl Name of a raga or melody Favourite Asavari names
Asgar boy Devotee Favourite Asgar names
Ashavari ashavari girl Name Of A Raaga Favourite Ashavari names
Asheem boy Boundless Favourite Asheem names
Ashish boy Blessing Favourite Ashish names
Ashka ashka girl What we do after the arti with our hand Favourite Ashka names
Ashman boy Son Of The Sun Favourite Ashman names
Ashoka ashoka girl Without grief Favourite Ashoka names
Ashray boy Shelter Favourite Ashray names
Asit boy Not white Favourite Asit names
Asiya boy One who tends to the weak and heals Favourite Asiya names
Aslesha aslesha girl A constellation of stars; Embrace Favourite Aslesha names
Asokan boy Name Of A King Favourite Asokan names
Asvin boy A Hindu Month Favourite Asvin names
Aswini aswini girl Healer of Devas; Name of Star Favourite Aswini names
Atal boy Stable, unavoidable Favourite Atal names
Atasi atasi girl A Blue Flower Favourite Atasi names
Atharv boy Lord Ganesha Favourite Atharv names
Atiksh boy Wise Favourite Atiksh names
Atiriya atiriya girl Beloved,Very Dear Favourite Atiriya names
Atithi boy Guest Favourite Atithi names
Atiya boy To Surpass Favourite Atiya names
Atmajyoti boy Light of soul Favourite Atmajyoti names
Atraiu boy Great Warrior Favourite Atraiu names
Atralarasu boy Skilled king Favourite Atralarasu names
Atula atula girl Uncomparable Favourite Atula names
Avaapya avaapya girl Achieving Favourite Avaapya names
Avadh boy One who never been killed Favourite Avadh names
Avaneesh boy Master of the earth Favourite Avaneesh names
Avanija avanija girl Godess Parvathi Favourite Avanija names
AvaniKo boy King Favourite AvaniKo names
Avanish boy God of the earth Favourite Avanish names
Avantika avantika girl The Princess Of Ujjain Favourite Avantika names
Avatar boy Incarnation Favourite Avatar names
Avathara avathara girl Godesss in human reflection Favourite Avathara names
Avichal boy Unmovable Favourite Avichal names
Avikam boy Diamond Favourite Avikam names
Avinashi boy Indestructable Favourite Avinashi names
Avneesh boy God Of The Earth.another Name For God Lord Ganesh Favourite Avneesh names
Avnita avnita girl The Earth Favourite Avnita names
Avyukta boy Crystal Clear Favourite Avyukta names
Ayarko boy God Kannan; King of Shepherds Favourite Ayarko names
Ayati ayati girl Royal Favourite Ayati names
Ayesha ayesha girl Daughter Of The Prophet Favourite Ayesha names
Ayushman boy Blessed with long life Favourite Ayushman names
Baalkrishan boy Young Krishna Favourite Baalkrishan names
Baasima boy Smiling Favourite Baasima names
Babar boy Lion Favourite Babar names
Babi boy Of the bab. Followers of the sufi saint Bab. Favourite Babi names
Badaruj boy Sweet Basil. Favourite Badaruj names
Badgar boy Whirlwind. Favourite Badgar names
Badgeradtum boy Maker of air and earth. One of the 101 names of Ahura Mazda. Favourite Badgeradtum names
Badinjan boy Egg plant. Favourite Badinjan names
Badrinath boy Lord of Mt.Badri Favourite Badrinath names
Badru boy Born during the full moon. Favourite Badru names
Bageshri bageshri girl Name of a raaga Favourite Bageshri names
Bahadur boy One who is brave and courageous Favourite Bahadur names
Bahul boy A Star . Black. Dark. Favourite Bahul names
Bahula bahula girl A Star Favourite Bahula names
Bahuputri bahuputri girl With many sons, Durga Favourite Bahuputri names
Baidyanath boy Shiva. Favourite Baidyanath names
Baijayanthi baijayanthi girl Garland of Lord Vishnu Favourite Baijayanthi names
Bajarang boy A name of Lord Hanumaan Favourite Bajarang names
Bajrangbali boy With strength of diamod Favourite Bajrangbali names
Baka baka girl Crane Favourite Baka names
Bakula boy A kind of flower Favourite Bakula names
Balachandrav boy The crescent moon Favourite Balachandrav names
Baladitya boy Young Sun Favourite Baladitya names
Balagovind boy Infant Krishna Favourite Balagovind names
Balamani boy Young jewel Favourite Balamani names
Balamurugan boy Young lord murugan Favourite Balamurugan names
Balaram boy The elder brother of Lord Krishna Favourite Balaram names
Balbhadra boy Brother of Krishna Favourite Balbhadra names
Balchandra boy Young Moon Favourite Balchandra names
Baldev baldev girl The mighty god Favourite Baldev names
Balram boy The elder brother of Lord Krishna Favourite Balram names
Balveer boy Powerful ( Balbeer ) Favourite Balveer names
Banhi banhi girl Fire Favourite Banhi names
Bankimchandra boy Crescent moon Favourite Bankimchandra names
Banshari banshari girl Flute Favourite Banshari names
Basabi basabi girl Wife of Lord Indra Favourite Basabi names
Basavesh boy Founder of shaiva philosophy. Basaveshwara Founder of shaiva philosophy. Bashir Harbinger of good things. Favourite Basavesh names
Beena beena girl A musical instrument Favourite Beena names
Bela bela girl Time; Creeper; Jasmine Flower Favourite Bela names
Belli belli girl Silver, A Companion Favourite Belli names
Bhadraksh boy One with beautiful eyes Favourite Bhadraksh names
Bhadrashree boy Sandalwood Tree Favourite Bhadrashree names
Bhagavati bhagavati girl Goddess Durga Favourite Bhagavati names
Bhagyanandana boy Controller of destiny Favourite Bhagyanandana names
Bhagyawati bhagyawati girl Fortunate Favourite Bhagyawati names
Bhajan boy Adoration Favourite Bhajan names
Bhanumati bhanumati girl Full of Lustre; Famous Favourite Bhanumati names
Bharavi boy A sanskrit scholar. Favourite Bharavi names
Bhargva boy Lord Shiva. Favourite Bhargva names
Bharti bharti girl Goddess Saraswati Favourite Bharti names
Bhartihari boy Name of a poet Favourite Bhartihari names
Bhavan boy Palace Favourite Bhavan names
Bhavani bhavani girl Goddess Parvati; Goddess Durga Favourite Bhavani names
Bhavanika bhavanika girl Living in a castle Favourite Bhavanika names
Bhavik boy God Favourite Bhavik names
Bhavina bhavina girl Winner Favourite Bhavina names
Bhavini bhavini girl Emotional Favourite Bhavini names
Bhawanidas boy Devotee of Durga Favourite Bhawanidas names
Bhishma boy Teacher of Kauravas Favourite Bhishma names
Bhoj boy Name of a poet king, meal Favourite Bhoj names
Bhooma bhooma girl Earth Favourite Bhooma names
Bhoopendra boy King of Kings; Emperor; King of the earth Favourite Bhoopendra names
Bhoothanathan boy Ruler of the Earth Favourite Bhoothanathan names
Bhramar boy Black bee Favourite Bhramar names
Bhuban boy World Favourite Bhuban names
Bhumi boy Earth Favourite Bhumi names
Bhupathi boy Lord of the earth Favourite Bhupathi names
Bhupendra boy King of Kings; Emperor; King of the earth Favourite Bhupendra names
Bhupinder boy King of Kings; Emperor; King of the earth Favourite Bhupinder names
Bhuvan boy World Favourite Bhuvan names
Bhuvaneshwar boy Lord of the world Favourite Bhuvaneshwar names
Bhuvaneshwari bhuvaneshwari girl The Great Goddess; Mata Parvati Favourite Bhuvaneshwari names
Bibek boy Conscience; Discrimination Favourite Bibek names
Bijoy boy Victory Favourite Bijoy names
Bijul bijul girl Flashes of lightning Favourite Bijul names
Bilva bilva girl Auspicious Fruit - Bael; A sacred leaf Favourite Bilva names
Bilwa bilwa girl Auspicious Fruit - Bael; A sacred leaf Favourite Bilwa names
Bimala bimala girl Pure Favourite Bimala names
Bimla bimla girl Pure Favourite Bimla names
Bina bina girl Melodious Favourite Bina names
Binal binal girl Princess Favourite Binal names
Biren boy Lord of Warriors Favourite Biren names
Birju boy Nice Singer Favourite Birju names
Bishakha bishakha girl Star Favourite Bishakha names
Bitan boy Pandal; Spread Favourite Bitan names
Boudhayan boy The name of a sage Favourite Boudhayan names
Brajendra boy Lord of Braj land Favourite Brajendra names
Brajraj boy King Of Braj Land Favourite Brajraj names
Bratati bratati girl Creeper Favourite Bratati names
Bratindra boy Devoted to right deeds Favourite Bratindra names
Brij Mohan boy Place of Lord Krishna; Lord Krishna Favourite Brij Mohan names
Brijkishor boy Lord Krishna Favourite Brijkishor names
Brinda brinda girl Tulsi Favourite Brinda names
Brirar boy Without pain Favourite Brirar names
Buddhapriya boy One liked by Buddha Favourite Buddhapriya names
Budhil boy Learned Favourite Budhil names
Bunny bunny girl Cute like rabbit (per name) Favourite Bunny names
Cathy cathy girl Pure Favourite Cathy names
Ceyone boy Rising Sun Favourite Ceyone names
Chaaya chaaya girl Shadow Favourite Chaaya names
Chaitan boy Perceptive; Consciousness; Life; Excellent Intelligence Favourite Chaitan names
Chaitanya boy Famous Sage Favourite Chaitanya names
Chaitra chaitra girl Aries sign Favourite Chaitra names
Chalama chalama girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Chalama names
Chaman boy Garden Favourite Chaman names
Champa champa girl Fragrant Flower Favourite Champa names
Champakavathi champakavathi girl Owner of champak trees Favourite Champakavathi names
Champika champika girl Little champa flower Favourite Champika names
Chanakya boy Son of chanaka Favourite Chanakya names
Chanchala chanchala girl Unsteady, Lakshmi,Restless Favourite Chanchala names
Chandana chandana girl Sandal Wood Favourite Chandana names
Chandar boy Moon Favourite Chandar names
Chander boy Moon Favourite Chander names
Chandi chandi girl Great Goddess; Angry name of goddess sakti; Silver Favourite Chandi names
Chandni; Chandini; Chandani chandni;xxchandini;xxchandani girl Moon light; A river Favourite Chandni; Chandini; Chandani names
Chandrabha chandrabha girl Moon- light Favourite Chandrabha names
Chandradatt boy Gift from the moon Favourite Chandradatt names
Chandraditya boy Name Of A King Favourite Chandraditya names
Chandraja chandraja girl Daughter of the moon Favourite Chandraja names
Chandrak boy Peacock feather Favourite Chandrak names
Chandraketu boy Moon banner Favourite Chandraketu names
Chandrakin chandrakin girl A peacock Favourite Chandrakin names
Chandramauli boy Lord Shiva Favourite Chandramauli names
Chandranan boy Moon Like Face Favourite Chandranan names
Chandraprakaash boy Moon light Favourite Chandraprakaash names
Chandrapushpa chandrapushpa girl Star Favourite Chandrapushpa names
Chandresh boy Lord of the moon Favourite Chandresh names
Chandu boy Moon Favourite Chandu names
Chanyana boy Moon Favourite Chanyana names
Chara chara girl Quiet And Frisky Favourite Chara names
Charak boy An ancient physician Favourite Charak names
Charu boy Agreeable, charming, genteel Favourite Charu names
Charudutta boy Born of beauty Favourite Charudutta names
Charunetra charunetra girl One With Beautiful Eyes Favourite Charunetra names
Charusila charusila girl Beautiful jewel Favourite Charusila names
Charuvardhana boy One who enhances beauty Favourite Charuvardhana names
Chaten boy Perceptive; Consciousness; Life; Excellent Intelligence Favourite Chaten names
Chatur boy Clever Favourite Chatur names
Chatura chatura girl Smart; Wise Favourite Chatura names
Chaturanan boy One with four heads i.e. Lord Bramha Favourite Chaturanan names
Chaturvedi boy One who knows all the 4 Vedas Favourite Chaturvedi names
Chellakili chellakili girl Precious Favourite Chellakili names
Chellammal chellammal girl Precious Girl Favourite Chellammal names
Chellapan boy Precious Favourite Chellapan names
Cheralathan boy A Chera King Favourite Cheralathan names
CheranMadhevi cheranmadhevi girl Chera Queen Favourite CheranMadhevi names
Chetan boy Perceptive; Consciousness; Life; Excellent Intelligence Favourite Chetan names
Chetana boy Perceptive, consciousness Favourite Chetana names
Chhailbehari boy Lord Krishna Favourite Chhailbehari names
Chhaya chhaya girl Shadow Favourite Chhaya names
Chhayank boy Moon Favourite Chhayank names
Chidakash boy Absolute Brahma Favourite Chidakash names
Chidanand boy Lord Bramha Favourite Chidanand names
Chiman boy Curious Favourite Chiman names
Chinmayi chinmayi girl Blissful Favourite Chinmayi names
ChinnaMuthu boy Little Pearl Favourite ChinnaMuthu names
Chiradeep boy Eternal Lamp Favourite Chiradeep names
Chirakumar boy Long life Prince Favourite Chirakumar names
Chiranjeevi boy Without death, Eternal Being Favourite Chiranjeevi names
Chirantan boy Immortal Favourite Chirantan names
Chirtrang boy With multicolored body Favourite Chirtrang names
Chithirai chithirai girl Name of the first Thamil month Favourite Chithirai names
Chitra chitra girl Picture; Drawing; A nakshatra; Name of a river Favourite Chitra names
Chitrabhanu boy Fire Favourite Chitrabhanu names
Chitraketu boy With beautiful banner Favourite Chitraketu names
Chitral boy Of variegated colour Favourite Chitral names
Chitrali chitrali girl A row of pictures; Beautiful Lady Favourite Chitrali names
Chitrarath boy The sun Favourite Chitrarath names
Chitrita chitrita girl Beautiful, decorated Favourite Chitrita names
Chitt boy Heart Favourite Chitt names
Chittaranjan boy One who pleases the mind Favourite Chittaranjan names
Chittesh boy Lord of the soul Favourite Chittesh names
Cholaiyammal cholaiyammal girl Garden Girl,Solaiyammal Favourite Cholaiyammal names
Chudamani boy Crest jewel Favourite Chudamani names
Chudar chudar girl Brilliant,Sudar Favourite Chudar names
Chumban chumban girl Kiss Favourite Chumban names
Chunky boy Strong; Healthy Favourite Chunky names
Cilji cilji girl Lovely girl Favourite Cilji names
Daaruk boy Charioteer of Krishna, tree Favourite Daaruk names
Daevika daevika girl Minor deity; Goddess Favourite Daevika names
Dahak boy Powerfull Favourite Dahak names
Daitya boy A non Aryan Favourite Daitya names
Daksh boy a son of Brahma, capable Favourite Daksh names
Daksha daksha girl The skilled one; The earth; Sati - wife of Lord Shiva Favourite Daksha names
Dakshata dakshata girl Skill Favourite Dakshata names
Dakshina boy Donation to god Favourite Dakshina names
Dalaja dalaja girl Produced from petals Favourite Dalaja names
Daman boy One who controls Favourite Daman names
Damini damini girl Lightning Favourite Damini names
Dandapaani boy An epithet for Yama Favourite Dandapaani names
Danta boy Calm, Lord Hanuman Favourite Danta names
Darpali darpali girl Proud Favourite Darpali names
Darpan boy Mirror Favourite Darpan names
Darpana darpana girl Mirror Favourite Darpana names
Darsheel boy Something That Looks Good And Sober Favourite Darsheel names
Darshini darshini girl The One Who Blesses Favourite Darshini names
Darshita darshita girl Good Morning; Sight Favourite Darshita names
Das boy Servant Favourite Das names
Dasmaya boy Beautiful Favourite Dasmaya names
Daveena boy Beuaty Favourite Daveena names
Daya daya girl Kindness; mercy; pity Favourite Daya names
Dayada boy Son, inheritor Favourite Dayada names
Dayamay boy Full of mercy Favourite Dayamay names
Dayasagar boy extremely kind, sea of mercy Favourite Dayasagar names
Deb boy Divinity Favourite Deb names
Debashish boy Pleased by godsq Favourite Debashish names
Debi debi girl Goddess Favourite Debi names
Deen boy Poor Favourite Deen names
Deenadayaal boy Humble and merciful Favourite Deenadayaal names
Deenath boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Deenath names
Deendaya boy Friend of poor; Humble and merciful Favourite Deendaya names
Deepak boy Light, candle Favourite Deepak names
Deepali deepali girl Collection Of Lamps Favourite Deepali names
Deependra boy Lord of lights Favourite Deependra names
Deepika deepika girl Little Light, A Raagini Used In Indian Music Favourite Deepika names
Deeptanshu boy The sun Favourite Deeptanshu names
Deeptimoy boy Lustrous Favourite Deeptimoy names
Deeptimoyee deeptimoyee girl Lustrous Favourite Deeptimoyee names
Denadayal boy Humble And Merciful Favourite Denadayal names
Deshika deshika girl Guru Favourite Deshika names
Devachandra boy Moon among the gods Favourite Devachandra names
Devadas, Devdas boy Follower of God Favourite Devadas, Devdas names
Devadutt boy Gift of god Favourite Devadutt names
Devajuta boy The one with the Good Favourite Devajuta names
Devak boy Divine Favourite Devak names
Devakiri devakiri girl Name of a raagini Favourite Devakiri names
Deval boy Name of a saint Favourite Deval names
DevaNathan boy Godly Favourite DevaNathan names
Devanshi devanshi girl Divine Favourite Devanshi names
Devantakanashakarin boy Destroyer of Evils and Asuras Favourite Devantakanashakarin names
Devarpana boy Offerings to the gods Favourite Devarpana names
Devarya boy Divine belief Favourite Devarya names
Devavrata boy One who accepts all Penances Favourite Devavrata names
Deven boy Like a God Favourite Deven names
Devendrashika boy Protector of All Gods Favourite Devendrashika names
Deveshi deveshi girl Goddess Durga Favourite Deveshi names
Devguru boy Teacher of Gods ( Brihaspati ) Favourite Devguru names
Devika devika girl Minor deity; Goddess Favourite Devika names
Devin boy Resembling A God Favourite Devin names
Devina devina girl Resembling a goddess Favourite Devina names
Devkinandan boy Son of Devki;(Lord Krishna) Favourite Devkinandan names
Devnarayan boy King Favourite Devnarayan names
Devrat boy Spiritual Favourite Devrat names
Devya boy Devine power Favourite Devya names
Dhan boy Wealth Favourite Dhan names
Dhanadeepa dhanadeepa girl Lord of Wealth Favourite Dhanadeepa names
Dhananjay boy One who wins wealth Favourite Dhananjay names
Dhanashri dhanashri girl Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Dhanashri names
Dhanishta dhanishta girl A Star Favourite Dhanishta names
Dhanpal boy Preserver Of Wealth Favourite Dhanpal names
Dhanshri dhanshri girl Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Dhanshri names
Dhansukh boy Wealthy; happy Favourite Dhansukh names
Dhanvantari boy Doctor of Gods Favourite Dhanvantari names
Dhanvanti dhanvanti girl Holding Wealth Favourite Dhanvanti names
Dhanvine boy A Name for Lord Rama Favourite Dhanvine names
Dharitri dharitri girl The earth Favourite Dharitri names
Dharmanand boy Takes pleasure religion Favourite Dharmanand names
Dharmaveer boy Protector of religion Favourite Dharmaveer names
Dharmesh boy Lord of righteousness; Master of Religion; Lord of religion Favourite Dharmesh names
Dharmik boy A Name for Lord Ganesha Favourite Dharmik names
Dharmishta dharmishta girl Lord in dharma Favourite Dharmishta names
Dharmveer boy Religious Favourite Dharmveer names
Dharuna dharuna girl Supporting Favourite Dharuna names
Dhaval boy A fair one Favourite Dhaval names
Dheemant boy Wise; intelligent Favourite Dheemant names
Dheera dheera girl Courageous Favourite Dheera names
Dheeran boy Achiever Favourite Dheeran names
Dheivamani boy Blessed gem Favourite Dheivamani names
Dhevan boy Godly Favourite Dhevan names
Dhinanta boy Evening Favourite Dhinanta names
Dhiraj boy Patience Favourite Dhiraj names
Dhivakar boy Sun Favourite Dhivakar names
Dhriti dhriti girl Patience Favourite Dhriti names
Dhrivika dhrivika girl Firmly fixed Favourite Dhrivika names
Dhruddavrat boy Strong Willed meditator Favourite Dhruddavrat names
Dhruti dhruti girl Motion Favourite Dhruti names
Dhruvika dhruvika girl Firmly fixed Favourite Dhruvika names
Dhun dhun girl Tune Favourite Dhun names
Dhurjati boy Mahadev Favourite Dhurjati names
Dhyan boy Conces Favourite Dhyan names
Dhyana dhyana girl Meditation Favourite Dhyana names
Dhyani boy One Who Does Contemplation Favourite Dhyani names
Dilan dilan girl Son of the sea Favourite Dilan names
Dileep boy King of the solar race Favourite Dileep names
Dilshad dilshad girl Happy Favourite Dilshad names
Dinakar boy The sun Favourite Dinakar names
Dinendra boy lord of the day, the sun Favourite Dinendra names
Dinpal boy Sun Favourite Dinpal names
Dipashri dipashri girl Lamp Favourite Dipashri names
Dipika dipika girl Lamp; a little light Favourite Dipika names
Disha disha girl Direction; Side Favourite Disha names
Dishi dishi girl Direction Favourite Dishi names
Diva diva girl Goddess Singer Favourite Diva names
Divit boy Immortal Favourite Divit names
Divya divya girl Divine; Divine Lustre; Heavenly; Brilliant Favourite Divya names
Divyanga boy Divine body Favourite Divyanga names
Divyesh boy Sun Favourite Divyesh names
Doyel doyel girl A song-birl Favourite Doyel names
Dristi dristi girl Sight Favourite Dristi names
Druti druti girl Softened Favourite Druti names
DuraiVel boy DuraiVelan Favourite DuraiVel names
Durjaya boy Difficult to conquer Favourite Durjaya names
Durva, Durba durva,xxdurba girl Sacred grass Favourite Durva, Durba names
Dushyanta boy A king from the epic Mahabharata Favourite Dushyanta names
Dwaipayan boy The sage Vyasa Favourite Dwaipayan names
Dwarakanath boy lord of Dwaraka, Krishna Favourite Dwarakanath names
Dwarkanath boy Lord of Dwarka (Lord Krishna) Favourite Dwarkanath names
Dwijendra boy King of Brahmins; the moon Favourite Dwijendra names
Dwijendranath boy Lord of the moon Favourite Dwijendranath names
Dyumani boy Lord Shiva Favourite Dyumani names
Dyumna dyumna girl Glorious Favourite Dyumna names
Ecchumati ecchumati girl A river Favourite Ecchumati names
Edhitha edhitha girl Progressed, Increased Favourite Edhitha names
Edi boy Herb Favourite Edi names
Eenakshi eenakshi girl Whose eyes look like deer Favourite Eenakshi names
Eila eila girl The earth Favourite Eila names
Eiravathi eiravathi girl River Favourite Eiravathi names
Ekaa ekaa girl Goddess Durga Favourite Ekaa names
Ekaant boy Soliltary Favourite Ekaant names
Ekachandra boy The Only Moon Favourite Ekachandra names
Ekadrishta boy Single-Tusked Lord Favourite Ekadrishta names
Ekaja ekaja girl The only child Favourite Ekaja names
Ekaling boy Name of Lord Shiva Favourite Ekaling names
Ekanga boy A bodyguard Favourite Ekanga names
Ekaparana ekaparana girl Wife of Himalaya Favourite Ekaparana names
Ekata ekata girl Unity Favourite Ekata names
Ekodar boy Brother Favourite Ekodar names
Ekta ekta girl Unity Favourite Ekta names
Ektaa ektaa girl Unity Favourite Ektaa names
Elakshi elakshi girl A woman with bright eyes Favourite Elakshi names
Elavarasan boy Prince also Ilavarasan and Elavarasu Favourite Elavarasan names
Elavarasi elavarasi girl Youthful, princess Favourite Elavarasi names
Elil boy Handsome Favourite Elil names
Elilarasu boy Handsome, King Of Beauty Favourite Elilarasu names
Elilendhi boy Handsome Favourite Elilendhi names
Elumalai boy Lord Venkateshwara, Lord Of Seven Hills Favourite Elumalai names
Emma emma girl Entire; All Favourite Emma names
Ena ena girl Mirror Favourite Ena names
Enakshi enakshi girl Deer-Eyed; One who has eyes like deer Favourite Enakshi names
Eravati eravati girl Name Of Goddess Favourite Eravati names
Esh boy God Favourite Esh names
Eshani eshani girl Goddess Parvathi Favourite Eshani names
Eshita eshita girl One Who Desires Favourite Eshita names
Eshwar boy God Favourite Eshwar names
Evyavan boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Evyavan names
Gagan boy Sky Favourite Gagan names
Gaganasindhu gaganasindhu girl Ocean of the sky Favourite Gaganasindhu names
Gajaadhar boy Who can command an elephant Favourite Gajaadhar names
Gajanana boy Elephant-Faced Lord Favourite Gajanana names
Gajbahu boy Who Has Strength Of An Elephant Favourite Gajbahu names
Gajendra boy Elephant King Favourite Gajendra names
Gajkaran boy Like ears of elephant Favourite Gajkaran names
Gambhir boy Deep, Serious Favourite Gambhir names
Gamini gamini girl Walk; To run Favourite Gamini names
Ganapathi boy Lord Ganesh Favourite Ganapathi names
Gandhaa boy A sweet smelling Favourite Gandhaa names
Gandhali gandhali girl Fragrance of flowers Favourite Gandhali names
Gandharv boy Master in musicGandhi Sun Favourite Gandharv names
Gandhini gandhini girl Fragrant Favourite Gandhini names
Gandira boy Hero Favourite Gandira names
Ganesh boy Lord Ganesha; Son of Lord Shiva and Parvati Favourite Ganesh names
Ganga boy River Favourite Ganga names
Gangesh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Gangesh names
Gangeya boy Son of river Ganga Favourite Gangeya names
Gangika gangika girl River Ganga Favourite Gangika names
Ganika ganika girl Flower Favourite Ganika names
Gannath boy An Epithet Of Shiva Favourite Gannath names
Garati garati girl Virtuous woman Favourite Garati names
Gargi gargi girl An ancient scholar; Wise woman; Durga Favourite Gargi names
Garima garima girl Grace; Divinity; Holiness; Importance Favourite Garima names
Garisht boy Heaviest Favourite Garisht names
Gatha gatha girl Poem/song Favourite Gatha names
Gatik boy Fast, Progressive Favourite Gatik names
Gauhar gauhar girl A pearl Favourite Gauhar names
Gauraang boy A fair one; Husband of Gauri (Parvati); Lord Shiva Favourite Gauraang names
Gaurang boy A fair one; Husband of Gauri (Parvati); Lord Shiva Favourite Gaurang names
Gaurangi gaurangi girl Beautiful; Coloured like a cow Favourite Gaurangi names
Gaurav boy Honour; Pride; Respect; Glory; Dignity Favourite Gaurav names
Gauravi gauravi girl Honour Favourite Gauravi names
Gauresh boy A Name of Lord Shiva. Favourite Gauresh names
Gauri gauri girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Gauri names
Gaurika gaurika girl A Young Girl Favourite Gaurika names
Gaurinath boy Lord Shiva Favourite Gaurinath names
Gaurisuta boy Son Of Gauri. Lord Ganesha Favourite Gaurisuta names
Gautami gautami girl River Godavari; Wife a sage Gautam Favourite Gautami names
Gavisht boy Abode Of Light Favourite Gavisht names
Gayanthika gayanthika girl Singing Favourite Gayanthika names
Gayatri gayatri girl Veda Mata - The mother of all Vedas; The most powerful of Sanskrit mantra Favourite Gayatri names
Geet boy Song Favourite Geet names
Geeti geeti girl Melody Favourite Geeti names
Gemine gemine girl Twins Favourite Gemine names
Ghaaliya ghaaliya girl Fragrant Favourite Ghaaliya names
Ghanashyam boy Lord Krishna; Black clouds resembling a beautiful upcoming evening Favourite Ghanashyam names
Ghanendra boy Lord of clouds (Lord Indra ) Favourite Ghanendra names
Ghanika ghanika girl Flower Favourite Ghanika names
Ghanshyam boy Lord Krishna; Black clouds resembling a beautiful upcoming evening Favourite Ghanshyam names
Ghaydaa ghaydaa girl Young and delicate Favourite Ghaydaa names
Ghulam Mohammed boy Variant of Gulam Favourite Ghulam Mohammed names
Giinni giinni girl Precious gold coin Favourite Giinni names
Gira gira girl Language Favourite Gira names
Giri boy Mount Favourite Giri names
Giridhar boy One who holds ( lifts ) mountain (Lord Krishna) Favourite Giridhar names
Girik boy Lord Shiva Favourite Girik names
Girika girika girl Summit Of A Mountain Favourite Girika names
Giriraj boy Lord of mountain Favourite Giriraj names
Girja boy Variant of Girija; Goddess Parvati Favourite Girja names
Gitali gitali girl Melodious Favourite Gitali names
Gitashri boy Bhagavat Gita Favourite Gitashri names
Githika githika girl A small song Favourite Githika names
Gnanachelvi gnanachelvi girl Intelligent girl Favourite Gnanachelvi names
Gnanam boy Wisdom Favourite Gnanam names
GnanaOli boy Wisdom Favourite GnanaOli names
GnanaThangam boy Learned Favourite GnanaThangam names
Gnani boy Learned Favourite Gnani names
Gobinda boy Lord Krishna Favourite Gobinda names
Golapi golapi girl Particular colour Favourite Golapi names
Gomati gomati girl A River Favourite Gomati names
Gopaal boy Lord Krishna; Cowherd; Protector of cows Favourite Gopaal names
Gopal boy Lord Krishna; Cowherd; Protector of cows Favourite Gopal names
Gopal; Gopaal boy Lord Krishna; Cowherd; Protector of cows Favourite Gopal; Gopaal names
Gopesh boy Lord Krishna Favourite Gopesh names
Gopika gopika girl Cowherd girls Favourite Gopika names
Gorakh-naath boy Saint of Gorakh community Favourite Gorakh-naath names
Goral goral girl Dear Favourite Goral names
Goswamee boy Master of cows Favourite Goswamee names
Gourab boy Happy; Pride Favourite Gourab names
Gourangi gourangi girl Fair complexioned Favourite Gourangi names
Govardhan boy A hill located near the town of Vrindavan; Name of a mountain in Gokul Favourite Govardhan names
Govind boy Cowherd (Lord Krishna) Favourite Govind names
Gowshik boy The Perfect, Freedom, Happiness Life Of Journey Favourite Gowshik names
Greeshma greeshma girl Summer season Favourite Greeshma names
Grishm boy Heat Favourite Grishm names
Grishma grishma girl Summer season Favourite Grishma names
Gul gul girl Flower Favourite Gul names
Gulfam boy The Colour Favourite Gulfam names
Gulzarilal boy Name of Lord Krishna Favourite Gulzarilal names
Gunagya boy Knower of Virtues Favourite Gunagya names
Gunalakshmi gunalakshmi girl Lakshmi the virtuous Favourite Gunalakshmi names
Gunaratna boy Jewel of virtue Favourite Gunaratna names
GunaVadivu gunavadivu girl Symbol of Good Character Favourite GunaVadivu names
Gunin boy Virtuous Favourite Gunin names
Gunita gunita girl Virtuous Favourite Gunita names
Gunjan boy Music; Buzzing of a bee Favourite Gunjan names
Gunjika gunjika girl Humming Favourite Gunjika names
Gunvant boy Virtuous Favourite Gunvant names
Gunwanti gunwanti girl Virtuous; Full of virtues Favourite Gunwanti names
Gurdayal boy Compassionate guru Favourite Gurdayal names
Gurman boy Heart of Guru Favourite Gurman names
Gurnam boy Name of the guru Favourite Gurnam names
Gurpraveen gurpraveen girl Goddess of the stars Favourite Gurpraveen names
Guru boy Teacher; Master; Priest Favourite Guru names
Gurucharan boy The Feet Of The Guru Favourite Gurucharan names
Gurudutt boy Bestowed by a Guru/Teacher Favourite Gurudutt names
Guruttam boy The Greatest Teacher Favourite Guruttam names
Gyandev boy Lord of knowledge Favourite Gyandev names
Haima haima girl Goddess Parvati; Snow Favourite Haima names
Hamir boy A Raga Favourite Hamir names
Hamsa hamsa girl Swan Favourite Hamsa names
Hanan boy Mercy Favourite Hanan names
Haniya haniya girl Pleased; Happy Favourite Haniya names
Hansanandini hansanandini girl Daughter of a swan Favourite Hansanandini names
Hansaraj boy King of Swans Favourite Hansaraj names
Hansika hansika girl Swan Favourite Hansika names
Hansin boy The universal Soul Favourite Hansin names
Hanu hanu girl Hanuman Favourite Hanu names
Hanumanta boy Puffy Cheeks Favourite Hanumanta names
Haranadh boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Haranadh names
Harekrishna boy Lord Krishna Favourite Harekrishna names
Haresh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Haresh names
Hariaksa boy Lord Shiva Favourite Hariaksa names
Haridra boy One who is Golden Coloured Favourite Haridra names
Harihar boy Lord Krishna Favourite Harihar names
Hariharaputra boy Son of Hari (Vishnu) and Hara (Shiva) Favourite Hariharaputra names
Harikanth boy Dear To Indra Favourite Harikanth names
Harimanti harimanti girl Born in the season of hemanta Favourite Harimanti names
Harinaksh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Harinaksh names
Harinakshi harinakshi girl One with eyes like deer Favourite Harinakshi names
Hariprasad boy Blessed by Lord Krishna Favourite Hariprasad names
Haripriya haripriya girl Consort Of Lord Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Haripriya names
Harish boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Harish names
Harit boy Green Favourite Harit names
Harivilaas boy The abode of Hari Favourite Harivilaas names
Harleena harleena girl Praise of the God Favourite Harleena names
Harsh boy Joy; Delight Favourite Harsh names
Harsh, Harsha boy Happy Favourite Harsh, Harsha names
Harshad boy Happy; One who gives pleasure Favourite Harshad names
Harshaman boy Full of joy Favourite Harshaman names
Harshi harshi girl Joyous Favourite Harshi names
Harshini boy Joyful Favourite Harshini names
Harusha harusha girl Happy Favourite Harusha names
Hasina hasina girl Beautiful; attractive lady Favourite Hasina names
Hasrat hasrat girl Desire Favourite Hasrat names
Hastin boy Elephant Favourite Hastin names
Hayaam hayaam girl Lakshmi Favourite Hayaam names
Heena heena girl A flowering plan; Generally used for temporary skin decoration for special occasions; A shrub Favourite Heena names
Heer heer girl Diamond Favourite Heer names
Hela hela girl Small Diamond Favourite Hela names
Hem boy Gold; Lord Buddha Favourite Hem names
Hemal hemal girl Golden Favourite Hemal names
Hemali hemali girl To bring wealth; Gold Favourite Hemali names
Hemamdar boy Golden creeper Favourite Hemamdar names
Hemang boy One with shining body; Golden Bodied Favourite Hemang names
Hemangani hemangani girl Golden bodied Favourite Hemangani names
Hemani hemani girl Goddess parvathi Favourite Hemani names
Hemant boy One of the six season; Gold Favourite Hemant names
Hemanth boy Gold Favourite Hemanth names
Hemaprabha hemaprabha girl Golden light Favourite Hemaprabha names
Hemavatinandan boy Son of Goddess Parvati Favourite Hemavatinandan names
Hemchandra boy Golden Moon Favourite Hemchandra names
Hemendra boy Lord of gold Favourite Hemendra names
Hemish boy Lord of the earth Favourite Hemish names
Hena hena girl Flower Favourite Hena names
Het boy Love Favourite Het names
Hetal hetal girl Affection Favourite Hetal names
Heti heti girl Friendly Favourite Heti names
Himachal boy The Himalayas Favourite Himachal names
Himadri himadri girl Peak of snow; The Himalaya mountain Favourite Himadri names
Himaksh boy Him Aksh ( Loard Shiva ) Favourite Himaksh names
Himali himali girl Ice Favourite Himali names
Himangi himangi girl Ice Favourite Himangi names
Himanshu boy Another Name of Chandra Favourite Himanshu names
Himesh boy The snow king Favourite Himesh names
Hina hina girl A flowering plan; generally used for temporary skin decoration for special occasions; A shrub Favourite Hina names
Hindola boy A raga Favourite Hindola names
Hira hira girl Diamond; another name for Lakshmi Favourite Hira names
Hiranya hiranya girl Gold Favourite Hiranya names
Hiranyak boy Name of a Maharishi Favourite Hiranyak names
Hirkani hirkani girl Small diamond Favourite Hirkani names
Hita hita girl Lovable Favourite Hita names
Hitanshu boy Well Wisher Favourite Hitanshu names
Hitesh boy Good Person; Lord of goodness Favourite Hitesh names
Honnesha honnesha girl Lighting Of Ceremonial Fire Favourite Honnesha names
Hooriya hooriya girl A Celestial Favourite Hooriya names
Hridayanath boy Lord of the heart Favourite Hridayanath names
Hridesh boy Heart Favourite Hridesh names
Hridyanshu boy light from heart, moon Favourite Hridyanshu names
Hridyesha hridyesha girl Heart Favourite Hridyesha names
Hrishitaa boy Joyful; Who brings happiness; Deep Knowledge; The best Favourite Hrishitaa names
Hrithik boy Name of a Sage; Intelligent Person; From the Heart Favourite Hrithik names
Hritik boy Name of a Sage; Intelligent Person; From the Heart Favourite Hritik names
Hritish boy Lord of heart Favourite Hritish names
Husna husna girl Beautiful Favourite Husna names
Ibhya boy Possessor of many attendants Favourite Ibhya names
Ichaa boy Desire Favourite Ichaa names
Idha idha girl Insight Favourite Idha names
Idhitri idhitri girl One who praises Favourite Idhitri names
Idris boy Fiery Lord Favourite Idris names
Iha iha girl The earth Favourite Iha names
Ihitha ihitha girl Desired Favourite Ihitha names
Ikshan boy Sight Favourite Ikshan names
Ikshita ikshita girl Visible Favourite Ikshita names
Iksura iksura girl Fragrant grass Favourite Iksura names
Ilakkiya ilakkiya girl A classic Favourite Ilakkiya names
Ilamaran boy Youthful and Brave Favourite Ilamaran names
Ilamporai boy Prince Favourite Ilamporai names
Ilancheliyan boy Full of youthful potential Favourite Ilancheliyan names
Ilanila ilanila girl Moon Crescent,IlamPirai Favourite Ilanila names
Ilashpasti boy Lord of the earth Favourite Ilashpasti names
Ilavarasan boy Prince Favourite Ilavarasan names
Ilavarasi ilavarasi girl Princess Favourite Ilavarasi names
Ilisha ilisha girl Queen of the earth Favourite Ilisha names
Iman boy Name of raga Favourite Iman names
Ina ina girl Mother Favourite Ina names
Inas boy Capable; Sociability Favourite Inas names
Inchara inchara girl Sweet Voice Favourite Inchara names
Indeevar boy Blue Lotus Favourite Indeevar names
Inder; Indra boy The god of weather and war; Lord of the devas Favourite Inder; Indra names
Indira indira girl Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Indira names
Indra boy Leader of the gods; The God of the atmosphere and sky Favourite Indra names
Indradatt boy Gift of Indra Favourite Indradatt names
Indrajeet boy Conqueror Favourite Indrajeet names
Indrakanta indrakanta girl Indrani ( Shachi ) Favourite Indrakanta names
Indraneel boy Emerald Favourite Indraneel names
Indrasen boy Eldest of the Pandavas Favourite Indrasen names
Indratan boy As strong as Indra Favourite Indratan names
Indratha indratha girl Power and dignity of Indra Favourite Indratha names
Indrina indrina girl Deep Favourite Indrina names
Induhasan boy Like a moon Favourite Induhasan names
Indukanta boy Like a moon Favourite Indukanta names
Indulekha indulekha girl Moon Favourite Indulekha names
Induma induma girl Moon Favourite Induma names
Indumauli boy Moon Crested Favourite Indumauli names
Indumukhi indumukhi girl With Moon-Like Face Favourite Indumukhi names
Iniya iniya girl Sweet Favourite Iniya names
Iniyan boy Pleasant Natured Favourite Iniyan names
Innila innila girl Sweet Moon; Brilliant; Favourite Innila names
Intekhab boy Chosen Favourite Intekhab names
Ipsita ipsita girl Desired Favourite Ipsita names
Iraiyavan boy Blessed by the supreme Favourite Iraiyavan names
Iraja iraja girl Daughter of the wind Favourite Iraja names
Iravat boy Rain clouds Favourite Iravat names
Irumporai boy Brave Favourite Irumporai names
Isaiarasu boy King of music Favourite Isaiarasu names
Isaivalan boy Skilled musician Favourite Isaivalan names
Isha isha girl One who protects; Goddess Favourite Isha names
Ishaan boy Lord Shiva Favourite Ishaan names
Ishan boy Lord Shiva; Lord of wealth; Sun Favourite Ishan names
Ishanvi ishanvi girl Parvathi Favourite Ishanvi names
Ishat boy Superior Favourite Ishat names
Ishika ishika girl Paint brush Favourite Ishika names
Ishit boy One who desires to rule Favourite Ishit names
Ishta ishta girl Another Name For Lord Vishnu Favourite Ishta names
Iyengar boy Krishna Favourite Iyengar names
Iyla iyla girl Moonlight Favourite Iyla names
Jagadambika jagadambika girl Goddess durga Favourite Jagadambika names
Jagamohini jagamohini girl One who attracts the world, Goddess Durga Favourite Jagamohini names
Jagatbehari boy World traveler ( Jagvihari ) Favourite Jagatbehari names
Jagatprabhu boy God of the world Favourite Jagatprabhu names
Jagdeep boy Light of the Universe Favourite Jagdeep names
Jagger boy Strong, Loyal Favourite Jagger names
Jagmohan boy One who attracts the world Favourite Jagmohan names
Jagrati jagrati girl Awakening Favourite Jagrati names
Jagruti jagruti girl Awakening; awareness Favourite Jagruti names
Jaheel jaheel girl Lake Favourite Jaheel names
Jahnavi jahnavi girl Ganga River Favourite Jahnavi names
Jahnu boy A Rishi Favourite Jahnu names
Jaideep boy Victory to the light Favourite Jaideep names
Jaigath boy Victorious Favourite Jaigath names
Jaikrishna boy Victory of Lord Krishna Favourite Jaikrishna names
Jaimathi jaimathi girl Victorious mind Favourite Jaimathi names
Jainarayan boy Victory Favourite Jainarayan names
Jairaj boy Lord of victory Favourite Jairaj names
Jaisal boy Famous folk Favourite Jaisal names
Jaisnavi jaisnavi girl Goddess of victory Favourite Jaisnavi names
Jaisukh boy Happy victor Favourite Jaisukh names
Jaivant boy Victorious Favourite Jaivant names
Jaiwant boy Victory Favourite Jaiwant names
Jaladhija jaladhija girl Lakshmi Favourite Jaladhija names
Jalapa jalapa girl Discussion Favourite Jalapa names
Jalbhushan boy Ornament of water ( means wind) Favourite Jalbhushan names
Jalendra boy Lord of the water Favourite Jalendra names
Jalindra boy Lord of the water Favourite Jalindra names
Jamini jamini girl Night Favourite Jamini names
Janak boy Father of Sita; Creator Favourite Janak names
Janakiraman boy Husband of Janaki Favourite Janakiraman names
Janamejay, Janardan boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Janamejay, Janardan names
Janith boy Born Favourite Janith names
Janitha janitha girl Born Favourite Janitha names
Janya boy Born Favourite Janya names
Japan boy Muttering prayers Favourite Japan names
Jasamit boy Protected by fame Favourite Jasamit names
Jashun boy Celebration Favourite Jashun names
Jasmin jasmin girl A Flower Favourite Jasmin names
Jasmine boy Name Of A Flower Plant Favourite Jasmine names
Jaswant boy Victorious (Yashwant) Favourite Jaswant names
Jasweer jasweer girl Victorious Favourite Jasweer names
Jatan boy Nurturing Favourite Jatan names
Jatindra boy King of Saints Favourite Jatindra names
Javin boy Swift Favourite Javin names
Jayaditya boy Victorious sun Favourite Jayaditya names
Jayamala jayamala girl Garland of victory Favourite Jayamala names
Jayant boy Victorious Favourite Jayant names
Jayaprada jayaprada girl One Who Gives Victory Favourite Jayaprada names
Jayaprakash boy Light of victory Favourite Jayaprakash names
Jayati jayati girl Victorious Favourite Jayati names
Jayawant boy Victorious Favourite Jayawant names
Jayesh boy Er brother; Son of Dasharatha Favourite Jayesh names
Jayin boy Conqueror Favourite Jayin names
Jayshree jayshree girl Goddess of Victory Favourite Jayshree names
Jeemutbahan boy Full of life Favourite Jeemutbahan names
Jeevanlata jeevanlata girl Creeper of life Favourite Jeevanlata names
Jeevaraj boy Lord Of Life Favourite Jeevaraj names
Jerusha jerusha girl Married Favourite Jerusha names
Jhilmil jhilmil girl Sparkling Favourite Jhilmil names
Jhulier boy Precious Favourite Jhulier names
Jigisha jigisha girl Superior Favourite Jigisha names
Jigya jigya girl Curiosity to know Favourite Jigya names
Jinabhadra boy A Jain saint Favourite Jinabhadra names
Jisha jisha girl The Person Having The Highest Feelings For Living Favourite Jisha names
Jishnu boy Triumphant Favourite Jishnu names
Jival boy Full of life Favourite Jival names
Jivi jivi girl Life Favourite Jivi names
Jivin boy To give life Favourite Jivin names
Joel joel girl God Favourite Joel names
Jogesh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Jogesh names
Jograj boy Lord Krishna Favourite Jograj names
Joyce joyce girl Joyce Favourite Joyce names
Jugnu boy A firefly Favourite Jugnu names
Juhi juhi girl A Flower Favourite Juhi names
Jui jui girl Name of a flower Favourite Jui names
Juliana juliana girl Youthful Favourite Juliana names
Jwalant boy Luminous Favourite Jwalant names
Jyothishmathi jyothishmathi girl Goddess Durga Favourite Jyothishmathi names
Jyotichandra boy Moonlight Favourite Jyotichandra names
Jyotika jyotika girl Light; Flame Favourite Jyotika names
Jyotiranjan boy Joyous flame Favourite Jyotiranjan names
Jyotirmoy boy Lustrous Favourite Jyotirmoy names
Jyotirmoyee jyotirmoyee girl Lustrous Favourite Jyotirmoyee names
Kaandhal kaandhal girl Attractive Favourite Kaandhal names
Kaartikeya boy Son of Shiva Favourite Kaartikeya names
Kaavya kaavya girl Poetry Favourite Kaavya names
Kabir boy Famous sufi saint Favourite Kabir names
Kadhiroli kadhiroli girl Intelligent, Brilliant like a ray of sunlight Favourite Kadhiroli names
Kaia kaia girl Stability Favourite Kaia names
Kailas boy Abode of Lord Shiva Favourite Kailas names
Kailashnath boy Lord Shiva Favourite Kailashnath names
Kajal kajal girl Eyeliner; Soot Favourite Kajal names
Kajol kajol girl Eye-Liner, Kohl Favourite Kajol names
Kal-hans boy Swan Favourite Kal-hans names
Kalai kalai girl Art Favourite Kalai names
Kalanabha boy Controller of Time Favourite Kalanabha names
Kalap boy Moon Favourite Kalap names
Kalapi kalapi girl peacock, nightingale Favourite Kalapi names
Kalicharan boy Feet of Goddess Kali ( Goddess Durga) Favourite Kalicharan names
Kalindee kalindee girl Yamuna river Favourite Kalindee names
Kalipada boy A devotee of Goddess Kali Favourite Kalipada names
Kallol kallol girl Large waves; gurgling of water Favourite Kallol names
Kalpa boy Able, fit Favourite Kalpa names
Kalpana kalpana girl Imagine; A fantasy Favourite Kalpana names
Kalpini kalpini girl Night Favourite Kalpini names
Kalya boy Pleasant Favourite Kalya names
Kalyani kalyani girl Auspicious; Fortunate Favourite Kalyani names
Kamakshi kamakshi girl One With Lotus Like Eyes Favourite Kamakshi names
Kamal boy Lotus flower Favourite Kamal names
Kamalesh boy Goddess of Lutus; Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Kamalesh names
Kamali kamali girl Full of desires Favourite Kamali names
Kamalkali kamalkali girl The bud of a lotus Favourite Kamalkali names
Kamalnath boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Kamalnath names
Kamaroopin boy Changing form at will Favourite Kamaroopin names
Kameshvari kameshvari girl Parvati; The Lord Of Desires Favourite Kameshvari names
Kamik boy Desired Favourite Kamik names
Kamini kamini girl A Beautiful Women Favourite Kamini names
Kamlesh boy Goddess of Lutus; Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Kamlesh names
Kamod boy A raga Favourite Kamod names
Kampana kampana girl Unsteady Favourite Kampana names
Kamran boy Success Favourite Kamran names
Kana kana girl Pollen grainsl Favourite Kana names
Kanad boy An ancient Favourite Kanad names
Kanak boy Gold Favourite Kanak names
Kanakapriya kanakapriya girl One Who Loves Gold Favourite Kanakapriya names
Kanaklata kanaklata girl Golden creeper Favourite Kanaklata names
Kananbala kananbala girl Nympth of the forest Favourite Kananbala names
Kanchan boy Gold Favourite Kanchan names
Kanchana kanchana girl Gold Favourite Kanchana names
Kandarie boy Protector Favourite Kandarie names
Kandhal kandhal girl Attractive Favourite Kandhal names
Kangana kangana girl A bracelet Favourite Kangana names
Kanimoli kanimoli girl Speaks with a gentle tone Favourite Kanimoli names
Kanj boy Lord Brahama Favourite Kanj names
Kanjari kanjari girl A bird Favourite Kanjari names
Kankana kankana girl A bracelet Favourite Kankana names
Kanta kanta girl Radiant Favourite Kanta names
Kantha kantha girl Radiant Favourite Kantha names
Kanthamani boy Necklace jewel Favourite Kanthamani names
Kanthi kanthi girl Lustre; Loveliness Favourite Kanthi names
Kanvar boy Young prince Favourite Kanvar names
Kanwalkishore boy Lotus; Lord Krishna Favourite Kanwalkishore names
Kanyana kanyana girl Maiden Favourite Kanyana names
Kapeeshwar boy Lord of Monkeys Favourite Kapeeshwar names
Kapil boy Fair complexioned Favourite Kapil names
Kapilashwar boy One With A White Horse Favourite Kapilashwar names
Karalika karalika girl Durga; That Which Tears Favourite Karalika names
Kareena kareena girl Flower Favourite Kareena names
Karhik boy Son Of Loard Shiva And Leader Of Deva Army, Kartik Means Hindu Month Favourite Karhik names
Karmjit boy Winner over obstacles Favourite Karmjit names
Karnam boy Famed Favourite Karnam names
Karthikeya boy Lord Muruga Favourite Karthikeya names
Kartikeya boy Elder son of Lord Shiva Favourite Kartikeya names
Karuka karuka girl Heavenly piece of art Favourite Karuka names
Karuna karuna girl Kindness Favourite Karuna names
Karunaanidhi boy Sea of compassion Favourite Karunaanidhi names
Karunamaya boy Full of compassion Favourite Karunamaya names
Karunamayi karunamayi girl Merciful Favourite Karunamayi names
Karunesh boy Lord of mercy Favourite Karunesh names
Kashinath boy Lord Shiva Favourite Kashinath names
Kashmira kashmira girl Girl From Kashmir Favourite Kashmira names
Kashyap boy Name of a sage Favourite Kashyap names
Kasmira kasmira girl From Kashmir Favourite Kasmira names
Kathan boy Sentanse Favourite Kathan names
Kathith boy Well recited Favourite Kathith names
Katyayani katyayani girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Katyayani names
Kaunteya boy Son of Kunti Favourite Kaunteya names
Kaushal boy Clever, skilled Favourite Kaushal names
Kaushali kaushali girl Skillful Favourite Kaushali names
Kaveri kaveri girl A river Favourite Kaveri names
Kavimalar kavimalar girl Beautiful like the Poetic Flower Favourite Kavimalar names
Kavindra boy Poet or Poetess Favourite Kavindra names
Kavini kavini girl Composes beautiful poems Favourite Kavini names
KaviriNadan boy From the Kaviri (Cauvery) naadu Favourite KaviriNadan names
Kavita kavita girl Poem Favourite Kavita names
Kaviya kaviya girl Poem Favourite Kaviya names
Kawkab kawkab girl Satellite Favourite Kawkab names
Kayalvili kayalvili girl Fishlike bautiful eyes Favourite Kayalvili names
Kayan boy The Name Of A Dynasty Of King Kaikobad Favourite Kayan names
Kedaar boy A field, name of Shiva Favourite Kedaar names
Keertan boy Songs of worship Favourite Keertan names
Keerthi keerthi girl Eternal Flame Favourite Keerthi names
Kenga kenga girl River Favourite Kenga names
Kesar boy Saffron Favourite Kesar names
Kesari kesari girl Saffron Favourite Kesari names
Kesavan boy Lord Venkateshwara Favourite Kesavan names
Keshini keshini girl A Woman With Beautiful Hairs Favourite Keshini names
Keshto boy Lord Hanuman Favourite Keshto names
Ketaki ketaki girl A Monsoon Flower Favourite Ketaki names
Ketu boy Lord Shiva Favourite Ketu names
Kevalkishore boy Absolute Favourite Kevalkishore names
Keya keya girl A Monsoon Flower Favourite Keya names
Khadim boy Servant Of God Favourite Khadim names
Khajit boy Lord Buddha Favourite Khajit names
Khushal boy Perfect Favourite Khushal names
Khushbu khushbu girl Fragrant; Aromatic Favourite Khushbu names
Khushi khushi girl Happiness Favourite Khushi names
Kiara kiara girl Russian Favourite Kiara names
Kimatra kimatra girl Seduce Favourite Kimatra names
Kinari kinari girl Shore Favourite Kinari names
Kinjal kinjal girl River bank Favourite Kinjal names
Kinnari kinnari girl Musical Instrument Favourite Kinnari names
Kiran kiran girl Ray of Light Favourite Kiran names
Kiranmala kiranmala girl A garland of light Favourite Kiranmala names
Kirati kirati girl Goddess Durga Favourite Kirati names
Kirik boy Sparkling Favourite Kirik names
Kiritmani boy Jewel in the crown Favourite Kiritmani names
Kirti boy Fame Favourite Kirti names
Kirtivallabh boy Aspirant of fame Favourite Kirtivallabh names
Kiruba kiruba girl Grace of God Favourite Kiruba names
Kishan boy Lord Krishan Favourite Kishan names
Kishorekumar boy Young lad Favourite Kishorekumar names
KodiMullai kodimullai girl Mullai Flower on a Vine Favourite KodiMullai names
KolaVili kolavili girl With Beautiful Eyes like a Kolam Favourite KolaVili names
Komal komal girl Soft Favourite Komal names
Komala komala girl Delicate Favourite Komala names
Koormadhi boy Brilliant Favourite Koormadhi names
Kopal kopal girl A Rose Bud Favourite Kopal names
Koshin boy A delicate bud Favourite Koshin names
Koushik boy Love And Affection Favourite Koushik names
Kovida boy Wise Favourite Kovida names
Koyal koyal girl The Cuckoo Favourite Koyal names
Kripa boy Has a twin sister Kripi Favourite Kripa names
Krish boy Shortform of Lord Krishna Favourite Krish names
Krisha krisha girl Divine Favourite Krisha names
Krishang boy Lord Shiva Favourite Krishang names
Krishna boy black, dark, Lord Krishna Favourite Krishna names
Krishnadeva boy Lord Krishna Favourite Krishnadeva names
Krishnamoorti boy Idol of Lord Krishna Favourite Krishnamoorti names
Kritanu boy Skilled Favourite Kritanu names
Kriti kriti girl Work of art Favourite Kriti names
Kritika kritika girl Name of a star Favourite Kritika names
Krivi boy Lord Shiva Favourite Krivi names
Krupal boy Ruler of the world Favourite Krupal names
Kruthika kruthika girl Name Of A Star Favourite Kruthika names
Kshama kshama girl Forgiveness; Mercy Favourite Kshama names
Kshaunish boy King Favourite Kshaunish names
Kshema kshema girl Durga; Peaceful; Tranquil Favourite Kshema names
Kshipra kshipra girl Name of a river in India Favourite Kshipra names
Kshirin kshirin girl Flower Favourite Kshirin names
Kshiti kshiti girl Earth Favourite Kshiti names
Kshitidhar boy Mountain Favourite Kshitidhar names
Kuber, Kuberchand boy God of wealth Favourite Kuber, Kuberchand names
Kuhu kuhu girl The sweet note of the bird Favourite Kuhu names
Kulavardhini kulavardhini girl Developer Of The Race Favourite Kulavardhini names
Kulbhushan boy Ornament of family Favourite Kulbhushan names
Kulik boy Well born Favourite Kulik names
Kumaravel boy Lord Murugan Favourite Kumaravel names
Kumudha kumudha girl Beautiful like the Kumudham Flower,Kumudham,Kumudhini Favourite Kumudha names
Kunda boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Kunda names
Kundini kundini girl An assemblage of Jasmines Favourite Kundini names
Kunja boy Grove of trees Favourite Kunja names
Kunjalata kunjalata girl Wild climber plant Favourite Kunjalata names
Kuntal kuntal girl Hair Favourite Kuntal names
Kunwar boy A prince Favourite Kunwar names
Kurinji kurinji girl Special, Flower which blooms once in twelve years Favourite Kurinji names
Kusagra boy A king Favourite Kusagra names
Kushagra boy Intelligent Favourite Kushagra names
Kusum kusum girl A Flower Favourite Kusum names
Kusumesh boy Lord of flowers Favourite Kusumesh names
Kusumita kusumita girl Blossomed Favourite Kusumita names
Kuvira kuvira girl Courageous woman Favourite Kuvira names
Labangalata labangalata girl A flowering creeper Favourite Labangalata names
Labh boy Profit Favourite Labh names
Labuki labuki girl Musical instrument Favourite Labuki names
Laghuvi laghuvi girl Tender Favourite Laghuvi names
Lajni lajni girl Shy Favourite Lajni names
Laksha laksha girl A White Rose Favourite Laksha names
Lakshmi lakshmi girl Goddess Of Wealth, Wife Of Lord Vishnu Favourite Lakshmi names
Lakshmikant boy Husband of Goddess Lakshmi; Lord Vishnu Favourite Lakshmikant names
Lakshminarayanan boy Lord Perumal Favourite Lakshminarayanan names
Laksman boy Son of King Dasharatha and Sumitra; Lucky; Brother of Lord Ram Favourite Laksman names
Lalamani lalamani girl Ruby Favourite Lalamani names
Lalan boy Nurturing Favourite Lalan names
Lalima lalima girl Redness Favourite Lalima names
Lalit boy Handsome; Beautiful Favourite Lalit names
Lalith boy Of Great Beauty, Beautiful Favourite Lalith names
Lalitlochan boy One with beautiful eyes Favourite Lalitlochan names
Lankesh boy Ravana Favourite Lankesh names
Lata lata girl A Creeper Favourite Lata names
Latikara latikara girl Mass of creepers Favourite Latikara names
Lavali lavali girl Love Favourite Lavali names
Lavana boy Handsome Favourite Lavana names
Lavanya lavanya girl Grace; Beauty Favourite Lavanya names
Laxmi laxmi girl Goddess Of Wealth Favourite Laxmi names
Layak boy Capable Favourite Layak names
Leela leela girl divine play, amusement Favourite Leela names
Leelawati leelawati girl Goddess Durga; Playful Favourite Leelawati names
Lekisha lekisha girl Life Favourite Lekisha names
Leora leora girl Light Favourite Leora names
Lily lily girl A flower Favourite Lily names
Lingan boy God Sivan Favourite Lingan names
Lipika lipika girl Short letter Favourite Lipika names
Lochana lochana girl Eye Favourite Lochana names
Lohendra boy Lord of three worlds Favourite Lohendra names
Lohini lohini girl Red skinned Favourite Lohini names
Lohitaksha boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Lohitaksha names
Lokajanani lokajanani girl Lakshmi; Mother Of The World Favourite Lokajanani names
Lokakriti boy Creator of the World. Favourite Lokakriti names
Lokesh boy King of world Favourite Lokesh names
Lola lola girl Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Lola names
Lomash boy A sage Favourite Lomash names
Lopa lopa girl Wife of sage Favourite Lopa names
Lukesh boy King of the empire Favourite Lukesh names
Maagh boy Name of a Hindu month Favourite Maagh names
Maandhata boy An ancient King Favourite Maandhata names
Maargali maargali girl Name of an Auspicious Month Favourite Maargali names
Madan boy Cupid, god of love Favourite Madan names
Madeeha madeeha girl Praiseworthy Favourite Madeeha names
Madhav boy Sweet like honey, Krishna Favourite Madhav names
Madhavan boy Lord Krishna Favourite Madhavan names
Madhu boy Honey, nectar Favourite Madhu names
Madhul madhul girl Sweet Favourite Madhul names
Madhumathi madhumathi girl Delight Moon Favourite Madhumathi names
Madhup boy A bee Favourite Madhup names
Madhura madhura girl Sugar Favourite Madhura names
Madhurank boy Lovely scene. Favourite Madhurank names
Madhusudhana boy Krishna, one who killed demon Madhu Favourite Madhusudhana names
Madira madira girl Nectar Favourite Madira names
Magana magana girl Engrossed Favourite Magana names
Mahabahu boy One with strong arms ( Arjun ) Favourite Mahabahu names
Mahagauri mahagauri girl Goddess Durga Favourite Mahagauri names
Mahaketu boy Lord Shiva Favourite Mahaketu names
Mahanidhi boy A great treasure house Favourite Mahanidhi names
Mahapurush boy Great Being, Lord Rama Favourite Mahapurush names
Maharshi boy A great saint Favourite Maharshi names
Mahasri mahasri girl Goddess Laxmi Favourite Mahasri names
Mahatapas boy Great Meditator Favourite Mahatapas names
Mahatru boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Mahatru names
Maheepati boy The king Favourite Maheepati names
Mahesh boy Lord Shiva; A great ruler Favourite Mahesh names
Maheshwaram boy Lord of The Universe Favourite Maheshwaram names
Maheshwari maheshwari girl Goddess Durga Favourite Maheshwari names
Mahilan boy Cheerful; Happy Favourite Mahilan names
Mahipal boy A king Favourite Mahipal names
Mahir boy Expert Favourite Mahir names
Mahish boy Ceremoniously crowned king Favourite Mahish names
Mahith boy Honoured Favourite Mahith names
Maina maina girl A bird Favourite Maina names
Makshi makshi girl Honey Bee Favourite Makshi names
Makul boy A bud Favourite Makul names
MalaiSami boy God of the hills; God Murugan Favourite MalaiSami names
Malaravan boy Gentle like a Flower Favourite Malaravan names
Malashree malashree girl An early evening melody Favourite Malashree names
Malati malati girl A jasmine flower Favourite Malati names
Malav boy Ansh Of Laxmi Favourite Malav names
Malayamarut boy Breeze from mountains. Favourite Malayamarut names
Malik boy Master; King Favourite Malik names
Malina malina girl Dark Favourite Malina names
Malti malti girl A jasmine flower Favourite Malti names
Manaal manaal girl Attainment; Achievement Favourite Manaal names
Manajith boy One who conquered the mind Favourite Manajith names
Manas boy Mind Favourite Manas names
Manasa manasa girl Conceived In The Mind Favourite Manasa names
Manasi boy Born of the mind Favourite Manasi names
Manda manda girl A river Favourite Manda names
Mandan boy Adorning Favourite Mandan names
Mandavya boy Name of a sage. Favourite Mandavya names
Mandeep boy Light of the mind Favourite Mandeep names
Mandin boy Delighting Favourite Mandin names
Mandira mandira girl Home Favourite Mandira names
Manendra boy King of mind Favourite Manendra names
Mangalesh boy Auspicious person. Favourite Mangalesh names
Mani mani girl Gem; A jewel Favourite Mani names
Manidhar boy Snake with jewel in its hood Favourite Manidhar names
Manikant boy The Blue Jewel Favourite Manikant names
Manikantan, Manikandan boy One with a bell around his neck Favourite Manikantan, Manikandan names
Manini manini girl Self respecting Favourite Manini names
Manish boy Wise; A profound thinker Favourite Manish names
Manit boy Highly respected Favourite Manit names
Maniya maniya girl A glass bead Favourite Maniya names
Manjughosh boy Sweet sounding recitation Favourite Manjughosh names
Manjula manjula girl Melodious Favourite Manjula names
Manjusha manjusha girl A box of jewels; Treasure chest; Lady with a Sweet Voice Favourite Manjusha names
Manjyot boy Light of the mind Favourite Manjyot names
Manna manna girl Heavenly Favourite Manna names
Mannan boy Meditate Favourite Mannan names
Mannith boy Chosen Favourite Mannith names
Manomay boy Conqueror of Ones Heart Favourite Manomay names
Manorath boy Desire Favourite Manorath names
Manville boy From the great estate. Marc The god of war. Of Mars. Warlike. Favourite Manville names
Manya manya girl Worthy of honour Favourite Manya names
Manyu boy Mind Favourite Manyu names
Maraam boy Aspiration Favourite Maraam names
Mario boy Warlike. Favourite Mario names
Marisa marisa girl Mother of Daksa Favourite Marisa names
Marlon boy Falcon. Favourite Marlon names
Marsden boy From the marsh valley. Favourite Marsden names
Martanda boy The sun Favourite Martanda names
Martinus boy A form of Martin. Favourite Martinus names
Marukatam boy Emerald. Favourite Marukatam names
Marutatmaj boy Most Beloved Like Gems Favourite Marutatmaj names
Marvin boy Sea friend. Favourite Marvin names
Maryam maryam girl Name of Mother of Jesus Favourite Maryam names
Matheysh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Matheysh names
Matthew boy Gift of Jehovah. Favourite Matthew names
Mausumi mausumi girl beauty, monsoon wind Favourite Mausumi names
Mayer boy Farmer Favourite Mayer names
Mayil mayil girl Full of grace, like a peacock Favourite Mayil names
Mayilan boy Another name for God Murugan; similar to Mayur Favourite Mayilan names
Mayon boy The black God Favourite Mayon names
Mayukhi mayukhi girl Peahen Favourite Mayukhi names
Mayur boy Peacock Favourite Mayur names
Medhansh boy Who born with Intelligence Favourite Medhansh names
Medini medini girl The earth Favourite Medini names
Meera meera girl A devotee of Lord Krishna Favourite Meera names
Meet boy Friend Favourite Meet names
Megh-naad boy Roar of clouds Favourite Megh-naad names
Meghaj boy Pearl Favourite Meghaj names
Meghavini meghavini girl Intelligence Favourite Meghavini names
Meghnad boy Thunder Favourite Meghnad names
Meher meher girl Benevolence Favourite Meher names
Mehul boy Rain Favourite Mehul names
Mekhal boy Girdle, belt Favourite Mekhal names
Melanie melanie girl Dark skinned Favourite Melanie names
Mendel boy Of the mind. Favourite Mendel names
Michelle boy A form ofMichael. Favourite Michelle names
Mihir boy Sun Favourite Mihir names
Milana milana girl Union Favourite Milana names
Milford boy From the mill crossing. Favourite Milford names
Mills boy Of the mills. Favourite Mills names
Milton boy Of the mill town. Favourite Milton names
Minal minal girl A precious stone Favourite Minal names
Minnoli minnoli girl Brilliant like lightning Favourite Minnoli names
Misha misha girl Smile Favourite Misha names
Misri boy Mixed; Sweet Favourite Misri names
Mitchell boy Who is like god. Favourite Mitchell names
Mithi mithi girl Truthful Favourite Mithi names
Mitul mitul girl Measured; Moderate Favourite Mitul names
Moh boy Love Favourite Moh names
Mohak boy Attractive Favourite Mohak names
Mohanish boy attractive God, Krishna Favourite Mohanish names
Mohini mohini girl Very Beautiful Favourite Mohini names
Mohitha mohitha girl Infatuated Favourite Mohitha names
Moksh boy Mukti Favourite Moksh names
Moksin moksin girl Free Favourite Moksin names
Monika monika girl Durga Goddess Favourite Monika names
Monty boy Mountain Favourite Monty names
Morrison boy Son of Maurice. Favourite Morrison names
Moses boy Saved. Favourite Moses names
Moti boy Pearl Favourite Moti names
Mridini mridini girl Goddesss Parvati Favourite Mridini names
Mrigakshi mrigakshi girl One with deer- like beautiful eyes Favourite Mrigakshi names
Mriganka boy The moon Favourite Mriganka names
Mrigankshekhar boy One with moon on his head (i.e.Lord Shiva) Favourite Mrigankshekhar names
Mrigesh boy Lion Favourite Mrigesh names
Mrinendra boy Lion Favourite Mrinendra names
Mrittika mrittika girl Mother earth Favourite Mrittika names
Mubarak boy Congratulations Favourite Mubarak names
Mukkannan boy God Sivan Favourite Mukkannan names
Mukul boy Bud Favourite Mukul names
Mumtaz boy Conspicuous Favourite Mumtaz names
Muneendra boy Best among saints Favourite Muneendra names
Munish boy Lord Buddha Favourite Munish names
Murdock boy Prosperous seaman. Favourite Murdock names
Murray boy Sailor. Favourite Murray names
Murugan boy Lord Karthikeya Favourite Murugan names
Murugesh boy Lord Muruga Favourite Murugesh names
Musikvahana boy One who has mouse as charioteer Favourite Musikvahana names
Muthalagi muthalagi girl Beautiful like a Pearl Favourite Muthalagi names
Muthunagai muthunagai girl Smiles like a pearl Favourite Muthunagai names
Myron boy Pleasant. Fragrant. Favourite Myron names
Naagdhar boy One who wears cobra ( Lord Shiva) Favourite Naagdhar names
Naagpal boy Saviour of serpents ( the cobras ) Favourite Naagpal names
Naagraj boy king of serpents, Sheshnaag Favourite Naagraj names
Naanak boy First Sikh Guru Favourite Naanak names
Nabah nabah girl Nobel High, Sky Favourite Nabah names
Nabendu boy New moon Favourite Nabendu names
Nabhanya nabhanya girl Celestial Favourite Nabhanya names
Nabhij boy Lord Brahama Favourite Nabhij names
Nabhomani boy Jewel of the sky (sun) Favourite Nabhomani names
Nachiketa boy An ancient rishi, fire Favourite Nachiketa names
Nadia nadia girl The begining; First Favourite Nadia names
Nadin boy Lord of rivers Favourite Nadin names
Nafi boy One who brings profit. Profitable. Salutory. Advantageous. Useful. Good. Wholesome. One of the 7 celebrated readers of Quran. One of the 99 excellent names of god. Favourite Nafi names
Nagasri nagasri girl Wealth of serpents Favourite Nagasri names
Nagesh boy Seshnag, Cosmic Serpent Favourite Nagesh names
Nagpal boy Saviour Of Serpents Favourite Nagpal names
Nahush boy Name of an ancient King Favourite Nahush names
Naija naija girl Daughter Of Wisdom Favourite Naija names
Naishada naishada girl Poetry Favourite Naishada names
Naitik boy Good In Nature Favourite Naitik names
Najwa najwa girl Confidential talk; Secret conversation Favourite Najwa names
Nakshatra boy Star Favourite Nakshatra names
Nalak boy A little boy who whole heartedly worshipper of lord Buddha Favourite Nalak names
Nalinaksh boy Lotus -eyed Favourite Nalinaksh names
Nalini nalini girl Lotus; Mother of the Vedas; Goddess Gayatri Favourite Nalini names
Nallavan boy Benevolent Favourite Nallavan names
Namasyu boy Bowing Favourite Namasyu names
Nambini nambini girl Confident and Sweet Favourite Nambini names
Namish boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Namish names
Namita namita girl Humble; Devotee Favourite Namita names
Nana boy Father of the mother; Grandfather Favourite Nana names
Nancy nancy girl Grace Favourite Nancy names
Nand-nandan boy Lord Krishna Favourite Nand-nandan names
Nandakishor boy wiz-kid, Lord Krishna Favourite Nandakishor names
Nandlal boy Lord Krishna Favourite Nandlal names
Nangai nangai girl Cultured lady Favourite Nangai names
NanMaaran boy Benevolent and Brave Favourite NanMaaran names
Naotau boy New Favourite Naotau names
Narada boy Name of a sage who carries news from one place to another. Devotee of Vishnu. Favourite Narada names
Narendra boy King of men Favourite Narendra names
Narendra; Narinder boy King of men Favourite Narendra; Narinder names
Narhari boy Man-lion ( Nara simha) Favourite Narhari names
Narinder boy King of men Favourite Narinder names
Narmada narmada girl Mother Of The Vedas, A River In India Favourite Narmada names
Narottam boy Best among men Favourite Narottam names
Naruna boy Leader of men Favourite Naruna names
Natasha natasha girl Child of christmas; Born on Christmas Favourite Natasha names
Natesh boy King Favourite Natesh names
Natraj boy King among actors Favourite Natraj names
Navaj boy Newly Born Favourite Navaj names
Navami navami girl New Favourite Navami names
Naveen boy New Favourite Naveen names
Naveta naveta girl New Favourite Naveta names
Naviya naviya girl New Favourite Naviya names
Navroz boy A Parsee festival Favourite Navroz names
Nawalkishor boy Lord Krishna Favourite Nawalkishor names
Nawar nawar girl Flower Favourite Nawar names
Nayath boy Leading Favourite Nayath names
Nayonika nayonika girl One with expressive eye Favourite Nayonika names
Nazeera nazeera girl Like; Equal; Matching Favourite Nazeera names
NedunCheliyan boy Prosperous Favourite NedunCheliyan names
Neelabh boy object in the sky ( cloud, moon) Favourite Neelabh names
Neelamani boy Blue jewel Favourite Neelamani names
Neelambari neelambari girl A raagini Favourite Neelambari names
Neelanjan boy Blue Favourite Neelanjan names
Neelkamal boy Blue lotus Favourite Neelkamal names
Neelmadhav boy Lord Jagannath Favourite Neelmadhav names
Neerad boy Clouds Favourite Neerad names
Neeta neeta girl Upright Favourite Neeta names
Neha neha girl Rain; Love Favourite Neha names
Nehal nehal girl Rainy; Handsome Favourite Nehal names
Neol boy Birthday.Christmas. Favourite Neol names
Neriyaal neriyaal girl With Good Character,Neriya Favourite Neriyaal names
Nevan boy Little saint. Favourite Nevan names
Nida nida girl Call Favourite Nida names
Nideeshwaram boy Giver of Wealth and Treasures Favourite Nideeshwaram names
Nihaar boy Fog Favourite Nihaar names
Niharika niharika girl Dew Drops Favourite Niharika names
Niket boy Home Favourite Niket names
Nikhil boy complete, whole Favourite Nikhil names
Nikhila nikhila girl Complete Favourite Nikhila names
Nikita nikita girl Victorious; Unconquered; Earth; Ganges Favourite Nikita names
Nikunja boy Enchanting Favourite Nikunja names
Nilani nilani girl Enchanting Moon Favourite Nilani names
Nilavoli nilavoli girl Ray of light from the moon Favourite Nilavoli names
Nilay boy home, abode Favourite Nilay names
Nilesh boy Another name of Krishna; Blue God Favourite Nilesh names
Nima nima girl The Mother Of Kabir Favourite Nima names
Nimish boy Lord Vishnu; Momentary Favourite Nimish names
Ninarika ninarika girl Misty Favourite Ninarika names
Niraj boy Lotus flower Favourite Niraj names
Niral niral girl Unique,Calm Favourite Niral names
Niramitra boy Son of pandava Sahadeva Favourite Niramitra names
Nirav boy without sound, silent Favourite Nirav names
Nirijhar boy Waterful Favourite Nirijhar names
Nirmala nirmala girl Pure Favourite Nirmala names
Nirmalya boy Pure Favourite Nirmalya names
Nirmit boy Created Favourite Nirmit names
Nischay boy Decided Favourite Nischay names
Nisha nisha girl Night Favourite Nisha names
Nishad boy Seventh note on Indian musical scale Favourite Nishad names
Nishant boy end of night, dawn Favourite Nishant names
Nishchal boy Unmovable, Unshakable Favourite Nishchal names
Nishi nishi girl Alert; Getting stronger Favourite Nishi names
Nishikar boy Moon (Lord of night) Favourite Nishikar names
Nishkama boy Selfless Favourite Nishkama names
Nisita nisita girl Night Favourite Nisita names
Niteesh boy the God of law, one well versed in law Favourite Niteesh names
Nithilam nithilam girl Pure like the pearl Favourite Nithilam names
Nitima nitima girl Girl of principles Favourite Nitima names
Nitin boy New; Master of the right path Favourite Nitin names
Nitya boy Regular Favourite Nitya names
Nityasundar boy Ever good-looking Favourite Nityasundar names
Nivedita nivedita girl One dedicated to service of god Favourite Nivedita names
Nivrutti boy Separation from world Favourite Nivrutti names
Nolan boy Noble. Renowned. Favourite Nolan names
Noopur noopur girl Anklet Favourite Noopur names
Norris boy From the North. Favourite Norris names
Noshi noshi girl Sweet Favourite Noshi names
Nripendra boy The king of kings Favourite Nripendra names
Nrupal boy King. Favourite Nrupal names
Nuha nuha girl Intrelligence; Mind Favourite Nuha names
Nupoor nupoor girl Anklet Favourite Nupoor names
Nusrat nusrat girl Help Favourite Nusrat names
Nutan boy New. Novel. Modern. Latest. Favourite Nutan names
Nyneishia nyneishia girl Indian princess Favourite Nyneishia names
Obalesh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Obalesh names
Ohileshwar boy Shiva. Favourite Ohileshwar names
Ojas boy Body Strength; Light; Virility; Energy Favourite Ojas names
Ojaswini ojaswini girl Lustrous Favourite Ojaswini names
Ojaswit boy Powerful.Radiant. Favourite Ojaswit names
Olichudar olichudar girl Brilliant Favourite Olichudar names
Olimani olimani girl Brilliant Favourite Olimani names
Om boy Omkar; Creation; The essence of life Favourite Om names
Om Prakash boy The light of creation; Light of the essence of life Favourite Om Prakash names
Oma oma girl Life giver Favourite Oma names
Omeshwar boy Lord of the Om Favourite Omeshwar names
Omisha omisha girl Goddess Of Birth And Death Favourite Omisha names
Omkarnath boy Lord of Omkaar, Shiva Favourite Omkarnath names
Omswaroop boy Manifestation of divinity Favourite Omswaroop names
Omvati omvati girl Sacred, Having the power of Om Favourite Omvati names
Oojam boy Enthusiasm Favourite Oojam names
Oparna oparna girl Parvathi Favourite Oparna names
Oppilan boy Peerless Gem Favourite Oppilan names
Ori boy Charitable king Favourite Ori names
Orpita orpita girl Offering Favourite Orpita names
Oshma oshma girl Summer season Favourite Oshma names
Osho boy Dear Favourite Osho names
Ottakoothan boy Poet Favourite Ottakoothan names
Oviya oviya girl Artist, Beautiful drawing Favourite Oviya names
Paaninee boy A Sanskrit grammarian Favourite Paaninee names
Paarthiv boy Earthly Favourite Paarthiv names
Paavai paavai girl Beautiful girl Favourite Paavai names
Paawan boy Pure Favourite Paawan names
Pablo boy Little. Favourite Pablo names
Padam boy Lotus Favourite Padam names
Padmaj boy Lord Brahama Favourite Padmaj names
Padmajai padmajai girl Born From Lotus, Lakshmi Favourite Padmajai names
Padmal padmal girl Lotus Favourite Padmal names
Padmalochana padmalochana girl Lotus eyed Favourite Padmalochana names
Padman boy Lotus Favourite Padman names
Padmarekha padmarekha girl Lotus- like lines on palm which are considered to be sign of good luck Favourite Padmarekha names
Padmayani boy Lord Brahama; Buddha Favourite Padmayani names
Padmini padmini girl Lotus Favourite Padmini names
Pagalavan boy Sun; Radiant Favourite Pagalavan names
Pakshalika pakshalika girl On The Right Path Favourite Pakshalika names
Pakshiraj boy King of birds. Garuda. Favourite Pakshiraj names
Palaksi palaksi girl White Favourite Palaksi names
Palanikumar boy Another name for Lord Murugan Favourite Palanikumar names
Palash boy Tree Favourite Palash names
Pallav boy Young shoots and leaves; The younger one Favourite Pallav names
Pallavini pallavini girl With new leaves Favourite Pallavini names
Pamela pamela girl Honey Favourite Pamela names
Pamposh boy Lotus Flower Favourite Pamposh names
Panchali panchali girl Princess Favourite Panchali names
Pandalavasan boy One who lives in Pandala (Place) Favourite Pandalavasan names
Pandita boy Scholar Favourite Pandita names
Panduranga boy With pale white complexion Favourite Panduranga names
Panini boy The great scholar-grammarian Favourite Panini names
Pankaj boy Lotus Flower Favourite Pankaj names
Pankaja pankaja girl Lotus Favourite Pankaja names
Pankajan boy Lotus; Lord Vishnu Favourite Pankajan names
Pann-gesh boy King of serpents Favourite Pann-gesh names
Panna panna girl Name of a jewel Favourite Panna names
Papiha papiha girl A sweet singing bird Favourite Papiha names
Parakram boy Strength Favourite Parakram names
Parama parama girl The best Favourite Parama names
Paramahamsa boy A sage of highest order (Eg:Ramakrishna Paramahamsa). Favourite Paramahamsa names
Paramartha boy Highest or divine truth Favourite Paramartha names
Paramhansa boy Supreme soul Favourite Paramhansa names
Paramita paramita girl Wisdom Favourite Paramita names
Paran boy Beauty, Glory, Ornament Favourite Paran names
Parantap boy Conquerrer Favourite Parantap names
Parashar boy A renowned saint Favourite Parashar names
Paratpara boy Greatest of the Greats Favourite Paratpara names
Paravi paravi girl Bird Favourite Paravi names
Parees boy Touch stone Favourite Parees names
Pari boy Charitable prince Favourite Pari names
Paridhi paridhi girl Realm Favourite Paridhi names
Parighosh boy Loud sound Favourite Parighosh names
Pariket boy Against desire Favourite Pariket names
Parin boy Another name for Lord Ganesha Favourite Parin names
Pariyat pariyat girl Flower Favourite Pariyat names
Parmaarth boy highest truth, salvation Favourite Parmaarth names
Parmeet boy Wisdom Favourite Parmeet names
Parmita parmita girl Wisdom Favourite Parmita names
Parnad boy A Brahmin in the epics Favourite Parnad names
Parnavi parnavi girl Bird Favourite Parnavi names
Parnita parnita girl Auspicious Apsara Favourite Parnita names
Partap boy Glory; Vigour; Strength Favourite Partap names
Parth boy Name given by Lord Krishna to Arjun; The person who never misses his target Favourite Parth names
Partha boy Arjun, king Favourite Partha names
Parthasarathi boy Charioteer of Partha (Lord Krishna) Favourite Parthasarathi names
Paru; Paro paru;xxparo girl Master; Furnished; Knowledge Favourite Paru; Paro names
Parvateshwar boy God Of Mountains, Himalaya Favourite Parvateshwar names
Parveen parveen girl A Star Favourite Parveen names
Pascal boy Pass over. Name of a Mathemetician. Favourite Pascal names
Pasha pasha girl Bond Favourite Pasha names
Pashupati boy lord of animals, Lord Shiva Favourite Pashupati names
Patakin boy Holder of a banner Favourite Patakin names
Pathak,Pataak boy Flag. Favourite Pathak,Pataak names
Patmanjari patmanjari girl A raga Favourite Patmanjari names
Patoj boy Lotus Favourite Patoj names
Pattu pattu girl Pattammal Favourite Pattu names
Pauravi pauravi girl Descendant from Puru Favourite Pauravi names
Pavak boy Fire Favourite Pavak names
Pavan boy Wind Favourite Pavan names
Pavankumar boy Bhim, Hanuman (son of the wind) Favourite Pavankumar names
Pavansut boy son of wind (Bhim, Hanuman) Favourite Pavansut names
Paveena paveena girl Freshness,purity Favourite Paveena names
Pawan boy Air Favourite Pawan names
Payal payal girl Anklet Favourite Payal names
Paz boy Peace. Favourite Paz names
Peetambar boy Yellow robed Favourite Peetambar names
Pehr pehr girl Phase/ Time Of Day. Favourite Pehr names
Peralagi peralagi girl Girl of Great Beauty,Alagi,Peralagu Favourite Peralagi names
Perumudi boy Great King Favourite Perumudi names
Phalgun boy A month of the Hindu Calendar Favourite Phalgun names
Phani boy Snake Favourite Phani names
Phanindra boy . king of gods Favourite Phanindra names
Phelan boy Wolf. Favourite Phelan names
Phiroza phiroza girl Turquoise Favourite Phiroza names
Pia pia girl Beloved Favourite Pia names
Piki boy Cuckoo Favourite Piki names
Pinak boy Shiv Dhanush Favourite Pinak names
Pinaki boy Lord Krishna Favourite Pinaki names
Pingalaksha boy Pink eyed Favourite Pingalaksha names
Pingla pingla girl Goddess Durga Favourite Pingla names
Pitambara boy One who has Yellow-Colored Body Favourite Pitambara names
Pival pival girl A Tree Favourite Pival names
Piyali piyali girl A Tree Favourite Piyali names
Piyush boy Nectar; Amrit; Sweet water Favourite Piyush names
Ponmala boy Sabari hill Favourite Ponmala names
PonMalar ponmalar girl Golden Flower Favourite PonMalar names
Ponnan boy Precious Favourite Ponnan names
Ponni ponni girl Golden,River Kaveri,Kaveri Favourite Ponni names
Pooja; Puja pooja;xxpuja girl Prayer; Worship Favourite Pooja; Puja names
Poonam poonam girl Full Moon Favourite Poonam names
Poonish boy Lord of the pious Favourite Poonish names
Poornamruth boy Full of sweetness. Favourite Poornamruth names
Poornima; Purnima poornima;xxpurnima girl Full Moon; The night of the full moon Favourite Poornima; Purnima names
Poorvaganga poorvaganga girl River Narmada Favourite Poorvaganga names
Poorvi poorvi girl A classical melody Favourite Poorvi names
Poushali poushali girl Of the month Poush Favourite Poushali names
Poyyamoli boy Prophetic; Smart Favourite Poyyamoli names
Prabhanjan boy Dust Storm; Tempest Favourite Prabhanjan names
Prabhu boy God Favourite Prabhu names
Prabodh boy Vigilance; Waking Favourite Prabodh names
Prabodhan boy Knowledge Favourite Prabodhan names
Prachetas boy Energy Favourite Prachetas names
Pradeepta pradeepta girl Glowing Favourite Pradeepta names
Pradhi boy Intelligent Favourite Pradhi names
Pradyot boy To illuminate Favourite Pradyot names
Praffula praffula girl In bloom Favourite Praffula names
Praful boy Blooming Favourite Praful names
Pragati pragati girl Progress Favourite Pragati names
Pragun boy Straight; Honest Favourite Pragun names
Pragyaparamita pragyaparamita girl Wise Favourite Pragyaparamita names
Prajakta prajakta girl Fragnant Flower Favourite Prajakta names
Prajeet boy Victorious Favourite Prajeet names
Prajvala boy Flame Favourite Prajvala names
Prakash boy Light; Bright Favourite Prakash names
Prakruthi prakruthi girl Weather Favourite Prakruthi names
Prama prama girl Knowledge of truth Favourite Prama names
Pramiti pramiti girl Knowledge of truth Favourite Pramiti names
Pranati pranati girl Prayer Favourite Pranati names
Pranav boy Sound of Om Favourite Pranav names
Pranavi pranavi girl Goddess Parvathi Favourite Pranavi names
Pranita pranita girl Promoted Favourite Pranita names
Pranjal boy Simple; Straightforward Favourite Pranjal names
Prantika prantika girl End Favourite Prantika names
Prashansa prashansa girl Praise Favourite Prashansa names
Prashant boy Very Calm; Peaceful Favourite Prashant names
Prashanti prashanti girl Peace Favourite Prashanti names
Pratap boy Glory; Vigour; Strength Favourite Pratap names
Prateek boy Symbol Favourite Prateek names
Prathamesh boy Ganpati Favourite Prathamesh names
Prathysha prathysha girl Early morning, from Sanskrit word Prathyusham Favourite Prathysha names
Pratibha pratibha girl Talent Favourite Pratibha names
Pratik boy Symbol Favourite Pratik names
Pratiksha pratiksha girl Wait Favourite Pratiksha names
Pratitha pratitha girl Well known Favourite Pratitha names
Praveena praveena girl Skilled Favourite Praveena names
Praveer boy An excellent warrior; Brave one; Hero Favourite Praveer names
Prayag boy Confluence of Ganga-Jamuna-Saraswati; A city in India called Allahabad Favourite Prayag names
Prbhavati prbhavati girl A raagini, Wife of Sun Favourite Prbhavati names
Preeti preeti girl Love Favourite Preeti names
Prema prema girl Love Favourite Prema names
Prerana prerana girl Inspiration Favourite Prerana names
Prerita prerita girl To Inspire Favourite Prerita names
Prestha prestha girl Dearest Favourite Prestha names
Prithika prithika girl Flower Favourite Prithika names
Priti priti girl Satisfaction Favourite Priti names
Pritilata pritilata girl A creeper of love Favourite Pritilata names
Priyadarshini priyadarshini girl Lovely Favourite Priyadarshini names
Priyam priyam girl Beloved Favourite Priyam names
Priyasha priyasha girl Dear one Favourite Priyasha names
Promita promita girl Idol Favourite Promita names
Puja puja girl Worship Favourite Puja names
Pulak pulak girl Joy,Gem Favourite Pulak names
Punarnava punarnava girl A star Favourite Punarnava names
Punita punita girl Sacred, Holy Favourite Punita names
Purala purala girl Durga Favourite Purala names
Purshottam; Purushottam boy Best Man Favourite Purshottam; Purushottam names
Purumitra boy Friend of city Favourite Purumitra names
Puruvi puruvi girl From the east Favourite Puruvi names
Purvi purvi girl From the east Favourite Purvi names
Pusan boy A sage Favourite Pusan names
Pushp-mitra boy An ancient ruler Favourite Pushp-mitra names
Pushpagandha pushpagandha girl Juhi flower Favourite Pushpagandha names
Pushpaka boy R the spring season (Vasant), flower season Favourite Pushpaka names
Putholi putholi girl New Light Favourite Putholi names
Raaka raaka girl Full moon Favourite Raaka names
Rabeea rabeea girl Garden Favourite Rabeea names
Rachana rachana girl Arrangement; Construction; Creation Favourite Rachana names
Rachna rachna girl Creation Favourite Rachna names
Radha Krishna boy Sri Krishna with Radha. Favourite Radha Krishna names
Radhani radhani girl Worship Favourite Radhani names
Radhika radhika girl Radha, lover of Lord Krishna Favourite Radhika names
Ragini ragini girl A Melody Favourite Ragini names
Raheem boy Merciful Favourite Raheem names
Rahul boy Son of Lord Buddha; Efficient; Capable; Conqueror of all miseries/sadness Favourite Rahul names
Raima raima girl Pleasing; Rama of the axe ( origin - Sanskrit : Root: Rama) Favourite Raima names
Raj boy King; Rule; Kingdom; Monarch Favourite Raj names
Rajahansa rajahansa girl Swan Favourite Rajahansa names
Rajalakshmi rajalakshmi girl Goddess lakshmi Favourite Rajalakshmi names
Rajan boy King Favourite Rajan names
Rajasi rajasi girl Goddesss Durga Favourite Rajasi names
Rajatanabhi boy Very Rich. Lord Vishnu Favourite Rajatanabhi names
Rajdulari boy Dear princess Favourite Rajdulari names
Rajendrakumar boy King Favourite Rajendrakumar names
Rajeshri rajeshri girl Queen Favourite Rajeshri names
Rajhans rajhans girl Swan Favourite Rajhans names
Rajika rajika girl Lamp Favourite Rajika names
Rajiv boy Lotus Flower Favourite Rajiv names
Rajivini rajivini girl Collection of blue lotuses Favourite Rajivini names
Rajni rajni girl Night Favourite Rajni names
Rajnish boy God Of Night (moon) Favourite Rajnish names
Rajshri rajshri girl Sage-like king Favourite Rajshri names
Rajvi rajvi girl Queen Favourite Rajvi names
Rajyeshwar boy King Favourite Rajyeshwar names
Rakesh boy Lord of the night; Moon Favourite Rakesh names
Rakshak boy Who protects. Favourite Rakshak names
Ram Prasad boy Gift of Lord Rama. Favourite Ram Prasad names
Rama rama girl Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Rama names
Ramaa ramaa girl Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Ramaa names
Ramadeep boy Lord Rama Favourite Ramadeep names
Raman boy Pleasing; Charming; Gratifying; Beloved Favourite Raman names
Ramana ramana girl Pleasing; Delightful,Enchanting Favourite Ramana names
Ramanathan boy God Raman Favourite Ramanathan names
Ramappan boy God Raman Favourite Ramappan names
Rambha rambha girl Celestial Dancer Favourite Rambha names
Ramchandra boy Lord Rama Favourite Ramchandra names
Ramesh boy Ruler of Rama; Lord Vishnu Favourite Ramesh names
Ramita ramita girl Pleasing Favourite Ramita names
Ramith boy Loved Favourite Ramith names
Ramkumar boy Lord Rama Favourite Ramkumar names
Ramu boy Vishnu Favourite Ramu names
Ramya ramya girl Enchanting Favourite Ramya names
Ranajit boy Victorious Favourite Ranajit names
Randhir boy Brave Favourite Randhir names
Rangarajan boy Hindu God Name-Vishnu Favourite Rangarajan names
Rangitha rangitha girl Charmed Favourite Rangitha names
Ranhitha ranhitha girl Swift Favourite Ranhitha names
Ranjan boy Delighting; Enjoyment Favourite Ranjan names
Ranjika ranjika girl Exciting Favourite Ranjika names
Ranjita ranjita girl Adorned Favourite Ranjita names
Ranya ranya girl Pleasant Favourite Ranya names
Rao boy Surname. Favourite Rao names
Rasesh boy Lord Krishna Favourite Rasesh names
Rashmi rashmi girl A ray of light Favourite Rashmi names
Ratan boy Precious stone Favourite Ratan names
Ratanjali ratanjali girl Red sandal wood Favourite Ratanjali names
Rathin boy Celestial Favourite Rathin names
RathinaVelan boy See RathinaVel Favourite RathinaVelan names
Ratnabali ratnabali girl String of pearls Favourite Ratnabali names
Ratnabhu boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Ratnabhu names
Ratnamala ratnamala girl String of pearls Favourite Ratnamala names
Ratnapriya ratnapriya girl Lover of jewels Favourite Ratnapriya names
Ratnatej boy One who shines like a gem. Favourite Ratnatej names
Ravi boy Sun Favourite Ravi names
Ravikeerti boy Whose Fame Is Like Sun Favourite Ravikeerti names
Ravinder boy Sun Favourite Ravinder names
Ravindranath boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Ravindranath names
Raviprabha raviprabha girl Light of the sun Favourite Raviprabha names
Ravisharan boy Surrender Favourite Ravisharan names
Rebanta boy A son of surya Favourite Rebanta names
Reema reema girl White antelope Favourite Reema names
Rehmat boy Mercy Favourite Rehmat names
Rekha rekha girl Line Favourite Rekha names
Renesh boy Lord of love Favourite Renesh names
Renu renu girl Atom; Grain of sand Favourite Renu names
Renuka renuka girl The mother of Parasurma, the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu Favourite Renuka names
Resham resham girl Silk Favourite Resham names
Rewa rewa girl Swift Favourite Rewa names
Richa richa girl Verses Of Sanskrit Favourite Richa names
Richard boy Rich and powerful ruler. Favourite Richard names
Riju boy Innocent Favourite Riju names
Rijuta rijuta girl Innocence Favourite Rijuta names
Rina rina girl Dissolved Favourite Rina names
Rio boy River. Favourite Rio names
Rishab boy Superior Favourite Rishab names
Rishima rishima girl Moonbeam Favourite Rishima names
Rishit boy The best Favourite Rishit names
Rishita rishita girl The best Favourite Rishita names
Ritesh boy Lord of Seasons; Lord of truth Favourite Ritesh names
Rithika rithika girl Brass Favourite Rithika names
Riti boy Motion Favourite Riti names
Ritsika ritsika girl Traditional Favourite Ritsika names
Ritu ritu girl Season Favourite Ritu names
Ritvaan boy Lord Favourite Ritvaan names
Ritvik boy Priest Favourite Ritvik names
Rizvan boy Harbinger Of Good News Favourite Rizvan names
Rochan boy Red Lotus; Bright Favourite Rochan names
Rochi rochi girl Light Favourite Rochi names
Roger boy Fame-spear. Favourite Roger names
Rohanlal boy Lord Krishna Favourite Rohanlal names
Rohin rohin girl Rrising Favourite Rohin names
Rohitashwa boy one with red horse, fire Favourite Rohitashwa names
Rolf boy Swift wolf. Favourite Rolf names
Roma roma girl Lakshmi Favourite Roma names
Romir boy Interesting Favourite Romir names
Ronin boy Lordless Samuri. Favourite Ronin names
Ronnie boy A Similar form of Ronald. Favourite Ronnie names
Roopa roopa girl Blessed with beauty Favourite Roopa names
Roopesh boy lord of beauty, handsome Favourite Roopesh names
Roshan roshan girl Bright Favourite Roshan names
Rosy rosy girl Deep Pink Favourite Rosy names
Rucha rucha girl Bright Favourite Rucha names
Ruchitha ruchitha girl Bright Favourite Ruchitha names
Rudra boy angry, Lord Shiva Favourite Rudra names
Rudrakali rudrakali girl Godess Durga Favourite Rudrakali names
Rugu rugu girl Soft Favourite Rugu names
Ruhan boy Spiritual Favourite Ruhan names
Rujul boy Proven Favourite Rujul names
Rujuta rujuta girl Honesty; Sincerity Favourite Rujuta names
Rukma boy Radiant, sun Favourite Rukma names
Ruma ruma girl Wife A Sugriva Favourite Ruma names
Rupal rupal girl Made Of Silver Favourite Rupal names
Rupam boy Beauty. Form.Shape. Favourite Rupam names
Rupasi rupasi girl Beautiful lady Favourite Rupasi names
Rupesh boy Lord of Beauty Favourite Rupesh names
Rupi rupi girl Beauty Favourite Rupi names
Rusham boy Peaceful Favourite Rusham names
Rustam boy Large, Very tall Favourite Rustam names
Ruth ruth girl Season Favourite Ruth names
Rutujit boy Conquerer of seasons Favourite Rutujit names
Rutva rutva girl Speech,Season Favourite Rutva names
Rwiju boy Straight, tall, erect Favourite Rwiju names
Saanjh saanjh girl Evening Favourite Saanjh names
Sabari boy One who lives in Sabari hill Favourite Sabari names
Sabrang boy Rainbow Favourite Sabrang names
Sachet boy Consciousness Favourite Sachet names
Sachin boy Pure; Lord Shiva; Existence; Essence Favourite Sachin names
Sachit boy Consciousness Favourite Sachit names
Sachita sachita girl Consciousness Favourite Sachita names
Sadaiappan boy Lord Siva Favourite Sadaiappan names
Sadanand boy always joyous, Lord Vishnu Favourite Sadanand names
Sadavir boy Ever courageous Favourite Sadavir names
Sadhan boy Pocessing Favourite Sadhan names
Sadhana sadhana girl Worship Favourite Sadhana names
Saee saee girl Female Friend Favourite Saee names
Safal boy Succeed Favourite Safal names
Sagar boy Sea Favourite Sagar names
Sagardutt boy Gift of ocean Favourite Sagardutt names
Saguna saguna girl Possessed Of Good Qualities Favourite Saguna names
Sahar boy Sun; Dawn Favourite Sahar names
Sahasrad boy Lord Shiva Favourite Sahasrad names
Sahat boy Stong Favourite Sahat names
Sahdev boy One of the Pandava princes Favourite Sahdev names
Sahil boy Guide; Shore; River Bank Favourite Sahil names
Sahira sahira girl Mountain Favourite Sahira names
Sai Ram boy Putaparti Sai Baba Favourite Sai Ram names
Saideep boy A Name For Sai Baba Favourite Saideep names
Saijayani saijayani girl Personification Of Victory. A Name For Shirdi Sai Baba Favourite Saijayani names
Sailadev boy Lord Shiva Favourite Sailadev names
Saipraasad boy Blessing Favourite Saipraasad names
Saish boy A Saint Favourite Saish names
Sajili sajili girl Decorated Favourite Sajili names
Sajiv boy Lively Favourite Sajiv names
Saju boy Travelling Favourite Saju names
Saket boy Lord Krishna Favourite Saket names
SakthiVel boy Another name for God Murugan Favourite SakthiVel names
Salarjung boy Beautiful Favourite Salarjung names
Salima salima girl Happy Favourite Salima names
Salman boy Peaceful. Favourite Salman names
Salvatore boy Savior. Favourite Salvatore names
Samajas boy Lord Shiva Favourite Samajas names
Samaya samaya girl Timeless Favourite Samaya names
Sambaran boy Restraint; an ancient king Favourite Sambaran names
Sambhddha boy Wise Favourite Sambhddha names
Samdarshi boy Lord Krishna Favourite Samdarshi names
Samhita boy A Vedic composition Favourite Samhita names
Samidha samidha girl An Offering For A Sacred Fire Favourite Samidha names
Samik boy Peaceful Favourite Samik names
Samir boy Cool Breeze Favourite Samir names
Samiran boy Breeze Favourite Samiran names
Sammath boy Agreed Favourite Sammath names
Sammathi sammathi girl Agreement Favourite Sammathi names
Sampoorn boy Complete Favourite Sampoorn names
Samriddhi samriddhi girl Prosperity Favourite Samriddhi names
Samskara boy Ethics Favourite Samskara names
Samta samta girl Equality Favourite Samta names
Samudra samudra girl Ocean,Sea Favourite Samudra names
Samvar boy Content Favourite Samvar names
Samyukta samyukta girl Goddess Durga Favourite Samyukta names
Sanabhi boy Related Favourite Sanabhi names
Sanatan boy Eternal Favourite Sanatan names
Sanchali sanchali girl Movement Favourite Sanchali names
Sanchit boy Collected Favourite Sanchit names
Sandeep boy A lighted lamp; Glowing Favourite Sandeep names
Sandeepen boy Lighting Favourite Sandeepen names
Sandesh boy Message Favourite Sandesh names
Sandhya sandhya girl Evening; Sundown; Twilight; Dusk Favourite Sandhya names
Sandip boy A lighted lamp; Glowing Favourite Sandip names
Sandy boy Defending Men Favourite Sandy names
Sanemi sanemi girl Perfect Favourite Sanemi names
SangiliMurugan boy Another name for God Murugan Favourite SangiliMurugan names
Sangupt boy Percectly hidden Favourite Sangupt names
Sangya sangya girl Intellect, Wife Of Surya Dev Favourite Sangya names
Sanika sanika girl Flute Favourite Sanika names
Sanjeevananagahatre boy Bearer of Sanjeevini Mount Favourite Sanjeevananagahatre names
Sanjita sanjita girl Triumphant; Successful; Victorious Favourite Sanjita names
Sanjog boy Coincidence Favourite Sanjog names
Sanjushree sanjushree girl Beautiful Favourite Sanjushree names
Sanket boy Signal Favourite Sanket names
Sanmitra boy True Friend Favourite Sanmitra names
Sannidhi boy Nearness, holy place Favourite Sannidhi names
Santati santati girl Granter Of Issues, Goddess Durga Favourite Santati names
Santosh boy Happiness Favourite Santosh names
Sanvi sanvi girl Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Sanvi names
Sanyam boy Self-control Favourite Sanyam names
Sapan boy Dream (Swapna) Favourite Sapan names
Saphala saphala girl Successful Favourite Saphala names
Saptarishi boy 7stars representing 7great saints Favourite Saptarishi names
Saral boy Simple Favourite Saral names
Sarala sarala girl Straight; Honest Favourite Sarala names
Saran boy Surrender Favourite Saran names
Sarang boy Spotted deer; A musical instrument Favourite Sarang names
Saransh boy In Brief Favourite Saransh names
Saraswati saraswati girl Goddess of wisdom Favourite Saraswati names
Sarat boy A sage Favourite Sarat names
SaravanaVel boy Another name for God Murugan Favourite SaravanaVel names
Sarika sarika girl Koel Favourite Sarika names
Sarish boy Equal Favourite Sarish names
Sarjena sarjena girl Creative Favourite Sarjena names
Saroj boy Lotus Favourite Saroj names
Sarupa sarupa girl Beautiful Favourite Sarupa names
Sarva boy Lord Krishna; Shiva Favourite Sarva names
Sarvadharin boy Lord Shiva Favourite Sarvadharin names
Sarvajit boy One who conquered everythinig. Favourite Sarvajit names
Sarvapalaka boy Protector of All. Lord Krishna Favourite Sarvapalaka names
Sarvasiddhanta boy Bestower of Skills and Wisdom Favourite Sarvasiddhanta names
Sarvesh boy Master of all, God, king Favourite Sarvesh names
Sashang boy Connected Favourite Sashang names
Sashi sashi girl Moon Favourite Sashi names
Sashwat boy Eternal Favourite Sashwat names
Sateendra boy Lord of truth Favourite Sateendra names
Satin boy Real Favourite Satin names
Satindra boy Lord Shiva Favourite Satindra names
Satpal boy Protector Favourite Satpal names
Satrijit boy Father Of Satyabhama, Wife Of Lord Krishna Favourite Satrijit names
Satvi satvi girl Existence Favourite Satvi names
Satyajeet boy Victory of truth Favourite Satyajeet names
Satyajit boy Victory of truth Favourite Satyajit names
Satyapriya boy Devoted to truth Favourite Satyapriya names
Satyashrawa boy That Who Hears Truth Favourite Satyashrawa names
Satyavan boy One who speaks truth Favourite Satyavan names
Satyen boy Lord of the truth Favourite Satyen names
Saumit boy Easy to get Favourite Saumit names
Saumitra boy Son of Sumitra; Lakshman Favourite Saumitra names
Saumya boy Handsome Favourite Saumya names
Saundarya saundarya girl Beautiful Favourite Saundarya names
Savitri savitri girl A Form Of The Devi Favourite Savitri names
Savya boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Savya names
Sawan boy A month of the Hindu Calendar Favourite Sawan names
Sayam boy Evening Favourite Sayam names
Sayantini sayantini girl Evening Favourite Sayantini names
Sayuri sayuri girl Flower Favourite Sayuri names
Scanda boy Lord Muruga Favourite Scanda names
Sean boy Variant of John. Favourite Sean names
Seetharaman boy Lord Sree Ram. Favourite Seetharaman names
Sejal sejal girl River water; Full of water Favourite Sejal names
Selvamuthu boy Prosperous Favourite Selvamuthu names
SelvaPandiyan boy Prosperous Favourite SelvaPandiyan names
SelvaVinayagam boy Prosperous, Vinayagam - Pillaiyar Favourite SelvaVinayagam names
Sendhil boy Lord Murugan Favourite Sendhil names
SendhilVel boy God Murugan Favourite SendhilVel names
Senmal boy The best Favourite Senmal names
Senthamarai boy Red Lotus Favourite Senthamarai names
Seshadri boy Shesha The King Of Serpents Adri hill Favourite Seshadri names
Setu setu girl Sacred symbol Favourite Setu names
Seva boy service, attendance, care Favourite Seva names
Shaant boy Peace and Calm Favourite Shaant names
Shabana shabana girl Decorated Favourite Shabana names
Shachin boy Lord Indra Favourite Shachin names
Shagun shagun girl Auspicious moment Favourite Shagun names
Shahalad boy Joy Favourite Shahalad names
Shail boy Mountain Favourite Shail names
Shailendra boy God of mountain ( Himalaya) Favourite Shailendra names
Shaili shaili girl Style Favourite Shaili names
Shaivi shaivi girl Prosperity Favourite Shaivi names
Shakti boy Power Favourite Shakti names
Shakunt boy Blue Jay Favourite Shakunt names
Shakuntala shakuntala girl Brought Up By Birds Favourite Shakuntala names
Shalya boy An arrow Favourite Shalya names
Shambari shambari girl Illusion Favourite Shambari names
Shambhavi boy Son of Parvati. Lord Ganesha Favourite Shambhavi names
Shami boy fire, name of a tree Favourite Shami names
Shamita shamita girl Peacemaker Favourite Shamita names
Shams boy Fragrance Favourite Shams names
Shan boy Pride Favourite Shan names
Shankar boy Lord Shiva; God Shankar; He who gives happiness Favourite Shankar names
Shankdhar boy Lord Krishna Favourite Shankdhar names
Shankha boy Conch Favourite Shankha names
Shankhi boy Ocean Favourite Shankhi names
Shanmukha boy Kartikeya, first son of Lord Shiva Favourite Shanmukha names
Shansa boy Praise Favourite Shansa names
Shantanu boy Whole Favourite Shantanu names
Shanti shanti girl Peace Favourite Shanti names
Shantimay boy Peaceful Favourite Shantimay names
Shanyu boy Benevolent Favourite Shanyu names
Sharadindu boy Autumn Moon Favourite Sharadindu names
Sharanya sharanya girl Surrender Favourite Sharanya names
Sharat boy A season Favourite Sharat names
Sharma boy Joy. Favourite Sharma names
Sharvani sharvani girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Sharvani names
Shashanka boy The moon Favourite Shashanka names
Shashi shashi girl Moon Favourite Shashi names
Shashibhushan boy Lord Shiva Favourite Shashibhushan names
Shashikala shashikala girl Moon Light; Brightness of Moon Favourite Shashikala names
Shashin boy Moon Favourite Shashin names
Shashish boy Lord Shiva Favourite Shashish names
Shashvata boy A Name for Lord Rama Eternal Favourite Shashvata names
Shat-padm boy Hundred petaled lotus Favourite Shat-padm names
Shatadru boy Name of a river Favourite Shatadru names
Shatayu boy Hundred Years Old Favourite Shatayu names
Shatrujit boy Victorious over enemies Favourite Shatrujit names
Shaukat boy Grand Favourite Shaukat names
Shaunak boy Wise Favourite Shaunak names
Shaurya boy Bravery Favourite Shaurya names
Shay boy Gift Favourite Shay names
Shayamali shayamali girl Goddess Durga Favourite Shayamali names
Sheehan boy Peaceful child Favourite Sheehan names
Shefali shefali girl A flower Favourite Shefali names
Shefalika shefalika girl A Flower Favourite Shefalika names
Shesanand boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Shesanand names
Shevalini shevalini girl A River Favourite Shevalini names
Shibhya boy Lord Shiva Favourite Shibhya names
Shikha shikha girl Flame Favourite Shikha names
Shikhi shikhi girl Peacock, flame Favourite Shikhi names
Shilpika shilpika girl Skilled At Any Art Favourite Shilpika names
Shishirkana boy Particles of dew Favourite Shishirkana names
Shitiz boy Horizon Favourite Shitiz names
Shivadev boy Lord of prosperity Favourite Shivadev names
Shivali shivali girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Shivali names
Shivanath boy Lord Shiva Favourite Shivanath names
Shivani shivani girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Shivani names
Shivansh boy Part of Shiva Favourite Shivansh names
Shivasundari shivasundari girl Durga Favourite Shivasundari names
Shiven boy Lord Shiva Favourite Shiven names
Shivesh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Shivesh names
Shivraj boy Lord Shiva Favourite Shivraj names
Shkyasingha boy Goutam Buddha Favourite Shkyasingha names
Shloka shloka girl Verse Favourite Shloka names
Shobhan boy Splendid Favourite Shobhan names
Shoorpakarna boy Large-Eared Lord Favourite Shoorpakarna names
Shraavan, boy Shravan Name of a month. Favourite Shraavan, names
Shraddha shraddha girl Faith Favourite Shraddha names
Shravi shravi girl Cool Favourite Shravi names
Shree boy Mr, God Favourite Shree names
Shreekant boy An epithet of Vishnu Favourite Shreekant names
Shreenand boy Lord Vishanu Or Lord Krishana Favourite Shreenand names
Shreeputra boy Son of Goddess Lakshmi. Favourite Shreeputra names
Shreevallabh boy Lord of Lakshmi Favourite Shreevallabh names
Shreeya shreeya girl Auspicious; Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Shreeya names
Shresth boy Best of all Favourite Shresth names
Shreyansh boy Fame Favourite Shreyansh names
Shreyasi shreyasi girl One who is most beautiful Favourite Shreyasi names
Shrigopal boy Lord Krishna Favourite Shrigopal names
Shrikanta boy Beautiful Favourite Shrikanta names
Shrikirti shrikirti girl Lustrous fame Favourite Shrikirti names
Shrilaxmi shrilaxmi girl Goddess Laxmi Favourite Shrilaxmi names
Shrimate boy Revered, Lord Hanuman Favourite Shrimate names
Shringesh boy Lord of pearls Favourite Shringesh names
Shripadma boy Lord Krishna Favourite Shripadma names
Shriram boy Lord Rama Favourite Shriram names
Shrisha boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Shrisha names
Shrishti shrishti girl Universe Favourite Shrishti names
Shrivas boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Shrivas names
Shrividya shrividya girl Goddess Durga Favourite Shrividya names
Shruthika shruthika girl Lord Parvathi Favourite Shruthika names
Shubha boy Auspicious Favourite Shubha names
Shubhada shubhada girl Giver of luck Favourite Shubhada names
Shubhan boy One who is Auspicious Favourite Shubhan names
Shubhankar boy Auspivious Favourite Shubhankar names
Shubhendu boy Luckly moon Favourite Shubhendu names
Shuchaye boy Chaste Favourite Shuchaye names
Shuchi shuchi girl Pious, Pure, Bright Favourite Shuchi names
Shukla boy Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu Favourite Shukla names
Shukti shukti girl Pearl-Oyster Favourite Shukti names
Shulin boy Lord Shiva Favourite Shulin names
Shveni shveni girl White Favourite Shveni names
Shvetambar boy fair, Shiva Favourite Shvetambar names
Shvetavah boy Lord Indra Favourite Shvetavah names
Shwiti shwiti girl Fairness Favourite Shwiti names
Shyam boy Dark blue, black Favourite Shyam names
Shyamalika shyamalika girl Dusky Favourite Shyamalika names
Shyamsundar boy Lord Krishna Favourite Shyamsundar names
Shylesh boy Lord Shiv in the Himalayas. Favourite Shylesh names
Siddhama siddhama girl Goddess Durga Favourite Siddhama names
Siddhartha boy A name of Lord Buddha Favourite Siddhartha names
Siddhidhata boy Bestower of Success & Accomplishments Favourite Siddhidhata names
Siddhika siddhika girl One Who Attains Favourite Siddhika names
Siddid boy Lord Shiva Favourite Siddid names
Sikta sikta girl Wet Favourite Sikta names
Simran simran girl Remembrance Favourite Simran names
Sindhuja sindhuja girl Goddess Laxmi Favourite Sindhuja names
Sindhunath boy Lord of the ocean Favourite Sindhunath names
Sinhag boy Lord Shiva Favourite Sinhag names
Sitakanta boy Lord Rama Favourite Sitakanta names
Sitesh sitesh girl Wife Of Lord Ram Favourite Sitesh names
SivaGnanam boy Devotion to God Sivan Favourite SivaGnanam names
Sivalingam boy God Sivan Favourite Sivalingam names
SivaMurugan boy God Murugan Favourite SivaMurugan names
SivaNathan boy God Sivan Favourite SivaNathan names
Siyona siyona girl Graceful Favourite Siyona names
Skandapurvaja boy Elder Brother of Skand (Lord Kartik) Favourite Skandapurvaja names
Smrita smrita girl Remembered Favourite Smrita names
Snehakant boy Lord of love Favourite Snehakant names
Snehal snehal girl Friendly Favourite Snehal names
Snehin boy A friend Favourite Snehin names
Sobaika sobaika girl Gold Favourite Sobaika names
Sohail boy Moon Light Favourite Sohail names
Soham boy I am Favourite Soham names
Sohel boy Moon Light Favourite Sohel names
Sohni sohni girl Beautiful Favourite Sohni names
Soleil boy Sun Favourite Soleil names
Somadev boy Lord of the moon Favourite Somadev names
Sona sona girl Gold Favourite Sona names
Soneera soneera girl Clean Water Favourite Soneera names
Sonu boy Familiar with gold; Beloved Favourite Sonu names
Sopaan boy stairs, steps Favourite Sopaan names
Sougandika sougandika girl Sacred River Favourite Sougandika names
Soumyakanti boy Handsome Favourite Soumyakanti names
Sourabhi sourabhi girl Fragrance; the celestial cow Favourite Sourabhi names
Sourav boy Scent. Fragrance. Pleasant smell. Favourite Sourav names
Sphatika sphatika girl Crystal Favourite Sphatika names
Spriha spriha girl Wish Favourite Spriha names
Sragvibhushan boy Lord Vishnu (who loves tulasi) Favourite Sragvibhushan names
Sri Krishna boy Lord Krishna. Favourite Sri Krishna names
Srichaitra boy 1st month in Indian calendar, beginning Favourite Srichaitra names
Sridevi sridevi girl Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Sridevi names
Sridhar boy Possessor Of Lakshmi, Possessor Of Good Fortune, Vishnu Favourite Sridhar names
Sriram boy Lord Rama Favourite Sriram names
Srirudra srirudra girl Goddess Durga Favourite Srirudra names
Srivatsav boy Disciple of God Favourite Srivatsav names
Sriya sriya girl Prosperity Favourite Sriya names
Stavita stavita girl Praised Favourite Stavita names
Stephen boy Variant of Stephen. Crown. Wreath. Favourite Stephen names
Sthir boy Foccused Favourite Sthir names
Sual boy Asked for Favourite Sual names
Subali boy Strong Favourite Subali names
Subhadr boy Gentleman Favourite Subhadr names
Subhang boy Lord Shiva Favourite Subhang names
Subhendu boy Moon Favourite Subhendu names
Subhi subhi girl Lucky Favourite Subhi names
Subinay boy Humble Favourite Subinay names
Subrahmanya boy Subramani Lord Murugan Favourite Subrahmanya names
Subrata boy Devoted to what is right Favourite Subrata names
Sucheta sucheta girl With A Beautiful Mind Favourite Sucheta names