Muslim Baby Names With Meaning

A Name is a simple a word which used to identify rest of the life of child so this is the first gift from the parents or relatives to the baby.therefore it needed a great care when we put their baby name which should be listen to good and beautiful meaning.To Keep all of that things in Mind we have great and nice collection range of baby names with meaning where your search will be finished for the suitable baby names. here is great range of Muslim Baby names with meaning where you choose your favourite Muslim Baby Names.
Muslim Baby Names
Name Gender Meaning
Aaaban boy Name of the Angel Favourite Aaaban names
Aabid boy Worshiper Favourite Aabid names
Aabidah aabidah girl Worshipper. Favourite Aabidah names
Aabirah aabirah girl Fleeting, transitory, ephemeral. Favourite Aabirah names
Aadab aadab girl Hope, need Favourite Aadab names
Aadil boy Just, Upright Favourite Aadil names
Aadila aadila girl Just, Honest, Equal, Upright Favourite Aadila names
Aaeedah aaeedah girl Visiting, Returning, Reward. Favourite Aaeedah names
Aaeesha aaeesha girl Youngest wife of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Favourite Aaeesha names
Aafia aafia girl Good health Favourite Aafia names
Aafiya boy Good Health Favourite Aafiya names
Aafreeda aafreeda girl Created, Produced. Favourite Aafreeda names
Aafreen aafreen girl Brave, Acclaim. Favourite Aafreen names
Aahil boy Prince Favourite Aahil names
Aaidah aaidah girl Name of a narrator of hadith Favourite Aaidah names
Aairah aairah girl Noble, respectful Favourite Aairah names
Aakifah aakifah girl Devoted, Dedicated. Favourite Aakifah names
Aala aala girl Bounties Favourite Aala names
Aalam boy World Favourite Aalam names
Aalee boy Sublime, high Favourite Aalee names
Aaleyah aaleyah girl Exalted, Highest social standing Favourite Aaleyah names
Aalia aalia girl Exhalted, Noble. Favourite Aalia names
Aalim boy Religious Scholar Favourite Aalim names
Aalimah aalimah girl Scholar, Authority. Favourite Aalimah names
Aaliyah aaliyah girl Tall, Towering Favourite Aaliyah names
Aamaal aamaal girl Hopes, Aspirations, Wishes. Favourite Aamaal names
Aamanee aamanee girl Good wish. Favourite Aamanee names
Aamil boy Doer, Work man Favourite Aamil names
Aamilah aamilah girl Doer of (good) deeds, Righteous. Favourite Aamilah names
Aamina aamina girl Secure, protected Favourite Aamina names
Aaminah aaminah girl Secured, Safe. Favourite Aaminah names
Aamir boy Civilised Favourite Aamir names
Aamira aamira girl Imperial, Abundant, Inhabited. Favourite Aamira names
Aamirah aamirah girl Inhabitant Favourite Aamirah names
Aani aani girl She was a literary woman and a poetess in Qastaniniyah. Favourite Aani names
Aani Fatimah Khatoon aanixxfatimahxxkhatoon girl She was a literary woman and a poetess in Qastaniniyah Favourite Aani Fatimah Khatoon names
Aanisah aanisah girl Young lady, Maiden. Favourite Aanisah names
Aaqib boy Follower Favourite Aaqib names
Aaqil boy Intelligent Favourite Aaqil names
Aaqilah aaqilah girl Intelligent Favourite Aaqilah names
Aara aara girl Adoring Favourite Aara names
Aarif boy Knowing, aware Favourite Aarif names
Aarifah aarifah girl Knowing, Women who recognises Islam Favourite Aarifah names
Aariz boy Respectable man, Intellegent Favourite Aariz names
Aaryan boy Strength Full Favourite Aaryan names
Aashif boy Bold, courageous Favourite Aashif names
Aashiq boy Lover Favourite Aashiq names
Aashir boy Living Favourite Aashir names
Aasia aasia girl Hope. Favourite Aasia names
Aasif boy An able minister Favourite Aasif names
Aasim boy Person who keeps away from sins Favourite Aasim names
Aasimah aasimah girl Protector, defendant, central. Favourite Aasimah names
Aatif boy Kind Affectionate Favourite Aatif names
Aatifa aatifa girl Affection, Sympathy Favourite Aatifa names
Aatikah aatikah girl Generous Favourite Aatikah names
Aatiqah aatiqah girl Shoulder (support) old Favourite Aatiqah names
Aatirah aatirah girl Fragrant. Favourite Aatirah names
Aaus boy Name of a tree Favourite Aaus names
Aazad boy Free, independent Persian word Favourite Aazad names
Aazeen aazeen girl Beauty Favourite Aazeen names
Aazim boy Determined Favourite Aazim names
Abaan boy Old Arabic name Favourite Abaan names
Abal abal girl Wild rose Favourite Abal names
Aban boy Old Arabic name Favourite Aban names
Abasah abasah girl Daughter of al-Mahdi. Favourite Abasah names
Abbad boy Great worshipper Favourite Abbad names
Abbas boy Description of a lion Favourite Abbas names
Abbasa abbasa girl Historical name Favourite Abbasa names
Abbudin boy Worshippers Favourite Abbudin names
Abd Alala boy Slave of the High Favourite Abd Alala names
Abda abda girl Worshipper. Favourite Abda names
Abdia abdia girl Slave of Allah Favourite Abdia names
Abdu lHalim boy Servant of the Mild, Patient One Favourite Abdu lHalim names
Abdu lwaahid boy Servant of the One Favourite Abdu lwaahid names
Abdu Raouf boy Servant of the Most Merciful Favourite Abdu Raouf names
Abdul Aalee boy Servant of the Most High Favourite Abdul Aalee names
Abdul Abdel boy Servant (of Allah) Favourite Abdul Abdel names
Abdul Adheem boy Servant of the Most Great Favourite Abdul Adheem names
Abdul Adl boy Slave of the just Favourite Abdul Adl names
Abdul Afuw boy Slave of the one who pardons Favourite Abdul Afuw names
Abdul Ahad boy Slave of he who is one (Allah) Favourite Abdul Ahad names
Abdul Aleem boy Servant of the Omniscient Favourite Abdul Aleem names
Abdul Ali boy Slave of the High one Favourite Abdul Ali names
Abdul Alim boy Slave of the All knowing Favourite Abdul Alim names
Abdul Aliyy boy Servant of the Most High Favourite Abdul Aliyy names
Abdul Awwal boy Slave of the First One Favourite Abdul Awwal names
Abdul Azeez boy The servant of the most powerful Favourite Abdul Azeez names
Abdul Azim boy Slave of the great Favourite Abdul Azim names
Abdul Aziz boy Servant of the powerful one Favourite Abdul Aziz names
Abdul Baaqi boy Servant of the everlasting Favourite Abdul Baaqi names
Abdul Baari boy Servant of the Creator Favourite Abdul Baari names
Abdul Baasit boy Servant of the Extender and Creator Favourite Abdul Baasit names
Abdul Badee boy Slave of the originator Favourite Abdul Badee names
Abdul Baith boy Slave of the one who raises death Favourite Abdul Baith names
Abdul Baqi boy Slave of the Eternal Favourite Abdul Baqi names
Abdul Bari boy Slave of the creator Favourite Abdul Bari names
Abdul Barr boy Servant of the source of Goodness Favourite Abdul Barr names
Abdul Baseer boy Slave of the Allseeing Favourite Abdul Baseer names
Abdul Basit boy Servant of the Extender Favourite Abdul Basit names
Abdul Batin boy Slave of the unseen Favourite Abdul Batin names
Abdul Dhahir boy Servant of the Manifest Favourite Abdul Dhahir names
Abdul Fattah boy Slave of the opener, slave of the giver of victory Favourite Abdul Fattah names
Abdul Ghafaar boy Servant of the Forgiver Favourite Abdul Ghafaar names
Abdul Ghaffar boy Servant of the forgiver Favourite Abdul Ghaffar names
Abdul Ghafoor boy Servant of the Forgiver Favourite Abdul Ghafoor names
Abdul Ghafur boy Servant of the All-Forgiving Favourite Abdul Ghafur names
Abdul Ghani boy Servant of the Self-Sufficient Favourite Abdul Ghani names
Abdul Haafiz boy Servant of the Protector Favourite Abdul Haafiz names
Abdul Hadi boy Servant of the Guide Favourite Abdul Hadi names
Abdul Hafeedh boy Servant of the Preserver Favourite Abdul Hafeedh names
Abdul Hafeez boy Slave of the protector Favourite Abdul Hafeez names
Abdul Hafiz boy Slave of the Guardian Favourite Abdul Hafiz names
Abdul Hakam boy Servant of the Arbitrator Favourite Abdul Hakam names
Abdul Hakeem boy Servant of the Wise Favourite Abdul Hakeem names
Abdul Hakim boy Servant of the Wise One Favourite Abdul Hakim names
Abdul Haleem boy Servant of the Mild and Patient Favourite Abdul Haleem names
Abdul Halim boy Slave of the Wise Favourite Abdul Halim names
Abdul Hameed boy Servant of the Praiseworthy and the Ever-Praised Favourite Abdul Hameed names
Abdul Hamid boy Slave of the Praiseworthy Favourite Abdul Hamid names
Abdul Hannan boy Slave of the Merciful Favourite Abdul Hannan names
Abdul Haq boy Servant of the Truth Favourite Abdul Haq names
Abdul Haqq boy Servant of the Truth Favourite Abdul Haqq names
Abdul Haseeb boy Servant of the Respected and Esteemed Favourite Abdul Haseeb names
Abdul Hasib boy Slave of the Reckoner Favourite Abdul Hasib names
Abdul Hayy boy Slave of the Living Favourite Abdul Hayy names
Abdul Jabaar boy Servant of the Mighty Favourite Abdul Jabaar names
Abdul Jabbar boy Servant of the Compeller Favourite Abdul Jabbar names
Abdul Jaleel boy Servant of the Great and Revered Favourite Abdul Jaleel names
Abdul Jalil boy Servant of the Great, Revered One Favourite Abdul Jalil names
Abdul Jawwad boy Slave of the Bountiful Favourite Abdul Jawwad names
Abdul Kabir boy Slave of the Great Favourite Abdul Kabir names
Abdul Kareem boy Servant of the Noble and Generous Favourite Abdul Kareem names
Abdul Karim boy Slave of the Gracious Favourite Abdul Karim names
Abdul Khabir boy Slave of the one who is aware Favourite Abdul Khabir names
Abdul Khaliq boy Servant of the Creator Favourite Abdul Khaliq names
Abdul Lateef boy Servant of the Kind Favourite Abdul Lateef names
Abdul Maajid boy Slave of the Excellence Favourite Abdul Maajid names
Abdul Maalik boy Slave of the Master, the Lord Favourite Abdul Maalik names
Abdul Majeed boy Servant of the Glorious Favourite Abdul Majeed names
Abdul Majid boy Servant of the Noble Favourite Abdul Majid names
Abdul Malik boy Servant of the Sovereign Lord Favourite Abdul Malik names
Abdul Mani boy Slave of one who prevents Favourite Abdul Mani names
Abdul Mannan boy Slave of the Benefactor Favourite Abdul Mannan names
Abdul Mateen boy Slave of the Firm Favourite Abdul Mateen names
Abdul Matin boy Servant of the Firm, Strong Favourite Abdul Matin names
Abdul Mubdee boy Slave of the Originator Favourite Abdul Mubdee names
Abdul Mueed boy Slave of the Restorer, the Reproducer Favourite Abdul Mueed names
Abdul Mughni boy Servant of the Enricher Favourite Abdul Mughni names
Abdul Muhaimin boy The Guardian and the Protector Favourite Abdul Muhaimin names
Abdul Muhsin boy Slave of the Benefactor Favourite Abdul Muhsin names
Abdul Muhyee boy Slave of the one who gives life and sustains it Favourite Abdul Muhyee names
Abdul Muiz boy Servant of the Giver of Might and Glory Favourite Abdul Muiz names
Abdul Mujeeb boy Servant of the Responder Favourite Abdul Mujeeb names
Abdul Mumin boy Servant of the Guardian of Faith Favourite Abdul Mumin names
Abdul Munim boy Slave of the Generous Favourite Abdul Munim names
Abdul Muntaqim boy Slave of him who punishes wrongdoings and seizes retribution Favourite Abdul Muntaqim names
Abdul Muqeet boy Slave of the Sustainer Favourite Abdul Muqeet names
Abdul Muqsit boy Slave of the Just Favourite Abdul Muqsit names
Abdul Muqtadir boy Servant of the Powerful Favourite Abdul Muqtadir names
Abdul Musawwir boy Slave of the Fashioner Favourite Abdul Musawwir names
Abdul Mutaal boy Servant of the Most High Favourite Abdul Mutaal names
Abdul Muti boy Slave of the Giver Favourite Abdul Muti names
Abdul Muzanni boy He was a narrator of Hadith Favourite Abdul Muzanni names
Abdul Nafi boy Slave of the Propitious Favourite Abdul Nafi names
Abdul Naseer boy Slave of the Helper Favourite Abdul Naseer names
Abdul Nasir boy Servant of the Helper, Protector Favourite Abdul Nasir names
Abdul Nasser boy Servant of the Victorious One Favourite Abdul Nasser names
Abdul Noor boy Slave of the one who is Light Favourite Abdul Noor names
Abdul Nur boy Servant of the Light Favourite Abdul Nur names
Abdul Qaadir boy Servant of the Capable Favourite Abdul Qaadir names
Abdul Qadeer boy Slave of the Powerful Favourite Abdul Qadeer names
Abdul Qadir boy Slave of the Powerful Favourite Abdul Qadir names
Abdul Qahaar boy Servant of the Subduer and the Almighty Favourite Abdul Qahaar names
Abdul Qahhar boy Servant of the Subduer Favourite Abdul Qahhar names
Abdul Qaiyoum boy Servant of the Self-Sustaining Favourite Abdul Qaiyoum names
Abdul Qayyum boy Slave of the Self-Subsistent Favourite Abdul Qayyum names
Abdul Quddus boy Servant of the Holy Favourite Abdul Quddus names
Abdul Qudoos boy Servant of the Most Holy Favourite Abdul Qudoos names
Abdul Raafi boy Servant of the One Who Raises (intellect, esteem) Favourite Abdul Raafi names
Abdul Rabb boy Slave of the Lord Favourite Abdul Rabb names
Abdul Rafi boy Slave of the Exalter Favourite Abdul Rafi names
Abdul Raheem boy Servant of the Most Compassionate Favourite Abdul Raheem names
Abdul Rahim boy Slave of the Compassionate Favourite Abdul Rahim names
Abdul Rahman boy Servant of the merciful one Favourite Abdul Rahman names
Abdul Raqib boy Slave of the Vigilant Favourite Abdul Raqib names
Abdul Rasheed boy Servant of the rightly guided Favourite Abdul Rasheed names
Abdul Rashid boy Servant of the rightly guided Favourite Abdul Rashid names
Abdul Rauf boy Servent of the merciful Favourite Abdul Rauf names
Abdul Razzaq boy Servant of the Maintainer, the Provider Favourite Abdul Razzaq names
Abdul Sabur boy Servant of the Patient Favourite Abdul Sabur names
Abdul salaam boy Servant of the Peace Favourite Abdul salaam names
Abdul Samad boy Servant of the Eternal Favourite Abdul Samad names
Abdul Sami boy Servant of the AllHearing Favourite Abdul Sami names
Abdul Shakur boy Servant of the Most Thankful Favourite Abdul Shakur names
Abdul Tawwab boy Slave of the Acceptor of repentance, the relenting Favourite Abdul Tawwab names
Abdul Waajid boy Servant of the Finder Favourite Abdul Waajid names
Abdul Waali boy Slave of the Governor Favourite Abdul Waali names
Abdul Wadood boy Servant of the Loving. Favourite Abdul Wadood names
Abdul Wadud boy Servant of the Loving Favourite Abdul Wadud names
Abdul Wahid boy Slave of the Unique Favourite Abdul Wahid names
Abdul Wajid boy Slave of the Finder, the Perceiver Favourite Abdul Wajid names
Abdul Wakil boy Slave of the Trustee Favourite Abdul Wakil names
Abdul Waliy boy Slave of the Protecting Friend Favourite Abdul Waliy names
Abdul Warith boy Servant of the Supreme Inheritor. Favourite Abdul Warith names
Abdul Wasi boy Slave of the All Embracing Favourite Abdul Wasi names
Abdul-Wahhab boy Servant of the Best-ower. Favourite Abdul-Wahhab names
Abdullah boy Servant of Allah Favourite Abdullah names
Abdur Raheem boy Servant of the Most Merciful. Favourite Abdur Raheem names
Abdur Rahman boy Slave of Allah Favourite Abdur Rahman names
Abdur Raqeeb boy Servant of the Watchful Favourite Abdur Raqeeb names
Abdur Rasheed boy Servant of the Guide to Right Path Favourite Abdur Rasheed names
Abdur Rashid boy Slave of the Guide. Favourite Abdur Rashid names
Abdur Rauf boy Servant of the Compassionate. Favourite Abdur Rauf names
Abdur Razzaq boy Slave of the provider; Favourite Abdur Razzaq names
Abdus boy Name of the narrator of one of the hadith. Favourite Abdus names
Abdus Sabour boy Servant of the Patient. Favourite Abdus Sabour names
Abdus Sabur boy Slave of the Forbearing Favourite Abdus Sabur names
Abdus Salaam boy Slave of the Giver of Peace. Favourite Abdus Salaam names
Abdus Samad boy Slave of the Eternal, The Independent. Favourite Abdus Samad names
Abdus Sameei boy Servant of the All-Hearing. Favourite Abdus Sameei names
Abdus Sami boy Slave of the All Hearing. Favourite Abdus Sami names
Abdus Sattar boy Slave of the one who conceals faults. Favourite Abdus Sattar names
Abdus Shafi boy Slave of the Healer. Favourite Abdus Shafi names
Abdus Shaheed boy Servant of the Witness. Favourite Abdus Shaheed names
Abdus Shakur boy Servant of the Appreciative. Favourite Abdus Shakur names
Abdus Smad boy Slave of the Eternal Favourite Abdus Smad names
Abdus Subbooh boy Slave of the Extremely pure. Favourite Abdus Subbooh names
Abdush Shahid boy Slave of the Witness. Favourite Abdush Shahid names
Abed boy Worshipper Favourite Abed names
Abedin boy Worshippers Favourite Abedin names
Abeedah abeedah girl Worshipper Favourite Abeedah names
Abeela abeela girl To be beautiful Favourite Abeela names
Abeer abeer girl Fragrance, perfume Favourite Abeer names
Abeera abeera girl The mixture of the smell of the petals of Rose and Sundal. Favourite Abeera names
Abeerah abeerah girl Rose, Sandal Saffron mixed together in fragrance Favourite Abeerah names
Abia abia girl Great Favourite Abia names
Abid boy Worshipper, adorer Favourite Abid names
Abida abida girl Worshipper Favourite Abida names
Abidah abidah girl Worshipper Favourite Abidah names
Abidin boy Worshippers, adorers Favourite Abidin names
Abir abir girl Fragrance, perfume Favourite Abir names
Abisali boy Warrior in Islam. Favourite Abisali names
Abla abla girl Perfectly formed Favourite Abla names
Ablaa ablaa girl Perfectly formed Favourite Ablaa names
Ablah ablah girl Perfectly formed. Favourite Ablah names
Abqurah abqurah girl Genius Favourite Abqurah names
Abra abra girl Example, lesson Favourite Abra names
Abrad boy Hail, Mail. Favourite Abrad names
Abrar boy Peity Favourite Abrar names
Abrash boy Spotted, Speckled. Favourite Abrash names
Absi boy The name of Abdullah ibn-Musa Favourite Absi names
Abthi boy One who lives in Abtah, a place near Makkah. Favourite Abthi names
Abu al Khayr boy One who does good Favourite Abu al Khayr names
Abul Hassan boy The Son Of Ali. Favourite Abul Hassan names
Abul Khayr boy One who does good Favourite Abul Khayr names
Abyad boy A narrator of hadith was so named. Favourite Abyad names
Abyan boy Clear, Eloquent Favourite Abyan names
Abzari boy Seeds, spice, seedsman, one who sows; Favourite Abzari names
Ada ada girl Grace, Expression. Favourite Ada names
Adab adab girl Hope, Need. Favourite Adab names
Adan boy (Garden of) Eden Favourite Adan names
Adara adara girl Virgin Favourite Adara names
Adawi boy Grandson of Sayyindina Umer. Favourite Adawi names
Adawiyah adawiyah girl Summer plant Favourite Adawiyah names
Adbul Qawi boy Servant of the Most Powerful Favourite Adbul Qawi names
Adeeb boy A literary Person. Favourite Adeeb names
Adeeba adeeba girl Cultured, Polite Favourite Adeeba names
Adeel boy Just. Favourite Adeel names
Adeela adeela girl Equal Favourite Adeela names
Adeelah adeelah girl Just. Favourite Adeelah names
Adeem boy Rare. Favourite Adeem names
Adeena adeena girl Pious, good luck Favourite Adeena names
Adeeva adeeva girl Pleasant, Gentle Favourite Adeeva names
Adel boy Honorable Judge, One who Jugdes Fairly Favourite Adel names
Adham boy Black or dark Favourite Adham names
Adheem boy The most great Favourite Adheem names
Adi boy Companion of Prophet Muhammad Favourite Adi names
Adib boy Cultured, civilised Favourite Adib names
Adiba adiba girl Well, mannered, cultured, polite; writer Favourite Adiba names
Adifaah adifaah girl Smart, talented. Favourite Adifaah names
Adil boy Just, Honest Favourite Adil names
Adila adila girl Honest, fair Favourite Adila names
Adilah adilah girl Equal Favourite Adilah names
Adiva adiva girl Pleasant, gentle Favourite Adiva names
Adiy boy A companion of the Prophet Favourite Adiy names
Adl boy Justice Favourite Adl names
Adla adla girl Just, fair woman Favourite Adla names
Adli boy Judicial, juridicial Favourite Adli names
Adn adn girl Paradise Favourite Adn names
Adnan boy A tribal ancestor of the Quraysh Favourite Adnan names
Aduz Zahir boy Slave of the Manifest Favourite Aduz Zahir names
Adyan boy A nabee was named by this name Favourite Adyan names
Aejaz boy A person who does miracles Favourite Aejaz names
Afaaq boy The place where Earth & Sky meet Favourite Afaaq names
Afaf afaf girl Chaste, virtuous, decent, pure Favourite Afaf names
Afdaal boy Better Favourite Afdaal names
Afdal boy Better Favourite Afdal names
Afeef boy Pure, Chaste, Pious Favourite Afeef names
Afeefa afeefa girl Chaste Favourite Afeefa names
Afeerah afeerah girl Covered with soil or dust Favourite Afeerah names
Affan boy Forgiving person Favourite Affan names
Afham boy Loving Favourite Afham names
Afia afia girl Away from all Problems. Favourite Afia names
Afif boy Chaste, Modest Favourite Afif names
Afifa afifa girl Neat lady. Favourite Afifa names
Afifah afifah girl Chaste, modest Favourite Afifah names
Afiq boy Honest Favourite Afiq names
Afiyah afiyah girl Health, free from illness and grief. Favourite Afiyah names
Aflah boy Gaining success-but the Prophet (S.A.W) has discouraged us from giving such names to our children; Favourite Aflah names
Afnan afnan girl Tree branches or twigs Favourite Afnan names
Afra afra girl Young deer Favourite Afra names
Afraa afraa girl White Favourite Afraa names
Afrah afrah girl Celebrations, festivals Favourite Afrah names
Afraz boy Standing tall like a mountain, Favourite Afraz names
Afreen afreen girl Friendly. Favourite Afreen names
Afroza afroza girl Light from fire Favourite Afroza names
Afroze afroze girl Enlightening. Favourite Afroze names
Afruz boy Standing tall like a mountain Favourite Afruz names
Afsana afsana girl Story Favourite Afsana names
Afshan afshan girl Adornment aids. Favourite Afshan names
Afsheen afsheen girl Shine like a star. Favourite Afsheen names
Aftaab boy Bright, prosperous, the sun Favourite Aftaab names
Aftab boy Sun Favourite Aftab names
Afya afya girl Shadows Favourite Afya names
Afzal boy Best, top most Favourite Afzal names
Agha boy Another name for God Favourite Agha names
Agharr boy Handsome, beautiful, Name of a companion of the Prophet Favourite Agharr names
Ahab boy Strong Favourite Ahab names
Ahad boy The one Favourite Ahad names
Ahd ahd girl Pledge, commitment, delegation Favourite Ahd names
Ahdia ahdia girl Unique, The One. Favourite Ahdia names
Ahlam ahlam girl Witty, imaginative; one who has pleasant dreams Favourite Ahlam names
Ahmad boy Most praised; variation of the name-Muhammad Favourite Ahmad names
Ahmar boy Red Coloured Favourite Ahmar names
Ahmed boy Most highly adored Favourite Ahmed names
Ahnaf boy Name of one of the narrators of hadith Favourite Ahnaf names
Ahsan boy The best of all Favourite Ahsan names
Ahwas boy Having narrow, contracted or squinting eyes Favourite Ahwas names
Ahyan boy Gift of God Favourite Ahyan names
Ahzab boy Name of one of the narrators of Hadith Favourite Ahzab names
Aida aida girl Visiting, returning Favourite Aida names
Aidah aidah girl Visiting, Returning, Reward, Present Favourite Aidah names
Aidan boy Help, intelligent Favourite Aidan names
Aidh boy Name of a reciter of the Holy Quran Favourite Aidh names
Aighar aighar girl She was a religious, righteous woman. Favourite Aighar names
Aijaz boy Blessing Favourite Aijaz names
Aila aila girl Noble Favourite Aila names
Aimal aimal girl Hope. Favourite Aimal names
Aiman boy Fearless Favourite Aiman names
Aimen aimen girl Most Congratulated Favourite Aimen names
Ain ain girl Alsaba Treasure of the eye. Favourite Ain names
Ain alsaba ainxxalsaba girl Treasure of the eye. Favourite Ain alsaba names
Aini aini girl Spring, flower, source, choice Favourite Aini names
Aisha aisha girl Youngest wife of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Favourite Aisha names
Aiyla aiyla girl Moonlight Favourite Aiyla names
Aiza aiza girl Noble. Favourite Aiza names
Aizah aizah girl The daughter of Hazrat Ali (A.S) Favourite Aizah names
Aizat boy Sweetness Favourite Aizat names
Ajeebah ajeebah girl A narrator of hadith. Favourite Ajeebah names
Ajer boy Reward Favourite Ajer names
Ajlah boy A narrator of hadith had this name Favourite Ajlah names
Ajlal ajlal girl Beautiful, stubborn, young princess Favourite Ajlal names
Ajmal boy Beautiful Favourite Ajmal names
Ajradah ajradah girl Great worshipper Favourite Ajradah names
Ajwa ajwa girl Name of a date in Saudia Arabia. Tree planted by Holy Prohpet (PBUH) Favourite Ajwa names
Ajwad boy More Generous Favourite Ajwad names
Akbar boy Great Favourite Akbar names
Akdas boy Most holy book Favourite Akdas names
Akeem boy Wise Favourite Akeem names
Akhas boy A narrator of hadith Favourite Akhas names
Akhdan boy Best Friend Favourite Akhdan names
Akhfash boy There have been several men of this name Favourite Akhfash names
Akhlaq boy Behavion Favourite Akhlaq names
Akhtar boy A Star, good man Favourite Akhtar names
Akia akia girl Sister Favourite Akia names
Akif boy Attached, Intent Favourite Akif names
Akifa akifa girl Worshiper in solitude Favourite Akifa names
Akifah akifah girl Intent, busy. Favourite Akifah names
Akil boy Intelligent, thoughtful, one who uses reason Favourite Akil names
Akilah akilah girl Intelligent, logical, one who reasons Favourite Akilah names
Aklamash boy Spotless, pure Favourite Aklamash names
Akleema akleema girl Beautiful. One of the daughters of Adam (A.S). Favourite Akleema names
Akmal boy Lion, More Complete Favourite Akmal names
Akram boy The best, Excellent Favourite Akram names
Al Abbas boy Description of a lion Favourite Al Abbas names
Al hakeem boy The Wise Favourite Al hakeem names
Al Kareem boy Educator, teacher Favourite Al Kareem names
Al-Adur al-Karimah al-adurxxal-karimah girl A pious, righteous and intelligent woman of Egypt. Favourite Al-Adur al-Karimah names
Ala boy Nobility Favourite Ala names
Alaa boy Nobility Favourite Alaa names
Alaa Udeen boy Excellence of Religion Favourite Alaa Udeen names
Alabbas boy Description of a lion Favourite Alabbas names
Aladdin boy Nobility of faith Favourite Aladdin names
Alaia alaia girl Virtuous. Favourite Alaia names
Alaleem boy He who knows all Things Favourite Alaleem names
Alam boy Universe Favourite Alam names
Alamgir boy Lord of the Universe Favourite Alamgir names
Alayna alayna girl Princess (Iranian) Favourite Alayna names
Aleefa aleefa girl Friendly Favourite Aleefa names
Aleemah aleemah girl Knowing, Knowledgeable. Favourite Aleemah names
Aleena aleena girl Silk of heaven. Favourite Aleena names
Aleesa aleesa girl Joy Favourite Aleesa names
Aleeza aleeza girl Joy. Favourite Aleeza names
Alesha alesha girl Protected by god Favourite Alesha names
Alhasan boy The handsome, the good; name of the Prophets grandson Favourite Alhasan names
Alhena alhena girl A ring; (A star in the constellation Gemini) Favourite Alhena names
Alhusain boy Diminutive of the handsome, the good; name of the Prophets grandson Favourite Alhusain names
Ali boy The highest, greatest, excellent, noble; Favourite Ali names
Alia alia girl Beautiful. Favourite Alia names
Aliah aliah girl Exalted, noble, highest social standing Favourite Aliah names
Alif boy The first character in Hijaiyah Favourite Alif names
Alih boy Idol,god Favourite Alih names
Alika alika girl Love Favourite Alika names
Alim boy Wise or learned Favourite Alim names
Alima alima girl Wise Favourite Alima names
Alimah alimah girl Skilled in music or dance Favourite Alimah names
Alina alina girl Beautiful. Favourite Alina names
Alisha alisha girl Honest, truthful, Protected by Allah. Favourite Alisha names
Alishaba alishaba girl Beautiful sunshine. Favourite Alishaba names
Alishba alishba girl Pretty. Favourite Alishba names
Aliya aliya girl Sublime, exalted Favourite Aliya names
Aliyah aliyah girl Exalted, noble. Favourite Aliyah names
Aliyy boy Noble, sublime, fourth Caliph of Islam Favourite Aliyy names
Aliyyah aliyyah girl Exaulted, elevated, highest social standing Favourite Aliyyah names
Aliza aliza girl The Daughter of Ali (RA) Favourite Aliza names
Allam boy Very knowledgeagble Favourite Allam names
Alleyah alleyah girl Leader. Favourite Alleyah names
Alma alma girl Apple Favourite Alma names
Almaas almaas girl A diamond Favourite Almaas names
Almahdi boy Guided to the right path Favourite Almahdi names
Alman boy Kind, willing and wiseman. Favourite Alman names
Almas boy Diamond Favourite Almas names
Almir boy Prince. Favourite Almir names
Alraaz alraaz girl Mystery. Favourite Alraaz names
Altaf boy Kindness Favourite Altaf names
Altair boy The flying eagle Favourite Altair names
Altamash boy Name of a famous king Favourite Altamash names
Aludra aludra girl Virgin Favourite Aludra names
Alvi boy Fan of Hazrat Ali RA Favourite Alvi names
Alvina alvina girl Highest, Height Favourite Alvina names
Alya alya girl Loftiness Favourite Alya names
Alzubra alzubra girl (A star in the constellation Leo) Favourite Alzubra names
Amaan boy The most lovelable Favourite Amaan names
Amaar boy One who prays 5 times and fasts. Favourite Amaar names
Amah amah girl Slave (Female); Favourite Amah names
Amal boy Pure; Hope; Aspiration Favourite Amal names
Amala amala girl Hopes, aspirations Favourite Amala names
Amalia amalia girl Aspirations Favourite Amalia names
Amam boy Safety, Protection Favourite Amam names
Aman aman girl Security, peace, safety Favourite Aman names
Amana amana girl Faithful, to believe. Favourite Amana names
Amani amani girl Wishes, aspirations Favourite Amani names
Amany amany girl A Wish. Favourite Amany names
Amara amara girl Eternal beauty, urgent news. Favourite Amara names
Amatullah amatullah girl Servant of Allah Favourite Amatullah names
Amaya amaya girl Night Rain. Favourite Amaya names
Amayr boy Crown Favourite Amayr names
Ambar ambar girl Ambergris. Favourite Ambar names
Ambareen ambareen girl Good smell Favourite Ambareen names
Amber amber girl Jewel Favourite Amber names
Ambreen ambreen girl Sky Favourite Ambreen names
Ameen boy Faithful; Trustworthy Favourite Ameen names
Ameena ameena girl Trustworthy Favourite Ameena names
Ameer boy Commander, Prince, Khalifah. Favourite Ameer names
Ameera ameera girl Noble lady, princess. Favourite Ameera names
Ameerah ameerah girl Princess Favourite Ameerah names
Amel amel girl Hope Favourite Amel names
Amelia amelia girl Trustworthy, beautiful Favourite Amelia names
Amena amena girl Trustworthy, faithful, peaceful, honest Favourite Amena names
Amer boy Rich Favourite Amer names
Amid boy Support Favourite Amid names
Amilah amilah girl Hopeful. Favourite Amilah names
Amin boy Faithful, trustworthy, custodian. Favourite Amin names
Amina amina girl Honest. Favourite Amina names
Aminah aminah girl Trustworthy, faithful Favourite Aminah names
Amineh amineh girl Trustworthy, faithful, secure; name of the mother of the Prophet Favourite Amineh names
Amir boy Prosperous Favourite Amir names
Amira amira girl Princess Favourite Amira names
Amirah amirah girl Royal lady, Princess Favourite Amirah names
Amjad boy More glorious Favourite Amjad names
Ammaar boy One with strong Imaan. Also a Sahabi Favourite Ammaar names
Ammar boy Builder, constructor Favourite Ammar names
Ammara ammara girl Shining star Favourite Ammara names
Ammarah ammarah girl An inhabitant. Favourite Ammarah names
Amna amna girl Peace. Favourite Amna names
Amr boy By my life A famous companion had this name, ibn al-Aas who conquered Egypt; also Ibn al-Ala called Zabban, was one of the seven readers of the Quran and an eminent Scholar. Favourite Amr names
Amra amra girl Princess. Favourite Amra names
Amrah amrah girl Headgear. Favourite Amrah names
Amreen amreen girl Sky Favourite Amreen names
Amro boy Old Arabic name Favourite Amro names
Amsah amsah girl Friendly, of good company Favourite Amsah names
Amtullah amtullah girl Servant of Allah Favourite Amtullah names
Ana ana girl Prestige, self respect. Favourite Ana names
Anaan anaan girl Clouds Favourite Anaan names
Anah anah girl Patience, perseverence. Favourite Anah names
Anahid boy Immaculate Favourite Anahid names
Anam anam girl Present Favourite Anam names
Anan anan girl Clouds Favourite Anan names
Anas boy Love, affection Favourite Anas names
Anasah boy The freed slave of the Prophet had this name. Favourite Anasah names
Anass boy Friendly Favourite Anass names
Anaum anaum girl The blessing of Allah Favourite Anaum names
Anbar anbar girl Perfume, ambergris Favourite Anbar names
Anbarin anbarin girl Of ambergris Favourite Anbarin names
Andaleeb andaleeb girl Nightingale Favourite Andaleeb names
Andalib andalib girl Nightingale. Favourite Andalib names
Andlib andlib girl A bird, one who is always happy Favourite Andlib names
Aneeq boy Valueable. Favourite Aneeq names
Aneeqa aneeqa girl Beautiful. Favourite Aneeqa names
Anees boy Intimate, friendly. Favourite Anees names
Aneesa aneesa girl Close, intimate, friendly. Favourite Aneesa names
Aneesah aneesah girl Generous, loyal Favourite Aneesah names
Aneezah aneezah girl She-Goat. Favourite Aneezah names
Angbin angbin girl Honey. Favourite Angbin names
Anida anida girl Obstinate. Favourite Anida names
Anika anika girl Very unique. Favourite Anika names
Anila anila girl Beautiful Favourite Anila names
Aniq boy Elegant Favourite Aniq names
Anis boy Close friend Favourite Anis names
Anisah anisah girl Close, intimate, good friend Favourite Anisah names
Aniya boy Concern, Loving Favourite Aniya names
Anja anja girl Beauty Favourite Anja names
Anjam boy Stars. Favourite Anjam names
Anjum boy Star Favourite Anjum names
Anjuman boy Meeting Favourite Anjuman names
Anmar anmar girl Leopard Favourite Anmar names
Anna boy Food Favourite Anna names
Anniyah anniyah girl Concern, loving Favourite Anniyah names
Anousha anousha girl Sweet, joy, fortunate Favourite Anousha names
Ansar boy The first people who converted to the religion of Islam were the people of Ansar Favourite Ansar names
Antar boy Name of Arab hero of chivalry Favourite Antar names
Antarah boy Heroic; name of an Arab folk hero Favourite Antarah names
Anum anum girl Blessing of god, gods gift. Favourite Anum names
Anwaar boy Light, glow, gleam Favourite Anwaar names
Anwar boy Radiant, full of light Favourite Anwar names
Anwara anwara girl Ray of Light Favourite Anwara names
Anwer boy Bright Favourite Anwer names
Anya anya girl Gracious Favourite Anya names
Anzar boy Angel of paradise Favourite Anzar names
Aqdas boy Holy, pure Favourite Aqdas names
Aqeel boy Wise, Intelligent Favourite Aqeel names
Aqeela aqeela girl Noble woman (housewife) Favourite Aqeela names
Aqeelah aqeelah girl Wise, Sensible Favourite Aqeelah names
Aqeil boy Knowledgable. Favourite Aqeil names
Aqib boy Another name for Prophet Muhammad Favourite Aqib names
Aqil boy Old Arabic name Favourite Aqil names
Aqila aqila girl Intelligent, wise Favourite Aqila names
Aqilah aqilah girl Wife, spouse; the best, the pick Favourite Aqilah names
Aqsa aqsa girl Name of a mosque Favourite Aqsa names
Ara ara girl Opinions Favourite Ara names
Arab boy Peaceful, tranquil Favourite Arab names
Arafat boy Pilgrimage site 25km from Mecca Favourite Arafat names
Aram aram girl Signs,flags Favourite Aram names
Arbaaz boy Eagle. Favourite Arbaaz names
Arbab boy Who looks after someone or takes care Favourite Arbab names
Arbad boy Masters, Lords Favourite Arbad names
Areeb boy Skillful, Adroit Favourite Areeb names
Areeba areeba girl Sharp, brilliant Favourite Areeba names
Areebah areebah girl Witty, smart Favourite Areebah names
Areej areej girl Good smell, fragrance Favourite Areej names
Areez boy Friend Favourite Areez names
Aresha aresha girl Under an umbrella Favourite Aresha names
Arfa arfa girl Greatness Favourite Arfa names
Arfan boy Gratefulness Favourite Arfan names
Arham boy Merciful Favourite Arham names
Ariana ariana girl Full of life Favourite Ariana names
Aribah aribah girl Wise. Favourite Aribah names
Arif boy Acquainted, knowledgeable Favourite Arif names
Arifa arifa girl Knowledgeable Favourite Arifa names
Arij arij girl Sweet Smell. Favourite Arij names
Arish boy A brave soldier Favourite Arish names
Arisha arisha girl Highness Favourite Arisha names
Arissa arissa girl Bright. Favourite Arissa names
Arjumand arjumand girl Noble, Honourable. Favourite Arjumand names
Arkaan boy Principles Favourite Arkaan names
Armaan boy Desire, hope. Favourite Armaan names
Arman boy Army man Favourite Arman names
Aroob aroob girl Loving to her husband Favourite Aroob names
Aroosa aroosa girl Bride. Favourite Aroosa names
Aroush aroush girl Angel of paradise Favourite Aroush names
Arqam boy Pen, Speckled snake; Favourite Arqam names
Arsal boy The one who was sent. Favourite Arsal names
Arsala arsala girl Lioness Favourite Arsala names
Arsalaan boy Lion Favourite Arsalaan names
Arsh boy Dominion , Crown Favourite Arsh names
Arshad boy Better guided, honest. Favourite Arshad names
Arshaq boy Handsome, well proportioned Favourite Arshaq names
Arslan boy Lion Favourite Arslan names
Artah boy A narrator of the hadith. Favourite Artah names
Arub arub girl Aroob Loving to her husband Favourite Arub names
Arva arva girl Fertile, bountiful Favourite Arva names
Arwa arwa girl Mountain gazelle. Favourite Arwa names
Arwarh boy More delicate, more gracious Favourite Arwarh names
Arya arya girl Noble Favourite Arya names
Aryan boy Of utmost strength Favourite Aryan names
Aryisha aryisha girl Under tree/umberalla Favourite Aryisha names
Arzo arzo girl Hope Favourite Arzo names
Arzoo arzoo girl Hope Favourite Arzoo names
Arzu arzu girl Wish, hope, love Favourite Arzu names
Asad boy Lion Favourite Asad names
Asadel boy Most prosperous one Favourite Asadel names
Asalah asalah girl Purity Favourite Asalah names
Asar boy Fourth Prayer of the day. Favourite Asar names
Asbagh boy Coloured animal, huge flood, dyer. Favourite Asbagh names
Asbah asbah girl Pure (as water) Favourite Asbah names
Asbat boy A narrator of hadith Favourite Asbat names
Aseed boy A narrator of Hadeeth. Favourite Aseed names
Asfa boy Tanned sun burned Favourite Asfa names
Asfia asfia girl Great Favourite Asfia names
Asfiya asfiya girl Pure Favourite Asfiya names
Asgar boy Devoted Favourite Asgar names
Asghar boy Shorter, Smaller, Junior. Favourite Asghar names
Ashadieeyah ashadieeyah girl Princess, cute, perfec. Favourite Ashadieeyah names
Ashalina ashalina girl Sweet, always living, shy, loving Favourite Ashalina names
Ashar boy One who has wisdom. Favourite Ashar names
Ashaz boy One in a million, name of a sahabi during the time of prophet Favourite Ashaz names
Ashbah ashbah girl Pearl Favourite Ashbah names
Asheeyana asheeyana girl House, nest. Favourite Asheeyana names
Asher boy Wise, knowledgable Favourite Asher names
Ashfaq boy Compassionate friend. Favourite Ashfaq names
Ashik boy Lover, Love Favourite Ashik names
Ashika ashika girl Love. Favourite Ashika names
Ashim boy Generous Favourite Ashim names
Ashmaan boy Heaven Favourite Ashmaan names
Ashmath boy Correct path, Straight path. Favourite Ashmath names
Ashraf boy Honorable Favourite Ashraf names
Ashwaq ashwaq girl Love, affections Favourite Ashwaq names
Asif boy Forgiveness Favourite Asif names
Asifa asifa girl Organiser Favourite Asifa names
Asil boy Genuine, pure Favourite Asil names
Asila asila girl Honeyful (honeycomb) Favourite Asila names
Asilah asilah girl Noble origin, pure Favourite Asilah names
Asili asili girl Original Favourite Asili names
Asim boy Protector Favourite Asim names
Asima asima girl Protector Favourite Asima names
Asimah asimah girl Protector Favourite Asimah names
Asir boy Captivating, fascinating Favourite Asir names
Asiya asiya girl Nurse, medical attendant Favourite Asiya names
Asiyah asiyah girl One who heals, comforts, consoles Favourite Asiyah names
Asjad asjad girl Gold, jewel Favourite Asjad names
Askari boy Soldier Favourite Askari names
Aslam boy Peace Favourite Aslam names
Asli asli girl Pure, original Favourite Asli names
Asma asma girl Sinless, excellent Favourite Asma names
Asmahan asmahan girl Exalted, high Favourite Asmahan names
Asmara asmara girl Beautiful butterfly Favourite Asmara names
Asmat asmat girl Pure, Clean. Favourite Asmat names
Asna asna girl The one to be acknowledged or praised Favourite Asna names
Asra asra girl Travel by night Favourite Asra names
Asrar boy Secret/Sacred relating to Islam Favourite Asrar names
Asriyah asriyah girl Modernist Favourite Asriyah names
Aswad boy Black Favourite Aswad names
Ata boy Gift Favourite Ata names
Ata al Rahman boy Gift of the Beneficent Favourite Ata al Rahman names
Ata Allah boy Gift of God Favourite Ata Allah names
Ataa boy Gift Favourite Ataa names
Ataubaq boy Handsome, beautiful, helpful, generous and got a lot of love to share Favourite Ataubaq names
Ateeb boy Very pious. Favourite Ateeb names
Ateefa ateefa girl Affection, Sympathy Favourite Ateefa names
Ateeqa ateeqa girl Old precious gift (beautiful) Favourite Ateeqa names
Ateeqah ateeqah girl Old Ancient Favourite Ateeqah names
Ateeyah ateeyah girl A gift Favourite Ateeyah names
Athar boy Neat, Clean Favourite Athar names
Athazaz boy Unknown, Mystery, Maze Favourite Athazaz names
Athier boy Lion hearted Favourite Athier names
Athil boy Firmly rooted Favourite Athil names
Athilah athilah girl Deep-rooted, firmly established. Favourite Athilah names
Athir boy Favored, preferred Favourite Athir names
Athmah athmah girl A narrator of Hadith. Favourite Athmah names
Atia atia girl Gift Favourite Atia names
Atif boy Generous, Compassionate, sympathetic Favourite Atif names
Atifa atifa girl Affectionate, sympathetic Favourite Atifa names
Atifah atifah girl Atifa Affectionate, compassionate, sympathetic Favourite Atifah names
Atik boy The black cloth of the kaaba Favourite Atik names
Atika atika girl Flower, good smell Favourite Atika names
Atikah atikah girl Virgin, pure, clear Favourite Atikah names
Atiq boy Ancient, Noble Favourite Atiq names
Atiya atiya girl Gift Favourite Atiya names
Atiyah atiyah girl Gift, present Favourite Atiyah names
Attiq boy Old Favourite Attiq names
Atyaf atyaf girl Fantasies Favourite Atyaf names
Aula boy Another name for Prophet Muhammad Favourite Aula names
Awa awa girl Beautiful angel, night Favourite Awa names
Awad boy Reward; Compensation Favourite Awad names
Awatif awatif girl Emotions Favourite Awatif names
Awf boy A plant with a nice smell Favourite Awf names
Awn boy To help, assist. Favourite Awn names
Aws boy To give Favourite Aws names
Awwab boy Returning (to Allah) Favourite Awwab names
Awwal boy The First A Name for Allah Favourite Awwal names
Aya aya girl Phrase from the holy Quran. Favourite Aya names
Ayaana ayaana girl Lucky, good day, day of judgement Favourite Ayaana names
Ayan boy Appear Favourite Ayan names
Ayana ayana girl Lucky, good day, day of judgement. Favourite Ayana names
Ayat ayat girl Verses (pl. of Aya), signs, lessons, proofs Favourite Ayat names
Ayaz boy A sincere slave of mehmood the king once upon a time Favourite Ayaz names
Aybak boy Ibn-Aybak was a leading historian. Favourite Aybak names
Aydin boy Brilliant, Enlightened, Intelligent, Light of the moon. Favourite Aydin names
Ayeh ayeh girl Quranic verse, clear evidence, sign of God Favourite Ayeh names
Ayesha ayesha girl Well of Favourite Ayesha names
Ayham boy imaginary ,Brave Favourite Ayham names
Ayishah ayishah girl Youngest wife of the Prophet (pbuh) Favourite Ayishah names
Ayman boy righthanded, lucky Favourite Ayman names
Aymen aymen girl Sacred, Brave, Old name of Arabia. Favourite Aymen names
Ayra ayra girl Respectable. Favourite Ayra names
Ayser boy Easy in dealing, wealthy Favourite Ayser names
Aysha aysha girl The name of wife of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Favourite Aysha names
Ayshah ayshah girl Wife of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W). Favourite Ayshah names
Ayub boy A prophet of Allah (swt) Favourite Ayub names
Ayyash boy Bread seller Favourite Ayyash names
Ayyub boy A Prophets name (Job) Favourite Ayyub names
Az-zahra az-zahra girl Excellent and smart. Favourite Az-zahra names
Aza boy Comfort Favourite Aza names
Azaan boy Call for the prayer. Favourite Azaan names
Azab boy Touring, travelling, wandering Favourite Azab names
Azad boy Freedom. Favourite Azad names
Azadeh azadeh girl Princess. Favourite Azadeh names
Azam boy The powerful one Favourite Azam names
Azb boy Sweet Favourite Azb names
Azeem boy Defender, referring to one of Gods ninety nine qualities Favourite Azeem names
Azeeza azeeza girl Dear, precious Favourite Azeeza names
Azfer boy Leader. Favourite Azfer names
Azhaar azhaar girl Flowers Favourite Azhaar names
Azhar boy Most shining, luminous Favourite Azhar names
Azim boy Greatest. Favourite Azim names
Aziman aziman girl Sky, heaven Favourite Aziman names
Aziz boy Powerful (dear) Favourite Aziz names
Azizah azizah girl Esteemed, precious, cherished Favourite Azizah names
Azka azka girl Pious. Favourite Azka names
Azlan boy Lion Favourite Azlan names
Azma azma girl Blessing of Allah Favourite Azma names
Azmat boy Respect, honor. Favourite Azmat names
Azmina azmina girl Beautiful, shining Favourite Azmina names
Azra azra girl Maiden, Pious, Woman. Favourite Azra names
Azraq boy Blue, name of a companion of the Prophet. Favourite Azraq names
Azraqi boy An authority on the history of Makkah Favourite Azraqi names
Azzah azzah girl Young, female gazelle. Favourite Azzah names
Azzam boy Determined, resolved. Favourite Azzam names
Baahir boy Dazzling, Brilliant Favourite Baahir names
Baari boy One of the names of God Favourite Baari names
Baariq boy Shining, lighting, illuminating Favourite Baariq names
Baasha boy Don Favourite Baasha names
Baasim boy Smiling Favourite Baasim names
Baasit boy One who spreads or grants prosperity Favourite Baasit names
Babar boy King of Jungle, Lion heartedBrave Favourite Babar names
Baber boy Courageous Lion Favourite Baber names
Badeea badeea girl Marvelous, admirable Favourite Badeea names
Badi boy Creator; inventor Favourite Badi names
Badi al Zaman boy The marvel of time Favourite Badi al Zaman names
Badia badia girl Unprecedented, Admirable, Unique Favourite Badia names
Badiah, badiah, girl Badia Unprecedented, amazing, admirable, unique Favourite Badiah, names
Badiy boy Novel, primal Favourite Badiy names
Badr boy Full moon Favourite Badr names
Badr al Din boy Full moon of the faith Favourite Badr al Din names
Badr Uddeen boy Full moon of the Faith Favourite Badr Uddeen names
Badra badra girl Full moon Favourite Badra names
Badri boy One who took part in the battle of Badr Favourite Badri names
Badriyah badriyah girl Resembling the full moon Favourite Badriyah names
Badriyya badriyya girl Full moon Favourite Badriyya names
Baha boy Beautiful, magnificent Favourite Baha names
Baha al Din boy Magnificence of the faith Favourite Baha al Din names
Bahaa bahaa girl Beauty, shining Favourite Bahaa names
Bahar bahar girl Spring, Prime (of life), Bloom (of youth) Favourite Bahar names
Baheera baheera girl Noble, beautiful Favourite Baheera names
Bahia bahia girl Nice Favourite Bahia names
Bahij boy Happy Favourite Bahij names
Bahijah bahijah girl Magnificent, splendid Favourite Bahijah names
Bahir boy Dazzling, brilliant Favourite Bahir names
Bahira bahira girl Dazzling, brilliant Favourite Bahira names
Bahirah bahirah girl Dazzling, brilliant, noble lady Favourite Bahirah names
Bahiy boy Udeen The magnificent of the Faith Favourite Bahiy names
Bahiyah bahiyah girl Beautiful, radiant Favourite Bahiyah names
Bahiyy al Din boy Magnificence of the faith Favourite Bahiyy al Din names
Bahriyah al-Aabidah bahriyahxxal-aabidah girl She was a devoted worshipper and ascetic of Basrah. Favourite Bahriyah al-Aabidah names
Baid boy Another name for God, away, distant Favourite Baid names
Bais boy One of the ninetynine names of God Favourite Bais names
Bajeela bajeela girl Dignified, venerated Favourite Bajeela names
Bakht bakht girl Lot, Fate, Portion. Favourite Bakht names
Bakhtawar bakhtawar girl Fortunate, Lucky. Favourite Bakhtawar names
Bakir boy Early Favourite Bakir names
Bakr boy Young camel Favourite Bakr names
Bakri boy One who starts work early Favourite Bakri names
Balagh boy Another name for the Quran Favourite Balagh names
Baleegha baleegha girl Eloquent, fluent Favourite Baleegha names
Baligh boy Eloquent Favourite Baligh names
Balqees balqees girl She was the daughter of Ahmad bin Mishqar Favourite Balqees names
Balqis balqis girl Name of the Queen of Sheba Favourite Balqis names
Balsam balsam girl Balsam, balm Favourite Balsam names
Ban ban girl A kind of tree Favourite Ban names
Banafsha banafsha girl Daughter of Abdullah al-Rumiyah; was a very pious and generous woman Favourite Banafsha names
Banan banan girl Delicate, finger tips Favourite Banan names
Bandar boy Seaport, district capital Favourite Bandar names
Bano bano girl Lady, princess Favourite Bano names
Banujah banujah girl The daughter of al-Mahdi. Favourite Banujah names
Baqar boy Inevitable, lion, powerful Favourite Baqar names
Baqir boy Beloved one, Close to heart Favourite Baqir names
Baraah baraah girl Innocence Favourite Baraah names
Barakah boy Blessing Favourite Barakah names
Bareerah bareerah girl Pious; Favourite Bareerah names
Bari boy The Evolver. A Name For Allah Favourite Bari names
Baria baria girl Excelling, distinguished Favourite Baria names
Bariah bariah girl Excelling Favourite Bariah names
Barika barika girl Bloom, be successful Favourite Barika names
Barirah barirah girl Faithful and devoted Favourite Barirah names
Barkat boy Growth Favourite Barkat names
Barr boy Another name for God, generous Favourite Barr names
Barrah barrah girl She was the wunt of the Prophet (S.A.W), daughter of Abdul Muttalib Favourite Barrah names
Barraq boy Shining. Favourite Barraq names
Barzah barzah girl She was a narrator of hadith. Favourite Barzah names
Basaam boy Smiling Favourite Basaam names
Basaaria basaaria girl Beautiful, Prior Favourite Basaaria names
Basair boy Another name for the Quran Favourite Basair names
Basbas basbas girl She was a slave girl of Ibn Nafees Favourite Basbas names
Baseema baseema girl Smiling Favourite Baseema names
Basel boy Brave Favourite Basel names
Basem boy Smiling Favourite Basem names
Bashaar boy Bringer of glad tidings Favourite Bashaar names
Bashair bashair girl Good news, good omens Favourite Bashair names
Bashar boy Bringer of glad tidings. Favourite Bashar names
Basharat boy Good news Favourite Basharat names
Basheer boy One who carries Good news Favourite Basheer names
Basheera basheera girl Bringer of good tidings, Joy Favourite Basheera names
Bashir boy Bringer of glad tidings Favourite Bashir names
Bashirah bashirah girl Bringer of good tidings, joy Favourite Bashirah names
Bashshar boy Bringer of glad tidings Favourite Bashshar names
Basil boy Brave Favourite Basil names
Basila basila girl Courageous, bold Favourite Basila names
Basilah basilah girl Brave Favourite Basilah names
Basim boy Smiling Favourite Basim names
Basima basima girl Smiling Favourite Basima names
Basimah basimah girl Smiling Favourite Basimah names
Basinah basinah girl Kitty, kitten Favourite Basinah names
Basir boy Bringer of glad tidings. Favourite Basir names
Basma basma girl Smile Favourite Basma names
Basmah basmah girl A smile Favourite Basmah names
Basoos basoos girl She was the daughter of Munziq at-Tamimah (A.N). Favourite Basoos names
Bassam boy Smiling Favourite Bassam names
Batal boy Champion. Favourite Batal names
Batin boy Another name for Prophet Muhammad Favourite Batin names
Batinah batinah girl Hidden, Inner. Favourite Batinah names
Batla batla girl Petal Favourite Batla names
Batool batool girl A true devotee woman of Allah. Favourite Batool names
Batrisyia batrisyia girl Intelligent. Favourite Batrisyia names
Batul batul girl Batool Ascetic virgin Favourite Batul names
Bayan boy Another name for the Quran Favourite Bayan names
Bayhas boy Name of the lion Favourite Bayhas names
Baysan baysan girl To walk with pride Favourite Baysan names
Baz boy Falcon Favourite Baz names
Bazaan boy The old emperor of Yaman Favourite Bazaan names
Bazam boy It was the name of the Tabiee, Abu Salih Favourite Bazam names
Bazigha bazigha girl Rising, emerging Favourite Bazigha names
Bazilah bazilah girl Clever, intelligent Favourite Bazilah names
Beena beena girl Seeing, clear sighted Favourite Beena names
Beenish beenish girl Vision, sight; the faculty of seeing Favourite Beenish names
Behzad boy Honest and caring. Favourite Behzad names
Benzair benzair girl Incomparable Favourite Benzair names
Bilqis bilqis girl Queen of Sheeba Favourite Bilqis names
Binesh binesh girl Clever. Favourite Binesh names
Binish binish girl Clever, Intelligent Favourite Binish names
Birrah birrah girl Good Deed. Favourite Birrah names
Bisar bisar girl Adolescent Favourite Bisar names
Bisharah bisharah girl A narrator of Hadith Favourite Bisharah names
Bishr boy Joy Favourite Bishr names
Bisma bisma girl Smile Favourite Bisma names
Boulos boy Arabic form of Paul Favourite Boulos names
Boutros boy Arabicform of PETER Favourite Boutros names
Budail boy Name of a companion of the Prophet Favourite Budail names
Budur budur girl Full moons Favourite Budur names
Buhaisah buhaisah girl Walking with pride Favourite Buhaisah names
Buhaysah buhaysah girl A narrator of hadith. Favourite Buhaysah names
Buhayyah buhayyah girl The name of a freed slave. Favourite Buhayyah names
Buhjah buhjah girl Joy, delight Favourite Buhjah names
Buhthah buhthah girl Happy, delighted when seeing others Favourite Buhthah names
Bulhut boy A narrator of hadith had this name Favourite Bulhut names
Bunan bunan girl Historical name Favourite Bunan names
Buqayrah buqayrah girl A narrator of Hadith. Favourite Buqayrah names
Burak boy Horse like animal carried the Prophet during mehraj Favourite Burak names
Burayd boy Cold, Mind. Favourite Burayd names
Burayka burayka girl Blessing Favourite Burayka names
Burdah burdah girl She was al-Suraymiyah, and a very dutiful worshipper. Favourite Burdah names
Burhaan boy Proof Favourite Burhaan names
Burhan boy Proof Favourite Burhan names
Busayrah busayrah girl a female companion (R.A) and also a muhajirah, who migrated to Madinah Favourite Busayrah names
Bushr boy Joy, happiness Favourite Bushr names
Bushra bushra girl Good omen, good news Favourite Bushra names
Bushrah bushrah girl Glad tidings, good news Favourite Bushrah names
Busr busr girl Unripened dates; star, height Favourite Busr names
Busrah busrah girl She was a companion who lived until the era of Muawiyah Favourite Busrah names
Buthayna buthayna girl Beautiful woman Favourite Buthayna names
Buthaynah buthaynah girl Of beautiful and tender body. Favourite Buthaynah names
Butrus boy Arabic form of Peter Favourite Butrus names
Cala cala girl Castle Favourite Cala names
Cantara cantara girl Small bridge Favourite Cantara names
Chaman chaman girl Garden, from Urdu Language. Favourite Chaman names
Chanda chanda girl Moon light Favourite Chanda names
Chandni chandni girl The moon light Favourite Chandni names
Daania daania girl Beautiful Favourite Daania names
Daanya daanya girl Gift of god, beautiful Favourite Daanya names
Dad dad girl Old Arabic name Favourite Dad names
Dafiyah dafiyah girl Narrator of Hadith Favourite Dafiyah names
Dahab dahab girl Gold Favourite Dahab names
Dahma dahma girl Scholar of religion and had learnt from her brother al-Imam al-Mahdi; Favourite Dahma names
Dakhil boy Foreigner, stranger. Favourite Dakhil names
Dalal dalal girl Treated or touched in a kind and loving way Favourite Dalal names
Daleela daleela girl Guide, Proof Favourite Daleela names
Dalil boy Another name for God; evidence; a guide Favourite Dalil names
Daliya daliya girl Dahlia Favourite Daliya names
Daliyah daliyah girl Grape vine Favourite Daliyah names
Dameer boy Heart, Conscience. Favourite Dameer names
Damian boy Tamer Favourite Damian names
Damurah boy Sparkle of light fire Favourite Damurah names
Daneen daneen girl Princess. Favourite Daneen names
Dani boy Near, close Favourite Dani names
Daniel boy Intelligent Favourite Daniel names
Danish boy Intelligent. Favourite Danish names
Daniya daniya girl Near, close Favourite Daniya names
Daniyah daniyah girl Closer, nearer Favourite Daniyah names
Daniyal boy Intelligent Favourite Daniyal names
Dara boy Possessor, sovereign Favourite Dara names
Darakhshaan darakhshaan girl Shinning Favourite Darakhshaan names
Daria daria girl Learned, knowing. Favourite Daria names
Darim boy Name of a narrator of hadith. Favourite Darim names
Darwish boy Dervish Favourite Darwish names
Daud boy Beloved; a Prophets name (David) Favourite Daud names
Dawar boy Another name for God Favourite Dawar names
Dawid boy Prince. Favourite Dawid names
Dawlah boy Riches happiness Favourite Dawlah names
Dawlat Khatoon dawlatxxkhatoon girl She was from a ruling family Favourite Dawlat Khatoon names
Dayyan boy A mighty Ruler. Favourite Dayyan names
Dean boy Religion Favourite Dean names
Deeba deeba girl Obedience Favourite Deeba names
Deema deema girl Rainy Cloud Favourite Deema names
Deen boy Religion Favourite Deen names
Deenar boy Gold coin Favourite Deenar names
Dema dema girl The Rainy Cloud. Favourite Dema names
Dhakir boy One who remembers God frequently Favourite Dhakir names
Dhakirah dhakirah girl One who remembers God frequently Favourite Dhakirah names
Dhakiy boy Intelligent, bright Favourite Dhakiy names
Dhakwan boy Intelligent Favourite Dhakwan names
Dhiya boy Light splendour Favourite Dhiya names
Dhuha dhuha girl Forenoon Favourite Dhuha names
Dhuka dhuka girl Name of the sun Favourite Dhuka names
Dihyat boy A companion of Prophet Muhammad Favourite Dihyat names
Dilawar boy Brave Courageous Favourite Dilawar names
Dilbar boy Lover Favourite Dilbar names
Dildar boy Charming, beloved Favourite Dildar names
Dilshad boy Happy Favourite Dilshad names
Dilshad Khatoon dilshadxxkhatoon girl She lived between - Favourite Dilshad Khatoon names
Dimah dimah girl Cloud which carries rainwater Favourite Dimah names
Dina dina girl Love Favourite Dina names
Dinar boy Name of the grandfather of Abu Bin Thabit. Favourite Dinar names
Diqrah diqrah girl A narrator of hadith Favourite Diqrah names
Dirar boy Old Arabic name Favourite Dirar names
Diwan boy Royal court, tribunal of justice Favourite Diwan names
Diya boy Brightness, light Favourite Diya names
Diya al Din boy Brightness of the faith Favourite Diya al Din names
Diyaa Udeen boy Brightness of the Faith Favourite Diyaa Udeen names
Diyanah diyanah girl Religion Favourite Diyanah names
Diyari boy A gift, or a present. Favourite Diyari names
Dizhwar boy Mean strong Favourite Dizhwar names
Doaa doaa girl Pray, a voice of heart, source of connection with Allah and Human. Favourite Doaa names
Dua dua girl Prayer Favourite Dua names
Dubaah dubaah girl Daughter of az-Zubayr and a female companion (R.A) Favourite Dubaah names
Duha boy Fore noon Favourite Duha names
Dujanah dujanah girl Rain. Favourite Dujanah names
Dunia dunia girl The world Favourite Dunia names
Dunya dunya girl World Favourite Dunya names
Dunyana dunyana girl Our world Favourite Dunyana names
Durar durar girl Pearls Favourite Durar names
Durdanah durdanah girl Pearl. Favourite Durdanah names
Durrah boy Companion of Prophet Muhammad Favourite Durrah names
Durriyah durriyah girl Shining, bright Favourite Durriyah names
Ehan boy Full moon Favourite Ehan names
Ehsaas boy Feel Favourite Ehsaas names
Ehsan boy Powerful Favourite Ehsan names
Eijaz boy Miracle Favourite Eijaz names
Eiliyah eiliyah girl The beautiful one to grow in peace and love with God. Favourite Eiliyah names
Eimaan eimaan girl Faith. Favourite Eimaan names
Eisa boy A Prophets name (Jesus) Favourite Eisa names
Ejaz boy To do something which others cannot do Favourite Ejaz names
El-Amin boy Trustworthy Favourite El-Amin names
Eliza eliza girl Unique, precious. Favourite Eliza names
Eman eman girl Faith. Favourite Eman names
Emir boy To command Favourite Emir names
Emran boy Progress Achievement Favourite Emran names
Erina erina girl Beautiful lady. Favourite Erina names
Ermina ermina girl Friendly. Favourite Ermina names
Erum erum girl Heaven Favourite Erum names
Esam boy Safeguard Favourite Esam names
Eshal eshal girl The name of flower in the heaven. Favourite Eshal names
Eshan boy In God Grace Worthy Favourite Eshan names
Essam boy Safeguard Favourite Essam names
Ezzah ezzah girl A person who gives the honour, respect Favourite Ezzah names
Faadi boy Redeemer Favourite Faadi names
Faadil boy Honourable outstanding Favourite Faadil names
Faaiq boy Superior,Ascendant, Outstanding. Favourite Faaiq names
Faaiz boy Successful Prosperous Victories Favourite Faaiz names
Faakhir boy Proud, Excellent Favourite Faakhir names
Faaris boy Horseman Knight Favourite Faaris names
Faarooq boy Who distinguishes truth from false Favourite Faarooq names
Faatih boy Another name for Prophet Muhammad Favourite Faatih names
Faatir boy Another name for God; originator Favourite Faatir names
Faaz boy Victorius, successful Favourite Faaz names
Fadeelah fadeelah girl Superiority. Favourite Fadeelah names
Fadheela fadheela girl Virtuous, outstanding, superior, cultured and refined Favourite Fadheela names
Fadi boy Saviour Favourite Fadi names
Fadil boy Generous, honorable Favourite Fadil names
Fadila fadila girl Good looking, attractive. Favourite Fadila names
Fadilah fadilah girl Distinguished, learned. Favourite Fadilah names
Fadiyah fadiyah girl Redeemer, self sacrificing Favourite Fadiyah names
Fadl boy Reward, favour Favourite Fadl names
Fadl Allah boy Favor of Allah Favourite Fadl Allah names
Fadl Ullah boy The excellence of God Favourite Fadl Ullah names
Fadwa fadwa girl Name derived from self sacrifice Favourite Fadwa names
Fadwah fadwah girl Name derived from self-sacrifice. Favourite Fadwah names
Fadyaa fadyaa girl Sacrificing Favourite Fadyaa names
Faeezah faeezah girl Leader Favourite Faeezah names
Faekah faekah girl Wise Favourite Faekah names
Faeq boy Surpassing, excellent Favourite Faeq names
Fahad boy Lynx wild cat Favourite Fahad names
Fahada fahada girl Leopardess Favourite Fahada names
Fahd boy Lynx,panther Favourite Fahd names
Fahdah fahdah girl Leopardess Favourite Fahdah names
Faheem boy Intelligent Favourite Faheem names
Faheemah faheemah girl Intelligent. Favourite Faheemah names
Fahim boy Undrestanding, clever, wise Favourite Fahim names
Fahima fahima girl Intelligent Favourite Fahima names
Fahimah fahimah girl Intelligent Favourite Fahimah names
Fahmeeda fahmeeda girl Intelligent, judicious Favourite Fahmeeda names
Fahmi boy Understanding Favourite Fahmi names
Fahmida fahmida girl Intelligent and Wise Favourite Fahmida names
Fahyim boy Very Clever Favourite Fahyim names
Faida faida girl Benefit, gain Favourite Faida names
Faiha faiha girl Good smell from heaven Favourite Faiha names
Faik boy Surpassing excellent leader Favourite Faik names
Faiq boy Superior, Ascendant, Outstanding Favourite Faiq names
Faiqa faiqa girl Superior, excellent Favourite Faiqa names
Faiqah faiqah girl Surpassing, excellent Favourite Faiqah names
Fairuzah fairuzah girl A precious gem Favourite Fairuzah names
Faisal boy Decisive Favourite Faisal names
Faiyaz boy Artistic Favourite Faiyaz names
Faiz boy Winner Favourite Faiz names
Faiza faiza girl Gain. Favourite Faiza names
Faizaan boy Grace, Favour. Favourite Faizaan names
Faizah faizah girl Successful Favourite Faizah names
Faizan boy Ruler. Favourite Faizan names
Faizel boy Ajudge Favourite Faizel names
Fajaruddin boy TheFirst Favourite Fajaruddin names
Fajer boy Morning Favourite Fajer names
Fajr fajr girl The dawn, name of the morning prayer Favourite Fajr names
Fakeeh boy Cheerful Favourite Fakeeh names
Fakeehah fakeehah girl Cheerful. Favourite Fakeehah names
Fakhir boy Proud, excellent Favourite Fakhir names
Fakhirah fakhirah girl Splendid, Elegant. Favourite Fakhirah names
Fakhiri boy Honorary Favourite Fakhiri names
Fakhr boy Pride Something toFeel proud about Favourite Fakhr names
Fakhr al Din boy Pride of the faith Favourite Fakhr al Din names
Fakhra fakhra girl Good, new. Favourite Fakhra names
Fakhri boy Honourary Favourite Fakhri names
Fakhri, Fakhry boy Honorary Favourite Fakhri, Fakhry names
Fakhriyah fakhriyah girl Honorary Favourite Fakhriyah names
Fakhrul boy Proud Favourite Fakhrul names
Fakhry boy Honorary Favourite Fakhry names
Fakhtah fakhtah girl A dove. Favourite Fakhtah names
Fakihah fakihah girl Fruit. Favourite Fakihah names
Falah boy Success Favourite Falah names
Falak falak girl Star Favourite Falak names
Falaknaz falaknaz girl Sky. Favourite Falaknaz names
Falaq falaq girl Break of dawn. Favourite Falaq names
Faleha faleha girl Righteous, successful Favourite Faleha names
Falih boy Successful Favourite Falih names
Faliq boy One that divides into two; creator Favourite Faliq names
Falisha falisha girl Happiness. Favourite Falisha names
Famya famya girl Good fame Favourite Famya names
Fanan fanan girl Tree branch or twig Favourite Fanan names
Faqeeh boy Jurist, Scholar of religious laws Favourite Faqeeh names
Faqih boy Islamic legal expert Favourite Faqih names
Faqir boy Poor Favourite Faqir names
Faqirah faqirah girl Name of a beautiful woman (wife of Murrah al-Asadi) Favourite Faqirah names
Fara fara girl Sunset Favourite Fara names
Farafisa boy Name of a companion, bin Umayr al-Hanafi Favourite Farafisa names
Farag boy Remedy Favourite Farag names
Farah farah girl Joy Favourite Farah names
Faraj boy There have been men with this name. Favourite Faraj names
Faraqlit boy Who distinguishes truth from false Favourite Faraqlit names
Farasat boy Perception, sagacity. Favourite Farasat names
Faraz boy Ascent, height. Favourite Faraz names
Faraza faraza girl Success, height Favourite Faraza names
Fard boy Another name for God; unequalled Favourite Fard names
Fardeen boy Radiant Favourite Fardeen names
Fareed boy Unique incomparable Favourite Fareed names
Fareeda fareeda girl Unique, matchless Favourite Fareeda names
Fareedah fareedah girl Unique precious gem. Favourite Fareedah names
Fareeha fareeha girl Joyful, Happy. Favourite Fareeha names
Fareeq boy Lieutenant General Favourite Fareeq names
Farees boy Braverer Favourite Farees names
Fareess fareess girl Life. Favourite Fareess names
Farha farha girl Happiness. Favourite Farha names
Farhan boy Happy Favourite Farhan names
Farhana farhana girl Happy, delighted Favourite Farhana names
Farhanah farhanah girl Happy Favourite Farhanah names
Farhat boy Happiness Favourite Farhat names
Farheen farheen girl Jubilant. Favourite Farheen names
Farhiya farhiya girl Happy Favourite Farhiya names
Faria faria girl Beautiful, kind and loving. Favourite Faria names
Fariah fariah girl Daughter of Maalik bin sanan al-Ansari and sister of Abu Saeed al-Khudri. Favourite Fariah names
Farid boy Another name for God; pearl,unique Favourite Farid names
Farida farida girl Unique, Matchless Favourite Farida names
Fariha fariha girl Joyous Favourite Fariha names
Farihah farihah girl Brisk, Swift. Favourite Farihah names
Fariq boy Another name for God; separating Favourite Fariq names
Faris boy Horseman,knight, cavalier Favourite Faris names
Farisha farisha girl Light Favourite Farisha names
Fariza fariza girl Light. Favourite Fariza names
Farizah farizah girl Arch Favourite Farizah names
Farkhandah farkhandah girl Happy, Lucky. Favourite Farkhandah names
Farkhunda farkhunda girl Lucky, prosperous Favourite Farkhunda names
Farookh boy Agood Judge Favourite Farookh names
Farooq boy Person who can tell right from wrong, comely Favourite Farooq names
Farouk boy Knowing right from wrong Favourite Farouk names
Farqad farqad girl Name of a star. Favourite Farqad names
Farraj boy Relief, freedom from grief Favourite Farraj names
Farrukh boy Happy Auspicious Favourite Farrukh names
Faruq boy Who distinguishes truth from false Favourite Faruq names
Farwa farwa girl Fur Favourite Farwa names
Farwah boy Name of a few of the companions Favourite Farwah names
Faryal faryal girl Angel Favourite Faryal names
Faryat faryat girl Delightful sun-shine. Favourite Faryat names
Farzana farzana girl Intelligent Favourite Farzana names
Farzeen farzeen girl Learned Favourite Farzeen names
Fasahat boy Eloquence Favourite Fasahat names
Faseeh boy Eloquent (Suggested nameFASEEUDDIN) Favourite Faseeh names
Faseeha faseeha girl Eloquent Favourite Faseeha names
Faseehah faseehah girl Eloquent. Favourite Faseehah names
Faseelah faseelah girl Some distance Favourite Faseelah names
Fastiq boy One who rips apart Favourite Fastiq names
Fateen boy Clever Smart Favourite Fateen names
Fateenah boy Intelligent. Favourite Fateenah names
Fateh boy Victory Favourite Fateh names
Fath boy Victory Favourite Fath names
Fatheha fatheha girl Name of the first surah in the Quran Favourite Fatheha names
Fathi boy Conqueror Favourite Fathi names
Fathima fathima girl Daughter of the Prophet (PBUH) Favourite Fathima names
Fathiya fathiya girl Joy, Happiness, new begining Favourite Fathiya names
Fathiyah fathiyah girl Beginning Favourite Fathiyah names
Fatih boy Opener, conqueror Favourite Fatih names
Fatiha fatiha girl Opening Favourite Fatiha names
Fatihah fatihah girl Opening. Favourite Fatihah names
Fatik boy Deadly, Lethal Favourite Fatik names
Fatim fatim girl A woman worthy of the ut-most praise Favourite Fatim names
Fatima fatima girl Prophets (PBUH) daughter Favourite Fatima names
Fatimah fatimah girl Fatima Accustom; daughter of the Prophet Favourite Fatimah names
Fatin fatin girl Captivating, Alluring, Enchanting Favourite Fatin names
Fatinah fatinah girl Captivating, alluring, enchanting Favourite Fatinah names
Fatma fatma girl My giving Favourite Fatma names
Fattah boy One who attains victory. Favourite Fattah names
Fattana fattana girl Very beautiful Favourite Fattana names
Fauzia fauzia girl Succesful, Victorious. Favourite Fauzia names
Fawad boy Heart Favourite Fawad names
Fawaz boy Success, Salvation Favourite Fawaz names
Fawwaz boy Successful Favourite Fawwaz names
Fawz boy Success Salvation Favourite Fawz names
Fawza fawza girl Success Favourite Fawza names
Fawzah fawzah girl Success Favourite Fawzah names
Fawzan boy Successful, Salvation Favourite Fawzan names
Fawzi boy Successful Favourite Fawzi names
Fawzia fawzia girl Victorious Favourite Fawzia names
Fawziyah fawziyah girl Successful Favourite Fawziyah names
Fawziyya fawziyya girl Victorious Favourite Fawziyya names
Fawziyyah fawziyyah girl Successful, victorious Favourite Fawziyyah names
Fayaaz boy Kind & Generous; Gracious. Favourite Fayaaz names
Fayd boy Abundance Favourite Fayd names
Fayek boy Surpassing excellent superior outstanding Favourite Fayek names
Fayha fayha girl Fragrant Favourite Fayha names
Fayiz boy Victor Favourite Fayiz names
Fayroz fayroz girl Turquoise Favourite Fayroz names
Fayruz fayruz girl Turquoise Favourite Fayruz names
Faysal boy Decisive Favourite Faysal names
Fayyad boy Overflowing, generous Favourite Fayyad names
Fayyadh boy Generous Favourite Fayyadh names
Fayyaza fayyaza girl Very generous Favourite Fayyaza names
Fayzan boy Beneficence Favourite Fayzan names
Fazal boy Grace. Favourite Fazal names
Fazan boy Ruler Favourite Fazan names
Fazeelat fazeelat girl Virtue, merit Favourite Fazeelat names
Fazil boy Talented; expert; intelligent; wise Favourite Fazil names
Fazila fazila girl Excellent, learned Favourite Fazila names
Fazluna fazluna girl A flower in the desert Favourite Fazluna names
Fazzilet fazzilet girl Blessings of Allah Favourite Fazzilet names
Feerozah feerozah girl A precious stone Favourite Feerozah names
Feiyaz feiyaz girl Successful Favourite Feiyaz names
Fellah fellah girl Arabian jasmine Favourite Fellah names
Femida femida girl Wise Favourite Femida names
Feroz boy Shinning Favourite Feroz names
Feroze boy Successful Favourite Feroze names
Ferran boy Baker Favourite Ferran names
Fida boy Redemption, sacrifice Favourite Fida names
Fidaa boy Redemption; Sacrifice Favourite Fidaa names
Fiddah boy Silver Favourite Fiddah names
Fidyan boy Person who makes sacrifice Favourite Fidyan names
Fihr boy Stonepestle Favourite Fihr names
Fikriya fikriya girl Wise Favourite Fikriya names
Fir fir girl A sharp weapon. Favourite Fir names
Firas boy Perspicacious Favourite Firas names
Firdaus boy Heaven Favourite Firdaus names
Firdaws firdaws girl Highest garden in Paradise Favourite Firdaws names
Firdoos firdoos girl Highest garden in Paradise Favourite Firdoos names
Firdos boy Paradise Favourite Firdos names
Firdowsa firdowsa girl Highest garden of paradise. Favourite Firdowsa names
Firoz boy Gift. Favourite Firoz names
Firyal firyal girl Old Arabic name Favourite Firyal names
Fiza fiza girl Wind. Favourite Fiza names
Fizan boy Breeze Favourite Fizan names
Forhana forhana girl Happy, Ecstatic Favourite Forhana names
Fouad boy Heart Favourite Fouad names
Fozia fozia girl Successful and victorious Favourite Fozia names
Foziah foziah girl Successful Favourite Foziah names
Fuad boy Heart Favourite Fuad names
Fudail boy Excellent in character Favourite Fudail names
Fudayl fudayl girl Learned, Scholar Favourite Fudayl names
Fujai boy Name of Prophets (S.A.W) companion Favourite Fujai names
Fukayna fukayna girl Learned, knowledgeable Favourite Fukayna names
Furat furat girl Sweet water Favourite Furat names
Furaya furaya girl Historical name Favourite Furaya names
Furayah furayah girl Handsome, Well-built. Favourite Furayah names
Furaysa furaysa girl Female hoarse Favourite Furaysa names
Furozh boy Light Favourite Furozh names
Furqau boy Distinction between truth & falsehood Favourite Furqau names
Fusaylah fusaylah girl Some distance. Favourite Fusaylah names
Futun futun girl Fascinations Favourite Futun names
Fuwad boy Heart Favourite Fuwad names
Fuzail boy An accomplished person Favourite Fuzail names
Gabir boy Comforter Favourite Gabir names
Gabr boy Consolation Favourite Gabr names
Gafar boy Ctream Favourite Gafar names
Galal boy Greatness Favourite Galal names
Gamal boy Beauty Favourite Gamal names
Gamali boy Camel Favourite Gamali names
Gamil boy Beautiful Favourite Gamil names
Gazala gazala girl Intelligent, charming Favourite Gazala names
Ghaalib boy Victor Favourite Ghaalib names
Ghaazi boy Conqueror Favourite Ghaazi names
Ghada ghada girl Young (beautiful woman) Favourite Ghada names
Ghadah ghadah girl Beautiful Favourite Ghadah names
Ghadir ghadir girl Stream Favourite Ghadir names
Ghafir boy Another name for God; generous Favourite Ghafir names
Ghaith boy Rain Favourite Ghaith names
Ghali boy Valuable, dear, beloved, expensive Favourite Ghali names
Ghalib boy Victor Favourite Ghalib names
Ghaliba ghaliba girl vitorious, dominant Favourite Ghaliba names
Ghalibah ghalibah girl Dominant. Favourite Ghalibah names
Ghaliya ghaliya girl Precious,dear Favourite Ghaliya names
Ghaliyah ghaliyah girl Fragrant, beloved, valuable Favourite Ghaliyah names
Ghaneemah ghaneemah girl Spoils, booty Favourite Ghaneemah names
Ghanem boy Successful Favourite Ghanem names
Ghani boy Title of 3rd khalifah of Islam Hazrat Usman Favourite Ghani names
Ghania ghania girl Beautiful Favourite Ghania names
Ghanim boy Successful Favourite Ghanim names
Ghaniyah ghaniyah girl Pretty girl, beautiful woman, beauty Favourite Ghaniyah names
Ghaniyya ghaniyya girl rich, well-off Favourite Ghaniyya names
Ghannam boy Shepherd Favourite Ghannam names
Gharam gharam girl Love Favourite Gharam names
Ghareebah ghareebah girl Strange, foreign. Favourite Ghareebah names
Ghasaan boy Old Arabic name Favourite Ghasaan names
Ghashiah boy 88th Surah of the Quran; covering Favourite Ghashiah names
Ghassan boy Ardor, vigor (of youth) Favourite Ghassan names
Ghassana ghassana girl youthful, beautiful Favourite Ghassana names
Ghauth boy Helper Defender Favourite Ghauth names
Ghawth boy Help, succour Favourite Ghawth names
Ghaya ghaya girl Goal, aim Favourite Ghaya names
Ghayda ghayda girl Young and delicate Favourite Ghayda names
Ghaydaa ghaydaa girl Young and delicate Favourite Ghaydaa names
Ghayoor boy Selfrespecting Favourite Ghayoor names
Ghayth boy Rain Favourite Ghayth names
Ghayur boy Another name for God; haughty Favourite Ghayur names
Ghazal ghazal girl She was a narrator of Hadith Favourite Ghazal names
Ghazala ghazala girl Female gazelle Favourite Ghazala names
Ghazalah ghazalah girl Gazelle Favourite Ghazalah names
Ghazalan boy Spinner Favourite Ghazalan names
Ghazanfar boy Lion Favourite Ghazanfar names
Ghazawan boy Warrior companion of Prophet (S.A.W) Favourite Ghazawan names
Ghazi boy Conqueror warrior Favourite Ghazi names
Ghaziyah ghaziyah girl Female Warrior Favourite Ghaziyah names
Ghazzal boy Name of a reciter of Quran Favourite Ghazzal names
Ghitbah ghitbah girl She was a narrator of hadith Favourite Ghitbah names
Ghiyaath boy Succorer Favourite Ghiyaath names
Ghiyas boy Another name for God Favourite Ghiyas names
Ghiyath boy Aid, Succourer Favourite Ghiyath names
Ghizlan ghizlan girl From gazzalle Favourite Ghizlan names
Ghufayrah ghufayrah girl A very pious woman who kept vigil in the night Favourite Ghufayrah names
Ghufran boy Forgiving, to conceal Favourite Ghufran names
Ghulam boy Slave, Servant Favourite Ghulam names
Ghumaysa ghumaysa girl Her kuniyah was Umm Sulaym; she was a front-rank companion (R.A) Favourite Ghumaysa names
Ghumra ghumra girl Saffron Favourite Ghumra names
Ghunayn boy One who collects booty Favourite Ghunayn names
Ghunwa ghunwa girl Rich, well-off Favourite Ghunwa names
Ghusharib boy Brave Favourite Ghusharib names
Ghusoon ghusoon girl Branches of a tree Favourite Ghusoon names
Ghusun boy Branches of tree Favourite Ghusun names
Ghutayf boy Affluent Favourite Ghutayf names
Ghuzayyah ghuzayyah girl She was a narrator of hadith Favourite Ghuzayyah names
Gohar boy Diamond, precious stone Favourite Gohar names
Guda boy Goodnessor excellence Favourite Guda names
Gul boy Flower Favourite Gul names
Gulab boy Rose Favourite Gulab names
Gulbano gulbano girl Rose Favourite Gulbano names
GuleRana gulerana girl Sweet-smelling rose Favourite GuleRana names
Gulfam boy Rose faced Favourite Gulfam names
Gulshan boy A flowerGarden Favourite Gulshan names
Gulzar boy A Garden, an inhabited town, flourishing Favourite Gulzar names
Haadee boy The guide Favourite Haadee names
Haadiya haadiya girl Guide to righteousness, calm Favourite Haadiya names
Haady boy Guiding to the right Favourite Haady names
Haajar haajar girl Hard as a rock Favourite Haajar names
Haala haala girl Aureole Favourite Haala names
Haamid boy Loving God Favourite Haamid names
Haani boy Happy; Delighted; Content Favourite Haani names
Haaris boy Friend Favourite Haaris names
Haarith boy Plowman; Old Arabic name Favourite Haarith names
Haashir boy Gatherer Favourite Haashir names
Haatim boy Judge Favourite Haatim names
Haaziq boy Intelligent Skillfull Favourite Haaziq names
Hababah hababah girl A daughter of Ajlan; She was a narrator of Hadith. Favourite Hababah names
Habee bullah boy Beloved of Allah Favourite Habee bullah names
Habeeb boy Friend Favourite Habeeb names
Habeeba habeeba girl Beloved Favourite Habeeba names
Habib boy Beloved, Friend Favourite Habib names
Habiba habiba girl Beloved, Sweetheart, Darling Favourite Habiba names
Habibah habibah girl Beloved, sweetheart, darling Favourite Habibah names
Habis boy A narrator of Hadith Favourite Habis names
Haboos haboos girl Name of a kind and benevolent noble lady who lived in Lebanon Favourite Haboos names
Haddad boy Blacksmith Favourite Haddad names
Hadee boy Director guide Favourite Hadee names
Hadeel hadeel girl To coo (like a dove) Favourite Hadeel names
Hadeeqa hadeeqa girl Gorgeus. Favourite Hadeeqa names
Hadeeqah hadeeqah girl Garden. Favourite Hadeeqah names
Hadhirah hadhirah girl Sweet smelling, smart, leader Favourite Hadhirah names
Hadi boy Religious guide Favourite Hadi names
Hadid boy Strong Favourite Hadid names
Hadil hadil girl Is the voice of a dove. Favourite Hadil names
Hadis boy Narration of Prophet Muhammad Favourite Hadis names
Hadiya hadiya girl Guide to righteousness Favourite Hadiya names
Hadiyah hadiyah girl Guide to righteousness Favourite Hadiyah names
Hadiyyah hadiyyah girl Gift Favourite Hadiyyah names
Hafa hafa girl Gentle rain Favourite Hafa names
Hafeez boy Protector Favourite Hafeez names
Hafeeza hafeeza girl Amulet Favourite Hafeeza names
Hafeezah hafeezah girl Keeper of the sacred book Favourite Hafeezah names
Hafi boy Generous Favourite Hafi names
Hafid boy The wise one Favourite Hafid names
Hafiz boy Protector guardian Favourite Hafiz names
Hafiza hafiza girl Guardian Favourite Hafiza names
Hafs boy Lion, Young of Lion Favourite Hafs names
Hafsa hafsa girl Baby lion, young lioness, Moon, Beautiful Favourite Hafsa names
Hafsah hafsah girl A wife of the Prophet (S.A.W). Favourite Hafsah names
Hafthah hafthah girl Preserved, protected Favourite Hafthah names
Haider boy Lion Favourite Haider names
Haifa haifa girl Slender, Of beautiful body Favourite Haifa names
Haikal boy Tale Favourite Haikal names
Haitham boy Eagle Favourite Haitham names
Haiza haiza girl Royalty Favourite Haiza names
Hajar hajar girl Name of the wife of the prophet Ibrahim Favourite Hajar names
Hajara hajara girl Historical name Favourite Hajara names
Haji boy Pilgrim Favourite Haji names
Hajib boy Doorman, janitor, bailiff, eyebrow, edge, covering Favourite Hajib names
Hajjah hajjah girl She was a narrator of Hadith. Favourite Hajjah names
Hajjaj boy Orbit eye socket Orgument debate Favourite Hajjaj names
Hajna hajna girl Daughter of Nusayb, she was a poetess. Favourite Hajna names
Hajrah hajrah girl The wife of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) Favourite Hajrah names
Hakam boy One of the 99 names of God Favourite Hakam names
Hakim boy One of the 99 names of God, wise,Ruler, governor Favourite Hakim names
Hakimah hakimah girl Wise, judicious. Favourite Hakimah names
Hala hala girl Sweetness Favourite Hala names
Halah halah girl Aureole. Favourite Halah names
Haleef boy Ally, confederate Favourite Haleef names
Haleem boy Patient Favourite Haleem names
Haleema haleema girl Gentle, patient Favourite Haleema names
Halim boy Mild, gentle, patient Favourite Halim names
Halima halima girl Foster mother of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Favourite Halima names
Halimah halimah girl Gentle, patient, mild-tempered Favourite Halimah names
Hallaj boy Cotton ginner Favourite Hallaj names
Halwani boy Confectioner Favourite Halwani names
Hamal boy Lamb Favourite Hamal names
Hamamah hamamah girl This was the name of a slave who suffered much punishment for the sake of Allah but Sayyidina Abu Bakr (R.A) bought her and emancipated her. Favourite Hamamah names
Hamas boy Enthusiasm Favourite Hamas names
Hamdan boy The one who lauds, extols Favourite Hamdan names
Hamdhy boy Sympathy, blessing Favourite Hamdhy names
Hamdi boy Of praise, commendable Favourite Hamdi names
Hamdiyah hamdiyah girl One who praises a lot Favourite Hamdiyah names
Hamdoona hamdoona girl Historical name Favourite Hamdoona names
Hameeda hameeda girl Praiseworthy Favourite Hameeda names
Hameem boy Friend Favourite Hameem names
Hami boy Protector, Patron, Supporter, defender Favourite Hami names
Hamid boy Praising Allah commendable Favourite Hamid names
Hamida hamida girl Thankful Favourite Hamida names
Hamidah hamidah girl Praising Allah, appreciative Favourite Hamidah names
Hamim boy Another name for Prophet Muhammad Favourite Hamim names
Hamiz boy Brave strong Favourite Hamiz names
Hammad boy Praising Allah Favourite Hammad names
Hammam boy A great man, a chief, a hero Favourite Hammam names
Hamnah hamnah girl She was a narrator of Hadith Favourite Hamnah names
Hamood boy One who praises Allah Favourite Hamood names
Hamra hamra girl Red. Favourite Hamra names
Hamshad boy Always victorious Favourite Hamshad names
Hamza boy Strong,steadfast Favourite Hamza names
Hamzah boy Lion Favourite Hamzah names
Hana hana girl Happiness, bliss Favourite Hana names
Hanan hanan girl benevolence, mercy Favourite Hanan names
Hananan boy Another name for God; generous Favourite Hananan names
Hanash boy A hadith was narrated by a man with the same name Favourite Hanash names
Hanbal boy Purity Favourite Hanbal names
Haneef boy Upright, true Favourite Haneef names
Haneefah haneefah girl True Believer Favourite Haneefah names
Hanfa hanfa girl Name of the wife of Sayyidina Ismail (A.S) Favourite Hanfa names
Hani boy Delighted, content Favourite Hani names
Haniah haniah girl Of happiness, bliss Favourite Haniah names
Hanif boy True believer Favourite Hanif names
Hanifa hanifa girl Pure Muslim Favourite Hanifa names
Hanifah boy Upright Favourite Hanifah names
Hanin hanin girl Longing, yearning Favourite Hanin names
Haniya haniya girl Pleased; Happy Favourite Haniya names
Haniyyah haniyyah girl Pleased, happy Favourite Haniyyah names
Hannah hannah girl Affection. Favourite Hannah names
Hannuf hannuf girl upright, honest Favourite Hannuf names
Haq boy Power Favourite Haq names
Haqq boy One of the 99 names of God Favourite Haqq names
Hareem hareem girl Walls of House of Kabba Favourite Hareem names
Haris boy Vigilant guardian Favourite Haris names
Harisah boy Guardian protector Favourite Harisah names
Harith boy Ploughman, cultivator Favourite Harith names
Hariz boy Strong, secure, guarded Favourite Hariz names
Harun boy Arabicform of AARON Favourite Harun names
Hasan boy Handsome, good Favourite Hasan names
Hasant hasant girl Good deeds Favourite Hasant names
Haseeb boy Respected, esteemed Favourite Haseeb names
Haseeba haseeba girl Of noble descent Favourite Haseeba names
Haseefa haseefa girl Sagacious, judicious Favourite Haseefa names
Haseen boy Beautiful, Smart Favourite Haseen names
Haseena haseena girl Pretty, beautiful. Favourite Haseena names
Hasham boy Servant Favourite Hasham names
Hashid boy One who rallies people, crowded, gathered Favourite Hashid names
Hashim boy Generous (Great grandfather of the Prophet) Favourite Hashim names
Hashir boy One who assembles Favourite Hashir names
Hashmat boy Dignity, Glory Favourite Hashmat names
Hasib boy Another name for Prophet Muhammad Favourite Hasib names
Hasibah hasibah girl Respected, noble Favourite Hasibah names
Hasim boy Decisive Favourite Hasim names
Hasinah hasinah girl Pretty, beautiful Favourite Hasinah names
Hasna hasna girl Beautiful Favourite Hasna names
Hasnah hasnah girl Beautiful Favourite Hasnah names
Hasnain boy Combination of Hassan and Hussain Favourite Hasnain names
Hassan boy Beautiful, handsome Favourite Hassan names
Hassib boy The Reckoner A Name for Allah Favourite Hassib names
Hatib boy A wood collector Favourite Hatib names
Hatim boy Judge Favourite Hatim names
Hawa hawa girl Eve Favourite Hawa names
Hawadah hawadah girl Pleasant Favourite Hawadah names
Hawazin hawazin girl Name of an Arabic tribe Favourite Hawazin names
Hawra hawra girl Having eyes with a marked contrast of black and white Favourite Hawra names
Hawshab boy A son of Iama Muslim had this name Favourite Hawshab names
Hawwa hawwa girl Eve Favourite Hawwa names
Hayaam hayaam girl Deliriously in love Favourite Hayaam names
Hayaat boy Life Favourite Hayaat names
Hayah hayah girl Life Favourite Hayah names
Hayam hayam girl Deliriously in love Favourite Hayam names
Hayat hayat girl Life Favourite Hayat names
Haydara haydara girl Chaste Favourite Haydara names
Hayder boy This was another name of Ali Favourite Hayder names
Hayed hayed girl Movement, motion Favourite Hayed names
Hayfa hayfa girl Slender, of beautiful body Favourite Hayfa names
Hayrah hayrah girl She was a narrator of Hadith. Favourite Hayrah names
Haytham boy Young hawk Favourite Haytham names
Hayud hayud girl A mountain Favourite Hayud names
Hayyam boy Loving Favourite Hayyam names
Hayyan boy Lively, energetic Favourite Hayyan names
Hazar hazar girl Nightingale Favourite Hazar names
Hazim boy Discreet, prudent Favourite Hazim names
Hazimah hazimah girl A female companion of the Prophet (S.A.W) Favourite Hazimah names
Haziq boy Intelligent, skillful Favourite Haziq names
Haziqah haziqah girl Clever, intelligent, beautiful Favourite Haziqah names
Hazir boy Another name for God; present; ready Favourite Hazir names
Hazirah hazirah girl Clean Favourite Hazirah names
Hazrat boy Prophet/Jesus Favourite Hazrat names
Heba heba girl Gift. Favourite Heba names
Heela heela girl Hope. Favourite Heela names
Hejmana hejmana girl Pearl Favourite Hejmana names
Hena hena girl Someone who is polite. Favourite Hena names
Henna henna girl Blessed. Favourite Henna names
Hesam boy A sharp sword Favourite Hesam names
Hessa hessa girl Destiny Favourite Hessa names
Heyam heyam girl One of the many levels or degrees of love. Favourite Heyam names
Hiba hiba girl Gift. Favourite Hiba names
Hibah boy Grant, donation Favourite Hibah names
Hibat hibat girl Allah Gift of God Favourite Hibat names
Hibatullah hibatullah girl Gift of Allah Favourite Hibatullah names
Hibbaan boy Fleshy Favourite Hibbaan names
Hibbah hibbah girl Gift of God. Favourite Hibbah names
Hidayah hidayah girl Guidance Favourite Hidayah names
Hidayat boy Instruction Favourite Hidayat names
Hifza hifza girl Protective angel Favourite Hifza names
Hijab hijab girl Daughter of a Scholar from Baghdad Favourite Hijab names
Hijrah hijrah girl Migration (of the Prophet, from Makkah to Madinah) Favourite Hijrah names
Hikmah hikmah girl Hikmat Wisdom Favourite Hikmah names
Hikmat boy Wisdom Favourite Hikmat names
Hilal boy Crescent ,moon Favourite Hilal names
Hilala hilala girl Crescent Favourite Hilala names
Hilel boy The new moon Favourite Hilel names
Hilmiyya hilmiyya girl Clement, forgiving Favourite Hilmiyya names
Hilwana hilwana girl Lovely, beautiful Favourite Hilwana names
Himayat boy Protection Support Favourite Himayat names
Hina hina girl Henna Favourite Hina names
Hind hind girl Old Arabic name Favourite Hind names
Hira hira girl Darkness. Favourite Hira names
Hirz boy Another name for God; place of refuge Favourite Hirz names
Hishaam boy Generous Favourite Hishaam names
Hisham boy Generosity Favourite Hisham names
Hissan boy Generous Favourite Hissan names
Hiyam hiyam girl Love Favourite Hiyam names
Hoda hoda girl Wealth Favourite Hoda names
Hodan hodan girl Guidance Favourite Hodan names
Hooda hooda girl Right guidance Favourite Hooda names
Hooman boy Good soul good natured Favourite Hooman names
Hoor hoor girl A virgin maiden of Paradise for its dwellers. Favourite Hoor names
Hooria hooria girl Angel of Heaven. Favourite Hooria names
Hooriya hooriya girl Angel Favourite Hooriya names
Hooriyah hooriyah girl Name comes from hoor of heaven Favourite Hooriyah names
Horia horia girl Angel Favourite Horia names
Hosaam boy Sword Favourite Hosaam names
Hosni boy Beauty,excellence Favourite Hosni names
Houda boy Guided Favourite Houda names
Hubaab boy Bubble of Water Favourite Hubaab names
Hubab hubab girl Aim, goal Favourite Hubab names
Hubayshah hubayshah girl She was a poetess. Favourite Hubayshah names
Hubba hubba girl Daughter of Maalik bin Amr al-Adwaniyah. Favourite Hubba names
Huda huda girl Hooda Right guidance Favourite Huda names
Hudhafah boy Old Arabic name Favourite Hudhafah names
Hudhaifa boy Old Arabic name Favourite Hudhaifa names
Hudhayfah boy Old Arabic name Favourite Hudhayfah names
Hudun hudun girl To become quiet Favourite Hudun names
Hujaymah hujaymah girl wife of Abu Darda, was a narrator of Hadith. Favourite Hujaymah names
Hujayrah hujayrah girl She was a narrator of hadith. Favourite Hujayrah names
Hujayyah boy The father of Ajlah bin Abdullah was so called Favourite Hujayyah names
Hujjat boy Argument, reasoning, proof. Favourite Hujjat names
Hukaymah hukaymah girl Daughter of Umaymah daughter of Ruqayqah (R.A) a companion Favourite Hukaymah names
Hulyah hulyah girl Jewelry, ornament, finery Favourite Hulyah names
Huma huma girl Bird who brings joy Favourite Huma names
Humaid boy Praised Favourite Humaid names
Humair boy Red Favourite Humair names
Humaira humaira girl One who strives to achieve her utmost best! Favourite Humaira names
Humairah humairah girl Nickname the Prophet gave to his wife Aishah Favourite Humairah names
Humam boy Courageous, generous Favourite Humam names
Humaydah humaydah girl She was a narrator of hadith. Favourite Humaydah names
Humayl boy A companion of the Prophet (S.A.W) Favourite Humayl names
Humayra humayra girl Red (white) Favourite Humayra names
Humayrah humayrah girl Red Favourite Humayrah names
Humayun boy Blessed, sacred, royal, imperial Favourite Humayun names
Humayya humayya girl Passion, zeal Favourite Humayya names
Humd boy Praise of Allah Favourite Humd names
Humera humera girl The imaginary bird who soars the highest. Favourite Humera names
Humra humra girl Beautiful, Rose. Favourite Humra names
Humza boy The name Humza is one of the arabic alphabets Favourite Humza names
Hunaid boy Happiness Favourite Hunaid names
Hunaidah hunaidah girl Diminutive of Hind Favourite Hunaidah names
Hunaydah hunaydah girl Diminutive of Hind Favourite Hunaydah names
Hur hur girl Virgins of paradise Favourite Hur names
Hurairah boy Narrator of Hadith, a close companion to Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) Favourite Hurairah names
Hurayth boy A small cultivator Favourite Hurayth names
Huriyah huriyah girl A Houri, virgin of paradise Favourite Huriyah names
Hurmat boy Chastity, sacred Favourite Hurmat names
Hurrah boy Liberal free Favourite Hurrah names
Hurya hurya girl Angel Favourite Hurya names
Husaam boy Sword Favourite Husaam names
Husain boy Little beauty; Hussein was a descendent of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Favourite Husain names
Husam boy Sword Favourite Husam names
Husam al Din boy Sword of the faith Favourite Husam al Din names
Husayn boy Beautiful, doer of good deads; a descendent of the Prophet Favourite Husayn names
Husn husn girl Beauty Favourite Husn names
Husna husna girl Most beautiful Favourite Husna names
Husni boy Good, handsome, Name of saint Favourite Husni names
Husniya husniya girl Beautiful Favourite Husniya names
Husniyah husniyah girl Beautiful Favourite Husniyah names
Husniyya husniyya girl Beautiful Favourite Husniyya names
Hussain boy Handsome, beautiful Favourite Hussain names
Hussana hussana girl Historical name Favourite Hussana names
Hussein boy Little beauty; Hussein was a descendent of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Favourite Hussein names
Huthayfa boy Old Arabic name Favourite Huthayfa names
Hutun hutun girl Clouds with rain Favourite Hutun names
Huwaidah, huwaidah, girl Huwaydah Gentle Favourite Huwaidah, names
Huwaydah huwaydah girl Gentle Favourite Huwaydah names
Huzaifah boy Curtailed, shortened Favourite Huzaifah names
Huzayfah boy Curtailing shortening curtailed short Favourite Huzayfah names
Huzayl boy Bin Shurah bil had this name Favourite Huzayl names
Hyder boy Lion Favourite Hyder names
Iba iba girl Pride, sense Favourite Iba names
Ibaad boy A worshipper Favourite Ibaad names
Ibadah ibadah girl Worship Favourite Ibadah names
Ibn boy Son of Favourite Ibn names
Ibthaj ibthaj girl Joy. Favourite Ibthaj names
Ibtihaaj ibtihaaj girl Joy, delight Favourite Ibtihaaj names
Ibtihal ibtihal girl Supplication, prayer Favourite Ibtihal names
Ibtisam ibtisam girl Smile Favourite Ibtisam names
Id boy Feast, festival Favourite Id names
Idhar idhar girl Fluff Favourite Idhar names
Idris boy A Prophets name Favourite Idris names
Iffah iffah girl Chaste Favourite Iffah names
Iffat iffat girl Chastity Favourite Iffat names
Ifra ifra girl Giving happiness. Favourite Ifra names
Ifran boy Identity Favourite Ifran names
Iftikar iftikar girl Thought, contemplation Favourite Iftikar names
Iftikhar boy Honour, Glory,proud Favourite Iftikhar names
Iftin iftin girl Light Favourite Iftin names
Ifza ifza girl Protective angel Favourite Ifza names
Ihab boy Gift,leather Favourite Ihab names
Ihsaan boy Beneficence Favourite Ihsaan names
Ihsan boy Beneficence,charity Favourite Ihsan names
Ihtesham boy Respectable honourable present personality Favourite Ihtesham names
Ihtiram boy Honour, hold in honour. Favourite Ihtiram names
Ihtisham boy Modesty, decency Favourite Ihtisham names
Ihtsham boy Strength Favourite Ihtsham names
Ijabo ijabo girl Hope Favourite Ijabo names
Ijaz boy Miracle, astonishment Favourite Ijaz names
Ijlal ijlal girl Respect, honor Favourite Ijlal names
Ijli boy This was the name of the makes of astrolabes Favourite Ijli names
Ikhlas boy Sincerity, purity Favourite Ikhlas names
Ikram boy Esteem, veneration, respect Favourite Ikram names
Ikramiya ikramiya girl Honorable, Dignified Favourite Ikramiya names
Ikrimah boy Old Arabic name Favourite Ikrimah names
Ilaaf ilaaf girl Protection Favourite Ilaaf names
Ilaahi boy Term used for era instituted by Akbar Favourite Ilaahi names
Ilan boy Good person. Favourite Ilan names
Ilash boy Another name for God Favourite Ilash names
Ilham ilham girl Intuition, inspiration. Favourite Ilham names
Ilhan ilhan girl Respectfull, nice, precious Favourite Ilhan names
Ilias boy A Prophets name (Elijah) Favourite Ilias names
Ilifat boy Friendship kindness obligation Favourite Ilifat names
Ilm ilm girl Slave girl belonging to Zubaydah, wife of Harun al-Rashid Favourite Ilm names
Ilmeeyat ilmeeyat girl Knowledge Favourite Ilmeeyat names
Imaad boy Support; Pillar Favourite Imaad names
Imaad Udeen boy The pillar of the Faith Favourite Imaad Udeen names
Imaan boy Faith Favourite Imaan names
Imad boy Pillar, post, support Favourite Imad names
Imad al Din boy Pillar of the faith Favourite Imad al Din names
Imam boy Leader Favourite Imam names
Iman iman girl Faith, belief Favourite Iman names
Imani imani girl Faith, Belief Favourite Imani names
Imran boy Powerful ,Long lived Favourite Imran names
Imsaal imsaal girl Unique, one of a kind Favourite Imsaal names
Imthithal imthithal girl Polite obedience Favourite Imthithal names
Imtiaz boy Different, antique. Favourite Imtiaz names
Imtihal imtihal girl Polite, obedience Favourite Imtihal names
Imtiyaz boy Distinct Favourite Imtiyaz names
Inaam boy Reward, favour, Prize. Favourite Inaam names
Inaaya inaaya girl Gift of Allah Favourite Inaaya names
Inam boy Act of benefaction, bestowal Favourite Inam names
Inan inan girl A slave girl belonging to Haroon al-Rashid (Fih) Favourite Inan names
Inas boy Capable; Sociability Favourite Inas names
Inaya inaya girl Concern; solicitude Favourite Inaya names
Inayah inayah girl Concern Favourite Inayah names
Inayat boy Bounty Kindness favour Favourite Inayat names
Inga inga girl Powerful Favourite Inga names
Iniat boy Blessing Favourite Iniat names
Insaf boy To Judge with Justice Favourite Insaf names
Insha insha girl Creation, origination. Favourite Insha names
Inshirah boy The 94th Surah of the Quran advancing Favourite Inshirah names
Intaj boy King magnificent Favourite Intaj names
Intakhab boy Election Favourite Intakhab names
Intikhab boy Selection choice Favourite Intikhab names
Intizar boy Wait Favourite Intizar names
Iqbal boy Advance, advent, richness Favourite Iqbal names
Iqmal boy It means White Soul Favourite Iqmal names
Iqra iqra girl To recite. Favourite Iqra names
Iqraam boy To be of assistance respect Favourite Iqraam names
Iqrit boy A man of earlyIslam about whom amusing tales are told Favourite Iqrit names
Iqtidar boy Power Office Authority Favourite Iqtidar names
Iraj iraj girl Flower. Favourite Iraj names
Iram iram girl Garden in heaven. Favourite Iram names
Irfaan boy Thankfulness Favourite Irfaan names
Irfan boy Gratefulness. Favourite Irfan names
Irfan, Irfan boy Thankfulness Favourite Irfan, Irfan names
Irsa irsa girl Rainbow Favourite Irsa names
Irshad boy Order Favourite Irshad names
Irum irum girl A garden in heaven Favourite Irum names
Isa isa girl Spacious, generous Favourite Isa names
isaam boy Selfmade success, pledge Favourite isaam names
Isad isad girl To bring happiness, to provide help Favourite Isad names
Isaf isaf girl Relief, help Favourite Isaf names
Isam boy Safeguard Favourite Isam names
Isar isar girl Fascinating Favourite Isar names
Isbah isbah girl Light Favourite Isbah names
Isha isha girl Night Prayer Favourite Isha names
Ishfaq ishfaq girl Compassion, affection Favourite Ishfaq names
Ishrat boy Society, Familiar and pleasant talk, happiness. Favourite Ishrat names
Ishtiyaq boy Longing craving Favourite Ishtiyaq names
Isir isir girl Inspiritional, strong Favourite Isir names
Iskandar boy SEE SIKANDAR. Favourite Iskandar names
Isma isma girl Safeguarding Favourite Isma names
Ismah boy Preservation, infallibility Favourite Ismah names
Ismail boy A prophets name Favourite Ismail names
Ismat ismat girl Pious Favourite Ismat names
Isra isra girl Night journey of the Prophet from Makkah to Jerusalem Favourite Isra names
Israail boy The chosen one Favourite Israail names
Israr boy Insist never gives up Favourite Israr names
Issam boy Safeguard Favourite Issam names
Issar boy Sacrifice. Favourite Issar names
Istabraq istabraq girl Brocade Favourite Istabraq names
Istakhri boy A shafaee jurist. Favourite Istakhri names
Istilah istilah girl Agreement Favourite Istilah names
Itab itab girl Censure Favourite Itab names
Itaf itaf girl Clock Favourite Itaf names
Ithaar boy Selflessness Favourite Ithaar names
Ithar ithar girl Preference Favourite Ithar names
Itidal itidal girl Straightness, tautness Favourite Itidal names
Itimad boy Trust faith Favourite Itimad names
Iyaad boy Generous. Favourite Iyaad names
Iyaas boy Compensation Favourite Iyaas names
Iyad boy Pigeon Favourite Iyad names
Iyas boy Consoling Favourite Iyas names
Izaan boy Obedience. Favourite Izaan names
Izdihaar izdihaar girl Flourishing, blossoming Favourite Izdihaar names
Izdihar izdihar girl Flourishing, blooming Favourite Izdihar names
Izhar boy Expression Favourite Izhar names
Izma izma girl Higher poistion, Esteemed previledge & honour. Favourite Izma names
Izyan boy Intelligent wise Favourite Izyan names
Izz boy Glory, honour, Prestige, High Standing Favourite Izz names
Izz al Din boy Might of the faith Favourite Izz al Din names
Izz an-Nisa izzxxan-nisa girl She was a narrator of Hadith. Favourite Izz an-Nisa names
Izz Udeen boy Might of the Faith Favourite Izz Udeen names
Izzah izzah girl Might, power Favourite Izzah names
Izzat boy High rank honour Favourite Izzat names
Jaabir boy Comforter Favourite Jaabir names
Jaafar boy Rivulet Favourite Jaafar names
Jaan boy Life, Soul. Favourite Jaan names
Jabalah boy Mountain,Hill Favourite Jabalah names
Jabbar boy Comforter ,Mighty, brave Favourite Jabbar names
Jabeen jabeen girl Forehead Favourite Jabeen names
Jabir boy Consoler, Comforter Favourite Jabir names
Jabirah jabirah girl Comforter, consoler Favourite Jabirah names
Jabr boy Compulsion name of a companion. Favourite Jabr names
Jabrayah jabrayah girl Love, respect Favourite Jabrayah names
Jabril boy Arabicform of Gabriel, an angel. Favourite Jabril names
Jad boy Curly, Frizzled Favourite Jad names
Jad Allah boy Gift of God Favourite Jad Allah names
Jada jada girl Gift, present Favourite Jada names
Jadwa jadwa girl Gift, present Favourite Jadwa names
Jafar boy Rivulet, stream Favourite Jafar names
Jaffer boy Flowing water Favourite Jaffer names
Jahaan jahaan girl Land Favourite Jahaan names
Jahan jahan girl Land Favourite Jahan names
Jahan Aara jahanxxaara girl Adornment of the world. Favourite Jahan Aara names
Jahan Khatoon jahanxxkhatoon girl She was a Persian poet. Favourite Jahan Khatoon names
Jahanafirin boy Another name for God; creator Favourite Jahanafirin names
Jahanara jahanara girl To flower, to live.Companion of the Prophet (S.A.W) Favourite Jahanara names
Jahangir boy A moghul emperor name Favourite Jahangir names
Jahanzeb boy Beautiful Favourite Jahanzeb names
Jahdamah jahdamah girl She was a female companion of the Prophet (S.A.W) Favourite Jahdamah names
Jahdami boy An authority for hadith had this name Favourite Jahdami names
Jahdari boy An authority of Quran had this name. Favourite Jahdari names
Jahfar boy Rivulet, little creek Favourite Jahfar names
Jahida jahida girl Helps the vulnarable Favourite Jahida names
Jahiz boy Ogleeyed Favourite Jahiz names
Jahm boy Sullen Favourite Jahm names
Jahmyyllah jahmyyllah girl Beautiful one Favourite Jahmyyllah names
Jahsh boy Companion of Prophet Muhammad Favourite Jahsh names
Jaiyana jaiyana girl Strength Favourite Jaiyana names
Jal boy Resolution, firm will Favourite Jal names
Jala jala girl Clarity, elucidation Favourite Jala names
Jalaal boy Glory of the Faith Favourite Jalaal names
Jalal boy Glory grandeur Favourite Jalal names
Jalal al Din boy Glory of the faith Favourite Jalal al Din names
Jaleel boy Great, revered Favourite Jaleel names
Jaleela jaleela girl Majestic, dignified Favourite Jaleela names
Jalees boy Companion, friend, person with whom one sits. Favourite Jalees names
Jalil boy Great revered Favourite Jalil names
Jalilah jalilah girl Splendid, lofty Favourite Jalilah names
Jamaal boy Beauty Favourite Jamaal names
Jamaal Udeen boy Beauty of the Faith Favourite Jamaal Udeen names
Jamal boy Beauty Favourite Jamal names
Jamal al Din boy Beauty of the faith Favourite Jamal al Din names
Jameel boy Beautiful Favourite Jameel names
Jameela jameela girl Beautiful Favourite Jameela names
Jameelah jameelah girl Beautiful. Favourite Jameelah names
Jameena jameena girl Progressive, productive Favourite Jameena names
Jamesha boy Beautiful leader Favourite Jamesha names
Jamia jamia girl Beautiful Favourite Jamia names
Jamil boy Beautiful, lovely Favourite Jamil names
Jamila jamila girl Beautiful, Graceful, Lovely Favourite Jamila names
Jamilah jamilah girl Beautiful, graceful. Favourite Jamilah names
Jammana jammana girl Pearl. Favourite Jammana names
Jamshed boy Shiningriver Favourite Jamshed names
Jan boy Life heart Favourite Jan names
Jana jana girl Harvest Favourite Jana names
Janaan janaan girl Heart, soul Favourite Janaan names
Janan janan girl Heart, Soul Favourite Janan names
Jannat jannat girl Heaven Favourite Jannat names
Jaraah boy Surgeon; name of tabaree Favourite Jaraah names
Jareea jareea girl Courageous Favourite Jareea names
Jareer boy Corpulent Favourite Jareer names
Jari boy Powerful brave Favourite Jari names
Jarir boy One who can pull; name of a famous Arab poet Favourite Jarir names
Jariyah boy Name of a Ashb-as-Suffa Favourite Jariyah names
Jarood boy Name of a companion of the Prophet Favourite Jarood names
Jarrar boy Brave Favourite Jarrar names
Jaseena jaseena girl Nice Heart. Favourite Jaseena names
Jasim boy Great & famous Favourite Jasim names
Jasira jasira girl Brave, bold Favourite Jasira names
Jasiyah boy The 45th Surah of the Qiirayi Favourite Jasiyah names
Jasmin jasmin girl Flower. Favourite Jasmin names
Jasmina jasmina girl Flower. Favourite Jasmina names
Jasmir boy Strong. Favourite Jasmir names
Jasrah jasrah girl She was a narrator of Hadith Favourite Jasrah names
Jauhar boy Gem Jewel Favourite Jauhar names
Jaul boy Choice Favourite Jaul names
Jaun boy Kind of plant Favourite Jaun names
Javairea javairea girl Mysterious Favourite Javairea names
Javed boy Bright Favourite Javed names
Javeed boy Forever Favourite Javeed names
Javier boy Month ofJanuary Favourite Javier names
Jawa jawa girl Passion, love Favourite Jawa names
Jawad boy Liberal generous Favourite Jawad names
Jawahir jawahir girl Precious stones, jewels Favourite Jawahir names
Jawdah boy Heavy rain, benevolent deed Favourite Jawdah names
Jawdan boy Goodness Favourite Jawdan names
Jawdat boy Goodness,excellence Favourite Jawdat names
Jawhar boy Jewel, essence Favourite Jawhar names
Jawhara jawhara girl Jewel, gemstone Favourite Jawhara names
Jawharah jawharah girl Jewel, gem Favourite Jawharah names
Jawl jawl girl To move freely Favourite Jawl names
Jawna jawna girl The sun Favourite Jawna names
Jaza jaza girl Reward, compensation Favourite Jaza names
Jazeera jazeera girl Island Favourite Jazeera names
Jazib boy Beautiful Handsome Favourite Jazib names
Jazira jazira girl Island Favourite Jazira names
Jaziya jaziya girl Granting Favourite Jaziya names
Jazlaan boy Happiness Favourite Jazlaan names
Jeelan boy It is a city in Iran Favourite Jeelan names
Jehaan jehaan girl Creative mind. Favourite Jehaan names
Jehan jehan girl Beautiful Flower. Favourite Jehan names
Jemimah jemimah girl Beautiful Favourite Jemimah names
Jenna jenna girl Heaven, Paradise. Favourite Jenna names
Jennah jennah girl Paradise. Favourite Jennah names
Jessenia jessenia girl Flower Favourite Jessenia names
Jian jian girl Life. Favourite Jian names
Jibran boy Reward Favourite Jibran names
Jibril boy Archangel of Allah (Gabriel) Favourite Jibril names
Jilan jilan girl Courtier Favourite Jilan names
Jinan boy Garden or paradise Favourite Jinan names
Jiyad boy Very good Favourite Jiyad names
Jnhih boy Sun Favourite Jnhih names
Johara johara girl Jewel Favourite Johara names
Juayl boy Quarrdsome Favourite Juayl names
Jubair boy Counsels or brings together Favourite Jubair names
Jubayr boy Old Arabic name Favourite Jubayr names
Jud jud girl Generosity Favourite Jud names
Juda boy Goodness,excellence Favourite Juda names
Judamah judamah girl Daughter of Wahb,companion and a narrator of Hadith. Favourite Judamah names
Judi judi girl Name of a mountain mentioned in the Quran Favourite Judi names
Jugnu boy A fire fly Favourite Jugnu names
Juhanah juhanah girl Young girl Favourite Juhanah names
Juhaym boy Sullen Favourite Juhaym names
Jul boy Resolution, firm will Favourite Jul names
Juma boy Friday. Favourite Juma names
Jumaana jumaana girl Silver Pearl. Favourite Jumaana names
Jumah boy Born on Friday Favourite Jumah names
Juman juman girl Pearl Favourite Juman names
Jumanah boy Pearl; name of a companion Favourite Jumanah names
Jumaymah jumaymah girl Name of a female companion Favourite Jumaymah names
Jummal boy Unit of army. Favourite Jummal names
Jun jun girl Inlet, bay, gulf Favourite Jun names
Junah junah girl The sun Favourite Junah names
Junaid boy Fighter worrier whose strength is equal to a small army Favourite Junaid names
Junainah junainah girl Garden of paradise Favourite Junainah names
Junayd boy Fighter, warrior Favourite Junayd names
Jundub boy Grasshopper (name of a companion) Favourite Jundub names
Junnut junnut girl Heaven. Favourite Junnut names
Juthamah boy Nightmare (name of companion) Favourite Juthamah names
Juwain boy Sibling Favourite Juwain names
Juwairiyah, juwairiyah, girl Wife of the Prophet Favourite Juwairiyah, names
Juwan juwan girl Perfume Favourite Juwan names
Juwayn boy Sibling Favourite Juwayn names
Juzar boy Competent Favourite Juzar names
Kaamil boy Perfect accomplished Favourite Kaamil names
Kaashif boy Pioneer,Revealing,Discoverer Favourite Kaashif names
Kabeer boy Great Favourite Kabeer names
Kabir boy Big, great Favourite Kabir names
Kabirah kabirah girl Elder, Big. Favourite Kabirah names
Kadar boy Powerful Favourite Kadar names
Kadeem boy Slave to god Favourite Kadeem names
Kadeen boy Friend, companion, confidant Favourite Kadeen names
Kadeer boy Green or green crop (connoting freshness and innocence) Favourite Kadeer names
Kadin boy Friend, companion, confidant Favourite Kadin names
Kadir boy Green or green crop (connoting freshness and innocence) Favourite Kadir names
Kadshah kadshah girl She was a companion. Favourite Kadshah names
Kafeel boy Responsible, Surety, Sponsor Favourite Kafeel names
Kafi boy Another name for God; talented; apt Favourite Kafi names
Kafiya kafiya girl Self-sufficient Favourite Kafiya names
Kaheesha kaheesha girl This was the name of a poetess, daughter of al-Waqa. Favourite Kaheesha names
Kahil boy Friend, lover Favourite Kahil names
Kahill boy Best friend Favourite Kahill names
Kahkushan kahkushan girl Galaxy Favourite Kahkushan names
Kainat kainat girl Universe Favourite Kainat names
Kaiser boy EmperorKing Favourite Kaiser names
Kajji boy An authority of hadith at Baghdad Favourite Kajji names
Kalam boy Another name for the Quran; speech Favourite Kalam names
Kalbi boy An authority on genealogy and the Quran Favourite Kalbi names
Kaleem boy Speaker, talker Favourite Kaleem names
Kaleema boy Public speaker singer Favourite Kaleema names
Kaleemah kaleemah girl Speaker. Favourite Kaleemah names
Kali kali girl Bud (of flower) Favourite Kali names
Kalil boy Beautiful, good friend Favourite Kalil names
Kalila kalila girl Sweetheart, beloved Favourite Kalila names
Kalim boy Another name for Prophet Muhammad Favourite Kalim names
Kalima kalima girl Witness Favourite Kalima names
Kaliq boy Creative, refers to a quality of God Favourite Kaliq names
Kaltham kaltham girl Name of al-Qarshiyah who transmitted Hadith from Sayyidah Ayshah. Favourite Kaltham names
Kamal boy Perfection, completeness Favourite Kamal names
Kamaliyah kamaliyah girl Perfection Favourite Kamaliyah names
Kameel boy Perfect; one of the ninetynine qualities of God Favourite Kameel names
Kamil boy Kameel Perfect; one of the ninety nine qualities of God Favourite Kamil names
Kamila kamila girl Complete, perfect Favourite Kamila names
Kamilah kamilah girl Perfect, complete Favourite Kamilah names
Kamish boy Skillfull Favourite Kamish names
Kamran boy Safety and helpful Favourite Kamran names
Kaneez kaneez girl Slave. Favourite Kaneez names
Kanval kanval girl Flower. Favourite Kanval names
Kanwal kanwal girl Water Lily Favourite Kanwal names
Kanz kanz girl Treasure. Favourite Kanz names
Kanza kanza girl Hidden Treasure Favourite Kanza names
Kanzah kanzah girl Treasure Favourite Kanzah names
Karam boy Generosity Favourite Karam names
Karamah boy Nobility, miracle Favourite Karamah names
karawan karawan girl Variety of plover birds Favourite karawan names
Kardal boy Mustard seed Favourite Kardal names
Kardawiyah kardawiyah girl A pious woman, daughter of Amr al-Basriyah was so named. Favourite Kardawiyah names
Kareef boy Born in Autumn Favourite Kareef names
Kareem boy Noble generous Favourite Kareem names
Kareema kareema girl Generous, kind Favourite Kareema names
Karida karida girl Untouched Favourite Karida names
Karif boy Born in Autumn Favourite Karif names
Karim boy Kind hearted,generous Favourite Karim names
Karima karima girl Precious, perfect Favourite Karima names
Karimah karimah girl Generous, noble Favourite Karimah names
Kas kas girl Glass. Favourite Kas names
Kasam boy The king. Favourite Kasam names
Kaseeb boy Winner, provider Favourite Kaseeb names
Kaseem boy Divided Favourite Kaseem names
Kashan boy Place of rulers Favourite Kashan names
Kashef boy Uncoverer Favourite Kashef names
Kashif boy Uncoverer Favourite Kashif names
Kashifah kashifah girl Revealer of Secrets Favourite Kashifah names
Kashish kashish girl Attraction. Favourite Kashish names
Kasib boy Winner, provider Favourite Kasib names
Kasim boy Lovely. Favourite Kasim names
Kasir boy Another name for God; One who breaks Favourite Kasir names
Kateb boy Writer, scribe Favourite Kateb names
Kathirah kathirah girl Plenty Favourite Kathirah names
Kaukab kaukab girl Star. Favourite Kaukab names
Kausar boy 108th Surah of the Quran Favourite Kausar names
Kawakib kawakib girl Satellites Favourite Kawakib names
Kawkab boy Star Favourite Kawkab names
Kawthar boy Much Abundant Copious. (Name of a river in paradise) Favourite Kawthar names
Kayan kayan girl Morning light of the sun Favourite Kayan names
Kaysah kaysah girl She was a narrator of Hadith. Favourite Kaysah names
Kaysan boy Wise Favourite Kaysan names
Kazi boy Judge Favourite Kazi names
Kazim boy Well tempered, cool, patient Favourite Kazim names
Kazima kazima girl One who controls anger Favourite Kazima names
Kehara kehara girl Precious Favourite Kehara names
Kehkashan kehkashan girl Galaxy. Favourite Kehkashan names
Keyaan boy Crown, King Favourite Keyaan names
Khaalid boy Eternal Favourite Khaalid names
Khabir boy One of 99 names of God; wisdom; Favourite Khabir names
Khadeejah khadeejah girl First wife of the Prophet Favourite Khadeejah names
Khadija khadija girl First wife of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) Favourite Khadija names
Khadim boy Servant, attendant. Favourite Khadim names
Khadra khadra girl Green, Green of the Jennah Favourite Khadra names
Khafid boy Easy, comfortable, smooth Favourite Khafid names
Khair al Din boy Goodness of the faith Favourite Khair al Din names
Khair Udeen boy The good of the Faith Favourite Khair Udeen names
Khairah khairah girl Best, good, virtuous Favourite Khairah names
Khairiya khairiya girl Charitable, beneficent, good Favourite Khairiya names
Khairy boy Charitable; Beneficent Favourite Khairy names
Khalaf boy Successor, Descendants Favourite Khalaf names
Khalam boy Servent to Allah. Favourite Khalam names
Khaldoon boy Old Arabic name Favourite Khaldoon names
Khaldun boy Implies eternity Favourite Khaldun names
Khaled boy Eternal Favourite Khaled names
Khaleed boy Abiding Favourite Khaleed names
Khaleefa boy Successor Caliph Favourite Khaleefa names
Khaleel boy Goo Friend Favourite Khaleel names
Khaleela khaleela girl Friend, companion Favourite Khaleela names
Khaleeq boy Suitable, Polite Favourite Khaleeq names
Khalid boy Eternal, glorious Favourite Khalid names
Khalida khalida girl Eternal, everlasting Favourite Khalida names
Khalidah khalidah girl Abiding, Forever Favourite Khalidah names
Khalifah boy Successor Caliph Favourite Khalifah names
Khalil boy Good friend Favourite Khalil names
Khalil al Allah boy Friend of God; title given to Prophet Ibrahim Favourite Khalil al Allah names
Khalilah khalilah girl Good friend Favourite Khalilah names
Khaliq boy Creator Favourite Khaliq names
Khalis boy Pure, clear Favourite Khalis names
Khalisah khalisah girl Pure, clear Favourite Khalisah names
Khallad boy Old, Aged. (also name of Prophets (S.A.W) companion. Favourite Khallad names
Khallaq boy Another name for God Favourite Khallaq names
Khannas boy Being Favourite Khannas names
Khansa khansa girl Wild cow or deer Favourite Khansa names
Kharijah boy Outside, external. Favourite Kharijah names
Kharqa kharqa girl Strong, wind Favourite Kharqa names
Khashia khashia girl Pious, humble Favourite Khashia names
Khashiya khashiya girl God-fearing Favourite Khashiya names
Khasib boy Fertile, Productive, Profuse. Favourite Khasib names
Khateeb boy Orator, Preacher Favourite Khateeb names
Khatera khatera girl Memory. Favourite Khatera names
Khatib boy Religious Minister Favourite Khatib names
Khatira khatira girl Precious memory Favourite Khatira names
Khatoon khatoon girl Lady Favourite Khatoon names
Khawar boy From east to west Favourite Khawar names
Khawla khawla girl Deer Favourite Khawla names
Khawlah khawlah girl Female deer Favourite Khawlah names
Khayaam boy Iranian Poet, Tent Favourite Khayaam names
Khayr boy Goodness, health, Safe Favourite Khayr names
Khayrah khayrah girl Good Favourite Khayrah names
Khayrat boy Gooddeed Favourite Khayrat names
Khayri boy Charitable Favourite Khayri names
Khayriyah khayriyah girl Charitable, good Favourite Khayriyah names
Khayriyyah khayriyyah girl Charitable. Favourite Khayriyyah names
Khayyam boy Tentmaker Favourite Khayyam names
Khayyat boy Tailor. Favourite Khayyat names
Khazanah khazanah girl Treasure. Favourite Khazanah names
Khazin boy Treasurer Favourite Khazin names
Khidr boy Green Favourite Khidr names
Khidrah khidrah girl Green. Favourite Khidrah names
Khinzeer boy Harmless creature of god Favourite Khinzeer names
Khirash boy Scratching, Scraping Favourite Khirash names
Khitam khitam girl Conclusion Favourite Khitam names
Khorshed boy MuslimVariant of KHURSHID Favourite Khorshed names
Khoury boy Priest Favourite Khoury names
Khubaib boy Shinning Favourite Khubaib names
Khubayb boy A fast walker, name of companion Favourite Khubayb names
Khudrah khudrah girl Greenery. Favourite Khudrah names
Khulaybah khulaybah girl This was the name of an Arab poetess. Favourite Khulaybah names
Khulayd boy Abiding (name of companion) Favourite Khulayd names
Khulood khulood girl Immortality Favourite Khulood names
Khulud khulud girl Immortality, eternity, infinity Favourite Khulud names
Khulus boy Clearness, purity Favourite Khulus names
Khunatha khunatha girl Historical name Favourite Khunatha names
Khunays boy Hidden (name of companion). Favourite Khunays names
Khuram boy Tiger Favourite Khuram names
Khurram boy Cheerful, Happy. Favourite Khurram names
Khursheed boy The sun Favourite Khursheed names
Khurshid boy Sun Favourite Khurshid names
Khusbakht khusbakht girl Lucky Favourite Khusbakht names
Khush Bakht boy Fortunate, of good fortune. Favourite Khush Bakht names
Khushtar boy Sarrounded by happiness. Favourite Khushtar names
Khuwaylah khuwaylah girl Gazelle Favourite Khuwaylah names
Khuzaimah boy Old Arabic name Favourite Khuzaimah names
Khuzama khuzama girl Lavender Favourite Khuzama names
Khuzamah khuzamah girl Lavender. Favourite Khuzamah names
Khuzaymah boy Old Arabic name Favourite Khuzaymah names
Khwaja boy Master,owner Favourite Khwaja names
Kifah kifah girl Struggle Favourite Kifah names
Kifayat boy Enough, sufficient Favourite Kifayat names
Kinza boy Hidden Treasure Favourite Kinza names
Kishwar boy A country, region Favourite Kishwar names
Kiswar kiswar girl Territory. Favourite Kiswar names
Koila koila girl Charcoal. Favourite Koila names
Komal komal girl Beautiful. Favourite Komal names
Komila komila girl Complete Favourite Komila names
Kuaybah kuaybah girl Daughter of Sad al-Aslamiyah and she offered allegiance (bayah) to the Prophet (S.A.W) after hijrah Favourite Kuaybah names
Kuhaylah kuhaylah girl Name of a pious woman who was a good speaker. Favourite Kuhaylah names
Kulthum boy Name of companion Favourite Kulthum names
Kulus kulus girl Clearness, purity Favourite Kulus names
Kunza kunza girl Hidden treasure. Favourite Kunza names
Kurat-ul-Ain kurat-ul-ain girl Coolness of eyes Favourite Kurat-ul-Ain names
Kurayb boy Ibn Abi Muslim al-Hashami had this name. Favourite Kurayb names
Kuwaysah kuwaysah girl Pretty. Favourite Kuwaysah names
Kwairah kwairah girl The prettiest Favourite Kwairah names
Kyda kyda girl Preserved, Strong. Favourite Kyda names
Laaibah laaibah girl Is the prettiest women in all the jannats (heavens). Favourite Laaibah names
Laaiqah laaiqah girl Worthy, deserving, capable Favourite Laaiqah names
Labeeb boy Understanding, Sensible, Intelligent Favourite Labeeb names
Labeeba labeeba girl Intelligent, wise Favourite Labeeba names
Labib boy Sensible, intelligent Favourite Labib names
Labibah labibah girl Sensible, intelligent Favourite Labibah names
Lahiah boy A narrator of hadith. Favourite Lahiah names
Laiba laiba girl Angel of heaven. Favourite Laiba names
Laila laila girl Of the Night. Favourite Laila names
Laiq boy Deserving Favourite Laiq names
Laiqa laiqa girl Intelligent, smile Favourite Laiqa names
Laith boy Lion Favourite Laith names
Lama lama girl Darkness of lips Favourite Lama names
Lamah lamah girl Brilliancy Favourite Lamah names
Laman laman girl Shine, luminescence Favourite Laman names
Lamees lamees girl Soft to the touch Favourite Lamees names
Lamiah lamiah girl Shine Favourite Lamiah names
Lamis lamis girl Soft Favourite Lamis names
Lamisa lamisa girl Soft to the touch Favourite Lamisa names
Lamisah lamisah girl Soft to the touch. Favourite Lamisah names
Lamiya lamiya girl Dark lipped Favourite Lamiya names
Lamya lamya girl Of dark lips Favourite Lamya names
Lana lana girl Wool Favourite Lana names
Lanika lanika girl The Best Favourite Lanika names
Laqeet boy Well known companion of the Prophet Favourite Laqeet names
Laraib laraib girl Without a doubt. Favourite Laraib names
Lashirah lashirah girl Very intelligent Favourite Lashirah names
Lateef boy Kind Favourite Lateef names
Lateefa lateefa girl Gentle, pleasant Favourite Lateefa names
Latif boy Fine, gentle, refined Favourite Latif names
Latifa latifa girl Gentle. Kind. Pleasant, Friendly. Favourite Latifa names
Latifah latifah girl Gentle, kind, pleasant, friendly. Favourite Latifah names
Layali layali girl Nights Favourite Layali names
Layan layan girl Gentle and soft Favourite Layan names
Layla layla girl Born at night, dark beauty. Favourite Layla names
Layth boy A famous jurist had this name Favourite Layth names
Layyah layyah girl Twist, Flexure. Favourite Layyah names
Layzal boy Another name for God; immortal Favourite Layzal names
Lazim lazim girl Essential, imperative Favourite Lazim names
Leem leem girl Peace Favourite Leem names
Leena leena girl Plant of dates, soft, mild, clemency. Favourite Leena names
Leila leila girl (Born at) night Favourite Leila names
Leilah leilah girl Night Favourite Leilah names
Leyla leyla girl Night Favourite Leyla names
Liba liba girl Most Beautiful (Hoor in jannah). Favourite Liba names
Liban boy Succesfull, charmed Favourite Liban names
Limazah boy He was a narrator of hadith Favourite Limazah names
Lina lina girl Palm tree. Favourite Lina names
Linah linah girl Tender Favourite Linah names
Liyana liyana girl Softness, tenderness. Favourite Liyana names
Liyaqah boy Fitness Favourite Liyaqah names
Liyaqat boy Worth, deserving, merit. Favourite Liyaqat names
Lu Luah luxxluah girl She was a narrator of Hadith. Favourite Lu Luah names
Luay boy Shield Favourite Luay names
Lubaaba lubaaba girl The innermost essence Favourite Lubaaba names
Lubab lubab girl The best part Favourite Lubab names
Lubabah lubabah girl The innermost essence Favourite Lubabah names
Lubaid boy Old Arabic name Favourite Lubaid names
Luban luban girl Pine tree; denotes long neck Favourite Luban names
Lubanah lubanah girl Wish, desire Favourite Lubanah names
Lubena lubena girl Purity. Favourite Lubena names
Lublubah lublubah girl Affectionate, tender Favourite Lublubah names
Lubna lubna girl Storaz, Systrax Favourite Lubna names
Luja luja girl Of great depth Favourite Luja names
Lujain lujain girl Silver Favourite Lujain names
Lujaina lujaina girl Silver Favourite Lujaina names
Lujayn lujayn girl Silver Favourite Lujayn names
Luloah luloah girl A pearl Favourite Luloah names
Lulu lulu girl Pearls Favourite Lulu names
Luluah luluah girl Pearl Favourite Luluah names
Lulwa lulwa girl Pearl Favourite Lulwa names
Luma luma girl Sunset Favourite Luma names
Luna luna girl Moon Favourite Luna names
Lunah lunah girl Date palm Favourite Lunah names
Luqman boy A Prophets name Favourite Luqman names
Lut boy A Prophets name (Lot) Favourite Lut names
Lutf boy Bounty, enjoyment. Favourite Lutf names
Lutfi boy Kind and friendly gentle Favourite Lutfi names
Lutfiyah lutfiyah girl Delicate, graceful Favourite Lutfiyah names
Lutfiyya lutfiyya girl Gentle, tender Favourite Lutfiyya names
Ma as-sama maxxas-sama girl A noble hearted, generous lady, daughter of al-Muzaffar, had this name; she built a religious school. Favourite Ma as-sama names
Maab maab girl Place to which one returns Favourite Maab names
Maahi boy Another name for Prophet Muhammad Favourite Maahi names
Maahir boy Skilled Favourite Maahir names
Maahnoor maahnoor girl Glow of Moon. Favourite Maahnoor names
Maali maali girl Noble things Favourite Maali names
Maarij boy The 70th Surah of the Quran Favourite Maarij names
Maaz boy A friend of Prophet Muhammad Favourite Maaz names
Maazin boy Proper name Favourite Maazin names
Mabad boy A place of worship Favourite Mabad names
Mad boy Old Arabic name Favourite Mad names
Mada mada girl Utmost point, degree Favourite Mada names
Madani boy Urban, civilized, modern Favourite Madani names
Madaniyah madaniyah girl Civilised, cultured Favourite Madaniyah names
Madeeha madeeha girl Praise