Oriya Baby Names With Meaning

A Name is a simple a word which used to identify rest of the life of child so this is the first gift from the parents or relatives to the baby.therefore it needed a great care when we put their baby name which should be listen to good and beautiful meaning.To Keep all of that things in Mind we have great and nice collection range of baby names with meaning where your search will be finished for the suitable baby names. here is great range of Oriya Baby names with meaning where you choose your favourite Oriya Baby Names.
Oriya Baby Names
Name Gender Meaning
Aabha aabha girl Glow; Shine; Lustrous Beauty Favourite Aabha names
Aabharan boy Jewel Favourite Aabharan names
Aabheer boy A cow herd Favourite Aabheer names
Aabher boy A cow herd Favourite Aabher names
Aadarsh boy One who has principles; Ideal Favourite Aadarsh names
Aadesh boy Message; Order; Command Favourite Aadesh names
Aadhishankar boy Sri Shankaracharya; Founder of Adwaitha Philosophy Favourite Aadhishankar names
Aadhunik boy Modern; New Favourite Aadhunik names
Aadi boy Important; First Favourite Aadi names
Aadil boy Justice; Sincere Favourite Aadil names
Aadinath boy God; Supreme Ruler of the Universe; the first God Favourite Aadinath names
Aaditey boy Son of Aditi Favourite Aaditey names
Aafreen boy Encouragement Favourite Aafreen names
Aagney boy Son of the Fire God Favourite Aagney names
Aahlaad boy Delight Favourite Aahlaad names
Aahlaadith boy Joyous person Favourite Aahlaadith names
Aahwaanith boy One who has been invited; Wanted Favourite Aahwaanith names
Aakanksh boy Desire Favourite Aakanksh names
Aakar boy Form; Shape Favourite Aakar names
Aakash boy The sky; Vast like the sky Favourite Aakash names
Aarti aarti girl Towards the highest love for god; Form of worship; Divine fire in ritual Favourite Aarti names
Aashish boy Blessing Favourite Aashish names
Abhilasha abhilasha girl Wish; desire Favourite Abhilasha names
Abhinanda boy To rejoice; to celebrate; to praise; to bless; delight Favourite Abhinanda names
Abhinandan boy Greetings; Felicitous; Welcoming Favourite Abhinandan names
Abhinatha boy Lord of desires; Another name for kama Favourite Abhinatha names
Abhinav boy An act; Quite New; Brand New Favourite Abhinav names
Abhirup boy Very Nice; Pleasing; Handsome Favourite Abhirup names
Abhishek boy Ritual; An auspicious bath for a deity Favourite Abhishek names
Abhisoka boy Passionate; Loving Favourite Abhisoka names
Abhisumat boy Radiant; Another name of sun Favourite Abhisumat names
Abhisyanta boy Splendid; A son of Kuru and Vahini Favourite Abhisyanta names
Abhivira boy Surrounded by heroes; A commander Favourite Abhivira names
Abhra boy Cloud Favourite Abhra names
Abhrakasin boy With clouds for shelter; An ascetic Favourite Abhrakasin names
Abhyagni boy Towards the fire; A son of Aitasa Favourite Abhyagni names
Abhyudaya boy Luck; Sunrise; Elevation; Increase; Prosperity Favourite Abhyudaya names
Abhyudita boy Elevated; Risen; Prosperous Favourite Abhyudita names
Abjayoni boy Born of the lotus; Another name for Brahma Favourite Abjayoni names
Abjit boy Conquering water Favourite Abjit names
Acaryatanaya boy Son of the teacher; Another name for Aswatthama Favourite Acaryatanaya names
Achal boy Constant Favourite Achal names
Achalapati boy Lord of the immovable; Lord of Mountain Favourite Achalapati names
Achalendra boy Lord of the immovable; The Himalayas Favourite Achalendra names
Achalesvara boy God of the immovable; Another name for Shiva Favourite Achalesvara names
Achanda boy Not of the hot temper; Without anger; Gentle Favourite Achanda names
Acharyanandana boy Son of the teacher; Another name for Aswatthama Favourite Acharyanandana names
Acharyasuta boy Son of the teacher; Another name for Aswatthama Favourite Acharyasuta names
Achindra boy Flawless; Uninterrupted; Perfect Favourite Achindra names
Achintya boy Lord Shiva; Inconceivable; Beyond comprehension Favourite Achintya names
Achyut boy Imperishable; Indestructible; A name of Vishnu Favourite Achyut names
Achyutaraya boy Worshipper of the infallible; A devotee of Vishnu Favourite Achyutaraya names
Adalarasu boy King of dance Favourite Adalarasu names
Adarsh boy Ideal Favourite Adarsh names
Adhik boy Greater; More; Lots Favourite Adhik names
Adhikara boy Principal; Controller; Right Favourite Adhikara names
Adhipa; Adhip boy King; Ruler Favourite Adhipa; Adhip names
Adhita boy A scholar Favourite Adhita names
Adikavi boy First poet Favourite Adikavi names
Adit boy First Born; From the beginning Favourite Adit names
Aditi aditi girl Mother of the Gods Favourite Aditi names
Aditya boy The sun Favourite Aditya names
Adityanandan boy Son of the sun Favourite Adityanandan names
Adityavardhana boy Augmented by glory Favourite Adityavardhana names
Adripathi boy Master of the mountains Favourite Adripathi names
Adwaita boy Non-duality Favourite Adwaita names
Adway boy One; United Favourite Adway names
Aftab boy The sun Favourite Aftab names
Agasti boy Name of a sage Favourite Agasti names
Agha boy Pre-eminent Favourite Agha names
Agharna boy The moon Favourite Agharna names
Agneya boy Son of Agni; Son of the fire Favourite Agneya names
Agnikumara boy Son of Agni Favourite Agnikumara names
Agniprava boy Bright as the fire Favourite Agniprava names
Agrim boy Advance; Leader; First Favourite Agrim names
Agriya boy First Favourite Agriya names
Ahsan boy Nice; Beautiful; Mercy; Favour Favourite Ahsan names
Aijaz boy Favour; Blessing Favourite Aijaz names
Aiman boy Fearless Favourite Aiman names
Aishwarya aishwarya girl Wealth; Prosperity Favourite Aishwarya names
Ajamil boy A mythological king Favourite Ajamil names
Ajatashatru boy Without enemies Favourite Ajatashatru names
Ajay boy Unconquered; Invincible Favourite Ajay names
Ajendra boy King of mountains Favourite Ajendra names
Ajinkya boy Invincible Favourite Ajinkya names
Ajit boy Victorious; Invincible; Unconquerable Favourite Ajit names
Ajitesh boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Ajitesh names
Ajmal boy Pious; Holy; Beautiful Favourite Ajmal names
Akalmash boy Stainless; Pure; Untainted Favourite Akalmash names
Akash boy Sky Favourite Akash names
Akbar boy Powerful; Great Favourite Akbar names
Akhil boy Complete; Entire; Earth; World Favourite Akhil names
Akhila akhila girl Total; Complete Favourite Akhila names
Akhilesh boy Lord & Master; Lord of the universe; Indestructible; Immortal Favourite Akhilesh names
Akmal boy Complete Favourite Akmal names
Akram boy Most Generous; Excellent Favourite Akram names
Akshan boy Eye Favourite Akshan names
Akshar boy Letter; Imperishable Favourite Akshar names
Akshath boy Indestructible Favourite Akshath names
Akshay boy Immortal; Everlasting; Indestructible Favourite Akshay names
Akshit boy Permanent Favourite Akshit names
Akul boy Lord Shiva Favourite Akul names
Alagan boy Handsome Favourite Alagan names
Alagarasu boy Handsome King; King of beauty Favourite Alagarasu names
Alaka alaka girl Lock of curly hair; a girl with a lovely hair Favourite Alaka names
Alisha alisha girl Protected by God Favourite Alisha names
Alka alka girl Lock of curly hair; A girl with a lovely hair; Beauty Favourite Alka names
Alok boy Brightness; Light; Cry of victory; A man with lovely hair Favourite Alok names
Aloke boy Light Favourite Aloke names
Alpa alpa girl Little; Small Favourite Alpa names
Alpana alpana girl A decorative design; Beautiful Favourite Alpana names
Amaanat boy Treasure Favourite Amaanat names
Amal boy As pure as white; Unblemished; Hope; Aspiration Favourite Amal names
Amalendu boy Pure like the moon; The unblemished moon Favourite Amalendu names
Amalesh boy Pure; The pure one Favourite Amalesh names
Amanda boy Active Favourite Amanda names
Amar boy Immortal; Everlasting Favourite Amar names
Amartya boy Immortal Favourite Amartya names
Amba amba girl Goddess Durga Favourite Amba names
Ambarish boy Lord Shiva; Vishnu; The King of the sky Favourite Ambarish names
Amber boy The sky Favourite Amber names
Ambika ambika girl Goddess Durga; Goddess Parvati Favourite Ambika names
Ambuj boy Lotus Favourite Ambuj names
Ameya boy Immeasurable; Boundless Favourite Ameya names
Amil boy Invaluable Favourite Amil names
Amin boy Divine grace; Faithful; Trustworthy Favourite Amin names
Amir boy Rich; Prosperous; Populous Favourite Amir names
Amish boy Pure; Honest Favourite Amish names
Amit boy Limitless; Endless Favourite Amit names
Amitabh boy Unlimited; One with boundless splendour; Boundless lustre Favourite Amitabh names
Amitbikram boy Limitless prowess Favourite Amitbikram names
Amitesh boy One who is Infinite; God Favourite Amitesh names
Amitiyoti boy Limitless Brightness Favourite Amitiyoti names
Amitrasudan boy Destroyer of enemies Favourite Amitrasudan names
Amiya boy Nectar; Delight Favourite Amiya names
Amlan boy Unfading; Everbright Favourite Amlan names
Amlankusum boy Unfading flower Favourite Amlankusum names
Amrita amrita girl Full of Nectar; Spiritual holy water; Immortality Favourite Amrita names
Anagha anagha girl Sinless; Without any fault Favourite Anagha names
Angarika angarika girl Flame coloured flower; Palash or flame of the forest Favourite Angarika names
Anisha; Aneesha anisha;xxaneesha girl Uninterrupted; Continuous; One who is supreme Favourite Anisha; Aneesha names
Anita; Aneeta anita;xxaneeta girl Grace Favourite Anita; Aneeta names
Anjana anjana girl Mother of Hanuman Favourite Anjana names
Ankita ankita girl Distinguished; Marked by the Lord; Dedicate Favourite Ankita names
Annapoorna annapoorna girl Goddess Parvati; Generous with food Favourite Annapoorna names
Anshula anshula girl Sunny Favourite Anshula names
Antara antara girl The second note in Hindustani classical music; Beauty Favourite Antara names
Anupama anupama girl Without any comparison; Peerless Favourite Anupama names
Anuradha anuradha girl Goddess of good luck; Name of a star Favourite Anuradha names
Anusha anusha girl Beautiful morning, a star Favourite Anusha names
Anushri anushri girl Pretty; Goddess Laxmi Favourite Anushri names
Aradhana aradhana girl Worship; prayer Favourite Aradhana names
Archana archana girl Worship Favourite Archana names
Arpana arpana girl Surrendered; Offering Favourite Arpana names
Arpita arpita girl Dedicated Favourite Arpita names
Arshia arshia girl Heavenly; Divine Favourite Arshia names
Aruna aruna girl Dawn; Sunrise Favourite Aruna names
Asha asha girl Hope; Aspiration Favourite Asha names
Ashna ashna girl Friend Favourite Ashna names
Asmita asmita girl Pride Favourite Asmita names
Avanti avanti girl Ancient city of Ujjain; Modest Favourite Avanti names
Avantika avantika girl Queen; Princess of Ujjain Favourite Avantika names
Badrinath boy LordVishnu Favourite Badrinath names
Bahuleya boy LordKartikeya Favourite Bahuleya names
Bala bala girl A young girl Favourite Bala names
Balaaditya boy Youngsun Favourite Balaaditya names
Balachandra boy Youngmoon Favourite Balachandra names
Balakrishna, boy BabyKrishna Favourite Balakrishna, names
Balamani boy Youngjewel Favourite Balamani names
Balaraj boy Strong Favourite Balaraj names
Balaram boy ThebrotherofLordKrishna,Balvindra,Balvinder,Strong Favourite Balaram names
Baldev boy Strong Favourite Baldev names
Banbihari boy LordKrishna Favourite Banbihari names
Bandhul boy Pleasing Favourite Bandhul names
Banhi banhi girl Fire Favourite Banhi names
Bankim boy Curved Favourite Bankim names
Bansi boy Flute Favourite Bansi names
Bansilal boy LordKrishna Favourite Bansilal names
Baridbaran boy Colourofthecloud Favourite Baridbaran names
Barun boy LordoftheSea Favourite Barun names
Baruna baruna girl A goddess; Wife of the lord of water - Varuna Favourite Baruna names
Basanti basanti girl Spring Favourite Basanti names
Basudha boy Earth Favourite Basudha names
Beena beena girl A musical instrument Favourite Beena names
Bela bela girl Time; Creeper; Jasmine Flower Favourite Bela names
Bhadra bhadra girl Gentle; Blessed; Prosperous; Fortunate Favourite Bhadra names
Bhadrak boy Handsome Favourite Bhadrak names
Bhagwant boy Fortunate Favourite Bhagwant names
Bhagyashri bhagyashri girl Fortunate; Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Bhagyashri names
Bhairav boy LordShiva Favourite Bhairav names
Bhairavi bhairavi girl Goddess Durga; a raga Favourite Bhairavi names
Bhajan boy Adoration Favourite Bhajan names
Bhakti bhakti girl Devotion; prayer Favourite Bhakti names
Bhanu bhanu girl Sun Favourite Bhanu names
Bhanudas boy Adevoteeofthesun Favourite Bhanudas names
Bhanupriya bhanupriya girl Beloved of the sun Favourite Bhanupriya names
Bharti bharti girl Goddess Saraswati Favourite Bharti names
Bhavana bhavana girl Good Feelings; Emotions; Meditation Favourite Bhavana names
Bhavini bhavini girl Goddess Parvati; Emotional Favourite Bhavini names
Bhumi bhumi girl Earth Favourite Bhumi names
Bhumika bhumika girl The earth; Role Favourite Bhumika names
Bibhas boy Decoration;light Favourite Bibhas names
Bimla bimla girl Pure Favourite Bimla names
Bindiya bindiya girl A forehead decoration - often a red dot Favourite Bindiya names
Bindu bindu girl A drop; point Favourite Bindu names
Bulbul bulbul girl A Songbird; Nightingale Favourite Bulbul names
Chaitali chaitali girl Born in the Chaitra month Favourite Chaitali names
Chaitanya boy The name of a saint; consciousness, Life, knowledge Favourite Chaitanya names
Chakori chakori girl Alert; A bird enamoured of the moon Favourite Chakori names
Chakshu boy Eye Favourite Chakshu names
Chameli chameli girl Jasmine Flower Favourite Chameli names
Champa champa girl A type of flower Favourite Champa names
Champak boy A flower Favourite Champak names
Chanchala chanchala girl Restless; Unsteady; Lakshmi Favourite Chanchala names
Chandak boy The moon Favourite Chandak names
Chandni chandni girl Moon light; A river Favourite Chandni names
Chandra boy Moon Favourite Chandra names
Chandrahas boy Bow of Shiva Favourite Chandrahas names
Chandrakanta boy The moon Favourite Chandrakanta names
Chandrakumar boy The moon Favourite Chandrakumar names
Chandranath boy The moon Favourite Chandranath names
Chandresh boy Lord of the moon Favourite Chandresh names
Chapal boy Quick Favourite Chapal names
Charanjit, Charanjeet boy One who has won over the lord Favourite Charanjit, Charanjeet names
Charita charita girl Good Favourite Charita names
Charu charu girl Beautiful; attractive Favourite Charu names
Charusheela charusheela girl A jewel Favourite Charusheela names
Chaturbhuj boy Strong, broad shouldered Favourite Chaturbhuj names
Chetana boy Consciousness Favourite Chetana names
Chhavi chhavi girl Image; reflection Favourite Chhavi names
Chhaya chhaya girl Shadow Favourite Chhaya names
Chidambar boy One whose heart is as big as the sky Favourite Chidambar names
Chinmayananda boy Blissful Favourite Chinmayananda names
Chintan chintan girl Meditation Favourite Chintan names
Chirag boy Lamp Favourite Chirag names
Chirantan boy Immortal Favourite Chirantan names
Chitra chitra girl Picture; Drawing; A nakshatra; Name of a river Favourite Chitra names
Chitrabhanu boy Fire Favourite Chitrabhanu names
Chitral boy Of variegated colour Favourite Chitral names
Chitrasen boy A king of Gandharvas Favourite Chitrasen names
Dabeet boy Warrior Favourite Dabeet names
Dakshesh boy Shiva Favourite Dakshesh names
Daman boy One who controls Favourite Daman names
Damian boy Tamer Favourite Damian names
Damini damini girl Lightning Favourite Damini names
Damodar boy Lord Ganapati Favourite Damodar names
Darpak boy Kamdev, god of love Favourite Darpak names
Darpan boy A mirror Favourite Darpan names
Darpana darpana girl A Mirror Favourite Darpana names
Darshan boy Religious text Favourite Darshan names
Darshana darshana girl Seeing; Sight Favourite Darshana names
Daruka boy Deodar tre Favourite Daruka names
Dasharath boy The father of Lord Rama Favourite Dasharath names
Dasharathi boy Lord Rama Favourite Dasharathi names
Dattatreya boy A son of Atri, a god Favourite Dattatreya names
Daya daya girl Kindness; mercy; pity Favourite Daya names
Dayanand boy One who likes being merciful Favourite Dayanand names
Debashis, Debashish boy Benediction of god Favourite Debashis, Debashish names
Deenabandhu boy Friend of the poor Favourite Deenabandhu names
Deep boy A lamp Favourite Deep names
Deepa deepa girl Lamp; Light Favourite Deepa names
Deepak boy Lustrous Favourite Deepak names
Deepali deepali girl Row of lamps; Collection of lamps Favourite Deepali names
Deepan boy Lighting up Favourite Deepan names
Deepankar, Deependra boy Lord of light Favourite Deepankar, Deependra names
Deependu boy Bright moon Favourite Deependu names
Deepesh boy Lord of light Favourite Deepesh names
Deepit boy Lighted Favourite Deepit names
Deeptanshu boy The sun Favourite Deeptanshu names
Deeptendu boy Bright moon Favourite Deeptendu names
Deeptiman boy Lustrous Favourite Deeptiman names
Deeptimoy boy Lustrous Favourite Deeptimoy names
Dev boy God,king Favourite Dev names
Dev Kumar boy Son of gods Favourite Dev Kumar names
Devabrata boy A name of Bhisma Favourite Devabrata names
Devadas, Devdas boy Follower of God Favourite Devadas, Devdas names
Devadutt boy Gift of God Favourite Devadutt names
Devajyoti boy Brightness of the Lord Favourite Devajyoti names
Devak boy Divine Favourite Devak names
Devanand boy Joy of God Favourite Devanand names
Devang boy Part of God Favourite Devang names
Devarsi boy Sage of the Devas Favourite Devarsi names
Devdutta boy King Favourite Devdutta names
Devendra boy King of gods Favourite Devendra names
Devesh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Devesh names
Deveshwar boy Lord Shiva Favourite Deveshwar names
Devi devi girl Goddess; The Diety Favourite Devi names
Devika devika girl Minor deity; Goddess Favourite Devika names
Devilal boy Son of Godess Favourite Devilal names
Deviprasad boy Gift of Godess Favourite Deviprasad names
Devnarayan boy King Favourite Devnarayan names
Devnath boy King of Gods Favourite Devnath names
Devraj boy King of gods Favourite Devraj names
Devyani devyani girl Like a Goddess; Daughter of Shukraacharya Favourite Devyani names
Dhananjay boy Arjuna, One who wins wealth Favourite Dhananjay names
Dhanesh boy Lord of wealth Favourite Dhanesh names
Dhanraj boy Lord Kuber Favourite Dhanraj names
Dhansukh boy Wealthy; happy Favourite Dhansukh names
Dhanvant boy Wealthy Favourite Dhanvant names
Dhanya dhanya girl Great; Lucky Favourite Dhanya names
Dhara dhara girl Constant flow; the earth Favourite Dhara names
Dharanidhar boy Shesh - the cosmic serpent Favourite Dharanidhar names
Dharma boy Religious Favourite Dharma names
Dharmadas boy One who serves his religion Favourite Dharmadas names
Dharmadev boy Lord of law Favourite Dharmadev names
Dharmanand boy One who takes pleasure in his religion Favourite Dharmanand names
Dharmendra boy God of religion Favourite Dharmendra names
Dharmendu boy Light of religion Favourite Dharmendu names
Dharmesh boy Master of religion Favourite Dharmesh names
Dharmpal boy Protector of his religion Favourite Dharmpal names
Dharmveer boy Religious Favourite Dharmveer names
Dhaval, Dhawal boy Fair Complexioned Favourite Dhaval, Dhawal names
Dheeman boy Intelligent Favourite Dheeman names
Dheer boy Gentle Favourite Dheer names
Dheerendra boy God of courage Favourite Dheerendra names
Dhiraj boy Emperor Favourite Dhiraj names
Dhirendra boy Lord of the brave Favourite Dhirendra names
Dhritiman boy Patient Favourite Dhritiman names
Dhruv boy Pole star Favourite Dhruv names
Dhwani boy Sound Favourite Dhwani names
Dhyanesh boy Meditative Favourite Dhyanesh names
Digamber boy Nacked Favourite Digamber names
Dilawar boy Brave Favourite Dilawar names
Dilip boy An ancestor of Lord Rama, a king Favourite Dilip names
Dinanath boy Protector Favourite Dinanath names
Dinar boy Gold coin Favourite Dinar names
Dindayal boy Kindto the poor Favourite Dindayal names
Dinesh boy The sun Favourite Dinesh names
Dinkar boy The sun Favourite Dinkar names
Disha disha girl Direction; Side Favourite Disha names
Divakar boy The sun Favourite Divakar names
Divya divya girl Divine; Divine Lustre; Heavenly; Brilliant Favourite Divya names
Divyanga boy Divine body Favourite Divyanga names
Divyendu boy The moon Favourite Divyendu names
Divyesh boy The sun Favourite Divyesh names
Drashti drashti girl Eyesight Favourite Drashti names
Drupad boy A king, father of Draupadi Favourite Drupad names
Dulal boy Dear one Favourite Dulal names
Duranjaya boy A heroic son Favourite Duranjaya names
Durga durga girl Goddess Durga; Parvati; Devi Favourite Durga names
Durjaya boy Difficult to conquer Favourite Durjaya names
Durva durva girl Sacred grass Favourite Durva names
Dushyanta boy A king from the epic Mahabharata Favourite Dushyanta names
Dwaipayan boy The sage Vyasa Favourite Dwaipayan names
Dwijaraj, Dwijendra boy King of Brahmins; the moon Favourite Dwijaraj, Dwijendra names
Dwijesh boy River Favourite Dwijesh names
Eashita eashita girl One who desires Favourite Eashita names
Ekalavya boy Renowned for his devotion to his guru Favourite Ekalavya names
Ekalinga boy Shiva Favourite Ekalinga names
Ekambar boy Sky Favourite Ekambar names
Ekanath boy King Favourite Ekanath names
Ekanga boy Bogyguard Favourite Ekanga names
Eknath boy Poet, saint Favourite Eknath names
Ekram boy Honour Favourite Ekram names
Ela ela girl The earth Favourite Ela names
Esha esha girl Goddess Parvati; Purity; Desire Favourite Esha names
Eshwar boy Lord Shiva Favourite Eshwar names
Falak boy The sky Favourite Falak names
Falguni falguni girl Born in Falgun - a Hindu month; Beautiful Favourite Falguni names
Fanibhusan boy Lord Shiva Favourite Fanibhusan names
Fanindra boy The cosmic serpent Shesh Favourite Fanindra names
Fanish boy The cosmic serpent Shesh Favourite Fanish names
Fanishwar boy Lord of serpents, Vasuki Favourite Fanishwar names
Fatik boy Crystal Favourite Fatik names
Ganga boy River Favourite Ganga names
Gati boy Speed Favourite Gati names
Gauresh boy Name of Lord Shiva Favourite Gauresh names
Gayan boy Singing Favourite Gayan names
Geet boy Song Favourite Geet names
Gopal boy Lord Krishna Favourite Gopal names
Gulab gulab girl Rose Favourite Gulab names
Guna boy Bestowed with Qualities Favourite Guna names
Gunagya boy Knower of Virtues Favourite Gunagya names
Gunjan gunjan girl Humming Favourite Gunjan names
Haihaya boy The Horse Favourite Haihaya names
Hamsa boy Hans Swan Favourite Hamsa names
Hansin boy The universal soul Favourite Hansin names
Hansraj boy The King of swans Favourite Hansraj names
Hara boy The remover of sin Favourite Hara names
Harihara boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Harihara names
Harita harita girl Green Favourite Harita names
Hariyanka boy One who sits on the lap of Vishnu Favourite Hariyanka names
Harsh, Harsha boy Happy Favourite Harsh, Harsha names
Harshini harshini girl Full of happiness; Cheerful Favourite Harshini names
Hasita hasita girl Happy; full of laughter Favourite Hasita names
Heena heena girl A flowering plan; Generally used for temporary skin decoration for special occasions; A shrub Favourite Heena names
Hema hema girl Golden Favourite Hema names
Hemlata hemlata girl Golden Creeper Favourite Hemlata names
Himani himani girl Glacier; Goddess Parvati Favourite Himani names
Hiranyak boy Name of a Rishi Favourite Hiranyak names
Hiren boy Lord of Diamonds Favourite Hiren names
Hita hita girl Lovable Favourite Hita names
Hriday boy Heart Favourite Hriday names
Hridika boy Of heart Favourite Hridika names
Hrishikesh boy The Lord of Senses Favourite Hrishikesh names
Hritik boy From the heart Favourite Hritik names
Ihit boy Prize, honour Favourite Ihit names
Ikshu boy Sugarcane Favourite Ikshu names
Ilesh boy Lord of earth Favourite Ilesh names
Iman boy Name of raga Favourite Iman names
Indeever boy Blue lotus Favourite Indeever names
Indira indira girl The Goddess Lakshmi; Wife of the god Vishnu Favourite Indira names
Indivar boy Blue lotus Favourite Indivar names
Indradutt boy Gift of Indra Favourite Indradutt names
Indrajeet boy Conquerer of Indra Favourite Indrajeet names
Indrakanta boy Lord Indra Favourite Indrakanta names
Indraneel boy Sapphire Favourite Indraneel names
Indrani indrani girl Wife of Indra Favourite Indrani names
Indubhushan boy The moon Favourite Indubhushan names
Induhasan boy Like a moon Favourite Induhasan names
Indushekhar boy Like a moon Favourite Indushekhar names
Inesh boy King of kings Favourite Inesh names
Isar boy Eminent, Lord Shiva Favourite Isar names
Isha isha girl One who protects; Goddess Favourite Isha names
Ishan boy The Lord Favourite Ishan names
Ishika ishika girl Paint brush Favourite Ishika names
Ishita ishita girl Mastery; Wealth; Desired Favourite Ishita names
Ishwar boy God, powerful, the supreme God Favourite Ishwar names
Jag boy The universe Favourite Jag names
Jagadbandu boy Lord Krishna Favourite Jagadbandu names
Jagadeep boy Light of the world Favourite Jagadeep names
Jagadhidh boy Lord of the world Favourite Jagadhidh names
Jagadish boy Lord of the universe Favourite Jagadish names
Jagajeet boy Conquerer of the world Favourite Jagajeet names
Jagajeevan boy Life of the world Favourite Jagajeevan names
Jaganmay boy Spread over the universe Favourite Jaganmay names
Jagannath boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Jagannath names
Jagat boy The universe Favourite Jagat names
Jagjeevan boy Worldly life Favourite Jagjeevan names
Jagmohan boy One who attracts the world Favourite Jagmohan names
Jagruti jagruti girl Awakening; awareness Favourite Jagruti names
Jahan boy The world Favourite Jahan names
Jahnavi jahnavi girl Ganga River Favourite Jahnavi names
Jaichand boy Victory of the moon Favourite Jaichand names
Jaidayal boy Victory of kindness Favourite Jaidayal names
Jaidev boy Victory of god Favourite Jaidev names
Jaigopal boy Victory of Lord Krishna Favourite Jaigopal names
Jaikrishna boy Victory of Lord krishna Favourite Jaikrishna names
Jaimini boy An ancient philosopher Favourite Jaimini names
Jainarayan boy Victory Favourite Jainarayan names
Jaipal boy Lord Brahma Favourite Jaipal names
Jairaj boy Lord of victory Favourite Jairaj names
Jaisal boy Famous folk Favourite Jaisal names
Jaisukh boy Joy of winning Favourite Jaisukh names
Jaiwant boy Victory Favourite Jaiwant names
Janak boy Father of Sita Favourite Janak names
Janaki janaki girl Wife of Lord Rama; Sita Favourite Janaki names
Janardan boy One who helps people, Lord Vishnu Favourite Janardan names
Janki janki girl Seeta Favourite Janki names
Japa boy Chanting Favourite Japa names
Japendra boy Lord of chants-Lord Shiva Favourite Japendra names
Jasbeer boy Victorious hero Favourite Jasbeer names
Jashan boy Celebration Favourite Jashan names
Jaspal boy Lord Krishna Favourite Jaspal names
Jasraj boy King of fame Favourite Jasraj names
Jasveer boy Hero of fame Favourite Jasveer names
Jaswant boy Famous, victorious Favourite Jaswant names
Jatan boy Nurturing Favourite Jatan names
Jatin boy Pertaining ato saint Favourite Jatin names
Jawahar boy Jewel Favourite Jawahar names
Jaya jaya girl Victory; Victorious; Goddess Durga Favourite Jaya names
Jayadeep boy Light of victory Favourite Jayadeep names
Jayaditya boy Victorious sun Favourite Jayaditya names
Jayant boy Victorious Favourite Jayant names
Jayanta boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Jayanta names
Jayashekhar boy Crest of victory Favourite Jayashekhar names
Jaysukh boy Pleasure of victory Favourite Jaysukh names
Jeemutbahan boy Full of life Favourite Jeemutbahan names
Jeevan boy Life Favourite Jeevan names
Jhoomer boy Ornament Favourite Jhoomer names
Jignesh boy Curiosity to research Favourite Jignesh names
Jihan boy The world Favourite Jihan names
Jinendra boy Lord of life Favourite Jinendra names
Jishnu boy Triumphant Favourite Jishnu names
Jitendra boy Conqueror Favourite Jitendra names
Jivitesh boy God , Jogindra Favourite Jivitesh names
Jnyandeep boy Light of knowledge Favourite Jnyandeep names
Jnyaneshwar boy God of wisdom Favourite Jnyaneshwar names
Joginder boy Lord Shiva Favourite Joginder names
Jograj boy Lord Krishna Favourite Jograj names
Jugnu boy A firefly Favourite Jugnu names
Juhi juhi girl A Flower Favourite Juhi names
Jusal boy Pari Favourite Jusal names
Jyoti jyoti girl Flame; Light; Lamp; The light of the Sun Favourite Jyoti names
Jyotichandra boy Splendour Favourite Jyotichandra names
Jyotika jyotika girl Light; Flame Favourite Jyotika names
Jyotiprakash boy Splendour of the flame Favourite Jyotiprakash names
Jyotiranjan boy Joyous flamae Favourite Jyotiranjan names
Jyotirdhar boy Holder of the flame Favourite Jyotirdhar names
Jyotirmoy boy Lustrous Favourite Jyotirmoy names
Kabir boy Name of a famous saint Favourite Kabir names
Kailas boy Abode of Lord Shiva Favourite Kailas names
Kailash boy Name of a Himalayan peak, abode of Shiva Favourite Kailash names
Kailashchandra boy Lord Shiva Favourite Kailashchandra names
Kailashnath boy Lord Shiva Favourite Kailashnath names
Kajal kajal girl Eyeliner; Soot Favourite Kajal names
Kalash boy Sacred pot Favourite Kalash names
Kalicharan boy A devotee of Goddness Kali Favourite Kalicharan names
Kalidas boy A devotee of Goddess Kali Favourite Kalidas names
Kalimohan boy A devotee of Goddess Kali Favourite Kalimohan names
Kalindee kalindee girl Yamuna river Favourite Kalindee names
Kalipada boy A devotee of Goddess Kali Favourite Kalipada names
Kaliranjan boy A devotee of Goddess Kali Favourite Kaliranjan names
Kalpana kalpana girl Imagine; A fantasy Favourite Kalpana names
Kalyan boy Welfare Favourite Kalyan names
Kalyani kalyani girl Auspicious; Fortunate Favourite Kalyani names
Kamadev boy God of love Favourite Kamadev names
Kamal boy Lotus flower Favourite Kamal names
Kamalakar boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Kamalakar names
Kamalapati boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Kamalapati names
Kamalesh boy Lord Vishnu, one with Eyes like a lotus Favourite Kamalesh names
Kamalnayan boy Lotuseyed Favourite Kamalnayan names
Kamini kamini girl A handsome woman Favourite Kamini names
Kamlesh boy God of lotus Favourite Kamlesh names
Kamod boy A raga Favourite Kamod names
Kamraj boy Cupid, Lord of love Favourite Kamraj names
Kamran boy Success Favourite Kamran names
Kanad boy An ancient Favourite Kanad names
Kanak boy Gold Favourite Kanak names
Kanan boy A garden Favourite Kanan names
Kanchan boy Gold Favourite Kanchan names
Kandarpa boy Cupid Favourite Kandarpa names
Kanha boy Lord Krishna Favourite Kanha names
Kanhaiya boy Lord Krishna Favourite Kanhaiya names
Kanishka boy Name of a king Favourite Kanishka names
Kantilal boy Lustrous Favourite Kantilal names
Kantimoy boy Lustrous Favourite Kantimoy names
Kanu boy Lord Krishna Favourite Kanu names
Kanvar boy Young prince Favourite Kanvar names
Kanwal boy Lotus Favourite Kanwal names
Kanwaljeet boy Lotus Favourite Kanwaljeet names
Kanwalkishore boy Lotus, Lord krishna Favourite Kanwalkishore names
Kapil boy Name of a sage Favourite Kapil names
Kapila kapila girl Sacred cow Favourite Kapila names
Kapish boy Lord Hanuman Favourite Kapish names
Karan boy Karna, the firstborn of Kunti Favourite Karan names
Karishma karishma girl Miracle Favourite Karishma names
Karna boy The firstborn of Kunti Favourite Karna names
Kartar boy Master Favourite Kartar names
Kartik boy A Hindu month Favourite Kartik names
Kartikeya boy Elder son of Lord Shiva Favourite Kartikeya names
Karuna karuna girl Kindness Favourite Karuna names
Karunakar boy Merciful Favourite Karunakar names
Karunamay boy Full of light Favourite Karunamay names
Karunashankar boy Merciful Favourite Karunashankar names
Kashinath boy Lord Shiva Favourite Kashinath names
Kashiprasad boy Blessed by Lord Shiva Favourite Kashiprasad names
Kashyap boy Name of a sage Favourite Kashyap names
Kasturi kasturi girl Musk; A Fragrant material Favourite Kasturi names
Kathir, Kadir boy Ray of light, shoot of grass Favourite Kathir, Kadir names
Kaushal boy Clever, skilled Favourite Kaushal names
Kaushik boy Sage Vishwamitra Favourite Kaushik names
Kaustav, Kaustubh boy A legendary gem; a gem worn by Lord Vishnu Favourite Kaustav, Kaustubh names
Kavi boy A poet Favourite Kavi names
Kaviraj boy Doctor Favourite Kaviraj names
Kavita kavita girl Poem Favourite Kavita names
Kedar boy A raga Favourite Kedar names
Kedarnath boy Lord Shiva Favourite Kedarnath names
Keshav boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Keshav names
Ketan boy Home; banner Favourite Ketan names
Kevalkishore boy Absolute Favourite Kevalkishore names
Kevalkumar boy Absolute Favourite Kevalkumar names
Keya keya girl Flower Favourite Keya names
Keyur boy Armlet Favourite Keyur names
Khajit boy Lord Buddha Favourite Khajit names
Khemchand boy Welfare Favourite Khemchand names
Khemprakash boy Welfare Favourite Khemprakash names
Khushi khushi girl Happiness Favourite Khushi names
Khyati khyati girl Fame; Goodwill Favourite Khyati names
Kimaya kimaya girl Divine Favourite Kimaya names
Kinshuk boy A flower Favourite Kinshuk names
Kiran boy Ray of light Favourite Kiran names
Kiranmay boy Full of light Favourite Kiranmay names
Kirit boy A crown Favourite Kirit names
Kirti kirti girl Reputation; Fame Favourite Kirti names
Kirtikumar boy Famous Favourite Kirtikumar names
Kishore boy Young Favourite Kishore names
Kishori kishori girl Teenage Girl; young girl Favourite Kishori names
Komal komal girl Soft Favourite Komal names
Kripal boy Merciful Favourite Kripal names
Krishanu boy Fire Favourite Krishanu names
Krishna boy Lord Krishna Favourite Krishna names
Krishnachandra boy Lord Krishna Favourite Krishnachandra names
Krishnadeva boy Lord Krishna Favourite Krishnadeva names
Krishnakanta boy Lord Krishna Favourite Krishnakanta names
Krishnakumar boy Lord Kirshna Favourite Krishnakumar names
Krishnala boy Lord Krishna Favourite Krishnala names
Krishnamurari boy Lord Krishna Favourite Krishnamurari names
Krishnaroop boy Dark Favourite Krishnaroop names
Krishnendu boy Lord Krishna Favourite Krishnendu names
Kshaunish boy King Favourite Kshaunish names
Kuber, Kuberchand boy God of wealth Favourite Kuber, Kuberchand names
Kularanjan boy Star of family Favourite Kularanjan names
Kulbhushan boy Ornament of family Favourite Kulbhushan names
Kuldeep boy Light of family Favourite Kuldeep names
Kumar boy Prince Favourite Kumar names
Kunal boy Sone of emperor Ashok Favourite Kunal names
Kundan boy Pure Favourite Kundan names
Kundanlal boy Golden Favourite Kundanlal names
Kunja boy Grove of trees Favourite Kunja names
Kunjabihari boy Lord Krishna Favourite Kunjabihari names
Kush boy Son of Lord Rama Favourite Kush names
Kushal boy Clever Favourite Kushal names
Kusum kusum girl Flower Favourite Kusum names
Kusumakar boy Spring Favourite Kusumakar names
Lagan boy Appropriate time Favourite Lagan names
Laksha laksha girl Aim; Ambition; White Rose Favourite Laksha names
Lakshman boy Prosperous, Brother of Rama Favourite Lakshman names
Lakshmi lakshmi girl Goddess of Wealth; fortunate; Wife of Lord Vishnu Favourite Lakshmi names
Lakshmibanta boy Fortunate Favourite Lakshmibanta names
Lakshmidhar boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Lakshmidhar names
Lakshmigopal boy Lord vishnu Favourite Lakshmigopal names
Lakshmikanta boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Lakshmikanta names
Lali lali girl Darling girl; Blushing Favourite Lali names
Lalima lalima girl Redness; Beauty Favourite Lalima names
Lalit boy Beautiful Favourite Lalit names
Lalita lalita girl Beautifull Lady; Elegant; a form of Durga Favourite Lalita names
Lalitaditya boy Beautiful sun Favourite Lalitaditya names
Lalitchandra boy Beautiful moon Favourite Lalitchandra names
Lalitkumar boy Beautiful Favourite Lalitkumar names
Lambodar boy Lord Ganesh Favourite Lambodar names
Lankesh boy Ravana Favourite Lankesh names
Lata lata girl Creeper Favourite Lata names
Lavanya lavanya girl Grace; Beauty Favourite Lavanya names
Leela leela girl Devine Play; Amusement Favourite Leela names
Leelawati leelawati girl Goddess Durga; Playful Favourite Leelawati names
Leena leena girl Devoted; Tender Favourite Leena names
Lekha lekha girl Writing; Crescent Moon Favourite Lekha names
Lochan boy The eye Favourite Lochan names
Lohitaksha boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Lohitaksha names
Lokesh boy Lord Brahma Favourite Lokesh names
Loknath boy Lord of all worlds Favourite Loknath names
Lokprakash boy Light of the world Favourite Lokprakash names
Lokranjan boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Lokranjan names
Luv boy Son of Lord Rama Favourite Luv names
Madan boy Cupid, god of love Favourite Madan names
Madangopal boy Lord Krishna Favourite Madangopal names
Madhav, Madhab boy Sweet like honey Favourite Madhav, Madhab names
Madhavdas boy Servant of Lord Krishna Favourite Madhavdas names
Madhavi madhavi girl Springtime; A creeper with beautiful flowers Favourite Madhavi names
Madhu boy Honey, nectar Favourite Madhu names
Madhuk boy A honeybee Favourite Madhuk names
Madhukanta boy The moon Favourite Madhukanta names
Madhukar boy Honeybee Favourite Madhukar names
Madhup boy A honeybee Favourite Madhup names
Madhur boy Sweet Favourite Madhur names
Madhuri madhuri girl Sweetness Favourite Madhuri names
Madhusudan boy Lord Krishna Favourite Madhusudan names
Madhusudhana boy One who killed demon Favourite Madhusudhana names
Magan boy Engrossed Favourite Magan names
Mahabahu boy Arjuna Favourite Mahabahu names
Mahabala boy Great strength Favourite Mahabala names
Mahadev boy Most powerful god Favourite Mahadev names
Mahaniya boy Worthy of honour Favourite Mahaniya names
Mahavir boy Most courageous among men Favourite Mahavir names
Maheepati boy The king Favourite Maheepati names
Mahendra boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Mahendra names
Mahesh boy Shiva Favourite Mahesh names
Maheshwar boy Lord Shiva Favourite Maheshwar names
Mahi mahi girl Great earth, Heaven and earth conjoined Favourite Mahi names
Mahima mahima girl Greatness Favourite Mahima names
Mahin boy The earth Favourite Mahin names
Mahindra boy A king Favourite Mahindra names
Mahipal boy A king Favourite Mahipal names
Mahish boy A king Favourite Mahish names
Mahtab boy The moon Favourite Mahtab names
Mainak boy A mountain a Himalayan peak Favourite Mainak names
Maitreya boy Friend Favourite Maitreya names
Makarand boy Honey, Honey Bee, Pollen Favourite Makarand names
Malay boy A mountain Favourite Malay names
Mamta mamta girl Love; Affection Favourite Mamta names
Manali manali girl Bird Favourite Manali names
Manas boy Mind Favourite Manas names
Manasi boy Born of the mind Favourite Manasi names
Manav boy Man Favourite Manav names
Manavendra boy A king Favourite Manavendra names
Mandar boy A celestial tree Favourite Mandar names
Mandeep boy Light of the mind Favourite Mandeep names
Mandhatri boy Prince Favourite Mandhatri names
Manendra boy King of mind Favourite Manendra names
Mangal boy Auspicious Favourite Mangal names
Mangesh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Mangesh names
Mani boy A jewel Favourite Mani names
Manibhushan boy Supreme gem Favourite Manibhushan names
Manik boy Ruby Favourite Manik names
Manindra boy Lord of the mind! Favourite Manindra names
Maniram boy Jewel of a person Favourite Maniram names
Manish boy Intellect Favourite Manish names
Manisha manisha girl Intellect; Desire; Wish Favourite Manisha names
Manishankar boy Shiva Favourite Manishankar names
Manjari manjari girl The sacred basil; blossom; a bouquet Favourite Manjari names
Manjeet boy Conqueror of the mind Favourite Manjeet names
Manju manju girl Sweet; Pleasant; Attractive; Snow; Dew Drops Favourite Manju names
Manjula manjula girl Melodious; Lovely; Soft; Charming Favourite Manjula names
Manmatha boy Cupid Favourite Manmatha names
Manmohan boy Pleasing Favourite Manmohan names
Manohar boy Beautiful; captivating Favourite Manohar names
Manoj boy Born of the mind Favourite Manoj names
Manoranjan boy One who pleases the mind Favourite Manoranjan names
Manprasad boy Mentally calm and cool person Favourite Manprasad names
Mansukh boy Pleasure of mind Favourite Mansukh names
Manu boy Original man Favourite Manu names
Mardav boy Softness Favourite Mardav names
Mareechi boy Ray of light Favourite Mareechi names
Marisa marisa girl Mother of Daksa Favourite Marisa names
Markandeya boy A devotee of Lord Shiva Favourite Markandeya names
Martand boy Sun Favourite Martand names
Marut boy The wind Favourite Marut names
Maruti boy Lord Hanuman Favourite Maruti names
Matsendra boy King of the fishes Favourite Matsendra names
Maya maya girl Illusion Favourite Maya names
Mayank boy Moon Favourite Mayank names
Mayur boy Peacock Favourite Mayur names
Mayuri mayuri girl Peahen Favourite Mayuri names
Meena; Mina meena;xxmina girl Precious blue stone; With Beautiful Eyes resembling a Fish; Enamel work Favourite Meena; Mina names
Meera meera girl A Devotee of Lord Krishna Favourite Meera names
Megh boy Cloud Favourite Megh names
Megha boy A star Favourite Megha names
Meghana meghana girl Cloud Favourite Meghana names
Meghashyam boy Lord Krishna Favourite Meghashyam names
Meghdutt boy Gift of clouds Favourite Meghdutt names
Meghnad boy Thunder Favourite Meghnad names
Mehdi boy A flower Favourite Mehdi names
Mehul boy Rain Favourite Mehul names
Mihir boy Sun Favourite Mihir names
Milan boy Union Favourite Milan names
Milap boy Union Favourite Milap names
Milind boy A bee Favourite Milind names
Milun boy Union Favourite Milun names
Minal minal girl A precious stone Favourite Minal names
Minaxi minaxi girl One with fish shaped eyes; Goddess Parvati Favourite Minaxi names
Misal boy Example Favourite Misal names
Mita mita girl A friend Favourite Mita names
Mitali mitali girl Friendship Favourite Mitali names
Mitesh boy One with few desires Favourite Mitesh names
Mithil boy Kingdom Favourite Mithil names
Mithilesh boy The king of Mithila, Janak, father of Sita Favourite Mithilesh names
Mithun boy Couple Favourite Mithun names
Mitra boy Friend; the sun Favourite Mitra names
Mitul boy Friend, Limited Favourite Mitul names
Mohajit boy Attractive Favourite Mohajit names
Mohan boy Charming, fascinating Favourite Mohan names
Mohin boy Attractive Favourite Mohin names
Mohini mohini girl Most Beautiful Favourite Mohini names
Mohnish boy Lord Krishna Favourite Mohnish names
Mohul boy Attractive Favourite Mohul names
Monish boy Lord of mind Favourite Monish names
Monisha monisha girl Lord Krishna; Intellectual Favourite Monisha names
Moti boy Pearl Favourite Moti names
Motilal boy Pearl Favourite Motilal names
Moulik boy Valuable Favourite Moulik names
Mridula mridula girl Tendreness; Gentleness; an ideal woman Favourite Mridula names
Mriganka boy The moon Favourite Mriganka names
Mrigankamouli boy Lord Shiva Favourite Mrigankamouli names
Mrigankasekhar boy Lord Shiva Favourite Mrigankasekhar names
Mrigendra boy Lion Favourite Mrigendra names
Mrityunjay boy Lord Shiva Favourite Mrityunjay names
Mudita boy Happy Favourite Mudita names
Mukesh boy Cupid Favourite Mukesh names
Muktananda boy Liberated Favourite Muktananda names
Mukti mukti girl Freedom Favourite Mukti names
Mukul boy Bud Favourite Mukul names
Mukunda boy Lord Krishna Favourite Mukunda names
Mukut boy Crown Favourite Mukut names
Mulkraj boy King Favourite Mulkraj names
Muni boy Sage Favourite Muni names
Murali boy Flute Favourite Murali names
Muralidhar boy Lord Krishna Favourite Muralidhar names
Muralimanohar boy Lord Krishna Favourite Muralimanohar names
Murari boy Lord Krishna Favourite Murari names
Murarilal boy Lord Krishna Favourite Murarilal names
Mythili mythili girl Princess of Mithila; Sita Favourite Mythili names
Naina naina girl Eyes; Name of a goddess Favourite Naina names
Nalini nalini girl Lotus; Mother of the Vedas; Goddess Gayatri Favourite Nalini names
Namita namita girl Humble; Devotee Favourite Namita names
Nandini nandini girl Daughter; a holy cow; best of joy; Delightful Favourite Nandini names
Nandita nandita girl Happy; Joyous Favourite Nandita names
Narmada narmada girl One who stimulate tender feelings in others; River Narmada; Mother of Vedas Favourite Narmada names
Neela neela girl Blue Favourite Neela names
Neepa neepa girl Name of a flower Favourite Neepa names
Neha neha girl Rain; Love Favourite Neha names
Nehal nehal girl Rainy; Handsome Favourite Nehal names
Nidhi nidhi girl Fund; Wealth; Treasure Favourite Nidhi names
Niharika niharika girl Milky Way; Nebula; The girl who is admired by looking itself Favourite Niharika names
Nilima nilima girl Blueness; Blue Sky Favourite Nilima names
Nirmala nirmala girl Pure; Clean; Virtuous Favourite Nirmala names
Nirupama nirupama girl Without comparison; Unique Favourite Nirupama names
Nisha nisha girl Night Favourite Nisha names
Nita; Neeta nita;xxneeta girl Moral; well behaved Favourite Nita; Neeta names
Niti niti girl Principles; Morality; Ethics Favourite Niti names
Nitya nitya girl Constant; Goddess Parvati; Eternal Favourite Nitya names
Nivedita nivedita girl One dedicated to service; offered to God; surrendered Favourite Nivedita names
Noor noor girl Light; The Divine Light Favourite Noor names
Nupoor nupoor girl Anklet Favourite Nupoor names
Nutan nutan girl New Favourite Nutan names
Padama padama girl Lotus; Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Padama names
Padmini padmini girl Lotus Pond; Related to Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Padmini names
Pallavi pallavi girl New Leaves; Bud Favourite Pallavi names
Pari pari girl Fairy; Beauty Favourite Pari names
Parinita parinita girl Expert; married woman; complete Favourite Parinita names
Parul parul girl Name of a flower; Graceful; Flow of Water Favourite Parul names
Parvati parvati girl Goddess; Wife of Lord Shiva; Durga Favourite Parvati names
Payal payal girl Anklet Favourite Payal names
Phalgunie boy Born in Falgun, a Hindu month; Arjun Favourite Phalgunie names
Pooja; Puja pooja;xxpuja girl Prayer; Worship Favourite Pooja; Puja names
Poonam poonam girl Full Moon Favourite Poonam names
Poornima; Purnima poornima;xxpurnima girl Full Moon; The night of the full moon Favourite Poornima; Purnima names
Prabha prabha girl Light; Glow; Shine; Goddess Parvati Favourite Prabha names
Prachi prachi girl Morning; East Favourite Prachi names
Pragati pragati girl Progress Favourite Pragati names
Pratima pratima girl Icon; Image; Statue; Idol Favourite Pratima names
Preeti preeti girl Love Favourite Preeti names
Prerana; Prerna prerana;xxprerna girl Inspiration; Encouragement Favourite Prerana; Prerna names
Priyanka priyanka girl Dear one; Beautiful; Lovable act Favourite Priyanka names
Priyanshi priyanshi girl Dear one Favourite Priyanshi names
Purva purva girl East; Elder Favourite Purva names
Pushpa pushpa girl Flower; Blossom Favourite Pushpa names
Rachana rachana girl Arrangement; Construction; Creation Favourite Rachana names
Radha radha girl The beloved of Lord Krishna; Prosperity; Success Favourite Radha names
Radhika radhika girl Radha; Lover of Krishna; Successful Favourite Radhika names
Ragini ragini girl A melody Favourite Ragini names
Rajani rajani girl Night Favourite Rajani names
Rakhi rakhi girl Thread of protection between brother - sister; Bond of protection Favourite Rakhi names
Raksha raksha girl Protection Favourite Raksha names
Ramya ramya girl Delightful; Beautiful Favourite Ramya names
Rani rani girl Queen Favourite Rani names
Rashi rashi girl A star constellation; a collection of wealth Favourite Rashi names
Renuka renuka girl The mother of Parasurama, the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu Favourite Renuka names
Revati revati girl A star; Wife of Balarama; Prosperity Favourite Revati names
Richa richa girl Hymn; The writing of the Vedas; Verses of Sanskrit Favourite Richa names
Riddhi riddhi girl Good Fortune Favourite Riddhi names
Ritu ritu girl Season Favourite Ritu names
Rohini rohini girl A star; Sandalwood tree Favourite Rohini names
Roma roma girl Lakshmi Favourite Roma names
Roshni roshni girl Light; Brightness Favourite Roshni names
Ruchi ruchi girl Interest; Beauty; Lustre; Light Favourite Ruchi names
Rukhmani rukhmani girl Wife of Lord Krishna Favourite Rukhmani names
Sadhana sadhana girl Worship; Long Practice/study Favourite Sadhana names
Saheli saheli girl Friend Favourite Saheli names
Sandhya sandhya girl Evening; Sundown; Twilight; Dusk Favourite Sandhya names
Sangeeta sangeeta girl Music; Musical Favourite Sangeeta names
Sanjana sanjana girl Gentle Favourite Sanjana names
Sanjivni sanjivni girl Immortality Favourite Sanjivni names
Sanjula sanjula girl Beautiful Favourite Sanjula names
Sapna sapna girl Dream Favourite Sapna names
Sarita sarita girl River Favourite Sarita names
Saroj saroj girl Lotus Flower Favourite Saroj names
Sarojini sarojini girl Lotus Favourite Sarojini names
Savita savita girl Sun Favourite Savita names
Savitri savitri girl Goddess Saraswati; A river Favourite Savitri names
Seema seema girl Boundary; Limit Favourite Seema names
Sejal sejal girl River water; Full of water Favourite Sejal names
Shabana shabana girl Decorated Favourite Shabana names
Shaila shaila girl Stone; Mountain; Goddess Parvati Favourite Shaila names
Shaili shaili girl Style Favourite Shaili names
Shalini shalini girl Modesty Favourite Shalini names
Shanta shanta girl Peaceful Favourite Shanta names
Shanti shanti girl Peace; The tranquil one Favourite Shanti names
Sheetal sheetal girl Cool Favourite Sheetal names
Shefali shefali girl A flower Favourite Shefali names
Shikha shikha girl Flame Favourite Shikha names
Shilpa shilpa girl Stone; Well-proportioned Favourite Shilpa names
Shivani shivani girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Shivani names
Shobha shobha girl Fortunate; Attractive; Splendour Favourite Shobha names
Shobhana shobhana girl Splendid; Shining; Glowing; The beautiful one Favourite Shobhana names
Shraddha shraddha girl Faith; Trust; Veneration; Devoted Favourite Shraddha names
Shruti shruti girl Expert in Vedas Favourite Shruti names
Sibani sibani girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Sibani names
Simran simran girl Remembrance; Meditation Favourite Simran names
Sita sita girl The wife of Lord Rama; Daughter of Janak Favourite Sita names
Siya siya girl Sita Favourite Siya names
Smita smita girl Smile; Ever smiling lady Favourite Smita names
Smriti smriti girl Memory: Recollection Favourite Smriti names
Sneha sneha girl Affectionate; Love Favourite Sneha names
Soma soma girl Moon-rays Favourite Soma names
Sona sona girl Gold Favourite Sona names
Sonal sonal girl Golden Favourite Sonal names
Sonali sonali girl Golden Favourite Sonali names
Stuti stuti girl Praise; Worship Favourite Stuti names
Subhasini subhasini girl Well-spoken Favourite Subhasini names
Sucheta sucheta girl With a beautiful mind Favourite Sucheta names
Suchita suchita girl Purity; Beautiful Favourite Suchita names
Sudha sudha girl Nectar Favourite Sudha names
Sukanya sukanya girl Beautiful Girl; Comely Favourite Sukanya names
Sumita sumita girl A good friend Favourite Sumita names
Sumitra sumitra girl Name of the mother of Lakshmana; Good Friend Favourite Sumitra names
Sunaina sunaina girl One who has beautiful eyes Favourite Sunaina names
Sunita sunita girl One with good morals Favourite Sunita names
Suparna suparna girl Goddess Parvati; Leafy Favourite Suparna names
Supriya supriya girl Beloved Favourite Supriya names
Surabhi surabhi girl Wish-yielding cow; Fragrance; Beauty Favourite Surabhi names
Sushmita sushmita girl Good Smile Favourite Sushmita names
Swapna swapna girl Dream; Dream Like Favourite Swapna names
Swati swati girl Name of a star; a nakshatra Favourite Swati names
Sweta sweta girl Fair complexioned Favourite Sweta names
Tammanna tammanna girl Desire Favourite Tammanna names
Tanu tanu girl Body Favourite Tanu names
Tanuja tanuja girl Daughter Favourite Tanuja names
Tanvi tanvi girl Slender; Soft; A delicate girl Favourite Tanvi names
Tara tara girl Star; Wife of Lord Brihaspati Favourite Tara names
Tejal tejal girl Lustrous; Radiant Favourite Tejal names
Tejaswini tejaswini girl Radiant; Lustrous Favourite Tejaswini names
Trisha trisha girl Wish; Desire; Thirst Favourite Trisha names
Trishala trishala girl Mother of Lord Mahavir; Trident Favourite Trishala names
Trishana trishana girl Thirst; Desire Favourite Trishana names
Tulsi tulsi girl The sacred basil Favourite Tulsi names
Ujwala; Ujjwala ujwala;xxujjwala girl Bright; Lustrous Favourite Ujwala; Ujjwala names
Uma uma girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Uma names
Unnati unnati girl Progress; Development Favourite Unnati names
Upasana upasana girl Worship; Devotion; Homage Favourite Upasana names
Urmi urmi girl Wave Favourite Urmi names
Urvashi urvashi girl The most beautiful Apsara - maiden; A celestial maiden Favourite Urvashi names
Urvi urvi girl Earth Favourite Urvi names
Usha usha girl Morning; Dawn; Sun rise Favourite Usha names
Ushma ushma girl Heat Favourite Ushma names
Vaishali; Baishali vaishali;xxbaishali girl An ancient city of India Favourite Vaishali; Baishali names
Vandana vandana girl Worship; Salute Favourite Vandana names
Vani vani girl Goddess Saraswati; Words coming out from mouth; Language Favourite Vani names
Vanita vanita girl Woman Favourite Vanita names
Veena veena girl A musical instrument (Beena) Favourite Veena names
Vibha vibha girl Radiance; Light; Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Vibha names
Vidya vidya girl Learning; Wisdom; Goddess Saraswati Favourite Vidya names
Vimala vimala girl Pure; Clean Favourite Vimala names
Vineeta vineeta girl Humble; Requester Favourite Vineeta names
Vrinda; Vrunda vrinda;xxvrunda girl Basil; Goddess Radha; Tulsi Favourite Vrinda; Vrunda names
Yamini yamini girl Night; Nocturnal Favourite Yamini names
Yamuna yamuna girl Jamuna River; Holy Indian River Favourite Yamuna names
Yasmin yasmin girl Jasmine Flower Favourite Yasmin names