Sikh Boy Names With Meaning

A Name is a simple a word which used to identify rest of the life of child so this is the first gift from the parents or relatives to the baby.therefore it needed a great care when we put their baby name which should be listen to good and beautiful meaning.To Keep all of that things in Mind we have great and nice collection range of baby names with meaning where your search will be finished for the suitable baby names. here is great range of Sikh Boy names with meaning where you choose your favourite Sikh Boy Names.
Sikh Boy Names
Name Gender Meaning
Aagyakar boy Obedient Favourite Aagyakar names
Aagyapal boy One Who Maintains Obedience Favourite Aagyapal names
Aakar boy Shape, To Form, To Materialize Favourite Aakar names
Aakash boy The sky Favourite Aakash names
Aanand boy Joy or bliss Favourite Aanand names
Aaradh boy Deep Rapturous Love, Adoration Favourite Aaradh names
Aarti boy Worship or prayer Favourite Aarti names
Aasha boy Hope Favourite Aasha names
Aashish boy Blessing Favourite Aashish names
Aatma boy Soul, light of the lord Favourite Aatma names
Aavai boy Arrive, To Come Favourite Aavai names
Abahijeevan boy Fearless Life Favourite Abahijeevan names
Abhaidev boy Free of fear Favourite Abhaidev names
Abhaijeet boy Victory Over Fear Favourite Abhaijeet names
Abhinav boy Novel Favourite Abhinav names
Abinaash boy Eternal, Immortal Favourite Abinaash names
Achal boy Constant, immovable Favourite Achal names
Achar boy Inaminate Favourite Achar names
Achint boy Without Worry Favourite Achint names
Achraj boy Wondrous Favourite Achraj names
Adarsh boy Ideals Favourite Adarsh names
Adarshpal boy Keeper Of Ideals Favourite Adarshpal names
Adeeb boy Writer Favourite Adeeb names
Adesh boy Command Favourite Adesh names
Adith boy Sunday Favourite Adith names
Agam boy Extending Far, Profound, Unimaginable Favourite Agam names
Agampreet boy The lover of God Favourite Agampreet names
Ajaath boy Without Caste Favourite Ajaath names
Ajai boy Victory/Conqueror Favourite Ajai names
Ajaib boy Wondrous Being Favourite Ajaib names
Ajaipal boy One whose caretaker is the Lord Favourite Ajaipal names
Ajay boy Victory/Conqueror Favourite Ajay names
Ajeet boy Invincible, unconquerable Favourite Ajeet names
Ajit boy Invincible, Unconquerable Favourite Ajit names
Ajitesh boy Unconquerable God Favourite Ajitesh names
Ajmer boy A City Name Favourite Ajmer names
Akaar boy Shape, To Form, To Materialize Favourite Akaar names
Akaash boy As Vast As The Sky Favourite Akaash names
Akal boy Timeless Favourite Akal names
Akalnivas boy One Dwelling In The Eternal Realm Favourite Akalnivas names
Akalpreet boy One who loves the Timeless Being Favourite Akalpreet names
Akalroop boy Of eternal form, of eternal beauty Favourite Akalroop names
Akalsharan boy The One Taking Shelter In God Favourite Akalsharan names
Akalsimar boy One remembering the Eternal God Favourite Akalsimar names
Akalsukh boy Forever In Peace And Delight Favourite Akalsukh names
Akash boy As Vast As The Sky Favourite Akash names
Akhand boy Undivided Favourite Akhand names
Akhil boy All Favourite Akhil names
Akhilpal boy All Nurturing (God) Favourite Akhilpal names
Alok boy Light Favourite Alok names
Amal boy Pure Favourite Amal names
Aman boy Peace, Peaceful Favourite Aman names
Amanbir boy The one who fights for peace Favourite Amanbir names
Amandeep boy The lamp of peace Favourite Amandeep names
Amandev boy The God Of Peace Favourite Amandev names
Amanjeet boy One who attains to peace Favourite Amanjeet names
Amanjeevan boy Lives A Peaceful Life Favourite Amanjeevan names
Amanjot boy Radiating the light of peace Favourite Amanjot names
Amanpal boy Peace Protector Favourite Amanpal names
Amanpreet boy One who loves peace Favourite Amanpreet names
Amanroop boy The embodiment of peace Favourite Amanroop names
Amanvir boy The One Who Fights For Peace Favourite Amanvir names
Amar boy The immortal one Favourite Amar names
Amardeep boy The lamp of immortality Favourite Amardeep names
Amardev boy The immortal god Favourite Amardev names
Amarjeet boy Forever victorious Favourite Amarjeet names
Amarjot boy The Immortal Light Favourite Amarjot names
Amarleen boy Forever absorbed in God Favourite Amarleen names
Amarpreet boy The immortal Love of Lord Favourite Amarpreet names
Amarprem boy Immortal Love Favourite Amarprem names
Amberjit boy God Of Sky Favourite Amberjit names
Ambreesh boy God Of Sky Favourite Ambreesh names
Amit boy Unlimited, Great, Infinite Favourite Amit names
Amitesh boy Limitless God Favourite Amitesh names
Amrita boy Deathless Favourite Amrita names
Amritbaan boy Living A Nectar-Like Way Of Life Favourite Amritbaan names
Amul boy Priceless Favourite Amul names
Amun boy Patience And High Intellect Favourite Amun names
Anaad boy Beginningless Favourite Anaad names
Anand boy One Who Is Blissful, Delightful Favourite Anand names
Anandjot boy The Light of Bliss Favourite Anandjot names
Anandroop boy Of blissful form; radiating bliss Favourite Anandroop names
Anant boy Endless, boundless, infinite Favourite Anant names
Anantbir boy Brave Man, Great Fighter Favourite Anantbir names
Anantdev boy Of Immeasurable Divinity Favourite Anantdev names
Anayk boy Various Favourite Anayk names
Andeep boy Modest lamp Favourite Andeep names
Aneel boy Holy, Immaculate Being Favourite Aneel names
Angad boy Name Of The Second Sikh Guru, An Ornament Favourite Angad names
Angang boy God Of Love Favourite Angang names
Anik boy Various Favourite Anik names
Anjeela boy Homage Favourite Anjeela names
Anokh boy Extraordinary And Wondrous Favourite Anokh names
Anoop boy Matchless Beauty Favourite Anoop names
Anoopbir boy Beauteous And Brave Favourite Anoopbir names
Anoopjot boy Radiating The Beautious Light Favourite Anoopjot names
Anooplok boy Resident Of The Beauteous Realm Favourite Anooplok names
Antar boy Within One, Sustained Within One Favourite Antar names
Antarjot boy The Divine Light within Favourite Antarjot names
Antarpreet boy One who loves the Light within Favourite Antarpreet names
Anup boy Matchless Beauty Favourite Anup names
Anurag boy Attachment, Devotion, Love Favourite Anurag names
Armaan boy Wish, Desire Favourite Armaan names
Arpan boy Offering Favourite Arpan names
Arshbir boy God Of Sky Favourite Arshbir names
Arun boy Sun Favourite Arun names
Arvind boy Lord Of Horses, Lord Of Wheels Favourite Arvind names
Arvindera boy Lord Of Horses, Lord Of Wheels Favourite Arvindera names
Arvinderjeet boy Lord Of Horses, Lord Of Wheels Favourite Arvinderjeet names
Asankh boy Countless Favourite Asankh names
Aseem boy Limitless, Infinite Favourite Aseem names
Atal boy Firm Favourite Atal names
Atam boy Spirituality Favourite Atam names
Atama boy Self, Soul Favourite Atama names
Atamjit boy God Of Spiritually Favourite Atamjit names
Atamveer boy Spiritually Brave Favourite Atamveer names
Attar boy Perfume Favourite Attar names
Avanesh boy Lord Of The Earth Favourite Avanesh names
Avani boy Earth Favourite Avani names
Aveer boy Brave, one who fights for peace Favourite Aveer names
Avinash boy Eternal, Immortal Favourite Avinash names
Avmanjeevan boy One Who Lives A Peaceful Life Favourite Avmanjeevan names
Avneet boy Modest Favourite Avneet names
Avtar boy Incarnation of God Favourite Avtar names
Bachan boy Promise Favourite Bachan names
Bachittar boy Wounderous merits Favourite Bachittar names
Bahadar boy One Who Is Brave And Corageous Favourite Bahadar names
Bahadurjit boy Victory of the brave Favourite Bahadurjit names
Bakhat boy Time, Point Of Time Favourite Bakhat names
Bakhsheesh boy The blessed one Favourite Bakhsheesh names
Bakshi boy Blessed Favourite Bakshi names
Bakshish boy Devine Blessing Favourite Bakshish names
Baksish boy Devine Blessing Favourite Baksish names
Bal boy Mighty Favourite Bal names
Balaknath boy Child Master Favourite Balaknath names
Balavant boy Lord Hanuman Favourite Balavant names
Balbir boy Strong; Couragious Favourite Balbir names
Baldev boy The Mighty God Favourite Baldev names
Balendra boy Lord Krishna Favourite Balendra names
Balhaar boy Surrounded By Strength Favourite Balhaar names
Baljeet boy Mighty Victorious Favourite Baljeet names
Baljiwan boy Life with strength Favourite Baljiwan names
Balraj boy Elder Brother Of Sri Krishna Favourite Balraj names
Balram boy Might Lord Favourite Balram names
Baltej boy One with glorious might Favourite Baltej names
Balvan boy Powerful And Mighty Favourite Balvan names
Balveer boy Powerful And Brave Favourite Balveer names
Balvinder boy Strong Favourite Balvinder names
Balvindra boy Strong Favourite Balvindra names
Balvir boy Powerful And Brave Favourite Balvir names
Balwant boy Full Of Might Favourite Balwant names
Ban boy To Become, Forest Favourite Ban names
Banda boy The Person Favourite Banda names
Bani boy Sayings of the Guru Favourite Bani names
Banita boy Lady Favourite Banita names
Banjeet boy Victory of the forest Favourite Banjeet names
Barindra boy The Ocean Favourite Barindra names
Bawa boy Father, Grandfather Favourite Bawa names
Beant boy Endless, boundless Favourite Beant names
Bhagat boy Devotee Of God Favourite Bhagat names
Bhagatveer boy The brave devotee of God Favourite Bhagatveer names
Bhagwan boy God Favourite Bhagwan names
Bhagwant boy One whose heart is full of loving devotion Favourite Bhagwant names
Bhagwantjot boy Light of God Favourite Bhagwantjot names
Bhagwantroop boy In the form of God Favourite Bhagwantroop names
Bhajnaam boy Remembering The Love Of God Favourite Bhajnaam names
Bhav boy Expressions Favourite Bhav names
Bhavan boy Attractive Favourite Bhavan names
Bhavanjot boy Soothing light Favourite Bhavanjot names
Bhavjeet boy One who swims across the dreadful world ocean Favourite Bhavjeet names
Bheesham boy Famous Warrior Favourite Bheesham names
Bhup boy Kind Favourite Bhup names
Bhupendra boy King Of Kings; King Of The Earth Favourite Bhupendra names
Bhupinderpal boy Preserved by God Favourite Bhupinderpal names
Bik boy Stride; Strong Favourite Bik names
Bikram boy Stride; Strong Favourite Bikram names
Bilal boy Male Cat Favourite Bilal names
Binay boy Blessing Favourite Binay names
Binder boy Brave Leader Favourite Binder names
Binpaul boy Forester of Modesty Favourite Binpaul names
Bipin boy Sweet Favourite Bipin names
Birindar boy The Brave God Favourite Birindar names
Bisan boy God Favourite Bisan names
Bisar boy Forget Favourite Bisar names
Bishan boy Immaculate God; Vishnu Favourite Bishan names
Bishanpal boy Raised by God Favourite Bishanpal names
Bodh boy Learned Favourite Bodh names
Boota boy Green; Sapling; Plant Favourite Boota names
Brahamdev boy Omnipotent Favourite Brahamdev names
Brahamsarup boy In The Likeness Of God Favourite Brahamsarup names
Brahmjot boy One In Union With God Favourite Brahmjot names
Budhh boy Intellect, Intelligence Favourite Budhh names
Budhjot boy Light of Wisdom Favourite Budhjot names
Budhpreet boy Love of wisdom Favourite Budhpreet names
Buksis boy Alternate Of Bakshish Favourite Buksis names
Bulwinder boy Powerful king Favourite Bulwinder names
Chakar boy Attendent, servant Favourite Chakar names
Chakardhar boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Chakardhar names
Chaman boy Garden Favourite Chaman names
Chamkaur boy Battlefield Favourite Chamkaur names
Chanchal boy Lively, playful Favourite Chanchal names
Chander boy Raj Kigdom Of The Moon Favourite Chander names
Chander Raj boy Kigdom of the moon Favourite Chander Raj names
Chann boy Beauteous, Beloved Favourite Chann names
Channan boy Full of fragrance like sandalwood Favourite Channan names
Charankawal boy Lotus Like Feet (As Those Of The Guru) Favourite Charankawal names
Charanpreet boy One who loves lords feet Favourite Charanpreet names
Chatar boy Clever Favourite Chatar names
Chaten boy Conscious Favourite Chaten names
Chehzaad boy Prince Favourite Chehzaad names
Chhaya boy Shadow Favourite Chhaya names
Chiranjiv boy Immortal Favourite Chiranjiv names
Chirjeewan boy Longevity Favourite Chirjeewan names
Chitleen boy One absorbed in awareness Favourite Chitleen names
Chitsaroop boy Supreme Spirit Favourite Chitsaroop names
Chore boy Robber Favourite Chore names
Daan boy Wise and prudent Favourite Daan names
Dal boy Team/Force/Soldier Favourite Dal names
Dalbir boy Brave Soldier Favourite Dalbir names
Daler boy Brave Favourite Daler names
Dalip boy King Favourite Dalip names
Dalipinder boy Lord Of The Kings Favourite Dalipinder names
Daljeet boy The conqueror of forces Favourite Daljeet names
Daljodh boy Team Fighter Favourite Daljodh names
Daman boy One who controls Favourite Daman names
Damanjote boy Light of control Favourite Damanjote names
Damoder boy Na Favourite Damoder names
Dan boy To Give To Charity Favourite Dan names
Danvir boy Charitable Favourite Danvir names
Dara boy Lord, God Favourite Dara names
Darbar boy Royal Court Favourite Darbar names
Darshan boy Vision Favourite Darshan names
Darshanbir boy Vision Of Exalted Bravery Favourite Darshanbir names
Darvesh boy Humble, religious, gentleman Favourite Darvesh names
Das boy Humble Slave Or Servant Favourite Das names
Datar boy The One That Provides And Looks After Us Favourite Datar names
Daulat boy Wealth Favourite Daulat names
Dayabir boy Brave In Kindness Favourite Dayabir names
Dayal boy Kind and merciful Favourite Dayal names
Debraj boy Na Favourite Debraj names
Deedar boy Sight Or View (Also See Didar) Favourite Deedar names
Deenpal boy The Protector Of The Helpless Favourite Deenpal names
Deep boy The lamp of light Favourite Deep names
Deepak boy Lamp Favourite Deepak names
Dev boy God Favourite Dev names
Deva boy Diety Favourite Deva names
Devendra boy King Of Gods; Lord Indra Favourite Devendra names
Devindar boy King Of Gods; Lord Indra Favourite Devindar names
Devinderpal boy Nurtured By God Favourite Devinderpal names
Devpreet boy Love for God Favourite Devpreet names
Dhann boy The blessed one Favourite Dhann names
Dharam boy Of Faith, Righteous, Religious, Virtues Favourite Dharam names
Dharambir boy Brave in doing ones duty Favourite Dharambir names
Dharamdeep boy Lamp Of Religion Favourite Dharamdeep names
Dharamdev boy God Of Faith Favourite Dharamdev names
Dharamjot boy Flame of righteousness Favourite Dharamjot names
Dharamjyot boy Light Of Righteousness And Virtues Favourite Dharamjyot names
Dharamleen boy One absorbed in righteousness Favourite Dharamleen names
Dharampal boy The Supporter Of Righteousness Favourite Dharampal names
Dharampreet boy Love of Faith Favourite Dharampreet names
Dharamsheel boy Holy; religious; pious Favourite Dharamsheel names
Dharamveer boy Bravely Upholding Faith Favourite Dharamveer names
Dharmender boy Lord of Dharma Favourite Dharmender names
Dharmpal boy The supporter of righteousness Favourite Dharmpal names
Dhaya boy Kindness, compassion Favourite Dhaya names
Dheeraj boy Patient and contented Favourite Dheeraj names
Dheerendra boy Lord Of The Brave; Couragious Favourite Dheerendra names
Dhiaan boy Absorbed In Contemplation Favourite Dhiaan names
Dhian boy Contemplation, Absorbed In Contemplation Favourite Dhian names
Dhiraj boy Patience Favourite Dhiraj names
Dhirendra boy Lord Of The Brave; Couragious Favourite Dhirendra names
Dhyan boy Absorbed In Contemplation Favourite Dhyan names
Dilawar boy Brave Favourite Dilawar names
Dilbaag boy The one with a blossoming heart Favourite Dilbaag names
Diler boy Brave (Also See Daler) Favourite Diler names
Dilip boy King Favourite Dilip names
Dilraaj boy Hearty Kingdom Favourite Dilraaj names
Divjot boy Divine light Favourite Divjot names
Divleen boy Divine Favourite Divleen names
Diwan boy Congregation Favourite Diwan names
Dyal boy Kind Favourite Dyal names
Eashar boy Godly Person Favourite Eashar names
Eckjeet boy The Only Victorious Favourite Eckjeet names
Ekambir boy One Brave God Favourite Ekambir names
Ekanpreet boy Love For God Favourite Ekanpreet names
Ekant boy Solitude, Peaceful Favourite Ekant names
Ekjot boy God is one Favourite Ekjot names
Eqbal boy Glory, Destiny Favourite Eqbal names
Eshwar boy Lord Shiva Favourite Eshwar names
Fakeer boy A Saintly Person Favourite Fakeer names
Fakir boy A Saintly Person Favourite Fakir names
Fal boy Fruit Favourite Fal names
Falak boy Sky Favourite Falak names
Faquir boy Of Saintly Ways Favourite Faquir names
Fareed boy Name Of Bhagat Farid Favourite Fareed names
Fateh boy Victory Favourite Fateh names
Fatehbir boy The Victorious Brave Favourite Fatehbir names
Fatehpal boy The Protector Of Victory Favourite Fatehpal names
Fauja boy Army General Favourite Fauja names
Fir boy Then Favourite Fir names
Foola boy Blossom Favourite Foola names
Furmaan boy Supreme Command Favourite Furmaan names
Gagan boy Sky Favourite Gagan names
Gajendra boy King Of Elephants Favourite Gajendra names
Gaurav boy Pride of Glory Favourite Gaurav names
Gauravdeep boy Light Of Glory Favourite Gauravdeep names
Ghamand boy Pride Favourite Ghamand names
Gharchet boy One Who Meditates On The Real Home Within Favourite Gharchet names
Giaanveer boy Brave And Divine In Knowledge Favourite Giaanveer names
Gian boy Knowledge Favourite Gian names
Gianparkash boy Light of Divine knowledge Favourite Gianparkash names
Giansh boy Full Of Knowledge Favourite Giansh names
Gianveer boy Brave And Divine In Knowledge Favourite Gianveer names
Gopal boy Lord, protector Favourite Gopal names
Gulwant boy Beautiful like flowers Favourite Gulwant names
Gulzar boy Garden Favourite Gulzar names
Gunbir boy Virtuous And Brave Favourite Gunbir names
Guneet boy Virtuous, Glorious Favourite Guneet names
Gunveer boy Virtuous And Brave Favourite Gunveer names
Gunwant boy Full of virtues Favourite Gunwant names
Guramar boy Immortal By The Grace Of The Guru Favourite Guramar names
Gurbhagat boy Devotee Of The Guru Favourite Gurbhagat names
Gurdayal boy Compassionate Guru Favourite Gurdayal names
Gurdeep boy Lamp of the Guru Favourite Gurdeep names
Gurdev boy Almighty God Favourite Gurdev names
Gurdyal boy Compassionate Guru Favourite Gurdyal names
Gurinder boy Lord; guru Favourite Gurinder names
Guriqbal boy Glory Of The Guru Favourite Guriqbal names
Gurjas boy Fame Of Lord Favourite Gurjas names
Gurjeevan boy One Who Lives A Life As Ordianed By Guru Favourite Gurjeevan names
Gurjinder boy Triumph of the guru Favourite Gurjinder names
Gurjit boy Triumph of the guru Favourite Gurjit names
Gurkeerat boy One who sings praises of the Guru Favourite Gurkeerat names
Gurkirat boy Praise of the guru Favourite Gurkirat names
Gurleen boy One who is absorbed in the Guru Favourite Gurleen names
Gurmaan boy Heart Of The Guru Favourite Gurmaan names
Gurman boy Heart of GOD Favourite Gurman names
Gurmeet boy Friend of the guru Favourite Gurmeet names
Gurmukh boy One who is Guru words Favourite Gurmukh names
Gurneet boy Moral given by the guru Favourite Gurneet names
Gurnek boy A noble servant of God Favourite Gurnek names
Gurpal boy One Whose Caretaker Is The Guru Favourite Gurpal names
Gurpreet boy Love for the guru Favourite Gurpreet names
Gursewak boy Gurus And Gods Servant Favourite Gursewak names
Gurshant boy Attaining Peace Through The Word Of The Guru Favourite Gurshant names
Gursharan boy One Who Takes Shelter In The Guru Favourite Gursharan names
Gursiman boy Remembering the guru Favourite Gursiman names
Gursukh boy One who is blissful through Guru Favourite Gursukh names
Gurtaran boy One who is saved through the Guru Favourite Gurtaran names
Gurtej boy Grandeur of the guru Favourite Gurtej names
Gurudeep boy Lamp of the Guru Favourite Gurudeep names
Gurveer boy Warrior Of The Guru Favourite Gurveer names
Gurvinder boy Lord; guru Favourite Gurvinder names
Gurvir boy Warrior Of The Guru Favourite Gurvir names
Gyandeep boy Lamp Of Divine Knowledge Favourite Gyandeep names
Gyanveer boy Brave And Divine In Knowledge Favourite Gyanveer names
Hakam boy Ruler, authority Favourite Hakam names
Hans boy Swan Favourite Hans names
Hanspal boy Protector of great soul Favourite Hanspal names
Hansraj boy Perfect Or Pure Ruler Favourite Hansraj names
Hansroop boy Pure Body/Persona Favourite Hansroop names
Harbhajan boy A Devotee Absorbed In The Lord Favourite Harbhajan names
Harbin boy Courageous like God Favourite Harbin names
Harbinder boy Absorbed in God Favourite Harbinder names
Harbir boy Warrier of God Favourite Harbir names
Hardas boy Slave Of God Favourite Hardas names
Hardeep boy Lamp Of God Favourite Hardeep names
Hardeet boy Given By God Favourite Hardeet names
Hardev boy Godly Person Favourite Hardev names
Hardhian boy The one absorbed in the Lord Favourite Hardhian names
Hardhyan boy The One Absorbed In The Lord Favourite Hardhyan names
Hardit boy Given By God Favourite Hardit names
Hargun boy One having Godly merits Favourite Hargun names
Hari boy The One Belonging To God Favourite Hari names
Haridas boy Slave Of God Favourite Haridas names
Harikiran boy Rays of God Favourite Harikiran names
Harinder boy Lord Favourite Harinder names
Harisaroop boy With an appearance like God Favourite Harisaroop names
Harjap boy One who meditates upon God Favourite Harjap names
Harjeevan boy One who lives a God oriented life Favourite Harjeevan names
Harjinder boy Life which has been granted by God Favourite Harjinder names
Harjodh boy Courageous like God Favourite Harjodh names
Harleen boy Absorbed in God Favourite Harleen names
Harman boy In everyone heart Favourite Harman names
Harmandar boy House of God Favourite Harmandar names
Harpal boy One Protected By God Favourite Harpal names
Harpreet boy Love of god Favourite Harpreet names
Harpuneet boy Clean, Pure Like God Favourite Harpuneet names
Harsh boy Happiness Favourite Harsh names
Harsharan boy One Who Takes Shelter In The Lord Favourite Harsharan names
Harsimran boy Remembering God Favourite Harsimran names
Harsukh boy Peaceful through dwelling on God Favourite Harsukh names
Hartej boy Radiance of God Favourite Hartej names
Heera boy An exalted person, diamond like Favourite Heera names
Hema boy Gold Favourite Hema names
Himmat boy Courage, making an effort Favourite Himmat names
Hitender boy Compassionate God Favourite Hitender names
Hukam boy (Gods) Command, Authority, Direction Favourite Hukam names
Idha boy Insight Favourite Idha names
Iditri boy Complimentary Favourite Iditri names
Iha boy Wish Favourite Iha names
Ihita boy Desire Favourite Ihita names
Ijaya boy Sacrifice Favourite Ijaya names
Ikbal boy Gloty, destiny Favourite Ikbal names
Ikroop boy Oneness with God Favourite Ikroop names
Iksha boy Sight Favourite Iksha names
Ikshita boy Visible Favourite Ikshita names
Ikshula boy Holy river Favourite Ikshula names
Iksura boy Fragrant Grass Favourite Iksura names
Ila boy Earth, daughter of Manu Favourite Ila names
Imani boy Trustworthy Favourite Imani names
Inas boy Capable, Sociability Favourite Inas names
Inayat boy Kindness Favourite Inayat names
Indali boy Powerful Favourite Indali names
Inderbir boy Lord of bravery Favourite Inderbir names
Inderpreet boy Love For God Favourite Inderpreet names
Indrakanta boy Indrani ( Shachi ) Favourite Indrakanta names
Indrakshi boy One with beautiful eyes Favourite Indrakshi names
Indrani boy Wife of Indra Favourite Indrani names
Indrina boy Deep Favourite Indrina names
Indu boy Moon Favourite Indu names
Induja boy Narmada river Favourite Induja names
Indukala boy Moonlight Favourite Indukala names
Indukanta boy Wife of moon ( night ) Favourite Indukanta names
Indulala boy Moon light Favourite Indulala names
Indulekha boy Moon Favourite Indulekha names
Induma boy Moon Favourite Induma names
Indumati boy Full moon Favourite Indumati names
Indumauli boy Moon Crested Favourite Indumauli names
Indumukhi boy With moonlike face Favourite Indumukhi names
Induprabha boy Moon rays Favourite Induprabha names
Inika boy Small Earth Favourite Inika names
Iniya boy Sweet Favourite Iniya names
Inu boy Attractive Favourite Inu names
Ipsa boy Ambition, desire Favourite Ipsa names
Ipsita boy Desire Favourite Ipsita names
Ira boy Saraswati Favourite Ira names
Iravati boy Ravi river in India Favourite Iravati names
Irit boy Daffodil Favourite Irit names
Ishana boy Goddess Durga Favourite Ishana names
Ishani boy Goddess Durga Favourite Ishani names
Ishanvi boy Parvati Favourite Ishanvi names
Ishi boy Goddess Durga Favourite Ishi names
Ishta boy Another name for Lord Vishnu Favourite Ishta names
Ishwar boy The Supreme God Favourite Ishwar names
Ishwari boy Goddess Favourite Ishwari names
Ishya boy Spring Favourite Ishya names
Isla boy Island Favourite Isla names
Iti boy Start Favourite Iti names
Itkila boy Fragrant Favourite Itkila names
Iyla boy Moonlight Favourite Iyla names
Jaba boy Hibiscus Favourite Jaba names
Jag boy The Creation, World Favourite Jag names
Jagadamba boy Mother of the world Favourite Jagadamba names
Jagadambika boy Goddess Durga Favourite Jagadambika names
Jagan boy World, awake Favourite Jagan names
Jaganmata boy Mother of the world Favourite Jaganmata names
Jaganmayee boy Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Jaganmayee names
Jaganmohini boy Goddess Durga Favourite Jaganmohini names
Jagati boy Bestowed with speed Favourite Jagati names
Jagdesh boy The Lord Provider Of The World Favourite Jagdesh names
Jagjeet boy Winner Of The World Favourite Jagjeet names
Jagjeevan boy Life Of The World Favourite Jagjeevan names
Jagjit boy Winner Of The World Favourite Jagjit names
Jagmohan boy One Who Captivates The World Favourite Jagmohan names
Jagrati boy Awakening Favourite Jagrati names
Jagroop boy Embodiment of the World Favourite Jagroop names
Jagruti boy Awareness Favourite Jagruti names
Jagtar boy One Who Ferries People Across The World-Ocean Favourite Jagtar names
Jagvi boy Worldly Favourite Jagvi names
Jahnavi boy Ganga river Favourite Jahnavi names
Jai boy Victory Favourite Jai names
Jaideep boy Light Of Victory Favourite Jaideep names
Jaina boy Good character Favourite Jaina names
Jaipal boy Protector of victors Favourite Jaipal names
Jairaj boy Victorius King Favourite Jairaj names
Jaitashri boy Name of a music raaga Favourite Jaitashri names
Jal boy Water Favourite Jal names
Jaladhija boy Goddess Lakshmi, money Favourite Jaladhija names
Jalaja boy Goddess of wealth Favourite Jalaja names
Jalbala boy Lotus flower Favourite Jalbala names
Jalender boy Lord Of Waters Favourite Jalender names
Jalindra boy Lord Of Waters Favourite Jalindra names
Jalpa boy Discussion Favourite Jalpa names
Jalsa boy Celebration Favourite Jalsa names
Jamail boy Glory with the union of God Favourite Jamail names
Janaki boy Sita Favourite Janaki names
Janaknandini boy Daugter of King Janak (Sita) Favourite Janaknandini names
Janam boy Birth, Life Favourite Janam names
Janani boy Name of three Goddess Favourite Janani names
Janisha boy Dispeller of ignorance Favourite Janisha names
Janki boy Goddess Sita Favourite Janki names
Januja boy Female offspring Favourite Januja names
Janya boy Life Favourite Janya names
Jap boy Chant, Meditate Favourite Jap names
Japbir boy A Brave One Who Remembers God Favourite Japbir names
Japinder boy In Appreciation Of God Favourite Japinder names
Jarul boy Flower queen Favourite Jarul names
Jas boy Praises/Glories Favourite Jas names
Jaskaran boy Will Be Remembered By His Name Favourite Jaskaran names
Jasmin boy A Flower Favourite Jasmin names
Jasmit boy Famed Favourite Jasmit names
Jasmohan boy One Who Praises God Favourite Jasmohan names
Jasnam boy One Singhing The Glories Of Naam Favourite Jasnam names
Jasu boy Brainy Favourite Jasu names
Jasum boy Hibiscus Favourite Jasum names
Jaswant boy Victorious; Famous Favourite Jaswant names
Jasweer boy Victorious Favourite Jasweer names
Jay boy If, Even, Who Favourite Jay names
Jaya boy Victory Favourite Jaya names
Jayalalita boy Goddess Durga Favourite Jayalalita names
Jayamala boy A garland of flowers given to the won who wins Favourite Jayamala names
Jayan boy Victory Favourite Jayan names
Jayani boy A sakti of Ganesha Favourite Jayani names
Jayanti boy Victorious Favourite Jayanti names
Jayaprabha boy Light of victory Favourite Jayaprabha names
Jayaprada boy Giver of victory Favourite Jayaprada names
Jayashree boy Victorious woman Favourite Jayashree names
Jayashri boy Goddess of victory Favourite Jayashri names
Jayasudha boy Nectar of victory Favourite Jayasudha names
Jayavanti boy Victorious Favourite Jayavanti names
Jaydeep boy One Who Gives Us Light Favourite Jaydeep names
Jayita boy Victorious Favourite Jayita names
Jayna boy Victory Favourite Jayna names
Jee boy Life, Being, To Come Into Existence Favourite Jee names
Jeet boy Victorious Favourite Jeet names
Jeeteshi boy Goddess of Victory Favourite Jeeteshi names
Jeevai boy Lives Favourite Jeevai names
Jeevan boy Life Favourite Jeevan names
Jeevana boy Life Favourite Jeevana names
Jeevika boy Water Favourite Jeevika names
Jeevitha boy Life Favourite Jeevitha names
Jhalak boy Glimpse, Spark, Sudden motion Favourite Jhalak names
Jharapata boy Removed leaves on the ground Favourite Jharapata names
Jharna boy A spring Favourite Jharna names
Jigisha boy Superior Favourite Jigisha names
Jigna boy Intellectual Curiosity Favourite Jigna names
Jignasa boy Academic Curiosity Favourite Jignasa names
Jigyasa boy Curiosity to know things Favourite Jigyasa names
Jilpa boy Life giving Favourite Jilpa names
Jinal boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Jinal names
Jivan boy Life Favourite Jivan names
Jiya boy Sweet heart Favourite Jiya names
Jodh boy Brave Favourite Jodh names
Joginder boy Establishing Union With God Favourite Joginder names
Joshika boy Young maiden Favourite Joshika names
Joshitha boy Pleased Favourite Joshitha names
Jovita boy Joy Favourite Jovita names
Jowaki boy Fire fly Favourite Jowaki names
Juhi boy A flower Favourite Juhi names
Juhitha boy Jasmine Favourite Juhitha names
Jui boy Flower Favourite Jui names
Jwala boy Flame Favourite Jwala names
Jyeshtha boy Eldest daughter, a nakshatra Favourite Jyeshtha names
Jyoti boy Flame Favourite Jyoti names
Jyotika boy Light Favourite Jyotika names
Jyotishmati boy Luminous, bright, glowing Favourite Jyotishmati names
Jyotsna boy Moon light Favourite Jyotsna names
Kaajal boy Surma Favourite Kaajal names
Kaalaka boy Goddess Durga, Pupil Of The Eye Favourite Kaalaka names
Kaalanjari boy Goddess Parvati Favourite Kaalanjari names
Kaam boy Effort, Work, Sexual Desire Favourite Kaam names
Kaamakya boy Durga, Granter Of Wishes Favourite Kaamakya names
Kaasni boy Flower Favourite Kaasni names
Kabhoo boy Never Favourite Kabhoo names
Kadambari boy Goddess Saraswati Favourite Kadambari names
Kadambini boy Clouds Favourite Kadambini names
Kahn boy Lord Krishna Favourite Kahn names
Kairavi boy Moonlight Favourite Kairavi names
Kaishori boy Goddess Parvati Favourite Kaishori names
Kajjali boy Eyeboyliner Favourite Kajjali names
Kajri boy Light As A Cloud Favourite Kajri names
Kakali boy Chirping Of Birds Favourite Kakali names
Kakoli boy The Preaching Of A Bird Favourite Kakoli names
Kaksi boy Perfume Favourite Kaksi names
Kala boy Art Favourite Kala names
Kalakarni boy Lakshmi, With Black Ears Favourite Kalakarni names
Kalapi boy Peacock, Nightingale Favourite Kalapi names
Kalapini boy Peacock, Night Favourite Kalapini names
Kalavati boy Parvati, Artist Favourite Kalavati names
Kalika boy Loud Favourite Kalika names
Kalima boy Blackish Favourite Kalima names
Kalindi boy Yamuna River Favourite Kalindi names
Kalini boy Flower Favourite Kalini names
Kallol boy Large Waves, Gurgling Of Water Favourite Kallol names
Kalpana boy Imagination Favourite Kalpana names
Kalpita boy Imaginary Favourite Kalpita names
Kalyan boy Mercy Favourite Kalyan names
Kalyani boy Fortunate Favourite Kalyani names
Kamakshi boy A Devi, same as Lalita Favourite Kamakshi names
Kamal boy Lotus Favourite Kamal names
Kamala boy Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Kamala names
Kamalakshi boy One With Lotus Like Eyes Favourite Kamalakshi names
Kamalika boy Lotus Favourite Kamalika names
Kamalini boy Lotus Favourite Kamalini names
Kamalpal boy Protector Of The Flower Lotus Favourite Kamalpal names
Kamalvir boy Brave lotus Favourite Kamalvir names
Kamana boy Wish Favourite Kamana names
Kameshvari boy Parvati, The Lord Of Desires Favourite Kameshvari names
Kamini boy Beautiful Woman Favourite Kamini names
Kamna boy Wish Favourite Kamna names
Kamya boy Capable Favourite Kamya names
Kana boy An Atom Favourite Kana names
Kanaka boy Gold Favourite Kanaka names
Kanakabati boy A Fairyboytale Favourite Kanakabati names
Kanakapriya boy One Who Loves Gold Favourite Kanakapriya names
Kanaklata boy Golden Creeper Favourite Kanaklata names
Kanan boy Jungle Favourite Kanan names
Kananbala boy Daughter Of Forest Favourite Kananbala names
Kanasu boy Dream Favourite Kanasu names
Kanchan boy Gold Favourite Kanchan names
Kanchana boy A Celestial Apsara Favourite Kanchana names
Kanchanprabha boy Golden Light Favourite Kanchanprabha names
Kanchi boy A Waistband Favourite Kanchi names
Kandraya boy wisdom, angel, trust ,and loved Favourite Kandraya names
Kangna boy Bangle Favourite Kangna names
Kani boy Girl Favourite Kani names
Kanika boy Molecule Favourite Kanika names
Kanira boy Grain Favourite Kanira names
Kanjri boy Bird Favourite Kanjri names
Kankalini boy One with necklace of bones Favourite Kankalini names
Kankana boy A Bracelet Favourite Kankana names
Kannaki boy Devoted And Virtuous Wife Favourite Kannaki names
Kanta boy Beauty Favourite Kanta names
Kanti boy Light Favourite Kanti names
Kanupriya boy Radha Favourite Kanupriya names
Kanvar boy Young Prince Favourite Kanvar names
Kanwal boy Detached & Unsoiled Like The Lotus Flower Favourite Kanwal names
Kanya boy A Girl Symbolizing Goddess Durga, Zodiac sign Favourite Kanya names
Kanyaka boy The Youngest Girl, Maiden, Daughter, The Virgin Goddess Favourite Kanyaka names
Kapila boy Sacred Cow Favourite Kapila names
Kapotakshi boy One With Dove boylike Eyes Favourite Kapotakshi names
Karabi boy Flower Favourite Karabi names
Karaj boy Loan Favourite Karaj names
Karala boy Durga, Opening Wide, Tearing Favourite Karala names
Karalika boy Durga Favourite Karalika names
Karan boy The First Ray Of Sunlight Favourite Karan names
Karishma boy Miracle Favourite Karishma names
Karka boy Crab Favourite Karka names
Karnapriya boy Sweet To The Ears Favourite Karnapriya names
Kartar boy Creative Like God Favourite Kartar names
Karthiaeini boy Indian Goodness Name Favourite Karthiaeini names
Karthika boy A star Favourite Karthika names
Karuka boy Heavenly Piece Of Art Favourite Karuka names
Karuli boy Innocent Favourite Karuli names
Karuna boy Merciful Favourite Karuna names
Karunamayee boy Full Of Pity For Others Favourite Karunamayee names
Karunya boy Compassionate Favourite Karunya names
Kashi boy Luminous, Pilgrimage Spot Favourite Kashi names
Kashika boy The Shiny One Favourite Kashika names
Kashish boy An Attraction Favourite Kashish names
Kashmir boy Name Of Velly Favourite Kashmir names
Kashmira boy Beauty Of Kashmir Favourite Kashmira names
Kashvi boy Shining Favourite Kashvi names
Kashwini boy Star Favourite Kashwini names
Kashyapi boy Earth Favourite Kashyapi names
Kasturi boy Scented Favourite Kasturi names
Kathyayani boy Goddess Parvati Favourite Kathyayani names
Kaumudi boy Full Moon Favourite Kaumudi names
Kausalya boy Mother Of Rama Favourite Kausalya names
Kaushali boy Skillful Favourite Kaushali names
Kaushiki boy Durga, Enveloped With Silk Favourite Kaushiki names
Kautirya boy Durga, One Who Resides In A Hut Favourite Kautirya names
Kavan boy Who Favourite Kavan names
Kaveri boy A River Favourite Kaveri names
Kavi boy Poet Favourite Kavi names
Kavika boy Poetess Favourite Kavika names
Kavin boy Handsome, Beautiful Favourite Kavin names
Kavita boy Poetry Favourite Kavita names
Kavni boy A Small Poem Favourite Kavni names
Kavya boy Poem Favourite Kavya names
Keemaya boy Miracle Favourite Keemaya names
Keertana boy Song Favourite Keertana names
Keerthana boy Devotional Song Favourite Keerthana names
Keerthi boy Eternal Flame Favourite Keerthi names
Kenga boy River Favourite Kenga names
Kenisha boy A Beautiful Life Favourite Kenisha names
Kerani boy Sacred Bells Favourite Kerani names
Kesar boy Pollen, Lion Favourite Kesar names
Kesari boy Saffron, A Lion Favourite Kesari names
Keshi boy A Woman With Beautiful Hair Favourite Keshi names
Keshika boy A Woman With Beautiful Hair Favourite Keshika names
Keshini boy One With Beautiful Hair Favourite Keshini names
Keshori boy Young Favourite Keshori names
Ketaki boy A Cream Colored Flower Favourite Ketaki names
Ketki boy Flower Favourite Ketki names
Keva boy Lotus Favourite Keva names
Kewal boy Only Favourite Kewal names
Keya boy Flower Favourite Keya names
Keyuri boy Armlet Favourite Keyuri names
Khalakveer boy As In Mata Khivi Favourite Khalakveer names
Khalsa boy The Pure One Favourite Khalsa names
Khanija boy Mother Earth Favourite Khanija names
Khushali boy Happiness Favourite Khushali names
Khushboo boy Fragrance Favourite Khushboo names
Khushi boy Happiness Favourite Khushi names
Khushpreet boy Loving And Delightful Favourite Khushpreet names
Khushwant boy A Life Filled With Happiness Favourite Khushwant names
Khyath boy Famous Favourite Khyath names
Khyati boy Fame Favourite Khyati names
Kimatra boy Seduce Favourite Kimatra names
Kimaya boy Divine Favourite Kimaya names
Kina boy Little One Favourite Kina names
Kinaari boy Shore Favourite Kinaari names
Kinjal boy River Bank Favourite Kinjal names
Kinnari boy Musical Instrument Favourite Kinnari names
Kiran boy Ray of sunshine Favourite Kiran names
Kiranmala boy Garland Of Rays Favourite Kiranmala names
Kiranmayi boy Full Of Rays Favourite Kiranmayi names
Kirati boy Goddess Durga Favourite Kirati names
Kirpal boy Kind Favourite Kirpal names
Kirpan boy Sword Kind Of Knife Favourite Kirpan names
Kirtana boy Chanting Religious Hymns Favourite Kirtana names
Kirti boy Fame Favourite Kirti names
Kirtmalini boy Garlanded With Fame Favourite Kirtmalini names
Kiruba boy Grace Of God Favourite Kiruba names
Kishan boy Name Of Sri Krishna Favourite Kishan names
Kishmish boy Sweet As Grapes Favourite Kishmish names
Kishori boy Young Damsel Favourite Kishori names
Kiv boy How Favourite Kiv names
Kokila boy A Singer Favourite Kokila names
Komal boy Soft Favourite Komal names
Komala boy Delicate Favourite Komala names
Komali boy Tender Favourite Komali names
Koyel boy The Cuckoo Favourite Koyel names
Krandasi boy The Sky And The Earth Favourite Krandasi names
Kranti boy Revolution Favourite Kranti names
Kreemy boy Delicious Favourite Kreemy names
Kripa boy Compassion Favourite Kripa names
Kripi boy Beautiful Favourite Kripi names
Krisha boy Divine Favourite Krisha names
Krishi boy Agriculture, Farming Favourite Krishi names
Krishna boy Lord Krishna Favourite Krishna names
Krishnakali boy A Flower Favourite Krishnakali names
Kriti boy A Work Of Art Favourite Kriti names
Krittika boy Name Of A Star Favourite Krittika names
Kriya boy Performance Favourite Kriya names
Krupa boy Grace, Favor Favourite Krupa names
Kruti boy Creation Favourite Kruti names
Kshama boy Forgiveness, Mercy Favourite Kshama names
Kshamya boy Earth Favourite Kshamya names
Kshanaprabha boy Lightening Favourite Kshanaprabha names
Kshanika boy Which Lasts Few Moments Favourite Kshanika names
Kshema boy Durga, Peaceful, Tranquil Favourite Kshema names
Kshemya boy Durga, Goddess Of Welfare Favourite Kshemya names
Kshipa boy Night Favourite Kshipa names
Kshipra boy Name Of A River In India Favourite Kshipra names
Kshipva boy Elasticized Favourite Kshipva names
Kshiraja boy Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Kshiraja names
Kshirin boy Flower Favourite Kshirin names
Kshirja boy Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Kshirja names
Kshiti boy Earth Favourite Kshiti names
Kshitija boy Horizon Favourite Kshitija names
Kuhuk boy Koyalia (Bird) Favourite Kuhuk names
Kuja boy Goddess Durga Favourite Kuja names
Kul boy Family, Pedigree, Relative Favourite Kul names
Kulbir boy Head Of The Family Favourite Kulbir names
Kuldeep boy The Lamp Of The Family Favourite Kuldeep names
Kuldev boy The God-Like Person Of The Family Favourite Kuldev names
Kuldip boy The Enlightened One In The Family Favourite Kuldip names
Kulveer boy Hero Of The Family Favourite Kulveer names
Kulvir boy Brave Of The Family Favourite Kulvir names
Kulwant boy The Vessel Of Purity And Righteousness Of The Spiritual Family Favourite Kulwant names
Kumari boy Goddess Durga Favourite Kumari names
Kumkum boy Sacred powder (red) Favourite Kumkum names
Kumud boy Lotus Favourite Kumud names
Kumuda boy Pleasure Of The Earth Favourite Kumuda names
Kumudini boy Lotus Favourite Kumudini names
Kunda boy Name Of A Flower Favourite Kunda names
Kundan boy Pure Favourite Kundan names
Kundanika boy Flower Favourite Kundanika names
Kunjal boy Nightingale Favourite Kunjal names
Kunjalata boy Wild Climber Plant Favourite Kunjalata names
Kunjana boy Forest Girl Favourite Kunjana names
Kunshi boy Shining Favourite Kunshi names
Kuntal boy Hair Favourite Kuntal names
Kuntala boy One With Beautiful Hair Favourite Kuntala names
Kurangi boy Deer Favourite Kurangi names
Kushala boy Safe, Happy, Expert Favourite Kushala names
Kushi boy Happy Favourite Kushi names
Kusum boy Flower Favourite Kusum names
Kusuma boy Flower Favourite Kusuma names
Kusumanjali boy Flower Offering Favourite Kusumanjali names
Kusumavati boy Flowering Favourite Kusumavati names
Kusumita boy Flowers In Bloom Favourite Kusumita names
Kusumlata boy Boyboylowering Creeper Favourite Kusumlata names
Kusumodini boy Queen of flowers Favourite Kusumodini names
Kusumojjavala boy Brilliant with blossoms Favourite Kusumojjavala names
Kuvalaya boy Lotus, world Favourite Kuvalaya names
Kuvam boy Sun Favourite Kuvam names
Kuvira boy Courageous Woman Favourite Kuvira names
Lakhbir boy Brave as a hundred thousand Favourite Lakhbir names
Lakshman boy Brother Of Ram Favourite Lakshman names
Lalit boy Fine Favourite Lalit names
Latangi boy Slim girl Favourite Latangi names
Latika boy Small Creeper Favourite Latika names
Lavali boy Clove Favourite Lavali names
Lavangi boy An Angel Favourite Lavangi names
Lavani boy Grace Favourite Lavani names
Lavanya boy Grace Favourite Lavanya names
Lavenia boy Purified Favourite Lavenia names
Laxman boy Brother Of Ram Favourite Laxman names
Laxmi boy Goddess of Wealth Favourite Laxmi names
Laya boy Musical rhythm Favourite Laya names
Leela boy Divine drama Favourite Leela names
Leelamayee boy Playful Favourite Leelamayee names
Leelavati boy Goddess Durga Favourite Leelavati names
Leena boy A devoted one, Tender Favourite Leena names
Lehar boy Waves Favourite Lehar names
Lekha boy Writing Favourite Lekha names
Lekha Shree boy Writing of Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Lekha Shree names
Lekhya boy Mathematician Favourite Lekhya names
Lekisha boy Life Favourite Lekisha names
Leora boy Light Favourite Leora names
Libni boy Manuscripts of God Favourite Libni names
Lillian boy Lily Favourite Lillian names
Lilly boy A flower Favourite Lilly names
Lipi boy Manuscripts of God Favourite Lipi names
Lipika boy Litters, alphabets Favourite Lipika names
Livana boy Greece Goddess Favourite Livana names
Livsharan boy Absorbed In The Grace (Humility) Of God Favourite Livsharan names
Livtar boy Adoration Favourite Livtar names
Lochan boy Bright eyes Favourite Lochan names
Lochana boy Eye Favourite Lochana names
Lohini boy Red skinned Favourite Lohini names
Lokajanani boy Lakshmi, mother of the world Favourite Lokajanani names
Lokamatri boy Lakshmi, mother of the world Favourite Lokamatri names
Lola boy Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Lola names
Lolaksi boy A sakti of Ganesha Favourite Lolaksi names
Lolita boy Ruby Favourite Lolita names
Lona boy beauty, pretty Favourite Lona names
Lopa boy Learned Favourite Lopa names
Lopamudra boy Wife of Saint Agastya Favourite Lopamudra names
Loukya boy Worldly Wise, Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Loukya names
Loveen boy Absorbed In Adoration Favourite Loveen names
Loveleen boy Love to god Favourite Loveleen names
Lucia boy The light of india Favourite Lucia names
Lumbika boy A Musical Instrument Favourite Lumbika names
Maanas boy Human Favourite Maanas names
Maanika boy Ruby Favourite Maanika names
Madan boy God Of Love Favourite Madan names
Madanpal boy God Of Love Favourite Madanpal names
Madhavi boy Honey Favourite Madhavi names
Madhavilata boy A flowering creeper Favourite Madhavilata names
Madhu boy Honey Favourite Madhu names
Madhubala boy Sweet girl Favourite Madhubala names
Madhuchanda boy Metrical composition Favourite Madhuchanda names
Madhuksara boy One who showers honey Favourite Madhuksara names
Madhul boy Sweet Favourite Madhul names
Madhulata boy Lovely creeper Favourite Madhulata names
Madhulekha boy Beautiful Favourite Madhulekha names
Madhulika boy Nectar Favourite Madhulika names
Madhumalati boy A flowering creeper Favourite Madhumalati names
Madhumathi boy Delight moon Favourite Madhumathi names
Madhumitha boy Sweet person Favourite Madhumitha names
Madhupriya boy Fond of honey Favourite Madhupriya names
Madhur boy Melodious, Sweet Favourite Madhur names
Madhura boy Sweet, Pleasant Favourite Madhura names
Madhureema boy Honey Favourite Madhureema names
Madhuri boy Sweet Favourite Madhuri names
Madhurima boy Sweet girl Favourite Madhurima names
Madhushri boy Beauty of Spring Favourite Madhushri names
Madhuvanthi boy Who is sweet like honey Favourite Madhuvanthi names
Madina boy Land of beauty Favourite Madina names
Madirakshi boy With intoxicating eyes Favourite Madirakshi names
Magadhi boy Flower Favourite Magadhi names
Magana boy Engrossed Favourite Magana names
Maghi boy Giving gifts Favourite Maghi names
Mahaan boy Great person Favourite Mahaan names
Mahabhadra boy Ganga river Favourite Mahabhadra names
Mahadevi boy Goddess Durga Favourite Mahadevi names
Mahagauri boy Goddess Durga Favourite Mahagauri names
Mahajabeen boy Beautiful Favourite Mahajabeen names
Mahak boy Smell Favourite Mahak names
Mahakali boy Goddess Durga Favourite Mahakali names
Mahakanta boy Earth Favourite Mahakanta names
Mahalakshmi boy Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Mahalakshmi names
Mahamaya boy Goddess Durga Favourite Mahamaya names
Mahasri boy Goddess Laxmi Favourite Mahasri names
Mahasweta boy Goddess Saraswati Favourite Mahasweta names
Mahati boy Great, name of a raaga Favourite Mahati names
Mahesh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Mahesh names
Maheshi boy Goddess Parvati Favourite Maheshi names
Maheshwari boy Goddess Durga Favourite Maheshwari names
Mahi boy The world Favourite Mahi names
Mahijuba boy A hostess Favourite Mahijuba names
Mahika boy Earth Favourite Mahika names
Mahima boy Glorious Favourite Mahima names
Mahindar boy God Of Gods Favourite Mahindar names
Mahinder boy God Of Gods Favourite Mahinder names
Mahipal boy Lord Krishna; A King Favourite Mahipal names
Mahiya boy Joy Favourite Mahiya names
Mahtab boy Light of the moon Favourite Mahtab names
Mahua boy An intoxicating flower Favourite Mahua names
Maina boy A bird Favourite Maina names
Maitreyi boy A wise woman Favourite Maitreyi names
Maitry boy Friendship Favourite Maitry names
Major boy Big One Favourite Major names
Makali boy The moon Favourite Makali names
Makhan boy Butter Favourite Makhan names
Makshi boy Honeybee Favourite Makshi names
Mala boy String Favourite Mala names
Malashree boy An early evening melody Favourite Malashree names
Malati boy Small fragrant flower Favourite Malati names
Malaya boy A creeper Favourite Malaya names
Maliha boy Strong, beautiful Favourite Maliha names
Malika boy Flower Favourite Malika names
Malina boy Tower, dark Favourite Malina names
Malini boy Fragrant Favourite Malini names
Malka boy Queen Favourite Malka names
Malli boy Flower Favourite Malli names
Mallika boy Queen Favourite Mallika names
Malti boy Moonlight Favourite Malti names
Malvika boy One who lived in Malva Favourite Malvika names
Mamata boy Love, affection Favourite Mamata names
Mamta boy Motherly love Favourite Mamta names
Mana boy Supernatural power Favourite Mana names
Manali boy Bird Favourite Manali names
Manana boy Meditation Favourite Manana names
Manasa boy Name of a lake in Himalaya Favourite Manasa names
Manasvi boy That which controls mind Favourite Manasvi names
Manasvini boy Durga, proud, good Favourite Manasvini names
Manavi boy Wife of manu, daughter of man. Favourite Manavi names
Manbir boy Brave From Heart Favourite Manbir names
Manda boy A river Favourite Manda names
Mandakini boy A river Favourite Mandakini names
Mandakranta boy A Sanskrit metre Favourite Mandakranta names
Mandara boy Mythical tree Favourite Mandara names
Mandarmalika boy A garland of celestial Favourite Mandarmalika names
Mandavi boy Wife of Bharat Favourite Mandavi names
Mandeepa boy Light of heart Favourite Mandeepa names
Mandira boy Melody Favourite Mandira names
Mandodari boy with narrow abdomen, Ravan wife Favourite Mandodari names
Mangala boy Auspicious, bliss Favourite Mangala names
Mangjit boy Asked From God Favourite Mangjit names
Mani boy Gem Favourite Mani names
Manideepa boy A lamp of precious stones Favourite Manideepa names
Manika boy Jewel Favourite Manika names
Manikuntala boy One whose hair is like gems Favourite Manikuntala names
Manimala boy A string of pearls Favourite Manimala names
Manimekhala boy Flower Favourite Manimekhala names
Manini boy Self respected Favourite Manini names
Maniratna boy Diamond Favourite Maniratna names
Manisha boy Desire, Wish Favourite Manisha names
Manishika boy Intelligence Favourite Manishika names
Manjari boy Bud of a Mango Tree Favourite Manjari names
Manjira boy Ankleboybells Favourite Manjira names
Manjistha boy Extremely Favourite Manjistha names
Manjot boy Light Of Your Heart Favourite Manjot names
Manju boy Pleasant Favourite Manju names
Manjubala boy Beautiful girl Favourite Manjubala names
Manjula boy Lovely, Soft, Charming Favourite Manjula names
Manjulika boy A sweet girl Favourite Manjulika names
Manjusha boy With a Sweet Voice Favourite Manjusha names
Manjushri boy Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Manjushri names
Manjyot boy Light of the mind Favourite Manjyot names
Manmayi boy jealous, Sri Radha Favourite Manmayi names
Manmohan boy Winner Of The Heart Favourite Manmohan names
Manna boy Heavenly Favourite Manna names
Mannat boy Desire Favourite Mannat names
Manodhini boy One who understands everything Favourite Manodhini names
Manoj boy Born of mind Favourite Manoj names
Manonmani boy GODESS LAKSHMI Favourite Manonmani names
Manorama boy Beautiful Favourite Manorama names
Manoranjana boy Entertaining, pleasing Favourite Manoranjana names
Mansha boy Wish Favourite Mansha names
Mansi boy Woman Favourite Mansi names
Mansukh boy One With Peace Of Mind; Happy One Favourite Mansukh names
Mantek boy Optimistic On Man Favourite Mantek names
Mantra boy Hymns, Holy chants Favourite Mantra names
Manukha boy Human Form Favourite Manukha names
Manushri boy Lakshmi Favourite Manushri names
Manveer boy Brave From Heart Favourite Manveer names
Manvir boy Brave From Heart Favourite Manvir names
Manya boy Worthy of honor Favourite Manya names
Marala boy Swan Favourite Marala names
Margi boy Traveler Favourite Margi names
Marichi boy Name of a star Favourite Marichi names
Marichika boy mirage, ray Favourite Marichika names
Marisa boy Mother of Daksa Favourite Marisa names
Markandeya boy A devotee to Lord Shiva Favourite Markandeya names
Marsha boy Respectable Favourite Marsha names
Marudhvathi boy durga, aadi shakti Favourite Marudhvathi names
Marushika boy Born with blessings of Lord Shiva Favourite Marushika names
Marya boy Mark, Limit Favourite Marya names
Masara boy Emerald Favourite Masara names
Maskeen boy The Humble One Favourite Maskeen names
Mastaan boy Intoxicated With The Elixir Of God Favourite Mastaan names
Mastveer boy Carfree And Brave Favourite Mastveer names
Masum boy Innocent Favourite Masum names
Matangi boy A Devi Favourite Matangi names
Mathu boy Boy slave to happiness Favourite Mathu names
Matrika boy Mother, name of goddess Favourite Matrika names
Mausam boy Season Favourite Mausam names
Mausami boy Seasonal Favourite Mausami names
Maya boy Illusion Favourite Maya names
Mayra boy Beloved Favourite Mayra names
Mayukha boy Luster Favourite Mayukha names
Mayukhi boy Peahen Favourite Mayukhi names
Mayura boy Illusion Favourite Mayura names
Mayuri boy Peaboyhen Favourite Mayuri names
Mayurika boy Baby peahen Favourite Mayurika names
Medha boy Goddess Saraswati, Wisdom, Favourite Medha names
Medini boy Earth Favourite Medini names
Meenakshi boy Eye Favourite Meenakshi names
Meenal boy Precious Gem Favourite Meenal names
Meera boy A devotee of Krishna Favourite Meera names
Meeta boy Friend Favourite Meeta names
Megha boy Cloud, rain Favourite Megha names
Meghana boy Rain cloud Favourite Meghana names
Meghavini boy Intelligence Favourite Meghavini names
Meh boy Within, Between, In Favourite Meh names
Meha boy CLOUD Favourite Meha names
Mehak boy Sweet Smell, Aura, Fragrance Favourite Mehak names
Mehal boy Cloud Favourite Mehal names
Mehbooba boy Beloved Favourite Mehbooba names
Mehransh boy God Gifted Favourite Mehransh names
Mehrunissa boy Benevolent Favourite Mehrunissa names
Mehul boy Cloud, rain Favourite Mehul names
Mehuli boy A small rain cloud Favourite Mehuli names
Mekhala boy Slope of a mountain, Belt Favourite Mekhala names
Mela boy Religious gathering Favourite Mela names
Menaha boy Celestial damsel Favourite Menaha names
Menaja boy Goddess Parvati Favourite Menaja names
Menaka boy Celestial damsel Favourite Menaka names
Mensa boy Desire, Wish Favourite Mensa names
Mihika boy Dew Drops Favourite Mihika names
Mihira boy Feminine form of Mihirboy The Sun Favourite Mihira names
Mili boy A meeting, To find Favourite Mili names
Mina boy Enamel work Favourite Mina names
Minakshi boy Fish eyes Favourite Minakshi names
Minal boy A precious stone Favourite Minal names
Minati boy Prayer Favourite Minati names
Mirium boy Wishedboyfor child Favourite Mirium names
Misha boy Smile Favourite Misha names
Mishti boy Sweet person Favourite Mishti names
Misri boy Sweet Favourite Misri names
Mita boy Friend Favourite Mita names
Mitali boy Friendship Favourite Mitali names
Mithra boy Friend Favourite Mithra names
Mohan boy Beauteous, Attractive Favourite Mohan names
Mohana boy Attractive, charming Favourite Mohana names
Mohanbir boy Beauteous And Brave Favourite Mohanbir names
Mohandyal boy Na Favourite Mohandyal names
Mohati boy as beautiful as pearl, moti Favourite Mohati names
Mohini boy Most beautiful Favourite Mohini names
Mohita boy Attracted Favourite Mohita names
Moksin boy Free Favourite Moksin names
Molina boy Tree that grows from root Favourite Molina names
Monisha boy Intellectual Favourite Monisha names
Moubani boy A flower Favourite Moubani names
Moukthika boy Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Moukthika names
Mounika boy Silence Favourite Mounika names
Mridini boy Goddess Parvati Favourite Mridini names
Mridu boy Gentle Favourite Mridu names
Mridula boy An ideal woman Favourite Mridula names
Mrigakshi boy One with deerboy like beautiful eyes Favourite Mrigakshi names
Mriganayani boy One with deerboy like beautiful eyes Favourite Mriganayani names
Mrinal boy Lotus Favourite Mrinal names
Mrinali boy Lotus stem Favourite Mrinali names
Mrinalika boy Stem of lotus Favourite Mrinalika names
Mritsa boy Good Earth Favourite Mritsa names
Mrittika boy Mother Earth Favourite Mrittika names
Mruda boy Parvati, affectionate Favourite Mruda names
Mudra boy Healing hand movement Favourite Mudra names
Mudrika boy Ring Favourite Mudrika names
Mugdha boy Innocent young girl Favourite Mugdha names
Mukat boy Liberate Favourite Mukat names
Mukta boy Liberated, pearl Favourite Mukta names
Mukti boy Liberation Favourite Mukti names
Mukula boy Bud Favourite Mukula names
Mukunda boy 1of 9 treasures of kubera. precious stone Favourite Mukunda names
Muniya boy Name of a bird Favourite Muniya names
Muskan boy Smile Favourite Muskan names
Mythily boy Sita Favourite Mythily names
Mythri boy Friendship Favourite Mythri names
Naatya boy Dance Favourite Naatya names
Nabah boy Nobel High, Sky Favourite Nabah names
Nabanipa boy A new flower Favourite Nabanipa names
Nabhi boy Central Favourite Nabhi names
Nachni boy Dancer, suggestive look Favourite Nachni names
Nadia boy The beginning, First Favourite Nadia names
Nadira boy Pinnacle Favourite Nadira names
Nagar boy Village, Establishment Favourite Nagar names
Nagashree boy Snake Goddess Favourite Nagashree names
Naidhrua boy Parvati, almost perfect Favourite Naidhrua names
Naija boy Daughter of wisdom Favourite Naija names
Naina boy Eyes Favourite Naina names
Nainika boy Pupil of the eye Favourite Nainika names
Naisha boy Special Favourite Naisha names
Naishadha boy Poetry Favourite Naishadha names
Nakshatra boy Pearl Favourite Nakshatra names
Nakti boy Night Favourite Nakti names
Nakula boy Goddess Parvati Favourite Nakula names
Nalika boy Lotus Favourite Nalika names
Nalin boy Lotus Favourite Nalin names
Nalini boy Lotus, Sweet nectar Favourite Nalini names
Naman boy Bow to God Favourite Naman names
Namana boy Bending Favourite Namana names
Namdev boy A Godly Person Absorbed In Naam Favourite Namdev names
Namita boy Humble Favourite Namita names
Namrah boy Tigress Favourite Namrah names
Namrata boy Politeness Favourite Namrata names
Namuchi boy Kama, tight, permanent Favourite Namuchi names
Nanda boy happiness, a daughter Favourite Nanda names
Nandana boy Goddess Durga Favourite Nandana names
Nandi boy Goddess Durga Favourite Nandi names
Nandika boy Lakshmi Favourite Nandika names
Nandini boy Goddess Durga Favourite Nandini names
Nandita boy Cheerful Favourite Nandita names
Narayani boy Durga, Lakshmi Favourite Narayani names
Narayini boy Mother godess saraswati and Lakshmi Favourite Narayini names
Narmada boy Name of a river Favourite Narmada names
Nartan boy Dance Favourite Nartan names
Natasha boy Child of Christmas Favourite Natasha names
Nather boy Eyes Favourite Nather names
Naumika boy Trishakti & one worthy to get namaste Favourite Naumika names
Navadha boy Bhakti Favourite Navadha names
Navadurga boy All nine forms Of Durga. Favourite Navadurga names
Navajyoti boy New light, new flame Favourite Navajyoti names
Navaneeta boy Butter Favourite Navaneeta names
Naveena boy New Favourite Naveena names
Navika boy New Favourite Navika names
Navinder boy Brave Lord Favourite Navinder names
Navistha boy Youngest Favourite Navistha names
Navita boy New Favourite Navita names
Navneeta boy Butter boylike Favourite Navneeta names
Navraj boy New Order Favourite Navraj names
Navya boy Young Favourite Navya names
Nayana boy Eyes Favourite Nayana names
Nayantara boy Star of the eyes Favourite Nayantara names
Nayonika boy One with expressive eyes Favourite Nayonika names
Neela boy Blue color Favourite Neela names
Neelabja boy Blue lotus Favourite Neelabja names
Neelaja boy River starting from blue mountain Neelparvat Favourite Neelaja names
Neelakshi boy Blueboyeyed Favourite Neelakshi names
Neelam boy Sapphire Favourite Neelam names
Neelanjana boy Blue Favourite Neelanjana names
Neelkamala boy Blue lotus Favourite Neelkamala names
Neepa boy A flower Favourite Neepa names
Neera boy Amrit/Pure Water Favourite Neera names
Neeraja boy Lotus Favourite Neeraja names
Neeta boy Within Rules Favourite Neeta names
Neeti boy Good behavior Favourite Neeti names
Neha boy Loving Favourite Neha names
Nehal boy Rainy, handsome Favourite Nehal names
Neharika boy Dew Drops Favourite Neharika names
Netra boy Eyes Favourite Netra names
Netravati boy Beautiful eyed Favourite Netravati names
Nidhi boy Wealth Favourite Nidhi names
Nidhipa boy Treasure Lord Favourite Nidhipa names
Nidra boy A form of the Devi Favourite Nidra names
Nihal boy Happy, Blissful Person Favourite Nihal names
Niharika boy The girl who is admired by looking itself. Favourite Niharika names
Niju boy Pan sophist Favourite Niju names
Nikara boy Collection Favourite Nikara names
Nikhita boy Earth, Ganges Favourite Nikhita names
Nikita boy Earth, Ganges Favourite Nikita names
Nikki boy Small Favourite Nikki names
Nilaa boy Moon Favourite Nilaa names
Nilakshi boy Blueboyeyed Favourite Nilakshi names
Nilambari boy Clothed in blue Favourite Nilambari names
Nilaruna boy The first light of the dawn Favourite Nilaruna names
Nilasha boy Blueness Favourite Nilasha names
Nilashri boy Blue Beauty Favourite Nilashri names
Nilaya boy Home Favourite Nilaya names
Nilima boy Blue Favourite Nilima names
Nilini boy Perpetuator of the Kuru race Favourite Nilini names
Nimai boy Adjusted; Ascetic Favourite Nimai names
Nimisha boy Momentary Favourite Nimisha names
Nimita boy Fixed Favourite Nimita names
Ninarika boy Misty Favourite Ninarika names
Nipa boy One who watches over Favourite Nipa names
Niral boy Calm Favourite Niral names
Nirali boy Different Favourite Nirali names
Niramayee boy Pure, clean, spotless Favourite Niramayee names
Niranjan boy Immaculate Favourite Niranjan names
Niranjana boy Goddess Durga Favourite Niranjana names
Nirbaan boy Nirvana Favourite Nirbaan names
Nirban boy Emancipated From The World Favourite Nirban names
Nireeksha boy hope, expectation Favourite Nireeksha names
Nirja boy Goddess Laxmi Favourite Nirja names
Nirmala boy Clean Favourite Nirmala names
Nirmayi boy Without blemish Favourite Nirmayi names
Nirupa boy Same as Gayatri Favourite Nirupa names
Nirupama boy Matchless Favourite Nirupama names
Nirvair boy One Who Is Without Enmity Or Hate Favourite Nirvair names
Nirvana boy deep silence, ultimate bliss Favourite Nirvana names
Nisha boy Night Favourite Nisha names
Nishi boy Getting stronger Favourite Nishi names
Nishita boy Alert Favourite Nishita names
Nishithini boy Night Favourite Nishithini names
Nishka boy Honest Favourite Nishka names
Nistha boy Firmness Favourite Nistha names
Nita boy Moral Favourite Nita names
Nitara boy Deeply rooted Favourite Nitara names
Nithya boy Eternal Favourite Nithya names
Niti boy Ethics Favourite Niti names
Nitya boy Eternal Favourite Nitya names
Nityapriya boy Ever pleasing Favourite Nityapriya names
Nityasri boy With eternal beauty Favourite Nityasri names
Niva boy Renew Favourite Niva names
Nivedita boy Surrendered, Offered to God Favourite Nivedita names
Nivriti boy Bliss Favourite Nivriti names
Niyati boy Destiny Favourite Niyati names
Noordev boy Divine Light Favourite Noordev names
Noshi boy Sweet Favourite Noshi names
Nupoor boy Anklet Favourite Nupoor names
Nusrat boy Help Favourite Nusrat names
Nutan boy New, Fresh Favourite Nutan names
Omaha boy A Person In Great Joy, Rapture Favourite Omaha names
Oopajai boy Dwell, Reside Favourite Oopajai names
Padma boy Lotus Favourite Padma names
Padmagriha boy Who resides in a lotus Favourite Padmagriha names
Padmaja boy Goddess Laxmi Favourite Padmaja names
Padmajai boy Born from lotus, Lakshmi Favourite Padmajai names
Padmakali boy Lotus bud Favourite Padmakali names
Padmakshi boy One with lotusboylike eyes Favourite Padmakshi names
Padmal boy Lotus Favourite Padmal names
Padmalaya boy Lake of lotuses Favourite Padmalaya names
Padmalochana boy Lotus eyed Favourite Padmalochana names
Padmamalini boy Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Padmamalini names
Padmapriya boy Lover of Lotus Favourite Padmapriya names
Padmarekha boy Lotusboy like lines on palm Favourite Padmarekha names
Padmashri boy Divine Lotus Favourite Padmashri names
Padmavasa boy One who resided in lotus Favourite Padmavasa names
Padmavati boy Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Padmavati names
Padmini boy Lotus pond Favourite Padmini names
Padnuni boy Lotus Favourite Padnuni names
Pahal boy The start Favourite Pahal names
Pakhi boy Bird Favourite Pakhi names
Pakshalika boy On The Right Path Favourite Pakshalika names
Pal boy Nurture, Foster Or Protect Favourite Pal names
Palak boy Eye lid Favourite Palak names
Palaksi boy White Favourite Palaksi names
Pallavi boy Bud Favourite Pallavi names
Pallavini boy With new leaves Favourite Pallavini names
Pameela boy Honey Favourite Pameela names
Pampa boy River Favourite Pampa names
Panchali boy Princess Favourite Panchali names
Panini boy Skilful Favourite Panini names
Panita boy Admired Favourite Panita names
Pankaj boy Lotus Favourite Pankaj names
Pankaja boy Lotus Favourite Pankaja names
Pankajadharini boy Lotus Holder. Favourite Pankajadharini names
Pankhadi boy Petal Favourite Pankhadi names
Pankti boy Sentence Favourite Pankti names
Panna boy Emerald Favourite Panna names
Parajika boy A raagini Favourite Parajika names
Param boy Supreme Being Favourite Param names
Parama boy The best Favourite Parama names
Paramdev boy A Godly Person Favourite Paramdev names
Parameshwari boy Goddess Durga Favourite Parameshwari names
Paramita boy Friend of Others Favourite Paramita names
Paravi boy Bird Favourite Paravi names
Parbarti boy Surrender Favourite Parbarti names
Pargat boy One Who Blossoms Forth Into Fame Favourite Pargat names
Pari boy Fairy Favourite Pari names
Paridhi boy Limit Favourite Paridhi names
Parina boy Fairy Favourite Parina names
Parinita boy Complete Favourite Parinita names
Parivita boy Extremely free Favourite Parivita names
Pariyat boy Flower Favourite Pariyat names
Parminder boy God Of Gods Favourite Parminder names
Parmita boy Wisdom Favourite Parmita names
Parnal boy Leafy Favourite Parnal names
Parnashri boy Leafy beauty Favourite Parnashri names
Parnavi boy Bird Favourite Parnavi names
Parni boy Leafy Favourite Parni names
Parnika boy A small leaf, parvati Favourite Parnika names
Parnita boy Auspicious Apsara Favourite Parnita names
Parsad boy Grace Favourite Parsad names
Parsan boy One Who Is Happy And Delightful Favourite Parsan names
Partap boy One Of Exalted Glory Favourite Partap names
Parthivi boy Sita Favourite Parthivi names
Parul boy Graceful, Flow of Water Favourite Parul names
Parvani boy full moon, a festival or a special day Favourite Parvani names
Parvati boy Wife of Lord Shiva Favourite Parvati names
Parveen boy Expert, Star Favourite Parveen names
Parvini boy Festival Favourite Parvini names
Pasha boy A bond Favourite Pasha names
Pashupriya boy Fond of all beings Favourite Pashupriya names
Patala boy Goddess Durga Favourite Patala names
Patmanjari boy A raga Favourite Patmanjari names
Patralekha boy A name from ancient epics Favourite Patralekha names
Patwant boy Respectable, Honorable, Elite Favourite Patwant names
Pavaki boy Goddess Saraswati Favourite Pavaki names
Pavan boy Sacred, Pure Favourite Pavan names
Pavana boy holy, sacred Favourite Pavana names
Pavani boy Goddess Ganga Favourite Pavani names
Pavitar boy A Pure Individual Favourite Pavitar names
Pavith boy Pure Favourite Pavith names
Pavitra boy Pure Favourite Pavitra names
Pawandeep boy Light Of The Sky Favourite Pawandeep names
Payoja boy Lotus Favourite Payoja names
Pehr boy Phase/ time of day. Favourite Pehr names
Phiroza boy Turquoise Favourite Phiroza names
Phoola boy The One Blossoming Like Flowers Favourite Phoola names
Phoolan boy Flower Favourite Phoolan names
Pia boy Beloved Favourite Pia names
Piki boy Cuckoo Favourite Piki names
Pinakini boy Bow shaped Favourite Pinakini names
Pinga boy Goddess Durga Favourite Pinga names
Pingla boy Goddess Durga Favourite Pingla names
Pival boy A tree Favourite Pival names
Pivari boy A wife of Sukha Favourite Pivari names
Piyali boy A tree Favourite Piyali names
Plaksha boy Sarswati Favourite Plaksha names
Ponnulakshmi boy Goddess Saraswathi Favourite Ponnulakshmi names
Poonam boy Full moon Favourite Poonam names
Pooran boy The Perfect Person Favourite Pooran names
Poorbi boy Eastern Favourite Poorbi names
Poorna boy Complete Favourite Poorna names
Poornakamala boy A Blooming Lotus Favourite Poornakamala names
Poornima boy Full moon Favourite Poornima names
Poorva boy Earlier one, elder, east Favourite Poorva names
Poorvaganga boy River Narmada Favourite Poorvaganga names
Poorvaja boy Elder sister Favourite Poorvaja names
Poorvi boy A classical melody Favourite Poorvi names
Popat boy Parrot Favourite Popat names
Prabh boy God Favourite Prabh names
Prabha boy Light Favourite Prabha names
Prabhada boy Lady Favourite Prabhada names
Prabhati boy Of the morning Favourite Prabhati names
Prabhavati boy a raagini, wife of Sun Favourite Prabhavati names
Pracheeta boy Origin, Starting point Favourite Pracheeta names
Prachi boy East Favourite Prachi names
Pradatta boy Gift of god Favourite Pradatta names
Pradeepta boy Glowing Favourite Pradeepta names
Pradnya boy Wisdom, Buddhi Favourite Pradnya names
Prafula boy In bloom Favourite Prafula names
Pragalbha boy Goddess Durga Favourite Pragalbha names
Pragati boy Progress Favourite Pragati names
Pragnya boy Scholar. Favourite Pragnya names
Pragya boy Wisdom Favourite Pragya names
Pragyaparamita boy Wise Favourite Pragyaparamita names
Pragyawati boy A wise woman Favourite Pragyawati names
Prajakta boy Fragnant flower Favourite Prajakta names
Prajit boy Conquering; Defeating Favourite Prajit names
Prajna boy Goddess Saraswati Favourite Prajna names
Prakalpa boy Project Favourite Prakalpa names
Prakash boy One Who Radiates The Light Favourite Prakash names
Prakhya boy Appearance Favourite Prakhya names
Prakriti boy Nature, Beautiful Favourite Prakriti names
Prama boy Knowledge of truth Favourite Prama names
Pramada boy Woman Favourite Pramada names
Pramiti boy Wisdom Favourite Pramiti names
Pranali boy Organization Favourite Pranali names
Pranati boy Prayer Favourite Pranati names
Pranauthi boy Lamp in Kannada Language Favourite Pranauthi names
Pranavi boy Goddess Parvathi Favourite Pranavi names
Pranaya boy Leader Favourite Pranaya names
Pranidhi boy Spy Favourite Pranidhi names
Pranika boy Goddess parvati Favourite Pranika names
Pranita boy Promoted Favourite Pranita names
Pranjal boy Honest and Dignified Favourite Pranjal names
Pranvuta boy Praised Favourite Pranvuta names
Prapti boy Advantage Favourite Prapti names
Prarthana boy Prayer Favourite Prarthana names
Prashansa boy Praise Favourite Prashansa names
Prashanthi boy Highest peace Favourite Prashanthi names
Prasheetha boy Origin, Starting point Favourite Prasheetha names
Prasheila boy Ancient time Favourite Prasheila names
Prateeksha boy Waiting for something Favourite Prateeksha names
Pratheeba boy Light Favourite Pratheeba names
Prathipaal boy The Nurturer, The One Who Looks After The World Favourite Prathipaal names
Pratibha boy Splendor, Brightness Favourite Pratibha names
Pratichi boy West Favourite Pratichi names
Pratigya boy pledge, vow Favourite Pratigya names
Pratika boy Symbolic Favourite Pratika names
Pratima boy Idol Favourite Pratima names
Pratishtha boy Preeminence Favourite Pratishtha names
Pratitha boy Well known Favourite Pratitha names
Pratiti boy Faith Favourite Pratiti names
Praveena boy Skilled Favourite Praveena names
Prayuta boy Mingled with Favourite Prayuta names
Preetha boy Happy Favourite Preetha names
Prem boy Love Favourite Prem names
Premila boy Full of love Favourite Premila names
Prerna boy Inspiration Favourite Prerna names
Preshti boy Ray of Light Favourite Preshti names
Prestha boy Dearest Favourite Prestha names
Preyasi boy Beloved Favourite Preyasi names
Prianka boy Favorite Favourite Prianka names
Prina boy Content Favourite Prina names
Prinaka boy Girl who brings heaven to earth Favourite Prinaka names
Prinka boy Love Favourite Prinka names
Prita boy Dear one Favourite Prita names
Prital boy Loved one Favourite Prital names
Pritha boy Mother of Pandavasboy Kunti Favourite Pritha names
Prithuloma boy Fish, Pisces boyzodiac sign Favourite Prithuloma names
Priti boy Love Favourite Priti names
Pritika boy Loved one Favourite Pritika names
Pritikana boy An atom of love Favourite Pritikana names
Pritilata boy A creeper of love Favourite Pritilata names
Priyadarshini boy Delightful to look at Favourite Priyadarshini names
Priyadutta boy Earth Favourite Priyadutta names
Priyala boy One who gives love Favourite Priyala names
Priyam boy Beloved Favourite Priyam names
Priyamvada boy Sweet spoken Favourite Priyamvada names
Priyanka boy Beautiful act, symbol or body Favourite Priyanka names
Priyanvada boy One who speaks nicely Favourite Priyanvada names
Priyasha boy Dear one Favourite Priyasha names
Prutha boy Daughter of earth Favourite Prutha names
Puja boy Prayer Favourite Puja names
Puji boy Gentle Favourite Puji names
Pujita boy Worshipped Favourite Pujita names
Pujya boy Respectable Favourite Pujya names
Pulak boy A gem, Smile Favourite Pulak names
Puloma boy Wife of the sage Bhrigu Favourite Puloma names
Punam boy Full moon Favourite Punam names
Punarnava boy A star Favourite Punarnava names
Punita boy Holy Favourite Punita names
Punom boy Full moon Favourite Punom names
Punthali boy A doll Favourite Punthali names
Punya boy Good work Favourite Punya names
Purala boy Durga, guardian of fortresses Favourite Purala names
Purandhri boy Same as Gayatri Favourite Purandhri names
Purnima boy Full Moon Favourite Purnima names
Purva boy Elder, Breeze Favourite Purva names
Purvaja boy Elder sister Favourite Purvaja names
Purvi boy From the east Favourite Purvi names
Pusha boy Nourishing Favourite Pusha names
Pushpa boy Flower Favourite Pushpa names
Pushpagandha boy Juhi flower Favourite Pushpagandha names
Pushpalata boy Flower creeper Favourite Pushpalata names
Pushpanjali boy Flower offering Favourite Pushpanjali names
Pushpita boy Decorated with flowers Favourite Pushpita names
Pusti boy Nourishment, endorsement Favourite Pusti names
Putana boy Blowing Hard, Demon Favourite Putana names
Putul boy Doll Favourite Putul names
Quarbaan boy To Sacrifice Favourite Quarbaan names
Raaj boy Rule, Power, Kingdom Favourite Raaj names
Raam boy Lord Ram Favourite Raam names
Raghubir boy Hero Favourite Raghubir names
Raj boy Kingdom, monarch Favourite Raj names
Raja boy King, Monarch Favourite Raja names
Rajdev boy God; Sovereign Favourite Rajdev names
Rajender boy Lord Of Kings; Emperor Favourite Rajender names
Rajinder boy Spontaneous Favourite Rajinder names
Ramanjit boy Victory of beloved Favourite Ramanjit names
Rambir boy Warrior Of God Favourite Rambir names
Ramdas boy Servant Of God, Slave Of God Favourite Ramdas names
Ramdeep boy Lamp Of All-Pervading God Favourite Ramdeep names
Ramgeet boy Song Of The All-Pervading God Favourite Ramgeet names
Rana boy King Of Battle Field Favourite Rana names
Ranga boy One Who Is Colored In Naam Favourite Ranga names
Ratan boy A Diamond-Like Person Favourite Ratan names
Saacha boy Truthful Favourite Saacha names
Sachdeep boy Light Of Truth Favourite Sachdeep names
Sachdev boy True God, Genuinely Godly Favourite Sachdev names
Sachdhian boy Absorbed In The True One Favourite Sachdhian names
Sachgian boy Having The True Knowledge Favourite Sachgian names
Sachsev boy Servant Of Truth, True Servant Favourite Sachsev names
Sachsukh boy One Who Attains True Peace Favourite Sachsukh names
Sachveer boy Bravely Upholding The Truth Favourite Sachveer names
Sadha boy Eternal Favourite Sadha names
Sadhu boy Saint, Saintly Favourite Sadhu names
Safal boy Productive, Fruitful Favourite Safal names
Sagal boy All, Inclusive Favourite Sagal names
Sagar boy Ocean, sea Favourite Sagar names
Sahib boy The master Favourite Sahib names
Sahil boy Guide Favourite Sahil names
Samarbir boy Brave in war Favourite Samarbir names
Sameer boy Early Morning Fragrance; Breeze; Favourite Sameer names
Sampuran boy The Perfect One Favourite Sampuran names
Samrath boy All Powerful Favourite Samrath names
Sandeep boy A Lighted Lamp, Always There For You Favourite Sandeep names
Sangat boy Associating With Holy Congregation Favourite Sangat names
Sangram boy A Kind Of Revolution Favourite Sangram names
Sansaar boy The World, The Creation Favourite Sansaar names
Sant boy Saint Favourite Sant names
Santa boy Exalted Person Favourite Santa names
Sar boy Pool, Vessel Favourite Sar names
Sarabdeep boy All Pervading Light. Favourite Sarabdeep names
Sarabdev boy God Of Gods Favourite Sarabdev names
Saran boy Sanctuary, Protection, Shelter Favourite Saran names
Sartaj boy Crown Of Head, The Master, Leader Favourite Sartaj names
Sat boy Truth Favourite Sat names
Satbachan boy The One Abiding By The Holy Word Favourite Satbachan names
Satchet boy Tells The Truth Favourite Satchet names
Satgur boy True Guide Favourite Satgur names
Satinderpal boy Protected By The True King Favourite Satinderpal names
Satpal boy The One Who Abides By The Truth Favourite Satpal names
Satparvan boy The One Accepted By God Favourite Satparvan names
Satpaul boy The One Who Abides By The Truth Favourite Satpaul names
Satvinder boy Lord Of Virtue Favourite Satvinder names
Satwinder boy True God Favourite Satwinder names
Satyapal boy Protected By Truth Favourite Satyapal names
Satyender boy One Who Follows Truth Favourite Satyender names
Seva boy Absorbed In Service And Simran Favourite Seva names
Sewa boy Absorbed In Service And Simran Favourite Sewa names
Sewak boy One Who Absorbed In Service Favourite Sewak names
Sewakaran boy Doing Service Favourite Sewakaran names
Shaan boy Dignified Favourite Shaan names
Shabaddeep boy Lamp Or Light Of The Holy Word Favourite Shabaddeep names
Shamsher boy Brave Like A Lion Favourite Shamsher names
Sher boy Lion Favourite Sher names
Sherbahadur boy Brave Like A Lion Favourite Sherbahadur names
Shivcharan boy Feet Of Lord Shiva Favourite Shivcharan names
Shoorveer boy A Great Worrier Favourite Shoorveer names
Shubhdeep boy An Auspicious Lamp Favourite Shubhdeep names
Sidhak boy Faith Favourite Sidhak names
Sikander boy A Great King Favourite Sikander names
Sikh boy Disciple, Student, Seeker, Perpetual Learner Favourite Sikh names
Sonny boy Beautiful Favourite Sonny names
Sooraj/Suraj boy Sun Favourite Sooraj/Suraj names
Subash boy Well Spoken Favourite Subash names
Subhash boy Well Spoken Favourite Subhash names
Sukh boy Peace Favourite Sukh names
Sukhbirpal boy Protector Of Warrior Of Peace Favourite Sukhbirpal names
Sukhdarshan boy Viewing Happiness Favourite Sukhdarshan names
Sukhdev boy God Of Peace Favourite Sukhdev names
Sukhjiwan boy A Happy Life Favourite Sukhjiwan names
Sukhpal boy Protector Of Happiness Favourite Sukhpal names
Sukhraj boy King Of Peace Favourite Sukhraj names
Sukhram boy The One In Whom Peace Prevades Favourite Sukhram names
Sukhshant boy The One Who Is In Bliss And Peace Favourite Sukhshant names
Sukhsharan boy Peace In Taking Shelter In Guru Favourite Sukhsharan names
Sukhveer boy Warrior Of Peace Favourite Sukhveer names
Sukhwant boy A Person Who Has Been Bestowed With Happiness By God. Favourite Sukhwant names
Sulakhan boy Virtuous, Meritorious Favourite Sulakhan names
Sultan boy King, Monarch Favourite Sultan names
Sundarveer boy Beauteous And Brave Favourite Sundarveer names
Sundeep boy Similar To Sandeep Favourite Sundeep names
Sunny boy Sunshine; Cheerful Favourite Sunny names
Surajprakash boy Sunlight Favourite Surajprakash names
Surat boy Of Awakend Consciousness Favourite Surat names
Surinder boy The King Of Gods Favourite Surinder names
Surjit boy Immortal, Godly Person Favourite Surjit names
Surya boy Sun Favourite Surya names
Sutho boy Spouse Favourite Sutho names
Swaraj boy Self Kingdom Favourite Swaraj names
Swaran boy Nice Complexion Favourite Swaran names
Taan boy Power Favourite Taan names
Tajender boy God Of Grandeur Favourite Tajender names
Takhat boy Seat, Throne Favourite Takhat names
Talwar boy Sword Favourite Talwar names
Tan boy Body Favourite Tan names
Taran boy Freedom from bondage Favourite Taran names
Tarlochan boy Three/Third Dimension Favourite Tarlochan names
Tegbir boy The Brave Warrior Wielding The Sword Favourite Tegbir names
Tegh boy The Wielder Of The Sword Favourite Tegh names
Teja boy Fast/Speedy/Sharp Favourite Teja names
Tejas boy Sharp Favourite Tejas names
Tejbir boy The Glory Of The Brave One Favourite Tejbir names
Tejindar boy God Of Grandeur Favourite Tejindar names
Tejpal boy Protector of splender Favourite Tejpal names
Thakur boy Master, God Favourite Thakur names
Thalbir boy The Brave Warrior Favourite Thalbir names
Thirath boy Religious Place Favourite Thirath names
Tilak boy Ornimental mark Favourite Tilak names
Tirath boy Sacred Place Favourite Tirath names
Tribhawan boy Holy Place Favourite Tribhawan names
Trilochan boy Having Three Eyes, One Of Higher Knowledge Favourite Trilochan names
Triman boy One Worshipped In The Three Worlds Favourite Triman names
Tripat boy Pure/Sacred Favourite Tripat names
Uday boy Rising To Fame And Honor Favourite Uday names
Uddam boy One Who Strives, Makes Effort Favourite Uddam names
Udit boy Awakened Favourite Udit names
Ujaagar boy Famous, Renowned Favourite Ujaagar names
Ujjal boy Bright, Clean, Holy Favourite Ujjal names
Uma boy Godess Favourite Uma names
Updes boy One Who Preaches And Counsels Favourite Updes names
Upkaar boy Favor Favourite Upkaar names
Upraj boy The Noble King Favourite Upraj names
Uttam boy High, Exalted, Excellent Favourite Uttam names
Uttampal boy Immersed In The Love Of Divine Favourite Uttampal names
Uttamveer boy The Exalted Bravery And Courage Favourite Uttamveer names
Vachan boy Give Word, Promise Favourite Vachan names
Vaibhav boy Riches Favourite Vaibhav names
Vallabh boy Beloved Favourite Vallabh names
Vandit boy Revered Favourite Vandit names
Var boy Times (As In A Many Times) Favourite Var names
Variam boy Brave, Lion Favourite Variam names
Varinder boy Lord Of Oceans Favourite Varinder names
Varun boy Lord Of Water Favourite Varun names
Veer boy Brave person Favourite Veer names
Vichar boy Philosophy, Extensive Reflection Favourite Vichar names
Vijay boy Conquest, Victory Favourite Vijay names
Vijender boy Triumphant (God) Favourite Vijender names
Vikram boy Brave Favourite Vikram names
Vikramjeet boy Victorious Brave Favourite Vikramjeet names
Vikrampal boy Na Favourite Vikrampal names
Vikrampreet boy Na Favourite Vikrampreet names
Vimal boy Pure Favourite Vimal names
Vinay boy Modest Favourite Vinay names
Vir boy Brave Favourite Vir names
Vishram boy Eternal Rest Favourite Vishram names
Waris boy Owner Favourite Waris names
Yadbir boy Memorable Favourite Yadbir names
Yadvinder boy Lord, God Favourite Yadvinder names
Yadvir boy Memorable Favourite Yadvir names
Yash boy Glory Favourite Yash names
Yashbir boy Glorious brave Favourite Yashbir names
Yashdeep boy The Light Of Glory Favourite Yashdeep names
Yashdev boy God Of Glory Favourite Yashdev names
Yashdip boy The Light Of Glory Favourite Yashdip names
Yashpaal boy One who protects Favourite Yashpaal names
Yashpal boy One Who Protects The Glory Favourite Yashpal names
Yashveer boy Blorious brave Favourite Yashveer names
Yashwant boy Glorious Favourite Yashwant names
Yuvraj boy Crown prince Favourite Yuvraj names
Yuvrani boy Princess Favourite Yuvrani names
Zail boy Scope Favourite Zail names
Zorawar boy Mighty Brave Favourite Zorawar names