Sikh Girl Names With Meaning

A Name is a simple a word which used to identify rest of the life of child so this is the first gift from the parents or relatives to the baby.therefore it needed a great care when we put their baby name which should be listen to good and beautiful meaning.To Keep all of that things in Mind we have great and nice collection range of baby names with meaning where your search will be finished for the suitable baby names. here is great range of Sikh Girl names with meaning where you choose your favourite Sikh Girl Names.
Sikh Girl Names
Name Gender Meaning
Aad aad girl In The Beginning Favourite Aad names
Aadh aadh girl Half Favourite Aadh names
Aagya aagya girl Permission Favourite Aagya names
Aarushi aarushi girl First rays of sun Favourite Aarushi names
Aasa aasa girl Hope Favourite Aasa names
Ab ab girl Now Favourite Ab names
Abh abh girl Now Favourite Abh names
Abha abha girl Lustrous beauty Favourite Abha names
Abhiroop abhiroop girl Pleasant Favourite Abhiroop names
Abichal abichal girl Unyielding Favourite Abichal names
Aboil aboil girl The name of a flower Favourite Aboil names
Achala achala girl Constant Favourite Achala names
Adarshpreet adarshpreet girl Love Of Ideals Favourite Adarshpreet names
Adh adh girl Half Favourite Adh names
Adhira adhira girl Lightning Favourite Adhira names
Adish adish girl The Foremost Favourite Adish names
Adishree adishree girl Exalted Favourite Adishree names
Adishvar adishvar girl The Foremost (God) Favourite Adishvar names
Aditi aditi girl The earth Favourite Aditi names
Adrika adrika girl Celestial Favourite Adrika names
Aganee aganee girl Fire Favourite Aganee names
Agochar agochar girl Unfathomable Favourite Agochar names
Agrata agrata girl Leadership Favourite Agrata names
Agrima agrima girl Leadership Favourite Agrima names
Agya agya girl Permission Favourite Agya names
Ahalya ahalya girl Wife of Rishi Gautam, a woman who was saved by Lord Rama Favourite Ahalya names
Ahar ahar girl Activity Favourite Ahar names
Aishani aishani girl Goddess Durga Favourite Aishani names
Aishwarya aishwarya girl Wealth Favourite Aishwarya names
Ajaipreet ajaipreet girl Victorious Love Favourite Ajaipreet names
Ajanta ajanta girl A famous Buddist cave Favourite Ajanta names
Ajinder ajinder girl Victorious Favourite Ajinder names
Ajooni ajooni girl Infinite, Not Bound By Birth Or Death Favourite Ajooni names
Akaal akaal girl Timeless, God, Omnipotent Favourite Akaal names
Akaljeet akaljeet girl Triumph Of God Favourite Akaljeet names
Akas akas girl All pervading as great as sky Favourite Akas names
Akhila akhila girl Total Favourite Akhila names
Akhiljeet akhiljeet girl All Victorious (God) Favourite Akhiljeet names
Akhilpreet akhilpreet girl All Loving (God) Favourite Akhilpreet names
Akshaya akshaya girl Indestructible Favourite Akshaya names
Akshdeep akshdeep girl The Lamp Of Light In The Sky Favourite Akshdeep names
Akshita akshita girl Seen Favourite Akshita names
Alaka alaka girl a girl with a lovely hair Favourite Alaka names
Alaknanda alaknanda girl A river in the Himalayas Favourite Alaknanda names
Alam alam girl Universe Favourite Alam names
Almas almas girl A diamond Favourite Almas names
Alpana alpana girl A decorative design Favourite Alpana names
Amala amala girl the pure one Favourite Amala names
Amalinder amalinder girl Pure God Favourite Amalinder names
Amandip amandip girl The Lamp Of Peace Favourite Amandip names
Amaroop amaroop girl Forever Beauty Favourite Amaroop names
Ambika ambika girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Ambika names
Ambuja ambuja girl Born of a Lotus; Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Ambuja names
Amita amita girl Unlimited, Great, Infinite Favourite Amita names
Amodini amodini girl Joyful Favourite Amodini names
Amrapali amrapali girl Famous courtesan who became a evotee of Buddha Favourite Amrapali names
Amrik amrik girl God Of Sky Favourite Amrik names
Amritkala amritkala girl Nectarine art Favourite Amritkala names
Amritvaani amritvaani girl Sweet Voice, True Saying Favourite Amritvaani names
Amrusha amrusha girl Sudden Favourite Amrusha names
Anagha anagha girl Sinless Favourite Anagha names
Anahita anahita girl Graceful Favourite Anahita names
Anala anala girl Fiery Favourite Anala names
Anamika anamika girl Ring-finger Favourite Anamika names
Anandamayi anandamayi girl Full of joy Favourite Anandamayi names
Anandi anandi girl Jovial Favourite Anandi names
Anandini anandini girl Joyful Favourite Anandini names
Ananya ananya girl Without a second Favourite Ananya names
Anasuya anasuya girl Wife of Rishi Atri Favourite Anasuya names
Anchal anchal girl The decorative end of a sari Favourite Anchal names
Aneeshkour aneeshkour girl Related With God Favourite Aneeshkour names
Angana angana girl An suspicious or handsome woman Favourite Angana names
Angarika angarika girl A flame-coloured flower-Palash or Flame of the Forest Favourite Angarika names
Anika anika girl Goddess Durga Favourite Anika names
Anindita anindita girl Beautiful Favourite Anindita names
Anisha anisha girl Uninterrupted Favourite Anisha names
Anita anita girl Grace Favourite Anita names
Anjali anjali girl Offering with both hands Favourite Anjali names
Anjana anjana girl Mother of Hanuman Favourite Anjana names
Anju anju girl One who lives in the heart Favourite Anju names
Ankita ankita girl Conqueress; empress; one with auspicious marks Favourite Ankita names
Annapurna annapurna girl Goddess Parvati; generous with food Favourite Annapurna names
Anoushka anoushka girl Lightning Favourite Anoushka names
Anshula anshula girl Sunny Favourite Anshula names
Antara antara girl The second note in Hindustani classical music Favourite Antara names
Anu anu girl Follower, Minute, An Atom Favourite Anu names
Anuhya anuhya girl Something unexpected - in a pleasant way - and valuable Favourite Anuhya names
Anumati anumati girl Consent Favourite Anumati names
Anupama anupama girl Without equal Favourite Anupama names
Anuradha anuradha girl Name of a star Favourite Anuradha names
Anuva anuva girl Knowldege Favourite Anuva names
Anwesha anwesha girl Quest Favourite Anwesha names
Apaar apaar girl Infinite Favourite Apaar names
Apala apala girl Name of a learned woman of the past Favourite Apala names
Aparijita aparijita girl Undefeated; name of a flower Favourite Aparijita names
Aparna aparna girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Aparna names
Apna apna girl Your Own, Our Own, My Own Favourite Apna names
Apoorva apoorva girl Unique Favourite Apoorva names
Apsara apsara girl Celestial maiden Favourite Apsara names
Aradhana aradhana girl Worship Favourite Aradhana names
Arati arati girl worship, divine fire in ritual Favourite Arati names
Archa archa girl Worship Favourite Archa names
Archan archan girl Worship Favourite Archan names
Archana archana girl Worship Favourite Archana names
Arjan arjan girl The Archer, 2nd Sikh Guru Favourite Arjan names
Armaani armaani girl Wish, Desire Favourite Armaani names
Armeet armeet girl Friend Of An Enemy Favourite Armeet names
Arnalinder arnalinder girl Immaculate God Favourite Arnalinder names
Arpana arpana girl Surrendered Favourite Arpana names
Arpita arpita girl Dedicated Favourite Arpita names
Arshia arshia girl Heavenly Favourite Arshia names
Aruna aruna girl Dawn Favourite Aruna names
Arundhati arundhati girl A star Favourite Arundhati names
Aruni aruni girl Dawn Favourite Aruni names
Arunima arunima girl Glow of dawn Favourite Arunima names
Arunjit arunjit girl God Of Sun Favourite Arunjit names
Arvinderjit arvinderjit girl Lord Of Horses, Lord Of Wheels Favourite Arvinderjit names
Asaroop asaroop girl Manifest Favourite Asaroop names
Asavari asavari girl Name of a raga or melody Favourite Asavari names
Ascharya ascharya girl Surprise Favourite Ascharya names
Asgari asgari girl Devotee Favourite Asgari names
Asha asha girl hope, aspiration Favourite Asha names
Ashima ashima girl Limitless Favourite Ashima names
Ashis ashis girl Benediction Favourite Ashis names
Ashna ashna girl Friend Favourite Ashna names
Ashwini ashwini girl A star Favourite Ashwini names
Asita asita girl The river Yamuna Favourite Asita names
Aslesha aslesha girl A star Favourite Aslesha names
Asmita asmita girl Pride Favourite Asmita names
Asudh asudh girl Not Pure, Impure Favourite Asudh names
Atamjeet atamjeet girl God Of Spiritually Favourite Atamjeet names
Atasi atasi girl A blue flower Favourite Atasi names
Atinder atinder girl Greatest God Favourite Atinder names
Atmaja atmaja girl Daughter Favourite Atmaja names
Atol atol girl Vast, Limitless, Incalculable Favourite Atol names
Atreyi atreyi girl Name of a river Favourite Atreyi names
Attamjeet attamjeet girl God Of Spiritually Favourite Attamjeet names
Aupinder aupinder girl Very Idealistic Nature Favourite Aupinder names
Avaninder avaninder girl Lord Of The Earth Favourite Avaninder names
Avanti avanti girl Ancient Malwa; Ujjain Favourite Avanti names
Avantika avantika girl City of Ujjain Favourite Avantika names
Avar avar girl No Other (None Other) Favourite Avar names
Ayesha ayesha girl Wife of the Prophet Favourite Ayesha names
Ayushmati ayushmati girl One who has a long life Favourite Ayushmati names
Baalak baalak girl Child Favourite Baalak names
Bachint bachint girl Without Worry Favourite Bachint names
Baegana baegana girl Ignorant, Not Related Favourite Baegana names
Bairagi bairagi girl Independent Favourite Bairagi names
Baksheesh baksheesh girl Devine Blessing Favourite Baksheesh names
Baldeep baldeep girl Creative And Idealistic Favourite Baldeep names
Balinder balinder girl Lord Krishna Favourite Balinder names
Balinderjit balinderjit girl Lord Krishna Favourite Balinderjit names
Baljinder baljinder girl One Who Cares For Others Favourite Baljinder names
Baljit baljit girl Mighty Victorious Favourite Baljit names
Barminder barminder girl Gods Given Beauty Favourite Barminder names
Basant basant girl Spring Favourite Basant names
Bebe bebe girl Wife Favourite Bebe names
Beena beena girl Flute Favourite Beena names
Bhamkaur bhamkaur girl Battle field where Guru Gobind Singh fought Favourite Bhamkaur names
Bhao bhao girl Fear Favourite Bhao names
Bharpoor bharpoor girl One Who Is Full Of Content Favourite Bharpoor names
Bhavana bhavana girl Feeling Favourite Bhavana names
Bhoopendra bhoopendra girl King Of Kings; King Of The Earth Favourite Bhoopendra names
Bhupinder bhupinder girl The King Of Kings Favourite Bhupinder names
Bibi bibi girl Wife Favourite Bibi names
Bijul bijul girl Lightning Flash Favourite Bijul names
Bina bina girl Without Favourite Bina names
Bir bir girl Brave/Fight Favourite Bir names
Bisanpreet bisanpreet girl Love Of God Favourite Bisanpreet names
Bolavi bolavi girl Speaking Favourite Bolavi names
Chan chan girl Light, Beloved (Also See Chann) Favourite Chan names
Chand chand girl Moon Favourite Chand names
Chandan chandan girl Sandal Wood Favourite Chandan names
Chandani chandani girl Moon Light Favourite Chandani names
Chanden chanden girl Sandal Wood Favourite Chanden names
Chathur chathur girl Clever Favourite Chathur names
Chet chet girl Awareness Favourite Chet names
Chetna chetna girl Chetana Awakening Consciousness Favourite Chetna names
Chintan chintan girl Think, Meditate Favourite Chintan names
Chitranjan chitranjan girl Inner Joy Favourite Chitranjan names
Dalmeet dalmeet girl Team Friend Favourite Dalmeet names
Davinder davinder girl Na Favourite Davinder names
Daya daya girl Kindness Favourite Daya names
Debjit debjit girl One Who Has Conquered Gods Favourite Debjit names
Deen deen girl Meek, Humble Favourite Deen names
Deepinder deepinder girl Light of God Favourite Deepinder names
Deepti deepti girl Luster Favourite Deepti names
Desa desa girl Na Favourite Desa names
Devi devi girl Diety Favourite Devi names
Devjeet devjeet girl One Who Has Conquered Gods Favourite Devjeet names
Dhan dhan girl Wealth Favourite Dhan names
Dharat dharat girl Earth Favourite Dharat names
Dhhan dhhan girl The Fortunately Blessed One Favourite Dhhan names
Dhianjot dhianjot girl Enlightened By Meditation Favourite Dhianjot names
Dhoop dhoop girl Incense, Sunlight Favourite Dhoop names
Didar didar girl Sign Or View Favourite Didar names
Dil dil girl Heart, Within Favourite Dil names
Dilraj dilraj girl Ruler of Hearts Favourite Dilraj names
Din din girl Day Favourite Din names
Disai disai girl Seem Favourite Disai names
Disha disha girl Direction Favourite Disha names
Dit dit girl Given Favourite Dit names
Divya divya girl Light Favourite Divya names
Door door girl Far, Away Favourite Door names
Ekaagar ekaagar girl Resolute Favourite Ekaagar names
Ekam ekam girl One, United Favourite Ekam names
Ekkam ekkam girl One, United Favourite Ekkam names
Ekroop ekroop girl One Appearence Favourite Ekroop names
Ekta ekta girl Unity Favourite Ekta names
Erhi erhi girl The Letter E Favourite Erhi names
Eveleen eveleen girl Bringer of light Lively Unselfish Favourite Eveleen names
Gagandeep gagandeep girl Light of the sky Favourite Gagandeep names
Gaganjot gaganjot girl Light of the sky Favourite Gaganjot names
Gaganjyot gaganjyot girl Light Of The Sky Favourite Gaganjyot names
Garib garib girl Poor Favourite Garib names
Garima garima girl Dignity Favourite Garima names
Gatleen gatleen girl Merged in freedom Favourite Gatleen names
Gatnam gatnam girl Liberated Through Naam Favourite Gatnam names
Gatsharan gatsharan girl Liberated by taking shelter of Guru Favourite Gatsharan names
Ghar ghar girl Home Favourite Ghar names
Gharcheen gharcheen girl One who realizes the Home within Favourite Gharcheen names
Giaan giaan girl One having exalted divine knowledge Favourite Giaan names
Giaandeep giaandeep girl Lamp of divine knowledge Favourite Giaandeep names
Giaanleen giaanleen girl One absorbed in divine light Favourite Giaanleen names
Giaanpreet giaanpreet girl One who loves the divine knowledge Favourite Giaanpreet names
Giaanroop giaanroop girl Embodiment of divine light Favourite Giaanroop names
Giandeep giandeep girl Lamp Of Divine Knowledge Favourite Giandeep names
Giani giani girl One Having Exalted Divine Knowledge Favourite Giani names
Gianleen gianleen girl One Absorbed In Divine Light Favourite Gianleen names
Gianpreet gianpreet girl One Who Loves The Divine Knowledge Favourite Gianpreet names
Gianroop gianroop girl Embodiment Of Divine Light Favourite Gianroop names
Gulab gulab girl Rose Favourite Gulab names
Gundeep gundeep girl Lamp of excellences Favourite Gundeep names
Gunjun gunjun girl To Humm Favourite Gunjun names
Gunkar gunkar girl One Full Of Excellences Favourite Gunkar names
Gunkeerat gunkeerat girl One Who Sings Praises Of The Guru Favourite Gunkeerat names
Gunkirit gunkirit girl One Who Sings Praises Of The Guru Favourite Gunkirit names
Gunpreet gunpreet girl The lover of excellences Favourite Gunpreet names
Guraman guraman girl Peace Through The Guru Favourite Guraman names
Gurdit gurdit girl Given By The Guru Favourite Gurdit names
Gurdweep gurdweep girl Lamp Of The Guru Favourite Gurdweep names
Gurjot gurjot girl Guru Light Favourite Gurjot names
Gurkamal gurkamal girl Lotus Of The Guru Favourite Gurkamal names
Gursimrah gursimrah girl Remembering The Guru Favourite Gursimrah names
Gyan gyan girl Knowledge Favourite Gyan names
Gyanleen gyanleen girl One Absorbed In Divine Light & Knowledge Favourite Gyanleen names
Gyanpreet gyanpreet girl One Who Loves The Divine Knowledge Favourite Gyanpreet names
Haak haak girl Honest,Pervading, Orderly Favourite Haak names
Haast haast girl Elephant Favourite Haast names
Hamara hamara girl Our Favourite Hamara names
Hamir hamir girl Wise Favourite Hamir names
Hamray hamray girl Belonging To Us Favourite Hamray names
Hamreet hamreet girl Beloved of god Friend of god Favourite Hamreet names
Hansa hansa girl Life, Jivan, Soul, Gurmukh Favourite Hansa names
Hansra hansra girl Na Favourite Hansra names
Har har girl God Favourite Har names
Haranoop haranoop girl The Perfect God Favourite Haranoop names
Harbeer harbeer girl Warrior Of God Favourite Harbeer names
Harendra harendra girl Lord Shiva Favourite Harendra names
Haripreet haripreet girl Beloved Of God Favourite Haripreet names
Harjas harjas girl Praise of the God Favourite Harjas names
Ikhtiar ikhtiar girl Master Favourite Ikhtiar names
Ikna ikna girl Some (As In Some People) Favourite Ikna names
Indirjeet indirjeet girl One who wins the love of God Favourite Indirjeet names
Indirpreet indirpreet girl Lover Of God Favourite Indirpreet names
Isha isha girl One who protects Goddess Favourite Isha names
Ishika ishika girl Paint brush Favourite Ishika names
Ishwin ishwin girl One who praises the lo Favourite Ishwin names
Jagvinder jagvinder girl Glory Of The Creation Favourite Jagvinder names
Jaimal jaimal girl Glory With The Union Of God Favourite Jaimal names
Jaipreet jaipreet girl The Victory Of Love Favourite Jaipreet names
Jangjeet jangjeet girl One Who Conquers The Battlefield Of The Mind Favourite Jangjeet names
Japjot japjot girl One Awakening In The Light Of Meditation Favourite Japjot names
Jaskeerat jaskeerat girl One who sings praises of the Lord Favourite Jaskeerat names
Jasmeh jasmeh girl Absorbed In Praising God Favourite Jasmeh names
Jasmine jasmine girl Name Of A Flower Favourite Jasmine names
Jaspreet jaspreet girl One Who Loves To Sing Praises Of The Lord Favourite Jaspreet names
Jatinder jatinder girl One who has conquered the five evils Favourite Jatinder names
Joban joban girl Youth Favourite Joban names
Jobandeep jobandeep girl Young Ray Of Hope Favourite Jobandeep names
Jogindar jogindar girl Joginder Jogendra Establishing union with God Lord Shiva Favourite Jogindar names
Jot jot girl Light Favourite Jot names
Joti joti girl Flame Favourite Joti names
Jugad jugad girl Throughout The Ages (Reference To Time) Favourite Jugad names
Jujhar jujhar girl The Tenacious Warrior Favourite Jujhar names
Kaaj kaaj girl Deed, Deeds Favourite Kaaj names
Kamaljot kamaljot girl One Who, Like The Lotus Is Unsoiled Favourite Kamaljot names
Kamalpreet kamalpreet girl One Who Loves The Flower Lotus Favourite Kamalpreet names
Kanwalnain kanwalnain girl Princely Eyes Favourite Kanwalnain names
Karandeep karandeep girl The Lamp With The First Ray Of Sunlight Favourite Karandeep names
Kareen kareen girl Kind Favourite Kareen names
Karma karma girl Deeds, Work Favourite Karma names
Kashmiri kashmiri girl Belonging To Kashmir Favourite Kashmiri names
Katha katha girl Poetry, Dialogue Favourite Katha names
Keerat keerat girl One who sings glories of God Favourite Keerat names
Keeratdeep keeratdeep girl One Who Sings Glories Of God Favourite Keeratdeep names
Khivi khivi girl As In Mata Khivi Favourite Khivi names
Khush khush girl Delightful Favourite Khush names
Kirat kirat girl Dedicated Or Honest Living By Hard Work Favourite Kirat names
Kirin kirin girl Ray Of Light Favourite Kirin names
Kirit kirit girl Dedicated Or Honest Living By Hard Work Favourite Kirit names
Kirpa kirpa girl Mercy Favourite Kirpa names
Kuljeet kuljeet girl The God-Like Person Of The Family Favourite Kuljeet names
Kulvinder kulvinder girl Successful And Charming Person Favourite Kulvinder names
Lachan lachan girl Qualities, Attributes Favourite Lachan names
Lakh lakh girl Hundred Thousand Favourite Lakh names
Lakshmani lakshmani girl Belonging To Lakshman Favourite Lakshmani names
Lavindeep lavindeep girl Bright Future Favourite Lavindeep names
Leen leen girl Absorbed Favourite Leen names
Liv liv girl Dedicated, Absorbed, Focused Favourite Liv names
Livdeep livdeep girl Absorbed in the Lamp of Light Favourite Livdeep names
Livleen livleen girl Absorbed in adoration of God Favourite Livleen names
Livpreet livpreet girl Absorbed in the love of God Favourite Livpreet names
Livroop livroop girl Embodiment of absorbtion in God Favourite Livroop names
Madanjeet madanjeet girl One Who Conquer God Of Love Favourite Madanjeet names
Madanjit madanjit girl One Who Conquer God Of Love Favourite Madanjit names
Madho madho girl Lord Favourite Madho names
Man man girl Heart, Consciousness Favourite Man names
Manavinder manavinder girl Lord Of Humanity Favourite Manavinder names
Mandeep mandeep girl Mandip Light of sages Favourite Mandeep names
Mandip mandip girl Light Of Sages Favourite Mandip names
Mangal mangal girl Auspicious; Fortunate Favourite Mangal names
Maninder maninder girl Lord Of Mind Favourite Maninder names
Maninderjeet maninderjeet girl One Who Conquer Lord Of Mind Favourite Maninderjeet names
Maninderjit maninderjit girl One Who Conquer Lord Of Mind Favourite Maninderjit names
Manjeet manjeet girl The One Who Controls The Mind Favourite Manjeet names
Manjit manjit girl Manjeet One Who wins her own heart Conqueror of the mind Favourite Manjit names
Mankaran mankaran girl Strong-Willed & Self Sufficient Favourite Mankaran names
Manohar manohar girl Attractive Favourite Manohar names
Manpreet manpreet girl Happiness Of The Heart Favourite Manpreet names
Manroop manroop girl Beautiful Mind Favourite Manroop names
Manvinder manvinder girl Lord Of Heart Favourite Manvinder names
Marig marig girl Illusion Or Mirage, Deer Favourite Marig names
Mata mata girl Mother Favourite Mata names
Matinder matinder girl Lord Of Wisdom Favourite Matinder names
Mayray mayray girl Of Me, Mine, Of Mine Favourite Mayray names
Mayree mayree girl My, Mine Favourite Mayree names
Meen meen girl Fish Favourite Meen names
Meena meena girl Enamel Work Favourite Meena names
Meet meet girl Friend Favourite Meet names
Mehar mehar girl Blessing Of The Guru Favourite Mehar names
Meher meher girl Kindness Favourite Meher names
Mehnga mehnga girl Costly, Precious Favourite Mehnga names
Mehpreet mehpreet girl Mind Filled With Love Favourite Mehpreet names
Moh moh girl Emotional Attachment Favourite Moh names
Mukh mukh girl Face Favourite Mukh names
Naem naem girl Religious Vows, Discipline Favourite Naem names
Naethr naethr girl Eyes Favourite Naethr names
Nageena nageena girl Great Gem Favourite Nageena names
Naginder naginder girl Lord Of Mountain Favourite Naginder names
Nain nain girl Eyes Favourite Nain names
Nam nam girl Name, Remembering The Lord Favourite Nam names
Namar namar girl Humble Favourite Namar names
Namarta namarta girl Utmost Humility Favourite Namarta names
Namgeet namgeet girl One whose life is the song of Naam Favourite Namgeet names
Namjas namjas girl One who sings praises of Naam Favourite Namjas names
Namjeev namjeev girl One who lives absorbed in Naam Favourite Namjeev names
Namjot namjot girl The Light Of Naam Favourite Namjot names
Namrita namrita girl Modest, Humble Favourite Namrita names
Namroop namroop girl One who becomes the embodiment of Naam Favourite Namroop names
Nanak nanak girl Name Of The First Sikh Guru Favourite Nanak names
Nanaki nanaki girl Guru Nanak.S Sister.S Name Favourite Nanaki names
Narain narain girl A Godly Person Favourite Narain names
Nardev nardev girl A God-Like Person Favourite Nardev names
Narinder narinder girl The king Favourite Narinder names
Narveer narveer girl A brave person Favourite Narveer names
Navbir navbir girl The new warrior Favourite Navbir names
Navdeep navdeep girl The ever new light, the new lamp Favourite Navdeep names
Naveen naveen girl Ever fresh Favourite Naveen names
Navjeev navjeev girl The ever fresh life Favourite Navjeev names
Navjot navjot girl The new light, always bright Favourite Navjot names
Navkiran navkiran girl New Ray Of Sunshine Favourite Navkiran names
Navleen navleen girl New Engrossed Favourite Navleen names
Navneet navneet girl One who is ever new Favourite Navneet names
Navpreet navpreet girl New Love Favourite Navpreet names
Neena neena girl Ornamented, Slender Favourite Neena names
Nimm nimm girl Name Of A Tree That Bears Bitter Fruit Favourite Nimm names
Nimmi nimmi girl Conceived, Formed, Created Favourite Nimmi names
Nimmia nimmia girl Conceived, Formed, Created Favourite Nimmia names
Nimrat nimrat girl Humble Favourite Nimrat names
Nimrata nimrata girl Humble Favourite Nimrata names
Nina nina girl Ornamented, Slender Favourite Nina names
Nir nir girl Without Favourite Nir names
Nirbhau nirbhau girl Without Fear, Fearless Favourite Nirbhau names
Nirmail nirmail girl One Unstained, Without Flaw Favourite Nirmail names
Nirmal nirmal girl The one who is pure Favourite Nirmal names
Nirman nirman girl The egoless Humble Favourite Nirman names
Nishaa nishaa girl Night Favourite Nishaa names
Nith nith girl Ceaseless, Continuous Favourite Nith names
Nitnam nitnam girl One who ceaselessly remembers the Lord Favourite Nitnam names
Noor noor girl The Divine Light Favourite Noor names
Nripinder nripinder girl Lord Of Kings Favourite Nripinder names
Opinder opinder girl Proximity To God Favourite Opinder names
Pahar pahar girl Hour, Time Favourite Pahar names
Parambir parambir girl The greatest of warriors Favourite Parambir names
Paramdeep paramdeep girl The Lamp of the Divine Favourite Paramdeep names
Paramgeet paramgeet girl The Highest Song Of Bliss Favourite Paramgeet names
Paramjit paramjit girl Supremely victorious Favourite Paramjit names
Paramjog paramjog girl One Uniting With The Highest Favourite Paramjog names
Paramleen paramleen girl Absorbed In The Highest, God Favourite Paramleen names
Parampal parampal girl God, the caretaker Favourite Parampal names
Parampreet parampreet girl One who loves the Lord Favourite Parampreet names
Paramveer paramveer girl The greatest warrior Favourite Paramveer names
Parbeen parbeen girl Capable, skilful, efficient Favourite Parbeen names
Pardeep pardeep girl Mystic light Favourite Pardeep names
Parmindar parmindar girl God of gods Favourite Parmindar names
Patveer patveer girl The respected brave one Favourite Patveer names
Payal payal girl Anklet Favourite Payal names
Pehila pehila girl First Favourite Pehila names
Pehir pehir girl Hour, Time Favourite Pehir names
Piaar piaar girl Love, Attachment Favourite Piaar names
Pith pith girl Father Favourite Pith names
Pooja pooja girl To Worship Favourite Pooja names
Prabhgun prabhgun girl One having Godly merits Favourite Prabhgun names
Prabhjeet prabhjeet girl One who wins the love of God Favourite Prabhjeet names
Prabhjot prabhjot girl The Light Of God Favourite Prabhjot names
Prabhkirat prabhkirat girl Dedication To God Through Honest And Hard Work Favourite Prabhkirat names
Prabhmeet prabhmeet girl Friend Of God Favourite Prabhmeet names
Prabhnoor prabhnoor girl The light of God Favourite Prabhnoor names
Prabhroop prabhroop girl The manifestation of the Lord Favourite Prabhroop names
Prabhsimran prabhsimran girl Admiration Of God Favourite Prabhsimran names
Praneet praneet girl Dear One Favourite Praneet names
Praneeta praneeta girl Led Forward; Conducted; Advanced; Promoted Favourite Praneeta names
Preet preet girl Love , The One Who Loves The Lord Favourite Preet names
Preetamjot preetamjot girl One Who Longs For The Divine Light Favourite Preetamjot names
Premdeep premdeep girl The lamp of love Favourite Premdeep names
Premjeet premjeet girl One Who Wins Over Others By Love Favourite Premjeet names
Premjot premjot girl The light of love Favourite Premjot names
Prempal prempal girl God, the loving caretaker Favourite Prempal names
Pritpal pritpal girl God, the loving caretaker Favourite Pritpal names
Priya priya girl Beloved Favourite Priya names
Puneet puneet girl Pure Favourite Puneet names
Pushpinder pushpinder girl God Of Flowers Favourite Pushpinder names
Rajbir rajbir girl The warrior of the kingdom Favourite Rajbir names
Rajindar rajindar girl The king of god of gods Favourite Rajindar names
Rajni rajni girl Raekh Favourite Rajni names
Rajpal rajpal girl The protector king Favourite Rajpal names
Rajveer rajveer girl Brave King Favourite Rajveer names
Ramindar ramindar girl Absorbed in the Lord Favourite Ramindar names
Ramjot ramjot girl Night Favourite Ramjot names
Ramleen ramleen girl The Light Of God Favourite Ramleen names
Ramneek ramneek girl One Absorbed In God Favourite Ramneek names
Ramneet ramneet girl Beauteous Favourite Ramneet names
Rampreet rampreet girl Beautiful Favourite Rampreet names
Ranbir ranbir girl The brave warrior Favourite Ranbir names
Randeep randeep girl The lamp (hero) of the battle Favourite Randeep names
Rang/Rung rang/rung girl In Love With God Favourite Rang/Rung names
Rangjot rangjot girl Color Favourite Rangjot names
Rangpreet rangpreet girl One Colored In The Union Of God Favourite Rangpreet names
Ranjit ranjit girl The conqueror of the battle Favourite Ranjit names
Ranjot ranjot girl The Light of the Battlefield Favourite Ranjot names
Ranveer ranveer girl The brave warrior Favourite Ranveer names
Rasbir rasbir girl Drinking the elixir of courage Favourite Rasbir names
Rasdeep rasdeep girl The Light Of The Battlefield Favourite Rasdeep names
Rasgun rasgun girl Lamp Of The Elixir Favourite Rasgun names
Rasgur rasgur girl One Who Delights In The Elixir Of Virtues Favourite Rasgur names
Rasjeevan rasjeevan girl One whose life is full of elixir of Naam Favourite Rasjeevan names
Rasjog rasjog girl One Who Attaines The Elixir Of Enlightenment Favourite Rasjog names
Rasleen rasleen girl One Who Has Union With Elixir Of Naam Favourite Rasleen names
Rasnam rasnam girl One Absorbed In The Elixir Of Naam Favourite Rasnam names
Ratanbir ratanbir girl The priceless brave one Favourite Ratanbir names
Ratandeep ratandeep girl One Who Drinks The Elixir Of Naam Favourite Ratandeep names
Ratangeet ratangeet girl Song of diamond (soul) Favourite Ratangeet names
Ratanpreet ratanpreet girl Song Of Diamond (Soul) Favourite Ratanpreet names
Rattan rattan girl Gem Favourite Rattan names
Raunak raunak girl One Who Is In Love Of The Diamond Favourite Raunak names
Raushan raushan girl A Happy Atmosphere Favourite Raushan names
Raveena raveena girl The Exalted, Famous Person Favourite Raveena names
Raveena Ravina raveenaxxravina girl Sunny Beauty of the Sun Favourite Raveena Ravina names
Ravindar ravindar girl The god of Sun, knowledge Favourite Ravindar names
Ravleen ravleen girl Beauty Of The Sun Favourite Ravleen names
Reet reet girl Tradition, Way Favourite Reet names
Rijak rijak girl Tradition, Way Favourite Rijak names
Roop roop girl Sustenance Favourite Roop names
Roopindar roopindar girl Form Or Embodiment, Beauty Favourite Roopindar names
Roopindar Roopinder roopindarxxroopinder girl God of Beauty Favourite Roopindar Roopinder names
Roopjot roopjot girl God Of Beauty Favourite Roopjot names
Rung/Rang rung/rang girl Beauteous Light Favourite Rung/Rang names
Rupak rupak girl Color Favourite Rupak names
Rupinder rupinder girl Beautiful Favourite Rupinder names
Sachkeerat sachkeerat girl Singing the praises of God Favourite Sachkeerat names
Sachleen sachleen girl The one absorbed in Truth, in God Favourite Sachleen names
Sachpreet sachpreet girl The true love, the love of God Favourite Sachpreet names
Sadhika sadhika girl Tolerance Favourite Sadhika names
Saihaj saihaj girl Peaceful And Equipoised Person Favourite Saihaj names
Saihajleen saihajleen girl One absorbed in peace and bliss Favourite Saihajleen names
Samaae samaae girl Reside, Pervad Favourite Samaae names
Samarjit samarjit girl One Who Wins The War Favourite Samarjit names
Samoe samoe girl Reside, Pervade Favourite Samoe names
Sangeeta sangeeta girl Sangita Music Musical Favourite Sangeeta names
Sangita sangita girl Musical Favourite Sangita names
Sanjit sanjit girl Happy Victory Favourite Sanjit names
Sanjog sanjog girl Desitiny Favourite Sanjog names
Santokh santokh girl Content, Peaceful, And Patient Favourite Santokh names
Sarab sarab girl All, All Pervading Favourite Sarab names
Sarabjeet sarabjeet girl Winning All Favourite Sarabjeet names
Sarabjot sarabjot girl All-Pervading Light Favourite Sarabjot names
Sarableen sarableen girl One who prevades in all Favourite Sarableen names
Sarabnam sarabnam girl The Always Present Name Of God Favourite Sarabnam names
Saram saram girl Modest Favourite Saram names
Sarbjeet sarbjeet girl All Victorious Favourite Sarbjeet names
Sarminder sarminder girl God Of War Favourite Sarminder names
Saroj saroj girl Lotus Flower Favourite Saroj names
Saroop saroop girl Beautiful, Shapely Favourite Saroop names
Satbir satbir girl The True warrior Favourite Satbir names
Satgun satgun girl Of True merits Favourite Satgun names
Satinder satinder girl The King Of Truth Favourite Satinder names
Satjeevan satjeevan girl The one living the truthful life Favourite Satjeevan names
Satkeerat satkeerat girl One Who Praises The True One Favourite Satkeerat names
Satkiran satkiran girl A Ray Of Truth Favourite Satkiran names
Satleen satleen girl The One Absorbed In Truth, In God Favourite Satleen names
Satpreet satpreet girl The Lover Of The Truth Favourite Satpreet names
Satsukh satsukh girl The One In True Bliss Favourite Satsukh names
Satveer satveer girl Bravely upholding the Truth Favourite Satveer names
Seanna seanna girl Wise Favourite Seanna names
Seerat seerat girl Wisdom Favourite Seerat names
Seetal seetal girl Peaceful, Calm, Content Favourite Seetal names
Serena serena girl Supreme Name Favourite Serena names
Shabad shabad girl The Holy Word Favourite Shabad names
Shabad Deep shabadxxdeep girl Lamp or light of the Holy Word Favourite Shabad Deep names
Shabadpreet shabadpreet girl The one who loves the Holy Word Favourite Shabadpreet names
Sharan sharan girl Taking The Shelter Of The Guru Favourite Sharan names
Sharda sharda girl Goddess Saraswati Favourite Sharda names
Siana siana girl Wise Favourite Siana names
Simar simar girl One Who Is Absorbed In God Favourite Simar names
Simardeep simardeep girl Lamp Of Remembrance Of God Favourite Simardeep names
Simarleen simarleen girl Absorbed In Remembrance Of God Favourite Simarleen names
Simarou simarou girl To Meditate Favourite Simarou names
Simran simran girl Smran Remembrance Meditation Favourite Simran names
Simranjit simranjit girl Meditative In God, Remembrance Favourite Simranjit names
Simranpreet simranpreet girl Lovingly remembering God Favourite Simranpreet names
Simrarjit simrarjit girl Meditative In God, Remembrance Favourite Simrarjit names
Simrat simrat girl Meditate, Remember Favourite Simrat names
Simrin simrin girl Meditative In God, Remembrance Favourite Simrin names
Simrit simrit girl Meditate, Meditation Favourite Simrit names
Simrita simrita girl Meditate, Meditation Favourite Simrita names
Sio sio girl Sow, Inspire Favourite Sio names
Siopareet siopareet girl Inspires Love Favourite Siopareet names
SiriOm siriom girl The Great Sound Of Infinity Favourite SiriOm names
Skandajit skandajit girl Wife of Lord Vishnu Favourite Skandajit names
Sobha sobha girl Glorious, Virtuous Favourite Sobha names
Soch soch girl Thought Favourite Soch names
Sochai sochai girl By Thinking Favourite Sochai names
Sonam sonam girl Gifted, Fortunate One Favourite Sonam names
Srina srina girl Supreme Name Favourite Srina names
Stallionjit stallionjit girl The Wild Horse Who Is Always Victorious Favourite Stallionjit names
Sujan sujan girl Wise, Of Exalted Knowledge Favourite Sujan names
Sukhbir sukhbir girl Warrior of peace Favourite Sukhbir names
Sukhchain sukhchain girl The one who is peaceful and calm Favourite Sukhchain names
Sukhdeep sukhdeep girl The lamp of peace and bliss Favourite Sukhdeep names
Sukhi sukhi girl At Peace Favourite Sukhi names
Sukhinder sukhinder girl God Of Happiness Favourite Sukhinder names
Sukhjeet sukhjeet girl Remaining in peace Favourite Sukhjeet names
Sukhjeev sukhjeev girl A peaceful person Favourite Sukhjeev names
Sukhjit sukhjit girl One Who Wins Happiness Favourite Sukhjit names
Sukhjodh sukhjodh girl Warrior Of Peace Favourite Sukhjodh names
Sukhjot sukhjot girl Light of Peace Favourite Sukhjot names
Sukhmani sukhmani girl Brings Peace To The Mind Favourite Sukhmani names
Sukhmeet sukhmeet girl The peace-giving friend Favourite Sukhmeet names
Sukhnam sukhnam girl Bliss from Naam Favourite Sukhnam names
Sukhpreet sukhpreet girl One who values inner peace and joy Favourite Sukhpreet names
Sukhrajpreet sukhrajpreet girl Kigh Of Peace And Love Favourite Sukhrajpreet names
Sukhroop sukhroop girl Embodiment of peace Favourite Sukhroop names
Sukhvinder sukhvinder girl God Who Gives Happiness Favourite Sukhvinder names
Sumat sumat girl One With Wise Intellect Favourite Sumat names
Sundar sundar girl Beauteous Favourite Sundar names
Sundarjeet sundarjeet girl One who attains to beauteousness Favourite Sundarjeet names
Sur sur girl Sun, Godly Favourite Sur names
Suria suria girl Blessed Favourite Suria names
Surina surina girl Supreme Name Favourite Surina names
Surinderjeet surinderjeet girl Triumph Of God Favourite Surinderjeet names
Surinderjit surinderjit girl One who is victorious over gods Favourite Surinderjit names
Surjot surjot girl Godly light Favourite Surjot names
Takdeer takdeer girl Of great fortune Favourite Takdeer names
Tanveer tanveer girl Tanvir Favourite Tanveer names
Tatleen tatleen girl One absorbed in the Ultimate Truth Favourite Tatleen names
Tavleen tavleen girl Engrossed In God Favourite Tavleen names
Teertah teertah girl Holy Place, Pilgramage Favourite Teertah names
Teijinder teijinder girl God Of Grandeur Favourite Teijinder names
Teijinderjeet teijinderjeet girl One Who Wins God Of Grandeur Favourite Teijinderjeet names
Tej tej girl Light, Brilliantly Lustrous Favourite Tej names
Tejinderjit tejinderjit girl One Who Wins God Of Grandeur Favourite Tejinderjit names
Tejinderpreet tejinderpreet girl Love Of God Of Grandeur Favourite Tejinderpreet names
Tekjot tekjot girl One Who Takes Support Of The Divine Light Favourite Tekjot names
Tia tia girl Princess Favourite Tia names
Tulwa tulwa girl Sword Favourite Tulwa names
Udaijot udaijot girl The Rising Light Favourite Udaijot names
Ujaala ujaala girl One who radiates the light Favourite Ujaala names
Ujjaldeep ujjaldeep girl Bright Lamp Favourite Ujjaldeep names
Ujjaljeet ujjaljeet girl One Who Wins With Purity Favourite Ujjaljeet names
Ujjalpreet ujjalpreet girl A Pure Love Favourite Ujjalpreet names
Ujjalroop ujjalroop girl A pure and beauteous person Favourite Ujjalroop names
Unn unn girl Wool Favourite Unn names
Upaavan upaavan girl Salvation Favourite Upaavan names
Upjeet upjeet girl Of Exalted Victory Favourite Upjeet names
Upkeerat upkeerat girl Of exalted glory and praises Favourite Upkeerat names
Usha usha girl Morning Dawn Sun rise Favourite Usha names
Uttamjodh uttamjodh girl The Exalted Warrior Favourite Uttamjodh names
Uttamjot uttamjot girl The exalted, divine light Favourite Uttamjot names
Uttamleen uttamleen girl Immersed in the Love of Divine Favourite Uttamleen names
Uttampreet uttampreet girl Exalted love; love of the Divine Favourite Uttampreet names
Uttamreet uttamreet girl Exalted way of life Favourite Uttamreet names
Uttamroop uttamroop girl Of Beauteous Form Favourite Uttamroop names
Vaapaar vaapaar girl Trade, Vocation Favourite Vaapaar names
Vandan vandan girl Adoration Favourite Vandan names
Vapar vapar girl Trade, Vocation Favourite Vapar names
Vasai vasai girl Dwell, Reside Favourite Vasai names
Vasant vasant girl Spring Favourite Vasant names
Vasi vasi girl Pilgrim Favourite Vasi names
Vayla vayla girl Time Favourite Vayla names
Veerindar veerindar girl A brave godly person Favourite Veerindar names
Vicharleen vicharleen girl Absorbed In Reflection Favourite Vicharleen names
Vidia vidia girl Knowledge Favourite Vidia names
Vigsai vigsai girl To Come Into Bloom, Blossom Favourite Vigsai names
Virala virala girl Rare Favourite Virala names
Visar visar girl Forget Favourite Visar names
Yashnoor yashnoor girl Beauty Of Glory Favourite Yashnoor names
Yasmine yasmine girl Alternate Spelling Of Jasmine Favourite Yasmine names
Yuvleen yuvleen girl Absorbed In Youthfulness Favourite Yuvleen names