Tamil Baby Names With Meaning

A Name is a simple a word which used to identify rest of the life of child so this is the first gift from the parents or relatives to the baby.therefore it needed a great care when we put their baby name which should be listen to good and beautiful meaning.To Keep all of that things in Mind we have great and nice collection range of baby names with meaning where your search will be finished for the suitable baby names. here is great range of Tamil Baby names with meaning where you choose your favourite Tamil Baby Names.
Tamil Baby Names
Name Gender Meaning
AadalArasi aadalarasi girl Artistic Favourite AadalArasi names
Aadalarasu boy King of Dance Favourite Aadalarasu names
Aadhavan boy Brilliant like the Sun Favourite Aadhavan names
AaduMayil aadumayil girl Dancing Peacock Favourite AaduMayil names
Aalap boy Musical Favourite Aalap names
Aalavandan boy Majestic Favourite Aalavandan names
Aandaleeb boy The bulbul bird Favourite Aandaleeb names
Aaranam aaranam girl Name of an Ornament Favourite Aaranam names
AatralArasi aatralarasi girl Achiever; Skilled Favourite AatralArasi names
Abdul-Azeez boy The servant of the almighty; the powerful Favourite Abdul-Azeez names
Abhibhava boy Overpowering, powerful, victorious Favourite Abhibhava names
Abhidi boy Radiant Favourite Abhidi names
Abhihita boy Expression, word, name Favourite Abhihita names
Abhijaya boy Conquest, complete victory Favourite Abhijaya names
Achintya boy "Lord Shiva, Vishnu" Favourite Achintya names
Adaleru boy Brave Favourite Adaleru names
Adhiyamaan boy Name of a King Favourite Adhiyamaan names
Adiban boy Leader Favourite Adiban names
Adimoolan boy Supreme Being Favourite Adimoolan names
Adithan boy Leader Favourite Adithan names
Adripathi boy Master of the mountains Favourite Adripathi names
Adwaita boy Non-duality Favourite Adwaita names
Adway boy One; united Favourite Adway names
Agalvili agalvili girl Broad Eyes Favourite Agalvili names
Agamadhi boy Intelligent Favourite Agamadhi names
Agamani boy Gem Favourite Agamani names
Aganagai aganagai girl Inner Happiness Favourite Aganagai names
Agasthya boy A name of a sage Favourite Agasthya names
Agathiyan boy Name of a Saint Favourite Agathiyan names
Agavoli boy Intelligent; Brilliant Favourite Agavoli names
Ahila ahila girl Worldly,Knowledgeable Favourite Ahila names
Ahilan boy Worldly; Knowledgeable Favourite Ahilan names
Alagan boy Handsome Favourite Alagan names
Alaganandan boy Handsome Favourite Alaganandan names
Alaganban boy Handsome Favourite Alaganban names
Alagappan boy Handsome Favourite Alagappan names
Alagar boy God Sivan Favourite Alagar names
Alagarasan boy King of Beauty; Handsome King Favourite Alagarasan names
Alagarasi alagarasi girl Queen of Beauty Favourite Alagarasi names
AlagarSami boy Handsome Favourite AlagarSami names
Alagelil boy Handsome and Elegant Favourite Alagelil names
Alagendhi boy Handsome Favourite Alagendhi names
Alagi alagi girl Beautiful,pron,azhagi Favourite Alagi names
Alagini alagini girl Beautiful and Sweet Favourite Alagini names
Alaginiyan boy Handsome and Sweet Favourite Alaginiyan names
AlagiyaNambi boy Handsome and Confident Favourite AlagiyaNambi names
Alagu boy Handsome Favourite Alagu names
AlaguCholan boy Handsome Cholan Favourite AlaguCholan names
Alagumani boy Handsome Gem Favourite Alagumani names
Alagumuthu boy Handsome Gem Favourite Alagumuthu names
AlaguNathan boy Handsome Favourite AlaguNathan names
AlaguRathinam boy Handsome gem Favourite AlaguRathinam names
AlaguSelvan boy Handsome Favourite AlaguSelvan names
AlaguSivan boy God Sivan Favourite AlaguSivan names
AlaguVel boy God Murugan Favourite AlaguVel names
Alaiarasan boy King of Waves Favourite Alaiarasan names
Alaimagal alaimagal girl Goddess of Wealth; Daughter of the Ocean Favourite Alaimagal names
Alavandan boy Also Alavandar Favourite Alavandan names
Alli alli girl Name of a Beautiful Flower Favourite Alli names
Amaidhi amaidhi girl Peace Favourite Amaidhi names
Amaidhini amaidhini girl Peaceful and Sweet Favourite Amaidhini names
Ambalan boy Learned Favourite Ambalan names
Ambuvili ambuvili girl Piercing Eyes; Eyes resembling an Arrow tip Favourite Ambuvili names
Amildhan boy Sweet Favourite Amildhan names
Ammani ammani girl Gem of a Girl Favourite Ammani names
Amudham amudham girl Sweet Favourite Amudham names
Amudhan boy Sweet Favourite Amudhan names
Amudhini amudhini girl Sweet Favourite Amudhini names
Anaimugan boy Another Name for God Pillaiyar; Elephant-headed Favourite Anaimugan names
Anandam boy Bliss Favourite Anandam names
Anandan boy Happy boy; One who brings happiness Favourite Anandan names
Anandi anandi girl Merrisome; Full of smiles Favourite Anandi names
Anbalagan boy Lovely and Handsome Favourite Anbalagan names
Anbalagi anbalagi girl Lovely and Beautiful Favourite Anbalagi names
Anbanandan boy Lovely and Happy Favourite Anbanandan names
Anbarasan boy Commanding and Kind Favourite Anbarasan names
Anbendhi boy Kind Favourite Anbendhi names
Anbini anbini girl Kind and Sweet Favourite Anbini names
Anboli boy Kind Favourite Anboli names
Anbu boy Love; Kindness Favourite Anbu names
AnbuCheliyan boy Kind and Prosperous Favourite AnbuCheliyan names
AnbudaiNambi boy Kind and Confident Favourite AnbudaiNambi names
Anbulam anbulam girl Lovely; Kind-Hearted Favourite Anbulam names
Anbumadhi boy Kind and Intelligent Favourite Anbumadhi names
Anbumani boy Lovely Gem Favourite Anbumani names
Anbumoli boy Who Speaks Kind Words Favourite Anbumoli names
AnbuNambi boy Kind and Confident Favourite AnbuNambi names
Anbuselvan boy Kind and Prosperous Favourite Anbuselvan names
AnbuValli anbuvalli girl Kind Favourite AnbuValli names
Anicham anicham girl Name of a Beautiful Flower,AnichaMalar Favourite Anicham names
Anjappan boy Courageous Favourite Anjappan names
Annam annam girl Able to discriminate between good and bad,Swan Bird Favourite Annam names
AnnaMayil annamayil girl Annam (swan bird) + Mayil (Peacock) Favourite AnnaMayil names
Aram aram girl Righteous,pron,aRam Favourite Aram names
Aramani boy Righteous Favourite Aramani names
Aramoli aramoli girl Righteous Word,Aram Favourite Aramoli names
AramVirumbi boy Righteous Favourite AramVirumbi names
Aran boy Righteous Favourite Aran names
Araneri boy Righteous Favourite Araneri names
Arasan boy King Favourite Arasan names
Arasi arasi girl Queen Favourite Arasi names
Aravaanan boy Righteous; Decent Favourite Aravaanan names
Aravali boy Righteous Favourite Aravali names
Ari boy Lion Favourite Ari names
Arima boy Lion Favourite Arima names
Arinan boy Intellectual Favourite Arinan names
Arivaali boy Intelligent; Smart Favourite Arivaali names
Arivalagan boy Intelligent and Handsome Favourite Arivalagan names
Arivalagi arivalagi girl Intelligent and Beautiful Favourite Arivalagi names
Arivan boy Intelligent; Smart Favourite Arivan names
Arivanan boy Intelligent; Smart Favourite Arivanan names
Arivarasan boy King of Intelligence Favourite Arivarasan names
Arivoli boy Radiating with Intelligence Favourite Arivoli names
Arivu boy Intelligence Favourite Arivu names
ArivuCheliyan boy Intelligent and Prosperous Favourite ArivuCheliyan names
ArivuChelvan boy One whose wealth is his intelligence Favourite ArivuChelvan names
Arivudai arivudai girl Intelligent Favourite Arivudai names
ArivudaiNambi boy Intelligent and confident Favourite ArivudaiNambi names
Arivumadhi boy Intelligent and Knowledgeable Favourite Arivumadhi names
ArivuMalar arivumalar girl Intelligent Flower Favourite ArivuMalar names
Arivumani boy Intelligent gem Favourite Arivumani names
Arivunambi boy Intelligent and confident Favourite Arivunambi names
Arulaalan boy Benevolent; Charitable Favourite Arulaalan names
Arularasi arularasi girl Blessed Queen Favourite Arularasi names
Aruldasan boy Also Aruldhasan Favourite Aruldasan names
Aruli aruli girl Blessed Favourite Aruli names
Arulmani boy Blessed Gem Favourite Arulmani names
Arulmoli boy Gospel Favourite Arulmoli names
Arulmurugan boy God Murugan Favourite Arulmurugan names
Aruloli boy Radiance Favourite Aruloli names
ArulVadivel boy God Murugan Favourite ArulVadivel names
ArulVadivu arulvadivu girl Embodiment of Grace Favourite ArulVadivu names
ArulVelan boy God Murugan Favourite ArulVelan names
Arumai boy Precious; Unique Favourite Arumai names
ArumaiChelvam boy Precious Favourite ArumaiChelvam names
ArumaiNathan boy Precious Favourite ArumaiNathan names
Arumporul boy Unique Favourite Arumporul names
Arumugamani boy God Murugan Favourite Arumugamani names
Arumugan boy Another Name for God Murugan Favourite Arumugan names
ArumugaSami boy God Murugan Favourite ArumugaSami names
ArumugaVadivel boy God Murugan Favourite ArumugaVadivel names
Aruna aruna girl Brilliant Favourite Aruna names
Arutpa arutpa girl Divine Song Favourite Arutpa names
ArutSelvam h boy Divine Wealt Favourite ArutSelvam h names
Athipoo athipoo girl Name of a Flower Favourite Athipoo names
Atpudham atpudham girl Miracle Favourite Atpudham names
Atral boy Skilled Favourite Atral names
Atralarasu boy Skilled Favourite Atralarasu names
Avani boy Universal Favourite Avani names
AvaniKo boy King Favourite AvaniKo names
Avvai avvai girl Name of a famous ancient Thamil Poetess Favourite Avvai names
Ayarko boy God Kannan; King of Shepherds Favourite Ayarko names
Ayyappan boy God Ayyappan; Ever Youthful Favourite Ayyappan names
Bala boy Vibrant Favourite Bala names
Balaji boy God Venkatan Favourite Balaji names
BalaKumar boy Youthful Favourite BalaKumar names
Balamani balamani girl Youthful; Tender Favourite Balamani names
BalaMurugan boy God Murugan Favourite BalaMurugan names
Balan boy Vibrant Favourite Balan names
BalaSingam boy Young Lion Favourite BalaSingam names
BalaSubramanian boy God Murugan Favourite BalaSubramanian names
BalaVenkatan boy God Vengatan Favourite BalaVenkatan names
Cheliyan boy Prosperous; Rich; Resourceful Favourite Cheliyan names
ChellaKani boy Precious Favourite ChellaKani names
Chellakili chellakili girl Precious Favourite Chellakili names
Chellakumari chellakumari girl Precious Girl Favourite Chellakumari names
Chellam chellam girl Precious Favourite Chellam names
ChellaMani boy Precious gem Favourite ChellaMani names
Chellammal chellammal girl Precious Girl Favourite Chellammal names
Chellan boy Precious Favourite Chellan names
ChellaVadivu chellavadivu girl Precious Favourite ChellaVadivu names
Chemmal boy Perfect Favourite Chemmal names
Chemmani boy Precious Gem Favourite Chemmani names
Chemmoli boy Precious Words Favourite Chemmoli names
Cheralathan boy A Chera King Favourite Cheralathan names
Cheramaan boy A Chera King Favourite Cheramaan names
Cheran boy The Chera King; From the Chera (currently Kerala) country Favourite Cheran names
CheranMadhevi cheranmadhevi girl Chera Queen Favourite CheranMadhevi names
CheranMagal cheranmagal girl Daughter of Cheran Favourite CheranMagal names
Chindhanai boy Intelligence; Thought Favourite Chindhanai names
ChinnaDurai boy Prince Favourite ChinnaDurai names
Chinnamal chinnamal girl Little Girl Favourite Chinnamal names
ChinnaMani chinnamani girl Little Gem Favourite ChinnaMani names
ChinnaMuthu boy Little Pearl Favourite ChinnaMuthu names
Chithirai chithirai girl Name of the first Thamil month Favourite Chithirai names
Chokkan boy God Sivan Favourite Chokkan names
Cholai cholai girl Garden Favourite Cholai names
CholaiMani cholaimani girl Garden Gem Favourite CholaiMani names
Cholaiyammal cholaiyammal girl Garden Girl Solaiyammal Favourite Cholaiyammal names
Cholan boy The Chola King; From the Chola Country Favourite Cholan names
CholanMagal cholanmagal girl Daughter of Cholan Favourite CholanMagal names
Chudar boy Brilliant Favourite Chudar names
ChudarKodi chudarkodi girl Brilliant,Sudarkodi Favourite ChudarKodi names
ChudarMadhi chudarmadhi girl Brilliant Moon,Sudarmadhi Favourite ChudarMadhi names
ChudarMani boy Brilliant Favourite ChudarMani names
ChudarOli chudaroli girl Brilliant,Sudaroli Favourite ChudarOli names
Dayalan boy Kind Favourite Dayalan names
DeivaMani boy Blessed Gem Favourite DeivaMani names
Devan boy Godly,Thevan Favourite Devan names
DevaNathan boy Godly Favourite DevaNathan names
DevaNesan boy Pious Favourite DevaNesan names
Devaram boy Name of a divine scripture Favourite Devaram names
DheivaChelvi boy Blessed girl Favourite DheivaChelvi names
DheivaVadivu boy With the likeness of God Favourite DheivaVadivu names
DuraiMurugan boy God Murugan Favourite DuraiMurugan names
DuraiVel boy DuraiVelan Favourite DuraiVel names
Eelakili eelakili girl Parakeet from Eelam; Beautiful Favourite Eelakili names
ElamPirai elampirai girl Young Crescent,IlamPirai Favourite ElamPirai names
Elavarasi elavarasi girl Princess,Youthful,Ilavarasi Favourite Elavarasi names
Elil elil girl Beauty,pron,ezhil Favourite Elil names
Elili elili girl Beautiful Favourite Elili names
Elilmangai elilmangai girl Beautiful Girl,Elili,Elilnangai Favourite Elilmangai names
ElilVili elilvili girl Beautiful Eyes Favourite ElilVili names
Elisai elisai girl Seven Musical Notes; Melodious Favourite Elisai names
GnanaChelvan boy Learned Favourite GnanaChelvan names
GnanaChelvi gnanachelvi girl Intelligent Girl Favourite GnanaChelvi names
Gnanam boy Wisdom Favourite Gnanam names
GnanaMagal gnanamagal girl Intelligent Girl Favourite GnanaMagal names
GnanaMalar gnanamalar girl Intelligent Flower Favourite GnanaMalar names
GnanaMani boy Learned Favourite GnanaMani names
GnanaMurugan boy God Murugan Favourite GnanaMurugan names
GnanaMuthu boy Learned Favourite GnanaMuthu names
GnanaOli boy Wisdom Favourite GnanaOli names
GnanaPandiyan boy Learned Favourite GnanaPandiyan names
GnanaSooriyan boy Learned Favourite GnanaSooriyan names
GnanaThangam boy Learned Favourite GnanaThangam names
GnanaVadivu gnanavadivu girl Symbol of Intelligence Favourite GnanaVadivu names
GnanaValli gnanavalli girl Intelligent Favourite GnanaValli names
GnanaVel boy God Murugan Favourite GnanaVel names
GnanaVelan boy God Murugan Favourite GnanaVelan names
GnanaVendan boy Learned Favourite GnanaVendan names
Gnani boy Learned Favourite Gnani names
Govindan boy God Venkateswaran Favourite Govindan names
Guna guna girl Good Character,Kuna Favourite Guna names
Gunalan boy Man of Virtues Favourite Gunalan names
GunaMaalai gunamaalai girl Possessing Good Character Favourite GunaMaalai names
GunaMalar gunamalar girl Possessing Good Character Favourite GunaMalar names
GunaSeelan boy Man of Virtues Favourite GunaSeelan names
GunaVadivu gunavadivu girl Symbol of Good Character Favourite GunaVadivu names
Harini harini girl Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Harini names
Idhaya idhaya girl Heart,Idaya Favourite Idhaya names
Ilakkiya ilakkiya girl A Classic Favourite Ilakkiya names
Ilakkiyan boy Skilled in Literature Favourite Ilakkiyan names
Ilamaran boy Youthful and Brave Favourite Ilamaran names
Ilamayil ilamayil girl Young Peacock (Peahen) Favourite Ilamayil names
IlamParidhi boy Young Horse Favourite IlamParidhi names
Ilamuhil boy Youthful Favourite Ilamuhil names
IlaMurugu boy Youthful God Murugan Favourite IlaMurugu names
Ilango boy Prince; Chera Prince who authored the classic Silappadhikaram Favourite Ilango names
Ilanguyil ilanguyil girl Kuyil,A Bird with Melodious Voice,Kuyil,Ilanguyili Favourite Ilanguyil names
Ilanila ilanila girl Moon Crescent,IlamPirai Favourite Ilanila names
Ilavarasan boy Prince Favourite Ilavarasan names
Ilavarasi ilavarasi girl Princess Favourite Ilavarasi names
Ilavenil ilavenil girl Spring (the season); Youthful Favourite Ilavenil names
Inban boy Happy Favourite Inban names
Inbavalli inbavalli girl Happy Girl Favourite Inbavalli names
Inimai inimai girl Sweetness Favourite Inimai names
Inimoli inimoli girl Sweet Voice Favourite Inimoli names
Iniya iniya girl Sweet Favourite Iniya names
Iniyan boy Pleasant Natured Favourite Iniyan names
Innila innila girl Sweet Moon; Brilliant; Favourite Innila names
Innisai innisai girl Sweet Melody Favourite Innisai names
IraiAnbu boy Divine Love Favourite IraiAnbu names
Iraimani iraimani girl Divine Gem Favourite Iraimani names
Irumporai boy Brave Favourite Irumporai names
Isai isai girl Melody; Music Favourite Isai names
Isaiko boy King of Music Favourite Isaiko names
Isaimani boy Music Favourite Isaimani names
Iyalisai iyalisai girl Melody; Music Favourite Iyalisai names
Iyyappan boy God Iyyappan; Youthful Favourite Iyyappan names
Kaaviya kaaviya girl Heroine,Kaviya Favourite Kaaviya names
Kabilan boy Name of a Saint Favourite Kabilan names
Kadhir boy Brilliant; Ray of Light Favourite Kadhir names
Kadhiroli kadhiroli girl Brilliant like the Ray of Sun; Intelligent Favourite Kadhiroli names
KadhirVel boy Another name for God Murugan Favourite KadhirVel names
Kalai kalai girl Art Favourite Kalai names
KalaiArasan boy King of Arts Favourite KalaiArasan names
KalaiArasi kalaiarasi girl Queen of Arts Favourite KalaiArasi names
KalaiMagal kalaimagal girl Goddess of Arts; Goddess Saraswathi Favourite KalaiMagal names
KalaMegam boy Name of a Poet Favourite KalaMegam names
Kalanjiyam boy Repository of Wisdom, Wealth, etc Favourite Kalanjiyam names
KalviDasan boy Learned Favourite KalviDasan names
Kamarasan boy Unaffected by Desires Favourite Kamarasan names
Kamban boy Poet who composed Kamba Ramayanam Favourite Kamban names
Kanaiyali kanaiyali girl Name of an Ornament Favourite Kanaiyali names
Kandan boy God Murugan Favourite Kandan names
KandaVel boy God Murugan Favourite KandaVel names
Kanimoli kanimoli girl Possessing Sweet Voice Favourite Kanimoli names
Kannagi kannagi girl The Heroine of Silappadhikaram; Whose Eyes Smile Favourite Kannagi names
Kannan boy God Kannan; Playful; Merrisome Favourite Kannan names
Karikalan boy The Chola king known for his Wisdom and Bravery Favourite Karikalan names
KarMuhilan boy Rain-bearing cloud; Resourceful Favourite KarMuhilan names
Karuppan boy One who is dark (Black is beautiful!) Favourite Karuppan names
Kasinathan boy God Sivan Favourite Kasinathan names
Katpagam katpagam girl Possessing Good Character,Karpagam Favourite Katpagam names
Katran boy Well-Learned Favourite Katran names
Kaveri kaveri girl Prosperous,The River Kaveri,kaaveri Favourite Kaveri names
Kaviarasi kaviarasi girl Queen of Poetry Favourite Kaviarasi names
Kavimalar kavimalar girl Beautiful like the Poetic Flower Favourite Kavimalar names
Kavin boy Natural Beauty Favourite Kavin names
KaviNila kavinila girl Beautiful like the Poetic Moon Favourite KaviNila names
KaviriNadan boy From the Kaviri (Cauvery) naadu Favourite KaviriNadan names
Kavitha kavitha girl Poem Favourite Kavitha names
Kayal kayal girl With Beautiful Eyes,Kayali Favourite Kayal names
Kayilai boy Abode of God Sivan Favourite Kayilai names
Keerthi boy Glorious Favourite Keerthi names
Kili kili girl Parakeet Favourite Kili names
Kodhai kodhai girl Beautiful Girl,kOdhai Favourite Kodhai names
KodiMalli kodimalli girl Malligai Flower on a Vine,KodiMalligai Favourite KodiMalli names
KodiMullai kodimullai girl Mullai Flower on a Vine Favourite KodiMullai names
Kohila kohila girl Sweet Voiced like a Kuyil (Cuckoo),Kuyili Favourite Kohila names
KolaMayil kolamayil girl Dancing Peacock (Peahen) Favourite KolaMayil names
KolaVili kolavili girl With Beautiful Eyes like a Kolam Favourite KolaVili names
Komagal komagal girl Princess,pron,kOmagal Favourite Komagal names
Komagan boy Prince Favourite Komagan names
Koman boy King Favourite Koman names
KoodalAlagar boy God Sivan Favourite KoodalAlagar names
Koormadhi boy Brilliant Favourite Koormadhi names
Koothan boy God Sivan; Silled in the Arts Favourite Koothan names
Kovalan boy Hero of Silappathikaram Favourite Kovalan names
Kovendan boy King Favourite Kovendan names
Kulali kulali girl With Beautiful Hair Favourite Kulali names
KulandaiSami boy Another name for God Murugan Favourite KulandaiSami names
Kumanan boy Name of a charitable prince Favourite Kumanan names
KumaraVel boy Youthful; Another name for God Murugan Favourite KumaraVel names
Kumudha kumudha girl Beautiful like the Kumudham Flower,Kumudham, Kumudhini Favourite Kumudha names
Kuna boy Good Character Favourite Kuna names
Kunran boy God Murugan Favourite Kunran names
Kurinji kurinji girl Name of a Unique Flower that blooms every twelve years Favourite Kurinji names
Kurumuni boy Another name for Agathiyan Favourite Kurumuni names
Kutraalan boy God Sivan; Presiding Deity of Kutraalam Favourite Kutraalan names
Kuvalai kuvalai girl Name of a Beautiful Flower Favourite Kuvalai names
Kuyilan boy Sweet like Kuyil (Cuckoo) Favourite Kuyilan names
Kuyili kuyili girl Sweet Voiced like a Kuyil(Cuckoo),Kuyila Favourite Kuyili names
Lingam boy God Sivan Favourite Lingam names
Lingammal lingammal girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Lingammal names
Lingamoorthi boy God Sivan Favourite Lingamoorthi names
Lingan boy God Sivan Favourite Lingan names
Lingappan boy God Sivan Favourite Lingappan names
Lingesan boy God Sivan Favourite Lingesan names
Logambal logambal girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Logambal names
Loganayaki loganayaki girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Loganayaki names
Maalai maalai girl Garland of Flowers Favourite Maalai names
Maalini maalini girl As Beautiful as Flowers,and Sweet,Malini Favourite Maalini names
Maaran boy Brave; Knight Favourite Maaran names
Maargali maargali girl Name of an Auspicious Month Favourite Maargali names
Maari boy Rain; Prosperous Favourite Maari names
Maasila maasila girl Pure; Without Blemish Favourite Maasila names
Maasilan boy Pure; Without blemish Favourite Maasilan names
Maavalan boy Prosperous Favourite Maavalan names
MadhiAlagan boy Intelligent and Handsome Favourite MadhiAlagan names
Mahilam mahilam girl Cheerful; Name of a Flower Favourite Mahilam names
Mahilan boy Cheerful; Happy Favourite Mahilan names
Maina maina girl Name of a Beautiful Bird Favourite Maina names
Malai boy Mountain; similar to Giri Favourite Malai names
MalaiMagal malaimagal girl Goddess Parvathi; Daughter of the Hills Favourite MalaiMagal names
MalaiSami boy God of the hills; God Murugan Favourite MalaiSami names
Malar malar girl Flower Favourite Malar names
Malaravan boy Gentle like a Flower Favourite Malaravan names
MalarVendan boy Gentle Favourite MalarVendan names
Malliga malliga girl Name of a Flower with a Lovely Fragrance, Jasmine,Mallika Favourite Malliga names
Mamannan boy King of Kings Favourite Mamannan names
Mangai mangai girl Cultured Lady Favourite Mangai names
Mangala mangala girl Blessed Favourite Mangala names
Mani boy Gem Favourite Mani names
Manikkam boy Gem Favourite Manikkam names
ManikkaVel boy God Murugan Favourite ManikkaVel names
Manimaran boy Brave Favourite Manimaran names
Manimegalai manimegalai girl Mekala Favourite Manimegalai names
Maragadham maragadham girl A Gem Favourite Maragadham names
Marai boy Scripture Favourite Marai names
Marudan boy Of the Enchanting Fields Favourite Marudan names
Marudham marudham girl The Lush Green Fields Favourite Marudham names
Mayil mayil girl Full of Grace and Beauty like a Peacock (Peahen),Mayili, Mayila Favourite Mayil names
Mayilan boy Another name for God Murugan; similar to Mayur Favourite Mayilan names
Meena meena girl With Beautiful Eyes resembling a Fish,Kayalvili Favourite Meena names
Meganathan boy King of the Clouds Favourite Meganathan names
Mekala mekala girl Excellent Art,Mekalai,Megala,Megalai Favourite Mekala names
Meykandan boy Who knows The Truth; Intelligent Favourite Meykandan names
Meyyalagi meyyalagi girl Truely Beautiful Girl,Meyyalagu Favourite Meyyalagi names
Meyyan boy Truthful Favourite Meyyan names
Minnal minnal girl Lightning,Brilliance;Minnoli Favourite Minnal names
Mudhalvan boy Important; Prime Favourite Mudhalvan names
Muhilan boy Of the Clouds Favourite Muhilan names
Mukkannan boy God Sivan Favourite Mukkannan names
Mullai mullai girl Name of a Flower with a Lovely Fragrance Favourite Mullai names
Murugan boy God Murugan; Youthful; Handsome Favourite Murugan names
MurugaVel boy God Murugan Favourite MurugaVel names
Murugu boy God Murugan; Handsome Favourite Murugu names
Muthalagi muthalagi girl Beautiful like a Pearl Favourite Muthalagi names
Muthammal muthammal girl Beautiful like a Pearl Favourite Muthammal names
Mutholi mutholi girl Like the Shine on a Pearl Favourite Mutholi names
MuthuVel boy God Murugan Favourite MuthuVel names
Naamagal naamagal girl Magnificent Poetess, Orator,Articulate,Naavarasi Favourite Naamagal names
Naavalan boy Orator; Well-versed in the Arts Favourite Naavalan names
Naavarasi naavarasi girl Magnificent Poetess, Orator,Articulate;Naamagal Favourite Naavarasi names
Nadanam nadanam girl Beautiful Dance, Nadana Favourite Nadanam names
NadanaMangai nadanamangai girl Beautiful Dancer,NadanaMani Favourite NadanaMangai names
NadanaMani nadanamani girl Beautiful Dancer,NadanaMangai Favourite NadanaMani names
Nagulan boy Witty Favourite Nagulan names
Nakkeeran boy Name of a Brave Poet Favourite Nakkeeran names
Nalan boy Name of an Honest King Favourite Nalan names
Nallalagan boy Very Handsome Favourite Nallalagan names
Nallammai nallammai girl Excellent Girl,Nallammal Favourite Nallammai names
NallaPerumal boy God Venkateswaran Favourite NallaPerumal names
Nallarasi nallarasi girl Excellent Queen Favourite Nallarasi names
NallaSivan boy God Sivan Favourite NallaSivan names
Nallavan boy Benevolent Favourite Nallavan names
Nallini nallini girl Excellent and Sweet Favourite Nallini names
Nambi boy Confident; Able Favourite Nambi names
Nambini nambini girl Confident and Sweet Favourite Nambini names
Nangai nangai girl Cultured Lady Favourite Nangai names
Nanjayyan boy God Sivan Favourite Nanjayyan names
NanMaaran boy Benevolent and Brave Favourite NanMaaran names
Nanmalar nanmalar girl Excellent Flower Favourite Nanmalar names
Nanmani nanmani girl Excellent Gem Favourite Nanmani names
Nanmuthu nanmuthu girl Excellent Pearl Favourite Nanmuthu names
Nannan boy Benevolent; Name of a King Favourite Nannan names
Natarajan boy God Sivan Favourite Natarajan names
Natchelvi natchelvi girl Good Girl Favourite Natchelvi names
Natkuna natkuna girl With Good Character Favourite Natkuna names
Natkunam boy Good Charactered Favourite Natkunam names
Natthamarai natthamarai girl Excellent Lotus Flower Favourite Natthamarai names
Nedumaaran boy Valiant and Respected Favourite Nedumaaran names
NedunCheliyan boy Prosperous Favourite NedunCheliyan names
Nedungo boy King Favourite Nedungo names
NeedhiChelvan boy Honest Favourite NeedhiChelvan names
Neelan boy God Kannan Favourite Neelan names
Neri boy Good Character Favourite Neri names
Neriya neriya girl With Good Character,Neriyaal Favourite Neriya names
Neriyaal neriyaal girl With Good Character,Neriya Favourite Neriyaal names
Nila nila girl Enchanting Moon Favourite Nila names
Nilani nilani girl Enchanting Moon Favourite Nilani names
Nilavalagi nilavalagi girl Beautiful like the Moon Favourite Nilavalagi names
Nilavan boy Moon; Handsome Favourite Nilavan names
Nilavarasi nilavarasi girl Beautiful Queen like the Moon Favourite Nilavarasi names
Nilavoli nilavoli girl Beautiful Shine of the Moon Favourite Nilavoli names
NiraiMadhi niraimadhi girl Omniscient; The Full Moon Favourite NiraiMadhi names
Nithila nithila girl Beautiful like Pearl,Nithilam Favourite Nithila names
Nithilam nithilam girl Beautiful like Pearl,Nithila,Another spelling Favourite Nithilam names
NithilaMani nithilamani girl Beautiful like Pearl,Nithilam Favourite NithilaMani names
OliChudar olichudar girl Brilliant,OliSudar Favourite OliChudar names
Olikodi olikodi girl Brilliant Favourite Olikodi names
Olimani olimani girl Brilliant Favourite Olimani names
Oliyarasi oliyarasi girl Brilliant Favourite Oliyarasi names
Oppilaa oppilaa girl Unique Favourite Oppilaa names
OppilaaChelvi oppilaachelvi girl Unique Girl,Oppilaa Favourite OppilaaChelvi names
OppilaaNangai oppilaanangai girl Unique Lady,Oppilaa Favourite OppilaaNangai names
OppilaMani boy Peerless Gem Favourite OppilaMani names
Oppilan boy Peerless Gem Favourite Oppilan names
Ori boy Name of a Charitable King Favourite Ori names
OttaKoothan boy Name of a Poet Favourite OttaKoothan names
Oviya oviya girl Like a Beautiful Art Favourite Oviya names
OviyaKodi oviyakodi girl Vine in a Beautiful Art Favourite OviyaKodi names
Oviyam oviyam girl Beautiful Art Favourite Oviyam names
Oviyan boy Artist Favourite Oviyan names
Paadini paadini girl Pleasing Song,Padini Favourite Paadini names
Paari boy Name of a Charitable Prince Favourite Paari names
Paavai paavai girl Beautiful Girl,Pavai Favourite Paavai names
Pachai boy Youthful; Resourceful Favourite Pachai names
Pagalavan boy Sun; Radiant Favourite Pagalavan names
Palani boy Abode of God Murugan Favourite Palani names
PalaniSami boy Another name for God Murugan Favourite PalaniSami names
Pallavan boy From Pallava Naadu; Pallava King Favourite Pallavan names
Panbu panbu girl Good Character Favourite Panbu names
Pandiyan boy Ruler of the Pandiya Naadu Favourite Pandiyan names
Panmoli boy Articulate Favourite Panmoli names
Paraman boy God Sivan Favourite Paraman names
Paridhi boy Brilliant like Sun Favourite Paridhi names
Parvathi parvathi girl Goddess Paarvathi Favourite Parvathi names
Pattu pattu girl Pattammal Favourite Pattu names
Pavalan boy King of Poetry Favourite Pavalan names
Pennarasi pennarasi girl Queen,Arasi Favourite Pennarasi names
Peralagi peralagi girl Girl of Great Beauty,Alagi,Peralagu Favourite Peralagi names
Perinbam boy Bliss; also Perinban Favourite Perinbam names
PeriyaNambi boy Self-Confident Favourite PeriyaNambi names
Perumaan boy Great King Favourite Perumaan names
Perumal boy God Venkateswaran Favourite Perumal names
Perumudi boy Great King Favourite Perumudi names
Pichipoo pichipoo girl Name of a Beautiful Flower Favourite Pichipoo names
Pirai pirai girl Crescent; Beautiful,Nila Favourite Pirai names
PiraiSoodan boy God Sivan Favourite PiraiSoodan names
Poatri boy Admired Favourite Poatri names
Polilan boy Handsome Favourite Polilan names
PonMalar ponmalar girl Golden Flower Favourite PonMalar names
Ponmudi boy Brilliant; Handsome Favourite Ponmudi names
Ponnadi boy With golden feet Favourite Ponnadi names
Ponnagai ponnagai girl Golden Smile Favourite Ponnagai names
Ponnammal ponnammal girl Golden Girl Favourite Ponnammal names
Ponni ponni girl Golden,River Kaveri,Kaveri Favourite Ponni names
Ponnilai ponnilai girl Golden Leaf Favourite Ponnilai names
PonVel boy God Murugan Favourite PonVel names
Poomaalai poomaalai girl Garland of Flowers Favourite Poomaalai names
Poovarasi poovarasi girl Beautiful Queen Resembling a Flower Favourite Poovarasi names
Poyyamoli boy Prophetic; Smart Favourite Poyyamoli names
Pudhumai boy Creative; Novel Favourite Pudhumai names
Pugal boy Glory; Fame Favourite Pugal names
PugalVadivu pugalvadivu girl Admirable Girl Favourite PugalVadivu names
Pulamai boy Expertise in Literature Favourite Pulamai names
Puli boy Tiger Favourite Puli names
Punidhan boy Blessed Favourite Punidhan names
Punnagai punnagai girl Lovely Smile Favourite Punnagai names
Puravi boy Agile like a Horse Favourite Puravi names
Putholi putholi girl New Light Favourite Putholi names
Ramanan boy Name of a Saint Favourite Ramanan names
Ramanathan boy God Raman Favourite Ramanathan names
Ramappan boy God Raman Favourite Ramappan names
Ramasami boy God Raman Favourite Ramasami names
Rangamani boy See Arangan Favourite Rangamani names
Rangan boy See Arangan Favourite Rangan names
Ranganathan boy See Aranganathan Favourite Ranganathan names
Rathinam boy Gem Favourite Rathinam names
RathinaVel boy See RathinaVelan Favourite RathinaVel names
RathinaVelan boy See RathinaVel Favourite RathinaVelan names
Sabari boy God Ayyappan Favourite Sabari names
SabariNathan boy God Ayyappan Favourite SabariNathan names
Sadaiyan boy God Sivan Favourite Sadaiyan names
Sadaiyappan boy God Sivan Favourite Sadaiyappan names
SakthiMurugan boy Another name for God Murugan Favourite SakthiMurugan names
SakthiVel boy Another name for God Murugan Favourite SakthiVel names
SambaSivan boy God Sivan Favourite SambaSivan names
SandanaChelvan boy Pleasant Favourite SandanaChelvan names
SangiliMurugan boy Another name for God Murugan Favourite SangiliMurugan names
SaravanaMuthu boy Another name for God Murugan Favourite SaravanaMuthu names
Saravanan boy Another name for God Murugan Favourite Saravanan names
SaravanaVel boy Another name for God Murugan Favourite SaravanaVel names
SelvaGanapathi boy Prosperous Favourite SelvaGanapathi names
SelvaKumaran boy Prosperous Favourite SelvaKumaran names
Selvamani boy Prosperous Favourite Selvamani names
Selvamuthu boy Prosperous Favourite Selvamuthu names
Selvan boy Prosperous Favourite Selvan names
SelvaNambi boy Prosperous and Confident Favourite SelvaNambi names
SelvaNathan boy Prosperous Favourite SelvaNathan names
SelvaPandiyan boy Prosperous Favourite SelvaPandiyan names
Selvarasan boy Prosperous Favourite Selvarasan names
SelvaRathinam boy Prosperous Favourite SelvaRathinam names
SelvaSundaram boy Prosperous Favourite SelvaSundaram names
SelvaThurai boy Prosperous Favourite SelvaThurai names
SelvaVinayagam boy Prosperous, Vinayagam - Pillaiyar Favourite SelvaVinayagam names
Semmal boy Perfect Favourite Semmal names
Sendhil boy God Murugan Favourite Sendhil names
SendhilKumaran boy God Murugan Favourite SendhilKumaran names
SendhilMurugan boy God Murugan Favourite SendhilMurugan names
SendhilNathan boy God Murugan Favourite SendhilNathan names
SendhilVadivel boy God Murugan Favourite SendhilVadivel names
SendhilVel boy God Murugan Favourite SendhilVel names
Sendooran boy God Murugan Favourite Sendooran names
Sengannan boy Visionary Favourite Sengannan names
Senguttuvan boy A Chera Prince who conquered upto the Himalayas Favourite Senguttuvan names
Senkadir boy Brilliant like the Ray of Light Favourite Senkadir names
SenTamaraiKannan boy God Kannan in Red Lotus Favourite SenTamaraiKannan names
SenTamilArasan boy Well-versed in Pure Tamil Favourite SenTamilArasan names
SenTamilChelvan boy Well-versed in Pure Tamil Favourite SenTamilChelvan names
Sevalkodiyon boy God Murugan Favourite Sevalkodiyon names
Sidhan boy Enlightened Favourite Sidhan names
Singan boy Brave like a Lion Favourite Singan names
SingaraVelan boy Another name for God Murugan Favourite SingaraVelan names
Sitpan boy Sculptor Favourite Sitpan names
Siva boy God Sivan Favourite Siva names
SivaBalan boy Son of God Sivan Favourite SivaBalan names
SivaChelvan boy Son of God Sivan Favourite SivaChelvan names
Sivadasan boy Devotee of God Sivan Favourite Sivadasan names
SivaGnanam boy Devotion to God Sivan Favourite SivaGnanam names
SivaKumaran boy Son of God Sivan Favourite SivaKumaran names
Sivalingam boy God Sivan Favourite Sivalingam names
Sivalogam boy Abode of God Sivan Favourite Sivalogam names
SivaMurugan boy God Murugan Favourite SivaMurugan names
Sivan boy God Sivan Favourite Sivan names
SivaNathan boy God Sivan Favourite SivaNathan names
SivaPerumal boy God Sivan Favourite SivaPerumal names
SivaRaman boy Siva = God Sivan + Raman = God Raman Favourite SivaRaman names
SollinSelvan boy Articulate Favourite SollinSelvan names
Solvalavan boy Articulate Favourite Solvalavan names
Sooriyan boy Brilliant resembling Sun Favourite Sooriyan names
Subbaiyan boy Another name for God Murugan Favourite Subbaiyan names
Subbu boy Another name for God Murugan Favourite Subbu names
Subramani boy Another name for God Murugan Favourite Subramani names
SundaraVel boy Another name for God Murugan Favourite SundaraVel names
Tamarai tamarai girl Lotus Flower; Beautiful,Thamarai Favourite Tamarai names
TamaraiChelvan boy Handsome Favourite TamaraiChelvan names
TamaraiKannan boy Handsome; God Kannan Favourite TamaraiKannan names
TamaraiManalan boy Handsome Favourite TamaraiManalan names
TamilAlagan boy Handsome Tamil Favourite TamilAlagan names
Tamilalagi tamilalagi girl Beautiful Tamil Favourite Tamilalagi names
Tamilan boy A Tamil Favourite Tamilan names
TamilAnban boy One who loves Tamil Favourite TamilAnban names
TamilArasan boy Well-versed in Tamil; Tamil King Favourite TamilArasan names
TamilArasi tamilarasi girl Tamil Queen Favourite TamilArasi names
TamilChelvan boy Prosperous Favourite TamilChelvan names
TamilDasan boy One who loves Tamil Favourite TamilDasan names
TamilElilan boy Handsome tamil Favourite TamilElilan names
TamilInban boy Happy Favourite TamilInban names
Tamiliniyan boy Pleasant Favourite Tamiliniyan names
Tamilko boy Tamil King Favourite Tamilko names
TamilKoothan boy Tamil Artist Favourite TamilKoothan names
TamilKudimagan boy A Tamil Favourite TamilKudimagan names
TamilMagan boy A Thamilan Favourite TamilMagan names
TamilMani boy Tamil Gem Favourite TamilMani names
TamilMudi boy Tamil King Favourite TamilMudi names
TamilNadan boy A Tamil Favourite TamilNadan names
TamilNambi boy Confident Favourite TamilNambi names
TamilOli boy Tamil Light Favourite TamilOli names
TamilVirumbi boy One who Loves Tamil Favourite TamilVirumbi names
Tarani tarani girl Goddess Earth Favourite Tarani names
Teyvanai teyvanai girl Consort of God Murugan; Daughter of God Indiran Favourite Teyvanai names
Thairiyan boy Brave; Confident Favourite Thairiyan names
ThanaMalar thanamalar girl Prosperous + Flower,SelvaMalar Favourite ThanaMalar names
ThangaBalan boy Precious Favourite ThangaBalan names
ThangaDurai boy Precious Favourite ThangaDurai names
Thangaiyan boy Precious Favourite Thangaiyan names
ThangaKani boy Precious Favourite ThangaKani names
Thangam boy Gold; Precious Favourite Thangam names
Thangamani boy Precious Favourite Thangamani names
ThangaMariyappan boy Precious and Resourceful Favourite ThangaMariyappan names
ThangaMuthu boy Golden Pearl; Precious Favourite ThangaMuthu names
Thangappan boy Golden; Precious Favourite Thangappan names
Thangarasan boy Golden King; Precious Favourite Thangarasan names
ThangaSami boy Golden; Precious Favourite ThangaSami names
ThangaVel boy God Murugan Favourite ThangaVel names
ThanjaiNadan boy From or of the Thanjai Naadu (Tanjore, Thanjavur) Favourite ThanjaiNadan names
ThavaChelvan boy Gift of God Favourite ThavaChelvan names
ThavaMagan boy Gift of God Favourite ThavaMagan names
ThavaMalar thavamalar girl Gift of God Favourite ThavaMalar names
ThavaMani boy Gift of God Favourite ThavaMani names
Thavapalan boy Gift of God Favourite Thavapalan names
Thayalan boy Kind Favourite Thayalan names
Thayanban boy Who Loves His Mother Favourite Thayanban names
Thayumanavan boy Name Of An Ancient Poet Favourite Thayumanavan names
Theeran boy Brave; Achiever Favourite Theeran names
TheivaMani boy Gift of God; Godly Favourite TheivaMani names
ThenMoli thenmoli girl Who Speaks Sweet like Honey Favourite ThenMoli names
Thennan boy From the South (in Tamil Naadu Favourite Thennan names
Thenral thenral girl Breeze; Inspiring,Thendral Favourite Thenral names
Thevan boy Godly Favourite Thevan names
Thevaram boy A Tamil classic in praise of The God Favourite Thevaram names
Thinakaran boy Intelligent and Radiant like Sun Favourite Thinakaran names
ThiruGnanam boy Intelligent; Realized Favourite ThiruGnanam names
ThiruMagal thirumagal girl Goddess Lakshmi Favourite ThiruMagal names
Thirumal boy God Venkateswaran Favourite Thirumal names
Thirumalai boy Abode of God Venkateswaran; Holy Place Favourite Thirumalai names
ThiruMaran boy Brave Favourite ThiruMaran names
Thirumoli boy Word of God Favourite Thirumoli names
ThiruMurugan boy God Murugan Favourite ThiruMurugan names
ThiruPugal boy Also Tirupugal Favourite ThiruPugal names
ThiruValluvan boy Author of the Tamil Masterpiece ThiruKural (aka Secular Scripture) Favourite ThiruValluvan names
ThiruVenkatan boy God Venkateswaran Favourite ThiruVenkatan names
Thiruvoli boy Light from God Favourite Thiruvoli names
Thogai thogai girl Beautiful Feathers,Togai,Toagai Favourite Thogai names
ThooMani boy Flawless Gem Favourite ThooMani names
Thooya thooya girl Pure Favourite Thooya names
Thooyan boy Flawless; Pure Favourite Thooyan names
UdayaSooriyan boy Rising Sun Favourite UdayaSooriyan names
Udumban boy With Determination; Focussed Favourite Udumban names
UlagaMuthu boy Gem of the World Favourite UlagaMuthu names
Ulagan boy Worldly Favourite Ulagan names
Ulaganathan boy Master of the World Favourite Ulaganathan names
Ulagappan boy Creator of the World Favourite Ulagappan names
Ulagarasan boy King of the World Favourite Ulagarasan names
Ulamaaran boy Brave Favourite Ulamaaran names
Umaiappan boy God Sivan Favourite Umaiappan names
Umaiyavan boy God Sivan Favourite Umaiyavan names
UnmaiVilambi boy Truthful Favourite UnmaiVilambi names
UnmaiVirumbi boy Truthful Favourite UnmaiVirumbi names
Uthaman boy Truthful Favourite Uthaman names
Vaagai vaagai girl Name of a Beautiful Flower Favourite Vaagai names
Vaanadhi vaanadhi girl Milky Way Favourite Vaanadhi names
Vaasuki vaasuki girl Learned Favourite Vaasuki names
Vadivu vadivu girl Beautiful Favourite Vadivu names
Vadivukarasi vadivukarasi girl Queen of Beauty Favourite Vadivukarasi names
Vairam vairam girl As Beautiful as a Diamond Favourite Vairam names
ValarPirai valarpirai girl Moon in Ascension; Encouraging,ValarMadhi, ValarNila Favourite ValarPirai names
Vanampadi vanampadi girl Melodious; Nightingale Bird Favourite Vanampadi names
Vanappu vanappu girl Prosperous Favourite Vanappu names
Vanmoli vanmoli girl Word of God Favourite Vanmoli names
VannaKili vannakili girl Beautiful Favourite VannaKili names
VannaMayil vannamayil girl As Beautiful as the Peacock (Peahen) Favourite VannaMayil names
VeeraMagal veeramagal girl Brave Girl Favourite VeeraMagal names
VeeraMangai veeramangai girl Brave Girl,VeeraNangai Favourite VeeraMangai names
Veerammal veerammal girl Brave Girl Favourite Veerammal names
Velvili velvili girl Piercing Eyes Favourite Velvili names
Venmugil venmugil girl White Cloud Favourite Venmugil names
Vennila vennila girl Brilliant White Moon,Venmadhi,Nila Favourite Vennila names
VenPirai venpirai girl Brilliant White Moon Favourite VenPirai names
VenTamarai ventamarai girl White Lotus Flower,Tamarai Favourite VenTamarai names
VetriArasi vetriarasi girl Queen of Success Favourite VetriArasi names
VetriChelvi vetrichelvi girl Successful Girl,VetriSelvi Favourite VetriChelvi names
VetriKodi vetrikodi girl Successful Favourite VetriKodi names
Vidiyal vidiyal girl Dawn Favourite Vidiyal names
YaalChelvan boy Pride of Yaalpaanam (Jaffna) Favourite YaalChelvan names
Yaalmani boy Gem of Yaalpaanam (Jaffna) Favourite Yaalmani names
Yaalvendan boy Ruler of Yaalpaanam (Jaffna) Favourite Yaalvendan names