Popular Assamese Baby Names

A Name is a simple a word which used to identify rest of the life of child so this is the first gift from the parents or relatives to the baby.therefore it needed a great care when we put their baby name which should be listen to good and beautiful meaning.To Keep all of that things in Mind we have great and nice collection range of baby names with meaning where your search will be finished for the suitable baby names. here is great range of Assamese Baby names with meaning where you choose your favourite Assamese Baby Names.
Popular Assamese Baby Names
Name Meaning
Aachman boy Intake Of A Sip Of Water Before A Yagya Or Puja Favourite Aachman names
Aadhira aadhira girl Moon Favourite Aadhira names
Aagney boy Sonof the fire. Favourite Aagney names
Aakarshan boy Attraction Favourite Aakarshan names
Aaliya aaliya girl High; Tall; Towering; Excellent Favourite Aaliya names
Aandaleeb boy The Bulbul Bird Favourite Aandaleeb names
Aaryan aaryan girl Illustrious Favourite Aaryan names
Aasin aasin girl Calling himself Favourite Aasin names
Abhas boy Reflection. Favourite Abhas names
Abhayaprada abhayaprada girl Bestower Of Safety, Another Name For Vishnu Favourite Abhayaprada names
Abhi boy Fearless Favourite Abhi names
Abhimani abhimani girl Full Of Pride, Another Name For Agni As The Eldest Son Of Brahma Favourite Abhimani names
Abhimoda boy Joy, Delight Favourite Abhimoda names
Abhinabhas boy Renowned, Famous Favourite Abhinabhas names
Abhinandan abhinandan girl Greetings Favourite Abhinandan names
Abhiram boy Pleasing Favourite Abhiram names
Abhiroop boy Handsome. Favourite Abhiroop names
Adiban boy Leader Favourite Adiban names
Adinarayan adinarayan girl Leader Favourite Adinarayan names
Adinath boy The First Lord; Lord Vishnu Favourite Adinath names
Aditya boy Sun Favourite Aditya names
Adityavardhana boy Augmented By Glory Favourite Adityavardhana names
Agastya boy Name Of A Sage Favourite Agastya names
Agraj boy leader, senior Favourite Agraj names
Aissa aissa girl Grateful Favourite Aissa names
Ajath ajath girl Birthless.Shiva.Vishnu.Jina. Favourite Ajath names
Ajatshatru boy Who Has No Enemies Favourite Ajatshatru names
Ajinkya boy Invincible Favourite Ajinkya names
Akalbir akalbir girl Pure, Moon Iight Favourite Akalbir names
Akash boy Sky Favourite Akash names
Akhila akhila girl Total Favourite Akhila names
Akhilesh boy Lord & Master; Lord of the universe; Indestructible; Immortal Favourite Akhilesh names
Alagan boy Handsome Favourite Alagan names
Alagar boy God Sivan Favourite Alagar names
Alhad boy Joy Favourite Alhad names
Aman boy Peace; The one who is peaceful Favourite Aman names
Amitava boy Same As Amitabh Favourite Amitava names
Amod boy Pleasure Favourite Amod names
Amritaya boy The Immortal. Lord Vishnu Favourite Amritaya names
Anadi boy Without Beginning Favourite Anadi names
Ananda boy Happiness Favourite Ananda names
Anant boy Infinite Favourite Anant names
Anbarasu boy King Of Love Favourite Anbarasu names
Anbu boy Love, Kindness Favourite Anbu names
Anbumadi boy Kind And Intelligent Favourite Anbumadi names
Aneesha aneesha girl Uninterrupted; Continuous; One who is supreme Favourite Aneesha names
Anikait boy Lord Of The World Favourite Anikait names
Anilabh boy Spirit Of The Wind Favourite Anilabh names
Animesh boy With Big eyes Favourite Animesh names
Aninditha aninditha girl Virtuous, Venerated Favourite Aninditha names
Anit boy Joyful Unending Favourite Anit names
Anjal boy Hollow Formed By Joining Two Hands Favourite Anjal names
Anshuman boy The sun Favourite Anshuman names
Antim boy Last Favourite Antim names
Anula anula girl Not wild, Gentle Favourite Anula names
Apinaya apinaya girl Expressions In Dance Favourite Apinaya names
Apparajito boy Undefeated Favourite Apparajito names
Arivuchelvan boy One Whose Wealth Is His Wisdom Favourite Arivuchelvan names
Arman boy Wish Favourite Arman names
Arnab boy Sea Favourite Arnab names
Arul boy Gods Grace, Gods Blessing Favourite Arul names
Aryan boy Illustrious; Noble; Spiritual Favourite Aryan names
Ashnaa ashnaa girl Daughter Of King Bali Favourite Ashnaa names
Ashvin boy A Cavalier Favourite Ashvin names
Askini askini girl Daughter Of Prajapati Virat Favourite Askini names
Asvin boy A Hindu Month Favourite Asvin names
Atambhu boy The Holy Trinity Favourite Atambhu names
Atreya boy Receptacle Of Glory Favourite Atreya names
Avaneesh boy Lord Ganesha Favourite Avaneesh names
Avilash boy Faithful Favourite Avilash names
Babita babita girl Little Girl; Stranger; Born in the first quarter of the day Favourite Babita names
Badriprasad boy Goft of Badri Favourite Badriprasad names
Bakool boy Flower Favourite Bakool names
Baladitya boy Young Sun Favourite Baladitya names
Balaji boy A name of Vishnu Favourite Balaji names
Balaravi boy The morning sun Favourite Balaravi names
Balashankar boy Young Lord Shiva Favourite Balashankar names
Balendu boy Young moon Favourite Balendu names
Bali boy Brave Favourite Bali names
Balkrishan boy Young Krishna Favourite Balkrishan names
Balveer boy Powerful ( Balbeer ) Favourite Balveer names
Banaj boy Lotus Banbihari Lord Krishna Favourite Banaj names
Bandhini bandhini girl Bound, bond Favourite Bandhini names
Bandhu boy Friend Favourite Bandhu names
Baneet boy Polite Favourite Baneet names
Bansi boy Flute Favourite Bansi names
Barindra boy Ocean Favourite Barindra names
Barun boy Lord of the sea Favourite Barun names
Basma basma girl A smile Favourite Basma names
Basudev boy Fire Favourite Basudev names
Bavyesh boy Lord of the world/ Shiva Favourite Bavyesh names
Belli belli girl Silver, A Companion Favourite Belli names
Bhadrik boy Shankar Favourite Bhadrik names
Bhakti boy Devotion, prayer Favourite Bhakti names
Bhalendra boy Lord of strength Favourite Bhalendra names
Bhim boy Fearful Favourite Bhim names
Bhoumik boy Land owner Favourite Bhoumik names
Bhupal boy King Favourite Bhupal names
Bhupali bhupali girl A raagini in Indian music Favourite Bhupali names
Bibhas boy A raga Favourite Bibhas names
Bimbi bimbi girl Glorious Favourite Bimbi names
Bimbisar boy King Of The Gupta Dynasty Favourite Bimbisar names
Bithika bithika girl Path between trees Favourite Bithika names
Breonna breonna girl Just pretty Favourite Breonna names
Bukka boy Heart, loving, sincere Favourite Bukka names
Chandrabhaga chandrabhaga girl River Chenab Favourite Chandrabhaga names
Chandralekha chandralekha girl The phase of moon two nights after new moon, ray of moon Favourite Chandralekha names
Chandranan boy Moon Like Face Favourite Chandranan names
Chandravathi chandravathi girl Lit by the moon Favourite Chandravathi names
Chandrayan boy The Moon Favourite Chandrayan names
Charuhas boy With Beautiful Smile Favourite Charuhas names
Charushila charushila girl A diamond Favourite Charushila names
Chayana chayana girl Moon Favourite Chayana names
Chellan boy Precious Favourite Chellan names
Chhavi chhavi girl Image, Radiance Favourite Chhavi names
Chhayank boy Moon Favourite Chhayank names
Chitkala chitkala girl Knowledge Favourite Chitkala names
Chitt boy Heart Favourite Chitt names
ChudarMani boy Brilliant Favourite ChudarMani names
Chumban chumban girl Kiss Favourite Chumban names
Daksha daksha girl The Earth Favourite Daksha names
Dakshayani dakshayani girl Goddess Durga; The daughter of Daksha Favourite Dakshayani names
Danielle danielle girl Judged only by GOD; Feminine of Daniel Favourite Danielle names
Devanee devanee girl Divine Favourite Devanee names
Devyani devyani girl Daughter Of Shukraacharya Favourite Devyani names
Dimple dimple girl Dimples Favourite Dimple names
Druthi druthi girl Softened Favourite Druthi names
Dvita dvita girl Existing in two forms; Spiritual Favourite Dvita names
Eelampirai eelampirai girl Young Crescent Favourite Eelampirai names
Ektaa ektaa girl Unity Favourite Ektaa names
Ela ela girl Cardamom Tree Favourite Ela names
Ellora ellora girl Clouds Favourite Ellora names
Foram foram girl Fragrance Favourite Foram names
Gandhara gandhara girl Fragrance Favourite Gandhara names
Gandhini gandhini girl Fragrant Favourite Gandhini names
Garati garati girl Virtuous woman Favourite Garati names
Gauhar gauhar girl A pearl Favourite Gauhar names
Gauri gauri girl Godde Favourite Gauri names
Gayana gayana girl Singing Favourite Gayana names
Geeta geeta girl Holy book of the Hindus Favourite Geeta names
Gemine gemine girl Twins Favourite Gemine names
Girika girika girl Summit Of A Mountain Favourite Girika names
Gita gita girl Song Favourite Gita names
Gnanamangala gnanamangala girl Intelligent girl Favourite Gnanamangala names
Grhalakshmi grhalakshmi girl Lakshmi Of The House Favourite Grhalakshmi names
Heerkani heerkani girl Small diamond Favourite Heerkani names
Hemaprabha hemaprabha girl Golden light Favourite Hemaprabha names
Hima hima girl Snow Favourite Hima names
Ibha ibha girl Hope Favourite Ibha names
Idhika idhika girl Another name for parvathi Favourite Idhika names
Ihitha ihitha girl Desired Favourite Ihitha names
Ikshu ikshu girl Sugarcane, sweetness,Sugarcane Favourite Ikshu names
Ila ila girl water , earth, daughter of Manu Favourite Ila names
Inas inas girl Capable Favourite Inas names
Indrakanta indrakanta girl Indrani ( Shachi ) Favourite Indrakanta names
Indratha indratha girl Power and dignity of Indra Favourite Indratha names
Induleksh induleksh girl The moon Favourite Induleksh names
Intisaar intisaar girl Triumph Favourite Intisaar names
Irit irit girl Daffodil Favourite Irit names
Iyla iyla girl Moonlight Favourite Iyla names
Jailekha jailekha girl A record of victory Favourite Jailekha names
Jasmit jasmit girl Famed Favourite Jasmit names
Jayalalita jayalalita girl Victorious goddess Durga Favourite Jayalalita names
Jayashri jayashri girl Goddess Of Victory Favourite Jayashri names
Jeel jeel girl Silent Lake Favourite Jeel names
Jeevika jeevika girl Water Favourite Jeevika names
Jhalak jhalak girl Glimpse Favourite Jhalak names
Joshika joshika girl Young maiden Favourite Joshika names
Jowaki jowaki girl A Firefly Favourite Jowaki names
Kadambini kadambini girl Clouds Favourite Kadambini names
Kalapi kalapi girl peacock, nightingale Favourite Kalapi names
Kallolee kallolee girl Full Of Joy Favourite Kallolee names
Kalya kalya girl Pleasant,Praise Favourite Kalya names
Kamakya kamakya girl Durga Favourite Kamakya names
Kanakavathi kanakavathi girl Possessing gold Favourite Kanakavathi names
Kanasu kanasu girl Dream Favourite Kanasu names
Kavitha kavitha girl Poem Favourite Kavitha names
Khevna khevna girl Wish Favourite Khevna names
Kirtika kirtika girl Famous Action Favourite Kirtika names
Koormadhi koormadhi girl Intelligent Favourite Koormadhi names
Kshipra kshipra girl Name of a river in India Favourite Kshipra names
Kushboo kushboo girl Fragrance Favourite Kushboo names
Labangalata labangalata girl A flowering creeper Favourite Labangalata names
Laghima laghima girl Goddess parvathi Favourite Laghima names
Lajni lajni girl Shy Favourite Lajni names
Lakshaki lakshaki girl Goddess sita Favourite Lakshaki names
Lalana lalana girl A beautiful woman Favourite Lalana names
Lalitamohana lalitamohana girl Attractive, Beautiful Favourite Lalitamohana names
Lochana lochana girl Eye Favourite Lochana names
Lolita lolita girl Ruby Favourite Lolita names
Magadhi magadhi girl Flower Favourite Magadhi names
Mahakanta mahakanta girl Earth Favourite Mahakanta names
Maitreyi maitreyi girl A Learned Woman Of The Past Favourite Maitreyi names
Mamata mamata girl Affection Favourite Mamata names
Mandana mandana girl Cheerful Favourite Mandana names
Mandeepa mandeepa girl Light Of Heart Favourite Mandeepa names
Manini manini girl Self respecting Favourite Manini names
Manjistha manjistha girl Extremely Favourite Manjistha names
Manjusri manjusri girl Goddess Saraswati Favourite Manjusri names
Manorama manorama girl Beautiful Favourite Manorama names
Manoritha manoritha girl Of the mind Favourite Manoritha names
Mansha mansha girl Wish Favourite Mansha names
Marala marala girl Swan Favourite Marala names
Marichika marichika girl mirage, ray Favourite Marichika names
Marushika marushika girl Born With Blessings Of Lord Shiva Favourite Marushika names
Masumi masumi girl Innocence Favourite Masumi names
Mayil mayil girl Full of grace, like a peacock Favourite Mayil names
Mayukhi mayukhi girl Peahen Favourite Mayukhi names
Medhya medhya girl Mighty, clean, fresh Favourite Medhya names
Meena meena girl A Precious Stone Favourite Meena names
Mita mita girl A friend Favourite Mita names
Mitravinda mitravinda girl Possessor of friends Favourite Mitravinda names
Nabha nabha girl Nobel High, Sky Favourite Nabha names
Nabhi nabhi girl Focus; the best,Central Favourite Nabhi names
Nachni nachni girl Dancer; Suggestive look Favourite Nachni names
Nagashree nagashree girl Snake Goddess Favourite Nagashree names
Naima naima girl Belonging To One Favourite Naima names
Nairiti nairiti girl Apsara Favourite Nairiti names
Nakti nakti girl Night Favourite Nakti names
Nalina nalina girl Lotus Favourite Nalina names
Nandika nandika girl Pleasure giving Favourite Nandika names
Nangai nangai girl Cultured lady Favourite Nangai names
Natkuna natkuna girl With good character Favourite Natkuna names
Nauka nauka girl Boat Favourite Nauka names
Navneeta navneeta girl Butter like Favourite Navneeta names
Neeharika neeharika girl As pure as dew drops Favourite Neeharika names
Neelanjana neelanjana girl Blue Favourite Neelanjana names
Neelkamala neelkamala girl Blue Lotus Favourite Neelkamala names
Olimani olimani girl Brilliant Favourite Olimani names
Omvati omvati girl Sacred, Having the power of Om Favourite Omvati names
Panini panini girl Skilful Favourite Panini names
Panya panya girl Admired, Glorious, Excellent Favourite Panya names
Pavaki pavaki girl Goddess Saraswati Favourite Pavaki names
Pingala pingala girl Lakshmi Favourite Pingala names
Pivari pivari girl Wife of Sukha Favourite Pivari names
Prabha prabha girl Light Favourite Prabha names
Prabhavati prabhavati girl a raagini, wife of Sun Favourite Prabhavati names
Pragyawati pragyawati girl A wise woman Favourite Pragyawati names
Prakruti prakruti girl Nature Favourite Prakruti names
Prashanti prashanti girl Peace Favourite Prashanti names
Prbhavati prbhavati girl A raagini, Wife of Sun Favourite Prbhavati names
Preksha preksha girl Beholding,Viewing Favourite Preksha names
Prerita prerita girl To Inspire Favourite Prerita names
Prianka prianka girl Favourite Favourite Prianka names
Priyala priyala girl One Who Gives Love Favourite Priyala names
Puloma puloma girl Wife of the sage Bhrigu Favourite Puloma names
Purva purva girl East Favourite Purva names
Ratnamala ratnamala girl String of pearls Favourite Ratnamala names
Rea rea girl Flower Name For Poppy Favourite Rea names
Renu renu girl molecule, particle, Earth Favourite Renu names
Renuka renuka girl The mother of Parasurma, the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu Favourite Renuka names
Rupika rupika girl Gold Coin Favourite Rupika names
Rutva rutva girl Speech,Season Favourite Rutva names
Sahoj sahoj girl Strong Favourite Sahoj names
Salma salma girl Peaceful Favourite Salma names
Salwa salwa girl Quail; Solace Favourite Salwa names
Samapti samapti girl Wealth Favourite Samapti names
Sameeha sameeha girl Generous Favourite Sameeha names
Samreen samreen girl A Lovely Quite Girl. Favourite Samreen names
Sana sana girl Praise, Prayer Favourite Sana names
Sanjaya sanjaya girl Triumphant Favourite Sanjaya names
Saraswathi saraswathi girl Godess Saraswathi Favourite Saraswathi names
Sarvagjna sarvagjna girl Goddess Durga Favourite Sarvagjna names
Selina selina girl Star in the sky Favourite Selina names
Setu setu girl Sacred symbol Favourite Setu names
Shabnam shabnam girl Dew Favourite Shabnam names
Shaheena shaheena girl Tender Favourite Shaheena names
Shailey shailey girl Style; Art Favourite Shailey names
Shanti shanti girl Peace Favourite Shanti names
Sharada sharada girl Goddess Saraswati Favourite Sharada names
Sharmista sharmista girl Wife of Yavati Favourite Sharmista names
Sharna sharna girl Protection Favourite Sharna names
Shejali shejali girl A fruit Favourite Shejali names
Shibani shibani girl Goddess Durga Favourite Shibani names
Shielawatti shielawatti girl River Favourite Shielawatti names
Shiuli shiuli girl A flower Favourite Shiuli names
Shivakari shivakari girl Source of Auspicious Things; Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Shivakari names
Shivapriya shivapriya girl Liked by Shiva ( Goddess Durga) Favourite Shivapriya names
Shobhna shobhna girl ornamental, shining, beautiful Favourite Shobhna names
Shresta shresta girl Best Of All Favourite Shresta names
Shreyasi shreyasi girl One who is most beautiful Favourite Shreyasi names
Shrina shrina girl Night Favourite Shrina names
Shubhi shubhi girl Good Luck Favourite Shubhi names
Shuchismita shuchismita girl One Who Has A Pure Smile Favourite Shuchismita names
Shweta shweta girl White Favourite Shweta names
Siddhi siddhi girl Achievement Favourite Siddhi names
Sihaam sihaam girl Arrows Favourite Sihaam names
Simbala simbala girl Pond Favourite Simbala names
Siyona siyona girl Graceful Favourite Siyona names
Sneha sneha girl Love; Affection Favourite Sneha names
Sohalia sohalia girl Moon-glow Favourite Sohalia names
Sonali sonali girl Golden Favourite Sonali names
Sonita sonita girl Young Sun Favourite Sonita names
Sourabhi sourabhi girl Fragrance; the celestial cow Favourite Sourabhi names
Spandana spandana girl Motivation Favourite Spandana names
Spoorthi spoorthi girl Inspiration Favourite Spoorthi names
Spriha spriha girl Wish Favourite Spriha names
Srinika srinika girl A lotus which is in the heart of Lord Vishnu Favourite Srinika names
Srirupa srirupa girl Laxmi`s Beauty Favourite Srirupa names
Sristi sristi girl Creation Favourite Sristi names
Surbhee surbhee girl Holy cow . Surabhi means fragrance of a flower Favourite Surbhee names
Surotama surotama girl Auspicious Apsara Favourite Surotama names
Sushmitha sushmitha girl Beautiful Favourite Sushmitha names
Swapnasundari swapnasundari girl Woman of dreams Favourite Swapnasundari names
Swara swara girl Tune; Self Shining Favourite Swara names
Talli talli girl Young Favourite Talli names
Tamalika tamalika girl Belonging to a place full of Tamal Favourite Tamalika names
Tamarai tamarai girl Lotus Flower, Beautiful Favourite Tamarai names
Tanima tanima girl Slenderness Favourite Tanima names
Tanmayee tanmayee girl Ecstasy In Sanskrit & Telugu Favourite Tanmayee names
Tarpana tarpana girl Same As Gayatri Favourite Tarpana names
Thaneesha thaneesha girl Ambition Favourite Thaneesha names
Ucchal ucchal girl Perception Favourite Ucchal names
Udbala udbala girl Strong Favourite Udbala names
Udipti udipti girl Fire Favourite Udipti names
Ujhala ujhala girl Light Favourite Ujhala names
Ujjwal ujjwal girl Bright Favourite Ujjwal names
Ullalagi ullalagi girl With inner beauty Favourite Ullalagi names
Unnati unnati girl Progress Favourite Unnati names
Upma upma girl Comparison/instance Favourite Upma names
Urbashi urbashi girl Celetial beauty Favourite Urbashi names
Vaasuki vaasuki girl Learned Favourite Vaasuki names
Vaishvi vaishvi girl Goddess Parvati; Worshipper of Lord Vishnu Favourite Vaishvi names
ValarPirai valarpirai girl Moon in Ascension; Encouraging,ValarMadhi, ValarNila Favourite ValarPirai names
VannaMayil vannamayil girl As Beautiful as the Peacock (Peahen) Favourite VannaMayil names
Varij varij girl Lotus Favourite Varij names
Varnu varnu girl Coloured Favourite Varnu names
Vasantaprabha vasantaprabha girl Spring Blossom Favourite Vasantaprabha names
Vasantika vasantika girl Goddess Of Spring Favourite Vasantika names
VeeraMangai veeramangai girl Brave Girl,VeeraNangai Favourite VeeraMangai names
Velvili velvili girl Piercing Eyes Favourite Velvili names
Vimla vimla girl Clean Favourite Vimla names
Vithika vithika girl Pathway Favourite Vithika names
Yashashree yashashree girl Gods name for success Favourite Yashashree names
Yashica yashica girl Success Favourite Yashica names
Yesha yesha girl Fame Favourite Yesha names
Yumn yumn girl Good fortune; Success Favourite Yumn names
Yuvaraani yuvaraani girl Princess Favourite Yuvaraani names