Top Assamese Baby Names

A Name is a simple a word which used to identify rest of the life of child so this is the first gift from the parents or relatives to the baby.therefore it needed a great care when we put their baby name which should be listen to good and beautiful meaning.To Keep all of that things in Mind we have great and nice collection range of baby names with meaning where your search will be finished for the suitable baby names. here is great range of Assamese Baby names with meaning where you choose your favourite Assamese Baby Names.
Top Assamese Baby Names
Name Meaning
Aabharana aabharana girl Jewel Favourite Aabharana names
Aanandswarup aanandswarup girl Full Of Joy Favourite Aanandswarup names
Aashna aashna girl Devoted to love,Beloved; Devoted to love Favourite Aashna names
Aatmaja aatmaja girl Daughter Favourite Aatmaja names
Abhayananda boy Delighting In Fearless Favourite Abhayananda names
Abhijit boy One Who Is Victorious (abhijeet) Favourite Abhijit names
Abhrakasin boy With Clouds For Shelter, An Ascetic Favourite Abhrakasin names
Abhyagni boy Towards The Fire, A Son Of Aitasa Favourite Abhyagni names
Aboil aboil girl The name of a flower Favourite Aboil names
Achyut boy Imperishable; A Name Of Vishnu Favourite Achyut names
Adisesh adisesh girl Lord Vishnu Favourite Adisesh names
Agyeya boy Unknown Favourite Agyeya names
Airawat airawat girl The Celestial White Elephant Favourite Airawat names
Ajaipal ajaipal girl A Brahmin Favourite Ajaipal names
Ajeet boy Victorious; Invincible; Unconquerable Favourite Ajeet names
Ajmal ajmal girl Pious Favourite Ajmal names
Akshaya boy Indestructible Favourite Akshaya names
AlaguRathinam boy Handsome gem Favourite AlaguRathinam names
Aloki aloki girl Brightness; Lustrous Favourite Aloki names
Amani amani girl Road, One who shows the path Favourite Amani names
Amaris boy Child Of The Moon Favourite Amaris names
Ambuj boy Lotus Favourite Ambuj names
Amitbikram boy Limitless Prowess Favourite Amitbikram names
Angad boy An Ornament Favourite Angad names
Anjappan boy Courageous Favourite Anjappan names
Ankitha ankitha girl With Auspicious Marks Favourite Ankitha names
Anshumala anshumala girl Garland Of Rays Favourite Anshumala names
Anubhuti anubhuti girl Experience Favourite Anubhuti names
Anugya boy Authority Favourite Anugya names
Anushka anushka girl Lightning Favourite Anushka names
Aolani aolani girl Cloud From Heaven Favourite Aolani names
Archisha archisha girl A ray of light Favourite Archisha names
Arha boy Lord Shiva Favourite Arha names
Arulchelvan boy Blessed Favourite Arulchelvan names
Arumugan boy Lord Murugan Favourite Arumugan names
Arya arya girl Honoured, noble,Indian, belonging to the aryans Favourite Arya names
Ashika ashika girl one without sorrow, mercury ( element ) Favourite Ashika names
Ashok boy Without sadness Favourite Ashok names
Athipoo athipoo girl Name of a Flower Favourite Athipoo names
Atiya boy To Surpass Favourite Atiya names
Avighna boy Remover of Obstacles Favourite Avighna names
Avijit boy Invincible Favourite Avijit names
Avinashi boy Indestructable Favourite Avinashi names
Avni avni girl The Earth Favourite Avni names
Ayushman boy Blessed with long life Favourite Ayushman names
Ayushmati ayushmati girl One who has a long life; Eternal one Favourite Ayushmati names
Baalkrishan boy Young Krishna Favourite Baalkrishan names
Babala boy Above Favourite Babala names
Badgar boy Whirlwind. Favourite Badgar names
Badgelgar boy Reducing air to ashes. One of the 101 names of Ahura Mazda. Favourite Badgelgar names
Badir boy Shining. Badri Cloud. Lord Vishnu. Badrinarayan Diety at the piligrimage centre Badari in Himalayas. Favourite Badir names
Bahula bahula girl A Star Favourite Bahula names
Bakula bakula girl Nagakeshar Flower Favourite Bakula names
Bala Gopal boy Young Krishna. Bhadyoga A sage. Favourite Bala Gopal names
Balagopal boy Infant Krishna Favourite Balagopal names
Balasunder boy Handsome boy.Krishna. Favourite Balasunder names
Balchandra boy Young Moon Favourite Balchandra names
Baldev baldev girl The mighty god Favourite Baldev names
Balthasar boy One of the 3 wise men who brought gifts to the Christ child. Favourite Balthasar names
Balwant boy Powerful; Strong; Full of might Favourite Balwant names
Bandanaa bandanaa girl Worship; Salute Favourite Bandanaa names
Barid boy Cloud Favourite Barid names
Benami boy Son of my people. Favourite Benami names
Bhageerath boy A King of Suryavamsha who brought river Ganga from Heavens to Earth. Bhagirath An ancient king of the solar race who brought the celestial Ganga from the heaven. Favourite Bhageerath names
Bhagwanti bhagwanti girl Lucky Favourite Bhagwanti names
Bhagyanandana boy Controller of destiny Favourite Bhagyanandana names
Bhanu bhanu girl Sun Favourite Bhanu names
Bhanuj boy Saturn. Favourite Bhanuj names
Bhavaboothi boy Ashes of Shiva.A sanskrit author. Favourite Bhavaboothi names
Bhini bhini girl Humid Favourite Bhini names
Bhojraj boy An ancient king. Favourite Bhojraj names
Bhoomindra boy King of the earth. Bhoomish King of the earth. Bhoomivallabh King of the earth. Bhoopen King of the earth. Favourite Bhoomindra names
Bhoorishav boy Favourite Bhoorishav names
Bhooshit boy Decorated Favourite Bhooshit names
Bhramatej boy Power.Glow and nature of Brahma. Bhramdut Emperor of ancient Kampilya Empire. Bhramer The inner portion of the heart. Bhramgyan Self realisation.Knowledge of God. Bhramhanand Ecstasy.Supreme bliss Favourite Bhramatej names
Bhrihadbanu boy Son of Krishna and Satyabhama. Bhringaraj A bee. Favourite Bhrihadbanu names
Bhumindra boy king , lord of the land Favourite Bhumindra names
Bijali bijali girl Lightening Favourite Bijali names
Brahmabrata boy Ascetic Favourite Brahmabrata names
Brajendra boy Lord of Braj land Favourite Brajendra names
Buddhadeva boy wise, Gautama Buddha Favourite Buddhadeva names
Buthayna buthayna girl Of beautiful and tender body Favourite Buthayna names
Cathy cathy girl Pure Favourite Cathy names
Chaanakya boy A great scholar Favourite Chaanakya names
Chaarudatt boy Born of beauty Favourite Chaarudatt names
Chahna chahna girl Love Favourite Chahna names
Chakradev boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Chakradev names
Chakrapaani boy Name of Lord Vishnu Favourite Chakrapaani names
Champabati champabati girl The capital Favourite Champabati names
Champak boy A flower Favourite Champak names
Chandak boy The moon Favourite Chandak names
Chandidas boy Name Of A Saint Favourite Chandidas names
Chandini chandini girl Moon- Light Favourite Chandini names
Chandraditya boy Name Of A King Favourite Chandraditya names
Chandrakishore boy The moon Favourite Chandrakishore names
Chandramaadhav boy Sweet Favourite Chandramaadhav names
Chane boy Name of a god, dependability Favourite Chane names
Chanyana boy Moon Favourite Chanyana names
Charan boy Feet Favourite Charan names
Charanjit boy One who has won over the lord (Charanjeet) Favourite Charanjit names
Charitra charitra girl History Favourite Charitra names
Charudatt boy Born Of Beauty Favourite Charudatt names
Charuvrat boy Of good character Favourite Charuvrat names
Chatur boy Clever Favourite Chatur names
Chayan boy Collecting Favourite Chayan names
Chhaayank boy Moon Favourite Chhaayank names
Chidaatma boy Supreme spirit Favourite Chidaatma names
Chidananda boy Lord Shiva Favourite Chidananda names
ChinnaMani chinnamani girl Little Gem Favourite ChinnaMani names
Chintya boy Worthy of thought Favourite Chintya names
Chitramaya chitramaya girl Worldly illusion Favourite Chitramaya names
Chittaprasad boy Happiness Favourite Chittaprasad names
Chyavan boy Name of a saint Favourite Chyavan names
Czaee czaee girl Name of flower Favourite Czaee names
Darsha darsha girl To See Favourite Darsha names
Devakanya devakanya girl Celestial maiden Favourite Devakanya names
Dhara dhara girl Constant flow; the earth Favourite Dhara names
Dharmini dharmini girl Religious Favourite Dharmini names
Dhruvika dhruvika girl Firmly fixed Favourite Dhruvika names
Divija divija girl Born in heaven Favourite Divija names
Doyel doyel girl A song-birl Favourite Doyel names
Durva durva girl Sacred grass Favourite Durva names
Dyuti dyuti girl Light Favourite Dyuti names
Edha edha girl Sacred Favourite Edha names
Eelakili eelakili girl Parakeet from Eelam, Beautiful Favourite Eelakili names
Eesha eesha girl Goddess Parvati; Purity Favourite Eesha names
Ekantika ekantika girl Singly Focussed Favourite Ekantika names
Ekisha ekisha girl One goddess Favourite Ekisha names
Esha esha girl Desire Favourite Esha names
Eshanika eshanika girl Fulfilling desire Favourite Eshanika names
Eshita eshita girl One Who Desires Favourite Eshita names
Ezhil ezhil girl Oviyaa Beautiful Art (Tamil Name) Favourite Ezhil names
Farha farha girl Happiness Favourite Farha names
Foolan foolan girl Flowering Favourite Foolan names
Fulki fulki girl Spark Favourite Fulki names
Fultushi fultushi girl Common name Favourite Fultushi names
Gaganasindhu gaganasindhu girl Ocean of the sky Favourite Gaganasindhu names
Gamini gamini girl Walk; To run Favourite Gamini names
Gangi gangi girl Goddess Durga Favourite Gangi names
Ganika ganika girl Flower Favourite Ganika names
Gatha gatha girl Poem/song Favourite Gatha names
Geena geena girl Silvery Favourite Geena names
Ghaaliya ghaaliya girl Fragrant Favourite Ghaaliya names
Ghaydaa ghaydaa girl Young and delicate Favourite Ghaydaa names
Gira gira girl Language Favourite Gira names
Gnanachelvi gnanachelvi girl Intelligent girl Favourite Gnanachelvi names
Gomati gomati girl A River In India Favourite Gomati names
Gyani gyani girl Full of knowledge; intelligent Favourite Gyani names
Harini harini girl Deer Favourite Harini names
Harshita harshita girl Happy Favourite Harshita names
Hasanthi hasanthi girl One that delights Favourite Hasanthi names
Hasita hasita girl Happy Favourite Hasita names
Hemali hemali girl Coated With Gold Favourite Hemali names
Hemangini hemangini girl Girl with golden body Favourite Hemangini names
Hemavati hemavati girl Goddess Parvati, Ganga Favourite Hemavati names
Hetal hetal girl Friendly Favourite Hetal names
Himani himani girl Goddess Parvati, Favourite Himani names
Hitee hitee girl Well wisher Favourite Hitee names
Hooriya hooriya girl A Celestial Favourite Hooriya names
Iditri iditri girl One who praises; Complimentary Favourite Iditri names
Ilanila ilanila girl Moon Crescent,IlamPirai Favourite Ilanila names
Ina ina girl Mother Favourite Ina names
Inayat inayat girl Kindness Favourite Inayat names
Iravati iravati girl Full Of Water Or Milk Favourite Iravati names
Isha isha girl One Who Protects Favourite Isha names
Ishwari ishwari girl Goddess Favourite Ishwari names
Ishya ishya girl Spring Favourite Ishya names
Jaganmata jaganmata girl Mother of the world Favourite Jaganmata names
Jagathi jagathi girl Of the universe Favourite Jagathi names
Jaishree jaishree girl Honour of victory Favourite Jaishree names
Jaisudha jaisudha girl Nectar of victory Favourite Jaisudha names
Jalahasini jalahasini girl Smile of water Favourite Jalahasini names
Jalanhili jalanhili girl As blue as water Favourite Jalanhili names
Jameerah jameerah girl Beautiful one Favourite Jameerah names
Janessa janessa girl The Lord of gracious Favourite Janessa names
Janitha janitha girl Born Favourite Janitha names
Jansi jansi girl Life-like Favourite Jansi names
Jasmin jasmin girl A Flower Favourite Jasmin names
Jasodhara jasodhara girl Mother of Lord Buddha Favourite Jasodhara names
Jaya jaya girl Victory Favourite Jaya names
Jayasudha jayasudha girl Nectar of victory Favourite Jayasudha names
Jui jui girl Name of a flower Favourite Jui names
Jyoti jyoti girl Flame; Light; Lamp; The light of the Sun Favourite Jyoti names
Kaamla kaamla girl Perfect Favourite Kaamla names
Kailyn kailyn girl Uncommon but beautiful Favourite Kailyn names
Kantha kantha girl Radiant Favourite Kantha names
Karuli karuli girl Innocent Favourite Karuli names
Kasturi kasturi girl Musk Favourite Kasturi names
Kaushali kaushali girl Skillful Favourite Kaushali names
Kavini kavini girl Composes beautiful poems Favourite Kavini names
Kayal kayal girl With Beautiful Eyes,Kayali Favourite Kayal names
Kenga kenga girl River Favourite Kenga names
Keva keva girl Lotus Favourite Keva names
Khairiya khairiya girl Charitable; Good Favourite Khairiya names
Khushi khushi girl Happiness Favourite Khushi names
Kiara kiara girl Russian Favourite Kiara names
Kimatra kimatra girl Seduce Favourite Kimatra names
Kinaari kinaari girl Shore Favourite Kinaari names
Kinnary kinnary girl Goddess Of Wealth Favourite Kinnary names
Kripa kripa girl Mercy Favourite Kripa names
Kshiti kshiti girl Earth Favourite Kshiti names
Kulthoom kulthoom girl Daughter of the prophet Mohammed Favourite Kulthoom names
Kundanika kundanika girl Flower,Golden girl; A flower Favourite Kundanika names
Kuyil kuyil girl Sweet voice like a Cuckoo bird Favourite Kuyil names
Laabha laabha girl Profit Favourite Laabha names
Laxmi laxmi girl Goddess Of Wealth Favourite Laxmi names
Laxmie laxmie girl Goddess of Wealth; fortunate; Wife of Lord Vishnu Favourite Laxmie names
Lokamatri lokamatri girl Lakshmi; Mother Of The World Favourite Lokamatri names
Loukya loukya girl Worldly Wise Favourite Loukya names
Lydia lydia girl Happiness Favourite Lydia names
Maalini maalini girl As Beautiful as Flowers and Sweet,Malini Favourite Maalini names
Madhuksara madhuksara girl One Who Showers Honey Favourite Madhuksara names
Madhulata madhulata girl Sweet Creeper Favourite Madhulata names
Madhulla madhulla girl Pomegranate Favourite Madhulla names
Madhumati madhumati girl River Ganga Favourite Madhumati names
Madirakshi madirakshi girl Woman with intoxicating eyes Favourite Madirakshi names
Maha maha girl Gazelle Favourite Maha names
Mahaganga mahaganga girl The great ganga Favourite Mahaganga names
Mahima mahima girl Greatness Favourite Mahima names
Maimoona maimoona girl Auspicious; Blessed Favourite Maimoona names
Maitra maitra girl Friendly Favourite Maitra names
Malaya malaya girl A creeper,Fragrant Favourite Malaya names
Manaka manaka girl According to the mind Favourite Manaka names
Mandarmalika mandarmalika girl A garland of celestial Favourite Mandarmalika names
Manditha manditha girl Adorned Favourite Manditha names
Mangala mangala girl Auspicious Favourite Mangala names
Manideepa manideepa girl A lamp of precious stones Favourite Manideepa names
Manisha manisha girl Intellect Favourite Manisha names
Manushri manushri girl Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Manushri names
Maraam maraam girl Aspiration Favourite Maraam names
Markandeya markandeya girl A devotee to Lord Shiva,A devotee of Lord Shiva Favourite Markandeya names
Mateah mateah girl Honoured; Desired; Liked Favourite Mateah names
Mayawati mayawati girl Full of Illusion Favourite Mayawati names
Mayuri mayuri girl Peahen Favourite Mayuri names
Megha megha girl Cloud Favourite Megha names
Meha meha girl Intelligent; Rain Favourite Meha names
Mehul mehul girl Cloud; Rain,Rain Favourite Mehul names
Mela mela girl Religious Gathering Favourite Mela names
Menaka menaka girl A celestial dancer Favourite Menaka names
Mikel mikel girl Jusy aname Favourite Mikel names
Misha misha girl Smile Favourite Misha names
Moksin moksin girl Free Favourite Moksin names
Mridula mridula girl Tenderness Favourite Mridula names
Mrinalika mrinalika girl Stem of lotus Favourite Mrinalika names
Mugdha mugdha girl Spellbound Favourite Mugdha names
Mukul mukul girl Bud Favourite Mukul names
Muniya muniya girl Name of a bird Favourite Muniya names
Musu musu girl Beautiful Favourite Musu names
Muthu muthu girl Pearl Favourite Muthu names
Neeraja neeraja girl lotus flower, pure, Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Neeraja names
Nidhipa nidhipa girl Treasure Favourite Nidhipa names
Nidra nidra girl Sleep Favourite Nidra names
Nikhila nikhila girl Complete Favourite Nikhila names
Nilaruna nilaruna girl The first light of the dawn Favourite Nilaruna names
Nilavoli nilavoli girl Ray of light from the moon Favourite Nilavoli names
Nirali nirali girl Different Favourite Nirali names
Nishtha nishtha girl Devotion Favourite Nishtha names
Nithilam nithilam girl Pure like the pearl Favourite Nithilam names
Ojasvi ojasvi girl Bright Favourite Ojasvi names
Omaja omaja girl Result of spiritual unity Favourite Omaja names
Oni oni girl Shelter Favourite Oni names
Padama padama girl Lotus; Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Padama names
Parnika parnika girl Auspicious Apsara Favourite Parnika names
Parul parul girl Name Of A Flower Favourite Parul names
Patralekha patralekha girl A name from ancient epics Favourite Patralekha names
Phalguni phalguni girl Born in Falgun, a Hindu month; Arjun,Born in Falgun, A Hindu month Favourite Phalguni names
Phoolwati phoolwati girl Delicate as a flower Favourite Phoolwati names
Pia pia girl Beloved Favourite Pia names
Poonam poonam girl Full Moon Favourite Poonam names
Poorvaganga poorvaganga girl River Narmada Favourite Poorvaganga names
Pradhi pradhi girl Intelligent Favourite Pradhi names
Prafula prafula girl Lotus Favourite Prafula names
Pranati pranati girl Prayer Favourite Pranati names
Pranaya pranaya girl Leader Favourite Pranaya names
Pranjal pranjal girl Simple,Honest and Dignified Favourite Pranjal names
Pratima pratima girl Idol Favourite Pratima names
Pratiti pratiti girl Faith; undrstanding,Faith Favourite Pratiti names
Pravina pravina girl Skilled Favourite Pravina names
Priyamvada priyamvada girl Sweet spoken Favourite Priyamvada names
Prutha prutha girl Daughter Of Earth Favourite Prutha names
Puja puja girl Worship Favourite Puja names
Pujya pujya girl Respectable Favourite Pujya names
Punnagai punnagai girl Lovely Smile Favourite Punnagai names
Punya punya girl Virtuous Favourite Punya names
Pushpita pushpita girl Decorated With Flowers Favourite Pushpita names
Pyas pyas girl Thirsty Favourite Pyas names
Raaka raaka girl Full moon Favourite Raaka names
Raakhi raakhi girl Symbol of protection Favourite Raakhi names
Rabhya rabhya girl Worshipped Favourite Rabhya names
Rajashri rajashri girl Royalty Favourite Rajashri names
Rajeshri rajeshri girl Queen Favourite Rajeshri names
Raji raji girl Princess Favourite Raji names
Rakhi rakhi girl Thread used in brother-sister bonding during festival of rakhsha bandhan Favourite Rakhi names
Ramita ramita girl Pleasing Favourite Ramita names
Ranhitha ranhitha girl Swift Favourite Ranhitha names
Ranjika ranjika girl Exciting Favourite Ranjika names
Ratnaprabha ratnaprabha girl Lustrous jewel Favourite Ratnaprabha names
Ratnavali ratnavali girl Bunch of jewels Favourite Ratnavali names
Rhea rhea girl Singer Favourite Rhea names
Rusham rusham girl Peaceful Favourite Rusham names
Sachi sachi girl Truth Favourite Sachi names
Sachita sachita girl Consciousness Favourite Sachita names
Sadaf sadaf girl Pearl Favourite Sadaf names
Sadhna sadhna girl Worship Favourite Sadhna names
Saee saee girl Female Friend Favourite Saee names
Saketha saketha girl Shri Krishna Favourite Saketha names
Sakshi sakshi girl Witness Favourite Sakshi names
Samali samali girl Bouquet Favourite Samali names
Samudra samudra girl Ocean,Sea Favourite Samudra names
Sandhaya sandhaya girl Collection Favourite Sandhaya names
Sangya sangya girl Intellect, Wife Of Surya Dev Favourite Sangya names
Sansita sansita girl Praise Favourite Sansita names
Santati santati girl Granter Of Issues, Goddess Durga Favourite Santati names
Satvari satvari girl Night Favourite Satvari names
Shamitha shamitha girl Who is calm and disciplined Favourite Shamitha names
Sharbari sharbari girl Night Favourite Sharbari names
Sharvari sharvari girl The Night Favourite Sharvari names
Shelly shelly girl A Way To Do Work Favourite Shelly names
Shirina shirina girl Night Favourite Shirina names
Shloka shloka girl Verse Favourite Shloka names
Shradhdha shradhdha girl Faith, Trust Favourite Shradhdha names
Shravanthi shravanthi girl Name In Buddhist Literature Favourite Shravanthi names
Shrika shrika girl Fortune Favourite Shrika names
Shristhi shristhi girl Creation; Remembrance Favourite Shristhi names
Shruthi shruthi girl Lyrics Favourite Shruthi names
Siona siona girl Stars Favourite Siona names
Sunandini sunandini girl Happy Favourite Sunandini names
Sunayana sunayana girl A woman with lovely eyes Favourite Sunayana names
Sundari sundari girl Beautiful Favourite Sundari names
Sunila sunila girl Blue Favourite Sunila names
Sunita sunita girl Polite Favourite Sunita names
Suprit suprit girl Loving Favourite Suprit names
Supriti supriti girl True Love Favourite Supriti names
Surangi surangi girl Colourful Favourite Surangi names
Surya surya girl Sun god Favourite Surya names
Susmita susmita girl Smiling Favourite Susmita names
Sutara sutara girl Holy star Favourite Sutara names
Suvarnaprabha suvarnaprabha girl Lustre of gold Favourite Suvarnaprabha names
Suyasha suyasha girl Good achievent Favourite Suyasha names
Swadhinta swadhinta girl Independence Favourite Swadhinta names
Swapna swapna girl A Dream Favourite Swapna names
Swarnaprabha swarnaprabha girl Golden light Favourite Swarnaprabha names
Tabreesha tabreesha girl Free as a bird Favourite Tabreesha names
Tamasi tamasi girl Night Favourite Tamasi names
Tanisi tanisi girl Goddess Durga Favourite Tanisi names
Tapti tapti girl A river Favourite Tapti names
Taraka taraka girl Star Favourite Taraka names
Tarunima tarunima girl Youth Favourite Tarunima names
Teertha teertha girl Place Of Pilgrimage Favourite Teertha names
Tehzeeb tehzeeb girl Elegance Favourite Tehzeeb names
Tejaswani tejaswani girl One who spreads illumination; Lord Shiva Favourite Tejaswani names
Tejshri tejshri girl Of Divine Powers Favourite Tejshri names
Thooya thooya girl Pure Favourite Thooya names
Tista tista girl A tributary of Ganga river located in North India Favourite Tista names
Tiya tiya girl A Bird Favourite Tiya names
Triambika triambika girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Triambika names
Trilochana trilochana girl Lord Shiva Favourite Trilochana names
Trinity trinity girl The Father the Son and the Holy Spirit Favourite Trinity names
Tripta tripta girl Satisfaction Favourite Tripta names
Triputa triputa girl Goddess Durga Favourite Triputa names
Tulya tulya girl Equalled Favourite Tulya names
Turya turya girl Spiritual Power Favourite Turya names
Tvarika tvarika girl Swift, Quick Favourite Tvarika names
Tvisha tvisha girl Bright Favourite Tvisha names
Ujwala ujwala girl Bright; Lustrous Favourite Ujwala names
Urmika urmika girl Small wave Favourite Urmika names
Urshita urshita girl Firm Favourite Urshita names
Ushma ushma girl Heat Favourite Ushma names
Usri usri girl A river Favourite Usri names
Utpalakshi utpalakshi girl Goddess Laxmi Favourite Utpalakshi names
Uttara uttara girl Daughter of king Virata Favourite Uttara names
Vaanadhi vaanadhi girl Milky way Favourite Vaanadhi names
Vadivukarasi vadivukarasi girl Queen of Beauty Favourite Vadivukarasi names
Vahini vahini girl Flowing Favourite Vahini names
Vaishnavi vaishnavi girl Goddess Durga, Ganga, Tulsi Favourite Vaishnavi names
Vamil vamil girl Beautiful Favourite Vamil names
Vanita vanita girl Lady Favourite Vanita names
Vanmoli vanmoli girl Word of God Favourite Vanmoli names
Varada varada girl daughter, Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Varada names
Varuna varuna girl A goddess; Wife of the lord of water - Varuna Favourite Varuna names
Varya varya girl Form Favourite Varya names
Vasuda vasuda girl Earth Favourite Vasuda names
Vasumitha vasumitha girl Brightest Friend Favourite Vasumitha names
Vedha vedha girl Pious Favourite Vedha names
Vetali vetali girl Durga Favourite Vetali names
Vibusha vibusha girl Bright Favourite Vibusha names
Vidiyal vidiyal girl Dawn Favourite Vidiyal names
Vikruti vikruti girl Maultiaceted Nature, Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Vikruti names
Vinaya vinaya girl Modest Favourite Vinaya names
Vinoda vinoda girl Pleasing Favourite Vinoda names
Vipanchi vipanchi girl Lute Favourite Vipanchi names
Vipasha vipasha girl Beas River; A river in the northwestern region of India Favourite Vipasha names
Vishakha vishakha girl A star Favourite Vishakha names
Vishwambhara vishwambhara girl Earth Favourite Vishwambhara names
Vrinda vrinda girl Basil; Radha Favourite Vrinda names
Vrushitha vrushitha girl Prosperity Favourite Vrushitha names
Yadavi yadavi girl Goddess Durga Favourite Yadavi names
Yagavi/yahavi yagavi/yahavi girl Bright Favourite Yagavi/yahavi names
Yamha yamha girl Dove Favourite Yamha names
Yashodhara yashodhara girl Wife Of Gautama Buddha Favourite Yashodhara names
Yasti yasti girl Slim Favourite Yasti names
Yogita yogita girl One who can concentrate Favourite Yogita names
Yoshita yoshita girl Lady Favourite Yoshita names
Yuti yuti girl Union Favourite Yuti names
Yuvika yuvika girl Young Girl Favourite Yuvika names