Popular Christian Baby Names

A Name is a simple a word which used to identify rest of the life of child so this is the first gift from the parents or relatives to the baby.therefore it needed a great care when we put their baby name which should be listen to good and beautiful meaning.To Keep all of that things in Mind we have great and nice collection range of baby names with meaning where your search will be finished for the suitable baby names. here is great range of Christian Baby names with meaning where you choose your favourite Christian Baby Names.
Popular Christian Baby Names
Name Meaning
Abihail abihail girl The father is strength. Favourite Abihail names
Ada ada girl Prosperous;Happy Favourite Ada names
Addyson addyson girl AFormOfAddison Favourite Addyson names
Adelina adelina girl AFormOfAdeline Favourite Adelina names
Aderes aderes girl One who protects Favourite Aderes names
Adria adria girl AFormOfAdriana,Adrienne Favourite Adria names
Adrianne adrianne girl AFormOfAdrienne Favourite Adrianne names
Adriene adriene girl AFormOfAdrienne Favourite Adriene names
Adrina adrina girl AShortFormOfAdriana Favourite Adrina names
Agatha agatha girl The Good Favourite Agatha names
Airiana airiana girl AFormOfAriana Favourite Airiana names
Aizza aizza girl Life Favourite Aizza names
Alarice alarice girl Ruler of All Favourite Alarice names
Alda alda girl Rich Favourite Alda names
Alessa alessa girl Noble one Favourite Alessa names
Alfreda alfreda girl ElfCounselor;WiseCounselor Favourite Alfreda names
Alicja alicja girl AFormOfAcilia Favourite Alicja names
Alisha alisha girl AFormOfAlicia Favourite Alisha names
Alison alison girl Of Sacred Fame Favourite Alison names
Allisha allisha girl AFormOfAlisha Favourite Allisha names
Amitola amitola girl Rainbow Favourite Amitola names
Anabelle anabelle girl AFormOfAnnabel Favourite Anabelle names
Analaura analaura girl ACombinationOfAna&Laura Favourite Analaura names
Analisa analisa girl ACombinationOfAnna&Lisa Favourite Analisa names
Anarosa anarosa girl ACombinationOfAna&Rosa Favourite Anarosa names
AneMy anemy girl Superior Favourite AneMy names
Angeni angeni girl Spirit Favourite Angeni names
Anise anise girl AFormOfAgnes Favourite Anise names
Anita; Aneeta anita;xxaneeta girl Grace Favourite Anita; Aneeta names
Anna-Marie anna-marie girl ACombinationOfAnna&Marie Favourite Anna-Marie names
Anneliese anneliese girl AFormOfAnnelisa Favourite Anneliese names
Annelise annelise girl A Form Of Annelisa Favourite Annelise names
Annie annie girl Grace Favourite Annie names
Annisha annisha girl A Form Of Agnes, Ann Favourite Annisha names
AnnMarie annmarie girl ACombinationOfAnn&Marie Favourite AnnMarie names
Arlette arlette girl A Form Of Arlene, Meaning Pledge Favourite Arlette names
Asheley asheley girl A Form Of Ashley Favourite Asheley names
Ashle ashle girl A Form Of Ashley Favourite Ashle names
Ashlei ashlei girl A Form Of Ashley Favourite Ashlei names
Ashli ashli girl A Form Of Ashley Favourite Ashli names
Ashlynn ashlynn girl Ash-tree Pool Favourite Ashlynn names
Ashtin ashtin girl A Form Of Ashton Favourite Ashtin names
Aster aster girl A Form Of Astra Favourite Aster names
Atarah atarah girl A crown Favourite Atarah names
Aude aude girl A Familiar Form Of Audrey Favourite Aude names
Audree audree girl A Form Of Audrey Favourite Audree names
Audrey Ann audreyxxann girl A Combination Of Audrey & Ann Favourite Audrey Ann names
Audrey Maude audreyxxmaude girl A Combination Of Audrey & Maud Favourite Audrey Maude names
Audrina audrina girl A Form Of Audriana Favourite Audrina names
Averi averi girl A Form Of Aubrey Favourite Averi names
Awenita awenita girl Fawn Favourite Awenita names
Ayasha ayasha girl Little one (Chippewa) Favourite Ayasha names
Ayita ayita girl First to dance (Cherokee) Favourite Ayita names
Bail boy A Form Of Vail Favourite Bail names
Baillie baillie girl A Form Of Bailey Favourite Baillie names
Baleigh baleigh girl A Form Of Bailey Favourite Baleigh names
Balthasar boy One of the three wise men Favourite Balthasar names
Barabas boy Barabba Favourite Barabas names
Barker boy Lumberjack; Advertiser At A Carnival Favourite Barker names
Barnaby boy A Form Of Barnabas Favourite Barnaby names
Barrett boy Bear-brave Favourite Barrett names
Barrington boy Fenced Town Favourite Barrington names
Bartholemew boy Hill, Furrow Favourite Bartholemew names
Bartram boy A Form Of Bertram Favourite Bartram names
Baxter boy An Alternate Form Of Baker Favourite Baxter names
Baylee baylee girl A Form Of Bailey Favourite Baylee names
Baylie baylie girl A Form Of Bailey Favourite Baylie names
Beaman boy Beekeeper Favourite Beaman names
Beau boy Handsome Favourite Beau names
Becky becky girl The Ensnarer Favourite Becky names
Ben boy Son of Favourite Ben names
Bena bena girl Pheasant Favourite Bena names
Benjamen boy Son of my right Favourite Benjamen names
Bennie boy Son of my right Favourite Bennie names
Berkeley boy A Form Of Barclay Favourite Berkeley names
Bernadine bernadine girl Brave As A Bear Favourite Bernadine names
Bernice bernice girl Bringer of Victory Favourite Bernice names
Bertha bertha girl Bright or Glorious Favourite Bertha names
Bertina bertina girl Bright; Shining Favourite Bertina names
Berwick boy Barley Farm Favourite Berwick names
Bethann bethann girl A Combination Of Beth & Ann Favourite Bethann names
Bethel bethel girl The house of God Favourite Bethel names
Beulah beulah girl Married Favourite Beulah names
Beval boy Like The Wind Favourite Beval names
Beverley beverley girl A Form Of Beverly Favourite Beverley names
Bianca bianca girl White Favourite Bianca names
Bildad boy Old friendship Favourite Bildad names
Billi billi girl A Form Of Billie Favourite Billi names
Birch boy White; Shining; Birch Tree Favourite Birch names
Birley boy Meadow With The Cow Barn Favourite Birley names
Blade boy Knife, Sword Favourite Blade names
Blair blair girl Dweller of the Plain Favourite Blair names
Blake boy Signifies Dark. Favourite Blake names
Blessy blessy girl Blessing Favourite Blessy names
Blossom blossom girl Flower Favourite Blossom names
Boaz boy Swift, Strong Favourite Boaz names
Bolton boy From The Manor Farm Favourite Bolton names
Bonny bonny girl Beautiful, Pretty Favourite Bonny names
Boston boy A Form Of Bosley Favourite Boston names
Bradburn boy Broad Stream Favourite Bradburn names
Brady boy Broad Island Favourite Brady names
Braeden boy A Form Of Braden Favourite Braeden names
Brainard boy Bold Raven; Prince Favourite Brainard names
Brandan boy A Form Of Brandon Favourite Brandan names
Bransen boy A Form Of Branson Favourite Bransen names
Brantley boy A Form Of Brant Favourite Brantley names
Braydon boy A Form Of Bradon Favourite Braydon names
Breeze breeze girl Light Wind; Carefree Favourite Breeze names
Brendan boy Sword Favourite Brendan names
Brenner boy A Form Of Brendan Favourite Brenner names
Brenten boy A Form Of Brenton Favourite Brenten names
Brewster boy Brewer Favourite Brewster names
Briana briana girl Noble; Virtuous. The feminine of Brian Favourite Briana names
Brick boy Bridge Favourite Brick names
Brighton boy The one who is loved Favourite Brighton names
Bristol bristol girl The Site Of The Bridge Favourite Bristol names
Britani britani girl A Form Of Britany Favourite Britani names
Britin britin girl From Britain Favourite Britin names
Britney britney girl A Form Of Britany Favourite Britney names
Brittanee brittanee girl A Form Of Britany Favourite Brittanee names
Brittani brittani girl A Form Of Britany Favourite Brittani names
Brittany brittany girl From Britain Favourite Brittany names
Brittiany brittiany girl A Form Of Britany Favourite Brittiany names
Brittnee brittnee girl A Form Of Britany Favourite Brittnee names
Brittny brittny girl A Form Of Britany Favourite Brittny names
Brockton boy A Form Of Brock Favourite Brockton names
Bromley boy Brushwood Meadow Favourite Bromley names
Brown boy Brown; Bear Favourite Brown names
Brydon boy A Form Of Braden Favourite Brydon names
Bryton boy A Form Of Brighton Favourite Bryton names
Bryttani bryttani girl A Form Of Britany Favourite Bryttani names
Bryttni bryttni girl A Form Of Britany Favourite Bryttni names
Bud boy Herald, Messenger Favourite Bud names
Bundy boy Free Favourite Bundy names
Burford boy Birch Ford Favourite Burford names
Burgess boy Town Dweller Or Shopkeeper. Favourite Burgess names
Burne boy Brook Favourite Burne names
Burr boy Prickly Plant Favourite Burr names
Burton boy Fortified Town. Favourite Burton names
Byram boy Cattle Yard Favourite Byram names
Cadyna cadyna girl A Form Of Cadence Favourite Cadyna names
Caralyn caralyn girl A Form Of Caroline Favourite Caralyn names
Carissa carissa girl Tender Touch Favourite Carissa names
Carlee carlee girl A Form Of Carly Favourite Carlee names
Carly carly girl A Familiar Form Of Caroline Favourite Carly names
Carol carol girl Strong Favourite Carol names
Carolyne carolyne girl A Form Of Caroline Favourite Carolyne names
Catina catina girl A Form Of Katina Favourite Catina names
Cedrica cedrica girl Battle Chieftain Favourite Cedrica names
Chanel chanel girl Channel Favourite Chanel names
Channel channel girl Channel Favourite Channel names
Charleen charleen girl A Form Of Charlene Favourite Charleen names
Charlene charlene girl Signifies Little And Womanly Favourite Charlene names
Charline charline girl A Form Of Charlene Favourite Charline names
Chelby chelby girl A Form Of Shelby Favourite Chelby names
Chelsa chelsa girl A Form Of Chelsea Favourite Chelsa names
Chelsey chelsey girl A Form Of Chelsea Favourite Chelsey names
Chelsy chelsy girl A Form Of Chelsea Favourite Chelsy names
Cher cher girl A Short Form Of Cherilyn Favourite Cher names
Cherry cherry girl Cherrylike Favourite Cherry names
Chimalis chimalis girl Bluebird Favourite Chimalis names
Chloe chloe girl Blooming Favourite Chloe names
Chrissie chrissie girl A Familiar Form Of Christina Favourite Chrissie names
Christine christine girl A Form Of Christina Favourite Christine names
Christy christy girl A Short Form Of Christina, Christine Favourite Christy names
Chusi chusi girl Snake flower (Hopi) Favourite Chusi names
Cinderella cinderella girl Little Cinder Girl Favourite Cinderella names
Clara clara girl Bright Favourite Clara names
Clarissa clarissa girl Famous Favourite Clarissa names
Cleva cleva girl Dwells At The Cliffs Favourite Cleva names
Codie boy A Form Of Cody Favourite Codie names
Colbert boy Famous Seafarer Favourite Colbert names
Colbi colbi girl A Form Of Colby Favourite Colbi names
Colby boy Dark; Dark Haired Favourite Colby names
Colley boy Black Haired; Swarthy Favourite Colley names
Colson boy Son Of Nicholas Favourite Colson names
Coltin boy A Form Of Colton Favourite Coltin names
Cooper boy Barrel Maker Favourite Cooper names
Coral coral girl Small Stone Favourite Coral names
Cornwallis boy From Cornwall Favourite Cornwallis names
Cortney cortney girl From The Court Favourite Cortney names
Courtenay courtenay girl From The Court Favourite Courtenay names
Courtnee courtnee girl From The Court Favourite Courtnee names
Courtney courtney girl From The Court Favourite Courtney names
Coy boy Woods Favourite Coy names
Crawford boy Town Near The Rock Favourite Crawford names
Cristy cristy girl A Familiar Form Of Cristina Favourite Cristy names
Crosley boy Meadow Of The Cross Favourite Crosley names
Culver boy Dove Favourite Culver names
Cutter boy Tailor Favourite Cutter names
Daisey daisey girl A Form Of Daisy Favourite Daisey names
Dalen boy A Form Of Dale Favourite Dalen names
Dallen boy A Form Of Dalan, Dallin Favourite Dallen names
Dalon boy A Form Of Dale Favourite Dalon names
Dan boy From the name DANIEL Daniel Favourite Dan names
Dana dana girl From Denmark Or Bright As Day Favourite Dana names
Dane boy From Denmark. Favourite Dane names
Danielle danielle girl Judged only by GOD; Feminine of Daniel Favourite Danielle names
Darell boy A Form Of Darrell Favourite Darell names
Darnell boy Hidden Place Favourite Darnell names
Darrel boy A Form Of Darrell Favourite Darrel names
Darton boy Deer Town Favourite Darton names
Dave boy From the name DAVID David Favourite Dave names
Dawna dawna girl A Form Of Dawn Favourite Dawna names
Deborah deborah girl The Bee Favourite Deborah names
Deems boy Judge;s Child Favourite Deems names
Delaney delaney girl A Form Of Adeline Favourite Delaney names
Delisa delisa girl A Form Of Delicia Favourite Delisa names
Dell boy Small Valley. Favourite Dell names
Della della girl A Short Form Of Adelaide Favourite Della names
Delvon boy A Form Of Delvin Favourite Delvon names
Delwyn delwyn girl Proud Friend; Friend From The Valley Favourite Delwyn names
Dempster boy One Who Judges Favourite Dempster names
Denley boy Meadow; Valley Favourite Denley names
Deona deona girl A Form Of Deandra, Deona, Diona Favourite Deona names
Deonna deonna girl A Form Of Devonna Favourite Deonna names
Devonna devonna girl A Form Of Daisy Favourite Devonna names
Diana diana girl Wall; Dike Favourite Diana names
Dickson boy Son Of Dick Favourite Dickson names
Doane boy Low, Rolling Hills Favourite Doane names
Dominica dominica girl Belonging to God Favourite Dominica names
Dora dora girl A Combination Of Dora & Bella Favourite Dora names
Drake boy Dragon Favourite Drake names
Dreama dreama girl Dewey Eyes Favourite Dreama names
Drew boy A Short Form Of Andrew Favourite Drew names
Drue boy A Form Of Drew Favourite Drue names
Dubric boy Dark Ruler Favourite Dubric names
Dudley boy Common Field. Favourite Dudley names
Dunstano boy A Form Of Dunstan Favourite Dunstano names
Durwin boy A Form Of Darwin Favourite Durwin names
Dwight boy A Form Of DeWitt Favourite Dwight names
Dyke boy Dike; Ditch Favourite Dyke names
Eadmund eadmund girl A Form Of Edmunda Favourite Eadmund names
Earna earna girl Eagle Favourite Earna names
Eartha eartha girl Earthy Favourite Eartha names
Earwyna earwyna girl A Form Of Erwina Favourite Earwyna names
Easton boy Eastern Town Favourite Easton names
Ebner boy A Form Of Abner Favourite Ebner names
Eda eda girl Wealthy Favourite Eda names
Eddie boy A Familiar Form Of Edgar, Edward Favourite Eddie names
Edelburga edelburga girl Noble Protector Favourite Edelburga names
Edeline edeline girl Noble; Good Cheer Favourite Edeline names
Edie edie girl A Familiar Form Of Edith Favourite Edie names
Edison boy Son Of Edward Favourite Edison names
Edmanda edmanda girl A Form Of Edmunda Favourite Edmanda names
Edric boy Prosperous Ruler Favourite Edric names
Edrice edrice girl Prosperous Ruler Favourite Edrice names
Edwardina edwardina girl Prosperous Quardian Favourite Edwardina names
Edwina edwina girl Valuable Friend Favourite Edwina names
Egbertine egbertine girl A Form Of Egberta Favourite Egbertine names
Eileen eileen girl Light Favourite Eileen names
Elah boy An oak,a curse,perjury Favourite Elah names
Elberta elberta girl A Form Of Alberta Favourite Elberta names
Eldon boy Sacred Hill. Favourite Eldon names
Eldwin boy A Form Of Aldwin Favourite Eldwin names
Eleanor eleanor girl Light Favourite Eleanor names
Eletta eletta girl Elf; Mischievous Favourite Eletta names
Eli boy The offering or lifting up Favourite Eli names
Elias boy Jehovah is God Favourite Elias names
Elijha boy A Form Of Elijah Favourite Elijha names
Elina elina girl Woman with intelligence Favourite Elina names
Elkanah boy God the zealous,the zeal of God Favourite Elkanah names
Ellen ellen girl A Form Of Eleanor Or Helen Favourite Ellen names
Elliott boy A Form Of Elijah Favourite Elliott names
Ellisa ellisa girl A Short Form Of Elizabeth Favourite Ellisa names
Elly elly girl A Short Form Of Eleanor Favourite Elly names
Elodie elodie girl A Form Of Alodie Favourite Elodie names
Elton boy Old Town Favourite Elton names
Elvie elvie girl A Form Of Elva Favourite Elvie names
Elwell boy Old Well Favourite Elwell names
Elyse elyse girl A Form Of Elise Favourite Elyse names
Emanuel boy God is with us Favourite Emanuel names
Emiley emiley girl A Form Of Emily Favourite Emiley names
Emma emma girl Signifies Universal Favourite Emma names
Enoch boy Dedicated or Consecrated Ephraim,Doubly Fruitful Favourite Enoch names
Eppie eppie girl A Familiar Form Of Euphemia Favourite Eppie names
Erick boy A Form Of Eric Favourite Erick names
Erna erna girl A Short Form Of Ernestine Favourite Erna names
Ernest boy Earnest Or Sincere. Favourite Ernest names
Errick boy A Form Of Eric Favourite Errick names
Errol boy From The Latin Erroneus Favourite Errol names
Ervine boy A Form Of Irving Favourite Ervine names
Erwin boy Sea Friend Favourite Erwin names
Erwina erwina girl Sea Friend Favourite Erwina names
Esmond boy Protected By Grace. Favourite Esmond names
Eta eta girl Luminous Favourite Eta names
Etenia etenia girl Rich Favourite Etenia names
Ethan boy Loyal Favourite Ethan names
Eve Marie evexxmarie girl A Combination Of Eve & Marie Favourite Eve Marie names
Evelina evelina girl A Form Of Evelyn Favourite Evelina names
Evelyne evelyne girl A Form Of Evelyn Favourite Evelyne names
Everett boy A Form Of Eberhard. Favourite Everett names
Everley boy Everley Favourite Everley names
Ewert boy Ewe Herder, Shepherd Favourite Ewert names
Ezekiel boy The strength of God Favourite Ezekiel names
Ezra boy Helper, salvation Favourite Ezra names
Faina faina girl Happy Favourite Faina names
Fala fala girl Crow (Choctaw) Favourite Fala names
Farnham boy Field Of Ferns Favourite Farnham names
Farren farren girl Wanderer Favourite Farren names
Faythe faythe girl A Form Of Faith Favourite Faythe names
Fern fern girl Fern Favourite Fern names
Firoza firoza girl Turquoise Favourite Firoza names
Fitzhugh boy Son Of Hugh Favourite Fitzhugh names
Fletcher boy From The Old French, Meaning Arrow Feat Favourite Fletcher names
Flo flo girl Arrow Favourite Flo names
Floris floris girl A Form Of Florence Favourite Floris names
Flyta flyta girl Rapid Favourite Flyta names
Francisco boy From France Favourite Francisco names
Frank boy Javelin Favourite Frank names
Frannie frannie girl A Familiar Form Of Frances Favourite Frannie names
Fraser boy Uncertain, perhaps Favourite Fraser names
Frayne boy Stranger Favourite Frayne names
Fred boy Peaceful ruler,peace Favourite Fred names
Gabriel boy Devoted to God Favourite Gabriel names
Gaery boy Variable, Changeable Favourite Gaery names
Galen boy Calm Favourite Galen names
Galilahi galilahi girl Attractive (Cherokee) Favourite Galilahi names
Gar boy A Short Form Of Gareth Favourite Gar names
Garen boy A Form Of Garry Favourite Garen names
Garin boy A Form Of Garry Favourite Garin names
Garman boy Spearman Favourite Garman names
Garnett boy Armed With A Spear Favourite Garnett names
Garren boy A Form Of Garry Favourite Garren names
Garrin boy A Form Of Garry Favourite Garrin names
Garrison boy Strong Favourite Garrison names
Garson boy Son Of Gar Favourite Garson names
Garth boy Enclosed garden Favourite Garth names
Garwood boy Evergreen Forest Favourite Garwood names
Garyn garyn girl Spear Carrier Favourite Garyn names
Gayle boy From the name GAIL Favourite Gayle names
Gaylia gaylia girl A Form Of Gail Favourite Gaylia names
Gent boy Gentleman Favourite Gent names
Geoffrey boy A Form Of Jeffrey Favourite Geoffrey names
Georgeanne georgeanne girl A Combination Of Georgia & Ann Favourite Georgeanne names
Georgiana georgiana girl A Form Of Georgeanna Favourite Georgiana names
Gerrod boy A Form Of Garrad Favourite Gerrod names
Gibson boy Son Of Gilbert Favourite Gibson names
Gidget gidget girl Giddy Favourite Gidget names
Gil boy A Short Form Of Gilbert Favourite Gil names
Gilmer boy Famous Hostage Favourite Gilmer names
Gilon boy Circle Favourite Gilon names
Ginette ginette girl A Form Of Genevieve Favourite Ginette names
Gladwin boy Cheerful Favourite Gladwin names
Goldie goldie girl A Familiar Form Of Golda Favourite Goldie names
Goldine goldine girl A Form Of Golda Favourite Goldine names
Goldwin boy Golden Friend Favourite Goldwin names
Gordy boy A Familiar Form Of Gordon Favourite Gordy names
Grant boy A Short Form Of Grantland Favourite Grant names
Granthana granthana girl Book Favourite Granthana names
Graydon boy Gray Hill Favourite Graydon names
Grey boy A Form Of Gray Favourite Grey names
Grover boy Grove Favourite Grover names
Hagley boy Enclosed Meadow Favourite Hagley names
Haig boy Enclosed With Hedges Favourite Haig names
Haile haile girl A Form Of Hayley Favourite Haile names
Hailey hailey girl A Form Of Haile Favourite Hailey names
Hal boy A Short Form Of Harold, Halden Favourite Hal names
Hale boy A Short Form Of Haley Favourite Hale names
Haley haley girl Heavy rainfall Favourite Haley names
Halle boy Home rule Favourite Halle names
Halliwell boy Holy Well Favourite Halliwell names
Halstead boy Manor Grounds Favourite Halstead names
Ham boy Hot Favourite Ham names
Hammet boy Village Favourite Hammet names
Hampton boy Geography:a Town In England Favourite Hampton names
Hanford boy Higt Ford Favourite Hanford names
Hank boy God is gracious Favourite Hank names
Harden boy Valley Of The Hares Favourite Harden names
Hardwin boy Brave Friend Favourite Hardwin names
Hargrove boy Grove Of The Hares Favourite Hargrove names
Harland boy A Form Of Harlan Favourite Harland names
Harleigh harleigh girl A Form Of Harley Favourite Harleigh names
Harley boy Hare clearing,heap of rocks Favourite Harley names
Harli harli girl A Form Of Harley Favourite Harli names
Harmon boy Forms Of Herman Favourite Harmon names
Harper boy A player on the harp Favourite Harper names
Haven haven girl A Form Of Heaven Favourite Haven names
Haydon boy A Form Of Hayden Favourite Haydon names
Hayleigh hayleigh girl A Form Of Hayley Favourite Hayleigh names
Haywood boy Hedged Forest Favourite Haywood names
Hazel hazel girl Hazelnut Tree Favourite Hazel names
Henry boy Lord Favourite Henry names
Hetta hetta girl A Familiar Form Of Henrietta Favourite Hetta names
Hilton boy Town On A Hill Favourite Hilton names
Holbrook boy Brook In The Hollow Favourite Holbrook names
Hollie hollie girl A Form Of Holly Favourite Hollie names
Holmes boy River Islands Favourite Holmes names
Hope hope girl Signifying The Quality Of Hope Actress Favourite Hope names
Houghton boy Settlement On The Headland Favourite Houghton names
Howie boy A Familiar Form Of Howard, Howland Favourite Howie names
Hudson boy Son Of Hud Favourite Hudson names
Hunt boy A Short Form Of Beginning With Hunt Favourite Hunt names
Huntington boy Hunting Estate Favourite Huntington names
Hur boy Liberty,whiteness,hole Favourite Hur names
Hutton boy House On The Jutting Ledge Favourite Hutton names
Hyder boy Tanner Favourite Hyder names
I.Ryan Mathew boy Given a reward Favourite I.Ryan Mathew names
Iden boy Pasture In The Wood Favourite Iden names
Ike boy From the name ISAAC Favourite Ike names
Ira boy Watchful Favourite Ira names
Iraj boy Lord Hanuman Favourite Iraj names
Irving boy Green water Favourite Irving names
Isaak boy He will laugh Favourite Isaak names
Ismael boy God will listen Favourite Ismael names
Issachar boy Reward,recompense Favourite Issachar names
Ivrit boy The Hebrew Language Favourite Ivrit names
Jackson boy Literally Meaning Son Of Jack. Favourite Jackson names
Jacob boy Held by the heel Favourite Jacob names
Jameson boy Supplanter Favourite Jameson names
Jami jami girl A Form Of James Favourite Jami names
Jamilee jamilee girl A Combination Of Jami & Lee Favourite Jamilee names
Jamiya jamiya girl A Form Of Jami Favourite Jamiya names
Jan jan girl A Short Form Of Jane Favourite Jan names
Janecia janecia girl A Form Of Janice Favourite Janecia names
Janey janey girl A Familiar Form Of Jane Favourite Janey names
Janie janie girl A Familiar Form Of Jane Favourite Janie names
Jannie jannie girl A Familiar Form Of Jan, Jane Favourite Jannie names
Jarett boy A Form Of Jarrett Favourite Jarett names
Jarlath boy A tributary lord Favourite Jarlath names
Jason boy Healer Favourite Jason names
Javaris boy A Form Of Javar Favourite Javaris names
Jayce boy Healer Favourite Jayce names
Jaymi jaymi girl A Form Of Jami Favourite Jaymi names
Jaynee jaynee girl A Familiar Form Of Jayne Favourite Jaynee names
Jebediah boy Beloved Friend Favourite Jebediah names
Jeff boy A Short Form Of Jefferson Favourite Jeff names
Jefford boy Jeff;s Ford Favourite Jefford names
Jennifer jennifer girl White Wave Favourite Jennifer names
Jerald boy A Form Of Gerald Favourite Jerald names
Jeraldine jeraldine girl A Form Of Geraldine Favourite Jeraldine names
Jereme boy A Form Of Jeremy Favourite Jereme names
Jeron boy A Form Of Jerome Favourite Jeron names
Jerrick boy FROM JERICHO Favourite Jerrick names
Jerron boy A Form Of Jerome Favourite Jerron names
Jethro boy Outstanding, Excellent Favourite Jethro names
Joana joana girl A Form Of Joan Favourite Joana names
Joash boy Who despairs or burns Favourite Joash names
Jobeth jobeth girl A Combination Of Jo & Beth Favourite Jobeth names
John boy God is Gracious Favourite John names
Johnson boy Son Of John Favourite Johnson names
Jolene jolene girl A Form Of Josephine Favourite Jolene names
Jonathan boy God gives Favourite Jonathan names
Joses boy Raised,who pardons Favourite Joses names
Josiah boy Fire of the Lord Favourite Josiah names
Jude boy Praise Favourite Jude names
Justice boy Righteous Favourite Justice names
Justyn boy Righteous Favourite Justyn names
Kadence kadence girl Rhythm Favourite Kadence names
Kadie kadie girl A Form Of Kady Favourite Kadie names
Kaelan boy Slender Favourite Kaelan names
Kahlil boy Honorable comrade Favourite Kahlil names
Kaiden boy N/A Favourite Kaiden names
Kaleb boy From Caleb Favourite Kaleb names
Kaltha kaltha girl Marigold, Yellow Flower Favourite Kaltha names
Karalee karalee girl A Combination Of Kara & Lee Favourite Karalee names
Kassidy boy Curly Favourite Kassidy names
Katherine katherine girl Pure Favourite Katherine names
Kathryn kathryn girl A Form Of Katherine Favourite Kathryn names
Kathrynn kathrynn girl A Form Of Katherine Favourite Kathrynn names
Kathya kathya girl A Form Of Kathi Favourite Kathya names
Katina katina girl A Form Of Katherine Favourite Katina names
Katrin katrin girl A Form Of Katherine Favourite Katrin names
Kattie kattie girl A Familiar Form Of Kate Favourite Kattie names
Kaytie kaytie girl A Form Of Katy Favourite Kaytie names
Keaton boy Where Hawks Fly Favourite Keaton names
Kedrick boy A Form Of Cedric Favourite Kedrick names
Keezheekoni keezheekoni girl Burning fire (Chippewa) Favourite Keezheekoni names
Kelly kelly girl Signifies Pasture By The Spring Favourite Kelly names
Kelsee kelsee girl A Form Of Kelsey Favourite Kelsee names
Kelsie kelsie girl A Form Of Kelsey Favourite Kelsie names
Kelton boy Keel Town; Port Favourite Kelton names
Kempton boy Millitary Town Favourite Kempton names
Kendall kendall girl Valley Of Kent Favourite Kendall names
Kestrel boy Falcon Favourite Kestrel names
Kimbalee kimbalee girl A Form Of Kimberly Favourite Kimbalee names
Kimberli kimberli girl A Form Of Kimberly Favourite Kimberli names
Kimberly kimberly girl Chief, Ruler Favourite Kimberly names
Kimmie kimmie girl A Familiar Form Of Kimberly Favourite Kimmie names
Kineks kineks girl Rosebud Favourite Kineks names
King boy Supreme Ruler Favourite King names
Kirkland boy Church Land Favourite Kirkland names
Kirklin boy A Form Of Kirkland Favourite Kirklin names
Kirkwood boy Church Forest Favourite Kirkwood names
Klayton boy A Form Of Clayton Favourite Klayton names
Kodi boy A Form Of Cody Favourite Kodi names
Kohl boy A Form Of Cole Favourite Kohl names
Kokyangwuti kokyangwuti girl Spider woman at middle age (Hopi) Favourite Kokyangwuti names
Koleman boy A Form Of Coleman Favourite Koleman names
Kollin boy A Form Of Colin Favourite Kollin names
Koltin boy A Form Of Colton Favourite Koltin names
Kordell boy A Form Of Cordell Favourite Kordell names
Kortnie kortnie girl A Form Of Courtney Favourite Kortnie names
Kuper boy Copper Favourite Kuper names
Kym kym girl A Form Of Kim Favourite Kym names
Kyndal kyndal girl A Form Of Kendall Favourite Kyndal names
Madelena madelena girl A Form Of Madeline Favourite Madelena names
Marlana marlana girl A Form Of Marlena Favourite Marlana names
Marlayna marlayna girl A Form Of Marlena Favourite Marlayna names
Marlin boy Deep-sea Fish Favourite Marlin names
Marsh boy Swamp Land Favourite Marsh names
Marston boy Town By The Marsh Favourite Marston names
Marv boy A Short Form Of Marvin Favourite Marv names
Michael boy Poor,humble Favourite Michael names
Morley boy Meadow By The Moor Favourite Morley names
Nadab boy Free and voluntary gift,prince Favourite Nadab names
Naphtali boy That struggles or fights Favourite Naphtali names
Nat boy A Short Form Of Nathan Favourite Nat names
Nathan boy A short form of Nathaniel Nathaniel,Nathan Gift of God Favourite Nathan names
Nathanial boy Gift of god Favourite Nathanial names
Nehemiah boy Affection of Jehovah Favourite Nehemiah names
Nell nell girl A Short Form Of Nellie Favourite Nell names
Nelson boy Son of Neal Favourite Nelson names
Nevada boy Snow-covered Favourite Nevada names
Newbold boy New Tree Favourite Newbold names
Newman boy Newcomer Favourite Newman names
Nicholson boy Son Of Nicholas Favourite Nicholson names
Noadiah boy God assembles Favourite Noadiah names
Northrop boy North Farm Favourite Northrop names
Norwood boy Nothern Woods Favourite Norwood names
Nova nova girl Chases butterfly (Hopi) Favourite Nova names
Oachim boy God Will Establish Favourite Oachim names
Odahingum odahingum girl Rippling water (Chippewa) Favourite Odahingum names
Olin boy Holly Favourite Olin names
Ominotago ominotago girl Beautiful voice (Chippewa) Favourite Ominotago names
Ona ona girl River Favourite Ona names
Orrin boy River Favourite Orrin names
Orvin boy Spear Friend Favourite Orvin names
Osgood boy Divinely Good Favourite Osgood names
Osric boy Divine Ruler Favourite Osric names
Otis boy One who hears well Favourite Otis names
Oz boy Strength Favourite Oz names
Pacey boy A Form Of Pace Favourite Pacey names
Palmer boy Palm-bearing Pilgrim Favourite Palmer names
Pamuy pamuy girl Water moon (Hopi) Favourite Pamuy names
Parker boy Of a park Favourite Parker names
Parrish boy Church District Favourite Parrish names
Patty patty girl A Familiar Form Of Patricia Favourite Patty names
Paul boy Small,humble Favourite Paul names
Pavati pavati girl Clear water (Hopi) Favourite Pavati names
Payden boy A Form Of Payton Favourite Payden names
Pearce boy A Form Of Pierce Favourite Pearce names
Peirce boy A Form Of Peter Favourite Peirce names
Pendle boy Hill Favourite Pendle names
Percy boy Pierce valley Favourite Percy names
Pete boy Stone Favourite Pete names
Peyton boy Settlement of Favourite Peyton names
Philberta philberta girl Brilliant Favourite Philberta names
Philip boy Lover of horses Favourite Philip names
Phineas boy A Form Of Pinchas Favourite Phineas names
Piper boy A pipe player Favourite Piper names
Pitt boy Pit, Ditch Favourite Pitt names
Poloma poloma girl Bow (Choctaw) Favourite Poloma names
Powell boy Alert Favourite Powell names
Priest boy Holy Man Favourite Priest names
Putnam boy Dweller By The Pond Favourite Putnam names
Queen queen girl Queen Favourite Queen names
Queenie queenie girl Queen. Favourite Queenie names
Quentin boy Fifth Favourite Quentin names
Quincy boy Fifth Favourite Quincy names
Quinn boy Descendent of Cuinn Favourite Quinn names
Quintin boy Fifth Favourite Quintin names
Rafael boy God has healed Favourite Rafael names
Ragine ragine girl A Form Of Regina Favourite Ragine names
Ralphie boy A Familiar Form Of Ralph Favourite Ralphie names
Randal boy A Form Of Randolph Favourite Randal names
Randee randee girl A Familiar Form Of Miranda Favourite Randee names
Randell boy A Form Of Randolph Favourite Randell names
Randie randie girl A Familiar Form Of Miranda Favourite Randie names
Randy boy A Familiar Form Of Rand Favourite Randy names
Ransom boy Son Of The Shield Favourite Ransom names
Raveena raveena girl A Form Of Raven Favourite Raveena names
Ravid boy Wander Favourite Ravid names
Ravyn ravyn girl A Form Of Raven Favourite Ravyn names
Rawdon boy Rough Hill Favourite Rawdon names
Ray boy A Short Form Of Raymond Favourite Ray names
Rayce boy A Form Of Race Favourite Rayce names
Redpath boy Red Path Favourite Redpath names
Reed boy Red,reeds Favourite Reed names
Reeve boy Steward Favourite Reeve names
Reggie boy Ruler with counsel Favourite Reggie names
Reginal boy A Form Of Reginald Favourite Reginal names
Reinhold boy A Form Of Reynold Favourite Reinhold names
Reuel boy Friend of God Richard Favourite Reuel names
Rich boy A Short Form Of Richard Favourite Rich names
Ricker boy Powerful Army Favourite Ricker names
Rickie boy A Familiar Form Of Rick Favourite Rickie names
Rider boy Horseman Favourite Rider names
Rina rina girl A Short Form Of Names Ending In Rina Favourite Rina names
Ring boy Ring Favourite Ring names
Ripley boy Meadow Near The River Favourite Ripley names
Riston boy Settlement Near The Shrubs Favourite Riston names
Ritchie boy A Form Of Richie Favourite Ritchie names
Rob boy A Short Form Of Robert Favourite Rob names
Robbie boy Bright fame Favourite Robbie names
Robinette robinette girl A Familiar Form Of Robin Favourite Robinette names
Rochester boy Rocky Fortress Favourite Rochester names
Rockledge boy Rocky Ledge Favourite Rockledge names
Roden boy Red Valley Favourite Roden names
Roderick boy Famous ruler Favourite Roderick names
Romeo boy Pilgrim to Rome Favourite Romeo names
Ronald boy Ruler with counsel Favourite Ronald names
Rosalee rosalee girl A Form Of Rosalind Favourite Rosalee names
Rosalie rosalie girl A Form Of Rosalind Favourite Rosalie names
Rosanna rosanna girl A Combination Of Rose & Anna Favourite Rosanna names
Roseann roseann girl A Combination Of Rose & Ann Favourite Roseann names
Rosemarie rosemarie girl A Combination Of Rose & Marie Favourite Rosemarie names
Rosswell boy Springtime Of Roses Favourite Rosswell names
Rosy rosy girl Deep pink Favourite Rosy names
Rover boy Traveler Favourite Rover names
Rowland boy Rough Land Favourite Rowland names
Roya roya girl A Short Form Of Royanna Favourite Roya names
Royanna royanna girl Queenly; Royal Favourite Royanna names
Royden boy Rye Hill Favourite Royden names
Rozene rozene girl Rose Favourite Rozene names
Rushford boy Ford With Rushes Favourite Rushford names
Rycroft boy Rye Field Favourite Rycroft names
Ryese boy A Form Of Reece Favourite Ryese names
Sabastian boy Man from Sebaste Favourite Sabastian names
Sabrena sabrena girl A Form Of Sabrina Favourite Sabrena names
Sabryna sabryna girl A Form Of Sabrina Favourite Sabryna names
Sagiv boy Mighty, with strength Favourite Sagiv names
Salali salali girl Squirrel (Cherokee) Favourite Salali names
Sameer boy Entertaining companion Favourite Sameer names
Sammie boy He is called god Favourite Sammie names
Samson boy Sun Favourite Samson names
Sanborn boy Sandy Brook Favourite Sanborn names
Santon boy Sandy Town Favourite Santon names
Sax boy A Short Form Of Saxon Favourite Sax names
Saxton boy Saxon Town Favourite Saxton names
Seabert boy Shining Sea Favourite Seabert names
Searle boy Armor Favourite Searle names
Sedgely boy Sword Meadow Favourite Sedgely names
Sefton boy Village Of Rushes Favourite Sefton names
Sela sela girl A Short Form Of Selena Favourite Sela names
Selina selina girl Star in the sky Favourite Selina names
Senorita senorita girl Sweet Favourite Senorita names
Seraphim boy Burning ones Favourite Seraphim names
Sewell boy Sea Wall Favourite Sewell names
Shadow boy Shadow Favourite Shadow names
Sharianne sharianne girl A Combination Of Shari & Ann Favourite Sharianne names
Shelbee shelbee girl Forms Of Shelby Favourite Shelbee names
Shelbie shelbie girl Forms Of Shelby Favourite Shelbie names
Shellby shellby girl Forms Of Shelby Favourite Shellby names
Sherrod boy Clearer Of The Land Favourite Sherrod names
Shipley boy Sheep Meadow Favourite Shipley names
Siddel boy Wide Valley Favourite Siddel names
Simon boy He who hears Favourite Simon names
Sinjon boy Saint, Holy Man Favourite Sinjon names
Sinopa sinopa girl Fox (Black Foot) Favourite Sinopa names
Sisika sisika girl Bird Favourite Sisika names
Slade boy A Short Form Of Sladen Favourite Slade names
Smedley boy Flat Meadow Favourite Smedley names
Somer somer girl A Form Of Sommer Favourite Somer names
Somerville boy Summer Village Favourite Somerville names
Spalding boy Divided Field Favourite Spalding names
Speedy boy Quick; Successful Favourite Speedy names
Spenser boy A Form Of Spencer Favourite Spenser names
Sproule boy Energetic Favourite Sproule names
Stafford boy From aristocratic english surname Favourite Stafford names
Stannard boy Hard As Stone Favourite Stannard names
Stanway boy Stony Road Favourite Stanway names
Stanwood boy Stony Woods Favourite Stanwood names
Starleen starleen girl A Form Of Star Favourite Starleen names
Stedman boy A Form Of Steadman Favourite Stedman names
Steph boy A Short Form Of Stephen Favourite Steph names
Stephan boy Crown Favourite Stephan names
Sterlin boy A Form Of Sterling Favourite Sterlin names
Steve boy Crown Favourite Steve names
Stevens boy Son Of Steven Favourite Stevens names
Stimit boy Astonishing Favourite Stimit names
Stirling boy A Form Of Sterling Favourite Stirling names
Stockard stockard girl Stockyard Favourite Stockard names
Stockman boy Tree-stump Remover Favourite Stockman names
Stone boy Stone Favourite Stone names
Stormie stormie girl A Form Of Stormy Favourite Stormie names
Stover boy Stove Tender Favourite Stover names
Stratford boy Bridge Over The River Favourite Stratford names
Stroud boy Thicket Favourite Stroud names
Studs boy Rounded Nail Heads; Shirt Ornaments Favourite Studs names
Sumit boy A Form Of Summit Favourite Sumit names
Summer summer girl Summertime Favourite Summer names
Sutton boy Southern Town Favourite Sutton names
Suzan suzan girl A Form Of Susan Favourite Suzan names
Swindel boy Valley Of The Swine Favourite Swindel names
Taelar taelar girl A Form Of Taylor Favourite Taelar names
Taite taite girl Cheerful Favourite Taite names
Tami tami girl A Form Of Tammy Favourite Tami names
Tammi tammi girl A Form Of Tammy Favourite Tammi names
Tandra tandra girl A Form Of Tandy Favourite Tandra names
Tasmin tasmin girl A Short Form Of Thomasina Favourite Tasmin names
Taylore taylore girl A Form Of Taylor Favourite Taylore names
Teila teila girl A Form Of Teala Favourite Teila names
Teylor teylor girl A Form Of Taylor Favourite Teylor names
Timi timi girl A Familiar Form Of Timothea Favourite Timi names
Tinble tinble girl Sound Bells Make Favourite Tinble names
Tiva tiva girl Dance (Hopi) Favourite Tiva names
Toree toree girl A Form Of Tori Favourite Toree names
Toriana toriana girl A Form Of Tori Favourite Toriana names
Torri torri girl A Form Of Tori Favourite Torri names
Totsi totsi girl Moccasins (Hopi) Favourite Totsi names
Toya toya girl Water Favourite Toya names
Tuesday tuesday girl Born On The Third Day Of The Week Favourite Tuesday names
Vail boy Valley Favourite Vail names
Vern boy Place of alders Favourite Vern names
Vick boy Victor Favourite Vick names
Vincent boy To Occupy Favourite Vincent names
Vinny boy Conquering Favourite Vinny names
Wadsworth boy Village Near The Ford Favourite Wadsworth names
Wain boy A Form Of Wayne Favourite Wain names
Wake boy Awake, Alert Favourite Wake names
Wakeman boy Watchman Favourite Wakeman names
Walden boy Wooded Valley Favourite Walden names
Walker boy Cloth Walker; Cloth Cleaner Favourite Walker names
Wally boy A Familiar Form Of Walter Favourite Wally names
Walter boy Woodsman Favourite Walter names
Walworth boy Fenced-in Farm Favourite Walworth names
Waneta waneta girl Charger Favourite Waneta names
Ward boy Signifies Watchman Favourite Ward names
Warfield boy Field Near The Weir Of Fish Trap Favourite Warfield names
Warmond boy True Guardian Favourite Warmond names
Warwick boy Buildings Near The Weir Or Fish Trap Favourite Warwick names
Watford boy Wattle Ford Favourite Watford names
Weldon boy Hill Near The Well Favourite Weldon names
Welford boy Ford Near The Well Favourite Welford names
Welsh boy A Form Of Wallance, Walsh Favourite Welsh names
Welton boy Town Near The Well Favourite Welton names
Wendel boy A Wend Favourite Wendel names
Wendy boy Friend Favourite Wendy names
Wenona wenona girl Firstborn daughter Favourite Wenona names
Wensley boy Clearing In A Meadow Favourite Wensley names
Werner boy A Form Of Warner Favourite Werner names
West boy West Favourite West names
Westbrook boy Western Brook Favourite Westbrook names
Wetherell boy Wether-sheep Corner Favourite Wetherell names
Wetherly boy Wether-sheep Meadow Favourite Wetherly names
Whalley boy Woods Near A Hill Favourite Whalley names
Wheaton boy Wheat Town Favourite Wheaton names
Whit boy A Short Form Of Whitman Favourite Whit names
Whitford boy White Ford Favourite Whitford names
Whitman boy White-haired Man Favourite Whitman names
Whitnee boy White island Favourite Whitnee names
Whittney whittney girl A Form Of Whitney Favourite Whittney names
Wickham boy Village Meadow Favourite Wickham names
Wilber boy A Form Of Wilbur Favourite Wilber names
Wilda boy To strive Favourite Wilda names
Wileen wileen girl A Short Form Of Wilhelmina Favourite Wileen names
Wiley boy Willow Meadow Favourite Wiley names
Wilfred boy A wish for peace Favourite Wilfred names
Wilkinson boy Son Of Little William Favourite Wilkinson names
Willoughby boy Willow Farm Favourite Willoughby names
Winfred boy A Form Of Winfried Favourite Winfred names
Winn boy Friend Favourite Winn names
Winona boy Eldest daughter Favourite Winona names
Witter boy Wise Warrior Favourite Witter names
Woodfield boy Forest Meadow Favourite Woodfield names
Worth boy A Short Form Of Wordsworth Favourite Worth names
Wright boy A Short Form Of Wainwright Favourite Wright names
Wriston boy A Form Of Riston Favourite Wriston names
Wuti wuti girl Woman (Hopi) Favourite Wuti names
Wycliff boy White Cliff; Village Near The Cliff Favourite Wycliff names
Wymer boy Famous In Battle Favourite Wymer names
Xavier boy Owner of the new house Favourite Xavier names
Xavior boy New house Favourite Xavior names
Xenon boy Foreigner Favourite Xenon names
Xerxes boy Chief Favourite Xerxes names
Yamka yamka girl Blossom (Hopi) Favourite Yamka names
Zacarias boy The Lord remembers Favourite Zacarias names
Zaccheo boy The one God remembers Favourite Zaccheo names
Zackary boy The Lord remembers Favourite Zackary names
Zaid boy Increase Favourite Zaid names
Zared boy Ambush Favourite Zared names
Zebulon boy Home Favourite Zebulon names
Zedekiah boy Justice of the lord Zenoa Favourite Zedekiah names