Top Christian Baby Names

A Name is a simple a word which used to identify rest of the life of child so this is the first gift from the parents or relatives to the baby.therefore it needed a great care when we put their baby name which should be listen to good and beautiful meaning.To Keep all of that things in Mind we have great and nice collection range of baby names with meaning where your search will be finished for the suitable baby names. here is great range of Christian Baby names with meaning where you choose your favourite Christian Baby Names.
Top Christian Baby Names
Name Meaning
Abequa abequa girl Stays at home (Chippewa) Favourite Abequa names
Abishai abishai girl The present of my father Favourite Abishai names
Adah adah girl An assembly Favourite Adah names
Adelaide adelaide girl Noble kind, adorned Favourite Adelaide names
Adelle adelle girl AFormOfAdelaide,Adeline Favourite Adelle names
Adina adina girl Voluptous Favourite Adina names
Adriane adriane girl AFormOfAdrienne Favourite Adriane names
Adrien adrien girl AFormOfAdrienne Favourite Adrien names
Adsila adsila girl Blossom (Cherokee) Favourite Adsila names
Agnes agnes girl Pure Favourite Agnes names
Aileen aileen girl Light Favourite Aileen names
Aiyanna aiyanna girl Eternal Blossom Favourite Aiyanna names
Alaqua alaqua girl Sweet gum tree Favourite Alaqua names
Aldora aldora girl Gift;Superior Favourite Aldora names
Algoma algoma girl Valley of flowers Favourite Algoma names
Alicyn alicyn girl AFormOfAlison Favourite Alicyn names
Alishia alishia girl AFormOfAlisha Favourite Alishia names
Allicia allicia girl AFormOfAlicia Favourite Allicia names
Allisyn allisyn girl AFormOfAlison Favourite Allisyn names
Alodie alodie girl Rich Favourite Alodie names
Alvina alvina girl FriendToAll;Noblefriend Favourite Alvina names
Amadahy amadahy girl Forest water (Cherokee) Favourite Amadahy names
Amy amy girl Beloved Favourite Amy names
Anakaren anakaren girl ACombinationOfAna&Karen Favourite Anakaren names
Analise analise girl AFormOfAnalisa Favourite Analise names
Anastasia anastasia girl One who shall rise again Favourite Anastasia names
Angela angela girl Angelic Favourite Angela names
Angwusnasomtaqa angwusnasomtaqa girl Crow mother spirit (Hopi) Favourite Angwusnasomtaqa names
Anisha anisha girl AFormOfAgnes,Ann Favourite Anisha names
Ankti ankti girl Repeat dance (Hopi) Favourite Ankti names
Anna anna girl Graceful Favourite Anna names
Annabella annabella girl AFormOfAnnabel Favourite Annabella names
AnnaMaria annamaria girl ACombinationOfAnna&Marie Favourite AnnaMaria names
Annelisa annelisa girl A Combination Of Ann & Lisa Favourite Annelisa names
Annette annette girl Grace Favourite Annette names
Annissa annissa girl A Form Of Anissa Favourite Annissa names
Anona anona girl Pineapple Favourite Anona names
Aponi aponi girl Butterfly Favourite Aponi names
Arden arden girl Valley Of The Eagle Favourite Arden names
Arleth arleth girl A Form Of Arlette Favourite Arleth names
Ashely ashely girl A Form Of Ashley Favourite Ashely names
Ashlea ashlea girl A Form Of Ashley Favourite Ashlea names
Ashleigh ashleigh girl A Form Of Ashley Favourite Ashleigh names
Ashlie ashlie girl A Form Of Ashley Favourite Ashlie names
Ashlyn ashlyn girl Ash-tree Pool Favourite Ashlyn names
Ashtyn ashtyn girl A Form Of Ashton Favourite Ashtyn names
Asya asya girl A Form Of Asia Favourite Asya names
Aubrianna aubrianna girl A Combination Of Aubrey & Anna Favourite Aubrianna names
Audreanne audreanne girl A Combination Of Audrey & Ann Favourite Audreanne names
Audriana audriana girl A Combination Of Audrey & Anna Favourite Audriana names
Audry audry girl A Form Of Audrey Favourite Audry names
Averie averie girl A Form Of Aubrey Favourite Averie names
Awinita awinita girl Fawn (Cherokee) Favourite Awinita names
Baby boy Baby Favourite Baby names
Bailee bailee girl A Form Of Bailey Favourite Bailee names
Bailey boy Bailiff Favourite Bailey names
Bancroft boy Bean Frield Favourite Bancroft names
Barclay boy Place Where Birches Grow. Favourite Barclay names
Barlow boy Bare Hillside Favourite Barlow names
Barnabas boy Barnaby Son of Prophecy Favourite Barnabas names
Barnes boy Bear; Son Of Barnett Favourite Barnes names
Bartlet boy A Form Of Bartholomew Favourite Bartlet names
Baylea baylea girl A Form Of Bailey Favourite Baylea names
Beacher boy Beech Trees Favourite Beacher names
Belle belle girl Beautiful Favourite Belle names
Benito boy Blessed Favourite Benito names
Berti berti girl A Familiar Form Of Gilberte Favourite Berti names
Beryl boy Dazzling jewel Favourite Beryl names
Bettina bettina girl Consecrated to God Favourite Bettina names
Beverly beverly girl Beaver Field Favourite Beverly names
Blaine boy River Source Favourite Blaine names
Bliss bliss girl Literally, Happy Or Joyful Favourite Bliss names
Blythe blythe girl Happy Or Cheerful Favourite Blythe names
Bourne boy Brook, Stream Favourite Bourne names
Braedan boy A Form Of Braden Favourite Braedan names
Braedyn boy A Form Of Braden Favourite Braedyn names
Brandon boy Beacon Hill Favourite Brandon names
Brandyn boy A Form Of Brandon Favourite Brandyn names
Brendon boy A Form Of Brandon Favourite Brendon names
Brenen boy A Form Of Brendan Favourite Brenen names
Brennen boy A Form Of Brendan Favourite Brennen names
Brice boy Son Of Rice Favourite Brice names
Bridger boy Bridge Builder Favourite Bridger names
Brillana brillana girl From The City Brill, England Favourite Brillana names
Brita brita girl A Form Of Britany Favourite Brita names
Britanie britanie girl A Form Of Britany Favourite Britanie names
Brittaney brittaney girl A Form Of Britany Favourite Brittaney names
Brittanny brittanny girl A Form Of Britany Favourite Brittanny names
Britten britten girl A Form Of Britin Favourite Britten names
Brittini brittini girl A Form Of Britany Favourite Brittini names
Brittni brittni girl A Form Of Britany Favourite Brittni names
Broderick boy Broad Ridge Favourite Broderick names
Bronson boy Son Of Brown Favourite Bronson names
Brook brook girl Brook, Stream Favourite Brook names
Bryden boy A Form Of Braden Favourite Bryden names
Buckley boy Deer Meadow Favourite Buckley names
Buford boy Ford Near The Castle Favourite Buford names
Bunny bunny girl Little Rabbit Favourite Bunny names
Burdan boy Birch Valley Favourite Burdan names
Burleigh boy Meadow With Knotted Tree Trunks Favourite Burleigh names
Burney boy Island With A Brook Favourite Burney names
Burt boy A Form Of Bert Favourite Burt names
Byford boy By The Ford Favourite Byford names
Byrd boy Birdlike Favourite Byrd names
Byron boy Barn Favourite Byron names
Cadie cadie girl A Form Of Kady Favourite Cadie names
Cain boy Craftsman Favourite Cain names
Caitlin caitlin girl The Celtic form of Catherine Favourite Caitlin names
Cale boy Form of Caleb Favourite Cale names
Calvin boy Bald Favourite Calvin names
Campbell boy Crooked mouth Favourite Campbell names
Carelyn carelyn girl A Form Of Caroline Favourite Carelyn names
Carl boy A Short Form Of Carlton Favourite Carl names
Carla carla girl Strong Favourite Carla names
Carleen carleen girl A Form Of Caroline Favourite Carleen names
Carlene carlene girl A Form Of Caroline Favourite Carlene names
Carlie carlie girl A Form Of Carly Favourite Carlie names
Carmen carmen girl Crimson or Red Favourite Carmen names
Carnell boy Defender Of The Castle Favourite Carnell names
Carolyn carolyn girl A Form Of Caroline Favourite Carolyn names
Carrie; Carol; Caroline carrie;xxcarol;xxcaroline girl Song of Joy Favourite Carrie; Carol; Caroline names
Cartwright boy Cart Builder Favourite Cartwright names
Catie catie girl A Form Of Katie Favourite Catie names
Cederic boy A Form Of Cedric Favourite Cederic names
Celina celina girl Heaven Favourite Celina names
Cephas boy Pebbles Favourite Cephas names
Chancellor boy Record Keeper Favourite Chancellor names
Chanelle chanelle girl A Form Of Chanel Favourite Chanelle names
Charla charla girl A Short Form Of Charlene Favourite Charla names
Charleigh charleigh girl A Form Of Charlie Favourite Charleigh names
Chas boy A Familiar Form Of Charles Favourite Chas names
Chayla chayla girl A Form Of Chaylea Favourite Chayla names
Chazz boy A Familiar Form Of Charles Favourite Chazz names
Chelley chelley girl A Form Of Shelley Favourite Chelley names
Chelsea chelsea girl Port Favourite Chelsea names
Chelsi chelsi girl A Form Of Chelsea Favourite Chelsi names
Cherise cherise girl Cherry Favourite Cherise names
Chick boy A Familiar Form Of Charles Favourite Chick names
Chilam chilam girl Snowbird Favourite Chilam names
Chip boy A Familiar Form Of Charles Favourite Chip names
Chochmingwu chochmingwu girl Corn mother (Hopi) Favourite Chochmingwu names
Chrissy chrissy girl A Familiar Form Of Christina Favourite Chrissy names
Chrys chrys girl A Form Of Chris Favourite Chrys names
Churchill boy Church On The Hill. Favourite Churchill names
Cimberleigh cimberleigh girl A Form Of Kimberly Favourite Cimberleigh names
Clare clare girl A Form Of Clara Favourite Clare names
Clayton boy Town Built On Clay Favourite Clayton names
Cliff boy A Short Form Of Clifford Favourite Cliff names
Clinton boy Hillside Town. Favourite Clinton names
Cocheta cocheta girl Stranger Favourite Cocheta names
Codey boy A Form Of Cody Favourite Codey names
Colbey boy A Form Of Colby Favourite Colbey names
Coleman boy Coal Miner Favourite Coleman names
Colt boy Young Horse; Frisky Favourite Colt names
Colten boy A Form Of Colton Favourite Colten names
Colton boy Coal Town Favourite Colton names
Connie boy Among The Famous People Favourite Connie names
Corliss boy Cheerful; Goodhearted Favourite Corliss names
Cortland boy A Form Of Courtland Favourite Cortland names
Cortnee cortnee girl From The Court Favourite Cortnee names
Cortnie cortnie girl From The Court Favourite Cortnie names
Courtnie courtnie girl A Form Of Courtney Favourite Courtnie names
Cramer boy Full Favourite Cramer names
Creighton boy Rocky Spot. Favourite Creighton names
Crowther boy Fiddler Favourite Crowther names
Cutler boy Knife Maker Favourite Cutler names
Cynthia cynthia girl Moon Goddess Favourite Cynthia names
Daina daina girl A Form Of Dana Favourite Daina names
Dalan boy A Form Of Dale Favourite Dalan names
Dalena dalena girl A Form Of Dale Favourite Dalena names
Dalin boy A Form Of Dallin Favourite Dalin names
Dalit boy Draw Water Favourite Dalit names
Dallon boy A Form Of Dallan Favourite Dallon names
Danforth boy A Form Of Daniel Favourite Danforth names
Daren boy A Form Of Darren Favourite Daren names
Darnel boy A Form Of Darnell Favourite Darnel names
Daron boy A Form Of Darren Favourite Daron names
Darvell boy Eagle Town Favourite Darvell names
Davonna davonna girl A Form Of Davina, Devonna Favourite Davonna names
Dax boy Water Favourite Dax names
Dayla dayla girl Dayla Favourite Dayla names
Deaborn boy Deer Brook Favourite Deaborn names
Deana deana girl Valley Favourite Deana names
Deisy deisy girl A Form Of Daisy Favourite Deisy names
Del boy A Short Form Of Delbert Favourite Del names
Delisha delisha girl A Form Of Delicia Favourite Delisha names
Delton boy A Form Of Dalton Favourite Delton names
Delwin boy A Form Of Delvin Favourite Delwin names
Demetrius boy Belonging to corn, or to Ceres Favourite Demetrius names
Dena dena girl Valley Favourite Dena names
Denman boy Man From The Valley Favourite Denman names
Dermot boy Free Favourite Dermot names
Devona devona girl From Devonshire Favourite Devona names
Diamond boy Brilliant Gem; Bright Guardian Favourite Diamond names
Dixie dixie girl Low, Rolling Hills Favourite Dixie names
Dob boy A Familiar Form Of Robert Favourite Dob names
Domino domino girl Lady or Mistress Favourite Domino names
Doralynn doralynn girl Of the Sea Favourite Doralynn names
Dov boy Bear Favourite Dov names
Dru boy A Form Of Drew Favourite Dru names
Dudd boy A Short Form Of Dudley Favourite Dudd names
Dunstan boy Brownstone Fortress Favourite Dunstan names
Dur boy A Short Form Of Durwin Favourite Dur names
Dusti dusti girl Deer Favourite Dusti names
Dusty boy A Familiar Form Of Dustin Favourite Dusty names
Dyson boy A Short Form Of Dennison Favourite Dyson names
Eadwine eadwine girl A Form Of Edwina Favourite Eadwine names
Earl boy Nobleman Favourite Earl names
Eathelin eathelin girl Noble Waterfall Favourite Eathelin names
Ebenezer boy Rock of Help Favourite Ebenezer names
Edana edana girl Fiery Favourite Edana names
Eddy boy A Familiar Form Of Edgar, Edward Favourite Eddy names
Edgard boy A Form Of Edgar Favourite Edgard names
Edilburga edilburga girl Noble Protector Favourite Edilburga names
Edna edna girl Pleasure Favourite Edna names
Eduarda eduarda girl A Form Of Edwardina Favourite Eduarda names
Edward boy Prosperous Guardian. Favourite Edward names
Efrat boy Honored, Distinguished Favourite Efrat names
Egbertyne egbertyne girl A Form Of Egberta Favourite Egbertyne names
Eila eila girl The earth; Daughter of Manu Favourite Eila names
Eitan boy Strong and staunch Favourite Eitan names
Elden boy A Form Of Alden, Aldous Favourite Elden names
Elena elena girl Form of Helen Favourite Elena names
Elethia elethia girl Healer Favourite Elethia names
Elian boy A Form Of Elijah Favourite Elian names
Elio boy A Form Of Elliot Favourite Elio names
Elisa elisa girl A Short Form Of Elizabeth Favourite Elisa names
Elise elise girl Form of Elizabeth Favourite Elise names
Elisha boy A successor to Elijah Favourite Elisha names
Elizaveta elizaveta girl A Form Of Elizabeth Favourite Elizaveta names
Ellice ellice girl A Form Of Elise Favourite Ellice names
Ellis boy A Form Of Elias Favourite Ellis names
Ellora ellora girl Clouds Favourite Ellora names
Elmina elmina girl Noble Favourite Elmina names
Elnathan boy God hath given,the gift of God Favourite Elnathan names
Elvia elvia girl A Form Of Elva Favourite Elvia names
Elvy boy Elfin Warrior Favourite Elvy names
Ely boy Form of ELI Favourite Ely names
Elysa elysa girl A Form Of Elisa Favourite Elysa names
Emileigh emileigh girl A Form Of Emily Favourite Emileigh names
Enchantra enchantra girl Enchanting Favourite Enchantra names
Ephraim boy Fruitful,increasing Favourite Ephraim names
Ernestina ernestina girl A Form Of Ernestine Favourite Ernestina names
Eron boy Peace, Enlightened Favourite Eron names
Ervin boy Sea Friend Favourite Ervin names
Esav boy Coarse Favourite Esav names
Essie essie girl A Short Form Of Estelle, Esther Favourite Essie names
Ethel boy Noble Favourite Ethel names
Eveline eveline girl A Form Of Evelyn Favourite Eveline names
Everette boy A Form Of Eberhard Favourite Everette names
Ewald boy Powerful Lawman Favourite Ewald names
Eyal boy Strength Favourite Eyal names
Eyota eyota girl Great Favourite Eyota names
Ezio boy Friend, lover Favourite Ezio names
Fairlee fairlee girl From A Yellow Meadow Favourite Fairlee names
Falkner boy Trainer Of Falcons. See Also Falco Favourite Falkner names
Fancy fancy girl Whimsical; Decorative Favourite Fancy names
Farley boy Bull Meadow; Sheep Meadow. Favourite Farley names
Farr boy Traveler Favourite Farr names
Farrah farrah girl Beautiful; Pleaant Favourite Farrah names
Faye faye girl A Form Of Faith Favourite Faye names
Felicity felicity girl A Form Of Felicia Favourite Felicity names
Felton boy Field Town Favourite Felton names
Fielding boy Field;field Worker Favourite Fielding names
Fira fira girl Fiery Favourite Fira names
Fischer boy A Form Of Fisher Favourite Fischer names
Fiske boy Fisherman Favourite Fiske names
Fitzgerald boy Son Of Gerald Favourite Fitzgerald names
Fleta fleta girl Swift, Fast Favourite Fleta names
Flint boy Stream; Flint Stone Favourite Flint names
Florie florie girl A Familiar Form Of Florence Favourite Florie names
Forester boy Forest Guardian Favourite Forester names
Frances frances girl Free Favourite Frances names
Francesco boy From France Favourite Francesco names
Freddie boy Peaceful ruler,peace Favourite Freddie names
Fredella fredella girl A Form Of Frederica Favourite Fredella names
Fredrick boy Peaceful ruler,peace Favourite Fredrick names
Freedom freedom girl Freedom Favourite Freedom names
Freeman boy Free Favourite Freeman names
Frick boy Bold Favourite Frick names
Gabai boy Delight, adornment Favourite Gabai names
Gaige boy Measurer Favourite Gaige names
Gailine gailine girl A Form Of Gail Favourite Gailine names
Galton boy Owner Of A Rented Estate Favourite Galton names
Garfield boy Field Of Spears; Battlefield. Favourite Garfield names
Garnet boy A Form Of Garnett Favourite Garnet names
Garrick boy Spear Favourite Garrick names
Gauge boy Measurer Favourite Gauge names
Gayla gayla girl A Form Of Gail Favourite Gayla names
Genna genna girl A Form Of Jenna Favourite Genna names
Geoff boy A Short Form Of Geoffrey Favourite Geoff names
Georgene georgene girl A Familiar Form Of Georgia Favourite Georgene names
Georgie georgie girl A Familiar Form Of Georgeanne Favourite Georgie names
Gerard boy Brave Spearman Favourite Gerard names
Germain boy Sprout, Bud Favourite Germain names
Gershon boy His banishment,the change of pilgrimage Favourite Gershon names
Gerson boy Son Of Gar Favourite Gerson names
Gilbert boy Brilliant Pledge; Tristworthy Favourite Gilbert names
Gilda gilda girl Covered With Gold Favourite Gilda names
Giorgianna giorgianna girl A Form Of Georgeanna Favourite Giorgianna names
Gladville boy Village With Oak Trees Favourite Gladville names
Godgifu godgifu girl A Form Of Godiva Favourite Godgifu names
Golden boy A Form Of Goldwin Favourite Golden names
Gordon boy Triangular-shaped Hill Favourite Gordon names
Graceann graceann girl A Combination Of Grace & Ann Favourite Graceann names
Gracelynne gracelynne girl A Combination Of Grace & Lynn Favourite Gracelynne names
Graham boy Grand Home Favourite Graham names
Gray boy Gray Haired Favourite Gray names
Greenwood boy Green Forest Favourite Greenwood names
Grimshaw boy Dark Woods Favourite Grimshaw names
Guendolina guendolina girl A Form Of Gwendolyn Favourite Guendolina names
Gunner boy Soldier With A Gun Favourite Gunner names
Gypsy gypsy girl Wanderer Favourite Gypsy names
Haden boy Valley with hay Favourite Haden names
Hadley hadley girl Field Of Heather Favourite Hadley names
Hadwin boy Frind In A Time Of War Favourite Hadwin names
Haily haily girl A Form Of Hayley Favourite Haily names
Haines boy From The Vine-covered Cottage Favourite Haines names
Halford boy Valley Ford Favourite Halford names
Hali boy Necklace, place name Hannah,Graceful Favourite Hali names
Hallward boy Hall Guard Favourite Hallward names
Halton boy Estate On The Hill Favourite Halton names
Hamish boy Supplanter Favourite Hamish names
Hammond boy Village Favourite Hammond names
Hana hana girl Happiness Favourite Hana names
Hanley boy High Meadow Favourite Hanley names
Harford boy Ford Of The Hares Favourite Harford names
Harlan boy Land with hares Favourite Harlan names
Harriet harriet girl A Form Of Henrietta Favourite Harriet names
Harris boy Home ruler Favourite Harris names
Hartwood boy Deer Forest Favourite Hartwood names
Hawley boy Hedged Meadow Favourite Hawley names
Haydn boy A Form Of Hayden Favourite Haydn names
Haylea haylea girl A Form Of Hayley Favourite Haylea names
Hayli hayli girl A Form Of Hayley Favourite Hayli names
Hayward boy Guardian Of The Hedged Area Favourite Hayward names
Heaton boy High Place Favourite Heaton names
Heaven heaven girl Place Of Beauty And Happiness Favourite Heaven names
Henna henna girl A Familiar Form Of Henrietta Favourite Henna names
Hobson boy Son Of Robert Favourite Hobson names
Holden boy Hollow In The Valley Favourite Holden names
Hollee hollee girl A Form Of Holly Favourite Hollee names
Hollyn hollyn girl A Short Form Of Hollyann Favourite Hollyn names
Horton boy Garden Estate Favourite Horton names
Hosea boy Redemption Favourite Hosea names
Houston boy Hill Town. Geography: A City In Texas Favourite Houston names
Hryday boy Heart Favourite Hryday names
Huey boy A Familiar Form Of Hugh Favourite Huey names
Hurit hurit girl Beautiful (Algonquin) Favourite Hurit names
Hurst boy A Form Of Horst Favourite Hurst names
Hyatt boy High Gate Favourite Hyatt names
Ichabod boy Departed Glory Favourite Ichabod names
Indiana boy Land of Indians Favourite Indiana names
Inoday boy Sunrise Favourite Inoday names
Iravan boy King of ocean Favourite Iravan names
Irma boy Universal Favourite Irma names
Isaac boy He will laugh Favourite Isaac names
Ishmael boy God Will Hear Israel,Wrestle with God Favourite Ishmael names
Issac boy He laughs Favourite Issac names
Itzak boy Laughter Favourite Itzak names
Ives boy Young Archer Favourite Ives names
Izzy boy He will Laugh Favourite Izzy names
Jaimilynn jaimilynn girl A Combination Of Jaime & Lynn Favourite Jaimilynn names
Jamie jamie girl A Form Of James Favourite Jamie names
Jamya jamya girl A Form Of Jami Favourite Jamya names
Janeth janeth girl A Form Of Janet Favourite Janeth names
Janice janice girl A Familiar Form Of Jane Favourite Janice names
Janise janise girl A Form Of Janice Favourite Janise names
Jaymee jaymee girl A Form Of Jami Favourite Jaymee names
Jaynie jaynie girl A Familiar Form Of Jayne Favourite Jaynie names
Jetta jetta girl Suggesting A Jet-black Gemstone Favourite Jetta names
Joanna joanna girl A Form Of Joan Favourite Joanna names
Joline joline girl A Form Of Jolene Favourite Joline names
Kadee kadee girl A Form Of Kady Favourite Kadee names
Kady kady girl A Form Of Katy Favourite Kady names
Kael boy Uncertain Favourite Kael names
Kai boy Rejoice Favourite Kai names
Kanti kanti girl Sings (Algonquin) Favourite Kanti names
Karsyn karsyn girl Child Of Kar A Form Of Carson Favourite Karsyn names
Katee katee girl A Familiar Form Of Kate, Katherine Favourite Katee names
Kathryne kathryne girl A Form Of Katherine Favourite Kathryne names
Katie katie girl A Familiar Form Of Katherine Favourite Katie names
Katrina katrina girl Pure Favourite Katrina names
Katty katty girl A Familiar Form Of Kate Favourite Katty names
Kaydence kaydence girl Rhythm Favourite Kaydence names
Keegsquaw keegsquaw girl Virgin (Algonquin) Favourite Keegsquaw names
Keldon boy A Form Of Kelton Favourite Keldon names
Kellsie kellsie girl A Form Of Kelsey Favourite Kellsie names
Kelsea kelsea girl A Form Of Kelsey Favourite Kelsea names
Kelsi kelsi girl A Form Of Kelsey Favourite Kelsi names
Kenan boy Possession Kenaz,Bright Favourite Kenan names
Kenda kenda girl Water Baby Favourite Kenda names
Kendyl kendyl girl A Form Of Kendall Favourite Kendyl names
Kenrick boy Bold Ruler; Royal Ruler Favourite Kenrick names
Khimberly khimberly girl A Form Of Kimberly Favourite Khimberly names
Kimball boy Warrior Chief Favourite Kimball names
Kimber kimber girl A Form Of Kimberly Favourite Kimber names
Kimberlie kimberlie girl A Form Of Kimberly Favourite Kimberlie names
Kimberlynn kimberlynn girl A Form Of Kimberly Favourite Kimberlynn names
Kindra kindra girl A Form Of Kendra Favourite Kindra names
Kirkley boy Church Meadow Favourite Kirkley names
Kirton boy Church Town Favourite Kirton names
Kiwidinok kiwidinok girl Of the wind (Chippewa) Favourite Kiwidinok names
Kodie boy A Form Of Cody Favourite Kodie names
Kole boy A Form Of Cole Favourite Kole names
Kolt boy A Short Form Of Koltan Favourite Kolt names
Koltyn boy A Form Of Colton Favourite Koltyn names
Kortney kortney girl A Form Of Courtney Favourite Kortney names
Kourtland boy A Form Of Courtland Favourite Kourtland names
Kuwanyamtiwa kuwanyamtiwa girl Beautiful badger going over the hill (Hopi) Favourite Kuwanyamtiwa names
Kyler boy A Form Of Kyle Favourite Kyler names
Kymberli kymberli girl A Form Of Kimberly Favourite Kymberli names
Kyndall kyndall girl A Form Of Kendall Favourite Kyndall names
Laina laina girl A Form Of Lane Favourite Laina names
Lake boy Lake Favourite Lake names
Landon boy Open, Grassy Meadow Favourite Landon names
Landry boy Ruler Favourite Landry names
Laney laney girl A Familiar Form Of Lane Favourite Laney names
Langdon boy Long Hill Favourite Langdon names
Larry boy ManfromLaurentum Favourite Larry names
Lathrop boy Barn, Farmstead Favourite Lathrop names
Laura laura girl Crowned With Laurel. Favourite Laura names
Lauren lauren girl A Form Of Laura Favourite Lauren names
Lawley boy Low Meadow On A Hill Favourite Lawley names
Lawton boy Town On The Hill Favourite Lawton names
Lazaro boy Godismyhelp Favourite Lazaro names
Lean lean girl A Form Of Leeann, Lian Favourite Lean names
Leandro boy Lionman Favourite Leandro names
Leanne leanne girl A Form Of Leeann, Lian Favourite Leanne names
Leeanne leeanne girl A Form Of Lian Favourite Leeanne names
Leigha leigha girl A Form Of Leah Favourite Leigha names
Leisa leisa girl A Form Of Lisa Favourite Leisa names
Leonel boy Little Lion Favourite Leonel names
Letty letty girl A Familiar Form Of Leticia Favourite Letty names
Levita levita girl Twinkle, Sparkle Favourite Levita names
Liane liane girl A Form Of Lian Favourite Liane names
Lillian lillian girl Lily Favourite Lillian names
Lillybet lillybet girl A Combination Of Lilly & Elizabeth Favourite Lillybet names
Lin lin girl A Form Of Lynn Favourite Lin names
Linc boy A Short Form Of Lincoln Favourite Linc names
Lindley boy Linden Field Favourite Lindley names
Lindsee lindsee girl A Form Of Lindsey Favourite Lindsee names
Lindsie lindsie girl A Form Of Lindsey Favourite Lindsie names
Linley linley girl Flax Meadow Favourite Linley names
Linwood boy Flax Wood Favourite Linwood names
Linzy linzy girl A Form Of Lindsey Favourite Linzy names
Lisbeth lisbeth girl A Short Form Of Elizabeth Favourite Lisbeth names
Liseth liseth girl A Form Of Liset Favourite Liseth names
Lissette lissette girl A Familiar Form Of Elise, Elizabeth Favourite Lissette names
Lizbet lizbet girl A Short Form Of Elizabeth Favourite Lizbet names
Locke boy Forest Favourite Locke names
Lodema lodema girl Quide Favourite Lodema names
Lolly lolly girl A Familiar Form Of Laura. Sweet; Candy Favourite Lolly names
Lonlee lonlee girl A Form Of Lona Favourite Lonlee names
Loretta loretta girl A Familiar Form Of Laura Favourite Loretta names
Lorry boy A Form Of Laurie Favourite Lorry names
Lovely lovely girl Lovely Favourite Lovely names
Loyal boy Faithful, Loyal Favourite Loyal names
Lucille lucille girl A Familiar Form Of Lucy Favourite Lucille names
Lulu lulu girl Soothing, Comforting Favourite Lulu names
Lyla lyla girl A Form Of Lyle Favourite Lyla names
Lyman boy Meadow Favourite Lyman names
Lynelle lynelle girl Pretty Favourite Lynelle names
Lynn lynn girl Waterfall Favourite Lynn names
Lynnell lynnell girl A Form Of Lynelle Favourite Lynnell names
Lyzabeth lyzabeth girl A Short Form Of Elizabeth Favourite Lyzabeth names
Mada mada girl A Form Of Madaline, Magdalen Favourite Mada names
Madelin madelin girl A Form Of Madeline Favourite Madelin names
Madyson madyson girl A Form Of Madison Favourite Madyson names
Maggi maggi girl A Form Of Maggie Favourite Maggi names
Maia maia girl Kinswoman; Maiden Favourite Maia names
Maitland boy Meadowland Favourite Maitland names
Makkitotosimew makkitotosimew girl She has large breasts (Algonquin) Favourite Makkitotosimew names
Manasseh boy Forgetfulness,he that is forgotten Favourite Manasseh names
Mansi mansi girl Plucked flower (Hopi) Favourite Mansi names
Marc boy From the god Mars Favourite Marc names
Marcelina marcelina girl A Form Of Marcella Favourite Marcelina names
Marcellus boy Little Marcus Favourite Marcellus names
Marcos boy From the god Mars Favourite Marcos names
Mardella mardella girl Meadow Near A Lake Favourite Mardella names
Margie margie girl A Familiar Form Of Marge, Margaret Favourite Margie names
Maridel maridel girl A Form Of Maribel Favourite Maridel names
Mark boy Polite,shining Favourite Mark names
Markisha markisha girl A Form Of Markeisha Favourite Markisha names
Marlee marlee girl A Form Of Marlene Favourite Marlee names
Marlisa marlisa girl A Combination Of Maria & Lisa Favourite Marlisa names
Marlow boy Hill By The Lake Favourite Marlow names
Martel boy A Form Of Martell Favourite Martel names
Marvina marvina girl Lover Of The Sea Favourite Marvina names
Masiel masiel girl A Form Of Massiel Favourite Masiel names
Mather boy Powerful Army Favourite Mather names
Mausi mausi girl Plucks flowers Favourite Mausi names
Maxy boy A Familiar Form Of Max, Maxwell Favourite Maxy names
Mead boy Meadow Favourite Mead names
Meda meda girl Prophetess Favourite Meda names
Melbourne boy Mill Stream Favourite Melbourne names
Meldon boy Mill Hill Favourite Meldon names
Melicent melicent girl A Form Of Millicent Favourite Melicent names
Mendel boy Repairman Favourite Mendel names
Merilyn merilyn girl A Combination Of Merry & Lynn Favourite Merilyn names
Micah boy Poor,humble Favourite Micah names
Mika mika girl Intelligent raccoon Favourite Mika names
Milburn boy Stream By The Mill Favourite Milburn names
Milt boy A Short Form Of Milton Favourite Milt names
Minal minal girl Fruit Favourite Minal names
Mister boy Mister Favourite Mister names
Misty misty girl Enveloped By Mist. Favourite Misty names
Mith boy A Short Form Of Mitchell Favourite Mith names
Monica monica girl A wise counsellor Favourite Monica names
Moreland boy Moor; Marshland Favourite Moreland names
Myla myla girl Merciful Favourite Myla names
Nachmanke boy Compassionate one Favourite Nachmanke names
Nadie nadie girl Wise (Algonquin) Favourite Nadie names
Nahum boy Comforter,penitent Favourite Nahum names
Nash boy At the ash tree boy Favourite Nash names
Nashota nashota girl Twin Favourite Nashota names
Nathaniel boy Gift of god Favourite Nathaniel names
Natie natie girl A Familiar Form Of Natalie Favourite Natie names
Neal boy N/A Favourite Neal names
Ned boy A Familiar Form Of Edward Favourite Ned names
Neil boy N/A Favourite Neil names
Neo boy New Favourite Neo names
Neva neva girl New Favourite Neva names
Nevin boy Middle; Herb Favourite Nevin names
Newell boy New Hall Favourite Newell names
Nicholes boy Son Of Nicholas Favourite Nicholes names
Nicodemus boy Victory of the people Favourite Nicodemus names
Nilax boy A name of Lord Shiv Favourite Nilax names
Nina nina girl Strong Favourite Nina names
Nituna nituna girl Daughter Favourite Nituna names
Noah boy Peaceful, Restful Favourite Noah names
Norris boy Northener Favourite Norris names
Northcliff boy Nothern Cliff Favourite Northcliff names
Norvin boy Nothern Friend Favourite Norvin names
Nuna nuna girl Land Favourite Nuna names
Nyle boy Island Favourite Nyle names
Oakley boy Oak-tree Field Favourite Oakley names
Odella odella girl Wood Hill Favourite Odella names
Ogin ogin girl Wild rose Favourite Ogin names
Ola boy Ancestor Favourite Ola names
Olley boy Elf army Favourite Olley names
Olson boy Son of Ole Favourite Olson names
Onawa onawa girl Wide awake Favourite Onawa names
Oota dabun ootaxxdabun girl Day star (Algonquin) Favourite Oota dabun names
Orin boy Little green one Favourite Orin names
Orlondo boy Famous country Favourite Orlondo names
Orton boy Shore Town Favourite Orton names
Orva orva girl Brave Friend Favourite Orva names
Osbert boy Divine; Bright Favourite Osbert names
Osmar boy Divine; Wonderful Favourite Osmar names
Oxley boy Ox Meadow Favourite Oxley names
Ozzy boy A Familiar Form Of Osborn Favourite Ozzy names
Pablo boy Small,humble Favourite Pablo names
Padget boy A Form Of Page Favourite Padget names
Palti boy My escape Favourite Palti names
Parkin boy Little Peter Favourite Parkin names
Patrice boy A patrician Favourite Patrice names
Patricia patricia girl Congresswoman Favourite Patricia names
Paxton boy Settlement of Poecc Favourite Paxton names
Payge payge girl A Form Of Paige Favourite Payge names
Pelham boy Tannery Town Favourite Pelham names
Penley boy Enclosed Meadow Favourite Penley names
Petey boy Stone Favourite Petey names
Peton boy A Form Of Patton Favourite Peton names
Phoenix boy Phoenix,deep red Favourite Phoenix names
Pippa pippa girl A Short Form Of Philippa Favourite Pippa names
Pollock boy A Form Of Pollux Favourite Pollock names
Presley boy Priest clearing Favourite Presley names
Primrose primrose girl Primrose Flower Favourite Primrose names
Princeton boy Princely Town Favourite Princeton names
Purity purity girl Purity Favourite Purity names
Quieta quieta girl Quiet Favourite Quieta names
Quillan boy Descendant of Coll Favourite Quillan names
Quinten boy Fifth Favourite Quinten names
Quintus boy Fifth Favourite Quintus names
Race boy Race Favourite Race names
Radbert boy Brilliant Advisor Favourite Radbert names
Radburn boy Red Brook; Brook With Reeds Favourite Radburn names
Radcliff boy Red Cliff Favourite Radcliff names
Radford boy Red Ford; Ford With Reeds Favourite Radford names
Radnor boy Red Shore; Shore With Reeds Favourite Radnor names
Radwan boy Delight Favourite Radwan names
Raeven raeven girl A Form Of Raven Favourite Raeven names
Rafe boy A Form Of Ralph Favourite Rafe names
Rainelle rainelle girl A Combination Of Raina & Elle Favourite Rainelle names
Ralph boy Wolf Counselor. Favourite Ralph names
Rand boy Shield; Warrior Favourite Rand names
Randolph boy Shield Wolf Favourite Randolph names
Ranen boy Joyous Raphael Favourite Ranen names
Raveen raveen girl A Form Of Raven Favourite Raveen names
Ravenel boy Raven Favourite Ravenel names
Rawleigh boy Deer Meadow Favourite Rawleigh names
Rayfield boy Stream In The Field Favourite Rayfield names
Raymond boy Wise Protector. Favourite Raymond names
Rayven rayven girl A Form Of Raven Favourite Rayven names
Redley boy Red Meadow; Meadow With Reeds Favourite Redley names
Reese boy Enthusiasm Favourite Reese names
Reg boy A Short Form Of Reginald Favourite Reg names
Reid boy Red Favourite Reid names
Remington boy Raven Estate Favourite Remington names
Rennie rennie girl A Familiar Form Of Renata Favourite Rennie names
Reuben boy Behold, a son Favourite Reuben names
Reymond boy A Form Of Raymond Favourite Reymond names
Rick boy A Short Form Of Frederick, Richard Favourite Rick names
Rickward boy Mighty Guardian Favourite Rickward names
Ridge boy Ridge Of A Cliff Favourite Ridge names
Rigg boy Ridge Favourite Rigg names
Rishon boy First Favourite Rishon names
Risley boy Meadow With Shrubs Favourite Risley names
River boy River Favourite River names
Roan boy Little red one Favourite Roan names
Robbi robbi girl A Familiar Form Of Roberta Favourite Robbi names
Robby boy Bright fame Favourite Robby names
Robert boy Bright fame Favourite Robert names
Roberto boy Bright fame Favourite Roberto names
Robertson boy Son Of Robert Favourite Robertson names
Robin boy Bright fame Favourite Robin names
Rocio boy Covered in dew Favourite Rocio names
Rockford boy Rosky Ford Favourite Rockford names
Rockwell boy Rocky Spring Favourite Rockwell names
Rocky boy Battle cry,rest Favourite Rocky names
Rodney boy Renown island Favourite Rodney names
Roe boy Roe Deer Favourite Roe names
Ronaldo boy Ruler with counsel Favourite Ronaldo names
Roni boy Shout for joy, my song of joy Favourite Roni names
Ros ros girl A Short Form Of Rosalind Favourite Ros names
Rosamaria rosamaria girl A Form Of Rose Marie Favourite Rosamaria names
Rose Marie rosexxmarie girl A Combination Of Rose & Marie Favourite Rose Marie names
Roseanne roseanne girl A Combination Of Rose And Ann Favourite Roseanne names
Rosie rosie girl A Familiar Form Of Rosalind Favourite Rosie names
Roswald boy Field Of Roses Favourite Roswald names
Rowell boy Roe-deer Well Favourite Rowell names
Rowena rowena girl Famous Friend Favourite Rowena names
Rowson boy Son Of The Redhead Favourite Rowson names
Roz roz girl A Short Form Of Rosalind Favourite Roz names
Rudy boy A Familiar Form Of Rudolph Favourite Rudy names
Rugby boy Rook Fortress Favourite Rugby names
Rusti rusti girl Redhead Favourite Rusti names
Rutledge boy Red Ledge Favourite Rutledge names
Rye boy A Grain Used In Cereal And Whiskey Favourite Rye names
Ryland boy A Form Of Rylan Favourite Ryland names
Sachiel boy Angel of water Favourite Sachiel names
Safford boy Willow River Crossing Favourite Safford names
Saige saige girl A Form Of Sage Favourite Saige names
Sallie sallie girl A Form Of Sally Favourite Sallie names
Samir boy Companion in the evening Favourite Samir names
Sanders boy Son Of Sander Favourite Sanders names
Sawyer boy Wood Worker Favourite Sawyer names
SBtinka sbtinka girl Magical dancer Favourite SBtinka names
Scarlett scarlett girl Bright Red Favourite Scarlett names
Scot boy A Form Of Scott Favourite Scot names
Scotty boy A Familiar Form Of Scott Favourite Scotty names
Seaton boy Town Near The Sea Favourite Seaton names
Seelia seelia girl A Form Of Sheila Favourite Seelia names
Seibert boy Bright Sea Favourite Seibert names
Seldon boy Willow Tree Valley Favourite Seldon names
Selvi selvi girl Happy prosperous daughter Favourite Selvi names
Severn boy Boundary Favourite Severn names
Shamir boy Precious stone Shlomo Favourite Shamir names
Sharee sharee girl A Form Of Shari Favourite Sharee names
Shelbe shelbe girl Forms Of Shelby Favourite Shelbe names
Sheldon boy Farm On The Ledge Favourite Sheldon names
Shelee shelee girl A Form Of Shelley Favourite Shelee names
Shellie shellie girl Meadow On The Ledge Favourite Shellie names
Shepley boy Sheep Meadow Favourite Shepley names
Sherry sherry girl White Meadow Favourite Sherry names
Sherwood boy Bright Forest Favourite Sherwood names
Shuman shuman girl Rattlesnake handler (Hopi) Favourite Shuman names
Sidwell boy Wide Stream Favourite Sidwell names
Sihu sihu girl Flower (Hopi) Favourite Sihu names
Sir boy Sir, Sire Favourite Sir names
Sivan boy The ninth month Favourite Sivan names
Siyona siyona girl Graceful Favourite Siyona names
Skipton boy Sheep Town Favourite Skipton names
Snowden boy Snowy Hill Favourite Snowden names
Sommer sommer girl Summer; Summoner Favourite Sommer names
Sonny boy A Familiar Form Of Grayson Favourite Sonny names
Spark boy Happy Favourite Spark names
Spike boy Ear Of Grain; Long Nail Favourite Spike names
Spurgeon boy Shrub Favourite Spurgeon names
Stan boy A Short Form Of Stanley Favourite Stan names
Stanfield boy Stony Field Favourite Stanfield names
Stanton boy Stony Farm Favourite Stanton names
Star star girl Star Favourite Star names
Stasia stasia girl A Short Form Of Anastasia Favourite Stasia names
Stavya boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Stavya names
Stephenson boy Son Of Stephen Favourite Stephenson names
Stetson boy Son of Stephen Favourite Stetson names
Stevie boy Crown Favourite Stevie names
Stockley boy Tree-stump Meadow Favourite Stockley names
Stoker boy Furnace Tender Favourite Stoker names
Stormy boy Violent weather Favourite Stormy names
Stowe boy Hidden; Packed Away Favourite Stowe names
Stu boy A Short Form Of Stewart, Stuart Favourite Stu names
Suffield boy Southern Field Favourite Suffield names
Sumer sumer girl A Form Of Summer Favourite Sumer names
Sumner boy Church Officer Favourite Sumner names
Swaley boy Winding Stream Favourite Swaley names
Sybella sybella girl A Form Of Sybil Favourite Sybella names
Syon boy Gentle Favourite Syon names
Tacey tacey girl A Familiar Form Of Tacia Favourite Tacey names
Taft boy River Favourite Taft names
Tailor tailor girl A Form Of Taylor Favourite Tailor names
Talia boy Dew from heaven Favourite Talia names
Talisa talisa girl A Form Of Tallis Favourite Talisa names
Talmadge boy Lake Between Two Towns Favourite Talmadge names
Tama tama girl Thunder Favourite Tama names
Tammy tammy girl Twin Favourite Tammy names
Tanner boy Tanner Favourite Tanner names
Tannin boy Tan Colored; Dark Favourite Tannin names
Tarver boy Tower; Hill; Leader Favourite Tarver names
Tauri tauri girl A Form Of Tory Favourite Tauri names
Tawny tawny girl Brownish Yellow, Tan Favourite Tawny names
Taye taye girl A Short Form Of Taylor Favourite Taye names
Taylor boy A tailor Favourite Taylor names
Teal teal girl Signifying A Blue Green Color Favourite Teal names
Teasdale boy River Dweller Favourite Teasdale names
Tehya tehya girl Predous Favourite Tehya names
Telmo boy Tiller, Cultivator Favourite Telmo names
Teo boy A Form Of Tom Favourite Teo names
Thaw boy Melting Ice Favourite Thaw names
Theodore boy American Novelist Theodore Dreiser Favourite Theodore names
Thorndike boy Thorny Embankment Favourite Thorndike names
Thornton boy Thorny Town Favourite Thornton names
Tieler boy A Form Of Tyler Favourite Tieler names
Tim boy To honor God, to fear God Favourite Tim names
Timber timber girl Wood Favourite Timber names
Timothy boy To honor God, to fear God Favourite Timothy names
Tiponi tiponi girl Child of importance (Hopi) Favourite Tiponi names
Todd boy Fox. Favourite Todd names
Tolbert boy Bright Tax Collector Favourite Tolbert names
Toney boy A Form Of Tony Favourite Toney names
Topper boy Hill Favourite Topper names
Topsy topsy girl On Top Favourite Topsy names
Torie torie girl A Form Of Tori Favourite Torie names
Torrey boy Conqueror,victory Favourite Torrey names
Torry boy A Familiar Form Of Torr Favourite Torry names
Tottie tottie girl A Familiar Form Of Charlotte Favourite Tottie names
Trae boy A Form Of Trey Favourite Trae names
Travell boy Traveler Favourite Travell names
Trea boy A Form Of Trey Favourite Trea names
Treyton boy A Form Of Trayton Favourite Treyton names
Tripp boy Traveler Favourite Tripp names
Tristin boy Tumult Favourite Tristin names
Truitt boy Little And Honest Favourite Truitt names
Trustin boy Trustworthy Favourite Trustin names
Turk boy From Turkey Favourite Turk names
Tye boy A Short Form Of Taylor Favourite Tye names
Tyrus boy A Form Of Thor Favourite Tyrus names
Tyshawn boy God is gracious Favourite Tyshawn names
Tyus boy N/A Favourite Tyus names
Udeh boy Praise Favourite Udeh names
Ulmer boy Famous Wolf Favourite Ulmer names
Ulrick boy Powerful through his inheritance Favourite Ulrick names
Unity unity girl Unity. Favourite Unity names
Upshaw boy Upper Wooded Area Favourite Upshaw names
Uri boy Light Uriah,God is light Favourite Uri names
Usher boy Usher,gate-keeper Favourite Usher names
Vance boy Thresher Favourite Vance names
Varina varina girl Thorn Favourite Varina names
Vaschel boy Little Ash Tree Favourite Vaschel names
Velvet velvet girl Velvety Favourite Velvet names
Vernon boy Place of alders Favourite Vernon names
Victor boy Victor Favourite Victor names
Victoria victoria girl Victorious. Favourite Victoria names
Vincente boy Conquering Favourite Vincente names
Vinse boy Conquering Favourite Vinse names
Vinson boy Son Of Vincent Favourite Vinson names
Wadley boy Ford Meadow Favourite Wadley names
Waite boy Watchman Favourite Waite names
Wakely boy Wet Meadow Favourite Wakely names
Waki waki girl Shelter (Hopi) Favourite Waki names
Walcott boy Cottage By The Wall Favourite Walcott names
Wales boy From Wales Favourite Wales names
Waller boy Wall Maker Favourite Waller names
Walt boy A Short Form Of Walter Favourite Walt names
Walwyn boy Welsh Friend Favourite Walwyn names
Wanetta wanetta girl Pale Face Favourite Wanetta names
Warden boy Valley Guardian Favourite Warden names
Warick boy Town Hero Favourite Warick names
Warton boy Town Near The Weir Or Fish Trap Favourite Warton names
Washington boy Town Near Water Favourite Washington names
Waverly boy Quaking aspen Favourite Waverly names
Webb boy Weaver Favourite Webb names
Welborne boy Spring-fed Stream Favourite Welborne names
Wells boy Springs Favourite Wells names
Wenda boy Friend Favourite Wenda names
Wendi boy Friend Favourite Wendi names
Wenford boy White Ford Favourite Wenford names
Wesley boy Western Meadow Favourite Wesley names
Westby boy Western Farmstead Favourite Westby names
Westley boy A Form Of Wesley Favourite Westley names
Wetherby boy Wether-sheep Farm Favourite Wetherby names
Weylin boy A Form Of Waylon Favourite Weylin names
Whaley whaley girl Whale Meadow Favourite Whaley names
Wheatley boy Wheat Field Favourite Wheatley names
Whitelaw boy Small Hill Favourite Whitelaw names
Whitlock boy White Lock Of Hair Favourite Whitlock names
Whitney boy White island Favourite Whitney names
Whitni whitni girl A Form Of Whitney Favourite Whitni names
Wicapi wakan wicapixxwakan girl Holy star (Dakota) Favourite Wicapi wakan names
Wid boy Wide Favourite Wid names
Wilbert boy Will, desire + bright, famous Favourite Wilbert names
Wilder boy Wilderness Wild Favourite Wilder names
Wilford boy Willow-tree Ford Favourite Wilford names
Wilkie boy A Familiar Form Of Wilkins Favourite Wilkie names
Will boy A Short Form Of Wilfred Favourite Will names
Willie boy Will, desire + helmet, protection Favourite Willie names
Willow willow girl As In Willow Tree Favourite Willow names
Wills boy Son Of Will Favourite Wills names
Wilt boy A Short Form Of Wilton Favourite Wilt names
Winchell boy Bend In The Road Favourite Winchell names
Winfried boy Friend Of Peace Favourite Winfried names
Winnifred boy Blessed peace,fair reconciliation Favourite Winnifred names
Wit boy A Form Of Whit Favourite Wit names
Wolfe boy Wolf Favourite Wolfe names
Woodford boy Ford Through The Forest Favourite Woodford names
Woodruff boy Forest Ranger Favourite Woodruff names
Woodward boy Forest Warden Favourite Woodward names
Worrell boy Lives At The Manor Of The Loyal One Favourite Worrell names
Wrisley boy A Form Of Risley Favourite Wrisley names
Wybert boy Battle Bright Favourite Wybert names
Wyman boy Fighter, Warrior Favourite Wyman names
Wynter wynter girl A Form Of Winter Favourite Wynter names
Wynton boy Winston Favourite Wynton names
Xander boy Defending men Favourite Xander names
Xaviar boy New house Favourite Xaviar names
Xylon boy Woods, wooded Favourite Xylon names
Xzavier boy New house Favourite Xzavier names
Yaakov boy One who supplants Favourite Yaakov names
Yagil boy Celebrate Favourite Yagil names
Yamin boy Right Hand Yana,He Answers Favourite Yamin names
Yardley boy Enclosed Meadow Favourite Yardley names
Yarin boy To understand Favourite Yarin names
Yasir boy To be rich or to be easy Favourite Yasir names
Yepa yepa girl Snow woman Favourite Yepa names
Yetta yetta girl A Short Form Of Henrietta Favourite Yetta names
Yonah boy From the name JONAH Favourite Yonah names
Yousef boy Arabic form of JOSEPH Favourite Yousef names
Zabulon boy To exhalt Favourite Zabulon names
Zach boy Remembrance of the Lord Favourite Zach names
Zak boy Pure; the Lord remembers Favourite Zak names
Zane boy A Form Of John Favourite Zane names
Zayne boy A Form Of Zane Favourite Zayne names
Zebidiah boy God has given Favourite Zebidiah names
Zechariah boy The Lord remembers Favourite Zechariah names
Zev boy Deer, wolf Favourite Zev names
Zubin boy To Honor Favourite Zubin names