Top Gujrati Baby Names

A Name is a simple a word which used to identify rest of the life of child so this is the first gift from the parents or relatives to the baby.therefore it needed a great care when we put their baby name which should be listen to good and beautiful meaning.To Keep all of that things in Mind we have great and nice collection range of baby names with meaning where your search will be finished for the suitable baby names. here is great range of Gujrati Baby names with meaning where you choose your favourite Gujrati Baby Names.
Top Gujrati Baby Names
Name Meaning
Aadarshini aadarshini girl Idealistic Favourite Aadarshini names
Aarya aarya girl Goddess Parvati; Goddess Durga Favourite Aarya names
Aishwarya aishwarya girl Wealth; Prosperity Favourite Aishwarya names
Akshara akshara girl Letter Favourite Akshara names
Aloki aloki girl Brightness; Lustrous Favourite Aloki names
Ambika ambika girl Goddess Durga; Goddess Parvati Favourite Ambika names
Ambikapathi boy Lord Of Siva Favourite Ambikapathi names
Ambuj boy Lotus Favourite Ambuj names
Ameyatma boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Ameyatma names
Amir boy Rich Favourite Amir names
Amitav boy Limitless Lustre; Name Of Lord Buddha Favourite Amitav names
Amitbikram boy Limitless Prowess Favourite Amitbikram names
Amithi amithi girl Immeasurable; Unique Favourite Amithi names
Amlan boy Unfading; Everbright Favourite Amlan names
Amogh boy Unerring Favourite Amogh names
Amolik boy Priceless Favourite Amolik names
Amresh boy Lord Indra Favourite Amresh names
Amritambu boy Moon Favourite Amritambu names
Amshu boy Atom Favourite Amshu names
Anagh boy Sinless Favourite Anagh names
Anang boy Name Of Cupid Or Kamadeva Favourite Anang names
Anantachidrupamayam boy Infinite and Consciousness Personified Favourite Anantachidrupamayam names
Ananti ananti girl Gift Favourite Ananti names
Ananyo boy Sole, Peerless Favourite Ananyo names
Anbuchelvan boy Kind, King Of Love Favourite Anbuchelvan names
Angad boy An Ornament Favourite Angad names
Angak boy Son Favourite Angak names
Aniij boy Charming Favourite Aniij names
Aniket boy Homeless; Lord Shiva Favourite Aniket names
Anirvan boy Undying Favourite Anirvan names
Anisha anisha girl Uninterrupted; Continuous; One who is supreme Favourite Anisha names
Anit boy Joyful Unending Favourite Anit names
Anjan boy Eye Liner Favourite Anjan names
Anjasa boy Guileless, Deceitless Favourite Anjasa names
Anjika anjika girl Blessed Favourite Anjika names
Anjuman boy A Token; A Symbol Favourite Anjuman names
Ankur boy Sprout Favourite Ankur names
Anoop boy Incomparable, The Best Favourite Anoop names
Anshu boy The Sun Favourite Anshu names
Anshula anshula girl Sunny Favourite Anshula names
Anshuman boy The Sun Favourite Anshuman names
Antariksh boy Space Favourite Antariksh names
Anuha boy Satisfied Favourite Anuha names
Anunay boy Supplication; Consolation Favourite Anunay names
Anupama anupama girl Without any comparison; Peerless Favourite Anupama names
Anushka anushka girl A term of endearment Favourite Anushka names
Anuttam boy Unsurpassed Favourite Anuttam names
Aranab boy Ocean Favourite Aranab names
Aravali boy Righteous Favourite Aravali names
Archit boy Worshipped Favourite Archit names
Arha boy Lord Shiva Favourite Arha names
Arihant boy One Who Has Killed His Enemies Favourite Arihant names
Arivalagan boy Intelligent And Handsome Favourite Arivalagan names
Arivuchelvan boy One Whose Wealth Is His Wisdom Favourite Arivuchelvan names
Arivumani boy Intelligent Jem Favourite Arivumani names
Arnesh boy Lord Of The Sea Favourite Arnesh names
Arshia arshia girl Heavenly; Divine Favourite Arshia names
Arth boy Meaning Favourite Arth names
Arul boy Gods Grace, Gods Blessing Favourite Arul names
Arumugan boy Lord Murugan Favourite Arumugan names
Arunachaleshwara boy Lord Of The Hills Of Sun Favourite Arunachaleshwara names
Arya boy Honoured, Noble Favourite Arya names
Asgar boy Devotee Favourite Asgar names
Ashesh boy Benediction Favourite Ashesh names
Ashi ashi girl Smile Favourite Ashi names
Ashis boy Benediction Favourite Ashis names
Ashlesh boy To Embrace Favourite Ashlesh names
Ashwaghosh boy Name Of Buddhist Philosopher Favourite Ashwaghosh names
Asokan boy Name Of A King Favourite Asokan names
Astha astha girl Faith; trust Favourite Astha names
Asuman boy Lord Of Vital Breaths Favourite Asuman names
Atharva boy The First Vedas Favourite Atharva names
Atiksh boy Wise Favourite Atiksh names
Atishay boy Successful & Bright Favourite Atishay names
Atiya boy To Surpass Favourite Atiya names
Atmaj boy Son Favourite Atmaj names
Atralarasu boy Skilled King Favourite Atralarasu names
Avaneesh boy Lord Ganesha Favourite Avaneesh names
Avanish boy God Of The Earth Favourite Avanish names
Avatar boy Incarnation Favourite Avatar names
Avi boy The Sun And Air Favourite Avi names
Avighna boy Remover of Obstacles Favourite Avighna names
Avikam boy Diamond Favourite Avikam names
Avilash boy Faithful Favourite Avilash names
Avinashi avinashi girl Indestructible Favourite Avinashi names
Avneesh boy God Of The Earth.another Name For God Lord Ganesh Favourite Avneesh names
Ayesha ayesha girl Doll; Daughter of the Prophet Favourite Ayesha names
Ayog boy Institution Favourite Ayog names
Ayushman boy Blessed With Long Life Favourite Ayushman names
Ayyappa boy Lord Ayyappa Favourite Ayyappa names
Baba boy Sweet Baby; Born on Thursday Favourite Baba names
Badrinath boy Lord Of Mt.badri Favourite Badrinath names
Bahuleya boy Lord Kartikeya Favourite Bahuleya names
Baijanti / Vaijanti baijantixx/xxvaijanti girl Name Of Flower Favourite Baijanti / Vaijanti names
Bajarang boy A name of Lord Hanumaan Favourite Bajarang names
Bajrang boy A Name Of Lord Hanuman Favourite Bajrang names
Bakula bakula girl Nagakeshar Flower Favourite Bakula names
Bala bala girl A young girl Favourite Bala names
Balaark boy The Rising Sun Favourite Balaark names
Balachandrav boy The Crescent Moon Favourite Balachandrav names
Balaji boy A Name Of Vishnu Favourite Balaji names
Balamani boy Young Jewel Favourite Balamani names
Balan boy Youthful Favourite Balan names
Balaram boy The Brother Of Lord Krishna Favourite Balaram names
Balavikarnika balavikarnika girl Durga Favourite Balavikarnika names
Balchandra boy Young Moon Favourite Balchandra names
Baldev boy Godlike In Power Favourite Baldev names
Balendra boy Lord Krishna Favourite Balendra names
Balendu boy Young Moon Favourite Balendu names
Bali boy Powerful; Brave; Elder Brother of Sugriva in Ramayan Favourite Bali names
Balram boy The elder brother of Lord Krishna Favourite Balram names
Banbhatt boy Name Of An Ancient Poet Favourite Banbhatt names
Banbihari boy Lord Krishna Favourite Banbihari names
Bandhula boy Charming Favourite Bandhula names
Bani bani girl Saraswati Favourite Bani names
Bankim boy Curved Favourite Bankim names
Banshi boy Flute Favourite Banshi names
Bansi boy Flute Favourite Bansi names
Bansilal boy Lord Krishna; The First Lord; Lord Vishnu Favourite Bansilal names
Barkha barkha girl Rain Favourite Barkha names
Barsat boy Welcome Rain Favourite Barsat names
Barun boy Lord of the Sea Favourite Barun names
Basudha boy Earth Favourite Basudha names
Bel bel girl Sacred Wood Apple Tree Favourite Bel names
Bela bela girl Time; Creeper; Jasmine Flower Favourite Bela names
Bhaanu bhaanu girl Sun Favourite Bhaanu names
Bhadrang boy Beautiful Body Favourite Bhadrang names
Bhadrashree boy Sandalwood Tree Favourite Bhadrashree names
Bhagaditya boy The Sun Which Bestows Wealth Favourite Bhagaditya names
Bhagwant boy Fortunate Favourite Bhagwant names
Bhagwanti bhagwanti girl Lucky Favourite Bhagwanti names
Bhagyashri bhagyashri girl Fortunate; Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Bhagyashri names
Bhanu boy Sun Favourite Bhanu names
Bhanuja bhanuja girl River Yamuna Favourite Bhanuja names
Bhanumati bhanumati girl Famous Favourite Bhanumati names
Bharadwaj boy A Lucky Bird Favourite Bharadwaj names
Bharavi bharavi girl Radiant Sun Favourite Bharavi names
Bhargav boy Lord Shiva Favourite Bhargav names
Bhargyaraj boy Lord Of Luck Favourite Bhargyaraj names
Bhasha bhasha girl Language Favourite Bhasha names
Bhavamanyu boy Creator Of Universe Favourite Bhavamanyu names
Bhavan boy Palace Favourite Bhavan names
Bhavi bhavi girl Current; Emotional Favourite Bhavi names
Bhawna bhawna girl Feelings Favourite Bhawna names
Bhimsen boy Sons Of Brave Man Favourite Bhimsen names
Bhini bhini girl Humid Favourite Bhini names
Bhishma boy One Who Has Taken A Terrible Vow Favourite Bhishma names
Bhoj boy Name Of A Poet King, Meal Favourite Bhoj names
Bhoomi bhoomi girl Earth Favourite Bhoomi names
Bhoopendra boy King Of The Earth Favourite Bhoopendra names
Bhooshit boy Decorated Favourite Bhooshit names
Bhrigu boy Name Of A Saint Favourite Bhrigu names
Bhumi bhumi girl Earth Favourite Bhumi names
Bhupati boy King Favourite Bhupati names
Bhuvana bhuvana girl The Earth Favourite Bhuvana names
Bijali bijali girl Lightening Favourite Bijali names
Binal binal girl Princess Favourite Binal names
Bindhiya bindhiya girl Dew Drop Favourite Bindhiya names
Binita binita girl Modest; Humble Favourite Binita names
Bisaj boy Lotus Favourite Bisaj names
Bodhi bodhi girl Enlightenment Favourite Bodhi names
Brahmadutt boy Dedicated To Lord Brahma Favourite Brahmadutt names
Braj boy Place Of Lord Krishna Favourite Braj names
Brajendra boy Lord Of Braj Land Favourite Brajendra names
Brajraj boy King Of Braj Land Favourite Brajraj names
Bramhanand boy Happiness For Knowledge Favourite Bramhanand names
Brijmohan boy Krishna Favourite Brijmohan names
Chahana chahana girl Desire, Affection Favourite Chahana names
Chahel boy Good Cheer Favourite Chahel names
Chain boy Peace Favourite Chain names
Chairavali chairavali girl Full Moon Of Chaitra Month Favourite Chairavali names
Chakor boy A Bird Enamoured Of The Moon Favourite Chakor names
Chakresh boy Name Of Lord Vishnu Favourite Chakresh names
Chaman boy Garden Favourite Chaman names
Champabati champabati girl The Capital Favourite Champabati names
Champak boy A Flower Favourite Champak names
Champamalini champamalini girl Garland Of Champa Flower Favourite Champamalini names
Chanak boy Father Of Chaanakya Favourite Chanak names
Chanchala chanchala girl Restless Favourite Chanchala names
Chandan boy Sandalwood Favourite Chandan names
Chandani chandani girl A River Favourite Chandani names
Chandidas boy Name Of A Saint Favourite Chandidas names
Chandni chandni girl Moonlit Favourite Chandni names
Chandrachur boy Lord Shiva Favourite Chandrachur names
Chandradev boy Moon God; A King Favourite Chandradev names
Chandraditya boy Name Of A King Favourite Chandraditya names
Chandrahaas boy Smiling Like A Moon Favourite Chandrahaas names
Chandraja chandraja girl Daughter Of The Moon Favourite Chandraja names
Chandrakali chandrakali girl 1/16th Of The Moon Favourite Chandrakali names
Chandrakant boy Beloved By The Moon Favourite Chandrakant names
Chandrakanta boy The Moon Favourite Chandrakanta names
Chandrakin chandrakin girl A Peacock Favourite Chandrakin names
Chandralekha chandralekha girl Ray Of Moon Favourite Chandralekha names
Chandramathi chandramathi girl As Beautiful As The Moon Favourite Chandramathi names
Chandramauli boy Lord Shiva Favourite Chandramauli names
Chandranath boy The Moon Favourite Chandranath names
Chandrashekhar boy One Who Holds Moon In His Hair Knot (shiva) Favourite Chandrashekhar names
Chandratara chandratara girl The Moon And The Stars Conjoined Favourite Chandratara names
Chandravadan boy Moon Like Face Favourite Chandravadan names
Chandrima chandrima girl The Moon Favourite Chandrima names
Chandrodaya boy Moonrise Favourite Chandrodaya names
Chandu boy Moon Favourite Chandu names
Chara chara girl Quiet And Frisky Favourite Chara names
Charan boy Feet Favourite Charan names
Charudatt boy Born Of Beauty Favourite Charudatt names
Charudatta boy Born With Beauty Favourite Charudatta names
Charulekha charulekha girl Beautiful Picture Favourite Charulekha names
Charuvindha boy Striving For Beauty Favourite Charuvindha names
Charuvrat boy Of Good Character Favourite Charuvrat names
Chatura chatura girl Clever Favourite Chatura names
Chaturanan boy With Four Faces Favourite Chaturanan names
Chellamani boy Precious Gem Favourite Chellamani names
Chemmal boy Premier, Best Favourite Chemmal names
Chetan boy Perceptive; Consciousness; Life; Excellent Intelligence Favourite Chetan names
Chetana chetana girl Perceptive, Consciousness Favourite Chetana names
Chetna chetna girl Power Of Intellect; Alert Favourite Chetna names
Chevatkodiyon boy Lord Murugan Favourite Chevatkodiyon names
Chhatrabhuj boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Chhatrabhuj names
Chidakash boy Absolute Brahma Favourite Chidakash names
Chidananda boy Lord Shiva Favourite Chidananda names
Chimayi chimayi girl Blissful Favourite Chimayi names
Chinmayananda boy Blissful, Supreme Consciousness Favourite Chinmayananda names
Chintan boy Thought; Meditation Favourite Chintan names
Chintana chintana girl Meditation Favourite Chintana names
Chintya boy Worthy Of Thought Favourite Chintya names
Chirag boy Lamp; Deepak Favourite Chirag names
Chitkala chitkala girl Knowledge Favourite Chitkala names
Chitrabahu boy With Beautiful Hands Favourite Chitrabahu names
Chitrabhanu boy Fire Favourite Chitrabhanu names
Chitragupt boy God Of Destiny Favourite Chitragupt names
Chitrakshi chitrakshi girl Colourful Eyes Favourite Chitrakshi names
Chitral boy Of variegated colour Favourite Chitral names
Chitralekha chitralekha girl As Beautiful As A Picture Favourite Chitralekha names
Chitramaya chitramaya girl Worldly Illusion Favourite Chitramaya names
Chitrarath boy The Sun Favourite Chitrarath names
Chitrita chitrita girl Picturesque Favourite Chitrita names
Chittaranjan boy One Who Pleases The Mind Favourite Chittaranjan names
Chunky boy Strong; Healthy Favourite Chunky names
Chyavan boy Name Of A Saint Favourite Chyavan names
Daksh boy A son of Brahma; Precious Son; Capable Favourite Daksh names
Dakshinayan boy Some Movement Of The Sun Favourite Dakshinayan names
Dalbhya boy Belonging To Wheels Favourite Dalbhya names
Damodar boy A Name Of Krishna Favourite Damodar names
Danila boy God Is The Judge Favourite Danila names
Danvir boy Charitable Favourite Danvir names
Darpan boy A Mirror Favourite Darpan names
Darshak boy Spectator Favourite Darshak names
Daruk boy Charioteer Of Krishna, Tree Favourite Daruk names
Darun boy Hard Male Hindu Favourite Darun names
Das boy Servant Favourite Das names
Dasharathi boy Lord Rama Favourite Dasharathi names
Datta boy One Who Is Given Favourite Datta names
Dattey boy Lord Indra Favourite Dattey names
Dayal boy Kind Hearted Favourite Dayal names
Dayanidhi boy Treasure House Of Mercy Favourite Dayanidhi names
Dayasagara boy Ocean Of Compassionate Favourite Dayasagara names
Debashis boy Benediction Of God Favourite Debashis names
Debjit boy One Who Has Conquered Gods Favourite Debjit names
Deenabandhu boy Friend Of The Poor Favourite Deenabandhu names
Deenanath; Dinanath boy Protector of poor; Lord of the poor Favourite Deenanath; Dinanath names
Deendaya boy Friend of poor; Humble and merciful Favourite Deendaya names
Deep boy Light; The lamp of light Favourite Deep names
Deepali deepali girl Row of lamps; Collection of lamps Favourite Deepali names
Deepankar boy One Who Lights Lamps Favourite Deepankar names
Deependu boy Bright Moon Favourite Deependu names
Deeptanshu boy The Sun Favourite Deeptanshu names
Deeptiman boy Lustrous Favourite Deeptiman names
Denadayal boy Humble And Merciful Favourite Denadayal names
Depen boy Master of Deepaks Favourite Depen names
Des des girl Country Favourite Des names
Dev Kumar boy Son Of Gods Favourite Dev Kumar names
Devabrata boy A Name Of Bhisma Favourite Devabrata names
Devadarshan boy Familiar With Gods Favourite Devadarshan names
Devadatta boy God Given Favourite Devadatta names
Devadhipa boy Lord Of The Gods Favourite Devadhipa names
Devadyumna boy Glory Of The Gods Favourite Devadyumna names
Devaj boy From God Favourite Devaj names
Devakantha boy Beloved Of The Gods Favourite Devakantha names
Devan boy Like a God Favourite Devan names
Devanandan boy Sonofgod Favourite Devanandan names
Devansh boy Part Of God Favourite Devansh names
Devapi boy An Ancient King Favourite Devapi names
Devaraj boy King Of The Gods Favourite Devaraj names
Devarsi boy Sage Of The Devas Favourite Devarsi names
Devavrata boy One who accepts all Penances Favourite Devavrata names
Devdarsh boy Worshipper Of God Favourite Devdarsh names
Devdutta boy King Favourite Devdutta names
Devendrashika boy Protector of All Gods Favourite Devendrashika names
Devguru boy Teacher Of Gods ( Brihaspati ) Favourite Devguru names
Devi; Daevi devi;xxdaevi girl Goddess; The Diety Favourite Devi; Daevi names
Devilal boy Son Of Godess Favourite Devilal names
Devkinandan boy Son Of Devki;(lord Krishna) Favourite Devkinandan names
Devnath boy King Of Gods Favourite Devnath names
Devraj boy King Among Gods, Name Of Indra Favourite Devraj names
Devraj; Devraaj boy Lord lndra; King of Devas; King of gods Favourite Devraj; Devraaj names
Devsena boy Army Of Gods Favourite Devsena names
Dewesh boy Lord Of The Gods Favourite Dewesh names
Dhanajit boy Wealth Favourite Dhanajit names
Dhanapati boy Lord Of Wealth Favourite Dhanapati names
Dhanpal boy Preserver Of Wealth Favourite Dhanpal names
Dhansukh boy Wealthy; Happy Favourite Dhansukh names
Dhanvant boy Wealthy Favourite Dhanvant names
Dhanvine boy A Name For Lord Rama Favourite Dhanvine names
Dharesh boy Lord Of Land Favourite Dharesh names
Dharm-Mitra boy Friend Of Religion Favourite Dharm-Mitra names
Dharma boy Law (religious) Favourite Dharma names
Dharmadas boy One Who Serves His Religion Favourite Dharmadas names
Dharmaditya boy Son Of Dharma Favourite Dharmaditya names
Dharmanand boy One Who Takes Pleasure In His Religion Favourite Dharmanand names
Dharmasastha boy Protector of dharma Favourite Dharmasastha names
Dharmendu boy Light Of Religion Favourite Dharmendu names
Dhaval boy A fair one Favourite Dhaval names
Dheemant boy Wise; Intelligent Favourite Dheemant names
Dheerandra boy God Of Courage Favourite Dheerandra names
Dhevan boy Godly Favourite Dhevan names
Dhinanta boy Evening Favourite Dhinanta names
Dhiraj boy Patience, Consolation Favourite Dhiraj names
Dhiren boy Strength; Strong Favourite Dhiren names
Dhrupad boy Lord Krishna Favourite Dhrupad names
Dhruvpad boy The Oldest Style Of North Indian Classical Favourite Dhruvpad names
Dhyanesh boy Meditative Favourite Dhyanesh names
Dhyani boy One Who Does Contemplation Favourite Dhyani names
Dhyey boy Aim Favourite Dhyey names
Digamber boy Nacked Favourite Digamber names
Dilip boy King Of The Solar Race Favourite Dilip names
Dinapati boy The Sun Favourite Dinapati names
Dinar boy Gold Coin Favourite Dinar names
Dinendra boy Lord Of The Day, The Sun Favourite Dinendra names
Dinkar boy Sun Favourite Dinkar names
Dinpal boy Sun Favourite Dinpal names
Dipen boy Lord Of The Lamp Favourite Dipen names
Dipendu boy Moon Favourite Dipendu names
Dipesh boy Lord of light Favourite Dipesh names
Diptanshu boy Sun Favourite Diptanshu names
Divesh boy Master of Directions Favourite Divesh names
Divit boy Immortal Favourite Divit names
Divya divya girl Divine; Divine Lustre; Heavenly; Brilliant Favourite Divya names
Divyansh boy Part Of Go, Part Of The Divine Light, Gods Own Divine Favourite Divyansh names
Divyendu boy Bright Moon Favourite Divyendu names
Drashti drashti girl Eyesight Favourite Drashti names
Drishit boy Signs Favourite Drishit names
Dron boy Prominent Mahabharata Character Favourite Dron names
Duranjaya boy A Heroic Son Favourite Duranjaya names
Durgesh boy Protector of Fort; Lord of forts Favourite Durgesh names
Durja boy The Invincible Favourite Durja names
Dushyanta boy A King From The Epic Mahabharata Favourite Dushyanta names
Dwaipayan boy The Sage Vyasa Favourite Dwaipayan names
Dwaraka-Nath boy Lord Of Dwarakaa Favourite Dwaraka-Nath names
Dwijesh boy River Favourite Dwijesh names
Dyutit boy Illuminated Favourite Dyutit names
Eashwar boy God Favourite Eashwar names
Edhas boy Happiness Favourite Edhas names
Ednit boy Evolved Favourite Ednit names
Eeshwar boy God Favourite Eeshwar names
Eha boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Eha names
Ekachakra boy Son Of Kashyapa Favourite Ekachakra names
Ekadant boy Lord Ganesh Favourite Ekadant names
Ekaksh boy One Eyed, Shiva Favourite Ekaksh names
Ekalinga boy . Shiva Favourite Ekalinga names
Ekana boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Ekana names
Ekanga boy . Bogyguard Favourite Ekanga names
Ekansh boy Whole Favourite Ekansh names
Ekapad boy Lord Shiva Favourite Ekapad names
Ekavir boy Bravest of the brave Favourite Ekavir names
Ekodar boy Brother Favourite Ekodar names
Elilarasu boy Handsome, King Of Beauty Favourite Elilarasu names
Ellu boy Sesame Seed Considered Sacred Favourite Ellu names
Esh boy God Favourite Esh names
Etash boy Luminous Favourite Etash names
Falgu boy Lovely Favourite Falgu names
Fanibhusan boy Lord Shiva Favourite Fanibhusan names
Fanibhushan boy Lord Shiva Favourite Fanibhushan names
Fanish boy The Cosmic Serpent Shesh Favourite Fanish names
Fateh boy Victory Favourite Fateh names
Fenil boy Which Meaning Is Name Favourite Fenil names
Gajra gajra girl Garland Of Flowers Favourite Gajra names
Ganika ganika girl Flower Favourite Ganika names
Geet geet girl Song; Melody Favourite Geet names
Ghomti; Gomti ghomti;xxgomti girl Name of a river Favourite Ghomti; Gomti names
Gina gina girl Silvery Favourite Gina names
Ginni ginni girl Precious Gold Coin Favourite Ginni names
Gitanjali gitanjali girl An offering of songs; Melodious tribute Favourite Gitanjali names
Godavari godavari girl River Godavari Favourite Godavari names
Grishma; Greeshma grishma;xxgreeshma girl Summer season Favourite Grishma; Greeshma names
Gulika gulika girl Ball; a pearl Favourite Gulika names
Gyani gyani girl Full of knowledge; intelligent Favourite Gyani names
Haimi haimi girl Golden Favourite Haimi names
Hans boy Swan Favourite Hans names
Hansraj boy King Of Swans Favourite Hansraj names
Hanumanta boy Puffy Cheeks Favourite Hanumanta names
Harindra boy A Tree Favourite Harindra names
Heena heena girl A flowering plan; Generally used for temporary skin decoration for special occasions; A shrub Favourite Heena names
Himagouri himagouri girl Parvati Favourite Himagouri names
Himanshu boy Another Name of Chandra Favourite Himanshu names
Hitendra boy Well-wisher Favourite Hitendra names
Hrishab boy Morality Favourite Hrishab names
Ibha ibha girl Elephant Favourite Ibha names
Ibhanan boy Elephant Faced Favourite Ibhanan names
Ichaa boy Desire Favourite Ichaa names
Ichha ichha girl Desire Favourite Ichha names
Idhant boy Luminous Favourite Idhant names
Idika idika girl The Earth Favourite Idika names
Iditri iditri girl One who praises; Complimentary Favourite Iditri names
Iha iha girl The Earth Favourite Iha names
Ijay boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Ijay names
Ijaya ijaya girl Sacrifice Favourite Ijaya names
Iksha iksha girl Sight Favourite Iksha names
Ikshu ikshu girl Sugarcane Favourite Ikshu names
Iksura iksura girl Fragrant Grass Favourite Iksura names
Ilaiyavan boy Youthful Favourite Ilaiyavan names
Ilango boy Chera Prince Who Wrote Tamil Masterpiece Silappadhikaram Favourite Ilango names
Ilavalagi ilavalagi girl Young And Beautiful Favourite Ilavalagi names
Ilavarasan boy Prince Favourite Ilavarasan names
Ilisha ilisha girl Queen Of The Earth Favourite Ilisha names
Inakanta boy Beloved Of Sun Favourite Inakanta names
Inbanathan boy Happy Favourite Inbanathan names
Indeever boy Blue Lotus Favourite Indeever names
Indira indira girl The Goddess Lakshmi; Wife of the god Vishnu Favourite Indira names
Indrajeet boy Conqueror Favourite Indrajeet names
Indrakshi indrakshi girl One With Beautiful Eyes Favourite Indrakshi names
Indrasen boy Eldest Of The Pandavas Favourite Indrasen names
Indratha indratha girl Power And Dignity Of Indra Favourite Indratha names
Indrina indrina girl Deep Favourite Indrina names
Induj boy Mercury ( Planet ) Favourite Induj names
Induja induja girl Narmada River Favourite Induja names
Induleksh induleksh girl The Moon Favourite Induleksh names
Indumal boy Lord Shiva Favourite Indumal names
Indumati indumati girl The Full Moon Favourite Indumati names
Induprabha induprabha girl Moon Rays Favourite Induprabha names
Inesh boy A Strong King Favourite Inesh names
Iniya iniya girl Sweet Favourite Iniya names
Inu inu girl Attractive Favourite Inu names
Ipsita ipsita girl Desired Favourite Ipsita names
Iraiyavan boy Blessed By The Supreme Favourite Iraiyavan names
Iravati iravati girl The River Ravi Favourite Iravati names
Irit irit girl Daffodil Favourite Irit names
Irya boy Powerful Favourite Irya names
Isaivalan boy Skilled Musician Favourite Isaivalan names
Ishanika ishanika girl Belonging To The North East Favourite Ishanika names
Ishita ishita girl Mastery; Wealth; Desired Favourite Ishita names
Ishta ishta girl Another Name For Lord Vishnu Favourite Ishta names
Itish boy Such A Lord Favourite Itish names
Ivy ivy girl A Creeper Favourite Ivy names
Iyengar boy Krishna Favourite Iyengar names
Iyla iyla girl Moonlight Favourite Iyla names
Jadhav boy A Yadava Favourite Jadhav names
Jagadev boy Lord Of The World Favourite Jagadev names
Jagath boy The Universe Favourite Jagath names
Jagesh boy Lord Of The World Favourite Jagesh names
Jaigopal boy Victory Of Lord Krishna Favourite Jaigopal names
Jairaj boy Lord Of Victory Favourite Jairaj names
Jaitra boy Leading To Vitory Favourite Jaitra names
Jaiwant boy Victory Favourite Jaiwant names
Jaldev boy God Of Water (lord Varun) Favourite Jaldev names
Jalendu boy Moon In The Water Favourite Jalendu names
Jalesh boy Lord Of Water Favourite Jalesh names
Jankesh boy Lord Of His Subjects Favourite Jankesh names
Japa boy Chanting Favourite Japa names
Jasamit boy Protected By Fame Favourite Jasamit names
Jasbeer boy Victorious Hero Favourite Jasbeer names
Jashan boy Celebration Favourite Jashan names
Jashith boy Protector Favourite Jashith names
Jasmine boy Name Of A Flower Plant Favourite Jasmine names
Jatan boy Nurturing Favourite Jatan names
Jatya boy Pleasing Favourite Jatya names
Javesh boy Related To God Favourite Javesh names
Jayad boy Causing Victory Favourite Jayad names
Jayapal boy King, Lord Vishnu, Lord Bramha Favourite Jayapal names
Jayaraj boy Briliant Favourite Jayaraj names
Jayawant boy Victorious Favourite Jayawant names
Jayendra boy Lord of victory Favourite Jayendra names
Jayesh boy Victor Favourite Jayesh names
Jeemutbahan boy Full Of Life Favourite Jeemutbahan names
Jeevan boy Life Favourite Jeevan names
Jeevanprakash boy Light Of Life Favourite Jeevanprakash names
Jhulier boy Precious Favourite Jhulier names
Jimuta boy One Of 108 Names Of The Sun God Favourite Jimuta names
Jinadev boy Lord Of Victory Favourite Jinadev names
Jishnu boy Triumphant Favourite Jishnu names
Jivitesh boy God Favourite Jivitesh names
Jnyandeep boy Light Of Knowledge Favourite Jnyandeep names
Jogesh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Jogesh names
Jugal boy Couple Favourite Jugal names
Jwalaprasad boy Gift Of Flame Favourite Jwalaprasad names
Jyotichandra boy Splendour Favourite Jyotichandra names
Jyotindra boy Lord Of Life Favourite Jyotindra names
Jyotiranjan boy Joyous Flamae Favourite Jyotiranjan names
Jyotirmaya boy Imbued With Light Favourite Jyotirmaya names
Kadambari kadambari girl Goddess Favourite Kadambari names
Kadhiroli kadhiroli girl Intelligent, Brilliant Like A Ray Of Sunlight Favourite Kadhiroli names
Kakali kakali girl Chiping Of Birds Favourite Kakali names
Kalaka kalaka girl Blue Favourite Kalaka names
Kalavati kalavati girl Artistic Favourite Kalavati names
Kalindi kalindi girl Yamuna River Favourite Kalindi names
Kalpini kalpini girl Night Favourite Kalpini names
Kalya kalya girl Praise, Pleasant Favourite Kalya names
Kamakshi kamakshi girl Goddess Lakshmi Or Parvati; One With Loving Eyes Favourite Kamakshi names
Kamali kamali girl Full Of Desires Favourite Kamali names
Kamana kamana girl Desire Favourite Kamana names
Kamitha kamitha girl Desired Favourite Kamitha names
Kamya kamya girl Beautiful Favourite Kamya names
Kanaklata kanaklata girl Golden Creeper Favourite Kanaklata names
Kanchana kanchana girl Gold Favourite Kanchana names
Kanitha kanitha girl Iris Of The Eye Favourite Kanitha names
Kanmani kanmani girl Precious Like An Eye Favourite Kanmani names
Kannan boy Lord Krishna Favourite Kannan names
Kantimoy boy Lustrous Favourite Kantimoy names
Kanvar boy Young Prince Favourite Kanvar names
Kanwaljeet boy Lotus Favourite Kanwaljeet names
Kapardini kapardini girl A Goddess Favourite Kapardini names
Kapeeshwar boy Lord of Monkeys Favourite Kapeeshwar names
Kapil boy Name Of A Sage Favourite Kapil names
Kapish boy Lord Hanuman Favourite Kapish names
Karhik boy Son Of Loard Shiva And Leader Of Deva Army, Kartik Means Hindu Month Favourite Karhik names
Karnik boy Judge Favourite Karnik names
Karthika boy Son Of Loard Shiva And Leader Of Deva Army, Kartik Means Hindu Month Favourite Karthika names
Karunamayi karunamayi girl Merciful Favourite Karunamayi names
Kashif boy Connoisseur Favourite Kashif names
Kashinath boy Lord Shiva Favourite Kashinath names
Kashiprasad boy Blessed By Lord Shiva Favourite Kashiprasad names
Kashmira kashmira girl From Kashmir Favourite Kashmira names
Kashyap boy Name Of A Sage Favourite Kashyap names
Kathan boy Sentanse Favourite Kathan names
Kaunteya boy Son Of Kunti Favourite Kaunteya names
Kaveesha boy Lord Of Poets. Lord Ganesha Favourite Kaveesha names
Kavel boy Lotus Favourite Kavel names
Kaveri kaveri girl A River Favourite Kaveri names
Kavindra boy Poet Or Poetess Favourite Kavindra names
Kaviraj boy Doctor Favourite Kaviraj names
Kavishkumar boy God Favourite Kavishkumar names
Kavya kavya girl Poetry In Motion Favourite Kavya names
Kayan boy The Name Of A Dynasty Of King Kaikobad Favourite Kayan names
Kedarnath boy Lord Shiva Favourite Kedarnath names
Kesar kesar girl Pollen, Lion Favourite Kesar names
Kesarinandan boy Son of Kesari Favourite Kesarinandan names
Kesavan boy Lord Venkateshwara Favourite Kesavan names
Keshav boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Keshav names
Keshika keshika girl A Woman With Beautiful Hair Favourite Keshika names
Ketak boy Flower Favourite Ketak names
Ketan boy Home; Banner Favourite Ketan names
Ketana ketana girl Home Favourite Ketana names
Ketu boy Lord Shiva Favourite Ketu names
Ketubh boy Cloud Favourite Ketubh names
Keval boy Only Favourite Keval names
Kevalkishore boy Absolute Favourite Kevalkishore names
Kevalkumar boy Absolute Favourite Kevalkumar names
Keyan boy A Form Of Keon Favourite Keyan names
Keyur boy Armlet Favourite Keyur names
Khemchand boy Welfare Favourite Khemchand names
Khushal boy Perfect Favourite Khushal names
Kirat boy Lord Shiva Favourite Kirat names
Kokila kokila girl Cuckoo, Nightingale Favourite Kokila names
Kotijit boy Conquering Millions Favourite Kotijit names
Koushik boy Love And Affection Favourite Koushik names
Kovida boy Wise Favourite Kovida names
Koyel koyel girl The Cuckoo Favourite Koyel names
Kripal boy Merciful Favourite Kripal names
Krishnakali krishnakali girl A Flower Favourite Krishnakali names
Krishnendu boy Lord Krishna Favourite Krishnendu names
Krithikesh boy Name Of Lord Karthikeya Favourite Krithikesh names
Kriti kriti girl A Work Of Art Favourite Kriti names
Kritika kritika girl Name of a star Favourite Kritika names
Ksema ksema girl Safety, Security, Welfare, Tranquility Favourite Ksema names
Kshithi kshithi girl Earth Favourite Kshithi names
Kularanjan boy Star Of Family Favourite Kularanjan names
Kulbhushan boy Ornament Of Family Favourite Kulbhushan names
Kumar boy Prince Favourite Kumar names
Kumarabrahmacharin boy Youthful Bachelor Favourite Kumarabrahmacharin names
Kumbh boy Name Of A Rashi Favourite Kumbh names
Kumud kumud girl A Lotus Favourite Kumud names
Kunal boy Son Of Emperor Ashok Favourite Kunal names
Kuntala kuntala girl A Woman With Luxurious Hair Favourite Kuntala names
Kurinji kurinji girl Special, Flower Which Blooms Once In Twelve Years Favourite Kurinji names
Kuvam boy Sun Favourite Kuvam names
Kvanh boy Melodious Sounds Favourite Kvanh names
Labangalata labangalata girl A Flowering Creeper Favourite Labangalata names
Labha labha girl Profit Favourite Labha names
Ladli ladli girl Loved One Favourite Ladli names
Lajita lajita girl Modest Favourite Lajita names
Lajja lajja girl Modesty Favourite Lajja names
Lajwanti lajwanti girl A Sensitive Plant Favourite Lajwanti names
Lakshana lakshana girl One With Auspicious Signs On Her Favourite Lakshana names
Lakshita lakshita girl Distinguished Favourite Lakshita names
Lalan lalan girl Nurturing Favourite Lalan names
Lalima lalima girl Redness; Beauty Favourite Lalima names
Laranya laranya girl Graceful Favourite Laranya names
Lasya lasya girl Dance Performed By Goddess Parvathi Favourite Lasya names
Latika latika girl A Small Creeper Favourite Latika names
Laura laura girl Laurel leaves; symbol of honor; victory Favourite Laura names
Lavangi lavangi girl Apsara, Of The Clove Plant Favourite Lavangi names
Laxmi laxmi girl Goddess Of Wealth Favourite Laxmi names
Leela leela girl Devine Play; Amusement Favourite Leela names
Leelamayee leelamayee girl Playful Favourite Leelamayee names
Lekisha lekisha girl Life Favourite Lekisha names
Libni libni girl Manuscripts Of God Favourite Libni names
Lily lily girl A Flower Favourite Lily names
Linda linda girl Pretty Favourite Linda names
Lipika lipika girl A Short Letter Favourite Lipika names
Lokamatri lokamatri girl Lakshmi; Mother Of The World Favourite Lokamatri names
Lopa lopa girl Wife Of Sage Favourite Lopa names
Lucia lucia girl The Light Of India Favourite Lucia names
Maan boy Lecturer, Respect Favourite Maan names
Madanapal boy Lord Of Love Favourite Madanapal names
Maderu boy Worthy Of Praise Favourite Maderu names
Madhavdas boy Servant Of Lord Krishna Favourite Madhavdas names
Madhavilata madhavilata girl A Flowering Creeper Favourite Madhavilata names
Madhu madhu girl Honey Favourite Madhu names
Madhuja madhuja girl Made Of Honey Favourite Madhuja names
Madhukanta boy The Moon Favourite Madhukanta names
Madhulekha madhulekha girl Beautiful Favourite Madhulekha names
Madhumalati madhumalati girl A Flowering Creeper Favourite Madhumalati names
Madhumathi madhumathi girl Delight Moon Favourite Madhumathi names
Madhumita madhumita girl Full Of Honey Favourite Madhumita names
Madhup boy A Honeybee Favourite Madhup names
Madhuvanthi madhuvanthi girl Who Is Sweet Like Honey Favourite Madhuvanthi names
Madhvan boy Another name of Lord Krishna Favourite Madhvan names
Madira madira girl Nectar Favourite Madira names
Madri madri girl Wife Of Pandu Favourite Madri names
Magadh boy Son Of Yadu Favourite Magadh names
Magadhi magadhi girl Flower Favourite Magadhi names
Maghi maghi girl Giving Gifts Favourite Maghi names
Mahabahu boy Arjuna Favourite Mahabahu names
Mahadevi mahadevi girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Mahadevi names
Mahadhyuta boy Most Radiant Favourite Mahadhyuta names
Mahagauri mahagauri girl Goddess Durga Favourite Mahagauri names
Mahakali mahakali girl Goddess Durga Favourite Mahakali names
Mahaketu boy Lord Shiva Favourite Mahaketu names
Mahalakshmi mahalakshmi girl Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Mahalakshmi names
Mahanidhi boy A Great Treasure House Favourite Mahanidhi names
Maharath boy A Great Charioteer Favourite Maharath names
Mahasvin boy Glorious Favourite Mahasvin names
Mahatapas boy Great Meditator Favourite Mahatapas names
Mahatru boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Mahatru names
Mahavir boy The most couragious among men; A Jain prophet Favourite Mahavir names
Maheepati boy The King Favourite Maheepati names
Maheshi maheshi girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Maheshi names
Maheswar boy God Shankar Favourite Maheswar names
Maheswari maheswari girl Consort of Lord Shiva Favourite Maheswari names
Mahijith boy Conqueror Of The Earth Favourite Mahijith names
Mahika mahika girl The Earth Favourite Mahika names
Mahipal boy Lord Krishna; A king Favourite Mahipal names
Mahir boy Expert Favourite Mahir names
Mahith boy Honoured Favourite Mahith names
Mahitha mahitha girl Greatness Favourite Mahitha names
Mahiya mahiya girl Happiness; Joy Favourite Mahiya names
Mahua mahua girl An Intoxicating Flower Favourite Mahua names
Maina maina girl A Bird Favourite Maina names
Maitra maitra girl Friendly Favourite Maitra names
Maitri maitri girl Friendship Favourite Maitri names
Makhesh boy Lord Krishna Favourite Makhesh names
Makur boy Mirror Favourite Makur names
Mala mala girl A Garland Favourite Mala names
Malank boy King Favourite Malank names
Malashree malashree girl An Early Evening Melody Favourite Malashree names
Malav boy Ansh Of Laxmi Favourite Malav names
Malay boy A Mountain Favourite Malay names
Malhar boy A Raga Used In Indian Music Favourite Malhar names
Maliha maliha girl Strong, Beautiful Favourite Maliha names
Malik boy Master; King Favourite Malik names
Malini malini girl A Garland Maker Favourite Malini names
Mallesh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Mallesh names
Malti malti girl Small Fragrant Flower Favourite Malti names
Manaka manaka girl According To The Mind Favourite Manaka names
Manan boy Thinking Favourite Manan names
Mananya mananya girl Deserving Praises Favourite Mananya names
Manasi manasi girl A Lady Favourite Manasi names
Manasvini manasvini girl Durga; Proud; Good Favourite Manasvini names
Manav boy Human Favourite Manav names
Manavendra boy King Among Men Favourite Manavendra names
Manavi manavi girl Wife Of Manu Favourite Manavi names
Manda manda girl A River Favourite Manda names
Mandakranta mandakranta girl A Sanskrit Metre Favourite Mandakranta names
Mandarmalika mandarmalika girl A Garland Of Celestial Favourite Mandarmalika names
Mandhata boy An Ancient King Favourite Mandhata names
Mandir boy Temple Favourite Mandir names
Mandra mandra girl Pleasant Favourite Mandra names
Mangala mangala girl Auspicious Favourite Mangala names
Manhar boy Lord Krishna Favourite Manhar names
Mani boy Gem; A jewel Favourite Mani names
Manibhushan boy Supreme Gem Favourite Manibhushan names
Manideepa manideepa girl A Lamp Of Precious Stones Favourite Manideepa names
Manikandan boy Another Name For Lord Ayyappa Favourite Manikandan names
Manikantan boy One with a bell around his neck Favourite Manikantan names
Manimala manimala girl A String Of Pearls Favourite Manimala names
Manishankar boy Shiva Favourite Manishankar names
Manishika manishika girl Intelligence Favourite Manishika names
Manisila manisila girl A Jeweled Stone Favourite Manisila names
Manit boy Highly Respected Favourite Manit names
Manitha manitha girl Honoured Favourite Manitha names
Maniya maniya girl A Glass Bead Favourite Maniya names
Manjari manjari girl The sacred basil; blossom; a bouquet Favourite Manjari names
Manjeet boy Conqueror Of The Mind Favourite Manjeet names
Manjughosh boy Sweet Sounding Recitation Favourite Manjughosh names
Manjul boy Handsome Favourite Manjul names
Manjushri manjushri girl Sweet Lustre Favourite Manjushri names
Manmatha boy Cupid Favourite Manmatha names
Manmayi manmayi girl Jealous; Sri Radha Favourite Manmayi names
Mannan boy Meditate Favourite Mannan names
Manoj boy Born of the mind; Cupid Favourite Manoj names
Manonith boy Carried By The Mind Favourite Manonith names
Manoritha manoritha girl Of The Mind Favourite Manoritha names
Manorma manorma girl Beautiful Favourite Manorma names
Manoth boy Born Of The Mind Favourite Manoth names
Manthan boy Reflection Through Study Favourite Manthan names
Mantra mantra girl Hymns, Holy Chants Favourite Mantra names
Manyu boy Mind Favourite Manyu names
Mareechi boy Ray Of Light Favourite Mareechi names
Marichi marichi girl Name Of A Star Favourite Marichi names
Marichika marichika girl Mirage, Ray Favourite Marichika names
Marisa marisa girl Mother of Daksa Favourite Marisa names
Masum masum girl Innocent Favourite Masum names
Matanga boy Sage, Advisor To Devi Lalita Favourite Matanga names
Matangi matangi girl Durga Favourite Matangi names
Mathi boy Moon Favourite Mathi names
Maulik boy Precious Favourite Maulik names
Mausumi mausumi girl Beauty, Monsoon Wind Favourite Mausumi names
Maya maya girl Illusion Favourite Maya names
Mayil mayil girl Full Of Grace, Like A Peacock Favourite Mayil names
Mayon boy The Black God Favourite Mayon names
Mayur boy Peacock Favourite Mayur names
Mayura mayura girl Illusion Favourite Mayura names
Medh medh girl Goddess Saraswati Favourite Medh names
Medhya medhya girl Mighty, Clean, Fresh Favourite Medhya names
Meehika meehika girl Fog Favourite Meehika names
Meena meena girl Precious blue stone; With Beautiful Eyes resembling a Fish; Enamel work Favourite Meena names
Meer boy Chief Favourite Meer names
Megh-Nad boy Roar Of Clouds Favourite Megh-Nad names
Megha megha girl Cloud Favourite Megha names
Meghaj boy Pearl Favourite Meghaj names
Meghavini meghavini girl Intelligence Favourite Meghavini names
Mehandi mehandi girl A flowering plan; generally used for temporary skin decoration for special occasions Favourite Mehandi names
Mehboob boy Beloved Favourite Mehboob names
Mehbooba mehbooba girl Beloved Favourite Mehbooba names
Mehtab boy Moon Favourite Mehtab names
Mehul boy Rain Favourite Mehul names
Mekhal boy Girdle, Belt Favourite Mekhal names
Mekhala mekhala girl Girdle Favourite Mekhala names
Mela mela girl Religious Gathering Favourite Mela names
Menaja menaja girl Goddesss Parvati Favourite Menaja names
Menaka menaka girl A Celestial Dancer Favourite Menaka names
Menitha menitha girl Wise Favourite Menitha names
Mihika mihika girl Mist, Fog Favourite Mihika names
Milana milana girl Union Favourite Milana names
Milap boy Union Favourite Milap names
Milind boy Honey Bee Favourite Milind names
Milit boy Comradship Favourite Milit names
Minakshi minakshi girl Fish Eyed, Daughter Of Kubera Favourite Minakshi names
Minal minal girl A precious stone Favourite Minal names
Minati minati girl Prayer Favourite Minati names
Misal boy Example Favourite Misal names
Misha misha girl Smile Favourite Misha names
Misri misri girl Sweet Favourite Misri names
Mita mita girl A friend Favourite Mita names
Mithali mithali girl Friendship Favourite Mithali names
Mithra mithra girl Friend Favourite Mithra names
Mithun boy Couple Favourite Mithun names
Mitra boy Friend Favourite Mitra names
Mitrajit boy Friendly Favourite Mitrajit names
Mohajit boy Attractive Favourite Mohajit names
Mohan boy Beauteous; Attractive; Charming Favourite Mohan names
Mohini mohini girl Most Beautiful Favourite Mohini names
Mohit boy Ensnarled By Beauty Favourite Mohit names
Moksh boy Mukti Favourite Moksh names
Moksin moksin girl Free Favourite Moksin names
Moorti boy An Idol Favourite Moorti names
Moti boy Pearl Favourite Moti names
Moulik boy Valuable Favourite Moulik names
Mridini mridini girl Goddesss Parvati Favourite Mridini names
Mridu mridu girl Gentle Favourite Mridu names
Mridula mridula girl Tendreness; Gentleness; an ideal woman Favourite Mridula names
Mrigalochan boy With Eyes Like That Of A Deer Favourite Mrigalochan names
Mriganayani mriganayani girl Doe Eyed Favourite Mriganayani names
Mrigankamouli boy Lord Shiva Favourite Mrigankamouli names
Mrigendra boy Lion Favourite Mrigendra names
Mrinalini mrinalini girl Lotus Favourite Mrinalini names
Mrinendra boy Lion Favourite Mrinendra names
Mrittika mrittika girl Mother Earth Favourite Mrittika names
Mrityunjay boy Lord Shiva Favourite Mrityunjay names
Mrudani mrudani girl Another Name For Parvathi Favourite Mrudani names
Mudit boy Pleased Favourite Mudit names
Mugdha mugdha girl Spellbound Favourite Mugdha names
Mukund boy Lord Krishna; Name of Vishnu Favourite Mukund names
Murad boy Prowess Favourite Murad names
Muralidhar boy Another name of Lord Krishna Favourite Muralidhar names
Murli boy The Flute Favourite Murli names
Murugappan boy Lord Murugan Favourite Murugappan names
Musikvahana boy One who has mouse as charioteer Favourite Musikvahana names
Mutholi mutholi girl Shines Like A Pearl Favourite Mutholi names
Mythili mythili girl Princess of Mithila; Sita Favourite Mythili names
Nabendu boy New Moon Favourite Nabendu names
Nabhith boy Fearless Favourite Nabhith names
Nabhomani boy Jewel Of The Sky ( Sun) Favourite Nabhomani names
Nachiket boy Son Of Vajashravas Favourite Nachiket names
Nadeesh boy God Of River (ocean) Favourite Nadeesh names
Nagarin boy Lord Of A Town Favourite Nagarin names
Nagdhar boy One Who Wears Cobra Favourite Nagdhar names
Nagesh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Nagesh names
Nageshwaran boy Lord Snake Favourite Nageshwaran names
Nagpati boy King Of Serpents ( Vaasuki ) Favourite Nagpati names
Naimish boy Inside Viewer, Wink Favourite Naimish names
Nairit boy South West Favourite Nairit names
Nakesh boy Moon Favourite Nakesh names
Nakhraj boy Moon Favourite Nakhraj names
Nalesh boy King Of Flowers Favourite Nalesh names
Nalin boy Lotus Favourite Nalin names
Nalinaksha boy Lotus Eyed Favourite Nalinaksha names
Namasthetu boy Vanquisher of All Evils & Vices & Sins Favourite Namasthetu names
Nambi boy Self Confident Favourite Nambi names
Namish boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Namish names
Nandan boy Pleasing, Son Favourite Nandan names
Nandish boy Lord Shiva (nandishwar) Favourite Nandish names
Nanku boy Well; Safe; Fine Favourite Nanku names
Narad boy Indian Saint, Devotee Of Narayan Favourite Narad names
Narahari boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Narahari names
Narashimha; Narsimha boy Lion among men Favourite Narashimha; Narsimha names
Narendra boy King of men Favourite Narendra names
Narmad boy Bringing Delight Favourite Narmad names
Nartana boy Makes Others Dance Favourite Nartana names
Narun boy Leader Of Men Favourite Narun names
Nateshwar boy God Of Drama ( Lord Shiva) Favourite Nateshwar names
Nathan boy Controller Favourite Nathan names
Navashen boy The One Who Brings Hope Favourite Navashen names
Navin boy New Favourite Navin names
Navratan boy Nine Jewels Favourite Navratan names
Navroz boy A Parsee Festival Favourite Navroz names
Nayath boy Leading Favourite Nayath names
Nedumaran boy Tall And Handsome Favourite Nedumaran names
Neel boy Blue Favourite Neel names
Neeladri boy The Nilgiris Favourite Neeladri names
Neelamani boy Blue Jewel Favourite Neelamani names
Neelanjan boy Blue Favourite Neelanjan names
Neelgreev boy Lord Shiva Favourite Neelgreev names
Neelkanta boy Lord Shiva Favourite Neelkanta names
Neelmadhav boy Lord Jagannath Favourite Neelmadhav names
Neelotpal boy Blue Lotus Favourite Neelotpal names
Neeraj boy Lotus Favourite Neeraj names
Nidhish boy Lord Of Treasure Favourite Nidhish names
Nihal boy Happy; Blissful person; Content Favourite Nihal names
Niketan boy House, Mansion Favourite Niketan names
Nikhilesh boy Lord Of All Favourite Nikhilesh names
Nikunj boy Loving Home; Bower; Arbour; Lord Krishna Favourite Nikunj names
Nikunja boy Grove Of Trees Favourite Nikunja names
Nilotpal boy Blue Lotus Favourite Nilotpal names
Nimesh boy Inside Viewer Favourite Nimesh names
Nimish boy Lord Vishnu; Momentary Favourite Nimish names
Ninad boy Sound, Gentle Sound Of Water Favourite Ninad names
Nirad boy Given By Water Favourite Nirad names
Niraj boy Lotus Favourite Niraj names
Nirankar boy With No Shape (god) Favourite Nirankar names
Nirav boy Without Sound; Silent Favourite Nirav names
Nirdesh boy Direction, Command, Indication...etc... Favourite Nirdesh names
Nirish boy Free, Without Any Owner Favourite Nirish names
Nirmal boy Pure; Clean Favourite Nirmal names
Nirogi boy Without Illness Favourite Nirogi names
Nirvan boy Liberation Favourite Nirvan names
Nischith boy Fixed Favourite Nischith names
Nischitha boy Confidence Favourite Nischitha names
Nishakar boy Moon (lord Of Night) Favourite Nishakar names
Nishan boy Mark Favourite Nishan names
Nishant boy Dawn Favourite Nishant names
Nishat boy A Tree Favourite Nishat names
Nishit boy Midnight Favourite Nishit names
Nishith boy Night Favourite Nishith names
Nishkama boy Selfless Favourite Nishkama names
Nishkarsh boy Result Favourite Nishkarsh names
Niteesh boy God Of Law, One Well Versed In Law Favourite Niteesh names
Nitish boy Master Of The Right Path Favourite Nitish names
Nityananda boy Lord Krishna; Always Happy Favourite Nityananda names
Niyath boy Behaviour Favourite Niyath names
Nridev boy King Amongst Men Favourite Nridev names
Nripesh boy King Of Kings Favourite Nripesh names
Nrupadh boy Feet Of A King Favourite Nrupadh names
Odathi odathi girl Refreshing Favourite Odathi names
Odoti odoti girl Dawn; Refreshing Favourite Odoti names
Oindrila oindrila girl Another Name For The Wife Of Indra Favourite Oindrila names
Ojaswini ojaswini girl Lustrous Favourite Ojaswini names
Omkareshwari omkareshwari girl Goddess Parvati, Gauri Favourite Omkareshwari names
Omvati omvati girl Sacred, Having The Power Of Om Favourite Omvati names
Padama padama girl Lotus; Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Padama names
Padmaja padmaja girl Born From Lotus, Lakshmi Favourite Padmaja names
Padmakali padmakali girl Lotus Bud Favourite Padmakali names
Padmalaya padmalaya girl Lake Of Lotuses Favourite Padmalaya names
Padmamalini padmamalini girl Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Padmamalini names
Padmaroopa padmaroopa girl Like A Lotus Favourite Padmaroopa names
Padmashri padmashri girl Divine Lotus Favourite Padmashri names
Pakshalika pakshalika girl On The Right Path Favourite Pakshalika names
Palak palak girl Eye Lid Favourite Palak names
Panchi panchi girl Bird Favourite Panchi names
Panita panita girl Admired Favourite Panita names
Panna panna girl Emerald Favourite Panna names
Parameshwari parameshwari girl Goddess Durga Favourite Parameshwari names
Paravi paravi girl Bird Favourite Paravi names
Paridhi paridhi girl Realm Favourite Paridhi names
Parina parina girl Fairy Favourite Parina names
Parnashri parnashri girl Leafy Beauty Favourite Parnashri names
Parnik parnik girl Creeper Favourite Parnik names
Parthivi parthivi girl Sita Favourite Parthivi names
Paru; Paro paru;xxparo girl Master; Furnished; Knowledge Favourite Paru; Paro names
Parvani parvani girl Full Moon; A Festival Or A Special Day Favourite Parvani names
Patala patala girl Goddess Durga Favourite Patala names
Patralekha patralekha girl A Name From Ancient Epics Favourite Patralekha names
Pavitra pavitra girl Holy; Pure Favourite Pavitra names
Pia pia girl Beloved Favourite Pia names
Pinakin boy Lord Shiva Favourite Pinakin names
Pingalaksha boy Pink eyed Favourite Pingalaksha names
Piyali piyali girl A Tree Favourite Piyali names
Ponmala boy Sabari hill Favourite Ponmala names
Poojit boy Worshipped Favourite Poojit names
Poonam poonam girl Full Moon Favourite Poonam names
Poorna boy Complete Favourite Poorna names
Poornima poornima girl Full Moon Favourite Poornima names
Poorv boy The East Favourite Poorv names
Poorva poorva girl Earlier, One, Elder, East Favourite Poorva names
Poorvaganga poorvaganga girl River Narmada Favourite Poorvaganga names
Prabha prabha girl Light; Glow; Shine; Goddess Parvati Favourite Prabha names
Prabhakar boy Sun Favourite Prabhakar names
Prabhat boy Dawn Favourite Prabhat names
Prabhati prabhati girl Of The Morning Favourite Prabhati names
Prabhavati prabhavati girl A Raagini, Wife Of Sun Favourite Prabhavati names
Prabhave boy Popular Lord. Lord Hanuman Favourite Prabhave names
Prabodhan boy Knowledge Favourite Prabodhan names
Pracheta boy Varun, Wise Favourite Pracheta names
Prachur boy Abundant Favourite Prachur names
Pradeep boy Light, Shine Favourite Pradeep names
Pradeepta pradeepta girl Glowing Favourite Pradeepta names
Pradosh boy Dusk Favourite Pradosh names
Pradyun boy Radiant Favourite Pradyun names
Praffula praffula girl In bloom Favourite Praffula names
Prafula prafula girl In Bloom Favourite Prafula names
Prafulla boy Pleasant, Cheerful Favourite Prafulla names
Pragya pragya girl Prowess Favourite Pragya names
Prahlad boy Excess Of Joy Favourite Prahlad names
Prajesh boy Lord Brahma Favourite Prajesh names
Prajna prajna girl Goddess Saraswati Favourite Prajna names
Prajwal boy Delightable Favourite Prajwal names
Prakat boy Mainfested Favourite Prakat names
Prakrit boy Nature; Handsome Favourite Prakrit names
Prama prama girl Knowledge Of Truth Favourite Prama names
Pramesh boy Master Of Accurate Knowledge Favourite Pramesh names
Pramoda boy Lord of All Abodes Favourite Pramoda names
Pramsu boy A Scholar Favourite Pramsu names
Prana boy Spirit Favourite Prana names
Pranali pranali girl Organisation Favourite Pranali names
Pranati pranati girl Prayer Favourite Pranati names
Pranay boy Romance Favourite Pranay names
Praneeth boy Calmness. Favourite Praneeth names
Pranet boy Leader Favourite Pranet names
Pranidhi pranidhi girl Spy Favourite Pranidhi names
Pranit boy Modest Favourite Pranit names
Pranjivan boy Life Favourite Pranjivan names
Pranshu boy Tall, Lord Vishnu Favourite Pranshu names
Pransukh boy Joy Of Life Favourite Pransukh names
Prasana prasana girl Rising Favourite Prasana names
Prasannatman boy Cheerful Favourite Prasannatman names
Prasenjit boy A King In The Epics Favourite Prasenjit names
Prashanta boy Calm Favourite Prashanta names
Prashanthi prashanthi girl Highest Peace Favourite Prashanthi names
Prasun boy Blossom Favourite Prasun names
Prateek boy Symbol, First Word In A Sentence Favourite Prateek names
Prathameshwara boy First Among All Favourite Prathameshwara names
Prathysha prathysha girl Early Morning, From Sanskrit Word Prathyusham Favourite Prathysha names
Pratik boy Symbol Favourite Pratik names
Pratima pratima girl Icon; Image; Statue; Idol Favourite Pratima names
Pratistha pratistha girl Preeminence Favourite Pratistha names
Pratyush boy Sun Favourite Pratyush names
Pravallika pravallika girl Question Favourite Pravallika names
Pravan boy Bowed Down, Modest Favourite Pravan names
Praveer boy An Excellent Warrior, King Favourite Praveer names
Pravin boy Expert; Skilled Favourite Pravin names
Pravina pravina girl Skilled Favourite Pravina names
Pravit boy Hero Favourite Pravit names
Preetam boy Lover Favourite Preetam names
Preetidutt boy Gifted With Love Favourite Preetidutt names
Preetiwardhan boy One Who Increases Love Favourite Preetiwardhan names
Premanand boy Joy Of Love Favourite Premanand names
Prerit boy The Inspired One Favourite Prerit names
Prestha prestha girl Dearest Favourite Prestha names
Prinaka prinaka girl Girl Who Brings Heaven To Earth Favourite Prinaka names
Prita prita girl Dear One Favourite Prita names
Prithvijaj boy King Of The Earth Favourite Prithvijaj names
Priya priya girl Loved One, Darling, Beloved Favourite Priya names
Priyabrata boy Devoted To Pleasing Favourite Priyabrata names
Priyadutta priyadutta girl Earth Favourite Priyadutta names
Priyaka boy Loving, Deer Favourite Priyaka names
Priyam priyam girl Beloved Favourite Priyam names
Priyanka priyanka girl Dear one; Beautiful; Lovable act Favourite Priyanka names
Priyanshu boy First Ray Of Sunlight. Favourite Priyanshu names
Priyesh boy Loved By God Favourite Priyesh names
Prutha prutha girl Daughter Of Earth Favourite Prutha names
Pugalendhi boy Glorious, Admirable Favourite Pugalendhi names
Puja puja girl Same As Pooja Favourite Puja names
Pujit boy Worshipped Favourite Pujit names
Pujya pujya girl Respectable Favourite Pujya names
Pulish boy Name Of A Sage Favourite Pulish names
Pundarik boy White Lotus Favourite Pundarik names
Punthali punthali girl A Doll Favourite Punthali names
Punya punya girl Good Work Favourite Punya names
Punyasloka boy Sacred Verse Favourite Punyasloka names
Puran boy Complete Favourite Puran names
Purav boy Chanting Voice From East At Sunrise Favourite Purav names
Purnayan boy Who Has Born With Full Of His Mother And Father Favourite Purnayan names
Purshottam boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Purshottam names
Pururava boy The Founder Of Chandra Dynasty Favourite Pururava names
Purva purva girl East; Elder Favourite Purva names
Purvaja purvaja girl Elder Sister Favourite Purvaja names
Purvi purvi girl From The East Favourite Purvi names
Pusan boy A Sage Favourite Pusan names
Pushkar boy Lotus; A Lake Favourite Pushkar names
Pushp-Mitra boy An Ancient Ruler Favourite Pushp-Mitra names
Pushpaj boy Born From A Flower Favourite Pushpaj names
Pusti pusti girl Nourishment, Endorsement Favourite Pusti names
Putana putana girl Blowing Hard, Demon Favourite Putana names
Pyaremohan boy Lord Krishna Favourite Pyaremohan names
Sabita sabita girl Beautiful Sunshine Favourite Sabita names
Sachi sachi girl Truth Favourite Sachi names
Sachita sachita girl Consciousness Favourite Sachita names
Sadaf sadaf girl Pearl Favourite Sadaf names
Sadhna sadhna girl Worship Favourite Sadhna names
Saee saee girl Female Friend Favourite Saee names
Saguna saguna girl Possessed Of Good Qualities Favourite Saguna names
Sahila sahila girl Guide Favourite Sahila names
Sahitya sahitya girl Literature Favourite Sahitya names
Saijayani saijayani girl Personification Of Victory. A Name For Shirdi Sai Baba Favourite Saijayani names
Sajani sajani girl Beloved; Loving; Well Loved Favourite Sajani names
Saketha saketha girl Shri Krishna Favourite Saketha names
Sakshi sakshi girl Witness Favourite Sakshi names
Salila salila girl Water Favourite Salila names
Samata samata girl Equality Favourite Samata names
Samhita samhita girl A Vedic Omposition Favourite Samhita names
Samika samika girl Peaceful Favourite Samika names
Sammathi sammathi girl Agreement Favourite Sammathi names
Sampatti sampatti girl Wealth Favourite Sampatti names
Samrithi samrithi girl Meeting Favourite Samrithi names
Sanatani sanatani girl Goddess Durga Favourite Sanatani names
Sanchali sanchali girl Movement Favourite Sanchali names
Sanchaya sanchaya girl Collection Favourite Sanchaya names
Sandhaya sandhaya girl Collection Favourite Sandhaya names
Sangeet sangeet girl Music Favourite Sangeet names
Sangya sangya girl Intellect, Wife Of Surya Dev Favourite Sangya names
Sanika sanika girl Flute Favourite Sanika names
Sanjana sanjana girl Gentle Favourite Sanjana names
Sanjita sanjita girl Triumphant Favourite Sanjita names
Sanjivani sanjivani girl Immortality Favourite Sanjivani names
Sanjushree sanjushree girl Beautiful Favourite Sanjushree names
Sankul sankul girl Full Of Favourite Sankul names
Sansita sansita girl Praise Favourite Sansita names
Santati santati girl Granter Of Issues, Goddess Durga Favourite Santati names
Santayani santayani girl Of The Evening Favourite Santayani names
Santushti santushti girl Complete Satisfaction Favourite Santushti names
Sanwari sanwari girl Dusky Favourite Sanwari names
Saphala saphala girl Successful Favourite Saphala names
Sarada sarada girl Goddess Saraswati Favourite Sarada names
Sarala sarala girl Simple Favourite Sarala names
Sarasi sarasi girl Jolly, Happy Favourite Sarasi names
Saravati saravati girl A River Favourite Saravati names
Sarbani sarbani girl Goddess Durga Favourite Sarbani names
Sarisha sarisha girl Charming Favourite Sarisha names
Sarjena sarjena girl Creative Favourite Sarjena names
Sarojini sarojini girl Lotus Favourite Sarojini names
Saruprani saruprani girl Beautiful Woman Favourite Saruprani names
Sarvani sarvani girl Durga; Universal; Complete Favourite Sarvani names
Saryu saryu girl River Sharayu Favourite Saryu names
Sasthi sasthi girl Goddess Durga Favourite Sasthi names
Satvari satvari girl Night Favourite Satvari names
Satviki satviki girl Goddess Durga Favourite Satviki names
Satyavati satyavati girl Mother Of Vyasa Favourite Satyavati names
Saumya saumya girl Mild Favourite Saumya names
Saumyi saumyi girl Moonlight Favourite Saumyi names
Savarna savarna girl Daughter Of The Ocean Favourite Savarna names
Savita savita girl Sun Favourite Savita names
Savitri savitri girl A Form Of The Devi Favourite Savitri names
Sayeeda sayeeda girl Leader Favourite Sayeeda names
Seemantini seemantini girl Woman Favourite Seemantini names
Semanti semanti girl A White Rose Favourite Semanti names
Sesha sesha girl Serpent Who Symbolizes Time Favourite Sesha names
Sevita sevita girl Cherished Favourite Sevita names
Shabari shabari girl A Tribal Devotee Of Lord Rama Favourite Shabari names
Shailasha shailasha girl Parvati; One Who Lives In The Mountain Favourite Shailasha names
Shakambari shakambari girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Shakambari names
Shakti shakti girl Goddess Durga; Power Favourite Shakti names
Shalalu shalalu girl Perfume Favourite Shalalu names
Shalmali shalmali girl Silk Cottom Tree Favourite Shalmali names
Shambhavi shambhavi girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Shambhavi names
Shampa shampa girl Lightning Favourite Shampa names
Shankhamala shankhamala girl A Fairytale Princess Favourite Shankhamala names
Sharadini sharadini girl Autumn Favourite Sharadini names
Sharanya sharanya girl Surrender Favourite Sharanya names
Shari shari girl Arrow Favourite Shari names
Sharmila sharmila girl Happy Favourite Sharmila names
Sharvari sharvari girl The Night Favourite Sharvari names
Shashikala shashikala girl Moon Light; Brightness of Moon Favourite Shashikala names
Shashini shashini girl Moon Favourite Shashini names
Shatakshi shatakshi girl Goddess Durga Favourite Shatakshi names
Sheela sheela girl Cool Favourite Sheela names
Shefali shefali girl A flower Favourite Shefali names
Shelly shelly girl A Way To Do Work Favourite Shelly names
Shevanti shevanti girl A Flower Favourite Shevanti names
Shilavati shilavati girl A River Favourite Shilavati names
Shilpita shilpita girl Well Proportioned Favourite Shilpita names
Shinjini shinjini girl Anklebells Favourite Shinjini names
Shirina shirina girl Night Favourite Shirina names
Shivakanta shivakanta girl Goddess Durga Favourite Shivakanta names
Shivanne shivanne girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Shivanne names
Shivapriya shivapriya girl Liked By Shiva Goddess Durga Favourite Shivapriya names
Shlesha shlesha girl More Than Enough Favourite Shlesha names
Shloka shloka girl Verse Favourite Shloka names
Shobhana shobhana girl Splendid; Shining; Glowing; The beautiful one Favourite Shobhana names
Shobhna shobhna girl Ornamental, Shining Favourite Shobhna names
Shoni shoni girl One Of Complexion Of Red Lotus Favourite Shoni names
Shradhdha shradhdha girl Faith, Trust Favourite Shradhdha names
Shravanthi shravanthi girl Name In Buddhist Literature Favourite Shravanthi names
Shravi shravi girl Cool Favourite Shravi names
Shreema shreema girl Prosperous Favourite Shreema names
Shreeprada shreeprada girl Goddess Radha Favourite Shreeprada names
Shreeya shreeya girl Auspicious; Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Shreeya names
Shresta shresta girl Foremost; Best; First Favourite Shresta names
Shreyashi shreyashi girl Good Favourite Shreyashi names
Shri shri girl Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Shri names
Shridula shridula girl Blessing Favourite Shridula names
Shrijani shrijani girl Creative Favourite Shrijani names
Shrika shrika girl Fortune Favourite Shrika names
Shrikama shrikama girl Radha Favourite Shrikama names
Shrikumari shrikumari girl Lustrious Favourite Shrikumari names
Shrilaxmi shrilaxmi girl Goddess Laxmi Favourite Shrilaxmi names
Shruthi shruthi girl Lyrics Favourite Shruthi names
Shweta shweta girl White Favourite Shweta names
Shyama shyama girl Dark As Cloud; Goddess Kali Favourite Shyama names
Shyla shyla girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Shyla names
Sindhu sindhu girl Ocean; River Favourite Sindhu names
Siya siya girl Sita Favourite Siya names
Smriti smriti girl Memory: Recollection Favourite Smriti names
Sonal sonal girl Golden Favourite Sonal names
Sonali sonali girl Golden Favourite Sonali names
Stuti stuti girl Praise; Worship Favourite Stuti names
Sucheta sucheta girl With a beautiful mind Favourite Sucheta names
Suchita suchita girl Purity; Beautiful Favourite Suchita names
Sukanya sukanya girl Beautiful Girl; Comely Favourite Sukanya names
Suma suma girl Good Mother Favourite Suma names
Suparna suparna girl Goddess Parvati; Leafy Favourite Suparna names
Sushmita sushmita girl Good Smile Favourite Sushmita names
Swarna swarna girl Gold Favourite Swarna names
Swati swati girl Name of a star; a nakshatra Favourite Swati names
Tahoma boy Someone Who Is Different With A Cute Personality Favourite Tahoma names
Taksa boy A Son Of Bharata Favourite Taksa names
Talaketu boy Bhishma Pitamaha Favourite Talaketu names
Talin boy Lord Shiva Favourite Talin names
Tamila boy Sun Favourite Tamila names
Tamoghna boy Lord Vishnu; Lord Shiva Favourite Tamoghna names
Tana boy Issue Favourite Tana names
Tanip boy Sun Favourite Tanip names
Tanmay boy Engrossed Favourite Tanmay names
Tapan boy Sun, Summer Favourite Tapan names
Tapasranjan boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Tapasranjan names
Tapomay boy Full Of Moral Virtue Favourite Tapomay names
Tarachandra boy Star & Moon Favourite Tarachandra names
Tarakeshwar boy Lord Shiva Favourite Tarakeshwar names
Taral boy Honeybee Favourite Taral names
Taranga boy Wave Favourite Taranga names
Tarendra boy Prince Of Stars Favourite Tarendra names
Tarit boy Lightning Favourite Tarit names
Tarpan boy Refreshing Favourite Tarpan names
Tathagat boy Title Of The Buddha Favourite Tathagat names
Tatvagyanaprad boy Granter of Wisdom Favourite Tatvagyanaprad names
Tautik boy Pearl Favourite Tautik names
Teerthankar boy A Jain Saint Favourite Teerthankar names
Tejeshwar boy The Sun Favourite Tejeshwar names
Thakur boy Leader; God Favourite Thakur names
Thangadurai boy Golden King Favourite Thangadurai names
Thangasami boy Golden Lord Favourite Thangasami names
Thayalan boy Lord Shiva Favourite Thayalan names
Thenappan boy Kind Favourite Thenappan names
Thirugnanam boy Wise, Knowledgeable, Attained Realization Favourite Thirugnanam names
Thirumani boy Precious Gem Favourite Thirumani names
Thrish boy Noble Favourite Thrish names
Timin boy Large Fish Favourite Timin names
Timmy boy Disaple Of Paul Favourite Timmy names
Tirth boy Holy Place Favourite Tirth names
Tirthayaad boy Lord Krishna Favourite Tirthayaad names
Tirupathi boy Seven Hills Favourite Tirupathi names
Toru boy Bull Favourite Toru names
Toyesh boy Lord Of Water Favourite Toyesh names
Trambak boy Lord Shiva Favourite Trambak names
Tridev boy Hindu Trinity ( Bramha, Vishnu & Mahesh The Creator, Sustainer, Destroyer) Favourite Tridev names
Tridib boy Heaven Favourite Tridib names
Trigyesh boy Lord Buddha - Trigya With Esh As Eshwar..... Favourite Trigyesh names
Trilokanath boy Lord Shiva Favourite Trilokanath names
Trimurti boy The Holy Trinity Favourite Trimurti names
Trinayan boy Lord Shiva Favourite Trinayan names
Trishanku boy A King Of The Surya Dynasty Favourite Trishanku names
Trivikram boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Trivikram names
Tuka boy Young Boy Favourite Tuka names
Tulsikumar boy Son Of Tulsi Favourite Tulsikumar names
Tungar boy High, Lofty Favourite Tungar names
Tungish boy Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu Favourite Tungish names
Turvasu boy A Son Of Yayaati Favourite Turvasu names
Tusharsuvra boy White As Snow Favourite Tusharsuvra names
Tuvidyumna boy Lord Indra Favourite Tuvidyumna names
Ucchal ucchal girl Perception Favourite Ucchal names
Udarathi boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Udarathi names
Udaya udaya girl Dawn Favourite Udaya names
Udayan boy Rising; Name Of King Of Avanti Favourite Udayan names
Uddhar boy Liberation Favourite Uddhar names
Udgita udgita girl A Hymn Favourite Udgita names
Udit boy Grown, Awakened, Shining Favourite Udit names
Uditi uditi girl Rising Favourite Uditi names
Udyati udyati girl Elevated Favourite Udyati names
Ujala boy Bright Favourite Ujala names
Ujjanini ujjanini girl An Ancient City Favourite Ujjanini names
Ujjwala/ujvala ujjwala/ujvala girl Bright; Lighted Favourite Ujjwala/ujvala names
Ujwal boy Bright Favourite Ujwal names
Ulka ulka girl Mateorite Favourite Ulka names
Umakant boy Lord Shiva Favourite Umakant names
Umashankar boy Lord Shiva Favourite Umashankar names
Umika umika girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Umika names
Unma unma girl Joy Favourite Unma names
Unmesh boy Flash, Blowing, Opening Favourite Unmesh names
Upala upala girl Sandy Shore Favourite Upala names
Upasana upasana girl Veneration Favourite Upasana names
Upendra boy An Element Favourite Upendra names
Urishilla urishilla girl Excellent Favourite Urishilla names
Urmi urmi girl Wave Favourite Urmi names
Urmimala urmimala girl Garland Of Waves Favourite Urmimala names
Urshita urshita girl Firm Favourite Urshita names
Urvi urvi girl Earth Favourite Urvi names
Ushangu boy Lord Shiva Favourite Ushangu names
Ushashi ushashi girl Morning Favourite Ushashi names
Ushi ushi girl A Plant Favourite Ushi names
Usri usri girl A River Favourite Usri names
Utanka boy A Disciple Of Sage Veda Favourite Utanka names
Utpala utpala girl Lotus Favourite Utpala names
Utpalaksh boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Utpalaksh names
Utpalakshi utpalakshi girl Goddess Laxmi Favourite Utpalakshi names
Utsa utsa girl Spring Favourite Utsa names
Utsavi utsavi girl Festivities Favourite Utsavi names
Uttamesh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Uttamesh names
Uttiya boy A Name In Buddhist Literature Favourite Uttiya names
Vachya vachya girl Sita Favourite Vachya names
Vagishwari vagishwari girl Goddess Saraswati Favourite Vagishwari names
Vaidehi vaidehi girl Name Of Sita Favourite Vaidehi names
Vaijayantimala vaijayantimala girl A Garland Of Lord Vishnu Favourite Vaijayantimala names
Vaisakhi vaisakhi girl Auspicious Day In Punjab Favourite Vaisakhi names
Vajra vajra girl Diamond Favourite Vajra names
Vallari vallari girl Goddess Parvati; Creeper Favourite Vallari names
Vama vama girl Woman Favourite Vama names
Vamika vamika girl Goddess Durga Favourite Vamika names
Vanalika vanalika girl Sunflower Favourite Vanalika names
Vanhishikha vanhishikha girl Flame Favourite Vanhishikha names
Vanmayi vanmayi girl Goddess Saraswati Favourite Vanmayi names
Vara vara girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Vara names
Vari vari girl Water; Sea Favourite Vari names
Varsha varsha girl Rain Favourite Varsha names
Varya varya girl Form Favourite Varya names
Vasanti vasanti girl Of Spring Favourite Vasanti names
Vasavi vasavi girl Wife Of Indra Favourite Vasavi names
Vasudhara vasudhara girl Earth Favourite Vasudhara names
Vasumitha vasumitha girl Brightest Friend Favourite Vasumitha names
Vatsala vatsala girl Affectionate Favourite Vatsala names
Vedha vedha girl Pious Favourite Vedha names
Venah venah girl Pining Favourite Venah names
Venya venya girl Lovable Favourite Venya names
Vetravati vetravati girl A River In India Favourite Vetravati names
Vibhavari vibhavari girl Starry Night Favourite Vibhavari names
Vibusha vibusha girl Bright Favourite Vibusha names
Vidisha vidisha girl A River Favourite Vidisha names
Vidushi vidushi girl Learned Favourite Vidushi names
Vidyul vidyul girl Lightning Favourite Vidyul names
Vijaya vijaya girl Victorious Favourite Vijaya names
Vijeta vijeta girl Victorious Favourite Vijeta names
Vikruti vikruti girl Maultiaceted Nature, Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Vikruti names
Vimudha vimudha girl Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Vimudha names
Vinamra vinamra girl Modest Favourite Vinamra names
Vinata vinata girl Humble, Mother Of Garuda Favourite Vinata names
Vindhya vindhya girl Knowledge Favourite Vindhya names
Vinoda vinoda girl Pleasing Favourite Vinoda names
Vipanchi vipanchi girl Lute Favourite Vipanchi names
Virata virata girl Bravery Favourite Virata names
Visala visala girl Celestial Apsara Favourite Visala names
Vishala vishala girl Wide; Spacious Favourite Vishala names
Vishnupriya vishnupriya girl Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Vishnupriya names
Vistarini vistarini girl A Goddess Favourite Vistarini names
Vividha vividha girl Strange Favourite Vividha names
Vrajabala vrajabala girl Girl From Mathura And Its Neighbourhood Favourite Vrajabala names
Vritee vritee girl Nature, Behaviour Favourite Vritee names
Vrushitha vrushitha girl Prosperity Favourite Vrushitha names
Waman boy Short Favourite Waman names
Wyconda boy Beautiful Stranger Favourite Wyconda names
Yadavi yadavi girl Goddess Durga Favourite Yadavi names
Yagavi/yahavi yagavi/yahavi girl Bright Favourite Yagavi/yahavi names
Yalini yalini girl Melodious Favourite Yalini names
Yamika yamika girl Night Favourite Yamika names
Yamini yamini girl Night; Nocturnal Favourite Yamini names
Yamya yamya girl Night Favourite Yamya names
Yashila yashila girl Famous Favourite Yashila names
Yasmin yasmin girl Jasmine Flower Favourite Yasmin names
Yasti yasti girl Slim Favourite Yasti names
Yema yema girl Our Joy Favourite Yema names
Yogeshwari yogeshwari girl Goddess Durga Favourite Yogeshwari names
Yosana yosana girl Girl Favourite Yosana names
Yousha yousha girl Young Girl Favourite Yousha names
Yutika yutika girl Flower Favourite Yutika names
Yuval boy Brook Favourite Yuval names
Yuvati yuvati girl Young Lady Favourite Yuvati names
Yuvika yuvika girl Young Woman, Maid Favourite Yuvika names
Yuyutsu boy Eager To Fight Favourite Yuyutsu names