Popular Hindu Baby Names

A Name is a simple a word which used to identify rest of the life of child so this is the first gift from the parents or relatives to the baby.therefore it needed a great care when we put their baby name which should be listen to good and beautiful meaning.To Keep all of that things in Mind we have great and nice collection range of baby names with meaning where your search will be finished for the suitable baby names. here is great range of Hindu Baby names with meaning where you choose your favourite Hindu Baby Names.
Popular Hindu Baby Names
Name Meaning
Aadhaya aadhaya girl First power Favourite Aadhaya names
Aadhira aadhira girl Moon Favourite Aadhira names
Aadita aadita girl From the begining Favourite Aadita names
Aaditya boy The sun Favourite Aaditya names
Aaheli aaheli girl Pure Favourite Aaheli names
Aaliya aaliya girl High; Tall; Towering; Excellent Favourite Aaliya names
Aamani aamani girl Spring season Favourite Aamani names
Aanadi aanadi girl Always happy Favourite Aanadi names
Aapti aapti girl Fulfilment Favourite Aapti names
Aarti aarti girl Towards the highest love for god; Form of worship Favourite Aarti names
Aashalatha aashalatha girl Creeper of hope Favourite Aashalatha names
Aashini aashini girl Lightning Favourite Aashini names
Aashinya aashinya girl Beautiful home Favourite Aashinya names
Aashita aashita girl One who is full of hope Favourite Aashita names
Aashiyana aashiyana girl Beautiful home, Small Dwelling, Nest Favourite Aashiyana names
Aashritha aashritha girl Somebody who gives shelter Favourite Aashritha names
Aathmika aathmika girl Related to aatma or soul Favourite Aathmika names
Abani abani girl Earth Favourite Abani names
Abha abha girl Beautiful; Glow; Lustrous Beauty Favourite Abha names
Abheek boy Fearless Favourite Abheek names
Abhidhya abhidhya girl Wish, Longing Favourite Abhidhya names
Abhik boy Beloved Favourite Abhik names
Abhinav boy Quite new Favourite Abhinav names
Abhiprithi abhiprithi girl Full of love Favourite Abhiprithi names
Abhiri abhiri girl A raagini of Indian music Favourite Abhiri names
Abhisar boy Companion Favourite Abhisar names
Abhivaadan boy Greeting Favourite Abhivaadan names
Abishta abishta girl Lady of the house Favourite Abishta names
Achal achal girl Constant; Immovable Favourite Achal names
Achintya boy Beyond comprehension Favourite Achintya names
Adarsh boy Ideal Favourite Adarsh names
Adarsha adarsha girl Ideal Favourite Adarsha names
Adhishree adhishree girl Exalted Favourite Adhishree names
Adil boy Sincere; just Favourite Adil names
Adithi adithi girl Freedom, Safety, Abundance Favourite Adithi names
Aditi aditi girl The Earth Favourite Aditi names
Adrija adrija girl Of the mountain, another name for parvathi Favourite Adrija names
Advay boy Unique Favourite Advay names
Adwita adwita girl Unique Favourite Adwita names
Aesha aesha girl Wish Favourite Aesha names
Agniprava boy Bright as the fire Favourite Agniprava names
Agraj boy leader, senior Favourite Agraj names
Agrima agrima girl Leadership Favourite Agrima names
Ahan boy One who is of the nature of time itself Favourite Ahan names
Aishani aishani girl Goddess Durga Favourite Aishani names
Ajaat boy Unborn Favourite Ajaat names
Ajanta ajanta girl A Famous Buddist Cave Favourite Ajanta names
Ajar boy One who is not old Favourite Ajar names
Ajisth boy Very inteligent Favourite Ajisth names
Akhila akhila girl Total Favourite Akhila names
Akhilesh boy Lord of the universe Favourite Akhilesh names
Akshara akshara girl Letter Favourite Akshara names
Akshaykeerti boy Eternal fame Favourite Akshaykeerti names
Akshita akshita girl Seen Favourite Akshita names
Akuti akuti girl Princess Favourite Akuti names
Alka alka girl lock of curly hair, small girl Favourite Alka names
Alpa alpa girl Little; Small Favourite Alpa names
Alpesh boy Tiny Favourite Alpesh names
Amaldeepti amaldeepti girl Camphor Favourite Amaldeepti names
Amara amara girl Immortal, Eternal Favourite Amara names
Amaris boy Child of the Moon Favourite Amaris names
Amba amba girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Amba names
Ambalika ambalika girl Mother Favourite Ambalika names
Amber amber girl From The Stone Favourite Amber names
Ambuja ambuja girl Born Of A Lotus Favourite Ambuja names
Ami boy Nectar Favourite Ami names
Amisha amisha girl Beautiful Favourite Amisha names
Amithi amithi girl Immeasurable; Unique Favourite Amithi names
Amiya amiya girl Nectar; delight Amlan unfading; everbright,Nectar Favourite Amiya names
Amla amla girl The pure one Favourite Amla names
Amodini amodini girl Joyful Favourite Amodini names
Amrapali amrapali girl Famous Courtesan Who Became A Evotee Of Buddha Favourite Amrapali names
Amritkala amritkala girl Nectarine Art Favourite Amritkala names
Amshul boy Bright Favourite Amshul names
Amulya amulya girl Priceless Favourite Amulya names
Anahita anahita girl Graceful Favourite Anahita names
Anandi anandi girl Happy Favourite Anandi names
Anandini anandini girl Joyful Favourite Anandini names
Anandita anandita girl Happy Favourite Anandita names
Anang boy Cupid or Kamadeva Favourite Anang names
Ananya ananya girl Without A Second Favourite Ananya names
Anarghya anarghya girl Priceless Favourite Anarghya names
Anasuya anasuya girl Wife Of Rishi Atri Favourite Anasuya names
Anathi anathi girl Modest, Respectful Favourite Anathi names
Anavi anavi girl Kind to people Favourite Anavi names
Anchala anchala girl One end of saree which is free ( pallu ) Favourite Anchala names
Anchita anchita girl Honoured, Worshipped Favourite Anchita names
Angak boy Son Favourite Angak names
Angarika angarika girl A Flame-Coloured Flower-Palash Favourite Angarika names
Aniij boy Charming Favourite Aniij names
Anindita anindita girl Beautiful Favourite Anindita names
Aninditha aninditha girl Virtuous, Venerated Favourite Aninditha names
Anintika anintika girl Immortal, Never ending Favourite Anintika names
Anisha anisha girl Uninterrupted Favourite Anisha names
Anishaa anishaa girl One Whose Life Has No Darkness Favourite Anishaa names
Anishka anishka girl One Who Has Only Friends And No Enemies. Favourite Anishka names
Anita anita girl Grace Favourite Anita names
Anjali anjali girl Offering with devotion Favourite Anjali names
Anjana anjana girl Mother Of Hanuman Favourite Anjana names
Anjas boy Fortright Favourite Anjas names
Anmol anmol girl Priceless Favourite Anmol names
Anokhi anokhi girl Unique Favourite Anokhi names
Anram boy Continuous Favourite Anram names
Anshika anshika girl Minute Particle Favourite Anshika names
Anshu anshu girl Sun Favourite Anshu names
Anshula anshula girl Sunny Favourite Anshula names
Antara antara girl A notation in Indian music Favourite Antara names
Antini antini girl Living in a hermitage Favourite Antini names
Anu anu girl A prefix; Atom Favourite Anu names
Anuga anuga girl A companion Favourite Anuga names
Anugya anugya girl Permission Favourite Anugya names
Anula anula girl Not wild, Gentle Favourite Anula names
Anulekha anulekha girl One who follows destiny Favourite Anulekha names
Anumati anumati girl Consent Favourite Anumati names
Anunay boy Supplication; consolation Favourite Anunay names
Anunitha anunitha girl Courtesy Favourite Anunitha names
Anuprabha anuprabha girl Brightness Favourite Anuprabha names
Anura anura girl Knowledgeable Favourite Anura names
Anuradha anuradha girl Name Of A Star Favourite Anuradha names
Anuragini anuragini girl Beloved Favourite Anuragini names
Anurati anurati girl Consent Favourite Anurati names
Anuroop boy Handsome Favourite Anuroop names
Anusha anusha girl Beautiful Morning, A Star Favourite Anusha names
Anusuya anusuya girl Non-Jealous Favourite Anusuya names
Anya anya girl Inexhaustible Favourite Anya names
Aparna aparna girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Aparna names
Apurva apurva girl Unique Favourite Apurva names
Aradhana aradhana girl Worship Favourite Aradhana names
Aranam aranam girl Name of the ornament Favourite Aranam names
Arati, Aaarti arati,xxaaarti girl Worship Favourite Arati, Aaarti names
Aravali boy Righteous Favourite Aravali names
Archan archan girl Worship Favourite Archan names
Archana archana girl Worship Favourite Archana names
Archini archini girl Ray of light Favourite Archini names
Archita archita girl One who is worshipped Favourite Archita names
Ardra ardra girl 6th nakshatra Favourite Ardra names
Arihant boy One who has killed his enemies Favourite Arihant names
Arijit boy Conquering enemies, son of Krishna and Subhadra Favourite Arijit names
Ariktha ariktha girl Fulfilled Favourite Ariktha names
Arivalagan boy Intelligent and handsome Favourite Arivalagan names
Arman boy Wish Favourite Arman names
Arnesh boy Lord of the sea Favourite Arnesh names
Arni arni girl Sun Favourite Arni names
Arpita arpita girl Dedicated Favourite Arpita names
Aruna aruna girl Dawn Favourite Aruna names
Aruni aruni girl Name of a devoted pupil,Dawn Favourite Aruni names
Arushi arushi girl First Ray Of The Sun Favourite Arushi names
Aryahi aryahi girl Goddess Durga Favourite Aryahi names
Asav boy Essence Favourite Asav names
Asavari asavari girl Name of a raga or melody Favourite Asavari names
Asgari asgari girl Devotee Favourite Asgari names
Ashakiran ashakiran girl Ray of hope Favourite Ashakiran names
Ashirvad boy Blessing Favourite Ashirvad names
Ashis ashis girl Benediction Favourite Ashis names
Ashita ashita girl River Yamuna Favourite Ashita names
Ashmita ashmita girl Very Hard And Strong Favourite Ashmita names
Ashna ashna girl A Friend Favourite Ashna names
Ashnaa ashnaa girl Daughter Of King Bali Favourite Ashnaa names
Ashoka ashoka girl Without grief Favourite Ashoka names
Asita asita girl The River Yamuna Favourite Asita names
Astha astha girl Faith Favourite Astha names
Asuman boy Lord of vital breaths Favourite Asuman names
Atmananda boy Blissful soul Favourite Atmananda names
Atralarasu boy Skilled king Favourite Atralarasu names
Atreyi atreyi girl A River Favourite Atreyi names
Avani avani girl Earth Favourite Avani names
Avantika avantika girl The Princess Of Ujjain Favourite Avantika names
Avasa avasa girl Independent Favourite Avasa names
Avatar boy Incarnation Favourite Avatar names
Avikshit boy Not see before Favourite Avikshit names
Avinashi boy Indestructable Favourite Avinashi names
Avishi avishi girl Earth, River Favourite Avishi names
Avkash boy Limitless space Avatar incarnation Favourite Avkash names
Ayanna ayanna girl Innocent Favourite Ayanna names
Ayog boy Institution Favourite Ayog names
Ayurda ayurda girl Bestower of Longevity Favourite Ayurda names
Baadal boy Cloud Favourite Baadal names
Baalaark boy The rising sun Favourite Baalaark names
Babita babita girl Little Girl; Stranger; Born in the first quarter of the day Favourite Babita names
Babitha babitha girl Born in the first quarter of an astrological day Favourite Babitha names
Badri prasad boy Gift of Badri Favourite Badri prasad names
Badriprasad boy Goft of Badri Favourite Badriprasad names
Bahubali boy A Jain tirthankar Favourite Bahubali names
Bahuleya boy Lord Kartikeya Favourite Bahuleya names
Baijayanthi baijayanthi girl Garland of Lord Vishnu Favourite Baijayanthi names
Baisakhi baisakhi girl The month of Baisakh Favourite Baisakhi names
Bakool boy Flower Favourite Bakool names
Bakula boy A kind of flower Favourite Bakula names
Balagovind boy Infant Krishna Favourite Balagovind names
Balaji boy A name of Vishnu Favourite Balaji names
Balaraj boy Strong Favourite Balaraj names
Balaram boy Brother of Lord Krishna Favourite Balaram names
Balaravi boy The morning sun Favourite Balaravi names
Balashankar boy Young Lord Shiva Favourite Balashankar names
Balavan boy Powerful Favourite Balavan names
Balbhadra boy Brother of Krishna Favourite Balbhadra names
Balbir boy Strong Favourite Balbir names
Balendu boy Young moon Favourite Balendu names
Bali boy Brave Favourite Bali names
Balram boy Brother of Lord Krishna Favourite Balram names
Balvant boy Of immense strength Favourite Balvant names
Balveer boy Powerful ( Balbeer ) Favourite Balveer names
Banaj boy Lotus Banbihari Lord Krishna Favourite Banaj names
Bandhini bandhini girl Bound, bond Favourite Bandhini names
Bandhu boy Friend Favourite Bandhu names
Bandhul boy Pleasing Favourite Bandhul names
Baneet boy Polite Favourite Baneet names
Banke boy Lord Krishna Favourite Banke names
Bansi boy Flute Favourite Bansi names
Bansilal boy Lord Krishna Favourite Bansilal names
Banwari boy Lord Krishna Favourite Banwari names
Barindra boy Ocean Favourite Barindra names
Barsaat boy Welcome rain Favourite Barsaat names
Barun boy Lord of the sea Favourite Barun names
Basabi basabi girl Wife of Lord Indra Favourite Basabi names
Basant boy Season of spring Favourite Basant names
Bavyesh boy Lord of the world/ Shiva Favourite Bavyesh names
Bhadrakapil boy Lord Shiva Favourite Bhadrakapil names
Bhagesh boy Lord of richness Favourite Bhagesh names
Bhagirath boy One who brought Ganga on earth Favourite Bhagirath names
Bhalendra boy Lord of strength Favourite Bhalendra names
Bhanudas boy A devotee of the sun Favourite Bhanudas names
Bhanumitra boy Friend of sun / Planet Mercury Favourite Bhanumitra names
Bhanuprakash boy Sun light Favourite Bhanuprakash names
Bhargava boy Lord Shiva Favourite Bhargava names
Bhartesh boy King of bharat Favourite Bhartesh names
Bhartihari boy Name of a poet Favourite Bhartihari names
Bhim boy Fearful Favourite Bhim names
Bholanath boy Lord Shiva Favourite Bholanath names
Bhoomika bhoomika girl The Earth Favourite Bhoomika names
Bhoopat boy Lord of the earth Favourite Bhoopat names
Bhoopendra boy King of the earth Favourite Bhoopendra names
Bhooshan boy Ornaments Favourite Bhooshan names
Bhoumik boy Land owner Favourite Bhoumik names
Bhramar boy Black bee Favourite Bhramar names
Bhrigu boy Name of a saint Favourite Bhrigu names
Bhudev boy Lord of the earth Favourite Bhudev names
Bhuman boy Earth Favourite Bhuman names
Bhupad boy Firm Favourite Bhupad names
Bhupal boy King Favourite Bhupal names
Bhupali bhupali girl A raagini in Indian music Favourite Bhupali names
Bhupati boy King Favourite Bhupati names
Bhupen boy King Favourite Bhupen names
Bhupendra boy King of kings Favourite Bhupendra names
Bhushan boy Ornament Favourite Bhushan names
Bhuvan boy Palace, one of the three worlds Favourite Bhuvan names
Bhuvanesh boy Lord of the worlds Favourite Bhuvanesh names
Bibhas boy A raga Favourite Bibhas names
Bibhavasu boy The sun; fire Favourite Bibhavasu names
Bipin boy Forest (Vipin) Favourite Bipin names
Brajraaj boy King of Braj land Favourite Brajraaj names
Bratati bratati girl Creeper Favourite Bratati names
Bratindra boy Devoted to right deeds Favourite Bratindra names
Brij boy Lord Krishna Favourite Brij names
Brijesh boy God of the land of Brij Favourite Brijesh names
Brijmohan boy Krishna Favourite Brijmohan names
Brinda brinda girl Tulsi Favourite Brinda names
Bukka boy Heart, loving, sincere Favourite Bukka names
Chalama chalama girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Chalama names
Chameli chameli girl Creeper With Sweet Scented Flower Favourite Chameli names
Chandana chandana girl Sandal Wood Favourite Chandana names
Chandani chandani girl A river Favourite Chandani names
Chandanika chandanika girl Diminutive Favourite Chandanika names
Chandrabhaga chandrabhaga girl River Chenab Favourite Chandrabhaga names
Chandraja chandraja girl Daughter of the moon Favourite Chandraja names
Chandrakanti chandrakanti girl Moon light Favourite Chandrakanti names
Chandraki chandraki girl Peacock Favourite Chandraki names
Chandrakin chandrakin girl A peacock Favourite Chandrakin names
Chandralekha chandralekha girl The phase of moon two nights after new moon, ray of moon Favourite Chandralekha names
Chandratara chandratara girl The moon and the stars conjoined Favourite Chandratara names
Chandravathi chandravathi girl Lit by the moon Favourite Chandravathi names
Chandrika chandrika girl Moonlight Favourite Chandrika names
Changuna changuna girl A good woman Favourite Changuna names
Charita charita girl Good Favourite Charita names
Charushila charushila girl A diamond Favourite Charushila names
Charusila charusila girl Beautiful jewel Favourite Charusila names
Charvi charvi girl Beautiful Favourite Charvi names
Chayana chayana girl Moon Favourite Chayana names
Cheshta cheshta girl To Try Favourite Cheshta names
Chetna chetna girl Awakening; Consciousness Favourite Chetna names
Chhavi chhavi girl Image, Radiance Favourite Chhavi names
Chhaya chhaya girl Shadow Favourite Chhaya names
Chitkala chitkala girl Knowledge Favourite Chitkala names
Chitra chitra girl Picture Favourite Chitra names
Chitralekha chitralekha girl As beautiful as a picture; Beautiful design; A celestial maiden Favourite Chitralekha names
Chitramala chitramala girl Series of pictures Favourite Chitramala names
Chitrani chitrani girl River Ganga Favourite Chitrani names
Chitrarathi chitrarathi girl With a bright chariot Favourite Chitrarathi names
Chitrita chitrita girl Beautiful, decorated Favourite Chitrita names
Chumban chumban girl Kiss Favourite Chumban names
Daiwik boy By the grace of God Favourite Daiwik names
Dakshata dakshata girl Skill Favourite Dakshata names
Dakshayani dakshayani girl Goddess Durga; The daughter of Daksha Favourite Dakshayani names
Danuj boy Born of danu, a danava Favourite Danuj names
Danvir boy Charitable Favourite Danvir names
Darshak boy Spectator Favourite Darshak names
Dasharathi boy Lord Rama Favourite Dasharathi names
Dasmaya boy Beautiful Favourite Dasmaya names
Dattatreya boy A son of Atri, a god Favourite Dattatreya names
Dayada boy Son, inheritor Favourite Dayada names
Dayanand boy Who takes joy in being merciful Favourite Dayanand names
Debashish boy Pleased by godsq Favourite Debashish names
Deenbabdhu boy Brother of poor people Favourite Deenbabdhu names
Deendayal boy One who has mercy on the downtrodden or poor Favourite Deendayal names
Deepit boy Lighted Favourite Deepit names
Dehabhuj boy Another name for lord Shiva Favourite Dehabhuj names
Devabrata boy A name of Bhishma Favourite Devabrata names
Devachandra boy Moon among the gods Favourite Devachandra names
Devadutt boy Gift of god Favourite Devadutt names
Devagya boy With knowledge of God Favourite Devagya names
Devakumar boy Son of a god Favourite Devakumar names
Devalatha devalatha girl Divine wine Favourite Devalatha names
Devalekha devalekha girl Celestial beauty Favourite Devalekha names
Devamati devamati girl Godly minded, Virtuous Favourite Devamati names
Devamayi devamayi girl Devine illuision Favourite Devamayi names
Devanee devanee girl Divine Favourite Devanee names
Devangana devangana girl Celestial maiden Favourite Devangana names
Devank boy Godly Favourite Devank names
Devdarsh boy Worshipper of God Favourite Devdarsh names
Devdas boy Servant of god Favourite Devdas names
Devendra boy King of Gods Favourite Devendra names
Deveshi deveshi girl Goddess Durga Favourite Deveshi names
Deveshwar boy Lord Shiva Favourite Deveshwar names
Devi; Daevi devi;xxdaevi girl Goddess; The Diety Favourite Devi; Daevi names
Devkinandan boy Son of Devki;(Lord Krishna) Favourite Devkinandan names
Devpad boy Divine feet Favourite Devpad names
Devraj boy King of gods Favourite Devraj names
Devvrata boy Name of an ancient king Favourite Devvrata names
Devyani devyani girl Daughter Of Shukraacharya Favourite Devyani names
Dewanshi dewanshi girl Divine Favourite Dewanshi names
Dhanajit boy Wealth Favourite Dhanajit names
Dhanapati boy Lord of wealth Favourite Dhanapati names
Dhanraj boy Lord Kuber Favourite Dhanraj names
Dhanvantari boy Doctor of Gods Favourite Dhanvantari names
Dharamnishth boy One who has faith in religion Favourite Dharamnishth names
Dharmachandra boy Moon of dharma Favourite Dharmachandra names
Dharmaditya boy Son of dharma Favourite Dharmaditya names
Dharmaketu boy Who upholds the right way Favourite Dharmaketu names
Dharmpal boy Protector of his religion Favourite Dharmpal names
Dharuna boy A rishi Favourite Dharuna names
Dheeman boy Intelligent Favourite Dheeman names
Dheeran boy Achiever Favourite Dheeran names
Dheerandra boy God of courage Favourite Dheerandra names
Dhevaneyan boy Pious Favourite Dhevaneyan names
Dhithi dhithi girl Thought, idea Favourite Dhithi names
Dhuha boy Forenoon Favourite Dhuha names
Dhuthi dhuthi girl Spleandour, lustre Favourite Dhuthi names
Dhwani boy Sound Favourite Dhwani names
Digamber boy Nacked Favourite Digamber names
Diksha diksha girl Initiation Favourite Diksha names
Dilshad dilshad girl Happy Favourite Dilshad names
Dinapati boy The sun Favourite Dinapati names
Dinar boy Gold coin Favourite Dinar names
Dinpal boy Sun Favourite Dinpal names
Dipal boy Diya, light Favourite Dipal names
Dipashri dipashri girl Lamp Favourite Dipashri names
Dipika dipika girl Lamp; a little light Favourite Dipika names
Dipu dipu girl Flame, Light Favourite Dipu names
Dishita dishita girl Focus Favourite Dishita names
Diva diva girl Goddess Singer Favourite Diva names
Divena divena girl Blessing Favourite Divena names
Divya divya girl Heavenly, Brilliant, Extraordinary Favourite Divya names
Divyanshi divyanshi girl Part of divine power Favourite Divyanshi names
Drashti drashti girl Eyesight Favourite Drashti names
Drishya drishya girl Sight Favourite Drishya names
Dristi dristi girl Sight Favourite Dristi names
Druthi druthi girl Softened Favourite Druthi names
Durgesh boy Lord of fort Favourite Durgesh names
Durjaya boy Difficult to conquer Favourite Durjaya names
Durva, Durba durva,xxdurba girl Sacred grass Favourite Durva, Durba names
Dwijaraj boy King of Brahmins; the moon Favourite Dwijaraj names
Dyumna boy Glorious Favourite Dyumna names
Dyutit boy Illuminated Favourite Dyutit names
Ecchumati ecchumati girl A river Favourite Ecchumati names
Eelampirai eelampirai girl Young Crescent Favourite Eelampirai names
Eka eka girl Lord Vishnu,Matchless, Alone, Unique Favourite Eka names
Ekaparana ekaparana girl Wife of Himalaya Favourite Ekaparana names
Ekata ekata girl Unity Favourite Ekata names
Ela ela girl Cardamom Tree Favourite Ela names
Elampirai elampirai girl Young crescent Favourite Elampirai names
Enakshi enakshi girl Deer-Eyed; One who has eyes like deer Favourite Enakshi names
Erisha erisha girl Speech Favourite Erisha names
Eshani eshani girl Goddess Parvathi Favourite Eshani names
Eshika eshika girl An arrow, dart Favourite Eshika names
Gagana gagana girl The sky Favourite Gagana names
Gajalakshmi gajalakshmi girl Lakshmi as graceful as an elephant Favourite Gajalakshmi names
Ganda ganda girl Knot Favourite Ganda names
Gandhali gandhali girl Fragrance of flowers Favourite Gandhali names
Gandhara gandhara girl Fragrance Favourite Gandhara names
Gandhari gandhari girl From gandhara Favourite Gandhari names
Gandhini gandhini girl Fragrant Favourite Gandhini names
Ganga ganga girl Sacred river of India Favourite Ganga names
Gangesha boy Lord of Ganga. Favourite Gangesha names
Gangeya boy Son of river Ganga Favourite Gangeya names
Gangika gangika girl River Ganga Favourite Gangika names
Ganjan ganjan girl Surpassing,The God of Silence,Exceeding Favourite Ganjan names
Gannon boy The God of Silence Favourite Gannon names
Garati garati girl Virtuous woman Favourite Garati names
Garima garima girl prowess, strength, honor Favourite Garima names
Garjan boy Thunder Favourite Garjan names
Garud boy the king of birds, falcon Favourite Garud names
Gathika gathika girl Song Favourite Gathika names
Gatita gatita girl A river Favourite Gatita names
Gauhar gauhar girl A pearl Favourite Gauhar names
Gaura gaura girl Goddes Parvati Favourite Gaura names
Gaurang boy Fair complexioned Favourite Gaurang names
Gauri gauri girl Godde Favourite Gauri names
Gaurika gaurika girl A Young Girl Favourite Gaurika names
Gaurikant boy Husband of Gauri ( Lord Shiva) Favourite Gaurikant names
Gaurisuta boy Son Of Gauri. Lord Ganesha Favourite Gaurisuta names
Gautam boy Lord Buddha Favourite Gautam names
Gautami gautami girl River Godavari in India Favourite Gautami names
Gaveshan boy Search Favourite Gaveshan names
Gayan boy Singing, The Sky Favourite Gayan names
Gayana gayana girl Singing Favourite Gayana names
Gayanthika gayanthika girl Singing Favourite Gayanthika names
Gazala gazala girl A deer Favourite Gazala names
Geeta geeta girl Holy book of the Hindus Favourite Geeta names
Geetika geetika girl A little song Favourite Geetika names
Gemine gemine girl Twins Favourite Gemine names
Geshna geshna girl Singer Favourite Geshna names
Giinni giinni girl Precious gold coin Favourite Giinni names
Gina gina girl Silvery Favourite Gina names
Giri boy Mount Favourite Giri names
Giridhar boy One who holds ( lifts ) mountain (Lord Krishna) Favourite Giridhar names
Girilal boy Son of mountain Favourite Girilal names
Girindra boy Lord Shiva Favourite Girindra names
Gita gita girl Song Favourite Gita names
Gitanjali gitanjali girl A collection of poems Favourite Gitanjali names
Gitashri gitashri girl Bhagavat Gita Favourite Gitashri names
Githika githika girl A small song Favourite Githika names
Giva giva girl Hill Favourite Giva names
Gnanamalar gnanamalar girl Intelligent flower Favourite Gnanamalar names
Gnanamangala gnanamangala girl Intelligent girl Favourite Gnanamangala names
Gobhil boy A Sanskrit scholar Favourite Gobhil names
Godavari godavari girl A River In India Favourite Godavari names
Gogula boy Lord Krishna Favourite Gogula names
Gokul boy A village near Mathura Favourite Gokul names
Gool gool girl A flower Favourite Gool names
Gopa gopa girl Gautama's wife Favourite Gopa names
Gorochana gorochana girl Goddes Parvati Favourite Gorochana names
Gourangi gourangi girl Fair complexioned Favourite Gourangi names
Govardhan boy Name of a mountain in Gokul Favourite Govardhan names
Govind boy Cowherd (Lord Krishna) Favourite Govind names
Govinda boy Lord Krishna Favourite Govinda names
Gunaakar boy An ancient King Favourite Gunaakar names
Gurmukh boy Gurnam Name of the guru Favourite Gurmukh names
Gursharan boy Refuge at the guru Favourite Gursharan names
Gurubachan boy The voice of the Guru Favourite Gurubachan names
Hakesh boy Lord of sound Favourite Hakesh names
Hanan boy Mercy Favourite Hanan names
Hansaraj boy King of Swans Favourite Hansaraj names
Hansin boy The universal Soul Favourite Hansin names
Hanuman boy Monkey God Favourite Hanuman names
Hara boy The Remover of Sins Favourite Hara names
Hareendra boy Lord Shiva Favourite Hareendra names
Harekrishna boy Lord Krishna Favourite Harekrishna names
Harjeet boy Victorious Favourite Harjeet names
Harkrishna boy Lord Krishna Favourite Harkrishna names
Harshad boy One who gives pleasure Favourite Harshad names
Heer heer girl Diamond Favourite Heer names
Heerkani heerkani girl Small diamond Favourite Heerkani names
Hem boy Gold; Lord Buddha Favourite Hem names
Hemaadri boy Mountain of gold Favourite Hemaadri names
Hemakshi hemakshi girl Golden eyed Favourite Hemakshi names
Hemalata hemalata girl Golden creeper Favourite Hemalata names
Hemanga hemanga girl Goldenbodied Favourite Hemanga names
Hemangi hemangi girl Golden Body Favourite Hemangi names
Hemani hemani girl Goddess parvathi Favourite Hemani names
Hemaprabha hemaprabha girl Golden light Favourite Hemaprabha names
Hemavatinandan boy Son of Goddess Parvati Favourite Hemavatinandan names
Hemdev boy Lord of wealth Favourite Hemdev names
Hemen boy The King of Gold Favourite Hemen names
Hemendu boy Golden moon Favourite Hemendu names
Hemkanta hemkanta girl Golden girl Favourite Hemkanta names
Hemraaj boy King of gold Favourite Hemraaj names
Heramba boy Boastful, name of Ganapati Favourite Heramba names
Hima hima girl Snow Favourite Hima names
Himagouri himagouri girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Himagouri names
Himanish boy Lord Shiva Favourite Himanish names
Himank boy Diamond Favourite Himank names
Hindola hindola girl A raga Favourite Hindola names
Hiranya boy Wealth Favourite Hiranya names
Hiranyak boy Name of a Maharishi Favourite Hiranyak names
Hiren boy Lord of the Diamonds Favourite Hiren names
Hirendra boy Lord of diamonds Favourite Hirendra names
Hiresh boy King of gems Favourite Hiresh names
Hitendra boy Well-wisher Favourite Hitendra names
Hradha hradha girl Lake Favourite Hradha names
Hridayanath boy Lord of the heart Favourite Hridayanath names
Hridyanshu boy light from heart, moon Favourite Hridyanshu names
Hrishi boy Pleasure Favourite Hrishi names
Hrishikesh boy One who controls senses Favourite Hrishikesh names
Ibha ibha girl Hope Favourite Ibha names
Ibhya boy Possessor of many attendants Favourite Ibhya names
Ichaa boy Desire Favourite Ichaa names
Idaspati boy God of rain (Vishnu) Favourite Idaspati names
Idhika idhika girl Another name for parvathi Favourite Idhika names
Idhitri idhitri girl One who praises Favourite Idhitri names
Ihit boy Prize; honour Favourite Ihit names
Ihitha ihitha girl Desired Favourite Ihitha names
Ijay boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Ijay names
Ikshana ikshana girl Sight Favourite Ikshana names
Ikshu ikshu girl Sugarcane, sweetness,Sugarcane Favourite Ikshu names
Ila ila girl water , earth, daughter of Manu Favourite Ila names
Ilaiyavan boy Youthful Favourite Ilaiyavan names
Ilashpasti boy Lord of the earth Favourite Ilashpasti names
Ilisa boy King of the Earth Favourite Ilisa names
Inas inas girl Capable Favourite Inas names
Indeever boy Blue lotus Favourite Indeever names
Indira indira girl Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Indira names
Indra boy God of the skies Favourite Indra names
Indraarjun boy Bright and brave Indra Favourite Indraarjun names
Indradyumn boy Splendour of Indra Favourite Indradyumn names
Indrajeet boy Conqueror Favourite Indrajeet names
Indrajit boy Conquerer of Indra Favourite Indrajit names
Indrakanta indrakanta girl Indrani ( Shachi ) Favourite Indrakanta names
Indrani indrani girl Wife Of Lord Indra Favourite Indrani names
Indrasen boy Eldest of the Pandavas Favourite Indrasen names
Indrasena indrasena girl The army of Indra,Daughter of King Nala Favourite Indrasena names
Indratha indratha girl Power and dignity of Indra Favourite Indratha names
Indu indu girl Moon Favourite Indu names
Indubhushan boy The moon Favourite Indubhushan names
Induj boy Mercury ( planet ) Favourite Induj names
Indukant boy Moon Favourite Indukant names
Induleksh induleksh girl The moon Favourite Induleksh names
Indumal boy Lord Shiva Favourite Indumal names
Indumauli boy Moon Crested Favourite Indumauli names
Inesh boy King of kings Favourite Inesh names
Iniya iniya girl Sweet Favourite Iniya names
Inkurali inkurali girl Sweet voice Favourite Inkurali names
Ipsit boy Desired Favourite Ipsit names
Iravan boy King of ocean Favourite Iravan names
Iravat boy Rain clouds Favourite Iravat names
Iresh boy Lord of earth, Vishnu Favourite Iresh names
Irit irit girl Daffodil Favourite Irit names
Isai isai girl Music Favourite Isai names
Ishwar boy powerful, the supreme god Favourite Ishwar names
Itish boy Such a lord Favourite Itish names
Iyla iyla girl Moonlight Favourite Iyla names
Jag Jeevan boy Life of the world Favourite Jag Jeevan names
Jagad boy Universe Favourite Jagad names
Jagadbandu boy Lord Krishna Favourite Jagadbandu names
Jagadeep boy Light of the world Favourite Jagadeep names
Jaganarayan boy God of the world ( Jagatnarayan ) Favourite Jaganarayan names
Jaganmay boy Spread over the universe Favourite Jaganmay names
Jagannath boy Lord of the world Favourite Jagannath names
Jagatbehari boy World traveler ( Jagvihari ) Favourite Jagatbehari names
Jagatguru boy Preceptor of the World Favourite Jagatguru names
Jagath boy The universe Favourite Jagath names
Jagatveer boy Bravest in the world ( Jagveer ) Favourite Jagatveer names
Jagdeo boy God of the World Favourite Jagdeo names
Jagger boy Strong, Loyal Favourite Jagger names
Jagjeevan boy Worldly life Favourite Jagjeevan names
Jahnavi jahnavi girl Ganga River In India Favourite Jahnavi names
Jailekha jailekha girl A record of victory Favourite Jailekha names
Jaimala jaimala girl Garland of victory Favourite Jaimala names
Jairam boy Victory of Lord Rama Favourite Jairam names
Jaisal boy Famous folk Favourite Jaisal names
Jaisukh boy Happy victor Favourite Jaisukh names
Jaitashri jaitashri girl Name of an Indian music raaga Favourite Jaitashri names
Jamini jamini girl Night Favourite Jamini names
Janakiraman boy Husband of Janaki Favourite Janakiraman names
Janamejay, Janardan boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Janamejay, Janardan names
Janav boy Protecting men Favourite Janav names
Janisha janisha girl Dispeller of ignorance Favourite Janisha names
Janki janki girl Seeta Favourite Janki names
Jashan boy Celebration Favourite Jashan names
Jashith boy Protector Favourite Jashith names
Jataayu boy A semi-divine bird Favourite Jataayu names
Jatin boy Pertaining ato saint Favourite Jatin names
Jayalakshmi jayalakshmi girl The goddess of victory Favourite Jayalakshmi names
Jayalalita jayalalita girl Victorious goddess Durga Favourite Jayalalita names
Jayamala jayamala girl Garland of victory Favourite Jayamala names
Jayantika jayantika girl Goddess Durga; Parvati Favourite Jayantika names
Jayashree jayashree girl Victorious woman,The goddess of victory Favourite Jayashree names
Jayashri jayashri girl Goddess Of Victory Favourite Jayashri names
Jayati jayati girl Victorious Favourite Jayati names
Jayavanti jayavanti girl Victorious Favourite Jayavanti names
Jayawant boy Victorious Favourite Jayawant names
Jayesh boy Victor Favourite Jayesh names
Jayin boy Conqueror Favourite Jayin names
Jayita jayita girl Victorious Favourite Jayita names
Jeemutbahan boy Full of life Favourite Jeemutbahan names
Jeeval jeeval girl Full of life Favourite Jeeval names
Jeevana jeevana girl Life Favourite Jeevana names
Jeevanlata jeevanlata girl Creeper of life Favourite Jeevanlata names
Jeevanprakash boy Light of life Favourite Jeevanprakash names
Jeevesh boy God Favourite Jeevesh names
Jeevika jeevika girl Water Favourite Jeevika names
Jerusha jerusha girl Married Favourite Jerusha names
Jhalak jhalak girl Glimpse Favourite Jhalak names
Jheel jheel girl Lake Favourite Jheel names
Jhilmil jhilmil girl Sparkling Favourite Jhilmil names
Jinadev boy Lord of victory Favourite Jinadev names
Jishnu boy Triumphant Favourite Jishnu names
Jivaj boy Full of life Favourite Jivaj names
Jnyaneshwar boy God of wisdom Favourite Jnyaneshwar names
Jogesh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Jogesh names
Jogindra, Joginder boy Lord Shiva Favourite Jogindra, Joginder names
Jugal boy Couple Favourite Jugal names
Jujhar boy One who struggles Favourite Jujhar names
Jwala boy Flame Favourite Jwala names
Jwalaprasad boy Gift of flame Favourite Jwalaprasad names
Jyestha boy The Eldest. Lord Vishnu Favourite Jyestha names
Jyotindra boy Lord of life Favourite Jyotindra names
Jyotiranjan boy Joyous flame Favourite Jyotiranjan names
Kaandhal kaandhal girl Attractive Favourite Kaandhal names
Kaarikaa boy Actress Favourite Kaarikaa names
Kabir boy Famous sufi saint Favourite Kabir names
Kadambari kadambari girl Goddess Favourite Kadambari names
Kadambini kadambini girl Clouds Favourite Kadambini names
Kailas boy Abode of Lord Shiva Favourite Kailas names
Kaishori kaishori girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Kaishori names
Kaivalya boy Perfect isolation Favourite Kaivalya names
Kakoli kakoli girl Preaching of birds Favourite Kakoli names
Kalabjari kalabjari girl Parvati Favourite Kalabjari names
Kalaka kalaka girl Blue Favourite Kalaka names
Kalandhika kalandhika girl Bestower of art Favourite Kalandhika names
Kalap boy Moon Favourite Kalap names
Kalapi kalapi girl peacock, nightingale Favourite Kalapi names
Kalavathi kalavathi girl Artistic Favourite Kalavathi names
Kalipada boy A devotee of Goddess Kali Favourite Kalipada names
Kaliranjan boy Devotee of Goddess Kali Favourite Kaliranjan names
Kalkin boy Tenth incarnation of God Vishnu Favourite Kalkin names
Kallolee kallolee girl Full Of Joy Favourite Kallolee names
Kalpa boy Able, fit Favourite Kalpa names
Kalpesh boy Lord of perfection Favourite Kalpesh names
Kalpini kalpini girl Night Favourite Kalpini names
Kalya kalya girl Pleasant,Praise Favourite Kalya names
Kalyan boy Welfare Favourite Kalyan names
Kamakya kamakya girl Durga Favourite Kamakya names
Kamala kamala girl Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Kamala names
Kamalaj boy Lord Brahama Favourite Kamalaj names
Kamalaksh boy With beautiful lotus -type eyes Favourite Kamalaksh names
Kamalapati boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Kamalapati names
Kamalesh boy God of lotus ( Lord Vishnu) (Kamaleshwar) Favourite Kamalesh names
Kamali kamali girl Full of desires Favourite Kamali names
Kamalnath boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Kamalnath names
Kamana kamana girl Desire Favourite Kamana names
Kanakabati kanakabati girl A fairy-tale Favourite Kanakabati names
Kanakavathi kanakavathi girl Possessing gold Favourite Kanakavathi names
Kandan boy Cloud Favourite Kandan names
Kanishta boy Youngest Favourite Kanishta names
Kapalini kapalini girl Another name for Durga Favourite Kapalini names
Kapidhwaj boy One with monkey flag ( Arjun) Favourite Kapidhwaj names
Kapil Dev boy Master of Kapil Favourite Kapil Dev names
Kapindra boy King of monkeys ( Hanuman, Sugreev ) Favourite Kapindra names
Kapirath boy Lord Rama/Arjun Favourite Kapirath names
Karan boy Instrument Favourite Karan names
Karunamay boy Full of light Favourite Karunamay names
Karunamaya boy Full of compassion Favourite Karunamaya names
Katyayani katyayani girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Katyayani names
Kautilya boy Name for Chanakya Favourite Kautilya names
Kavan boy Water, poem Favourite Kavan names
Kavel boy Lotus Favourite Kavel names
Kavindra boy Poet or Poetess Favourite Kavindra names
Khagendra boy Lord of the birds Favourite Khagendra names
Khagesh boy God of birds (Garuda) Favourite Khagesh names
Khairiya boy Charitable, good Favourite Khairiya names
Kirik boy Sparkling Favourite Kirik names
Kirin boy Poet Favourite Kirin names
Kirit boy Crown, tiara Favourite Kirit names
Kiritmani boy Jewel in the crown Favourite Kiritmani names
Krithi krithi girl Action Favourite Krithi names
Kshipra kshipra girl Name of a river in India Favourite Kshipra names
Kshirja kshirja girl Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Kshirja names
Kshitidhar boy Mountain Favourite Kshitidhar names
Kshitij boy Horizon Favourite Kshitij names
Kshrugal boy A name of God Shiva Favourite Kshrugal names
Kunsh boy Shining Favourite Kunsh names
Kush boy Son of Lord Rama Favourite Kush names
Kushala kushala girl Safe, Happy, Expert Favourite Kushala names
Kushboo kushboo girl Fragrance Favourite Kushboo names
Kuvar boy Fragrance Favourite Kuvar names
Kvanh boy Melodious sounds Favourite Kvanh names
Laalamani laalamani girl Ruby Favourite Laalamani names
Labangalata labangalata girl A flowering creeper Favourite Labangalata names
Laboni laboni girl Grace Favourite Laboni names
Ladhi ladhi girl Sangeet Favourite Ladhi names
Laghima laghima girl Goddess parvathi Favourite Laghima names
Lajita lajita girl Modest Favourite Lajita names
Lajjawati lajjawati girl A sensitive plant; modest woman Favourite Lajjawati names
Lajni lajni girl Shy Favourite Lajni names
Lajvati lajvati girl Shy Favourite Lajvati names
Lajwanti lajwanti girl A sensitive plant Favourite Lajwanti names
Lajwati lajwati girl Modest Favourite Lajwati names
Lakhi lakhi girl Goddess lakshmi Favourite Lakhi names
Lakshaki lakshaki girl Goddess sita Favourite Lakshaki names
Lakshana lakshana girl One with auspicious signs on her Favourite Lakshana names
Lakshita lakshita girl Distinguished Favourite Lakshita names
Lakshminath boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Lakshminath names
Lakshmipati boy Husband of Lakshmi Favourite Lakshmipati names
Lakshmishree lakshmishree girl Fortunate Favourite Lakshmishree names
Lakshya boy Target Favourite Lakshya names
Lalam boy Jewel Favourite Lalam names
Lalan lalan girl Nurturing Favourite Lalan names
Lalana lalana girl A beautiful woman Favourite Lalana names
Lalchand boy Red moon Favourite Lalchand names
Lalitaditya boy A beautiful sun Favourite Lalitaditya names
Lohit boy red, made of copper, Mars Favourite Lohit names
Maadhav boy Another name of Krishna Favourite Maadhav names
Maalolan boy Name of Deity in Ahobilam Favourite Maalolan names
Madan boy Cupid, god of love Favourite Madan names
Madangopal boy Lovely cowherd ( Lord Krishna ) Favourite Madangopal names
Maderu boy Worthy of praise Favourite Maderu names
Madhav boy Sweet like honey, Krishna Favourite Madhav names
Madhavan boy Lord Krishna Favourite Madhavan names
Madhuchanda boy Pleasing metrical composition Favourite Madhuchanda names
Madhuk boy A honeybee Favourite Madhuk names
Madhukanta boy The moon Favourite Madhukanta names
Madhukar boy Lover, honey bee Favourite Madhukar names
Madhup boy A bee Favourite Madhup names
Madhusoodan boy Name of Lord Krishna Favourite Madhusoodan names
Madhusudhana boy Krishna, one who killed demon Madhu Favourite Madhusudhana names
Madri madri girl Wife of pandu Favourite Madri names
Madur boy A bird Favourite Madur names
Madura madura girl A bird Favourite Madura names
Magadh boy Son of Yadu Favourite Magadh names
Magadhi magadhi girl Flower Favourite Magadhi names
Mahabahu boy One with strong arms ( Arjun ) Favourite Mahabahu names
Mahabali boy Strong, one with great strength Favourite Mahabali names
Mahaj boy A noblel descent Favourite Mahaj names
Mahakali mahakali girl Goddess Durga Favourite Mahakali names
Mahakanta mahakanta girl Earth Favourite Mahakanta names
Mahakaya boy Gigantic. Lord Hanuman Favourite Mahakaya names
Mahamani boy Lord Shiva Favourite Mahamani names
Mahamaya mahamaya girl Goddess Durga Favourite Mahamaya names
Mahanidhi boy A great treasure house Favourite Mahanidhi names
Mahapurush boy Great Being, Lord Rama Favourite Mahapurush names
Maharath boy A great charioteer Favourite Maharath names
Maharth boy Very truthful Favourite Maharth names
Mahati mahati girl Great Favourite Mahati names
Mahatru boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Mahatru names
Mahavir boy Most courageous amongst men Favourite Mahavir names
Mahesh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Mahesh names
Maheshwar boy Lord Shiva Favourite Maheshwar names
Maheshwari maheshwari girl Goddess Durga Favourite Maheshwari names
Mahi mahi girl Great earth, Heaven and earth conjoined Favourite Mahi names
Mahika mahika girl The earth Favourite Mahika names
Mahindra boy A king Favourite Mahindra names
Mahipal boy A king Favourite Mahipal names
Mahish boy Ceremoniously crowned king Favourite Mahish names
Mahit boy Honoured Favourite Mahit names
Mahmud boy The Prophet of Islam Favourite Mahmud names
Maitreya maitreya girl The name of a sage,Friend Favourite Maitreya names
Maitri maitri girl Friendship Favourite Maitri names
Makhesh boy Lord Krishna Favourite Makhesh names
Makrand boy Honey Favourite Makrand names
Makur boy Mirror Favourite Makur names
Mala mala girl garland, necklace Favourite Mala names
Mallika mallika girl Queen Favourite Mallika names
Mamta mamta girl Love; Affection Favourite Mamta names
Mana mana girl Love, Affection Favourite Mana names
Manal manal girl A bird Favourite Manal names
Manathosh boy Happy. Favourite Manathosh names
Manav boy Man Favourite Manav names
Manavendra boy King amongMen Favourite Manavendra names
Mandakranta mandakranta girl A Sanskrit metre Favourite Mandakranta names
Mandana mandana girl Cheerful Favourite Mandana names
Mandin boy Delighting Favourite Mandin names
Mandir boy Temple Favourite Mandir names
Mandira mandira girl Home Favourite Mandira names
Mandra mandra girl Pleasant Favourite Mandra names
Maneendra boy Lord of gems Favourite Maneendra names
Maneesh boy Lord of the mind Favourite Maneesh names
Manendra boy King of mind Favourite Manendra names
Mangai mangai girl Cultured lady Favourite Mangai names
Mangal boy Auspicious Favourite Mangal names
Manika manika girl Of jewels Favourite Manika names
Manikuntala manikuntala girl One whose hair is like gems Favourite Manikuntala names
Manimekhala manimekhala girl A girdle of gems Favourite Manimekhala names
Manini manini girl Self respecting Favourite Manini names
Manish boy Intelligent, God of mind Favourite Manish names
Manit boy Highly respected Favourite Manit names
Manith boy Honoured Favourite Manith names
Maniya maniya girl A glass bead Favourite Maniya names
Manjika manjika girl Sweet Favourite Manjika names
Manjistha manjistha girl Extremely Favourite Manjistha names
Manjughosh boy Sweet sounding recitation Favourite Manjughosh names
Manjula manjula girl Melodious Favourite Manjula names
Manjulika manjulika girl A sweet girl Favourite Manjulika names
Manjushri manjushri girl Sweet lustre Favourite Manjushri names
Manjusri manjusri girl Goddess Saraswati Favourite Manjusri names
Manmatha boy Cupid Favourite Manmatha names
Manmohan boy One who wins over the heart Favourite Manmohan names
Manohari manohari girl That which steel the heart Favourite Manohari names
Manorama manorama girl Beautiful Favourite Manorama names
Manoritha manoritha girl Of the mind Favourite Manoritha names
Manvi manvi girl Humanly Favourite Manvi names
Marala marala girl Swan Favourite Marala names
Mardav boy Softness Favourite Mardav names
Marichika marichika girl mirage, ray Favourite Marichika names
Marisa marisa girl Mother of Daksa Favourite Marisa names
Mausumi mausumi girl beauty, monsoon wind Favourite Mausumi names
Maya maya girl Illusion Favourite Maya names
Mayil mayil girl Full of grace, like a peacock Favourite Mayil names
Mayukh boy brilliant, splendour Favourite Mayukh names
Mayukhi mayukhi girl Peahen Favourite Mayukhi names
Mayur boy Peacock Favourite Mayur names
Mayura mayura girl Illusion Favourite Mayura names
Mayurika mayurika girl With peacock feathers Favourite Mayurika names
Medhya medhya girl Mighty, clean, fresh Favourite Medhya names
Medini medini girl The earth Favourite Medini names
Meena meena girl A Precious Stone Favourite Meena names
Meer boy Chief Favourite Meer names
Meera meera girl A devotee of Lord Krishna Favourite Meera names
Meeta meeta girl Friend Favourite Meeta names
Megh-naad boy Roar of clouds Favourite Megh-naad names
Meghaj boy Pearl Favourite Meghaj names
Meghana meghana girl Cloud Favourite Meghana names
Meghashyam boy Black like a cloud Favourite Meghashyam names
Meghnad boy Thunder Favourite Meghnad names
Mehak mehak girl Smell Favourite Mehak names
Mekhal boy Girdle, belt Favourite Mekhal names
Michelle boy A form ofMichael. Favourite Michelle names
Mihirkiran boy Sun ray Favourite Mihirkiran names
Milan boy Getting together Favourite Milan names
Milap boy Union Favourite Milap names
Milit boy Comradship Favourite Milit names
Milun boy Union Favourite Milun names
Minaxi minaxi girl One with fish shaped eyes; Goddess Parvati Favourite Minaxi names
Mirium mirium girl Wished-for child Favourite Mirium names
Misal boy Example Favourite Misal names
Mishti mishti girl Sweetness Favourite Mishti names
Misri boy Mixed; Sweet Favourite Misri names
Mita mita girl A friend Favourite Mita names
Mitrajit boy Friendly (one who win friends) Favourite Mitrajit names
Mitravinda mitravinda girl Possessor of friends Favourite Mitravinda names
Mohak boy Attractive Favourite Mohak names
Mohanish boy attractive God, Krishna Favourite Mohanish names
Mohit boy Enchanted by beauty Favourite Mohit names
Mohul boy Attractive Favourite Mohul names
Moksha moksha girl Salvation Favourite Moksha names
Moti boy Pearl Favourite Moti names
Mrigakshi mrigakshi girl One with deer- like beautiful eyes Favourite Mrigakshi names
Muktanand boy Happiness of freedom Favourite Muktanand names
Mukund boy Name of Vishnu Favourite Mukund names
Mukut boy Crown Favourite Mukut names
Muna boy wish, desire Favourite Muna names
Muneendra boy Best among saints Favourite Muneendra names
Muni boy Village God Favourite Muni names
Muraaree boy Another name of Lord Krishna Favourite Muraaree names
Muralee boy The flute Favourite Muralee names
Murarilal boy Lord Krishna Favourite Murarilal names
Murgesh boy Lord Karthikeya Favourite Murgesh names
Murugan boy Lord Karthikeya Favourite Murugan names
Muthunagai muthunagai girl Smiles like a pearl Favourite Muthunagai names
Naamagal naamagal girl Magnificent Poetess, Orator Favourite Naamagal names
Nabendu boy New moon Favourite Nabendu names
Nabha nabha girl Nobel High, Sky Favourite Nabha names
Nabhi nabhi girl Focus; the best,Central Favourite Nabhi names
Nabhoj boy Born in sky Favourite Nabhoj names
Nachik boy A short form of Nachiketa Favourite Nachik names
Nachiketa boy An ancient rishi, fire Favourite Nachiketa names
Nachni nachni girl Dancer; Suggestive look Favourite Nachni names
Nadeesh boy God of river (ocean) Favourite Nadeesh names
Naganalatha naganalatha girl Snake goddess Favourite Naganalatha names
Nagarin boy Lord of a town Favourite Nagarin names
Nagesh boy Seshnag, Cosmic Serpent Favourite Nagesh names
Nahush boy Name of an ancient King Favourite Nahush names
Nainika nainika girl Pupil of the eye Favourite Nainika names
Nairit boy South-west Favourite Nairit names
Nakti nakti girl Night Favourite Nakti names
Nakul boy Name of one of the Pandavas Favourite Nakul names
Nalin boy Lotus, water Favourite Nalin names
Nalina nalina girl Lotus Favourite Nalina names
Nalinaksh boy Lotus -eyed Favourite Nalinaksh names
Naman boy Salutation Favourite Naman names
Nandana nandana girl Daughter Favourite Nandana names
Nandika nandika girl Pleasure giving Favourite Nandika names
Nangai nangai girl Cultured lady Favourite Nangai names
Narasimha boy a form of Vishnu that is half man, half lion Favourite Narasimha names
Naresh boy Lord of man Favourite Naresh names
Narsimha boy Lion among men Favourite Narsimha names
Natkuna natkuna girl With good character Favourite Natkuna names
Natun natun girl New Favourite Natun names
Nauka nauka girl Boat Favourite Nauka names
Navalan boy Orator Favourite Navalan names
Navendu boy The moon a night after amavasya Favourite Navendu names
Navneeta navneeta girl Butter like Favourite Navneeta names
Nawal boy new, surprise Favourite Nawal names
Nayana nayana girl Eyes Favourite Nayana names
Neeharika neeharika girl As pure as dew drops Favourite Neeharika names
Neelakshi neelakshi girl Blue-Eyed Favourite Neelakshi names
Neelanjan boy Blue Favourite Neelanjan names
Neelanjana neelanjana girl Blue Favourite Neelanjana names
Neera neera girl Water Favourite Neera names
Neerav boy quiet, silent Favourite Neerav names
Nibaal boy Arrows Favourite Nibaal names
Nilabh boy Moon Favourite Nilabh names
Ninad boy Sound, gentle sound of water Favourite Ninad names
Niraj boy Lotus flower Favourite Niraj names
Niramay boy Without blemish Favourite Niramay names
Nirankar boy With no shape (God) Favourite Nirankar names
Nirbhik boy Fearless Favourite Nirbhik names
Nirijhar boy Waterful Favourite Nirijhar names
Nirmalya boy Pure Favourite Nirmalya names
Nirmit boy Created Favourite Nirmit names
Nirmitha nirmitha girl Created Favourite Nirmitha names
Nirmohi boy Unattached Favourite Nirmohi names
Nirvan boy Liberation Favourite Nirvan names
Nischal boy Calm Favourite Nischal names
Nishad boy Seventh note on Indian musical scale Favourite Nishad names
Nishinath boy Lord of night (moon) (Nishipati, Nishipal) Favourite Nishinath names
Nishit boy Midnight Favourite Nishit names
Nishith boy Night Favourite Nishith names
Nissim boy Unbounded Favourite Nissim names
Nitin boy Master of the right path Favourite Nitin names
Nitish boy Lord of correct path Favourite Nitish names
Nityanand boy Always happy Favourite Nityanand names
Nityasundar boy Ever good-looking Favourite Nityasundar names
Niyath boy Behaviour Favourite Niyath names
Nridev boy King amongst men Favourite Nridev names
Nripendra boy The king of kings Favourite Nripendra names
Ojaswit boy Powerful.Radiant. Favourite Ojaswit names
Olichudar olichudar girl Brilliant Favourite Olichudar names
Olimani olimani girl Brilliant Favourite Olimani names
Omanand boy Joy of Om Favourite Omanand names
Omesh boy Lord of the Om Favourite Omesh names
Omganesh boy Lord Ganapathi. Favourite Omganesh names
Omswarup boy Like Om Favourite Omswarup names
Omvati omvati girl Sacred, Having the power of Om Favourite Omvati names
Oogharath boy Son of Ooghavand. Favourite Oogharath names
Oorja oorja girl Energy Favourite Oorja names
Oppilmani boy Purest of gems Favourite Oppilmani names
Orion boy Son of Fire Favourite Orion names
Oudumber boy Vishnu Favourite Oudumber names
Pachaimani boy Youthful, resourceful Favourite Pachaimani names
Parbarti parbarti girl Surrender Favourite Parbarti names
Parmeet boy Wisdom Favourite Parmeet names
Pavaki pavaki girl Goddess Saraswati Favourite Pavaki names
Pavi pavi girl Lightning Favourite Pavi names
Payoja payoja girl Lotus Favourite Payoja names
Pehr pehr girl Phase/ Time Of Day. Favourite Pehr names
Piki piki girl Cuckoo Favourite Piki names
Pingala pingala girl Lakshmi Favourite Pingala names
Pivari pivari girl Wife of Sukha Favourite Pivari names
Piyali piyali girl A Tree Favourite Piyali names
Poorbi poorbi girl Eastern Favourite Poorbi names
Poorna poorna girl Complete Favourite Poorna names
Poornima poornima girl Full moon Favourite Poornima names
Poorva poorva girl earlier one, elder, east Favourite Poorva names
Poorvi poorvi girl A classical melody Favourite Poorvi names
Prabha prabha girl Light Favourite Prabha names
Prabhada prabhada girl Lady Favourite Prabhada names
Prabhavati prabhavati girl a raagini, wife of Sun Favourite Prabhavati names
Pracheeta pracheeta girl Origin; Starting point Favourite Pracheeta names
Pragati pragati girl Progress Favourite Pragati names
Pragya pragya girl Wisdom Favourite Pragya names
Pragyaparamita pragyaparamita girl Wise Favourite Pragyaparamita names
Pragyawati pragyawati girl A wise woman Favourite Pragyawati names
Prantika prantika girl End Favourite Prantika names
Prashansa prashansa girl Praise Favourite Prashansa names
Prashanti prashanti girl Peace Favourite Prashanti names
Prasheila prasheila girl Ancient time Favourite Prasheila names
Pratishtha pratishtha girl Honour Favourite Pratishtha names
Pratitha pratitha girl Well known Favourite Pratitha names
Prayuta prayuta girl Mingled with Favourite Prayuta names
Prbhavati prbhavati girl A raagini, Wife of Sun Favourite Prbhavati names
Prem prem girl Love Favourite Prem names
Prema prema girl Love Favourite Prema names
Prerana prerana girl Inspiration Favourite Prerana names
Prerita prerita girl To Inspire Favourite Prerita names
Prestha prestha girl Dearest Favourite Prestha names
Prita prita girl Dear One Favourite Prita names
Prital prital girl Loved one Favourite Prital names
Pritha pritha girl Kunti, mother of Pandavas Favourite Pritha names
Priti priti girl Satisfaction Favourite Priti names
Pritika pritika girl Dear one Favourite Pritika names
Priya priya girl Beloved Favourite Priya names
Priyadarshini priyadarshini girl Lovely Favourite Priyadarshini names
Priyal priyal girl Beloved Favourite Priyal names
Priyam priyam girl Beloved Favourite Priyam names
Priyanka priyanka girl Dear One Favourite Priyanka names
Priyasha priyasha girl Dear one Favourite Priyasha names
Puji puji girl Gentle Favourite Puji names
Pujita pujita girl Worshipped Favourite Pujita names
Pulak pulak girl Joy,Gem Favourite Pulak names
Puloma puloma girl Wife of the sage Bhrigu Favourite Puloma names
Punita punita girl Sacred, Holy Favourite Punita names
Punthali punthali girl Doll Favourite Punthali names
Purala purala girl Durga Favourite Purala names
Purva purva girl East Favourite Purva names
Pushpagandha pushpagandha girl Juhi flower Favourite Pushpagandha names
Pusti pusti girl Nourishment Favourite Pusti names
Radhavallabh boy Lord Krishna-beloved of Radha Favourite Radhavallabh names
Radheya boy Karna Favourite Radheya names
Rajiv boy Lotus flower Favourite Rajiv names
Rakesh boy Lord of the night, sun Favourite Rakesh names
Raktakamal boy A red lotus Favourite Raktakamal names
Ramakanta boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Ramakanta names
Ramanuja boy Born after Rama i.e. Lakshman Favourite Ramanuja names
Ramesh boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Ramesh names
Ramkishore boy Lord Rama Favourite Ramkishore names
Ramnath boy Lord Rama Favourite Ramnath names
Ramratan boy Lord Rama Favourite Ramratan names
Ranajit boy Victorious Favourite Ranajit names
Ranjeet boy Victor in wars Favourite Ranjeet names
Ratan boy Precious stone Favourite Ratan names
Rathik boy One who rides a chariot Favourite Rathik names
Ratnamala ratnamala girl String of pearls Favourite Ratnamala names
Ratnangi ratnangi girl Jewel-bodied Favourite Ratnangi names
Ratnapriya ratnapriya girl Lover of jewels Favourite Ratnapriya names
Ratnesh boy G od of jewels ( Kuber) Favourite Ratnesh names
Raveena raveena girl Sunny Favourite Raveena names
Ravikiran boy Sun ray Favourite Ravikiran names
Ravinshu boy Kamdev ( Cupid ) Favourite Ravinshu names
Reena reena girl Gem Favourite Reena names
Rekha rekha girl Line Favourite Rekha names
Renaud boy Wise and powerful Favourite Renaud names
Renesh boy Lord of love Favourite Renesh names
Renu renu girl molecule, particle, Earth Favourite Renu names
Renuka renuka girl The mother of Parasurma, the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu Favourite Renuka names
Revanth boy Horse rider Favourite Revanth names
Riaa riaa girl Flower Name For Poppy Favourite Riaa names
Rijul boy Innocent Favourite Rijul names
Rina rina girl Dissolved Favourite Rina names
Rishab boy Superior Favourite Rishab names
Rishikesh boy Lord of the senses, Vishnu Favourite Rishikesh names
Rishima rishima girl Moonbeam Favourite Rishima names
Rishita rishita girl The best Favourite Rishita names
Ritesh boy Lord of truth Favourite Ritesh names
Rithika rithika girl Brass Favourite Rithika names
Riti riti girl Memory; well being Favourite Riti names
Ritsika ritsika girl Traditional Favourite Ritsika names
Ritvik boy Priest Favourite Ritvik names
Rohtak boy Sun Favourite Rohtak names
Rolee rolee girl Sindoor Favourite Rolee names
Roma roma girl Lakshmi Favourite Roma names
Roopa roopa girl Blessed with beauty Favourite Roopa names
Roopali roopali girl Beautiful Favourite Roopali names
Roshan roshan girl Bright Favourite Roshan names
Rosy rosy girl Deep Pink Favourite Rosy names
Rucha rucha girl Bright Favourite Rucha names
Ruchira ruchira girl Desirable Favourite Ruchira names
Ruchita ruchita girl Beauty Favourite Ruchita names
Rudra boy angry, Lord Shiva Favourite Rudra names
Rudrabhiravi rudrabhiravi girl Goddess Durga Favourite Rudrabhiravi names
Rudrapriya rudrapriya girl Goddess Durga Favourite Rudrapriya names
Ruhani ruhani girl Sacred, Divine Favourite Ruhani names
Ruhin ruhin girl Spiritual Favourite Ruhin names
Rujul rujul girl Soft spoken Favourite Rujul names
Rukm boy Gold Favourite Rukm names
Rukmini rukmini girl Consort Of Lord Krishna Favourite Rukmini names
Ruksana ruksana girl Brilliant Favourite Ruksana names
Run zhun runxxzhun girl Sweet Sound Favourite Run zhun names
Rupa rupa girl beauty, silver Favourite Rupa names
Rupali rupali girl Beautiful Favourite Rupali names
Rupika rupika girl Gold Coin Favourite Rupika names
Rushada rushada girl Good news Favourite Rushada names
Rushil boy Charming Favourite Rushil names
Rutajit boy Conquerer of truth Favourite Rutajit names
Rutva rutva girl Speech,Season Favourite Rutva names
Sana sana girl Praise, Prayer Favourite Sana names
Sanithi sanithi girl Obtainment Favourite Sanithi names
Satya satya girl Truth Favourite Satya names
Shakeel shakeel girl Handsome Favourite Shakeel names
Shantala shantala girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Shantala names
Shanti shanti girl Peace Favourite Shanti names
Sharada sharada girl Goddess Saraswati Favourite Sharada names
Sharika sharika girl Goddess Durga Favourite Sharika names
Sharmistha sharmistha girl Wife Of Yayat Favourite Sharmistha names
Sharna sharna girl Protection Favourite Sharna names
Shashibala shashibala girl The moon Favourite Shashibala names
Shejali shejali girl A fruit Favourite Shejali names
Shekhar shekhar girl Lord Shiva Favourite Shekhar names
Shevanti shevanti girl A flower Favourite Shevanti names
Shibani shibani girl Goddess Durga Favourite Shibani names
Shikha shikha girl Branch, Flame Favourite Shikha names
Shilpika shilpika girl Skilled At Any Art Favourite Shilpika names
Shilpita shilpita girl Well- Proportioned Favourite Shilpita names
Shiuli shiuli girl A flower Favourite Shiuli names
Shivakari shivakari girl Source of Auspicious Things; Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Shivakari names
Shivapriya shivapriya girl Liked by Shiva ( Goddess Durga) Favourite Shivapriya names
Shivasundari shivasundari girl Durga Favourite Shivasundari names
Shobhana shobhana girl Beautiful Favourite Shobhana names
Shobhna shobhna girl ornamental, shining, beautiful Favourite Shobhna names
Shoni shoni girl One of complexion of red lotus Favourite Shoni names
Shraddha shraddha girl Faith Favourite Shraddha names
Shravani shravani girl Born In The Month Of Shravan Favourite Shravani names
Shreeparna shreeparna girl Tree adorned with leaves Favourite Shreeparna names
Shresta shresta girl Best Of All Favourite Shresta names
Shreyashi shreyashi girl Good Favourite Shreyashi names
Shri shri girl Lustre Favourite Shri names
Shridula shridula girl Blessing Favourite Shridula names
Shrijani shrijani girl Creative Favourite Shrijani names
Shrimayi shrimayi girl Fortunate Favourite Shrimayi names
Shriya shriya girl Prosperity Favourite Shriya names
Shubhada shubhada girl Giver of luck Favourite Shubhada names
Shubhaprada shubhaprada girl Granter of Auspicious Things; Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Shubhaprada names
Shubhi shubhi girl Good Luck Favourite Shubhi names
Shuchi shuchi girl Pious, Pure, Bright Favourite Shuchi names
Shuchismita shuchismita girl One Who Has A Pure Smile Favourite Shuchismita names
Shukla shukla girl Goddess Saraswati Favourite Shukla names
Shulka shulka girl Goddess Saraswati Favourite Shulka names
Shweta shweta girl White Favourite Shweta names
Shwetika shwetika girl White Favourite Shwetika names
Shyamal shyamal girl Dusky Favourite Shyamal names
Shyamali shyamali girl Dusky Favourite Shyamali names
Shyamalima shyamalima girl Dusky Favourite Shyamalima names
Shyamari shyamari girl Dusky Favourite Shyamari names
Shyamlata shyamlata girl A creeper with dusky leaves Favourite Shyamlata names
Sia sia girl Sita -Wife Of Lord Rama Favourite Sia names
Siddheshwari siddheshwari girl Lord Shiva Favourite Siddheshwari names
Siddhi siddhi girl Achievement Favourite Siddhi names
Siddhika siddhika girl One Who Attains Favourite Siddhika names
Simrit, Smrita simrit,xxsmrita girl Remembered Favourite Simrit, Smrita names
Sita sita girl Wife Of Lord Rama Favourite Sita names
Sitara sitara girl A star Favourite Sitara names
Sneha sneha girl Love; Affection Favourite Sneha names
Snehal snehal girl Friendly Favourite Snehal names
Snehi snehi girl Much Loved Favourite Snehi names
Snigda snigda girl Affectionate Favourite Snigda names
Sohalia sohalia girl Moon-glow Favourite Sohalia names
Sohni sohni girl Beautiful Favourite Sohni names
Sonal sonal girl Gold Favourite Sonal names
Sonali sonali girl Golden Favourite Sonali names
Sonika sonika girl Golden Favourite Sonika names
Sonu sonu girl Familiar with gold; Beloved Favourite Sonu names
Soorat soorat girl Beauty Favourite Soorat names
Sourabhi sourabhi girl Fragrance; the celestial cow Favourite Sourabhi names
Sphatika sphatika girl Crystal Favourite Sphatika names
Spoorthi spoorthi girl Inspiration Favourite Spoorthi names
Srinika srinika girl A lotus which is in the heart of Lord Vishnu Favourite Srinika names
Sristi sristi girl Creation Favourite Sristi names
Sriya sriya girl Prosperity Favourite Sriya names
Srujana srujana girl Art Favourite Srujana names
Stavita stavita girl Praised Favourite Stavita names
Suchandra suchandra girl Beautiful Favourite Suchandra names
Suchitra suchitra girl Beautiful picture Favourite Suchitra names
Sudakshima sudakshima girl Wife of king Dilip Favourite Sudakshima names
Sudarshana sudarshana girl Handsome Favourite Sudarshana names
Sudiksha sudiksha girl Goddess Laxmi Favourite Sudiksha names
Suhaila suhaila girl Moon-glow Favourite Suhaila names
Suhasini suhasini girl Name Of A Goddess Favourite Suhasini names
Sukshma sukshma girl Fine Favourite Sukshma names
Sumedha sumedha girl Wise Favourite Sumedha names
Sumita sumita girl A Good Friend Favourite Sumita names
Sumitra sumitra girl Name of the mother of Lakshmana; Good Friend Favourite Sumitra names
Sunanda sunanda girl Very Pleasing Favourite Sunanda names
Sunitha sunitha girl Well disposed, Righteous Favourite Sunitha names
Supti supti girl Sleep Favourite Supti names
Surama surama girl Very pleasing Favourite Surama names
Surbhi surbhi girl Holy cow . Surabhi means fragrance of a flower Favourite Surbhi names
Surina surina girl A Goddess Favourite Surina names
Surotama surotama girl Auspicious Apsara Favourite Surotama names
Sushma sushma girl Exquisite Beauty Favourite Sushma names
Sushmita sushmita girl Good Smile Favourite Sushmita names
Sushobhana sushobhana girl Very Beautiful Favourite Sushobhana names
Sutanuka sutanuka girl Beautiful Favourite Sutanuka names
Swapnasundari swapnasundari girl Woman of dreams Favourite Swapnasundari names
Taarank boy Part of a star Favourite Taarank names
Tahoma boy Someone who is Different with a Cute Personality Favourite Tahoma names
Takshak boy A cobra Favourite Takshak names
Talank boy Lord Shiva Favourite Talank names
Talikha talikha girl Nightingale Favourite Talikha names
Talleen boy Absorbed Favourite Talleen names
Tamali tamali girl A tree with very dark bark Favourite Tamali names
Tamalika tamalika girl Belonging to a place full of Tamal Favourite Tamalika names
Tamanna tamanna girl Wish Favourite Tamanna names
Tamarai tamarai girl Lotus Flower, Beautiful Favourite Tamarai names
Tamas boy Darkness Favourite Tamas names
Tamasa tamasa girl A river; darkness Favourite Tamasa names
Tambura tambura girl A musical instrument Favourite Tambura names
Tamish boy God of darkness (moon) Favourite Tamish names
Tamoghna boy Lord Vishnu; Lord Shiva Favourite Tamoghna names
Tana boy Issue Favourite Tana names
Tanav boy Flute Favourite Tanav names
Tanika tanika girl Rope Favourite Tanika names
Tanima tanima girl Slenderness Favourite Tanima names
Tanisha tanisha girl Ambition Favourite Tanisha names
Tanishq boy Jewel Favourite Tanishq names
Tanveer boy Englightened Favourite Tanveer names
Tapasendra boy Lord Shiva Favourite Tapasendra names
Tapendra boy Lord of heat (sun) Favourite Tapendra names
Taporaj boy Moon Favourite Taporaj names
Tarachandra boy Star & moon Favourite Tarachandra names
Tarakesh boy Stary Hair Favourite Tarakesh names
Taraknath boy Lord Shiva Favourite Taraknath names
Taran boy Raft, heaven Favourite Taran names
Taranga boy Wave Favourite Taranga names
Taraprashad boy Star Favourite Taraprashad names
Taresh boy God of the stars (moon) Favourite Taresh names
Tarosh boy Heaven, small boat Favourite Tarosh names
Taruntapan boy Morning sun Favourite Taruntapan names
Tarusa boy Conquerer Favourite Tarusa names
Tathagata boy The Buddha Favourite Tathagata names
Tatya boy Lord Shiva Favourite Tatya names
Tautik boy Pearl Favourite Tautik names
Teerth boy Holy place Favourite Teerth names
Tej boy Light, lustrous Favourite Tej names
Thaman boy Name of a god Favourite Thaman names
Thangabalu boy Golden Favourite Thangabalu names
Thangarajan boy Golden king Favourite Thangarajan names
Thangavel boy Lord Murugan, God Favourite Thangavel names
Thayanban boy Devoted to ones mother Favourite Thayanban names
Thenappan boy Kind Favourite Thenappan names
Thinakaran boy Brilliant like the sun, intelligent Favourite Thinakaran names
Tridhara tridhara girl The river Ganga Favourite Tridhara names
Trikaya trikaya girl Three dimentional Favourite Trikaya names
Tusti tusti girl Peace, Happiness Favourite Tusti names
Ucchal ucchal girl Perception Favourite Ucchal names
Udaya udaya girl Dawn Favourite Udaya names
Udbala udbala girl Strong Favourite Udbala names
Uddhar boy Liberation Favourite Uddhar names
Udipti udipti girl Fire Favourite Udipti names
Udiramalara udiramalara girl Fresh flower Favourite Udiramalara names
Udit boy Grown, awakened, shining Favourite Udit names
Udita udita girl Sunrise Favourite Udita names
Ujagar boy Bright Favourite Ujagar names
Ujala ujala girl Brightness Favourite Ujala names
Ulhas boy Joy, delight Favourite Ulhas names
Ullalagi ullalagi girl With inner beauty Favourite Ullalagi names
Uma uma girl Goddess Parvati, Tranquility Favourite Uma names
Umakant boy Husband of Uma ( Lord Shiva) Favourite Umakant names
Umashankar boy Lord Shiva Favourite Umashankar names
Umesh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Umesh names
Umrao umrao girl Noble Favourite Umrao names
Unnat boy Energized Favourite Unnat names
Unnati unnati girl Progress Favourite Unnati names
Upala upala girl Sandy shore Favourite Upala names
Upasana upasana girl Devotion, Worship Favourite Upasana names
Upendra boy An element Favourite Upendra names
Ura ura girl The heart Favourite Ura names
Ushakanta boy The sun Favourite Ushakanta names
Utanka boy A disciple of sage Veda Favourite Utanka names
Utpalini utpalini girl A lotus pond Favourite Utpalini names
Utsav boy Celebration Favourite Utsav names
Uttam boy Best Favourite Uttam names
Uttar boy Son of king Virata Favourite Uttar names
Velan boy Another name for Lord Murugan Favourite Velan names
Vishvakarma boy Architect of the universe Favourite Vishvakarma names
Vishvaketu boy An epithet of Aniruddh Favourite Vishvaketu names
Vishvesh boy Lord of the world Favourite Vishvesh names
Vishwaas boy Faith Favourite Vishwaas names
Vishwakarma boy Architect of the universe Favourite Vishwakarma names
Vishwamitra boy Friend of the universe Favourite Vishwamitra names
Vishwanath boy The lord Favourite Vishwanath names
Vishwaroop boy Omnipresent Favourite Vishwaroop names
Vishwas boy faith, trust Favourite Vishwas names
Yamajit boy Lord Shiva Favourite Yamajit names
Yamha boy Dove Favourite Yamha names
Yamir boy Moon Favourite Yamir names
Yashvasin boy The Popular. Lord Ganesha Favourite Yashvasin names
Yukti yukti girl trick, solution Favourite Yukti names
Yuthika yuthika girl Multitude Favourite Yuthika names
Yuvaraani yuvaraani girl Princess Favourite Yuvaraani names
Yuvati yuvati girl Young lady Favourite Yuvati names