Top Hindu Baby Names

A Name is a simple a word which used to identify rest of the life of child so this is the first gift from the parents or relatives to the baby.therefore it needed a great care when we put their baby name which should be listen to good and beautiful meaning.To Keep all of that things in Mind we have great and nice collection range of baby names with meaning where your search will be finished for the suitable baby names. here is great range of Hindu Baby names with meaning where you choose your favourite Hindu Baby Names.
Top Hindu Baby Names
Name Meaning
Aabha aabha girl Glow; Shine; Lustrous Beauty Favourite Aabha names
Aabharana aabharana girl Jewel Favourite Aabharana names
Aadrika aadrika girl Mountain Favourite Aadrika names
Aahaladita aahaladita girl Bubbling with delight Favourite Aahaladita names
Aahana aahana girl First rays of the sun Favourite Aahana names
Aakaanksha aakaanksha girl Wish or desire Favourite Aakaanksha names
Aamrapali aamrapali girl Leaf of mango tree Favourite Aamrapali names
Aanchal aanchal girl Protective Shelter; The decorative end of a Sari Favourite Aanchal names
Aarini aarini girl Adveterous Favourite Aarini names
Aarohi aarohi girl Tune Favourite Aarohi names
Aarya aarya girl Goddess Parvati; Goddess Durga Favourite Aarya names
Aasha aasha girl Hope Favourite Aasha names
Aashika aashika girl Lovable Favourite Aashika names
Aashirya aashirya girl From The Land Of God Favourite Aashirya names
Aashna aashna girl Devoted to love,Beloved; Devoted to love Favourite Aashna names
Aastha aastha girl Faith; trust Favourite Aastha names
Aatmaja aatmaja girl Daughter Favourite Aatmaja names
Abhaya abhaya girl fearless, Goddess Durga Favourite Abhaya names
Abhijna abhijna girl Remembrance, Recollection Favourite Abhijna names
Abhinithi abhinithi girl That which is already been performed, friendship Favourite Abhinithi names
Abhithi abhithi girl Fearlessness Favourite Abhithi names
Aboil aboil girl The name of a flower Favourite Aboil names
Achala achala girl Constant Favourite Achala names
Adhira adhira girl Lightning Favourite Adhira names
Agnishikha agnishikha girl Flames of fire Favourite Agnishikha names
Ahladitha ahladitha girl Delighted Favourite Ahladitha names
Aisha aisha girl Alvie & Well Favourite Aisha names
Aishwarya aishwarya girl Wealth Favourite Aishwarya names
Ajalaa ajalaa girl Earth Favourite Ajalaa names
Akshansh boy Universe Favourite Akshansh names
Akshay boy Indestructible, immortal Favourite Akshay names
Alopa alopa girl Faultless Favourite Alopa names
Amani amani girl Road, One who shows the path Favourite Amani names
Ambar ambar girl The sky Favourite Ambar names
Ambika ambika girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Ambika names
Amitbikram boy Limitless prowess Favourite Amitbikram names
Amlan boy Unfading; everbright Favourite Amlan names
Amod boy Happiness Favourite Amod names
Amresh boy Lord Indra Favourite Amresh names
Amrik boy Nectar Favourite Amrik names
Amrish boy Lord Indra Favourite Amrish names
Amshu boy Atom Favourite Amshu names
Antariksh boy Space Favourite Antariksh names
Antim boy Last Favourite Antim names
Anuha boy Satisfied Favourite Anuha names
Anushka anushka girl Lightning Favourite Anushka names
Anwesha anwesha girl Quest; Search Favourite Anwesha names
Apala apala girl Name of a learned woman of the past Favourite Apala names
Apeksha apeksha girl Expectation Favourite Apeksha names
Archisha archisha girl A ray of light Favourite Archisha names
Arjuni arjuni girl dawn, white cow Favourite Arjuni names
Aru aru girl Eyes Favourite Aru names
Arvinda boy Lotus Favourite Arvinda names
Arya arya girl Honoured, noble,Indian, belonging to the aryans Favourite Arya names
Aryaman boy The sun Favourite Aryaman names
Aryan boy Noble or civilized Favourite Aryan names
Ashika ashika girl one without sorrow, mercury ( element ) Favourite Ashika names
Ashlesha ashlesha girl Name of a nakshatra Favourite Ashlesha names
Ashritha ashritha girl Dependant Favourite Ashritha names
Aslesha aslesha girl A constellation of stars; Embrace Favourite Aslesha names
Asmita asmita girl Pride Favourite Asmita names
Atmaja atmaja girl Son,Daughter Favourite Atmaja names
Avathara avathara girl Godesss in human reflection Favourite Avathara names
Avijit boy Invincible Favourite Avijit names
Avni avni girl The Earth Favourite Avni names
Avtar boy Holy incarnation Favourite Avtar names
Ayati ayati girl Royal Favourite Ayati names
Ayushman boy Blessed with long life Favourite Ayushman names
Ayushmati ayushmati girl One who has a long life; Eternal one Favourite Ayushmati names
Baalkrishan boy Young Krishna Favourite Baalkrishan names
Babala boy Above Favourite Babala names
Badrinath boy Lord of Mt.Badri Favourite Badrinath names
Bahula bahula girl A Star Favourite Bahula names
Bahulika bahulika girl Magnified Favourite Bahulika names
Baladhi boy Deep insight Favourite Baladhi names
Balagopal boy Infant Krishna Favourite Balagopal names
Balamohan boy One who is attractive Favourite Balamohan names
Balavant boy Powerful; Strong; Full of might Favourite Balavant names
Baldev baldev girl The mighty god Favourite Baldev names
Ballari ballari girl Creeper Favourite Ballari names
Balraj boy Mighty, powerful Favourite Balraj names
Balvindra boy Strong Favourite Balvindra names
Banamala banamala girl Forest Favourite Banamala names
Banbihari boy Lord Krishna Favourite Banbihari names
Bandhula bandhula girl Charming Favourite Bandhula names
Bandhura bandhura girl Pretty Favourite Bandhura names
Banhi banhi girl Fire Favourite Banhi names
Banhishikha banhishikha girl Flame Favourite Banhishikha names
Bankebihari boy Lord Krishna Favourite Bankebihari names
Bansari bansari girl Flute Favourite Bansari names
Banshidhar boy Krishna Favourite Banshidhar names
Bansuri bansuri girl Flute Favourite Bansuri names
Barid boy Cloud Favourite Barid names
Barkha barkha girl Rain Favourite Barkha names
Basistha boy A sage Favourite Basistha names
Batuk boy Boy Favourite Batuk names
Bhadresh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Bhadresh names
Bhagaditya boy The sun which bestows wealth Favourite Bhagaditya names
Bhagavathi bhagavathi girl Lakshmi Favourite Bhagavathi names
Bhagwanti bhagwanti girl Lucky Favourite Bhagwanti names
Bhagyanandana boy Controller of destiny Favourite Bhagyanandana names
Bhairav boy Lord Shiva Favourite Bhairav names
Bhamini bhamini girl Beautiful Favourite Bhamini names
Bhanu boy Sun Favourite Bhanu names
Bhanuja bhanuja girl River Yamuna Favourite Bhanuja names
Bhanupriya bhanupriya girl Beloved Of The Sun Favourite Bhanupriya names
Bhargav boy Lord Shiva Favourite Bhargav names
Bhaskar boy Sun Favourite Bhaskar names
Bhasvan boy Bright Favourite Bhasvan names
Bhavamanyu boy Creator of universe Favourite Bhavamanyu names
Bhavan boy Palace Favourite Bhavan names
Bhavanika bhavanika girl Living in a castle Favourite Bhavanika names
Bhavesh boy Lord of the world Favourite Bhavesh names
Bhavika bhavika girl Cheerful Expression Favourite Bhavika names
Bhavya bhavya girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Bhavya names
Bheema bheema girl Goddess Durga Favourite Bheema names
Bheemsen boy Sons of brave man Favourite Bheemsen names
Bhilangana bhilangana girl A river Favourite Bhilangana names
Bhoj boy Name of a poet king, meal Favourite Bhoj names
Bhojaraja boy Lord of generosity Favourite Bhojaraja names
Bhooshit boy Decorated Favourite Bhooshit names
Bhumindra boy king , lord of the land Favourite Bhumindra names
Bilva boy A sacred leaf Favourite Bilva names
Bindumathi bindumathi girl Learned Favourite Bindumathi names
Bindurekha bindurekha girl A line of dots, a verse Favourite Bindurekha names
Bindusar boy An excellent pearl Favourite Bindusar names
Bipasha bipasha girl A River, Beas Favourite Bipasha names
Birbal boy Brave heart Favourite Birbal names
Bodhan boy Kindling Favourite Bodhan names
Brahmabrata boy Ascetic Favourite Brahmabrata names
Brajendra boy Lord of Braj land Favourite Brajendra names
Bramhanand boy Happiness for knowledge Favourite Bramhanand names
Buddhadev boy Wise person Favourite Buddhadev names
Buddhadeva boy wise, Gautama Buddha Favourite Buddhadeva names
Chaanakya boy A great scholar Favourite Chaanakya names
Chaarudatt boy Born of beauty Favourite Chaarudatt names
Chaaruhaas boy With beautiful smile Favourite Chaaruhaas names
Chaaya chaaya girl Shadow Favourite Chaaya names
Chahana chahana girl Desire, Affection Favourite Chahana names
Chahna chahna girl Love Favourite Chahna names
Chain boy Peace Favourite Chain names
Chaitali chaitali girl Born In The Chaitra Month Favourite Chaitali names
Chaitan boy Consciousness Favourite Chaitan names
Chakradev boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Chakradev names
Chakradhar boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Chakradhar names
Chakrapaani boy Name of Lord Vishnu Favourite Chakrapaani names
Chakrapani boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Chakrapani names
Chakresh boy Name of Lord Vishnu Favourite Chakresh names
Champa champa girl Fragrant Flower Favourite Champa names
Champabati champabati girl The capital Favourite Champabati names
Champak boy A flower Favourite Champak names
Champamalini champamalini girl Garland of champa flower Favourite Champamalini names
Chanakya boy Son of chanaka Favourite Chanakya names
Chanasya chanasya girl Delighting Favourite Chanasya names
Chanchal boy Restless Favourite Chanchal names
Chanchareek boy Bee Favourite Chanchareek names
Chanchari chanchari girl Bird, Vortex of water, Favourite Chanchari names
Chandak boy The moon Favourite Chandak names
Chandalini chandalini girl Glorious Favourite Chandalini names
Chander boy Moon Favourite Chander names
Chandini chandini girl Moon- Light Favourite Chandini names
Chandraabhaa boy Lusture of moon light Favourite Chandraabhaa names
Chandraaditya boy Name of a King Favourite Chandraaditya names
Chandraayan boy The moon Favourite Chandraayan names
Chandrabali chandrabali girl Krishna's girl-friend Favourite Chandrabali names
Chandrabha chandrabha girl Moon- light Favourite Chandrabha names
Chandrabhan boy The moon Favourite Chandrabhan names
Chandrabhushan boy Lord Shiva Favourite Chandrabhushan names
Chandrabindu chandrabindu girl Crescent Moon Favourite Chandrabindu names
Chandrachur boy Lord Shiva Favourite Chandrachur names
Chandradatt boy Gift from the moon Favourite Chandradatt names
Chandragupt boy Name of ancient king Favourite Chandragupt names
Chandrahas boy Bow of Shiva Favourite Chandrahas names
Chandrajyoti chandrajyoti girl Moon- light Favourite Chandrajyoti names
Chandrak boy Peacock feather Favourite Chandrak names
Chandrakala chandrakala girl Phases Of The Moon Favourite Chandrakala names
Chandrakanta boy The moon Favourite Chandrakanta names
Chandrakirthi boy As famous as the moon Favourite Chandrakirthi names
Chandrakishore boy The moon Favourite Chandrakishore names
Chandrakumar boy The moon Favourite Chandrakumar names
Chandramaadhav boy Sweet Favourite Chandramaadhav names
Chandramathi chandramathi girl As beautiful as the moon Favourite Chandramathi names
Chandramohan boy Attractive like the moon Favourite Chandramohan names
Chandran boy The moon Favourite Chandran names
Chandrani chandrani girl Wife of the moon Favourite Chandrani names
Chandrapushpa chandrapushpa girl Star Favourite Chandrapushpa names
Chandrashekar boy Lord Shiva Favourite Chandrashekar names
Chandratha boy Nectar of the moon Favourite Chandratha names
Chandresh boy Lord of the moon Favourite Chandresh names
Chandrima chandrima girl The moon Favourite Chandrima names
Chandrpeed boy Name of Shiva Favourite Chandrpeed names
Chane boy Name of a god, dependability Favourite Chane names
Chanyana boy Moon Favourite Chanyana names
Chapal boy Quick Favourite Chapal names
Chapala chapala girl Quick; Restless; Lighting Favourite Chapala names
Charak boy An ancient physician Favourite Charak names
Charan boy Feet Favourite Charan names
Charandas boy Servant at the feet of somebody Favourite Charandas names
Charanjit boy One who has won over the lord (Charanjeet) Favourite Charanjit names
Charitra charitra girl History Favourite Charitra names
Charudatta boy Born with beauty Favourite Charudatta names
Charudutta boy Born of beauty Favourite Charudutta names
Charulata charulata girl Beautiful Creeper Favourite Charulata names
Charumati charumati girl Intelligent; Wise; A beautiful lady Favourite Charumati names
Charuprabha charuprabha girl Beautiful Favourite Charuprabha names
Charusheela charusheela girl A jewel Favourite Charusheela names
Charusmita charusmita girl One With A Beautiful Smile Favourite Charusmita names
Charuvindha boy Striving for beauty Favourite Charuvindha names
Charuvrat boy Of good character Favourite Charuvrat names
Chatur boy Clever Favourite Chatur names
Chatura chatura girl Smart; Wise Favourite Chatura names
Chaturaanan boy With four faces Favourite Chaturaanan names
Chaturbhuj boy Four armed Favourite Chaturbhuj names
Chaturvedi boy One who knows all the 4 Vedas Favourite Chaturvedi names
Chellam chellam girl Pampered Favourite Chellam names
Chhaayank boy Moon Favourite Chhaayank names
Chhabi chhabi girl Description; Picture Favourite Chhabi names
Chhailbehari boy Lord Krishna Favourite Chhailbehari names
Chhandak boy The charioteer of Lord Buddha Favourite Chhandak names
Chidaatma boy Supreme spirit Favourite Chidaatma names
Chidambar boy One whose heart is as big as the sky Favourite Chidambar names
Chidananda boy Lord Shiva Favourite Chidananda names
Chidhatma boy Big Soul Favourite Chidhatma names
Chimayi chimayi girl Blissful Favourite Chimayi names
Chinar boy Name of a beautiful tree Favourite Chinar names
Chinmay boy Full of knowledge Favourite Chinmay names
Chinnadurai boy Prince Favourite Chinnadurai names
Chintak boy Thinker Favourite Chintak names
Chintan boy Thought Favourite Chintan names
Chintana chintana girl Meditation Favourite Chintana names
Chinthanaichelvan boy Intelligent, thoughtful Favourite Chinthanaichelvan names
Chintya boy Worthy of thought Favourite Chintya names
Chirantan boy Immortal Favourite Chirantan names
Chithayu boy Born of intellect Favourite Chithayu names
Chitragandha chitragandha girl A fragrant material Favourite Chitragandha names
Chitraksh boy Beautiful eyed Favourite Chitraksh names
Chitrali chitrali girl A row of pictures; Beautiful Lady Favourite Chitrali names
Chitramaya chitramaya girl Worldly illusion Favourite Chitramaya names
Chitrarath boy The sun Favourite Chitrarath names
Chitrarekha chitrarekha girl Picture Favourite Chitrarekha names
Chitresh boy Moon, wonderful lord Favourite Chitresh names
Chittaprasad boy Happiness Favourite Chittaprasad names
Chittaswarup boy The supreme spirit Favourite Chittaswarup names
Chudamani boy Crest jewel Favourite Chudamani names
Chunni chunni girl Star Favourite Chunni names
Chyavan boy Name of a saint Favourite Chyavan names
Daamodar boy A name of Krishna Favourite Daamodar names
Dadhija dadhija girl Daughter of milk Favourite Dadhija names
Dahana boy A rudra Favourite Dahana names
Daivya boy Divine Favourite Daivya names
Daksha boy Able, talented Favourite Daksha names
Dakshakanya dakshakanya girl Able daughter Favourite Dakshakanya names
Dakshi boy The glorious Favourite Dakshi names
Dakshina boy Donation to god Favourite Dakshina names
Dalajit boy Winning over a group Favourite Dalajit names
Dalapathi boy Leader of a group Favourite Dalapathi names
Dalbhya boy Belonging to wheels Favourite Dalbhya names
Damini damini girl Lightning Favourite Damini names
Dandak boy A forest Favourite Dandak names
Darika darika girl Maiden Favourite Darika names
Darpak boy Kamdev, god of love Favourite Darpak names
Darpan boy Mirror Favourite Darpan names
Darpana darpana girl Mirror Favourite Darpana names
Darsha darsha girl To See Favourite Darsha names
Darshni darshni girl The one who blesses Favourite Darshni names
Dasharath boy The father of Lord Rama Favourite Dasharath names
Datta boy One who is given Favourite Datta names
Dattey boy Lord Indra Favourite Dattey names
Daya boy Mercy Favourite Daya names
Dayamay boy Full of mercy Favourite Dayamay names
Dayanidhi boy Kind person Favourite Dayanidhi names
Dayanita dayanita girl Tender Favourite Dayanita names
Dayaram boy Merciful Favourite Dayaram names
Dayasagara boy Ocean of compassionate Favourite Dayasagara names
Dayaswarup boy Merciful Favourite Dayaswarup names
Dayita dayita girl Beloved Favourite Dayita names
Debashis boy Benediction of god Favourite Debashis names
Deeba deeba girl Silk Favourite Deeba names
Deenadayaal boy Humble and merciful Favourite Deenadayaal names
Deepakala deepakala girl Evening time (time to light lamps) Favourite Deepakala names
Deepali deepali girl Collection Of Lamps Favourite Deepali names
Deepan boy Lighting up Favourite Deepan names
Deepana deepana girl Illuminating Favourite Deepana names
Deepankar boy One who lights the lamp Favourite Deepankar names
Deepaprabha deepaprabha girl Fully lighted Favourite Deepaprabha names
Deepavati deepavati girl A raagini which is a hybrid of Deepak & Goddess Saraswati Favourite Deepavati names
Deepesh boy Lord of light Favourite Deepesh names
Deeptanshu boy The sun Favourite Deeptanshu names
Deeptendu boy Bright moon Favourite Deeptendu names
Deeptimoyee deeptimoyee girl Lustrous Favourite Deeptimoyee names
Desiha desiha girl Happy , Favourite Desiha names
Dev boy god, king Favourite Dev names
Dev Kumar boy Son of gods Favourite Dev Kumar names
Devaapi boy An ancient king Favourite Devaapi names
Devadarshan boy Familiar with gods Favourite Devadarshan names
Devadatta boy God given Favourite Devadatta names
Devadeva boy Lord of All Lords Favourite Devadeva names
Devadhipa boy Lord of the gods Favourite Devadhipa names
Devakali devakali girl Name of a Indian Music raagini Favourite Devakali names
Devakantha boy Beloved of the gods Favourite Devakantha names
Devakanya devakanya girl Celestial maiden Favourite Devakanya names
Devakeenandan boy Name of Lord Krishna Favourite Devakeenandan names
Devaki devaki girl Mother Of Lord Krishna Favourite Devaki names
Devakiri devakiri girl Name of a raagini Favourite Devakiri names
Devang boy Part of god Favourite Devang names
Devarya boy Divine belief Favourite Devarya names
Devashish boy Blessing of God Favourite Devashish names
Devasmitha devasmitha girl With a devine smile Favourite Devasmitha names
Devasree devasree girl Divine Beauty Favourite Devasree names
Devbrata boy Bhishma Favourite Devbrata names
Devdatta boy Given by God Favourite Devdatta names
Devdutta boy King Favourite Devdutta names
Devguru boy Teacher of Gods ( Brihaspati ) Favourite Devguru names
Devi boy Goddess Favourite Devi names
Deviprasad boy Gift of godess Favourite Deviprasad names
Devnarayan boy King Favourite Devnarayan names
Devrat boy Spiritual Favourite Devrat names
Devsena boy Army of gods Favourite Devsena names
Devya boy Devine power Favourite Devya names
Dhanadeepa dhanadeepa girl Lord of Wealth Favourite Dhanadeepa names
Dhananad boy Pleasure of having wealth Favourite Dhananad names
Dhanapriya dhanapriya girl Doved by wealth Favourite Dhanapriya names
Dhanesh boy Lord of wealth Favourite Dhanesh names
Dhanishta dhanishta girl A Star Favourite Dhanishta names
Dhanush boy The Bow Favourite Dhanush names
Dhanvant boy Wealthy Favourite Dhanvant names
Dhanvi dhanvi girl Money Favourite Dhanvi names
Dhanvin boy Lord Shiva Favourite Dhanvin names
Dhara dhara girl Constant flow; the earth Favourite Dhara names
Dharanidhar boy Sheshnaag Favourite Dharanidhar names
Dharendra boy King of the earth Favourite Dharendra names
Dharitri dharitri girl The earth Favourite Dharitri names
Dharm-mitra boy Friend of religion Favourite Dharm-mitra names
Dharmadaas boy Servant of religion Favourite Dharmadaas names
Dharmanand boy Takes pleasure religion Favourite Dharmanand names
Dharmendra boy Lord of religion Favourite Dharmendra names
Dharmini dharmini girl Religious Favourite Dharmini names
Dharmveer boy Religious Favourite Dharmveer names
Dhaval boy Fair complexioned Favourite Dhaval names
Dhavalachandra boy White moon Favourite Dhavalachandra names
Dheemant boy Wise; intelligent Favourite Dheemant names
Dheivamani boy Blessed gem Favourite Dheivamani names
Dhikshit boy Initiated Favourite Dhikshit names
Dhinakar boy The sun Favourite Dhinakar names
Dhiraj boy Patience Favourite Dhiraj names
Dhiren boy One who is strong Favourite Dhiren names
Dhitha dhitha girl Daughter Favourite Dhitha names
Dhrupad boy Lord Krishna Favourite Dhrupad names
Dhyanesh boy Meditative Favourite Dhyanesh names
Digambari digambari girl Goddess Durga Favourite Digambari names
Dikshan boy Initiation Favourite Dikshan names
Dilawar boy Brave Favourite Dilawar names
Dilber boy Lover Favourite Dilber names
Dindayal boy Kindto the poor Favourite Dindayal names
Dipesh boy Lord of light Favourite Dipesh names
Disha disha girl Direction Favourite Disha names
Diti diti girl Wife of the sage Kashyap Favourite Diti names
Divija divija girl Born in heaven Favourite Divija names
Divyana divyana girl Divine Favourite Divyana names
Divyanshu boy divine light, sun Favourite Divyanshu names
Divyendu boy Bright moon Favourite Divyendu names
Doyel doyel girl A song-birl Favourite Doyel names
Drishti drishti girl Sight Favourite Drishti names
Dulal boy Dear one Favourite Dulal names
Dulari dulari girl Dear Favourite Dulari names
Duranjaya boy A heroic son Favourite Duranjaya names
Durgadas boy Servant ( a devotee ) of Godess Durga Favourite Durgadas names
Durgeshwari durgeshwari girl Goddess Durga Favourite Durgeshwari names
Durijesh boy Moon Favourite Durijesh names
Durja boy The Invincible Favourite Durja names
Dushyanta boy A king from the epic Mahabharata Favourite Dushyanta names
Dwaipayan boy The sage Vyasa Favourite Dwaipayan names
Dwarakadas boy Servant of Dwaraka Favourite Dwarakadas names
Dwijendra boy King of Brahmins; the moon Favourite Dwijendra names
Dwijesh boy River Favourite Dwijesh names
Dwipavati dwipavati girl A river Favourite Dwipavati names
Dyuti dyuti girl Light Favourite Dyuti names
Eashan boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Eashan names
Edha edha girl Sacred Favourite Edha names
Edi boy Herb Favourite Edi names
Ednit boy Evolved Favourite Ednit names
Eelakili eelakili girl Parakeet from Eelam, Beautiful Favourite Eelakili names
Eesha eesha girl Goddess Parvati; Purity Favourite Eesha names
Eeshwar boy God Favourite Eeshwar names
Ehimay boy All pervasive Favourite Ehimay names
Eila eila girl The earth Favourite Eila names
Eiravati eiravati girl Lightening, Ravi River Favourite Eiravati names
Ekaaksh boy one eyed, Shiva Favourite Ekaaksh names
Ekaakshara boy A Name for Lord Ganesha Favourite Ekaakshara names
Ekaant boy Soliltary Favourite Ekaant names
Ekaatmaa boy oneself, alone Favourite Ekaatmaa names
Ekadant boy Lord Ganesh Favourite Ekadant names
Ekadhana ekadhana girl A portion of wealth Favourite Ekadhana names
Ekagrah boy Focussed Favourite Ekagrah names
Ekaksha boy Lord Shiva Favourite Ekaksha names
Ekalavya boy A pupil of Dronaachaarya Favourite Ekalavya names
Ekambar boy Sky Favourite Ekambar names
Ekanga boy A bodyguard Favourite Ekanga names
Ekanthika ekanthika girl Devoted to one aim Favourite Ekanthika names
Ekapad boy Lord Shiva Favourite Ekapad names
Ekaparnika ekaparnika girl Goddess Durga Favourite Ekaparnika names
Ekavali ekavali girl Single String; Necklace Favourite Ekavali names
Ekayavan boy The Wise One Favourite Ekayavan names
Ekisha ekisha girl One goddess Favourite Ekisha names
Ekodar boy Brother Favourite Ekodar names
Elakshi elakshi girl A Woman With Intellegent Eyes Favourite Elakshi names
Elina elina girl Pure, Intelligent Greek Favourite Elina names
Esh boy God Favourite Esh names
Esha esha girl Desire Favourite Esha names
Eshanika eshanika girl Fulfilling desire Favourite Eshanika names
Eshita eshita girl One Who Desires Favourite Eshita names
Eshwardutt boy Gift of God Favourite Eshwardutt names
Etash boy Luminous Favourite Etash names
Ettan boy Breath Favourite Ettan names
Ezhil ezhil girl Oviyaa Beautiful Art (Tamil Name) Favourite Ezhil names
Falgunii falgunii girl Born in Falgun, a Hindu month; Arjun,Born in Falgun, A Hindu month Favourite Falgunii names
Foolan foolan girl Flowering Favourite Foolan names
Foolwati foolwati girl Delicate as a flower Favourite Foolwati names
Fulki fulki girl Spark Favourite Fulki names
Gadhadhar boy Name of lord Vishnu Favourite Gadhadhar names
Gagan boy Sky, heaven Favourite Gagan names
Gaganadipika gaganadipika girl The lamp of the sky Favourite Gaganadipika names
Gaganasindhu gaganasindhu girl Ocean of the sky Favourite Gaganasindhu names
Gagnesh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Gagnesh names
Gajanan boy One with an elephant face ( Lord Ganesh) Favourite Gajanan names
Gajdant boy Elephant teeth, Ganesha Favourite Gajdant names
Gajendranath boy Owner of Gajendra Favourite Gajendranath names
Gajkaran boy Like ears of elephant Favourite Gajkaran names
Gajra gajra girl String Of Flowers Favourite Gajra names
Gajrup boy Lord Ganesh Favourite Gajrup names
Gajvadan boy Name of Lord Ganesha Favourite Gajvadan names
Ganak boy An astrologer Favourite Ganak names
Ganaraj boy Lord of the clan Favourite Ganaraj names
Gandha gandha girl Fragrant Favourite Gandha names
Gandharaj boy King of scent , Sandal - wood Favourite Gandharaj names
Gandharika gandharika girl Preparing perfume Favourite Gandharika names
Gandharva boy Musicians of Gods Favourite Gandharva names
Gangadhar boy Shiva Favourite Gangadhar names
Gangi gangi girl Goddess Durga Favourite Gangi names
Ganitha ganitha girl REgarded Favourite Ganitha names
Gayatri gayatri girl mother of the Vedas, also a Goddess Favourite Gayatri names
Geena geena girl Silvery Favourite Geena names
Geetanjali geetanjali girl Collection of poems/songs; Presenting songs in a devoted manner Favourite Geetanjali names
Gehna gehna girl Ornament Favourite Gehna names
Gira gira girl Language Favourite Gira names
Giribala giribala girl Godess parvathi Favourite Giribala names
Girija girija girl Goddes Parvati Favourite Girija names
Gnanachelvi gnanachelvi girl Intelligent girl Favourite Gnanachelvi names
Gnanamani gnanamani girl Intelligent gem Favourite Gnanamani names
Gomati gomati girl A River In India Favourite Gomati names
Gopika gopika girl Cowherd girls Favourite Gopika names
Gowri gowri girl Bright; Parvati Favourite Gowri names
Grhitha grhitha girl Understood and accepted Favourite Grhitha names
Grishma grishma girl Warmth Favourite Grishma names
Gurudatt boy Bestowed by a Guru Favourite Gurudatt names
Gurusharan boy Refuge at the guru Favourite Gurusharan names
Haadiyaa haadiyaa girl Guide to righteousness Favourite Haadiyaa names
Haima haima girl Goddess Parvati; Snow Favourite Haima names
Hanshal boy Swan like Favourite Hanshal names
Hansika hansika girl Swan Favourite Hansika names
Har boy Name of Shiva Favourite Har names
Haridutt boy Gift of Hari Favourite Haridutt names
Hariganga hariganga girl Ganga of Vishnu Favourite Hariganga names
Harinakshi harinakshi girl Doe-eyed Favourite Harinakshi names
Harini harini girl Deer Favourite Harini names
Harita harita girl Green Coloured Favourite Harita names
Harmendra boy The moon Favourite Harmendra names
Harmya harmya girl Palace Favourite Harmya names
Harshita harshita girl Happy Favourite Harshita names
Hasanthi hasanthi girl One that delights Favourite Hasanthi names
Hasika hasika girl Smiling Favourite Hasika names
Hasita hasita girl Happy Favourite Hasita names
Hasna hasna girl Laughing Favourite Hasna names
Hatisha hatisha girl With no desire Favourite Hatisha names
Heera heera girl Diamond Favourite Heera names
Hema hema girl Golden Favourite Hema names
Hemali hemali girl Coated With Gold Favourite Hemali names
Heman boy Golden yellow, made of gold Favourite Heman names
Hemangini hemangini girl Girl with golden body Favourite Hemangini names
Hemanya hemanya girl Golden bodied Favourite Hemanya names
Hemavati hemavati girl Goddess Parvati, Ganga Favourite Hemavati names
Hemchander boy Golden moon Favourite Hemchander names
Hemish boy Lord of the earth Favourite Hemish names
Hemlata hemlata girl Golden Creeper Favourite Hemlata names
Hetal hetal girl Friendly Favourite Hetal names
Himaadri boy Snow mountain Favourite Himaadri names
Himadri himadri girl Peak of snow; The Himalaya mountain Favourite Himadri names
Himani himani girl Goddess Parvati, Favourite Himani names
Hiranmaya boy Made of gold Favourite Hiranmaya names
Hiranmayi hiranmayi girl Golden girl Favourite Hiranmayi names
Hiranyadha hiranyadha girl Giving gold Favourite Hiranyadha names
Hiya hiya girl Heart Favourite Hiya names
Hoor hoor girl A celestial Favourite Hoor names
Hriday boy The heart Favourite Hriday names
Idhaya idhaya girl Heart Favourite Idhaya names
Ihina ihina girl Enthusiasm Favourite Ihina names
Ijaya ijaya girl Sacrifice Favourite Ijaya names
Ikshitha ikshitha girl Visible Favourite Ikshitha names
Iksura iksura girl Fragrant grass Favourite Iksura names
Ilakkiya ilakkiya girl A classic Favourite Ilakkiya names
Ina ina girl Mother Favourite Ina names
Inayat inayat girl Kindness Favourite Inayat names
Indiya indiya girl Knowledgeable Favourite Indiya names
Indrakshi indrakshi girl One Having Beautiful Eyes Favourite Indrakshi names
Induma induma girl Moon Favourite Induma names
Inika inika girl Little earth Favourite Inika names
Ipsita ipsita girl Desired Favourite Ipsita names
Iqbal boy Desire Favourite Iqbal names
Iravati iravati girl Full Of Water Or Milk Favourite Iravati names
Isha isha girl One Who Protects Favourite Isha names
Ishanvi ishanvi girl Parvathi Favourite Ishanvi names
Ishi ishi girl Goddess Durga Favourite Ishi names
Ishita ishita girl Mastery; Wealth Favourite Ishita names
Ishwari ishwari girl Goddess Favourite Ishwari names
Ishya ishya girl Spring Favourite Ishya names
Iyalisai iyalisai girl Music Favourite Iyalisai names
Izna izna girl Light Favourite Izna names
Jagadamba jagadamba girl Mother of the universe Favourite Jagadamba names
Jagadish boy Lord of the universe Favourite Jagadish names
Jagamata jagamata girl Mother of the world, Goddess Durga Favourite Jagamata names
Jagamohan boy One who attracts the world ( Jagatmohan ) Favourite Jagamohan names
Jaganmata jaganmata girl Mother of the world Favourite Jaganmata names
Jaganmayee jaganmayee girl Goddess lakshmi Favourite Jaganmayee names
Jaganmohini jaganmohini girl Goddess durga Favourite Jaganmohini names
Jagat boy World Favourite Jagat names
Jagathi jagathi girl Of the universe Favourite Jagathi names
Jagavi jagavi girl Born of the world Favourite Jagavi names
Jaigath boy Victorious Favourite Jaigath names
Jaikrishna boy Victory of Lord Krishna Favourite Jaikrishna names
Jaiman jaiman girl Victorious Favourite Jaiman names
Jaimathi jaimathi girl Victorious mind Favourite Jaimathi names
Jaina jaina girl Good character Favourite Jaina names
Jaipal boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Jaipal names
Jaipriya jaipriya girl Beloved of victory Favourite Jaipriya names
Jaishree jaishree girl Honour of victory Favourite Jaishree names
Jaisudha jaisudha girl Nectar of victory Favourite Jaisudha names
Jaiwant boy Victory Favourite Jaiwant names
Jalad boy Giving water Favourite Jalad names
Jaladhija jaladhija girl Lakshmi Favourite Jaladhija names
Jalahasini jalahasini girl Smile of water Favourite Jalahasini names
Jalanhili jalanhili girl As blue as water Favourite Jalanhili names
Jalasa jalasa girl Celebration Favourite Jalasa names
Jalela jalela girl Goddess of water Favourite Jalela names
Jalendu boy Moon in the water Favourite Jalendu names
Jalindra boy Lord of the water Favourite Jalindra names
Jameerah jameerah girl Beautiful one Favourite Jameerah names
Janaknandini janaknandini girl Daugter of King Janak (Sita) Favourite Janaknandini names
Janamejay boy An ancient king Favourite Janamejay names
Janardan boy One who helps people Favourite Janardan names
Janesh boy Lord of men Favourite Janesh names
Janessa janessa girl The Lord of gracious Favourite Janessa names
Janhitha janhitha girl One who thinks of the welfare of men Favourite Janhitha names
Janitha janitha girl Born Favourite Janitha names
Jankesh boy Lord of His Subjects Favourite Jankesh names
Jansi jansi girl Life-like Favourite Jansi names
Japesh boy Lord of chants-lord Shiva Favourite Japesh names
Jarul jarul girl Female offspring Favourite Jarul names
Jasbeer boy Victorious hero Favourite Jasbeer names
Jasmin jasmin girl A Flower Favourite Jasmin names
Jasmitha jasmitha girl Smiles Favourite Jasmitha names
Jasodhara jasodhara girl Mother of Lord Buddha Favourite Jasodhara names
Jaya jaya girl Victory Favourite Jaya names
Jayashekhar boy Crest of victory Favourite Jayashekhar names
Jayasudha jayasudha girl Nectar of victory Favourite Jayasudha names
Jayendra boy Lord of victory Favourite Jayendra names
Jayshri jayshri girl The goddess of victory Favourite Jayshri names
Jaysukh boy Pleasure of victory Favourite Jaysukh names
Jeevankala jeevankala girl Art of life Favourite Jeevankala names
Jeevaraaj boy Lord of life Favourite Jeevaraaj names
Jeevitha jeevitha girl Life Favourite Jeevitha names
Jetashri jetashri girl A raga Favourite Jetashri names
Jharna jharna girl A Stream Favourite Jharna names
Jhinuk jhinuk girl Oyster Favourite Jhinuk names
Jignesh boy Intellectual Curiosity Favourite Jignesh names
Jihan boy The world Favourite Jihan names
Jitendra boy Lord of conquerers Favourite Jitendra names
Jithya jithya girl Victorious Favourite Jithya names
Jivika jivika girl Source of life Favourite Jivika names
Jivin boy To give life Favourite Jivin names
Jivitesh boy God Favourite Jivitesh names
Jnyandeep boy Light of knowledge Favourite Jnyandeep names
Jogindar jogindar girl Establishing union with God; Lord Shiva Favourite Jogindar names
Kaaliya boy A huge serpent Favourite Kaaliya names
Kaanan boy Forest Favourite Kaanan names
Kaartikeya boy Son of Shiva Favourite Kaartikeya names
Kaashinaath boy Lord of Kaashi Favourite Kaashinaath names
Kadamb boy Name of a tree Favourite Kadamb names
Kaditula boy Sword Favourite Kaditula names
Kailash boy name of a Himalayan peak, abode of Lord Shiva Favourite Kailash names
Kailashchandra boy Lord Shiva Favourite Kailashchandra names
Kailashnath boy Lord Shiva Favourite Kailashnath names
Kairav boy White lotus Favourite Kairav names
Kal-hans boy Swan Favourite Kal-hans names
Kaladhar boy One who shows different phases ( i.e. the moon) Favourite Kaladhar names
Kalanath boy Moon Favourite Kalanath names
Kalapriya boy Lover of art Favourite Kalapriya names
Kaleecharan boy Feet of goddess Kali Favourite Kaleecharan names
Kalicharan boy Feet of Goddess Kali ( Goddess Durga) Favourite Kalicharan names
Kalidas boy The poet, dramatist; slave of godess Kali Favourite Kalidas names
Kalimohan boy A devotee of Goddess Kali Favourite Kalimohan names
Kaman boy Desired Favourite Kaman names
Kamat boy Unrestrained Favourite Kamat names
Kamboj boy Conch shell, elephant Favourite Kamboj names
Kamesh boy Lord of Love Favourite Kamesh names
Kamik boy Desired Favourite Kamik names
Kamod boy A raga Favourite Kamod names
Kamraj boy Cupid Favourite Kamraj names
Kamsantak boy Slayer of Kamsa. Favourite Kamsantak names
Kanchana kanchana girl Gold Favourite Kanchana names
Kanchanprabha kanchanprabha girl Golden light Favourite Kanchanprabha names
Kanchi kanchi girl A Waistband Favourite Kanchi names
Kanishka kanishka girl Name Of A King Favourite Kanishka names
Kanitha kanitha girl Iris of the eye Favourite Kanitha names
Kanjari kanjari girl A bird Favourite Kanjari names
Kantha kantha girl Radiant Favourite Kantha names
Kantimoy boy Lustrous Favourite Kantimoy names
Kanu boy Lord Krishna Favourite Kanu names
Kanvar boy Young prince Favourite Kanvar names
Kanwaljeet boy Lotus Favourite Kanwaljeet names
Kapaali boy Lord Shiva Favourite Kapaali names
Kapila kapila girl A Holy Cow Favourite Kapila names
Kapotakshi kapotakshi girl Eyes like a pigeon's Favourite Kapotakshi names
Karnabhushan boy ear ring, ear ornament Favourite Karnabhushan names
Karnajeet boy Conquerer of Karna ( i.e. Arjun) Favourite Karnajeet names
Karnik boy Judge Favourite Karnik names
Kartar boy Lord of creation Favourite Kartar names
Kartikeya boy Elder son of Lord Shiva Favourite Kartikeya names
Karunamayi karunamayi girl Merciful Favourite Karunamayi names
Karunesh boy Lord of mercy Favourite Karunesh names
Karunya karunya girl Merciful Favourite Karunya names
Kashika kashika girl The Shiny One Favourite Kashika names
Kashinath boy Lord Shiva Favourite Kashinath names
Kashmira kashmira girl Girl From Kashmir Favourite Kashmira names
Kashyap boy Name of a sage Favourite Kashyap names
Kashyapi kashyapi girl Earth Favourite Kashyapi names
Kasni kasni girl Flower Favourite Kasni names
Kasturi kasturi girl Musk Favourite Kasturi names
Kathith boy Well recited Favourite Kathith names
Katyayan boy Name of a grammarian Favourite Katyayan names
Kaushal boy Clever, skilled Favourite Kaushal names
Kaushalesh boy lord Rama, king of Kaushal Favourite Kaushalesh names
Kaushika kaushika girl Silk Favourite Kaushika names
Kaustav boy A legendary gem; a gem worn by Lord Vishnu Favourite Kaustav names
Kaustubh boy Immortal Favourite Kaustubh names
Kautik boy Joy Favourite Kautik names
Kaveesha boy Lord of Poets. Lord Ganesha Favourite Kaveesha names
Kavi boy A wise man, poet Favourite Kavi names
Kavin boy Handsome; Beautiful Favourite Kavin names
Kavini kavini girl Composes beautiful poems Favourite Kavini names
Kaviraj boy Doctor Favourite Kaviraj names
Kavita kavita girl A poem Favourite Kavita names
Kayaan boy The name of a dynasty of King Kaikobad Favourite Kayaan names
Kayalvili kayalvili girl Fishlike bautiful eyes Favourite Kayalvili names
Kedar boy A raga Favourite Kedar names
Keertana keertana girl Song Favourite Keertana names
Keerthinath boy Famous person Favourite Keerthinath names
Kenga kenga girl River Favourite Kenga names
Kerani kerani girl Sacred Bells Favourite Kerani names
Keshika keshika girl A Woman With Beautiful Hairs Favourite Keshika names
Keshto boy Lord Hanuman Favourite Keshto names
Ketak boy Flower Favourite Ketak names
Ketki ketki girl Flower Favourite Ketki names
Ketu boy Lord Shiva Favourite Ketu names
Keva keva girl Lotus Favourite Keva names
Keval boy Only Favourite Keval names
Kevalkumar boy Absolute Favourite Kevalkumar names
Keyur boy Armlet Favourite Keyur names
Keyuri keyuri girl Armlet Favourite Keyuri names
Khushi khushi girl Happiness Favourite Khushi names
Kimatra kimatra girl Seduce Favourite Kimatra names
Kimaya kimaya girl Divine Favourite Kimaya names
Kinshuk boy A flower Favourite Kinshuk names
Kintan boy Wearing a crown Favourite Kintan names
Kiranmala kiranmala girl A garland of light Favourite Kiranmala names
Kiranmay boy Full of light Favourite Kiranmay names
Kiratidev boy Lord of light Favourite Kiratidev names
Kirtan boy Song of praise Favourite Kirtan names
Kirtibhushan boy One adorned with fame Favourite Kirtibhushan names
Kirtivallabh boy Aspirant of fame Favourite Kirtivallabh names
Kishmish kishmish girl Sweet as grapes Favourite Kishmish names
Kiya kiya girl The cooing of a bird Favourite Kiya names
Kopal kopal girl A Rose Bud Favourite Kopal names
Koyal koyal girl The Cuckoo Favourite Koyal names
Krandasi krandasi girl The sky and the earth Favourite Krandasi names
Kripa kripa girl Mercy Favourite Kripa names
Krishna krishna girl Lord Krishna Favourite Krishna names
Krishnendu boy Lord Krishna Favourite Krishnendu names
Krithik boy Shivas son murugas name Favourite Krithik names
Kriti kriti girl Work of art Favourite Kriti names
Krittika krittika girl The 3rd nakshatra Favourite Krittika names
Kriya kriya girl Performance Favourite Kriya names
Krupa krupa girl Grace, Favour Favourite Krupa names
Kruti kruti girl Creation Favourite Kruti names
Kshamya kshamya girl Earth Favourite Kshamya names
Kshantu boy Patient Favourite Kshantu names
Kshema kshema girl Durga; Peaceful; Tranquil Favourite Kshema names
Kshemendra boy Lord of welfare Favourite Kshemendra names
Kshemya kshemya girl Durga; Goddess of welfare Favourite Kshemya names
Kshiraja kshiraja girl Goddess Laxmi Favourite Kshiraja names
Kshirin kshirin girl Flower Favourite Kshirin names
Kshiti kshiti girl Earth Favourite Kshiti names
Kulavardhini kulavardhini girl Developer Of The Race Favourite Kulavardhini names
Kuldev boy Family diety Favourite Kuldev names
Kumar boy Young boy Favourite Kumar names
Kumkum kumkum girl Vermilion Favourite Kumkum names
Kumud kumud girl A Lotus Favourite Kumud names
Kumudini kumudini girl Lotus,A lotus Favourite Kumudini names
Kundanika kundanika girl Flower,Golden girl; A flower Favourite Kundanika names
Kundanlal boy Golden Favourite Kundanlal names
Kundir boy Strong Favourite Kundir names
Kunjabihari boy Lord Krishna Favourite Kunjabihari names
Kunjalata kunjalata girl Wild climber plant Favourite Kunjalata names
Kuntal kuntal girl Hair Favourite Kuntal names
Kunti kunti girl The Mother Of The Pandavas Favourite Kunti names
Kunwar boy A prince Favourite Kunwar names
Kusagra boy A king Favourite Kusagra names
Kush son boy Of Lord Rama Favourite Kush  son names
Kushal boy Clever Favourite Kushal names
Kushanu boy Fire Favourite Kushanu names
Kusuma kusuma girl Flower Favourite Kusuma names
Kusumakar boy Garden, spring season Favourite Kusumakar names
Kusumavati kusumavati girl Flowering Favourite Kusumavati names
Kusumesh boy Lord of flowers Favourite Kusumesh names
Kusumlata kusumlata girl Flowering creeper Favourite Kusumlata names
Kuvam kuvam girl Sun Favourite Kuvam names
Kuyil kuyil girl Sweet voice like a Cuckoo bird Favourite Kuyil names
Laabha laabha girl Profit Favourite Laabha names
Laasya laasya girl Dance performed by goddess parvathi Favourite Laasya names
Laavanya boy Beauty Favourite Laavanya names
Labuki labuki girl Musical instrument Favourite Labuki names
Ladli ladli girl Loved one Favourite Ladli names
Laghuvi laghuvi girl Tender Favourite Laghuvi names
Lajja lajja girl Modesty Favourite Lajja names
Laksh boy Aim, target Favourite Laksh names
Laksha laksha girl A White Rose Favourite Laksha names
Lakshman boy Brother of Lord Rama Favourite Lakshman names
Lakshmi lakshmi girl Goddess Of Wealth, Wife Of Lord Vishnu Favourite Lakshmi names
Lakshmibanta boy Fortunate Favourite Lakshmibanta names
Lakshmiraman boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Lakshmiraman names
Lali lali girl Beloved darling girl Favourite Lali names
Lalit boy Beautiful Favourite Lalit names
Lalitchandra boy Beautiful moon Favourite Lalitchandra names
Lalitkumar boy Beautiful Favourite Lalitkumar names
Lalitmohan boy Beautiful & attractive Favourite Lalitmohan names
Laniban boy Lord Shiva Favourite Laniban names
Laranya laranya girl Graceful Favourite Laranya names
Larraj boy A sage Favourite Larraj names
Latangi latangi girl A creeper Favourite Latangi names
Lavali lavali girl Love Favourite Lavali names
Layak boy Capable Favourite Layak names
Leelamayee leelamayee girl Playful Favourite Leelamayee names
Lekha lekha girl Writing, picture Favourite Lekha names
Liladhar boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Liladhar names
Lingammal lingammal girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Lingammal names
Logambal logambal girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Logambal names
Lohendra boy Lord of three worlds Favourite Lohendra names
Lokajit boy Conqueror of world Favourite Lokajit names
Lokanetra boy Eye of the world Favourite Lokanetra names
Lokbhushan boy Ornament of the world Favourite Lokbhushan names
Lokesh boy King of world Favourite Lokesh names
Lokpradeep boy Gautam Budha Favourite Lokpradeep names
Lomash boy A sage Favourite Lomash names
Lona lona girl Pretty Favourite Lona names
Loukya loukya girl Worldly Wise Favourite Loukya names
Luv boy Son of Lord Rama Favourite Luv names
Lydia lydia girl Happiness Favourite Lydia names
Maagh boy Name of a Hindu month Favourite Maagh names
Maandhata boy An ancient King Favourite Maandhata names
Maanika maanika girl Agemstone - Ruby Favourite Maanika names
Madanapal boy Lord of Love Favourite Madanapal names
Madanmohan boy Attractive and lovable Favourite Madanmohan names
Madesh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Madesh names
Madhavdas boy Servant of Lord Krishna Favourite Madhavdas names
Madhu madhu girl Honey Favourite Madhu names
Madhuban boy Lord Vishnu, Flower Garden Favourite Madhuban names
Madhughosh boy Sweet sounding Favourite Madhughosh names
Madhuja madhuja girl Made of honey Favourite Madhuja names
Madhukant boy Moon Favourite Madhukant names
Madhuksara madhuksara girl One Who Showers Honey Favourite Madhuksara names
Madhulata madhulata girl Sweet Creeper Favourite Madhulata names
Madhulla madhulla girl Pomegranate Favourite Madhulla names
Madhumati madhumati girl River Ganga Favourite Madhumati names
Madhur madhur girl Sweet Favourite Madhur names
Madhurima madhurima girl Charming Favourite Madhurima names
Madirakshi madirakshi girl Woman with intoxicating eyes Favourite Madirakshi names
Magan boy Engrossed Favourite Magan names
Magana magana girl Engrossed Favourite Magana names
Maha boy Gazelle Favourite Maha names
Mahabala boy Strength Favourite Mahabala names
Mahadev boy Most powerful god Favourite Mahadev names
Mahaganga mahaganga girl The great ganga Favourite Mahaganga names
Mahak mahak girl Fragrance Favourite Mahak names
Mahalakshmi mahalakshmi girl Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Mahalakshmi names
Maharshi boy A great saint Favourite Maharshi names
Mahasvin boy Glorious Favourite Mahasvin names
Mahasweta mahasweta girl Goddess Saraswati Favourite Mahasweta names
Mahaveer boy Most powerful Favourite Mahaveer names
Maheepati boy The king Favourite Maheepati names
Mahendra boy Lord Indra, Vishnu Favourite Mahendra names
Maheshi maheshi girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Maheshi names
Mahima mahima girl Greatness Favourite Mahima names
Mahith boy Honoured Favourite Mahith names
Mahiya mahiya girl Happiness Favourite Mahiya names
Mahubala mahubala girl Sweet girl Favourite Mahubala names
Mainak boy A mountain a Himalayan peak Favourite Mainak names
Maitra maitra girl Friendly Favourite Maitra names
Malak boy Angel Favourite Malak names
Malank boy King Favourite Malank names
Malati malati girl Fragrant Flower Favourite Malati names
Malay boy A mountain Favourite Malay names
Malaya malaya girl A creeper,Fragrant Favourite Malaya names
Malika malika girl A garland Favourite Malika names
Mallesh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Mallesh names
Malliga malliga girl Jasmine Favourite Malliga names
Manaal boy Attainment; achievement Favourite Manaal names
Manaar boy Guiding light (lighthouse) Favourite Manaar names
Manajith boy One who conquered the mind Favourite Manajith names
Manaka manaka girl According to the mind Favourite Manaka names
Manali manali girl A Bird Favourite Manali names
Manan boy Thinking Favourite Manan names
Mananya mananya girl Deserving praises Favourite Mananya names
Manas boy Mind Favourite Manas names
Manasij boy The cupid.The God of Love. Favourite Manasij names
Manasika manasika girl Of mind Favourite Manasika names
Manasyu boy Wishing, desiring Favourite Manasyu names
Manayi manayi girl Wife of Manu Favourite Manayi names
Mandaar boy A flower Favourite Mandaar names
Mandakini mandakini girl A River Favourite Mandakini names
Mandarmalika mandarmalika girl A garland of celestial Favourite Mandarmalika names
Manditha manditha girl Adorned Favourite Manditha names
Mangala mangala girl Auspicious Favourite Mangala names
Mangesh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Mangesh names
Manhar boy Lord Krishna Favourite Manhar names
Manibhushan boy An ornament of jewels, very best jewel Favourite Manibhushan names
Manideepa manideepa girl A lamp of precious stones Favourite Manideepa names
Manidhar boy Snake with jewel in its hood Favourite Manidhar names
Manik boy Gem Favourite Manik names
Manikaant boy The blue jewel Favourite Manikaant names
Manimala manimala girl A string of pearls Favourite Manimala names
Manindra boy Diamond, lord of mind Favourite Manindra names
Maniram boy Jewel of a person Favourite Maniram names
Manisha manisha girl Intellect Favourite Manisha names
Manisi manisi girl Desired by heart Favourite Manisi names
Manitha manitha girl Honoured Favourite Manitha names
Manjubala manjubala girl Beautiful girl Favourite Manjubala names
Manjusha manjusha girl A Box Favourite Manjusha names
Manjyot manjyot girl Light of the mind Favourite Manjyot names
Mannan boy Meditate Favourite Mannan names
Mannath boy A vow to a deity Favourite Mannath names
Mannith boy Chosen Favourite Mannith names
Manohar boy One who wins over mind, attractive Favourite Manohar names
Manoj boy Born of mind Favourite Manoj names
Manojavaya boy Speed Like Wind Favourite Manojavaya names
Manomay boy Conqueror of Ones Heart Favourite Manomay names
Manonith boy Carried by the mind Favourite Manonith names
Manoranjan boy Entertainment Favourite Manoranjan names
Manorath boy Desire Favourite Manorath names
Manoth boy Born of the mind Favourite Manoth names
Mansukh boy Pleasure of mind Favourite Mansukh names
Manth boy Thought Favourite Manth names
Manthan boy Reflection through study Favourite Manthan names
Manu boy Founder father of human beings Favourite Manu names
Manuj boy Man. Favourite Manuj names
Manuraj boy Kuber Favourite Manuraj names
Manushri manushri girl Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Manushri names
Manvendra boy King among men Favourite Manvendra names
Manya manya girl Worthy of honour Favourite Manya names
Manyu boy Mind Favourite Manyu names
Maraal boy Swan Favourite Maraal names
Maraam boy Aspiration Favourite Maraam names
Marichi marichi girl Name of a star Favourite Marichi names
Markandeya markandeya girl A devotee to Lord Shiva,A devotee of Lord Shiva Favourite Markandeya names
Martanda boy The sun Favourite Martanda names
Marut boy The wind Favourite Marut names
Matanga boy sage, advisor to Devi Lalita Favourite Matanga names
Matangi matangi girl Goddess Durga Favourite Matangi names
Matheysh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Matheysh names
Matsendra boy King of the fishes Favourite Matsendra names
Matsyendra boy Lord of the fish Favourite Matsyendra names
Maulik boy Precious Favourite Maulik names
Mayank boy Moon Favourite Mayank names
Mayanka boy The moon Favourite Mayanka names
Mayawati mayawati girl Full of Illusion Favourite Mayawati names
Mayer boy Farmer Favourite Mayer names
Mayra mayra girl Beloved Favourite Mayra names
Mayuri mayuri girl Peahen Favourite Mayuri names
Medhani medhani girl Of intelligence Favourite Medhani names
Meenu meenu girl Precoius stone; A Gem Favourite Meenu names
Meghamala meghamala girl Array of clouds Favourite Meghamala names
Mehdi boy A flower Favourite Mehdi names
Mehul mehul girl Cloud; Rain,Rain Favourite Mehul names
Menaka menaka girl A celestial dancer Favourite Menaka names
Mikul boy Comrade Favourite Mikul names
Miland boy Bee Favourite Miland names
Mitali mitali girl Friendship Favourite Mitali names
Miten boy Male friend Favourite Miten names
Mithil boy Kingdom Favourite Mithil names
Mithun boy Couple Favourite Mithun names
Mitul mitul girl Measured; Moderate Favourite Mitul names
Mona mona girl Just One Favourite Mona names
Mridula mridula girl Tenderness Favourite Mridula names
Mriganayani mriganayani girl One With Deer- Like Beautiful Eyes Favourite Mriganayani names
Mrinalika mrinalika girl Stem of lotus Favourite Mrinalika names
Mrinank boy Moon Favourite Mrinank names
Mrinmayi mrinmayi girl Of the earth Favourite Mrinmayi names
Mrittika mrittika girl Mother earth Favourite Mrittika names
Mrudani mrudani girl Another name for parvathi Favourite Mrudani names
Mrudu mrudu girl Soft Favourite Mrudu names
Mudra mudra girl Expression Favourite Mudra names
Mugdha mugdha girl Spellbound Favourite Mugdha names
Mukul mukul girl Bud Favourite Mukul names
Muniya muniya girl Name of a bird Favourite Muniya names
Mutholi mutholi girl Shines like a pearl Favourite Mutholi names
Mythri mythri girl Friendship Favourite Mythri names
Naag boy A big serpent Favourite Naag names
Naagdhar boy One who wears cobra ( Lord Shiva) Favourite Naagdhar names
Naagesh boy God of serpents (Sheshnaag) Favourite Naagesh names
Naagpal boy Saviour of serpents ( the cobras ) Favourite Naagpal names
Naagraj boy king of serpents, Sheshnaag Favourite Naagraj names
Naamdev boy Name of a saint Favourite Naamdev names
Naaraayan boy The refuge of man Favourite Naaraayan names
Nabarun boy Morning sun Favourite Nabarun names
Nabhas boy Sky Favourite Nabhas names
Nabhith boy Fearless Favourite Nabhith names
Nadal boy Fortunate Favourite Nadal names
Nadin boy Lord of rivers Favourite Nadin names
Nagarjun boy Best among the snakes Favourite Nagarjun names
Nagendra boy Lord of mountains (Himalaya) Favourite Nagendra names
Naggar boy Lord Krishna Favourite Naggar names
Naimish boy Nairit south-west Favourite Naimish names
Nakhraj boy Moon Favourite Nakhraj names
Naksatraraja boy King of Stars Favourite Naksatraraja names
Nal boy An ancient king Favourite Nal names
Nalinaksha boy Lotus-eyed Favourite Nalinaksha names
Namasyu boy Bowing Favourite Namasyu names
Namdev boy poet, saint Favourite Namdev names
Namit boy bowed down, modest Favourite Namit names
Nand boy Happy Favourite Nand names
Nandak boy Pleasing Favourite Nandak names
Nandakishor boy wiz-kid, Lord Krishna Favourite Nandakishor names
Nandan boy Pleasing, son Favourite Nandan names
Nandish boy Lord Shiva (Nandishwar) Favourite Nandish names
Nandlaal boy Lord Krishna Favourite Nandlaal names
Naotau boy New Favourite Naotau names
Narad boy Indian Saint, Devotee of Narayan Favourite Narad names
Narayan boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Narayan names
Narayanan boy Title of Vishnu/Krsna Favourite Narayanan names
Narendra boy King of men Favourite Narendra names
Narhari boy Man-lion ( Nara simha) Favourite Narhari names
Narmad boy Bringing delight Favourite Narmad names
Narottam boy Best among men Favourite Narottam names
Nartana boy Makes others dance Favourite Nartana names
Naruna boy Leader of men Favourite Naruna names
Natesh boy King Favourite Natesh names
Nathin boy Protected Favourite Nathin names
Natwar boy Lord Krishna Favourite Natwar names
Nauhar boy 9 Garlands Favourite Nauhar names
Naval boy Wonder Favourite Naval names
Navashen boy The one who brings hope Favourite Navashen names
Navin boy New Favourite Navin names
Navneet boy fresh butter, Lord Krishna Favourite Navneet names
Navrang boy Beautiful Favourite Navrang names
Navroz boy A Parsee festival Favourite Navroz names
Navtej boy New Light Favourite Navtej names
Nawalkishor boy Lord Krishna Favourite Nawalkishor names
Nayakan boy Hero Favourite Nayakan names
Nayath boy Leading Favourite Nayath names
Nedumaan boy Prince Favourite Nedumaan names
Neelabh boy object in the sky ( cloud, moon) Favourite Neelabh names
Neeladri boy The Nilgiri hills Favourite Neeladri names
Neelamani boy Blue jewel Favourite Neelamani names
Neelanchal boy Nilgiri hills Favourite Neelanchal names
Neelgreev boy Lord Shiva Favourite Neelgreev names
Neelkant boy a jewel, Lord Vishnu Favourite Neelkant names
Neelkanta boy Lord Shiva Favourite Neelkanta names
Neelmadhav boy Lord Jagannath Favourite Neelmadhav names
Neelmani boy Sapphire Favourite Neelmani names
Neerad boy Clouds Favourite Neerad names
Neeraf boy River Male Islamic Favourite Neeraf names
Neeraja neeraja girl lotus flower, pure, Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Neeraja names
Neeti neeti girl Good Behaviour Favourite Neeti names
Netra netra girl Eye Favourite Netra names
Nidhipa nidhipa girl Treasure Favourite Nidhipa names
Nidra nidra girl Sleep Favourite Nidra names
Nigam boy Treasure Favourite Nigam names
Nikash boy Horizon Favourite Nikash names
Niketan boy house, mansion Favourite Niketan names
Nikhil boy complete, whole Favourite Nikhil names
Nikhila nikhila girl Complete Favourite Nikhila names
Nikunj boy Garden Favourite Nikunj names
Nila nila girl Blue Favourite Nila names
Nilaruna nilaruna girl The first light of the dawn Favourite Nilaruna names
Nilavoli nilavoli girl Ray of light from the moon Favourite Nilavoli names
Nilay boy home, abode Favourite Nilay names
Nileen nileen girl Surrendered Favourite Nileen names
Nimai boy Chaitanya Favourite Nimai names
Nimeesha nimeesha girl Split Second Favourite Nimeesha names
Nipun boy Expert Favourite Nipun names
Nipuna nipuna girl Expert Favourite Nipuna names
Nirajit boy Illuminated Favourite Nirajit names
Nirali nirali girl Different Favourite Nirali names
Niramitra boy Son of pandava Sahadeva Favourite Niramitra names
Nirav boy without sound, silent Favourite Nirav names
Nirdhar boy One who holds water (cloud) Favourite Nirdhar names
Nirish boy free, without any owner Favourite Nirish names
Nirmala nirmala girl Pure Favourite Nirmala names
Nirmanyu boy Free of anger Favourite Nirmanyu names
Nirupa nirupa girl a decree, command Favourite Nirupa names
Nishanath boy Moon Favourite Nishanath names
Nishar boy Warm cloth Favourite Nishar names
Nishat boy A tree Favourite Nishat names
Nishikaant boy The moon Favourite Nishikaant names
Nishikanta nishikanta girl The Moon Favourite Nishikanta names
Nishikar boy Moon (Lord of night) Favourite Nishikar names
Nishkama boy Selfless Favourite Nishkama names
Nishok boy Happy Favourite Nishok names
Nishtha nishtha girl Devotion Favourite Nishtha names
Nitara nitara girl Deep rooted Favourite Nitara names
Niteesh boy the God of law, one well versed in law Favourite Niteesh names
Nithik boy Master of justice Favourite Nithik names
Nithilam nithilam girl Pure like the pearl Favourite Nithilam names
Nitika nitika girl Angel of precious stones Favourite Nitika names
Nitya-Sundara boy Good-looking Favourite Nitya-Sundara names
Nityananda boy Lord Krishna; always happy Favourite Nityananda names
Nityapriya nityapriya girl Ever Pleasing Favourite Nityapriya names
Niverta niverta girl Bliss Favourite Niverta names
Nivrutti boy Separation from world Favourite Nivrutti names
Niyati niyati girl fortune, fate, supreme power Favourite Niyati names
Nrip boy King Favourite Nrip names
Nripesh boy King of kings Favourite Nripesh names
Nutan nutan girl New Favourite Nutan names
Nyneishia nyneishia girl Indian princess Favourite Nyneishia names
Odathi odathi girl Refreshing Favourite Odathi names
Oha boy Meditation, true knowledge Favourite Oha names
Oindrila oindrila girl Name for the wife of Indra Favourite Oindrila names
Ojas boy Bright. Might. Power. Favourite Ojas names
Ojasvi ojasvi girl Bright Favourite Ojasvi names
Ojeeta ojeeta girl Born in the month of falgun Favourite Ojeeta names
Olikodi olikodi girl Brilliant Favourite Olikodi names
Om boy The sacred syllable Favourite Om names
Omaja omaja girl Result of spiritual unity Favourite Omaja names
Omkar boy A holy sound and letter. Favourite Omkar names
Omkareshwari omkareshwari girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Omkareshwari names
Ompati boy Master of OM Favourite Ompati names
Omswaroop boy Manifestation of divinity Favourite Omswaroop names
Oni oni girl Shelter Favourite Oni names
Ooghavanth boy King. Favourite Ooghavanth names
Oorjit boy powerful, strong Favourite Oorjit names
Ori boy Charitable king Favourite Ori names
Ottakoothan boy Poet Favourite Ottakoothan names
Oviya oviya girl Artist, Beautiful drawing Favourite Oviya names
Paadini paadini girl Pleasing Song Favourite Paadini names
Paandu boy Father of the Pandavas Favourite Paandu names
Paaninee boy A Sanskrit grammarian Favourite Paaninee names
Paarth boy Another name of Arjuna Favourite Paarth names
Paavan boy Purifier Favourite Paavan names
Pachaimuthu boy Youthful, resourceful Favourite Pachaimuthu names
Padmadhar boy One who holds a lotus Favourite Padmadhar names
Padmaja padmaja girl Born Of A Lotus Favourite Padmaja names
Padmakali padmakali girl Lotus Bud Favourite Padmakali names
Padmakant boy Husband of lotus (sun) Favourite Padmakant names
Padmalochana padmalochana girl Lotus eyed Favourite Padmalochana names
Padman boy Lotus Favourite Padman names
Padmapani boy Lord Bramha Favourite Padmapani names
Padmapriya padmapriya girl Lover Of Lotus Favourite Padmapriya names
Padmaroopa padmaroopa girl Like a lotus Favourite Padmaroopa names
Padmesh boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Padmesh names
Padmini padmini girl Lotus Favourite Padmini names
Pakshi pakshi girl Bird Favourite Pakshi names
Palanikumar boy Another name for Lord Murugan Favourite Palanikumar names
Palanimurugan boy Another name for Lord Murugan Favourite Palanimurugan names
Palanivel boy Another name for Lord Murugan Favourite Palanivel names
Palashranjan boy Beautiful like a palash Favourite Palashranjan names
Pallav boy Young shoots & leaves Favourite Pallav names
Panchal boy Lord Shiva Favourite Panchal names
Panchali panchali girl Princess Favourite Panchali names
Pandita boy Scholar Favourite Pandita names
Pandya boy South Indian dynasty Favourite Pandya names
Panini boy The great scholar-grammarian Favourite Panini names
Pankajadharini pankajadharini girl Lotus Holder Favourite Pankajadharini names
Pankajalochana boy Lotus Eyed. Lord Krishna Favourite Pankajalochana names
Pankti pankti girl Sentence Favourite Pankti names
Panshul boy Lord Shiva Favourite Panshul names
Parag boy pollen grains, sandal Wood Favourite Parag names
Param-hans boy The supreme spirit Favourite Param-hans names
Paramartha boy Highest or divine truth Favourite Paramartha names
Paramita paramita girl Wisdom Favourite Paramita names
Paramjeet boy Highest success Favourite Paramjeet names
Parantap boy Conquerrer Favourite Parantap names
Paras boy Touchstone Favourite Paras names
Parashuram boy Sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu Favourite Parashuram names
Parasme boy Most Superior, Lord Rama Favourite Parasme names
Paravasu boy Name of a sage Favourite Paravasu names
Paresha boy Lord of the Lords. A Name for Lord Rama Favourite Paresha names
Pari pari girl Fairy Favourite Pari names
Parighosh boy Loud sound Favourite Parighosh names
Parikshit boy An ancient king Favourite Parikshit names
Parindra boy Lion Favourite Parindra names
Parivita parivita girl Extermely Free Favourite Parivita names
Parmanand boy Divine happiness Favourite Parmanand names
Parnad boy A Brahmin in the epics Favourite Parnad names
Parnashri parnashri girl Leafy beauty Favourite Parnashri names
Parnavi parnavi girl Bird Favourite Parnavi names
Parnika parnika girl Auspicious Apsara Favourite Parnika names
Partha boy Arjun, king Favourite Partha names
Parthavi parthavi girl Goddess Sita Favourite Parthavi names
Parthiv boy Prince of Earth Favourite Parthiv names
Parul parul girl Name Of A Flower Favourite Parul names
Parvatinandan boy Lord Ganesh Favourite Parvatinandan names
Pashunath boy Lord of animals, Lord Shiva Favourite Pashunath names
Patakin boy Holder of a banner Favourite Patakin names
Pathik boy Traveller Favourite Pathik names
Patmanjari patmanjari girl A raga Favourite Patmanjari names
Patoj boy Lotus Favourite Patoj names
Patralekha patralekha girl A name from ancient epics Favourite Patralekha names
Paurav boy A descendent of King Puru Favourite Paurav names
Pavalan boy Skilled in literature Favourite Pavalan names
Pavani pavani girl Pure, Holy Favourite Pavani names
Pavansut boy son of wind (Bhim, Hanuman) Favourite Pavansut names
Payal payal girl Anklet Favourite Payal names
Payod boy Cloud Favourite Payod names
Peeyush boy Nectar Favourite Peeyush names
Phaninath boy Lord of serpents Favourite Phaninath names
Phenil boy Foamy Favourite Phenil names
Pia pia girl Beloved Favourite Pia names
Pinakin boy Lord Shiva Favourite Pinakin names
Pinga pinga girl Durga Favourite Pinga names
Pirmohammed boy Rhw holy prophet Favourite Pirmohammed names
Piyush boy Milk Favourite Piyush names
Poojit boy Worshipped Favourite Poojit names
Poonam poonam girl Full Moon Favourite Poonam names
Pooran boy Complete Favourite Pooran names
Poornakamala poornakamala girl A blooming lotus Favourite Poornakamala names
Poorv boy The east Favourite Poorv names
Poorvaganga poorvaganga girl River Narmada Favourite Poorvaganga names
Poushali poushali girl Of the month Poush Favourite Poushali names
Prabhanjan boy Dust storm Favourite Prabhanjan names
Prabhas boy Brilliance, light Favourite Prabhas names
Prabhav boy power, might Favourite Prabhav names
Prabhu boy God Favourite Prabhu names
Prabir boy Hero, brave one (Praveer) Favourite Prabir names
Prabuddha boy Awakened Favourite Prabuddha names
Prachetas boy Energy Favourite Prachetas names
Pradeep boy Light, shine Favourite Pradeep names
Pradhi pradhi girl Intelligent Favourite Pradhi names
Pradhyot boy Ray of light Favourite Pradhyot names
Pradnesh boy Lord of wisdom Favourite Pradnesh names
Pradyumna boy Cupid Favourite Pradyumna names
Prafula prafula girl Lotus Favourite Prafula names
Prafulla boy Pleasant, cheerful, in full bloom Favourite Prafulla names
Prahlad boy Extreme joy, son of Hiranyakashyap Favourite Prahlad names
Prajin boy Kind Favourite Prajin names
Prajna prajna girl Goddess Saraswati Favourite Prajna names
Prajval boy Brightness Favourite Prajval names
Prakat boy Mainfested Favourite Prakat names
Prakul boy Good-looking Favourite Prakul names
Pramesh boy Master of accurate knowledge Favourite Pramesh names
Pramodan boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Pramodan names
Pran boy Life Favourite Pran names
Pranal boy Waterway Favourite Pranal names
Pranali pranali girl Organisation Favourite Pranali names
Pranati pranati girl Prayer Favourite Pranati names
Pranaya pranaya girl Leader Favourite Pranaya names
Praneel boy A Name for Lord Shiva Favourite Praneel names
Pranesh boy Lord of life (husband, master) Favourite Pranesh names
Pranit boy Modest Favourite Pranit names
Pranjal pranjal girl Simple,Honest and Dignified Favourite Pranjal names
Pranjivan boy Breath of life Favourite Pranjivan names
Pransu boy High, Tall Favourite Pransu names
Prasana prasana girl Rising Favourite Prasana names
Prasanna boy Happy Favourite Prasanna names
Prasham boy Peace Favourite Prasham names
Prashant boy calm and composed, cool Favourite Prashant names
Prashanta boy Calm Favourite Prashanta names
Prashanthi prashanthi girl Highest Peace Favourite Prashanthi names
Prashray boy Love, Respect Favourite Prashray names
Prasun boy Blossom Favourite Prasun names
Prateet boy Manifested Favourite Prateet names
Prathysha prathysha girl Early morning, from Sanskrit word Prathyusham Favourite Prathysha names
Pratima pratima girl Idol Favourite Pratima names
Pratiti pratiti girl Faith; undrstanding,Faith Favourite Pratiti names
Pravar boy Chief Favourite Pravar names
Praveena praveena girl Skilled Favourite Praveena names
Pravin boy Expert; Skilled Favourite Pravin names
Pravina pravina girl Skilled Favourite Pravina names
Prayaag boy place of sacrifice, Allahabad Favourite Prayaag names
Prayadarshi boy One who is liked by all Favourite Prayadarshi names
Prayag boy Confluence of Ganga-Jamuna-Saraswati Favourite Prayag names
Preetam boy Lover Favourite Preetam names
Preetish boy God of love Favourite Preetish names
Preetiwardhan boy One who increases love Favourite Preetiwardhan names
Preity preity girl Affection; Love Favourite Preity names
Preksha preksha girl Beholding,Viewing Favourite Preksha names
Premala premala girl Loving Favourite Premala names
Premanand boy Joy of love Favourite Premanand names
Preshti preshti girl Ray Of Light Favourite Preshti names
Pribhakta boy Favourite of the Devotees. A Name for Lord Shiva Favourite Pribhakta names
Prinita boy Pleased Favourite Prinita names
Prisha prisha girl Beloved; Loving; God's gift Favourite Prisha names
Pritesh boy Lord of love Favourite Pritesh names
Prithish boy Lord of the world Favourite Prithish names
Prithuloma prithuloma girl fish, Pisces -zodiac sign Favourite Prithuloma names
Prithvi boy Earth Favourite Prithvi names
Pritikana pritikana girl An atom of love Favourite Pritikana names
Privrata boy Son of Satarupa Favourite Privrata names
Priyabrata boy Devoted to pleasing Favourite Priyabrata names
Priyadarshi boy One who is liked by all Favourite Priyadarshi names
Priyadutta priyadutta girl Earth Favourite Priyadutta names
Priyamvada priyamvada girl Sweet spoken Favourite Priyamvada names
Priyanvad boy Sweet talking person Favourite Priyanvad names
Pruthivi boy Earth Favourite Pruthivi names
Pruthvi pruthvi girl Earth Favourite Pruthvi names
Puja puja girl Worship Favourite Puja names
Pujan boy The ceremony of worshiping Favourite Pujan names
Pujya pujya girl Respectable Favourite Pujya names
Pulin boy Sandy river bank Favourite Pulin names
Punarnava punarnava girl A star Favourite Punarnava names
Pundalik boy Lotus Favourite Pundalik names
Puneet boy Pure, holy Favourite Puneet names
Punit boy Pure Favourite Punit names
Punya punya girl Virtuous Favourite Punya names
Purahan boy Lord Shiva Favourite Purahan names
Puranjay boy Lord Shiva Favourite Puranjay names
Purnanada boy God Favourite Purnanada names
Purnendu boy Full moon Favourite Purnendu names
Purnima purnima girl Full Moon Favourite Purnima names
Purshottam boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Purshottam names
Puru boy A legendary King Favourite Puru names
Purumitra boy Friend of city Favourite Purumitra names
Pusan boy A sage Favourite Pusan names
Pushkara boy blue lotus, fountain, lake Favourite Pushkara names
Pushp-mitra boy An ancient ruler Favourite Pushp-mitra names
Pushpa pushpa girl Flower Favourite Pushpa names
Pushpaj boy Born from a flower Favourite Pushpaj names
Pushpakar boy the Spring season (Vasant ), flower season Favourite Pushpakar names
Pushpita pushpita girl Decorated With Flowers Favourite Pushpita names
Puskara boy Blue lotus, fountain Favourite Puskara names
Pyaremohan boy Lord Krishna Favourite Pyaremohan names
Pyas pyas girl Thirsty Favourite Pyas names
Raaka raaka girl Full moon Favourite Raaka names
Rabhya rabhya girl Worshipped Favourite Rabhya names
Rachna rachna girl Creation Favourite Rachna names
Radhak boy Liberal Favourite Radhak names
Radhakrishna boy Radha and Lord Krishna Favourite Radhakrishna names
Radheshyam boy Lord Krishna Favourite Radheshyam names
Raghav boy Lord Rama Favourite Raghav names
Raghu boy The family of Lord Rama Favourite Raghu names
Raghunath boy Lord Rama Favourite Raghunath names
Raghuveer boy Brave man of the Raghu clan (Rama) Favourite Raghuveer names
Rahas boy Secret Favourite Rahas names
Raima raima girl Pleasing; Rama of the axe ( origin - Sanskrit : Root: Rama) Favourite Raima names
Raj boy King Favourite Raj names
Rajak boy Illuminating Favourite Rajak names
Rajalakshmi rajalakshmi girl Goddess lakshmi Favourite Rajalakshmi names
Rajaneesh boy God of night (moon) Favourite Rajaneesh names
Rajanikant boy Lord of night ( the moon) Favourite Rajanikant names
Rajanya boy Kingly Favourite Rajanya names
Rajashri rajashri girl Royalty Favourite Rajashri names
Rajat boy Silver Favourite Rajat names
Rajata rajata girl Sovereignty Favourite Rajata names
Rajeev boy Blue lotus Favourite Rajeev names
Rajendramohan boy King Favourite Rajendramohan names
Rajeshri rajeshri girl Queen Favourite Rajeshri names
Raji raji girl Princess Favourite Raji names
Rajit boy Decorated Favourite Rajit names
Rajitha rajitha girl Illuminated Favourite Rajitha names
Rajul rajul girl Brilliant Favourite Rajul names
Rajyeshwar boy King Favourite Rajyeshwar names
Rakhi rakhi girl Thread used in brother-sister bonding during festival of rakhsha bandhan Favourite Rakhi names
Rakshan boy Protector Favourite Rakshan names
Ramaa ramaa girl Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Ramaa names
Ramakant boy Husband of Rama (i.e. Lord Vishnu) Favourite Ramakant names
Raman boy Pleasing, beloved, Kamdev Favourite Raman names
Ramanika ramanika girl Handsome Favourite Ramanika names
Ramashray boy Lord Vishnu; protected by Rama Favourite Ramashray names
Ramdas boy devotee (a servant) of Rama, Hanuman Favourite Ramdas names
Ramita ramita girl Pleasing Favourite Ramita names
Ramith boy Loved Favourite Ramith names
Ramkumar boy Lord Rama Favourite Ramkumar names
Ramprasad boy Lord Rama Favourite Ramprasad names
Ramswaroop boy Lord Rama Favourite Ramswaroop names
Rangan boy A flower Favourite Rangan names
Rangana rangana girl A flower Favourite Rangana names
Ranhitha ranhitha girl Swift Favourite Ranhitha names
Ranita ranita girl Tinkling Favourite Ranita names
Ranjan boy Pleasing Favourite Ranjan names
Ranjika ranjika girl Exciting Favourite Ranjika names
Ranvitha ranvitha girl Joyous Favourite Ranvitha names
Rasaraj boy Mercury Favourite Rasaraj names
Rashmika rashmika girl Ray of light Favourite Rashmika names
Rashmil boy Silken Favourite Rashmil names
Rasna rasna girl The tongue Favourite Rasna names
Rasraj boy king of liquids ( mercury -element ), romance ( Shringar ras) Favourite Rasraj names
Rateesh boy God of Ratee, husband of Ratee ( Kamdev) Favourite Rateesh names
Rati rati girl A Devi Favourite Rati names
Ratnabali ratnabali girl String of pearls Favourite Ratnabali names
Ratnalekha ratnalekha girl Splendour of jewels Favourite Ratnalekha names
Ratnaprabha ratnaprabha girl Lustrous jewel Favourite Ratnaprabha names
Ratnavali ratnavali girl Bunch of jewels Favourite Ratnavali names
Ratul boy Sweet Favourite Ratul names
Ravindra boy Sun Favourite Ravindra names
Raya raya girl Flow; Sated with drink Favourite Raya names
Reema reema girl White antelope Favourite Reema names
Rena rena girl Peace Favourite Rena names
Reshma reshma girl Silken Favourite Reshma names
Revati revati girl A Star Favourite Revati names
Rhea rhea girl Singer Favourite Rhea names
Riddhi riddhi girl Power And Success Favourite Riddhi names
Rigved boy One of the Vedas Favourite Rigved names
Rikin boy Rimon Name of a fruit (Anaar) Favourite Rikin names
Rima rima girl White antelope Favourite Rima names
Rishi boy Sage, ray of light Favourite Rishi names
Rishik boy Lord Shiva Favourite Rishik names
Rishvanjas boy Lord Indra Favourite Rishvanjas names
Rita rita girl Way of life Favourite Rita names
Ritkriti ritkriti girl Creation of God Sun Favourite Ritkriti names
Rituparna rituparna girl Leafy season Favourite Rituparna names
Rituraj boy Spring Favourite Rituraj names
Rochan boy red lotus, bright Favourite Rochan names
Rohanlal boy Lord Krishna Favourite Rohanlal names
Rohin rohin girl Rrising Favourite Rohin names
Rohini rohini girl Sandalwood Tree Favourite Rohini names
Rohinish boy Moon Favourite Rohinish names
Rohitasva boy Son of King Harishchandra Favourite Rohitasva names
Romila romila girl Heartfelt Favourite Romila names
Romir boy Interesting Favourite Romir names
Ronak boy Brightness, radiance Favourite Ronak names
Ronsher boy Lion of the Battlefield Favourite Ronsher names
Roopak boy Dramatic composition Favourite Roopak names
Roopam roopam girl Beautiful Favourite Roopam names
Roshini roshini girl Light; Brightness Favourite Roshini names
Ruchi ruchi girl Taste Favourite Ruchi names
Ruchir boy Beautiful Favourite Ruchir names
Ruchitha ruchitha girl Bright Favourite Ruchitha names
Rudrakali rudrakali girl Godess Durga Favourite Rudrakali names
Rudrani rudrani girl Wife Of Shiva Favourite Rudrani names
Rugu rugu girl Soft Favourite Rugu names
Ruhika ruhika girl Desire Favourite Ruhika names
Rujula rujula girl Who endows wealth Favourite Rujula names
Rukma rukma girl Radiant, sun,Golden Favourite Rukma names
Rukminesh boy Lord Krishna Favourite Rukminesh names
Ruma ruma girl Wife A Sugriva Favourite Ruma names
Rupal rupal girl Made Of Silver Favourite Rupal names
Rupang boy Beautiful Favourite Rupang names
Rupashi rupashi girl Beautiful Favourite Rupashi names
Rupeshwar boy Lord of of beauty Favourite Rupeshwar names
Rupi rupi girl Beauty Favourite Rupi names
Rushabh boy Decoration Favourite Rushabh names
Rusham rusham girl Peaceful Favourite Rusham names
Rustam boy Large, Very tall Favourite Rustam names
Rutesh boy Kind of Seasons Favourite Rutesh names
Saagar boy Ocean Favourite Saagar names
Saakaar boy Manifestation of god Favourite Saakaar names
Saaras boy Swan Favourite Saaras names
Saatvik boy Pious Favourite Saatvik names
Sabal boy With strength Favourite Sabal names
Sachish boy Lord Indra Favourite Sachish names
Sachit boy Consciousness Favourite Sachit names
Sadaiappan boy Lord Siva Favourite Sadaiappan names
Sadashiv boy Pure Favourite Sadashiv names
Sadhil boy Perfect Favourite Sadhil names
Sadiva boy Eternal Favourite Sadiva names
Safal boy Succeed Favourite Safal names
Sagan boy Lord Shiva Favourite Sagan names
Sagar boy ocean, sea Favourite Sagar names
Sagardutt boy Gift of ocean Favourite Sagardutt names
Sahaj boy Natural Favourite Sahaj names
Sahara boy shelter, helpful Favourite Sahara names
Sahas boy Bravery Favourite Sahas names
Sahastrabahu boy one with thousand arms, Lord Shiva Favourite Sahastrabahu names
Sahasya boy Mighty, courageous Favourite Sahasya names
Sahay boy Help Favourite Sahay names
Sahdev boy One of the Pandava princes Favourite Sahdev names
Sahib boy The lord Favourite Sahib names
Sahishnu boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Sahishnu names
Sai Satpurusha boy Virtuous, Pious, Venerable One.Sajal moist Favourite Sai Satpurusha names
SaiJeevadhara boy Support of All Living Beings Favourite SaiJeevadhara names
SaiKalateeta boy Beyond Time Limitations Favourite SaiKalateeta names
Sainath boy Saibaba Favourite Sainath names
Saipratap boy Blessing of Saibaba Favourite Saipratap names
Sajiv boy Lively Favourite Sajiv names
Sajjan boy Of virtues Favourite Sajjan names
Saket boy Lord Krishna Favourite Saket names
Saketharaman boy A Name for Lord Rama Favourite Saketharaman names
Sakshum boy Skillful Favourite Sakshum names
Salaj boy Water which flows from melted ice from mountain Favourite Salaj names
Salil boy Water Favourite Salil names
Salokh boy Friendship Favourite Salokh names
Samabashiv boy Lord Shiva Favourite Samabashiv names
Samajas boy Lord Shiva Favourite Samajas names
Samanyu boy Lord Shiva Favourite Samanyu names
Samarjit boy victorious in war, Lord Vishnu Favourite Samarjit names
Samarth boy Lord Krishna Favourite Samarth names
Sambaran boy Restraint; an ancient king Favourite Sambaran names
Sambuddha boy Wise Favourite Sambuddha names
Sameen boy Valuable Favourite Sameen names
Sameep boy Close Favourite Sameep names
Sameer boy Early morning fragrance; Entertaining companion; Wind Favourite Sameer names
Samendu boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Samendu names
Samesh boy Lord of equality Favourite Samesh names
Samgram boy Host Favourite Samgram names
Sami boy Someone dear to you Favourite Sami names
Samin boy Self- disciplined Favourite Samin names
Samiran boy Breeze Favourite Samiran names
Sammath boy Agreed Favourite Sammath names
Samrudh boy The Enriched One Favourite Samrudh names
Samudragupta boy A famous Gupta king Favourite Samudragupta names
Samvar boy Content Favourite Samvar names
Samyak boy Enough Favourite Samyak names
Sanaatan boy Permanent Favourite Sanaatan names
Sanabhi boy Related Favourite Sanabhi names
Sanam boy Beloved Favourite Sanam names
Sanat boy Lord Bramha Favourite Sanat names
Sanatana boy Eternel, Lord Shiva Favourite Sanatana names
Sanchit boy Collected Favourite Sanchit names
Sandeepan boy A sage Favourite Sandeepan names
Sangupt boy Percectly hidden Favourite Sangupt names
Sanjan boy Creator Favourite Sanjan names
Sanjeev boy One who can bring back the dead to life, life, love Favourite Sanjeev names
Sanjith boy Perfectly victorious Favourite Sanjith names
Sanjiv boy Love; life Favourite Sanjiv names
Sanjivan boy making alive, giving life Favourite Sanjivan names
Sanjog boy Coincidence Favourite Sanjog names
Sankalpa boy Resolve Favourite Sankalpa names
Sankara boy Shiva Favourite Sankara names
Sankarshan boy A name of Balaram Favourite Sankarshan names
Sannath boy Accompanied by a protector Favourite Sannath names
Sannigdh boy Always ready Favourite Sannigdh names
Sanshray boy Aim Favourite Sanshray names
Sanskar boy Good Ethics and Moral Values Favourite Sanskar names
Santan boy A tree, children Favourite Santan names
Sanyog boy joining together, combination Favourite Sanyog names
Saptanshu boy Fire Favourite Saptanshu names
Saral boy Straight Favourite Saral names
Sarana boy Injuring Favourite Sarana names
Sarang boy Spotted deer, moon, sun, Lord Krishna Favourite Sarang names
Saras boy A bird; lake Favourite Saras names
Sarasija boy Lotus Favourite Sarasija names
Saravana boy Clump of reeds Favourite Saravana names
Sarin boy Helpful Favourite Sarin names
Sarish boy Equal Favourite Sarish names
Sarngin boy Name of God Vishnu Favourite Sarngin names
Sarvadev boy Lord Shiva Favourite Sarvadev names
Sarvagny boy The All Knowing. Lord Vishnu Favourite Sarvagny names
Sarvambh boy Lord Ganesh Favourite Sarvambh names
Sarvanavel boy Another name for Lord Murugan Favourite Sarvanavel names
Sarvang boy Lord Shiva Favourite Sarvang names
Sashang boy Connected Favourite Sashang names
Sashwat boy Eternal Favourite Sashwat names
Sasta boy One who rules Favourite Sasta names
Satamanyu boy Lord Indra Favourite Satamanyu names
Satinath boy Lord Shiva Favourite Satinath names
Satkartar boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Satkartar names
Satpati boy Lord Indra Favourite Satpati names
Satvamohan boy Truthful Favourite Satvamohan names
Satveer boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Satveer names
Satyadarshi boy One who can see the truth Favourite Satyadarshi names
Satyak boy Honest Favourite Satyak names
Satyaki boy Charioteer of Krishna Favourite Satyaki names
Satyam boy Honesty Favourite Satyam names
Satyapriya boy Devoted to truth Favourite Satyapriya names
Satyasheel boy Truthful Favourite Satyasheel names
Satyashrawaa boy That who hears truth Favourite Satyashrawaa names
Satyavache boy Lord Rama, Speaker of Truth Favourite Satyavache names
Satyavrat boy One who has taken vow of truth Favourite Satyavrat names
Saubal boy Mighty Favourite Saubal names
Saubhadra boy Abhimanyu Favourite Saubhadra names
Saumitr boy Good friend Favourite Saumitr names
Saunak boy Boy sage Favourite Saunak names
Saurabh boy Fragrance, mango, saffron Favourite Saurabh names
Saurjyesh boy Kartikeya; the Lord of Valour Favourite Saurjyesh names
Savanth boy Employer Favourite Savanth names
Savir boy Leader Favourite Savir names
Savit boy Sun Favourite Savit names
Savya boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Savya names
Seemanta boy Parting of the hair Favourite Seemanta names
Sehen boy Patience. Favourite Sehen names
Senajit boy Conquerer of an army Favourite Senajit names
Sengannan boy Visionary Favourite Sengannan names
SeshSerpent boy God. Favourite SeshSerpent names
Shaarav boy Pure & Innocent Favourite Shaarav names
Shaildhar boy One who holds mountain Favourite Shaildhar names
Shailendra boy God of mountain ( Himalaya) Favourite Shailendra names
Shailesh boy God of mountain ( Himalaya) Favourite Shailesh names
Shaistakhan boy Polite Favourite Shaistakhan names
Shaktidhar boy Lord Shiva Favourite Shaktidhar names
Shakuni boy bird, uncle of Kauravas Favourite Shakuni names
Shakyasinha boy Lord Buddha Favourite Shakyasinha names
Shalang boy Emperor Favourite Shalang names
Shalik boy A sage Favourite Shalik names
Shalina boy Courteous Favourite Shalina names
Shamak boy Makes peace Favourite Shamak names
Shameek boy An ancient sage Favourite Shameek names
Shami boy fire, name of a tree Favourite Shami names
Shamindra boy Quiet; gentle Favourite Shamindra names
Shanay boy Power of lord Shani Favourite Shanay names
Shandar boy Proud Favourite Shandar names
Shankar boy Lord Shiva Favourite Shankar names
Shankdhar boy Lord Krishna Favourite Shankdhar names
Shankh boy A shell Favourite Shankh names
Shankha boy Conch Favourite Shankha names
Shankhapani boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Shankhapani names
Shankhi boy Ocean Favourite Shankhi names
Shankir boy Lord Shiva Favourite Shankir names
Shantimay boy Peaceful Favourite Shantimay names
Shantiprakash boy Light of peace Favourite Shantiprakash names
Shanyu boy Benevolent Favourite Shanyu names
Sharad boy Name of a season Favourite Sharad names
Sharadchandra boy Autumn moon Favourite Sharadchandra names
Sharadendu boy Moon of autumn Favourite Sharadendu names
Shari boy Arrow Favourite Shari names
Shashank boy Moon Favourite Shashank names
Shashee boy Moon Favourite Shashee names
Shashibhushan boy Lord Shiva Favourite Shashibhushan names
Shashidhar boy The moon Favourite Shashidhar names
Shashikar boy Moon ray Favourite Shashikar names
Shashimohan boy The moon Favourite Shashimohan names
Shashipushpa boy Lotus Favourite Shashipushpa names
Shashvata boy A Name for Lord Rama Eternal Favourite Shashvata names
Shat-padm boy Hundred petaled lotus Favourite Shat-padm names
Shataaneek boy Another name of Ganesha Favourite Shataaneek names
Shatadru boy Name of a river Favourite Shatadru names
Shatjit boy Conquerer of hundreds Favourite Shatjit names
Shatrujit boy Victorious over enemies Favourite Shatrujit names
Shattesh boy King of mountains Favourite Shattesh names
Shaurya boy Bravery Favourite Shaurya names
Sheehan boy Peaceful child Favourite Sheehan names
Sheil boy Mountain Favourite Sheil names
Shesanand boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Shesanand names
Shibhya boy Lord Shiva Favourite Shibhya names
Shikhar boy Mountain peak Favourite Shikhar names
Shirish boy Name of a tree Favourite Shirish names
Shirshirchandra boy Winter moon Favourite Shirshirchandra names
Shiv boy Lord Shiva, auspicious, lucky Favourite Shiv names
Shivendra boy Lord Shiva Favourite Shivendra names
Shoora boy Bold. A Name for Lord Hanuman Favourite Shoora names
Shravan boy A Hindu month Favourite Shravan names
Shreedhar boy Husband of Lakshmi Favourite Shreedhar names
Shreeharsh boy God of happiness Favourite Shreeharsh names
Shreekant boy An epithet of Vishnu Favourite Shreekant names
Shreerang boy Another name of Vishnu Favourite Shreerang names
Shridhar boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Shridhar names
Shrihan boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Shrihan names
Shrinivas boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Shrinivas names
Shripad boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Shripad names
Shripadma boy Lord Krishna Favourite Shripadma names
Shripal boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Shripal names
Shripati boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Shripati names
Shriram boy Lord Rama Favourite Shriram names
Shriranga boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Shriranga names
Shriyadita boy Sun Favourite Shriyadita names
Shriyans boy Wealth Favourite Shriyans names
Shrutakeerti boy renowned, reputed Favourite Shrutakeerti names
Shubhaksh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Shubhaksh names
Shubhashis boy Blessing Favourite Shubhashis names
Shubhendu boy Luckly moon Favourite Shubhendu names
Shubhranshu boy The moon Favourite Shubhranshu names
Shuk boy A parrot Favourite Shuk names
Shukra boy Resplendent, Venus, Friday Favourite Shukra names
Shulabh boy Easy Favourite Shulabh names
Shulin boy Lord Shiva Favourite Shulin names
Shushil boy Pleasant Favourite Shushil names
Shvetambar boy fair, Shiva Favourite Shvetambar names
Shvetang boy Fair complexioned Favourite Shvetang names
Shvetanshu boy Moon Favourite Shvetanshu names
Shvetavah boy Lord Indra Favourite Shvetavah names
Shyam boy Dark blue, black Favourite Shyam names
Shyamantak boy Lord Krishna Favourite Shyamantak names
Sidak boy Wish Favourite Sidak names
Siddhanath boy Mahadev (Lord Shiva) Favourite Siddhanath names
Siddhartha boy A name of Lord Buddha Favourite Siddhartha names
Siddheshwar boy Lord Shiva Favourite Siddheshwar names
Sihaam boy Arrows Favourite Sihaam names
Sinha boy Hero Favourite Sinha names
Siraj boy Lamp Favourite Siraj names
Sitanshu boy The moon Favourite Sitanshu names
Sivakumaran boy Son of Lord Siva Favourite Sivakumaran names
Smarajit boy One who has conquered lust Favourite Smarajit names
Smyan boy Smile Favourite Smyan names
Snehin boy A friend Favourite Snehin names
Soham boy I am Favourite Soham names
Soleil boy Sun Favourite Soleil names
Somadev boy Lord of the moon Favourite Somadev names
Somashekhar boy Lord Shiva Favourite Somashekhar names
Somkar boy Moon light Favourite Somkar names
Somprakash boy Moon light Favourite Somprakash names
Sopan boy Steps Favourite Sopan names
Sourabh boy Fragrance Favourite Sourabh names
Sourish boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Sourish names
Sragvibhushan boy Lord Vishnu (who loves tulasi) Favourite Sragvibhushan names
Srijan boy Creation Favourite Srijan names
Sriram boy Lord Rama Favourite Sriram names
Srivatsav boy Disciple of God Favourite Srivatsav names
Sthir boy Foccused Favourite Sthir names
Stuti stuti girl Praise Favourite Stuti names
Subaahu boy Strong armed Favourite Subaahu names
Subandhu boy A good friend Favourite Subandhu names
Subarna subarna girl Of the colour of gold Favourite Subarna names
Subhadr boy Gentleman Favourite Subhadr names
Subhagya subhagya girl Lucky Favourite Subhagya names
Subhang boy Lord Shiva Favourite Subhang names
Subhasini subhasini girl Well-spoken Favourite Subhasini names
Subodhini subodhini girl A learned lady Favourite Subodhini names
Sucharita sucharita girl Of Good Character Favourite Sucharita names
Suchet boy One with good soul. Favourite Suchet names
Sucheta sucheta girl With A Beautiful Mind Favourite Sucheta names
Suchit boy One with good mind. Favourite Suchit names
Suday boy Gift Favourite Suday names
Sudesh boy Country Favourite Sudesh names
Sudesha sudesha girl A Son Of Krishna Favourite Sudesha names
Sudeshna sudeshna girl Wife of king Virata Favourite Sudeshna names
Sudeva boy Good Deva Favourite Sudeva names
Sudha sudha girl Nectar, Welfare Favourite Sudha names
Sudhan boy Very rich Favourite Sudhan names
Sudhanshu boy Moon Favourite Sudhanshu names
Sudhi boy Scholar Favourite Sudhi names
Sudhira sudhira girl Calm Favourite Sudhira names
Sudhish boy Lord of excellent intellect Favourite Sudhish names
Sudip boy Bright Favourite Sudip names
Sudipta sudipta girl Bright Favourite Sudipta names
Sudipti sudipti girl Dazzling bright Favourite Sudipti names
Sugandha sugandha girl fragrany, yellow juhi Favourite Sugandha names
Sugata boy A name of the Buddha Favourite Sugata names
Sugita sugita girl Beautifully Sung Favourite Sugita names
Sugreeva sugreeva girl One with beautiful neck Favourite Sugreeva names
Sugriva boy One with graceful neck Favourite Sugriva names
Suhani suhani girl Pleasant Favourite Suhani names
Suhas suhas girl Laughter Favourite Suhas names
Suhina suhina girl Beautiful Favourite Suhina names
Suhitha suhitha girl Suitable Favourite Suhitha names
Suhrid boy Well-disposed Favourite Suhrid names
Suhrita suhrita girl Well-disposed Favourite Suhrita names
Sujan boy A good person Favourite Sujan names
Sujata sujata girl of good caste, beauty Favourite Sujata names
Sujay boy Victory. Favourite Sujay names
Sujaya sujaya girl Victory Favourite Sujaya names
Suka boy Wind Favourite Suka names
Sukanya sukanya girl Comely, Beautiful Maiden Favourite Sukanya names
Sukarma boy One who does good deeds Favourite Sukarma names
Sukhada sukhada girl One who gives happiness Favourite Sukhada names
Sukhajat boy Lord Shiva Favourite Sukhajat names
Sukhashakt boy Lord Shiva Favourite Sukhashakt names
Sukhesh boy Lord of happiness Favourite Sukhesh names
Sukriti sukriti girl Good deed Favourite Sukriti names
Sukumar boy Handsome Favourite Sukumar names
Sukumari sukumari girl Ssoft; meritorious Favourite Sukumari names
Sulabh boy Easy to get Favourite Sulabh names
Sulabha sulabha girl Easy; natural Favourite Sulabha names
Sulakshana sulakshana girl Well brought up Favourite Sulakshana names
Sulbha sulbha girl Easily Available Favourite Sulbha names
Sulekha sulekha girl Good Writing Favourite Sulekha names
Sulochana sulochana girl One with beautiful eyes Favourite Sulochana names
Sultana sultana girl Queen Favourite Sultana names
Suma suma girl Flower Favourite Suma names
Sumana sumana girl Flower Favourite Sumana names
Sumant boy Wise Favourite Sumant names
Sumantu boy Atharva Veda was assigned to him Favourite Sumantu names
Sumathi sumathi girl Wisdom Favourite Sumathi names
Sumati sumati girl Wisdom Favourite Sumati names
Sumeru boy Lord Shiva Favourite Sumeru names
Sumukh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Sumukh names
Sunam boy Good name (fame) Favourite Sunam names
Sunandini sunandini girl Happy Favourite Sunandini names
Sunandita sunandita girl Happy Favourite Sunandita names
Sunar boy Happy Favourite Sunar names
Sunay boy Wise Favourite Sunay names
Sunaya sunaya girl Very just Favourite Sunaya names
Sunayana sunayana girl A woman with lovely eyes Favourite Sunayana names
Sundari sundari girl Beautiful Favourite Sundari names
Sunder boy Handsome Favourite Sunder names
Sundha sundha girl A character in Ramayana Favourite Sundha names
Sunetra sunetra girl One with beautiful eyes Favourite Sunetra names
Sunil boy Dark blue Favourite Sunil names
Sunila sunila girl Blue Favourite Sunila names
Sunita sunita girl Polite Favourite Sunita names
Supash boy Lord Ganesh Favourite Supash names
Suprabha suprabha girl Good light Favourite Suprabha names
Suprakash boy Manifested Favourite Suprakash names
Supratim boy Beautiful image Favourite Supratim names
Supriti supriti girl True Love Favourite Supriti names
Supriya supriya girl Much Loved Favourite Supriya names
Suradip boy Lord Indra Favourite Suradip names
Surajit boy God Favourite Surajit names
Surangi surangi girl Colourful Favourite Surangi names
Suranjana suranjana girl Pleasing Favourite Suranjana names
Suras boy Juicy Favourite Suras names
Suravi suravi girl Sun Favourite Suravi names
Surdeep boy Lamp of music Favourite Surdeep names
Surekha surekha girl Beautifully Drawn Favourite Surekha names
Sureshi sureshi girl Goddess Durga Favourite Sureshi names
Surup boy Lord Shiva Favourite Surup names
Surupa surupa girl Beautiful Favourite Surupa names
Surya surya girl Sun god Favourite Surya names
Suryabhan boy The sun Favourite Suryabhan names
Suryakant boy Loved by the sun Favourite Suryakant names
Suryanshu boy Sunbeam Favourite Suryanshu names
Susadh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Susadh names
Sushama sushama girl Beauty Favourite Sushama names
Sushant boy quiet, peaceful person Favourite Sushant names
Sushanta boy Quiet Favourite Sushanta names
Sushanti sushanti girl Complete peace Favourite Sushanti names
Susmita susmita girl Smiling Favourite Susmita names
Sutra sutra girl Holy star Favourite Sutra names
Suvan boy The sun Favourite Suvan names
Suvarn boy Lord Shiva Favourite Suvarn names
Suvarna suvarna girl Golden Favourite Suvarna names
Suvarnaprabha suvarnaprabha girl Lustre of gold Favourite Suvarnaprabha names
Suvarnarekha suvarnarekha girl Ray Of Gold Favourite Suvarnarekha names
Suvel boy Placid Favourite Suvel names
Suvidh boy Kind Favourite Suvidh names
Suvimal boy Pure Favourite Suvimal names
Suvir boy Lord Shiva Favourite Suvir names
Suvrata boy Strict in religious vows (Subrata) Favourite Suvrata names
Suyash boy Illustrious Favourite Suyash names
Suyasha suyasha girl Good achievent Favourite Suyasha names
Svamin boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Svamin names
Svang boy Good looks Favourite Svang names
Svarg boy Heaven Favourite Svarg names
Svarpati boy Lord of sound Favourite Svarpati names
Svayambhu boy Lord Brahma; Vishnu; Shiva Favourite Svayambhu names
Swadhin boy Independent and Free Favourite Swadhin names
Swadhinta swadhinta girl Independence Favourite Swadhinta names
Swagata swagata girl Welcome Favourite Swagata names
Swajith boy Self made Victory Favourite Swajith names
Swaminath boy The lord almighty Favourite Swaminath names
Swapan boy Dream Favourite Swapan names
Swapna swapna girl A Dream Favourite Swapna names
Swapnil boy Seen in a dream, dreamy Favourite Swapnil names
Swarit boy Towards heaven Favourite Swarit names
Swarnalata swarnalata girl Lustrous Favourite Swarnalata names
Swarnaprabha swarnaprabha girl Golden light Favourite Swarnaprabha names
Swarnim boy Golden Favourite Swarnim names
Swarupa swarupa girl Truth Favourite Swarupa names
Swasti swasti girl Name Of A Star Favourite Swasti names
Swastik boy Auspicious Favourite Swastik names
Swati swati girl 15th nakshatra Favourite Swati names
Swayambhu boy Self existent Favourite Swayambhu names
Swetank boy Fair bodied Favourite Swetank names
Syamantak boy A jewel of lord Vishnu Favourite Syamantak names
Syum boy A ray Favourite Syum names
Taanusiya taanusiya girl A great devotee Favourite Taanusiya names
Tamasi tamasi girl Night Favourite Tamasi names
Tanaya tanaya girl Son Favourite Tanaya names
Tanmaya tanmaya girl Absorbed Favourite Tanmaya names
Tapti tapti girl A river Favourite Tapti names
Taraka taraka girl Star Favourite Taraka names
Tarala tarala girl Honeybee Favourite Tarala names
Tarani tarani girl A Beam Of Light Favourite Tarani names
Tarini tarini girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Tarini names
Tarunima tarunima girl Youth Favourite Tarunima names
Teertha teertha girl Place Of Pilgrimage Favourite Teertha names
Tejal tejal girl Bright Favourite Tejal names
Tejaswani tejaswani girl One who spreads illumination; Lord Shiva Favourite Tejaswani names
ThenMoli thenmoli girl Speaks sweet like honey Favourite ThenMoli names
Thirumani boy Precious gem Favourite Thirumani names
Thooyavan boy Pure, flawless Favourite Thooyavan names
Thulasi thulasi girl Holy plant with sweet fragrance Favourite Thulasi names
Timin boy Large fish Favourite Timin names
Timirbaran boy Dark Favourite Timirbaran names
Timothy boy Name of a Saint Favourite Timothy names
Tirthayaad boy Lord Krishna Favourite Tirthayaad names
Tista tista girl A tributary of Ganga river located in North India Favourite Tista names
Tisyaketu boy Lord Shiva Favourite Tisyaketu names
Toshale toshale girl One Who Satisfy Favourite Toshale names
Toya boy Water Favourite Toya names
Trailokva boy The three worlds Favourite Trailokva names
Trambak boy Lord Shiva Favourite Trambak names
Tridhaman boy The Holy trinity Favourite Tridhaman names
Triguni triguni girl The three dimensions Favourite Triguni names
Trijal boy Lord Shiva Favourite Trijal names
Trilochan boy Three eyed Favourite Trilochan names
Trilochana trilochana girl Lord Shiva Favourite Trilochana names
Trilokanath boy Lord Shiva Favourite Trilokanath names
Trimaan boy Worshipped in three worlds. Favourite Trimaan names
Trinabh boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Trinabh names
Tripta tripta girl Satisfaction Favourite Tripta names
Tripur boy Three cities Favourite Tripur names
Tripurari boy Name of lord Shiva Favourite Tripurari names
Trisha trisha girl Wish, Desire Favourite Trisha names
Trishar boy Pearl necklace Favourite Trishar names
Trishulank boy Lord Shiva Favourite Trishulank names
Trivikram boy An epithet of Vishnu Favourite Trivikram names
Triya triya girl Young Girl Favourite Triya names
Trusha trusha girl Thirst Favourite Trusha names
Tuhin boy Snow Favourite Tuhin names
Tuka boy Young boy Favourite Tuka names
Tulika tulika girl A Paint Brush Favourite Tulika names
Tulsikumar boy Son of Tulsi Favourite Tulsikumar names
Tunda boy Lord Shiva Favourite Tunda names
Tungar boy High, lofty Favourite Tungar names
Tungeshwar boy Lord of the mountains Favourite Tungeshwar names
Turag boy A thought Favourite Turag names
Turvasu boy A son of Yayaati Favourite Turvasu names
Tushar boy Fine drops of water Favourite Tushar names
Tusharkana tusharkana girl A particle of snow Favourite Tusharkana names
Tusharkanti boy Lord Shiva Favourite Tusharkanti names
Tusharsuvra boy White as snow Favourite Tusharsuvra names
Tusya boy Lord Shiva Favourite Tusya names
Tuvidyumna boy Lord Indra Favourite Tuvidyumna names
Tuvijat boy Lord Indra Favourite Tuvijat names
Tvisha tvisha girl Bright Favourite Tvisha names
Tyaagaraaj boy A deity Favourite Tyaagaraaj names
Tyagraja boy A famous poet Favourite Tyagraja names
Udar boy Generous Favourite Udar names
Uday boy To rise Favourite Uday names
Udayan boy Up rising Favourite Udayan names
Ujesh boy One who gives light Favourite Ujesh names
Ulagan boy Wordly Favourite Ulagan names
Umanand boy Lord Shiva Favourite Umanand names
Umed boy Hope Favourite Umed names
Unmaivilambi boy Honest Favourite Unmaivilambi names
Upamanyu boy Name of a devoted pupil Favourite Upamanyu names
Upanshu boy Chanting of hymns or mantras in low tone Favourite Upanshu names
Urja urja girl Energy Favourite Urja names
Urmika urmika girl Small wave Favourite Urmika names
Urshita urshita girl Firm Favourite Urshita names
Usha usha girl Dawn Favourite Usha names
Ushapati boy Husband of dawn (sun) Favourite Ushapati names
Ushma ushma girl Heat Favourite Ushma names
Usri usri girl A river Favourite Usri names
Utkarsh boy prosperity, awakening Favourite Utkarsh names
Utkarsha utkarsha girl Advancement,Proud Favourite Utkarsha names
Utpalakshi utpalakshi girl Goddess Laxmi Favourite Utpalakshi names
Utsa utsa girl Spring Favourite Utsa names
Uttal boy Strong, formidable Favourite Uttal names
Uttara uttara girl Daughter of king Virata Favourite Uttara names
Uttiya boy A name in Buddhist literature Favourite Uttiya names
Vaanadhi vaanadhi girl Milky way Favourite Vaanadhi names
Vaasanti vaasanti girl Spring festival, Durga Favourite Vaasanti names
Vachan boy Speech Favourite Vachan names
Vahini vahini girl Flowing Favourite Vahini names
Vaijnath boy Lord Shiva Favourite Vaijnath names
Vaishnavi vaishnavi girl Goddess Durga, Ganga, Tulsi Favourite Vaishnavi names
Vajradhar boy Lord Indra Favourite Vajradhar names
Vajrapani boy Lord Indra Favourite Vajrapani names
Vallabh boy Beloved, dear Favourite Vallabh names
Valli valli girl Creeper Favourite Valli names
Vama vama girl lady, Durga Favourite Vama names
Vaman boy Fifth incarnation of Lord Vishnu Favourite Vaman names
Vamil vamil girl Beautiful Favourite Vamil names
Vanalakshmi vanalakshmi girl Ornament of the forest Favourite Vanalakshmi names
Vanca vanca girl Wish, desire Favourite Vanca names
Vandan boy Salutation Favourite Vandan names
Vanita vanita girl Lady Favourite Vanita names
Varada varada girl daughter, Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Varada names
Varij boy Lotus Favourite Varij names
Varuna varuna girl Wife of the lord of the sea; name of a river Favourite Varuna names
Vasantabrabha vasantabrabha girl Spring blossom Favourite Vasantabrabha names
Vasuda vasuda girl Earth Favourite Vasuda names
Vasuki vasuki girl One who resides under earth Favourite Vasuki names
Vasuman boy Born of fire Favourite Vasuman names
Ved boy Sacred knowledge Favourite Ved names
Vedavrata boy Vow of the Vedas Favourite Vedavrata names
Vedi vedi girl Altar Favourite Vedi names
Vedprakash boy Light of the Vedas Favourite Vedprakash names
Veena veena girl A musical instrument ( the Beena) Favourite Veena names
Veera boy The brave Favourite Veera names
Vengai boy Brave Favourite Vengai names
Venimadhav boy Lord Krishna Favourite Venimadhav names
Vetali vetali girl Durga Favourite Vetali names
Vibhishan boy A character from the epic Ramayana Favourite Vibhishan names
Vidhi vidhi girl The way Favourite Vidhi names
Vidyadevi vidyadevi girl Goddess of knowledge (Saraswati) Favourite Vidyadevi names
Vidyasagar boy Ocean of learning Favourite Vidyasagar names
Vidyutprabha vidyutprabha girl Lightening flash Favourite Vidyutprabha names
Vighnesh boy Lord Ganesh Favourite Vighnesh names
Vijayanti vijayanti girl victorious, a bramhi medicine Favourite Vijayanti names
Vijendra boy Victorious Favourite Vijendra names
Vikesh boy The moon Favourite Vikesh names
Vikramaditya boy A famous king Favourite Vikramaditya names
Vikramendra boy King of prowess Favourite Vikramendra names
Vilas boy Play Favourite Vilas names
Vilina vilina girl Dedicated Favourite Vilina names
Vinay boy Good manners Favourite Vinay names
Vinaya vinaya girl Modest Favourite Vinaya names
Vineet boy Unassuming Favourite Vineet names
Vinod boy happy, full of joy Favourite Vinod names
Vinodini vinodini girl Radha, lovely Favourite Vinodini names
Vipan boy Sail, petty trade Favourite Vipan names
Vipasa vipasa girl A river Favourite Vipasa names
Viplab boy Floating; revolution Favourite Viplab names
Vipra boy A priest Favourite Vipra names
Vir boy Brave Favourite Vir names
Viraj boy Resplendent, splendour Favourite Viraj names
Virat boy Very big, giant proportioned Favourite Virat names
Virendra boy Brave lord Favourite Virendra names
Virochan boy Moon, fire Favourite Virochan names
Vishaal boy Broad Favourite Vishaal names
Vishakha vishakha girl A star Favourite Vishakha names
Vishala vishala girl Wide; spacious Favourite Vishala names
Vishalakshi vishalakshi girl Large-eyed Favourite Vishalakshi names
Vishalya boy Painless Favourite Vishalya names
Vishantak boy Lord Shiva Favourite Vishantak names
Vishesh boy Special Favourite Vishesh names
Vishnay boy Flowers of Lord Vishnu/ Krishna Favourite Vishnay names
Vishnumaya vishnumaya girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Vishnumaya names
Vishnupriya vishnupriya girl Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Vishnupriya names
Vishodhan boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Vishodhan names
Vishv boy Universe Favourite Vishv names
Vishvadhar boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Vishvadhar names
Vishvajit boy One who conquers the universe Favourite Vishvajit names
Vishvam boy Universal Favourite Vishvam names
Vishvatma boy Universal soul Favourite Vishvatma names
Vishwaamitra boy Friend of the world Favourite Vishwaamitra names
Vishwajeet boy Conquerer of the world Favourite Vishwajeet names
Vishwambhar boy The lord Favourite Vishwambhar names
Vishwambhara vishwambhara girl Earth Favourite Vishwambhara names
Vishwankar boy Creator of the universe Favourite Vishwankar names
Vishwatma boy Universal soul Favourite Vishwatma names
Vishwesh boy The lord Almighty Favourite Vishwesh names
Vishweshwar boy Lord of the universe Favourite Vishweshwar names
Visvajit boy One who conquers the universe Favourite Visvajit names
Viswas boy Trust Favourite Viswas names
Vitabhay boy Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu Favourite Vitabhay names
Vitaharya boy Lord Krishna Favourite Vitaharya names
Vitasta boy River Jhelum in Sanskrit Favourite Vitasta names
Vittanath boy Owner of wealth (Kuber) Favourite Vittanath names
Vitthal boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Vitthal names
Vivaan boy Lord Krishna Favourite Vivaan names
Vivaswat boy The sun Favourite Vivaswat names
Viveka viveka girl Right Favourite Viveka names
Vivekananda boy Joyous with knowledge Favourite Vivekananda names
Vrajalal boy Lord Krishna Favourite Vrajalal names
Vrajanadan boy Lord Krishna Favourite Vrajanadan names
Vrajraj boy Lord Krishna Favourite Vrajraj names
Vrinda vrinda girl Basil; Radha Favourite Vrinda names
Vrisa boy Lord Krishna Favourite Vrisa names
Vrisangan boy Lord Shiva Favourite Vrisangan names
Vrishabh boy A rasi, star sign Favourite Vrishabh names
Vrishin boy Peacock Favourite Vrishin names
Vyasa boy The author of Mahabharata Favourite Vyasa names
Vyomaang boy Part of the sky Favourite Vyomaang names
Vyshnav boy Worshipper of Vishnu Favourite Vyshnav names
Yaalini yaalini girl Melodious Favourite Yaalini names
Yaamoli yaamoli girl Melodious Favourite Yaamoli names
Yadav boy Lord Krishna, descedent of Yadu Favourite Yadav names
Yadunandan boy son of Yadu, Krishna Favourite Yadunandan names
Yadunath boy Lord Krishna Favourite Yadunath names
Yaduvir boy Lord Krishna Favourite Yaduvir names
Yadva yadva girl Intelligence, Perception, mind Favourite Yadva names
Yagya boy Sacrifice Favourite Yagya names
Yagyesh boy Lord for the sacrificial fire Favourite Yagyesh names
Yahvi yahvi girl Heaven Favourite Yahvi names
Yajat boy Lord Shiva Favourite Yajat names
Yajnarup boy Lord Krishna Favourite Yajnarup names
Yaksha yaksha girl Sister Of Daksha Favourite Yaksha names
Yamahil boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Yamahil names
Yamajith boy Another name for Shiva Favourite Yamajith names
Yamika yamika girl Night Favourite Yamika names
Yamuna yamuna girl Holy River Favourite Yamuna names
Yamya yamya girl Night Favourite Yamya names
Yash boy victory, glory Favourite Yash names
Yashawanthi yashawanthi girl With great fame Favourite Yashawanthi names
Yashila yashila girl Famous Favourite Yashila names
Yashodev boy Lord of fame Favourite Yashodev names
Yashodhan boy Rich in fame Favourite Yashodhan names
Yashodhara yashodhara girl Wife Of Gautama Buddha Favourite Yashodhara names
Yashraj boy King of fame Favourite Yashraj names
Yashwant boy One who has achieved glory Favourite Yashwant names
Yatin boy Ascetic Favourite Yatin names
Yatish boy Lord of devotees Favourite Yatish names
Yauvani yauvani girl Youthful Favourite Yauvani names
Yayati boy Name of a Sage Favourite Yayati names
Yoganand boy Delighted with meditation Favourite Yoganand names
Yogeshwari yogeshwari girl Goddess Durga Favourite Yogeshwari names
Yogi boy Devotee Favourite Yogi names
Yogiraj boy Great Ascetic, Lord Shiva Favourite Yogiraj names
Yogita yogita girl One who can concentrate Favourite Yogita names
Yoshita yoshita girl Lady Favourite Yoshita names
Yudhisthir boy Firm in battle Favourite Yudhisthir names
Yuktha yuktha girl Absorbed, attentive Favourite Yuktha names
Yuti yuti girl Union Favourite Yuti names
Yuval boy Brook Favourite Yuval names
Yuvika yuvika girl Young Girl Favourite Yuvika names
Yuyutsu boy Eager to fight Favourite Yuyutsu names