Popular Jain Baby Names

A Name is a simple a word which used to identify rest of the life of child so this is the first gift from the parents or relatives to the baby.therefore it needed a great care when we put their baby name which should be listen to good and beautiful meaning.To Keep all of that things in Mind we have great and nice collection range of baby names with meaning where your search will be finished for the suitable baby names. here is great range of Jain Baby names with meaning where you choose your favourite Jain Baby Names.
Popular Jain Baby Names
Name Meaning
Aabha aabha girl Glow; Shine; Lustrous Beauty Favourite Aabha names
Aadit boy Peak Favourite Aadit names
Aaditya boy The sun Favourite Aaditya names
Aahlaad boy Delight Favourite Aahlaad names
Aapt aapt girl Trustworthy Favourite Aapt names
Aarpit aarpit girl To donate Favourite Aarpit names
Aarshati aarshati girl Holy Favourite Aarshati names
Aastha aastha girl Faith Favourite Aastha names
Aatamgosh aatamgosh girl Inner light Favourite Aatamgosh names
Aatmeshwar aatmeshwar girl Selfe respect Favourite Aatmeshwar names
Aatreya boy Name Of A Sage Favourite Aatreya names
Abhidha abhidha girl Literal Meaning Favourite Abhidha names
Abhinava abhinava girl New, Young, Fresh, Modern, A Sakta Notable For His Great Leaning And Spiritual Attainment Favourite Abhinava names
Abhinaya abhinaya girl Expressions Favourite Abhinaya names
Abhirami abhirami girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Abhirami names
Abhiruchi abhiruchi girl Beautiful Favourite Abhiruchi names
Achalendra boy The Himalayas Favourite Achalendra names
Adalarasu boy King Of Dance Favourite Adalarasu names
Adamya adamya girl United Favourite Adamya names
Adil boy Sincere; just Favourite Adil names
Adrika adrika girl Celestial Favourite Adrika names
Adwita adwita girl Unique Favourite Adwita names
Agraj boy leader, senior Favourite Agraj names
Ahan boy One who is of the nature of time itself Favourite Ahan names
Aishani aishani girl Goddess Durga Favourite Aishani names
Ajaib ajaib girl One whose caretaker is the Lord Favourite Ajaib names
Ajanta ajanta girl A Famous Buddist Cave Favourite Ajanta names
Ajeya ajeya girl Frientd Favourite Ajeya names
Akalmash akalmash girl Stainless Favourite Akalmash names
Alakananda alakananda girl Name Of A River Favourite Alakananda names
Alhad boy Joy Favourite Alhad names
Alka alka girl Lock of curly hair; A girl with a lovely hair; Beauty Favourite Alka names
Ambalika ambalika girl Mother Favourite Ambalika names
Amitaabh boy Unlimited; One with boundless splendour; Boundless lustre Favourite Amitaabh names
Amrit boy Nectar Favourite Amrit names
Amulya amulya girl Priceless Favourite Amulya names
Anagha anagha girl Sinless; Without any fault Favourite Anagha names
Anahita anahita girl Graceful Favourite Anahita names
Anandani anandani girl Joyful Favourite Anandani names
Anandini anandini girl Joyful Favourite Anandini names
Ananka ananka girl Countless Favourite Ananka names
Ananti ananti girl Gift Favourite Ananti names
Anchala anchala girl One end of saree which is free ( pallu ) Favourite Anchala names
Angak boy Son Favourite Angak names
Angamuthu boy Made Of Pearls Favourite Angamuthu names
Angha angha girl Beauty Favourite Angha names
Anindita anindita girl Beautiful Favourite Anindita names
Anisa boy Supreme Favourite Anisa names
Aniya aniya girl Creative Favourite Aniya names
Anjali anjali girl Offering with devotion Favourite Anjali names
Ankita ankita girl Distinguished; Marked by the Lord; Dedicate Favourite Ankita names
Anshul boy Sunny Favourite Anshul names
Anshuman boy The sun Favourite Anshuman names
Anudeepthi anudeepthi girl Divine Light Favourite Anudeepthi names
Anugya anugya girl Permission Favourite Anugya names
Anuragini anuragini girl Beloved Favourite Anuragini names
Anusha anusha girl Beautiful Morning, A Star Favourite Anusha names
Anushri anushri girl Pretty; Goddess Laxmi Favourite Anushri names
Apala apala girl Most Beautiful Favourite Apala names
Apurba boy Very good Favourite Apurba names
Archita archita girl One who is worshipped Favourite Archita names
Arivoli boy Glowing With Intelligence Favourite Arivoli names
Arka boy The Sun Favourite Arka names
Arogyada arogyada girl Granter Of Good Health Favourite Arogyada names
Arpit boy To surrender Favourite Arpit names
Arpita arpita girl Dedicated Favourite Arpita names
Arulmani arulmani girl Blessed Gem Favourite Arulmani names
Arumugan boy Lord Murugan Favourite Arumugan names
Arushi arushi girl First Ray Of The Sun Favourite Arushi names
Ashini ashini girl Lightning Favourite Ashini names
Ashis ashis girl Benediction Favourite Ashis names
Ashit boy The Planet Favourite Ashit names
Asita asita girl The River Yamuna Favourite Asita names
Atmananda boy Blissful soul Favourite Atmananda names
Atreyi atreyi girl A River Favourite Atreyi names
Atula atula girl Uncomparable Favourite Atula names
Avapya avapya girl Achieving Favourite Avapya names
Avasa avasa girl Independent Favourite Avasa names
Babala boy Above Favourite Babala names
Badriprasad boy Goft of Badri Favourite Badriprasad names
Bahubali boy A Jain tirthankar Favourite Bahubali names
Baijanti / Vaijanti baijantixx/xxvaijanti girl Name Of Flower Favourite Baijanti / Vaijanti names
Baisakhi baisakhi girl The month of Baisakh Favourite Baisakhi names
Bajarang boy A name of Lord Hanumaan Favourite Bajarang names
Bakul boy Flower Name Favourite Bakul names
Balaram boy The brother of Lord Krishna Favourite Balaram names
Balavan boy Powerful Favourite Balavan names
Balbir boy Strong Favourite Balbir names
Balram boy Brother of Lord Krishna Favourite Balram names
Banbhatt boy Name Of An Ancient Poet Favourite Banbhatt names
Banke boy Lord Krishna Favourite Banke names
Barnali barnali girl Dispersion of seven colors Favourite Barnali names
Barun boy Lord of the sea Favourite Barun names
Basanti basanti girl Spring Favourite Basanti names
Bhadraksh boy One with beautiful eyes Favourite Bhadraksh names
Bhadresh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Bhadresh names
Bhagesh boy Lord of richness Favourite Bhagesh names
Bhagyanandana boy Controller Of Destiny Favourite Bhagyanandana names
Bhanuprasad boy Gift of sun Favourite Bhanuprasad names
Bhargav boy Lord Shiva Favourite Bhargav names
Bhartesh boy King of bharat Favourite Bhartesh names
Bhavesh boy Lord of the world, Lord Shiva Favourite Bhavesh names
Bhavi bhavi girl Emotional Favourite Bhavi names
Bhavini bhavini girl Goddess Parvati; Emotional Favourite Bhavini names
Bhim boy Fearful Favourite Bhim names
Bhimsen boy Sons Of Brave Man Favourite Bhimsen names
Bhoopat boy Lord of the earth Favourite Bhoopat names
Bhoumik boy Land Owner Favourite Bhoumik names
Bhudev boy Lord of the earth Favourite Bhudev names
Bhupad boy Firm Favourite Bhupad names
Bhupal boy King Favourite Bhupal names
Bhuvanpati boy God of the Gods Favourite Bhuvanpati names
Bibek boy Conscience Favourite Bibek names
Bijli bijli girl Bright; Electricity; Current Favourite Bijli names
Bina bina girl A Musical Instrument Favourite Bina names
Brahmabrata boy Ascetic Favourite Brahmabrata names
Braj boy Place Of Lord Krishna Favourite Braj names
Brajraaj boy King of Braj land Favourite Brajraaj names
Brijraj boy The One Who Rules The Nature Favourite Brijraj names
Bukka boy Heart, loving, sincere Favourite Bukka names
Chadna chadna girl Love Favourite Chadna names
Chairavali chairavali girl Full Moon Of Chaitra Month Favourite Chairavali names
Chakravartee boy A Sovereign King Favourite Chakravartee names
Chakshu boy Eye Favourite Chakshu names
Chanakya boy Name Of Kautilya, The Great Scholar Favourite Chanakya names
Chandra chandra girl Moon Favourite Chandra names
Chandranath boy The moon; King of the moon Favourite Chandranath names
Chandrpeed boy Name Of Shiva Favourite Chandrpeed names
Changuna changuna girl A good woman Favourite Changuna names
Chanky boy Healthy; Strong Favourite Chanky names
Chanyana boy Moon Favourite Chanyana names
Charanjeet boy One Who Has Won Over The Lord (charanjeet) Favourite Charanjeet names
Charusila charusila girl Beautiful jewel Favourite Charusila names
Charvi charvi girl Beautiful Favourite Charvi names
Chayana chayana girl Moon Favourite Chayana names
ChellaKani boy Precious Favourite ChellaKani names
Chemmoli boy Precious Words Favourite Chemmoli names
Chhavi chhavi girl Image, Radiance Favourite Chhavi names
Chhayank boy Moon Favourite Chhayank names
Chinar boy Name Of A Beautiful Tree Favourite Chinar names
Chinmaya boy With joy; God Favourite Chinmaya names
Chirantan boy Immortal Favourite Chirantan names
Chirayu boy Of Long life Favourite Chirayu names
Chitrasen boy A King Of Gandharvas Favourite Chitrasen names
Chittaprasad boy Happiness Favourite Chittaprasad names
Chittaswarup boy The Supreme Spirit Favourite Chittaswarup names
Chittranjan boy Inner Joy; Happiness from the heart; one who has joyful heart Favourite Chittranjan names
Das boy Servant Favourite Das names
Deepal deepal girl Light Favourite Deepal names
Deepit boy Lighted Favourite Deepit names
Deepta deepta girl Shining Favourite Deepta names
Deepti deepti girl Lustre; Flame Favourite Deepti names
Deetya deetya girl Answer Of Prayers Favourite Deetya names
Delisha delisha girl Happy & make others happy Favourite Delisha names
Devadyumna boy Glory Of The Gods Favourite Devadyumna names
Devaki devaki girl Divine Favourite Devaki names
Devalekha devalekha girl Celestial beauty Favourite Devalekha names
Devarshi boy Teacher Of The God Favourite Devarshi names
Devasree devasree girl Divine Beauty Favourite Devasree names
Devdas boy Servant of god Favourite Devdas names
Devi devi girl Goddess; The Diety Favourite Devi names
Devpad boy Divine Feet Favourite Devpad names
Devyani devyani girl Daughter Of Shukraacharya Favourite Devyani names
Dheeman boy Intelligent Favourite Dheeman names
Dhoomravarna boy Smoke-Hued Lord Favourite Dhoomravarna names
Digamber boy Nacked Favourite Digamber names
Dimple dimple girl Dimples Favourite Dimple names
Dipashri dipashri girl Lamp Favourite Dipashri names
Disha disha girl Direction Favourite Disha names
Diti diti girl Wife Of The Sage Kashyap Favourite Diti names
Divya divya girl Heavenly, Brilliant, Extraordinary Favourite Divya names
Dnyandeep boy A Lamp Of Knowledge Favourite Dnyandeep names
Druthi druthi girl Softened Favourite Druthi names
Dushyant boy Destroyer of evil Favourite Dushyant names
Dyumna dyumna girl Glorious Favourite Dyumna names
Dyuti dyuti girl Light Favourite Dyuti names
Edhas boy Happiness Favourite Edhas names
Edi boy Herb Favourite Edi names
Eelampirai eelampirai girl Young Crescent Favourite Eelampirai names
Ekachandra boy The Only Moon Favourite Ekachandra names
Ekant boy Soliltary Favourite Ekant names
Eknath boy . Poet, Saint Favourite Eknath names
Ekta ekta girl Unity Favourite Ekta names
Eshika eshika girl An arrow, dart Favourite Eshika names
Fullan fullan girl Blooming Favourite Fullan names
Gadhadhar boy Name Of Lord Vishnu Favourite Gadhadhar names
Gaganadipika gaganadipika girl The Lamp Of The Sky Favourite Gaganadipika names
Gaganvihari boy One Who Stays In Heaven Favourite Gaganvihari names
Gajalakshmi gajalakshmi girl Lakshmi as graceful as an elephant Favourite Gajalakshmi names
Gajendranath boy Owner of the Gajendra Favourite Gajendranath names
Ganadhyakshina boy Leader of All The Celestial Bodies Favourite Ganadhyakshina names
Gandhali gandhali girl Fragrance of flowers Favourite Gandhali names
Gandharva boy Celestial Musician Favourite Gandharva names
Garati garati girl Virtuous woman Favourite Garati names
Garjan boy Thunder Favourite Garjan names
Gaura gaura girl Goddes Parvati Favourite Gaura names
Gaurika gaurika girl A Young Girl Favourite Gaurika names
Gautami gautami girl River Godavari in India Favourite Gautami names
Gaveshan boy Search Favourite Gaveshan names
Gazala gazala girl A deer Favourite Gazala names
Geetika geetika girl A Little Song Favourite Geetika names
Gemine gemine girl Twins Favourite Gemine names
Girisha girisha girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Girisha names
Girvan boy Language Of God Favourite Girvan names
Gitanjali gitanjali girl A collection of poems Favourite Gitanjali names
Gitika gitika girl A Small Song Favourite Gitika names
Giva giva girl Hill Favourite Giva names
Gobhil boy A Sanskrit scholar Favourite Gobhil names
Gopi boy A cowherd; Protector of cows Favourite Gopi names
Gopichand boy A king of ancient India Favourite Gopichand names
Govind boy Cowherd (Lord Krishna) Favourite Govind names
Govinda boy Lord Krishna Favourite Govinda names
Govindi govindi girl A Devotee Of Lord Krishna Favourite Govindi names
Grhalakshmi grhalakshmi girl Lakshmi Of The House Favourite Grhalakshmi names
Gulal boy Colour Red Favourite Gulal names
Gulzar boy A garden with flowers; Rose Garden; An inhabited town Favourite Gulzar names
Gunaja boy Virtuous Maiden Favourite Gunaja names
Gunitha gunitha girl Proficient Favourite Gunitha names
Gunjika gunjika girl Humming Favourite Gunjika names
Harish boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Harish names
Harita harita girl Consort Of Lord Vishnu; Lakshmi Favourite Harita names
Harshal harshal girl Giver of Joy Favourite Harshal names
Harshavardhan boy Creator Of Joy Favourite Harshavardhan names
Harshit boy Joyful Favourite Harshit names
Hasit boy Happy Favourite Hasit names
Hemang boy One with shining body Favourite Hemang names
Hemavatinandan boy Son of Goddess Parvati Favourite Hemavatinandan names
Himachal boy The Himalayas Favourite Himachal names
Himagouri himagouri girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Himagouri names
Hind hind girl A shrub Favourite Hind names
Hriday boy Heart Favourite Hriday names
Hrithik boy From The Heart Favourite Hrithik names
Ichaa boy Desire Favourite Ichaa names
Ikshu ikshu girl Sugarcane Favourite Ikshu names
Iksura iksura girl Fragrant Grass Favourite Iksura names
Inas inas girl Capable Favourite Inas names
Inaya inaya girl Concern; Solicitude Favourite Inaya names
Indrajit boy Conquerer of Indra Favourite Indrajit names
Indratha indratha girl Power and dignity of Indra Favourite Indratha names
Indrina indrina girl Deep Favourite Indrina names
Induleksh induleksh girl The moon Favourite Induleksh names
Indumal boy Lord Shiva Favourite Indumal names
Inesh boy King of kings Favourite Inesh names
Intisaar intisaar girl Triumph Favourite Intisaar names
Irit irit girl Daffodil Favourite Irit names
Ishana ishana girl Rich Favourite Ishana names
Jag Jeevan boy Life of the world Favourite Jag Jeevan names
Jagadamba jagadamba girl Mother Of The Universe Favourite Jagadamba names
Jaganmayee jaganmayee girl Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Jaganmayee names
Jagannath boy Lord of the world Favourite Jagannath names
Jagdeo boy God of the World Favourite Jagdeo names
Jagdish boy God; Lord of the universe; The ruler of the world Favourite Jagdish names
Jaheel jaheel girl Lake Favourite Jaheel names
Jailekha jailekha girl A record of victory Favourite Jailekha names
Jairam boy Victory of Lord Rama Favourite Jairam names
Jaiwanti jaiwanti girl Victory Favourite Jaiwanti names
Jaladhija jaladhija girl Lakshmi Favourite Jaladhija names
Janaknandini janaknandini girl Daugter Of King Janak (sita) Favourite Janaknandini names
Janani janani girl Mother, Tenderness Favourite Janani names
Janhavi janhavi girl River Ganga Favourite Janhavi names
Jansi jansi girl Life Like Favourite Jansi names
Jasima jasima girl Beautiful Favourite Jasima names
Jasmine boy Name Of A Flower Plant Favourite Jasmine names
Jasmit jasmit girl Famed Favourite Jasmit names
Jatayu boy A Semi Divine Bird Favourite Jatayu names
Jaya jaya girl Victory; Victorious; Goddess Durga Favourite Jaya names
Jayalalita jayalalita girl Victorious goddess Durga Favourite Jayalalita names
Jayashish boy Victory with blessing Favourite Jayashish names
Jayashree jayashree girl Victorious woman,The goddess of victory Favourite Jayashree names
Jayasudha jayasudha girl Nectar Of Victory Favourite Jayasudha names
Jayavanti jayavanti girl Victorious Favourite Jayavanti names
Jayin boy Conqueror Favourite Jayin names
Jeel jeel girl Silent Lake Favourite Jeel names
Jeevanlata jeevanlata girl Creeper of life Favourite Jeevanlata names
Jharna jharna girl A Stream Favourite Jharna names
Jisha jisha girl The Person Having The Highest Feelings For Living Favourite Jisha names
Jithya jithya girl Victorious Favourite Jithya names
Jivika jivika girl Source Of Life Favourite Jivika names
Jivraj boy Lord Of Life Favourite Jivraj names
Jwalaprasad boy Gift of flame Favourite Jwalaprasad names
Kabir boy Famous sufi saint Favourite Kabir names
Kadambini kadambini girl Clouds Favourite Kadambini names
Kahini kahini girl Young Favourite Kahini names
Kailas boy Abode of Lord Shiva Favourite Kailas names
Kairavi kairavi girl Moonlight Favourite Kairavi names
Kakoli kakoli girl The Preaching Of A Bird Favourite Kakoli names
Kalapi kalapi girl Peacock, Nightingale Favourite Kalapi names
Kalavati kalavati girl Artistic Favourite Kalavati names
Kali kali girl A Bud; Parvati Favourite Kali names
Kalicharan boy A devotee of Goddness Kali Favourite Kalicharan names
Kalika kalika girl A Bud Favourite Kalika names
Kaliranjan boy Devotee of Goddess Kali Favourite Kaliranjan names
Kalpesh boy Lord of perfection Favourite Kalpesh names
Kalpini kalpini girl Night Favourite Kalpini names
Kalyani kalyani girl Auspicious Favourite Kalyani names
Kamala kamala girl Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Kamala names
Kamalapati boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Kamalapati names
Kamalini kamalini girl Lotus Favourite Kamalini names
Kamana kamana girl Desire Favourite Kamana names
Kameela kameela girl Most perfect Favourite Kameela names
Kanchan kanchan girl Gold Favourite Kanchan names
Kandan boy Cloud Favourite Kandan names
Kanj boy Lord Brahama Favourite Kanj names
Kapil Dev boy Master of Kapil Favourite Kapil Dev names
Kapila kapila girl Sacred cow Favourite Kapila names
Karnapriya karnapriya girl Sweet To The Ears Favourite Karnapriya names
Kashi kashi girl Varanasi, The Holy City Favourite Kashi names
Kashika kashika girl The Shiny One Favourite Kashika names
Kavini kavini girl Composes Beautiful Poems Favourite Kavini names
Kesavan boy Lord Venkateshwara Favourite Kesavan names
Ketki ketki girl Flower Favourite Ketki names
Kevalkumar boy Absolute Favourite Kevalkumar names
Khevna khevna girl Wish Favourite Khevna names
Kiran kiran girl Ray of Light Favourite Kiran names
Kirik boy Sparkling Favourite Kirik names
Kirtinath boy Famous Person Favourite Kirtinath names
Kishmish kishmish girl Sweet As Grapes. Favourite Kishmish names
Komala komala girl Delicate Favourite Komala names
Koyel koyel girl The Cuckoo Favourite Koyel names
Krishnamurthy boy Lord Krishna Favourite Krishnamurthy names
Krupa krupa girl Grace, Favour Favourite Krupa names
Krupali krupali girl Who always forgives Favourite Krupali names
Kshipra kshipra girl Name of a river in India Favourite Kshipra names
Kuja kuja girl Goddess Durga Favourite Kuja names
Kusum kusum girl Flower Favourite Kusum names
Kusumlata kusumlata girl Flowering Creeper Favourite Kusumlata names
Lakshminath boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Lakshminath names
Lalitmohan boy Beautiful And Attractive Favourite Lalitmohan names
Likhit boy Written Favourite Likhit names
Lingamoorthi boy God Sivan Favourite Lingamoorthi names
Lomash boy A Sage Favourite Lomash names
Madan boy Cupid, god of love Favourite Madan names
Maderu boy Worthy of praise Favourite Maderu names
Madhavan boy Lord Shiva Favourite Madhavan names
Madhukanta boy The moon Favourite Madhukanta names
Madhunisha madhunisha girl Pleasant Night Favourite Madhunisha names
Madura madura girl A Bird Favourite Madura names
Magadh boy Son of Yadu Favourite Magadh names
Mahanidhi boy A Great Treasure House Favourite Mahanidhi names
Maharath boy A great charioteer Favourite Maharath names
Mahati mahati girl Great Favourite Mahati names
Mahilan boy Cheerful; Happy Favourite Mahilan names
Mahin boy The Earth Favourite Mahin names
Malashree malashree girl An Early Evening Melody Favourite Malashree names
Malay boy A mountain Favourite Malay names
Malaya malaya girl A Creeper Favourite Malaya names
Manavendra boy King Among Men Favourite Manavendra names
Mandakini mandakini girl A river Favourite Mandakini names
Mandin boy Delighting Favourite Mandin names
Maneendra boy Lord of gems Favourite Maneendra names
Manimaran boy Brave Favourite Manimaran names
Manisila manisila girl A Jeweled Stone Favourite Manisila names
Manisitha manisitha girl Wisdom Favourite Manisitha names
Manith boy Honoured Favourite Manith names
Manjula manjula girl Melodious Favourite Manjula names
Manjulika manjulika girl A sweet girl Favourite Manjulika names
Manjuprasanna boy Snow Favourite Manjuprasanna names
Manjusri manjusri girl Saraswati Favourite Manjusri names
Manoranjana manoranjana girl Entertaining, Pleasing Favourite Manoranjana names
Manushri manushri girl Lakshmi Favourite Manushri names
Marichi marichi girl Name Of A Star Favourite Marichi names
Maya maya girl Illusion Favourite Maya names
Mayukh boy Brilliant, Splendour Favourite Mayukh names
Mayura mayura girl Illusion Favourite Mayura names
Medhya medhya girl Mighty, clean, fresh Favourite Medhya names
Meghamala meghamala girl Array Of Clouds Favourite Meghamala names
Mehith boy Always Smiling Favourite Mehith names
Mena mena girl Female parrot Favourite Mena names
Mihir boy Sun. Favourite Mihir names
Milana milana girl Union Favourite Milana names
Mills boy Of the mills. Favourite Mills names
Milun boy Union Favourite Milun names
Minesh boy Leader Of Fish Favourite Minesh names
Mischa boy Who is like god. Favourite Mischa names
Mita mita girl A Friend Favourite Mita names
Miten boy Male Friend Favourite Miten names
Mithra mithra girl Friend Favourite Mithra names
Mohanish boy attractive God, Krishna Favourite Mohanish names
Monte boy From the pointed mountain. Favourite Monte names
Moti boy Pearl Favourite Moti names
Mridul boy Tender, Delicate Favourite Mridul names
Mrinal mrinal girl Lotus Favourite Mrinal names
Mritsa mritsa girl Good Earth Favourite Mritsa names
Mubarak boy Congratulations Favourite Mubarak names
Muktidaya boy Bestower of Eternal Bliss Favourite Muktidaya names
Murgesh boy Lord Karthikeya Favourite Murgesh names
Nabendu boy New Moon Favourite Nabendu names
Nabhi boy Centre Of Body, An Ancient King Favourite Nabhi names
Nachik boy A Short Form Of Nachiketa Favourite Nachik names
Nagaraj boy King of serpents. Favourite Nagaraj names
Naggar boy Lord Krishna Favourite Naggar names
Nahush boy Name Of An Ancient King Favourite Nahush names
Nakul boy Name of one of the Pandavas Favourite Nakul names
Nal boy An Ancient King Favourite Nal names
Namrata namrata girl Modesty Favourite Namrata names
Nanak boy First Sikh Guru Favourite Nanak names
Narendra; Narinder boy King of men Favourite Narendra; Narinder names
Narottam boy Best Among Men Favourite Narottam names
Nauhar boy 9 Garlands Favourite Nauhar names
Navinchandra boy Same As Navendu Favourite Navinchandra names
Navneeta navneeta girl Butter Like Favourite Navneeta names
Navroz boy A Parsee Festival Favourite Navroz names
Neeharika neeharika girl As pure as dew drops Favourite Neeharika names
Neelabh boy Object In The Sky ( Cloud, Moon) Favourite Neelabh names
Nevada boy Snow-clad. Favourite Nevada names
Nigel boy Niall. Champion. Favourite Nigel names
Nilambari nilambari girl Clothed In Blue Favourite Nilambari names
Nileen nileen girl Surrendered Favourite Nileen names
Nirajit boy Illuminated Favourite Nirajit names
Nirijhar boy Waterful Favourite Nirijhar names
Nirmayi nirmayi girl Without Blemish Favourite Nirmayi names
Nirmit boy Created Favourite Nirmit names
Nirmohi boy Unattached Favourite Nirmohi names
Nishakar boy Moon (lord Of Night) Favourite Nishakar names
Nishesh boy Entire Favourite Nishesh names
Nishi nishi girl Getting Stronger Favourite Nishi names
Nishkarsh boy Result Favourite Nishkarsh names
Nithilan boy Brilliant Like A Pearl Favourite Nithilan names
Nithya nithya girl Eternal Favourite Nithya names
Nitya-Sundara boy Good Looking Favourite Nitya-Sundara names
Nityanand boy Always happy Favourite Nityanand names
Nivedita nivedita girl One dedicated to service; offered to God; surrendered Favourite Nivedita names
Ohas boy Praise Favourite Ohas names
Olichudar olichudar girl Brilliant Favourite Olichudar names
Omesa boy Lord of the Om. Favourite Omesa names
Ompati boy Master Of Om Favourite Ompati names
Omprakash boy Light Of Om Favourite Omprakash names
Oppilan boy Peerless Gem Favourite Oppilan names
Ori boy Charitable King Favourite Ori names
Oudumber boy Vishnu Favourite Oudumber names
Oviyan boy Artist Favourite Oviyan names
Padmanabh boy One With Lotus In His Navel I.e. Vishnu Favourite Padmanabh names
Panav boy Prince Favourite Panav names
Panduranga boy One With Pale White Complexion Favourite Panduranga names
Panini boy The Great Scholar Grammarian Favourite Panini names
Pankajeet boy Eagle ( Garuda ) Favourite Pankajeet names
Parasmani boy Touchstone Favourite Parasmani names
Parijat boy A Celestial Flower Favourite Parijat names
Parindra boy Lion Favourite Parindra names
Parnad boy A Brahmin In The Qpics Favourite Parnad names
Pasupati boy Lord Shiva Favourite Pasupati names
Pavankumar boy Bhim, Hanuman ( Son Of The Wind) Favourite Pavankumar names
Poornayu boy Full life. Favourite Poornayu names
Prajvala boy Flame Favourite Prajvala names
Pran boy Life Favourite Pran names
Prasata boy Father Of Draupad Favourite Prasata names
Pratap boy Dignity, Majesty Favourite Pratap names
Preethu boy God Gift Favourite Preethu names
Prithviraj boy King Of The Earth Favourite Prithviraj names
Priyadarshan boy Nice To Look At, Handsome Favourite Priyadarshan names
Pugal boy Glory, Fame Favourite Pugal names
Pulkit boy Happy; Thrilled; Overjoyed Favourite Pulkit names
Punit boy Pure Favourite Punit names
Puranjay boy Lord Shiva Favourite Puranjay names
Radhakrishna boy Radha And Lord Krishna Favourite Radhakrishna names
Radhavallabh boy Lord Krishna-beloved of Radha Favourite Radhavallabh names
Raghukumara boy Lord Ram Favourite Raghukumara names
Rajdeep boy Best Of Kings Favourite Rajdeep names
Rajesh boy God Of Kings Favourite Rajesh names
Rajiv boy Blue Lotus Favourite Rajiv names
Rajnish boy God Of Night (moon) Favourite Rajnish names
Raju boy Prosperity Favourite Raju names
Rakesh boy Lord of the night, sun Favourite Rakesh names
Rakshan boy Protector Favourite Rakshan names
Ramadeep boy Lord Rama Favourite Ramadeep names
Ramakanta boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Ramakanta names
Ramavatar boy Reincarnation Of Lord Rama Favourite Ramavatar names
Ramchandra boy Lord Rama Favourite Ramchandra names
Ramkishore boy Lord Rama Favourite Ramkishore names
Ramnath boy Lord Rama Favourite Ramnath names
Ranadeva boy Lord Of Battles Favourite Ranadeva names
Rasik boy Connoisseur Favourite Rasik names
Rathik boy One Who Rides A Chariot Favourite Rathik names
Ratnangi ratnangi girl Jewel-bodied Favourite Ratnangi names
Ratnapriya ratnapriya girl Lover of jewels Favourite Ratnapriya names
Ravinshu boy Kamdev ( Cupid ) Favourite Ravinshu names
Rekha rekha girl Line Favourite Rekha names
Renesh boy Lord of love Favourite Renesh names
Renu renu girl molecule, particle, Earth Favourite Renu names
Rishabh boy Morality Favourite Rishabh names
Rishi boy Sage, Ray Of Light Favourite Rishi names
Rishik boy Siva Favourite Rishik names
Rituraj boy King Of Seasons, Spring Favourite Rituraj names
Rochan boy Red Lotus; Bright Favourite Rochan names
Roopali roopali girl Beautiful Favourite Roopali names
Ruchira ruchira girl Desirable Favourite Ruchira names
Rudrabhiravi rudrabhiravi girl Goddess Durga Favourite Rudrabhiravi names
Rudramurthy boy Idol of Lord Shiva. Favourite Rudramurthy names
Rushabh boy Decoration Favourite Rushabh names
Sadhika sadhika girl Achiever Favourite Sadhika names
Saee saee girl Female Friend Favourite Saee names
Saheli saheli girl Friend Favourite Saheli names
Sandhya sandhya girl Dusk; Perfection Favourite Sandhya names
Sani sani girl Gift Favourite Sani names
Sanjana sanjana girl Gentle Favourite Sanjana names
Sanjita sanjita girl Triumphant Favourite Sanjita names
Sanobar sanobar girl Palm tree Favourite Sanobar names
Saranya saranya girl Surrendered Favourite Saranya names
Sarita sarita girl River, Sun Favourite Sarita names
Sarla sarla girl Straight forward Favourite Sarla names
Sarvagjna sarvagjna girl Goddess Durga Favourite Sarvagjna names
Satvi satvi girl Existence Favourite Satvi names
Sawda sawda girl Proper name Favourite Sawda names
Sharna sharna girl Protection Favourite Sharna names
Shashiprabha shashiprabha girl Moon Light Favourite Shashiprabha names
Shashmith boy Ever Smiling Favourite Shashmith names
Sheetal sheetal girl Cool Favourite Sheetal names
Shefalika shefalika girl A Flower Favourite Shefalika names
Shejali shejali girl A fruit Favourite Shejali names
Shevanti shevanti girl A Flower Favourite Shevanti names
Shila shila girl Strong Stone; Rock Favourite Shila names
Shilpita shilpita girl Well- Proportioned Favourite Shilpita names
Shiuli shiuli girl A flower Favourite Shiuli names
Shivesh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Shivesh names
Shobha shobha girl Fortunate; Attractive; Splendour Favourite Shobha names
Shoni shoni girl One of complexion of red lotus Favourite Shoni names
Shoumo shoumo girl The quiet one; The learned one Favourite Shoumo names
Shravanthi shravanthi girl Name In Buddhist Literature Favourite Shravanthi names
Shreeya shreeya girl Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Shreeya names
Shrigeeta shrigeeta girl The Sacred Geeta Favourite Shrigeeta names
Shrijani shrijani girl Creative Favourite Shrijani names
Shrikirti shrikirti girl Lustrous Fame Favourite Shrikirti names
Shringesh boy Lord of pearls Favourite Shringesh names
Shrinivas boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Shrinivas names
Shrish boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Shrish names
Shrividya shrividya girl Goddess Durga Favourite Shrividya names
Shrutika shrutika girl Not None Favourite Shrutika names
Shubhi shubhi girl Good Luck Favourite Shubhi names
Shukla shukla girl Goddess Saraswati Favourite Shukla names
Shutradevi shutradevi girl Goddess Saraswati Favourite Shutradevi names
Shyamalima shyamalima girl Dusky Favourite Shyamalima names
Shyamari shyamari girl Dusky Favourite Shyamari names
Sibani sibani girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Sibani names
Siddhi siddhi girl Achievement Favourite Siddhi names
Sinha boy Hero Favourite Sinha names
Sirisha sirisha girl Sacred Favourite Sirisha names
Sivadasan boy Devotee of God Sivan Favourite Sivadasan names
Snehal snehal girl Friendly Favourite Snehal names
Snigdha snigdha girl Smooth, Tender Favourite Snigdha names
Sonita sonita girl Young Sun Favourite Sonita names
Sonu boy Familiar with gold; Beloved Favourite Sonu names
Sopaan boy stairs, steps Favourite Sopaan names
Soumya soumya girl Obedient; Good nature ; Innocent Favourite Soumya names
Spoorthi spoorthi girl Inspiration Favourite Spoorthi names
Spoorti spoorti girl Enthusiasm Favourite Spoorti names
Sravya sravya girl Melody Favourite Sravya names
Sreeya sreeya girl Godess Laxmi Favourite Sreeya names
Srirupa srirupa girl Laxmi`s Beauty Favourite Srirupa names
Sucharita sucharita girl Of Good Character Favourite Sucharita names
Sugauri sugauri girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Sugauri names
Suhag suhag girl Love Favourite Suhag names
Suhasini suhasini girl Name Of A Goddess Favourite Suhasini names
Suhitha suhitha girl Suitable Favourite Suhitha names
Sujitha sujitha girl Grreat Conqurer Favourite Sujitha names
Sukrit sukrit girl Wise Favourite Sukrit names
Sukshma sukshma girl Fine Favourite Sukshma names
Suloch suloch girl One With Beautiful Eyes Favourite Suloch names
Suman suman girl Flower Favourite Suman names
Sunitha sunitha girl Well disposed, Righteous Favourite Sunitha names
Suniti suniti girl Good Principles Favourite Suniti names
Suraksha suraksha girl Protection Favourite Suraksha names
Suranjana suranjana girl Pleasing Favourite Suranjana names
Sureshi sureshi girl Goddess Durga Favourite Sureshi names
Sushanta boy Quiet Favourite Sushanta names
Sutanuka sutanuka girl Beautiful Favourite Sutanuka names
Svaha svaha girl Wife Of Fire God Favourite Svaha names
Svara svara girl Goddess Of Sound Favourite Svara names
Swarnika swarnika girl Gold Favourite Swarnika names
Talank boy Lord Shiva Favourite Talank names
Tamadhur tamadhur girl Proper name Favourite Tamadhur names
Tamal boy A Tree With Very Dark Bark Favourite Tamal names
Tamanna tamanna girl Desire Favourite Tamanna names
Tamarai tamarai girl Lotus Flower, Beautiful Favourite Tamarai names
Tambura tambura girl A musical instrument Favourite Tambura names
Tamilan boy A Tamil Favourite Tamilan names
TamilKudimagan boy A Tamil Favourite TamilKudimagan names
Tanima tanima girl Slenderness Favourite Tanima names
Tanisha tanisha girl Ambition Favourite Tanisha names
Tannishtha tannishtha girl Dedicated Favourite Tannishtha names
Tanulata tanulata girl Slim Creeper Like Body Favourite Tanulata names
Tanush boy Ganesha Favourite Tanush names
Tanushree tanushree girl Beautiful Favourite Tanushree names
Tapasendra boy Lord Shiva Favourite Tapasendra names
Tapasi tapasi girl A Female Ascetic Favourite Tapasi names
Taran boy Raft, heaven Favourite Taran names
Taresh boy God of the stars (moon) Favourite Taresh names
Tarika tarika girl Starlet Favourite Tarika names
Tarini tarini girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Tarini names
Tarulata tarulata girl A Creeper Favourite Tarulata names
Tarusa boy Conquerer Favourite Tarusa names
Tasha tasha girl Birth Favourite Tasha names
Tathagata boy The Buddha Favourite Tathagata names
Tatvagyanaprad boy Granter of Wisdom Favourite Tatvagyanaprad names
Teerth boy Holy place Favourite Teerth names
Teja teja girl Radiant Favourite Teja names
Tejala boy Bringing light. Favourite Tejala names
Tejas boy Sharpness Favourite Tejas names
Tejomay boy Glorious Favourite Tejomay names
Thakur boy Leader; God Favourite Thakur names
Thaneesha thaneesha girl Ambition Favourite Thaneesha names
Thayalan boy Lord Shiva Favourite Thayalan names
TheivaMani boy Gift of God; Godly Favourite TheivaMani names
ThiruValluvan boy Author of the Tamil Masterpiece ThiruKural (aka Secular Scripture) Favourite ThiruValluvan names
Thooyavan boy Pure, Flawless Favourite Thooyavan names
Tilak boy Superior.Ornament of anything. Favourite Tilak names
Timila timila girl A Musical Favourite Timila names
Timir boy Darkness Favourite Timir names
Timmy boy Disaple Of Paul Favourite Timmy names
Tirranand boy Lord Shiva Favourite Tirranand names
Tirumala boy Seven Hills Favourite Tirumala names
Tista tista girl Tributary Of Ganga River Located In North India Favourite Tista names
Tiya tiya girl A Bird Favourite Tiya names
Trailokva boy The Three Worlds Favourite Trailokva names
Trariti trariti girl Durga; Agile; Efficient; Swift Favourite Trariti names
Trilochana trilochana girl Lord Shiva Favourite Trilochana names
Trilokchand boy Moon Of The Three Worlds Favourite Trilokchand names
Tripta tripta girl Satisfied Favourite Tripta names
Trisha trisha girl Wish; Desire; Thirst Favourite Trisha names
Trishona trishona girl Desire Favourite Trishona names
Trupti trupti girl Satiatedness Favourite Trupti names
Tuhi tuhi girl Bird Sound Favourite Tuhi names
Tuka boy Young Boy Favourite Tuka names
Tukaram boy A Poet Saint Favourite Tukaram names
Tungeshwar boy Lord Of The Mountains Favourite Tungeshwar names
Turya turya girl Spiritual Power Favourite Turya names
Tusti tusti girl Peace, Happiness Favourite Tusti names
Uddhar boy Liberation Favourite Uddhar names
Udipti udipti girl On Fire Favourite Udipti names
Ujagar boy Bright Favourite Ujagar names
Ujala ujala girl Brightness Favourite Ujala names
Ujesh boy One Who Gives Light Favourite Ujesh names
Ujwala; Ujjwala ujwala;xxujjwala girl Bright; Lustrous Favourite Ujwala; Ujjwala names
Ulhas boy Joy, Delight Favourite Ulhas names
Umaprasad boy Blessing Of Goddess Parvati Favourite Umaprasad names
Umesh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Umesh names
Unnati unnati girl Progress; Development Favourite Unnati names
Upal boy Stone Favourite Upal names
Upma upma girl Comparison/instance Favourite Upma names
Ura ura girl The Heart Favourite Ura names
Urva urva girl Big Favourite Urva names
Usha usha girl Dawn Favourite Usha names
Ushakiran ushakiran girl Rays Of Morning Sun Favourite Ushakiran names
Usra usra girl First Light Favourite Usra names
Utkarsha boy Advancement Favourite Utkarsha names
Utpalakshi utpalakshi girl Goddess Laxmi Favourite Utpalakshi names
Utsavi utsavi girl Festivities Favourite Utsavi names
Vaijayanti vaijayanti girl A Garland Of Lord Vishnu Favourite Vaijayanti names
Vaishviy vaishviy girl Goddess Parvati; Worshipper of Lord Vishnu Favourite Vaishviy names
Vajrapani boy Lord Indra Favourite Vajrapani names
Vanaja vanaja girl A Forest Girl Favourite Vanaja names
Vanathi vanathi girl Of The Forest Favourite Vanathi names
Vanmalli vanmalli girl Wild Flower Favourite Vanmalli names
Vanshika vanshika girl Flute Favourite Vanshika names
Varadaraj boy Another Name Of Vishnu Favourite Varadaraj names
Varunika varunika girl Goddess Of Rain Favourite Varunika names
Vasatika vasatika girl Morning Light Favourite Vasatika names
Vasavi vasavi girl Wife Of Indra Favourite Vasavi names
Vatsyayan boy An Author Of Old Times Favourite Vatsyayan names
Vedanga boy Part of the sacred knowledge Favourite Vedanga names
Vedaprakash boy Light Of The Knowledge Favourite Vedaprakash names
Vedika vedika girl Altar; A River In India Favourite Vedika names
Vetri boy Successful; Victorious Favourite Vetri names
Vidyut boy Lightning Favourite Vidyut names
Vijayesh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Vijayesh names
Vilasini vilasini girl Playful Favourite Vilasini names
Vilina vilina girl Dedicated Favourite Vilina names
Vinahast boy Lord Shiva Favourite Vinahast names
Vinati vinati girl Prayer Favourite Vinati names
Vinaya vinaya girl Modest Favourite Vinaya names
Virabhadra boy Lord Shiva Favourite Virabhadra names
Vishwanath boy The lord Favourite Vishwanath names
Vivatma boy Universal Soul Favourite Vivatma names
Vivek boy Conscience; Intelligence; True Knowledge; Judgement Favourite Vivek names
Vivika vivika girl Different Favourite Vivika names
Yadunath boy Lord Krishna Favourite Yadunath names
Yajat boy Lord Shiva Favourite Yajat names
Yajnarup boy Lord Krishna Favourite Yajnarup names
Yamajith boy Another Name For Shiva Favourite Yamajith names
Yashaskaram boy Bestower of Fame and Fortune Favourite Yashaskaram names
Yashpal boy Successful; Famous; Lord Krishna; Protector of fame Favourite Yashpal names
Yatish boy Lord Of Devotees Favourite Yatish names
Yogesh boy God Of Yoga Favourite Yogesh names
Yogini yogini girl One Who Can Control Senses Favourite Yogini names
Yukti yukti girl trick, solution Favourite Yukti names