Top Jain Baby Names

A Name is a simple a word which used to identify rest of the life of child so this is the first gift from the parents or relatives to the baby.therefore it needed a great care when we put their baby name which should be listen to good and beautiful meaning.To Keep all of that things in Mind we have great and nice collection range of baby names with meaning where your search will be finished for the suitable baby names. here is great range of Jain Baby names with meaning where you choose your favourite Jain Baby Names.
Top Jain Baby Names
Name Meaning
Aabharana aabharana girl Jewel Favourite Aabharana names
Aahaladita aahaladita girl Bubbling with delight Favourite Aahaladita names
Aapti aapti girl Fulfilment Favourite Aapti names
Aaradhak boy Worshipper Favourite Aaradhak names
Aashika aashika girl Lovable Favourite Aashika names
Aashirya aashirya girl From The Land Of God Favourite Aashirya names
Aashish boy Blessings Favourite Aashish names
Aatmaja aatmaja girl Daughter Favourite Aatmaja names
Abhijat boy Noble, Wise Favourite Abhijat names
Abhijita abhijita girl Victorious Woman Favourite Abhijita names
Abhijna abhijna girl Remembrance, Recollection Favourite Abhijna names
Abhinav boy Quite New Favourite Abhinav names
Acaryanandana boy Son Of The Teacher, Another Name For Asvatthaman Favourite Acaryanandana names
Achintya boy Lord Shiva; Inconceivable; Beyond comprehension Favourite Achintya names
Adelle adelle girl Beautiful Favourite Adelle names
Adhikara adhikara girl Principal, Controller Favourite Adhikara names
Adhira adhira girl Lightning Favourite Adhira names
Advika advika girl Unique Favourite Advika names
Agamya agamya girl Knowledge Favourite Agamya names
Aghat aghat girl Destroyer Of Sin Favourite Aghat names
Agnishikha agnishikha girl Flames Of Fire Favourite Agnishikha names
Ahearn ahearn girl Worldly; Knowledgeable Favourite Ahearn names
AhObalaraav ahobalaraav girl Kindness Favourite AhObalaraav names
Aisha aisha girl Life. Woman. The favourite wife of Mohammed. Favourite Aisha names
Ajala ajala girl The Earth Favourite Ajala names
Ajmal ajmal girl Pious Favourite Ajmal names
Ajoy boy Joyful Favourite Ajoy names
Akshda akshda girl Tandul Favourite Akshda names
Akula akula girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Akula names
Ambikapathi boy Lord Of Siva Favourite Ambikapathi names
Ambud boy Cloud Favourite Ambud names
Amisha amisha girl Beautiful Favourite Amisha names
Amrik boy Nectar Favourite Amrik names
Anantachidrupamayam boy Infinite and Consciousness Personified Favourite Anantachidrupamayam names
Anhithi anhithi girl Gift, Donation Favourite Anhithi names
Ankolika ankolika girl An Embrace Favourite Ankolika names
Apeksha apeksha girl Expectation Favourite Apeksha names
Apurva apurva girl Like Never Before Favourite Apurva names
Archana archana girl Worship Favourite Archana names
Areej areej girl Pleasant smell Favourite Areej names
Arivalagan boy Intelligent And Handsome Favourite Arivalagan names
Arnesh boy Lord Of The Sea Favourite Arnesh names
Artagnan boy The Knower Of All Meanings Favourite Artagnan names
Arya boy Honoured, Noble Favourite Arya names
Avanti avanti girl Ancient Malwa; Ujjain Favourite Avanti names
Avni avni girl The Earth Favourite Avni names
Ayanna ayanna girl Innocent Favourite Ayanna names
Ayesha ayesha girl Doll; Daughter of the Prophet Favourite Ayesha names
Baalkrishan boy Young Krishna Favourite Baalkrishan names
Badgar boy Whirlwind. Favourite Badgar names
Badir boy Shining. Badri Cloud. Lord Vishnu. Badrinarayan Diety at the piligrimage centre "Badari" in Himalayas. Favourite Badir names
Badri boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Badri names
Badrinath boy Lord Of Mt.badri Favourite Badrinath names
Bahuleya boy Lord Kartikeya Favourite Bahuleya names
Bahurai boy With Great Riches Favourite Bahurai names
Bainbridge boy Bridge over bright water. Baird Ballad singer. Favourite Bainbridge names
Bakula bakula girl Nagakeshar Flower Favourite Bakula names
Bala bala girl A young girl Favourite Bala names
Balachandrav boy The Crescent Moon Favourite Balachandrav names
Balagovind boy Baby Krishna Favourite Balagovind names
Balaraj boy Strong Favourite Balaraj names
Balendu boy Young moon Favourite Balendu names
Balthasar boy One of the 3 wise men who brought gifts to the Christ child. Favourite Balthasar names
Banbihari boy Lord Krishna Favourite Banbihari names
Bandhula boy Charming Favourite Bandhula names
Banhi banhi girl Fire Favourite Banhi names
Banmala banmala girl A Garland Of 5 Types Of Flowers Favourite Banmala names
Banshidhar boy Krishna Favourite Banshidhar names
Banwari boy Lord Krishna Favourite Banwari names
Basavaraj boy Lord Of Bulls Favourite Basavaraj names
Belli belli girl Silver, A Companion Favourite Belli names
Bhadrang boy Beautiful Body Favourite Bhadrang names
Bhagaditya boy The sun which bestows wealth Favourite Bhagaditya names
Bhagavati bhagavati girl Goddess Durga Favourite Bhagavati names
Bhageerath boy A King of Suryavamsha who brought river Ganga from Heavens to Earth. Bhagirath An ancient king of the solar race who brought the celestial Ganga from the heaven. Favourite Bhageerath names
Bhagyaraj boy Almghty. Favourite Bhagyaraj names
Bhagyashri bhagyashri girl Goddess Lakshmi, Lucky Favourite Bhagyashri names
Bhanu bhanu girl Sun Favourite Bhanu names
Bhanuja bhanuja girl River Yamuna Favourite Bhanuja names
Bhanupriya bhanupriya girl Beloved of the sun Favourite Bhanupriya names
Bhasvan boy Bright Favourite Bhasvan names
Bhav boy Lord Shiva Favourite Bhav names
Bhavani bhavani girl Parvati Favourite Bhavani names
Bhavika bhavika girl Cheerful Expression Favourite Bhavika names
Bhavin boy Living; Existing Favourite Bhavin names
Bheemsen boy Sons of brave man Favourite Bheemsen names
Bhini bhini girl Humid Favourite Bhini names
Bhishma boy One Who Has Taken A Terrible Vow Favourite Bhishma names
Bhoj boy Name Of A Poet King, Meal Favourite Bhoj names
Bhudhar boy Lord Visnu. Favourite Bhudhar names
Bhushit boy Decorated Favourite Bhushit names
Bhutalingam boy Shiva. Favourite Bhutalingam names
Bhuvneshwar boy Abode Of God Favourite Bhuvneshwar names
Bimal boy Pure Favourite Bimal names
Bindiya bindiya girl A forehead decoration - often a red dot Favourite Bindiya names
Bindusar boy An excellent pearl Favourite Bindusar names
Brahmadutt boy Dedicated to Lord Brahma Favourite Brahmadutt names
Brahmanand boy Supreme Joy Favourite Brahmanand names
Bratati bratati girl Creeper Favourite Bratati names
Brijmohan boy Krishna Favourite Brijmohan names
Brijnandan boy Lord Krishna Favourite Brijnandan names
Brirar boy Without Pain Favourite Brirar names
Buddhadev boy Wise Person Favourite Buddhadev names
Buddhinath boy God of Wisdom Favourite Buddhinath names
Buddhipriya boy Knowledge Favourite Buddhipriya names
Cathy cathy girl Pure Favourite Cathy names
Chaarudatt boy Born of beauty Favourite Chaarudatt names
Chaaya chaaya girl Shadow Favourite Chaaya names
Chahana chahana girl Desire, Affection Favourite Chahana names
Chahel boy Good Cheer Favourite Chahel names
Chakradhar boy One who carries Chakra (Krishna, Vishnu) Favourite Chakradhar names
Chalama chalama girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Chalama names
Chamelia chamelia girl Particular Flower Favourite Chamelia names
Champabati champabati girl The capital Favourite Champabati names
Champak boy A flower Favourite Champak names
Champakali champakali girl A Bud Of Champa Favourite Champakali names
Chanchala chanchala girl Restless Favourite Chanchala names
Chanchari chanchari girl Bird, Vortex of water, Favourite Chanchari names
Chandan boy Of the Sandalwood tree; Scented Wood; Sandalwood Favourite Chandan names
Chandrabindu chandrabindu girl Crescent Moon Favourite Chandrabindu names
Chandragupt boy Name of ancient king Favourite Chandragupt names
Chandrahaas boy Smiling like a moon Favourite Chandrahaas names
Chandrajyoti chandrajyoti girl Moon Light Favourite Chandrajyoti names
Chandrakala chandrakala girl Phases Of The Moon Favourite Chandrakala names
Chandrakanta boy The Moon Favourite Chandrakanta names
Chandrakin chandrakin girl A Peacock Favourite Chandrakin names
Chandrakirthi boy As famous as the moon Favourite Chandrakirthi names
Chandrakumar boy The moon Favourite Chandrakumar names
Chandralekha chandralekha girl Ray Of Moon Favourite Chandralekha names
Chandramohan boy Attractive Like The Moon Favourite Chandramohan names
Chandrani chandrani girl Wife of the moon Favourite Chandrani names
Chandrapushpa chandrapushpa girl Star Favourite Chandrapushpa names
Chane boy Name of a god, dependability Favourite Chane names
Chapal boy Quick Favourite Chapal names
Chapala chapala girl Restless; Lighting Favourite Chapala names
Charan boy Feet Favourite Charan names
Charita charita girl Good Favourite Charita names
Charu charu girl Beautiful; attractive Favourite Charu names
Charudutta boy Born of beauty Favourite Charudutta names
Charumati charumati girl Intelligent; Wise; A beautiful lady Favourite Charumati names
Charusheel boy Of Good Character Favourite Charusheel names
Charusheela charusheela girl A jewel Favourite Charusheela names
Chaturbhuj boy Strong, broad shouldered Favourite Chaturbhuj names
Chellam chellam girl Pampered Favourite Chellam names
Chellamani boy Precious Gem Favourite Chellamani names
Chetana chetana girl Perceptive, Consciousness Favourite Chetana names
Chhailbehari boy Lord Krishna Favourite Chhailbehari names
Chintan boy Thought; Meditation Favourite Chintan names
Chintanika chintanika girl Meditation Favourite Chintanika names
Chinthanaichelvan boy Intelligent, thoughtful Favourite Chinthanaichelvan names
Chithayu boy Born of intellect Favourite Chithayu names
Chitkala chitkala girl Knowledge Favourite Chitkala names
Chitrabahu boy With Beautiful Hands Favourite Chitrabahu names
Chitrabhanu boy Fire Favourite Chitrabhanu names
Chitragandha chitragandha girl A fragrant material Favourite Chitragandha names
Chitrakshi chitrakshi girl Colourful Eyes Favourite Chitrakshi names
Chitralekha chitralekha girl As Beautiful As A Picture Favourite Chitralekha names
Chitrarekha chitrarekha girl Picture Favourite Chitrarekha names
Chitresh boy Moon, wonderful lord Favourite Chitresh names
Chitrita chitrita girl Picturesque Favourite Chitrita names
Chittesh boy Lord of the soul Favourite Chittesh names
CholaiMani cholaimani girl Garden Gem Favourite CholaiMani names
Chudamani boy Crest jewel Favourite Chudamani names
Czaee czaee girl Name of flower Favourite Czaee names
Dadhija dadhija girl Daughter Of Milk Favourite Dadhija names
Daksha boy Able, talented Favourite Daksha names
Dakshakanya dakshakanya girl Able daughter Favourite Dakshakanya names
Dakshina dakshina girl Donation to god,A donation to god or priest Favourite Dakshina names
Dalbhya boy Belonging To Wheels Favourite Dalbhya names
Danna danna girl To give; gift Favourite Danna names
Darika darika girl Maiden Favourite Darika names
Darpak boy Kamdev, god of love Favourite Darpak names
Dasharathi boy Lord Rama Favourite Dasharathi names
Dayal boy Kind Hearted Favourite Dayal names
Dayaram boy Merciful Favourite Dayaram names
Dayashankar boy Merciful Lord Shiva Favourite Dayashankar names
Deenath boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Deenath names
Deepakala deepakala girl Evening time (time to light lamps) Favourite Deepakala names
Deepavati deepavati girl A Raagini Which Is A Hybrid Of Deepak Favourite Deepavati names
Deeptanshu boy The sun Favourite Deeptanshu names
Deeptendu boy Bright moon Favourite Deeptendu names
Depen boy Master of Deepaks Favourite Depen names
Desna desna girl Offering Favourite Desna names
Devadhipa boy Lord of the gods Favourite Devadhipa names
Devakali devakali girl Name of a Indian Music raagini Favourite Devakali names
Devakanya devakanya girl Celestial maiden Favourite Devakanya names
Devalatha devalatha girl Divine Wine Favourite Devalatha names
Devarsi boy Sage of Devas Favourite Devarsi names
Devashish boy Blessing of God Favourite Devashish names
Devguru boy Teacher of Gods ( Brihaspati ) Favourite Devguru names
Devya devya girl Devine power Favourite Devya names
Dhananjay boy One Who Wins Wealth Favourite Dhananjay names
Dhanashri dhanashri girl Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Dhanashri names
Dhanvin boy Lord Shiva Favourite Dhanvin names
Dhara dhara girl Constant flow; the earth Favourite Dhara names
Dharm-mitra boy Friend of religion Favourite Dharm-mitra names
Dharmanand boy Takes pleasure religion Favourite Dharmanand names
Dheemant boy Wise; intelligent Favourite Dheemant names
Dhuha dhuha girl Forenoon Favourite Dhuha names
Dinar boy Gold Coin Favourite Dinar names
Dipendu boy Moon Favourite Dipendu names
Dipesh boy Lord of light Favourite Dipesh names
Divyanshu boy Divine Light, Sun Favourite Divyanshu names
Drisana drisana girl Daughter Of The Sun Favourite Drisana names
Duranjaya boy A heroic son Favourite Duranjaya names
Dwijesh boy River Favourite Dwijesh names
Dyumani boy Lord Shiva Favourite Dyumani names
Ecchumati ecchumati girl A River Favourite Ecchumati names
Edha edha girl Sacred Favourite Edha names
Eeshwar boy God Favourite Eeshwar names
Eiravati eiravati girl Lightening, Ravi River Favourite Eiravati names
Ekagrah boy Focussed Favourite Ekagrah names
Ekaja ekaja girl Only child Favourite Ekaja names
Ekakshara boy A Name For Lord Ganesha Favourite Ekakshara names
Ekambar boy Sky Favourite Ekambar names
Ekana boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Ekana names
Ekanga boy Bogyguard Favourite Ekanga names
Ekanthika ekanthika girl Devoted To One Aim Favourite Ekanthika names
Ekata ekata girl Unity Favourite Ekata names
Ekayavan boy The Wise One Favourite Ekayavan names
Ekodar boy Brother Favourite Ekodar names
Elina elina girl Pure, Intelligent Greek Favourite Elina names
Erumelivasan boy One who lives in Erumeli Favourite Erumelivasan names
Esh boy God Favourite Esh names
Esha esha girl Desire Favourite Esha names
Eshanika eshanika girl Fulfilling Desire Favourite Eshanika names
Etash boy Luminous Favourite Etash names
Ettan boy Breath Favourite Ettan names
Foolan foolan girl Flowering Favourite Foolan names
Freya freya girl Goddess Of Love Favourite Freya names
Fulki fulki girl Spark Favourite Fulki names
Fultushi fultushi girl Common name Favourite Fultushi names
Gagan boy Sky, heaven Favourite Gagan names
Gagnesh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Gagnesh names
Gajdant boy Elephant teeth, Ganesha Favourite Gajdant names
Ganak boy An astrologer Favourite Ganak names
Gandharika gandharika girl Preparing perfume Favourite Gandharika names
Ganesh boy Lord Ganesha; Son of Lord Shiva and Parvati Favourite Ganesh names
Gangi gangi girl Goddess Durga Favourite Gangi names
Ganjan ganjan girl Exceeding Favourite Ganjan names
Gargi gargi girl An ancient scholar; Wise woman; Durga Favourite Gargi names
Geena geena girl Silvery Favourite Geena names
Gina gina girl Silvery Favourite Gina names
Girija girija girl Daughter of mountain Favourite Girija names
Gita gita girl Song Favourite Gita names
Gnanamangala gnanamangala girl Intelligent girl Favourite Gnanamangala names
Gnanamani gnanamani girl Intelligent gem Favourite Gnanamani names
Hanuman boy a devotee of Lord Ram, son of Anjani Favourite Hanuman names
Hanumanta boy Puffy Cheeks Favourite Hanumanta names
Har boy Name of Shiva Favourite Har names
Haridutt boy Gift of Hari Favourite Haridutt names
Harinakshi harinakshi girl Doe-eyed Favourite Harinakshi names
Haripreet boy Beloved Of Gods Favourite Haripreet names
Harivansh boy Belonging To The Family Of Hari Favourite Harivansh names
Harshita harshita girl Happy Favourite Harshita names
Hemachandra boy Golden moon Favourite Hemachandra names
Hemali hemali girl Coated With Gold Favourite Hemali names
Heramba boy Belonging to Lord Ganesh Favourite Heramba names
Hima hima girl Timid Favourite Hima names
Himanish boy Lord Shiva Favourite Himanish names
Hira hira girl A Raga Favourite Hira names
Hiranmaya boy Made Of Gold Favourite Hiranmaya names
Hiranyadha hiranyadha girl Giving gold Favourite Hiranyadha names
Hiresh boy King of gems Favourite Hiresh names
Hrishab boy Morality Favourite Hrishab names
Hyma hyma girl Beautiful Favourite Hyma names
Idhant boy Luminous Favourite Idhant names
Idhaya idhaya girl Heart Favourite Idhaya names
Idhitri idhitri girl One Who Praises Favourite Idhitri names
Idika idika girl The Earth Favourite Idika names
Ihita ihita girl Desire Favourite Ihita names
Ijaya ijaya girl Sacrifice Favourite Ijaya names
Ikshitha ikshitha girl Visible Favourite Ikshitha names
Ilakkiya ilakkiya girl A classic Favourite Ilakkiya names
Ilakkiyan boy Skilled in Literature Favourite Ilakkiyan names
Ilanila ilanila girl Moon Crescent,IlamPirai Favourite Ilanila names
Indrakshi indrakshi girl One Having Beautiful Eyes Favourite Indrakshi names
Indranil boy Another Name of Lord Shiva; Sapphire; Blue Stone Favourite Indranil names
Indukala indukala girl Digit Of The Moon Favourite Indukala names
Indukant boy Moon Favourite Indukant names
IraiAnbu boy Divine Love Favourite IraiAnbu names
Iravati iravati girl The River Ravi Favourite Iravati names
Irya boy Powerful Favourite Irya names
Isha isha girl One Who Protects Favourite Isha names
Ishan boy Sun Favourite Ishan names
Ishita ishita girl Mastery; Wealth; Desired Favourite Ishita names
Ishta ishta girl Another Name For Lord Vishnu Favourite Ishta names
Ishwari ishwari girl Goddess Favourite Ishwari names
Iyyappan boy Lord Iyyappan, Youthful Favourite Iyyappan names
Izumi izumi girl Water Spring Favourite Izumi names
Jadhav boy A Yadava Favourite Jadhav names
Jagamata jagamata girl Mother of the world, Goddess Durga Favourite Jagamata names
Jaganmohini jaganmohini girl Goddess durga Favourite Jaganmohini names
Jagrav boy Awakened Favourite Jagrav names
Jaina jaina girl Good character Favourite Jaina names
Jaison boy Son of victory Favourite Jaison names
Jaisudha jaisudha girl Nectar of victory Favourite Jaisudha names
Jaiwant boy Victory Favourite Jaiwant names
Jalahasini jalahasini girl Smile of water Favourite Jalahasini names
Janakibhushan boy Ornament Of Janki Favourite Janakibhushan names
Janardan boy One who helps people Favourite Janardan names
Janhitha janhitha girl One who thinks of the welfare of men Favourite Janhitha names
Japendra boy Lord Of Chants Lord Shiva Favourite Japendra names
Japesh boy Lord of chants-lord Shiva Favourite Japesh names
Jashan boy Celebration Favourite Jashan names
Jasmitha jasmitha girl Smiles Favourite Jasmitha names
Jasveer boy Hero Of Fame Favourite Jasveer names
Javesh boy Related To God Favourite Javesh names
Jayad boy Causing Victory Favourite Jayad names
Jayesh boy Victor Favourite Jayesh names
Jeevaraaj boy Lord of life Favourite Jeevaraaj names
Jetashri jetashri girl A raga Favourite Jetashri names
Jhinuk jhinuk girl Oyster Favourite Jhinuk names
Jihan boy The World Favourite Jihan names
Jitendra boy Lord of conquerers Favourite Jitendra names
Jogindar jogindar girl Establishing union with God; Lord Shiva Favourite Jogindar names
Joy boy Happiness, Pleasure Favourite Joy names
Jui jui girl Name of a flower Favourite Jui names
Juliana juliana girl Youthful Favourite Juliana names
Jyotiranjan boy Joyous Flamae Favourite Jyotiranjan names
Jyotsana jyotsana girl Goddess Durga Favourite Jyotsana names
Kaditula boy Sword Favourite Kaditula names
Kailashchandra boy Lord Shiva Favourite Kailashchandra names
Kakali kakali girl Bird Call Favourite Kakali names
Kalaka kalaka girl Blue Favourite Kalaka names
Kalanath boy Moon Favourite Kalanath names
Kalash boy Sacred urn Favourite Kalash names
Kalimohan boy A devotee of Goddess Kali Favourite Kalimohan names
Kalpana kalpana girl Imagination power Favourite Kalpana names
Kamalbandhu boy Brother Of Lotus ( Sun) Favourite Kamalbandhu names
Kamlesh boy God of lotus Favourite Kamlesh names
Kampana kampana girl Unsteady Favourite Kampana names
Kanchana kanchana girl Gold Favourite Kanchana names
Kanchi kanchi girl A Waistband Favourite Kanchi names
Kandarp boy God Of Love Favourite Kandarp names
Kanmani kanmani girl Precious Like An Eye Favourite Kanmani names
Kanthi kanthi girl Lustre; Loveliness Favourite Kanthi names
Kanvar boy Young prince Favourite Kanvar names
Kanya kanya girl Daughter Favourite Kanya names
Kapish boy Lord Hanuman Favourite Kapish names
Karala karala girl Durga; Opening Wide; Tearing Favourite Karala names
Karnajeet boy Conquerer of Karna ( i.e. Arjun) Favourite Karnajeet names
Karthikeya boy Lord Muruga Favourite Karthikeya names
Kartikeya boy Elder son of Lord Shiva Favourite Kartikeya names
Kashwini kashwini girl Star Favourite Kashwini names
Kausalya kausalya girl Mother Of Rama Favourite Kausalya names
Kausar boy Lake Of Paradise Favourite Kausar names
Kaushali kaushali girl Skillful Favourite Kaushali names
Kaveesha boy Lord of Poets. Lord Ganesha Favourite Kaveesha names
Kavin kavin girl Handsome; Beautiful Favourite Kavin names
Kayaan boy The name of a dynasty of King Kaikobad Favourite Kayaan names
Keerthana keerthana girl Devotional song Favourite Keerthana names
Khushbu khushbu girl Fragrant; Aromatic Favourite Khushbu names
Khushi khushi girl Happiness Favourite Khushi names
Kimatra kimatra girl Seduce Favourite Kimatra names
Kimaya kimaya girl Divine Favourite Kimaya names
Kinnari kinnari girl Musical Instrument Favourite Kinnari names
Kinnary kinnary girl Goddess Of Wealth Favourite Kinnary names
Kiranmayi kiranmayi girl Full Of Rays Favourite Kiranmayi names
Kovidh boy Wise Favourite Kovidh names
Krishanu boy Fire Favourite Krishanu names
Krishna krishna girl Lord Krishna Favourite Krishna names
Kriti kriti girl A Work Of Art Favourite Kriti names
Kshema kshema girl Durga; Peaceful; Tranquil Favourite Kshema names
Kshemya kshemya girl Durga; Favourite Kshemya names
Kuhu kuhu girl The sweet note of the bird Favourite Kuhu names
Kulavardhini kulavardhini girl Developer Of The Race Favourite Kulavardhini names
KumaraVel boy Youthful; Another name for God Murugan Favourite KumaraVel names
Kundan kundan girl Pure Favourite Kundan names
Kundanika kundanika girl Flower,Golden girl; A flower Favourite Kundanika names
Kuntala kuntala girl A Woman With Luxurious Hair Favourite Kuntala names
Kunti kunti girl The Mother Of The Pandavas Favourite Kunti names
Kushal boy Clever Favourite Kushal names
Kusuma kusuma girl Flower Favourite Kusuma names
Kusumesh boy Lord Of Flowers Favourite Kusumesh names
Kuvira kuvira girl Courageous Woman Favourite Kuvira names
Lakshmibanta boy Fortunate Favourite Lakshmibanta names
Lalan boy Nurturing Favourite Lalan names
Lambodar boy Lord Ganesh Favourite Lambodar names
Loknath boy Lord of all worlds Favourite Loknath names
Luv boy Son of Lord Rama Favourite Luv names
Mac boy Son of. Favourite Mac names
Madeeha madeeha girl Praiseworthy Favourite Madeeha names
Madhu madhu girl Honey Favourite Madhu names
Madhulata madhulata girl Sweet Creeper Favourite Madhulata names
Madhumitra boy Sweet friend. Favourite Madhumitra names
Madhupriya madhupriya girl Fond Of Honey Favourite Madhupriya names
Madhurima madhurima girl Sweetness Favourite Madhurima names
Madhuvanthi madhuvanthi girl Who Is Sweet Like Honey Favourite Madhuvanthi names
Madira madira girl Nectar Favourite Madira names
Maha maha girl Gazelle Favourite Maha names
Mahabahu boy Arjuna Favourite Mahabahu names
Mahagauri mahagauri girl Goddess Durga Favourite Mahagauri names
Mahakanta mahakanta girl Earth Favourite Mahakanta names
Mahamani boy Lord Shiva Favourite Mahamani names
Mahatru boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Mahatru names
Maheepati boy The king Favourite Maheepati names
Maheshwaram boy Lord of The Universe Favourite Maheshwaram names
Mahika mahika girl The Earth Favourite Mahika names
Mahima mahima girl Greatness Favourite Mahima names
Mahubala mahubala girl Sweet girl Favourite Mahubala names
Maimoona maimoona girl Auspicious; Blessed Favourite Maimoona names
Maitreyi maitreyi girl A Learned Woman Of The Past Favourite Maitreyi names
Makrand boy Honey Favourite Makrand names
Makshi makshi girl Honeybee Favourite Makshi names
Mala mala girl Garland Favourite Mala names
Malini malini girl A Garland Maker Favourite Malini names
Mamatha mamatha girl Preeti Favourite Mamatha names
Manaar boy Guiding light (lighthouse) Favourite Manaar names
Manali manali girl A Bird Favourite Manali names
Mananya mananya girl Deserving Praises Favourite Mananya names
Manas boy Mind Favourite Manas names
Manasvini manasvini girl Durga; Proud; Good Favourite Manasvini names
Manathosh boy Happy. Favourite Manathosh names
Manav boy Human Favourite Manav names
Manava boy Gold Favourite Manava names
Mandaar boy A flower Favourite Mandaar names
Mandar boy A Flower Favourite Mandar names
Mandarmalika mandarmalika girl A garland of celestial Favourite Mandarmalika names
Mandavi mandavi girl Wife Of Bharat Favourite Mandavi names
Mandeepa mandeepa girl Light Of Heart Favourite Mandeepa names
Maneesh boy Desire. Favourite Maneesh names
Mani boy A jewel Favourite Mani names
Manikuntala manikuntala girl One Whose Hair Is Like Gems Favourite Manikuntala names
Manikyam boy A gem,ruby. Favourite Manikyam names
Maniram boy Jewel Of A Person Favourite Maniram names
Manit boy Highly Respected Favourite Manit names
Manitha manitha girl Honoured Favourite Manitha names
Manmatha boy Cupid Favourite Manmatha names
Manohar boy One who wins over mind, attractive Favourite Manohar names
Manoj boy Born Of Mind Favourite Manoj names
Manorath boy Desire Favourite Manorath names
Mansukh boy Pleasure of mind Favourite Mansukh names
Manthan boy Reflection Through Study Favourite Manthan names
Manuraj boy Kuber Favourite Manuraj names
Manyu boy Mind Favourite Manyu names
Marcel boy Little mark. Favourite Marcel names
Mareechin boy The sun. Favourite Mareechin names
Markandeya markandeya girl A devotee to Lord Shiva,A devotee of Lord Shiva Favourite Markandeya names
Marsha marsha girl Respectable Favourite Marsha names
Martanda boy The Sun Favourite Martanda names
Marudham marudham girl From The Lush Green Fields Favourite Marudham names
Maruti boy Hanuman, Bhimsen Favourite Maruti names
Marya marya girl Mark, Limit Favourite Marya names
Mateah mateah girl Honoured; Desired; Liked Favourite Mateah names
Mathew boy Gift from god. Favourite Mathew names
Mathi boy Moon Favourite Mathi names
Matrika matrika girl Mother, Name Of Goddess Favourite Matrika names
Maulik boy Precious Favourite Maulik names
Maurice boy Dark skinned. Favourite Maurice names
Mayra mayra girl Beloved Favourite Mayra names
Mayur boy Peacock Favourite Mayur names
Medhavi medhavi girl Very Intelligent Favourite Medhavi names
Meenakshi meenakshi girl A Woman Wil Beautiful Eyes Favourite Meenakshi names
Meera meera girl A Devotee Of Krishna Favourite Meera names
Meghashyam boy Lord Krishna Favourite Meghashyam names
Mehrunissa mehrunissa girl Benevolent Favourite Mehrunissa names
Mehtab boy Moon Favourite Mehtab names
Mehuli mehuli girl A Small Rain Cloud Favourite Mehuli names
Merry boy Mirthful. Joyous. Favourite Merry names
Miland boy Bee Favourite Miland names
Milind boy Honey Bee Favourite Milind names
Minal minal girl A Precious Stone Favourite Minal names
Mirium mirium girl Wished For Child Favourite Mirium names
Mohal boy Attractive Favourite Mohal names
Mohitha mohitha girl Infatuated Favourite Mohitha names
Moksh boy Mukti Favourite Moksh names
Molina molina girl Tree That Grows From Root Favourite Molina names
Monal monal girl Bird Favourite Monal names
Morrison boy Son of Maurice. Favourite Morrison names
Mrinmayi mrinmayi girl Of The Earth Favourite Mrinmayi names
Mrudu mrudu girl Soft Favourite Mrudu names
Mukesh boy Lord Of The Dumb Favourite Mukesh names
Mukkannan boy God Sivan Favourite Mukkannan names
Mukta mukta girl Liberated; Pearl Favourite Mukta names
Mukti mukti girl Freedom From Life And Death Favourite Mukti names
Mukulita mukulita girl Bud Favourite Mukulita names
Munish boy Lord Buddha Favourite Munish names
Muniya muniya girl Name Of A Bird Favourite Muniya names
Murali boy Flute Favourite Murali names
Murugan boy Tamil God Favourite Murugan names
Murugappan boy Lord Murugan Favourite Murugappan names
Musu musu girl Beautiful Favourite Musu names
Mutholi mutholi girl Like the Shine on a Pearl Favourite Mutholi names
Muthu muthu girl Pearl Favourite Muthu names
Muthunagai muthunagai girl Smiles Like A Pearl Favourite Muthunagai names
Mythil boy Kingdom. Favourite Mythil names
Naag boy A big serpent Favourite Naag names
Naamdev boy Name of a saint Favourite Naamdev names
Nabhas boy Sky Favourite Nabhas names
Nadal boy Fortunate Favourite Nadal names
Naima naima girl Belonging To One Favourite Naima names
Nairit boy South West Favourite Nairit names
Naksatraraja boy King Of Stars Favourite Naksatraraja names
Namasthetu boy Vanquisher of All Evils & Vices & Sins Favourite Namasthetu names
Namasyu boy Bowing Favourite Namasyu names
Namir boy Leopard. Favourite Namir names
Nand-Kishore boy Lord Krishna Favourite Nand-Kishore names
Nandan boy Pleasing, Son Favourite Nandan names
Narasimha boy An incarnation of Vishnu with human body and lion head. Fourth Avatar of Dasavathars (1. Matysa, 2.Kurma, 3. Varaha, 4.Narasimha, 5. Vamana, 6. Parasurama, 7. Rama, 8. Balarama, 9. Krishna & 10. Kalk Favourite Narasimha names
Narendra boy King of men Favourite Narendra names
Naval boy Wonder Favourite Naval names
Navarro boy Plains. Favourite Navarro names
Navendu boy The Moon A Night After Amavasya Favourite Navendu names
Navin boy New Favourite Navin names
Navrang boy Colourful Favourite Navrang names
Navya navya girl Worth Praising Favourite Navya names
Nedumaran boy Tall And Handsome Favourite Nedumaran names
Neelima neelima girl Blue sky Favourite Neelima names
Neeru neeru girl Light Favourite Neeru names
Nidhish boy Lord Of Treasure Favourite Nidhish names
Niketan boy house, mansion Favourite Niketan names
Nikunj boy A Bower Favourite Nikunj names
Nila nila girl Blue Favourite Nila names
Nipun boy Expert Favourite Nipun names
Nirali nirali girl Different Favourite Nirali names
Nirav boy Without Sound; Silent Favourite Nirav names
Nirdhar boy One Who Holds Water ( Cloud) Favourite Nirdhar names
Nirmal boy Clean, Pure Favourite Nirmal names
Nirmala nirmala girl Pure Favourite Nirmala names
Nirupa nirupa girl a decree, command Favourite Nirupa names
Nischitha boy Confidence Favourite Nischitha names
Nishat boy A tree Favourite Nishat names
Nishit boy Midnight Favourite Nishit names
Nishok boy Happy Favourite Nishok names
Nissim boy Unbounded Favourite Nissim names
Nistha nistha girl Firmness Favourite Nistha names
Nitara nitara girl Deep rooted Favourite Nitara names
Nitin boy Master Of The Right Path Favourite Nitin names
Noam boy Lightning Fired. Favourite Noam names
Noorjehan noorjehan girl Light Of The World Favourite Noorjehan names
Nrupadh boy Feet Of A King Favourite Nrupadh names
Odathi odathi girl Refreshing Favourite Odathi names
Odoti odoti girl Dawn; Refreshing Favourite Odoti names
Ojas boy Bright. Might. Power. Favourite Ojas names
Ojayit boy Courageous Favourite Ojayit names
Om boy The sacred syllable Favourite Om names
Omja boy Born Of Cosmic Unity Favourite Omja names
Omkar boy A holy sound and letter. Favourite Omkar names
Omvati omvati girl Sacred, Having The Power Of Om Favourite Omvati names
Oni oni girl Shelter Favourite Oni names
Oorja oorja girl The energy Favourite Oorja names
Orpita orpita girl Offering Favourite Orpita names
Oviya oviya girl Like a Beautiful Art Favourite Oviya names
Paaninee boy A Sanskrit grammarian Favourite Paaninee names
Paarth boy Another name of Arjuna Favourite Paarth names
Padmapani boy Lord Bramha Favourite Padmapani names
Panchal boy Lord Shiva Favourite Panchal names
Pankajalochana boy Lotus Eyed. Lord Krishna Favourite Pankajalochana names
Paras boy Touchstone Favourite Paras names
Paravasu boy Name of a sage Favourite Paravasu names
Parikshit boy An ancient king Favourite Parikshit names
Parvatinandan boy Lord Ganesh Favourite Parvatinandan names
Pavalan boy Skilled in literature Favourite Pavalan names
Phaninath boy Lord of serpents Favourite Phaninath names
Poojit boy Worshipped Favourite Poojit names
Prabhas boy Brilliance, light Favourite Prabhas names
Prabuddha boy Awakened Favourite Prabuddha names
Pradyun boy Radiant Favourite Pradyun names
Pramsu boy A Scholar Favourite Pramsu names
Pranal boy Waterway Favourite Pranal names
Pranet boy Leader Favourite Pranet names
Pranjal boy simple, straightforward Favourite Pranjal names
Prateek boy Symbol Favourite Prateek names
Pratyush boy Sun Favourite Pratyush names
Pravar boy Chief Favourite Pravar names
Preetish boy God of love Favourite Preetish names
Privrata boy Son of Satarupa Favourite Privrata names
Priyaka boy Loving, Deer Favourite Priyaka names
Pulin boy Sandy river bank Favourite Pulin names
Pulish boy Name Of A Sage Favourite Pulish names
Punyakoti boy Name of a holy cow. Favourite Punyakoti names
Purav boy Chanting Voice From East At Sunrise Favourite Purav names
Puskara boy Blue Lotus, Fountain Favourite Puskara names
Raghu boy The family of Lord Rama Favourite Raghu names
Raghubir boy Lord Rama Favourite Raghubir names
Raima raima girl Pleasing; Rama of the axe ( origin - Sanskrit : Root: Rama) Favourite Raima names
Raj boy King Favourite Raj names
Raja boy King Favourite Raja names
Rajan boy King Favourite Rajan names
Rajendrakumar boy King Favourite Rajendrakumar names
Ramaa ramaa girl Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Ramaa names
Ramakant boy Husband of Rama (i.e. Lord Vishnu) Favourite Ramakant names
Ramdas boy devotee (a servant) of Rama, Hanuman Favourite Ramdas names
Ranajit boy Victorious Favourite Ranajit names
Rangan boy A Flower Favourite Rangan names
Ranita ranita girl Tinkling Favourite Ranita names
Rasaraj boy Mercury Favourite Rasaraj names
Rasna rasna girl The tongue Favourite Rasna names
RathinaVelan boy See RathinaVel Favourite RathinaVelan names
Rati rati girl A Devi Favourite Rati names
Ratnavali ratnavali girl Bunch of jewels Favourite Ratnavali names
Ratul boy Sweet Favourite Ratul names
Ravan boy Rakshash Favourite Ravan names
Ravinder boy Sun Favourite Ravinder names
Ravish boy Sun Favourite Ravish names
Ravishu boy Cupid Favourite Ravishu names
Raya raya girl Flow; Sated with drink Favourite Raya names
Revati revati girl A Star Favourite Revati names
Riddhi riddhi girl Power And Success Favourite Riddhi names
Rigved boy Name Of A Veda Favourite Rigved names
Rima rima girl White antelope Favourite Rima names
Rita rita girl Way of life Favourite Rita names
Ritkriti ritkriti girl Creation of God Sun Favourite Ritkriti names
Ritwik boy Priest Favourite Ritwik names
Rohin rohin girl Rrising Favourite Rohin names
Roshini roshini girl Light; Brightness Favourite Roshini names
Rugu rugu girl Soft Favourite Rugu names
Rukminesh boy Lord Krishna Favourite Rukminesh names
Ruma ruma girl Wife A Sugriva Favourite Ruma names
Rupa rupa girl Silver Favourite Rupa names
Rupashi rupashi girl Beautiful Favourite Rupashi names
Rupi rupi girl Beauty Favourite Rupi names
Rusham rusham girl Peaceful Favourite Rusham names
Rutajit boy Conquerer Of Truth Favourite Rutajit names
Saachee saachee girl Beloved Favourite Saachee names
Saaras boy Swan Favourite Saaras names
Sadabhuja sadabhuja girl Goddess Durga Favourite Sadabhuja names
Safal boy Succeed Favourite Safal names
Sahasranam boy Thousand names. Favourite Sahasranam names
Sahasya boy Mighty, courageous Favourite Sahasya names
Sahoj sahoj girl Strong Favourite Sahoj names
Sai Satpurusha boy Virtuous, Pious, Venerable One.Sajal moist Favourite Sai Satpurusha names
Salarjung boy Beautiful Favourite Salarjung names
Samabashiv boy Lord Shiva Favourite Samabashiv names
Samar samar girl Evening conversations Favourite Samar names
Sameen boy Valuable Favourite Sameen names
Samgram boy Host Favourite Samgram names
Sammath boy Agreed Favourite Sammath names
Samyak boy Enough Favourite Samyak names
Sanam boy Beloved Favourite Sanam names
Sanatani sanatani girl Goddess Durga Favourite Sanatani names
Sanchit boy Collected Favourite Sanchit names
Sandeepan boy A sage Favourite Sandeepan names
Sanjivan boy making alive, giving life Favourite Sanjivan names
Sanjula sanjula girl Beautiful Favourite Sanjula names
Sannath boy Accompanied by a protector Favourite Sannath names
Santoshi santoshi girl Godess Name Favourite Santoshi names
Saparna saparna girl Leafy Favourite Saparna names
Sara sara girl Precious Favourite Sara names
Sargini sargini girl Composed Of Parts Favourite Sargini names
Sarish boy Equal Favourite Sarish names
Sarngin boy Name of God Vishnu Favourite Sarngin names
Sarvad boy Lord Shiva Favourite Sarvad names
Sarvapalaka boy Protector Of All. Lord Krishna Favourite Sarvapalaka names
Sashi sashi girl Moon Favourite Sashi names
Satha satha girl Dishonest Favourite Satha names
Satindra boy Lord Shiva Favourite Satindra names
Satrajit boy Ever Victorious Favourite Satrajit names
Satvamohan boy Truthful Favourite Satvamohan names
Satvinder boy Lord of virtue Favourite Satvinder names
Satyankar boy True; good Favourite Satyankar names
Saunak boy Boy sage Favourite Saunak names
Seerat seerat girl Inner Beauty; Fame Favourite Seerat names
Shaandilya boy Name of a saint Favourite Shaandilya names
Shamak boy Makes peace Favourite Shamak names
Shandar boy Proud Favourite Shandar names
Shankdhar boy Lord Krishna Favourite Shankdhar names
Shankhamala shankhamala girl A Fairytale Princess Favourite Shankhamala names
Shankir boy Lord Shiva Favourite Shankir names
Sharu boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Sharu names
Shasha shasha girl Moon Favourite Shasha names
Shashikala shashikala girl Phases Of Moon Favourite Shashikala names
Shashimohan boy The moon Favourite Shashimohan names
Shataaneek boy Another name of Ganesha Favourite Shataaneek names
Shatha shatha girl Aromatic Favourite Shatha names
Shaurya boy Bravery Favourite Shaurya names
Shibhya boy Lord Shiva Favourite Shibhya names
Shikha shikha girl Flame Favourite Shikha names
Shikhandin boy Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu Favourite Shikhandin names
Shipra shipra girl A River Favourite Shipra names
Shivadev boy Lord of prosperity Favourite Shivadev names
Shobhna shobhna girl Ornamental, Shining Favourite Shobhna names
Shreeharsh boy God of happiness Favourite Shreeharsh names
Shreema shreema girl Prosperous Favourite Shreema names
Shrey boy Marevellous Favourite Shrey names
Shreya shreya girl Auspicious Favourite Shreya names
Shri shri girl Lustre Favourite Shri names
Shrilekha shrilekha girl Lustrious Essay Favourite Shrilekha names
Shriranga boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Shriranga names
Shrujeshwari shrujeshwari girl Goddess Of Creativity Favourite Shrujeshwari names
Shrutakeerti boy renowned, reputed Favourite Shrutakeerti names
Shubh boy Fortunate Favourite Shubh names
Shubhashis boy Blessing Favourite Shubhashis names
Shubhra shubhra girl White; The Ganga Favourite Shubhra names
Shubhranshu boy The moon Favourite Shubhranshu names
Shulabh boy Easy Favourite Shulabh names
Shvetavah boy Lord Indra Favourite Shvetavah names
Shwiti shwiti girl Fairness Favourite Shwiti names
Shyamali shyamali girl Dusky Favourite Shyamali names
Shyamlata shyamlata girl A Creeper With Dusky Leaves Favourite Shyamlata names
Siddhesh boy Lord of the blessed Favourite Siddhesh names
Siddheshwar boy Lord Shiva Favourite Siddheshwar names
Sikta sikta girl Wet Favourite Sikta names
Simran simran girl Remembrance; Meditation Favourite Simran names
Sivasankari sivasankari girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Sivasankari names
Smyan boy Smile Favourite Smyan names
Sneha sneha girl Affectionate; Love Favourite Sneha names
Snehi snehi girl Friendly Favourite Snehi names
Sopan boy Steps Favourite Sopan names
Spriha spriha girl Wish Favourite Spriha names
Srijani srijani girl Creativity Favourite Srijani names
Srivatsav boy Disciple of God Favourite Srivatsav names
Stuti stuti girl Praise Favourite Stuti names
Subhiksha subhiksha girl Prosperous Favourite Subhiksha names
Sucheta sucheta girl With A Beautiful Mind Favourite Sucheta names
Sudesha sudesha girl A Son Of Krishna Favourite Sudesha names
Sudevi sudevi girl Wife Of Krishna Favourite Sudevi names
Sudha sudha girl Nectar Favourite Sudha names
Sudhanshu boy Moon Favourite Sudhanshu names
Sudhish boy Lord of excellent intellect Favourite Sudhish names
Sudipti sudipti girl Dazzling bright Favourite Sudipti names
Sukant boy Great speaker. Sweet voiced. Favourite Sukant names
Sukhada sukhada girl One who gives happiness Favourite Sukhada names
Sulabh boy Easy to get Favourite Sulabh names
Sulabha sulabha girl Easy; Natural Favourite Sulabha names
Sumantu boy Atharva Veda was assigned to him Favourite Sumantu names
Sumona sumona girl Calm Favourite Sumona names
Sumukh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Sumukh names
Sunandita sunandita girl Happy Favourite Sunandita names
Sunayana sunayana girl A Woman With Lovely Eyes Favourite Sunayana names
Suparna boy Leafy Favourite Suparna names
Supash boy Lord Ganesh Favourite Supash names
Suphal boy Good results. Favourite Suphal names
Suprit suprit girl Loving Favourite Suprit names
Surajit boy God Favourite Surajit names
Surama surama girl Very Pleasing Favourite Surama names
Suravi suravi girl Sun Favourite Suravi names
Suryanshu boy Sunbeam Favourite Suryanshu names
Sushma sushma girl Beautiful Woman Favourite Sushma names
Suvarn boy Lord Shiva Favourite Suvarn names
Suvarnaprabha suvarnaprabha girl Lustre Of Gold Favourite Suvarnaprabha names
Svang boy Good looks Favourite Svang names
Svaraj boy Lord Indra Favourite Svaraj names
Swagata swagata girl Welcome Favourite Swagata names
Swapna swapna girl Dreamlike Favourite Swapna names
Swapnil boy Dream like; Seen in a dream; Dreamy Favourite Swapnil names
Swarna swarna girl Gold Favourite Swarna names
Swasti swasti girl Name Of A Star Favourite Swasti names
Swayambhu boy Self existent Favourite Swayambhu names
Swity swity girl Happiness Favourite Swity names
Taanusiya taanusiya girl A great devotee Favourite Taanusiya names
Taizeen boy Encouragement Favourite Taizeen names
Taksheel boy Someone With A Strong Character Favourite Taksheel names
Tamalika tamalika girl Belonging To A Place Full Of Tamal Favourite Tamalika names
Tamasi tamasi girl Night Favourite Tamasi names
TamilArasi tamilarasi girl Tamil Queen Favourite TamilArasi names
Tanmaya tanmaya girl Absorbed Favourite Tanmaya names
Tanu tanu girl Body Favourite Tanu names
Tanuja tanuja girl A Daughter Favourite Tanuja names
Tarachandra boy Star & Moon Favourite Tarachandra names
Tarakeshwari tarakeshwari girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Tarakeshwari names
Taral boy Honeybee Favourite Taral names
Tarala tarala girl Honeybee Favourite Tarala names
Tarangini tarangini girl A River Favourite Tarangini names
Tarani tarani girl A Beam Of Light Favourite Tarani names
Tarendra boy Prince Of Stars Favourite Tarendra names
Tarla tarla girl Nectar Favourite Tarla names
Tarun boy New Favourite Tarun names
Tarunima tarunima girl Youth Favourite Tarunima names
Teerthankar boy A Jain Saint Favourite Teerthankar names
Tejasvi tejasvi girl Energetic; Gifted; Brilliant Favourite Tejasvi names
Thanaa thanaa girl Thankfulness Favourite Thanaa names
ThangaMuthu boy Golden Pearl; Precious Favourite ThangaMuthu names
Thenappan boy Kind Favourite Thenappan names
Thumri thumri girl Light Classical Melody Favourite Thumri names
Timothy boy Name of a Saint Favourite Timothy names
Tisyaketu boy Lord Shiva Favourite Tisyaketu names
Tithi tithi girl Date Favourite Tithi names
Toral toral girl A Folk Heroine Favourite Toral names
Toru boy Bull Favourite Toru names
Trayi trayi girl Intellect Favourite Trayi names
Triambak boy Lord Shiva Favourite Triambak names
Triguni triguni girl The Three Dimensions Favourite Triguni names
Trigyesh boy Lord Buddha - Trigya With Esh As Eshwar..... Favourite Trigyesh names
Trijagati trijagati girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Trijagati names
Trilochan boy Three eyed Favourite Trilochan names
Trinabh boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Trinabh names
Triputa triputa girl Goddess Durga Favourite Triputa names
Trishala trishala girl Mother Of Lord Mahavir Favourite Trishala names
Trishna trishna girl Thirst Favourite Trishna names
Trivikram boy An epithet of Vishnu Favourite Trivikram names
Tuhina tuhina girl Snow Favourite Tuhina names
Tulika tulika girl Brush Favourite Tulika names
Turanya turanya girl Swift Favourite Turanya names
Tushar boy Snow Favourite Tushar names
Tuvidyumna boy Lord Indra Favourite Tuvidyumna names
Tuvijat boy Lord Indra Favourite Tuvijat names
Tvishi tvishi girl Ray of light; Energy; Brilliance Favourite Tvishi names
Tyson boy Fiery. Favourite Tyson names
Udaya udaya girl Dawn Favourite Udaya names
Udayan boy Up rising Favourite Udayan names
Uditi uditi girl Rising Favourite Uditi names
Udyati udyati girl Elevated Favourite Udyati names
Ujhala ujhala girl Light Favourite Ujhala names
Ujjanini ujjanini girl An Ancient City Favourite Ujjanini names
Ujjawal boy Bright; Clear; Splendorous Favourite Ujjawal names
Ulaganathan boy Master of the World Favourite Ulaganathan names
Ullupi ullupi girl Pretty Face Favourite Ullupi names
Umang boy Enthusiasm Favourite Umang names
Unma unma girl Joy Favourite Unma names
Upala upala girl Sandy Shore Favourite Upala names
Upamanyu boy Name of a devoted pupil Favourite Upamanyu names
Urmila urmila girl Wife Of Lakshmana Favourite Urmila names
Urshita urshita girl Firm Favourite Urshita names
Ushashi ushashi girl Morning Favourite Ushashi names
Utalika utalika girl Wave Favourite Utalika names
Utpala utpala girl Lotus Favourite Utpala names
Utsa utsa girl Spring Favourite Utsa names
Vaagdevi vaagdevi girl Goddess of learning; Saraswath Favourite Vaagdevi names
Vaanadhi vaanadhi girl Milky way Favourite Vaanadhi names
Vachan boy Speech Favourite Vachan names
Vachya vachya girl Sita Favourite Vachya names
Vadin boy Known Lecturer Favourite Vadin names
Vagishwari vagishwari girl Goddess Saraswati Favourite Vagishwari names
Vahini vahini girl Flowing Favourite Vahini names
Vaikhan boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Vaikhan names
Vaishnavi vaishnavi girl Goddess Durga, Ganga, Tulsi Favourite Vaishnavi names
Vajrakaya boy Sturdy Like Metal, Lord Hanuman Favourite Vajrakaya names
ValliMayilan boy Another name for God Murugan Favourite ValliMayilan names
Valmik boy The Author Of The Epic Ramayana Favourite Valmik names
Vanalakshmi vanalakshmi girl Ornament of the forest Favourite Vanalakshmi names
Varad boy God Of Fire Favourite Varad names
Vareshvar boy Lord Shiva Favourite Vareshvar names
Vari vari girl Water; Sea Favourite Vari names
Varindra boy Lord Of The Ocean Favourite Varindra names
Varuna varuna girl A goddess; Wife of the lord of water - Varuna Favourite Varuna names
Vasana vasana girl Goddess Durga Favourite Vasana names
Vashnie vashnie girl A Beloved Blessing Favourite Vashnie names
Vasumitha vasumitha girl Brightest Friend Favourite Vasumitha names
Vasumitr boy An Ancient Name Favourite Vasumitr names
Vedamohan boy Lord Krishna Favourite Vedamohan names
Venmugil venmugil girl White Cloud Favourite Venmugil names
Venya venya girl Lovable Favourite Venya names
Vidhut vidhut girl Electricity Favourite Vidhut names
Vidushi vidushi girl Learned Favourite Vidushi names
Vidyadevi vidyadevi girl Goddess of knowledge (Saraswati) Favourite Vidyadevi names
Vijitendriya boy Controller of the Senses Favourite Vijitendriya names
Vikramendra boy King of prowess Favourite Vikramendra names
Vilok boy To See Favourite Vilok names
Vimala vimala girl Pure Favourite Vimala names
Vipanchi vipanchi girl Lute Favourite Vipanchi names
Vipasa vipasa girl A River Favourite Vipasa names
Vipra boy A Priest Favourite Vipra names
Vishala vishala girl Wide; Spacious Favourite Vishala names
Vishalya boy Painless Favourite Vishalya names
Vishvajit boy One Who Conquers The Universe Favourite Vishvajit names
Vismay boy Surprise Favourite Vismay names
Vithika vithika girl Pathway Favourite Vithika names
Viti viti girl Light Favourite Viti names
Vivaan boy Lord Krishna Favourite Vivaan names
Vrajanadan boy Lord Krishna Favourite Vrajanadan names
Vrinda vrinda girl Basil; Radha Favourite Vrinda names
Vritee vritee girl Nature, Behaviour Favourite Vritee names
Yaalini yaalini girl Melodious Favourite Yaalini names
Yagnesh boy Religious Leader Favourite Yagnesh names
Yagyasen boy Name Of King Drupad Favourite Yagyasen names
Yagyesh boy Lord for the sacrificial fire Favourite Yagyesh names
Yaksha yaksha girl Sister Of Daksha Favourite Yaksha names
Yalini yalini girl Melodious Favourite Yalini names
Yamika yamika girl Night Favourite Yamika names
Yamuna yamuna girl Holy River Favourite Yamuna names
Yash boy Victory, Glory Favourite Yash names
Yasmin yasmin girl Jasmine Flower Favourite Yasmin names
Yasti yasti girl Slim Favourite Yasti names
Yogeshwari yogeshwari girl Goddess Durga Favourite Yogeshwari names
Yogita yogita girl One who can concentrate Favourite Yogita names
Yoshita yoshita girl Lady Favourite Yoshita names
Yousha yousha girl Young Girl Favourite Yousha names
Yug boy Age Favourite Yug names
Yuvaraj boy Prince. Favourite Yuvaraj names
Yuvika yuvika girl Young Girl Favourite Yuvika names