Top Kannada Baby Names

A Name is a simple a word which used to identify rest of the life of child so this is the first gift from the parents or relatives to the baby.therefore it needed a great care when we put their baby name which should be listen to good and beautiful meaning.To Keep all of that things in Mind we have great and nice collection range of baby names with meaning where your search will be finished for the suitable baby names. here is great range of Kannada Baby names with meaning where you choose your favourite Kannada Baby Names.
Top Kannada Baby Names
Name Meaning
Aachman boy Intake Of A Sip Of Water Before A Yagya Or Puja Favourite Aachman names
Aadalarasu boy King of Dance Favourite Aadalarasu names
Aadarshini aadarshini girl Idealistic Favourite Aadarshini names
Aadesh boy Command; Message Favourite Aadesh names
Aadidev boy The First God Favourite Aadidev names
Aaditeya boy Son Of Aditi Favourite Aaditeya names
Aaditri aaditri girl Godess Laxmi Favourite Aaditri names
Aahlaad boy Delight Favourite Aahlaad names
Aakarshan boy Attraction Favourite Aakarshan names
Aalia aalia girl Exalted; Highest social standing Favourite Aalia names
Aamaal aamaal girl Hopes; Aspirations Favourite Aamaal names
Aanandswarup aanandswarup girl Full Of Joy Favourite Aanandswarup names
Aandaleeb boy The bulbul bird Favourite Aandaleeb names
Aaoka aaoka girl Lustrous Favourite Aaoka names
Aaraadhana aaraadhana girl Regard Favourite Aaraadhana names
Aarohi aarohi girl Holy Favourite Aarohi names
Aarth aarth girl Red Glimpse,God Favourite Aarth names
Aarya aarya girl Hope,Desire Favourite Aarya names
Aashalata aashalata girl Creeper Of Hope Favourite Aashalata names
Aashima aashima girl One who is full of hope Favourite Aashima names
Aashiyana aashiyana girl Beautiful Home Favourite Aashiyana names
Aatmanand aatmanand girl In the shadow of soul Favourite Aatmanand names
Aayu aayu girl Span Of Life Favourite Aayu names
Aayushi aayushi girl One with long life Favourite Aayushi names
Abedin abedin girl Worshippers Favourite Abedin names
Abhaya abhaya girl A cow boy Favourite Abhaya names
Abheek abheek girl Fearless Favourite Abheek names
Abhi abhi girl Fearless Favourite Abhi names
Abhidha abhidha girl Literal Meaning Favourite Abhidha names
Abhilaash abhilaash girl Lord Vishnu Favourite Abhilaash names
Abhilash abhilash girl Wish Favourite Abhilash names
Abhinatha abhinatha girl Lord Of Desires, Another Name For Kama Favourite Abhinatha names
Abhinay abhinay girl Expression Favourite Abhinay names
Abhinithi abhinithi girl That Which Is Already Been Performed, Friendship Favourite Abhinithi names
Abhirup abhirup girl Pleasing Favourite Abhirup names
Abhisoka boy Passionate, Loving Favourite Abhisoka names
Abhisri abhisri girl Surrounded By Glory, Shining, Powerful Favourite Abhisri names
Abhisyanta boy Splendid, A Son Of Kuru And Vahini Favourite Abhisyanta names
Abhivira boy Surrounded By Heroes, A Commander Favourite Abhivira names
Abhyagni boy Towards The Fire, A Son Of Aitasa Favourite Abhyagni names
Abirami abirami girl Godessname; Godess Lakshmi Favourite Abirami names
Abjit boy Conquering Water Favourite Abjit names
Ablaa ablaa girl Perfectly formed Favourite Ablaa names
Acalendra boy Lord Of The Immovable, The Himalayas Favourite Acalendra names
Acarya boy Teacher, Another Name For Drona, Asvaghosa And Krpa Favourite Acarya names
Acaryatanaya boy Son Of The Teacher, Another Name For Asvatthaman Favourite Acaryatanaya names
Achal boy Constant Favourite Achal names
Achyut boy Imperishable; A Name Of Vishnu Favourite Achyut names
Acintya boy Surpassing Thought, Incogitable Favourite Acintya names
Adarsh adarsh girl Ideal Favourite Adarsh names
Addyson addyson girl A Short Form Of Adelaide Favourite Addyson names
Adela adela girl A Short Form Of Adelaide Favourite Adela names
Adelle adelle girl Beautiful Favourite Adelle names
Adheshwar adheshwar girl God Favourite Adheshwar names
Adhikara adhikara girl Principal, Controller Favourite Adhikara names
Adhipa adhipa girl King, Ruler Favourite Adhipa names
Adhiranshu adhiranshu girl A king Favourite Adhiranshu names
Adimoolan adimoolan girl Adinath Favourite Adimoolan names
Adisesh adisesh girl Lord Vishnu Favourite Adisesh names
Adit adit girl First Born Favourite Adit names
Adityanandana adityanandana girl Son Of The Sun Favourite Adityanandana names
Advait advait girl Non-duality Favourite Advait names
Advik advik girl Unique Favourite Advik names
Adwaita adwaita girl One; united Favourite Adwaita names
Afroza afroza girl From Afton England Favourite Afroza names
Agam agam girl Intelligent Favourite Agam names
Agampreet agampreet girl Inner Happiness Favourite Agampreet names
Agathiyan agathiyan girl Intelligent; Brilliant Favourite Agathiyan names
Agha agha girl Pre Eminent Favourite Agha names
Aghat aghat girl Destroyer Of Sin Favourite Aghat names
Agney agney girl Lord kartikeya Favourite Agney names
Agnimani agnimani girl Gold Favourite Agnimani names
Agnireta agnireta girl Saffron pod Favourite Agnireta names
Agniveerya agniveerya girl Dhronacharya s Guru Favourite Agniveerya names
Agraj agraj girl A king s son Favourite Agraj names
Agrata agrata girl Leadership Favourite Agrata names
Agrim agrim girl Beyond comprehension; Beyond knowledge Favourite Agrim names
Ahanti ahanti girl Gift Favourite Ahanti names
Ahearn ahearn girl Worldly; Knowledgeable Favourite Ahearn names
Ahladita ahladita girl In Happy Mood Favourite Ahladita names
AhObalaraav ahobalaraav girl Kindness Favourite AhObalaraav names
Aiken aiken girl One who never born Favourite Aiken names
Ain ain girl Eye Favourite Ain names
Airawat airawat girl The Celestial White Elephant Favourite Airawat names
Aisha aisha girl Living; Prosperous; Wife of Prophet Mohammed Favourite Aisha names
Aja aja girl One Who Is Self Existent Favourite Aja names
Ajagandha ajagandha girl Daughter Of Aja Favourite Ajagandha names
Ajaipal ajaipal girl A Brahmin Favourite Ajaipal names
Ajapati ajapati girl One who never aged Favourite Ajapati names
Ajatashatru ajatashatru girl Without Enemies Favourite Ajatashatru names
Ajay boy Unconquerable, Invincible Favourite Ajay names
Ajeet ajeet girl Invincible Favourite Ajeet names
Ajija ajija girl Victorious Favourite Ajija names
Ajita ajita girl A Winner Favourite Ajita names
Ajitabh ajitabh girl Victor Favourite Ajitabh names
Ajmal ajmal girl Pious Favourite Ajmal names
Akalpreet akalpreet girl The one taking shelter in God Favourite Akalpreet names
Akalsimar akalsimar girl Lamp of sky Favourite Akalsimar names
Akanksha akanksha girl Wish; Desire; Ambition Favourite Akanksha names
Akas akas girl Great, Mighty Favourite Akas names
Akhila akhila girl Complete Favourite Akhila names
Akhilesh boy Indestructible, Immortal Favourite Akhilesh names
Akroor boy Kind Favourite Akroor names
Akshan boy Eye Favourite Akshan names
Akshara akshara girl Letters Favourite Akshara names
Akshat boy Uninjurable Favourite Akshat names
Akshay boy Indestructible Favourite Akshay names
Akshda akshda girl Tandul Favourite Akshda names
Akshit boy Permanent Favourite Akshit names
Akshiti akshiti girl Victorious Peace Favourite Akshiti names
Akul boy A Name Of Lord Shiva Favourite Akul names
Alabhya alabhya girl Unique; Difficult to acquire Favourite Alabhya names
Alaganandan boy Handsome Favourite Alaganandan names
Alagappan boy Handsome Favourite Alagappan names
Alagelil boy Handsome and Elegant Favourite Alagelil names
AlagiyaNambi boy Handsome and Confident Favourite AlagiyaNambi names
AlaguRathinam boy Handsome gem Favourite AlaguRathinam names
AlaguVel boy God Murugan Favourite AlaguVel names
Alaka alaka girl A Girl With A Lovely Hair, Beauty Favourite Alaka names
Alamgir boy The Lord Of The Whole World Favourite Alamgir names
Alankrita alankrita girl Decorated Lady Favourite Alankrita names
Alda alda girl Rich Favourite Alda names
Alhad boy Joy Favourite Alhad names
Alisha alisha girl Protected By God Favourite Alisha names
Aliza aliza girl Joyous Favourite Aliza names
Aloki aloki girl Brightness Favourite Aloki names
Alop boy That Which Does Not Disappear Favourite Alop names
Amalendu boy The Unblemished Moon Favourite Amalendu names
Amanath boy Treasure Favourite Amanath names
Amani amani girl Spring Season (vasanth Ritu) Favourite Amani names
Amardeep boy Eternal Light Favourite Amardeep names
Amaris boy Child Of The Moon Favourite Amaris names
Amatullah amatullah girl Female servant of Allah Favourite Amatullah names
Ambalan boy Learned Favourite Ambalan names
Ambarish boy The Sky Favourite Ambarish names
Ambuda ambuda girl Cloud Favourite Ambuda names
Ambuj boy Lotus Favourite Ambuj names
Ameera ameera girl Leader; Princess Favourite Ameera names
Amelia amelia girl Industrious Favourite Amelia names
Amil boy Invaluable Favourite Amil names
Amisha amisha girl Beautiful Favourite Amisha names
Amit boy Endless, Boundless Favourite Amit names
Amitbikram boy Limitless Prowess Favourite Amitbikram names
Amitjyoti amitjyoti girl Ever bright Favourite Amitjyoti names
Amitrasudan boy Destroyer Of Enemies Favourite Amitrasudan names
Amod boy Pleasure Favourite Amod names
Amoda amoda girl Happiness Favourite Amoda names
Amol boy Priceless, Valuable Favourite Amol names
Amoorta boy Formless Favourite Amoorta names
Amrapali amrapali girl Famous Courtesan Who Became A Devotee Of Buddha Favourite Amrapali names
Amrish boy Lord Indra Favourite Amrish names
Amrusha amrusha girl Sudden Favourite Amrusha names
Amshul boy Bright Favourite Amshul names
Anagh boy Sinless Favourite Anagh names
Anaimugan boy Another Name for God Pillaiyar; Elephant-headed Favourite Anaimugan names
Anala anala girl Goddess Of Fire Favourite Anala names
Anam anam girl Blessing Favourite Anam names
Anandani anandani girl Joyful Favourite Anandani names
Anandmayee anandmayee girl Full Of Happiness Favourite Anandmayee names
Anang boy Name Of Cupid Or Kamadeva Favourite Anang names
Anantajeet boy The Victor Of Infinity. Lord Vishnu Favourite Anantajeet names
Anantya anantya girl Endless, Eternal Favourite Anantya names
Ananyo boy Sole, Peerless Favourite Ananyo names
Anavi anavi girl Kind To People Favourite Anavi names
Anbalagan boy Lovely and Handsome Favourite Anbalagan names
Anbendhi boy Kind Favourite Anbendhi names
AnbuCheliyan boy Kind and Prosperous Favourite AnbuCheliyan names
Anbuchelvan boy Kind, King Of Love Favourite Anbuchelvan names
Anbumani boy Lovely Gem Favourite Anbumani names
Anchala anchala girl One End Of Saree Which Is Free Favourite Anchala names
Angad boy An Ornament Favourite Angad names
Angaja angaja girl Daughter Of Aja Favourite Angaja names
Angamuthu boy Made Of Pearls Favourite Angamuthu names
Angel angel girl Shine Of Glory Favourite Angel names
Angoori angoori girl Grape Like Favourite Angoori names
Anik boy Soldier Favourite Anik names
Anika anika girl Goddess Durga Favourite Anika names
Anil boy God Of Wind Favourite Anil names
Anirudh boy Boundless Favourite Anirudh names
Anisa boy Supreme Favourite Anisa names
Anit boy Joyful Unending Favourite Anit names
Anjaneya boy Hanuman Favourite Anjaneya names
Anjappan boy Courageous Favourite Anjappan names
Anju anju girl One Who Lives In Heart Favourite Anju names
Anjum boy A Token Favourite Anjum names
Anjuman boy A Token; A Symbol Favourite Anjuman names
Ankit boy Conquered Favourite Ankit names
Ankita ankita girl Distinguished; Marked by the Lord; Dedicate Favourite Ankita names
Annika annika girl Goddess Durga Favourite Annika names
Anram boy Continuous Favourite Anram names
Anshika anshika girl Minute particle Favourite Anshika names
Anshuk boy Radiant Favourite Anshuk names
Anshumat boy Luminous Favourite Anshumat names
Antim boy Last Favourite Antim names
Anubhuti anubhuti girl Feelings Favourite Anubhuti names
Anugraha anugraha girl Divine Blessing Favourite Anugraha names
Anuha boy Satisfied Favourite Anuha names
Anukeertana anukeertana girl Praising Gods virtues Favourite Anukeertana names
Anulekha anulekha girl One Who Follows Destiny Favourite Anulekha names
Anumegha anumegha girl Following The Rain Favourite Anumegha names
Anunitha anunitha girl Courtesy Favourite Anunitha names
Anup boy Without Comparison Favourite Anup names
Anurati anurati girl Consent Favourite Anurati names
Anuttam boy Unsurpassed Favourite Anuttam names
Anuttara anuttara girl Unanswered Favourite Anuttara names
Anwesha anwesha girl Quest Favourite Anwesha names
Apala apala girl Most Beautiful Favourite Apala names
Aparijita aparijita girl Undefeated; Name Of A Flower Favourite Aparijita names
Apeksha apeksha girl Expected Favourite Apeksha names
Apinaya apinaya girl Expressions In Dance Favourite Apinaya names
Apurva apurva girl Like Never Before Favourite Apurva names
Aqilah aqilah girl Intelligent woman Favourite Aqilah names
Aran boy Righteous Favourite Aran names
Arati arati girl Worship Favourite Arati names
Aravaanan boy Righteous; Decent Favourite Aravaanan names
Aravan boy Righteous Favourite Aravan names
Archini archini girl Ray Of Light Favourite Archini names
Areej areej girl Pleasant smell Favourite Areej names
Arha boy Lord Shiva Favourite Arha names
Arhat boy Respectable Favourite Arhat names
Arij arij girl Sweet Smell Favourite Arij names
Arijit boy Conquering Enemies, Son Of Krishna And Subhadra Favourite Arijit names
Arinan boy Intellectual Favourite Arinan names
Ariona ariona girl Bringer Of Life Favourite Ariona names
Arivali boy Smart, Intelligent Favourite Arivali names
Arivan boy Intelligent; Smart Favourite Arivan names
Arivarasan boy King of Intelligence Favourite Arivarasan names
Arivu boy Intelligence Favourite Arivu names
ArivuChelvan boy One whose wealth is his intelligence Favourite ArivuChelvan names
Arivunambi boy Intelligent and confident Favourite Arivunambi names
Arjun boy Peacock Favourite Arjun names
Arogyada arogyada girl Granter Of Good Health Favourite Arogyada names
Arpan boy Offering Favourite Arpan names
Arpana arpana girl Offering Favourite Arpana names
Artana artana girl Vanquisher Of All Foes Favourite Artana names
Arth boy Meaning Favourite Arth names
Arulchelvan boy Blessed Favourite Arulchelvan names
Arulmani boy Blessed Gem Favourite Arulmani names
ArumugaSami boy God Murugan Favourite ArumugaSami names
Arunachaleshwara boy Lord Of The Hills Of Sun Favourite Arunachaleshwara names
Arunima arunima girl Glow Of Dawn Favourite Arunima names
Arvind boy Lotus Favourite Arvind names
Aryahi aryahi girl Goddess Durga Favourite Aryahi names
Aryaman boy The Sun Favourite Aryaman names
Asah asah girl Plant known for its greeness Favourite Asah names
Asawari asawari girl Raga in hindustani classical music Favourite Asawari names
Aseem boy Limitlessashank Favourite Aseem names
Asgari asgari girl Devotee Favourite Asgari names
Asheem boy Boundless Favourite Asheem names
Ashika ashika girl One Without Sorrow, Mercury Favourite Ashika names
Ashis boy Benediction Favourite Ashis names
Ashlesh boy To Embrace Favourite Ashlesh names
Ashlesha ashlesha girl A star Favourite Ashlesha names
Ashna ashna girl Friend Favourite Ashna names
Ashok boy One Without Sorrow Favourite Ashok names
Ashvath boy Strong Favourite Ashvath names
Ashwabha ashwabha girl Lightening Favourite Ashwabha names
Ashwatthama boy Fiery Tempered Favourite Ashwatthama names
Asit boy Not White Favourite Asit names
Asiya asiya girl One who tends to the weak and heals Favourite Asiya names
Aslesh boy Embrance Favourite Aslesh names
Aslesha aslesha girl A Star Favourite Aslesha names
Astik boy Who Has Faith In God Favourite Astik names
Asya asya girl Grace Favourite Asya names
Atal boy Immoveable Favourite Atal names
Atasi atasi girl A Blue Flower Favourite Atasi names
Ateet boy Past Favourite Ateet names
Atharvan boy Knower Of The Arthara Vedas Favourite Atharvan names
Atheeva atheeva girl Ultimate Favourite Atheeva names
Atmaj boy Son Favourite Atmaj names
Atmananda boy Bliss Of Soul Favourite Atmananda names
Atral boy Skilled Favourite Atral names
Atreya boy Receptacle Of Glory Favourite Atreya names
Avadhesh boy King Dasaratha Favourite Avadhesh names
AvaniKo boy King Favourite AvaniKo names
Avanindra boy King Of The Earth Favourite Avanindra names
Avanti avanti girl Ancient Malwa; Ujjain Favourite Avanti names
Avapya avapya girl Achieving Favourite Avapya names
Avasyu boy Lord Indra Favourite Avasyu names
Avdhut boy God Dutta Favourite Avdhut names
Avighna boy Remover of Obstacles Favourite Avighna names
Avikshit boy Not See Before Favourite Avikshit names
Avneesh boy God Of The Earth.another Name For God Lord Ganesh Favourite Avneesh names
Ayati ayati girl Royal Favourite Ayati names
Ayesha ayesha girl Doll Favourite Ayesha names
Ayushman boy Blessed With Long Life Favourite Ayushman names
Ayushmati ayushmati girl One Who Has A Long Life Favourite Ayushmati names
Ayyappa boy Lord Ayyappa Favourite Ayyappa names
Azhaar azhaar girl Flowers; Blossoms Favourite Azhaar names
Babala boy Above Favourite Babala names
Badri boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Badri names
Badriya badriya girl Resembling full moon Favourite Badriya names
Bahubali boy A Jain Tirthakar Favourite Bahubali names
Bahula bahula girl Cow, Kritika Nakshatra Favourite Bahula names
Bahurai boy With Great Riches Favourite Bahurai names
Bairavi bairavi girl Goddess Durga; Music Favourite Bairavi names
Bakhtawar boy One Who Brings Good Luck Favourite Bakhtawar names
Bakula bakula girl Nagakeshar Flower Favourite Bakula names
Balachandrav boy The Crescent Moon Favourite Balachandrav names
Baladitya boy Young Sun Favourite Baladitya names
Balaji boy God Venkatan Favourite Balaji names
Balamani boy Young Jewel Favourite Balamani names
Balan boy Youthful Favourite Balan names
Balaram boy The Brother Of Lord Krishna Favourite Balaram names
Balashankar boy Young Lord Shiva Favourite Balashankar names
BalaVenkatan boy God Vengatan Favourite BalaVenkatan names
Balendu boy Young Moon Favourite Balendu names
Balvant boy Of Immense Strength Favourite Balvant names
Banan banan girl Finger tips Favourite Banan names
Banbihari boy Lord Krishna Favourite Banbihari names
Baneet boy Polite Favourite Baneet names
Bankebihari boy Lord Krishna Favourite Bankebihari names
Banmala banmala girl A Garland Of 5 Types Of Flowers Favourite Banmala names
Banshidhar boy Krishna Favourite Banshidhar names
Barid boy Cloud Favourite Barid names
Barsha barsha girl Rain Favourite Barsha names
Basant boy Season Of Spring Favourite Basant names
Baseema baseema girl Smiling Favourite Baseema names
Basistha boy A Sage Favourite Basistha names
Batnasiddhikara boy Granter of Strength Favourite Batnasiddhikara names
Beena beena girl A Musical Instrument Favourite Beena names
Belli belli girl Silver, A Companion Favourite Belli names
Bhadrakapil boy Lord Shiva Favourite Bhadrakapil names
Bhadranidhi boy Treasure Of Goodness Favourite Bhadranidhi names
Bhagaditya boy The Sun Which Bestows Wealth Favourite Bhagaditya names
Bhagirat boy With Glorious Chariot Favourite Bhagirat names
Bhagirathi bhagirathi girl The ganges Favourite Bhagirathi names
Bhagwant boy Fortunate Favourite Bhagwant names
Bhagyaraj boy Lord Of Luck Favourite Bhagyaraj names
Bhagyashri bhagyashri girl Goddess Lakshmi, Lucky Favourite Bhagyashri names
Bhakthavatsala boy Protector of Devotees Favourite Bhakthavatsala names
Bhakti bhakti girl Devotion, Prayer Favourite Bhakti names
Bhalendra boy Lord Of Light Favourite Bhalendra names
bhanan boy Elephant Faced Favourite bhanan names
Bhanuni bhanuni girl Charming woman Favourite Bhanuni names
Bhanuprasad boy Gift Of Sun Favourite Bhanuprasad names
Bharavi bharavi girl Radiant Sun Favourite Bharavi names
Bhargyaraj boy Lord Of Luck Favourite Bhargyaraj names
Bhasvan boy Bright Favourite Bhasvan names
Bhavamanyu boy Creator Of Universe Favourite Bhavamanyu names
Bhavana bhavana girl Feelings, Sentiments Favourite Bhavana names
Bhavesh boy Lord Of The World Favourite Bhavesh names
Bhavika bhavika girl Cheerful Expression Favourite Bhavika names
Bhavya bhavya girl Grand, Splendid Favourite Bhavya names
Bheru boy Friend Favourite Bheru names
Bhini bhini girl Humid Favourite Bhini names
Bhishma boy One Who Has Taken A Terrible Vow Favourite Bhishma names
Bholanath boy Lord Shiva Favourite Bholanath names
Bhoomika bhoomika girl Base Favourite Bhoomika names
Bhooshan boy Decoration Favourite Bhooshan names
Bhramar boy Black Bee Favourite Bhramar names
Bhumi boy Earth Favourite Bhumi names
Bhupali bhupali girl A Raagini In Indian Music Favourite Bhupali names
Bhupati boy King Favourite Bhupati names
Bhupesh boy King Favourite Bhupesh names
Bhuvaneshwar boy Lord Of The World Favourite Bhuvaneshwar names
Bibek boy Conscience Favourite Bibek names
Bijal bijal girl Lightening Favourite Bijal names
Bimb boy Halo Favourite Bimb names
Bimbi bimbi girl Glorious Favourite Bimbi names
Bindhiya bindhiya girl Dew Drop Favourite Bindhiya names
Bipasha bipasha girl A River Favourite Bipasha names
Bipin boy Forest (vipin) Favourite Bipin names
Birendra boy King Of Warriors Favourite Birendra names
Bodhan boy Kindling Favourite Bodhan names
Bodhi bodhi girl Enlightenment Favourite Bodhi names
Brahmadutt boy Dedicated To Lord Brahma Favourite Brahmadutt names
Brajamohan boy Name Of Lord Krishna Favourite Brajamohan names
Bramhaghosh boy Chanting Of Vedas Favourite Bramhaghosh names
Brij boy Lord Krishna Favourite Brij names
Brijnandan boy Lord Krishna Favourite Brijnandan names
Brinda brinda girl Tulasi Favourite Brinda names
Buddhadev boy Wise Person Favourite Buddhadev names
Buddhipriya boy Knowledge Favourite Buddhipriya names
Bunny bunny girl Cute like rabbit (per name) Favourite Bunny names
Buthayna buthayna girl Of beautiful and tender body Favourite Buthayna names
Caroline caroline girl Dimunitive with royal Connotations Favourite Caroline names
Cathy cathy girl Pure Favourite Cathy names
Ceyone boy Rising Sun Favourite Ceyone names
Chaaya chaaya girl Shadow Favourite Chaaya names
Chahna chahna girl Love Favourite Chahna names
Chakor boy A Bird Enamoured Of The Moon Favourite Chakor names
Chakori chakori girl A Bird Enamoured Of The Moon Favourite Chakori names
Chakrapani boy Name Of Lord Vishnu Favourite Chakrapani names
Chakresh boy Name Of Lord Vishnu Favourite Chakresh names
Chakshu boy Eye Favourite Chakshu names
Chameli chameli girl A Creeper With Flowers Favourite Chameli names
Champak boy A Flower Favourite Champak names
Champakali champakali girl A Bud Of Champa Favourite Champakali names
Champamalini champamalini girl Garland Of Champa Flower Favourite Champamalini names
Chanakya boy Name Of Kautilya, The Great Scholar Favourite Chanakya names
Chanchal chanchal girl Active Favourite Chanchal names
Chanchareek boy Bee Favourite Chanchareek names
Chandana chandana girl Sandal Favourite Chandana names
Chander boy Moon Favourite Chander names
Chandini chandini girl Star Favourite Chandini names
Chandrabindu chandrabindu girl Crescent Moon Favourite Chandrabindu names
Chandraditya boy Name Of A King Favourite Chandraditya names
Chandragupt boy Name Of Ancient King Favourite Chandragupt names
Chandrakala chandrakala girl Moonbeams Favourite Chandrakala names
Chandraketu boy Moon Banner Favourite Chandraketu names
Chandrakin chandrakin girl A Peacock Favourite Chandrakin names
Chandrakirthi boy As Famous As The Moon Favourite Chandrakirthi names
Chandramohan boy Attractive Like The Moon Favourite Chandramohan names
Chandramukhi chandramukhi girl As Beautiful As The Moon Favourite Chandramukhi names
Chandranath boy The Moon Favourite Chandranath names
Chandrashekhar boy One Who Holds Moon In His Hair Knot (shiva) Favourite Chandrashekhar names
Chandratara chandratara girl The Moon And The Stars Conjoined Favourite Chandratara names
Chandravadan boy Moon Like Face Favourite Chandravadan names
Chandresh boy Lord Of The Moon Favourite Chandresh names
Chandrima chandrima girl The Moon Favourite Chandrima names
Chandrpeed boy Name Of Shiva Favourite Chandrpeed names
Chapal boy Quick Favourite Chapal names
Chara chara girl Quiet And Frisky Favourite Chara names
Charanjeet boy One Who Has Won Over The Lord (charanjeet) Favourite Charanjeet names
Charanjit boy One Who Has Won Over The Lord (charanjeet) Favourite Charanjit names
Charu charu girl Beautiful Favourite Charu names
Charuprabha charuprabha girl Beautiful Favourite Charuprabha names
Charusheel boy Of Good Character Favourite Charusheel names
Charvi charvi girl A Beautiful Woman Favourite Charvi names
Chatresh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Chatresh names
Chayana chayana girl Moon Favourite Chayana names
Cheliyan boy Prosperous; Rich; Resourceful Favourite Cheliyan names
ChellaMani boy Precious gem Favourite ChellaMani names
Chellapan boy Precious Favourite Chellapan names
Chemmal boy Perfect Favourite Chemmal names
Chemmoli boy Precious Words Favourite Chemmoli names
Chetan boy Life Favourite Chetan names
Chhandak boy The Charioteer Of Lord Buddha Favourite Chhandak names
Chhavi chhavi girl Reflection Favourite Chhavi names
Chidananda boy Lord Shiva Favourite Chidananda names
Chidatma boy Supreme Spirit Favourite Chidatma names
Chinmayi chinmayi girl Blissful Favourite Chinmayi names
Chinmayu boy Supreme Consciousness Favourite Chinmayu names
ChinnaMuthu boy Little Pearl Favourite ChinnaMuthu names
Chintya boy Worthy Of Thought Favourite Chintya names
Chiranjeev boy Longlived Favourite Chiranjeev names
Chiranjeevi boy Without death, Eternal Being Favourite Chiranjeevi names
Chirayu boy Immortal Favourite Chirayu names
Chitesh boy Lord Of The Soul Favourite Chitesh names
Chithayu boy Born Of Intellect Favourite Chithayu names
Chitkala chitkala girl Knowledge Favourite Chitkala names
Chitrabahu boy With Beautiful Hands Favourite Chitrabahu names
Chitrakshi chitrakshi girl Colourful Eyes Favourite Chitrakshi names
Chitramaya chitramaya girl Worldly Illusion Favourite Chitramaya names
Chitrarekha chitrarekha girl Picture Favourite Chitrarekha names
Chittaranjan boy One Who Pleases The Mind Favourite Chittaranjan names
Chittesh boy Lord Of The Soul Favourite Chittesh names
Cholan boy The Chola King; From the Chola Country Favourite Cholan names
Christina christina girl Anointed,Christian Favourite Christina names
Chunmay boy Supreme Consciousness Favourite Chunmay names
Czaee czaee girl Name of flower Favourite Czaee names
Dabeet boy Warrior Favourite Dabeet names
Dadhija dadhija girl Daughter Of Milk Favourite Dadhija names
Dahana boy A Rudra Favourite Dahana names
Daivya boy Divine Favourite Daivya names
Daksh boy A Son Of Brahma, Capable Favourite Daksh names
Dakshesh boy Shiva Favourite Dakshesh names
Dakshina dakshina girl A Donation To God Or Priest Favourite Dakshina names
Dalapathi boy Leader Of A Group Favourite Dalapathi names
Dalpati boy Commander Of Group Favourite Dalpati names
Daman boy One Who Controls Favourite Daman names
Damodar boy A Name Of Krishna Favourite Damodar names
Dandak boy A Forest Favourite Dandak names
Danna danna girl To give; gift Favourite Danna names
Danta boy Calm. A Name For Lord Hanuman Favourite Danta names
Danvir boy Charitable Favourite Danvir names
Darpan boy A Mirror Favourite Darpan names
Darsh boy Lord Krishna Favourite Darsh names
Darsheel boy Something That Looks Good And Sober Favourite Darsheel names
Dasharath boy The Father Of Lord Rama Favourite Dasharath names
Dattatreya boy A Son Of Atri, A God Favourite Dattatreya names
Daveena boy Beuaty Favourite Daveena names
Dayal boy Kind Hearted Favourite Dayal names
Dayalan boy Kind Favourite Dayalan names
Dayamay boy Full Of Mercy Favourite Dayamay names
Dayamayi dayamayi girl Merciful Favourite Dayamayi names
Dayanand boy One Who Likes Being Merciful Favourite Dayanand names
Dayashankar boy Merciful Lord Shiva Favourite Dayashankar names
Debanshi debanshi girl Deva Ansh Favourite Debanshi names
Deenabandhav boy Protector of the downtrodden Favourite Deenabandhav names
Deenabandhu boy Friend Of The Poor Favourite Deenabandhu names
Deenanath boy Lord Of The Poor Favourite Deenanath names
Deenath boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Deenath names
Deepana deepana girl Illuminating Favourite Deepana names
Deepankar boy One Who Lights Lamps Favourite Deepankar names
Deepavati deepavati girl A Raagini Which Is A Hybrid Of Deepak Favourite Deepavati names
Deepit boy Lighted Favourite Deepit names
Deepjyoti deepjyoti girl The light of the lamp Favourite Deepjyoti names
Deepti deepti girl Flame; Lustre Favourite Deepti names
Deeta deeta girl A Name For Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Deeta names
Demira demira girl Devotee Of Lord Krishna Favourite Demira names
Desna desna girl Offering Favourite Desna names
Devadas boy Follower Of God Favourite Devadas names
Devadatt boy Gift Of The God Favourite Devadatt names
Devadutt boy Gift Of God Favourite Devadutt names
Devaj boy From God Favourite Devaj names
Devakanya devakanya girl Celestial Maiden Favourite Devakanya names
Devakinandan boy Name Of Lord Krishna Favourite Devakinandan names
Deval boy Name Of A Saint Favourite Deval names
Devalatha devalatha girl Divine Wine Favourite Devalatha names
Devamadana boy Gladdening The Gods Favourite Devamadana names
Devanandan boy Sonofgod Favourite Devanandan names
Devangana devangana girl Celestial Maiden Favourite Devangana names
Devapriya devapriya girl Dear To The Gods Favourite Devapriya names
Devaraj boy King Of The Gods Favourite Devaraj names
Devarya boy Divine Belief Favourite Devarya names
Devavrata boy One who accepts all Penances Favourite Devavrata names
Deveshi deveshi girl Goddess Durga Favourite Deveshi names
Deveshwar boy Lord Shiva Favourite Deveshwar names
Devguru boy Teacher Of Gods ( Brihaspati ) Favourite Devguru names
Devina devina girl Like a Goddess Favourite Devina names
Devkumar boy Son Of Gods Favourite Devkumar names
Devna devna girl Godly Favourite Devna names
Devnarayan boy King Favourite Devnarayan names
Devrat boy Spiritual Favourite Devrat names
Dewesh boy Lord Of The Gods Favourite Dewesh names
Dhananjay boy One Who Wins Wealth Favourite Dhananjay names
Dhanapati boy Lord Of Wealth Favourite Dhanapati names
Dhanapriya dhanapriya girl Loved By Wealth Favourite Dhanapriya names
Dhansukh boy Wealthy; Happy Favourite Dhansukh names
Dhanu boy Name Of A Hindu Rashi (sagittarius) Favourite Dhanu names
Dhanvanti dhanvanti girl Holding wealth Favourite Dhanvanti names
Dhanvin boy Lord Shiva Favourite Dhanvin names
Dhanvine boy A Name For Lord Rama Favourite Dhanvine names
Dhara dhara girl Earth; Flow Favourite Dhara names
Dharesh boy Lord Of Land Favourite Dharesh names
Dharitree boy The Earth Favourite Dharitree names
Dharmachandra boy Moon Of Dharma Favourite Dharmachandra names
Dharmaditya boy Son Of Dharma Favourite Dharmaditya names
Dharmasastha boy Protector of dharma Favourite Dharmasastha names
Dharmendu boy Light Of Religion Favourite Dharmendu names
Dharnitha dharnitha girl Earth Favourite Dharnitha names
Dhaval boy Fair Complexioned Favourite Dhaval names
Dhawal boy White Favourite Dhawal names
Dheemant boy Wise; Intelligent Favourite Dheemant names
Dheerendra boy God Of Courage Favourite Dheerendra names
Dhikshit boy Initiated Favourite Dhikshit names
Dhimahi dhimahi girl Wisdom Favourite Dhimahi names
Dhimant boy Intelligent Favourite Dhimant names
Dhinakar boy The Sun Favourite Dhinakar names
Dhipin boy Exciting Favourite Dhipin names
Dhiraj boy Patience, Consolation Favourite Dhiraj names
Dhirendra boy Lord Of The Brave Favourite Dhirendra names
Dhlriti dhlriti girl Courage, Morale Favourite Dhlriti names
Dhruv boy Pole Star Favourite Dhruv names
Dhruva dhruva girl Star Favourite Dhruva names
Dhuha dhuha girl Forenoon Favourite Dhuha names
Dhvanil boy The Sound From Heaven Favourite Dhvanil names
Dhyani boy One Who Does Contemplation Favourite Dhyani names
Dhyey boy Aim Favourite Dhyey names
Digambari digambari girl Goddess Durga Favourite Digambari names
Digant boy Horizon Favourite Digant names
Digvastra boy Sky Clad Favourite Digvastra names
Dikshan boy Initiation Favourite Dikshan names
Dilawar boy Brave Favourite Dilawar names
Dilshad dilshad girl Happy Favourite Dilshad names
Dinar boy Gold Coin Favourite Dinar names
Dinkar boy Sun Favourite Dinkar names
Dipak boy Lamp Favourite Dipak names
Dipashri dipashri girl Lamp Favourite Dipashri names
Dishi dishi girl Direction Favourite Dishi names
Divena divena girl Blessing Favourite Divena names
Divit boy Immortal Favourite Divit names
Divyansh boy Part Of Go, Part Of The Divine Light, Gods Own Divine Favourite Divyansh names
Divyendu boy Bright Moon Favourite Divyendu names
Dolon dolon girl Scent of a beautiful white flower Favourite Dolon names
Drisana drisana girl Daughter Of The Sun Favourite Drisana names
Dron boy Prominent Mahabharata Character Favourite Dron names
Druthi druthi girl Softened Favourite Druthi names
Dulal boy Dear One Favourite Dulal names
Durga durga girl Parvati Favourite Durga names
Durgadutt boy Gift From Godess Durga Favourite Durgadutt names
Durijesh boy Moon Favourite Durijesh names
Durjaya boy Difficult To Conquer Favourite Durjaya names
Durvish boy Who Cannot Be Affected By Poison Favourite Durvish names
Dvaimatura boy One who has two Mothers Favourite Dvaimatura names
Dvimidha boy One Who Knows Present As Well As Future Favourite Dvimidha names
Dwijaraj boy King Of Brahmins; The Moon Favourite Dwijaraj names
Dwijesh boy River Favourite Dwijesh names
Dwipavati dwipavati girl River Favourite Dwipavati names
Dyuti dyuti girl Light Favourite Dyuti names
Ecchumati ecchumati girl A River Favourite Ecchumati names
Edi boy Herb Favourite Edi names
Edom boy Red; Red Earth Favourite Edom names
EegaiArasu boy King of Charity Favourite EegaiArasu names
Eegan boy Charitable; Endowed Favourite Eegan names
Egaiarasu boy King Of Charity Favourite Egaiarasu names
Ehimaya ehimaya girl An All Pervading Intellect Favourite Ehimaya names
Eka eka girl Matchless, Alone, Unique Favourite Eka names
Ekaakshara boy He of the Single Syllable Favourite Ekaakshara names
Ekachandra boy The Only Moon Favourite Ekachandra names
Ekadant boy Lord Ganesh Favourite Ekadant names
Ekagrah boy Focused Favourite Ekagrah names
Ekakshara boy A Name For Lord Ganesha Favourite Ekakshara names
Ekalinga boy . Shiva Favourite Ekalinga names
Ekana boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Ekana names
Ekansh boy Whole Favourite Ekansh names
Ekanthika ekanthika girl Devoted To One Aim Favourite Ekanthika names
Ekaraj boy Emperor Favourite Ekaraj names
Ekatma boy Oneself, Alone Favourite Ekatma names
Ekavali ekavali girl Single String Favourite Ekavali names
Ekavir boy Bravest Of The Brave Favourite Ekavir names
Ekbal boy Dignity Favourite Ekbal names
Eknath boy . Poet, Saint Favourite Eknath names
Ekodar boy Brother Favourite Ekodar names
Elavarasan boy Prince also Ilavarasan and Elavarasu Favourite Elavarasan names
Elavarasi elavarasi girl Youthful, Princess Favourite Elavarasi names
Elilan boy Handsome see Elil pron ezhilan Favourite Elilan names
Elilchelvan boy Handsome Favourite Elilchelvan names
ElilVendan boy King of Beauty,Elil Favourite ElilVendan names
Ellu boy Sesame Seed Considered Sacred Favourite Ellu names
EluMalai boy Seven Hills (Thirupathi),pron,ezhumalai Favourite EluMalai names
Emma emma girl Entire; All Favourite Emma names
Erumelivasan boy One who lives in Erumeli Favourite Erumelivasan names
Eshanika eshanika girl Fulfilling Desire Favourite Eshanika names
Eta eta girl Luminous Favourite Eta names
Ettan boy Breath Favourite Ettan names
Evyavan boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Evyavan names
Faatin faatin girl Captivating Favourite Faatin names
Faith faith girl One of the virtues Favourite Faith names
Faiyaz boy Artistic Favourite Faiyaz names
Falguni falguni girl Beautiful Favourite Falguni names
Fanibhushan boy Lord Shiva Favourite Fanibhushan names
Fanindra boy The Cosmic Serpent Shesh Favourite Fanindra names
Fanishwar boy Lord Of Serpents, Vasuki Favourite Fanishwar names
Farhad boy Happiness Favourite Farhad names
Farhana farhana girl Beautiful Favourite Farhana names
Faria faria girl A Caravan Favourite Faria names
Farukh boy Power Of Discrimination Favourite Farukh names
Fawziya fawziya girl Successful; Victorious Favourite Fawziya names
Firoza firoza girl Turquoise Favourite Firoza names
Foolan foolan girl Flowering Favourite Foolan names
Fravash boy Guardian Angel Favourite Fravash names
Freya freya girl Goddess Of Love Favourite Freya names
Fulmala fulmala girl Garland Favourite Fulmala names
Gagana gagana girl The Sky Favourite Gagana names
Gaganasindhu gaganasindhu girl Ocean Of The Sky Favourite Gaganasindhu names
Gandha gandha girl Fragrant Favourite Gandha names
Gandhara gandhara girl Fragrance Favourite Gandhara names
Gangika gangika girl River Ganga Favourite Gangika names
Ganjan ganjan girl Exceeding Favourite Ganjan names
Gaurika gaurika girl A Young Girl Favourite Gaurika names
Gayanthika gayanthika girl Singing Favourite Gayanthika names
Geena geena girl Silvery Favourite Geena names
Gehna gehna girl Ornament Favourite Gehna names
Ghaaliya ghaaliya girl Fragrant Favourite Ghaaliya names
Ghaydaa ghaydaa girl Young and delicate Favourite Ghaydaa names
Gita gita girl Song Favourite Gita names
Gitashri gitashri girl The Bhagvat Gita Favourite Gitashri names
Giva giva girl Hill Favourite Giva names
GnanaChelvan boy Learned Favourite GnanaChelvan names
GnanaMani boy Learned Favourite GnanaMani names
GnanaMuthu boy Learned Favourite GnanaMuthu names
GnanaPandiyan boy Learned Favourite GnanaPandiyan names
GnanaThangam boy Learned Favourite GnanaThangam names
GnanaVelan boy God Murugan Favourite GnanaVelan names
Gnani boy Learned Favourite Gnani names
Gomati gomati girl Name Of A River Favourite Gomati names
Gopi gopi girl Milkmaid Friends Of Lord Krishna Favourite Gopi names
Gowri gowri girl Bright, Parvati Favourite Gowri names
Grhalakshmi grhalakshmi girl Lakshmi Of The House Favourite Grhalakshmi names
Gul gul girl Flower Favourite Gul names
GunaSeelan boy Man of Virtues Favourite GunaSeelan names
Guneet guneet girl Full of talent Favourite Guneet names
Gunjana gunjana girl Buzzing Of A Bee Favourite Gunjana names
Gunwanti gunwanti girl Virtuous Favourite Gunwanti names
Gyanada gyanada girl Goddess Saraswati Favourite Gyanada names
Haifa haifa girl Slender; Of beautiful body Favourite Haifa names
Haimi haimi girl Golden Favourite Haimi names
Hakesh boy Lord Of Sound Favourite Hakesh names
Hamsini hamsini girl One who rides a swan; Saraswathi Favourite Hamsini names
Hanima hanima girl A Wave Favourite Hanima names
Hansamala hansamala girl Swan Favourite Hansamala names
Hansdhwani hansdhwani girl Another Name For Saraswathi Favourite Hansdhwani names
Hanu hanu girl Laxmi Favourite Hanu names
Hanumant boy The Monkey God Of Ramayana Favourite Hanumant names
Haranadh boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Haranadh names
Harendra boy Lord Shiva Favourite Harendra names
Haridwar boy Gateway To God Favourite Haridwar names
Hariharaatmaja boy Son of Hari (Vishnu) and Hara (Shiva) Favourite Hariharaatmaja names
Hariharasuthan boy Son of Hari (Vishnu) and Hara (Shiva) Favourite Hariharasuthan names
Harijatha harijatha girl Ganga Of Vishnu Favourite Harijatha names
Harikrishna boy Another Name Lord Krishna Favourite Harikrishna names
Harinarayan boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Harinarayan names
Harini harini girl Doe Eyed Favourite Harini names
Hariom boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Hariom names
Hariram boy Lord Rama Favourite Hariram names
Harishankar boy Lord Shiva Favourite Harishankar names
Harit boy Green Favourite Harit names
Hariti hariti girl Green Favourite Hariti names
Harivansh boy Belonging To The Family Of Hari Favourite Harivansh names
Harjeevan boy One Who Lives God Oriented Life Favourite Harjeevan names
Harmya harmya girl Lanky Cow Favourite Harmya names
Harsh boy Happiness Favourite Harsh names
Harshaman boy Full Of Joy Favourite Harshaman names
Harshashri harshashri girl Glad Favourite Harshashri names
Harshil boy Joyful Favourite Harshil names
Harshvardhan boy One Who Increases Joy Favourite Harshvardhan names
Harsika harsika girl Full Of Joy Favourite Harsika names
Hashmat boy Glory, Joyful Favourite Hashmat names
Hasita hasita girl Beautiful Favourite Hasita names
Havih boy Oblation Or Offerings. Favourite Havih names
Havisa havisa girl With No Desire Favourite Havisa names
Heena heena girl Life Favourite Heena names
Heerkani heerkani girl Mehendi Favourite Heerkani names
Hem boy Gold Favourite Hem names
Hemakesh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Hemakesh names
Hemalata hemalata girl Golden Favourite Hemalata names
Hemang boy One With Shining Body Favourite Hemang names
Hemani hemani girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Hemani names
Hemanth boy Gold Favourite Hemanth names
Hemashri hemashri girl Golden Light Favourite Hemashri names
Hemavatinandan boy Son Of Goddess Parvati Favourite Hemavatinandan names
Hemendra boy Lord Of Gold Favourite Hemendra names
Hemraj boy King Of Gold Favourite Hemraj names
Henna henna girl Mehndi Favourite Henna names
Het het girl Destiny Favourite Het names
Hima hima girl Timid Favourite Hima names
Himaghna boy The Sun Favourite Himaghna names
Himank boy Diamond Favourite Himank names
Himnish boy Lord Shiva Favourite Himnish names
Hira hira girl A Raga Favourite Hira names
Hiranmaya boy Made Of Gold Favourite Hiranmaya names
Hiranyadha hiranyadha girl Golden, Wealth Favourite Hiranyadha names
Hiren boy Lord Of The Diamonds Favourite Hiren names
Hiresh boy King Of Gems Favourite Hiresh names
Hitee hitee girl Well wisher Favourite Hitee names
Hitendra boy Well Wisher Favourite Hitendra names
Hooriya hooriya girl A Celestial Favourite Hooriya names
Hridayanand boy Joy Of The Heart Favourite Hridayanand names
Hridaynath boy Beloved Favourite Hridaynath names
Hridyanshu boy Light From Heart, Moon Favourite Hridyanshu names
Hrishikesh boy One Who Controls Senses Favourite Hrishikesh names
Huda huda girl Heart Favourite Huda names
Hurditya boy Joyous Favourite Hurditya names
Husna husna girl Beauty Favourite Husna names
Hyma hyma girl Beautiful Favourite Hyma names
Ibha ibha girl Elephant Favourite Ibha names
Ibrahim boy Abraham; Earth Favourite Ibrahim names
Idhitri idhitri girl One Who Praises Favourite Idhitri names
Iha iha girl The Earth Favourite Iha names
Ihit boy Prize; Honour Favourite Ihit names
Ihitha ihitha girl Desired Favourite Ihitha names
Ijay boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Ijay names
Iksha iksha girl Sight Favourite Iksha names
Ikshita ikshita girl Visible Favourite Ikshita names
Ikshula ikshula girl Holy River Favourite Ikshula names
Ilakkiyan boy Skilled in Literature Favourite Ilakkiyan names
IlamParidhi boy Young Horse Favourite IlamParidhi names
Ilamporai boy Prince Favourite Ilamporai names
Ilandevan boy Young Master Favourite Ilandevan names
Ilavalagan boy Young And Handsome Favourite Ilavalagan names
Ilavarasan boy Prince Favourite Ilavarasan names
Ilavenil ilavenil girl Spring, Youthful Favourite Ilavenil names
Ilisa boy King Of The Earth Favourite Ilisa names
Iman iman girl Faith; Belief Favourite Iman names
Imaran boy Strong Favourite Imaran names
Ina ina girl Mother Favourite Ina names
Inchara inchara girl Sweet Voice Favourite Inchara names
Indivar boy Blue Lotus Favourite Indivar names
Indiya indiya girl Knowledgeable Favourite Indiya names
Indradyumn boy Splendour Of Indra Favourite Indradyumn names
Indrakanta boy Lord Indra Favourite Indrakanta names
Indrani indrani girl Wife Of Indra Favourite Indrani names
Indratan boy As Strong As Indra Favourite Indratan names
Indrayani indrayani girl The Name Of A Sacred River Favourite Indrayani names
Indukala indukala girl Digit Of The Moon Favourite Indukala names
Indukant boy Moon Favourite Indukant names
Indukanta boy Like A Moon Favourite Indukanta names
Induleksh induleksh girl The Moon Favourite Induleksh names
Indumauli indumauli girl Moon Crested Favourite Indumauli names
Inesh boy A Strong King Favourite Inesh names
Inoday boy Sunrise Favourite Inoday names
Intekhab boy Chosen Favourite Intekhab names
Inu inu girl Attractive Favourite Inu names
Iqbal boy Desire Favourite Iqbal names
Ira ira girl Earth; Muse Favourite Ira names
IraiAnbu boy Divine Love Favourite IraiAnbu names
Iravat boy Rain Clouds Favourite Iravat names
Iravati iravati girl The River Ravi Favourite Iravati names
Irumporai boy Brave Favourite Irumporai names
Isai isai girl Music Favourite Isai names
Isaimani boy Music Favourite Isaimani names
Isaivalan boy Skilled Musician Favourite Isaivalan names
Ishanika ishanika girl Belonging To The North East Favourite Ishanika names
Ishat boy Superior Favourite Ishat names
Ishi ishi girl Goddess Durga Favourite Ishi names
Ishta ishta girl Another Name For Lord Vishnu Favourite Ishta names
Ishwar boy Powerful, The Supreme God Favourite Ishwar names
Itkila itkila girl Fragrant Favourite Itkila names
Iyengar boy Krishna Favourite Iyengar names
Iyla iyla girl Moonlight Favourite Iyla names
Izumi izumi girl Water Spring Favourite Izumi names
Jadhav boy A Yadava Favourite Jadhav names
Jagachandra boy Moon Of The Universe Favourite Jagachandra names
Jagadayu boy Life Spring Of The Universe Favourite Jagadayu names
Jagadeep boy Light Of The World Favourite Jagadeep names
Jagadesh boy King Of The Universe Favourite Jagadesh names
Jagadhish boy Lord Of The World Favourite Jagadhish names
Jagatbehari boy World Traveler ( Jagvihari ) Favourite Jagatbehari names
Jagatkishor boy World Child Favourite Jagatkishor names
Jagatpal boy Caretaker Of The World ( God ) Favourite Jagatpal names
Jagdeo boy God Of The World Favourite Jagdeo names
Jagger boy Strong, Loyal Favourite Jagger names
Jagrav boy Awakened Favourite Jagrav names
Jaigath boy Victorious Favourite Jaigath names
Jaigopal boy Victory Of Lord Krishna Favourite Jaigopal names
JaiKapeesh boy Hail Monkey God Favourite JaiKapeesh names
Jainil boy Victorous God Swaminarayan, Victory Of Blue Favourite Jainil names
Jairaj boy Lord Of Victory Favourite Jairaj names
Jaisukh boy Joy Of Winning Favourite Jaisukh names
Jaival boy Life Giving Favourite Jaival names
Jaiveer boy Victorious Favourite Jaiveer names
Jakarious boy Peaceful Friend Favourite Jakarious names
Jalad boy Giving Water Favourite Jalad names
Jaldhar boy Clouds Favourite Jaldhar names
Jalil boy Revered Favourite Jalil names
Jameerah jameerah girl Beautiful one Favourite Jameerah names
Janakinath boy Lord Rama Favourite Janakinath names
Janav boy Protecting Men Favourite Janav names
Jankesh boy Lord Of His Subjects Favourite Jankesh names
Janmesh boy The King Of His Kundli Favourite Janmesh names
Janvijay boy Win Over People Favourite Janvijay names
Jap boy To Make Melodic Sounds Favourite Jap names
Japendra boy Lord Of Chants Lord Shiva Favourite Japendra names
Jasapal boy Very Famous Favourite Jasapal names
Jashun boy Celebration Favourite Jashun names
Jasveer boy Hero Of Fame Favourite Jasveer names
Jatya boy Pleasing Favourite Jatya names
Jayad boy Causing Victory Favourite Jayad names
Jayakrishan boy Victorious Krishna Favourite Jayakrishan names
Jayant boy Victorious Favourite Jayant names
Jayanth boy Star Favourite Jayanth names
Jayashekhar boy Crest Of Victory Favourite Jayashekhar names
Jayendra boy Lord Of Victory Favourite Jayendra names
Jayna jayna girl Victory Favourite Jayna names
Jeeteshi jeeteshi girl Goddess Of Victory Favourite Jeeteshi names
Jeevan boy Life Favourite Jeevan names
Jeevika jeevika girl Water Favourite Jeevika names
Jigisha jigisha girl Superior Favourite Jigisha names
Jigya jigya girl Curiosity To Know Favourite Jigya names
Jihan boy The World Favourite Jihan names
Jimuta boy One Of 108 Names Of The Sun God Favourite Jimuta names
Jitamitra boy Vanquisher Of Foes Favourite Jitamitra names
Jitendra boy Lord Of Conquerers Favourite Jitendra names
Jivana boy One Of 108 Names Of The Sun God Favourite Jivana names
Jivesh boy God Favourite Jivesh names
Jivi jivi girl Life Favourite Jivi names
Jnyaneshwar boy God Of Wisdom Favourite Jnyaneshwar names
Jogesh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Jogesh names
Jogindra boy Lord Shiva Favourite Jogindra names
Joshika joshika girl Young Maiden Favourite Joshika names
Jovita jovita girl Joy Favourite Jovita names
Joy boy Happiness, Pleasure Favourite Joy names
Jui jui girl A Flower Favourite Jui names
Juliana juliana girl Youthful Favourite Juliana names
Jwalant boy Luminous Favourite Jwalant names
Jyothi jyothi girl Light Favourite Jyothi names
Jyotibala jyotibala girl Splendour Favourite Jyotibala names
Jyotichandra boy Splendour Favourite Jyotichandra names
Jyotindra boy Lord Of Life Favourite Jyotindra names
Jyotsana jyotsana girl Goddess Durga Favourite Jyotsana names
Kaamla kaamla girl Perfect Favourite Kaamla names
Kabalikrut boy Swallower of the Sun Favourite Kabalikrut names
Kabir boy Famous Sufi Saint Favourite Kabir names
Kadambini kadambini girl An Array Of Clouds Favourite Kadambini names
Kaditula boy Sword Favourite Kaditula names
Kailashchandra boy Lord Shiva Favourite Kailashchandra names
Kailyn kailyn girl Uncommon but beautiful Favourite Kailyn names
Kaishori kaishori girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Kaishori names
Kajri kajri girl Light as a cloud Favourite Kajri names
Kakoli kakoli girl The Preaching Of A Bird Favourite Kakoli names
Kaksi kaksi girl Perfume Favourite Kaksi names
Kal-Hans boy Swan Favourite Kal-Hans names
Kaladhar boy One Who Shows Different Phases Favourite Kaladhar names
Kalaimagal kalaimagal girl Queen Of Arts Favourite Kalaimagal names
Kalanidhi kalanidhi girl Treasure Of Art Favourite Kalanidhi names
Kalanjiyam boy Repository of Wisdom, Wealth, etc Favourite Kalanjiyam names
Kalapini kalapini girl Peacock, Night Favourite Kalapini names
Kalapriya boy Lover Of Art Favourite Kalapriya names
Kalimohan boy A Devotee Of Goddess Kali Favourite Kalimohan names
Kalindi kalindi girl Yamuna River Favourite Kalindi names
Kaliranjan boy Devotee Of Goddess Kali Favourite Kaliranjan names
Kalka kalka girl Durga; Pupil If The Eye Favourite Kalka names
Kalpa boy Able, Fit Favourite Kalpa names
Kalpini kalpini girl Night Favourite Kalpini names
Kalpitha kalpitha girl Creative Favourite Kalpitha names
Kamadev boy God Of Love Favourite Kamadev names
Kamadha kamadha girl Granting Desires Favourite Kamadha names
Kamalaksh boy With Beautiful Lotus Type Eyes Favourite Kamalaksh names
Kamalbandhu boy Brother Of Lotus ( Sun) Favourite Kamalbandhu names
Kamalini kamalini girl Lotus Favourite Kamalini names
Kamalnath boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Kamalnath names
Kamarasan boy Unaffected by Desires Favourite Kamarasan names
Kamban boy Poet who composed Kamba Ramayanam Favourite Kamban names
Kamlesh boy God Of Lotus Favourite Kamlesh names
Kamran boy Success Favourite Kamran names
Kanad boy An Ancient Favourite Kanad names
Kanakpriya kanakpriya girl Lover Of Gold Favourite Kanakpriya names
Kanal boy Shining Favourite Kanal names
Kandarp boy God Of Love Favourite Kandarp names
Kanha boy Krishna Favourite Kanha names
Kanishka boy Name Of A King Favourite Kanishka names
Kannan boy God Kannan; Playful; Merrisome Favourite Kannan names
Kantilal boy Lustrous Favourite Kantilal names
Kanv boy Name Of A Saint Favourite Kanv names
Kanwaljeet boy Lotus Favourite Kanwaljeet names
Kapeeshwar boy Lord of Monkeys Favourite Kapeeshwar names
Kapil boy Name Of A Sage Favourite Kapil names
Kapish boy Lord Hanuman Favourite Kapish names
Karika boy Actress Favourite Karika names
KarMuhilan boy Rain-bearing cloud; Resourceful Favourite KarMuhilan names
Karthikeya boy Lord Muruga Favourite Karthikeya names
Karuka karuka girl Heavenly Piece Of Art Favourite Karuka names
Karun boy Compassionate Favourite Karun names
Karunamayee karunamayee girl Full Of Pity For Others Favourite Karunamayee names
Karunashankar boy Merciful Favourite Karunashankar names
Karunya karunya girl Merciful Favourite Karunya names
Kashif boy Connoisseur Favourite Kashif names
Kashish kashish girl An Attraction Favourite Kashish names
Kashvi kashvi girl Shining Favourite Kashvi names
Kashyap boy Name Of A Sage Favourite Kashyap names
Kathan boy Sentanse Favourite Kathan names
Katran boy Well-Learned Favourite Katran names
Katrina katrina girl Pure Favourite Katrina names
Kausalya kausalya girl Mother Of Rama Favourite Kausalya names
Kausar boy Lake Of Paradise Favourite Kausar names
Kaushalya kaushalya girl Mother Of Rama Favourite Kaushalya names
Kaustav boy A Legendary Gem; A Gem Worn By Lord Vishnu Favourite Kaustav names
Kautilya boy Name For Chanakya Favourite Kautilya names
Kautirya kautirya girl Durga; One Who Resides In A Hut Favourite Kautirya names
Kaveri kaveri girl A River Favourite Kaveri names
Kavi boy A Wise Man, Poet Favourite Kavi names
Kavin kavin girl Handsome; Beautiful Favourite Kavin names
KaviriNadan boy From the Kaviri (Cauvery) naadu Favourite KaviriNadan names
Kavni kavni girl A Small Poem Favourite Kavni names
Kayalvili kayalvili girl Fishlike Bautiful Eyes Favourite Kayalvili names
Kayan boy The Name Of A Dynasty Of King Kaikobad Favourite Kayan names
Kedar boy A Field, Name Of Shiva Favourite Kedar names
Keerthana keerthana girl Devotional song Favourite Keerthana names
Keerthi boy Glorious Favourite Keerthi names
Kenga kenga girl River Favourite Kenga names
Kesar kesar girl Pollen, Lion Favourite Kesar names
Kesarinandan boy Son of Kesari Favourite Kesarinandan names
Ketak boy Flower Favourite Ketak names
Ketaki ketaki girl A Cream Coloured Flower Favourite Ketaki names
Ketubh boy Cloud Favourite Ketubh names
Keva keva girl Lotus Favourite Keva names
Kevalkishore boy Absolute Favourite Kevalkishore names
Keyan boy A Form Of Keon Favourite Keyan names
Khairiya khairiya girl Charitable; Good Favourite Khairiya names
Khajit boy Lord Buddha Favourite Khajit names
Khalida khalida girl Immortal Favourite Khalida names
Khawlah khawlah girl Proper name Favourite Khawlah names
Khemprakash boy Welfare Favourite Khemprakash names
Khushant boy Happy Favourite Khushant names
Khushi khushi girl Happiness Favourite Khushi names
Kiara kiara girl Russian Favourite Kiara names
Kimaya kimaya girl Divine Favourite Kimaya names
Kinaari kinaari girl Shore Favourite Kinaari names
Kinnari kinnari girl Musical Instrument Favourite Kinnari names
Kintuben kintuben girl A beautiful athlete Favourite Kintuben names
Kiranmay boy Full Of Light Favourite Kiranmay names
Kiranmayi kiranmayi girl Full Of Rays Favourite Kiranmayi names
Kiratidev boy Lord Of Light Favourite Kiratidev names
Kirit boy A Crown Favourite Kirit names
Kirti kirti girl Fame Favourite Kirti names
Kirtin boy Celebrated Favourite Kirtin names
Kirtivallabh boy Aspirant Of Fame Favourite Kirtivallabh names
Kirtmalini kirtmalini girl Garlanded With Fame Favourite Kirtmalini names
Kishmish kishmish girl Sweet As Grapes. Favourite Kishmish names
Kishor boy A Young Boy Favourite Kishor names
Kishori kishori girl A Young Girl Favourite Kishori names
Kokila kokila girl Cuckoo, Nightingale Favourite Kokila names
Komagan boy Prince Favourite Komagan names
Komala komala girl Delicate Favourite Komala names
KoodalAlagar boy God Sivan Favourite KoodalAlagar names
Kotijit boy Conquering Millions Favourite Kotijit names
Koushik boy Love And Affection Favourite Koushik names
Kovidh boy Wise Favourite Kovidh names
Koyel koyel girl The Cuckoo Favourite Koyel names
Kripa kripa girl Compassion Favourite Kripa names
Kripalu boy Merciful Lord Favourite Kripalu names
Kripasagar boy Ocean Of Mercy Favourite Kripasagar names
Krishanu boy Fire Favourite Krishanu names
Krishi krishi girl Agriculture; Farming Favourite Krishi names
Krishnadeva boy Lord Krishna Favourite Krishnadeva names
Krishnakumar boy Lord Kirshna Favourite Krishnakumar names
Krishnamurari boy Lord Krishna Favourite Krishnamurari names
Krishnaroop boy Dark Favourite Krishnaroop names
Kritanu boy Skilled Favourite Kritanu names
Krithikesh boy Name Of Lord Karthikeya Favourite Krithikesh names
Kriti kriti girl A Work Of Art Favourite Kriti names
Krivi boy Lord Shiva Favourite Krivi names
Krunal boy Compansionate Person, Kind To Others Favourite Krunal names
Kruthika kruthika girl Name of a star Favourite Kruthika names
Kshama kshama girl Forgiveness Favourite Kshama names
Kshanika kshanika girl Momentary Favourite Kshanika names
Kshaunish boy King Favourite Kshaunish names
Kshiti kshiti girl Earth Favourite Kshiti names
Kuber boy God Of Wealth Favourite Kuber names
Kularanjan boy Star Of Family Favourite Kularanjan names
Kulik boy Well Born Favourite Kulik names
Kulthoom kulthoom girl Daughter of the prophet Mohammed Favourite Kulthoom names
Kumar boy Prince Favourite Kumar names
KumaraVel boy Youthful; Another name for God Murugan Favourite KumaraVel names
Kumari kumari girl Youthful, Unmarried Favourite Kumari names
Kumbh boy Name Of A Rashi Favourite Kumbh names
Kuna boy Good Character Favourite Kuna names
Kunda kunda girl Musk, Jasmine Favourite Kunda names
Kundanlal boy Golden Favourite Kundanlal names
Kundini kundini girl An Assemblage Of Jasmines Favourite Kundini names
Kunja boy Grove Of Trees Favourite Kunja names
Kunsh boy Shining Favourite Kunsh names
Kuntala kuntala girl A Woman With Luxurious Hair Favourite Kuntala names
Kurinji kurinji girl Special, Flower Which Blooms Once In Twelve Years Favourite Kurinji names
Kusagra boy A King Favourite Kusagra names
Kushad boy Talented Favourite Kushad names
Kushal boy Clever Favourite Kushal names
Kusumanjali kusumanjali girl Flower Offering Favourite Kusumanjali names
Kusumesh boy Lord Of Flowers Favourite Kusumesh names
Kusumlata kusumlata girl Flowering Creeper Favourite Kusumlata names
Kuvira kuvira girl Courageous Woman Favourite Kuvira names
Kvanh boy Melodious Sounds Favourite Kvanh names
Lambodara boy The Huge Bellied Lord Favourite Lambodara names
Lankapuravidahaka boy He Who Burnt Lanka Favourite Lankapuravidahaka names
Lavitra boy Lord Shiva Favourite Lavitra names
Lingam boy God Sivan Favourite Lingam names
Lingan boy God Sivan Favourite Lingan names
Lingesan boy God Sivan Favourite Lingesan names
Maaran boy Brave; Knight Favourite Maaran names
Maavalan boy Prosperous Favourite Maavalan names
Madeeha madeeha girl Praiseworthy Favourite Madeeha names
Madhavi madhavi girl A Creeper With Beautiful Flowers; Springtime Favourite Madhavi names
MadhiAlagan boy Intelligent and Handsome Favourite MadhiAlagan names
Madhu madhu girl Honey Favourite Madhu names
Madhuchhanda madhuchhanda girl Pleasing Metrical Composition Favourite Madhuchhanda names
Madhul madhul girl Sweet Favourite Madhul names
Madhulata madhulata girl Sweet Creeper Favourite Madhulata names
Madhulika madhulika girl Honey Favourite Madhulika names
Madhumalati madhumalati girl A Flowering Creeper Favourite Madhumalati names
Madhumati madhumati girl Full Of Honey Favourite Madhumati names
Madhunisha madhunisha girl Pleasant Night Favourite Madhunisha names
Madhur madhur girl Melodious; Sweet Favourite Madhur names
Madhurima madhurima girl Sweetness Favourite Madhurima names
Madhuvanthi madhuvanthi girl Who Is Sweet Like Honey Favourite Madhuvanthi names
Madira madira girl Nectar Favourite Madira names
Magathi magathi girl Great Favourite Magathi names
Maha maha girl Gazelle Favourite Maha names
Mahasri mahasri girl Goddess Laxmi Favourite Mahasri names
Mahati mahati girl Great Favourite Mahati names
Mahek mahek girl Smell Favourite Mahek names
Maheshwari maheshwari girl Goddess Durga Favourite Maheshwari names
Mahika mahika girl The Earth Favourite Mahika names
Mahitha mahitha girl Greatness Favourite Mahitha names
Mahua mahua girl An Intoxicating Flower Favourite Mahua names
Maimoona maimoona girl Auspicious; Blessed Favourite Maimoona names
Maitra maitra girl Friendly Favourite Maitra names
Maitri maitri girl Friendship Favourite Maitri names
Majeeda majeeda girl Glorious Favourite Majeeda names
Makshi makshi girl Honeybee Favourite Makshi names
Malarvili malarvili girl Beautiful Eyes Like A Flower Favourite Malarvili names
Malati malati girl A Creeper With Fragrant Flowers Favourite Malati names
Maliha maliha girl Strong, Beautiful Favourite Maliha names
Malini malini girl A Garland Maker Favourite Malini names
Malliga malliga girl Jasmine Favourite Malliga names
Malti malti girl Small Fragrant Flower Favourite Malti names
Mamata mamata girl Affection Favourite Mamata names
Mamta mamta girl Motherly Love Favourite Mamta names
Manaar manaar girl Guiding light (lighthouse) Favourite Manaar names
Mananya mananya girl Deserving Praises Favourite Mananya names
Manasvini manasvini girl Durga; Proud; Good Favourite Manasvini names
Manda manda girl A River Favourite Manda names
Mandakranta mandakranta girl A Sanskrit Metre Favourite Mandakranta names
Mandara mandara girl Large, Firm Favourite Mandara names
Mandeepa mandeepa girl Light Of Heart Favourite Mandeepa names
Mangai mangai girl Cultured Lady Favourite Mangai names
Mangalya mangalya girl Pious, Pure Favourite Mangalya names
Mani mani girl Gem Favourite Mani names
Manimala manimala girl A String Of Pearls Favourite Manimala names
Manini manini girl A Lady Favourite Manini names
Manitha manitha girl Honoured Favourite Manitha names
Manju manju girl Snow, Dew Drops Favourite Manju names
Manjushri manjushri girl Sweet Lustre Favourite Manjushri names
Manmayi manmayi girl Jealous; Sri Radha Favourite Manmayi names
Manorama manorama girl Attractive, Beautiful Favourite Manorama names
Manoritha manoritha girl Of The Mind Favourite Manoritha names
Manthika manthika girl Thoughtful Favourite Manthika names
Maraam maraam girl Aspiration Favourite Maraam names
Marisa marisa girl Mother Of Daksa Favourite Marisa names
Masara masara girl Emerald Favourite Masara names
Matangi matangi girl Durga Favourite Matangi names
Mateah mateah girl Honoured; Desired; Liked Favourite Mateah names
Mayra mayra girl Beloved Favourite Mayra names
Maysaa maysaa girl To walk with a swinging gait Favourite Maysaa names
Mayyada mayyada girl To walk with a swinging gait Favourite Mayyada names
Medhya medhya girl Mighty, Clean, Fresh Favourite Medhya names
Meenakshi meenakshi girl Eye Favourite Meenakshi names
Meha meha girl Intelligent; Rain Favourite Meha names
Mehuli mehuli girl A Small Rain Cloud Favourite Mehuli names
Menaha menaha girl Celestial Damsel Favourite Menaha names
Mikel mikel girl Jusy aname Favourite Mikel names
Minal minal girl A Precious Stone Favourite Minal names
Mirium mirium girl Wished For Child Favourite Mirium names
Misri misri girl Sweet Favourite Misri names
Mithi mithi girl Truthful Favourite Mithi names
Mohita mohita girl Attracted Favourite Mohita names
Monika monika girl Durga Goddess Favourite Monika names
Mridu mridu girl Gentle Favourite Mridu names
Mriganayani mriganayani girl Doe Eyed Favourite Mriganayani names
Mrinmayi mrinmayi girl Of The Earth Favourite Mrinmayi names
Mrudu mrudu girl Soft Favourite Mrudu names
Mubarak mubarak girl Blessed Favourite Mubarak names
Mugdha mugdha girl Spellbound Favourite Mugdha names
Mukti mukti girl Freedom From Life And Death Favourite Mukti names
Mullai mullai girl Flower With Lovely Fragrance Favourite Mullai names
Muniya muniya girl Name Of A Bird Favourite Muniya names
Musheera musheera girl Giving counsel Favourite Musheera names
Musu musu girl Beautiful Favourite Musu names
Muthu muthu girl Pearl Favourite Muthu names
Mythri mythri girl Friendship Favourite Mythri names
Nabarun boy Morning Sun Favourite Nabarun names
Nabeela nabeela girl Noble Favourite Nabeela names
Nabhanyu boy Eternal Favourite Nabhanyu names
Nabhij boy Lord Brahama Favourite Nabhij names
Nabhomani boy Jewel Of The Sky ( Sun) Favourite Nabhomani names
Nachiketa boy An Ancient Rishi, Fire Favourite Nachiketa names
Nachni nachni girl Dancer; Suggestive Look Favourite Nachni names
Nadeeda nadeeda girl Equal (to another person); Rival Favourite Nadeeda names
Nadeen boy Ocean Favourite Nadeen names
Nadir boy Pinnacle Favourite Nadir names
Nadwa nadwa girl Council Favourite Nadwa names
Nag-Raj boy King Of The Serpents Favourite Nag-Raj names
Nagarjun boy Best Among The Snakes Favourite Nagarjun names
Nageshwaran boy Lord Snake Favourite Nageshwaran names
Nahush boy Name Of An Ancient King Favourite Nahush names
Nairit boy South West Favourite Nairit names
Nakesh boy Moon Favourite Nakesh names
Naksatraraja boy King Of Stars Favourite Naksatraraja names
Nal boy An Ancient King Favourite Nal names
Nalin boy Lotus, Water Favourite Nalin names
Nallavan boy Benevolent Favourite Nallavan names
Namasyu boy Bowing Favourite Namasyu names
Namdev boy Poet, Saint Favourite Namdev names
Nand-Kishore boy Lord Krishna Favourite Nand-Kishore names
Nandan boy Pleasing, Son Favourite Nandan names
Nanjayyan boy God Sivan Favourite Nanjayyan names
Naotau boy New Favourite Naotau names
Narasimha boy An Incarnation Of Lord Vishnu Favourite Narasimha names
Narayana boy Vishnu, Refuge Of Man Favourite Narayana names
Narendranath boy King Of Kings, Emperor Favourite Narendranath names
Nartana boy Makes Others Dance Favourite Nartana names
Naseen naseen girl Cool Breeze Favourite Naseen names
Natarajan boy God Sivan Favourite Natarajan names
Nathan boy Controller Favourite Nathan names
Natraj boy King Among Actors Favourite Natraj names
Nauhar boy 9 Garlands Favourite Nauhar names
Navalan boy Orator Favourite Navalan names
Navendu boy The Moon A Night After Amavasya Favourite Navendu names
Navnit boy Fresh Butter Favourite Navnit names
Navroz boy A Parsee Festival Favourite Navroz names
Nayan boy Eye Favourite Nayan names
Nazeeya nazeeya girl Optimistic and full of hope Favourite Nazeeya names
Nedumaaran boy Valiant and Respected Favourite Nedumaaran names
Neel boy Blue Favourite Neel names
Neelamani boy Blue Jewel Favourite Neelamani names
Neelambuj boy Blue Lotus Favourite Neelambuj names
Neelanchal boy Nilgiri Hills Favourite Neelanchal names
Neelkanta boy Lord Shiva Favourite Neelkanta names
Neelmadhav boy Lord Jagannath Favourite Neelmadhav names
Neeraf boy River Favourite Neeraf names
Neeru neeru girl Light Favourite Neeru names
Neetu neetu girl Beautiful Favourite Neetu names
Niamh niamh girl Tradition Favourite Niamh names
Nideeshwaram boy Giver of Wealth and Treasures Favourite Nideeshwaram names
Nidhi nidhi girl Treasure Favourite Nidhi names
Nidhyathi nidhyathi girl Meditation Favourite Nidhyathi names
Nihar boy Mist, Fog, Dew Favourite Nihar names
Nikandarya nikandarya girl Goddess Saraswati Favourite Nikandarya names
Nikhila nikhila girl Complete Favourite Nikhila names
Nikhita nikhita girl Sharp Favourite Nikhita names
Nila nila girl Enchanting Moon Favourite Nila names
Nilanjana nilanjana girl One with blue eyes Favourite Nilanjana names
Nilasha nilasha girl Blueness Favourite Nilasha names
Nilaya nilaya girl Home Favourite Nilaya names
Nilesh boy Krishna, Blue God Favourite Nilesh names
Nilini nilini girl Perpetuator Of The Kuru Race Favourite Nilini names
Nima nima girl The mother of Kabir; To adjust Favourite Nima names
Nimesh boy Inside Viewer Favourite Nimesh names
Nimita nimita girl Fixed Favourite Nimita names
Ninarika ninarika girl Misty Favourite Ninarika names
Nira nira girl Part Of God Favourite Nira names
Niraj boy Lotus Flower Favourite Niraj names
Niramayee niramayee girl Pure, Clean, Spotless Favourite Niramayee names
Niranjan boy Simple Favourite Niranjan names
Nirantak boy Shiv Favourite Nirantak names
Nirdesh boy Direction, Command, Indication...etc... Favourite Nirdesh names
Nirijhar boy Waterful Favourite Nirijhar names
Nirmalya boy Pure Favourite Nirmalya names
Nirmayi nirmayi girl Without Blemish Favourite Nirmayi names
Nirmohi boy Unattached Favourite Nirmohi names
Nirupama nirupama girl Matchless Favourite Nirupama names
Nischal boy Calm Favourite Nischal names
Nischitha boy Confidence Favourite Nischitha names
Nisha nisha girl Night Favourite Nisha names
Nishakant boy Husband Of Night ( Moon) Favourite Nishakant names
Nishanath boy Moon Favourite Nishanath names
Nishar boy Warm Cloth Favourite Nishar names
Nishikant boy Husband Of Night ( Moon) Favourite Nishikant names
Nishil boy Night Favourite Nishil names
Nishita nishita girl Alert Favourite Nishita names
Nishkarsh boy Result Favourite Nishkarsh names
Nistha nistha girl Firmness Favourite Nistha names
Nitesh boy Follower Of The Correct Way Favourite Nitesh names
Nitha nitha girl Carried, Red Favourite Nitha names
Nithilan boy Brilliant like a Pearl Favourite Nithilan names
Niti niti girl Ethics Favourite Niti names
Nitin boy Master Of The Right Path Favourite Nitin names
Nitya nitya girl Eternal Favourite Nitya names
Nityanand boy Perennially Happy Favourite Nityanand names
Nityasundar boy Ever Good Looking Favourite Nityasundar names
Nivedh boy Offering Favourite Nivedh names
Nivedita nivedita girl Surrendered Favourite Nivedita names
Noopur noopur girl Anklet Favourite Noopur names
Nouf nouf girl Highest point on a mountain Favourite Nouf names
Nridev boy King Amongst Men Favourite Nridev names
Nripendra boy King Of Kings Favourite Nripendra names
Nupoor nupoor girl Anklet Favourite Nupoor names
Nupura nupura girl Anklet Favourite Nupura names
Nushanth boy Horizan Favourite Nushanth names
Nuzha nuzha girl Pleasure trip; Excursion spot Favourite Nuzha names
Odathi odathi girl Refreshing Favourite Odathi names
Oha boy Meditation, True Knowledge Favourite Oha names
Oja oja girl Vitality Favourite Oja names
Ojayit boy Courageous Favourite Ojayit names
Oma oma girl Life Giver Favourite Oma names
Omana omana girl A Woman Favourite Omana names
Omanand boy Joy Of Om Favourite Omanand names
Omesa boy Lord Of Om Favourite Omesa names
Omisha omisha girl Goddess Of Birth &death Favourite Omisha names
Omja boy Born Of Cosmic Unity Favourite Omja names
Omprakash boy Light Of Om Favourite Omprakash names
Oorja oorja girl The energy Favourite Oorja names
Oorjit boy Powerful Favourite Oorjit names
Ori boy Name of a Charitable King Favourite Ori names
OttaKoothan boy Name of a Poet Favourite OttaKoothan names
Oviya oviya girl Artist, Beautiful Drawing Favourite Oviya names
Paari boy Name of a Charitable Prince Favourite Paari names
Paavan boy Purifier Favourite Paavan names
Padm boy Lotus Favourite Padm names
Padmagriha padmagriha girl Who Resides In A Lotus Favourite Padmagriha names
Padmahasta boy Lotus Handed. Lord Krishan Favourite Padmahasta names
Padmakali padmakali girl Lotus Bud Favourite Padmakali names
Padmakant boy Husband Of Lotus ( Sun) Favourite Padmakant names
Padmal padmal girl Lotus Favourite Padmal names
Padmamalini padmamalini girl Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Padmamalini names
Padmanabh boy One With Lotus In His Navel I.e. Vishnu Favourite Padmanabh names
Padmarekha padmarekha girl Lotus Like Lines On Palm Favourite Padmarekha names
Padmashri padmashri girl Divine Lotus Favourite Padmashri names
Padmayani boy Lord Brahama; Buddha Favourite Padmayani names
Padmini padmini girl Lotus flower Favourite Padmini names
Padminish boy Lord Of Lotuses; Sun Favourite Padminish names
Pakshi pakshi girl Bird Favourite Pakshi names
Palani boy Abode of God Murugan Favourite Palani names
Palaniappan boy Another Name For Lord Murugan Favourite Palaniappan names
Palashkusum boy The Flower Of Palash Favourite Palashkusum names
Palin boy Protecting Favourite Palin names
Pallavini pallavini girl With New Leaves Favourite Pallavini names
Pambavasan boy One who lives in Pamba Favourite Pambavasan names
Pampa pampa girl River Favourite Pampa names
Panchavaktra boy Five Faced, Lord Hanuman Favourite Panchavaktra names
Pandit boy Pandit Favourite Pandit names
Pandu boy Father Of The Pandavas Favourite Pandu names
Panine boy A Sanskrit Grammarian Favourite Panine names
Panita panita girl Admired Favourite Panita names
Pankajan boy Lotus; Lord Vishnu Favourite Pankajan names
Pankhadi pankhadi girl Petal Favourite Pankhadi names
Panshul boy Lord Shiva Favourite Panshul names
Panya panya girl Admired, Glorious, Excellent Favourite Panya names
Parama parama girl The Best Favourite Parama names
Paramhansa boy Supreme Soul Favourite Paramhansa names
Paran boy "beauty; Glory; Ornament.". Favourite Paran names
Parantapa boy Conqueror; Arjuna Favourite Parantapa names
Paravi paravi girl Bird Favourite Paravi names
Parighosh boy Loud Sound Favourite Parighosh names
Parina parina girl Fairy Favourite Parina names
Parivita parivita girl Extermely Free Favourite Parivita names
Parmesh boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Parmesh names
Parnad boy A Brahmin In The Qpics Favourite Parnad names
Parnashri parnashri girl Leafy Beauty Favourite Parnashri names
Parnik parnik girl Creeper Favourite Parnik names
Parthasarathi boy Charioteer Of Partha ( Lord Krishna) Favourite Parthasarathi names
Parthavi parthavi girl Goddess Sita Favourite Parthavi names
Parvani parvani girl Full Moon; A Festival Or A Special Day Favourite Parvani names
Parvatinandan boy Lord Ganesh Favourite Parvatinandan names
Parvini parvini girl Festival Favourite Parvini names
Pashupati boy Lord Of Animals, Lord Shiva Favourite Pashupati names
Pasupati boy Lord Shiva Favourite Pasupati names
Patala patala girl Goddess Durga Favourite Patala names
Patoj boy Lotus Favourite Patoj names
Pavak boy Pure Favourite Pavak names
Pavanaj boy Lord Hanuman Favourite Pavanaj names
Pavani pavani girl Goddess Ganga Favourite Pavani names
Pavansut boy Son Of Wind (hanuman) Favourite Pavansut names
Pavit boy Love Favourite Pavit names
Payal payal girl Anklet Favourite Payal names
Pehlaj boy First Born Favourite Pehlaj names
Perinbam boy Bliss; also Perinban Favourite Perinbam names
Pernita pernita girl Answered prayer Favourite Pernita names
Perumudi boy Great King Favourite Perumudi names
Phalak boy Heaven Favourite Phalak names
Phanindra boy . King Of Gods Favourite Phanindra names
Phenil boy Foamy Favourite Phenil names
Phiroza phiroza girl Turquoise Favourite Phiroza names
Pinakini pinakini girl Bow Shaped Favourite Pinakini names
Pingalaksha boy Pink eyed Favourite Pingalaksha names
Pingla pingla girl Goddess Durga Favourite Pingla names
Pitambar boy Lord Vishnu, Yellow Robed Favourite Pitambar names
Piyali piyali girl A Tree Favourite Piyali names
Ponmala boy Sabari hill Favourite Ponmala names
Ponmudi boy Brilliant; Handsome Favourite Ponmudi names
Poonish boy Lord Of The Pious Favourite Poonish names
Poorbi poorbi girl Eastern Favourite Poorbi names
Poornima poornima girl Full Moon Favourite Poornima names
Poorv boy The East Favourite Poorv names
Poushali poushali girl Of The Month Poush Favourite Poushali names
Poyyamoli boy Prophetic; Smart Favourite Poyyamoli names
Prabhavati prabhavati girl A Raagini, Wife Of Sun Favourite Prabhavati names
Prabhu boy God Favourite Prabhu names
Prabir boy Hero, Brave One (praveer) Favourite Prabir names
Prachetas boy Energy Favourite Prachetas names
Pradarsh boy Appearance, Order Favourite Pradarsh names
Pradeep boy Light, Shine Favourite Pradeep names
Pradeepta pradeepta girl Glowing Favourite Pradeepta names
Prafula prafula girl In Bloom Favourite Prafula names
Pragati pragati girl Progress Favourite Pragati names
Pragun boy Straight; Honest Favourite Pragun names
Pragyawati pragyawati girl A Wise Woman Favourite Pragyawati names
Prahalad boy Bliss Favourite Prahalad names
Prajakta prajakta girl Fragnant Flower Favourite Prajakta names
Prajin boy Kind Favourite Prajin names
Prajwal boy Delightable Favourite Prajwal names
Prakat boy Mainfested Favourite Prakat names
Praket boy Intelligence Favourite Praket names
Prakhya prakhya girl Appearance Favourite Prakhya names
Prakul boy Good Looking Favourite Prakul names
Pramath boy Horse Favourite Pramath names
Pramiti pramiti girl Knowledge Of Truth Favourite Pramiti names
Pramod boy Delight Favourite Pramod names
Pramukh boy Main Favourite Pramukh names
Pranad boy Lord Vishnu; Lord Brahma Favourite Pranad names
Pranavi pranavi girl Goddess Parvathi Favourite Pranavi names
Pranay boy Romance Favourite Pranay names
Pranesh boy Lord Of Life Favourite Pranesh names
Pranja pranja girl Very Very Cute Favourite Pranja names
Pranshu boy Tall, Lord Vishnu Favourite Pranshu names
Pranvuta pranvuta girl Praised Favourite Pranvuta names
Prasannatman boy Cheerful Favourite Prasannatman names
Prasata boy Father Of Draupad Favourite Prasata names
Prashant boy Calm And Composed Favourite Prashant names
Prashanti prashanti girl Peace Favourite Prashanti names
Prasheila prasheila girl Ancient time Favourite Prasheila names
Prashray boy Love, Respect Favourite Prashray names
Prasoon boy Flower Favourite Prasoon names
Pratap boy Dignity, Majesty Favourite Pratap names
Prathyusha prathyusha girl Dawn Favourite Prathyusha names
Pratigya pratigya girl Pledge, Vow Favourite Pratigya names
Pratik boy Symbol Favourite Pratik names
Pratitha pratitha girl Well Known Favourite Pratitha names
Pratul boy Plenty Favourite Pratul names
Pratyush boy Sun Favourite Pratyush names
Praveen boy Expert Favourite Praveen names
Praveena praveena girl Saraswathi Favourite Praveena names
Praveer boy An Excellent Warrior, King Favourite Praveer names
Prayag boy Confluence Of Ganga Jamuna Saraswati Favourite Prayag names
Prayuta prayuta girl Mingled With Favourite Prayuta names
Preetam boy Lover Favourite Preetam names
Preetha preetha girl Happy Favourite Preetha names
Preethu boy God Gift Favourite Preethu names
Premal boy Full Of Love Favourite Premal names
Premala premala girl Loving Favourite Premala names
Prerit boy The Inspired One Favourite Prerit names
Prerna prerna girl Inspiration Favourite Prerna names
Preyasi preyasi girl Beloved Favourite Preyasi names
Pribhakta boy Favourite Of The Devotees. A Name For Lord Shiva Favourite Pribhakta names
Prinaka prinaka girl Girl Who Brings Heaven To Earth Favourite Prinaka names
Pritesh boy Lord Of Love Favourite Pritesh names
Pritha pritha girl Kunti, Mother Of Pandavas Favourite Pritha names
Prithvijaj boy King Of The Earth Favourite Prithvijaj names
Pritikana pritikana girl An Atom Of Love Favourite Pritikana names
Pritish boy Lord Of Love Favourite Pritish names
Priyadarshini priyadarshini girl Dear to the sight Favourite Priyadarshini names
Priyala priyala girl One Who Gives Love Favourite Priyala names
Priyanka priyanka girl Beautiful Or Lovable Act, Symbol Or Body Favourite Priyanka names
Priyanvad boy Sweet Talking Person Favourite Priyanvad names
Priyaranjan boy Beloved Favourite Priyaranjan names
Puja puja girl Prayer Favourite Puja names
Pujan boy The Ceremony Of Worshiping Favourite Pujan names
Pujit boy Worshipped Favourite Pujit names
Pulamai boy Expertise in Literature Favourite Pulamai names
Pulish boy Name Of A Sage Favourite Pulish names
Puloma puloma girl Wife Of The Sage Bhrigu Favourite Puloma names
Punidhan boy Blessed Favourite Punidhan names
Punit boy Pure Favourite Punit names
Punita punita girl Pure Favourite Punita names
Purahan boy Lord Shiva Favourite Purahan names
Purala purala girl Durga; Guardian Of Fortresses Favourite Purala names
Puranjay boy Lord Shiva Favourite Puranjay names
Purohit boy A Brahmin Priest Favourite Purohit names
Purujit boy Conqueror Of City Favourite Purujit names
Purva purva girl East Favourite Purva names
Pushkal boy Lord Shiva Favourite Pushkal names
Pushkar boy Lotus; A Lake Favourite Pushkar names
Pushpad boy Who Who Gives Flowers Favourite Pushpad names
Pushpaketu boy Kamdev, Cupid Favourite Pushpaketu names
Pushpalata pushpalata girl Flower Creeper Favourite Pushpalata names
Pushpesh boy Lord Of Flowers Favourite Pushpesh names
Pusti pusti girl Nourishment, Endorsement Favourite Pusti names
Pyarelal boy Lord Krishna Favourite Pyarelal names
Pyas pyas girl Thirsty Favourite Pyas names
Quamar boy The Moon Favourite Quamar names
Quasim boy Old Generation Favourite Quasim names
Qutub boy Tall Favourite Qutub names
Raahithya boy Lots Of Money Person Favourite Raahithya names
Rabab rabab girl White cloud Favourite Rabab names
Radhakrishna boy Radha And Lord Krishna Favourite Radhakrishna names
Radhesh boy A Name For Lord Krishna Favourite Radhesh names
Radheshyam boy Lord Krishna Favourite Radheshyam names
Rafa rafa girl Happiness; Prosperity Favourite Rafa names
Raghav boy Lord Rama Favourite Raghav names
Raghunandan boy Lord Rama Favourite Raghunandan names
Raghuvir boy Lord Rama Favourite Raghuvir names
Rahul boy Son Of Lord Buddha Favourite Rahul names
Raivata boy A Manu Favourite Raivata names
Rajagopal boy Lord Vishnu Name Favourite Rajagopal names
Rajan boy King Favourite Rajan names
Rajas boy Mastery; Fame; Pride Favourite Rajas names
Rajdeep boy Best Of Kings Favourite Rajdeep names
Rajendrakumar boy King Favourite Rajendrakumar names
Rajit boy Decorated Favourite Rajit names
Rajiv boy Blue Lotus Favourite Rajiv names
Rakshan boy Protector Favourite Rakshan names
Raktakamal boy A Red Lotus Favourite Raktakamal names
Ram boy Lord Rama, God, Supreme Spirit Favourite Ram names
Ramakant boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Ramakant names
Ramanan boy Name of a Saint Favourite Ramanan names
Ramasami boy God Raman Favourite Ramasami names
Ramavatar boy Reincarnation Of Lord Rama Favourite Ramavatar names
Ramith boy Loved Favourite Ramith names
Ramkumar boy Lord Rama Favourite Ramkumar names
Ramnath boy Lord Rama Favourite Ramnath names
Ramoji boy Lord Rama Favourite Ramoji names
Ramratan boy Lord Rama Favourite Ramratan names
Ranajit boy Victorious Favourite Ranajit names
Ranesh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Ranesh names
Rangith boy Well Couloured Favourite Rangith names
Ranjit boy Victorious Favourite Ranjit names
Ranya ranya girl Pleasant Favourite Ranya names
Rasik boy Connoisseur Favourite Rasik names
Rasmaru boy Lord Krishna Favourite Rasmaru names
Rathik boy One Who Rides A Chariot Favourite Rathik names
RathinaVelan boy See RathinaVel Favourite RathinaVelan names
Ratnanidhi boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Ratnanidhi names
Ratul boy Sweet Favourite Ratul names
Ravindra boy The Sun Lord Favourite Ravindra names
Ravinshu boy Kamdev ( Cupid ) Favourite Ravinshu names
Ravishu boy Cupid Favourite Ravishu names
Rayirth boy Lord Brahma Favourite Rayirth names
Raza boy Hope Favourite Raza names
Rehana rehana girl Sweet smelling plant Favourite Rehana names
Rehmat boy Mercy Favourite Rehmat names
Renaud boy Wise Power Favourite Renaud names
Rigved boy Name Of A Veda Favourite Rigved names
Rishik boy Siva Favourite Rishik names
Rishikesh boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Rishikesh names
Rishit boy The Best Favourite Rishit names
Rithik boy Stream Favourite Rithik names
Ritwik boy Priest Favourite Ritwik names
Rochan boy Red Lotus, Bright Favourite Rochan names
Rohitasva boy Son Of King Harishchandra Favourite Rohitasva names
Ronav boy One Who Embodies Grace And Charm, Aka. Handsome Favourite Ronav names
Ronsher boy Lion Of The Battlefield Favourite Ronsher names
Rujul boy Simple, Honest Favourite Rujul names
Rukminesh boy Lord Krishna Favourite Rukminesh names
Rupeshwar boy Lord Of The Form Favourite Rupeshwar names
Rupin boy Embodied Beauty Favourite Rupin names
Rustam boy Large, Very Tall Favourite Rustam names
Rutajit boy Conquerer Of Truth Favourite Rutajit names
Saachee saachee girl Beloved Favourite Saachee names
Saamiya saamiya girl Elevated; Lofty Favourite Saamiya names
Saanjh saanjh girl Evening Favourite Saanjh names
Sabareeshwara boy Lord of Sabari hill Favourite Sabareeshwara names
Sabhya boy Refined Favourite Sabhya names
Sabrang sabrang girl Rainbow Favourite Sabrang names
Sachika sachika girl Kind Favourite Sachika names
Sadabhuja sadabhuja girl Goddess Durga Favourite Sadabhuja names
Sadaf sadaf girl Pearl Favourite Sadaf names
Sadgati sadgati girl Liberation Favourite Sadgati names
Sadhana sadhana girl Long Practice/study, Fulfilment Favourite Sadhana names
Sadhna sadhna girl Worship Favourite Sadhna names
Sadhvi sadhvi girl Virtuous Woman Favourite Sadhvi names
Sadiqua sadiqua girl Kindly Favourite Sadiqua names
Saesha saesha girl With Great Desire And Wish Favourite Saesha names
Sagarika sagarika girl Wave; Born In The Ocean Favourite Sagarika names
Sahasra sahasra girl A New Beginning Favourite Sahasra names
Sahiba sahiba girl The Lady Favourite Sahiba names
Sahitha sahitha girl Being Near Favourite Sahitha names
Sahla sahla girl Smooth; Soft (ground); Fluent; Flowing style Favourite Sahla names
Sahoj sahoj girl Strong Favourite Sahoj names
Saisha saisha girl God Favourite Saisha names
Sajani sajani girl Beloved; Loving; Well Loved Favourite Sajani names
Sajni sajni girl Beloved Favourite Sajni names
Sakina sakina girl Friend Favourite Sakina names
Salena salena girl The Moon Favourite Salena names
Salima salima girl Happy Favourite Salima names
Saloni saloni girl Beautiful Favourite Saloni names
Samaah samaah girl Generosity Favourite Samaah names
Samar samar girl Evening conversations Favourite Samar names
Sameeksha sameeksha girl Abstract Favourite Sameeksha names
Sameen boy Valuable Favourite Sameen names
Sameera sameera girl Early morning fragrance; Entertaining companion Favourite Sameera names
Samika samika girl Peaceful Favourite Samika names
Samit samit girl Collected Favourite Samit names
Sampada sampada girl Wealthy Favourite Sampada names
Samriddhi samriddhi girl Prosperity Favourite Samriddhi names
Samudra samudra girl Ocean,Sea Favourite Samudra names
Samyuktheswari samyuktheswari girl An Indian princess Favourite Samyuktheswari names
Sana sana girl Praise; Resplendence; Brilliance Favourite Sana names
Sanaya sanaya girl Eminent; Distinguished Favourite Sanaya names
Sanchaya sanchaya girl Collection Favourite Sanchaya names
Sandhya sandhya girl Evening Favourite Sandhya names
Sangeet sangeet girl Music Favourite Sangeet names
Sangeetha sangeetha girl Music Favourite Sangeetha names
Sangya sangya girl Intellect, Wife Of Surya Dev Favourite Sangya names
Sanika sanika girl Flute Favourite Sanika names
Saniya saniya girl Moment Favourite Saniya names
Sanjaya sanjaya girl Triumphant Favourite Sanjaya names
Sanjeevananagahatre boy Bearer of Sanjeevini Mount Favourite Sanjeevananagahatre names
Sanjivani sanjivani girl Immortality Favourite Sanjivani names
Sanjula sanjula girl Beautiful Favourite Sanjula names
Sankul sankul girl Full Of Favourite Sankul names
Sansita sansita girl Praise Favourite Sansita names
Santawana santawana girl Consolation Favourite Santawana names
Santoshi santoshi girl Godess Name Favourite Santoshi names
Sanvi sanvi girl Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Sanvi names
Saparna saparna girl Leafy Favourite Saparna names
Sara sara girl Precious Favourite Sara names
Sarakshi sarakshi girl Good Sight Favourite Sarakshi names
Sarani sarani girl Protecting Favourite Sarani names
Sarasa sarasa girl Swan Favourite Sarasa names
Saraswathi saraswathi girl Godess Saraswathi Favourite Saraswathi names
Sarayu sarayu girl A Holy River Favourite Sarayu names
Sargini sargini girl Composed Of Parts Favourite Sargini names
Sarit sarit girl River Favourite Sarit names
Sarjena sarjena girl Creative Favourite Sarjena names
Saroj saroj girl Lotus Favourite Saroj names
Saruchi saruchi girl Wonderful Favourite Saruchi names
Saruprani saruprani girl Beautiful Woman Favourite Saruprani names
Sarvani sarvani girl Durga; Universal; Complete Favourite Sarvani names
Sarvasiddhanta boy Bestower of Skills and Wisdom Favourite Sarvasiddhanta names
Sashi sashi girl Moon Favourite Sashi names
Satha satha girl Dishonest Favourite Satha names
Satvari satvari girl Night Favourite Satvari names
Satviki satviki girl Goddess Durga Favourite Satviki names
Satyarupa satyarupa girl Truth; Personified Favourite Satyarupa names
Saujanya saujanya girl Kind Favourite Saujanya names
Saumyaa saumyaa girl Goddess Durga Favourite Saumyaa names
Saumyi saumyi girl Moonlight Favourite Saumyi names
Savarna savarna girl Daughter Of The Ocean Favourite Savarna names
Savitashri savitashri girl Lustre Of The Sun Favourite Savitashri names
Sawini sawini girl A River Favourite Sawini names
Sayed boy Leader Favourite Sayed names
Sayuri sayuri girl Flower Favourite Sayuri names
Seema seema girl Border; Limit Favourite Seema names
Seerat seerat girl Inner Beauty; Fame Favourite Seerat names
Sesha sesha girl Serpent Who Symbolizes Time Favourite Sesha names
Sethu boy The Warrior Favourite Sethu names
Sevati sevati girl White Rose Favourite Sevati names
Shabalini shabalini girl A Mossy Favourite Shabalini names
Shabana shabana girl Young lady Favourite Shabana names
Shachi shachi girl Wife Of Lord Indra Favourite Shachi names
Shaheena shaheena girl Tender Favourite Shaheena names
Shailasha shailasha girl Parvati; One Who Lives In The Mountain Favourite Shailasha names
Shaista shaista girl Well behaved Favourite Shaista names
Shaistakhan boy Polite Favourite Shaistakhan names
Shaivi shaivi girl Prosperity Favourite Shaivi names
Shakambari shakambari girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Shakambari names
Shakuntala shakuntala girl Brought Up By Birds Favourite Shakuntala names
Shalika shalika girl Flute Favourite Shalika names
Shalini shalini girl Modest Favourite Shalini names
Shambhavi shambhavi girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Shambhavi names
Shamitha shamitha girl Who is calm and disciplined Favourite Shamitha names
Shankhamala shankhamala girl A Fairytale Princess Favourite Shankhamala names
Shantala shantala girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Shantala names
Sharada sharada girl Goddess Of Learning, Saraswati Favourite Sharada names
Sharanya sharanya girl Surrender Favourite Sharanya names
Sharmila sharmila girl Happy Favourite Sharmila names
Sharmistha sharmistha girl Wife Of Yayat Favourite Sharmistha names
Shasha shasha girl Moon Favourite Shasha names
Shashikala shashikala girl Phases Of Moon Favourite Shashikala names
Shashivarnam boy One who has a Moon like Complexion Favourite Shashivarnam names
Shaswati shaswati girl Eternal Favourite Shaswati names
Shatha shatha girl Aromatic Favourite Shatha names
Sheehan boy Peaceful Child Favourite Sheehan names
Sheen sheen girl Brightness Favourite Sheen names
Shevalini shevalini girl A River Favourite Shevalini names
Shibani shibani girl Goddess Durga Favourite Shibani names
Shila shila girl Rock Favourite Shila names
Shilpa shilpa girl Perfectly created Favourite Shilpa names
Shipra shipra girl A River Favourite Shipra names
Shishirkana shishirkana girl Particles Of Dew Favourite Shishirkana names
Shivakanta shivakanta girl Goddess Durga Favourite Shivakanta names
Shivani shivani girl Goddess Parvati; Wife of Lord Shiva Favourite Shivani names
Shivapriya shivapriya girl Liked By Shiva Goddess Durga Favourite Shivapriya names
Shloka shloka girl Verse Favourite Shloka names
Shobhna shobhna girl Ornamental, Shining Favourite Shobhna names
Shonima shonima girl Redness Favourite Shonima names
Shradhdha shradhdha girl Faith, Trust Favourite Shradhdha names
Shravanti shravanti girl A Name In Buddhist Literature Favourite Shravanti names
Shravya shravya girl Musical tone Favourite Shravya names
Shreema shreema girl Prosperous Favourite Shreema names
Shreeprada shreeprada girl Goddess Radha Favourite Shreeprada names
Shresth shresth girl Best of all Favourite Shresth names
Shreya shreya girl Auspicious Favourite Shreya names
Shri shri girl Lustre Favourite Shri names
Shri Jagadeesh boy Lord of Universe Favourite Shri Jagadeesh names
Shrijani shrijani girl Creative Favourite Shrijani names
Shrikala shrikala girl Goddess Laxmi Favourite Shrikala names
Shrikumari shrikumari girl Lustrious Favourite Shrikumari names
Shrilekha shrilekha girl Lustrious Essay Favourite Shrilekha names
Shristhi shristhi girl Creation; Remembrance Favourite Shristhi names
Shriya shriya girl Prosperity Favourite Shriya names
Shrujeshwari shrujeshwari girl Goddess Of Creativity Favourite Shrujeshwari names
Shruthika shruthika girl Lord Parvathi Favourite Shruthika names
Shubha shubha girl Lucky for everybody Favourite Shubha names
Shubhagunakanan boy One who is The Master of All Virtues Favourite Shubhagunakanan names
Shubhra shubhra girl White; The Ganga Favourite Shubhra names
Shuchismita shuchismita girl One Who Has A Pure Smile Favourite Shuchismita names
Shukti shukti girl Pearl Oyster Favourite Shukti names
Shushma shushma girl Fragrant Favourite Shushma names
Shwiti shwiti girl Fairness Favourite Shwiti names
Shyamali shyamali girl Dusky Favourite Shyamali names
Shyamangi shyamangi girl Dark Complexioned Favourite Shyamangi names
Shyamlata shyamlata girl A Creeper With Dusky Leaves Favourite Shyamlata names
Shyma shyma girl Sister if prophet Mohammed Favourite Shyma names
Siddhama siddhama girl Goddess Durga Favourite Siddhama names
Siddhiksha siddhiksha girl Lakshmi; A Religious Ceremony Favourite Siddhiksha names
Siddhipriya boy Bestower of Wishes and Boons Favourite Siddhipriya names
Sikta sikta girl Wet Favourite Sikta names
Simi simi girl Limit Favourite Simi names
Sindhoori sindhoori girl Kumkum Favourite Sindhoori names
Sinjini sinjini girl Sound Of Anklet Favourite Sinjini names
Siona siona girl Stars Favourite Siona names
Sitara sitara girl A Star Favourite Sitara names
Sivasankari sivasankari girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Sivasankari names
Skanda skanda girl Wife Of Lord Shiva Favourite Skanda names
Skandapurvaja boy Elder Brother of Skand (Lord Kartik) Favourite Skandapurvaja names
Smitha smitha girl Smiling; Blossomed Favourite Smitha names
Sneh sneh girl Love Favourite Sneh names
Snehi snehi girl Friendly Favourite Snehi names
Sohalia sohalia girl Moon Glow Favourite Sohalia names
Soma soma girl Moon Rays Favourite Soma names
Somila somila girl Tranquil Favourite Somila names
Sonakshi sonakshi girl Golden Eyed Favourite Sonakshi names
Sonam sonam girl Beautiful Favourite Sonam names
Sougandika sougandika girl Sacred River Favourite Sougandika names
Sowjanya sowjanya girl Tender Favourite Sowjanya names
Sphatika sphatika girl Crystal Favourite Sphatika names
Spriha spriha girl Wish Favourite Spriha names
Sreeya sreeya girl Godess Laxmi Favourite Sreeya names
Srijani srijani girl Creativity Favourite Srijani names
Srirudra srirudra girl Goddess Durga Favourite Srirudra names
Sriya sriya girl Prosperity Favourite Sriya names
Stuti stuti girl Praise Favourite Stuti names
Subhadra subhadra girl A Wife Of Arjuna Favourite Subhadra names
Subhagya subhagya girl Lucky Favourite Subhagya names
Subhiksha subhiksha girl Prosperous Favourite Subhiksha names
Subrata subrata girl Devoted To What Is Right Favourite Subrata names
Sucheta sucheta girl With A Beautiful Mind Favourite Sucheta names
Suchira suchira girl Tasteful Favourite Suchira names
Suchitra suchitra girl Beautiful Favourite Suchitra names
Sudevi sudevi girl Wife Of Krishna Favourite Sudevi names
Sudhithi sudhithi girl Bright Flame Favourite Sudhithi names
Suditi suditi girl Bright, Shining Favourite Suditi names
Suggi suggi girl Harvest Favourite Suggi names
Sugreeva Sachiva boy Minister of Sugreeva Favourite Sugreeva Sachiva names
Suha suha girl Name of a star Favourite Suha names
Suhaila suhaila girl Moon Glow Favourite Suhaila names
Suhasini suhasini girl Ever Smiling Favourite Suhasini names
Suhayma suhayma girl Small arrow Favourite Suhayma names
Suhina suhina girl Beautiful Favourite Suhina names
Sujata sujata girl Of Good Caste Favourite Sujata names
Sujaya sujaya girl Victory Favourite Sujaya names
Sukanya sukanya girl Comely Favourite Sukanya names
Sukirti sukirti girl Fame; Well praised Favourite Sukirti names
Suksha suksha girl Beautiful Eyes Favourite Suksha names
Suksma suksma girl Fine Favourite Suksma names
Sukumari sukumari girl Soft; Meritorious Favourite Sukumari names
Sulabha sulabha girl Easy; Natural Favourite Sulabha names
Sulakshana sulakshana girl Well Brought Up Favourite Sulakshana names
Sulbha sulbha girl Easily Available Favourite Sulbha names
Sulochana sulochana girl One With Beautiful Eyes Favourite Sulochana names
Sumalatha sumalatha girl Flower Favourite Sumalatha names
Sumangli sumangli girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Sumangli names
Sumavali sumavali girl Garland Favourite Sumavali names
Sumitha sumitha girl One Who Has A Beautiful Body Favourite Sumitha names
Sumona sumona girl Calm Favourite Sumona names
Sunaina sunaina girl Beautiful Eyes Favourite Sunaina names
Sunayana sunayana girl A Woman With Lovely Eyes Favourite Sunayana names
Sunayna sunayna girl Beautiful Eyes Favourite Sunayna names
Sundha sundha girl A Character In Ramayana Favourite Sundha names
Sunila sunila girl Blue Favourite Sunila names
Sunita sunita girl One With Good Morals Favourite Sunita names
Suparna suparna girl Leafy Favourite Suparna names
Supreetha supreetha girl Beloved; Endearing To All Favourite Supreetha names
Suprit suprit girl Loving Favourite Suprit names
Supriya supriya girl Well-loved Favourite Supriya names
Surabhi surabhi girl Wish Yielding Cow, Fragrance Favourite Surabhi names
Surama surama girl Very Pleasing Favourite Surama names
Surarchita boy Worshipped by celestials Favourite Surarchita names
Surasa surasa girl Goddess Durga Favourite Surasa names
Suravinda suravinda girl A Beautiful Yaksa Favourite Suravinda names
Surekha surekha girl Beautifully Drawn Favourite Surekha names
Sureshwari sureshwari girl Goddess Durga Favourite Sureshwari names
Suruchi suruchi girl Good Taste Favourite Suruchi names
Sushama sushama girl Beauty Favourite Sushama names
Sushma sushma girl Beautiful Woman Favourite Sushma names
Sushobhana sushobhana girl Very Beautiful Favourite Sushobhana names
Susita susita girl White Favourite Susita names
Susumna susumna girl Same As Lalita Favourite Susumna names
Sutara sutara girl Holy star Favourite Sutara names
Suvarnaprabha suvarnaprabha girl Lustre Of Gold Favourite Suvarnaprabha names
Suvitha suvitha girl Welfare, Prosperity Favourite Suvitha names
Svadhi svadhi girl Thoughtful Favourite Svadhi names
Svana svana girl Sound Favourite Svana names
Svitra svitra girl White Favourite Svitra names
Swaha swaha girl Wife Of Agni; The Lord Of The Fire Favourite Swaha names
Swapna swapna girl Dreamlike Favourite Swapna names
Swapnasundari swapnasundari girl Woman Of Dreams Favourite Swapnasundari names
Swara swara girl Tones Or Self Shining In Sanskrit Favourite Swara names
Swarnalata swarnalata girl Lustrous Favourite Swarnalata names
Swaroop boy Lover of Beauty Favourite Swaroop names
Swity swity girl Happiness Favourite Swity names
Tabreesha tabreesha girl Free as a bird Favourite Tabreesha names
Taizeen boy Encouragement Favourite Taizeen names
Taj taj girl Crown; Jewel Favourite Taj names
Taksheel boy Someone With A Strong Character Favourite Taksheel names
Talank boy Lord Shiva Favourite Talank names
Talib boy Divine Favourite Talib names
Talya talya girl Reach bearer Favourite Talya names
Tamal boy A Tree With Very Dark Bark Favourite Tamal names
Tamalika tamalika girl Belonging To A Place Full Of Tamal Favourite Tamalika names
TamaraiKannan boy Handsome; God Kannan Favourite TamaraiKannan names
Tamas boy Darkness Favourite Tamas names
Tamasi tamasi girl Night Favourite Tamasi names
Tamilan boy A Tamil Favourite Tamilan names
TamilArasan boy Well-versed in Tamil; Tamil King Favourite TamilArasan names
TamilInban boy Happy Favourite TamilInban names
TamilMagan boy A Thamilan Favourite TamilMagan names
TamilNadan boy A Tamil Favourite TamilNadan names
TamilVirumbi boy One who Loves Tamil Favourite TamilVirumbi names
Tamonash boy Destroyer Of Ignorance Favourite Tamonash names
Tana boy Issue Favourite Tana names
Tanika tanika girl Rope Favourite Tanika names
Tanisi tanisi girl Goddess Durga Favourite Tanisi names
Tanmayi tanmayi girl Ecstasy In Sanskrit & Telugu Favourite Tanmayi names
Tanu tanu girl Body Favourite Tanu names
Tanuj boy Son Favourite Tanuj names
Tanushri tanushri girl Beautiful Favourite Tanushri names
Tanya tanya girl Of The Family Favourite Tanya names
Tanzil tanzil girl Beautification Of Paradise Favourite Tanzil names
Tapasendra boy Lord Shiva Favourite Tapasendra names
Tapasya tapasya girl Meditation Favourite Tapasya names
Tapendra boy Lord Of Heat (sun) Favourite Tapendra names
Tapeshwar boy Lord Shiva Favourite Tapeshwar names
Tapti tapti girl A River Favourite Tapti names
Tarachand boy Star Favourite Tarachand names
Taraka taraka girl Star Favourite Taraka names
Tarakesh boy Stary Hair Favourite Tarakesh names
Tarakeshwar boy Lord Shiva Favourite Tarakeshwar names
Taral boy Honeybee Favourite Taral names
Tarala tarala girl Honeybee Favourite Tarala names
Tarang boy Wave Favourite Tarang names
Tarani tarani girl Boat Favourite Tarani names
Tarank boy Savious Favourite Tarank names
Taraprashad boy Star Favourite Taraprashad names
Taraswin boy Brave, Shakti Ka Rup Favourite Taraswin names
Taresh boy God Of The Stars ( Moon) Favourite Taresh names
Tarini tarini girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Tarini names
Tarit boy Lightning Favourite Tarit names
Tarpana tarpana girl Same As Gayatri Favourite Tarpana names
Tarun boy Young, Youth Favourite Tarun names
Taruna taruna girl Young Girl Favourite Taruna names
Tarunima tarunima girl Youth Favourite Tarunima names
Tatya boy Lord Shiva Favourite Tatya names
Tauheed tauheed girl Victoriuos Favourite Tauheed names
Tausiq boy Reinforcement Favourite Tausiq names
Tautik boy Pearl Favourite Tautik names
Teerthankar boy A Jain Saint Favourite Teerthankar names
Tejal tejal girl Lustrous Favourite Tejal names
Tejaswi tejaswi girl Lustrous Favourite Tejaswi names
Tejeshwar boy The Sun Favourite Tejeshwar names
Teta teta girl Innocent Beauty Favourite Teta names
Thanaa thanaa girl Thankfulness Favourite Thanaa names
Thangabalu boy Golden Favourite Thangabalu names
ThangaDurai boy Precious Favourite ThangaDurai names
Thangam boy Gold; Precious Favourite Thangam names
ThangaMariyappan boy Precious and Resourceful Favourite ThangaMariyappan names
Thangarajan boy Golden King Favourite Thangarajan names
ThangaSami boy Golden; Precious Favourite ThangaSami names
ThavaMani boy Gift of God Favourite ThavaMani names
Thayumanavan boy Name Of An Ancient Poet Favourite Thayumanavan names
Thenmoli thenmoli girl Speaks Sweet Like Honey Favourite Thenmoli names
Thennan boy From the South (in Tamil Naadu Favourite Thennan names
ThiruGnanam boy Intelligent; Realized Favourite ThiruGnanam names
ThiruMaran boy Brave Favourite ThiruMaran names
ThiruPugal boy Also Tirupugal Favourite ThiruPugal names
Thiruvoli boy Light from God Favourite Thiruvoli names
Thumri thumri girl Light Classical Melody Favourite Thumri names
Tilak boy Spot Of Vermillion Or Sandal Wood Paste On Forehead Favourite Tilak names
Tilaka tilaka girl A Kind Of Necklace Favourite Tilaka names
Timila timila girl A Musical Favourite Timila names
Timmy boy Disaple Of Paul Favourite Timmy names
Tirranand boy Lord Shiva Favourite Tirranand names
Tirth boy Holy Place Favourite Tirth names
Tisyaketu boy Lord Shiva Favourite Tisyaketu names
Tithi tithi girl Date Favourite Tithi names
Titir boy A Bird Favourite Titir names
Tomika-Shea tomika-shea girl My only love Favourite Tomika-Shea names
Toshani toshani girl Goddess Durga Favourite Toshani names
Trambak boy Lord Shiva Favourite Trambak names
Treya treya girl Walking In Three Paths Favourite Treya names
Triambak boy Lord Shiva Favourite Triambak names
Tridhara tridhara girl The River Ganga Favourite Tridhara names
Trigun boy The Three Dimensions Favourite Trigun names
Triguni triguni girl The Three Dimensions Favourite Triguni names
Trigya boy Lord Buddha Favourite Trigya names
Trilochana trilochana girl Lord Shiva Favourite Trilochana names
Trilokchand boy Moon Of The Three Worlds Favourite Trilokchand names
Trilokesh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Trilokesh names
Triman boy Worshipped In Three Worlds. Favourite Triman names
Trinity trinity girl The Father the Son and the Holy Spirit Favourite Trinity names
Tripti tripti girl Satisfaction Favourite Tripti names
Tripurajit boy Lord Shiva Favourite Tripurajit names
Tripuri tripuri girl Goddess Paravati Favourite Tripuri names
Trishna trishna girl Thirst Favourite Trishna names
Triti triti girl A Moment In Time Favourite Triti names
Trivikram boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Trivikram names
Triyama triyama girl Night Favourite Triyama names
Tuhi tuhi girl Bird Sound Favourite Tuhi names
Tuhinsurra boy White As Snow Favourite Tuhinsurra names
Tulasidas boy Servant Of Tulasi (basil Plant) Favourite Tulasidas names
Tulika tulika girl Brush Favourite Tulika names
Tulya tulya girl Equalled Favourite Tulya names
Turag boy A Thought Favourite Turag names
Turanyu boy Swift Favourite Turanyu names
Turvasu boy A Son Of Yayaati Favourite Turvasu names
Tusharkana tusharkana girl A Particle Of Snow Favourite Tusharkana names
Tusharsuvra boy White As Snow Favourite Tusharsuvra names
Tusya boy Lord Shiva Favourite Tusya names
Tusya Udarchis boy Lord Shiva Favourite Tusya Udarchis names
Tuvidyumna boy Lord Indra Favourite Tuvidyumna names
Tvarita tvarita girl Goddess Durga Favourite Tvarita names
Tvishi tvishi girl Ray of light; Energy; Brilliance Favourite Tvishi names
Udar boy Generous Favourite Udar names
Udaybhan boy The Rising Sun Favourite Udaybhan names
Uddiran boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Uddiran names
Udgita udgita girl A Hymn Favourite Udgita names
Uditi uditi girl Rising Favourite Uditi names
Udyan boy Garden Favourite Udyan names
Ujhala ujhala girl Light Favourite Ujhala names
Ujjwal boy Bright Favourite Ujjwal names
Ujjwala ujjwala girl Bright, Lustrous Favourite Ujjwala names
Ulaganathan boy Master of the World Favourite Ulaganathan names
Ulupi ulupi girl Wife Of Arjuna, The Pandava Prince Favourite Ulupi names
Umang boy Enthusiasm Favourite Umang names
Umaputra boy The Son of Goddess Uma (Parvati) Favourite Umaputra names
Umesh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Umesh names
Umrao umrao girl Noble Favourite Umrao names
Unma unma girl Joy Favourite Unma names
Upagupta boy Name Of A Buddhist Monk Favourite Upagupta names
Upama upama girl Comparison Favourite Upama names
Ura ura girl The Heart Favourite Ura names
Urishita urishita girl Firm Favourite Urishita names
Urmila urmila girl Wife Of Lakshmana Favourite Urmila names
Urshita urshita girl Firm Favourite Urshita names
Urva urva girl Big Favourite Urva names
Usha usha girl Dawn Favourite Usha names
Ushma ushma girl Eat Favourite Ushma names
Utalika utalika girl Wave Favourite Utalika names
Utanka boy A Disciple Of Sage Veda Favourite Utanka names
Utpala utpala girl Lotus Favourite Utpala names
Utpalaksh boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Utpalaksh names
Utsav boy Celebration Favourite Utsav names
Uttar boy Son Of King Virata Favourite Uttar names
Uttara uttara girl A Star Favourite Uttara names
Vaagdevi vaagdevi girl Goddess of learning; Saraswath Favourite Vaagdevi names
Vachan boy Speech Favourite Vachan names
Vadin boy Known Lecturer Favourite Vadin names
Vadivel boy Another name for God Murugan Favourite Vadivel names
Vagadheeksha boy Lord of Spokesmen Favourite Vagadheeksha names
Vahin boy Lord Shiva Favourite Vahin names
Vaidarbhi vaidarbhi girl Rukhmini; Wife Of Krishna Favourite Vaidarbhi names
Vaijayi boy Victor Favourite Vaijayi names
Vaikunth boy Vaikuntam, The Abode Of Lord Vishnu Favourite Vaikunth names
Vaikunth-Nath boy Master Of Heavens Favourite Vaikunth-Nath names
Vainavi vainavi girl Gold Favourite Vainavi names
Vaishant boy Quiet And Shining Star Favourite Vaishant names
Vaishavi vaishavi girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Vaishavi names
Vajendra boy Lord Indra Favourite Vajendra names
Vajra vajra girl Diamond Favourite Vajra names
Vajrakaya boy Sturdy Like Metal, Lord Hanuman Favourite Vajrakaya names
Vakrabhuj boy Lord Ganesh Favourite Vakrabhuj names
Vakratunda boy Curved Trunk Lord Favourite Vakratunda names
Valaiyapathi boy Unassailable Favourite Valaiyapathi names
Valini valini girl Stars Favourite Valini names
Vallika vallika girl Creeper Favourite Vallika names
ValliMayilan boy Another name for God Murugan Favourite ValliMayilan names
Valmik boy The Author Of The Epic Ramayana Favourite Valmik names
Vamdev boy Name Of A Shiva Favourite Vamdev names
Vamdevi vamdevi girl Goddess Durga, Savitri Favourite Vamdevi names
Vamsi vamsi girl FLUTE OF LORD KRISHNA Favourite Vamsi names
Vanajit boy Lord Of The Forest Favourite Vanajit names
Vanathi vanathi girl Of The Forest Favourite Vanathi names
Vandana vandana girl Salute Favourite Vandana names
Vanessa vanessa girl Butterfly Favourite Vanessa names
Vani vani girl Speech Favourite Vani names
Vaninath boy Husband Of Saraswati Favourite Vaninath names
Vanisha vanisha girl Queen Of The Universe Favourite Vanisha names
Vanita vanita girl Lady Favourite Vanita names
Vanshya boy Cloud Favourite Vanshya names
Vara vara girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Vara names
Varad boy God Of Fire Favourite Varad names
Varendra boy Ocean Favourite Varendra names
Vareshvar boy Lord Shiva Favourite Vareshvar names
Vari vari girl Water; Sea Favourite Vari names
Varidhvaran boy Colour Of The Cloud Favourite Varidhvaran names
Varindra boy Lord Of The Ocean Favourite Varindra names
Variyas boy Lord Shiva Favourite Variyas names
Varnu varnu girl Coloured Favourite Varnu names
Varuna varuna girl Wife Of The Lord Of The Sea; Name Of A River Favourite Varuna names
Vasana vasana girl Goddess Durga Favourite Vasana names
Vasantamalika boy Garland Of Spring Favourite Vasantamalika names
Vasava boy Indra Favourite Vasava names
Vasavi vasavi girl Wife Of Indra Favourite Vasavi names
Vashisht boy Name Of A Guru Favourite Vashisht names
Vasudha vasudha girl The Earth Favourite Vasudha names
Vasuman boy Born Of Fire Favourite Vasuman names
Vasumitr boy An Ancient Name Favourite Vasumitr names
Vasundhara vasundhara girl The Earth Favourite Vasundhara names
Vasur boy Precious Favourite Vasur names
Vatatmaj boy Lord Hanuman Favourite Vatatmaj names
Vatsapal boy Lord Krishna Favourite Vatsapal names
Vaydeesh boy God Of The Vedas Favourite Vaydeesh names
Vayunand boy Lord Hanuman Favourite Vayunand names
Veda veda girl Writing Of The Aryans Favourite Veda names
Vedamohan boy Lord Krishna Favourite Vedamohan names
Vedanga boy Meaning Of Vedas Favourite Vedanga names
Vedaprakash boy Light Of The Knowledge Favourite Vedaprakash names
Vedbhushan boy One Adorned With Knowledge Of The Vedas Favourite Vedbhushan names
Vedi vedi girl Altar Favourite Vedi names
Veer boy Brave Favourite Veer names
Veerasundari veerasundari girl Goddess Of Bravery Favourite Veerasundari names
Veerbhadra boy The Ashwamedha Horse Favourite Veerbhadra names
Velan boy Another name for God Murugan Favourite Velan names
Venika venika girl Holy river Favourite Venika names
Venimadhav boy Lord Krishna Favourite Venimadhav names
Venkatan boy God Venkateswaran Favourite Venkatan names
Venkataramananandan boy A Name For Lord Vishnu Favourite Venkataramananandan names
Vetali vetali girl Durga Favourite Vetali names
Vibhakar boy The Moon Favourite Vibhakar names
Vibhas boy Decoration; Light Favourite Vibhas names
Vibhavari vibhavari girl Starry Night Favourite Vibhavari names
Vibhu boy All Pervading Favourite Vibhu names
Vibhumat boy Lord Krishna Favourite Vibhumat names
Vibhut boy Strong Favourite Vibhut names
Vidarbh boy Ancient Name Of A State Favourite Vidarbh names
Vidhatru boy Lord Shiva Favourite Vidhatru names
Vidhi vidhi girl Goddess Of Destiny Favourite Vidhi names
Vidhyadhar boy Full Of Knowledge Favourite Vidhyadhar names
Vidojas boy Lord Indra Favourite Vidojas names
Viduthalai boy Freedom Favourite Viduthalai names
Vidya vidya girl Goddess Durga Favourite Vidya names
Vidyacharan boy Learned Favourite Vidyacharan names
Vidyaranya boy Forest Of Knowledge Favourite Vidyaranya names
Vighnajit boy Lord Ganesh Favourite Vighnajit names
Vighnaraja boy Lord of All Hindrances Favourite Vighnaraja names
Vigrah boy Lord Shiva Favourite Vigrah names
Vihaan boy Morning Favourite Vihaan names
Vihana vihana girl Early Motning Favourite Vihana names
Vijayant boy Victor Favourite Vijayant names
Vijayketu boy Flag Of Victory Favourite Vijayketu names
Vijitendriya boy Controller of the Senses Favourite Vijitendriya names
Vijul vijul girl A Silk Cottom Tree Favourite Vijul names
Vikas boy Development, Expanding Favourite Vikas names
Vikat boy Of The Monstrous Figure. Lord Ganesha Favourite Vikat names
Vikramaditya boy A Famous King Favourite Vikramaditya names
Viksar boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Viksar names
Vilohit boy Lord Shiva Favourite Vilohit names
Vilok boy To See Favourite Vilok names
Vimala vimala girl Pure Favourite Vimala names
Vinahast boy Lord Shiva Favourite Vinahast names
Vinamra vinamra girl Modest Favourite Vinamra names
Vinati vinati girl Prayer Favourite Vinati names
Vinay boy Good Manners Favourite Vinay names
Vinesh boy Godly Favourite Vinesh names
Vini vini girl Rukmani Favourite Vini names
Vinochan boy Lord Shiva Favourite Vinochan names
Vinutha vinutha girl Exceptionally New Favourite Vinutha names
Vipin boy Forest Favourite Vipin names
Vipra vipra girl Moon Favourite Vipra names
Vipreet boy Different Favourite Vipreet names
Vir boy Brave Favourite Vir names
Viresh boy Brave Lord Favourite Viresh names
Virika virika girl Bravery Favourite Virika names
Virikvas boy Lord Indra Favourite Virikvas names
Virurch boy The Holy Trinity Favourite Virurch names
Vishakh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Vishakh names
Vishakha vishakha girl A Star Favourite Vishakha names
Vishaya vishaya girl Subject Favourite Vishaya names
Vishikh boy Arrow Favourite Vishikh names
Vishnu boy Lord Vishnu, Root, To Pervade Favourite Vishnu names
Vishodhan boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Vishodhan names
Vishranti vishranti girl Rest, Relaxation Favourite Vishranti names
Vishv boy Universe Favourite Vishv names
Vishvag boy Lord Brahma Favourite Vishvag names
Vishvam boy Universal Favourite Vishvam names
Vishvanabh boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Vishvanabh names
Vishvaretas boy Lord Brahma; Vishnu Favourite Vishvaretas names
Vishvatma boy Universal Soul Favourite Vishvatma names
Vishwakarma boy Architect Of The Universe Favourite Vishwakarma names
Vishwamitra boy Friend Of The Universe Favourite Vishwamitra names
Vishwamukha boy Master of The Universe Favourite Vishwamukha names
Vismay boy Surprise Favourite Vismay names
Vismita vismita girl Wonderment; Amazement Favourite Vismita names
Visvajit boy One Who Conquers The Universe Favourite Visvajit names
Vitabhay boy Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu Favourite Vitabhay names
Vithala boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Vithala names
Viti viti girl Light Favourite Viti names
Vivash boy Bright Favourite Vivash names
Vivekananda boy Joy Of Discrimination Favourite Vivekananda names
Vivika vivika girl Different Favourite Vivika names
Vrajesh boy Lord Krishna Favourite Vrajesh names
Vrajmohan boy Lord Krishna Favourite Vrajmohan names
Vrajraj boy Lord Krishna Favourite Vrajraj names
Vrinda vrinda girl Basil; Radha Favourite Vrinda names
Vrisangan boy Lord Shiva Favourite Vrisangan names
Vrisini boy Lord Shiva Favourite Vrisini names
Vritee vritee girl Nature, Behaviour Favourite Vritee names
Vrusath boy Prosperity Favourite Vrusath names
Vrushitha vrushitha girl Prosperity Favourite Vrushitha names
Vyoma vyoma girl Who Lives N Sky ( Bird) Favourite Vyoma names
Vyomdev boy Lord Shiva Favourite Vyomdev names
Vyomesh boy Lord Of The Sky Favourite Vyomesh names
Wafiya wafiya girl Loyal; Faithful Favourite Wafiya names
Wajeeha wajeeha girl Eminent; Distinguished Favourite Wajeeha names
Wamika wamika girl Goddess Durga Favourite Wamika names
Warda warda girl Rose Favourite Warda names
Wasan boy Idol Favourite Wasan names
Wisaal wisaal girl Communion in love Favourite Wisaal names
Wyconda boy Beautiful Stranger Favourite Wyconda names
Yaalvendan boy Ruler of Yaalpaanam (Jaffna) Favourite Yaalvendan names
Yadunandan boy Lord Krishna Favourite Yadunandan names
Yaduraj boy Lord Krishna Favourite Yaduraj names
Yaduvir boy Lord Krishna Favourite Yaduvir names
Yagnakaya boy Acceptor of All Sacred & Sacrficial Offerings Favourite Yagnakaya names
Yagnesh boy Religious Leader Favourite Yagnesh names
Yagyesh boy Lord Fo The Sacrificial Fire Favourite Yagyesh names
Yahvi yahvi girl Heaven; Earth Favourite Yahvi names
Yajat boy Lord Shiva Favourite Yajat names
Yaksha boy A Type Of A Demi God Favourite Yaksha names
Yalini yalini girl Melodious Favourite Yalini names
Yalisai yalisai girl Melodious Favourite Yalisai names
Yamajit boy Lord Shiva Favourite Yamajit names
Yamha yamha girl Dove Favourite Yamha names
Yamuna yamuna girl Jamuna River Favourite Yamuna names
Yamya yamya girl Night Favourite Yamya names
Yara yara girl The bright light Favourite Yara names
Yashasvi yashasvi girl Famous Favourite Yashasvi names
Yashita yashita girl Fame Favourite Yashita names
Yashmit boy Famed Favourite Yashmit names
Yashna yashna girl One with fame Favourite Yashna names
Yashoda yashoda girl Foster mother of Lord Krishna Favourite Yashoda names
Yashodhan boy Rich In Fame Favourite Yashodhan names
Yashomati yashomati girl Successful Lady Favourite Yashomati names
Yashpal boy Successful Favourite Yashpal names
Yashwant boy One Who Has Achieved Glory Favourite Yashwant names
Yasmin yasmin girl Jasmine Flower Favourite Yasmin names
Yasti yasti girl Slim Favourite Yasti names
Yatin boy Ascetic Favourite Yatin names
Yatish boy Lord Of Devotees Favourite Yatish names
Yatnesh boy God Of Efforts Favourite Yatnesh names
Yauvani yauvani girl Same As Gayatri Favourite Yauvani names
Yema yema girl Our Joy Favourite Yema names
Yoganand boy Delighted With Meditation Favourite Yoganand names
Yoganidra boy Meditation Favourite Yoganidra names
Yoginampati boy Lord Of The Yogis Favourite Yoginampati names
Yogita yogita girl One Who Can Concentrate Favourite Yogita names
Yojit boy Planner Favourite Yojit names
Yoshita yoshita girl Lady Favourite Yoshita names
Yugma boy Twins, Zodiac Sign Of Gemini Favourite Yugma names
Yuktha yuktha girl Absorbed, Attentive Favourite Yuktha names
Yushan boy Mountain Favourite Yushan names
Yuthika yuthika girl Multitude Favourite Yuthika names
Yutika yutika girl Flower Favourite Yutika names
Yuvarani yuvarani girl Young Queen Favourite Yuvarani names
Yuvika yuvika girl Young Woman, Maid Favourite Yuvika names
Yuyutsu boy Eager To Fight Favourite Yuyutsu names
Zaafira zaafira girl Victorious; Successful Favourite Zaafira names
Zahrah zahrah girl Flower; Beauty; Star Favourite Zahrah names
Zaiden boy Fiery / Sower Of Seeds. Favourite Zaiden names
Zalak zalak girl Instant appearance Favourite Zalak names
Zara zara girl Little Favourite Zara names
Zev boy Deer, Wolf Favourite Zev names
Ziana ziana girl Bold Favourite Ziana names
Zola boy Lump Of Earth Favourite Zola names
Zulema zulema girl Full Of Beauty Favourite Zulema names