Popular Marathi Baby Names

A Name is a simple a word which used to identify rest of the life of child so this is the first gift from the parents or relatives to the baby.therefore it needed a great care when we put their baby name which should be listen to good and beautiful meaning.To Keep all of that things in Mind we have great and nice collection range of baby names with meaning where your search will be finished for the suitable baby names. here is great range of Marathi Baby names with meaning where you choose your favourite Marathi Baby Names.
Popular Marathi Baby Names
Name Meaning
Aagni aagni girl Order Favourite Aagni names
Aagyeyi aagyeyi girl Order Favourite Aagyeyi names
Aalam boy The Whole World Favourite Aalam names
Aaliya aaliya girl High; Tall; Towering; Excellent Favourite Aaliya names
Aaoka aaoka girl Lustrous Favourite Aaoka names
Aarshati aarshati girl Holy Favourite Aarshati names
Aarzoo aarzoo girl Wish Favourite Aarzoo names
Aashish aashish girl Blessing Favourite Aashish names
Aashritha aashritha girl Somebody who gives shelter Favourite Aashritha names
Aayush aayush girl Love Favourite Aayush names
Abheek boy Fearless Favourite Abheek names
Abhinava abhinava girl New, Young, Fresh, Modern, A Sakta Notable For His Great Leaning And Spiritual Attainment Favourite Abhinava names
Abhirati abhirati girl Beautiful Favourite Abhirati names
Abhiroop boy Handsome. Favourite Abhiroop names
Abhisar boy Companion Favourite Abhisar names
Abhivandan boy Salute. Favourite Abhivandan names
Achala achala girl Stable; Constant Favourite Achala names
Ackerley boy Of the oak meadow. Favourite Ackerley names
Aesha aesha girl Wish Favourite Aesha names
Agraja agraja girl Main Favourite Agraja names
Ahren ahren girl Enlightened Favourite Ahren names
Ajaat boy Unborn Favourite Ajaat names
Ajaata ajaata girl Old caves Favourite Ajaata names
Ajamil ajamil girl Unique Favourite Ajamil names
Ajar boy One who is not old Favourite Ajar names
Ajeya ajeya girl Frientd Favourite Ajeya names
Akalroop akalroop girl One remembering the Eternal God Favourite Akalroop names
Akanksha akanksha girl Wish; Desire; Ambition Favourite Akanksha names
Akarsh akarsh girl All prevading, as great as sky Favourite Akarsh names
Akhilesh boy Lord of the universe Favourite Akhilesh names
Akshainie akshainie girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Akshainie names
Alagarasi alagarasi girl Queen of Beauty Favourite Alagarasi names
Alpa alpa girl Little; Small Favourite Alpa names
Alpana alpana girl A decorative design; Beautiful Favourite Alpana names
Alpesh boy Tiny Favourite Alpesh names
Amaldeepti amaldeepti girl Camphor Favourite Amaldeepti names
Amba amba girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Amba names
Ambarish boy Lord Shiva; Vishnu; The King of the sky Favourite Ambarish names
Ameya ameya girl Devotion Favourite Ameya names
Ami boy Nectar Favourite Ami names
Amisha amisha girl Beautiful Favourite Amisha names
Amithi amithi girl Immeasurable; Unique Favourite Amithi names
Amoli amoli girl Precious Favourite Amoli names
Amolik boy Priceless Favourite Amolik names
Amritkala amritkala girl Nectarine Art Favourite Amritkala names
Amshul boy Bright Favourite Amshul names
Anang boy Cupid or Kamadeva Favourite Anang names
Ananka ananka girl Countless Favourite Ananka names
Anbarasu boy King Of Love Favourite Anbarasu names
Aneesha aneesha girl Uninterrupted; Continuous; One who is supreme Favourite Aneesha names
Angamuthu boy Made Of Pearls Favourite Angamuthu names
Anika anika girl Sweet Favourite Anika names
Anilabh boy Spirit Of The Wind Favourite Anilabh names
Anita anita girl Grace Favourite Anita names
Anjali anjali girl Tribute Favourite Anjali names
Ankita ankita girl Distinguished; Marked by the Lord; Dedicate Favourite Ankita names
Anokhi anokhi girl Unique Favourite Anokhi names
Anshula anshula girl Sunny Favourite Anshula names
Anuga anuga girl A companion Favourite Anuga names
Anuja anuja girl Younger Sister Favourite Anuja names
Anuradha anuradha girl Goddess of good luck; Name of a star Favourite Anuradha names
Anurati anurati girl Consent Favourite Anurati names
Anushri anushri girl Pretty; Goddess Laxmi Favourite Anushri names
Anuttara anuttara girl Unanswered Favourite Anuttara names
Aranam aranam girl Name of the ornament Favourite Aranam names
Ardra ardra girl 6th nakshatra Favourite Ardra names
Arpita arpita girl Dedicated Favourite Arpita names
Arulmani arulmani girl Blessed Gem Favourite Arulmani names
Aruni aruni girl Dawn Favourite Aruni names
Arush boy First Ray Of Sun Favourite Arush names
Asavari asavari girl Name of a raga or melody Favourite Asavari names
Asheem boy Boundless Favourite Asheem names
Ashman boy Son Of The Sun Favourite Ashman names
Ashoka ashoka girl Without grief Favourite Ashoka names
Asvin boy A Hindu Month Favourite Asvin names
Atralarasu boy Skilled king Favourite Atralarasu names
Atula atula girl Uncomparable Favourite Atula names
Avantika avantika girl The Princess Of Ujjain Favourite Avantika names
Avatar boy Incarnation Favourite Avatar names
Avinashi boy Indestructable Favourite Avinashi names
Baijayanthi baijayanthi girl Garland of Lord Vishnu Favourite Baijayanthi names
Bakula boy A kind of flower Favourite Bakula names
Baladitya boy Young Sun Favourite Baladitya names
Balagovind boy Infant Krishna Favourite Balagovind names
Balbhadra boy Brother of Krishna Favourite Balbhadra names
Balveer boy Powerful ( Balbeer ) Favourite Balveer names
Basabi basabi girl Wife of Lord Indra Favourite Basabi names
Belli belli girl Silver, A Companion Favourite Belli names
Bhartihari boy Name of a poet Favourite Bhartihari names
Bhoothanathan boy Ruler of the Earth Favourite Bhoothanathan names
Bhramar boy Black bee Favourite Bhramar names
Bilva bilva girl Auspicious Fruit - Bael; A sacred leaf Favourite Bilva names
Bimla bimla girl Pure Favourite Bimla names
Bina bina girl Melodious Favourite Bina names
Bratati bratati girl Creeper Favourite Bratati names
Bratindra boy Devoted to right deeds Favourite Bratindra names
Brinda brinda girl Tulsi Favourite Brinda names
Ceyone boy Rising Sun Favourite Ceyone names
Chaitanya boy Famous Sage Favourite Chaitanya names
Chalama chalama girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Chalama names
Chandana chandana girl Sandal Wood Favourite Chandana names
Chandar boy Moon Favourite Chandar names
Chandraja chandraja girl Daughter of the moon Favourite Chandraja names
Chandrakin chandrakin girl A peacock Favourite Chandrakin names
Chandranan boy Moon Like Face Favourite Chandranan names
Charusila charusila girl Beautiful jewel Favourite Charusila names
Chhayank boy Moon Favourite Chhayank names
Chiranjeevi boy Without death, Eternal Being Favourite Chiranjeevi names
Chitra chitra girl Picture; Drawing; A nakshatra; Name of a river Favourite Chitra names
Chitrita chitrita girl Beautiful, decorated Favourite Chitrita names
Chitt boy Heart Favourite Chitt names
Chumban chumban girl Kiss Favourite Chumban names
Dakshata dakshata girl Skill Favourite Dakshata names
Dasmaya boy Beautiful Favourite Dasmaya names
Daveena boy Beuaty Favourite Daveena names
Dayada boy Son, inheritor Favourite Dayada names
Debashish boy Pleased by godsq Favourite Debashish names
Deenath boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Deenath names
Deshika deshika girl Guru Favourite Deshika names
Devachandra boy Moon among the gods Favourite Devachandra names
Devadutt boy Gift of god Favourite Devadutt names
Deveshi deveshi girl Goddess Durga Favourite Deveshi names
Devkinandan boy Son of Devki;(Lord Krishna) Favourite Devkinandan names
Dhanvantari boy Doctor of Gods Favourite Dhanvantari names
Dharmesh boy Lord of righteousness; Master of Religion; Lord of religion Favourite Dharmesh names
Dharuna dharuna girl Supporting Favourite Dharuna names
Dheeran boy Achiever Favourite Dheeran names
Dhun dhun girl Tune Favourite Dhun names
Dhyana dhyana girl Meditation Favourite Dhyana names
Dilan dilan girl Son of the sea Favourite Dilan names
Dilshad dilshad girl Happy Favourite Dilshad names
Dinpal boy Sun Favourite Dinpal names
Dipashri dipashri girl Lamp Favourite Dipashri names
Diva diva girl Goddess Singer Favourite Diva names
Dristi dristi girl Sight Favourite Dristi names
Durjaya boy Difficult to conquer Favourite Durjaya names
Durva, Durba durva,xxdurba girl Sacred grass Favourite Durva, Durba names
Dyumna dyumna girl Glorious Favourite Dyumna names
Ecchumati ecchumati girl A river Favourite Ecchumati names
Ekachandra boy The Only Moon Favourite Ekachandra names
Ekaparana ekaparana girl Wife of Himalaya Favourite Ekaparana names
Ekata ekata girl Unity Favourite Ekata names
Ekta ekta girl Unity Favourite Ekta names
Elumalai boy Lord Venkateshwara, Lord Of Seven Hills Favourite Elumalai names
Eshani eshani girl Goddess Parvathi Favourite Eshani names
Gagan boy Sky Favourite Gagan names
Gajbahu boy Who Has Strength Of An Elephant Favourite Gajbahu names
Gajendra boy Elephant King Favourite Gajendra names
Gandhali gandhali girl Fragrance of flowers Favourite Gandhali names
Gandhini gandhini girl Fragrant Favourite Gandhini names
Gandira boy Hero Favourite Gandira names
Gangeya boy Son of river Ganga Favourite Gangeya names
Gangika gangika girl River Ganga Favourite Gangika names
Garati garati girl Virtuous woman Favourite Garati names
Gauhar gauhar girl A pearl Favourite Gauhar names
Gaurang boy A fair one; Husband of Gauri (Parvati); Lord Shiva Favourite Gaurang names
Gaurika gaurika girl A Young Girl Favourite Gaurika names
Gaurisuta boy Son Of Gauri. Lord Ganesha Favourite Gaurisuta names
Gayanthika gayanthika girl Singing Favourite Gayanthika names
Geeti geeti girl Melody Favourite Geeti names
Gemine gemine girl Twins Favourite Gemine names
Giinni giinni girl Precious gold coin Favourite Giinni names
Giri boy Mount Favourite Giri names
Giridhar boy One who holds ( lifts ) mountain (Lord Krishna) Favourite Giridhar names
Girika girika girl Summit Of A Mountain Favourite Girika names
Githika githika girl A small song Favourite Githika names
Gourangi gourangi girl Fair complexioned Favourite Gourangi names
Govardhan boy A hill located near the town of Vrindavan; Name of a mountain in Gokul Favourite Govardhan names
Govind boy Cowherd (Lord Krishna) Favourite Govind names
Gurucharan boy The Feet Of The Guru Favourite Gurucharan names
Hanan boy Mercy Favourite Hanan names
Hansaraj boy King of Swans Favourite Hansaraj names
Hansin boy The universal Soul Favourite Hansin names
Harekrishna boy Lord Krishna Favourite Harekrishna names
Heer heer girl Diamond Favourite Heer names
Hem boy Gold; Lord Buddha Favourite Hem names
Hemani hemani girl Goddess parvathi Favourite Hemani names
Hemaprabha hemaprabha girl Golden light Favourite Hemaprabha names
Hemavatinandan boy Son of Goddess Parvati Favourite Hemavatinandan names
Hemchandra boy Golden Moon Favourite Hemchandra names
Het boy Love Favourite Het names
Heti heti girl Friendly Favourite Heti names
Hiranyak boy Name of a Maharishi Favourite Hiranyak names
Hridayanath boy Lord of the heart Favourite Hridayanath names
Hridyanshu boy light from heart, moon Favourite Hridyanshu names
Ibhya boy Possessor of many attendants Favourite Ibhya names
Ichaa boy Desire Favourite Ichaa names
Idhitri idhitri girl One who praises Favourite Idhitri names
Ihitha ihitha girl Desired Favourite Ihitha names
Ilashpasti boy Lord of the earth Favourite Ilashpasti names
Indira indira girl Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Indira names
Indra boy Leader of the gods; The God of the atmosphere and sky Favourite Indra names
Indrajeet boy Conqueror Favourite Indrajeet names
Indrakanta indrakanta girl Indrani ( Shachi ) Favourite Indrakanta names
Indrasen boy Eldest of the Pandavas Favourite Indrasen names
Indratha indratha girl Power and dignity of Indra Favourite Indratha names
Indumauli boy Moon Crested Favourite Indumauli names
Iniya iniya girl Sweet Favourite Iniya names
Iravat boy Rain clouds Favourite Iravat names
Ishan boy Lord Shiva; Lord of wealth; Sun Favourite Ishan names
Ishika ishika girl Paint brush Favourite Ishika names
Iyla iyla girl Moonlight Favourite Iyla names
Jagatbehari boy World traveler ( Jagvihari ) Favourite Jagatbehari names
Jagger boy Strong, Loyal Favourite Jagger names
Jaisal boy Famous folk Favourite Jaisal names
Jaisnavi jaisnavi girl Goddess of victory Favourite Jaisnavi names
Jaisukh boy Happy victor Favourite Jaisukh names
Jamini jamini girl Night Favourite Jamini names
Janakiraman boy Husband of Janaki Favourite Janakiraman names
Janamejay, Janardan boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Janamejay, Janardan names
Jasweer jasweer girl Victorious Favourite Jasweer names
Jayamala jayamala girl Garland of victory Favourite Jayamala names
Jayati jayati girl Victorious Favourite Jayati names
Jayawant boy Victorious Favourite Jayawant names
Jayin boy Conqueror Favourite Jayin names
Jeemutbahan boy Full of life Favourite Jeemutbahan names
Jeevanlata jeevanlata girl Creeper of life Favourite Jeevanlata names
Jerusha jerusha girl Married Favourite Jerusha names
Jhilmil jhilmil girl Sparkling Favourite Jhilmil names
Jigisha jigisha girl Superior Favourite Jigisha names
Jishnu boy Triumphant Favourite Jishnu names
Jogesh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Jogesh names
Joyce joyce girl Joyce Favourite Joyce names
Juhi juhi girl A Flower Favourite Juhi names
Jyothishmathi jyothishmathi girl Goddess Durga Favourite Jyothishmathi names
Jyotiranjan boy Joyous flame Favourite Jyotiranjan names
Kaandhal kaandhal girl Attractive Favourite Kaandhal names
Kabir boy Famous sufi saint Favourite Kabir names
Kaia kaia girl Stability Favourite Kaia names
Kailas boy Abode of Lord Shiva Favourite Kailas names
Kalap boy Moon Favourite Kalap names
Kalapi kalapi girl peacock, nightingale Favourite Kalapi names
Kalipada boy A devotee of Goddess Kali Favourite Kalipada names
Kalpa boy Able, fit Favourite Kalpa names
Kalpana kalpana girl Imagine; A fantasy Favourite Kalpana names
Kalpini kalpini girl Night Favourite Kalpini names
Kamal boy Lotus flower Favourite Kamal names
Kamali kamali girl Full of desires Favourite Kamali names
Kamalnath boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Kamalnath names
Kamaroopin boy Changing form at will Favourite Kamaroopin names
Kanak boy Gold Favourite Kanak names
Kandarie boy Protector Favourite Kandarie names
Kanta kanta girl Radiant Favourite Kanta names
Kapilashwar boy One With A White Horse Favourite Kapilashwar names
Karalika karalika girl Durga; That Which Tears Favourite Karalika names
Karuna karuna girl Kindness Favourite Karuna names
Karunamaya boy Full of compassion Favourite Karunamaya names
Kasmira kasmira girl From Kashmir Favourite Kasmira names
Katyayani katyayani girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Katyayani names
Kavindra boy Poet or Poetess Favourite Kavindra names
KaviriNadan boy From the Kaviri (Cauvery) naadu Favourite KaviriNadan names
Khushi khushi girl Happiness Favourite Khushi names
Kiran kiran girl Ray of Light Favourite Kiran names
Kirik boy Sparkling Favourite Kirik names
Kiritmani boy Jewel in the crown Favourite Kiritmani names
Kishan boy Lord Krishan Favourite Kishan names
KodiMullai kodimullai girl Mullai Flower on a Vine Favourite KodiMullai names
KolaVili kolavili girl With Beautiful Eyes like a Kolam Favourite KolaVili names
Koormadhi boy Brilliant Favourite Koormadhi names
Kshipra kshipra girl Name of a river in India Favourite Kshipra names
Kshitidhar boy Mountain Favourite Kshitidhar names
Kuber, Kuberchand boy God of wealth Favourite Kuber, Kuberchand names
Kumaravel boy Lord Murugan Favourite Kumaravel names
Labangalata labangalata girl A flowering creeper Favourite Labangalata names
Lajni lajni girl Shy Favourite Lajni names
Leelawati leelawati girl Goddess Durga; Playful Favourite Leelawati names
Lochana lochana girl Eye Favourite Lochana names
Madan boy Cupid, god of love Favourite Madan names
Madhav boy Sweet like honey, Krishna Favourite Madhav names
Madhavan boy Lord Krishna Favourite Madhavan names
Madhu boy Honey, nectar Favourite Madhu names
Madhup boy A bee Favourite Madhup names
Madhusudhana boy Krishna, one who killed demon Madhu Favourite Madhusudhana names
Mahabahu boy One with strong arms ( Arjun ) Favourite Mahabahu names
Mahanidhi boy A great treasure house Favourite Mahanidhi names
Mahapurush boy Great Being, Lord Rama Favourite Mahapurush names
Mahatru boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Mahatru names
Maheshwari maheshwari girl Goddess Durga Favourite Maheshwari names
Mahilan boy Cheerful; Happy Favourite Mahilan names
Mahipal boy A king Favourite Mahipal names
Mahish boy Ceremoniously crowned king Favourite Mahish names
MalaiSami boy God of the hills; God Murugan Favourite MalaiSami names
Malayamarut boy Breeze from mountains. Favourite Malayamarut names
Manaal manaal girl Attainment; Achievement Favourite Manaal names
Mandavya boy Name of a sage. Favourite Mandavya names
Mandin boy Delighting Favourite Mandin names
Mandira mandira girl Home Favourite Mandira names
Manendra boy King of mind Favourite Manendra names
Manikant boy The Blue Jewel Favourite Manikant names
Manini manini girl Self respecting Favourite Manini names
Manit boy Highly respected Favourite Manit names
Maniya maniya girl A glass bead Favourite Maniya names
Manjughosh boy Sweet sounding recitation Favourite Manjughosh names
Manjula manjula girl Melodious Favourite Manjula names
Manjyot boy Light of the mind Favourite Manjyot names
Mario boy Warlike. Favourite Mario names
Marisa marisa girl Mother of Daksa Favourite Marisa names
Marukatam boy Emerald. Favourite Marukatam names
Marutatmaj boy Most Beloved Like Gems Favourite Marutatmaj names
Mausumi mausumi girl beauty, monsoon wind Favourite Mausumi names
Mayil mayil girl Full of grace, like a peacock Favourite Mayil names
Mayukhi mayukhi girl Peahen Favourite Mayukhi names
Mayur boy Peacock Favourite Mayur names
Medini medini girl The earth Favourite Medini names
Meera meera girl A devotee of Lord Krishna Favourite Meera names
Megh-naad boy Roar of clouds Favourite Megh-naad names
Meghaj boy Pearl Favourite Meghaj names
Meghnad boy Thunder Favourite Meghnad names
Mekhal boy Girdle, belt Favourite Mekhal names
Michelle boy A form ofMichael. Favourite Michelle names
Milton boy Of the mill town. Favourite Milton names
Misri boy Mixed; Sweet Favourite Misri names
Mohak boy Attractive Favourite Mohak names
Mohanish boy attractive God, Krishna Favourite Mohanish names
Moti boy Pearl Favourite Moti names
Mrigakshi mrigakshi girl One with deer- like beautiful eyes Favourite Mrigakshi names
Mubarak boy Congratulations Favourite Mubarak names
Muneendra boy Best among saints Favourite Muneendra names
Murugan boy Lord Karthikeya Favourite Murugan names
Muthunagai muthunagai girl Smiles like a pearl Favourite Muthunagai names
Myron boy Pleasant. Fragrant. Favourite Myron names
Nabendu boy New moon Favourite Nabendu names
Nachiketa boy An ancient rishi, fire Favourite Nachiketa names
Nagesh boy Seshnag, Cosmic Serpent Favourite Nagesh names
Nagpal boy Saviour Of Serpents Favourite Nagpal names
Nahush boy Name of an ancient King Favourite Nahush names
Nalinaksh boy Lotus -eyed Favourite Nalinaksh names
Nangai nangai girl Cultured lady Favourite Nangai names
Narendra; Narinder boy King of men Favourite Narendra; Narinder names
Navami navami girl New Favourite Navami names
Neelanjan boy Blue Favourite Neelanjan names
Nideeshwaram boy Giver of Wealth and Treasures Favourite Nideeshwaram names
Niraj boy Lotus flower Favourite Niraj names
Nirijhar boy Waterful Favourite Nirijhar names
Nirmalya boy Pure Favourite Nirmalya names
Nirmit boy Created Favourite Nirmit names
Nishad boy Seventh note on Indian musical scale Favourite Nishad names
Nityasundar boy Ever good-looking Favourite Nityasundar names
Nolan boy Noble. Renowned. Favourite Nolan names
Norris boy From the North. Favourite Norris names
Nripendra boy The king of kings Favourite Nripendra names
Nutan boy New. Novel. Modern. Latest. Favourite Nutan names
Ohileshwar boy Shiva. Favourite Ohileshwar names
Ojaswit boy Powerful.Radiant. Favourite Ojaswit names
Olichudar olichudar girl Brilliant Favourite Olichudar names
Olimani olimani girl Brilliant Favourite Olimani names
Om boy Omkar; Creation; The essence of life Favourite Om names
Omvati omvati girl Sacred, Having the power of Om Favourite Omvati names
Oppilan boy Peerless Gem Favourite Oppilan names
Osho boy Dear Favourite Osho names
Padmayani boy Lord Brahama; Buddha Favourite Padmayani names
Pakshiraj boy King of birds. Garuda. Favourite Pakshiraj names
Pandalavasan boy One who lives in Pandala (Place) Favourite Pandalavasan names
Paramahamsa boy A sage of highest order (Eg:Ramakrishna Paramahamsa). Favourite Paramahamsa names
Paran boy Beauty, Glory, Ornament Favourite Paran names
Parmeet boy Wisdom Favourite Parmeet names
Partap boy Glory; Vigour; Strength Favourite Partap names
Pauravi pauravi girl Descendant from Puru Favourite Pauravi names
Paz boy Peace. Favourite Paz names
Pehr pehr girl Phase/ Time Of Day. Favourite Pehr names
Phalgun boy A month of the Hindu Calendar Favourite Phalgun names
Phelan boy Wolf. Favourite Phelan names
Pival pival girl A Tree Favourite Pival names
Piyali piyali girl A Tree Favourite Piyali names
Poornamruth boy Full of sweetness. Favourite Poornamruth names
Poorvi poorvi girl A classical melody Favourite Poorvi names
Prabhanjan boy Dust Storm; Tempest Favourite Prabhanjan names
Prabodh boy Vigilance; Waking Favourite Prabodh names
Pragati pragati girl Progress Favourite Pragati names
Pragyaparamita pragyaparamita girl Wise Favourite Pragyaparamita names
Pranav boy Sound of Om Favourite Pranav names
Pranjal boy Simple; Straightforward Favourite Pranjal names
Prantika prantika girl End Favourite Prantika names
Prashansa prashansa girl Praise Favourite Prashansa names
Prashanti prashanti girl Peace Favourite Prashanti names
Pratap boy Glory; Vigour; Strength Favourite Pratap names
Pratik boy Symbol Favourite Pratik names
Pratitha pratitha girl Well known Favourite Pratitha names
Prayag boy Confluence of Ganga-Jamuna-Saraswati; A city in India called Allahabad Favourite Prayag names
Prbhavati prbhavati girl A raagini, Wife of Sun Favourite Prbhavati names
Prema prema girl Love Favourite Prema names
Prerana prerana girl Inspiration Favourite Prerana names
Prerita prerita girl To Inspire Favourite Prerita names
Priti priti girl Satisfaction Favourite Priti names
Priyadarshini priyadarshini girl Lovely Favourite Priyadarshini names
Priyam priyam girl Beloved Favourite Priyam names
Priyasha priyasha girl Dear one Favourite Priyasha names
Pulak pulak girl Joy,Gem Favourite Pulak names
Punita punita girl Sacred, Holy Favourite Punita names
Purala purala girl Durga Favourite Purala names
Puruvi puruvi girl From the east Favourite Puruvi names
Pushpagandha pushpagandha girl Juhi flower Favourite Pushpagandha names
Rajatanabhi boy Very Rich. Lord Vishnu Favourite Rajatanabhi names
Ranajit boy Victorious Favourite Ranajit names
Rangarajan boy Hindu God Name-Vishnu Favourite Rangarajan names
Ratan boy Precious stone Favourite Ratan names
Ratnabhu boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Ratnabhu names
Ratnamala ratnamala girl String of pearls Favourite Ratnamala names
Ratnapriya ratnapriya girl Lover of jewels Favourite Ratnapriya names
Rekha rekha girl Line Favourite Rekha names
Renesh boy Lord of love Favourite Renesh names
Renuka renuka girl The mother of Parasurma, the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu Favourite Renuka names
Rina rina girl Dissolved Favourite Rina names
Rishab boy Superior Favourite Rishab names
Rishima rishima girl Moonbeam Favourite Rishima names
Rishita rishita girl The best Favourite Rishita names
Ritesh boy Lord of Seasons; Lord of truth Favourite Ritesh names
Rithika rithika girl Brass Favourite Rithika names
Ritsika ritsika girl Traditional Favourite Ritsika names
Ritvik boy Priest Favourite Ritvik names
Rizvan boy Harbinger Of Good News Favourite Rizvan names
Rochan boy Red Lotus; Bright Favourite Rochan names
Roma roma girl Lakshmi Favourite Roma names
Ronnie boy A Similar form of Ronald. Favourite Ronnie names
Roopa roopa girl Blessed with beauty Favourite Roopa names
Roshan roshan girl Bright Favourite Roshan names
Rosy rosy girl Deep Pink Favourite Rosy names
Rucha rucha girl Bright Favourite Rucha names
Rudra boy angry, Lord Shiva Favourite Rudra names
Rupesh boy Lord of Beauty Favourite Rupesh names
Rutva rutva girl Speech,Season Favourite Rutva names
Salima salima girl Happy Favourite Salima names
Sandeep boy A lighted lamp; Glowing Favourite Sandeep names
Sandeepen boy Lighting Favourite Sandeepen names
Sandesh boy Message Favourite Sandesh names
Sandy boy Defending Men Favourite Sandy names
Sarvajit boy One who conquered everythinig. Favourite Sarvajit names
Sawan boy A month of the Hindu Calendar Favourite Sawan names
Sayantini sayantini girl Evening Favourite Sayantini names
Setu setu girl Sacred symbol Favourite Setu names
Shabana shabana girl Decorated Favourite Shabana names
Shankar boy Lord Shiva; God Shankar; He who gives happiness Favourite Shankar names
Shanti shanti girl Peace Favourite Shanti names
Shashi shashi girl Moon Favourite Shashi names
Shaukat boy Grand Favourite Shaukat names
Shikha shikha girl Flame Favourite Shikha names
Shilpika shilpika girl Skilled At Any Art Favourite Shilpika names
Shivasundari shivasundari girl Durga Favourite Shivasundari names
Shraddha shraddha girl Faith Favourite Shraddha names
Shreyasi shreyasi girl One who is most beautiful Favourite Shreyasi names
Shubhada shubhada girl Giver of luck Favourite Shubhada names
Shuchi shuchi girl Pious, Pure, Bright Favourite Shuchi names
Siddhama siddhama girl Goddess Durga Favourite Siddhama names
Siddhika siddhika girl One Who Attains Favourite Siddhika names
Siyona siyona girl Graceful Favourite Siyona names
Skandapurvaja boy Elder Brother of Skand (Lord Kartik) Favourite Skandapurvaja names
Smrita smrita girl Remembered Favourite Smrita names
Snehal snehal girl Friendly Favourite Snehal names
Sohni sohni girl Beautiful Favourite Sohni names
Sourabhi sourabhi girl Fragrance; the celestial cow Favourite Sourabhi names
Sphatika sphatika girl Crystal Favourite Sphatika names
Spriha spriha girl Wish Favourite Spriha names
Sriya sriya girl Prosperity Favourite Sriya names
Stavita stavita girl Praised Favourite Stavita names
Subhi subhi girl Lucky Favourite Subhi names
Sudhanssu boy Moon Favourite Sudhanssu names
Suhaila suhaila girl Moon-glow Favourite Suhaila names
Suhayla suhayla girl Smooth; Soft (ground); Fluent; Flowing (style) Favourite Suhayla names
Sumedha sumedha girl Wise Favourite Sumedha names
Supratik boy Cupid Favourite Supratik names
Susheel boy Good charactered man; Well-behaved Favourite Susheel names
Sushil boy Good charactered man; Well-behaved Favourite Sushil names
Tamadhur tamadhur girl Proper name Favourite Tamadhur names
Tamarai tamarai girl Lotus Flower, Beautiful Favourite Tamarai names
Tamas boy Darkness Favourite Tamas names
TamilChelvan boy Prosperous Favourite TamilChelvan names
Tamilko boy Tamil King Favourite Tamilko names
Tamoghna boy Lord Vishnu; Lord Shiva Favourite Tamoghna names
Tanika tanika girl Rope Favourite Tanika names
Tanishq boy Jewel Favourite Tanishq names
Tanner boy Worker in leather. Favourite Tanner names
Tanush boy Ganesha Favourite Tanush names
Tapeshwar boy Lord Shiva Favourite Tapeshwar names
Tasha boy Born on Christmas Day(Greek), A short form of Natsha(Russian). Favourite Tasha names
Tathagata boy The Buddha Favourite Tathagata names
Taylor boy Tailor. Surname. Favourite Taylor names
Teerth boy Holy place Favourite Teerth names
ThavaChelvan boy Gift of God Favourite ThavaChelvan names
Thenappan boy Kind Favourite Thenappan names
Thiruvoli boy Light from God Favourite Thiruvoli names
Tirunakshatra boy Holy star Favourite Tirunakshatra names
Trijagati trijagati girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Trijagati names
Tulu boy To Born. Favourite Tulu names
Tushar boy Snow; Winter Favourite Tushar names
Tusti tusti girl Peace, Happiness Favourite Tusti names
Tusya Udarchis boy Lord Shiva Favourite Tusya Udarchis names
Vaishavi vaishavi girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Vaishavi names
Varali varali girl Moon Favourite Varali names
Vedanga boy Part of the sacred knowledge Favourite Vedanga names
Velli velli girl Silver (in kannada/tamil) Favourite Velli names
Vikas boy Progress; Development Favourite Vikas names
Vinod boy Pleasing; Happiness; Joy Favourite Vinod names
Vithika vithika girl Pathway Favourite Vithika names
Viyona viyona girl Sky Favourite Viyona names
Yashpal boy Successful; Famous; Lord Krishna; Protector of fame Favourite Yashpal names
Yogendra boy God of Yoga; Another name for Lord Shiva Favourite Yogendra names
Yoginder boy God of Yoga; Another name for Lord Shiva Favourite Yoginder names
Yukti yukti girl trick, solution Favourite Yukti names
Yuthika yuthika girl Multitude Favourite Yuthika names