Popular Muslim Baby Names

A Name is a simple a word which used to identify rest of the life of child so this is the first gift from the parents or relatives to the baby.therefore it needed a great care when we put their baby name which should be listen to good and beautiful meaning.To Keep all of that things in Mind we have great and nice collection range of baby names with meaning where your search will be finished for the suitable baby names. here is great range of Muslim Baby names with meaning where you choose your favourite Muslim Baby Names.
Popular Muslim Baby Names
Name Meaning
Aabid boy Worshiper Favourite Aabid names
Aabidah aabidah girl Worshipper. Favourite Aabidah names
Aabirah aabirah girl Fleeting, transitory, ephemeral. Favourite Aabirah names
Aadila aadila girl Just, Honest, Equal, Upright Favourite Aadila names
Aala aala girl Bounties Favourite Aala names
Aalimah aalimah girl Scholar, Authority. Favourite Aalimah names
Aamanee aamanee girl Good wish. Favourite Aamanee names
Aamir boy Civilised Favourite Aamir names
Aamirah aamirah girl Inhabitant Favourite Aamirah names
Aani Fatimah Khatoon aanixxfatimahxxkhatoon girl She was a literary woman and a poetess in Qastaniniyah Favourite Aani Fatimah Khatoon names
Aarifah aarifah girl Knowing, Women who recognises Islam Favourite Aarifah names
Aasif boy An able minister Favourite Aasif names
Aasimah aasimah girl Protector, defendant, central. Favourite Aasimah names
Aatiqah aatiqah girl Shoulder (support) old Favourite Aatiqah names
Aaus boy Name of a tree Favourite Aaus names
Abasah abasah girl Daughter of al-Mahdi. Favourite Abasah names
Abbad boy Great worshipper Favourite Abbad names
Abda abda girl Worshipper. Favourite Abda names
Abdul Adheem boy Servant of the Most Great Favourite Abdul Adheem names
Abdul Ahad boy Slave of he who is one (Allah) Favourite Abdul Ahad names
Abdul Alim boy Slave of the All knowing Favourite Abdul Alim names
Abdul Aliyy boy Servant of the Most High Favourite Abdul Aliyy names
Abdul Azim boy Slave of the great Favourite Abdul Azim names
Abdul Baasit boy Servant of the Extender and Creator Favourite Abdul Baasit names
Abdul Basit boy Servant of the Extender Favourite Abdul Basit names
Abdul Batin boy Slave of the unseen Favourite Abdul Batin names
Abdul Ghafaar boy Servant of the Forgiver Favourite Abdul Ghafaar names
Abdul Ghaffar boy Servant of the forgiver Favourite Abdul Ghaffar names
Abdul Haafiz boy Servant of the Protector Favourite Abdul Haafiz names
Abdul Hafeez boy Slave of the protector Favourite Abdul Hafeez names
Abdul Hakam boy Servant of the Arbitrator Favourite Abdul Hakam names
Abdul Hakim boy Servant of the Wise One Favourite Abdul Hakim names
Abdul Hannan boy Slave of the Merciful Favourite Abdul Hannan names
Abdul Haqq boy Servant of the Truth Favourite Abdul Haqq names
Abdul Hasib boy Slave of the Reckoner Favourite Abdul Hasib names
Abdul Jabbar boy Servant of the Compeller Favourite Abdul Jabbar names
Abdul Jaleel boy Servant of the Great and Revered Favourite Abdul Jaleel names
Abdul Kareem boy Servant of the Noble and Generous Favourite Abdul Kareem names
Abdul Lateef boy Servant of the Kind Favourite Abdul Lateef names
Abdul Majeed boy Servant of the Glorious Favourite Abdul Majeed names
Abdul Mateen boy Slave of the Firm Favourite Abdul Mateen names
Abdul Matin boy Servant of the Firm, Strong Favourite Abdul Matin names
Abdul Mueed boy Slave of the Restorer, the Reproducer Favourite Abdul Mueed names
Abdul Mumin boy Servant of the Guardian of Faith Favourite Abdul Mumin names
Abdul Muntaqim boy Slave of him who punishes wrongdoings and seizes retribution Favourite Abdul Muntaqim names
Abdul Muqsit boy Slave of the Just Favourite Abdul Muqsit names
Abdul Mutaal boy Servant of the Most High Favourite Abdul Mutaal names
Abdul Noor boy Slave of the one who is Light Favourite Abdul Noor names
Abdul Nur boy Servant of the Light Favourite Abdul Nur names
Abdul Qadir boy Slave of the Powerful Favourite Abdul Qadir names
Abdul Qahhar boy Servant of the Subduer Favourite Abdul Qahhar names
Abdul Qaiyoum boy Servant of the Self-Sustaining Favourite Abdul Qaiyoum names
Abdul Qudoos boy Servant of the Most Holy Favourite Abdul Qudoos names
Abdul Rafi boy Slave of the Exalter Favourite Abdul Rafi names
Abdul Rauf boy Servent of the merciful Favourite Abdul Rauf names
Abdul Razzaq boy Servant of the Maintainer, the Provider Favourite Abdul Razzaq names
Abdul Shakur boy Servant of the Most Thankful Favourite Abdul Shakur names
Abdul Waajid boy Servant of the Finder Favourite Abdul Waajid names
Abdul Waali boy Slave of the Governor Favourite Abdul Waali names
Abdul Wajid boy Slave of the Finder, the Perceiver Favourite Abdul Wajid names
Abdul Warith boy Servant of the Supreme Inheritor. Favourite Abdul Warith names
Abdul Wasi boy Slave of the All Embracing Favourite Abdul Wasi names
Abdul-Wahhab boy Servant of the Best-ower. Favourite Abdul-Wahhab names
Abdullah boy Servant of Allah Favourite Abdullah names
Abdus Sami boy Slave of the All Hearing. Favourite Abdus Sami names
Abdus Shafi boy Slave of the Healer. Favourite Abdus Shafi names
Abdus Shaheed boy Servant of the Witness. Favourite Abdus Shaheed names
Abdush Shahid boy Slave of the Witness. Favourite Abdush Shahid names
Abeer abeer girl Fragrance, perfume Favourite Abeer names
Abia abia girl Great Favourite Abia names
Abid boy Worshipper, adorer Favourite Abid names
Abidah abidah girl Worshipper Favourite Abidah names
Abidin boy Worshippers, adorers Favourite Abidin names
Abisali boy Warrior in Islam. Favourite Abisali names
Ablah ablah girl Perfectly formed. Favourite Ablah names
Abqurah abqurah girl Genius Favourite Abqurah names
Abrash boy Spotted, Speckled. Favourite Abrash names
Abu al Khayr boy One who does good Favourite Abu al Khayr names
Abyan boy Clear, Eloquent Favourite Abyan names
Adab adab girl Hope, Need. Favourite Adab names
Adbul Qawi boy Servant of the Most Powerful Favourite Adbul Qawi names
Adeem boy Rare. Favourite Adeem names
Adham boy Black or dark Favourite Adham names
Adifaah adifaah girl Smart, talented. Favourite Adifaah names
Adil boy Just, Honest Favourite Adil names
Adilah adilah girl Equal Favourite Adilah names
Adl boy Justice Favourite Adl names
Adn adn girl Paradise Favourite Adn names
Aduz Zahir boy Slave of the Manifest Favourite Aduz Zahir names
Aejaz boy A person who does miracles Favourite Aejaz names
Afdal boy Better Favourite Afdal names
Afeefa afeefa girl Chaste Favourite Afeefa names
Afham boy Loving Favourite Afham names
Afia afia girl Away from all Problems. Favourite Afia names
Afifah afifah girl Chaste, modest Favourite Afifah names
Aflah boy Gaining success-but the Prophet (S.A.W) has discouraged us from giving such names to our children; Favourite Aflah names
Afnan afnan girl Tree branches or twigs Favourite Afnan names
Afreen afreen girl Friendly. Favourite Afreen names
Aftaab boy Bright, prosperous, the sun Favourite Aftaab names
Agha boy Another name for God Favourite Agha names
Ahmar boy Red Coloured Favourite Ahmar names
Ahyan boy Gift of God Favourite Ahyan names
Aidh boy Name of a reciter of the Holy Quran Favourite Aidh names
Aimal aimal girl Hope. Favourite Aimal names
Aiza aiza girl Noble. Favourite Aiza names
Ajeebah ajeebah girl A narrator of hadith. Favourite Ajeebah names
Ajer boy Reward Favourite Ajer names
Ajradah ajradah girl Great worshipper Favourite Ajradah names
Ajwad boy More Generous Favourite Ajwad names
Akeem boy Wise Favourite Akeem names
Akhtar boy A Star, good man Favourite Akhtar names
Akifa akifa girl Worshiper in solitude Favourite Akifa names
Aklamash boy Spotless, pure Favourite Aklamash names
Akleema akleema girl Beautiful. One of the daughters of Adam (A.S). Favourite Akleema names
Al Abbas boy Description of a lion Favourite Al Abbas names
Al hakeem boy The Wise Favourite Al hakeem names
Alaa boy Nobility Favourite Alaa names
Alaia alaia girl Virtuous. Favourite Alaia names
Alaleem boy He who knows all Things Favourite Alaleem names
Alamgir boy Lord of the Universe Favourite Alamgir names
Ali boy The highest, greatest, excellent, noble; Favourite Ali names
Alih boy Idol,god Favourite Alih names
Alima alima girl Wise Favourite Alima names
Alina alina girl Beautiful. Favourite Alina names
Alishaba alishaba girl Beautiful sunshine. Favourite Alishaba names
Alishba alishba girl Pretty. Favourite Alishba names
Aliyah aliyah girl Exalted, noble. Favourite Aliyah names
Almas boy Diamond Favourite Almas names
Altair boy The flying eagle Favourite Altair names
Amaar boy One who prays 5 times and fasts. Favourite Amaar names
Amah amah girl Slave (Female); Favourite Amah names
Amala amala girl Hopes, aspirations Favourite Amala names
Amalia amalia girl Aspirations Favourite Amalia names
Amam boy Safety, Protection Favourite Amam names
Aminah aminah girl Trustworthy, faithful Favourite Aminah names
Amirah amirah girl Royal lady, Princess Favourite Amirah names
Ammaar boy One with strong Imaan. Also a Sahabi Favourite Ammaar names
Amna amna girl Peace. Favourite Amna names
Amrah amrah girl Headgear. Favourite Amrah names
Amsah amsah girl Friendly, of good company Favourite Amsah names
Ana ana girl Prestige, self respect. Favourite Ana names
Anam anam girl Present Favourite Anam names
Anas boy Love, affection Favourite Anas names
Aneesah aneesah girl Generous, loyal Favourite Aneesah names
Angbin angbin girl Honey. Favourite Angbin names
Anida anida girl Obstinate. Favourite Anida names
Anila anila girl Beautiful Favourite Anila names
Anis boy Close friend Favourite Anis names
Anjum boy Star Favourite Anjum names
Antar boy Name of Arab hero of chivalry Favourite Antar names
Anwer boy Bright Favourite Anwer names
Aqib boy Another name for Prophet Muhammad Favourite Aqib names
Aqila aqila girl Intelligent, wise Favourite Aqila names
Aqilah aqilah girl Wife, spouse; the best, the pick Favourite Aqilah names
Ara ara girl Opinions Favourite Ara names
Arbaaz boy Eagle. Favourite Arbaaz names
Arbad boy Masters, Lords Favourite Arbad names
Areeb boy Skillful, Adroit Favourite Areeb names
Areeba areeba girl Sharp, brilliant Favourite Areeba names
Areej areej girl Good smell, fragrance Favourite Areej names
Arfa arfa girl Greatness Favourite Arfa names
Arham boy Merciful Favourite Arham names
Arjumand arjumand girl Noble, Honourable. Favourite Arjumand names
Arkaan boy Principles Favourite Arkaan names
Aroob aroob girl Loving to her husband Favourite Aroob names
Arqam boy Pen, Speckled snake; Favourite Arqam names
Arshaq boy Handsome, well proportioned Favourite Arshaq names
Arub arub girl Aroob Loving to her husband Favourite Arub names
Arwarh boy More delicate, more gracious Favourite Arwarh names
Arzoo arzoo girl Hope Favourite Arzoo names
Asalah asalah girl Purity Favourite Asalah names
Asar boy Fourth Prayer of the day. Favourite Asar names
Aseed boy A narrator of Hadeeth. Favourite Aseed names
Asfia asfia girl Great Favourite Asfia names
Asghar boy Shorter, Smaller, Junior. Favourite Asghar names
Ashadieeyah ashadieeyah girl Princess, cute, perfec. Favourite Ashadieeyah names
Ashbah ashbah girl Pearl Favourite Ashbah names
Ashfaq boy Compassionate friend. Favourite Ashfaq names
Ashraf boy Honorable Favourite Ashraf names
Asilah asilah girl Noble origin, pure Favourite Asilah names
Asima asima girl Protector Favourite Asima names
Asir boy Captivating, fascinating Favourite Asir names
Asjad asjad girl Gold, jewel Favourite Asjad names
Aslam boy Peace Favourite Aslam names
Asma asma girl Sinless, excellent Favourite Asma names
Asmahan asmahan girl Exalted, high Favourite Asmahan names
Asmat asmat girl Pure, Clean. Favourite Asmat names
Asriyah asriyah girl Modernist Favourite Asriyah names
Ata al Rahman boy Gift of the Beneficent Favourite Ata al Rahman names
Ataa boy Gift Favourite Ataa names
Athier boy Lion hearted Favourite Athier names
Atia atia girl Gift Favourite Atia names
Atif boy Generous, Compassionate, sympathetic Favourite Atif names
Atifah atifah girl Atifa Affectionate, compassionate, sympathetic Favourite Atifah names
Atikah atikah girl Virgin, pure, clear Favourite Atikah names
Atiq boy Ancient, Noble Favourite Atiq names
Atiya atiya girl Gift Favourite Atiya names
Attiq boy Old Favourite Attiq names
Atyaf atyaf girl Fantasies Favourite Atyaf names
Awf boy A plant with a nice smell Favourite Awf names
Awwal boy The First A Name for Allah Favourite Awwal names
Ayaana ayaana girl Lucky, good day, day of judgement Favourite Ayaana names
Ayat ayat girl Verses (pl. of Aya), signs, lessons, proofs Favourite Ayat names
Aydin boy Brilliant, Enlightened, Intelligent, Light of the moon. Favourite Aydin names
Ayeh ayeh girl Quranic verse, clear evidence, sign of God Favourite Ayeh names
Ayman boy righthanded, lucky Favourite Ayman names
Aysha aysha girl The name of wife of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Favourite Aysha names
Ayyub boy A Prophets name (Job) Favourite Ayyub names
Az-zahra az-zahra girl Excellent and smart. Favourite Az-zahra names
Azaan boy Call for the prayer. Favourite Azaan names
Azam boy The powerful one Favourite Azam names
Azhar boy Most shining, luminous Favourite Azhar names
Azka azka girl Pious. Favourite Azka names
Azma azma girl Blessing of Allah Favourite Azma names
Azraq boy Blue, name of a companion of the Prophet. Favourite Azraq names
Baari boy One of the names of God Favourite Baari names
Baasit boy One who spreads or grants prosperity Favourite Baasit names
Badr Uddeen boy Full moon of the Faith Favourite Badr Uddeen names
Bahirah bahirah girl Dazzling, brilliant, noble lady Favourite Bahirah names
Balagh boy Another name for the Quran Favourite Balagh names
Balsam balsam girl Balsam, balm Favourite Balsam names
Banan banan girl Delicate, finger tips Favourite Banan names
Banujah banujah girl The daughter of al-Mahdi. Favourite Banujah names
Baqar boy Inevitable, lion, powerful Favourite Baqar names
Bariah bariah girl Excelling Favourite Bariah names
Barirah barirah girl Faithful and devoted Favourite Barirah names
Barkat boy Growth Favourite Barkat names
Barzah barzah girl She was a narrator of hadith. Favourite Barzah names
Basaaria basaaria girl Beautiful, Prior Favourite Basaaria names
Basair boy Another name for the Quran Favourite Basair names
Baseema baseema girl Smiling Favourite Baseema names
Basharat boy Good news Favourite Basharat names
Basheera basheera girl Bringer of good tidings, Joy Favourite Basheera names
Basil boy Brave Favourite Basil names
Basila basila girl Courageous, bold Favourite Basila names
Basima basima girl Smiling Favourite Basima names
Basimah basimah girl Smiling Favourite Basimah names
Batinah batinah girl Hidden, Inner. Favourite Batinah names
Batrisyia batrisyia girl Intelligent. Favourite Batrisyia names
Bayhas boy Name of the lion Favourite Bayhas names
Baysan baysan girl To walk with pride Favourite Baysan names
Beena beena girl Seeing, clear sighted Favourite Beena names
Behzad boy Honest and caring. Favourite Behzad names
Birrah birrah girl Good Deed. Favourite Birrah names
Boulos boy Arabic form of Paul Favourite Boulos names
Budur budur girl Full moons Favourite Budur names
Buhthah buhthah girl Happy, delighted when seeing others Favourite Buhthah names
Bulhut boy A narrator of hadith had this name Favourite Bulhut names
Burayd boy Cold, Mind. Favourite Burayd names
Burdah burdah girl She was al-Suraymiyah, and a very dutiful worshipper. Favourite Burdah names
Burhan boy Proof Favourite Burhan names
Bushrah bushrah girl Glad tidings, good news Favourite Bushrah names
Cantara cantara girl Small bridge Favourite Cantara names
Chanda chanda girl Moon light Favourite Chanda names
Daanya daanya girl Gift of god, beautiful Favourite Daanya names
Dafiyah dafiyah girl Narrator of Hadith Favourite Dafiyah names
Dahma dahma girl Scholar of religion and had learnt from her brother al-Imam al-Mahdi; Favourite Dahma names
Dalil boy Another name for God; evidence; a guide Favourite Dalil names
Daliya daliya girl Dahlia Favourite Daliya names
Daneen daneen girl Princess. Favourite Daneen names
Dara boy Possessor, sovereign Favourite Dara names
Darakhshaan darakhshaan girl Shinning Favourite Darakhshaan names
Dawar boy Another name for God Favourite Dawar names
Dawlat Khatoon dawlatxxkhatoon girl She was from a ruling family Favourite Dawlat Khatoon names
Deema deema girl Rainy Cloud Favourite Deema names
Dihyat boy A companion of Prophet Muhammad Favourite Dihyat names
Dildar boy Charming, beloved Favourite Dildar names
Diyari boy A gift, or a present. Favourite Diyari names
Dua dua girl Prayer Favourite Dua names
Ehsaas boy Feel Favourite Ehsaas names
Erina erina girl Beautiful lady. Favourite Erina names
Eshal eshal girl The name of flower in the heaven. Favourite Eshal names
Eshan boy In God Grace Worthy Favourite Eshan names
Essam boy Safeguard Favourite Essam names
Faaris boy Horseman Knight Favourite Faaris names
Fadilah fadilah girl Distinguished, learned. Favourite Fadilah names
Fadiyah fadiyah girl Redeemer, self sacrificing Favourite Fadiyah names
Fadl Allah boy Favor of Allah Favourite Fadl Allah names
Fadyaa fadyaa girl Sacrificing Favourite Fadyaa names
Fahada fahada girl Leopardess Favourite Fahada names
Fahdah fahdah girl Leopardess Favourite Fahdah names
Faheem boy Intelligent Favourite Faheem names
Fahimah fahimah girl Intelligent Favourite Fahimah names
Fahmi boy Understanding Favourite Fahmi names
Fahmida fahmida girl Intelligent and Wise Favourite Fahmida names
Faiha faiha girl Good smell from heaven Favourite Faiha names
Fairuzah fairuzah girl A precious gem Favourite Fairuzah names
Faiyaz boy Artistic Favourite Faiyaz names
Faizaan boy Grace, Favour. Favourite Faizaan names
Faizah faizah girl Successful Favourite Faizah names
Fajaruddin boy TheFirst Favourite Fajaruddin names
Fajer boy Morning Favourite Fajer names
Fakeehah fakeehah girl Cheerful. Favourite Fakeehah names
Fakhirah fakhirah girl Splendid, Elegant. Favourite Fakhirah names
Fakhriyah fakhriyah girl Honorary Favourite Fakhriyah names
Falah boy Success Favourite Falah names
Falak falak girl Star Favourite Falak names
Faleha faleha girl Righteous, successful Favourite Faleha names
Faliq boy One that divides into two; creator Favourite Faliq names
Fanan fanan girl Tree branch or twig Favourite Fanan names
Faqir boy Poor Favourite Faqir names
Farafisa boy Name of a companion, bin Umayr al-Hanafi Favourite Farafisa names
Farag boy Remedy Favourite Farag names
Farah farah girl Joy Favourite Farah names
Faraqlit boy Who distinguishes truth from false Favourite Faraqlit names
Faraz boy Ascent, height. Favourite Faraz names
Faraza faraza girl Success, height Favourite Faraza names
Fareed boy Unique incomparable Favourite Fareed names
Fareedah fareedah girl Unique precious gem. Favourite Fareedah names
Farees boy Braverer Favourite Farees names
Fareess fareess girl Life. Favourite Fareess names
Farha farha girl Happiness. Favourite Farha names
Farhanah farhanah girl Happy Favourite Farhanah names
Farhat boy Happiness Favourite Farhat names
Farheen farheen girl Jubilant. Favourite Farheen names
Fariah fariah girl Daughter of Maalik bin sanan al-Ansari and sister of Abu Saeed al-Khudri. Favourite Fariah names
Farihah farihah girl Brisk, Swift. Favourite Farihah names
Fariq boy Another name for God; separating Favourite Fariq names
Fariza fariza girl Light. Favourite Fariza names
Farizah farizah girl Arch Favourite Farizah names
Farkhandah farkhandah girl Happy, Lucky. Favourite Farkhandah names
Farooq boy Person who can tell right from wrong, comely Favourite Farooq names
Farouk boy Knowing right from wrong Favourite Farouk names
Farqad farqad girl Name of a star. Favourite Farqad names
Farraj boy Relief, freedom from grief Favourite Farraj names
Faruq boy Who distinguishes truth from false Favourite Faruq names
Farwa farwa girl Fur Favourite Farwa names
Farzeen farzeen girl Learned Favourite Farzeen names
Fastiq boy One who rips apart Favourite Fastiq names
Fateh boy Victory Favourite Fateh names
Fathima fathima girl Daughter of the Prophet (PBUH) Favourite Fathima names
Fathiyah fathiyah girl Beginning Favourite Fathiyah names
Fatiha fatiha girl Opening Favourite Fatiha names
Fatim fatim girl A woman worthy of the ut-most praise Favourite Fatim names
Fatin fatin girl Captivating, Alluring, Enchanting Favourite Fatin names
Fatinah fatinah girl Captivating, alluring, enchanting Favourite Fatinah names
Fauzia fauzia girl Succesful, Victorious. Favourite Fauzia names
Fawad boy Heart Favourite Fawad names
Fawaz boy Success, Salvation Favourite Fawaz names
Fawz boy Success Salvation Favourite Fawz names
Fawza fawza girl Success Favourite Fawza names
Fawzah fawzah girl Success Favourite Fawzah names
Fawzan boy Successful, Salvation Favourite Fawzan names
Fawziyah fawziyah girl Successful Favourite Fawziyah names
Fawziyya fawziyya girl Victorious Favourite Fawziyya names
Fayaaz boy Kind & Generous; Gracious. Favourite Fayaaz names
Fayd boy Abundance Favourite Fayd names
Fayha fayha girl Fragrant Favourite Fayha names
Fazal boy Grace. Favourite Fazal names
Fellah fellah girl Arabian jasmine Favourite Fellah names
Feroz boy Shinning Favourite Feroz names
Ferran boy Baker Favourite Ferran names
Fidaa boy Redemption; Sacrifice Favourite Fidaa names
Fiddah boy Silver Favourite Fiddah names
Fihr boy Stonepestle Favourite Fihr names
Fikriya fikriya girl Wise Favourite Fikriya names
Firdaws firdaws girl Highest garden in Paradise Favourite Firdaws names
Firdos boy Paradise Favourite Firdos names
Firyal firyal girl Old Arabic name Favourite Firyal names
Fiza fiza girl Wind. Favourite Fiza names
Fozia fozia girl Successful and victorious Favourite Fozia names
Fukayna fukayna girl Learned, knowledgeable Favourite Fukayna names
Furaysa furaysa girl Female hoarse Favourite Furaysa names
Furqau boy Distinction between truth & falsehood Favourite Furqau names
Futun futun girl Fascinations Favourite Futun names
Gafar boy Ctream Favourite Gafar names
Gamali boy Camel Favourite Gamali names
Ghaalib boy Victor Favourite Ghaalib names
Ghadah ghadah girl Beautiful Favourite Ghadah names
Ghalib boy Victor Favourite Ghalib names
Ghaliba ghaliba girl vitorious, dominant Favourite Ghaliba names
Ghaliyah ghaliyah girl Fragrant, beloved, valuable Favourite Ghaliyah names
Ghanem boy Successful Favourite Ghanem names
Ghania ghania girl Beautiful Favourite Ghania names
Ghanim boy Successful Favourite Ghanim names
Ghannam boy Shepherd Favourite Ghannam names
Gharam gharam girl Love Favourite Gharam names
Ghauth boy Helper Defender Favourite Ghauth names
Ghaya ghaya girl Goal, aim Favourite Ghaya names
Ghazal ghazal girl She was a narrator of Hadith Favourite Ghazal names
Ghizlan ghizlan girl From gazzalle Favourite Ghizlan names
Ghunwa ghunwa girl Rich, well-off Favourite Ghunwa names
Ghutayf boy Affluent Favourite Ghutayf names
Gulbano gulbano girl Rose Favourite Gulbano names
Gulshan boy A flowerGarden Favourite Gulshan names
Haamid boy Loving God Favourite Haamid names
Haarith boy Plowman; Old Arabic name Favourite Haarith names
Haaziq boy Intelligent Skillfull Favourite Haaziq names
Hababah hababah girl A daughter of Ajlan; She was a narrator of Hadith. Favourite Hababah names
Habee bullah boy Beloved of Allah Favourite Habee bullah names
Habibah habibah girl Beloved, sweetheart, darling Favourite Habibah names
Haddad boy Blacksmith Favourite Haddad names
Hadeeqah hadeeqah girl Garden. Favourite Hadeeqah names
Hadi boy Religious guide Favourite Hadi names
Hadil hadil girl Is the voice of a dove. Favourite Hadil names
Hadiya hadiya girl Guide to righteousness Favourite Hadiya names
Hadiyyah hadiyyah girl Gift Favourite Hadiyyah names
Hafeez boy Protector Favourite Hafeez names
Hafeeza hafeeza girl Amulet Favourite Hafeeza names
Hafid boy The wise one Favourite Hafid names
Hafiza hafiza girl Guardian Favourite Hafiza names
Hafsah hafsah girl A wife of the Prophet (S.A.W). Favourite Hafsah names
Hafthah hafthah girl Preserved, protected Favourite Hafthah names
Haider boy Lion Favourite Haider names
Haitham boy Eagle Favourite Haitham names
Hajar hajar girl Name of the wife of the prophet Ibrahim Favourite Hajar names
Hajjah hajjah girl She was a narrator of Hadith. Favourite Hajjah names
Hajrah hajrah girl The wife of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) Favourite Hajrah names
Hala hala girl Sweetness Favourite Hala names
Halah halah girl Aureole. Favourite Halah names
Haleef boy Ally, confederate Favourite Haleef names
Haleema haleema girl Gentle, patient Favourite Haleema names
Halima halima girl Foster mother of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Favourite Halima names
Hallaj boy Cotton ginner Favourite Hallaj names
Hamal boy Lamb Favourite Hamal names
Hamamah hamamah girl This was the name of a slave who suffered much punishment for the sake of Allah but Sayyidina Abu Bakr (R.A) bought her and emancipated her. Favourite Hamamah names
Hamas boy Enthusiasm Favourite Hamas names
Hamdhy boy Sympathy, blessing Favourite Hamdhy names
Hamdoona hamdoona girl Historical name Favourite Hamdoona names
Hameeda hameeda girl Praiseworthy Favourite Hameeda names
Hameem boy Friend Favourite Hameem names
Hamid boy Praising Allah commendable Favourite Hamid names
Hamidah hamidah girl Praising Allah, appreciative Favourite Hamidah names
Hamiz boy Brave strong Favourite Hamiz names
Hamood boy One who praises Allah Favourite Hamood names
Hamra hamra girl Red. Favourite Hamra names
Hamzah boy Lion Favourite Hamzah names
Hanan hanan girl benevolence, mercy Favourite Hanan names
Hananan boy Another name for God; generous Favourite Hananan names
Hanash boy A hadith was narrated by a man with the same name Favourite Hanash names
Haneef boy Upright, true Favourite Haneef names
Hanfa hanfa girl Name of the wife of Sayyidina Ismail (A.S) Favourite Hanfa names
Haniah haniah girl Of happiness, bliss Favourite Haniah names
Hanifah boy Upright Favourite Hanifah names
Hanin hanin girl Longing, yearning Favourite Hanin names
Hannah hannah girl Affection. Favourite Hannah names
Hareem hareem girl Walls of House of Kabba Favourite Hareem names
Harith boy Ploughman, cultivator Favourite Harith names
Hariz boy Strong, secure, guarded Favourite Hariz names
Hasant hasant girl Good deeds Favourite Hasant names
Haseeb boy Respected, esteemed Favourite Haseeb names
Haseefa haseefa girl Sagacious, judicious Favourite Haseefa names
Haseen boy Beautiful, Smart Favourite Haseen names
Haseena haseena girl Pretty, beautiful. Favourite Haseena names
Hashid boy One who rallies people, crowded, gathered Favourite Hashid names
Hashmat boy Dignity, Glory Favourite Hashmat names
Hasinah hasinah girl Pretty, beautiful Favourite Hasinah names
Hasna hasna girl Beautiful Favourite Hasna names
Hassan boy Beautiful, handsome Favourite Hassan names
Hatib boy A wood collector Favourite Hatib names
Hawazin hawazin girl Name of an Arabic tribe Favourite Hawazin names
Hawwa hawwa girl Eve Favourite Hawwa names
Hayam hayam girl Deliriously in love Favourite Hayam names
Hayder boy This was another name of Ali Favourite Hayder names
Hayed hayed girl Movement, motion Favourite Hayed names
Hayfa hayfa girl Slender, of beautiful body Favourite Hayfa names
Hayrah hayrah girl She was a narrator of Hadith. Favourite Hayrah names
Haytham boy Young hawk Favourite Haytham names
Hayud hayud girl A mountain Favourite Hayud names
Hayyam boy Loving Favourite Hayyam names
Hazim boy Discreet, prudent Favourite Hazim names
Hazimah hazimah girl A female companion of the Prophet (S.A.W) Favourite Hazimah names
Haziqah haziqah girl Clever, intelligent, beautiful Favourite Haziqah names
Hazir boy Another name for God; present; ready Favourite Hazir names
Hazrat boy Prophet/Jesus Favourite Hazrat names
Heba heba girl Gift. Favourite Heba names
Hena hena girl Someone who is polite. Favourite Hena names
Hessa hessa girl Destiny Favourite Hessa names
Hibah boy Grant, donation Favourite Hibah names
Hibbah hibbah girl Gift of God. Favourite Hibbah names
Hidayah hidayah girl Guidance Favourite Hidayah names
Hidayat boy Instruction Favourite Hidayat names
Hijab hijab girl Daughter of a Scholar from Baghdad Favourite Hijab names
Hijrah hijrah girl Migration (of the Prophet, from Makkah to Madinah) Favourite Hijrah names
Hikmah hikmah girl Hikmat Wisdom Favourite Hikmah names
Hilal boy Crescent ,moon Favourite Hilal names
Hilala hilala girl Crescent Favourite Hilala names
Himayat boy Protection Support Favourite Himayat names
Hina hina girl Henna Favourite Hina names
Hira hira girl Darkness. Favourite Hira names
Hishaam boy Generous Favourite Hishaam names
Hodan hodan girl Guidance Favourite Hodan names
Hooda hooda girl Right guidance Favourite Hooda names
Hooman boy Good soul good natured Favourite Hooman names
Hooriya hooriya girl Angel Favourite Hooriya names
Horia horia girl Angel Favourite Horia names
Hubaab boy Bubble of Water Favourite Hubaab names
Hubayshah hubayshah girl She was a poetess. Favourite Hubayshah names
Hubba hubba girl Daughter of Maalik bin Amr al-Adwaniyah. Favourite Hubba names
Huda huda girl Hooda Right guidance Favourite Huda names
Hudhafah boy Old Arabic name Favourite Hudhafah names
Hudhayfah boy Old Arabic name Favourite Hudhayfah names
Hujaymah hujaymah girl wife of Abu Darda, was a narrator of Hadith. Favourite Hujaymah names
Hujjat boy Argument, reasoning, proof. Favourite Hujjat names
Hulyah hulyah girl Jewelry, ornament, finery Favourite Hulyah names
Humair boy Red Favourite Humair names
Humaira humaira girl One who strives to achieve her utmost best! Favourite Humaira names
Humaydah humaydah girl She was a narrator of hadith. Favourite Humaydah names
Humayrah humayrah girl Red Favourite Humayrah names
Humayun boy Blessed, sacred, royal, imperial Favourite Humayun names
Humra humra girl Beautiful, Rose. Favourite Humra names
Hunaid boy Happiness Favourite Hunaid names
Husayn boy Beautiful, doer of good deads; a descendent of the Prophet Favourite Husayn names
Husna husna girl Most beautiful Favourite Husna names
Hutun hutun girl Clouds with rain Favourite Hutun names
Huzayfah boy Curtailing shortening curtailed short Favourite Huzayfah names
Ibthaj ibthaj girl Joy. Favourite Ibthaj names
Ibtihal ibtihal girl Supplication, prayer Favourite Ibtihal names
Id boy Feast, festival Favourite Id names
Iffah iffah girl Chaste Favourite Iffah names
Ifran boy Identity Favourite Ifran names
Iftikhar boy Honour, Glory,proud Favourite Iftikhar names
Iftin iftin girl Light Favourite Iftin names
Ihsan boy Beneficence,charity Favourite Ihsan names
Ijli boy This was the name of the makes of astrolabes Favourite Ijli names
Ikramiya ikramiya girl Honorable, Dignified Favourite Ikramiya names
Ikrimah boy Old Arabic name Favourite Ikrimah names
Ilan boy Good person. Favourite Ilan names
Ilash boy Another name for God Favourite Ilash names
Ilham ilham girl Intuition, inspiration. Favourite Ilham names
Ilifat boy Friendship kindness obligation Favourite Ilifat names
Ilmeeyat ilmeeyat girl Knowledge Favourite Ilmeeyat names
Imaad boy Support; Pillar Favourite Imaad names
Imaan boy Faith Favourite Imaan names
Imad al Din boy Pillar of the faith Favourite Imad al Din names
Imani imani girl Faith, Belief Favourite Imani names
Imran boy Powerful ,Long lived Favourite Imran names
Imthithal imthithal girl Polite obedience Favourite Imthithal names
Imtiyaz boy Distinct Favourite Imtiyaz names
Inaaya inaaya girl Gift of Allah Favourite Inaaya names
Inam boy Act of benefaction, bestowal Favourite Inam names
Inan inan girl A slave girl belonging to Haroon al-Rashid (Fih) Favourite Inan names
Inayat boy Bounty Kindness favour Favourite Inayat names
Inga inga girl Powerful Favourite Inga names
Insaf boy To Judge with Justice Favourite Insaf names
Inshirah boy The 94th Surah of the Quran advancing Favourite Inshirah names
Intaj boy King magnificent Favourite Intaj names
Intikhab boy Selection choice Favourite Intikhab names
Intizar boy Wait Favourite Intizar names
Iqmal boy It means White Soul Favourite Iqmal names
Iqra iqra girl To recite. Favourite Iqra names
Iqraam boy To be of assistance respect Favourite Iqraam names
Iram iram girl Garden in heaven. Favourite Iram names
Irfaan boy Thankfulness Favourite Irfaan names
Irfan, Irfan boy Thankfulness Favourite Irfan, Irfan names
Irum irum girl A garden in heaven Favourite Irum names
isaam boy Selfmade success, pledge Favourite isaam names
Isaf isaf girl Relief, help Favourite Isaf names
Ishfaq ishfaq girl Compassion, affection Favourite Ishfaq names
Ishtiyaq boy Longing craving Favourite Ishtiyaq names
Ismah boy Preservation, infallibility Favourite Ismah names
Isra isra girl Night journey of the Prophet from Makkah to Jerusalem Favourite Isra names
Issam boy Safeguard Favourite Issam names
Istilah istilah girl Agreement Favourite Istilah names
Itaf itaf girl Clock Favourite Itaf names
Itidal itidal girl Straightness, tautness Favourite Itidal names
Itimad boy Trust faith Favourite Itimad names
Iyaas boy Compensation Favourite Iyaas names
Izaan boy Obedience. Favourite Izaan names
Izdihaar izdihaar girl Flourishing, blossoming Favourite Izdihaar names
Izyan boy Intelligent wise Favourite Izyan names
Izz al Din boy Might of the faith Favourite Izz al Din names
Jaafar boy Rivulet Favourite Jaafar names
Jabbar boy Comforter ,Mighty, brave Favourite Jabbar names
Jabril boy Arabicform of Gabriel, an angel. Favourite Jabril names
Jad Allah boy Gift of God Favourite Jad Allah names
Jahan Khatoon jahanxxkhatoon girl She was a Persian poet. Favourite Jahan Khatoon names
Jahangir boy A moghul emperor name Favourite Jahangir names
Jahdari boy An authority of Quran had this name. Favourite Jahdari names
Jahida jahida girl Helps the vulnarable Favourite Jahida names
Jahiz boy Ogleeyed Favourite Jahiz names
Jahsh boy Companion of Prophet Muhammad Favourite Jahsh names
Jalil boy Great revered Favourite Jalil names
Jameela jameela girl Beautiful Favourite Jameela names
Jamesha boy Beautiful leader Favourite Jamesha names
Jamia jamia girl Beautiful Favourite Jamia names
Jamil boy Beautiful, lovely Favourite Jamil names
Jammana jammana girl Pearl. Favourite Jammana names
Jana jana girl Harvest Favourite Jana names
Janaan janaan girl Heart, soul Favourite Janaan names
Jareea jareea girl Courageous Favourite Jareea names
Jarir boy One who can pull; name of a famous Arab poet Favourite Jarir names
Jasmin jasmin girl Flower. Favourite Jasmin names
Jawa jawa girl Passion, love Favourite Jawa names
Jawad boy Liberal generous Favourite Jawad names
Jawdan boy Goodness Favourite Jawdan names
Jawharah jawharah girl Jewel, gem Favourite Jawharah names
Jaza jaza girl Reward, compensation Favourite Jaza names
Jazib boy Beautiful Handsome Favourite Jazib names
Jazira jazira girl Island Favourite Jazira names
Jaziya jaziya girl Granting Favourite Jaziya names
Jeelan boy It is a city in Iran Favourite Jeelan names
Jehaan jehaan girl Creative mind. Favourite Jehaan names
Jemimah jemimah girl Beautiful Favourite Jemimah names
Jian jian girl Life. Favourite Jian names
Jibril boy Archangel of Allah (Gabriel) Favourite Jibril names
Jilan jilan girl Courtier Favourite Jilan names
Jubair boy Counsels or brings together Favourite Jubair names
Juhanah juhanah girl Young girl Favourite Juhanah names
Jumaana jumaana girl Silver Pearl. Favourite Jumaana names
Jumaymah jumaymah girl Name of a female companion Favourite Jumaymah names
Junah junah girl The sun Favourite Junah names
Juwairiyah, juwairiyah, girl Wife of the Prophet Favourite Juwairiyah, names
Kabir boy Big, great Favourite Kabir names
Kadeer boy Green or green crop (connoting freshness and innocence) Favourite Kadeer names
Kadin boy Friend, companion, confidant Favourite Kadin names
Kafi boy Another name for God; talented; apt Favourite Kafi names
Kaheesha kaheesha girl This was the name of a poetess, daughter of al-Waqa. Favourite Kaheesha names
Kainat kainat girl Universe Favourite Kainat names
Kajji boy An authority of hadith at Baghdad Favourite Kajji names
Kalbi boy An authority on genealogy and the Quran Favourite Kalbi names
Kaleema boy Public speaker singer Favourite Kaleema names
Kali kali girl Bud (of flower) Favourite Kali names
Kaliq boy Creative, refers to a quality of God Favourite Kaliq names
Kaltham kaltham girl Name of al-Qarshiyah who transmitted Hadith from Sayyidah Ayshah. Favourite Kaltham names
Kamal boy Perfection, completeness Favourite Kamal names
Kamil boy Kameel Perfect; one of the ninety nine qualities of God Favourite Kamil names
Kamila kamila girl Complete, perfect Favourite Kamila names
Kanval kanval girl Flower. Favourite Kanval names
Karam boy Generosity Favourite Karam names
Kardal boy Mustard seed Favourite Kardal names
Kardawiyah kardawiyah girl A pious woman, daughter of Amr al-Basriyah was so named. Favourite Kardawiyah names
Kareef boy Born in Autumn Favourite Kareef names
Karima karima girl Precious, perfect Favourite Karima names
Kas kas girl Glass. Favourite Kas names
Kasam boy The king. Favourite Kasam names
Kaseem boy Divided Favourite Kaseem names
Kashef boy Uncoverer Favourite Kashef names
Kashif boy Uncoverer Favourite Kashif names
Kashifah kashifah girl Revealer of Secrets Favourite Kashifah names
Kasim boy Lovely. Favourite Kasim names
Kathirah kathirah girl Plenty Favourite Kathirah names
Kaukab kaukab girl Star. Favourite Kaukab names
Kausar boy 108th Surah of the Quran Favourite Kausar names
Kawkab boy Star Favourite Kawkab names
Kaysah kaysah girl She was a narrator of Hadith. Favourite Kaysah names
Kaysan boy Wise Favourite Kaysan names
Keyaan boy Crown, King Favourite Keyaan names
Khadija khadija girl First wife of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) Favourite Khadija names
Khadim boy Servant, attendant. Favourite Khadim names
Khadra khadra girl Green, Green of the Jennah Favourite Khadra names
Khair Udeen boy The good of the Faith Favourite Khair Udeen names
Khalaf boy Successor, Descendants Favourite Khalaf names
Khaldoon boy Old Arabic name Favourite Khaldoon names
Khaled boy Eternal Favourite Khaled names
Khaleel boy Goo Friend Favourite Khaleel names
Khaleela khaleela girl Friend, companion Favourite Khaleela names
Khalidah khalidah girl Abiding, Forever Favourite Khalidah names
Khalil al Allah boy Friend of God; title given to Prophet Ibrahim Favourite Khalil al Allah names
Khalisah khalisah girl Pure, clear Favourite Khalisah names
Khallaq boy Another name for God Favourite Khallaq names
Khansa khansa girl Wild cow or deer Favourite Khansa names
Khashia khashia girl Pious, humble Favourite Khashia names
Khatera khatera girl Memory. Favourite Khatera names
Khatira khatira girl Precious memory Favourite Khatira names
Khawla khawla girl Deer Favourite Khawla names
Khayaam boy Iranian Poet, Tent Favourite Khayaam names
Khayrah khayrah girl Good Favourite Khayrah names
Khayrat boy Gooddeed Favourite Khayrat names
Khayyat boy Tailor. Favourite Khayyat names
Khinzeer boy Harmless creature of god Favourite Khinzeer names
Khitam khitam girl Conclusion Favourite Khitam names
Khoury boy Priest Favourite Khoury names
Khulaybah khulaybah girl This was the name of an Arab poetess. Favourite Khulaybah names
Khulayd boy Abiding (name of companion) Favourite Khulayd names
Khulood khulood girl Immortality Favourite Khulood names
Khunatha khunatha girl Historical name Favourite Khunatha names
Khuram boy Tiger Favourite Khuram names
Khuwaylah khuwaylah girl Gazelle Favourite Khuwaylah names
Khuzama khuzama girl Lavender Favourite Khuzama names
Khwaja boy Master,owner Favourite Khwaja names
Kishwar boy A country, region Favourite Kishwar names
Kiswar kiswar girl Territory. Favourite Kiswar names
Koila koila girl Charcoal. Favourite Koila names
Komila komila girl Complete Favourite Komila names
Kuaybah kuaybah girl Daughter of Sad al-Aslamiyah and she offered allegiance (bayah) to the Prophet (S.A.W) after hijrah Favourite Kuaybah names
Kuhaylah kuhaylah girl Name of a pious woman who was a good speaker. Favourite Kuhaylah names
Kulus kulus girl Clearness, purity Favourite Kulus names
Kyda kyda girl Preserved, Strong. Favourite Kyda names
Laiba laiba girl Angel of heaven. Favourite Laiba names
Laith boy Lion Favourite Laith names
Lama lama girl Darkness of lips Favourite Lama names
Lamiah lamiah girl Shine Favourite Lamiah names
Lamisah lamisah girl Soft to the touch. Favourite Lamisah names
Lamya lamya girl Of dark lips Favourite Lamya names
Lanika lanika girl The Best Favourite Lanika names
Lashirah lashirah girl Very intelligent Favourite Lashirah names
Latif boy Fine, gentle, refined Favourite Latif names
Latifa latifa girl Gentle. Kind. Pleasant, Friendly. Favourite Latifa names
Latifah latifah girl Gentle, kind, pleasant, friendly. Favourite Latifah names
Layali layali girl Nights Favourite Layali names
Layla layla girl Born at night, dark beauty. Favourite Layla names
Layyah layyah girl Twist, Flexure. Favourite Layyah names
Leem leem girl Peace Favourite Leem names
Leyla leyla girl Night Favourite Leyla names
Liban boy Succesfull, charmed Favourite Liban names
Lina lina girl Palm tree. Favourite Lina names
Lu Luah luxxluah girl She was a narrator of Hadith. Favourite Lu Luah names
Lubaid boy Old Arabic name Favourite Lubaid names
Luban luban girl Pine tree; denotes long neck Favourite Luban names
Luja luja girl Of great depth Favourite Luja names
Lujayn lujayn girl Silver Favourite Lujayn names
Luluah luluah girl Pearl Favourite Luluah names
Luma luma girl Sunset Favourite Luma names
Lunah lunah girl Date palm Favourite Lunah names
Lutf boy Bounty, enjoyment. Favourite Lutf names
Maab maab girl Place to which one returns Favourite Maab names
Maahir boy Skilled Favourite Maahir names
Mada mada girl Utmost point, degree Favourite Mada names
Madhat madhat girl Praise. Favourite Madhat names
Madia madia girl Praiseworthy Favourite Madia names
Maesa maesa girl Walking proudly Favourite Maesa names
Mahasin mahasin girl Beauty Favourite Mahasin names
Mahbubah mahbubah girl Beloved Favourite Mahbubah names
Mahdi boy Another name for Prophet Muhammad, Guide one Favourite Mahdi names
Mahdiya mahdiya girl Rightly Guided By Allah Favourite Mahdiya names
Maheera maheera girl Highly skilled, Expert Favourite Maheera names
Mahfuj boy The Protected One The Protector Favourite Mahfuj names
Mahfuzah mahfuzah girl The protected one. Favourite Mahfuzah names
Mahib boy Another name for God; lion; terrible Favourite Mahib names
Mahja boy Place to sleep, quarters, lodgings. Favourite Mahja names
Mahjabeen mahjabeen girl Powerful. Favourite Mahjabeen names
Mahmood boy Praised Favourite Mahmood names
Mahmoud boy The praised one; variation of the name- Muhammad Favourite Mahmoud names
Mahneerah mahneerah girl First born of a pair. Favourite Mahneerah names
Mahrosh mahrosh girl Piece of moon, pleasant. Favourite Mahrosh names
Mahrukh mahrukh girl Face like a moon, beautiful Favourite Mahrukh names
Mahtab boy Moon Favourite Mahtab names
Mahveen mahveen girl Light of the Sun. Favourite Mahveen names
Maida maida girl Beautiful. Favourite Maida names
Maimoona maimoona girl Auspicious, blessed; a wife of the Prophet Favourite Maimoona names
Maimun boy Lucky Favourite Maimun names
Maira maira girl Moon. Favourite Maira names
Maisa maisa girl Walking with a proud, swinging gait Favourite Maisa names
Maisarah maisarah girl Wealth, Richness Favourite Maisarah names
Maizah maizah girl Discerning Favourite Maizah names
Majd al Din boy Glory of the Faith Favourite Majd al Din names
Majid boy Another name for the Quran Favourite Majid names
Majidah majidah girl Glorious Favourite Majidah names
Makaarim makaarim girl Of good and honorable character Favourite Makaarim names
Makeen boy Strong; Firm Favourite Makeen names
Makin boy Strong, firm, well founded Favourite Makin names
Makkiyah makkiyah girl From Makkah Favourite Makkiyah names
Malak boy Angel Favourite Malak names
Malakah malakah girl Talent Favourite Malakah names
Maleeha maleeha girl Charming, pretty Favourite Maleeha names
Malika malika girl Queen Favourite Malika names
Malmal malmal girl Soft. Favourite Malmal names
Mamdouh boy One who is commended, praised, glorified Favourite Mamdouh names
Mamnoon boy Trust worthy Favourite Mamnoon names
Mamun boy Trustworthy, trusted Favourite Mamun names
Manaar manaar girl Guiding light Favourite Manaar names
Manahil manahil girl Spring of fresh water Favourite Manahil names
Manal manal girl Achievement Favourite Manal names
Manhalah manhalah girl Spring Favourite Manhalah names
Mansoor boy Victorious Favourite Mansoor names
Mansur boy Victorious Favourite Mansur names
Manzoor boy Approve(d) Accept(ed) Favourite Manzoor names
Maqbul boy Accepted, popular Favourite Maqbul names
Maraam maraam girl Aspiration Favourite Maraam names
Marab marab girl Purpose, aim Favourite Marab names
Marghoob boy Desirable, coveted, agreeable Favourite Marghoob names
Mariam, Maryam mariam,xxmaryam girl Mother of Jesus (pbuh), Arabic form of Mary Favourite Mariam, Maryam names
Marid boy Rebellious Favourite Marid names
Mariya mariya girl Purity. Favourite Mariya names
Mariyya mariyya girl White woman Favourite Mariyya names
Marjanah marjanah girl Precious stone Favourite Marjanah names
Marufirah boy Another name for the Quran Favourite Marufirah names
Marwa marwa girl A mountain in mekkah. Favourite Marwa names
Maryam maryam girl Historical name Favourite Maryam names
Marzuq boy Blessed fortunate Favourite Marzuq names
Marzuqah marzuqah girl Blessed by God, fortunate Favourite Marzuqah names
Masarrah masarrah girl Delight, joy Favourite Masarrah names
Mashaal mashaal girl Light, bright Favourite Mashaal names
Mashel mashel girl Light Favourite Mashel names
Mashhood boy Witness Favourite Mashhood names
Mashhur boy Famous Favourite Mashhur names
Mashkoora mashkoora girl Thankful Favourite Mashkoora names
Mashkur boy Thankful, praiseworthy Favourite Mashkur names
Masooma masooma girl Innocent, guilt free Favourite Masooma names
Masoud boy Lucky Favourite Masoud names
Masroor boy Happy person, joyfull. Favourite Masroor names
Masum boy Innocent infallible Favourite Masum names
Masumah masumah girl Innocent. Favourite Masumah names
Mateen boy Solid, constant, tough, substantive Favourite Mateen names
Mawaddah mawaddah girl Affection, love, friendliness Favourite Mawaddah names
Mawara mawara girl Superior. Favourite Mawara names
Mawdood boy Loving, attached Favourite Mawdood names
Mawiyah mawiyah girl The essence of life Favourite Mawiyah names
May may girl Old Arabic name Favourite May names
Mayameen mayameen girl The blessed, the brave. Favourite Mayameen names
Maymanat maymanat girl Blessing, victory Favourite Maymanat names
Mays mays girl Proud gait Favourite Mays names
Maysoora maysoora girl Successful (prosperous) Favourite Maysoora names
Mazhar boy Image Favourite Mazhar names
Mazina mazina girl Of white glittering face Favourite Mazina names
Mazneen mazneen girl Shining of gold Favourite Mazneen names
Medina medina girl Holy city of Saudi Arabia Favourite Medina names
Mehek mehek girl Smell, fragrance. Favourite Mehek names
Meherunissa meherunissa girl Benevolent Favourite Meherunissa names
Mehnoor mehnoor girl Light of the moon Favourite Mehnoor names
Mehriban mehriban girl Kind, Gentle. Favourite Mehriban names
Mehrnaz mehrnaz girl Kindness and sweetness. Favourite Mehrnaz names
Mehtab boy TheMoon Favourite Mehtab names
Mehvesh mehvesh girl Light of the moon Favourite Mehvesh names
Mehwish mehwish girl Moon, beautiful. Favourite Mehwish names
Mersiha mersiha girl The most beautiful. Favourite Mersiha names
Mevish mevish girl Strong Favourite Mevish names
Midhat midhat girl Praise Favourite Midhat names
Mihammad boy Praiseworthy Favourite Mihammad names
Mika boy Cool sweet intelligent Favourite Mika names
Minal minal girl Gift, achievement. Favourite Minal names
Mirah mirah girl Provisions, supply Favourite Mirah names
Miraj boy Ascension (to heaven) Favourite Miraj names
Misal boy Example Favourite Misal names
Misbaah boy Lamp Favourite Misbaah names
Misha misha girl Beautiful, Pretty. Favourite Misha names
Mishel mishel girl A Light Favourite Mishel names
Miska miska girl Piece of musk Favourite Miska names
Miskeenah miskeenah girl Humble Favourite Miskeenah names
Mistah boy Instrument to level something Favourite Mistah names
Moazzam boy Respectable Favourite Moazzam names
Mobeen boy Sensitive Favourite Mobeen names
Mohaddisa mohaddisa girl Story teller. Favourite Mohaddisa names
Mohammad boy Name of the Prophet, praise worthy Favourite Mohammad names
Mohsin boy Helper attractive Favourite Mohsin names
Mohsina mohsina girl Righteous Favourite Mohsina names
Mokbul boy Accept Favourite Mokbul names
Momin boy One who believes in God Favourite Momin names
Motasim boy Handsome Favourite Motasim names
Mourad boy Desire Favourite Mourad names
Muafa boy Name of aMan who travelled extensively to find Hadith Favourite Muafa names
Muammar boy Senior Favourite Muammar names
Muaz boy Protected Favourite Muaz names
Muaza muaza girl Historical name Favourite Muaza names
Mubarak boy Blessed, fortunate, auspicious Favourite Mubarak names
Mubarakah mubarakah girl Blessed. Favourite Mubarakah names
Mubashir boy Spreader of good news Favourite Mubashir names
Mubeena mubeena girl Evident, clear Favourite Mubeena names
Mubid boy Intellectual Favourite Mubid names
Muddathir boy Covered Favourite Muddathir names
Mueen boy One who helps Favourite Mueen names
Mufakkir boy Thinker one whoMeditates Favourite Mufakkir names
Mufarrij boy Who helps in removing difficulties Favourite Mufarrij names
Mufeeda mufeeda girl Useful Favourite Mufeeda names
Mufiah mufiah girl Obedient, compliant Favourite Mufiah names
Mufid boy Useful Favourite Mufid names
Mufidah mufidah girl Useful, helpful, beneficial Favourite Mufidah names
Mufti boy Jurist Favourite Mufti names
Muhajir boy Immigrant Favourite Muhajir names
Muhdee boy One who presents Favourite Muhdee names
Muhib boy One who loves friend Favourite Muhib names
Muhja muhja girl Hearts blood, soul Favourite Muhja names
Muhriz boy Obtainer winner earner Favourite Muhriz names
Muhtashim boy One has many followers Favourite Muhtashim names
Muiz boy The giver ofMight and glory Favourite Muiz names
Muizza muizza girl The empowerer, the honourer, the strengthener. Favourite Muizza names
Mujaddid boy One who renews or renovates or refreshes Favourite Mujaddid names
Mujazziz boy Name of a companion Favourite Mujazziz names
Mujibur boy Responsive Favourite Mujibur names
Mukarram boy Honored Favourite Mukarram names
Mukhtar boy Selected authorised Favourite Mukhtar names
Mulhim boy Inspiring Favourite Mulhim names
Mumayyaz mumayyaz girl Distinguished Favourite Mumayyaz names
Mumin boy One who believes Favourite Mumin names
Muminah muminah girl Pious believer Favourite Muminah names
Mumtaz boy One who is distinguished Favourite Mumtaz names
Mumtaza mumtaza girl Distinguished Favourite Mumtaza names
Muna muna girl Wish, desire Favourite Muna names
Munaf boy Exalted, inconsistent with contradictory to. Favourite Munaf names
Munahid boy Strong Favourite Munahid names
Munawwar boy Enlightened, lighted Favourite Munawwar names
Munazzah munazzah girl Sacred, clean, honest. Favourite Munazzah names
Muneeb boy One who turns in repentance Favourite Muneeb names
Muneefa muneefa girl Tall and beautiful Favourite Muneefa names
Muneerah muneerah girl Splendid, bright shine of light, illuminous Favourite Muneerah names
Munib boy Repentent Favourite Munib names
Muniba muniba girl To consult with Allah, diverted toward Allah. Favourite Muniba names
Munif boy Exalted, excellent Favourite Munif names
Munira munira girl Light, sunshine. Favourite Munira names
Munis boy Name of a previous chief army guard Favourite Munis names
Munisah munisah girl Friendly Favourite Munisah names
Munize munize girl One who brings good luck Favourite Munize names
Munkadir boy Name of an authority and ascetic of Hadith Favourite Munkadir names
Muntazir boy The awaitting Favourite Muntazir names
Munya munya girl Wish Favourite Munya names
Munzir boy Warner. Favourite Munzir names
Muqaddas boy Sacred Favourite Muqaddas names
Murabbi boy Patron Superior guardian Favourite Murabbi names
Murdiyyah murdiyyah girl Chosen one. Favourite Murdiyyah names
Mursal boy Messenger, Prophet, Ambassador Favourite Mursal names
Murshid boy Spiritual guide instructorMentor Favourite Murshid names
Murshidah murshidah girl Guide Favourite Murshidah names
Murtaad boy Ascetical Favourite Murtaad names
Murtada boy Murtadi, Murtadhy Satisfied, contented, pleased Favourite Murtada names
Murtaza boy The generous The giving Favourite Murtaza names
Musaaid boy Lucky Favourite Musaaid names
Musaddiq boy One who confirms or verifies another Favourite Musaddiq names
Musaddiqah musaddiqah girl One who affirms the Truth. Favourite Musaddiqah names
Museeb boy Apple in persian. Also means great warrior. Favourite Museeb names
Musharraf boy One who is honoured exalted Favourite Musharraf names
Musheer boy Advisor Favourite Musheer names
Mushir boy Describe many things in arabic. Favourite Mushir names
Mushirah mushirah girl Giving counsel, advising Favourite Mushirah names
Mushtaaq boy Longing, yearning Favourite Mushtaaq names
Mushtaq boy Longing, yearning Favourite Mushtaq names
Muskaan muskaan girl Smile Favourite Muskaan names
Muslih boy Reformer Favourite Muslih names
Muslim boy One who submits to Allah Favourite Muslim names
Muslimah muslimah girl Devout believer Favourite Muslimah names
Mussaret mussaret girl Happiness. Favourite Mussaret names
Mustaeen boy The chosen one. Favourite Mustaeen names
Mustafeed boy Profiting gainful Favourite Mustafeed names
Mustakim boy Straight road. Favourite Mustakim names
Mustaneer boy Brilliant. Favourite Mustaneer names
Mustatab boy Good, Delectable Favourite Mustatab names
Muta Ali boy The Most Exalted A Name for Allah Favourite Muta Ali names
Mutakabbir boy The Majestic A Name for Allah Favourite Mutakabbir names
Mutasim boy Faithful to God, name of Khalifah Favourite Mutasim names
Mutawassit boy Moderate, average. Favourite Mutawassit names
Mutayyib boy Fragrant Favourite Mutayyib names
Mutazah mutazah girl A narrator of Hadith. Favourite Mutazah names
Mutazz boy Proud; Mighty Favourite Mutazz names
Muteea muteea girl Obedient, submissive Favourite Muteea names
Muthanna boy Old Arabic name Favourite Muthanna names
Muttaqi boy Righteous, one who fears Allah. Favourite Muttaqi names
Muttee boy Obedient Favourite Muttee names
Muwafaq boy Successful Favourite Muwafaq names
Muwaffaq boy Fortunate Favourite Muwaffaq names
Muyassar boy Fortunate, facilitated Favourite Muyassar names
Muzaffar boy Victorious Favourite Muzaffar names
Muzammil boy The wrapped one Favourite Muzammil names
Muzaynah muzaynah girl Adornment. Favourite Muzaynah names
Muzeea muzeea girl Luminous, bright Favourite Muzeea names
Myiesha myiesha girl Lifes blessing Favourite Myiesha names
Myreen myreen girl Same as Mahreen Favourite Myreen names
Naba naba girl Great News. Favourite Naba names
Nabeeh boy Noble; Outstanding Favourite Nabeeh names
Nabi boy Another name for Prophet Muhammad Favourite Nabi names
Nabiha nabiha girl Eminent, noble, alert, intelligent Favourite Nabiha names
Nabijah nabijah girl Ambitious, Leader and Brave Favourite Nabijah names
Nadeem boy Friendly, entertaining Favourite Nadeem names
Nadia nadia girl Hope Favourite Nadia names
Nadir boy Dear, rare, precious Favourite Nadir names
Nadiyah nadiyah girl Caller, announcer Favourite Nadiyah names
Naeema naeema girl Ease, blessing Favourite Naeema names
Nafasat boy Refinement Favourite Nafasat names
Nafeesah nafeesah girl Precious gem Favourite Nafeesah names
Nafiah nafiah girl Profitable. Favourite Nafiah names
Nafis boy Precious Favourite Nafis names
Nageen nageen girl Precious stone Favourite Nageen names
Nagina nagina girl Diamond. Favourite Nagina names
Nahi boy Another name for Prophet Muhammad; Favourite Nahi names
Nahid boy Generosity Favourite Nahid names
Nahida nahida girl Youthful Favourite Nahida names
Nahleejah nahleejah girl Down to earth, cool Favourite Nahleejah names
Naif boy High, excellent; surplus, abundance Favourite Naif names
Naifah naifah girl Name of a well-known Favourite Naifah names
Nailah nailah girl Acquirer, obtainer, one who succeeds Favourite Nailah names
Naima naima girl One who lives in comfort Favourite Naima names
Nain nain girl Eye. Favourite Nain names
Najaah najaah girl Success Favourite Najaah names
Najair boy Little Star. Favourite Najair names
Najat najat girl Safety Favourite Najat names
Najdah najdah girl Courage, bravery Favourite Najdah names
Najeed boy Highland Favourite Najeed names
Najibah najibah girl Distinguished; of noble birth Favourite Najibah names
Najiha najiha girl Successful Favourite Najiha names
Najm boy Star, celestial body Favourite Najm names
Najm Udeen boy The star of the Faith Favourite Najm Udeen names
Najya najya girl Victorious Favourite Najya names
Nakia nakia girl Pure, faithful Favourite Nakia names
Namar namar girl Name of a mountain Favourite Namar names
Nameer boy Pure Favourite Nameer names
Namik boy Writter/Author Favourite Namik names
Namir boy Good, pure, dear Favourite Namir names
Namyla namyla girl Quiet, Serious. Favourite Namyla names
Naqeeb boy Leader Favourite Naqeeb names
Naqeebah naqeebah girl Leader, Head, Chief Favourite Naqeebah names
Naqid boy Fault-finder Favourite Naqid names
Naraiman naraiman girl Pious angel. Favourite Naraiman names
Nareeman nareeman girl Pretty, shapely Favourite Nareeman names
Nareen nareen girl Delicate, slim Favourite Nareen names
Narmin narmin girl A flower, delicate, soft, slender. Favourite Narmin names
Naseef boy The just one Favourite Naseef names
Naseeka naseeka girl Nusuk (arabic sacrifice), piece of gold Favourite Naseeka names
Naseemah naseemah girl Breeze. Favourite Naseemah names
Nashat boy Joy Cheer Favourite Nashat names
Nasheed nasheed girl Beautiful one Favourite Nasheed names
Nashirah nashirah girl Publisher, Diffuser; Spreader. Favourite Nashirah names
Nashwa nashwa girl Fragrance, perfume, that which intoxicates Favourite Nashwa names
Nasib boy Noble, relative Favourite Nasib names
Nasiha nasiha girl One who gives valuable advice Favourite Nasiha names
Nasir boy Protector of the faith Favourite Nasir names
Nasira nasira girl Helper Favourite Nasira names
Nasmi boy Breeze. Favourite Nasmi names
Nasrin nasrin girl Blue scented flower Favourite Nasrin names
Nasrullah nasrullah girl Victory of Allah. Favourite Nasrullah names
Nasser boy Protector Favourite Nasser names
Nasser Udeen boy Protector of the Faith Favourite Nasser Udeen names
Natasha natasha girl Strong Favourite Natasha names
Natheer boy Warner Favourite Natheer names
Natiq boy Talker, speaker, rational Favourite Natiq names
Naureen naureen girl Bright light Favourite Naureen names
Naurus naurus girl Bird in Arabic Favourite Naurus names
Naushaba naushaba girl Elixir Favourite Naushaba names
Naushad boy Happy Favourite Naushad names
Naushin naushin girl Sweet Favourite Naushin names
Naveda naveda girl Glad things Favourite Naveda names
Naveen naveen girl New, Excellent, Something that is better than the rest. Favourite Naveen names
Nawaf boy Nawaafpopular Arab name Favourite Nawaf names
Nawal nawal girl Gift, present Favourite Nawal names
Nawar nawar girl The one who guards herself, Flower Favourite Nawar names
Nawel nawel girl Gift Favourite Nawel names
Nawf nawf girl Exalted, sublime Favourite Nawf names
Nawfal boy Generous, old Arabic name for the Sea Favourite Nawfal names
Nawrah nawrah girl Blossom, flower, happiness Favourite Nawrah names
Nawwal nawwal girl Gift Favourite Nawwal names
Nawwar nawwar girl May Favourite Nawwar names
Nayif boy High, excellent; surplus, abundance Favourite Nayif names
Nayila nayila girl Queen of river Nile Favourite Nayila names
Nayyara nayyara girl Luminous, shining Favourite Nayyara names
Nayyirah nayyirah girl Luminary. Favourite Nayyirah names
Nazaaha nazaaha girl Purity, righteousness, honesty Favourite Nazaaha names
Nazanin nazanin girl Beautiful, pretty Favourite Nazanin names
Nazar boy The one who gives Favourite Nazar names
Nazeerah nazeerah girl Warner. Favourite Nazeerah names
Nazihah nazihah girl Honest Favourite Nazihah names
Nazim boy Arranger, adjuster Favourite Nazim names
Nazindah nazindah girl Name of a liberal woman of Baghdad who founded a religious school Favourite Nazindah names
Nazir boy Observer supervisor Favourite Nazir names
Nazirah nazirah girl Observer, supervisor. Favourite Nazirah names
Naziya naziya girl High aspiring, energetic Favourite Naziya names
Nazli nazli girl Feminine, delicate Favourite Nazli names
Nazneen nazneen girl Beautiful. Favourite Nazneen names
Nazuk nazuk girl Delicate Favourite Nazuk names
Neelofer neelofer girl Lotus, Water Lily. Favourite Neelofer names
Neeshad neeshad girl Cheerful Favourite Neeshad names
Neha neha girl Love, rain Favourite Neha names
Nehad boy Brave, Face challenge Favourite Nehad names
Nehan boy Beautiful Favourite Nehan names
Nejat nejat girl Freedom, stress free Favourite Nejat names
Nelam nelam girl Precious stone Favourite Nelam names
Nesrin nesrin girl A field of wild roses Favourite Nesrin names
Nibaal nibaal girl Arrows Favourite Nibaal names
Nidal boy Fight, defence Favourite Nidal names
Nighat nighat girl Vision, sight Favourite Nighat names
Nihal boy Happy, Prosperous Favourite Nihal names
Nija nija girl Saved One Favourite Nija names
Nilofer nilofer girl Wild Mountain Rose. Favourite Nilofer names
Nimat nimat girl Blessing Favourite Nimat names
Nimr boy Tiger Favourite Nimr names
Nimra nimra girl Soft, Lion. Favourite Nimra names
Nina nina girl Gracious One Favourite Nina names
Nisa nisa girl Women Favourite Nisa names
Nisha nisha girl Whole World Favourite Nisha names
Nishat nishat girl Happiness Favourite Nishat names
Nisrin nisrin girl Kind of aromatic plant Favourite Nisrin names
Nissa nissa girl Ladylike Favourite Nissa names
Nizzar boy Keen-eyed Favourite Nizzar names
Noor boy Attribute of Allah. Favourite Noor names
Noor-Al-Haya noor-al-haya girl Light of my life. Favourite Noor-Al-Haya names
Noora noora girl Light Favourite Noora names
Noorali boy Light of Ali. Favourite Noorali names
Noori boy Shining, brightness Favourite Noori names
Nooriya nooriya girl Light Favourite Nooriya names
Nooriyya nooriyya girl Light Favourite Nooriyya names
Noorjahan noorjahan girl Light of the world Favourite Noorjahan names
Nora nora girl Light Favourite Nora names
Noraiz boy The first ray of sunlight which came to earth Favourite Noraiz names
Norhan norhan girl Light Favourite Norhan names
Noshaba noshaba girl Elixir, water of life Favourite Noshaba names
Nouf nouf girl Highest point on a mountain Favourite Nouf names
Noureddine boy Light of faith Favourite Noureddine names
Nuaym boy One of narrators of Hadith Favourite Nuaym names
Nuaymah nuaymah girl Name of a narrator of hadith. Favourite Nuaymah names
Nudrat nudrat girl Singularity Favourite Nudrat names
Nuh boy A Prophets name (Noah) Favourite Nuh names
Nuhaa nuhaa girl Intelligent Favourite Nuhaa names
Nuhayd boy Big Favourite Nuhayd names
Numa numa girl Beautiful and pleasant Favourite Numa names
Nur boy Light. Favourite Nur names
Nur al Din boy Brightness of the faith Favourite Nur al Din names
Nura nura girl The light, e.g. nurul islam, the light of islam Favourite Nura names
Nurani boy Luminous Favourite Nurani names
Nurayda nurayda girl Intelligence Favourite Nurayda names
Nuraz boy The Treasure Of Noor Favourite Nuraz names
Nuriya nuriya girl Light Favourite Nuriya names
Nuriyah nuriyah girl Light Favourite Nuriyah names
Nuryn nuryn girl Light Favourite Nuryn names
Nusayb boy Name of a black slave who fought in the early wars of Islam Favourite Nusayb names
Nusayma nusayma girl Gentle breeze Favourite Nusayma names
Nusrah boy Help, support Favourite Nusrah names
Nuwayla nuwayla girl Archiver Favourite Nuwayla names
Nuwwar nuwwar girl Blossoms, flowers Favourite Nuwwar names
Nuzhah nuzhah girl Pleasure trip, promenade Favourite Nuzhah names
Nyasia nyasia girl Most beautiful one Favourite Nyasia names
Nyla nyla girl Winner, Achiever Favourite Nyla names
Omera omera girl One who posses an inspiring and great personality Favourite Omera names
Owais boy A companion of the Prophet (S.A.W) Favourite Owais names
Pakeezah pakeezah girl Pure Favourite Pakeezah names
Pariza pariza girl Fairy, flower Favourite Pariza names
Parsa boy Devout or abstemious person pious Favourite Parsa names
Qabid boy The ConstrictorA Name for Allah Favourite Qabid names
Qabool qabool girl Accepted Favourite Qabool names
Qadar boy Divine destiny Favourite Qadar names
Qadim boy Ancient. Favourite Qadim names
Qahir boy Courageous, brave; conqueror Favourite Qahir names
Qailah qailah girl One who speaks Favourite Qailah names
Qaim boy Rising, Standing, Existing Favourite Qaim names
Qani boy Content Satisfied Favourite Qani names
Qania qania girl Contented, satisfied Favourite Qania names
Qarib boy Another name for God; proximity Favourite Qarib names
Qasif boy Discover. Favourite Qasif names
Qasoomah qasoomah girl She was a poetess Favourite Qasoomah names
Qatadah boy Name of a companion of the Prophet Favourite Qatadah names
Qayyam boy Another name for God, immortal Favourite Qayyam names
Qismah qismah girl Destiny, fate, ordained by God Favourite Qismah names
Quddusiyyah quddusiyyah girl Sacred, Pious. Favourite Quddusiyyah names
Quds boy Holiness, sanctity Favourite Quds names
Qurratul qurratul girl Ayn Delights of the eye, darling. Favourite Qurratul names
Qutb boy Celebrity personality Favourite Qutb names
Rabail rabail girl A veil of flowers Favourite Rabail names
Rabeeha rabeeha girl Gainful Favourite Rabeeha names
Rabiya rabiya girl Princess, Queen Favourite Rabiya names
Rabiyah rabiyah girl Hill Favourite Rabiyah names
Radhiya radhiya girl Content, satisfied Favourite Radhiya names
Radi boy Satisfied Favourite Radi names
Raeesah raeesah girl Princess; Noble lady. Favourite Raeesah names
Rafah rafah girl Pleasant, luxurious life Favourite Rafah names
Rafay boy The Exaulter To ElevateRank Favourite Rafay names
Rafeea rafeea girl Sublime, high Favourite Rafeea names
Rafi boy High High-ranking culturedRefined. In the Quran the Favourite Rafi names
Rafiah rafiah girl Sublime, exquisite Favourite Rafiah names
Rafida rafida girl Generous, liberal Favourite Rafida names
Raghda raghda girl Pleasant Favourite Raghda names
Ragheb boy Desirous Favourite Ragheb names
Raghibah raghibah girl Desiring, desirous Favourite Raghibah names
Raheel boy One who shows the way, Fearless or Brave Favourite Raheel names
Raheema raheema girl Beneficent Favourite Raheema names
Rahil boy Path guider Favourite Rahil names
Rahila rahila girl One who travels Favourite Rahila names
Rahilah rahilah girl One who travels Favourite Rahilah names
Rahmaa rahmaa girl To have mercy upon. Favourite Rahmaa names
Rahman boy 55th Surah of the Quran; affectionate Favourite Rahman names
Raida raida girl Leader Favourite Raida names
Raihana raihana girl The fragrance of a rose Favourite Raihana names
Raisa raisa girl Chief Favourite Raisa names
Raiyan boy Satisfaction contented Favourite Raiyan names
Rajiha rajiha girl Wise, mature Favourite Rajiha names
Rajiya rajiya girl Hopeful Favourite Rajiya names
Rakeem boy Writer Favourite Rakeem names
Rameesh rameesh girl A bunch of roses Favourite Rameesh names
Rameez boy Symbol Favourite Rameez names
Ramia ramia girl Sender Favourite Ramia names
Ramlah ramlah girl Old Arabic name Favourite Ramlah names
Rana boy Joy; Jewel; To gaze; Look Favourite Rana names
Rand rand girl Bay laurel Favourite Rand names
Rani rani girl A real motavater Favourite Rani names
Ranim, ranim, girl To recite in a sing song voice Favourite Ranim, names
Raniya raniya girl Gazing Favourite Raniya names
Raquib boy Most watchful Favourite Raquib names
Rasha rasha girl Young gazelle Favourite Rasha names
Rashdan boy GuidanceRectitude Favourite Rashdan names
Rasheedah rasheedah girl Intelligent one, Sober. Favourite Rasheedah names
Rashida rashida girl Righteous, pious Favourite Rashida names
Rasikha rasikha girl Firm, stable Favourite Rasikha names
Rasmiyah rasmiyah girl Official, formal Favourite Rasmiyah names
Ratib boy Arranger Favourite Ratib names
Rauf boy Merciful, kind Favourite Rauf names
Raunak boy Fame Favourite Raunak names
Rawah rawah girl Charm, beauty, splendor Favourite Rawah names
Rawdah boy Garden Meadow, Paradise Favourite Rawdah names
Rawhah rawhah girl Nice Favourite Rawhah names
Rawza rawza girl Garden Favourite Rawza names
Raya raya girl Sated with drink Favourite Raya names
Rayees boy Rich Favourite Rayees names
Rayhan boy Basil Sweet basil Fragrance Favourite Rayhan names
Rayhanah rayhanah girl Aromatic sweet basil Favourite Rayhanah names
Rayya rayya girl Light. Favourite Rayya names
Raza boy Wish, Agreement ,Handsome Favourite Raza names
Razaana razaana girl One who is calm Favourite Razaana names
Razam boy Lion Favourite Razam names
Razan razan girl Balanced Favourite Razan names
Razeen boy Sedate, Slemn, Grave, SoberMinded Favourite Razeen names
Razia razia girl Content, Satisfied. Favourite Razia names
Raziya raziya girl Contented, satisfied Favourite Raziya names
Reema reema girl White antalope. Favourite Reema names
Reham reham girl Rain drops Favourite Reham names
Rehemat rehemat girl Gift Favourite Rehemat names
Rehmat boy Kind Favourite Rehmat names
Reshma reshma girl Golden Silk, Expensive. Favourite Reshma names
Riaz boy Garden devotion Favourite Riaz names
Rida boy King Favourite Rida names
Rifaah boy Dignity Favourite Rifaah names
Rihab rihab girl Vastness, expanse Favourite Rihab names
Rihana rihana girl Sweet basil Favourite Rihana names
Rija rija girl Desire, Hope. Favourite Rija names
Rim rim girl Gazelle Favourite Rim names
Rima rima girl Reema White antelope Favourite Rima names
Rinaaz rinaaz girl Great Favourite Rinaaz names
Risay boy The Risk, Black Rose, Lovest One, The One Favourite Risay names
Riyasat boy Rule Dominion Favourite Riyasat names
Rizwan boy Peon of Paradise Favourite Rizwan names
Robina robina girl Blessing with love, waterfall Favourite Robina names
Roma roma girl Truthful, honest, beautiful, flower, princess Favourite Roma names
Roshini roshini girl Light, noor Favourite Roshini names
Rua rua girl Dreams, visions Favourite Rua names
Ruaa ruaa girl Invisable Favourite Ruaa names
Rubaa rubaa girl Hills, height Favourite Rubaa names
Rubaba rubaba girl Rose. Favourite Rubaba names
Rubi rubi girl Red gem Favourite Rubi names
Rubina rubina girl Blessed with love, waterfall Favourite Rubina names
Ruhab ruhab girl The one who brings happiness Favourite Ruhab names
Ruhani boy Spiritual Favourite Ruhani names
Ruhee ruhee girl Soul, a flower, who touches the heart. Favourite Ruhee names
Ruksana ruksana girl Beautiful, persian princess Favourite Ruksana names
Rumaylah rumaylah girl Old Arabic name Favourite Rumaylah names
Rushd boy On theRight path Favourite Rushd names
Saadiq boy Truthful Favourite Saadiq names
Saaedah saaedah girl The quiet one Favourite Saaedah names
Saajid boy One who worships God Favourite Saajid names
Saaqib boy Star. Favourite Saaqib names
Saarah saarah girl Happy, pure Favourite Saarah names
Sabah boy Dawn Favourite Sabah names
Sabeeha sabeeha girl Beautiful, bright faced Favourite Sabeeha names
Sabih boy Beautiful, pleasant, fond Favourite Sabih names
Sabina sabina girl Flower Favourite Sabina names
Sabir boy Patient Favourite Sabir names
Saboora saboora girl Very patient Favourite Saboora names
Sabriyah sabriyah girl Patient, preservant Favourite Sabriyah names
Sabur boy Patient perservent Favourite Sabur names
Sadad boy Right thing to do, lucky hand Favourite Sadad names
Sadaqat boy Truth Favourite Sadaqat names
Sadeeq boy Trustworthy Favourite Sadeeq names
Sadia sadia girl Lucky Favourite Sadia names
Sadiya sadiya girl Lucky Favourite Sadiya names
Sadr boy Heart Favourite Sadr names
Sadun boy Happy Favourite Sadun names
Saeed boy Blissful auspicious Favourite Saeed names
Saeedah saeedah girl Fortunate, Auspicious. Favourite Saeedah names
Safwan boy Rocks Favourite Safwan names
Safwana safwana girl A Shining Star, Rock Favourite Safwana names
Safwat boy Supreme; good friend; purity Favourite Safwat names
Sagheerah sagheerah girl Short Favourite Sagheerah names
Sahab boy Cloud Favourite Sahab names
Saheim boy Warrior Favourite Saheim names
Sahibah sahibah girl Colleague Favourite Sahibah names
Sahrish sahrish girl Sunrise. Favourite Sahrish names
Saib boy Foresaken abandoned Favourite Saib names
Saifan boy Sword of Allah Favourite Saifan names
Saima saima girl Keeps fasts Favourite Saima names
Sair boy Walking, going on foot. Favourite Sair names
Saira saira girl Happy Favourite Saira names
Saja saja girl To be calm and quiet Favourite Saja names
Sakeena sakeena girl Serenity, tranquility Favourite Sakeena names
Sakhr boy Rock Favourite Sakhr names
Sakina sakina girl She was a narrator of Hadith Favourite Sakina names
Saleem boy Sound UnimpairedSaneSincere Favourite Saleem names
Saleh boy Good, right; a Prophets name Favourite Saleh names
Salem boy Safe Favourite Salem names
Salifah salifah girl Previous. Favourite Salifah names
Salik boy Passable, unobstructed Favourite Salik names
Salikah salikah girl Following; Mystic Favourite Salikah names
Salmaa salmaa girl Peaceful Favourite Salmaa names
Salsabeel salsabeel girl Spring in Jannah Favourite Salsabeel names
Samaa samaa girl Sky Favourite Samaa names
Samaah samaah girl Generosity Favourite Samaah names
Samar samar girl Evening conversation Favourite Samar names
Samarah samarah girl Soft light Favourite Samarah names
Sameea sameea girl One who listens Favourite Sameea names
Sameena sameena girl A big forest in paradise Favourite Sameena names
Samiah samiah girl Forgivness or forgiver. Favourite Samiah names
Samiyah samiyah girl Elevated, exalted, lofty. Favourite Samiyah names
Sammar sammar girl Fruit. Favourite Sammar names
Samrah samrah girl Name of a fruit, written in the Quran times Favourite Samrah names
Sana sana girl Flash, radiance Favourite Sana names
Sanam sanam girl Beloved Favourite Sanam names
Sanari sanari girl Sweet and Beautiful Favourite Sanari names
Saniya saniya girl Moment in time Favourite Saniya names
Saood boy Fortunate Happy Favourite Saood names
Saqib boy ShiningStar Favourite Saqib names
Saqr boy Falcon Favourite Saqr names
Sara sara girl Historical name Favourite Sara names
Sarfraz boy Person sitting at a high place. Favourite Sarfraz names
Sarish sarish girl Morning Favourite Sarish names
Sarosh boy Angel Favourite Sarosh names
Sarrinah sarrinah girl Beautiful, companion of prophet (S.A.W) Favourite Sarrinah names
Sawda sawda girl Historical name Favourite Sawda names
Sayhan boy Al Tasnim Favourite Sayhan names
Sayyid boy Master Favourite Sayyid names
Seem seem girl Name of a flower Favourite Seem names
Seemeen seemeen girl Name of some women. Favourite Seemeen names
Seif al Din boy Sword of the faith Favourite Seif al Din names
Selina selina girl Moon, Salty Favourite Selina names
Sfiyah sfiyah girl Righteous Favourite Sfiyah names
Shaady boy Singer Favourite Shaady names
Shaaf boy One who gives health. Favourite Shaaf names
Shabaan boy Islamic Month. Favourite Shabaan names
Shaban boy Eighth month of the Muslim lunar calendar Favourite Shaban names
Shabaz boy Beautiful handsome intelligent protected by AllahSelf confidence respectful Favourite Shabaz names
Shabbeer boy Appellation of Imam Husayn (R.A). Favourite Shabbeer names
Shabeeh boy Resembling Favourite Shabeeh names
Shabina shabina girl The eye of the storm Favourite Shabina names
Shad boy Happy. Favourite Shad names
Shadan boy Happy Favourite Shadan names
Shadha shadha girl Aromatic Favourite Shadha names
Shadhin boy Independant Favourite Shadhin names
Shaesta shaesta girl Polite, cultured Favourite Shaesta names
Shafath shafath girl Curing or healing people Favourite Shafath names
Shafeeqa shafeeqa girl Compassionate Favourite Shafeeqa names
Shafi boy Mediator Favourite Shafi names
Shafiah shafiah girl Intercessor. Favourite Shafiah names
Shafiq boy Compassionate, tender. Favourite Shafiq names
Shafiqah shafiqah girl Compassionate, tender Favourite Shafiqah names
Shafiulla boy Compassionate of Allah or Purity of Allah. Favourite Shafiulla names
Shagufta boy Blooming, Happy. Favourite Shagufta names
Shahab boy Meteor Favourite Shahab names
Shahada shahada girl Bearing witness. Favourite Shahada names
Shahan boy King Favourite Shahan names
Shahbaz boy Falcon Favourite Shahbaz names
Shahed shahed girl Honey. Favourite Shahed names
Shahin boy Hawk Favourite Shahin names
Shahina shahina girl Princess Favourite Shahina names
Shahmeen shahmeen girl Princess Favourite Shahmeen names
Shahnaaz shahnaaz girl Pride of the king. Favourite Shahnaaz names
Shahnoor shahnoor girl Royal Glow Favourite Shahnoor names
Shahrazad shahrazad girl Teller of Tales of 1,001 Nights Favourite Shahrazad names
Shahzaadee shahzaadee girl Princess Favourite Shahzaadee names
Shahzor boy Extreme Power Favourite Shahzor names
Shajarah shajarah girl Tree. Favourite Shajarah names
Shajee boy Bold, Courageous. Favourite Shajee names
Shakib boy Present, gift, reward Favourite Shakib names
Shakirah shakirah girl Thankful Favourite Shakirah names
Shalimar shalimar girl Beautiful & Strong Favourite Shalimar names
Shallal boy Waterfalls. Favourite Shallal names
Shamailah shamailah girl Good traits excellent disposition Favourite Shamailah names
Shamim boy Fragrant Favourite Shamim names
Shamma shamma girl Proud, supercilious Favourite Shamma names
Shammyn boy Sun light Favourite Shammyn names
Shams al Din boy Sun of the faith Favourite Shams al Din names
Shams-Ul-Haq boy Appellation given to Indian and Pakistani Scholars. Favourite Shams-Ul-Haq names
Shamshad boy Box-tree Favourite Shamshad names
Shanaz shanaz girl Pride of King Favourite Shanaz names
Shareek boy Associate. Favourite Shareek names
Shareen shareen girl Sweet Favourite Shareen names
Sharifudin boy The noble religion Favourite Sharifudin names
Shariq boy Radiant Bright Favourite Shariq names
Shariqah shariqah girl Shining Favourite Shariqah names
Sharique boy Sunrise Favourite Sharique names
Sharjeel boy Fine Favourite Sharjeel names
Shawaiz boy Speak melodious. Favourite Shawaiz names
Shawqi boy Affectionate Favourite Shawqi names
Shayan boy Praised Favourite Shayan names
Shaza shaza girl Fragrance, scent Favourite Shaza names
Shazeb boy Decorated king Favourite Shazeb names
Shazneen shazneen girl The most beautiful flower Favourite Shazneen names
Shehryaar boy Sovereign. Favourite Shehryaar names
Shehzaad boy Prince Favourite Shehzaad names
Sheila sheila girl Little mountain Favourite Sheila names
Sheryar boy King Favourite Sheryar names
Sheyla sheyla girl Pine tree. Favourite Sheyla names
Shihab al Din boy Star of the Faith Favourite Shihab al Din names
Shireen shireen girl Sweet Favourite Shireen names
Shuaa boy Beams, Rays. Favourite Shuaa names
Shuayb boy A Prophets name Favourite Shuayb names
Shuhaymah shuhaymah girl Boldness, sagacity Favourite Shuhaymah names
Shujana shujana girl Brave, strong. Favourite Shujana names
Shuneal boy Traveller Favourite Shuneal names
Shurahbeel boy A narrator of Hadith Favourite Shurahbeel names
Sibal sibal girl Eyes with long lashes Favourite Sibal names
Siddiqah siddiqah girl Upright, very truthful Favourite Siddiqah names
Sidra sidra girl Tree. Favourite Sidra names
Sidrah sidrah girl Tree Favourite Sidrah names
Silah boy Arms. Favourite Silah names
Simah simah girl Sign, characteristic, expression Favourite Simah names
Sofia sofia girl Wisdom Favourite Sofia names
Sofian boy Devoted Favourite Sofian names
Sohana sohana girl Dews on the grass Favourite Sohana names
Sonia sonia girl Pretty, very beautiful Favourite Sonia names
Sophia sophia girl Wisdom Favourite Sophia names
Souad souad girl Good fortune Favourite Souad names
Souffian boy Sand Favourite Souffian names
Subhaan subhaan girl Praising Allah Favourite Subhaan names
Sufia sufia girl A person who follows Sufism - Clean heart Favourite Sufia names
Suhaib boy Of reddish hair or complexion; name of the first Roman to embrace Islam Favourite Suhaib names
Suhailah suhailah girl Smooth, soft, fluent, flowing Favourite Suhailah names
Suhaymah suhaymah girl Small arrow Favourite Suhaymah names
Suhayr suhayr girl Proper name Favourite Suhayr names
Sukaina sukaina girl A young daughter of Imam Hussain who was martyred Favourite Sukaina names
Sukaynah sukaynah girl Charming, likable Favourite Sukaynah names
Sulayma sulayma girl Dim. Form of salma Favourite Sulayma names
Sultanah sultanah girl Sultaness Favourite Sultanah names
Sumaira sumaira girl Brownish Favourite Sumaira names
Sumaiyah sumaiyah girl Name of a lady companion of the Prophet, the first martyr in Islam Favourite Sumaiyah names
Sumara sumara girl Entertainer. Favourite Sumara names
Sumayyah sumayyah girl Proper name Favourite Sumayyah names
Sumia sumia girl The one who listens Favourite Sumia names
Sumlina sumlina girl Morning Star. Favourite Sumlina names
Summayyah summayyah girl First martyr of Islam. Favourite Summayyah names
Sumra sumra girl Fruit, summer fruit. Favourite Sumra names
Sundus sundus girl Silk brocade Favourite Sundus names
Suraya suraya girl Star. Favourite Suraya names
Suwaydah suwaydah girl She was a narrator of Hadith Favourite Suwaydah names
Suwera suwera girl Morning Favourite Suwera names
Taamir boy One who knows dates Favourite Taamir names
Taanish boy Good Favourite Taanish names
Tabish boy Heat, Brilliancy. Favourite Tabish names
Taghreed taghreed girl Singing of birds Favourite Taghreed names
Taha boy Name of a Surah in the Quran Favourite Taha names
Tahera tahera girl Pure, chaste. Favourite Tahera names
Tahir boy Pure, clean, chaste, modest Favourite Tahir names
Tahiyah tahiyah girl Greeting Favourite Tahiyah names
Tahmeed boy Allahs servant Favourite Tahmeed names
Tahoor boy Purity Favourite Tahoor names
Tahseen boy Acclaim appreciation Favourite Tahseen names
Tahsin boy Beautification Favourite Tahsin names
Taimur boy Iron Favourite Taimur names
Taj al Din boy Crown of the faith Favourite Taj al Din names
Tajammul boy Dignity, Magnificence, Pomp. Favourite Tajammul names
Tajudinn boy Crown of religion. Favourite Tajudinn names
Talah talah girl Young palm tree Favourite Talah names
Talal boy Nice admirable Favourite Talal names
Talha boy A name of Tree. Favourite Talha names
Talhah boy Kind of tree Favourite Talhah names
Talib boy Seeker (of truth) Favourite Talib names
Taliba taliba girl Scholar, seeker Favourite Taliba names
Talibah talibah girl Seeker after knowledge Favourite Talibah names
Tamadur tamadur girl Brilliant Favourite Tamadur names
Tamara tamara girl Date tree. Favourite Tamara names
Tameem boy Perfect, complete Favourite Tameem names
Tameemah tameemah girl Name of a poetess. Favourite Tameemah names
Tamim boy Strong, complete Favourite Tamim names
Tamir boy Tall Favourite Tamir names
Tamkeen boy Dignity Gravity Favourite Tamkeen names
Tammam boy Generous Favourite Tammam names
Tanim boy Wave of the Sea, Rythem. Favourite Tanim names
Tanisha tanisha girl Happiness. Favourite Tanisha names
Tanzeela tanzeela girl Revelation, Receiving hospitably. Favourite Tanzeela names
Taqiy boy Devout, God fearing Favourite Taqiy names
Taqwaa taqwaa girl Piety, devoutness, heedfulness of God Favourite Taqwaa names
Tara tara girl Star. Favourite Tara names
Tarannum boy Singing Favourite Tarannum names
Tarif, boy Tareef Rare, uncommon Favourite Tarif, names
Tasadduq boy Giving Alms, Charity, Sacrifice. Favourite Tasadduq names
Taseen boy A name of the Prophet (S.A.W) Favourite Taseen names
Tasneen boy A heavenly fountain Favourite Tasneen names
Tawbah boy Repentance Favourite Tawbah names
Tawhid boy Believing in one God Favourite Tawhid names
Tawseef boy Praise Favourite Tawseef names
Tayseer boy Facilitation Favourite Tayseer names
Tayyeb boy Good and delicate Favourite Tayyeb names
Tayyiba tayyiba girl Good, pleasant Favourite Tayyiba names
Tazim boy Honour Favourite Tazim names
Tazkia tazkia girl Special, Unique. Favourite Tazkia names
Tehzeeb tehzeeb girl Respect. Favourite Tehzeeb names
Thabitah thabitah girl Firm. Favourite Thabitah names
Thaminah thaminah girl Precious, generous. Favourite Thaminah names
Thara thara girl Wealth. Favourite Thara names
Tharya tharya girl Name of a pious woman. Favourite Tharya names
Thauban boy Two garments. Favourite Thauban names
Thayer boy Rebel Favourite Thayer names
Thubaytah thubaytah girl She was among the early Muhajirs to Madina and a distinguished woman comapnion, daughter of Yaar bin Zayd al-Ansariyah. Favourite Thubaytah names
Tibyan tibyan girl Evident, distinct Favourite Tibyan names
Tihami boy A title of the Prophet (S.A.W). Favourite Tihami names
Toqeer boy Respect Favourite Toqeer names
Tuba tuba girl The name of a tree in heaven. Favourite Tuba names
Tubaa tubaa girl Blessedness, beautitude Favourite Tubaa names
Tufaylah tufaylah girl This was the name of the freed slave of al-Waleed bin Abdullah; she transmitted Hadith from Sayyidah Ayshah (R.A). Favourite Tufaylah names
Tuhinsurra boy Snow white Favourite Tuhinsurra names
Tulayhah tulayhah girl She was a narrator of Hadith. Favourite Tulayhah names
Tumadur tumadur girl Old Arabic name. Favourite Tumadur names
Tuqaa tuqaa girl Heedfulness of God Favourite Tuqaa names
Turhan boy Of mercy Favourite Turhan names
Ubaadah boy Old Arabic name Favourite Ubaadah names
Ubadah boy Worship. Favourite Ubadah names
Ubaid boy Faithful Favourite Ubaid names
Ubaida boy Servant of God Favourite Ubaida names
Ubaidah boy Servant of God Favourite Ubaidah names
Ubay boy Old Arabic name Favourite Ubay names
Ubayd boy Worshipper. Favourite Ubayd names
Ubaydah boy Servant of God Favourite Ubaydah names
Ubaydullah boy Servant of Allah. Favourite Ubaydullah names
Ubayy boy One with high self esteem Favourite Ubayy names
Udail boy Old Arabic name Favourite Udail names
Uday boy One who runs fast Favourite Uday names
Udayl boy Old Arabic name Favourite Udayl names
Udaysah udaysah girl She was a narrator of Hadith Favourite Udaysah names
Ujala ujala girl Light of the universe. Favourite Ujala names
Ulfah ulfah girl Affection, intimacy Favourite Ulfah names
Ulfat boy Love, Affection, Familiarity, Intimacy Favourite Ulfat names
Umaarah boy Old Arabic name Favourite Umaarah names
Umair boy Intelligent. Favourite Umair names
Umamah umamah girl Proper name Favourite Umamah names
Umar boy Name of the second Caliph. Favourite Umar names
Umarah boy Habitation Favourite Umarah names
Umaynah umaynah girl She was a narrator of Hadith Favourite Umaynah names
Umayr boy Old Arabic name Favourite Umayr names
Umayyah boy Famous Arabian tribe Favourite Umayyah names
Umer boy Life Name of the second Caliph Favourite Umer names
Umnia umnia girl Gift. Favourite Umnia names
Umran boy Prosperity. Favourite Umran names
Unais boy Love Affection Favourite Unais names
Unal boy Fighter strong spirit Favourite Unal names
Unays boy Smaller form of Anas Favourite Unays names
Unaza unaza girl The one and only Favourite Unaza names
Uqbah boy End of everything Favourite Uqbah names
Urfee boy Name of popular Poet. Favourite Urfee names
Urooj boy Ascension, Mounting Rising. Favourite Urooj names
Urshia urshia girl One who belongs in the skies. Favourite Urshia names
Urwah boy Hand-held support Favourite Urwah names
Usaamah boy Description of a lion Favourite Usaamah names
Usaid boy Small lion Favourite Usaid names
Usaim boy Lion cub Favourite Usaim names
Usama boy Lion Favourite Usama names
Usayd boy Little lion Favourite Usayd names
Usaymah usaymah girl Old Arabic name Favourite Usaymah names
Usman boy Name of the third Caliph. Favourite Usman names
Uswa uswa girl Sunnah, practice Favourite Uswa names
Utbah boy Old Arabic name Favourite Utbah names
Uthal boy Name of a mountain Favourite Uthal names
Uthman boy Name of the third Caliph Favourite Uthman names
Uwaisah uwaisah girl Bilberry, whortleberry Favourite Uwaisah names
Uwayam boy A float buoyant Favourite Uwayam names
Uzair boy Name of a Prophet Favourite Uzair names
Uzayr boy Precious Favourite Uzayr names
Vardah vardah girl Rose Favourite Vardah names
Waddah boy Bright, brilliant Favourite Waddah names
Wadid boy Favorable, devoted, fond Favourite Wadid names
Wafa boy Faithfulness, fidelity Favourite Wafa names
Wafeeqa wafeeqa girl Friend, companion Favourite Wafeeqa names
Wafi boy Faithful, loyal Favourite Wafi names
Wafiyah wafiyah girl Loyal, faithful Favourite Wafiyah names
Wafiza wafiza girl Fresh air. Favourite Wafiza names
Wahab boy Kind hearted Favourite Wahab names
Wahb boy Giving Favourite Wahb names
Wahbiyah wahbiyah girl Giving Favourite Wahbiyah names
Waheed boy Unique, One of its kind Favourite Waheed names
Wahhaj boy Glowing, incandescent Favourite Wahhaj names
Wahib boy Liberal donor Favourite Wahib names
Wahibah wahibah girl Giver, donor Favourite Wahibah names
Wahid boy Exclusive, unequalled Favourite Wahid names
Wahidah wahidah girl Exclusive, unique Favourite Wahidah names
Wahuj wahuj girl First light of day, Dawn, New Beginning. Favourite Wahuj names
Wail boy Coming back (for Shelter) Favourite Wail names
Wais boy King Favourite Wais names
Waiz boy Preacher, Sermoniser Favourite Waiz names
Wajdaan boy Thought, imagination Favourite Wajdaan names
Wajeeh boy Commanding Personality Favourite Wajeeh names
Wajeeha wajeeha girl Eminent, distinguished Favourite Wajeeha names
Wajih boy Noble Favourite Wajih names
Wajiha wajiha girl Distinguished, eminent Favourite Wajiha names
Wakalat boy Advocacy, Agency Favourite Wakalat names
Wakeel boy Agent, Representative Favourite Wakeel names
Wala wala girl Devotion, friendship Favourite Wala names
Wali-ud-din boy Guardian of religion Favourite Wali-ud-din names
Walid boy Newborn child Favourite Walid names
Walid, Waleed boy Newborn child Favourite Walid, Waleed names
Walidah walidah girl Newborn Favourite Walidah names
Walif boy Befriending Favourite Walif names
Waliy Allah boy Supporter of God Favourite Waliy Allah names
Walladah walladah girl Frequently producing, prolific Favourite Walladah names
Walliyullah boy Supporter of God Favourite Walliyullah names
Waniyya waniyya girl Pearl Favourite Waniyya names
Waqar boy Respect, dignity Favourite Waqar names
Ward boy Blossoms, flowers Favourite Ward names
Warda warda girl Guardian, Protector Favourite Warda names
Wardah wardah girl Rose Favourite Wardah names
Warizah warizah girl Happiness, bubbly Favourite Warizah names
Warsan warsan girl True news, wonderful news Favourite Warsan names
Wasay boy Unlimited, All Encompassing, Boundless. Favourite Wasay names
Waseemah waseemah girl Comely. Favourite Waseemah names
Washma washma girl Rain drop Favourite Washma names
Wasidali boy Engrossed Favourite Wasidali names
Wasma wasma girl Beautiful Favourite Wasma names
Wassim boy Handsome Favourite Wassim names
Wiyyam wiyyam girl Truthful, loving Favourite Wiyyam names
Yafia yafia girl High, lofty Favourite Yafia names
Yafiah yafiah girl High Favourite Yafiah names
Yakootah yakootah girl Emerald Favourite Yakootah names
Yalina yalina girl Soft, gentle Favourite Yalina names
Yalqoot yalqoot girl An early woman who gave much in charity Favourite Yalqoot names
Yamama yamama girl Pigeon, dove Favourite Yamama names
Yamamah yamamah girl Valley in Arabia Favourite Yamamah names
Yameena yameena girl Right and proper Favourite Yameena names
Yamha yamha girl Dove Favourite Yamha names
Yamiha yamiha girl Pigeon Favourite Yamiha names
Yamina yamina girl Right, Proper Favourite Yamina names
Yaminah yaminah girl Right and proper Favourite Yaminah names
Yara yara girl Little Butterfly Favourite Yara names
Yarah yarah girl Warm Favourite Yarah names
Yashal yashal girl Freshness, greenry Favourite Yashal names
Yasirah yasirah girl Lenient Favourite Yasirah names
Yasmeen yasmeen girl Jasmine Favourite Yasmeen names
Yasmeenah yasmeenah girl Sweet-smelling flower Favourite Yasmeenah names
Yasmin yasmin girl Jasmine flower Favourite Yasmin names
Yasmina yasmina girl A beautiful flower that shines Favourite Yasmina names
Yasmine yasmine girl Jasmine Favourite Yasmine names
Yasna yasna girl It means white rose in arabic Favourite Yasna names
Yassaman yassaman girl The flower Jasmin Favourite Yassaman names
Yathrib boy Former name of the city of Madinnah. Favourite Yathrib names
Yazid boy God will increase, enhance Favourite Yazid names
Yelda yelda girl Dark night. Favourite Yelda names
Yumn yumn girl Good fortune, success Favourite Yumn names
Yumna yumna girl Blessed, lucky Favourite Yumna names
Yumnah yumnah girl Right side Favourite Yumnah names
Yusayrah yusayrah girl Easy. One of the first two swear allegiance (bayah) to the Prophet (S.A.W) among the Ansar (but it is also said that she was among the Muhajirs (Emigrants) Favourite Yusayrah names
Yusra yusra girl Proper name Favourite Yusra names
Yusriyah yusriyah girl Most prosperous Favourite Yusriyah names
Yusriyya yusriyya girl Rich, prosperous Favourite Yusriyya names
Yusur yusur girl Prosperous. Favourite Yusur names
Zaahirah zaahirah girl Guest Favourite Zaahirah names
Zaara zaara girl Beautiful Flower. Favourite Zaara names
Zaeemah zaeemah girl Leader Favourite Zaeemah names
Zafar boy The best Favourite Zafar names
Zafeera zafeera girl Victorius, successful Favourite Zafeera names
Zafeerah zafeerah girl Firm. Favourite Zafeerah names
Zafir boy Victorious Favourite Zafir names
Zafira zafira girl Successful, winner Favourite Zafira names
Zafirah zafirah girl Victorious Favourite Zafirah names
Zafreen zafreen girl Victorious, Knowledgable Favourite Zafreen names
Zaghlula zaghlula girl Small pigeon Favourite Zaghlula names
Zaha zaha girl Radiance, splendor Favourite Zaha names
Zahabiya zahabiya girl Gold. Favourite Zahabiya names
Zahara zahara girl Flower, beauty, star. Favourite Zahara names
Zaheen zaheen girl Intelligent Favourite Zaheen names
Zaheer boy Bright and shining. Favourite Zaheer names
Zaheerah zaheerah girl Helper, Assistant Favourite Zaheerah names
Zahi boy Bright shining Favourite Zahi names
Zahida zahida girl Pious, abstinent Favourite Zahida names
Zahidah zahidah girl Abstinent Favourite Zahidah names
Zahir boy Bright, shining Favourite Zahir names
Zahira zahira girl Radiant, dazzling Favourite Zahira names
Zahirah zahirah girl Shining, luminous Favourite Zahirah names
Zahiya zahiya girl Beautiful, bright faced Favourite Zahiya names
Zahra zahra girl Beautiful Favourite Zahra names
Zahraa zahraa girl Lady of Jannah. Favourite Zahraa names
Zahrah zahrah girl Beauty, the planet venus Favourite Zahrah names
Zahwah zahwah girl Beauty, pretty Favourite Zahwah names
Zaiah zaiah girl Popular, well-known Favourite Zaiah names
Zaid boy Growth Increase Favourite Zaid names
Zaida zaida girl She was a very devoted worshipper about whose worship the Prophet (S.A.W) also learnt; she was the freed slave of Sayyidina Umar bin al-Khattab. Favourite Zaida names
Zaigham boy Lion. Favourite Zaigham names
Zaim boy Brigadier General Favourite Zaim names
Zaina zaina girl Beautiful Favourite Zaina names
Zainab zainab girl Daughter of the prophet (pbuh), Decorated or ornamented tree Favourite Zainab names
Zairah zairah girl Visitor. Favourite Zairah names
Zaiton zaiton girl Olive Favourite Zaiton names
Zakariya boy Name of a Prophet (A.S). Favourite Zakariya names
Zakariyya boy A Prophets name (Zakaria) Favourite Zakariyya names
Zaki boy Pure Favourite Zaki names
Zakia zakia girl Beautiful, intellegent Favourite Zakia names
Zakirah zakirah girl One who remembers Allah regularly Favourite Zakirah names
Zakiy boy Pure Favourite Zakiy names
Zakiyah zakiyah girl Intelligent Favourite Zakiyah names
Zakiyya zakiyya girl Intelligent Favourite Zakiyya names
Zakiyyah zakiyyah girl Pure Favourite Zakiyyah names
Zakwan boy Intuitive Favourite Zakwan names
Zalfa zalfa girl This was the name of a distinguished woman of her times, she was Hajib known as Umm al-Hajib Abdul Malik Favourite Zalfa names
Zameelah zameelah girl Companion Favourite Zameelah names
Zamin boy Another name for God; biased; security Favourite Zamin names
Zamrud zamrud girl She was a narrator of Hadith. Favourite Zamrud names
Zanubiya zanubiya girl Name of a great Syrian queen Favourite Zanubiya names
Zanyah zanyah girl Beautiful flower Favourite Zanyah names
Zara zara girl Bright as the dawn. Favourite Zara names
Zareen zareen girl Full of expression and smile Favourite Zareen names
Zareena zareena girl Gold Favourite Zareena names
Zareenah zareenah girl A companion of Prophet (S.A.W). Favourite Zareenah names
Zarifah zarifah girl Beauty, smart. Favourite Zarifah names
Zarina zarina girl Beautiful Favourite Zarina names
Zariya zariya girl Beauty and light. Favourite Zariya names
Zariyah zariyah girl Queen Favourite Zariyah names
Zarmina zarmina girl Lovely and precious gold Favourite Zarmina names
Zaroon boy Visitor. Favourite Zaroon names
Zarqa zarqa girl Blue. Favourite Zarqa names
Zarrah zarrah girl She was a narrator of Hadith Favourite Zarrah names
Zarreena zarreena girl Golden Favourite Zarreena names
Zartaj zartaj girl Queen Favourite Zartaj names
Zarwa zarwa girl Apex, peak, zenith Favourite Zarwa names
Zawiya zawiya girl Slim Beauty Favourite Zawiya names
Zayaan zayaan girl Something beautiful Favourite Zayaan names
Zayb boy Adornment Favourite Zayb names
Zayba zayba girl Adornment; Beauty. Favourite Zayba names
Zayer boy Tourist who visits holy places Favourite Zayer names
Zaynab zaynab girl Daughter of the Prophet (pbuh) Favourite Zaynab names
Zaynaban zaynaban girl Ornamented tree; name of the daughter of the Prophet Favourite Zaynaban names
Zaynah zaynah girl Beautiful. Favourite Zaynah names
Zaytoon zaytoon girl Olive Favourite Zaytoon names
Zaytoonah zaytoonah girl (A single) Olive Favourite Zaytoonah names
Zeba zeba girl Beauty. Favourite Zeba names
Zee zee girl Shan Dignified Favourite Zee names
Zeena zeena girl Ornament, Something beautiful. Favourite Zeena names
Zeenat zeenat girl Gorgeous Favourite Zeenat names
Zeeya boy Light Favourite Zeeya names
Zehna zehna girl Beautiful. Favourite Zehna names
Zehra zehra girl Flower. Favourite Zehra names
Zenia zenia girl Flower. Favourite Zenia names
Zerina zerina girl Princess, Smart, Inteligent. Favourite Zerina names
Zeyad boy Prince the honest and kind. Peace and truth Favourite Zeyad names
Zhalay zhalay girl Dew Favourite Zhalay names
Ziad boy Ziyaad popular Arab name Favourite Ziad names
Zikr boy Another name for the Quran; reminder Favourite Zikr names
Zilal zilal girl Shade, Shadow Favourite Zilal names
Zinah zinah girl Beauty. Favourite Zinah names
Zinat zinat girl Adornment, ornamentation Favourite Zinat names
Zineta zineta girl Beautiful ornament Favourite Zineta names
Zinneerah zinneerah girl Name of a sahabiah. Favourite Zinneerah names
Ziram ziram girl Glow Favourite Ziram names
Ziya ziya girl Light Favourite Ziya names
ziyada ziyada girl Growth Favourite ziyada names
Ziyan ziyan girl Elegance Favourite Ziyan names
Zoeya zoeya girl Life Favourite Zoeya names
Zoha zoha girl Light Favourite Zoha names
Zohaib boy Leader, king Favourite Zohaib names
Zoharin zoharin girl Dawn, light of day Favourite Zoharin names
Zohha zohha girl Hope, Shining light Favourite Zohha names
Zohoor boy Appearance Favourite Zohoor names
Zohra zohra girl Venus, jewels of sky Favourite Zohra names
Zohura zohura girl Beautiful, innocent and caring. Favourite Zohura names
Zonira zonira girl Precious Stone, Expensive Jewel. Favourite Zonira names
Zorah zorah girl Dawn Favourite Zorah names
Zoraiz boy Luminous Object in Arabic Favourite Zoraiz names
Zoran boy Dawn Favourite Zoran names
Zoufishan zoufishan girl Moonlight. Favourite Zoufishan names
Zoya zoya girl Loving & caring. Favourite Zoya names
Zubaidah zubaidah girl Excellent; name of the wife of Caliph Harun Al Rashid Favourite Zubaidah names
Zubaria zubaria girl Blooming flower Favourite Zubaria names
Zubash zubash girl Silver Favourite Zubash names
Zubaydah zubaydah girl This was the name of the daughter of Jafar Mansoor and the wife of Khalifah Haroon Rasheed. Favourite Zubaydah names
Zubayr boy Strong, powerful, smart Favourite Zubayr names
Zubdah zubdah girl Butter. Favourite Zubdah names
Zubi zubi girl Loving and understanding. Favourite Zubi names
Zuehb boy Clever Minded Favourite Zuehb names
Zuha zuha girl Forenoon Favourite Zuha names
Zuhaa zuhaa girl Adornment Favourite Zuhaa names
Zuhaira zuhaira girl Courage Favourite Zuhaira names
Zuharah zuharah girl Planet Venus. Favourite Zuharah names
Zuhayr boy Bright Favourite Zuhayr names
Zuhayra zuhayra girl Courage Favourite Zuhayra names
Zuher zuher girl AName of a planet. Favourite Zuher names
Zuhera zuhera girl Name of a planet Favourite Zuhera names
Zuhoor boy Bright. Favourite Zuhoor names
Zuhrah zuhrah girl Brightness Favourite Zuhrah names
Zuhur zuhur girl To flower, to blossom, to glow Favourite Zuhur names
Zuhurto zuhurto girl Flower, to blossom, to glow Favourite Zuhurto names
Zulaykha zulaykha girl Historical name Favourite Zulaykha names
Zulaym boy Another name for God; pile; treasury Favourite Zulaym names
Zulekha zulekha girl Brilliant beauty. Favourite Zulekha names
Zulfa zulfa girl First part of the night. Favourite Zulfa names
Zumurrud zumurrud girl Emerlad Favourite Zumurrud names
Zumurruda zumurruda girl Emerald Favourite Zumurruda names
Zumzum zumzum girl Sweet water of paradise. Favourite Zumzum names
Zunairah zunairah girl Flower found in paradise. Favourite Zunairah names
Zuti boy Appellation of Prophet Yunus (A.S) Favourite Zuti names
Zynah zynah girl Beautiful. Favourite Zynah names
Zyva zyva girl Brightness, radiant, splendor Favourite Zyva names