Top Muslim Baby Names

A Name is a simple a word which used to identify rest of the life of child so this is the first gift from the parents or relatives to the baby.therefore it needed a great care when we put their baby name which should be listen to good and beautiful meaning.To Keep all of that things in Mind we have great and nice collection range of baby names with meaning where your search will be finished for the suitable baby names. here is great range of Muslim Baby names with meaning where you choose your favourite Muslim Baby Names.
Top Muslim Baby Names
Name Meaning
Aadab aadab girl Hope, need Favourite Aadab names
Aaeedah aaeedah girl Visiting, Returning, Reward. Favourite Aaeedah names
Aafreeda aafreeda girl Created, Produced. Favourite Aafreeda names
Aairah aairah girl Noble, respectful Favourite Aairah names
Aaleyah aaleyah girl Exalted, Highest social standing Favourite Aaleyah names
Aaliyah aaliyah girl Tall, Towering Favourite Aaliyah names
Aamilah aamilah girl Doer of (good) deeds, Righteous. Favourite Aamilah names
Aamira aamira girl Imperial, Abundant, Inhabited. Favourite Aamira names
Aanisah aanisah girl Young lady, Maiden. Favourite Aanisah names
Aaqib boy Follower Favourite Aaqib names
Aara aara girl Adoring Favourite Aara names
Aariz boy Respectable man, Intellegent Favourite Aariz names
Aashiq boy Lover Favourite Aashiq names
Aasim boy Person who keeps away from sins Favourite Aasim names
Aatifa aatifa girl Affection, Sympathy Favourite Aatifa names
Aatirah aatirah girl Fragrant. Favourite Aatirah names
Abaan boy Old Arabic name Favourite Abaan names
Abbas boy Description of a lion Favourite Abbas names
Abdia abdia girl Slave of Allah Favourite Abdia names
Abdu lwaahid boy Servant of the One Favourite Abdu lwaahid names
Abdul Aalee boy Servant of the Most High Favourite Abdul Aalee names
Abdul Afuw boy Slave of the one who pardons Favourite Abdul Afuw names
Abdul Ali boy Slave of the High one Favourite Abdul Ali names
Abdul Azeez boy The servant of the most powerful Favourite Abdul Azeez names
Abdul Baari boy Servant of the Creator Favourite Abdul Baari names
Abdul Barr boy Servant of the source of Goodness Favourite Abdul Barr names
Abdul Dhahir boy Servant of the Manifest Favourite Abdul Dhahir names
Abdul Ghafur boy Servant of the All-Forgiving Favourite Abdul Ghafur names
Abdul Hadi boy Servant of the Guide Favourite Abdul Hadi names
Abdul Haleem boy Servant of the Mild and Patient Favourite Abdul Haleem names
Abdul Haq boy Servant of the Truth Favourite Abdul Haq names
Abdul Jawwad boy Slave of the Bountiful Favourite Abdul Jawwad names
Abdul Karim boy Slave of the Gracious Favourite Abdul Karim names
Abdul Maajid boy Slave of the Excellence Favourite Abdul Maajid names
Abdul Majid boy Servant of the Noble Favourite Abdul Majid names
Abdul Mani boy Slave of one who prevents Favourite Abdul Mani names
Abdul Muiz boy Servant of the Giver of Might and Glory Favourite Abdul Muiz names
Abdul Musawwir boy Slave of the Fashioner Favourite Abdul Musawwir names
Abdul Muzanni boy He was a narrator of Hadith Favourite Abdul Muzanni names
Abdul Nafi boy Slave of the Propitious Favourite Abdul Nafi names
Abdul Nasir boy Servant of the Helper, Protector Favourite Abdul Nasir names
Abdul Qaadir boy Servant of the Capable Favourite Abdul Qaadir names
Abdul Qahaar boy Servant of the Subduer and the Almighty Favourite Abdul Qahaar names
Abdul Rabb boy Slave of the Lord Favourite Abdul Rabb names
Abdul Rahim boy Slave of the Compassionate Favourite Abdul Rahim names
Abdul Rashid boy Servant of the rightly guided Favourite Abdul Rashid names
Abdul Sabur boy Servant of the Patient Favourite Abdul Sabur names
Abdul Samad boy Servant of the Eternal Favourite Abdul Samad names
Abdul Wadud boy Servant of the Loving Favourite Abdul Wadud names
Abdul Wakil boy Slave of the Trustee Favourite Abdul Wakil names
Abdur Rasheed boy Servant of the Guide to Right Path Favourite Abdur Rasheed names
Abdur Razzaq boy Slave of the provider; Favourite Abdur Razzaq names
Abdus Sabur boy Slave of the Forbearing Favourite Abdus Sabur names
Abdus Samad boy Slave of the Eternal, The Independent. Favourite Abdus Samad names
Abdus Shakur boy Servant of the Appreciative. Favourite Abdus Shakur names
Abdus Subbooh boy Slave of the Extremely pure. Favourite Abdus Subbooh names
Abedin boy Worshippers Favourite Abedin names
Abeedah abeedah girl Worshipper Favourite Abeedah names
Abeerah abeerah girl Rose, Sandal Saffron mixed together in fragrance Favourite Abeerah names
Abla abla girl Perfectly formed Favourite Abla names
Ablaa ablaa girl Perfectly formed Favourite Ablaa names
Abra abra girl Example, lesson Favourite Abra names
Abrad boy Hail, Mail. Favourite Abrad names
Absi boy The name of Abdullah ibn-Musa Favourite Absi names
Abul Hassan boy The Son Of Ali. Favourite Abul Hassan names
Abzari boy Seeds, spice, seedsman, one who sows; Favourite Abzari names
Ada ada girl Grace, Expression. Favourite Ada names
Adeel boy Just. Favourite Adeel names
Adheem boy The most great Favourite Adheem names
Adiy boy A companion of the Prophet Favourite Adiy names
Adnan boy A tribal ancestor of the Quraysh Favourite Adnan names
Afaaq boy The place where Earth & Sky meet Favourite Afaaq names
Affan boy Forgiving person Favourite Affan names
Afiq boy Honest Favourite Afiq names
Afrah afrah girl Celebrations, festivals Favourite Afrah names
Afraz boy Standing tall like a mountain, Favourite Afraz names
Afroza afroza girl Light from fire Favourite Afroza names
Afroze afroze girl Enlightening. Favourite Afroze names
Afshan afshan girl Adornment aids. Favourite Afshan names
Aftab boy Sun Favourite Aftab names
Afya afya girl Shadows Favourite Afya names
Agharr boy Handsome, beautiful, Name of a companion of the Prophet Favourite Agharr names
Ahdia ahdia girl Unique, The One. Favourite Ahdia names
Ahmad boy Most praised; variation of the name-Muhammad Favourite Ahmad names
Ahzab boy Name of one of the narrators of Hadith Favourite Ahzab names
Aida aida girl Visiting, returning Favourite Aida names
Aila aila girl Noble Favourite Aila names
Aimen aimen girl Most Congratulated Favourite Aimen names
Ain ain girl Alsaba Treasure of the eye. Favourite Ain names
Ain alsaba ainxxalsaba girl Treasure of the eye. Favourite Ain alsaba names
Aini aini girl Spring, flower, source, choice Favourite Aini names
Aisha aisha girl Youngest wife of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Favourite Aisha names
Aiyla aiyla girl Moonlight Favourite Aiyla names
Aizah aizah girl The daughter of Hazrat Ali (A.S) Favourite Aizah names
Aizat boy Sweetness Favourite Aizat names
Ajlal ajlal girl Beautiful, stubborn, young princess Favourite Ajlal names
Akdas boy Most holy book Favourite Akdas names
Akhfash boy There have been several men of this name Favourite Akhfash names
Akif boy Attached, Intent Favourite Akif names
Akmal boy Lion, More Complete Favourite Akmal names
Aladdin boy Nobility of faith Favourite Aladdin names
Alam boy Universe Favourite Alam names
Aleena aleena girl Silk of heaven. Favourite Aleena names
Aleesa aleesa girl Joy Favourite Aleesa names
Alesha alesha girl Protected by god Favourite Alesha names
Alhasan boy The handsome, the good; name of the Prophets grandson Favourite Alhasan names
Aliah aliah girl Exalted, noble, highest social standing Favourite Aliah names
Alim boy Wise or learned Favourite Alim names
Aliyy boy Noble, sublime, fourth Caliph of Islam Favourite Aliyy names
Allam boy Very knowledgeagble Favourite Allam names
Alma alma girl Apple Favourite Alma names
Almir boy Prince. Favourite Almir names
Alraaz alraaz girl Mystery. Favourite Alraaz names
Altamash boy Name of a famous king Favourite Altamash names
Alvina alvina girl Highest, Height Favourite Alvina names
Amaan boy The most lovelable Favourite Amaan names
Amana amana girl Faithful, to believe. Favourite Amana names
Amany amany girl A Wish. Favourite Amany names
Amatullah amatullah girl Servant of Allah Favourite Amatullah names
Amayr boy Crown Favourite Amayr names
Ambareen ambareen girl Good smell Favourite Ambareen names
Ambreen ambreen girl Sky Favourite Ambreen names
Ameerah ameerah girl Princess Favourite Ameerah names
Amelia amelia girl Trustworthy, beautiful Favourite Amelia names
Amilah amilah girl Hopeful. Favourite Amilah names
Amin boy Faithful, trustworthy, custodian. Favourite Amin names
Amjad boy More glorious Favourite Amjad names
Amr boy By my life A famous companion had this name, ibn al-Aas who conquered Egypt; also Ibn al-Ala called Zabban, was one of the seven readers of the Quran and an eminent Scholar. Favourite Amr names
Amro boy Old Arabic name Favourite Amro names
Anaan anaan girl Clouds Favourite Anaan names
Anasah boy The freed slave of the Prophet had this name. Favourite Anasah names
Anaum anaum girl The blessing of Allah Favourite Anaum names
Anbar anbar girl Perfume, ambergris Favourite Anbar names
Anbarin anbarin girl Of ambergris Favourite Anbarin names
Andalib andalib girl Nightingale. Favourite Andalib names
Aneeqa aneeqa girl Beautiful. Favourite Aneeqa names
Anees boy Intimate, friendly. Favourite Anees names
Aniya boy Concern, Loving Favourite Aniya names
Anja anja girl Beauty Favourite Anja names
Anmar anmar girl Leopard Favourite Anmar names
Anna boy Food Favourite Anna names
Anousha anousha girl Sweet, joy, fortunate Favourite Anousha names
Anwar boy Radiant, full of light Favourite Anwar names
Anwara anwara girl Ray of Light Favourite Anwara names
Aqeel boy Wise, Intelligent Favourite Aqeel names
Aqeela aqeela girl Noble woman (housewife) Favourite Aqeela names
Arafat boy Pilgrimage site 25km from Mecca Favourite Arafat names
Arfan boy Gratefulness Favourite Arfan names
Aribah aribah girl Wise. Favourite Aribah names
Arij arij girl Sweet Smell. Favourite Arij names
Arish boy A brave soldier Favourite Arish names
Arisha arisha girl Highness Favourite Arisha names
Arman boy Army man Favourite Arman names
Aroosa aroosa girl Bride. Favourite Aroosa names
Aroush aroush girl Angel of paradise Favourite Aroush names
Arsala arsala girl Lioness Favourite Arsala names
Arsalaan boy Lion Favourite Arsalaan names
Arslan boy Lion Favourite Arslan names
Arva arva girl Fertile, bountiful Favourite Arva names
Arya arya girl Noble Favourite Arya names
Aryisha aryisha girl Under tree/umberalla Favourite Aryisha names
Asadel boy Most prosperous one Favourite Asadel names
Asfa boy Tanned sun burned Favourite Asfa names
Asher boy Wise, knowledgable Favourite Asher names
Ashika ashika girl Love. Favourite Ashika names
Ashmaan boy Heaven Favourite Ashmaan names
Ashwaq ashwaq girl Love, affections Favourite Ashwaq names
Asili asili girl Original Favourite Asili names
Asim boy Protector Favourite Asim names
Asna asna girl The one to be acknowledged or praised Favourite Asna names
Asra asra girl Travel by night Favourite Asra names
Asrar boy Secret/Sacred relating to Islam Favourite Asrar names
Ata Allah boy Gift of God Favourite Ata Allah names
Ateeb boy Very pious. Favourite Ateeb names
Ateefa ateefa girl Affection, Sympathy Favourite Ateefa names
Ateeqa ateeqa girl Old precious gift (beautiful) Favourite Ateeqa names
Ateeqah ateeqah girl Old Ancient Favourite Ateeqah names
Ateeyah ateeyah girl A gift Favourite Ateeyah names
Athil boy Firmly rooted Favourite Athil names
Athilah athilah girl Deep-rooted, firmly established. Favourite Athilah names
Atik boy The black cloth of the kaaba Favourite Atik names
Aula boy Another name for Prophet Muhammad Favourite Aula names
Awatif awatif girl Emotions Favourite Awatif names
Awwab boy Returning (to Allah) Favourite Awwab names
Aybak boy Ibn-Aybak was a leading historian. Favourite Aybak names
Ayesha ayesha girl Well of Favourite Ayesha names
Ayishah ayishah girl Youngest wife of the Prophet (pbuh) Favourite Ayishah names
Aymen aymen girl Sacred, Brave, Old name of Arabia. Favourite Aymen names
Ayser boy Easy in dealing, wealthy Favourite Ayser names
Ayshah ayshah girl Wife of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W). Favourite Ayshah names
Ayyash boy Bread seller Favourite Ayyash names
Azab boy Touring, travelling, wandering Favourite Azab names
Azeeza azeeza girl Dear, precious Favourite Azeeza names
Azfer boy Leader. Favourite Azfer names
Azlan boy Lion Favourite Azlan names
Azraqi boy An authority on the history of Makkah Favourite Azraqi names
Azzah azzah girl Young, female gazelle. Favourite Azzah names
Baasha boy Don Favourite Baasha names
Baber boy Courageous Lion Favourite Baber names
Badra badra girl Full moon Favourite Badra names
Badri boy One who took part in the battle of Badr Favourite Badri names
Badriyya badriyya girl Full moon Favourite Badriyya names
Baha boy Beautiful, magnificent Favourite Baha names
Bahaa bahaa girl Beauty, shining Favourite Bahaa names
Bahia bahia girl Nice Favourite Bahia names
Bahira bahira girl Dazzling, brilliant Favourite Bahira names
Bahiyah bahiyah girl Beautiful, radiant Favourite Bahiyah names
Bajeela bajeela girl Dignified, venerated Favourite Bajeela names
Bakhtawar bakhtawar girl Fortunate, Lucky. Favourite Bakhtawar names
Bakri boy One who starts work early Favourite Bakri names
Baligh boy Eloquent Favourite Baligh names
Ban ban girl A kind of tree Favourite Ban names
Banafsha banafsha girl Daughter of Abdullah al-Rumiyah; was a very pious and generous woman Favourite Banafsha names
Bano bano girl Lady, princess Favourite Bano names
Baqir boy Beloved one, Close to heart Favourite Baqir names
Baraah baraah girl Innocence Favourite Baraah names
Bareerah bareerah girl Pious; Favourite Bareerah names
Barrah barrah girl She was the wunt of the Prophet (S.A.W), daughter of Abdul Muttalib Favourite Barrah names
Basaam boy Smiling Favourite Basaam names
Basbas basbas girl She was a slave girl of Ibn Nafees Favourite Basbas names
Basel boy Brave Favourite Basel names
Bashair bashair girl Good news, good omens Favourite Bashair names
Bashar boy Bringer of glad tidings. Favourite Bashar names
Bashir boy Bringer of glad tidings Favourite Bashir names
Bashirah bashirah girl Bringer of good tidings, joy Favourite Bashirah names
Basilah basilah girl Brave Favourite Basilah names
Basim boy Smiling Favourite Basim names
Basinah basinah girl Kitty, kitten Favourite Basinah names
Basir boy Bringer of glad tidings. Favourite Basir names
Basma basma girl Smile Favourite Basma names
Basmah basmah girl A smile Favourite Basmah names
Basoos basoos girl She was the daughter of Munziq at-Tamimah (A.N). Favourite Basoos names
Batin boy Another name for Prophet Muhammad Favourite Batin names
Batla batla girl Petal Favourite Batla names
Batool batool girl A true devotee woman of Allah. Favourite Batool names
Batul batul girl Batool Ascetic virgin Favourite Batul names
Baz boy Falcon Favourite Baz names
Bazaan boy The old emperor of Yaman Favourite Bazaan names
Bazigha bazigha girl Rising, emerging Favourite Bazigha names
Bazilah bazilah girl Clever, intelligent Favourite Bazilah names
Beenish beenish girl Vision, sight; the faculty of seeing Favourite Beenish names
Benzair benzair girl Incomparable Favourite Benzair names
Bilqis bilqis girl Queen of Sheeba Favourite Bilqis names
Binesh binesh girl Clever. Favourite Binesh names
Binish binish girl Clever, Intelligent Favourite Binish names
Bisar bisar girl Adolescent Favourite Bisar names
Bishr boy Joy Favourite Bishr names
Budail boy Name of a companion of the Prophet Favourite Budail names
Buhaysah buhaysah girl A narrator of hadith. Favourite Buhaysah names
Buhayyah buhayyah girl The name of a freed slave. Favourite Buhayyah names
Buhjah buhjah girl Joy, delight Favourite Buhjah names
Bunan bunan girl Historical name Favourite Bunan names
Burayka burayka girl Blessing Favourite Burayka names
Burhaan boy Proof Favourite Burhaan names
Busayrah busayrah girl a female companion (R.A) and also a muhajirah, who migrated to Madinah Favourite Busayrah names
Busrah busrah girl She was a companion who lived until the era of Muawiyah Favourite Busrah names
Butrus boy Arabic form of Peter Favourite Butrus names
Chaman chaman girl Garden, from Urdu Language. Favourite Chaman names
Daania daania girl Beautiful Favourite Daania names
Dad dad girl Old Arabic name Favourite Dad names
Dahab dahab girl Gold Favourite Dahab names
Dalal dalal girl Treated or touched in a kind and loving way Favourite Dalal names
Daliyah daliyah girl Grape vine Favourite Daliyah names
Damian boy Tamer Favourite Damian names
Danish boy Intelligent. Favourite Danish names
Daniya daniya girl Near, close Favourite Daniya names
Daria daria girl Learned, knowing. Favourite Daria names
Darim boy Name of a narrator of hadith. Favourite Darim names
Daud boy Beloved; a Prophets name (David) Favourite Daud names
Dawlah boy Riches happiness Favourite Dawlah names
Dean boy Religion Favourite Dean names
Deeba deeba girl Obedience Favourite Deeba names
Deenar boy Gold coin Favourite Deenar names
Dhakirah dhakirah girl One who remembers God frequently Favourite Dhakirah names
Dhakwan boy Intelligent Favourite Dhakwan names
Dhuha dhuha girl Forenoon Favourite Dhuha names
Dilawar boy Brave Courageous Favourite Dilawar names
Dimah dimah girl Cloud which carries rainwater Favourite Dimah names
Diqrah diqrah girl A narrator of hadith Favourite Diqrah names
Dirar boy Old Arabic name Favourite Dirar names
Diya boy Brightness, light Favourite Diya names
Diyaa Udeen boy Brightness of the Faith Favourite Diyaa Udeen names
Dizhwar boy Mean strong Favourite Dizhwar names
Doaa doaa girl Pray, a voice of heart, source of connection with Allah and Human. Favourite Doaa names
Dubaah dubaah girl Daughter of az-Zubayr and a female companion (R.A) Favourite Dubaah names
Dunia dunia girl The world Favourite Dunia names
Dunyana dunyana girl Our world Favourite Dunyana names
Durdanah durdanah girl Pearl. Favourite Durdanah names
Durriyah durriyah girl Shining, bright Favourite Durriyah names
Ehan boy Full moon Favourite Ehan names
Ehsan boy Powerful Favourite Ehsan names
Eijaz boy Miracle Favourite Eijaz names
Eiliyah eiliyah girl The beautiful one to grow in peace and love with God. Favourite Eiliyah names
Eisa boy A Prophets name (Jesus) Favourite Eisa names
El-Amin boy Trustworthy Favourite El-Amin names
Eliza eliza girl Unique, precious. Favourite Eliza names
Emir boy To command Favourite Emir names
Ermina ermina girl Friendly. Favourite Ermina names
Esam boy Safeguard Favourite Esam names
Ezzah ezzah girl A person who gives the honour, respect Favourite Ezzah names
Faadi boy Redeemer Favourite Faadi names
Faaiz boy Successful Prosperous Victories Favourite Faaiz names
Fakhiri boy Honorary Favourite Fakhiri names
Fard boy Another name for God; unequalled Favourite Fard names
Faseeh boy Eloquent (Suggested nameFASEEUDDIN) Favourite Faseeh names
Fateenah boy Intelligent. Favourite Fateenah names
Fath boy Victory Favourite Fath names
Fatih boy Opener, conqueror Favourite Fatih names
Fatik boy Deadly, Lethal Favourite Fatik names
Fayiz boy Victor Favourite Fayiz names
Fayyad boy Overflowing, generous Favourite Fayyad names
Fayzan boy Beneficence Favourite Fayzan names
Fazil boy Talented; expert; intelligent; wise Favourite Fazil names
Feroze boy Successful Favourite Feroze names
Fida boy Redemption, sacrifice Favourite Fida names
Firas boy Perspicacious Favourite Firas names
Firoz boy Gift. Favourite Firoz names
Fudail boy Excellent in character Favourite Fudail names
Furozh boy Light Favourite Furozh names
Fuwad boy Heart Favourite Fuwad names
Gabir boy Comforter Favourite Gabir names
Galal boy Greatness Favourite Galal names
Gamil boy Beautiful Favourite Gamil names
Gazala gazala girl Intelligent, charming Favourite Gazala names
Ghadir ghadir girl Stream Favourite Ghadir names
Ghafir boy Another name for God; generous Favourite Ghafir names
Ghali boy Valuable, dear, beloved, expensive Favourite Ghali names
Ghani boy Title of 3rd khalifah of Islam Hazrat Usman Favourite Ghani names
Ghaniyah ghaniyah girl Pretty girl, beautiful woman, beauty Favourite Ghaniyah names
Ghareebah ghareebah girl Strange, foreign. Favourite Ghareebah names
Ghasaan boy Old Arabic name Favourite Ghasaan names
Ghawth boy Help, succour Favourite Ghawth names
Ghayda ghayda girl Young and delicate Favourite Ghayda names
Ghayur boy Another name for God; haughty Favourite Ghayur names
Ghazala ghazala girl Female gazelle Favourite Ghazala names
Ghazawan boy Warrior companion of Prophet (S.A.W) Favourite Ghazawan names
Ghaziyah ghaziyah girl Female Warrior Favourite Ghaziyah names
Ghiyaath boy Succorer Favourite Ghiyaath names
Ghufayrah ghufayrah girl A very pious woman who kept vigil in the night Favourite Ghufayrah names
Ghufran boy Forgiving, to conceal Favourite Ghufran names
Ghumra ghumra girl Saffron Favourite Ghumra names
Ghusharib boy Brave Favourite Ghusharib names
Ghusoon ghusoon girl Branches of a tree Favourite Ghusoon names
Ghuzayyah ghuzayyah girl She was a narrator of hadith Favourite Ghuzayyah names
Gohar boy Diamond, precious stone Favourite Gohar names
Gulab boy Rose Favourite Gulab names
GuleRana gulerana girl Sweet-smelling rose Favourite GuleRana names
Gulzar boy A Garden, an inhabited town, flourishing Favourite Gulzar names
Haadee boy The guide Favourite Haadee names
Haajar haajar girl Hard as a rock Favourite Haajar names
Haala haala girl Aureole Favourite Haala names
Haani boy Happy; Delighted; Content Favourite Haani names
Haashir boy Gatherer Favourite Haashir names
Habeeba habeeba girl Beloved Favourite Habeeba names
Habib boy Beloved, Friend Favourite Habib names
Hadee boy Director guide Favourite Hadee names
Hadeel hadeel girl To coo (like a dove) Favourite Hadeel names
Hadhirah hadhirah girl Sweet smelling, smart, leader Favourite Hadhirah names
Hadis boy Narration of Prophet Muhammad Favourite Hadis names
Hadiyah hadiyah girl Guide to righteousness Favourite Hadiyah names
Hafa hafa girl Gentle rain Favourite Hafa names
Hafeezah hafeezah girl Keeper of the sacred book Favourite Hafeezah names
Hafi boy Generous Favourite Hafi names
Hafiz boy Protector guardian Favourite Hafiz names
Hafsa hafsa girl Baby lion, young lioness, Moon, Beautiful Favourite Hafsa names
Haifa haifa girl Slender, Of beautiful body Favourite Haifa names
Haiza haiza girl Royalty Favourite Haiza names
Hajara hajara girl Historical name Favourite Hajara names
Hajna hajna girl Daughter of Nusayb, she was a poetess. Favourite Hajna names
Hakimah hakimah girl Wise, judicious. Favourite Hakimah names
Halimah halimah girl Gentle, patient, mild-tempered Favourite Halimah names
Hamdiyah hamdiyah girl One who praises a lot Favourite Hamdiyah names
Hamida hamida girl Thankful Favourite Hamida names
Hamnah hamnah girl She was a narrator of Hadith Favourite Hamnah names
Hana hana girl Happiness, bliss Favourite Hana names
Haneefah haneefah girl True Believer Favourite Haneefah names
Hanifa hanifa girl Pure Muslim Favourite Hanifa names
Haniyyah haniyyah girl Pleased, happy Favourite Haniyyah names
Hannuf hannuf girl upright, honest Favourite Hannuf names
Haseeba haseeba girl Of noble descent Favourite Haseeba names
Hasibah hasibah girl Respected, noble Favourite Hasibah names
Hasnah hasnah girl Beautiful Favourite Hasnah names
Hawa hawa girl Eve Favourite Hawa names
Hawadah hawadah girl Pleasant Favourite Hawadah names
Haydara haydara girl Chaste Favourite Haydara names
Hazar hazar girl Nightingale Favourite Hazar names
Hazirah hazirah girl Clean Favourite Hazirah names
Heela heela girl Hope. Favourite Heela names
Heyam heyam girl One of the many levels or degrees of love. Favourite Heyam names
Hibatullah hibatullah girl Gift of Allah Favourite Hibatullah names
Hifza hifza girl Protective angel Favourite Hifza names
Hilmiyya hilmiyya girl Clement, forgiving Favourite Hilmiyya names
Hiyam hiyam girl Love Favourite Hiyam names
Hoor hoor girl A virgin maiden of Paradise for its dwellers. Favourite Hoor names
Hubab hubab girl Aim, goal Favourite Hubab names
Hudun hudun girl To become quiet Favourite Hudun names
Hukaymah hukaymah girl Daughter of Umaymah daughter of Ruqayqah (R.A) a companion Favourite Hukaymah names
Humam boy Courageous, generous Favourite Humam names
Humayra humayra girl Red (white) Favourite Humayra names
Humd boy Praise of Allah Favourite Humd names
Humera humera girl The imaginary bird who soars the highest. Favourite Humera names
Hunaidah hunaidah girl Diminutive of Hind Favourite Hunaidah names
Hurairah boy Narrator of Hadith, a close companion to Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) Favourite Hurairah names
Huriyah huriyah girl A Houri, virgin of paradise Favourite Huriyah names
Hurrah boy Liberal free Favourite Hurrah names
Husain boy Little beauty; Hussein was a descendent of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Favourite Husain names
Husam al Din boy Sword of the faith Favourite Husam al Din names
Husniya husniya girl Beautiful Favourite Husniya names
Hussain boy Handsome, beautiful Favourite Hussain names
Hussana hussana girl Historical name Favourite Hussana names
Huwaydah huwaydah girl Gentle Favourite Huwaydah names
Huzaifah boy Curtailed, shortened Favourite Huzaifah names
Hyder boy Lion Favourite Hyder names
Iba iba girl Pride, sense Favourite Iba names
Ibaad boy A worshipper Favourite Ibaad names
Ibtihaaj ibtihaaj girl Joy, delight Favourite Ibtihaaj names
Ibtisam ibtisam girl Smile Favourite Ibtisam names
Idris boy A Prophets name Favourite Idris names
Ifra ifra girl Giving happiness. Favourite Ifra names
Ifza ifza girl Protective angel Favourite Ifza names
Ihab boy Gift,leather Favourite Ihab names
Ihsaan boy Beneficence Favourite Ihsaan names
Ihtesham boy Respectable honourable present personality Favourite Ihtesham names
Ihtisham boy Modesty, decency Favourite Ihtisham names
Ihtsham boy Strength Favourite Ihtsham names
Ijlal ijlal girl Respect, honor Favourite Ijlal names
Ikhlas boy Sincerity, purity Favourite Ikhlas names
Ikram boy Esteem, veneration, respect Favourite Ikram names
Ilaaf ilaaf girl Protection Favourite Ilaaf names
Ilaahi boy Term used for era instituted by Akbar Favourite Ilaahi names
Ilhan ilhan girl Respectfull, nice, precious Favourite Ilhan names
Ilias boy A Prophets name (Elijah) Favourite Ilias names
Imaad Udeen boy The pillar of the Faith Favourite Imaad Udeen names
Imam boy Leader Favourite Imam names
Iman iman girl Faith, belief Favourite Iman names
Imsaal imsaal girl Unique, one of a kind Favourite Imsaal names
Imtiaz boy Different, antique. Favourite Imtiaz names
Inas boy Capable; Sociability Favourite Inas names
Inaya inaya girl Concern; solicitude Favourite Inaya names
Iniat boy Blessing Favourite Iniat names
Intakhab boy Election Favourite Intakhab names
Iqbal boy Advance, advent, richness Favourite Iqbal names
Iqrit boy A man of earlyIslam about whom amusing tales are told Favourite Iqrit names
Irsa irsa girl Rainbow Favourite Irsa names
Isad isad girl To bring happiness, to provide help Favourite Isad names
Isbah isbah girl Light Favourite Isbah names
Isir isir girl Inspiritional, strong Favourite Isir names
Iskandar boy SEE SIKANDAR. Favourite Iskandar names
Ismail boy A prophets name Favourite Ismail names
Ismat ismat girl Pious Favourite Ismat names
Israr boy Insist never gives up Favourite Israr names
Istabraq istabraq girl Brocade Favourite Istabraq names
Istakhri boy A shafaee jurist. Favourite Istakhri names
Itab itab girl Censure Favourite Itab names
Ithar ithar girl Preference Favourite Ithar names
Iyaad boy Generous. Favourite Iyaad names
Iyas boy Consoling Favourite Iyas names
Izdihar izdihar girl Flourishing, blooming Favourite Izdihar names
Izhar boy Expression Favourite Izhar names
Izz boy Glory, honour, Prestige, High Standing Favourite Izz names
Izzah izzah girl Might, power Favourite Izzah names
Izzat boy High rank honour Favourite Izzat names
Jaabir boy Comforter Favourite Jaabir names
Jabalah boy Mountain,Hill Favourite Jabalah names
Jabir boy Consoler, Comforter Favourite Jabir names
Jad boy Curly, Frizzled Favourite Jad names
Jada jada girl Gift, present Favourite Jada names
Jafar boy Rivulet, stream Favourite Jafar names
Jahan jahan girl Land Favourite Jahan names
Jahanafirin boy Another name for God; creator Favourite Jahanafirin names
Jahanara jahanara girl To flower, to live.Companion of the Prophet (S.A.W) Favourite Jahanara names
Jahdami boy An authority for hadith had this name Favourite Jahdami names
Jahfar boy Rivulet, little creek Favourite Jahfar names
Jahm boy Sullen Favourite Jahm names
Jahmyyllah jahmyyllah girl Beautiful one Favourite Jahmyyllah names
Jalaal boy Glory of the Faith Favourite Jalaal names
Jaleela jaleela girl Majestic, dignified Favourite Jaleela names
Jalees boy Companion, friend, person with whom one sits. Favourite Jalees names
Jamaal boy Beauty Favourite Jamaal names
Jamal boy Beauty Favourite Jamal names
Jameel boy Beautiful Favourite Jameel names
Jameelah jameelah girl Beautiful. Favourite Jameelah names
Jamila jamila girl Beautiful, Graceful, Lovely Favourite Jamila names
Janan janan girl Heart, Soul Favourite Janan names
Jaraah boy Surgeon; name of tabaree Favourite Jaraah names
Jari boy Powerful brave Favourite Jari names
Jariyah boy Name of a Ashb-as-Suffa Favourite Jariyah names
Jarood boy Name of a companion of the Prophet Favourite Jarood names
Jaseena jaseena girl Nice Heart. Favourite Jaseena names
Jasim boy Great & famous Favourite Jasim names
Jasmina jasmina girl Flower. Favourite Jasmina names
Jasmir boy Strong. Favourite Jasmir names
Javed boy Bright Favourite Javed names
Javier boy Month ofJanuary Favourite Javier names
Jawahir jawahir girl Precious stones, jewels Favourite Jawahir names
Jawdah boy Heavy rain, benevolent deed Favourite Jawdah names
Jawdat boy Goodness,excellence Favourite Jawdat names
Jawhar boy Jewel, essence Favourite Jawhar names
Jawl jawl girl To move freely Favourite Jawl names
Jazeera jazeera girl Island Favourite Jazeera names
Jazlaan boy Happiness Favourite Jazlaan names
Jehan jehan girl Beautiful Flower. Favourite Jehan names
Jennah jennah girl Paradise. Favourite Jennah names
Jibran boy Reward Favourite Jibran names
Jiyad boy Very good Favourite Jiyad names
Juayl boy Quarrdsome Favourite Juayl names
Juda boy Goodness,excellence Favourite Juda names
Juma boy Friday. Favourite Juma names
Juman juman girl Pearl Favourite Juman names
Jumanah boy Pearl; name of a companion Favourite Jumanah names
Jun jun girl Inlet, bay, gulf Favourite Jun names
Junayd boy Fighter, warrior Favourite Junayd names
Junnut junnut girl Heaven. Favourite Junnut names
Juthamah boy Nightmare (name of companion) Favourite Juthamah names
Juwan juwan girl Perfume Favourite Juwan names
Juwayn boy Sibling Favourite Juwayn names
Kaamil boy Perfect accomplished Favourite Kaamil names
Kadar boy Powerful Favourite Kadar names
Kadir boy Green or green crop (connoting freshness and innocence) Favourite Kadir names
Kadshah kadshah girl She was a companion. Favourite Kadshah names
Kafeel boy Responsible, Surety, Sponsor Favourite Kafeel names
Kahill boy Best friend Favourite Kahill names
Kahkushan kahkushan girl Galaxy Favourite Kahkushan names
Kalam boy Another name for the Quran; speech Favourite Kalam names
Kaleem boy Speaker, talker Favourite Kaleem names
Kaleemah kaleemah girl Speaker. Favourite Kaleemah names
Kalila kalila girl Sweetheart, beloved Favourite Kalila names
Kalim boy Another name for Prophet Muhammad Favourite Kalim names
Kamaliyah kamaliyah girl Perfection Favourite Kamaliyah names
Kameel boy Perfect; one of the ninetynine qualities of God Favourite Kameel names
Kamilah kamilah girl Perfect, complete Favourite Kamilah names
Kanwal kanwal girl Water Lily Favourite Kanwal names
Kanza kanza girl Hidden Treasure Favourite Kanza names
Karamah boy Nobility, miracle Favourite Karamah names
karawan karawan girl Variety of plover birds Favourite karawan names
Kareem boy Noble generous Favourite Kareem names
Kareema kareema girl Generous, kind Favourite Kareema names
Karim boy Kind hearted,generous Favourite Karim names
Karimah karimah girl Generous, noble Favourite Karimah names
Kaseeb boy Winner, provider Favourite Kaseeb names
Kashan boy Place of rulers Favourite Kashan names
Kashish kashish girl Attraction. Favourite Kashish names
Kasib boy Winner, provider Favourite Kasib names
Kasir boy Another name for God; One who breaks Favourite Kasir names
Kayan kayan girl Morning light of the sun Favourite Kayan names
Kazi boy Judge Favourite Kazi names
Kehara kehara girl Precious Favourite Kehara names
Khaalid boy Eternal Favourite Khaalid names
Khair al Din boy Goodness of the faith Favourite Khair al Din names
Khalam boy Servent to Allah. Favourite Khalam names
Khaleeq boy Suitable, Polite Favourite Khaleeq names
Khalifah boy Successor Caliph Favourite Khalifah names
Khallad boy Old, Aged. (also name of Prophets (S.A.W) companion. Favourite Khallad names
Kharqa kharqa girl Strong, wind Favourite Kharqa names
Khashiya khashiya girl God-fearing Favourite Khashiya names
Khatib boy Religious Minister Favourite Khatib names
Khatoon khatoon girl Lady Favourite Khatoon names
Khawlah khawlah girl Female deer Favourite Khawlah names
Khayr boy Goodness, health, Safe Favourite Khayr names
Khayriyah khayriyah girl Charitable, good Favourite Khayriyah names
Khayyam boy Tentmaker Favourite Khayyam names
Khazanah khazanah girl Treasure. Favourite Khazanah names
Khidr boy Green Favourite Khidr names
Khorshed boy MuslimVariant of KHURSHID Favourite Khorshed names
Khubayb boy A fast walker, name of companion Favourite Khubayb names
Khudrah khudrah girl Greenery. Favourite Khudrah names
Khulud khulud girl Immortality, eternity, infinity Favourite Khulud names
Khunays boy Hidden (name of companion). Favourite Khunays names
Khursheed boy The sun Favourite Khursheed names
Khusbakht khusbakht girl Lucky Favourite Khusbakht names
Khushtar boy Sarrounded by happiness. Favourite Khushtar names
Khuzamah khuzamah girl Lavender. Favourite Khuzamah names
Khuzaymah boy Old Arabic name Favourite Khuzaymah names
Kifah kifah girl Struggle Favourite Kifah names
Kinza boy Hidden Treasure Favourite Kinza names
Komal komal girl Beautiful. Favourite Komal names
Kurayb boy Ibn Abi Muslim al-Hashami had this name. Favourite Kurayb names
Kuwaysah kuwaysah girl Pretty. Favourite Kuwaysah names
Laaibah laaibah girl Is the prettiest women in all the jannats (heavens). Favourite Laaibah names
Labeeb boy Understanding, Sensible, Intelligent Favourite Labeeb names
Labeeba labeeba girl Intelligent, wise Favourite Labeeba names
Lahiah boy A narrator of hadith. Favourite Lahiah names
Laila laila girl Of the Night. Favourite Laila names
Laman laman girl Shine, luminescence Favourite Laman names
Lamis lamis girl Soft Favourite Lamis names
Laqeet boy Well known companion of the Prophet Favourite Laqeet names
Layth boy A famous jurist had this name Favourite Layth names
Liba liba girl Most Beautiful (Hoor in jannah). Favourite Liba names
Limazah boy He was a narrator of hadith Favourite Limazah names
Liyana liyana girl Softness, tenderness. Favourite Liyana names
Liyaqat boy Worth, deserving, merit. Favourite Liyaqat names
Lubaaba lubaaba girl The innermost essence Favourite Lubaaba names
Lubena lubena girl Purity. Favourite Lubena names
Lujain lujain girl Silver Favourite Lujain names
Lulu lulu girl Pearls Favourite Lulu names
Luna luna girl Moon Favourite Luna names
Luqman boy A Prophets name Favourite Luqman names
Lutfi boy Kind and friendly gentle Favourite Lutfi names
Lutfiyya lutfiyya girl Gentle, tender Favourite Lutfiyya names
Ma as-sama maxxas-sama girl A noble hearted, generous lady, daughter of al-Muzaffar, had this name; she built a religious school. Favourite Ma as-sama names
Maahi boy Another name for Prophet Muhammad Favourite Maahi names
Maali maali girl Noble things Favourite Maali names
Maarij boy The 70th Surah of the Quran Favourite Maarij names
Mabad boy A place of worship Favourite Mabad names
Madeeha madeeha girl Praise Favourite Madeeha names
Madiha madiha girl Praiseworthy Favourite Madiha names
Madiyan boy Name of place in Saudi Arabia Favourite Madiyan names
Maha maha girl Wild cow; has beautiful eyes Favourite Maha names
Mahbasah mahbasah girl A narrator of Hadith. Favourite Mahbasah names
mahboob boy Dear Darling Sweetheart Favourite mahboob names
Mahdiyah mahdiyah girl Rightly guided Favourite Mahdiyah names
Maheen boy Fine or thin texture, feeble voice, Like the moon. Favourite Maheen names
Mahek mahek girl Fragrance. Favourite Mahek names
Mahfuz boy Safe, protected by God Favourite Mahfuz names
Mahira mahira girl Skilled Favourite Mahira names
Mahjub boy Concealed, veiled Favourite Mahjub names
Mahmooda mahmooda girl Praised Favourite Mahmooda names
Mahnoor mahnoor girl Light of the moon. Favourite Mahnoor names
Mahomet boy Praiseworthy Favourite Mahomet names
Mahwush mahwush girl As beautiful as the Moon Favourite Mahwush names
Maisah maisah girl Walking with a proud, swinging gait. Favourite Maisah names
Maisha maisha girl Pretty Favourite Maisha names
Majdi boy Glorious praiseworthy Favourite Majdi names
Majeeda majeeda girl Glorious Favourite Majeeda names
Majid al Din boy Glory of the Faith Favourite Majid al Din names
Makhtooma makhtooma girl Name of a female singer of the past Favourite Makhtooma names
Makki boy Pertaining to Makkah. Favourite Makki names
Malaika malaika girl Angel Favourite Malaika names
Maliha maliha girl Praising Favourite Maliha names
Malik boy Master, king Favourite Malik names
Malikah malikah girl Queen Favourite Malikah names
Mamduh boy Person Favourite Mamduh names
Mamoon boy Secure, fearless. Favourite Mamoon names
Manaal manaal girl Attainment, achievement Favourite Manaal names
Manahel manahel girl Special flower Favourite Manahel names
Mandhur boy Vowed, consecrated to God Favourite Mandhur names
Manfoosah manfoosah girl She was the daughter of Abu Yazid bin Abu al-Firwaris; a very pious woman, she wept often for fear of Allah. Favourite Manfoosah names
Maqsud boy Proposed, intended Favourite Maqsud names
Maram maram girl Aspiration Favourite Maram names
Marghub boy Desirable, coveted Favourite Marghub names
Marhabah marhabah girl Welcome Favourite Marhabah names
Maridah maridah girl A slave girl of Haroon Rashid had this name Favourite Maridah names
Marjana marjana girl Coral or jewel Favourite Marjana names
Maruf boy Known accepted Favourite Maruf names
Maryum maryum girl Mother of Isa (A.S) Favourite Maryum names
Masahir masahir girl Ancient Arabic lute Favourite Masahir names
Maseera maseera girl Happy Favourite Maseera names
Mashal boy Torch Favourite Mashal names
Mashhud boy ClearManifest Witnessed Favourite Mashhud names
Mashoodah mashoodah girl Evidenced Favourite Mashoodah names
Masud boy Fortunate happy lucky Favourite Masud names
Masuda masuda girl Lucky Favourite Masuda names
Mateena mateena girl Strong woman Favourite Mateena names
Matloob boy Objective, goal Favourite Matloob names
Mawsil boy Name of Hanafi Jurist of Iraq Favourite Mawsil names
Maya maya girl Princess Favourite Maya names
Mayeda mayeda girl The fruits of heaven, the cloth on which you eat in Heaven, The suraah Mayeda in the Quran. Favourite Mayeda names
Maymun boy Lucky Favourite Maymun names
Maymunah maymunah girl Fortunate, blessed; name of the wife of the Prophet Favourite Maymunah names
Maysam maysam girl The pollen in the flower, honey, sweet Favourite Maysam names
Maysoon maysoon girl Beautiful face & body Favourite Maysoon names
Maysun maysun girl Maysoon Of beautiful face and body Favourite Maysun names
Mayyasah mayyasah girl To walk with a proud gait Favourite Mayyasah names
Meena meena girl Light Favourite Meena names
Mehboob boy Loveable Favourite Mehboob names
Meher meher girl Benevolence Favourite Meher names
Mehmuda mehmuda girl Beautiful garden in medinah Favourite Mehmuda names
Menaal menaal girl Special flower of heaven Favourite Menaal names
Mensur boy Winner Favourite Mensur names
Meymona meymona girl Good Fortune. Favourite Meymona names
Minaal minaal girl To reach your destination Favourite Minaal names
Minha minha girl Grant Favourite Minha names
Minhaj boy Road, Path Favourite Minhaj names
Mirza boy Prince Favourite Mirza names
Misbah boy Light lamp Favourite Misbah names
Mishall mishall girl A light, beautiful, pretty Favourite Mishall names
Miskeen boy Poor Favourite Miskeen names
Mobena mobena girl Cool Favourite Mobena names
Moeez boy Respectful Favourite Moeez names
Mohga mohga girl The light of happiness. Favourite Mohga names
Mohid boy The one who believes in oneness of Allah Almighty Favourite Mohid names
Monera monera girl Shinning light, or guiding light. Favourite Monera names
Mostafa boy Chosen one Favourite Mostafa names
Motaz boy Proud Favourite Motaz names
Mounia mounia girl A wish or dream come true Favourite Mounia names
Mualla boy A judge and follower Favourite Mualla names
Muawiyah boy Young fox (first Umayyad Kalifah) Favourite Muawiyah names
Mubaraq boy Blessing Favourite Mubaraq names
Mubashirah mubashirah girl Bringer of good news. Favourite Mubashirah names
Mubayyin boy Another name for God Favourite Mubayyin names
Mudabbir boy One who plans Favourite Mudabbir names
Mueena mueena girl Helper, assistant Favourite Mueena names
Mueez boy One who gives protection Favourite Mueez names
Mufaddal boy One who is preferred Favourite Mufaddal names
Mufallah boy One who prospers Favourite Mufallah names
Mufeed boy (from the verb fada to overflow) Favourite Mufeed names
Muflih boy One who prospers Favourite Muflih names
Muhafiz boy One who protects Favourite Muhafiz names
Muhammad boy Praiseworthy - name of the LAST Prophet (A.S) Favourite Muhammad names
Muharrem boy 1stMonth of Islamic year Favourite Muharrem names
Muharrim boy Another Name For Prophet Muhamm Favourite Muharrim names
Muhayra muhayra girl Skilled Favourite Muhayra names
Muheet boy That which embraces all round Favourite Muheet names
Muhsin boy Beneficent charitable Favourite Muhsin names
Muhsina muhsina girl Charitable Favourite Muhsina names
Muhtady boy Rightly guided Favourite Muhtady names
Mujaahid boy Fighter in the way of Allah Favourite Mujaahid names
Mujahid boy Fighter (in the way of Allah) Favourite Mujahid names
Mujeeb boy Responder Favourite Mujeeb names
Mukhtaar boy Chosen Favourite Mukhtaar names
Mummar boy Given or granted long life Favourite Mummar names
Mundhir boy Warner, cautioner Favourite Mundhir names
Muneer boy Shining Favourite Muneer names
Munirah munirah girl Illuminating, brilliant Favourite Munirah names
Munisa munisa girl Gentle, friendly Favourite Munisa names
Munsif boy Just, fair Favourite Munsif names
Munthir boy Warner; CautiOner Favourite Munthir names
Muqadaas muqadaas girl Holy, Pure. Favourite Muqadaas names
Muqatadir boy Name of an Abbasid Khalifah Favourite Muqatadir names
Murad boy Wanted, desired Favourite Murad names
Murtadaa boy Chosen one Favourite Murtadaa names
Muruj muruj girl Meadows Favourite Muruj names
Musa boy A Prophets name Favourite Musa names
Musad boy Unfettered camel; favored by fortune, lucky Favourite Musad names
Musawwir boy The FashionerA Name for Allah Favourite Musawwir names
Musaykah musaykah girl She narrated hadith from Sayyidina Ayshah. Favourite Musaykah names
Mushfiq boy Friend, considerate. Favourite Mushfiq names
Mushtaqa mushtaqa girl Desirous, covetous Favourite Mushtaqa names
Muskan muskan girl Smile, Happy Favourite Muskan names
Mussah mussah girl She narrated Hadith. Favourite Mussah names
Mussarrat boy Joyful always happy Favourite Mussarrat names
Mustafa boy Prophet Muhammad name Favourite Mustafa names
Mustajab boy One who is heard. Favourite Mustajab names
Mustaqeem boy Straight Favourite Mustaqeem names
Muta boy Obeyed Favourite Muta names
Mutahharah mutahharah girl Purified, chaste Favourite Mutahharah names
Mutahhir boy What Purifies. Favourite Mutahhir names
Muzakkir boy Reminder. Favourite Muzakkir names
Muznah muznah girl The cloud that carries the rain. Favourite Muznah names
Muzzammil boy One who is wrapped up; a title of the Prophet Favourite Muzzammil names
Mysha mysha girl Happy for entire life. Favourite Mysha names
Naadir boy Dear; Rare Favourite Naadir names
Naailah naailah girl Some thing special Favourite Naailah names
Naajidah naajidah girl Courage Favourite Naajidah names
Naasih boy Advisor Favourite Naasih names
Naazneen naazneen girl Beautiful Favourite Naazneen names
Nabeeha nabeeha girl Intelligent Favourite Nabeeha names
Nabeel boy Noble Favourite Nabeel names
Nabeela nabeela girl Noble, honorable Favourite Nabeela names
Nabighah boy Intelligent Favourite Nabighah names
Nabihah nabihah girl Intelligent Favourite Nabihah names
Nabila nabila girl Happiness, generosity. Favourite Nabila names
Nada nada girl Generousity, dew Favourite Nada names
Nadeeda nadeeda girl Equal, rival Favourite Nadeeda names
Nadeema nadeema girl Friend, companion Favourite Nadeema names
Nadeen nadeen girl Hope Favourite Nadeen names
Nadesh nadesh girl Hope Favourite Nadesh names
Nadhir boy Warner Favourite Nadhir names
Nadidah nadidah girl Equal, rival Favourite Nadidah names
Nadimah nadimah girl Friend Favourite Nadimah names
Nadira boy Rare,Inaccessible Favourite Nadira names
Nadirah nadirah girl Rare, precious. Favourite Nadirah names
Nadiyya nadiyya girl Generous, openhanded Favourite Nadiyya names
Nadra nadra girl Rare, unique. Favourite Nadra names
Nadwa nadwa girl Council, generosity Favourite Nadwa names
Nadyne nadyne girl Flower Favourite Nadyne names
Nafees boy Pureness, Pure Favourite Nafees names
Nafesa nafesa girl Princess Favourite Nafesa names
Nafisah nafisah girl Precious gem. Favourite Nafisah names
Nageenah nageenah girl Precious Stone. Favourite Nageenah names
Nagib boy Nobleor intelligent Favourite Nagib names
Naheed naheed girl Honorable. Favourite Naheed names
Naheeda naheeda girl Beautiful Favourite Naheeda names
Nahla nahla girl Honey bee Favourite Nahla names
Naib boy Deputy, Second in Command Favourite Naib names
Naila naila girl Historical name Favourite Naila names
Naimah naimah girl Comfort, amenity, tranquility, peace; living a soft, enjoyable life Favourite Naimah names
Naina naina girl Eyes. Favourite Naina names
Najaf najaf girl City in iraq Favourite Najaf names
Najam boy Star Favourite Najam names
Najda najda girl Courage Favourite Najda names
Najeeba najeeba girl Intelligent, excellent Favourite Najeeba names
Najid boy One who helps, supports Favourite Najid names
Najidah najidah girl Succour, Help. Favourite Najidah names
Najihah najihah girl Victory. Favourite Najihah names
Najiya najiya girl Saved, blessed Favourite Najiya names
Najiyah najiyah girl Safe Favourite Najiyah names
Najm al Din boy Star of the faith Favourite Najm al Din names
Najma najma girl Star Favourite Najma names
Najmah najmah girl Star Favourite Najmah names
Najmiyyah najmiyyah girl Star Favourite Najmiyyah names
Najwa najwa girl Confidential talk, romantic talk, secret conversation Favourite Najwa names
Nakhat nakhat girl Fragrance. Favourite Nakhat names
Nakir boy Hateful Favourite Nakir names
Namra namra girl Delicious water Favourite Namra names
Naqi boy Pure. Favourite Naqi names
Naqiyya naqiyya girl Pure, immaculate Favourite Naqiyya names
Naqqaash boy Painter artist Favourite Naqqaash names
Nargis nargis girl Narcissus. Favourite Nargis names
Naseer boy One who helps Favourite Naseer names
Naseerah naseerah girl Helper. Favourite Naseerah names
Nashema nashema girl Wise, Blossom. Favourite Nashema names
Nashida nashida girl Desirous, seeker Favourite Nashida names
Nashita nashita girl Energetic, full of life NULL Favourite Nashita names
Nashmia nashmia girl Garden of flowers. Favourite Nashmia names
Nashwan boy Exultant, elated Favourite Nashwan names
Nasifah nasifah girl Just, equitable. Favourite Nasifah names
Nasimah nasimah girl Gentle breeze, zephyr. Favourite Nasimah names
Nasir al Din boy Protector of the faith Favourite Nasir al Din names
Nasmah nasmah girl Breeze Favourite Nasmah names
Nasr boy Help, victory Favourite Nasr names
Nasra nasra girl Helper. Favourite Nasra names
Nasuh boy Sincere, faithful Favourite Nasuh names
Naveed boy Glad tidings Favourite Naveed names
Nawwaf boy High, lofty Favourite Nawwaf names
Nazeef boy Clean, neat Favourite Nazeef names
Nazeem boy Arranger, adjuster Favourite Nazeem names
Nazeer boy One who warns Favourite Nazeer names
Nazmi boy Arranger, organizer Favourite Nazmi names
Nibras boy Lamp, light Favourite Nibras names
Nijad boy Tall, dominant Favourite Nijad names
Nithar boy Sacrifice Favourite Nithar names
Niyaz boy Dedication, Offering. Favourite Niyaz names
Nizar boy Tobe little. Favourite Nizar names
Nooh boy Name of Prophet Favourite Nooh names
Noor al-Sabah noorxxal-sabah girl Morning light Favourite Noor al-Sabah names
Noor Udeen boy Brightness of the Faith Favourite Noor Udeen names
Nour boy Light Favourite Nour names
Nuaim boy Name of several of the Prophets companions Favourite Nuaim names
Nubaid boy Bringing Happiness Favourite Nubaid names
Nudar nudar girl Gold Favourite Nudar names
Nudbah nudbah girl Lament, Scar; Mark Favourite Nudbah names
Nuhaid, boy Big Favourite Nuhaid, names
Nujud nujud girl Noble, wise Favourite Nujud names
Numan boy Numaanblood Favourite Numan names
Nunah nunah girl Dimple in the chin Favourite Nunah names
Nur Firdaus boy Light of the Highest Paradise Favourite Nur Firdaus names
Nur-ul-Qiblatayn boy Light of the two Qibla Favourite Nur-ul-Qiblatayn names
Nurah nurah girl Light. Favourite Nurah names
Nurdeen boy Light of the religion. Favourite Nurdeen names
Nurjenna nurjenna girl Light of Paradise Favourite Nurjenna names
Nusaibah nusaibah girl Old Arabic name Favourite Nusaibah names
Nusaybah nusaybah girl One with good lineage Favourite Nusaybah names
Nusayr boy Narrator of Hadith had this name Favourite Nusayr names
Nuwairah nuwairah girl Nuwayrah Small fire Favourite Nuwairah names
Nuwaylah nuwaylah girl Winner Favourite Nuwaylah names
Nuwwarrah nuwwarrah girl Blossom, flower Favourite Nuwwarrah names
Nuzhat nuzhat girl Freshness Favourite Nuzhat names
Obaid boy Small Slave Favourite Obaid names
Ojala ojala girl Light, sunshine Favourite Ojala names
Omran boy Solid structure Favourite Omran names
Osama boy Lion Favourite Osama names
Parinda parinda girl Bird Favourite Parinda names
Parveen parveen girl Very Noble Favourite Parveen names
Parvez boy Success. Name of a Persian King Favourite Parvez names
Qaadir boy Capable Favourite Qaadir names
Qabalah qabalah girl Responsibility Favourite Qabalah names
Qabil boy Another name for God; efficient; skilful Favourite Qabil names
Qader boy Khan Qader Favourite Qader names
Qadir boy able, powerful Favourite Qadir names
Qadriyah qadriyah girl To believe in Gods will Favourite Qadriyah names
Qais boy Lover. Favourite Qais names
Qameer qameer girl Wife of Masrooq bin al-Ajda daughter of Amr al-Kufiyah. Favourite Qameer names
Qaniah qaniah girl Contended Favourite Qaniah names
Qanit boy Obedient, Submissive, Humble Favourite Qanit names
Qareebah qareebah girl Near Favourite Qareebah names
Qaseem boy Share, Portion Favourite Qaseem names
Qasim boy Divider, distributor Favourite Qasim names
Qaylah qaylah girl Two women companions had this name. Favourite Qaylah names
Qays boy Firm. Favourite Qays names
Qayyima qayyima girl Precious, valuable Favourite Qayyima names
Qisaf qisaf girl Brittle Favourite Qisaf names
Quadir boy Strong. Favourite Quadir names
Quadriyyah quadriyyah girl Strong Favourite Quadriyyah names
Qudoos boy Most holy Favourite Qudoos names
Qudsiyya qudsiyya girl Celestial, blessed girl Favourite Qudsiyya names
Qurban boy Offering, Sacrifice Favourite Qurban names
Qurratul Ayn qurratulxxayn girl Delights of the eye, darling Favourite Qurratul Ayn names
Qutaybah boy Irritable, impatient Favourite Qutaybah names
Qutayyah qutayyah girl She was a student of Hadith Favourite Qutayyah names
Qutub boy Chieftain, leader Favourite Qutub names
Raahil boy Path guider Favourite Raahil names
Raameen raameen girl Obedient Favourite Raameen names
Raamiz boy Symbol Favourite Raamiz names
Raatib boy Arranger Favourite Raatib names
Raawiya raawiya girl Transmitter of ancient Arabic poetry Favourite Raawiya names
Rabar boy A loving and caring person to all Favourite Rabar names
Rabbiya rabbiya girl Cool breeze of spring season Favourite Rabbiya names
Rabee boy Spring Favourite Rabee names
Rabiah boy Greenery Favourite Rabiah names
Radeyah radeyah girl Content, satisfied. Favourite Radeyah names
Radwa radwa girl A mountain in Medina Favourite Radwa names
Raees boy Rich, Wealthy, Chief Favourite Raees names
Rafat rafat girl Mercy Favourite Rafat names
Rafeef rafeef girl Name of a flower Favourite Rafeef names
Rafeek boy Friend Favourite Rafeek names
Rafia rafia girl High, Sublime. Favourite Rafia names
Rafik boy Kind, friend Favourite Rafik names
Raghad raghad girl Pleasant. Favourite Raghad names
Ragheeda ragheeda girl Prosperous, happy Favourite Ragheeda names
Raghib boy Desirous Favourite Raghib names
Rahaf rahaf girl Delicate, fine Favourite Rahaf names
Raheem boy Compassionate Favourite Raheem names
Raheemah raheemah girl Merciful Favourite Raheemah names
Rahim boy Kind hearted Favourite Rahim names
Rahimah rahimah girl Merciful, compassionate Favourite Rahimah names
Rahiq rahiq girl Nectar Favourite Rahiq names
Rahmah rahmah girl Compassion, mercy Favourite Rahmah names
Raid boy Leader Favourite Raid names
Raidah raidah girl Raaida Leader Favourite Raidah names
Raifah raifah girl Merciful Favourite Raifah names
Raima raima girl Happiness. Favourite Raima names
Raja raja girl Hope, anticipation Favourite Raja names
Rajaa boy Hope Favourite Rajaa names
Rajiyah rajiyah girl Hoping, full of hope Favourite Rajiyah names
Rakhshan boy Dazzling Favourite Rakhshan names
Rakhshinda rakhshinda girl Shining, luminous Favourite Rakhshinda names
Rameesha rameesha girl A bunch of roses. Favourite Rameesha names
Ramin boy WhoRescues the people from hungry and pain. Brings Joy into peoples life Favourite Ramin names
Ramisa ramisa girl White rose Favourite Ramisa names
Ramziyah ramziyah girl Symbolic Favourite Ramziyah names
Randa randa girl Tree of good scent Favourite Randa names
Rania rania girl Queen. Favourite Rania names
Raniyah raniyah girl Gazing Favourite Raniyah names
Raqib boy One of the names of God; watchman Favourite Raqib names
Raqiyah raqiyah girl Ascending, progressing Favourite Raqiyah names
Rashad boy Integrity of conduct, maturity Favourite Rashad names
Rasheeda rasheeda girl Wise, mature Favourite Rasheeda names
Rashid boy Righteous, mature Favourite Rashid names
Rasima rasima girl Designer, planner Favourite Rasima names
Ratiq boy Another name for God Favourite Ratiq names
Raudzah raudzah girl Garden in paradise Favourite Raudzah names
Rawahah boy Departure, Fragrance, ease Favourite Rawahah names
Rawh boy Refreshment, Rest Favourite Rawh names
Rayann rayann girl Its the door of heaven that opens in the month of ramadhan Favourite Rayann names
Rayhaan boy Sweet basil Favourite Rayhaan names
Rayna rayna girl Pure, Clean. Favourite Rayna names
Rayyaa rayyaa girl Sated with drink Favourite Rayyaa names
Razaanah razaanah girl One who is calm. Favourite Razaanah names
Razak boy Protector Favourite Razak names
Razeena razeena girl Serious, sober, polite Favourite Razeena names
Raziq boy Another name for God; cherisher Favourite Raziq names
Reeha reeha girl Air. Favourite Reeha names
Reem reem girl Beautiful Gazelle Favourite Reem names
Reza boy Wish Favourite Reza names
Ridhwan boy Acceptance; Good will Favourite Ridhwan names
Rifaat rifaat girl Altitude, Height, High Favourite Rifaat names
Rifat boy Development Favourite Rifat names
Riffat riffat girl High. Favourite Riffat names
Riham riham girl Lasting, fine rain Favourite Riham names
Rijja rijja girl Heavens beauty. Favourite Rijja names
Rimsha rimsha girl Bunch of flowers Favourite Rimsha names
Riyadh boy Gardens Favourite Riyadh names
Riyaz boy Practice Favourite Riyaz names
Rizqin rizqin girl Good fortune. Favourite Rizqin names
Robeel boy Flight Favourite Robeel names
Roha roha girl Beautiful Favourite Roha names
Romeesa romeesa girl Heavens beauty Favourite Romeesa names
Roushana roushana girl Light, Brightness Favourite Roushana names
Rowel boy Flower Favourite Rowel names
Rubadah rubadah girl Ash colored Favourite Rubadah names
Rubiya rubiya girl Spring season Favourite Rubiya names
Rudaynah rudaynah girl Old Arabic name Favourite Rudaynah names
Rufaydah rufaydah girl Support Favourite Rufaydah names
Ruhina ruhina girl Sweet fragrence Favourite Ruhina names
Rumailah rumailah girl Old Arabic name Favourite Rumailah names
Rumaithah rumaithah girl Old Arabic name Favourite Rumaithah names
Rumayla rumayla girl Sand particle Favourite Rumayla names
Ruqayya ruqayya girl Gentle; name of the daughter of the Prophet (S.A.W). Favourite Ruqayya names
Rusayla rusayla girl Having comfortable life Favourite Rusayla names
Rushan boy Illuminated Favourite Rushan names
Ruwayfi boy Exalted Favourite Ruwayfi names
Saabir boy Patient Favourite Saabir names
Saadah boy Happiness Favourite Saadah names
Saadia saadia girl Lucky Favourite Saadia names
Saahir boy Wakeful Favourite Saahir names
Saal boy The year consisting of twelve months Favourite Saal names
Saaliha saaliha girl Pure pios and devoted Favourite Saaliha names
Saariyah boy Clouds at night Favourite Saariyah names
Saba saba girl Sheba, a town in Yemen Favourite Saba names
Sabahat boy Beauty, Grace, Handsomeness. Favourite Sabahat names
Sabeegah sabeegah girl Beautiful, graceful Favourite Sabeegah names
Sabeeh boy A narrator of Hadith Favourite Sabeeh names
Sabiha sabiha girl Beautiful. Favourite Sabiha names
Sabiq boy First Former Favourite Sabiq names
Sabira sabira girl Patient, enduring Favourite Sabira names
Sabr sabr girl Patience, self control Favourite Sabr names
Sabrin sabrin girl Patience Favourite Sabrin names
Sabrina sabrina girl White rose. Favourite Sabrina names
Saburah boy A narrator of Hadith Favourite Saburah names
Sad al Din boy Good of the Faith Favourite Sad al Din names
Sadah sadah girl Happiness Favourite Sadah names
Sadeed boy Relevant, Pertinent Favourite Sadeed names
Sadid boy Relevant, correct, right Favourite Sadid names
Sadiqah sadiqah girl Truthful, sincere Favourite Sadiqah names
Sadit boy Hard working and strong. Favourite Sadit names
Sadiyah sadiyah girl Blessed Favourite Sadiyah names
Safa safa girl Clearness, purity Favourite Safa names
Safeena boy H Name of an Ahl As-Suffah Favourite Safeena names
Saffar boy An authority of Hadith. Favourite Saffar names
Saffiya saffiya girl Best freind. Favourite Saffiya names
Safi boy Pure, clear Favourite Safi names
Safiyya safiyya girl Sincere friend Favourite Safiyya names
Safun safun girl Breezing Favourite Safun names
Sageda sageda girl Sageda is .. Favourite Sageda names
Saharish saharish girl Cool and fresh breeze of morning Favourite Saharish names
Sahlah sahlah girl Easy, convenient Favourite Sahlah names
Saida saida girl Most Beautiful, unmatched, friendly Favourite Saida names
Saihah saihah girl Good, useful Favourite Saihah names
Saimah saimah girl Fasting Favourite Saimah names
Sairish sairish girl Magic, flower Favourite Sairish names
Saji boy A scholar had this name. Favourite Saji names
Sajidah sajidah girl Prostrating to Allah Favourite Sajidah names
Sakeenah sakeenah girl Calm, quiet and tranquil Favourite Sakeenah names
Sakhawat boy Generosity, liberality, open-handness. Favourite Sakhawat names
Sakhrah boy Rock s Favourite Sakhrah names
Sakinah sakinah girl Allah-inspired peace of mind Favourite Sakinah names
Salaahddinn boy The righteousness of the faith Favourite Salaahddinn names
Salah boy Righteousness Favourite Salah names
Saleel boy Warrior of understanding Noble hearted container of innerStrength Favourite Saleel names
Saleemah saleemah girl Healthy, Sound. Favourite Saleemah names
Salif boy Previous, Former Favourite Salif names
Salman boy Healthy, safe, wholesome; name fo the first Persian to embrace Islam Favourite Salman names
Salsabil salsabil girl A fountain in Paradise Favourite Salsabil names
Salsal boy Pure Water. Favourite Salsal names
Salwa salwa girl Generous, tolerant Favourite Salwa names
Samad boy One of ninetynine names of God Favourite Samad names
Samaira samaira girl Enchanting Favourite Samaira names
Samara samara girl Soft pleasant light, She was a narrator of hadith Favourite Samara names
Samawah samawah girl Summit, height Favourite Samawah names
Sameen sameen girl Precious Favourite Sameen names
Sameera sameera girl Late night companion Favourite Sameera names
Sameh boy Forgiver Favourite Sameh names
Sameya sameya girl Pure Favourite Sameya names
Samihah samihah girl Generous Favourite Samihah names
Samiq boy Another name for God; exalted; tall Favourite Samiq names
Samira samira girl Call. Favourite Samira names
Samiun samiun girl The Hearing Favourite Samiun names
Samman boy Grocer Favourite Samman names
Sanawbar boy A cone-bearing tree, fir, Pine. Favourite Sanawbar names
Sanika sanika girl Strong minded, warm hearted Favourite Sanika names
Sanjeedah sanjeedah girl Serious Favourite Sanjeedah names
Saqer boy Falcon. Favourite Saqer names
Sarfaraz boy King. Favourite Sarfaraz names
Sarina sarina girl Peace Favourite Sarina names
Sarra sarra girl She was a female companion Favourite Sarra names
Sartaj sartaj girl Leader Favourite Sartaj names
Sarwar boy Chief, leader, Joy, Delight. Favourite Sarwar names
Sarwat sarwat girl Wealth, Power, Influence Favourite Sarwat names
Saud boy Fortunate Favourite Saud names
Savaira savaira girl Morning Favourite Savaira names
Sawsan sawsan girl Lily Favourite Sawsan names
Sawwaf boy WoolStapler Wool Dealer Favourite Sawwaf names
Sayfiyy boy Concerning sword Favourite Sayfiyy names
Sayid boy Lord Master Favourite Sayid names
Seerat seerat girl Inner beauty, fame. Favourite Seerat names
Sehrish sehrish girl The sunrise Favourite Sehrish names
Seif boy Sword Favourite Seif names
Senait senait girl Good Luck Favourite Senait names
Shaariq boy Radiance Favourite Shaariq names
Shabah boy Resembling. Favourite Shabah names
Shabb boy Young. Favourite Shabb names
Shabeehah shabeehah girl Picture, Image, Like Favourite Shabeehah names
Shadhiyah shadhiyah girl Aromatic Favourite Shadhiyah names
Shadmani shadmani girl Joy, happiness Favourite Shadmani names
Shafaq shafaq girl Dawn. Redness in the sky at sunset Favourite Shafaq names
Shafeea shafeea girl Forgiver, lenient Favourite Shafeea names
Shafia shafia girl Mercy Favourite Shafia names
Shahana shahana girl Royal Favourite Shahana names
Shahd shahd girl Honey, honeycomb Favourite Shahd names
Shaheenah shaheenah girl Falcon Favourite Shaheenah names
Shahida shahida girl Witness Favourite Shahida names
Shahlah shahlah girl Blush Favourite Shahlah names
Shahnaz shahnaz girl Bride Favourite Shahnaz names
Shahreen shahreen girl Sweet Favourite Shahreen names
Shaima shaima girl Good natured Favourite Shaima names
Shaistah shaistah girl Polite, Courteous. Favourite Shaistah names
Shakeela shakeela girl Pretty, shapely Favourite Shakeela names
Shakila shakila girl Pretty Favourite Shakila names
Shakurah shakurah girl Grateful, very thankful. Favourite Shakurah names
Shama shama girl Lamp Favourite Shama names
Shamamah shamamah girl Fragrance. Favourite Shamamah names
Shamikha shamikha girl High Favourite Shamikha names
Shamilah shamilah girl Complete, comprehensive Favourite Shamilah names
Shamoodah shamoodah girl Diamond Favourite Shamoodah names
Shamsa shamsa girl Sunshine Favourite Shamsa names
Shanum shanum girl Allahs blessing, dignity Favourite Shanum names
Shanze shanze girl Rose. Favourite Shanze names
Shareefa shareefa girl Noble, honest Favourite Shareefa names
Sharifah sharifah girl Noble, honoured, distinguished Favourite Sharifah names
Siwar boy Bracelet Arm-ring Favourite Siwar names
Sohail boy Gentle, ease; name of star. Favourite Sohail names
Subhan boy Holy. Favourite Subhan names
Suhail boy Gentle, easy; the name of a star Favourite Suhail names
Suhayla suhayla girl Gentle, easy Favourite Suhayla names
Sultaan boy Authority. Favourite Sultaan names
Sultana sultana girl Leader, ruler, royalty Favourite Sultana names
Sulthana sulthana girl Queen Favourite Sulthana names
Sumaiya sumaiya girl Pure Favourite Sumaiya names
Sumayrah sumayrah girl Brownish Favourite Sumayrah names
Sumera sumera girl Princess Favourite Sumera names
Sumiya sumiya girl Beautiful Favourite Sumiya names
Sumnah sumnah girl Name of an Arab girl (FH). Favourite Sumnah names
Sumrah boy Brownness Favourite Sumrah names
Sunbul sunbul girl Spikes of grain Favourite Sunbul names
Suraiya suraiya girl Polite Favourite Suraiya names
Suraqah boy Name of a companion of the Prophet Favourite Suraqah names
Surosh surosh girl Inspiration, glad tiding Favourite Surosh names
Suud boy Good luck Favourite Suud names
Swiyyah swiyyah girl Little one. Favourite Swiyyah names
Sydeek boy King Favourite Sydeek names
Tabalah tabalah girl She was a narrator of Hadith. Favourite Tabalah names
Tabassum boy Smiling Favourite Tabassum names
Tabinda tabinda girl Bright, shining. Favourite Tabinda names
Taghrid taghrid girl Singing (as a bird) Favourite Taghrid names
Taheem boy Pure Favourite Taheem names
Tahirah tahirah girl Pure, chaste. Favourite Tahirah names
Tahiyat tahiyat girl Greetings Favourite Tahiyat names
Tahseenah tahseenah girl Acclaim. Favourite Tahseenah names
Taibah taibah girl Repentant. Favourite Taibah names
Taim boy Allah, Taym Allah Servant of God Favourite Taim names
Tajammal boy Beautiful Favourite Tajammal names
Tameema tameema girl Complete Favourite Tameema names
Tanweer tanweer girl Illumination Favourite Tanweer names
Taqiyya taqiyya girl God-fearing, pious Favourite Taqiyya names
Tariqah tariqah girl This was the name of the freed slave of Labeet of the family of the princes of al-Qays bin Zayd (AN). Favourite Tariqah names
Taskeen taskeen girl Pacification, alleviation Favourite Taskeen names
Tawfeeqa tawfeeqa girl Prosperous Favourite Tawfeeqa names
Tayyibah tayyibah girl Good, pleasant, agreeable. Favourite Tayyibah names
Tazmeen tazmeen girl One having good qualities, nature & habits. Favourite Tazmeen names
Thabit boy Firm Favourite Thabit names
Thamar boy Fruit, Outcome. Favourite Thamar names
Thamina thamina girl Precious, valuable Favourite Thamina names
Thana thana girl Gratitude, praise Favourite Thana names
Tharwah tharwah girl Wealth Favourite Tharwah names
Tharwat boy Wealth, Fortune, riches. Favourite Tharwat names
Thashin thashin girl Acclaim. Favourite Thashin names
Thawban boy Name of a companion of the Prophet Favourite Thawban names
Thufailah thufailah girl Elegant with good respect for her elders. Favourite Thufailah names
Thuwaybah thuwaybah girl Name of one of the wet-nurses of the Prophet (S.A.W). Favourite Thuwaybah names
Tooba boy Good news. Favourite Tooba names
Tuhfa tuhfa girl Gift Favourite Tuhfa names
Tuhin boy Snow Favourite Tuhin names
Tumazir tumazir girl Historical name Favourite Tumazir names
Tunveer boy Rays of light Favourite Tunveer names
Ubab ubab girl Waves, heavy rain Favourite Ubab names
Uhud uhud girl Commitment, pledge, delegation Favourite Uhud names
Umaiza umaiza girl Bright, beautiful and soft hearted Favourite Umaiza names
Umaymah umaymah girl Young mother Favourite Umaymah names
Umm umm girl Ruman Historical name Favourite Umm names
Umm-e-kulsum umm-e-kulsum girl The mother of kulsum. Favourite Umm-e-kulsum names
Unaysah unaysah girl Friendly; Affable. Favourite Unaysah names
Uroosa uroosa girl Bride, happiness Favourite Uroosa names
Ushna ushna girl Beautiful girl Favourite Ushna names
Varisha varisha girl Lightning. Favourite Varisha names
Waajidah waajidah girl One who acheives her goals in life, loved, beloved Favourite Waajidah names
Wadad wadad girl Affection, love Favourite Wadad names
Wadhaa wadhaa girl Bright Favourite Wadhaa names
Wafeeqah wafeeqah girl Successful Favourite Wafeeqah names
Wafiyya wafiyya girl Loyal, honest Favourite Wafiyya names
Wagma wagma girl Morning breeze, dew. Favourite Wagma names
Waheeda waheeda girl Unique, matchless Favourite Waheeda names
Wahida wahida girl Unique Favourite Wahida names
Wajihah wajihah girl Eminent, distinguished, notable Favourite Wajihah names
Walaa walaa girl Loyalty Favourite Walaa names
Walihah walihah girl This was the name of a poetess Favourite Walihah names
Waliyudeen boy Supporter of the Faith Favourite Waliyudeen names
Waniya waniya girl Pearl Favourite Waniya names
Waqas boy Warrior Favourite Waqas names
Warifa warifa girl Luxuriant, blooming Favourite Warifa names
Wasi boy Broadminded Favourite Wasi names
Wasil boy Considerate, inseperable friend Favourite Wasil names
Wasimah wasimah girl Pretty, beautiful Favourite Wasimah names
Watheema watheema girl Historical name Favourite Watheema names
Watheq boy Firm,reliable, confident. Favourite Watheq names
Wazeera wazeera girl Female Minister; Favourite Wazeera names
Wid wid girl Loving, affectionate Favourite Wid names
Wifaq wifaq girl Harmony, consent Favourite Wifaq names
Wildan boy Boy in heaven. Favourite Wildan names
Wisaal wisaal girl Reunion, being together, communion in love Favourite Wisaal names
Wordah wordah girl Rose Favourite Wordah names
Wurud wurud girl Roses Favourite Wurud names
Yasaar boy Ease; Wealth Favourite Yasaar names
Yaseen boy Rich, Sura in Quran, Name of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Favourite Yaseen names
Yazeed boy To increase; Grow; Enhance Favourite Yazeed names
Yuhannis boy The name of a freed salve of Zubair Favourite Yuhannis names
Yusr boy Ease Convenience Favourite Yusr names
Zaafir boy Victorious Favourite Zaafir names
Zaeem boy The leader. Favourite Zaeem names
Zafrul boy Honest, Reliable and very ambitous Favourite Zafrul names
Zahid boy Denying or ascetic Favourite Zahid names
Zain boy Friend beloved Favourite Zain names
Zakar boy Handsome, Kind hearted. Favourite Zakar names
Zakir boy Someone who believes in Allah faith Favourite Zakir names
Zaman boy Time destiny Favourite Zaman names
Zarar boy Brave, Courageous. Favourite Zarar names
Zarrar boy A great muslim warrior. Favourite Zarrar names
Zayd boy Increase, growth Favourite Zayd names
Zeeshan boy Strength;A high standard Favourite Zeeshan names
Zia boy Light Favourite Zia names
Ziaud boy Splendor light Favourite Ziaud names
Zishan boy Peaceful Favourite Zishan names
Zohair boy Best friend of the last prophet (S.A.W). Favourite Zohair names
Zubair boy Proper Name. Favourite Zubair names
Zuhaib boy Star Favourite Zuhaib names
Zukr boy Appearance, Manifestation Favourite Zukr names
Zulfiqar boy Sword name of Hazart Ali Favourite Zulfiqar names
Zunnoon boy Someone with two beautiful eyes Favourite Zunnoon names