Popular Oriya Baby Names

A Name is a simple a word which used to identify rest of the life of child so this is the first gift from the parents or relatives to the baby.therefore it needed a great care when we put their baby name which should be listen to good and beautiful meaning.To Keep all of that things in Mind we have great and nice collection range of baby names with meaning where your search will be finished for the suitable baby names. here is great range of Oriya Baby names with meaning where you choose your favourite Oriya Baby Names.
Popular Oriya Baby Names
Name Meaning
Aabha aabha girl Glow; Shine; Lustrous Beauty Favourite Aabha names
Alisha alisha girl Protected by God Favourite Alisha names
Amba amba girl Goddess Durga Favourite Amba names
Angarika angarika girl Flame coloured flower; Palash or flame of the forest Favourite Angarika names
Annapoorna annapoorna girl Goddess Parvati; Generous with food Favourite Annapoorna names
Anuradha anuradha girl Goddess of good luck; Name of a star Favourite Anuradha names
Aradhana aradhana girl Worship; prayer Favourite Aradhana names
Arpita arpita girl Dedicated Favourite Arpita names
Asha asha girl Hope; Aspiration Favourite Asha names
Avantika avantika girl Queen; Princess of Ujjain Favourite Avantika names
Bala bala girl A young girl Favourite Bala names
Basanti basanti girl Spring Favourite Basanti names
Bhairavi bhairavi girl Goddess Durga; a raga Favourite Bhairavi names
Bhanupriya bhanupriya girl Beloved of the sun Favourite Bhanupriya names
Bhavini bhavini girl Goddess Parvati; Emotional Favourite Bhavini names
Bimla bimla girl Pure Favourite Bimla names
Bulbul bulbul girl A Songbird; Nightingale Favourite Bulbul names
Chakshu boy Eye Favourite Chakshu names
Champak boy A flower Favourite Champak names
Chandrakanta boy The moon Favourite Chandrakanta names
Chandresh boy Lord of the moon Favourite Chandresh names
Charanjit, Charanjeet boy One who has won over the lord Favourite Charanjit, Charanjeet names
Chetana boy Consciousness Favourite Chetana names
Chirag boy Lamp Favourite Chirag names
Chitrabhanu boy Fire Favourite Chitrabhanu names
Devi devi girl Goddess; The Diety Favourite Devi names
Dhanya dhanya girl Great; Lucky Favourite Dhanya names
Drashti drashti girl Eyesight Favourite Drashti names
Durva durva girl Sacred grass Favourite Durva names
Falak boy The sky Favourite Falak names
Fanishwar boy Lord of serpents, Vasuki Favourite Fanishwar names
Fatik boy Crystal Favourite Fatik names
Gayan boy Singing Favourite Gayan names
Hamsa boy Hans Swan Favourite Hamsa names
Hansin boy The universal soul Favourite Hansin names
Hara boy The remover of sin Favourite Hara names
Hariyanka boy One who sits on the lap of Vishnu Favourite Hariyanka names
Hiranyak boy Name of a Rishi Favourite Hiranyak names
Hriday boy Heart Favourite Hriday names
Hritik boy From the heart Favourite Hritik names
Jaya jaya girl Victory; Victorious; Goddess Durga Favourite Jaya names
Jyoti jyoti girl Flame; Light; Lamp; The light of the Sun Favourite Jyoti names
Kabir boy Name of a famous saint Favourite Kabir names
Kailas boy Abode of Lord Shiva Favourite Kailas names
Kalicharan boy A devotee of Goddness Kali Favourite Kalicharan names
Kalimohan boy A devotee of Goddess Kali Favourite Kalimohan names
Kalipada boy A devotee of Goddess Kali Favourite Kalipada names
Kamalakar boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Kamalakar names
Kamalesh boy Lord Vishnu, one with Eyes like a lotus Favourite Kamalesh names
Kamalnayan boy Lotuseyed Favourite Kamalnayan names
Kamod boy A raga Favourite Kamod names
Kanak boy Gold Favourite Kanak names
Kanan boy A garden Favourite Kanan names
Kanha boy Lord Krishna Favourite Kanha names
Kantilal boy Lustrous Favourite Kantilal names
Kanvar boy Young prince Favourite Kanvar names
Kanwaljeet boy Lotus Favourite Kanwaljeet names
Kanwalkishore boy Lotus, Lord krishna Favourite Kanwalkishore names
Karan boy Karna, the firstborn of Kunti Favourite Karan names
Karishma karishma girl Miracle Favourite Karishma names
Karunamay boy Full of light Favourite Karunamay names
Kashyap boy Name of a sage Favourite Kashyap names
Kaushal boy Clever, skilled Favourite Kaushal names
Kavi boy A poet Favourite Kavi names
Kaviraj boy Doctor Favourite Kaviraj names
Keshav boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Keshav names
Kevalkumar boy Absolute Favourite Kevalkumar names
Khajit boy Lord Buddha Favourite Khajit names
Kimaya kimaya girl Divine Favourite Kimaya names
Kinshuk boy A flower Favourite Kinshuk names
Kishore boy Young Favourite Kishore names
Krishna boy Lord Krishna Favourite Krishna names
Krishnala boy Lord Krishna Favourite Krishnala names
Kshaunish boy King Favourite Kshaunish names
Kuber, Kuberchand boy God of wealth Favourite Kuber, Kuberchand names
Kunal boy Sone of emperor Ashok Favourite Kunal names
Kundan boy Pure Favourite Kundan names
Lagan boy Appropriate time Favourite Lagan names
Lakshmidhar boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Lakshmidhar names
Lalima lalima girl Redness; Beauty Favourite Lalima names
Lalitaditya boy Beautiful sun Favourite Lalitaditya names
Lalitkumar boy Beautiful Favourite Lalitkumar names
Lankesh boy Ravana Favourite Lankesh names
Lata lata girl Creeper Favourite Lata names
Leelawati leelawati girl Goddess Durga; Playful Favourite Leelawati names
Lokesh boy Lord Brahma Favourite Lokesh names
Madhuk boy A honeybee Favourite Madhuk names
Madhusudhana boy One who killed demon Favourite Madhusudhana names
Magan boy Engrossed Favourite Magan names
Mahadev boy Most powerful god Favourite Mahadev names
Maheepati boy The king Favourite Maheepati names
Mahesh boy Shiva Favourite Mahesh names
Mahipal boy A king Favourite Mahipal names
Malay boy A mountain Favourite Malay names
Mandar boy A celestial tree Favourite Mandar names
Mandhatri boy Prince Favourite Mandhatri names
Manindra boy Lord of the mind! Favourite Manindra names
Manohar boy Beautiful; captivating Favourite Manohar names
Manprasad boy Mentally calm and cool person Favourite Manprasad names
Mardav boy Softness Favourite Mardav names
Maruti boy Lord Hanuman Favourite Maruti names
Megh boy Cloud Favourite Megh names
Meghnad boy Thunder Favourite Meghnad names
Mehdi boy A flower Favourite Mehdi names
Milind boy A bee Favourite Milind names
Milun boy Union Favourite Milun names
Mitra boy Friend; the sun Favourite Mitra names
Mohul boy Attractive Favourite Mohul names
Mriganka boy The moon Favourite Mriganka names
Mukesh boy Cupid Favourite Mukesh names
Muktananda boy Liberated Favourite Muktananda names
Mukul boy Bud Favourite Mukul names
Mukut boy Crown Favourite Mukut names
Phalgunie boy Born in Falgun, a Hindu month; Arjun Favourite Phalgunie names
Priyanka priyanka girl Dear one; Beautiful; Lovable act Favourite Priyanka names
Sadhana sadhana girl Worship; Long Practice/study Favourite Sadhana names
Sanjana sanjana girl Gentle Favourite Sanjana names
Sanjula sanjula girl Beautiful Favourite Sanjula names
Saroj saroj girl Lotus Flower Favourite Saroj names
Savitri savitri girl Goddess Saraswati; A river Favourite Savitri names
Shabana shabana girl Decorated Favourite Shabana names
Shaili shaili girl Style Favourite Shaili names
Shanti shanti girl Peace; The tranquil one Favourite Shanti names
Sheetal sheetal girl Cool Favourite Sheetal names
Shikha shikha girl Flame Favourite Shikha names
Shobha shobha girl Fortunate; Attractive; Splendour Favourite Shobha names
Shraddha shraddha girl Faith; Trust; Veneration; Devoted Favourite Shraddha names
Sita sita girl The wife of Lord Rama; Daughter of Janak Favourite Sita names
Smita smita girl Smile; Ever smiling lady Favourite Smita names
Soma soma girl Moon-rays Favourite Soma names
Sonali sonali girl Golden Favourite Sonali names
Subhasini subhasini girl Well-spoken Favourite Subhasini names
Suchita suchita girl Purity; Beautiful Favourite Suchita names
Sumita sumita girl A good friend Favourite Sumita names
Sunita sunita girl One with good morals Favourite Sunita names
Sushmita sushmita girl Good Smile Favourite Sushmita names
Swati swati girl Name of a star; a nakshatra Favourite Swati names
Sweta sweta girl Fair complexioned Favourite Sweta names
Tanuja tanuja girl Daughter Favourite Tanuja names
Tejal tejal girl Lustrous; Radiant Favourite Tejal names
Trisha trisha girl Wish; Desire; Thirst Favourite Trisha names
Tulsi tulsi girl The sacred basil Favourite Tulsi names
Ujwala; Ujjwala ujwala;xxujjwala girl Bright; Lustrous Favourite Ujwala; Ujjwala names
Unnati unnati girl Progress; Development Favourite Unnati names
Urvashi urvashi girl The most beautiful Apsara - maiden; A celestial maiden Favourite Urvashi names
Ushma ushma girl Heat Favourite Ushma names
Vidya vidya girl Learning; Wisdom; Goddess Saraswati Favourite Vidya names
Vineeta vineeta girl Humble; Requester Favourite Vineeta names
Yamini yamini girl Night; Nocturnal Favourite Yamini names