Top Sikh Baby Names

A Name is a simple a word which used to identify rest of the life of child so this is the first gift from the parents or relatives to the baby.therefore it needed a great care when we put their baby name which should be listen to good and beautiful meaning.To Keep all of that things in Mind we have great and nice collection range of baby names with meaning where your search will be finished for the suitable baby names. here is great range of Sikh Baby names with meaning where you choose your favourite Sikh Baby Names.
Top Sikh Baby Names
Name Meaning
Aaradh boy Deep Rapturous Love, Adoration Favourite Aaradh names
Aasha boy Hope Favourite Aasha names
Aavai boy Arrive, To Come Favourite Aavai names
Achal boy Constant, immovable Favourite Achal names
Achint boy Without Worry Favourite Achint names
Adarsh boy Ideals Favourite Adarsh names
Adeeb boy Writer Favourite Adeeb names
Ajit boy Invincible, Unconquerable Favourite Ajit names
Ajmer boy A City Name Favourite Ajmer names
Amandeep boy The lamp of peace Favourite Amandeep names
Amanjeet boy One who attains to peace Favourite Amanjeet names
Amanjot boy Radiating the light of peace Favourite Amanjot names
Amanroop boy The embodiment of peace Favourite Amanroop names
Amardeep boy The lamp of immortality Favourite Amardeep names
Amarjot boy The Immortal Light Favourite Amarjot names
Amarprem boy Immortal Love Favourite Amarprem names
Amit boy Unlimited, Great, Infinite Favourite Amit names
Amritbaan boy Living A Nectar-Like Way Of Life Favourite Amritbaan names
Anaad boy Beginningless Favourite Anaad names
Anandroop boy Of blissful form; radiating bliss Favourite Anandroop names
Anantbir boy Brave Man, Great Fighter Favourite Anantbir names
Anayk boy Various Favourite Anayk names
Aneel boy Holy, Immaculate Being Favourite Aneel names
Angang boy God Of Love Favourite Angang names
Anooplok boy Resident Of The Beauteous Realm Favourite Anooplok names
Antar boy Within One, Sustained Within One Favourite Antar names
Anup boy Matchless Beauty Favourite Anup names
Arpan boy Offering Favourite Arpan names
Arvind boy Lord Of Horses, Lord Of Wheels Favourite Arvind names
Asankh boy Countless Favourite Asankh names
Atal boy Firm Favourite Atal names
Atamjit boy God Of Spiritually Favourite Atamjit names
Attar boy Perfume Favourite Attar names
Avani boy Earth Favourite Avani names
Avmanjeevan boy One Who Lives A Peaceful Life Favourite Avmanjeevan names
Avtar boy Incarnation of God Favourite Avtar names
Bachan boy Promise Favourite Bachan names
Bakshish boy Devine Blessing Favourite Bakshish names
Balavant boy Lord Hanuman Favourite Balavant names
Balhaar boy Surrounded By Strength Favourite Balhaar names
Balram boy Might Lord Favourite Balram names
Balvinder boy Strong Favourite Balvinder names
Balvindra boy Strong Favourite Balvindra names
Ban boy To Become, Forest Favourite Ban names
Banita boy Lady Favourite Banita names
Beant boy Endless, boundless Favourite Beant names
Bhagwan boy God Favourite Bhagwan names
Bhagwantroop boy In the form of God Favourite Bhagwantroop names
Bhavanjot boy Soothing light Favourite Bhavanjot names
Bhupendra boy King Of Kings; King Of The Earth Favourite Bhupendra names
Bikram boy Stride; Strong Favourite Bikram names
Binder boy Brave Leader Favourite Binder names
Birindar boy The Brave God Favourite Birindar names
Bishanpal boy Raised by God Favourite Bishanpal names
Brahamdev boy Omnipotent Favourite Brahamdev names
Budhh boy Intellect, Intelligence Favourite Budhh names
Buksis boy Alternate Of Bakshish Favourite Buksis names
Chakar boy Attendent, servant Favourite Chakar names
Chamkaur boy Battlefield Favourite Chamkaur names
Chander Raj boy Kigdom of the moon Favourite Chander Raj names
Charankawal boy Lotus Like Feet (As Those Of The Guru) Favourite Charankawal names
Chatar boy Clever Favourite Chatar names
Chhaya boy Shadow Favourite Chhaya names
Chitleen boy One absorbed in awareness Favourite Chitleen names
Daan boy Wise and prudent Favourite Daan names
Dalipinder boy Lord Of The Kings Favourite Dalipinder names
Damanjote boy Light of control Favourite Damanjote names
Dara boy Lord, God Favourite Dara names
Das boy Humble Slave Or Servant Favourite Das names
Dayabir boy Brave In Kindness Favourite Dayabir names
Deenpal boy The Protector Of The Helpless Favourite Deenpal names
Devindar boy King Of Gods; Lord Indra Favourite Devindar names
Dhann boy The blessed one Favourite Dhann names
Dharamdev boy God Of Faith Favourite Dharamdev names
Dharampreet boy Love of Faith Favourite Dharampreet names
Dharmpal boy The supporter of righteousness Favourite Dharmpal names
Dhian boy Contemplation, Absorbed In Contemplation Favourite Dhian names
Dilawar boy Brave Favourite Dilawar names
Dilraaj boy Hearty Kingdom Favourite Dilraaj names
Divleen boy Divine Favourite Divleen names
Eashar boy Godly Person Favourite Eashar names
Ekambir boy One Brave God Favourite Ekambir names
Ekjot boy God is one Favourite Ekjot names
Eshwar boy Lord Shiva Favourite Eshwar names
Fakeer boy A Saintly Person Favourite Fakeer names
Fal boy Fruit Favourite Fal names
Faquir boy Of Saintly Ways Favourite Faquir names
Fateh boy Victory Favourite Fateh names
Fauja boy Army General Favourite Fauja names
Furmaan boy Supreme Command Favourite Furmaan names
Gagan boy Sky Favourite Gagan names
Gaurav boy Pride of Glory Favourite Gaurav names
Giaanveer boy Brave And Divine In Knowledge Favourite Giaanveer names
Gulwant boy Beautiful like flowers Favourite Gulwant names
Gunbir boy Virtuous And Brave Favourite Gunbir names
Gunveer boy Virtuous And Brave Favourite Gunveer names
Gurbhagat boy Devotee Of The Guru Favourite Gurbhagat names
Gurdayal boy Compassionate Guru Favourite Gurdayal names
Gurdev boy Almighty God Favourite Gurdev names
Gurjeevan boy One Who Lives A Life As Ordianed By Guru Favourite Gurjeevan names
Gurjit boy Triumph of the guru Favourite Gurjit names
Gurkirat boy Praise of the guru Favourite Gurkirat names
Gurmaan boy Heart Of The Guru Favourite Gurmaan names
Gurmukh boy One who is Guru words Favourite Gurmukh names
Gurpal boy One Whose Caretaker Is The Guru Favourite Gurpal names
Gurshant boy Attaining Peace Through The Word Of The Guru Favourite Gurshant names
Gurtaran boy One who is saved through the Guru Favourite Gurtaran names
Gurvinder boy Lord; guru Favourite Gurvinder names
Gyanveer boy Brave And Divine In Knowledge Favourite Gyanveer names
Hakam boy Ruler, authority Favourite Hakam names
Hansroop boy Pure Body/Persona Favourite Hansroop names
Harbhajan boy A Devotee Absorbed In The Lord Favourite Harbhajan names
Harbir boy Warrier of God Favourite Harbir names
Hardhian boy The one absorbed in the Lord Favourite Hardhian names
Hargun boy One having Godly merits Favourite Hargun names
Harikiran boy Rays of God Favourite Harikiran names
Harisaroop boy With an appearance like God Favourite Harisaroop names
Harjinder boy Life which has been granted by God Favourite Harjinder names
Harman boy In everyone heart Favourite Harman names
Harpreet boy Love of god Favourite Harpreet names
Harsimran boy Remembering God Favourite Harsimran names
Hema boy Gold Favourite Hema names
Hukam boy (Gods) Command, Authority, Direction Favourite Hukam names
Idha boy Insight Favourite Idha names
Ijaya boy Sacrifice Favourite Ijaya names
Ila boy Earth, daughter of Manu Favourite Ila names
Inayat boy Kindness Favourite Inayat names
Indrakshi boy One with beautiful eyes Favourite Indrakshi names
Indu boy Moon Favourite Indu names
Indulala boy Moon light Favourite Indulala names
Induma boy Moon Favourite Induma names
Iniya boy Sweet Favourite Iniya names
Ipsita boy Desire Favourite Ipsita names
Iravati boy Ravi river in India Favourite Iravati names
Ishani boy Goddess Durga Favourite Ishani names
Ishta boy Another name for Lord Vishnu Favourite Ishta names
Ishya boy Spring Favourite Ishya names
Iyla boy Moonlight Favourite Iyla names
Jaba boy Hibiscus Favourite Jaba names
Jagadamba boy Mother of the world Favourite Jagadamba names
Jaganmata boy Mother of the world Favourite Jaganmata names
Jagrati boy Awakening Favourite Jagrati names
Jagruti boy Awareness Favourite Jagruti names
Jagvi boy Worldly Favourite Jagvi names
Jaideep boy Light Of Victory Favourite Jaideep names
Jaipal boy Protector of victors Favourite Jaipal names
Jal boy Water Favourite Jal names
Jalaja boy Goddess of wealth Favourite Jalaja names
Jalpa boy Discussion Favourite Jalpa names
Jamail boy Glory with the union of God Favourite Jamail names
Janam boy Birth, Life Favourite Janam names
Janki boy Goddess Sita Favourite Janki names
Janya boy Life Favourite Janya names
Japinder boy In Appreciation Of God Favourite Japinder names
Jasmin boy A Flower Favourite Jasmin names
Jasmohan boy One Who Praises God Favourite Jasmohan names
Jasu boy Brainy Favourite Jasu names
Jaswant boy Victorious; Famous Favourite Jaswant names
Jaya boy Victory Favourite Jaya names
Jayan boy Victory Favourite Jayan names
Jayaprabha boy Light of victory Favourite Jayaprabha names
Jayashri boy Goddess of victory Favourite Jayashri names
Jaydeep boy One Who Gives Us Light Favourite Jaydeep names
Jee boy Life, Being, To Come Into Existence Favourite Jee names
Jeevai boy Lives Favourite Jeevai names
Jeevika boy Water Favourite Jeevika names
Jharapata boy Removed leaves on the ground Favourite Jharapata names
Jigna boy Intellectual Curiosity Favourite Jigna names
Jilpa boy Life giving Favourite Jilpa names
Jiya boy Sweet heart Favourite Jiya names
Joginder boy Establishing Union With God Favourite Joginder names
Joshika boy Young maiden Favourite Joshika names
Jowaki boy Fire fly Favourite Jowaki names
Jui boy Flower Favourite Jui names
Jyoti boy Flame Favourite Jyoti names
Jyotsna boy Moon light Favourite Jyotsna names
Kaajal boy Surma Favourite Kaajal names
Kaasni boy Flower Favourite Kaasni names
Kahn boy Lord Krishna Favourite Kahn names
Kajri boy Light As A Cloud Favourite Kajri names
Kala boy Art Favourite Kala names
Kalavati boy Parvati, Artist Favourite Kalavati names
Kalindi boy Yamuna River Favourite Kalindi names
Kalpana boy Imagination Favourite Kalpana names
Kalyani boy Fortunate Favourite Kalyani names
Kamala boy Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Kamala names
Kamalvir boy Brave lotus Favourite Kamalvir names
Kamini boy Beautiful Woman Favourite Kamini names
Kanaka boy Gold Favourite Kanaka names
Kanaklata boy Golden Creeper Favourite Kanaklata names
Kanchan boy Gold Favourite Kanchan names
Kanchi boy A Waistband Favourite Kanchi names
Kanika boy Molecule Favourite Kanika names
Kankalini boy One with necklace of bones Favourite Kankalini names
Kanta boy Beauty Favourite Kanta names
Kanvar boy Young Prince Favourite Kanvar names
Kanyaka boy The Youngest Girl, Maiden, Daughter, The Virgin Goddess Favourite Kanyaka names
Karaj boy Loan Favourite Karaj names
Karalika boy Durga Favourite Karalika names
Karnapriya boy Sweet To The Ears Favourite Karnapriya names
Karthika boy A star Favourite Karthika names
Karuna boy Merciful Favourite Karuna names
Karunamayee boy Full Of Pity For Others Favourite Karunamayee names
Kashish boy An Attraction Favourite Kashish names
Kashvi boy Shining Favourite Kashvi names
Kasturi boy Scented Favourite Kasturi names
Kaumudi boy Full Moon Favourite Kaumudi names
Kaushali boy Skillful Favourite Kaushali names
Kavan boy Who Favourite Kavan names
Keertana boy Song Favourite Keertana names
Kenga boy River Favourite Kenga names
Kesar boy Pollen, Lion Favourite Kesar names
Keshika boy A Woman With Beautiful Hair Favourite Keshika names
Keshori boy Young Favourite Keshori names
Keva boy Lotus Favourite Keva names
Khalsa boy The Pure One Favourite Khalsa names
Lakhbir boy Brave as a hundred thousand Favourite Lakhbir names
Lakshman boy Brother Of Ram Favourite Lakshman names
Latika boy Small Creeper Favourite Latika names
Lavangi boy An Angel Favourite Lavangi names
Lavanya boy Grace Favourite Lavanya names
Laxman boy Brother Of Ram Favourite Laxman names
Laya boy Musical rhythm Favourite Laya names
Lekhya boy Mathematician Favourite Lekhya names
Leora boy Light Favourite Leora names
Lillian boy Lily Favourite Lillian names
Lipika boy Litters, alphabets Favourite Lipika names
Lochan boy Bright eyes Favourite Lochan names
Lokajanani boy Lakshmi, mother of the world Favourite Lokajanani names
Lola boy Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Lola names
Lolita boy Ruby Favourite Lolita names
Lopamudra boy Wife of Saint Agastya Favourite Lopamudra names
Lumbika boy A Musical Instrument Favourite Lumbika names
Manna boy Heavenly Favourite Manna names
Manoj boy Born of mind Favourite Manoj names
Mansha boy Wish Favourite Mansha names
Mantek boy Optimistic On Man Favourite Mantek names
Manushri boy Lakshmi Favourite Manushri names
Manya boy Worthy of honor Favourite Manya names
Marichi boy Name of a star Favourite Marichi names
Markandeya boy A devotee to Lord Shiva Favourite Markandeya names
Marudhvathi boy durga, aadi shakti Favourite Marudhvathi names
Masara boy Emerald Favourite Masara names
Mastveer boy Carfree And Brave Favourite Mastveer names
Mayurika boy Baby peahen Favourite Mayurika names
Meenal boy Precious Gem Favourite Meenal names
Megha boy Cloud, rain Favourite Megha names
Meghavini boy Intelligence Favourite Meghavini names
Mehak boy Sweet Smell, Aura, Fragrance Favourite Mehak names
Mehransh boy God Gifted Favourite Mehransh names
Mehuli boy A small rain cloud Favourite Mehuli names
Mela boy Religious gathering Favourite Mela names
Mina boy Enamel work Favourite Mina names
Mohan boy Beauteous, Attractive Favourite Mohan names
Mohandyal boy Na Favourite Mohandyal names
Mounika boy Silence Favourite Mounika names
Mridu boy Gentle Favourite Mridu names
Mrinal boy Lotus Favourite Mrinal names
Mritsa boy Good Earth Favourite Mritsa names
Mruda boy Parvati, affectionate Favourite Mruda names
Mukat boy Liberate Favourite Mukat names
Mukti boy Liberation Favourite Mukti names
Mukunda boy 1of 9 treasures of kubera. precious stone Favourite Mukunda names
Naatya boy Dance Favourite Naatya names
Nabanipa boy A new flower Favourite Nabanipa names
Nadia boy The beginning, First Favourite Nadia names
Nadira boy Pinnacle Favourite Nadira names
Naidhrua boy Parvati, almost perfect Favourite Naidhrua names
Nainika boy Pupil of the eye Favourite Nainika names
Naishadha boy Poetry Favourite Naishadha names
Nakti boy Night Favourite Nakti names
Namita boy Humble Favourite Namita names
Namrata boy Politeness Favourite Namrata names
Nandi boy Goddess Durga Favourite Nandi names
Nandita boy Cheerful Favourite Nandita names
Naumika boy Trishakti & one worthy to get namaste Favourite Naumika names
Navinder boy Brave Lord Favourite Navinder names
Navneeta boy Butter boylike Favourite Navneeta names
Nayana boy Eyes Favourite Nayana names
Nayonika boy One with expressive eyes Favourite Nayonika names
Neelakshi boy Blueboyeyed Favourite Neelakshi names
Neepa boy A flower Favourite Neepa names
Neeti boy Good behavior Favourite Neeti names
Nehal boy Rainy, handsome Favourite Nehal names
Nidhi boy Wealth Favourite Nidhi names
Nidra boy A form of the Devi Favourite Nidra names
Nihal boy Happy, Blissful Person Favourite Nihal names
Niju boy Pan sophist Favourite Niju names
Nikita boy Earth, Ganges Favourite Nikita names
Nilambari boy Clothed in blue Favourite Nilambari names
Nilasha boy Blueness Favourite Nilasha names
Nilaya boy Home Favourite Nilaya names
Nimai boy Adjusted; Ascetic Favourite Nimai names
Nimita boy Fixed Favourite Nimita names
Ninarika boy Misty Favourite Ninarika names
Niral boy Calm Favourite Niral names
Niramayee boy Pure, clean, spotless Favourite Niramayee names
Niranjana boy Goddess Durga Favourite Niranjana names
Nireeksha boy hope, expectation Favourite Nireeksha names
Nirupama boy Matchless Favourite Nirupama names
Nirvana boy deep silence, ultimate bliss Favourite Nirvana names
Nishi boy Getting stronger Favourite Nishi names
Nishka boy Honest Favourite Nishka names
Nitara boy Deeply rooted Favourite Nitara names
Niti boy Ethics Favourite Niti names
Nitya boy Eternal Favourite Nitya names
Nityasri boy With eternal beauty Favourite Nityasri names
Nivedita boy Surrendered, Offered to God Favourite Nivedita names
Niyati boy Destiny Favourite Niyati names
Noshi boy Sweet Favourite Noshi names
Nutan boy New, Fresh Favourite Nutan names
Omaha boy A Person In Great Joy, Rapture Favourite Omaha names
Padma boy Lotus Favourite Padma names
Padmajai boy Born from lotus, Lakshmi Favourite Padmajai names
Padmakshi boy One with lotusboylike eyes Favourite Padmakshi names
Padmamalini boy Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Padmamalini names
Padmashri boy Divine Lotus Favourite Padmashri names
Padmini boy Lotus pond Favourite Padmini names
Palak boy Eye lid Favourite Palak names
Panchali boy Princess Favourite Panchali names
Pankaj boy Lotus Favourite Pankaj names
Pankhadi boy Petal Favourite Pankhadi names
Parajika boy A raagini Favourite Parajika names
Parina boy Fairy Favourite Parina names
Pariyat boy Flower Favourite Pariyat names
Parnal boy Leafy Favourite Parnal names
Parni boy Leafy Favourite Parni names
Parsan boy One Who Is Happy And Delightful Favourite Parsan names
Parvani boy full moon, a festival or a special day Favourite Parvani names
Parveen boy Expert, Star Favourite Parveen names
Pashupriya boy Fond of all beings Favourite Pashupriya names
Patralekha boy A name from ancient epics Favourite Patralekha names
Patwant boy Respectable, Honorable, Elite Favourite Patwant names
Pavana boy holy, sacred Favourite Pavana names
Pavith boy Pure Favourite Pavith names
Pawandeep boy Light Of The Sky Favourite Pawandeep names
Payoja boy Lotus Favourite Payoja names
Phiroza boy Turquoise Favourite Phiroza names
Pia boy Beloved Favourite Pia names
Pinga boy Goddess Durga Favourite Pinga names
Poorna boy Complete Favourite Poorna names
Poorva boy Earlier one, elder, east Favourite Poorva names
Poorvi boy A classical melody Favourite Poorvi names
Prabh boy God Favourite Prabh names
Prabhati boy Of the morning Favourite Prabhati names
Prachi boy East Favourite Prachi names
Pradnya boy Wisdom, Buddhi Favourite Pradnya names
Pragati boy Progress Favourite Pragati names
Prajakta boy Fragnant flower Favourite Prajakta names
Prakalpa boy Project Favourite Prakalpa names
Prakriti boy Nature, Beautiful Favourite Prakriti names
Pramiti boy Wisdom Favourite Pramiti names
Pranauthi boy Lamp in Kannada Language Favourite Pranauthi names
Pranidhi boy Spy Favourite Pranidhi names
Pranjal boy Honest and Dignified Favourite Pranjal names
Prateeksha boy Waiting for something Favourite Prateeksha names
Prathipaal boy The Nurturer, The One Who Looks After The World Favourite Prathipaal names
Pratigya boy pledge, vow Favourite Pratigya names
Pratishtha boy Preeminence Favourite Pratishtha names
Pratiti boy Faith Favourite Pratiti names
Premila boy Full of love Favourite Premila names
Prerna boy Inspiration Favourite Prerna names
Prestha boy Dearest Favourite Prestha names
Prina boy Content Favourite Prina names
Prita boy Dear one Favourite Prita names
Pritilata boy A creeper of love Favourite Pritilata names
Puji boy Gentle Favourite Puji names
Pujya boy Respectable Favourite Pujya names
Puloma boy Wife of the sage Bhrigu Favourite Puloma names
Punarnava boy A star Favourite Punarnava names
Punom boy Full moon Favourite Punom names
Purala boy Durga, guardian of fortresses Favourite Purala names
Purva boy Elder, Breeze Favourite Purva names
Pusha boy Nourishing Favourite Pusha names
Pushpagandha boy Juhi flower Favourite Pushpagandha names
Pushpita boy Decorated with flowers Favourite Pushpita names
Putul boy Doll Favourite Putul names
Quarbaan boy To Sacrifice Favourite Quarbaan names
Raaj boy Rule, Power, Kingdom Favourite Raaj names
Raja boy King, Monarch Favourite Raja names
Ramdas boy Servant Of God, Slave Of God Favourite Ramdas names
Saacha boy Truthful Favourite Saacha names
Sachdev boy True God, Genuinely Godly Favourite Sachdev names
Sachsev boy Servant Of Truth, True Servant Favourite Sachsev names
Sadhu boy Saint, Saintly Favourite Sadhu names
Sagar boy Ocean, sea Favourite Sagar names
Sandeep boy A Lighted Lamp, Always There For You Favourite Sandeep names
Sar boy Pool, Vessel Favourite Sar names
Saran boy Sanctuary, Protection, Shelter Favourite Saran names
Sat boy Truth Favourite Sat names
Satchet boy Tells The Truth Favourite Satchet names
Satpaul boy The One Who Abides By The Truth Favourite Satpaul names
Satyapal boy Protected By Truth Favourite Satyapal names
Sewa boy Absorbed In Service And Simran Favourite Sewa names
Sewak boy One Who Absorbed In Service Favourite Sewak names
Shaan boy Dignified Favourite Shaan names
Subash boy Well Spoken Favourite Subash names
Sukhdarshan boy Viewing Happiness Favourite Sukhdarshan names
Sukhjiwan boy A Happy Life Favourite Sukhjiwan names
Sukhshant boy The One Who Is In Bliss And Peace Favourite Sukhshant names
Sulakhan boy Virtuous, Meritorious Favourite Sulakhan names
Sundeep boy Similar To Sandeep Favourite Sundeep names
Surat boy Of Awakend Consciousness Favourite Surat names
Surya boy Sun Favourite Surya names
Swaran boy Nice Complexion Favourite Swaran names
Taan boy Power Favourite Taan names
Takhat boy Seat, Throne Favourite Takhat names
Taran boy Freedom from bondage Favourite Taran names
Tegbir boy The Brave Warrior Wielding The Sword Favourite Tegbir names
Tejas boy Sharp Favourite Tejas names
Tejpal boy Protector of splender Favourite Tejpal names
Thirath boy Religious Place Favourite Thirath names
Tribhawan boy Holy Place Favourite Tribhawan names
Tripat boy Pure/Sacred Favourite Tripat names
Uday boy Rising To Fame And Honor Favourite Uday names
Ujaagar boy Famous, Renowned Favourite Ujaagar names
Updes boy One Who Preaches And Counsels Favourite Updes names
Upraj boy The Noble King Favourite Upraj names
Uttamveer boy The Exalted Bravery And Courage Favourite Uttamveer names
Vachan boy Give Word, Promise Favourite Vachan names
Var boy Times (As In A Many Times) Favourite Var names
Varun boy Lord Of Water Favourite Varun names
Vijay boy Conquest, Victory Favourite Vijay names
Vikramjeet boy Victorious Brave Favourite Vikramjeet names
Vimal boy Pure Favourite Vimal names
Vishram boy Eternal Rest Favourite Vishram names
Waris boy Owner Favourite Waris names
Yadbir boy Memorable Favourite Yadbir names
Yadvir boy Memorable Favourite Yadvir names
Yashbir boy Glorious brave Favourite Yashbir names
Yashdip boy The Light Of Glory Favourite Yashdip names
Yashveer boy Blorious brave Favourite Yashveer names
Zail boy Scope Favourite Zail names
Zorawar boy Mighty Brave Favourite Zorawar names