Popular Tamil Baby Names

A Name is a simple a word which used to identify rest of the life of child so this is the first gift from the parents or relatives to the baby.therefore it needed a great care when we put their baby name which should be listen to good and beautiful meaning.To Keep all of that things in Mind we have great and nice collection range of baby names with meaning where your search will be finished for the suitable baby names. here is great range of Tamil Baby names with meaning where you choose your favourite Tamil Baby Names.
Popular Tamil Baby Names
Name Meaning
AatralArasi aatralarasi girl Achiever; Skilled Favourite AatralArasi names
Agalvili agalvili girl Broad Eyes Favourite Agalvili names
Alagarasi alagarasi girl Queen of Beauty Favourite Alagarasi names
Ambuvili ambuvili girl Piercing Eyes; Eyes resembling an Arrow tip Favourite Ambuvili names
Anandi anandi girl Merrisome; Full of smiles Favourite Anandi names
Anbini anbini girl Kind and Sweet Favourite Anbini names
Anicham anicham girl Name of a Beautiful Flower,AnichaMalar Favourite Anicham names
Annam annam girl Able to discriminate between good and bad,Swan Bird Favourite Annam names
Aramoli aramoli girl Righteous Word,Aram Favourite Aramoli names
ArivuMalar arivumalar girl Intelligent Flower Favourite ArivuMalar names
Aruna aruna girl Brilliant Favourite Aruna names
Atpudham atpudham girl Miracle Favourite Atpudham names
Balamani balamani girl Youthful; Tender Favourite Balamani names
ChellaKani boy Precious Favourite ChellaKani names
Chellan boy Precious Favourite Chellan names
Chemmal boy Perfect Favourite Chemmal names
Chemmoli boy Precious Words Favourite Chemmoli names
Cheran boy The Chera King; From the Chera (currently Kerala) country Favourite Cheran names
ChinnaDurai boy Prince Favourite ChinnaDurai names
Cholan boy The Chola King; From the Chola Country Favourite Cholan names
ChudarMani boy Brilliant Favourite ChudarMani names
GnanaChelvan boy Learned Favourite GnanaChelvan names
GnanaMani boy Learned Favourite GnanaMani names
GnanaMurugan boy God Murugan Favourite GnanaMurugan names
GnanaVelan boy God Murugan Favourite GnanaVelan names
Guna guna girl Good Character,Kuna Favourite Guna names
Kaaviya kaaviya girl Heroine,Kaviya Favourite Kaaviya names
KadhirVel boy Another name for God Murugan Favourite KadhirVel names
KalaiArasi kalaiarasi girl Queen of Arts Favourite KalaiArasi names
Kalanjiyam boy Repository of Wisdom, Wealth, etc Favourite Kalanjiyam names
Kanaiyali kanaiyali girl Name of an Ornament Favourite Kanaiyali names
Kandan boy God Murugan Favourite Kandan names
Kannagi kannagi girl The Heroine of Silappadhikaram; Whose Eyes Smile Favourite Kannagi names
Kannan boy God Kannan; Playful; Merrisome Favourite Kannan names
KarMuhilan boy Rain-bearing cloud; Resourceful Favourite KarMuhilan names
Kasinathan boy God Sivan Favourite Kasinathan names
KaviriNadan boy From the Kaviri (Cauvery) naadu Favourite KaviriNadan names
Kavitha kavitha girl Poem Favourite Kavitha names
Kodhai kodhai girl Beautiful Girl,kOdhai Favourite Kodhai names
KodiMullai kodimullai girl Mullai Flower on a Vine Favourite KodiMullai names
KolaVili kolavili girl With Beautiful Eyes like a Kolam Favourite KolaVili names
Komagan boy Prince Favourite Komagan names
Koormadhi boy Brilliant Favourite Koormadhi names
Kovendan boy King Favourite Kovendan names
KumaraVel boy Youthful; Another name for God Murugan Favourite KumaraVel names
Kurumuni boy Another name for Agathiyan Favourite Kurumuni names
Kuvalai kuvalai girl Name of a Beautiful Flower Favourite Kuvalai names
Lingammal lingammal girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Lingammal names
Maasilan boy Pure; Without blemish Favourite Maasilan names
Mahilan boy Cheerful; Happy Favourite Mahilan names
MalaiSami boy God of the hills; God Murugan Favourite MalaiSami names
Manikkam boy Gem Favourite Manikkam names
Manimaran boy Brave Favourite Manimaran names
Meena meena girl With Beautiful Eyes resembling a Fish,Kayalvili Favourite Meena names
MurugaVel boy God Murugan Favourite MurugaVel names
Oppilan boy Peerless Gem Favourite Oppilan names
Oviyan boy Artist Favourite Oviyan names
Palani boy Abode of God Murugan Favourite Palani names
PalaniSami boy Another name for God Murugan Favourite PalaniSami names
Pallavan boy From Pallava Naadu; Pallava King Favourite Pallavan names
Panmoli boy Articulate Favourite Panmoli names
Paridhi boy Brilliant like Sun Favourite Paridhi names
Pavalan boy King of Poetry Favourite Pavalan names
Perinbam boy Bliss; also Perinban Favourite Perinbam names
PeriyaNambi boy Self-Confident Favourite PeriyaNambi names
Perumal boy God Venkateswaran Favourite Perumal names
Polilan boy Handsome Favourite Polilan names
PonVel boy God Murugan Favourite PonVel names
Puli boy Tiger Favourite Puli names
Rangamani boy See Arangan Favourite Rangamani names
Sabari boy God Ayyappan Favourite Sabari names
SambaSivan boy God Sivan Favourite SambaSivan names
SandanaChelvan boy Pleasant Favourite SandanaChelvan names
SelvaKumaran boy Prosperous Favourite SelvaKumaran names
Selvan boy Prosperous Favourite Selvan names
SelvaRathinam boy Prosperous Favourite SelvaRathinam names
Sendhil boy God Murugan Favourite Sendhil names
SenTamilArasan boy Well-versed in Pure Tamil Favourite SenTamilArasan names
Sivadasan boy Devotee of God Sivan Favourite Sivadasan names
SivaKumaran boy Son of God Sivan Favourite SivaKumaran names
Solvalavan boy Articulate Favourite Solvalavan names
Subbu boy Another name for God Murugan Favourite Subbu names
Tamarai tamarai girl Lotus Flower; Beautiful,Thamarai Favourite Tamarai names
TamaraiKannan boy Handsome; God Kannan Favourite TamaraiKannan names
Tamilan boy A Tamil Favourite Tamilan names
TamilChelvan boy Prosperous Favourite TamilChelvan names
TamilInban boy Happy Favourite TamilInban names
Tamilko boy Tamil King Favourite Tamilko names
TamilKudimagan boy A Tamil Favourite TamilKudimagan names
TamilNadan boy A Tamil Favourite TamilNadan names
Tarani tarani girl Goddess Earth Favourite Tarani names
ThavaChelvan boy Gift of God Favourite ThavaChelvan names
Thavapalan boy Gift of God Favourite Thavapalan names
Thayumanavan boy Name Of An Ancient Poet Favourite Thayumanavan names
Theeran boy Brave; Achiever Favourite Theeran names
Thevan boy Godly Favourite Thevan names
Thirumalai boy Abode of God Venkateswaran; Holy Place Favourite Thirumalai names
ThiruValluvan boy Author of the Tamil Masterpiece ThiruKural (aka Secular Scripture) Favourite ThiruValluvan names
Thiruvoli boy Light from God Favourite Thiruvoli names
Thogai thogai girl Beautiful Feathers,Togai,Toagai Favourite Thogai names
Udumban boy With Determination; Focussed Favourite Udumban names
Ulagappan boy Creator of the World Favourite Ulagappan names
Ulamaaran boy Brave Favourite Ulamaaran names
UnmaiVirumbi boy Truthful Favourite UnmaiVirumbi names
Vaagai vaagai girl Name of a Beautiful Flower Favourite Vaagai names
Vaasuki vaasuki girl Learned Favourite Vaasuki names
ValarPirai valarpirai girl Moon in Ascension; Encouraging,ValarMadhi, ValarNila Favourite ValarPirai names
Vanappu vanappu girl Prosperous Favourite Vanappu names
VannaMayil vannamayil girl As Beautiful as the Peacock (Peahen) Favourite VannaMayil names
VeeraMangai veeramangai girl Brave Girl,VeeraNangai Favourite VeeraMangai names
Velvili velvili girl Piercing Eyes Favourite Velvili names
VetriArasi vetriarasi girl Queen of Success Favourite VetriArasi names
VetriKodi vetrikodi girl Successful Favourite VetriKodi names
YaalChelvan boy Pride of Yaalpaanam (Jaffna) Favourite YaalChelvan names