Top Tamil Baby Names

A Name is a simple a word which used to identify rest of the life of child so this is the first gift from the parents or relatives to the baby.therefore it needed a great care when we put their baby name which should be listen to good and beautiful meaning.To Keep all of that things in Mind we have great and nice collection range of baby names with meaning where your search will be finished for the suitable baby names. here is great range of Tamil Baby names with meaning where you choose your favourite Tamil Baby Names.
Top Tamil Baby Names
Name Meaning
Aaranam aaranam girl Name of an Ornament Favourite Aaranam names
Ahila ahila girl Worldly,Knowledgeable Favourite Ahila names
Amaidhi amaidhi girl Peace Favourite Amaidhi names
Aruli aruli girl Blessed Favourite Aruli names
Athipoo athipoo girl Name of a Flower Favourite Athipoo names
Chellakili chellakili girl Precious Favourite Chellakili names
Chellam chellam girl Precious Favourite Chellam names
ChellaVadivu chellavadivu girl Precious Favourite ChellaVadivu names
CheranMadhevi cheranmadhevi girl Chera Queen Favourite CheranMadhevi names
ChinnaMani chinnamani girl Little Gem Favourite ChinnaMani names
CholaiMani cholaimani girl Garden Gem Favourite CholaiMani names
ChudarKodi chudarkodi girl Brilliant,Sudarkodi Favourite ChudarKodi names
DeivaMani boy Blessed Gem Favourite DeivaMani names
Devaram boy Name of a divine scripture Favourite Devaram names
Ilakkiyan boy Skilled in Literature Favourite Ilakkiyan names
Ilamayil ilamayil girl Young Peacock (Peahen) Favourite Ilamayil names
Ilanila ilanila girl Moon Crescent,IlamPirai Favourite Ilanila names
Inbavalli inbavalli girl Happy Girl Favourite Inbavalli names
Innisai innisai girl Sweet Melody Favourite Innisai names
Irumporai boy Brave Favourite Irumporai names
Iyalisai iyalisai girl Melody; Music Favourite Iyalisai names
Kabilan boy Name of a Saint Favourite Kabilan names
Kadhir boy Brilliant; Ray of Light Favourite Kadhir names
Kadhiroli kadhiroli girl Brilliant like the Ray of Sun; Intelligent Favourite Kadhiroli names
KalaiArasan boy King of Arts Favourite KalaiArasan names
KalaiMagal kalaimagal girl Goddess of Arts; Goddess Saraswathi Favourite KalaiMagal names
KalaMegam boy Name of a Poet Favourite KalaMegam names
KalviDasan boy Learned Favourite KalviDasan names
Kamarasan boy Unaffected by Desires Favourite Kamarasan names
Kamban boy Poet who composed Kamba Ramayanam Favourite Kamban names
KandaVel boy God Murugan Favourite KandaVel names
Karikalan boy The Chola king known for his Wisdom and Bravery Favourite Karikalan names
Karuppan boy One who is dark (Black is beautiful!) Favourite Karuppan names
Katpagam katpagam girl Possessing Good Character,Karpagam Favourite Katpagam names
Katran boy Well-Learned Favourite Katran names
Kavimalar kavimalar girl Beautiful like the Poetic Flower Favourite Kavimalar names
Kavin boy Natural Beauty Favourite Kavin names
Kayal kayal girl With Beautiful Eyes,Kayali Favourite Kayal names
Kayilai boy Abode of God Sivan Favourite Kayilai names
Keerthi boy Glorious Favourite Keerthi names
Kohila kohila girl Sweet Voiced like a Kuyil (Cuckoo),Kuyili Favourite Kohila names
Koman boy King Favourite Koman names
KoodalAlagar boy God Sivan Favourite KoodalAlagar names
Koothan boy God Sivan; Silled in the Arts Favourite Koothan names
Kovalan boy Hero of Silappathikaram Favourite Kovalan names
KulandaiSami boy Another name for God Murugan Favourite KulandaiSami names
Kumanan boy Name of a charitable prince Favourite Kumanan names
Kumudha kumudha girl Beautiful like the Kumudham Flower,Kumudham, Kumudhini Favourite Kumudha names
Kuna boy Good Character Favourite Kuna names
Kunran boy God Murugan Favourite Kunran names
Kutraalan boy God Sivan; Presiding Deity of Kutraalam Favourite Kutraalan names
Kuyilan boy Sweet like Kuyil (Cuckoo) Favourite Kuyilan names
Kuyili kuyili girl Sweet Voiced like a Kuyil(Cuckoo),Kuyila Favourite Kuyili names
Loganayaki loganayaki girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Loganayaki names
Maalini maalini girl As Beautiful as Flowers,and Sweet,Malini Favourite Maalini names
Maaran boy Brave; Knight Favourite Maaran names
Maasila maasila girl Pure; Without Blemish Favourite Maasila names
MadhiAlagan boy Intelligent and Handsome Favourite MadhiAlagan names
Maina maina girl Name of a Beautiful Bird Favourite Maina names
Malaravan boy Gentle like a Flower Favourite Malaravan names
Malliga malliga girl Name of a Flower with a Lovely Fragrance, Jasmine,Mallika Favourite Malliga names
Mani boy Gem Favourite Mani names
ManikkaVel boy God Murugan Favourite ManikkaVel names
Manimegalai manimegalai girl Mekala Favourite Manimegalai names
Marai boy Scripture Favourite Marai names
Marudan boy Of the Enchanting Fields Favourite Marudan names
Mayil mayil girl Full of Grace and Beauty like a Peacock (Peahen),Mayili, Mayila Favourite Mayil names
Mayilan boy Another name for God Murugan; similar to Mayur Favourite Mayilan names
Meganathan boy King of the Clouds Favourite Meganathan names
Meykandan boy Who knows The Truth; Intelligent Favourite Meykandan names
Meyyan boy Truthful Favourite Meyyan names
Minnal minnal girl Lightning,Brilliance;Minnoli Favourite Minnal names
Muhilan boy Of the Clouds Favourite Muhilan names
Murugan boy God Murugan; Youthful; Handsome Favourite Murugan names
Muthalagi muthalagi girl Beautiful like a Pearl Favourite Muthalagi names
Mutholi mutholi girl Like the Shine on a Pearl Favourite Mutholi names
MuthuVel boy God Murugan Favourite MuthuVel names
Nagulan boy Witty Favourite Nagulan names
Nallalagan boy Very Handsome Favourite Nallalagan names
NanMaaran boy Benevolent and Brave Favourite NanMaaran names
Natarajan boy God Sivan Favourite Natarajan names
OliChudar olichudar girl Brilliant,OliSudar Favourite OliChudar names
Oliyarasi oliyarasi girl Brilliant Favourite Oliyarasi names
Oviya oviya girl Like a Beautiful Art Favourite Oviya names
Paadini paadini girl Pleasing Song,Padini Favourite Paadini names
Pagalavan boy Sun; Radiant Favourite Pagalavan names
Panbu panbu girl Good Character Favourite Panbu names
Pandiyan boy Ruler of the Pandiya Naadu Favourite Pandiyan names
Paraman boy God Sivan Favourite Paraman names
Pattu pattu girl Pattammal Favourite Pattu names
Pennarasi pennarasi girl Queen,Arasi Favourite Pennarasi names
Perumaan boy Great King Favourite Perumaan names
PiraiSoodan boy God Sivan Favourite PiraiSoodan names
Ponmudi boy Brilliant; Handsome Favourite Ponmudi names
Ponnammal ponnammal girl Golden Girl Favourite Ponnammal names
Poomaalai poomaalai girl Garland of Flowers Favourite Poomaalai names
Pudhumai boy Creative; Novel Favourite Pudhumai names
Pulamai boy Expertise in Literature Favourite Pulamai names
Punidhan boy Blessed Favourite Punidhan names
Punnagai punnagai girl Lovely Smile Favourite Punnagai names
Ramanathan boy God Raman Favourite Ramanathan names
Ramappan boy God Raman Favourite Ramappan names
Rangan boy See Arangan Favourite Rangan names
RathinaVelan boy See RathinaVel Favourite RathinaVelan names
TamaraiManalan boy Handsome Favourite TamaraiManalan names
TamilAnban boy One who loves Tamil Favourite TamilAnban names
TamilArasi tamilarasi girl Tamil Queen Favourite TamilArasi names
TamilDasan boy One who loves Tamil Favourite TamilDasan names
Tamiliniyan boy Pleasant Favourite Tamiliniyan names
TamilMani boy Tamil Gem Favourite TamilMani names
TamilOli boy Tamil Light Favourite TamilOli names
Thairiyan boy Brave; Confident Favourite Thairiyan names
ThanaMalar thanamalar girl Prosperous + Flower,SelvaMalar Favourite ThanaMalar names
ThangaBalan boy Precious Favourite ThangaBalan names
Thangam boy Gold; Precious Favourite Thangam names
ThangaMuthu boy Golden Pearl; Precious Favourite ThangaMuthu names
Thangarasan boy Golden King; Precious Favourite Thangarasan names
ThangaVel boy God Murugan Favourite ThangaVel names
ThanjaiNadan boy From or of the Thanjai Naadu (Tanjore, Thanjavur) Favourite ThanjaiNadan names
ThavaMagan boy Gift of God Favourite ThavaMagan names
ThavaMalar thavamalar girl Gift of God Favourite ThavaMalar names
Thayanban boy Who Loves His Mother Favourite Thayanban names
Thennan boy From the South (in Tamil Naadu Favourite Thennan names
Thenral thenral girl Breeze; Inspiring,Thendral Favourite Thenral names
Thevaram boy A Tamil classic in praise of The God Favourite Thevaram names
Thinakaran boy Intelligent and Radiant like Sun Favourite Thinakaran names
Thirumal boy God Venkateswaran Favourite Thirumal names
ThiruMurugan boy God Murugan Favourite ThiruMurugan names
ThooMani boy Flawless Gem Favourite ThooMani names
Thooya thooya girl Pure Favourite Thooya names
UdayaSooriyan boy Rising Sun Favourite UdayaSooriyan names
Ulaganathan boy Master of the World Favourite Ulaganathan names
Umaiyavan boy God Sivan Favourite Umaiyavan names
Vaanadhi vaanadhi girl Milky Way Favourite Vaanadhi names
Vadivukarasi vadivukarasi girl Queen of Beauty Favourite Vadivukarasi names
Vanmoli vanmoli girl Word of God Favourite Vanmoli names
VeeraMagal veeramagal girl Brave Girl Favourite VeeraMagal names
Venmugil venmugil girl White Cloud Favourite Venmugil names
VenTamarai ventamarai girl White Lotus Flower,Tamarai Favourite VenTamarai names
Vidiyal vidiyal girl Dawn Favourite Vidiyal names
Yaalvendan boy Ruler of Yaalpaanam (Jaffna) Favourite Yaalvendan names