Popular Telugu Baby Names

A Name is a simple a word which used to identify rest of the life of child so this is the first gift from the parents or relatives to the baby.therefore it needed a great care when we put their baby name which should be listen to good and beautiful meaning.To Keep all of that things in Mind we have great and nice collection range of baby names with meaning where your search will be finished for the suitable baby names. here is great range of Telugu Baby names with meaning where you choose your favourite Telugu Baby Names.
Popular Telugu Baby Names
Name Meaning
Aagney boy Son Of Fire Favourite Aagney names
Aagneya boy Son Of The Fire Favourite Aagneya names
Aahlaad boy Delight Favourite Aahlaad names
Aahva boy Beloved Favourite Aahva names
Aakanksha aakanksha girl Desire Favourite Aakanksha names
Aakarshan boy Attraction Favourite Aakarshan names
Aalam boy The Whole World Favourite Aalam names
Aalok boy Light Favourite Aalok names
Aaoka aaoka girl Lustrous Favourite Aaoka names
Aashna aashna girl Beloved; Devoted To Love Favourite Aashna names
Aastha aastha girl Faith Favourite Aastha names
Aatreya boy Name Of A Sage Favourite Aatreya names
Abha abha girl Lustre, Shine Favourite Abha names
Abheek boy Fearless Favourite Abheek names
Abhidha abhidha girl Literal Meaning Favourite Abhidha names
Abhijaya boy Conquest, Complete Victory Favourite Abhijaya names
Abhijita abhijita girl Victorious Woman Favourite Abhijita names
Abhijvala boy Blazing Forth Favourite Abhijvala names
Abhik boy Beloved Favourite Abhik names
Abhilasa abhilasa girl Desire, Wish Favourite Abhilasa names
Abhilash boy Desire Favourite Abhilash names
Abhinandan boy Congratulation Favourite Abhinandan names
Abhinaya abhinaya girl Expressions Favourite Abhinaya names
Abhinivesh boy Desire Favourite Abhinivesh names
Abhiprithi abhiprithi girl Full Of Love Favourite Abhiprithi names
Abhiraj boy Fearless King Favourite Abhiraj names
Abhiruchi abhiruchi girl Beautiful Favourite Abhiruchi names
Abhivira boy Surrounded By Heroes, A Commander Favourite Abhivira names
Abhra boy Cloud Favourite Abhra names
Abishta abishta girl Lady Of The House Favourite Abishta names
Aboli aboli girl The Name Of A Flower Favourite Aboli names
Achal boy Constant Favourite Achal names
Achalendra boy The Himalayas Favourite Achalendra names
Achalraj boy Himalayan Mountain Favourite Achalraj names
Achyuthan boy Indestructible Favourite Achyuthan names
Acyutaraya boy Worshipper Of The Infallible, A Devotee Of Vishnu Favourite Acyutaraya names
Adalarasu boy King Of Dance Favourite Adalarasu names
Adesh boy Command Favourite Adesh names
Adhikara boy Principal, Controller Favourite Adhikara names
Adhishree adhishree girl Exalted Favourite Adhishree names
Adinath boy The First Lord; Lord Vishnu Favourite Adinath names
Adishree adishree girl Exalted Favourite Adishree names
Adithi adithi girl Freedom, Safety, Abundance Favourite Adithi names
Adityavardhana boy Augmented By Glory Favourite Adityavardhana names
Adrija adrija girl Of The Mountain, Another Name For Parvathi Favourite Adrija names
Adya adya girl First, Unparalleled Favourite Adya names
Ahilan boy Knowledgeable, Commanding Favourite Ahilan names
Ahimsa ahimsa girl Nonviolent Virtue Favourite Ahimsa names
Ajaa ajaa girl Shakti Favourite Ajaa names
Ajatashatru boy Without Enemies Favourite Ajatashatru names
Ajay boy Unconquerable, Invincible Favourite Ajay names
Ajit boy Unconquerable (ajeet) Favourite Ajit names
Ajita ajita girl A Winner Favourite Ajita names
Akharnitha akharnitha girl Beautiful Flower Favourite Akharnitha names
Akira akira girl Graceful Strength Favourite Akira names
Akshath boy Indestructible Favourite Akshath names
Akshit boy Permanent Favourite Akshit names
Aksithi aksithi girl Imperishability Favourite Aksithi names
Alagan boy Handsome Favourite Alagan names
Alaknanda alaknanda girl A River In The Himalayas Favourite Alaknanda names
Alhad boy Joy Favourite Alhad names
Aloke boy Light Favourite Aloke names
Alopa alopa girl Faultless Favourite Alopa names
Amalendu boy The Unblemished Moon Favourite Amalendu names
Amisha amisha girl Beautiful Favourite Amisha names
Amitava boy Same As Amitabh Favourite Amitava names
Amiti amiti girl Boundless Favourite Amiti names
Amla amla girl Pure Favourite Amla names
Amlankusum boy Unfading Flower Favourite Amlankusum names
Amod boy Pleasure Favourite Amod names
Amoda amoda girl Happiness Favourite Amoda names
Amoorta boy Formless Favourite Amoorta names
Amresh boy Lord Indra Favourite Amresh names
Amrik boy Nectar Favourite Amrik names
Amrita amrita girl Immortality Favourite Amrita names
Amritambu boy Moon Favourite Amritambu names
Amritaya boy The Immortal. Lord Vishnu Favourite Amritaya names
Amshula amshula girl Sunny Favourite Amshula names
Ana ana girl Playful,Wanted Favourite Ana names
Anahita anahita girl Graceful Favourite Anahita names
Anamitra boy The Usn Favourite Anamitra names
Anandamaye anandamaye girl Joy Permeated Favourite Anandamaye names
Anandamayi anandamayi girl Full Of Joy Favourite Anandamayi names
Anandani anandani girl Joyful Favourite Anandani names
Ananmaya boy One Who Cannot Be Broken Favourite Ananmaya names
Ananti ananti girl Gift Favourite Ananti names
Anbarasu boy King Of Love Favourite Anbarasu names
Anbumadi boy Kind And Intelligent Favourite Anbumadi names
Anchala anchala girl One End Of Saree Which Is Free Favourite Anchala names
Angada boy Bracelet, Brother Of Wali And Sugreev Favourite Angada names
Angha angha girl Beauty Favourite Angha names
Anik boy Soldier Favourite Anik names
Anika anika girl Goddess Durga Favourite Anika names
Anikait boy Lord Of The World Favourite Anikait names
Aniket boy Homeless; Lord Shiva Favourite Aniket names
Anilabh boy Spirit Of The Wind Favourite Anilabh names
Anindita anindita girl Beautiful Favourite Anindita names
Anirudh boy Boundless Favourite Anirudh names
Anishka anishka girl Who Has Friends, No Enemies. Favourite Anishka names
Anit boy Joyful Unending Favourite Anit names
Anita anita girl Grace Favourite Anita names
Anjaneya boy Hanuman Favourite Anjaneya names
Anjasa boy Guileless, Deceitless Favourite Anjasa names
Anjika anjika girl Blessed Favourite Anjika names
Ankit boy Conquered Favourite Ankit names
Ankita ankita girl Conquered, A Signet, Symbol Favourite Ankita names
Ankush boy Check; An Instrument Used For Guiding Elephants Favourite Ankush names
Anoop boy Incomparable, The Best Favourite Anoop names
Ansh boy Portion Favourite Ansh names
Anshul boy Radiant Favourite Anshul names
Anshula anshula girl Sunny Favourite Anshula names
Anshuman boy The Sun Favourite Anshuman names
Ansuya ansuya girl Learned Woman Favourite Ansuya names
Antini antini girl Living In A Hermitage Favourite Antini names
Anu boy An Atom Favourite Anu names
Anudeepthi anudeepthi girl Divine Light Favourite Anudeepthi names
Anunitha anunitha girl Courtesy Favourite Anunitha names
Anupa anupa girl Pond Favourite Anupa names
Anuragini anuragini girl Beloved Favourite Anuragini names
Anusha anusha girl Beautiful Morning, A Star Favourite Anusha names
Anuttara anuttara girl Unanswered Favourite Anuttara names
Apala apala girl Most Beautiful Favourite Apala names
Apara apara girl Materialistic Knowledge Favourite Apara names
Apinaya apinaya girl Expressions In Dance Favourite Apinaya names
Aprameya boy A Name Of Lord Krishna Favourite Aprameya names
Araceli araceli girl Gate Of Heaven Favourite Araceli names
Aradhana aradhana girl Worship Favourite Aradhana names
Archana archana girl Worship Favourite Archana names
Areehah boy Destroyer Of Enemies Favourite Areehah names
Arha boy Lord Shiva Favourite Arha names
Arihant boy One Who Has Killed His Enemies Favourite Arihant names
Ariktha ariktha girl Fulfilled Favourite Ariktha names
Arindam boy Destroyer Of Enemies Favourite Arindam names
Ariona ariona girl Bringer Of Life Favourite Ariona names
Arivalagan boy Intelligent And Handsome Favourite Arivalagan names
Arivali boy Smart, Intelligent Favourite Arivali names
Arivarasu boy King Of Wisdom Favourite Arivarasu names
Arivoli boy Glowing With Intelligence Favourite Arivoli names
Arivuchelvan boy One Whose Wealth Is His Wisdom Favourite Arivuchelvan names
Arjit boy Earned Favourite Arjit names
Arjun boy Peacock Favourite Arjun names
Arka boy The Sun Favourite Arka names
Arnav boy Ocean, Sea Favourite Arnav names
Arnesh boy Lord Of The Sea Favourite Arnesh names
Arogyada arogyada girl Granter Of Good Health Favourite Arogyada names
Arohi arohi girl A Music Tune Favourite Arohi names
Arokya boy Very Pious Favourite Arokya names
Arpita arpita girl Dedicate Favourite Arpita names
Arul boy Gods Grace, Gods Blessing Favourite Arul names
Arulchelvan boy Blessed Favourite Arulchelvan names
Arumugan boy Lord Murugan Favourite Arumugan names
Arun boy Mythical Charioteer Of The Sun; Dawn Favourite Arun names
Arushi arushi girl Dawn, Red Sky In The Early Morning, First Rays Of The Sun Favourite Arushi names
Arvinda boy Lotus Favourite Arvinda names
Arya boy Honoured, Noble Favourite Arya names
Asavari asavari girl Name Of A Raga Or Melody Favourite Asavari names
Aseema aseema girl Limitless Favourite Aseema names
Asha asha girl Hope Favourite Asha names
Ashani ashani girl Lightening Favourite Ashani names
Ashesh boy Benediction Favourite Ashesh names
Ashita ashita girl River Yamuna Favourite Ashita names
Ashman boy Son Of The Sun Favourite Ashman names
Ashmita ashmita girl Rock Born, Very Hard And Strong Favourite Ashmita names
Ashoka ashoka girl Without Grief Favourite Ashoka names
Ashvath boy Strong Favourite Ashvath names
Asita asita girl The River Yamuna Favourite Asita names
Asitvaran boy Dark Complexioned Favourite Asitvaran names
Askini askini girl Daughter Of Prajapati Virat Favourite Askini names
Astik boy Who Has Faith In God Favourite Astik names
Asuman boy Lord Of Vital Breaths Favourite Asuman names
Asvika asvika girl A Little Mare Favourite Asvika names
Atharva boy The First Vedas Favourite Atharva names
Atish boy Explosive,A Dynamic Person Favourite Atish names
Atmaj boy Son Favourite Atmaj names
Atreya boy Receptacle Of Glory Favourite Atreya names
Atreyi atreyi girl Name Of A River Favourite Atreyi names
Atula atula girl Uncomparable Favourite Atula names
Avadhesh boy King Dasaratha Favourite Avadhesh names
Avapya avapya girl Achieving Favourite Avapya names
Avatar boy Incarnation Favourite Avatar names
Avi boy The Sun And Air Favourite Avi names
Ayati ayati girl Royal Favourite Ayati names
Babala boy Above Favourite Babala names
Bageshri bageshri girl Name Of A Raaga Favourite Bageshri names
Baijanti / Vaijanti baijantixx/xxvaijanti girl Name Of Flower Favourite Baijanti / Vaijanti names
Bajrangbali boy With strength of diamod Favourite Bajrangbali names
Baka baka girl Crane Favourite Baka names
Bakool boy Flower Favourite Bakool names
Balavan boy Powerful Favourite Balavan names
Balvant boy Of Immense Strength Favourite Balvant names
Banaj boy Lotus Favourite Banaj names
Banbhatt boy Name Of An Ancient Poet Favourite Banbhatt names
Banni banni girl Maiden Favourite Banni names
Banwari boy Lord Krishna Favourite Banwari names
Barsat boy Welcome Rain Favourite Barsat names
Baruni baruni girl Goddess Durga Favourite Baruni names
Basant boy Season Of Spring Favourite Basant names
Basudev boy Fire Favourite Basudev names
Batuk boy Boy Favourite Batuk names
Bel bel girl Sacred Wood Apple Tree Favourite Bel names
Bhadrashree boy Sandalwood Tree Favourite Bhadrashree names
Bhadrik boy Shankar Favourite Bhadrik names
Bhakthavatsala boy Protector of Devotees Favourite Bhakthavatsala names
Bhanu boy Sun Favourite Bhanu names
Bhanumitra boy Friend Of Sun / Planet Mercury Favourite Bhanumitra names
Bharati bharati girl Saraswati Favourite Bharati names
Bhartesh boy King Of Bharat Favourite Bhartesh names
Bhartihari boy Name Of A Poet Favourite Bhartihari names
Bhaswar boy Shining Favourite Bhaswar names
Bhav-Bhooti boy The Universe Favourite Bhav-Bhooti names
Bhavi bhavi girl Emotional Favourite Bhavi names
Bhavin boy Living; Existing Favourite Bhavin names
Bhavna bhavna girl Good Feelings; Emotions Favourite Bhavna names
Bhavya bhavya girl Grand, Splendid Favourite Bhavya names
Bhawanidas boy Devotee Of Durga Favourite Bhawanidas names
Bheema bheema girl Goddess Durga Favourite Bheema names
Bhimsen boy Sons Of Brave Man Favourite Bhimsen names
Bhisham boy Strong Favourite Bhisham names
Bhoj boy Name Of A Poet King, Meal Favourite Bhoj names
Bhoolokanathan boy Ruler of the Earth Favourite Bhoolokanathan names
Bhoopat boy Lord Of The Earth Favourite Bhoopat names
Bhoopendra boy King Of The Earth Favourite Bhoopendra names
Bhoumik boy Land Owner Favourite Bhoumik names
Bhramar boy Black Bee Favourite Bhramar names
Bhrigu boy Name Of A Saint Favourite Bhrigu names
Bhudev boy Lord Of The Earth Favourite Bhudev names
Bhupad boy Firm Favourite Bhupad names
Bhupathi boy Lord Of The Earth Favourite Bhupathi names
Bhupen boy King Favourite Bhupen names
Bhupendra boy King Of Kings Favourite Bhupendra names
Bhuvan boy Palace, One Of The Three Worlds Favourite Bhuvan names
Bhuvi bhuvi girl Heaven Favourite Bhuvi names
Bindiya bindiya girl Drop, Point Favourite Bindiya names
Bipin boy Forest (vipin) Favourite Bipin names
Bisaj boy Lotus Favourite Bisaj names
Bitasok boy One Who Does Not Mourn Favourite Bitasok names
Bodhi bodhi girl Enlightenment Favourite Bodhi names
Brahmabrata boy Ascetic Favourite Brahmabrata names
Bramhaghosh boy Chanting Of Vedas Favourite Bramhaghosh names
Bratindra boy Devoted To Right Deeds Favourite Bratindra names
Brijkishor boy Lord Krishna Favourite Brijkishor names
Brijmohan boy Krishna Favourite Brijmohan names
Ceyone boy Rising Sun Favourite Ceyone names
Chain boy Peace Favourite Chain names
Chaitanya boy Life, Knowledge Favourite Chaitanya names
Chakradev boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Chakradev names
Chakravartee boy A Sovereign King Favourite Chakravartee names
Chakshu boy Eye Favourite Chakshu names
Chamanlal boy Garden Favourite Chamanlal names
Chanak boy Father Of Chaanakya Favourite Chanak names
Chanchal boy Restless Favourite Chanchal names
Chandidas boy Name Of A Saint Favourite Chandidas names
Chandra boy Moon Favourite Chandra names
Chandrabha boy Lusture Of Moon Light Favourite Chandrabha names
Chandrachur boy Lord Shiva Favourite Chandrachur names
Chandragupt boy Name Of Ancient King Favourite Chandragupt names
Chandrakanta boy The Moon Favourite Chandrakanta names
Chandraketu boy Moon Banner Favourite Chandraketu names
Chandrakumar boy The Moon Favourite Chandrakumar names
Chandramauli boy Lord Shiva Favourite Chandramauli names
Chandraraj boy Moonbeam Favourite Chandraraj names
Chandratha boy Nectar Of The Moon Favourite Chandratha names
Chandravadan boy Moon Like Face Favourite Chandravadan names
Chandrayan boy The Moon Favourite Chandrayan names
Chandrpeed boy Name Of Shiva Favourite Chandrpeed names
Chane boy Name Of A God, Dependability Favourite Chane names
Chanyana boy Moon Favourite Chanyana names
Charan boy Feet Favourite Charan names
Charanjeet boy One Who Has Won Over The Lord (charanjeet) Favourite Charanjeet names
Charuchandra boy Beautilful Moon Favourite Charuchandra names
Charudutta boy Born Of Beauty Favourite Charudutta names
Charuhas boy With Beautiful Smile Favourite Charuhas names
Charusheel boy Of Good Character Favourite Charusheel names
Chatur boy Clever Favourite Chatur names
Chaturbhuj boy Four Armed Favourite Chaturbhuj names
Chellamuthu boy Precious Pearl Favourite Chellamuthu names
Chetananand boy Supreme Joy Favourite Chetananand names
Chevatkodiyon boy Lord Murugan Favourite Chevatkodiyon names
Chidambaram boy Home Of Lord Shiva Favourite Chidambaram names
Chidhatma boy Big Soul Favourite Chidhatma names
Chinar boy Name Of A Beautiful Tree Favourite Chinar names
Chinmay boy Full Of Knowledge Favourite Chinmay names
Chinnadurai boy Prince Favourite Chinnadurai names
Chintak boy Thinker Favourite Chintak names
Chiranjeevi boy Without death, Eternal Being Favourite Chiranjeevi names
Chirantan boy Immortal Favourite Chirantan names
Chirtrang boy With Multicolored Body Favourite Chirtrang names
Chitrabahu boy With Beautiful Hands Favourite Chitrabahu names
Chitragupt boy God Of Destiny Favourite Chitragupt names
Chitral boy Of Variegated Colour Favourite Chitral names
Chitrasen boy A King Of Gandharvas Favourite Chitrasen names
Chittaprasad boy Happiness Favourite Chittaprasad names
Chittaswarup boy The Supreme Spirit Favourite Chittaswarup names
Chunmay boy Supreme Consciousness Favourite Chunmay names
Dahana boy A Rudra Favourite Dahana names
Daitya boy A Non Aryan. Favourite Daitya names
Daksha daksha girl The Earth; Sati, Wife Of Shiva Favourite Daksha names
Dakshakanya dakshakanya girl Able Daughter Favourite Dakshakanya names
Dakshina dakshina girl A Donation To God Or Priest Favourite Dakshina names
Dakshinayan boy Some Movement Of The Sun Favourite Dakshinayan names
Dalpati boy Commander Of Group Favourite Dalpati names
Darika darika girl Maiden Favourite Darika names
Darshini darshini girl The One Who Blesses Favourite Darshini names
Daruk boy Charioteer Of Krishna, Tree Favourite Daruk names
Dattey boy Lord Indra Favourite Dattey names
Dayakara boy Compassionate Favourite Dayakara names
Dayashankar boy Merciful Lord Shiva Favourite Dayashankar names
Debashis boy Benediction Of God Favourite Debashis names
Deenanath boy Lord Of The Poor Favourite Deenanath names
Dehabhuj boy Another Name For Lord Shiva Favourite Dehabhuj names
Denadayal boy Humble And Merciful Favourite Denadayal names
Devachandra boy Moon Among The Gods Favourite Devachandra names
Devadatta boy God Given Favourite Devadatta names
Devadyumna boy Glory Of The Gods Favourite Devadyumna names
Devaj boy From God Favourite Devaj names
Devang boy From God Favourite Devang names
Devendranath boy Lord Of The King Of Gods Favourite Devendranath names
Devnarayan boy King Favourite Devnarayan names
Dharamnishth boy One Who Has Faith In Religion Favourite Dharamnishth names
Dharm-Mitra boy Friend Of Religion Favourite Dharm-Mitra names
Dharmaditya boy Son Of Dharma Favourite Dharmaditya names
Dharmanand boy One Who Takes Pleasure In His Religion Favourite Dharmanand names
Dharmaveer boy Protector Of Religion Favourite Dharmaveer names
Dharmendu boy Light Of Religion Favourite Dharmendu names
Dharmveer boy Religious Favourite Dharmveer names
Dheerandra boy God Of Courage Favourite Dheerandra names
Dheivamani boy Blessed Gem Favourite Dheivamani names
Dhevaneyan boy Pious Favourite Dhevaneyan names
Dhinakar boy The Sun Favourite Dhinakar names
Dhinanta boy Evening Favourite Dhinanta names
Dhwani boy Sound Favourite Dhwani names
Digvastra boy Sky Clad Favourite Digvastra names
Dikshan boy Initiation Favourite Dikshan names
Dilawar boy Brave Favourite Dilawar names
Dinakar boy The Sun Favourite Dinakar names
Divyanga boy Divine Body Favourite Divyanga names
Drupad boy A King, Father Of Draupadi Favourite Drupad names
Duraimurugan boy Lord Murugan Favourite Duraimurugan names
Duranjaya boy A Heroic Son Favourite Duranjaya names
Durja boy The Invincible Favourite Durja names
Durjaya boy Difficult To Conquer Favourite Durjaya names
Durvish boy Who Cannot Be Affected By Poison Favourite Durvish names
Dwijaraj boy King Of Brahmins; The Moon Favourite Dwijaraj names
Edhas boy Happiness Favourite Edhas names
Egaiarasu boy King Of Charity Favourite Egaiarasu names
Ekachakra boy Son Of Kashyapa Favourite Ekachakra names
Ekachandra boy The Only Moon Favourite Ekachandra names
Ekagrah boy Focused Favourite Ekagrah names
Ekaksha boy Lord Shiva Favourite Ekaksha names
Ekalavya boy Renowned For His Devotion To His Guru Favourite Ekalavya names
Ekambar boy Sky Favourite Ekambar names
Ekana boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Ekana names
Ekanga boy . Bogyguard Favourite Ekanga names
Ekapad boy Lord Shiva Favourite Ekapad names
Ekaraj boy Emperor Favourite Ekaraj names
Ekavir boy Bravest Of The Brave Favourite Ekavir names
Eknath boy . Poet, Saint Favourite Eknath names
Ekram boy Honour Favourite Ekram names
Elilarasan boy Handsome, King Of Beauty Favourite Elilarasan names
Evyavan boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Evyavan names
Fanibhusan boy Lord Shiva Favourite Fanibhusan names
Fatik boy Crystal Favourite Fatik names
Fenil boy Which Meaning Is Name Favourite Fenil names
Gadhadhar boy Name Of Lord Vishnu Favourite Gadhadhar names
Gagan boy Sky, Heaven Favourite Gagan names
Gaganadipika gaganadipika girl The Lamp Of The Sky Favourite Gaganadipika names
Gagnesh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Gagnesh names
Gajakarna boy One who has Eyes like an Elephant Favourite Gajakarna names
Gajananeti boy Elephant-Faced Lord Favourite Gajananeti names
Gajbahu boy Who Has Strength Of An Elephant Favourite Gajbahu names
Gajendra boy Elephant King Favourite Gajendra names
Gajpati boy Master Of Elephant, Ganesha Favourite Gajpati names
Gambhir boy Deep, Serious Favourite Gambhir names
Ganadhyakshina boy Leader of All The Celestial Bodies Favourite Ganadhyakshina names
Ganaraj boy Lord Of The Clan Favourite Ganaraj names
Gandha gandha girl Fragrant Favourite Gandha names
Gandharika gandharika girl Preparing Perfume Favourite Gandharika names
Gandharva boy Celestial Musician Favourite Gandharva names
Gandiva boy The Bow Of Arjuna Favourite Gandiva names
Gangadatt boy Gift Of The Ganges Favourite Gangadatt names
Gangesh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Gangesh names
Gangi gangi girl Goddess Durga Favourite Gangi names
Ganjan boy Surpassing Favourite Ganjan names
Ganpati boy Ganpati Favourite Ganpati names
Garati garati girl Virtuous Woman Favourite Garati names
Garud boy The King Of Birds, Falcon Favourite Garud names
Gauhar gauhar girl A Pearl Favourite Gauhar names
Gaurav boy Honour, Pride, Respect Favourite Gaurav names
Gaurika gaurika girl A Young Girl Favourite Gaurika names
Gaurinandan boy Son Of Gauri (lord Ganesh) Favourite Gaurinandan names
Gaurisuta boy Son Of Gauri. Lord Ganesha Favourite Gaurisuta names
Gavisht boy Abode Of Light Favourite Gavisht names
Gayak boy Singer Favourite Gayak names
Gayatri gayatri girl Mother Of The Vedas, A Goddess Favourite Gayatri names
Geeta geeta girl Holy Book Of The Hindus Favourite Geeta names
Ghaena ghaena girl Ornament Favourite Ghaena names
Ghananand boy Happy Like Cloud Favourite Ghananand names
Gina gina girl Silvery Favourite Gina names
Giribala giribala girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Giribala names
Giridari boy Lord Krishna Favourite Giridari names
Girija girija girl Born Of A Mountain; Goddess Parvati Favourite Girija names
Girvan boy Language Of God Favourite Girvan names
Gitali gitali girl Lover Of Song Favourite Gitali names
Gitashri gitashri girl The Bhagvat Gita Favourite Gitashri names
Gitika gitika girl A Small Song Favourite Gitika names
Gobhil boy A Sanskrit Scholar Favourite Gobhil names
Godavri godavri girl A River Favourite Godavri names
Gopan boy Protection Favourite Gopan names
Goral boy Lovable Favourite Goral names
Gorma gorma girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Gorma names
Govinda boy Lord Krishna Favourite Govinda names
Gulal boy Colour Red Favourite Gulal names
Gulzar boy Gardener Favourite Gulzar names
Guna boy Bestowed With Qualities Favourite Guna names
Gunalan boy Filled With Virtue Favourite Gunalan names
Gunaratna boy Jewel Of Virtue Favourite Gunaratna names
Guneet boy Knower Of Virtues Favourite Guneet names
Gunitha gunitha girl Proficient Favourite Gunitha names
Gunjita gunjita girl Humming Of Bee Favourite Gunjita names
Gurdayal boy Compassionate Guru Favourite Gurdayal names
Gurmeet boy Friend Of The Guru Favourite Gurmeet names
Gurubachan boy The Voice Of The Guru Favourite Gurubachan names
Gurudeva boy God Of Guru Favourite Gurudeva names
Gurudutt boy Gift Of The Guru Favourite Gurudutt names
Guruttam boy The Greatest Teacher Favourite Guruttam names
Gyanada gyanada girl Goddess Saraswati Favourite Gyanada names
Hamir boy A Raga Favourite Hamir names
Hansaraj boy King Of A Swan Favourite Hansaraj names
Hanshal boy Swan Like Favourite Hanshal names
Hanumant boy The Monkey God Of Ramayana Favourite Hanumant names
Hanumanta boy Puffy Cheeks Favourite Hanumanta names
Har boy Name Of Shiva Favourite Har names
Hareendra boy Lord Shiva Favourite Hareendra names
Harendra boy Lord Shiva Favourite Harendra names
Hari boy Sun, Vishnu Favourite Hari names
Haridwar boy Gateway To God Favourite Haridwar names
Harigopal boy Lord Krishna Favourite Harigopal names
Hariharaatmaja boy Son of Hari (Vishnu) and Hara (Shiva) Favourite Hariharaatmaja names
Hariharaputra boy Son of Hari (Vishnu) and Hara (Shiva) Favourite Hariharaputra names
Harikanth boy Dear To Indra Favourite Harikanth names
Harikrishna boy Another Name Lord Krishna Favourite Harikrishna names
Harilal boy Son Of Hari Favourite Harilal names
Harinarayan boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Harinarayan names
Harindranath boy Lord Of Hari Favourite Harindranath names
Hariprasad boy Blessed By Lord Krishna Favourite Hariprasad names
Harish boy Lord Shiva Favourite Harish names
Haritbaran boy Green Favourite Haritbaran names
Harivilas boy The Abode Of Hari Favourite Harivilas names
Harjeevan boy One Who Lives God Oriented Life Favourite Harjeevan names
Harsh boy Happiness Favourite Harsh names
Harshal boy Lover Favourite Harshal names
Harshaman boy Full Of Joy Favourite Harshaman names
Harshil boy Joyful Favourite Harshil names
Harshul boy Deer Favourite Harshul names
Hasan boy Laughter Favourite Hasan names
Havih boy Oblation Or Offerings. Favourite Havih names
Havish boy Lord Shiva Favourite Havish names
Heer boy Diamond Favourite Heer names
Hemachandra boy Golden Moon Favourite Hemachandra names
Hemakesh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Hemakesh names
Heman boy Golden Yellow, Made Of Gold Favourite Heman names
Hemant boy Early Winter Favourite Hemant names
Hemanth boy Gold Favourite Hemanth names
Hemdev boy Lord Of Wealth Favourite Hemdev names
Hemen boy The King Of Gold Favourite Hemen names
Hemendra boy Lord Of Gold Favourite Hemendra names
Hemraj boy King Of Gold Favourite Hemraj names
Heramb boy An Erudite, Respected And Calm Person. Favourite Heramb names
Himachal boy The Himalayas Favourite Himachal names
Himanshu boy The Moon Favourite Himanshu names
Himnish boy Lord Shiva Favourite Himnish names
Hirendra boy Lord Of Diamonds Favourite Hirendra names
Hridayanand boy Joy Of The Heart Favourite Hridayanand names
Hridayanath boy Lord Of The Heart Favourite Hridayanath names
Hridesh boy Heart Favourite Hridesh names
Hridik boy Lord Of The Heart, Beloved Favourite Hridik names
Hrishikesh boy One Who Controls Senses Favourite Hrishikesh names
Hrithik boy From The Heart Favourite Hrithik names
Jabeen jabeen girl Forehead Favourite Jabeen names
Jaganmayee jaganmayee girl Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Jaganmayee names
Jagavi jagavi girl Born Of The World Favourite Jagavi names
Jahanara jahanara girl Queen Of The World Favourite Jahanara names
Jailekha jailekha girl A Record Of Victory Favourite Jailekha names
Jaina jaina girl Good Character Favourite Jaina names
Jaishree jaishree girl Honour Of Victory Favourite Jaishree names
Jaiwanti jaiwanti girl Victory Favourite Jaiwanti names
Jalanhili jalanhili girl As Blue As Water Favourite Jalanhili names
Jalbala jalbala girl Lotus Flower Favourite Jalbala names
Jamuna jamuna girl S Holy River Favourite Jamuna names
Janaknandini janaknandini girl Daugter Of King Janak (sita) Favourite Janaknandini names
Janani janani girl Mother, Tenderness Favourite Janani names
Janki janki girl Goddess Sita Favourite Janki names
Jansi jansi girl Life Like Favourite Jansi names
Jasima jasima girl Beautiful Favourite Jasima names
Jasmit jasmit girl Famed Favourite Jasmit names
Jasodhara jasodhara girl Mother Of Lord Buddha Favourite Jasodhara names
Jasweer jasweer girl Victorious Favourite Jasweer names
Jayamala jayamala girl Garland Of Victory Favourite Jayamala names
Jayaprada jayaprada girl Giver Of Victory Favourite Jayaprada names
Jayasudha jayasudha girl Nectar Of Victory Favourite Jayasudha names
Jayati jayati girl Victorious Favourite Jayati names
Jayitri jayitri girl Victorious Favourite Jayitri names
Jayne jayne girl Victorious Favourite Jayne names
Jeeval jeeval girl Full Of Life Favourite Jeeval names
Jeevika jeevika girl Water Favourite Jeevika names
Jharna jharna girl A Stream Favourite Jharna names
Jigna jigna girl Intellectual Curiosity Favourite Jigna names
Jilpa jilpa girl Life Giving Favourite Jilpa names
Jisha jisha girl The Person Having The Highest Feelings For Living Favourite Jisha names
Jithya jithya girl Victorious Favourite Jithya names
Jivi jivi girl Life Favourite Jivi names
Joshitha joshitha girl Pleased Favourite Joshitha names
Juhi juhi girl A Flower Favourite Juhi names
Juily juily girl A Flower Favourite Juily names
Jyotika jyotika girl Light; A Flame Favourite Jyotika names
Jyotsna jyotsna girl Moon Light Favourite Jyotsna names
Kabir boy Famous Sufi Saint Favourite Kabir names
Kaditula boy Sword Favourite Kaditula names
Kailashchandra boy Lord Shiva Favourite Kailashchandra names
Kaishori kaishori girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Kaishori names
Kajri kajri girl Cloud Like Favourite Kajri names
Kakoli kakoli girl The Preaching Of A Bird Favourite Kakoli names
Kaladhar boy One Who Shows Different Phases Favourite Kaladhar names
Kalanabha boy Controller of Time Favourite Kalanabha names
Kalap boy Moon Favourite Kalap names
Kalapi kalapi girl Peacock, Nightingale Favourite Kalapi names
Kalash boy Sacred Pot Favourite Kalash names
Kalavati kalavati girl Artistic Favourite Kalavati names
Kalika kalika girl A Bud Favourite Kalika names
Kalima kalima girl Blackish Favourite Kalima names
Kalipada boy A Devotee Of Goddess Kali Favourite Kalipada names
Kalpa boy Able, Fit Favourite Kalpa names
Kalpita kalpita girl Imagined Favourite Kalpita names
Kamadha kamadha girl Granting Desires Favourite Kamadha names
Kamakya kamakya girl Durga; Granter Of Wishes Favourite Kamakya names
Kamalakar boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Kamalakar names
Kamalaksh boy With Beautiful Lotus Type Eyes Favourite Kamalaksh names
Kamalika kamalika girl Lakshmi Favourite Kamalika names
Kamalkali kamalkali girl The Bud Of A Lotus Favourite Kamalkali names
Kamalkant boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Kamalkant names
Kamalnayan boy Lotus Eyed Favourite Kamalnayan names
Kamesh boy Lord Of Love Favourite Kamesh names
Kamik boy Desired Favourite Kamik names
Kamini kamini girl A Handsome Woman Favourite Kamini names
Kamna kamna girl Desire Favourite Kamna names
Kamraj boy Cupid Favourite Kamraj names
Kamukh boy Passionate Favourite Kamukh names
Kanagarajan boy Origin Of Everything Favourite Kanagarajan names
Kanaklata kanaklata girl Golden Creeper Favourite Kanaklata names
Kanal boy Shining Favourite Kanal names
Kanasu kanasu girl Dream Favourite Kanasu names
Kanchanabha boy Golden hued body Favourite Kanchanabha names
Kandarp boy God Of Love Favourite Kandarp names
Kandhara kandhara girl Lute Favourite Kandhara names
Kanha boy Krishna Favourite Kanha names
Kanira kanira girl Grain Favourite Kanira names
Kanishk boy An Ancient King Favourite Kanishk names
Kanishka boy Name Of A King Favourite Kanishka names
Kanjari kanjari girl A Bird Favourite Kanjari names
Kanu boy Lord Krishna Favourite Kanu names
Kanwaljeet boy Lotus Favourite Kanwaljeet names
Kanyana kanyana girl Maiden Favourite Kanyana names
Kapali boy Lord Shiva Favourite Kapali names
Kapeeshwar boy Lord of Monkeys Favourite Kapeeshwar names
Kapilashwar boy One With A White Horse Favourite Kapilashwar names
Karala karala girl Durga; Opening Wide; Tearing Favourite Karala names
Karalika karalika girl Durga; That Which Tears Favourite Karalika names
Karhik boy Son Of Loard Shiva And Leader Of Deva Army, Kartik Means Hindu Month Favourite Karhik names
Karika boy Actress Favourite Karika names
Karna boy The Firstborn Of Kunti Favourite Karna names
Karnapriya karnapriya girl Sweet To The Ears Favourite Karnapriya names
Kartar boy Master Favourite Kartar names
Karthika boy Son Of Loard Shiva And Leader Of Deva Army, Kartik Means Hindu Month Favourite Karthika names
Karunakar boy Merciful Favourite Karunakar names
Kashi kashi girl Varanasi, The Holy City Favourite Kashi names
Kashif boy Connoisseur Favourite Kashif names
Kashika kashika girl The Shiny One Favourite Kashika names
Kashyap boy Name Of A Sage Favourite Kashyap names
Katyayan boy Name Of A Grammarian Favourite Katyayan names
Katyayani katyayani girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Katyayani names
Kausalya kausalya girl Mother Of Rama Favourite Kausalya names
Kaushal boy Clever, Skilled Favourite Kaushal names
Kaushalya kaushalya girl Mother Of Rama Favourite Kaushalya names
Kaushiki kaushiki girl Durga; Enveloped With Silk Favourite Kaushiki names
Kaustav boy A Legendary Gem; A Gem Worn By Lord Vishnu Favourite Kaustav names
Kaveesha boy Lord Of Poets. Lord Ganesha Favourite Kaveesha names
Kavika kavika girl Poetess Favourite Kavika names
Kavishkumar boy God Favourite Kavishkumar names
Kavitha kavitha girl Poem Favourite Kavitha names
Kedarnath boy Lord Shiva Favourite Kedarnath names
Keemaya keemaya girl Miracle Favourite Keemaya names
Kenisha kenisha girl A Beautiful Life Favourite Kenisha names
Kerani kerani girl Sacred Bells Favourite Kerani names
Kesar kesar girl Pollen, Lion Favourite Kesar names
Kesarinandan boy Son of Kesari Favourite Kesarinandan names
Ketu boy Lord Shiva Favourite Ketu names
Kevalkishore boy Absolute Favourite Kevalkishore names
Keyuri keyuri girl Armlet Favourite Keyuri names
Khajit boy Lord Buddha Favourite Khajit names
Khemprakash boy Welfare Favourite Khemprakash names
Khushant boy Happy Favourite Khushant names
Kimatra kimatra girl Seduce Favourite Kimatra names
Kimaya kimaya girl Divine Favourite Kimaya names
Kirat boy Lord Shiva Favourite Kirat names
Kirik boy Sparkling Favourite Kirik names
Kirin boy Poet Favourite Kirin names
Kirtana kirtana girl Hymn, A Song In Praise Of God Favourite Kirtana names
Kirti kirti girl Fame Favourite Kirti names
Kirtibhushan boy One Adorned With Fame Favourite Kirtibhushan names
Kirtika kirtika girl Famous Action Favourite Kirtika names
Kirtinath boy Famous Person Favourite Kirtinath names
Kishan boy Lord Krishan Favourite Kishan names
Kishor boy A Young Boy Favourite Kishor names
Kishore boy Young Favourite Kishore names
Kishori kishori girl A Young Girl Favourite Kishori names
Komala komala girl Delicate Favourite Komala names
Komali komali girl Tender Favourite Komali names
Kovidh boy Wise Favourite Kovidh names
Krandasi krandasi girl The Sky And The Earth Favourite Krandasi names
Kripal boy Merciful Favourite Kripal names
Kripasagar boy Ocean Of Mercy Favourite Kripasagar names
Kripi kripi girl Beautiful Favourite Kripi names
Krishapingaksha boy Yellowish-Brown Eyed Favourite Krishapingaksha names
Krishnakanta boy Lord Krishna Favourite Krishnakanta names
Krishnamurari boy Lord Krishna Favourite Krishnamurari names
Krishnendu boy Lord Krishna Favourite Krishnendu names
Krithik boy Shivas Son Murugas Name Favourite Krithik names
Krithikesh boy Name Of Lord Karthikeya Favourite Krithikesh names
Krithya krithya girl Action Favourite Krithya names
Ksema ksema girl Safety, Security, Welfare, Tranquility Favourite Ksema names
Kshema kshema girl Durga; Favourite Kshema names
Kshipa kshipa girl Night Favourite Kshipa names
Kshipva kshipva girl Elasticized Favourite Kshipva names
Kuja kuja girl Goddess Durga Favourite Kuja names
Kukur kukur girl Flower Favourite Kukur names
Kuldeep boy Light Of Family Favourite Kuldeep names
Kumarabrahmacharin boy Youthful Bachelor Favourite Kumarabrahmacharin names
Kumari kumari girl Youthful, Unmarried Favourite Kumari names
Kumudini kumudini girl A Lotus Favourite Kumudini names
Kundanika kundanika girl Golden Girl Favourite Kundanika names
Kundanlal boy Golden Favourite Kundanlal names
Kunjabihari boy Lord Krishna Favourite Kunjabihari names
Kuntal kuntal girl Hair Favourite Kuntal names
Kunwar boy A Prince Favourite Kunwar names
Kusuma kusuma girl Flower Favourite Kusuma names
Kusumakar boy Spring Favourite Kusumakar names
Kusumesh boy Lord Of Flowers Favourite Kusumesh names
Kusumlata kusumlata girl Flowering Creeper Favourite Kusumlata names
Kuvalai kuvalai girl Flower Favourite Kuvalai names
Kuvar boy Fragrance Favourite Kuvar names
Ladhi ladhi girl Sangeet Favourite Ladhi names
Lagan boy Appropriate Time Favourite Lagan names
Lahar boy Wave Favourite Lahar names
Lajita lajita girl Modest Favourite Lajita names
Lajjawati lajjawati girl A Sensitive Plant; Modest Woman Favourite Lajjawati names
Lakhi lakhi girl Goddess Laxmi Favourite Lakhi names
Laksh boy Aim, Target Favourite Laksh names
Laksha laksha girl White Rose Favourite Laksha names
Lakshanya boy One Who Achieves Favourite Lakshanya names
Lakshmibanta boy Fortunate Favourite Lakshmibanta names
Lakshmigopal boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Lakshmigopal names
Lakshmiraman boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Lakshmiraman names
Lalan lalan girl Nurturing Favourite Lalan names
Lalima lalima girl Morning Red In The Sky Favourite Lalima names
Lalit boy Beautiful Favourite Lalit names
Lalitchandra boy Beautiful Moon Favourite Lalitchandra names
Lalitkumar boy Beautiful Favourite Lalitkumar names
Lalitmohan boy Beautiful And Attractive Favourite Lalitmohan names
Lankesh boy Ravana Favourite Lankesh names
Lavali lavali girl Clove Favourite Lavali names
Lavanya lavanya girl Grace, Beauty Favourite Lavanya names
Lavenia lavenia girl Purified Favourite Lavenia names
Laxmisrinivas boy Beautifull Favourite Laxmisrinivas names
Leelamayee leelamayee girl Playful Favourite Leelamayee names
Leora leora girl Light Favourite Leora names
Likhit boy Written Favourite Likhit names
Likhith boy Written Favourite Likhith names
Lilavati lilavati girl Goddess Durga Favourite Lilavati names
Lipi lipi girl Script Favourite Lipi names
Lipika lipika girl A Short Letter Favourite Lipika names
Lohini lohini girl Red Skinned Favourite Lohini names
Lohit boy Red, Made Of Copper, Mars Favourite Lohit names
Lohitaksha boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Lohitaksha names
Lokanetra boy Eye Of The World Favourite Lokanetra names
Lokbhushan boy Ornament Of The World Favourite Lokbhushan names
Lokesh boy King Of World Favourite Lokesh names
Lokprakash boy Light Of The World Favourite Lokprakash names
Lolita lolita girl Ruby Favourite Lolita names
Lomash boy A Sage Favourite Lomash names
Lona lona girl Beauty, Pretty Favourite Lona names
Lopamudra lopamudra girl Wife Of Sage Agastya Favourite Lopamudra names
Loukya loukya girl Worldly Wise, Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Loukya names
Madhuksara madhuksara girl One Who Showers Honey Favourite Madhuksara names
Madhusudan boy Lord Krishna Favourite Madhusudan names
Madri madri girl Wife Of Pandu Favourite Madri names
Mahadhyuta boy Most Radiant Favourite Mahadhyuta names
Mahaganapati boy Omnipotent and Supreme Lord Favourite Mahaganapati names
Mahakal boy Lord Of Siva Favourite Mahakal names
Mahanidhi boy A Great Treasure House Favourite Mahanidhi names
Mahanth boy Great Favourite Mahanth names
Mahapurush boy Great Being, Lord Rama Favourite Mahapurush names
Maharshi boy A Great Saint Favourite Maharshi names
Mahatejas boy Most Radiant Favourite Mahatejas names
Mahavira boy Most Valiant Favourite Mahavira names
Maithili maithili girl Sita Favourite Maithili names
Makur boy Mirror Favourite Makur names
Malika malika girl A Garland Favourite Malika names
Malini malini girl A Garland Maker Favourite Malini names
Mamata mamata girl Affection Favourite Mamata names
Manan boy Thinking Favourite Manan names
Manana manana girl Meditation Favourite Manana names
Manavendra boy King Among Men Favourite Manavendra names
Mandin boy Delighting Favourite Mandin names
Manish boy Lord Of The Mind Favourite Manish names
Manit boy Highly Respected Favourite Manit names
Manitha manitha girl Honoured Favourite Manitha names
Manjeet boy Conqueror Of The Mind Favourite Manjeet names
Manjuprasanna boy Snow Favourite Manjuprasanna names
Manu boy Founder Father Of Human Beings Favourite Manu names
Manushri manushri girl Lakshmi Favourite Manushri names
Manvendra boy King Among Men Favourite Manvendra names
Marala marala girl Swan Favourite Marala names
Mardav boy Softness Favourite Mardav names
Matangi matangi girl Durga Favourite Matangi names
Matheysh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Matheysh names
Maulik boy Precious Favourite Maulik names
Medhya medhya girl Mighty, Clean, Fresh Favourite Medhya names
Mehith boy Always Smiling Favourite Mehith names
Mekhal boy Girdle, Belt Favourite Mekhal names
Mihir boy Sun Favourite Mihir names
Milit boy Comradship Favourite Milit names
Mithran boy Sun Favourite Mithran names
Mitra boy Friend; The Sun Favourite Mitra names
Mohajit boy Attractive Favourite Mohajit names
Mridul boy Tender, Delicate Favourite Mridul names
Mrigaj boy Son Of The Moon Favourite Mrigaj names
Mriganka boy The Moon Favourite Mriganka names
Mrigankasekhar boy Lord Shiva Favourite Mrigankasekhar names
Mubarak boy Congratulations Favourite Mubarak names
Mudgal boy A Saint Favourite Mudgal names
Mudit boy Pleased Favourite Mudit names
Mukil boy Cloud Favourite Mukil names
Muktidaya boy Bestower of Eternal Bliss Favourite Muktidaya names
Murali boy Flute Favourite Murali names
Muralimanohar boy Lord Krishna Favourite Muralimanohar names
Musikvahana boy One who has mouse as charioteer Favourite Musikvahana names
Nabendu boy New Moon Favourite Nabendu names
Nabhanya nabhanya girl Celestial Favourite Nabhanya names
Nachiketa boy An Ancient Rishi, Fire Favourite Nachiketa names
Nachni nachni girl Dancer; Suggestive Look Favourite Nachni names
Nadin boy Lord Of Rivers Favourite Nadin names
Nagarin boy Lord Of A Town Favourite Nagarin names
Nagendra boy Seshnag, King Of The Serpents Favourite Nagendra names
Naima naima girl Belonging To One Favourite Naima names
Nalini nalini girl Lotus Favourite Nalini names
Namrata namrata girl Modesty Favourite Namrata names
Nandana nandana girl Daughter Favourite Nandana names
Natun natun girl New Favourite Natun names
Neelanjana neelanjana girl Blue Favourite Neelanjana names
Nilashri nilashri girl Blue Beauty Favourite Nilashri names
Nityasri nityasri girl With Eternal Beauty Favourite Nityasri names
Ohas boy Praise Favourite Ohas names
Ojas boy Body Strength Favourite Ojas names
Omanand boy Joy Of Om Favourite Omanand names
Omav boy Avtar Of Om, Incarnation Of God Favourite Omav names
Omesh boy Lord Of The Om Favourite Omesh names
Omeshwar boy Lord Of The Om Favourite Omeshwar names
Omja boy Born Of Cosmic Unity Favourite Omja names
Omkara boy One who has the Form Of OM Favourite Omkara names
Omprakash boy Light Of Om Favourite Omprakash names
Omswaroop boy Manifestation Of Divinity Favourite Omswaroop names
Oorjit boy Powerful Favourite Oorjit names
Oppilmani boy Purest Of Gems Favourite Oppilmani names
Orion boy Son Of Fire Favourite Orion names
Ottakoothan boy Poet Favourite Ottakoothan names
Oviyan boy Artist Favourite Oviyan names
Paavan boy Purifier Favourite Paavan names
Pachai boy Youthful, Resourceful Favourite Pachai names
Pachaimuthu boy Youthful, Resourceful Favourite Pachaimuthu names
Padm boy Lotus Favourite Padm names
Padmahasta boy Lotus Handed. Lord Krishan Favourite Padmahasta names
Padmakali padmakali girl Lotus Bud Favourite Padmakali names
Padmakant boy Husband Of Lotus ( Sun) Favourite Padmakant names
Padmalochana padmalochana girl Lotuseyed Favourite Padmalochana names
Padmamalini padmamalini girl Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Padmamalini names
Padman boy Lotus Favourite Padman names
Padmanabha boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Padmanabha names
Padmapati boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Padmapati names
Padmarekha padmarekha girl Lotus Like Lines On Palm Favourite Padmarekha names
Padmavati padmavati girl Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Padmavati names
Padmayani boy Lord Brahama; Buddha Favourite Padmayani names
Paksha boy Symbolising The Phases Of Moon. Favourite Paksha names
Pakshi pakshi girl Bird Favourite Pakshi names
Palak boy Eyelash Favourite Palak names
Palaniappan boy Another Name For Lord Murugan Favourite Palaniappan names
Palanimurugan boy Another Name For Lord Murugan Favourite Palanimurugan names
Palanivel boy Another Name For Lord Murugan Favourite Palanivel names
Palashkusum boy The Flower Of Palash Favourite Palashkusum names
Pallab boy New Leaves Favourite Pallab names
Pallav boy Young Shoots And Leaves Favourite Pallav names
Panine boy A Sanskrit Grammarian Favourite Panine names
Panini boy The Great Scholar Grammarian Favourite Panini names
Panita panita girl Admired Favourite Panita names
Panmoli boy Speaks Sweetly Favourite Panmoli names
Panya panya girl Admired, Glorious, Excellent Favourite Panya names
Parag boy Pollen Grains Favourite Parag names
Param boy The Best Favourite Param names
Paramartha boy Highest Truth Favourite Paramartha names
Paramhansa boy Supreme Soul Favourite Paramhansa names
Paramita paramita girl Wisdom Favourite Paramita names
Paramjit boy Heroic Paranjay Varun Favourite Paramjit names
Parantapa boy Conqueror; Arjuna Favourite Parantapa names
Parashuram boy Sixth Incarnation Of Lord Vishnu Favourite Parashuram names
Parasme boy Most Superior, Lord Rama Favourite Parasme names
Parees boy Touch Stone Favourite Parees names
Paridhi paridhi girl Realm Favourite Paridhi names
Parighosh boy Loud Sound Favourite Parighosh names
Parijat boy A Celestial Flower Favourite Parijat names
Parikshit boy Name Of An Ancient King Favourite Parikshit names
Parin boy Another Name For Lord Ganesha Favourite Parin names
Paritosh boy Contentment Favourite Paritosh names
Parmesh boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Parmesh names
Parnal parnal girl Leafy Favourite Parnal names
Parni parni girl Leafy Favourite Parni names
Parthasarathi boy Charioteer Of Partha ( Lord Krishna) Favourite Parthasarathi names
Parthiv boy Earthly, Prince Of Earth Favourite Parthiv names
Parthivi parthivi girl Sita Favourite Parthivi names
Parvani parvani girl Full Moon; A Festival Or A Special Day Favourite Parvani names
Pashupriya pashupriya girl Fond Of All Beings Favourite Pashupriya names
Pasupati boy Lord Shiva Favourite Pasupati names
Pathik boy A Traveller Favourite Pathik names
Patralekha patralekha girl A Name From Ancient Epics Favourite Patralekha names
Pavalan boy Skilled In Literature Favourite Pavalan names
Pavitra boy Pure Favourite Pavitra names
Payod boy Cloud Favourite Payod names
Perumal boy Lord Venkateshwara Favourite Perumal names
Phani boy Snake Favourite Phani names
Phanibhusan boy Lord Shiva Favourite Phanibhusan names
Phanindra boy . King Of Gods Favourite Phanindra names
Phenil boy Foamy Favourite Phenil names
Phiroza phiroza girl Turquoise Favourite Phiroza names
Pia pia girl Beloved Favourite Pia names
Pinakin boy Lord Shiva Favourite Pinakin names
Pitambar boy Lord Vishnu, Yellow Robed Favourite Pitambar names
Pival pival girl A Tree Favourite Pival names
Ponnan boy Precious Favourite Ponnan names
Pooja pooja girl Idol Worship Favourite Pooja names
Poojit boy Worshipped Favourite Poojit names
Poornachandra boy Full Moon Favourite Poornachandra names
Poushali poushali girl Of The Month Poush Favourite Poushali names
Prabhada prabhada girl Lady Favourite Prabhada names
Prabhas boy Lustrous Favourite Prabhas names
Prabhu boy God Favourite Prabhu names
Prabir boy Hero, Brave One (praveer) Favourite Prabir names
Prabodhan boy Knowledge Favourite Prabodhan names
Prachi prachi girl East Favourite Prachi names
Prachur boy Abundant Favourite Prachur names
Pradarsh boy Appearance, Order Favourite Pradarsh names
Pradnesh boy Lord Of Wisdom Favourite Pradnesh names
Pradyot boy Lustre Favourite Pradyot names
Prafula prafula girl In Bloom Favourite Prafula names
Pragyaparamita pragyaparamita girl Wise Favourite Pragyaparamita names
Prahalad boy Bliss Favourite Prahalad names
Prajapati boy King, Bramha Favourite Prajapati names
Pramiti pramiti girl Knowledge Of Truth Favourite Pramiti names
Praneel boy A Name For Lord Shiva Favourite Praneel names
Praney boy Obedient Favourite Praney names
Pranjal boy Simple Favourite Pranjal names
Pransu boy High, Tall Favourite Pransu names
Pransukh boy Joy Of Life Favourite Pransukh names
Prasana prasana girl Rising Favourite Prasana names
Prasanna boy Cheerful, Pleased Favourite Prasanna names
Prasham boy Peace Favourite Prasham names
Prashanta boy Calm Favourite Prashanta names
Prashanti prashanti girl Peace Favourite Prashanti names
Prateek boy Symbol, First Word In A Sentence Favourite Prateek names
Pratik boy Symbol Favourite Pratik names
Pratiksha pratiksha girl Waiting For Something Favourite Pratiksha names
Pratima pratima girl Icon, Idol, Statue Favourite Pratima names
Pratul boy Plenty Favourite Pratul names
Pravina pravina girl Skilled Favourite Pravina names
Pravir boy Brave Favourite Pravir names
Preetish boy God Of Love Favourite Preetish names
Premala premala girl Loving Favourite Premala names
Preyasi preyasi girl Beloved Favourite Preyasi names
Prineet boy Content, Satisfied Favourite Prineet names
Pritesh boy Lord Of Love Favourite Pritesh names
Pritha pritha girl Kunti, Mother Of Pandavas Favourite Pritha names
Prithviraj boy King Of The Earth Favourite Prithviraj names
Pritikana pritikana girl An Atom Of Love Favourite Pritikana names
Priyaka boy Loving, Deer Favourite Priyaka names
Priyam priyam girl Beloved Favourite Priyam names
Priyank boy Very Dear Husband Favourite Priyank names
Priyanvad boy Sweet Talking Person Favourite Priyanvad names
Priyaranjan boy Beloved Favourite Priyaranjan names
Priyasha priyasha girl Dear One Favourite Priyasha names
Pugalendhi boy Glorious, Admirable Favourite Pugalendhi names
Puji puji girl Gentle Favourite Puji names
Pujita pujita girl Worshipped Favourite Pujita names
Pukhraj boy Topaz Favourite Pukhraj names
Pulastya boy An Ancient Favourite Pulastya names
Pulish boy Name Of A Sage Favourite Pulish names
Punarnava punarnava girl A Star Favourite Punarnava names
Puneet puneet girl Pure Favourite Puneet names
Punit boy Pure Favourite Punit names
Punyasloka boy Sacred Verse Favourite Punyasloka names
Puranjay boy Lord Shiva Favourite Puranjay names
Purnima purnima girl Full Moon Favourite Purnima names
Purujit boy Conqueror Of City Favourite Purujit names
Pururava boy The Founder Of Chandra Dynasty Favourite Pururava names
Pushkar boy Lotus; A Lake Favourite Pushkar names
Pushpa pushpa girl Flower Favourite Pushpa names
Pushpita pushpita girl Decorated With Flowers Favourite Pushpita names
Pyarelal boy Lord Krishna Favourite Pyarelal names
Radhakrishna boy Radha And Lord Krishna Favourite Radhakrishna names
Radhavallabh boy Lord Krishna Beloved Of Radha Favourite Radhavallabh names
Raghav boy Lord Rama Favourite Raghav names
Raghu boy The Family Of Lord Rama Favourite Raghu names
Raghukumara boy Lord Ram Favourite Raghukumara names
Rahas boy Secret Favourite Rahas names
Rahi boy Traveller Favourite Rahi names
Raivata boy A Manu Favourite Raivata names
Rajanikanta boy Moon Favourite Rajanikanta names
Rajas boy Mastery; Fame; Pride Favourite Rajas names
Rajendramohan boy King Favourite Rajendramohan names
Rajesh boy God Of Kings Favourite Rajesh names
Raju boy Prosperity Favourite Raju names
Rajyeshwar boy King Favourite Rajyeshwar names
Rakshan boy Protector Favourite Rakshan names
Ram Sewak boy Sewak Of Lord Rama Favourite Ram Sewak names
Ramadeep boy Lord Rama Favourite Ramadeep names
Ramakanta boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Ramakanta names
Ramanjit boy Victory Of Beloved Favourite Ramanjit names
Ramanuja boy Born After Rama I.e. Lakshman Favourite Ramanuja names
Ramavatar boy Reincarnation Of Lord Rama Favourite Ramavatar names
Ramdas boy Devotee (a Servant) Of Rama Favourite Ramdas names
Rameshwar boy Lord Shiva Favourite Rameshwar names
Ramkishore boy Lord Rama Favourite Ramkishore names
Ramkumar boy Lord Rama Favourite Ramkumar names
Ramnath boy Lord Rama Favourite Ramnath names
Ramprasad boy Lord Rama Favourite Ramprasad names
Ramratan boy Lord Rama Favourite Ramratan names
Ramu boy Vishnu Favourite Ramu names
Randhir boy Brave Favourite Randhir names
Ranjan boy Pleasing Favourite Ranjan names
Ranjit boy Victorious Favourite Ranjit names
Rasul boy Angel Favourite Rasul names
Ratish boy Cupid Favourite Ratish names
Ravinandan boy Karna Favourite Ravinandan names
Ray boy Beam Of Light Favourite Ray names
Renaud boy Wise Power Favourite Renaud names
Revanth boy Horse Rider Favourite Revanth names
Rigved boy Name Of A Veda Favourite Rigved names
Ripu boy Enemy Favourite Ripu names
Ripudaman boy Killer Of Enemies Favourite Ripudaman names
Rishit boy The Best Favourite Rishit names
Rizvan boy Harbinger Of Good News Favourite Rizvan names
Rochan boy Red Lotus, Bright Favourite Rochan names
Rohan boy Ascending Favourite Rohan names
Ronit boy Embellishment Favourite Ronit names
Rudraunsh boy Like Rudra I.e. Hanuman/ Shree Ganesh Favourite Rudraunsh names
Rupendra boy Lord Of The Form Favourite Rupendra names
Sabareesh boy Lord of Sabari hill Favourite Sabareesh names
Sabita sabita girl Beautiful Sunshine Favourite Sabita names
Sacchidananda boy Total Bliss Favourite Sacchidananda names
Sachchit boy Lord Brahma Favourite Sachchit names
Sachin boy Lord Indra Favourite Sachin names
Sadashiva boy Eternally Pure Favourite Sadashiva names
Sadavir boy Ever Courageous Favourite Sadavir names
Sadgati sadgati girl Liberation Favourite Sadgati names
Sadhika sadhika girl Achiever Favourite Sadhika names
Sadhna sadhna girl Worship Favourite Sadhna names
Sadhya sadhya girl Perfection Favourite Sadhya names
Sadru boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Sadru names
Safia safia girl Chaste Favourite Safia names
Sagan boy Lord Shiva Favourite Sagan names
Sagar boy Sea, Ocean Favourite Sagar names
Sagarotharaka boy One who leapt across the ocean Favourite Sagarotharaka names
Sahaj boy Natural Favourite Sahaj names
Sahana sahana girl A Raga Favourite Sahana names
Sahasrad boy Lord Shiva Favourite Sahasrad names
Sahastrabahu boy One With Thousand Arms Favourite Sahastrabahu names
Sahay boy Help Favourite Sahay names
Sahila sahila girl Guide Favourite Sahila names
Sahitya sahitya girl Literature Favourite Sahitya names
Saijayani saijayani girl Personification Of Victory. A Name For Shirdi Sai Baba Favourite Saijayani names
Saijeevadhara boy Support Of All Living Beings Favourite Saijeevadhara names
Sainath boy Saibaba Favourite Sainath names
Saipratap boy Blessing Of Saibaba Favourite Saipratap names
Sajili sajili girl Decorated Favourite Sajili names
Sajiva boy Full Of Life Favourite Sajiva names
Saket boy Lord Krishna Favourite Saket names
Saketha saketha girl Shri Krishna Favourite Saketha names
Sakina sakina girl Friend Favourite Sakina names
Salima salima girl Happy Favourite Salima names
Saloni saloni girl Beautiful Favourite Saloni names
Samantha boy Bordering Favourite Samantha names
Samanyu boy Lord Shiva Favourite Samanyu names
Samarth boy Powerful Favourite Samarth names
Sambha boy Shining Favourite Sambha names
Sambit boy Consciousness Favourite Sambit names
Samen boy Happy Favourite Samen names
Samendra boy Winner Of War Favourite Samendra names
Samesh boy Lord Of Equality Favourite Samesh names
Samhita samhita girl A Vedic Omposition Favourite Samhita names
Samiksha samiksha girl Analysis Favourite Samiksha names
Samiran boy Breeze Favourite Samiran names
Sammathi sammathi girl Agreement Favourite Sammathi names
Sampoorn boy Complete Favourite Sampoorn names
Sampriti sampriti girl Attachement Favourite Sampriti names
Samrat boy Emperor Favourite Samrat names
Samreen samreen girl A Lovely Quite Girl. Favourite Samreen names
Samudrasen boy Lord Of The Ocean Favourite Samudrasen names
Sanam boy Beloved Favourite Sanam names
Sanatani sanatani girl Goddess Durga Favourite Sanatani names
Sanchali sanchali girl Movement Favourite Sanchali names
Sanchit boy Collected Favourite Sanchit names
Sandeepen boy Lighting Favourite Sandeepen names
Sandy boy Defending Men Favourite Sandy names
Sanemi sanemi girl Perfect Favourite Sanemi names
Sangeet sangeet girl Music Favourite Sangeet names
Sangita sangita girl Music Favourite Sangita names
Sani sani girl Gift Favourite Sani names
Saniya saniya girl Moment Favourite Saniya names
Sanjeev boy Giving Life, Re Animating Favourite Sanjeev names
Sanjog boy Coincidence Favourite Sanjog names
Sanjula sanjula girl Beautiful Favourite Sanjula names
Sankara boy Shiva Favourite Sankara names
Sankari sankari girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Sankari names
Sansita sansita girl Praise Favourite Sansita names
Sanskriti sanskriti girl Culture Favourite Sanskriti names
Santosh boy Happiness Favourite Santosh names
Santoshi santoshi girl Godess Name Favourite Santoshi names
Sanvi sanvi girl Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Sanvi names
Sanyakta sanyakta girl Joined; United Favourite Sanyakta names
Saparna saparna girl Leafy Favourite Saparna names
Saquib boy Bright Favourite Saquib names
Sarada sarada girl Goddess Saraswati Favourite Sarada names
Sarama sarama girl Wife Of Bibhisan Favourite Sarama names
Saransh boy In Brief Favourite Saransh names
Sarasi sarasi girl Jolly, Happy Favourite Sarasi names
Sarasija boy Lotus Favourite Sarasija names
Sarayu sarayu girl A Holy River Favourite Sarayu names
Sarbesh boy Emperor, Lord Shiva. Favourite Sarbesh names
Sarfaraz boy Head Held High Favourite Sarfaraz names
Sarika sarika girl A Koel Favourite Sarika names
Sarjana sarjana girl Creative; Creation Favourite Sarjana names
Sarjena sarjena girl Creative Favourite Sarjena names
Sarthak boy Well Done Favourite Sarthak names
Sarupa sarupa girl Beautiful Favourite Sarupa names
Saruprani saruprani girl Beautiful Woman Favourite Saruprani names
Sarvad boy Lord Shiva Favourite Sarvad names
Sarvadaman boy Son Of Shakuntala Bharat Favourite Sarvadaman names
Sarvadevatman boy Acceptor of All Celestial Offerings Favourite Sarvadevatman names
Sarvagjna sarvagjna girl Goddess Durga Favourite Sarvagjna names
Sarvagny boy The All Knowing. Lord Vishnu Favourite Sarvagny names
Sarvapalaka boy Protector Of All. Lord Krishna Favourite Sarvapalaka names
Sarvaraidu boy Ruler Of Entire Universe Favourite Sarvaraidu names
Sarvesh boy Lord Of All Favourite Sarvesh names
Sarveshvara boy Lord Of All. A Name For Lord Shiva Favourite Sarveshvara names
Saryu saryu girl River Sharayu Favourite Saryu names
Sasthi sasthi girl Goddess Durga Favourite Sasthi names
Sateendra boy Lord Of Truth Favourite Sateendra names
Sathi boy Partner Favourite Sathi names
Satinath boy Lord Shiva Favourite Satinath names
Satindra boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Satindra names
Satrajit boy Ever Victorious Favourite Satrajit names
Sattviki sattviki girl Durga; True; Pure; Honest Favourite Sattviki names
Satvamohan boy Truthful Favourite Satvamohan names
Satveer boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Satveer names
Satvi satvi girl Existence Favourite Satvi names
Satyaki boy Charioteer Of Krishna Favourite Satyaki names
Satyanarayan boy Lord Krishna Favourite Satyanarayan names
Satyaprakash boy Light Of Truth Favourite Satyaprakash names
Satyarupa satyarupa girl Truth; Personified Favourite Satyarupa names
Satyavrat boy One Who Has Taken Vow Of Truth Favourite Satyavrat names
Saubhadra boy Abhimanyu Favourite Saubhadra names
Saumitra boy Lakshman Favourite Saumitra names
Saumya saumya girl Mild Favourite Saumya names
Saura saura girl Celestial Favourite Saura names
Saurav boy Divine, Celestial Favourite Saurav names
Savir boy Leader Favourite Savir names
Savitashri savitashri girl Lustre Of The Sun Favourite Savitashri names
Savitendra boy The Sun Favourite Savitendra names
Sawini sawini girl A River Favourite Sawini names
Sayed boy Leader Favourite Sayed names
Sayuri sayuri girl Flower Favourite Sayuri names
Seemantini seemantini girl Woman Favourite Seemantini names
Selma selma girl Fair Favourite Selma names
Selvakumaran boy Prosperous Favourite Selvakumaran names
Sevita sevita girl Cherished Favourite Sevita names
Shabalini shabalini girl A Mossy Favourite Shabalini names
Shabar boy Nector Favourite Shabar names
Shabnam shabnam girl Dew Favourite Shabnam names
Shaheena shaheena girl Tender Favourite Shaheena names
Shaildhar boy One Who Holds Mountain Favourite Shaildhar names
Shailendra boy King Of Mountains, Himalaya Favourite Shailendra names
Shaivi shaivi girl Prosperity Favourite Shaivi names
Shakambari shakambari girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Shakambari names
Shakib boy Patience Favourite Shakib names
Shakti shakti girl Goddess Durga; Power Favourite Shakti names
Shakuni boy Bird, Uncle Of Kauravas Favourite Shakuni names
Shakyasinha boy Lord Buddha Favourite Shakyasinha names
Shalalu shalalu girl Perfume Favourite Shalalu names
Shaligram boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Shaligram names
Shalina boy Courteous Favourite Shalina names
Shalini shalini girl Modest Favourite Shalini names
Shama shama girl A Flame Favourite Shama names
Shamakarn boy Lord Shiva Favourite Shamakarn names
Shambari shambari girl Illusion Favourite Shambari names
Shampa shampa girl Lightning Favourite Shampa names
Shamshad boy Beautiful Favourite Shamshad names
Shankdhar boy Lord Krishna Favourite Shankdhar names
Shankhapani boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Shankhapani names
Shant boy Peace And Calm Favourite Shant names
Shanta shanta girl Peaceful Favourite Shanta names
Shantanav boy Bhishma Pitamaha Favourite Shantanav names
Shantiprakash boy Light Of Peace Favourite Shantiprakash names
Sharad boy Autumn Favourite Sharad names
Sharada sharada girl Goddess Of Learning, Saraswati Favourite Sharada names
Sharan boy Shelter Favourite Sharan names
Sharda sharda girl A Goddess Favourite Sharda names
Sharmila sharmila girl Happy Favourite Sharmila names
Sharvani sharvani girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Sharvani names
Shasha shasha girl Moon Favourite Shasha names
Shashibala shashibala girl The Moon Favourite Shashibala names
Shashiprabha shashiprabha girl Moon Light Favourite Shashiprabha names
Shashishekhar boy Lord Shiva Favourite Shashishekhar names
Shashivarnam boy One who has a Moon like Complexion Favourite Shashivarnam names
Shat-Manyu boy Another Name Of Indra Favourite Shat-Manyu names
Shatarupa shatarupa girl Lord Shiva Favourite Shatarupa names
Shaukat boy Grand Favourite Shaukat names
Shauri boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Shauri names
Shayna shayna girl Beautiful Favourite Shayna names
Shefali shefali girl A Flower Favourite Shefali names
Shejali shejali girl A Fruit Favourite Shejali names
Shelly shelly girl A Way To Do Work Favourite Shelly names
Shesh boy Cosmic Serpent Favourite Shesh names
Shibani shibani girl Goddess Durga Favourite Shibani names
Shichi shichi girl Glow Favourite Shichi names
Shilang boy Virtuous Favourite Shilang names
Shilavati shilavati girl A River Favourite Shilavati names
Shilpita shilpita girl Well Proportioned Favourite Shilpita names
Shinjan boy Music Of Payel Favourite Shinjan names
Shipra shipra girl A River Favourite Shipra names
Shirdi Prasad boy A Name For Sai Baba Favourite Shirdi Prasad names
Shirish boy A Flower; Raintree Favourite Shirish names
Shishirkana shishirkana girl Particles Of Dew Favourite Shishirkana names
Shitikanth boy Lord Shiva Favourite Shitikanth names
Shivali shivali girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Shivali names
Shivam boy Auspicious;lord Shiva Favourite Shivam names
Shivang ; Shivansh boy A Portion Of Lord Shiv Favourite Shivang ; Shivansh names
Shivangi shivangi girl Beautiful Favourite Shivangi names
Shivanne shivanne girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Shivanne names
Shiveshvar boy God Of Welfare Favourite Shiveshvar names
Shivli shivli girl Flower Favourite Shivli names
Shivshekhar boy One At The Top Of Shiva (moon) Favourite Shivshekhar names
Shobhita shobhita girl Splendid Favourite Shobhita names
Shoni shoni girl One Of Complexion Of Red Lotus Favourite Shoni names
Shoor boy Valiant Favourite Shoor names
Shoorsen boy Brave Favourite Shoorsen names
Shraddha shraddha girl Veneration Favourite Shraddha names
Shravanthi shravanthi girl Name In Buddhist Literature Favourite Shravanthi names
Shravanti shravanti girl A Name In Buddhist Literature Favourite Shravanti names
Shravi shravi girl Cool Favourite Shravi names
Shreela shreela girl Beautiful Favourite Shreela names
Shreema shreema girl Prosperous Favourite Shreema names
Shrenik boy Organised Favourite Shrenik names
Shrestha shrestha girl Perfection Favourite Shrestha names
Shresthi shresthi girl Best Of All Favourite Shresthi names
Shri shri girl Lustre Favourite Shri names
Shridhar boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Shridhar names
Shridula shridula girl Blessing Favourite Shridula names
Shrigeeta shrigeeta girl The Sacred Geeta Favourite Shrigeeta names
Shrihari boy Lord Krishna Favourite Shrihari names
Shrikeshav boy Lord Krishna Favourite Shrikeshav names
Shrikumari shrikumari girl Lustrious Favourite Shrikumari names
Shrimath boy Revered Favourite Shrimath names
Shrimayi shrimayi girl Fortunate Favourite Shrimayi names
Shrimohan boy Lord Krishna Favourite Shrimohan names
Shringesh boy Lord Of Pearls Favourite Shringesh names
Shriram boy Lord Rama Favourite Shriram names
Shriranjan boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Shriranjan names
Shrish boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Shrish names
Shrivardhan boy Lord Vishnu; Lord Shiva Favourite Shrivardhan names
Shriya shriya girl Prosperity Favourite Shriya names
Shrujana shrujana girl Creative And Intelligent Girl Favourite Shrujana names
Shruthi shruthi girl Lyrics Favourite Shruthi names
Shrutika shrutika girl Not None Favourite Shrutika names
Shubhada shubhada girl Giver Of Luck Favourite Shubhada names
Shubhaksh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Shubhaksh names
Shubhashis boy Blessing Favourite Shubhashis names
Shubhra shubhra girl White; The Ganga Favourite Shubhra names
Shuddhi shuddhi girl Goddess Durga Favourite Shuddhi names
Shukla shukla girl Goddess Saraswati Favourite Shukla names
Shulabh boy Easy Favourite Shulabh names
Shutradevi shutradevi girl Goddess Saraswati Favourite Shutradevi names
Shvetambar boy Lord Shiva Favourite Shvetambar names
Shwetambar boy One Who Wearswhite Clothes Favourite Shwetambar names
Shyama shyama girl Dark As Cloud; Goddess Kali Favourite Shyama names
Shyamalika shyamalika girl Dusky Favourite Shyamalika names
Shyamangi shyamangi girl Dark Complexioned Favourite Shyamangi names
Shyamlata shyamlata girl A Creeper With Dusky Leaves Favourite Shyamlata names
Sia sia girl Godess Sita Favourite Sia names
Siddhama siddhama girl Goddess Durga Favourite Siddhama names
Siddhani siddhani girl Blessed Favourite Siddhani names
Siddheshwari siddheshwari girl Lord Shiva Favourite Siddheshwari names
Siddu boy Shiva Favourite Siddu names
Sikandar boy Victorious Favourite Sikandar names
Sikata sikata girl Sand Favourite Sikata names
Simbala simbala girl Pond Favourite Simbala names
Simonee simonee girl To Listen Favourite Simonee names
Sinha boy Hero Favourite Sinha names
Sinhayana sinhayana girl Goddess Durga Favourite Sinhayana names
Sinhvahan boy Lord Shiva Favourite Sinhvahan names
Sinsapa sinsapa girl Ashok Tree Favourite Sinsapa names
Sirisha sirisha girl Sacred Favourite Sirisha names
Sitakanta boy Lord Rama Favourite Sitakanta names
Sivakumaran boy Son Of Lord Siva Favourite Sivakumaran names
Sivanandhini sivanandhini girl Devotee Of Lord Siva Favourite Sivanandhini names
Sivasankari sivasankari girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Sivasankari names
Skandapurvaja boy Elder Brother of Skand (Lord Kartik) Favourite Skandapurvaja names
Smarajit boy One Who Has Conquered Lust Favourite Smarajit names
Smriti smriti girl Memory Favourite Smriti names
Smyan boy Smile Favourite Smyan names
Sneha sneha girl Affection Favourite Sneha names
Snehakant boy Lord Of Love Favourite Snehakant names
Snigda snigda girl Affectionate Favourite Snigda names
Sohalia sohalia girl Moon Glow Favourite Sohalia names
Sohni sohni girl Beautiful Favourite Sohni names
Somatra somatra girl Excelling The Moon Favourite Somatra names
Somkar boy Moon Light Favourite Somkar names
Somnath boy Lord Shiva Favourite Somnath names
Sonakshi sonakshi girl Golden Eyed Favourite Sonakshi names
Soneera soneera girl Clean Water Favourite Soneera names
Sopan boy Stairs, Steps Favourite Sopan names
Soumya soumya girl Handsome Favourite Soumya names
Souravi souravi girl Sun Ray Favourite Souravi names
Sphatika sphatika girl Crystal Favourite Sphatika names
Spoorthy spoorthy girl Inspiration Favourite Spoorthy names
Sreeya sreeya girl Godess Laxmi Favourite Sreeya names
Sridevi sridevi girl Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Sridevi names
Srijan boy Creation Favourite Srijan names
Srinivas boy Abode Of Wealth Favourite Srinivas names
Srirudra srirudra girl Goddess Durga Favourite Srirudra names
Srisha srisha girl Flower Favourite Srisha names
Sriya sriya girl Prosperity Favourite Sriya names
Sthir boy Foccused Favourite Sthir names
Subal boy A Friend Of Lord Krishna Favourite Subal names
Subarna subarna girl Of The Colour Of Gold Favourite Subarna names
Subbarao boy Auspicious Favourite Subbarao names
Subela subela girl Subh Ghari Favourite Subela names
Subhansh boy Subh Ansh Favourite Subhansh names
Subhas boy Shining Favourite Subhas names
Subhash boy Soft Spoken Favourite Subhash names
Subhi subhi girl Lucky Favourite Subhi names
Sucharita sucharita girl Of Good Character Favourite Sucharita names
Suchendra boy Lord Of Piousness Favourite Suchendra names
Suchhaya suchhaya girl Shining Favourite Suchhaya names
Suchira suchira girl Tasteful Favourite Suchira names
Suchit boy Person With A Sound Mind Favourite Suchit names
Sudarshana sudarshana girl Handsome Favourite Sudarshana names
Sudeepta sudeepta girl Bright Favourite Sudeepta names
Sudena sudena girl Lakshmi; A Real Goddess Favourite Sudena names
Sudev boy Good Diety Favourite Sudev names
Sudeva boy Good Deva Favourite Sudeva names
Sudha sudha girl Nectar Favourite Sudha names
Sudhanssu boy Moon Favourite Sudhanssu names
Sudhindra boy Lord Of Knowledge Favourite Sudhindra names
Sudhish boy Lord Of Excellent Intellect Favourite Sudhish names
Sudhithi sudhithi girl Bright Flame Favourite Sudhithi names
Sudip boy Very Bright Favourite Sudip names
Sughosh boy One With Melodious Voice Favourite Sughosh names
Sugita sugita girl Beautifully Sung Favourite Sugita names
Suhaila suhaila girl Moon Glow Favourite Suhaila names
Suhas boy Smiling Beautifully Favourite Suhas names
Sujan boy Honest Favourite Sujan names
Sujat boy Belonging To A Good Clan Favourite Sujat names
Sujata sujata girl Of Good Caste Favourite Sujata names
Sujit boy Victory Favourite Sujit names
Sujitha sujitha girl Grreat Conqurer Favourite Sujitha names
Sukeshi sukeshi girl With Beautiful Hari Favourite Sukeshi names
Suketu boy A Yaksha King Favourite Suketu names
Sukhdev boy God Of Happiness Favourite Sukhdev names
Sukhesh boy Lord Of Happiness Favourite Sukhesh names
Suksha suksha girl Beautiful Eyes Favourite Suksha names
Suksma suksma girl Fine Favourite Suksma names
Sukumara boy Very Tender, Very Delicate Favourite Sukumara names
Sulabha sulabha girl Easy; Natural Favourite Sulabha names
Sulakshmi sulakshmi girl Goddess Laxmi Favourite Sulakshmi names
Sulekh boy Beautifully Written Favourite Sulekh names
Sulekha sulekha girl A Good Handwriting Favourite Sulekha names
Sumana sumana girl Flower Favourite Sumana names
Sumati sumati girl Good Minded Favourite Sumati names
Sumavali sumavali girl Garland Favourite Sumavali names
Sumed boy Wise Favourite Sumed names
Sumitha sumitha girl One Who Has A Beautiful Body Favourite Sumitha names
Sumitranandan boy Sons Of Sumitra (lakshman & Shatrughna) Favourite Sumitranandan names
Sumuk boy Lord Ganesha Favourite Sumuk names
Sumukha boy Auspicious Face Favourite Sumukha names
Sumukhi sumukhi girl Very Beautiful Favourite Sumukhi names
Sun boy Sun Favourite Sun names
Sunandini sunandini girl Happy Favourite Sunandini names
Sunaya sunaya girl Very Just Favourite Sunaya names
Sunayna sunayna girl Beautiful Eyes Favourite Sunayna names
Sunil boy Dark Blue Favourite Sunil names
Sunita sunita girl One With Good Morals Favourite Sunita names
Suprabha suprabha girl Radiant Favourite Suprabha names
Supratik boy Cupid Favourite Supratik names
Supreetha supreetha girl Beloved; Endearing To All Favourite Supreetha names
Suprit boy Loving Favourite Suprit names
Suprita suprita girl Well Pleased Favourite Suprita names
Surabhi surabhi girl Wish Yielding Cow, Fragrance Favourite Surabhi names
Suradhish boy Lord Indra Favourite Suradhish names
Suraj boy The Sun Favourite Suraj names
Surajiv boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Surajiv names
Suranjana suranjana girl Pleasing Favourite Suranjana names
Surasti surasti girl Perfect Favourite Surasti names
Surbhup boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Surbhup names
Surekha surekha girl Beautifully Drawn Favourite Surekha names
Sureshwar boy Lord Of The Gods Favourite Sureshwar names
Sureshwari sureshwari girl Goddess Durga Favourite Sureshwari names
Surnath boy Lord Indra, Lord Of Suras Favourite Surnath names
Surotama surotama girl Auspicious Apsara Favourite Surotama names
Susesh boy With Good Armies(lord Vishnu) Favourite Susesh names
Sushama sushama girl Beauty Favourite Sushama names
Susher boy Kind Favourite Susher names
Sushma sushma girl Beautiful Woman Favourite Sushma names
Sushruta boy Son Of Sage Viswamitra Favourite Sushruta names
Susita susita girl White Favourite Susita names
Susumna susumna girl Same As Lalita Favourite Susumna names
Sutapa sutapa girl Seeker Of God Favourite Sutapa names
Sutejas boy Very Bight Favourite Sutejas names
Sutoya boy A River Favourite Sutoya names
Suvarnaprabha suvarnaprabha girl Lustre Of Gold Favourite Suvarnaprabha names
Suvel boy Placid Favourite Suvel names
Suvimal boy Pure Favourite Suvimal names
Suvir boy Lord Shiva Favourite Suvir names
Suyati boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Suyati names
Svaha svaha girl Wife Of Fire God Favourite Svaha names
Svamin boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Svamin names
Svanik boy Handsome Favourite Svanik names
Svara svara girl Goddess Of Sound Favourite Svara names
Svarpati boy Lord Of Sound Favourite Svarpati names
Swadhin boy It Means Independent And Free Favourite Swadhin names
Swagata swagata girl Welcome Favourite Swagata names
Swapnali swapnali girl Dreamlike Favourite Swapnali names
Swapnika swapnika girl Dream Favourite Swapnika names
Swarnalata swarnalata girl Lustrous Favourite Swarnalata names
Swarnika swarnika girl Gold Favourite Swarnika names
Sweta sweta girl Fair Complexioned Favourite Sweta names
Swethan boy The One Who Has Learnt All Vedas Favourite Swethan names
Tajdar boy Corwned Favourite Tajdar names
Taksheel boy Someone With A Strong Character Favourite Taksheel names
Talib boy Divine Favourite Talib names
Talish boy Lord Of Earth Favourite Talish names
Talli talli girl Young Favourite Talli names
Tamal boy A Tree With Very Dark Bark Favourite Tamal names
Tamas boy Darkness Favourite Tamas names
Tamasi tamasi girl Night Favourite Tamasi names
Tamoghna boy Lord Vishnu; Lord Shiva Favourite Tamoghna names
Tanav boy Flute Favourite Tanav names
Tanay boy Son Favourite Tanay names
Tanima tanima girl Slenderness Favourite Tanima names
Tanip boy Sun Favourite Tanip names
Tanirika tanirika girl A Flower Favourite Tanirika names
Tanishq boy Jewel Favourite Tanishq names
Tanmayee tanmayee girl Ecstasy In Sanskrit & Telugu Favourite Tanmayee names
Tannishtha tannishtha girl Dedicated Favourite Tannishtha names
Tanupa tanupa girl Hunger Favourite Tanupa names
Tanushri tanushri girl Beautiful Favourite Tanushri names
Tapan boy Sun, Summer Favourite Tapan names
Tapendra boy Lord Of Heat (sun) Favourite Tapendra names
Tapni tapni girl Godavari River In India Favourite Tapni names
Tarakini tarakini girl Starry Night Favourite Tarakini names
Taraksh boy Mountain Favourite Taraksh names
Tarani tarani girl Boat Favourite Tarani names
Taraprashad boy Star Favourite Taraprashad names
Tarendra boy Prince Of Stars Favourite Tarendra names
Tarika tarika girl Starlet Favourite Tarika names
Tarit boy Lightning Favourite Tarit names
Tarla tarla girl Nectar Favourite Tarla names
Tarpana tarpana girl Same As Gayatri Favourite Tarpana names
Taru taru girl Tree Favourite Taru names
Taruni taruni girl Young Girl Favourite Taruni names
Tatya boy Lord Shiva Favourite Tatya names
Tausiq boy Reinforcement Favourite Tausiq names
Tautik boy Pearl Favourite Tautik names
Tavish boy Heaven Favourite Tavish names
Tejaswini tejaswini girl Lustrous Favourite Tejaswini names
Tejomay boy Glorious Favourite Tejomay names
Thaneesha thaneesha girl Ambition Favourite Thaneesha names
Thangadurai boy Golden King Favourite Thangadurai names
Thangavel boy Lord Murugan, God Favourite Thangavel names
Thayalan boy Lord Shiva Favourite Thayalan names
Thenmoli thenmoli girl Speaks Sweet Like Honey Favourite Thenmoli names
Thirumal boy Lord Venkateshwara Favourite Thirumal names
Thirumani boy Precious Gem Favourite Thirumani names
Thrish boy Noble Favourite Thrish names
Thulasi thulasi girl Holy Plant With Sweet Fragrance Favourite Thulasi names
Tijil boy Moon Favourite Tijil names
Tilak boy Spot Of Vermillion Or Sandal Wood Paste On Forehead Favourite Tilak names
Tilaka tilaka girl A Kind Of Necklace Favourite Tilaka names
Tirranand boy Lord Shiva Favourite Tirranand names
Tirthankar boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Tirthankar names
Tirthayaad boy Lord Krishna Favourite Tirthayaad names
Tithi tithi girl Date Favourite Tithi names
Titiksha titiksha girl Forgiveness Favourite Titiksha names
Toya toya girl Water Favourite Toya names
Toyesh boy Lord Of Water Favourite Toyesh names
Trariti trariti girl Durga; Agile; Efficient; Swift Favourite Trariti names
Triambak boy Lord Shiva Favourite Triambak names
Tribhuvan boy The Tree Worlds Favourite Tribhuvan names
Tridhara tridhara girl The River Ganga Favourite Tridhara names
Tridhatri boy Lord Ganesh Favourite Tridhatri names
Trigun boy The Three Dimensions Favourite Trigun names
Trigyesh boy Lord Buddha - Trigya With Esh As Eshwar..... Favourite Trigyesh names
Trijagati trijagati girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Trijagati names
Trikaya trikaya girl Three Dimentional Favourite Trikaya names
Trilokchand boy Moon Of The Three Worlds Favourite Trilokchand names
Trilokesh boy Lord Shiva Favourite Trilokesh names
Triman boy Worshipped In Three Worlds. Favourite Triman names
Triparna triparna girl Leaf Of Sacred Bael Favourite Triparna names
Tripti tripti girl Satisfaction Favourite Tripti names
Trishala trishala girl Mother Of Lord Mahavir Favourite Trishala names
Trishona trishona girl Desire Favourite Trishona names
Trishulin boy Lord Shiva Favourite Trishulin names
Tuhi tuhi girl Bird Sound Favourite Tuhi names
Tuhin boy Snow Favourite Tuhin names
Tulasidas boy Servant Of Tulasi (basil Plant) Favourite Tulasidas names
Tungar boy High, Lofty Favourite Tungar names
Turvi turvi girl Superior Favourite Turvi names
Tushar boy Fine Drops Of Water Favourite Tushar names
Tusharkana tusharkana girl A Particle Of Snow Favourite Tusharkana names
Tuvidyumna boy Lord Indra Favourite Tuvidyumna names
Tvarita tvarita girl Goddess Durga Favourite Tvarita names
Tvesa tvesa girl Brilliant, Glittering Favourite Tvesa names
Tvisha tvisha girl Bright Favourite Tvisha names
Tyagraja boy A Famous Poet Favourite Tyagraja names
Udantika udantika girl Satisfaction Favourite Udantika names
Udaybhan boy The Rising Sun Favourite Udaybhan names
Udgita udgita girl A Hymn Favourite Udgita names
Udipti udipti girl On Fire Favourite Udipti names
Udyan boy Garden Favourite Udyan names
Ujas ujas girl Bright Favourite Ujas names
Ujjwala ujjwala girl Bright, Lustrous Favourite Ujjwala names
Ujjwala/ujvala ujjwala/ujvala girl Bright; Lighted Favourite Ujjwala/ujvala names
Ujwal boy Bright Favourite Ujwal names
Ulhas boy Joy, Delight Favourite Ulhas names
Umeshwar boy Lord Shiva Favourite Umeshwar names
Unmesh boy Flash, Blowing, Opening Favourite Unmesh names
Unni unni girl Lead Favourite Unni names
Upasana upasana girl Veneration Favourite Upasana names
Upendra boy An Element Favourite Upendra names
Urishilla urishilla girl Excellent Favourite Urishilla names
Urmi urmi girl Wave Favourite Urmi names
Urna urna girl Cover Favourite Urna names
Urvasi urvasi girl Most Beautiful Of Apsaras Favourite Urvasi names
Ushakiran ushakiran girl Rays Of Morning Sun Favourite Ushakiran names
Ushi ushi girl A Plant Favourite Ushi names
Usman boy Salve Of God Favourite Usman names
Usri usri girl A River Favourite Usri names
Utpalaksh boy Lord Vishnu Favourite Utpalaksh names
Utpalakshi utpalakshi girl Goddess Laxmi Favourite Utpalakshi names
Utpalini utpalini girl Lotus Pond Favourite Utpalini names
Utsavi utsavi girl Festivities Favourite Utsavi names
Uttara uttara girl A Star Favourite Uttara names
Uttarak boy Lord Shiva Favourite Uttarak names
Vahini vahini girl Flowing Favourite Vahini names
Vaijayanti vaijayanti girl A Garland Of Lord Vishnu Favourite Vaijayanti names
Vainavi vainavi girl Gold Favourite Vainavi names
Vaishali vaishali girl An Ancient City Of India Favourite Vaishali names
Vallabha vallabha girl Lover Favourite Vallabha names
Vallari vallari girl Goddess Parvati; Creeper Favourite Vallari names
Vamil vamil girl Beautiful Favourite Vamil names
Vanadurga vanadurga girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Vanadurga names
Vanamala vanamala girl Garland Of Forests Favourite Vanamala names
Vanathi vanathi girl Of The Forest Favourite Vanathi names
Vandita vandita girl Adored Favourite Vandita names
Vanhi vanhi girl Fire Favourite Vanhi names
Vani vani girl Speech Favourite Vani names
Vanini vanini girl Soft Spoken Favourite Vanini names
Vanmalli vanmalli girl Wild Flower Favourite Vanmalli names
Vara vara girl Goddess Parvati Favourite Vara names
Varalika varalika girl Goddess Durga Favourite Varalika names
Varana varana girl A River Favourite Varana names
Varnika varnika girl Purity Of Gold Favourite Varnika names
Varsha varsha girl Rain Favourite Varsha names
Varshana varshana girl Birth Place Of Radha Favourite Varshana names
Varunavi varunavi girl Goddess Laxmi Favourite Varunavi names
Vasantaprabha vasantaprabha girl Spring Blossom Favourite Vasantaprabha names
Vasatika vasatika girl Morning Light Favourite Vasatika names
Vasavi vasavi girl Wife Of Indra Favourite Vasavi names
Vasudeva vasudeva girl Goddess Of Wealth Favourite Vasudeva names
Vasumitha vasumitha girl Brightest Friend Favourite Vasumitha names
Vasundhara vasundhara girl The Earth Favourite Vasundhara names
Vati vati girl Nature Favourite Vati names
Vedha vedha girl Pious Favourite Vedha names
Vedika vedika girl Altar; A River In India Favourite Vedika names
Veenadhari veenadhari girl Godess Saraswathi Favourite Veenadhari names
Vela vela girl Time Favourite Vela names
Venuka venuka girl Flute Favourite Venuka names
Vibali vibali girl Young Favourite Vibali names
Vibhuti vibhuti girl Great Personality Favourite Vibhuti names
Vibusha vibusha girl Bright Favourite Vibusha names
Vidisha vidisha girl A River Favourite Vidisha names
Vidushi vidushi girl Learned Favourite Vidushi names
Vidya vidya girl Learning Favourite Vidya names
Vidyutprabha vidyutprabha girl Lightening Flash Favourite Vidyutprabha names
Vijayalakshmi vijayalakshmi girl Goddess Of Victory Favourite Vijayalakshmi names
Vijul vijul girl A Silk Cottom Tree Favourite Vijul names
Vikruti vikruti girl Maultiaceted Nature, Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Vikruti names
Vilina vilina girl Dedicated Favourite Vilina names
Vimudha vimudha girl Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Vimudha names
Vinapani vinapani girl Goddess Saraswati Favourite Vinapani names
Vinati vinati girl Prayer Favourite Vinati names
Vinaya vinaya girl Modest Favourite Vinaya names
Vinita vinita girl Requester Favourite Vinita names
Vinodini vinodini girl Happy Girl Favourite Vinodini names
Vipasha vipasha girl Old Name Of The River Vyas. Favourite Vipasha names
Virata virata girl Bravery Favourite Virata names
Virendri virendri girl Goddess Of Beauty Favourite Virendri names
Vishalakshi vishalakshi girl Large Eyed Favourite Vishalakshi names
Vishnupriya vishnupriya girl Goddess Lakshmi Favourite Vishnupriya names
Vistarini vistarini girl A Goddess Favourite Vistarini names
Vivika vivika girl Different Favourite Vivika names
Viyona viyona girl Sky Favourite Viyona names
Vrisha vrisha girl Cow Favourite Vrisha names
Vritika vritika girl Thought Favourite Vritika names
Vritti vritti girl Nature; Temperament Favourite Vritti names
Vyoma vyoma girl Who Lives N Sky ( Bird) Favourite Vyoma names
Vyomini vyomini girl Divine Favourite Vyomini names
Yachana yachana girl Pleading Favourite Yachana names
Yadav boy Lord Krishna, Descedent Of Yadu Favourite Yadav names
Yaduvir boy Lord Krishna Favourite Yaduvir names
Yagyasen boy Name Of King Drupad Favourite Yagyasen names
Yajnarup boy Lord Krishna Favourite Yajnarup names
Yaksha boy A Type Of A Demi God Favourite Yaksha names
Yashaskaram boy Bestower of Fame and Fortune Favourite Yashaskaram names
Yashaswi yashaswi girl Famous Favourite Yashaswi names
Yashila yashila girl Famous Favourite Yashila names
Yashodev boy Lord Of Fame Favourite Yashodev names
Yashodhan boy Rich In Fame Favourite Yashodhan names
Yashodhar boy Famous Favourite Yashodhar names
Yasti yasti girl Slim Favourite Yasti names
Yatnesh boy God Of Efforts Favourite Yatnesh names
Yaudhavir boy Lord Krishna Favourite Yaudhavir names
Yochana yochana girl Thought Favourite Yochana names
Yogadeva boy Lord Of Yoga Favourite Yogadeva names
Yoganand boy Delighted With Meditation Favourite Yoganand names
Yogita yogita girl One Who Can Concentrate Favourite Yogita names
Yukta boy Attentive, Skillful Favourite Yukta names
Yutika yutika girl Flower Favourite Yutika names